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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, March 27, 1818
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otrt tucusnoffs WITH SPA IS. rCoocludtd.) ' Ho. 11 Tm cMfhrr doo Msi a uwt i tor teeretary of tat. 8ir Tb multipucity of bonnet which I be " lUve hat, and still doe engage your atteotioo, from Uw awtcessity of preparing and lJg before th csMgr, the paper and taformatiou cauea tor oo umerem suriecu, man umurmuiy have presented you from replying a yet to my ote of the f4th of last Month i it is, therefore, unnecessary for at to trouble von. bv traepas - tine am oar attention, to an?e the ioiuortaoce of ' yoar answer, at I leal sutured, you area full? aware of it aa I am. Bat the earnest wish I bave t6 accelerate the negotiation that bu leeo opened, and thereby to come to a boal seuietnuu tt the ditfereocet pending between hit catholic aaaietrr'i ravamment and vours. impels to m ' - - . uusv IUH step. I UlcrswiB ''Hi - be pleated to inform aw, m moo as you poteibly on. arhurfhar Ifca timmaala offered u BIT afore said note, cone dp to, or approach tbe wtsne thst republic and if, with the t tear of tautiying tbem, yoa can Jevba another jutt mode, calcu - 1 lated to reconcile toe right ei twin nation upo torn principle of reciprocal utility aod conveni - see, I hope you UI communicate 11 to me, m 'nil cnoOdrace, that I shall not hesitate moment to accede to aay atodifl'atjon or tidient found - dona ta - J of acknowledged justice, and mutual utility, became it is to inch a basis, that all the itwtrocfiora and powtrs 1 hart received from ay sovereign re for. , The Uuited alkie have manifested a wish to vvtatu 'Mi i tut ujAPy vminmi; uiujciij I1H MHT descended h accede' thereto, at a proof of his friendship aod high consideration for the United State, and ha auiboril me to stipulate the cet - ion of tboee two province for an equivalent 01 territory weiiwarri of 'he Mississippi. Having proved, ou the part of hi majesty'i govern ment, by the - noit complete evidence of which moral facts are susceptible, aud by a conviction mi wua mtanor io '( n aiainemaiicai irutns thtMih proper bouti - lnno of Louisiana, east - wardof the 1, are dfflneilhy the course of that nver, an. I Uieuce by the Iberville and the lata vfaurtpa abd rontrhartrain : and thM in the wt - ftward, ther never did. nor could OKtond Wyoml I ho nver Curcacu and Vlamann - taor Viarmet.teo, ranuiig brtweon N'atchito - chuaud A laer, acre Hod River, auJ theuc nnrtli trial to. liuenot yl flted, and tn be ret - tled by commiuiODert to be appointed by both govr ninentt, it it clear that the propotaU ofler - d in my note' for the final rettleoient of the qnettion of Koqndariet, cannot fail to appear ad - vantagtou to your government, and atisfactory to the jmt wihet of the lniled State. Dut if, tor their greater atufac:ion, y m can point out aa ip' dient by which the taid propotaU may BtiWJ lurwer hkvIioxi, without detractin iron the v kaowledced principle of common juttice ana m iprorai convenience, tm remly to attend io, aou Hipumie it tmmeUiMtely, Hit come within the tphere of mr power and iiutrurtiom ; mud in cae it ibttuld not, by preutinj, per - rf.W - .t unaJJ.kiLdbi U : , L 1 .1 . 1 I teen by hit catholic majesty, I will immediately dcatch a courier to Madrid, to inform my go - vemmeat of the demand of your, and request mo u ample power adapted to them. 1 he queation of inderamtiit can he attended with no difficulty. The Spaniih government hat alwayiheen wiliinx to give due latitfjvi tion lor the lote and miurie tuttniued hv citiitn of Uii repuhin , aud cm: milled by t'puii.rd, contrary t the law of nation and the esiiting treaty, I'Ul it cannot relinquish ill claim tocoinpre - heiiil. in like manner, in the a liuntoienl of llione 1or aniiinjurie, tuch a have b en rninmiticil By cilitentann utJllln of (hi rrpu.iltc, oi the ttown and luiiji cl i.f Sp - . in, iu violation ol th aiue riniit and tr.aty. V - uir (jinen nini, eiiiiiilr oi t.,e iusli eofihin ditin to ecide t'l it: II. un. I,v rnlilvi'i the .n freed o:i to ltV, a I have alieady iiiopitfl ti yon, 'lie iwim im inuema'Tie will tig canly lettl dp ud d trrnnned. 11e klnfa, my m - .trr. bire ilei: u offi - . Int; th - ailed 4iah:dud the wlle wwM, incontert - liiii proi f of Ibe Krtiluile i.d fiiueri'y nild di'piilii rf, nrd ol ini. I. ve of j.jlic t n l tjonl fni h, irea ly to ulroit hIJ the qiit tion cnirirs - ceu uf uw peiKTii.; ainiTxnre, io in .irnnra - tion iiToiMsur m ra Hi tMwit nl Kumno. in whom the United 4iat - mtiy have the (troateil co noeoce, iney aiin nit nidjcttv reijiccuvrly en - Kut.iis tn: idt, irrevoraMy l.v the drcinina ot tuch arbitration, in rate win" juttice slcne ii oughl for, Uii ritren - e mutt be particularly duMialik'. mill ha been frequently retorted to, at wan uj iimiviuuam, at me moil Kpectaiie un tion, on - Controverted queitiona. The Britith government, on hem; informed of In dimculuet atitnuiiit; the negotiation pending between 8paiu and Ihu United Mate, made an offer of it mediation for the purpose of recon cilin thm, and the pretidtnt hat not been pleated to accept it, a I have been lately informed by the minuter of Kngland to these state. From thit refusal, I am to infer, that the president i willing, on hi part, to remove all the obstacle - Which oppose the prompt and happy termination 4l tne uegotiauoo pending, and under this im preutoo, which it due to the uprightness, recti tude, and good faith, of the American govern raent, I flatter myself, that it will not be necet eary to bave recourse to the mediation or arbitration of friendly or neutral power, to settle ad terminate on principle of justice, the existing difference between the United State and Spain ( and if nfortuaettly this should not be the case, I also flatter myself, that your govern - in sot will approve of on of those modes, at be ing dictated by a sincere love of peace and juttice due to tuch occasions. I therefore hotie, sir, that you will reply a toon as possible, in the prooait made in my last note, aud communicate to me whatever you may think most conducive to the happy termination of the pending negotiation, and still further to ttreugthen the bonds of friendship and good understanding between the two nations. In the meanwhile 1 have the honor to renew to yon, the assurance of my reipect, and I pray wen to reserve yoa many years. (Agried) LUIS DE OMS. Washington, 10th February, 1018. No. It - The secretary ol state, to don Luis d (inv, envoy extraordinary and minuter pleni poteutiary from Spain. ' Department of State, March 12th, 1813. Sir The admission id your letter of the 24lh of January, that all the net, grounds, and arguments, alleged in your previous note of Sjfth Uecemner, and of 5th and 8lh January, in tup ponoi ine prltnsius of yur government, upon the tcreral point of duTcrenre which bave to long substtttd betwten the United MxUt and Spain, are esseuliallv the nm as had alreadv been advanced and discussed, at the period wf u cftimommary misuon to SfMn, in 1005; while it juitita the reluctance, on a,, pgjt D the Asaerkae government, manifrrted Ui my letter of the lth January, to the renewal at an exhausted 4icu9ion, cannot but eacite tome ur - priae, as composing en htilt with the profeiiont of lb carneet deeire of vourtovernment t tho - e diflVreiKei to a tieedy and happy termi hbuoo. wain ut oern so strongly aKl M re r - 1 , wii w foot noies, a in Uia comauaicauoni trooi Uoo Fraarisro Pirr - ro to the minister of the United State at Madrid The observation, that truth ii of all tim, soxl that reason and justice are founded noon im m ii - table prmciplt. has never been conte.t.l h. th. United States; but nri.hcr truth, reason, nor juiiKuwiKiu siuoDonmesioi asserti.A, nor the multiplied renetitioa of error. I referred you U the letter from the extraordinary mission of 1804, to Don Pedro Ceval'.os, for aa ample and satisfactory refutation of the supposed tacts, groundiaod arguments now reproduced by you. - You reply by telling me, that the, e don ool appear to oe a siaile incident to give the smaller f opport to the pretention of my government that all the mu otittoo on which tt bm pb MUmpted tofotnd them have bees rsluUU ana Ai.f.l i ilu tiieiiisn eovemaww MOFtraUoa to Uminoat and convinciof, u to aiiMiii to reason to resist it." .ABO ... mxr ikn tmt. intimate, that the Amen cJ'rovemment doe Mi, ittelf, believe in th ..i:T.. r ,1,. atnis and ajxuateot otad by iu ministers, in lopjort of th claim of the UwUd .States, as asserteu uy menu - To laoguag and entimente such at these, the government of the United State cannot reply ; nor can it, without an effort, continue at ali a discussion sullied by oco ua wormy auu grounu - Uamnntaflons. . I am directed by the president to confine the observation upoo your Utt notes, to those parts rj then which have relation to the essential ubjecte of controversy between the two na lions. You perceive, air, that the government of the United State it not prepared either to renounce any of the claims which it has been so loug urg - inc apoa th justice of Spam, or to acquiesce in tor of those argument which appear to you so lutainou and irresistible. Determined to pursue the establishment of their right, a long a by any possibility they can be pursued through the paths of peace, they have acquiesced, at the message of the president, at the commencement of the present session of concrete, ha informed you, in that policy ol bpain, which aa hitherto procrastinated the amicable adjustment of these interest, not from aa insensibility to their importance to this onion, nor from any indifference to the object of being upoo cordial terms of harmony with Spain, but because peace It among the dearest and most earnest object of their policy ; and because thty have considered, and still consider it, more congenial to the principles of humanity, and to the permanent welfare of both nations, to wait for the favorable operation of time npon the pre judices and passion opposed to them, than to retort to the unnecestary agency ol force. Af ter a lapse of thirteen yean of patient forbear ance, in wailing for the moment when Spaia fbould find it expedient to meet their constant deiire of bruiging to a happy and harmonious ter - tninhtiou all the conflicting interests between them, it will need little additional effort to wait somewhat longer with the same expectation The president deems 'his course eveu more ad - viieable, than that of referring the questions de pending between the two nations to the arbitra mtut or mediation of one or more friendly Euro pean powers, at you bar been aulhorixed to propose. But if vou have nronotali to make, to which it ii possible for Ibe government of the United Slate to listen, wi)h a prtnpectof bringm them to any practicable conclusion, I am authorized to receive them, and to conclude with vou a treaty for the adjustment of all the duTrrencrs between the two nalioni, upon term which may be tatitfartory to both. With reeard to th motive for the ncciinalinn of Amelia Island, the message from the president of the United Stales to congress, aud my letter to you of 16th January, hare given tbe explanations which, it u presumed, will be sa tisfactory to your government. The exposed and feeble situation of that island, at well as of the remainder of East Florida, with their lo cal position in the neighbourhood of the United Slater, have always been among the primary inducements of the United States, for urging to Spain the expediency to the interests of both ualiout, that Spain should cede Ihem for a jut and suitable equivalent to the United State. In the letter of the 2Ulh of January, 1805, from Meors. rtrv kney Rnd Monroe, to Mr. Cevallos. the following parage stands prominent simonc the arguments uned b them to that effect. "Should Spain," say they " not placci a itroos force in Florida, it will not escape your excel lency's attention, tha'. it will be much exposed to the danger of being; taken possession of by some ether powr, who might wih to hold it with very dim rent views towards Ssiid, than those which animate the goveoiment of the United State Without a ttrong force behig there, it might even become an aylum for adventurer and freebooter, to the great annoyance of both nation"." You know, sir, how far th event, thus antici pated, and pointed out at early as in January, 180.1, to th prudent forecast of Spain, have been realiied. Peniacola ha been occupied by another power, for the purpot of carrying oo a war irooi it againsi tne Uaitt J state, and Amelia Island has been occupied by adventurers, to the great annoyance of both nations, and of all other engaged in lawful commerce upon the iiun oi Mexico, ur - lore these events occurred, the congren of Ihe United State, aware of the great and growing danger of them, which, bad been so long befor i distinctly foreseen, had made it the doty of the executive government, in the case of uch a contingency, to take the tempo rary possession of the country which might be necessary, to avert the injuries lhat must result irons it. Amelia island was taken, aot from the potjenion of Spain, but of those from whom the had been equally incapable of keeping or of re covering its possession, and who were using it for purpo - e incompatible with the lawt of nation and of the United State. No purpose, either of taking or of retaining it a a conquest from Spain ha ever been entertained t and unless ce ded by Spain to the United States, it will be i stored whanever the danger of its bring again thui occupied and misused shall have ceased. It is needless to add, that the proposal that the United States should take any further measure than those already provided by law for prevent inz armaments boilile to Spaiu within the terri tories of the United states, is inadmissible. The measures already taken, and the lawt already existing against all hostdo armaments within our jurisdiction, incompatible with tbe obligations of neutrality, are tuilicieut lor its pmservation : and the necessary meant will continue to be uted, a Ihey have been, to carry them laithfnlly into ex ecution. I hare tbe honor to be with great consideration, Sir, Your obe't. and very humble servant, (Signed) JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. ffEW - YOhK fA.Vf7 POUT. FRIDAY, MARCH 57. Documents rttpeetin our affairs sriiA Spain, (cantludeA. Erery .American will peruse the letter of the secretary of state with pride and pleasure. Firmness in maintaining right, and spirit in repelling unjutt and unbecoming insinuations, mark every sentence. The Corporation Petition excite great inter est among all classes of the people, and the Re publican Chronicle hat an article on the subject which we thould republish but for want of room. Tht editor call for information as to how all ihii money it applied ? And truly, we think it no more than reasonable that those who are call ed npon to pay, should be unwilling to tee new (axe laid, and to an unprecedented amount, without first being satisfied how former funds have been diiposcd of. Mus .oftnson'i bentfil We believe it may be safely asertej, that the interior of our theatre never exliibiteda more beautiful spectacle than wai presented lavt evening. The fashion and beauty of New - York filled the two fi tiers of boxes, and the pit was literally crowded, as was very port cf the hou, except the galleries Such acting and men music have never been seen togetbeyialhi theatre of Ui'n country. Mr. PhiUpp was in his best voice, and obligingly re peated all the favorite tonp at tbe request of the audience. Dame wat MnurabU, aod re ceived much warn aod well - merited applause. Mis Johnson acquitted herself with additional credit, as did our favorite, Mr. Darley. We heartha Droceeds were Dearlv equal to those oo Mr. Philipi' night. For the Sett - York Evening Put. Mr. Editor. It i not generally known that the statute which authorises tbe copies was introduced into the English la w by a corrupt policy in direct op position to the boasted magna carla, or great charter of right ; that it was long opposed by the friend of freedom, and never could bave been confirmed but by the cunning policy or ex - emotintr nabltmen from beinz arrested by it. It wa unknown to the common ana cmi uw ; wr Blackstone say. ' the perton of a feudatory was too valuable to his lord, to admit ol its Deiug ai - lathed fat a debt." And it it especially unknown to the great body of the American people, that the trrtf of caputs made the boasted Kiigli'h charter of no use to the poor and unfortunate debtors and now in this country deprives him of hit most valuable natural & constitutional rigbts. And it is not the poor Mlor only who suffers bv the eoputt, but it places the liberty of every honest man at the mercy of bad men. Suppose Mr. - on bis way to Philadelphia on business of treat importance, and an evil dit - noted pertoo seises him by a capias, at Trenton. He it a ttranger there and caa not procure bail Tbe plaintiff bat no claim, for every body know Mr. owes no one but he offers Mr. tht alternative to go to jail for a day or two, or pay him 100 dollars. Unlet Mr can obtain bail, he will pay the swindler, and be rhtd to proceed on his buiiuess. Au affair of thit kind actually happened in New - Jersey three years since to a Mr. Watkint, of this city. Nor are these instance solitary. The writer has seen eight prisoners In jail in this city at one time, every one of whom were creditors of the men who respectively confined them by the ea 1 puu. It is a common incident lor the sailor' landlord in our cily to issue writs against sailort and throw tbem into pnsou for a pretended debt, with a view to make tbem give order for their wares. Aod to add to the atrocity of this prac tice, the sailort would starve utiles he humane society fed those sailortduring their confinement. II any man doubt this statement, let him ask James L. Bell, Esq. the sheriff of our city, home yean since the late col. Joseph Fay, who was one of the most respectable men ip this city, received a note from a fellow in jaU by the name of Brant ingham, very politely requesting col. Fay to call at the prison on business of great importance. it wat Saturday evening and on hit arrival al the jail, col. Fay wat informed that Brantingham had lodged a detainer against him for 10.000, requiring bail for $20,000, for a supposed claim of $5000. Ou being interrogated, Bruntingham frankly and impudently avowed hr had no claim, but be demanded a $100, or threatened the col be would ho d him prisoner away from hi family till .Monday morning. Fortunately bad was procured - but it was not owing to the humanity ol our law, or the mercy of the pretended creditor, inai a villain uiu not taice away the liberty of an houett man. It it iiupot. - ible to sav how often similar attempts may be made, but since the power exists, it is reasonable to suppose it it uted in every part of the union for the purpose oi oppression. Our drama sometime illustratr. - inalauces in which Me capias is used by pretended, as well as real creditors, for most detestable purpose. t ha happrord that a husband has been imprisoned for debt with a view to compel the wife to become the creditor's mercenary ; - and it i laid there i now living in thii city a wealthy knave who imprisoned a father by thii same capias, and offered him hi liberty if he would make a prostitute of his beautiful daugh ter. All thit proves the danjert and horror to whioli every man is exposed, while the l apias itauuwea, una sl ews tnonecesity ot going naca a speeciiy at possible to the true mean - inp of that part of the constitut on which di - cUn - i, " no citzen (hall be d.prived ofliU liberty, but by presentment, indictment, and trial by .jury." If the cap s had never been allowed by law, and any man should now, for uie ni t time, dare to propose it .n our congress, the probability is, he would meet with universal execration. It is a turprising; instance of the triumph of prejudice, tliatguvei - nor Clinton thould now be abused for nroDo - sing the abolition of a practii e, which, ifn hail not the sanction of must wick - d precedent, no man would dare to advocate. But tuch it human nature. You cannot perauadt a West Indian that slaver) is not pioper or a New - Yorker that impri - onment for debt is wicked and unconstitutional. Yes thei e it a way to convince them both make the West - Indian a slate or th - New - Yorker a debtor, and they will then confess the truth and btg for sues, i never anew it tail. HOMO. It is incumbent pn the writer to make known the name of the parties. Ed. . P. We have teen a letter fi om Providence, of me :i n instant, which remark, "Captain Heath it lieie under arrest of the civil aulho - rity, a is hit second, for challen trim? Cuntiiir. Perry. At twelve o'clock thin dav their Coun - el it to appear. I he fact stated cannot bt proved ; but all Rhode Island is in armi " JV, 1. Gat In addition to the above, we copy the fol lowing from the Cotton Ceminel, received thit morning. We learn from Providence," That Captain Ileal!., late of the Marine, arrived there on Saturday last, with a friend and Hirudin, from the South : wl(en, it being lutpected that their Dut,ne wa to challenge Com. Perrv. an ex prett went off to Newport to acquaint the . i . .... . . - . I 1 municipal Autnonues inereoi. when the second arrived he was arrested, and achaltenere . , , f . i . " u com r. lounu on nun liiloriTuUon wa immediately tc back to Providence, when Capt. II. was c.ted before the Supreme Court, men in session, runner cannot tay." Frm the Hoiton Cenlinel, March 25. We lament to mention, that account re. ceived ye - terday by the Triton, announce the decease of the Rev. - - amuel C. Thacher, ol this town, on the 2d January, at Mauliiis, iu France, aged 31. from the correspondent of Merchants' Hall. GIBRALTAR. Feb. IX. Enclosed you have a price current to date. winch may be depended on. From the immense number of arrival, our market i in a nerfec calm, aud irarcely a purchaser for any article whatever, and export very high and tcarce. Fruil are hardly to be obtained at any price, either at Malaga or here. By the post of y es - teruay we learn, " that ijadux u to be made port of deport, similar to Marseilles." As yet. we nave not nearu tne particular. Brig William and ship Heroine, have arrived at Leghorn. The following arrivals and departures, for nished by the ahove correpondeut, are not mentioned in capt. .1 ndrews lil : Jan. 26. Arrived, bnj Ariadne, Soule, f days from Boston, and sailed the 33th for Na ples. 27th, brig Ann, Q'lincy, 54 dyi from Havana, and sailed lor Maroeilli. Join, brig r ree Ocean, fsarthclome w. 29 day f 1L I llV. - . 1 . r ... uuiu 1 uiiaueiptua, auu saueu iormaxieuiet. ci.l v - t - l - l:. Mr f. Pmrfflr. 32 days from Salem, aod tailed 8th for Marseilles. ... a t slO ilniu fwvsn Sib, brig Liegal I toutr, siousij, w N Orleans for Alicaat, io quarantine. 1 1th, tchr Six Brothers, Foster, 30 day from Baltimore, jost arrived. Pricea current at Gibraltar, ret). 1Z w .knri linnls. 30 a 32. actual tale. Super - , - 1 , - . fine floor, 9 a 9 60 large quantities have arri - .... , - . , ved and telling at quoted, aud onus, pirmi. II a 12. Ramns, MvcateL per box, 3 25 ; bloom. 2 a 2 60 1 cask, 5 75 a 8. Fruit have tiuvun r scarce at Malaea. and can, with difficulty, be obtained, even at these high prices. Hire, perewt. 7 60. Bpanoh oraoay, per iw ... a oss? irallons. 130. Exchanre ou London, par 5 4d ' " . s.iamth dotlan. 2 1 - 2 oer cent premium ; Navy Agent' bUlt oo the Secretary ol ine navy oi cue U. 8. 1 per cent discount. Extract of a letter from a merchant in Havre, to a commercial bouse in Baltimore, uaieq m HAVRE, Feb. 2, 1818. Considerable tale in cotton have taken place at improved rate, since I had tbe pleasure of - adJressiugyou on the 4lh Dec. which have almost exhausted the stock at market. Some uulanl of tbe new crop bat been brought forward and gone off at 2f. 75c. per lb the last parcel of sea ishud wat told at 4f. 80c. We have Do Louisiana at Market the last talc were effect ed at 2f 80c. per lb. There have been no arrivals of rice for tome time past. Pot ashet And buyer at 6 If. 50c. and 63f. per ql. No pearls remaining on hand. " Tbe Quantity of American tobacco purchat ed by the Kegie last month wat 2041 bhdt ; a - moogst which were 603 hhds. Virginia, averag ing 8 If. 45c. per ql ; 4 hhds. Carolina, t4l. vjc. and 738 bhdt Kentcky 7 If. 40c. A further pur chase will be made on the 1st of next April, and tenders received accompanied with samples ten riayt previous." From the Washington City Oaulte, March 24. The Aurora erroneously date that the com - mitsioners of the U. Plate to South America have u doubled Cape Horn." It I the sloop of war Ontario that h: doubled that Cape. She ia, we understand, destined for the ivorth i' est Coast The commissioner to South A - nierica will probably not proceed farther than me Kto de la Plata. AUGUSTA. fGeo. March 14. The unfortunate disaster which is said to have befallen Gen. Game and hi little party, we iio.e will prove unrounded. Indeed, mere it a vaeuenett in the intelligence, as communicated, tvhirn renders it at leatt iinpronaoie. we oo ot think that Gen. Gainet would entrust hit afety to to small an escort, when it wa well known that the banks ol the river Irorn a little nelow the Agency to Fort Scott, (a distance of nearly 200 miles) were lined with scouting parlies of the enemy. The recent fate of Lieut. cott. on the ADPalachicola. it it alto presum ed, would bave warned the General against to rash an enterprise. The communication with Fort Scott hat be come to daneerou. that tbe boat which des cend the river from Fort Lawrence, are com - lulled to construct, bulwark of plank, hightr 'nan the heads ol the men, to protect tnern irom the fite of the enemy. Even thit precaution hat been nearly rendered utelett by tbe ingenuity of tne tnvaget lor ending tney can maae no im pression npon the nuiwarK, tney direct tncir lire .'Z&init tbe ear of the boat, with tw h certainty, that they toon destroy tbem, and if sufficient changes of oart have not been provided, the boat in danger of heme wrec ked by a sawyer, or of falling into the hands of the enemy. BALTIMORE, March 25. A letter from Bremen of the 17th January, makes mention that the ship Brilliant, Hayes, helongiug to Philadelphia, from New - Orleans lor Bremen, had been lost near the baake, crew - aved. The pilots had boarded a vessel which they found deserted, and took at first to be th Hrilliant, but they found on board a log - book of hip Tennessee, captain Catesby, according to which the appeared to have left 1'hiladelphia in Vlay last, for New Orleans, from which circum stance it was thought the bad thared the tame fate with the Brilliant. PHILADELPHIA, March 26. Marshal and Col. Grouchy. Theie diatin - Kuiilied ttraiiper were on a vitit to their friend Mr. Victor Dupont, and were preparing to go iit on a ihoeting parly, when the late awful ex plntion of the powder work on the Brandy wine ook piace, upon ine nrst alarm, tney rutued ut with other to the tcene, to afford whatever fistanre circumstance might reauire, and had luu rosied tne creel, woen the Magazine blew up, ipreading destruction in all quarter. A workman, at the elbow of Col. Grouchy, wa killed by a atone which passed through hit breast and the head of another fell at the Marshal feet ; they, however, both escaped unhurt It wat supposed lhat all the huildinet in thit uuarter bad ien destroyed bythe firtcxplnion, at they ap - liearcd to be all in flame, but it wa preiently ,minieo nui io int m ny one oi uie surviving workmen, that the drvinc home fin which thev perceived through a window, there was a considerable quantity of powder) bad not yet caught nre. There was lime enough for escape from all langer from this building, had they tought tnfely by Uiirht, but with that decision and promptness in action which distinguishes truly brave men, ney intantiveized axes, and commenced cut 'iogand teariog away a kind of bridge or plat - orm which communicated with all the building, nil was then in flames, and which in a few mi - Titct more must have let fire to the drying nue. i heir example and encouragement drew other to the fKt, and after great exertions, with the aid ol water buckets, the fire wa here stopped. Had thi building blown up, the refinery and other building on the right of the creek, which bad escaped from the explosion ol he maraiinc, together with Uie cloth manufac lory on the left, with what remained of the dwellings of the Mr. DupotitV, would, in all orobahility, have been entirely destroyed ; and, vith these buildings, the bouse occupied by the wires and children of the workmen. In short, it .i known lo the writer of thit article, that the family of Mr. Dupont attribute tbe salvation of bat remained of their property at the ir works, io the example and exertions of these gentlemen, who have thus entwined a civic wreath with th laurels of Borodino, and erected in Ihe breaxts.of 'he widow and the orphan, a monument that ill be at lasting, and not lest honorable to them, than their military fame. Niw - BacMwirc, March 26. A lost Child. On the 16th of February UL a boy about 1 1 year of age. Pained Joseph Jewell, on of Mr. William Jewell of the ritv of New.York, wa enticed away by a bovof that city, to go wiih him to PhiladrlDhia. His parents have been informed of the return of Uitir ton, te within 11 miles of this city, whei e he vas left on the road by his companions, his teet being so sore as to i ender him unable tn travel further. Said boy has brown hair, black eyes, and is considerably f eck.ed , had on a blue over coat, with black horn buttons. tUrk trowsers, buffnuweil waist - c.iat, androram hat. Any person having heard any thing of wo. cniio, ami win convey mm to Asa Runyon, Esq. in the city of Vew - Rrunswick, or will gie information o that he may be found, will re - lie e Uie jnxiety of his rir - tressed Dar. - nts ami confer a favor which will be eratefullv ac knowledged His parent being poor are not able to give any reward ; but we t uat their is lot that pei - soo to be found. w!,o would wish any other ihan what arites from performing an act oi immanny. ri the London Globe, of Jan. 30. , - iMrn - ,rrniiiitariCa ha COUVf 10 OCT knowledge, which at aay preceding time of our birtory, would have excited universal indignation, if aatioaal right and the dignity of the crowa were aot instantly and peremptorily asserted. W learn tnai tne wniieu ovi ' dif patched a frigate round into the Pacific Ocean .u - in. fth river Columbia, a on - tishtotion, where there a mall colony of ettlei . with a Tort upon whica uie uruisu a,. ; it w,i nrifinallv tken postettion nf hv Vancouver in hi Miesty' - namo; and that the British American subjects have long occupied pott on tr,e head ot the loiumou, . a r .1.. D..I11 Mnnn. ana uie rivers nowinir irunt uit ,wvj . tains to the Pacific, is well known ; and that they had previously to the discoveries ot wes. Lewi and Clarke (particularly by the expedition of Sir Alexander M'Kenxie,) explored the whole country, but they had made no establish ment on the coast till 1813. In that year, previous to the arrival of the Racoon, their traders from the interior made an arrangement with tome citizens of the United States, wl o had established themselves at the mouth of the Columbia, by which they purchased their goods and post, and were found in possession ny cape Black, ot Uie Racoon, who again declared his Majesty's title to the settlement by the right of original discovery, and on this repeated the solemnities before made use ol oy ancouver, and the other British navigators who bad visit ed the spot Thi i, in fact, a revival of the ISootka ound question, the claim made by the United State arisin? solely from the pur chase of Louisiana from Spain, and which, by their construction, would put an end to our oroiected exnedition to the North Pole, since, if discovered, they would claim possession of the whole of it I What must be the mortified feelines of his Roval Hichness the Prince Re gent, on reflecting that the system which he ha countenanced, a pursued by the followers of the immortal Mr Pitt, have brought us to a condition to wink at such indignities. , The London Courier of the 2d February, in speaking of American afairs, say "Amelia Island wat taken possession ot by the V. s. troop on the 74tu uecemoer. c - ommouore tury wrote a letter to the American officer, in which he not unsuccessfully questioned Ihe right of the American government to occupy the Island, and expressed his surprize that a nation whicb so re cently established its own independence, should obstruct others in the pursuit ot tne same object. This is, at least, fair language between republi cans, who, we think, thould not be very rastidi out about their associates. We bave heard no outcries yet from the journals in this country which affect to advocate the universal rights of mankind at the proceedings of America. v e need not hint al the exclamation of horror which we should have been assailed, had a legitimate government, that is, a regal government, occu pied a territory as a measure ol precaution. But republics, in the opinion of tbese publicits. are privileged to " commit th oldest tint the newest kind of ways." Speaking of the occupation of Amelia, and the publication of the secret journal of Congress, the London Star of Feb. 3, says" The North American system seems to require, at this time, some official elucidation, and if we mistake not very greatly, it will not be long that one or more of the Governments of Eu rope will be able to avoid demanding some sa tisfactoiy explanation. Britain has precwely the same right to occupy Amelia Island at this moment, that the United States had on the 2!d Dec. last. FROM OUR CORRESPOND EAT. Office of the Norfolk Herald, ) March 23. I Arrived, schooner Lydia It Mary, Johnson, 50 hours from Providence, H. I. Sloop Romeo, Allen, 3 dayt from New - London report the arrival in Hampton Roads of brig Polly, Snow, 3 dayt from Boston, bound to Ktcn mond. Schr. Hope, Rathbnrn, 3 dayt from Ston - iugtoo, put in on account of head winds. Brig Kuhy, t raves, 7 dayt irom newnnry - Port. Schr. Lingan, Hale, 4 dayt from C as tine. Sloop Syren, Tracey, 5 dayt from Nantucket, bound to Baltimore. Schr. William tt Henry, A met, from Frede ricksburg bound to Madeira and a market. Saw on Friday forenoon a sloop, supposed to be the Virginia, or this port, ashore on INorth - roint (mouth of the Rappahannock) thought from her situation she could not be got off again. schr Mary - Jane, Hickman, 3 dayt Irom new - York. Schr Abigail, El well, 3 day from Boston, for Fredericksburg. Sloop I'liojbe, Potter, 36 hours from Newport, R. I. Sloop Jay, Thompson, 5 dayt from New - York. Tbe Jay got blown off into the Gulpb Stream, and had to lay tn 70 hours, during which time had t throw over a part of her cargo, and lost her jib, together with her hend and heer sails Spoke on Friday, in lat 36, 24, on the northern edge of UieGulph, schr Catharine, Rogers, five day from Wilmington for N York. On Saturday, about two 'clock, saw the schr Sutan, for Kait River, capsized, a short distance above Sewell's Point ; several noat from tbe shipping at anchor near her, put off to the auiatance ol the crew, aod succeeded in laving them from a watery grave. Sloop Factor, Acker, 6 days from N York. Was blown off and had to lay to 4 days in the Rulph Stream ; sustained considerable damage in her sails and rigging. Sloop Defiance, Cbadwick, 4 days from New London. Sloop Bee, Wheeler, 6 days from N York. Was blown to the southward of Cape Hatteras ami off imo the bulph Stream, but sustained no injury. Sloop Astrea, Pryer, from Richmond bound to N York, put in for a main - boom to replace the one she lost on her passage from N York to this port. DIED, Last eveninir. Sarah Adaline. daughter of Hendrick Booraem. The friends nfthe familv are requested to attend her funeral to - morrow afiernojn at 5 o'clock, from 9d Murray - street, without further invitation. At his seat in Georeia. on the 1st inst ren. Jired Irwin. Oo the 3d instant at her father's rMidnnrn in Saratoga county, Mrs. Jane Milligan, widow of ine rate inr. Samuel Ki. Milligan, ofthu city. eXVEJfltfO POST MARINE LIST. n.r.ARrn Ship Elizabeth, Adams, Havre D Bethune k Co. Sloop Rover, Parks, Phdadelphia THIS F0RF.M)O, Schr Milo, B. atlc, 13 days from Savannah, with cotton, tohaccc and steel, to Bogert and Kneeland, Vamlrwater & Wheeler, 1. Long - worth, J oi C Bolton. W R Thnrop - on, WiUoo & Thompson, H Thomas, W 11 Inilay Pas - sengets, Mesrs. Harrington, Hathaway, Fo'lcr, Williams, and Mrs. Platl. The brig Kliza from York and sch Andrew Jackson were to tail the same day. IBlh inst off Cape Henry, lost the main boom; 19th. lost Ihe stern btat. Snoie nothing. BELOW 1 schooner. An Eufjlish thii from Ireland is ashore on tie point of the Hook. SAVANNAH, March 14 - Amved, brig Wil - ham. VVimvI. .',pshnr,nnrf 11 J... . B"8 i?e"t",e, Uaiw'd, Matanztt, 10 dvrt. The Thrte Sisiers hat experienced 7 dihead wind and very severe, blowiog from N.N E. & N.N AV. in the Gulph pa.age? Fro - uwuctcrj scarce aai nign. j - e.t the following vewel at Matanxa. vi : ships Gen. JarL Taylor, aod Plato, Holme ; brigs Factor Nra patra, Barken New Columbia, GaraoeVTp?' mono, Hidge j Matilda, Barr ; tchr. Car... Superior. r.,. Comet. Grotier: Nancy tl Mar. Hi - 'loa i 8chr.Moia,Folger, 8L Pierre, (u) U Schr. Antelope, Swatey, SL Pierre. ry.A 17 days. v "J Below Mexican brig Mexican Vss, John Parker, commander, of 12 guns tnjoi men. The Mex ican Congress has nm in . pair damages, having loat her rudder on MT tin's Industry on Thursday last Aury ,, board the brie Mexican Congrats, but . passage at sea in the Charleston revenue tut. ter Gallatin, bound for Charleston, wheru has gone. M Cleared, senrs Phiio, Aloore, Havana, w nerva, Howe. Boston ; Lucretia, Miller, frZ vidence, R. I. ' Went to sea, on Thursday last, the Btwno, Avrean brig of war General San Martin r ii gun and 125 men, Jose Gaellarmo Estill commander, on a cruise. Don Pedro Gml tk. FCIICAUliail iiiiiiwii, wn. uui ii ncr, witb the intention, it is said, of being; landed at Am Cayes. Came up, British brig Vittoria, Bavnea it days from Demarary. In Hampton ltoails, ship Chase, Forbw i - days from St. Croix, bound to N York. Left there 2d inst. ship Morgiana, Hunt, from Nt Haven just arrived ; brigs Henry, Dennison,fof N Haven in 30 days ; Argo, Hunt, dodo irv, - dor, , do io ; Hannah, Clements, for Phi laucipma, ao james monroe, ot and for Port, land, uncertain i Nautilus, of and for do do. I he brig Orozimbo, V ard, sailed 1st March for Havana. .Spoke 14th inst. off Cape Hatter - as, sch Walton Gray,.Neabury, 20 hours out British schr William, Brown, (of St John's N. F.) 25 days from Trinidad put in for or! ders. Cleared, sloaps Constitution, Lefore. NYork Alligator, Hart, do. ; Oliver Wolcotl, - ., Haltimobe, March 25. Arrived brie Ala. bama, Hamilton, from N. Orleans and ludays from iavannah. The Alabama was twice blown oil' the coast. On the 19th inst was in 7 fathoms water off Smith's - Island, came on heavy gale from the N E which drove us to the southward and eastward ofllatteras. L lat Sri, long 75 30, spoke sloop Huntress, froa M.Orleans bound to IN York. On Annapolis passed ship Virgin, from Lisbon. BosTOH, March 25 Arrived, brig Decatur, Andrews, 36 days from Gibraltar. Left, Feb. 13th, brig Brazilian, Baker, for Calcutta; Mary, Hoichkiss, for Sicily, in a few days ship Henry, Knox, f om Boston, discharging j brig Eliza Ac Mary, Proctor, from Salem, d'ueharg. ing i Trya'., Kerry, from Boston, do , brigs Edward Foster, Couthony, from i Orleans do I Laura - Ann, Coffin, from NYork, ditch : Joseph. S. Lewis, Ne&raoH, from Philadelphia, via Car tlitgena, sailed 19th Feb. for Genoa ; Mungo Park, Lincoln, from Alexandria, sailed 9th for a market ; brig Rapid, Eldridge, from Charleston, via Cadiz, disch i ship Exchange, Smith, from Baltimore, do j brig Coperoican, Webber, from Boston, do St Clair, Nichols, from N Yolk, do s ship Union, Bowden, from N York, for Malacra and Havana, to sail in a fewdavs i sch Resolution, Sylvester, from Plymouth, dis. charging ; brig Thaddeus, De Bosquet for Isle ot May, in a week i ship bdwaru, laber, from N York, disch ; brig Ruthy, Brown, tail ed 1 1th Feb. for Boston brig tJocea - 1 igris, or Boston, sailed for Canton 11th Feb sch Pen guin, Holmes, sa.led the 1st Feb. for Leghorn i ship Ganges, Dixey, arrived from Batsvia 26th of Jan. and sailed 9th Feb. for Marseilles brig Manchester, Pierce, from Boston, sailed atb. Feb. for Palermo ; brig Gen Gates, Whit, sailed 11th Feb. for Madeira. The following list of vessels left at AntWern, January 30, wat handed to Mr. Topliff fester, ning: , . Ship Two Brother, Uiicnnst, Irom uaiavia, to sail for Button in 10 day t brig Kinptoo, Batchelder, from Boston, for Charleston in two dayt; schr A urora, Warren, from Boston for Bueoot Ayret in 10 or 15 ; brig Ventrosa, AN well, from Boston via Savannah, to sail for Havana in 15 ; ship Virginia, Hillman, arrived at Antwerp from NYork Jan 23. The ottrket fcc sngar and coffee improving. brig Ultima, Pinkham, hence at BUboa. The schr Independence, Finney, from NYork, and ship Potomac, of Newburyport, from Bata - via, arrived at Amsterdam previous to January S7th. THEATRE. On Friday evening, March 27, will be perform ed (lor the lit time in thit meant; noaset - ptare't revived play of MEASURE FOR MEASURE. Duke of Austria, Mr. Pritcbard Angelo Robertioa Clauiio, Simptoo. Eloow, . Barnet Italk lla, Mrt. Barnet To which will be added, (for the 4th time io It. York) the celt - bratcd panioniime of MOTH KR GOOSE, obtbi coloks c Colin, (afterwards Harlequin, Mr. Puker Colinette, (afterwards Columbine) Mrs. Patter REMOVAL. I7 N. SMITH DAVIES hat removed his chemical perfume manufactory and wart boost from No. 136 Broadway, one door north of liberty - street, on the west side of Broadway. mch 27 QJ MRS. KRtNCH, formerly pupil ol Mr. B. Carr. and latterly of Mr. Gilles. senior, hts the pleasure to announce to her friends and lb public generally, that her CONCERT will takC place on Tuesday the 31st inst. at the City - Ho tel. (Particulars to - morrow.) mh 87 NO 1ICE. ftr All pertont bavins demands against lb eltate of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, art requested te tend their accouut to tbe offic of tbe lunscrioer, no. a nasiau - tirtei. PETER JAY MUNRO, Mh27 lm ' Adniinittrator. CITY ASSEMBLY. (r - Those eeotlemeti who have not had a opportunity of paing their tubtcription, wiM have the goodoes to send it to one of the managers. mh 87 iw POSTPONEMENT. UT" Messrs. Thibault and Ostinelli inform their friends and Ihe public, that observing th advertisement of Mrs. French in the Evenjof Post, and being desirous of avoiding any interference with a lady, they bave poi'.pooed their concert, which wa to have taken place at Washington - Hall ou Tuesday the 31st instant, one week. hS7 U ST. JOHN'S CHAPrX aod ST. STEPHLN'S CHURCH. frr On Sunday MORMNG in ST. JOH' CflAPEU and in the AFTERNOO.N in ST, STEPHEN'S CHURCH, a fcermon "' preached, aod a collection made, for the hen0 - of the New - York Bible and Common Tray" Book Society. The money collected on thi caion will be appropriated to defraying the ex p.;me of ttereo - type platet of the Book of lw - mon I'rayer, of the 8vo. size and large type. prayer book printed from these plate cao m; J lorded to members of thit society, and to ry and other societies, at less man one hall in present cost It roust be obviou that it very dctirable to circulate a preyer - book of o ia - F a print at will accommodate those who cann use to art vanUgfl tbe small prayer - book, I now Emiuiiuusi v uiiinum. - therefore, that the membert of the bof '.. . ... ... :ft.,.M. 10 gallons win, oy meir nrwrai cwu" the society io arcnmpliihing this iopOT,!2, - , 'ject. ni Patten : Milo. Tallman :

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