The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 27, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1818
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, " COSCERT. tr HPWrrr. resnei tfully acquaint bis J friend and the public, that lib Benefit Concert, will be on Thursday, April 10th, at the Assembly Boom City Hotel, Broadway. - - p.rt!niln. orw iicn Will 00 annouiicea in future advertisemcnU. mh 27 Ut 7f( FLOUR. 4 DO Bbls and 90 lif. do Alexandria moun t'm floor, equal if not tuperior, for family uw, to an southern flour received in thu city For mb27 D. BETHUNE ft CO. - r f.OHORN H i n. ilr.S cases comprint) I J a compleat assortment of ladies wlnie and black, gl wliiU, and mem and boy Leghcm Hats. Alio, rich straw trimming suitable lor the lhati. A Terr auperior Bust of Washington, w mar - ble, ana a parcel oi ?iib norm wui mi aus' - 'i juit received by the ship Hamilton, from Leg - born, and lor (ale rv KING k MEAD, No. 175 Broadway. mh 27 3t 150 ST. OOMIAUU CO ft UK. bain, for al oy TROKE3, DAVIDSON Si Co. 106 Fmnt - 'trert. mh 27 YELLOvV CORN iKAl J4 hti.U and 45 bbls kiln dried Indian meal, Tomlioon't brand, of a very sup - rior quality For role by TUCKER ft LAURIE3, mch. 27 29 .Smith - t. LP. M ADtulA 'V SI.. A su.all parcel of . L. P. Madeira Wine, nf fair quality, will be aold low, to clow aroruigninei.t, liy R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT & CO nh 47 ClOI'ioN te KICK 85 uale prime Upland Cottou 10. tierces prime Rice, fur tale in lot to tuit I'urcn 'Hr, by GRISvvOLPS ft COATES, ah 27 6!t S'li'h - Mreet. f . D1GO - - .10 Cemon fw ii - iV:' - - Spanish flo - Jl '.antl'idigo (entitled to debenture.; 5 case Bengal do do For tale by JACK0.ft W0OU.EY, inch 27 75 Wall - st TO l.t.T. From the first of Mav next, the three sto y brick house, o. 56 Uey - street. pply to LKOXARU ULEKKKK, mh 27 2w 37 v all street. TO LEV, Those spacious HOUSES, No. 41 and 43 tVaU - ttreet, lately known as the vim - hants' Hotel. They will be. let either together or hc parately. The bouse No. 41 has a building in the rear of it, containing twenty bed rooms with Bra - places, which make it one of the tno. - t de sirabla situations in the city for a boarding house, especially a the lower room may be let with advantageeither for insurance or broker' offi. ces. For terms, apply to GEORGE BUCH WAN, mn zt 141 4 110 it - Une. COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY, 61 ttLTOJI STREET. Te connoisieur and aninU rs ul thn Fino Arts, and to tlie enlightened puhlic of New York fTHlE propri. tor of an extensive coilectir.n of a. picture, trie worn t.i the most eminent pinters, having just arnv - td irom Euro, whore no naa purcnased intra rorn the car infts n; Roue, Naples, Florence, Pari, Amsterdam nnd London, at a very oonsideianle exponre, props. te to exhilnl them to the ladies ;.'id Kpnl'emeu of this city and it vkinily. The exhinition will begin on Monday, the 6th of April. It will be fur superior to any a yet off - red in the U. btntrs, the picture being undoubtedly originals, by the following artists : CI mde , Du Vinrl Ru'mnt Corret;lo Panuesiann Rem ' rant Veronia Vuodrrwerf Santa f.'roce Al'nno Netrher Caracci Dominichino KapUael Milani iVunia Vanderueer - Ostade Teniers Zi - care Vandervelde Jan S teen H.ji Holbein Neef Van Tuldeo Ool!aiu W'onwermano Metzu Cneairistille Lmitlierbui - g Titian I) a Jardya Wilson Gaiuoorough Barker Hilton Richardson Cuyp Brueghel Mvillo tanini Ac. ( tec. kc. Adroitsion 50 ctnt ach, or one dollar per month. H.ion frr in 10 in the morning to seven in the evening. Catalogues may be had at the Glliry. mh27 1w S Vi.UA!.Le. KLLVifcNlARV BOOKd. CVVll EY t CO. No. 3 Wall - etreet, have . just received, among others, the following valiuhle works : Nenuian's Spaniih dictionary Bar tu's do do Jo'se's Cormon's Mo - dente's Delpino's Velisqups' Fenand.x, do Don Quixotte do Gil Bias do do do do do do do do do do grammar do do do do do exercises 6 vols 4 vols 4 vols Baretti's Italian dictionary Uraglta's do VenerooiH BotUrtfli's Metatask Telemachus do d do grammar do do do exercises 14 vols 2 vols 1 vol do do do do Paulfc Vireinia do 1 vol Boyer's French dictionary, 4to uo do do Cbambaud's do do 8vo 8vo 4 vols Leviiac's do D htanville's do Nugent's do French do small do 8vo do small exercises, miscellaneous books, and chool book of various k.nds A few Portuguese and German books Also, an interesting work, entitled Instructions of the Deaf and f umb, with a vocabularo and volume o plMs. mch27 MAMMaTH LOTTERY. And the next to be drawn, which will be in a few weeks. Mm. roan n Owtno Rotn Ln - rrxar. Authoi ized by the states of N. York and N. Tervv POSITIVELY tit commence drawing1 on the fifth day of May next - 10 000 tic keUon - 9 - to be drawn 111 20 drawings. Trice of 'Kltets 32 dollars. IBHRST F5IIXKS. 1 Prize of 70 000 Dollars 1 do 35 000 do 2 do 10.000 do 2 do 5(XK) do The first drawn number to be et titled to 5000 tiar; the first drawn 00 the 5 h day $5000 ; "'first drawn on (he 7th day f 10,000 ; tbe fid "awnonthe lllh day $35,000 5 and the first q on ihe 1 - ,ih .1 ffrn rm Tickets. Halve.. ttenths,for sale at Lttery lnd Exchange Office. No. 54 Maiden - Where a. . .Vane . . . . the l u A5s" my be obuined for all Prize, llt " ! drawn. Lottery 2 l " 3d class Grand ate Paid to th,. J U call'd, which remains un - rd h w one whole Ol ma 27 3t ,ullwe,Pni - the the on a a ueis v io. tZJ thi - I .T s (J' at 11 b - it piei B ed, J ( a i by very old. scribe LI A ea ' mh 11 5fXW 250 50 50 es, mh (r run kJ STOLEN. THIS morning, from No. 87 Coffee (Iodic elip, a teo - catty box YOUNG HYSON TEA, Natchez cargo, marked I. C. S. across the cutosa - bouie nark. Any person who will bring tame to the above - mentioned place, ihall be entitled to five dollar reward, or ten dollar for tea and thief, mh 87 It Steam - boat - Wl Olive - branch, for I'Kiin.rL.. t y delphia, via Brunswick ft star "t Trtntou, 25 mile by land. Kare through : In new pott coachei $5 Do. good it age, 4 60 Do. forecastle or deck passengers 3 50 The OLIVE - BR ANCH will leave New - York every day at 11 o'clock, (sundry excepted.) from the north ide of the Battery, and to return from Brunswick so a to arrive at 10 the next moraing, in this city. This line has a connection with the beat boats the Delaware and Chesapeake to Not folk ; also those of the .North River and Sound ; and their teveral arrival are calculated to cause little, if any delay. I nit 1 a speedy and certainly the most con venient rout, as the passengers rleep at Trenton going - and at Brunswick returning - , and arrive at mucn less expense and in the hours ol bun at New - York or Philadelphia, without fa tiguein travelling or the want of sleep, a the distance by land i so mall whereat via the Point and Powles Hook it u 56 and 86 miles. Fore castle passengers, (who diet with the peo pie,) to Brunswick, or Amboy, at t each. L.iF'11 ireignt ana niarKeung, irae. For seati in the above line apply at the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Marketfield street. north side ofthe Uattery, between Greenwich ft asmngton - iireett. New - York. Ma - ch 57, 181ft. mh 27 LEGHORN KIOKL1 11 HA'iS. JUST received per Ariosto, one case of upe. rir Fioretti Leghorn Hats, assorted from jo a mi. ALSO, 1 do offine White Chip, with a suitable pro portion of douhl. Iirind. For sale by VANDKUVOORT U FLAXDIV, mil 25 I No. Ill Mroadway. CAKPfcll.NG. fcECOR k CO. 1M) Broadwav, have just ree'd. in addition to tneir fonuer assortment, a new supply of Frjssels, and Ingrained tarjittiiie, iinihu'i ana superune, do. Kui;s. Likewise, on hand, recently ree'd, Brussels Carpeting Ingrained do. fine and superfine Venetian do. 01 various widths Carpet Bindings, Hags of every description India Matting, various widths Bn king Baize India Table Mat Oil do. do. of different colors Kmhoss'd Moreens, do. do. Plain do do. do. PI in etiv - n and fifi'd 1 able Oii Cloths Stiir Hods, Patent Floor Oil CloUi lii - tiu Blinds, Frirge of diQerent colors G:en I'ah.e Cloinsof all sizes, with borders Blue d - . do. do. Purple and Drab do. Crumb Clnlhi. with borders Door Mats all of wiiich will be disposed of on inns' favorable terms. ml. 2i 3t 'LKKif IHi.iM .ALT. 25'W bu.hib briilit Turks Isl md Halt for sale by 1 1 v rv r. n. ol it.t iir.7, Kh 5 29 S nth stret t. ll.V POM I.IKR. A i! uistanl iinnlv ul Gun Powder, irom the "Orange Works M lor .'eby JAMEb IVVfOI.F, Jr. uih 21 57 rout strve!. lOTTON YAUV HJOO lb. Cotton Yarn, No 15 and 16, Twist and Fillinc, for sale No. 8 Fletcher - street. uh 14 UV .( fOOi. iiKil. .1 , 'L.O.i 1. 1VTOW landing from the ships iin;xrter and Euphrates, LivrriKiol new pit coal of the quality, for sale in lots to suit purrh:isers, by allying nu hoard at fine - street whan aixl a No. 12 Last river, or to LAI.Vti 61 RANDOLPH, mrh24 4t 98 V.sev street. Kt.LiH bundl e Mdiih itrcl hr sale by HURH&SKWALL, mh 13 65 Soulh - st. H Ji.AfD, A room suitable for an Office, in or near Huan - street Apply at this office. mh 25 tr ANDANNAS. 4 cases first quality Bandannas, for sale by P. REM EN II VO. mn.20 26 South - street. HASS CABINET WARES 12 casks Commodes, Knob, &c. handsomely assort and ot new patterns, fur tale ty HURD & SEWALL, mh 12 65 South - stri et. IO 1 TON k RICE 64 bales prime Upiaud Cotton 4 do New - Orleans do 112 tierce Rice In store and for sale by GRISWOL1) ft COATES, mh!2 68 Month - street. CALCUTTA bUGAK 300 bags Iciledaiid n .in wriil Af aitrwrinr nnnlirv. iftiulinir al lyoenues Slip, lor saie at Of aoum siren, , CAMBRELENG It PEARdON. uiii 1 f MADEIRA WINE. 34 pipes 33 half pipe and 54 quarter cask London particular Madeira Wine, the chief part of whirn is of a superior quality, and is from 5 to 7 years I he whole ha been imported bv the ub rs, and will be sold at moderate prices to dealers or private families. TUCKERS HURIES, mch 17 29 outh st. 297, fi.OLL bbls tuof. and 33 do fine, landing from sundry vessels, from Richmond, tor tale by mh 18 DIVIE BETHl'NE & CO. lAJHITL LEAD - 300 qr.cwt.kegi White VI leaa, just received and lor tale i'V TUCKER At L AURIES, 29 Hoiitli - ttreeC mhll OPS. - 9 bales 1st sort Hops, growth of 101 1, just received and .'or sale ny IAAI0KLLENU 61 r r.A KSUiv, mhIO 67 bouth - dreet. IRENCH CAV1BRIC PLA I ILLAS.fic z easel coot'r 40 pt. linen cambric 5 du coarse brown plalilUs 100 pieces inane German linen, 100 yards h - r or tale by N. k D. T LCO TT, mch 18 64 iSo ith - ttreet. Mould Candles, for sale b DL'ir. ll A. VI - k I . r, mh 24 1 w So. 80 Water street. n r - . 1 1' a. r . I t - C1ANTOA LKAPEb 111 tiM ttum blk, Crapes, just received hud for sale by P. REV'S EN It CO. 12 26 pooth ttreet. HKKLB ARROW. S. tut. 15 Wbeelbar 3J0U gunny ba.t rows 1 unat and x Dales Lrfmnon seina iwiae lbs Calcutta twine casks cut nails, assorted tixaa do wrought do balet Calcutta hemp 7 do foolscap paper Alto, hollow ware. ahos thread, whip, brush tec. for tuie hy tLBKA AiCUMKMi, To read - st. 16 CALCUTTA oUGAR. tin hags plain white aiu! 39 do double boilsd Just landed and sal by CAXBRELENG It PEARSON, 21 67 :h - ttret. dies, of a suDerior aual tv.foe a t.y JAMES P ADOE, mh 11 288 Broadway. at Fr LIPTRPOOL. kiwit 1 in niii i.iirun 1 Ln, nugoii a? c - .y. tirir. m carro, and nothing; shall pre vent her irom going to tea on the 5th ot April, should the weather prove favorable. Four more passenger can be accommodated. Apply to the captain, 00 board, at Pier No. 12, or to CHARLES HALL, 1 Beaver - st. mch 26 for Hale, Freight or Charter, The fast sailing packet ship Et.LEN Rowland, master, iutt returned from Uourdeau and can be put in readiness to take cargo in a few days This ship i 2 years old, burthen 301 tons, very profusely found and in the bett condition. For particulars apply 00 Doaraat ruic - street wbarl, or to GR1S WOLDS 4: COATES, mch 25 68 South - it for BRISTOL, (tlnx.) The fast sailing copper bottomed Bri tish brig BRITANNIA, Watson, mas ter, is now ldading. and is expected to be ready for sea on Monday next, the 30tb instant. For freight of 200 bbls. or passage, having handsome accommodations tor 4 passengers, apply to capl watsoo, on Doard, at pier ao. 13, or to D1VIE BETH UN E ic Co. mh 25 92 Cnne - hoiie - slip, For ALW - OKLLANS, Schooner WILLIAM, Capt. Bignoll - , will sail on Wednesday next. For freight or passage apply on board at Dover - st. wbarl, or at No. tb rt arl street. mh25 S. MARSH & BROOKS tor ioe, freight or Charter, The substantial doubltwdecked and fast sailing brig h ENTUCKY - BELLE, Deshou, master, burthen 232 tous, will be ready to receive a cargo in a lew days lies at pier No, 6, N. River. For term, apply on board, or to U. G Si 8. HOWLWNU, mh 25 77 Wahington - st. for LO sJW. The fast sailing ship WASI1ING - .TOV, Jacob Formaii, master, a regit kr trader will commence loading on Monday next, and be dispatched in a few days. For eight or passage, apply to JOHN G1VAN, 163 Pearl at ; or WM.CIIAPMAV, mh 25 3t 66 l'ine - street. for 11.1 flit., The well known coppered ship MA ; 1 4l'. P.l 1 - THERESA, Skiddy, inavter , 1 "icipal part of her caro bein eugaed meet witn qnick di patch. For l'r.L - lii ul 1 it) hn'cs cotlon, 01 parage, having good aocom iiiodalion.', apply to r. DKPAU, or G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, mh ?5 77 Washington - st. for UT. J.I GO DK CLDA. Two or three pass engers can be well a( commodate! on board the hn la; t ailing brig Kt.lXA, E. L. Grueby, master, to rail on eatuid'iy the 2)lh icst. Wpply on board at pier No. 4, North - River, or to G. G. St S. HOWLAND, mh 25 77 Wasl ingtoii - street. for At.i .OIiLf..y.S. The goodl - ut sailing ship L4GUIRA, now loading wc - tide Buriing - slip, and will tad in a few di'ys. For freight or parage, having large accommodations, apply ou board, or to N L. St G. GRISVVOIJ), mh 25 f)6 bouth - street for .VaVf. freight or Charier, fh: brig RECOVER, Owen, mas. ter. 242 tons : will carrv about 275(1 bit s n well found, and a sound good vessel ; lies at pier No 10, E. R. Apply to JOS. OSBORN, mh 17 28 r.iuth - st. for dale, freight or Charter, The brig ROtiER V, Pope, master, L.22J9 lorn ; will carry 3200 bbls : 2 tear id ; we found, and a good vessel lie at pier No 9. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, mh 17 28 Soutb - tt. For HAVRE. The ship ELIZABETH, Morris A - dams master ; now loading, and will sail 111 all next week, r or freight or passage, apply on board, t pier No. 7, IN. R. or to DIViE BETHl'NE fct CO. mh 16 9 - 2 C. 11. Slip. H'autni to Charter, K good VESSEL that will carry 600 bbls. for a voyage to Bermuda. Imme diate dispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER ft LAURIES, mh 13 29 . - Niuth street. for MOBILE te HLAKLLEY, The tunttaiitial and last tailirg new schr. ANN - M ARIA. Capt. Wright. 102 tun, having two thirds or her cargo engaged and on board, will meet with de - patch For the remainder of her freight or passage, having gocd accommodations for cabin and steerage riassrn - gert, apply on board at Pier No. 4 E. River, or 10 Hr.nuiCK, mh 12 29 Cnentie.s - slip I JObERT GILLESPIE, No. 112 Front - it s.s, oners lor sale 400 barren Virginia Flour CI "; Cr Richmond Tobacco 18 do Petertburgh Tobacco 21 balet Upland Cotton 35 tienet and) D., 20 half tiercetj K,ce 150 bag, St. Domingo,) c (f 64 du green Havana, ) 5 tont Lirnumvilsc Port, Claret and Maoeira Wine, in hhds. aod quarter cask Korix re J rort Wine, locate of 3 dozen each FREIGHT FOR OPORTO A good vessel bound to Oporto may have about 1000 hushel corn on freight lull 1 1 BROADCLOTHS and KERSE1 MERES, 4 FEW baletof Cloths and Kerseymeres, for CI. tale low by JXV. M'CrlAUKA.v, mh 26 3t Bi 1 - 2 Pearl - tlre - t. I ADLIRA CITRON. - U kegs and 7 boats ill Citron, just received per slop t - llen, iron Madeira, lor sale rr mli 26 DIVIE BF.THUNK ft CO. IIRtH FRUIT. 50 boiM Orange and 50 JL do Lemons, just received, lor sale by JOS. JOHNSON, 9 Gouremeurs lane. mh 13 rcaaiTCfti. DiaiiriKs. cocaTKRrAaa, ttCILTS, ate. ftc. ' ft C SU Y DAM nave just received per Im J norVr. 4 case - ringed counterpane and cradle co vert t do marseiilet quilts, part of both very Urge sizes, elegant and new pariems 2 case lunutore and haloun dimitie 5 trunks cambric matlios, part undressed I do fine ginghams Also, just come to hand 1 box 6 - 4 taper cambric dimities 2 do meti's as4 ladies' rottoo hosiery, att'd 2 balet Ifnen bed ticks part snperfin Ii ith bneo. btelinc, diaer, table clotlis Lone lawns, blue linen, tec. tec. For sa on ao omm xiating term, by the park ge .r relail, at No 61 .Maidea L,ase. mn 4 iw flK 1 - . T T l.raad,) at pi P. fentrdTe vise, (Pasely id,) hi piliet, bhd. and qr. casks, im ported July and September 1816 and July 1317. t argo I euenfle wum, u. pipes enuueuious - botu - . Caoa Madeira wme, in aorted casks, shipped the Cape of Good H - vpe in 1813. OI4 I tsboa tnut, fit lor Mtmty use. For.U by - D - DUFF, mk 28 lm 69 Wathingtoo - ttrcet. SALE BY Hoffman Is Glass atui franklin tz Mvtturn. ON I utsday, 31at 111 si. at 10 o'cIck k. ut the store No. IK) South street, opposite the steam - boat wbarf, between Bee km an and Bur ling - slips, alltliTEA9audCASblA,jast arrived in the ship Huntress, Allen, master, from Canton, vii : 9J2 chest hyson skin tea 732 do young bysou tea 204 halfchesU do KM) 5 - ratty boxes do 100 10 do do 100 13 do do 100 15 do do 100 20 do do 300 chests hyson tea, 123 halfchettt do SttO 10 - catty bote do 8(1 botes, coot'g 2, 3 and 41 b cannittert do 605 cheat (ouclioni; lea 446 hf. chests do. 700 qr chests bohea 109 haif chests guniowder tea 85 5 - catty hoxet do 82 boxes, cont'g 2, 3 and 4 lb cannittert do 7 chests imnenal lea 40 boxct ot 20 - catty do 100 do 5 do do 120 do 10 do do 57 boxes, con's; 2, 3 and 41b. cannittert do And on Friday, the 3d of April, 2000 boxes CHINA WAKE, consisting of enamelled tea cups andtauctrs, dining aod tea - sets, breakfast cups and saucers, Dlue and wniie plates, dishes, hc. (7 - The ahove teas are all fresh, and of very superior quality, selected hy a very competent I'udge, and particularly calculated lor this mar. Let i and the chuia comprises a very extensive assortment. mh 24 GIN, 4ic 40 nhlt. lttprooi country uid. 15 hl.ds h 50 bbls. Loal and Lump Sugar 1H0 toxts 1st quality Drown boap 25 bbls low ri ed Brown Sugar, for sale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, mn "o m 10 t un - tweei. OAPER MILL RACb 4i 6POMJES - 3i i bale Linen Rat 10 do tuperAne yellow Sponge, for sale by mh T6 3t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street HARDWARE Si CLTLLRY. AFE" cask of Birmingham and Sheffield Goods, very neatly assorted, will be sold ycrylowhy JNO. Vl'CRAt KAN, mh 25 at bi 1 X I'rarl street ltfTLLS, PURDY H t'o. 212 Tea rl street, lTX corner of Fletcher - xtreet, olTcr for sab the following goods, just landing from the Impor ter: 9 8 fine and Irish shirilingt 9 - 8 line and iUier Vladaiiollam do. Light ar round plate, and dark ground fancy calico s Super super light ground chintz cambric do. and remaining of former immrtalunt, Jaconet curded border neck hdkls. 7 - 8 silk and cotton gingham Fiue colored sarwet Imperial 3 cord, liale.aud blue marking thread 3 - 4 and 9 8 striped and checked cotton ginghams, assorted 9 - 8 leer - sucker silk stripe ginghams ; 1 - 2 ell fancy twilled silk mufluis ; 6 - 4 Italian striped silk and cotton dresse entitled to debenture, and calculated for exportation Silk lace veils, dresses, caps, scarvca, sleeves, tec. Sic. Alto, Lockfiue herrings, and a few Nova Scotia gri'idrtone. mh 23 6t UilY GOODS. tANCY plate Call. Marseilles Quilt ingt, royal ribbt White and printed tat - eent ' coes Superfine calicoes and chintzes 4 4, 9 - 8, 6 4 cambric Cotton brown hollnndt muslin Swansdown, toilanetts. Cara'iric jaconets , Plain tanibor'd sewed mulls Plain and tambor'd book mutlins 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Black and col'd cam - hnct , Velvets and cords, beaver glovet Fancy cravats, twilled Bud plain Mad rats hdkft, pint Hair cord cambrics, cotton balls White tc coPd threadt Silk, kid, and cottou clove hilk bote, tilk fluren - tinet Black bomhaxeeni Florence silk, ribbons, galloont Florences, plain and figured Virginia satins, plaid lustrings Fruig'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, boh him Furniture calicoes, aod chintzes 4 - 4, 9 8, 6 - 4. 7 - 4 an I 8 4 printed cambric shawls 7 4 4 8 - 4 imitation do. 8 4 cassimere do. Bandanno, longee and tilk ttniM - t Cotton and woiated ho tierv Irish linens Ic sheetings Bullous, hed tir.kt Fine and superfine cat tl rue ret Yorkshire fine and tu nerfine clotht London do du Superfine ladiet cloths Woiu iRietts, ratinetlt Imperial cordt, vigo - nia cassimerc Stockinctls, plain and noird Flannels, baizes Ferretlt, wonted bind ingi Shirt buttons, cotton lace Paris netts and souffle eauze Black and white thulli lace Leno suawls, Estopil las Sewing silk, attorted c - l'irt Linen cambric I'ahle rloUit, 6 - 4, 7 4 ft 8 - 4 Diaper Furniture Dimities Fancy Leno, Ic figured .viutlins Cambric Trimmings, I t lounces Seersucker Ginghams K ,man tidKis sislertot hdklt. Pocket hdkls. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimilies Jeans, cotton cattimere Striied Florenlinei Blac k Jo Madapollum and steam Silk Check tiinghamt 2ft 3 col'd Cambric garments 1 Oil Cloths Brown Linens Meiino Shawls Cotton haiidannnes 9 - 8 col'd ttrip'd jaco i.ettt loom shirtings India uiuilint, Ac tic Received by the late arrivals and for sale by HAGGERTY AUSTEN, mhl4di.c5m 167 Pearl - street. MILITARY BOUNTY LANDS. 'pHE Subscriber will pay Ihe highest price in X cash to the late soldiers for their bounty lands. JAMi.8 U. WAIISWUKl ti. No. 26 Water - street N. B. J. D. W. purposing to leave the city for tbe Illinois 1 erritory, requesu an mote who em ployed him to obtain their patentt, to call and take up the tame, or receive Cash for them. Will take any agency business to the Ilia nois Territory, relative to Soldiers claims, ftc Apply as above, mch 10 DteC 3wt fXTHILEthe fascinating charms of novelty V V attract Ihe attention of thousands, aud carry them forward to participate in various public amuseiueutt, permit ut to nfleren inlerf st ing and rational mode of gratifying one of the most prominent passion 01 our nature, vii : HOPE excuse us ladie and gentlemen for tin assumed gravity, when introducing to your notice a subject full of gaiety for what has tbe power o emanate es more than CASH i And in tbeedill times where raa the splendid sum ol 70,000 DOLLARS he obtained all at m dais This goodly prize and many more are yet in em brvo but on the 5th of Ma next ther will he handed out to fortune's votaries. This GRAND SCHEME of making tome RICH, and none POOR, i a LOTTERY. The fact it, all world't a lottxbt, aod aM the ititwtut plant of men or women Produce, at best, 1 blank or prize and indeed most of our move axilla throusrh life nlav ut much viler tricks thaa a lottery wheel which beiag the case, suppose yon embark here .... ........ at t' - . 1 v sWfc a V miL.T Kt.lJ St uniuu iiVl itaii AICK tCHUK. 1 prize of $70,000 1 do 35,000 Z do 10,000 S do 5,000 10 do 1,000 30 do 500 140 do 100 3400 do 30 Tickets . 32f Quartern f8 Halves " 11 Litnthl 4 Sixfretwut t dollart. For sale in a variety of number, by mh 26 O. V. GKACLE ft CO. GRAND BALL AT WASUlMilO..HALL. MR BEKALL'I has the honor to bferm the ladies aod gentlemen of New.York, that his nnnnal grand ball will take place on Thursday evening in Sd April, in the Wsabing tou - Hall saloon. In the course 01 the nveoiug, a ballet dance, and several oiher fancy dances, will be performed by Mr. Beraull pupils, at follow : ' 1 Entrance of a grand march, by 80 young lsv die. 2 Corps de ballet, by 20 youug ladies 3 Pas de deux, by 2 young ladies 4 Pas seut, by I young lady 5 The ahawl dance, by young mist 6 Gavotte de Veslris, by 6 youu$ ladies 7 The thaulrute, by 2 young ! 8 Corps de ballet, by 5f0 young ladies 9 I he allcniand, by 2 young ladies 10 De deux, by two young ladies 1 1 Pas seul, with tbe tambourine, by a young iauy 12 Tbe three graces, by 3 young ladies 13 Pat teul, by a young lady 14 Tbe lesson, by 2 young ladies 15 Corpsde ballet, by 20yvung ladies 16 A grand march, to conclude with, by 20 'young ladies. The ball to begin precisely at 7 o'clock, and the ballut at 9. Tickets, one dollar each, to be had at Mr. Berault's, No. 31 Courtlandt - (ret, and al Washii gioii - Hall. mh 12 3w HK. UhhtJ' T.i 1 Li;W u lilihX VFEW thousand pounrii New Y rk fallow, and 20U0 Slaughtered Hides, lor sale. Apply to T. GIB BON H, Fly - MarkeL mhlltf J A LADY well qualified o j; ive lemon, on the Piano Forte, informs 'lie public, thai 1 Will give lessons three times a wecx, at t!e moderate price of Ten Dollars per qua ter. Application to be made to Joh Hrad, No. 36 Omrtliindt - atrcct, or Alexander M Mnir, No 521 Peirl - stri'it. mli 24 2w tar&utr, harler, or t n A convenient house and out - buildings, with an excellent cittern, and a few acr ol ground, coiuiiiaiidiou n line view of the Hudson about 3 4 01 an hours ride from town. Terms very liberal. Apply at 35 Front street. n.h2l Iw TO Lhl, r mm inu mi 11 .'jay netr. ui rioiisc. . VI .1 I, o. i'rl hroadwa), cmupied liy John Welis, Esq with the Stable, tec. in the rear. Apply to 11 jm ri 1 , mh26 3tt Wall - st. corner of Nnssau - st. Tn LET. At a low rent, a three story brick dwelling in Norfolk - sU Enquire of eii: n. t;ux, mh 28 96 Wall - street. TWO HOL' - ES FOR . - Ai.E. Nos. 94 and 96 John - street . Enquire at 460 Pearl - street. mil 25 lOt To Lei foronr or more yean, The lollowirg b uses houtv No. !W4 Broadway, two doors above Washington Hall, with a coach house in the n.ur if reouircd Also, a three story brick hnu eNo. 415, in said street. Also, a new and genteel two ttory brii k house, corner of Lispeuard and t hurch streets, the terms moderate. For further particulars, apply at 4 15 Broadway. 111(1 25 0 FOR SALE, iiH A two story houte situated in Pearl street, Brooklyn. Possession may be had on the first of May next. For particulars, apply to the subscriber, on the premises. mh 25 tf JAMES GILL. TO LET, The whole or part of a genteel two - story brick house, with a liable in the rrar, in the pleasantest part of Broadway, within three quar ters of a mile of the City - Hall J he terms rea sonable to a good tenant. For further particu lam, enquire at 1U9 Broadway, opposite John street. mh 25 Iw To Let at Moomtngdale, The large, convenient and pleniaiitiv situated home ofthe subscriber, with the out buildings aod grounds, opposite the new Stone Church on the Blnomingdale road, 4 12 miles from town. Apply to JOHN H. TALMAN, mh25 1m 214 Pearl - street. fm TO LET, VaSS A very convenient houte, with about hall au acre of ground, about a mile from lb city, adjoining Ihe house occupied by Mr. Wort - wueu, betwixt ureenwich and the Broadway road. Apply to JOHN R. MURRAY, mh 25 tf Huilrao - nqoare, LIME BURNERS. M7 ANTED three or four exrienced lime If burners, who can be well recommended To such constant employ and liberal wages will be given Apply to LZKA LUOLOW, 34 Beaver - tl, If TO LET, jniii The houte No. 34 Beaver - ttreet, for out or two year Apply at ahove. mch 2'. DlCtf Kl.ECl' BOARDiXi b( HOOL T 1HEKE are at present five vacant let io the Revd WILLIAM POWELL'S . - School, in Phiiipthurh, ionkert, VI ct - t, belter Couoty. Hit system of education is su h at to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for College or the Counting House within a reasonable time Hit w'hool it select, the number of Pupils limited, and the treatment of tlie most liberal Bind. The follow mg branchet of useful and polite li. terature are taught, vu reek, History, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic. Latin, French, English Grammar, ueography, Mathematics, Ice. It 11 presumed that few Institution of the kind can oner greater advantages, wnetner iney regard instruction in general literature, in moral and religious principles, or in correct and gentlemanly deportment. The Parsonage in which the Punils are accommodated, is commodious, reti red and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles 1 to which there i3 always a direct and esy rommunica tion. For further particulars application may tie made to Hish'.p Hobart Dr. Wilson, Columbia College T. 8. Clarkson, Esq C M'Evera. Esq. Wm. Bayard, jun. Esq C. D ( olden, Eaq. A. Scberme rhorn, i D2m2w I'. A Emmet, Esq, mh 26 FOR 8ALF - PAIR of hay HORSES, well broke wid I found. Fur particulars call at rnaw - s 14 - very - stable, ia liberty - street, aear Broadway 1 WO at Uiree Gentlemen can be handsotmly .. - nn.mwiiail with hoard and Imaging in a t.r wi,hrid lualiirii. near tbe Ity debirhtful situation, near tbe t ity lUl y ? .... . au r. nf frw A 1 root room 00 uie uwm"' " - ' 1 oflii ia Apply at No. 239 Broadway, mh 26 3t warranted bom ing cloths. N assortment 01 umcn oen rriiffi duu - A ing Clotbt, for tale at DCoram i!T low prvet, by JNO - A.I, r 1 o 1 a t . ..1 .1 I ILFORD and OWEGO ROAD I.OTTF. RY, comraencet drawina the 6th o( Mav. ana wui oconpiMii taxwrntv drawwet. HIGHEST PRI2E8. 70.000 dollar I 10,000 dollart 35,000 dorl I 10,000 dollars I ickett and abare tor tain hy R. WAITE, Jaor. 136 Broadway. mh2 PUBLIC SALES; BT P. L MILLS ft CO. M'Hidxy, At hatfpatt 9 o'clock, at their Auction Room. No. 148 Pearl - tiitet, a general atsortment of French and Kngjiah Dry G'ortt. . , At 12 o'clock, i catet Lrghorn Hat,, 1 do, blaik, do. Thursday Atholf patt 9 o'clock bt tlieir auction room,, ao entire uivuice of 80 pa. kaget iretb impor'ed Frenvh goodt, compntuig at choice aurt vidua hie an assortment as evr offered f.r sale in t iis market, consistiru, ( dcable hained Kvan tines, d'.uble i irem t ul all ci lort, p au, tmeta, satin and rich figured ribbons, mviit and woment silk hose, do gloves, ricn meriuo abawi, levao tine du 1 embroidered hdkls t ibuite l.ct and lace bands, lioenrambnc and cm brie hdkf. fans, itienille) "ids fl ''en'ine vestings, silk hat covert, and a number - .f otliei artklet. The above goods will be told n a tmeraJ cred it, which vill be made known at tin - sale. M.HliBLK fOH BVILbl.VU, ke. , ril H E proprietors of the southern uarbl qua - A ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the King! - Bridge Marbl nd Iimt - lttij, foot of iltach - rtreet, on the HuJ - ott river, ar ca'easiva ttock of marhle lor bnildiog, of the foiiowini; uar soripnens vit : A - hlar Copinjf Joundation Slona Chitumey - Pieces Facings Colnuioa Watertabl Ptapt Platform! bills, Lintels Arches Also Lime of tbe est quality. QTy - ' A constant supply of the above material! may be calculated Uoo ; and tho deirous of purchasing, or making engagements ill apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 Mtl Yard: COTILLION PAR I Y - rosTroat.tit.aT. iy T HE Managers give Nolua that ihe rikXT and tatr Cotillion Part) is p4tpoiie,d to Friday eveuing next, the 27th. tint, a' H.r l ity Hotel. mh23 St A CARD OtT" MR. BKRAULT hat the honor 01 in - I'iriuing the ladiet and gentle m 0 01 ibis citj , that in ronsequeu' e of the Cotillioo Party being on Thursday next, his annual Ball will be postponed 1 1 Ihe I Imrsday following, 2d ot April. nihtl HH I Ear England, vta Halifax, A . A. X - 1 Letters for hn Britannic majrtty's packet SWIF'lURE, (for Falmouth, via Haliltx, 'o - va - .S'cotiH,) will be received at the port olfica (ill Wednesday allernoon, the 8th day of April. mil 18 tApl T W MOOilE, agent. bl KEKT MANURE. 0 The contracts which are to be entered in to lor the street manure, will coninieiice i n the 1st uf .M y next, lor 1 or 2 years, to be mention ed in the sealed proposals I aud Ilia streets are to he swepf and cleaned, from the lit of Man h to Ihe 1st of January, in every year Feb 21 Mr.CH.iMt.a BANK. IT' The stiM khnldartare hereby notified that an electiwo for thirteen Director! wdl be held on, the first Tuesday in April next, and that thn Hill will be opened at the Banking Houte ia Wall street, at 10 o'clock A. M. and closed at 9 o'clock P. M. by order of the President aod Directors. mihS W. FlHH.Cash'r. blate of few - Fork ComptroUerU Cfici. OCT Public notice it hereby given to the hold ers ofthe seven per cent slock of this state, that nu Instalment of twenty per centum of the original amount of that stock, equal to four seven teenths ot the present amount, will be paid 00 on the first day or April next, or at aoy time turn - after wbeu demanded. Payment will be made at the Bank of New - York, in the city of New Yotk, to the stockholders residing iu the southern district ol this slate and out of tlie state, aod to all others at tbe New York Slate Bank, in the city of Albany. It it reqoired that the certificate! issued for the sloe k should be exhibited to the bank where tuck payment are made. . 1 he interest on the raid instalment will cease) after the said first day of April nexL Dated at AlDany, march ih, mill. AKCH'D. M'INTYRE, Compt'r. mch 13 dtAI (TV Mrs. tiALLOl having taLen the house No 21 Broadway, now in the occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, oilers from the 1st of May next, a residence to gentlemen and ladies. The pleasantnessof tlie situation need no comment mn g it WESTERN CANAL COMPANY. fjr A dividend of five and a half per cent, on the Capital Stock of said Company, will be paid mine cujcanoiurrs on tne isi M April. Apply to Barent Bleecker, Esq. Albany, or liam - ttreet. By order uf the directors. THOMAS EDDY, Tre no ' via - Treasurer. mh 10 1m PUBLIC soi ICE. OCjT The public are hereby notified, not to give credit to any person or person on my ac - cuunt, or pay any monies due me, without my written authority. JOHN WOOD. New York, March 25th, 1818. mlitS Iw CONCERT. frt - Mat. FRENCH, retctfully info 1 ker friends and the fiublic generally, that tbe in tends giving a Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music, on Tuesday evening, the Slat instant. Particulars of which will apiar in a lew day 1. mh 15 dt ICy MBS. ANN fePENCF.R contemplates opening a school for young ladies, to commence on the first of May ensuing, on tlie following terms : reading, writing, geography, grammar, arithmetic, tambouring, embroidery, including the rudiment 01 French and drawing, for ten dollars per quarter ;k - Mont on piano forte or guitar liiteen dollars, five to be paid ia advance Mrs. 8PECER leelt that ihe has aorae little claim to the patronage ofthe ladiet of her aative city,' by no meant founded on a tense of her own merits, but on behalf of four fatherless iufantt. To the fbean, proud, higofed or impefou, sbe doe oot address herself, hat to tbe femile who 10 - sestet true feeling or rea" piety wh e debgbt it ia to cautc " the widoa 't heart losing for my " it is tlie patronage of ttvh, and mch only, tbe soliciti. Satisfactory reference will ' fire,, If required. White - ttreet, 3. inh 26 10t Xne York Eagtr Manufacturing Cawrpatiy. rv - T - An elertioa for evn 1'rutleet for the en uing year, will be held 00 Monday, Ihe 6'li of April nest, at tlie counting mom of George Rich ards 1" 90 Pine street. Poll to be open Irom I to T o'clock. I . d. By orclei oi tbe hoard, mh 26 IlK T. C. BUTLER, Sec'ry. Pottpontmeni of (Ac f'entM. T 'I hare wdl be no Forum thu err. mg. Tbe next and last Forum wil be on Fri day evening, the 3d of April, at the Atteto'ily Renm, City - Hotel, whan tbe following question will be discussed : It it essentially neccssarr lor the efficient administration and for the ultimata preservation ofthe government ofthe United States that it should be in Ike hand of part?" ( After the ditcussioa of the question, an appro priate VALEDICTORY ADDKEH3 will be delivered by Thomat f tasecden, esquire. mh6 8t NOTICE. ny - Tbe aubscriber having rec - ivrd a gene ral ajaiaatneal 01 all tne es'mr a ft fioa, for the benefit e4 creditott at extsMd in Ue atatgomeat, have aatbonted Peter Led iu.uI.i.f. ih. unsettled a'.xoaatt and to receive payaaent ot all debts dee to the said 61 m, ' to the iadividu d partners who will attend to tbe sara atbit oftVe, No. Ill Peari - atreeL wii.i.ii.n dmails( M24 tf HESsU BAJLCLAY.

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