The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 26, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1818
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.IN CUANCEItlv V .; . & CHANCER v, . ttate of New - f ork, ji. 1'S rMirst,DCe'of aii enfe rofUiis honorable court, taisr dale the third fcy of March, Inst, will lie jnid nt public aiic - , at the' Tootine Coffee House, o tb cily vt New - York, tinder the di - rei mm tl (he snhscriber as one of Ui matters of lhiort, i Tuesday the Slit 64 of Match, insUai, t lleV.Iotk at noon All those certain Bv lot of ground f whereof Anthony Lesjieaaid, of the cily cfNe w rk, Eq. tl father of Leonard Lenv - nar.', wet seised in fee simple at the ttit of hit decease. Mid which upon a division of VbexMteoftl.e mid Anthony, fell to the. there and 'ifllun if tin - said l.eoiiard,) fltuate lying end King in Ih ifhtfi wwd, of tXecitj of New - Tori, and ere known and dvtin;.; - iii1ied rn e cer - tain mapor chart osads'of the estate of the said !. tba - svud. bv Ms Si'ioV'rs . thru! hundred arid eighty two, three hundred - dd eiih'y fV?r, , OVee hundred and eii.dity - Ui'W'; - al.l aVW.Atirllt 'fhftH " end 1 'jolain a follows, to wil, - north westerly cu - Th.'." - " biuxlred enJ - lhiite - fcei - wurn 1 taken orr - orltt,toiitheaienua - ioi tuiwn dre.l eml drty ei - ie'y el more or k, trh ' eertf rly or fA vtothet three toewlred end efihJ - f Uie id l - eo4rd i"hf fret moreorlrti, tad toelhwteriy ty? . tiniiri - .oof Wryt(tt, onehuudrtd fctl orfc orfetl! Wd Mf ft - four ffrtalo tatt, )iecei : or parrcUofki'ound, tifea'e. n2 ' fhc' "rd ?r M cily In n.rf of thehu,' which 0(1 a difition of the re of Antheny Untr. rteoeated, emoos hit ' - hare, by Commit rt eppointed hr the 1 Mny - er'e court f the taulrity, wee iptsfftotheeaid " teonard, add ere Vbwii end tiittingulthed on e mijiof tl iiid invition mado I) the taid coot - ;;nnir hv lie numhert three hundred end iIimh hundred nn.i rJehtr tie, four tmnJrttd and twelve, fonr hundred ami tbiiteen, and taken tote 1 her are' boimded and cootaia at futluwt, to wit ; eoutbeattoriy on inomptou - lUeeW tventy - tw et 1 eoutherly on a line, which if Vetry street were continued eastward cJSsUiae etret,woai9 nennrxneriy nae incrc rj 1 luhwMtarl. bv crowd of Alvaander L. Ki - .art. axi Uarsh hit wife, one hundred and eklileea fet 1 aad aurtbeatteriv by a hoe to be r A iwn parallM wifh Br - wine street. (Broome - st. . beiii filly feet wide) und dittant therefrom four hundred vid seventy five feet, one hundred feet hefo'oftha said di mentions more or lets (and alto all the eround lying betweeo the taid four .1 : 41. - ny4 txf Millar . 1011 aoove or.rnu, wvnw ' aad iiaker, and bounded likewise by Ihciaid aoulheaibrly and oorthvesterly bouodariet whalsoerer the tame may contain 1 together with the appurtenance, iaieaoiaicn 1, 1010. , JAMES A. HAMILTON, ' ,Uth U lawgwiils Matter in Chancery "ti I - MAYORS COURT, i William 1 Mathews ) olm Cornell and Samh, hit In partitiaa. rWrHKlftEA we. 'he B.!er'Ki"'d commi's - V V - sronert, ajjointed to wake p.iUition he - twreima pnie 111 vy m 'vnt wi - ' i cWrt of fommoo plean, called th taayort court. r of thecity of iVew - York, heretofore ruade, did etp'e and sell the premises hereinafter men . tinned, lit public - auction, to one Jolm Lace, the hurhe' hi'l i"' for tfcs tame. And wfieress the said iu L.iChf at inch tale, did not comply with the liliont of tljn tale of th prriLiset herein after mentioned, by paying t n per cent, of the parrhate money on the lny nf sale, or at any time inr - - wbreuron dm sil court, by a rule KoAde 1 'it SUtdujr ol Mnrch intiaut, ordered the paenji.t horeuiafter detcribed, to be re told. iVow ihcriifore, we, tlw taid cmroiti murt, in tfjrtuanca of too taid Utl toidioiwd ru'tr, iulTid to tclUt puliliq tenUue, in front 'dtbe 1'oiitine Ccfiie. iloote. on the thi'tendt day of April U':t, at twelve o'clork, at noon, to the hirjiett bi.ljror bidders, all that certain dwelling rou - :. mew trace, (eurment. aad lot of land, tituate. iyinj and being in the fourth ward of tuu city u( NvMr.York ku.iwn and ditiiiiguished in a map thereof bv lot nu'nhereightt - en ; which taid pre muet aid lot of iuod it houoiled at follow, tout'ierly by Banker - tt. eaMerly by Rotevelt - tt nordrly by tot nutnlier teventeen, ami westerly in the rear by land helonarinc to Sarah Thomptoo. ConUiulug in length on racp tide fifty . feel and ioWjdlh in frout aad rear twenty - live feet each, with all and lingular the ways, water - coarse., hereditaments and appurtonances thereto he - loairioe 01 in an wits apptrtaiiiiW. Dated S3J March, 1818, - : JAMESON COX, JO - iHUA PKLI Jr. J. P. DIETER1CH. W. W. M'Ci.Kiair, Att'y. ' roh 14 eod'2w s In the matter of Bbujjuub - "j Gennqnd. and, others. I ti. V For tale at auction. James Sullivan, an ah - 1 . svnding debtor. J THE underlined having been appointed trus - ' (net for all the creditors of Jaun t Sullivan, lateoftbu city of New - York, butrhttr, an absconding debtor, will, in virtue of the act in such caie made and provided, oit ttjo tCtb day of March, iotlant, at one o'clock, in hc afternoon ofibat day, at the Tuntine Coffee llouie, in ft ity of New - York, sell at public vendue, nil thv rigid, title and intarettofthestddJamessullivan, '. in thuie three certain houses and lots of ground at present knowo and diitiojuiihed by loft No. thirty seven, thirty nine and forty seven Mulberry - street, in the city of New - York aforesaid, being each twenty fire feet ia width front and rear, and one bundled feet in depth, ns the tame Were I sometime since owned and pottettod by Juuei Sullivan, ol" the said city, decerned. The said lot. of givuad having beu st'ixt l by the Sheriff of the city and county of ewYork, in virtue of an attarhuient imiiied sgainit the eft ate of the a - foretaid abscoadinz do'itor Dated March Jlfb. lKlf. - AMA2IAII WRIGHT, - JOHNC.HAMILIO?, - CHARLES OSBORN. fct; Ue.Mitds ftj The c"partneniiip heretofore exuting between Caleb . Brewer and ieorse F. Tho mas, sailer Uie firm ol Browrr .V '1 Immat, it thit daydttsnited by snittaal conwH. The ronc - rnt . of the firm will be settled b) Cnleb. S. Brower, CP. BROWER, n.' - ' G. F. THOMAS. ' WuW'York, March 13th, 1010. N. B. The nlambins buiinets will Mill be car ried on by the subscriber, at the old ettabli.hed slaid "ia, 34t Water - ttreet, where all orders in hit li will be atteoded to with punctuality and ditpatcb. . ' ' - . t 1 . . , An apiirebtice wanted to the above buiiness. CALEB S. BROWER. mh 16 eod3w I O 1HE PUfilJc rT 1 H F. tubtcribert are ready to contra V. to fur - X nith alroott any quantity of Marble, from their quarry at Kinisthridaa. The marble it si milar in coloor and iuM - rmr in quality to that of whicn the front of the City Hall is constructed. I It t an be got oat to almost any lite and diinen - ai.;i, oi.abte for every part of building, and would bebdivarad ia IU rough, or prepared for tbr building, according to order, at a moderate rat and at a short notice AH orders may be locked at I. ti C. Bl. - l.TON'S office, No. 58 Bhiaoway, oral Mr. GlDF.O.N TtCKER'S. No 4 VVhite - ttreet, rr at the (ruarry, with Mr. GF RGF.W. HALL. n,l, 1 :ftw ,, . . tOK.AS.iLr, A very profitable FA RM. of 1 10 scm. tv. u tiiirdi under cnttivatiou. tiie residue worxf. laad, situate on Uie sea shore, a quarter of a mile belcit tbe narrows, on the atatcn lland side and a hort rids from tbe stetiu boat ferry lauding It civet a very extentive view of the hav aud en vio:of New - York, witbia'the Narrows, aad of ar.dy Hook and Uie ocraa For proiict is eqnsrrt fay none. - The title is noqaettronablA. Two ihirdt of the porcbat money may remain aecurwd trpon the laad. Apply to A. V. D. Fountain on Uie premises, or to . W. A. SEELY, 143Greenwic!i - ttreet. TO LET, a coovenieut new 3 itory house, adjoiniutthe above, with agarden aad about an acre of und. For terms apply ax atrore. . bSeodtf j MEDlCAL'BCIENCE LO PTERY No,".:. . u mi v m v.; , of . saodrt - fio.ooe 30.0UO 0,lW 5.000 1,000 iio 10,01 Kj 6,000 4,000 45,000 . 5,200 160,1100 5 461 Trieety lOsM Blanks, I6.(XK) TicUefs t P$ 400,000 ; J.i a than two blanBS 10 a pris. . .W'iUdra fire bendred oaaibers each Uty until completed. . "'" " ' . . : Part of the ebore pns lo be deferminea as follows. . ... Tie drawn aumbcrt from the Brit to the fifteenth day inclusive shall be entitled to j 1 ,000 : - .. .. ... : . ; : The firsMrawa Uiree inoMana oianat ro oe ea - tilted to $30 each. tub rixsr xiiwx tcatia ow th I6lh slay - ;,.. .. - . . - f,000 I7tli day ; ..... ..... - . . i.ww lUUi day , . ... ....,. 1.000 I3W duv , ., . . .. . . c I.WX 2.)tl. duy . . . . . . , . , 60,000 V'tt nay ... . . . 1,000 ttil day . - . r . . . . l.OtHi tb day . . ... , - . S.0O0 S6th day. . . . .. . . . 100,000 . j be drawing to coinnieace on me nrsi 1 ues - day in AKUI nv1 - Tickets for saitj by the managers until Uie loin remainiBg in their haudt accoruinc 10 law. ai uie of iew - York, on the X7tb April neat, o'clock in the forenoort. - 8AML. I,. MITCMII.L. S ISAAC UENNISTON, 5 MOSS KENT g JCRKMI All JOHNSON I" JOHN M'LEAN, ) ? mh 19 eodlra ' ' i Bf authority 0 tKt itattt of A'tv - Ju try and. Aiw - lV. THE MILFORU U OWLGO ROAD LOTTERY, for facilitating the intercourse between the western parts or the State ol New - York and the City of New - York, through ti Diates 01 renntyivama arm mew - jcrscy, SCHEME. I prize of 70,000 DOLLARS ' 1 3i,000 DOLLARS : t 10,000 DOLLARS ! 3 . 5,000 DOLLARS 10 ,1,000 DOLLARS 30 600 IX) .LARS 110 ' 100 DOLLARS " 3200 30 DOLLARS 3J):0 Prizes not (wo Clanks (0 a True 10,000 Tickets Pari ol the Prises wi II be determined as follows Km 1000 Blanks. Thirty Dollars earh. First drawn No. 1st day, will be entitled to 15,000 5 - , - i. . - 1 prize'.;" , .1: - f ' t' . I ' 0 of .,. - 1 !. - Of . f - " 45 ; f '6f - ' - ' Of ' 5,3b0 ? of ' wirdT.oVtionTtruct I .till I b' lf,l daughters, in wrig. 500 1000 00 5000 500 10O00 500 . louo 500 35000 500 1000 500 70000 50(1 1IMK) 5(1(1 1000 500 is at the city of Jcrtey, on the first Tuerty in May next, .1 :n 1 1 . 1 1.. a ... : : mm win 11 - i.uniji'iru ill iwrniy iiriiwiuc. lie prixct will ne paid at inr union, in the ci tv of New York, sixty days after the drawine will be hnithed, suhjeot to a deduction of I i per cenu N CHAS. KINSEY, ) D bTUAUT, Commissioners JNp. LINN. J TickCU 30 dollars each. Adventurers and Ueavrt can be supplied on application to , ISAAC G. OG0L, Jan)eodtf 43 Wall - itreet PIANO FORTES. R MEETZ. 10 Maiden - lane, lias just ree'd per ship Washuigton, from tendon, an assortment of piano - foi tes, from the manufac tory of Ator 1 nmtinrr which are very eleirant cabinet pianos, with barn pedals, of superior workmanship, well worthy the attention of those who with to supply themselves with a good instrument. AIho for sale, piano - fortes, of Tompkmson't and Hruadwood's make London, and Kvrard's Paris, together with harps, and an assortment of the newest music. mh 1.1 dlw&focljw BO.VUOlMt, FfWO or three geutlruien of tteady hatiitt JL may be accommodated with board and comfortable room - , with a family where but few boarders ara Liken Ilia situation rentrnl nml pleasant terms moderate. Particular! may be known by application at No. 74 Chamber - street, near Broadway. mch CO end I w 2b Hie CViaeniqf Atir - For. ZF.RAII HAWLEY i'hyiirian and Dentitf, would inform the inhabifautt of New - York, that he bat taken an oflice at No. 311 Pearl - ttreet, where he will extract, cltnn, JiU,Jit and lei 1 tew lame mosiapproveu manner, lie wi:i alto prevent any irregularity of the seenndary teeth. if application is made to him in teainn. lie flatten himself, irnm the exiienence he had in hit protrndou, that he shall bp able to give gencrhi iHiitiHci'on. , r ur enaracter thepnniic are reitrred to Jir, Geo. P tbipiiian, iiiert hant, No. 63 Suuth - ttrect, aud uoctor a. ivct, :o. aux reari - ttrrct. Whom it mnu tancrrn. 0r This cerUlies, that Dr. Zerah llawleyin a regular bred phyician, and in (khI standing with his hrelhrt - n in thit plate ; that he has iaiil partirular attention to tlie art of Dmtutry, hai studied the best European works on the tuWct, and has given very good satisfaction in thit branch to lm ruMnmert, who are iiertont of tlir firtt repwtal)ilitv in this cily. We therefore, with eutire confidence, recommend Dr. Hvrley 10 me ciuzent 01 .xew - jora, i a aiTitnt. neaa Munaon I Eli Ives Nathan Smith Jonathan Knklit Professors of the Medh'al Inttitutioa of Yale Col - Aew - H aven, Jan. zv, ltilo. I lege mh3 4w L VALUABLE REAL bsTATF. FOR SALE, IV TBI f ITT or HEW - TORK. fJMYE lottof ground on the wett side of Green - V wich - ttreet, between Vettry and Uetbros tes - streels, 25 by 80. . l oar do in me rear of me aoove, rronting on tbeeait side of Wathington - street, 23 by 80. Eight do in the block nelow, between Wash ington and Wrot - ttreett. - la Aioatgotoerr coaniy. ouug acres of LiHiki 10 uawrence's nurcnate. near East Canada Creek, on the north side of the Mohawk. . In Franklin County. ' 15,1(2 acres of Land, in the towns of Mount uorris ana uaytoo." ; IrfEsaea, County, i 733? acres of Land in the town of fiarrymore. In the Coanty of Lewis. 120 acres of land ia Casterland, CLatsanis Purchase. con In Saratoga County. 2600 acres in Palmer't purchate. Lnqmre at the oflice of the tubscriber, 34 Cedar - street rehntf DEV. ROBIXSON. TO LUT, c - iil IhCBlora anrf f'.iu. .,r k.... ar. ta r - ail - rtret. corner of Bru.t..i,ct .,iku r. a mechanic or grocer. Apply at .BhlOlw 70 Pearitreet. da tA da do . 3d do da " 4th do do 5th do , du 6th da do 7th do do ' 8th da no 9th do do lOtti do do 1 1th do do lStti do do lUlh do do 14th do ' 00 15 tli do do lftb do da 17th do do lHth do da 19th do do 20th do This Lottery will commerce dra v vnEATON3 ITCH OI.ITMENT. THE long and eaccctefel ate of toil ointmetit ji a sadtcieat - retosnmeodatioa, a it hat bta looad to be a pieaaaat. safe and certain re laedy for that disagreeable disease ia all its ta il. 11 it tor sawiia inc eny ot nei - inii " . A.if W. It. 1W. No. 41 Williara - sUeet; I. U T. SJIark. No. 85 Maidea - Lane ; II. II. SchkAlintV Co. Ko. 19J Pes! street; law - rence U Kte, No. 195 I'earl - street ( Hell n... - am 11 1 . . . i ... . I O I 'I uuvhc, tw I eitri - Btffrvt i ... f u piirraj, .v Pearl - street : J.M. Bradburst, 314 Pearl - street ; Joha 1'eolbrd, No 4 Fhh her - strect 1 Duryte ti Poe, in Pearl - street; Johu C. ilointoo, 168 Oresnwkh - street ; John P. Either, 100 Broadway t Walter U beaman, corner of Chamber - it and Broadway, and also intlialhaio - ttreet 1 and in ttion 11 may tie procured ai watt 01 io i'r Btoreeia this city Also in Philadelphia, of S. Wither!! k Sons i Gnri - e Uanell . North & Ro - tert, aad almost a'l the urfffU ia the principal towns in the United States. tlKEWliK, WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be bad at tlie above places. ian2?6m WANTED a situation in a tchool or pri - r . l famil (mnnk tit r. nw I nhili - f . i.ra .u..ij, m ty, who has been accustomed to teach writing, arithmetic, geogratby, 4c. Any lady in want of neb a person, will tod tlit advertittr worthy of notice, having been ia the above enpacity in uigiana, una can prouw f kum.ii.iut ici - ces. r or further parlicuurt enquire 0 tne pno - ter of ihit paper. ' leb2l s'.DL'CATiON. . MRS. DAWSON lately from the Eattern Continent rctpcctlully informt the public, that the hat opened a School id Cherry - street, Mrt. D. bees leave to observe that her system of teaching (formed from her owe experience) greatly facilitates the improverueut of youth wilii caie and pleasure to lliemtelves, and saves an incredible portion of their time, when employed in the usual way. Great attention will be paid to Enclitb Grammar, Heading and Pronunciation. N. t. Writing and Drawipg in a tuiierior manner by Mitt Dainoru mh 1 3w bELECT BOARDLXG 6CH0OL FOR YOYNG LADIES. 1f RS. BOWEKl.NG. now Mn. Brown, hat IV 1 removed her well known Eitnhlishmeat from New - York to tliltiheth Town, New - Jet - try, not a uuarter of a mile from Uie public turnpike road. The situation of the place pottettet every advantage for a Seminary and will enable her to reduce the price of hoard much lower than can be afforded in New - York. 'I he branches taught, are. Orthography, English (irtairjaar, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, will) the use if raaM and globes, Attra nooiy, llittory, Blair't lectures, Composition, Muur, 1'remb, Botany, Chemittry, Drawing in rrayotis. Painting in oil, 00 velvet, and in water - tolours. Plain Stwing, Needlework on niuilia, Kjnbroidery on tilk and wonted, Fillegree. (Quadrille, Grotto and Wax - Work. Gilding and Japanning, wilii a variety of oUaer fancy works, mh IV I in A house of two stories, with piasza In fruut. in cood repair : containing about thirty foui acres, situate on Tnrogs Neck, and ntart) the farm ol Abijnh Hammond the land bein; highly improved, and coutaining a great varietj 01 the best cherries, applet, iiears and peschef, iii great abundance and in full bearing the adjoining waters affcrding ample supplies of fish, shell and scale, which at a small ei pence may be led f rom a creek to the upland, and detained in a pond lor daily ute a mackerel and ban fishery being also attached thereto, and when - at one draught of a small nine have been talen mackerel whuh toid Ihenext dav fur one lini - 'lied and twenty dollar ia point of prospe. t, health and profit tint site is no where exceenei distance Irom New - York about lourfeinmilei - Alto, lour lotsnflandntartbi above two ly - ms 00 the Sound, cciitainiP!' lorty five aces. and bounded ou two sides with waters lamlol hi excellent quality, with an orchard of four bin - ilred Binile treet, including the bett totts liir ta ble ute ; and for c v der. the Virginian crab, El - lUh hagloecrab, white ityre,coccaget, loxwbilp and white sour, with eighty cherry trees lie black tartarian recouiinended by Foraytk bebg an. - . I11 front ol these lots are tauen bast, black fiili, perch, inullelt, king - fish, plaice, tolet, mac It erei, porgy, piae, smelt, wiuiiug, eeis, ana occi sionauy tiieeptneaii and tnan, wnti weaK - Dtn a tnanhauden In vast abundance: beds of oystei superior in quality to any marketed in the ctt ie very near their shores, with crabs and da whilst the adjoining bay and creeks ia the winti teatoc abound in black ducks and broad bilh and some times ara seen the cauvass buck aril wild geeser - the land nffbraing woodcock, quid and tnitie. The situation cannot fail to ideate p every respect ; and the land ucy always be key ia high order, at a trilling expeme by (! aill fall mcaclowt attached thereto, and tea weeirdri ten onittiliore:. Also, two other lots, one containing ten and til other fifteen acres. These lots command an ei temive view of land and water; are altngethJ; suitable for sinnll rural retieatt; toil of the bet; iiuality t and contain about one hundred and liltt cherry trett, best sorts, and four hundred appt trees, most approved lor luble and cyder, all a full bearing , and to each of the lots will be attached fie acres id salt meadow if wanted. 1 Alto a lot, contninmz nltr Uiree acres: abot) tight in wood. This lot is about fourteen bile) from the city, and one from tlie church of tls town of Vt estcholer. II the above property a not disposed of Ix - lorv Wednesday, the first of 4 - pru next, me same on mat day win ie sou at public auction, at the Tnttiuc Coffee House, at twelve o'clock, 1,11 accommodating terms, asti payments, in txdh rases. For liirlher iniormf - tmn, apply to r lit. m. lilt, K UK PEYa j'r:, Liu. Ao. Ui nroad stre. t, ot near the premise, 10 1 ne iiiiitcnoeT. ieb24tApl rillLlP I. LIVINGSTON TO LET OH LK.1SE, From the lit May next. 00 reasonable term, a large convenient dwelling houte, op0 - lite Love Lane, near the tuo mile if rnc, Bowey, at pretent occupied by I'rofetnur Adraia; v II calculate.! foMwo families, havicg two kitche i, with U rooias, pantries and vnult, a stable .nd coach Imute, a well of good water and two t litems. It hat a very large eanlcn. well ttnrl ti with thrul and fruit Irres 1 iiuptaion of which can no had on tlio lit April neat. Alto to rent, a cetiterl 3 story brick houte Jo. 19 Greenwich - tfroet, with or without a ttah'e 111 the rear. Apply at No. 496 Greenwich)! or to HALSLY tV GOb.MAN, mh 21 tf 34 Old - ths. ff .v III' ila - J The p - operty at Brooklyn, belonzini to uie esiaie m it i.iiuinw, OvTeail. Tn4Si - ing of a new three story brick house and lot of gronno, a store imute, loriuerir occupied at a distillery, a smad frame huililine and lot of ground, and two vacant lots adjoining Uie above preniiiet. This property is situated within a lew rodt oflhe ttram - hoat ferrv. on tbe road to Pieronl's Distillery, aad exiendt from the hill to uie river. Also to let, from the first of May next, the houte and lands on the hill, in the rear of the a - oove .described premises. I be houe it well a - dapted for a private family or for a nublichouse The tituatron, from it elevated position, eom - mandi a very extensive and beautiful view 01 the city, uc Last Kiver and Bay of New - York. The grounds lurrotuH ing Uie house (about five acret 01 laoci; are in a nign state 01 cultivation For terms, apply to GEO. W. MORTON. mh2ltf No. 59 Willittn tt. tVR SALE, l?even acres of land in West - Chetter, 12 12 miles from this city. Oo the premites are a good dweiimg - hont, tiarn and fowl - hnnse. a thriity ycune orchard of grafted Irtiit, a garden with asparagus beds shrubbery of gooseiierry, carrants and strawberries, with a well of never - failing pi re soft water, well calculated fhr distilling. The stages pan every day to New - York; a vetsei twice a weea ; win; only a quarter of a mue irom me lanainr. r.aquire 01 HENRY CHEAVENS, 153 Broadway. Also for sale, a good substantial lii:ht waezoo. calculated for one or two hortet ; to be teen at bandtord's Livery stable, Broadway, near Hei - Kt - iurcu oiKjiurts as iwc Baiiu No. 9H. k here vounf Ladies will be caitlullv in - STE.1X - B0.J T A'OTICE.. ; 1 3 . ."JT - ROORBACK, master uf Uie Paragon, isformi ithe public, that ha arrived Uiu tBonua: from Newburjh, and will sail aaia litis afternoon at II will leave Kcwburgh at 5, P. M. on Saturday ; do N. York at 5, P. M. on Monday 1 do from wherever be reaches at 5, P. M. Thursday, on the return passage. " tt T he morning papers will p'eate insert this notice. . . . nih 19 Lawciiuu and tNADaicvaiau. - aTA(E TBRJCB TJMH A. Hill I E EAVES Newburgb eve ' J Li r v Sunday, T'uuadar. feT?and T and 1 hursdayinoroiaet, at Uiree o'clock, runs throuen MontaTomcry.' Oioomineburirh. Munticelln, by Wliite Lake, Colie cton, Mouut Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Onega, luuca, and be - neta, toCaoanduipia. - lteturninc leat'es Canandaitnia every Mon day, Wednesday ami Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at New burgh, the third day in time to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - Yoikthe following1 morning - . 03 may bt expirttd Otat at all limn trAoi the tleam Uuli alter thtir dag of runmrg, thai this tint will alter to at t mtel them. The whole route will be perfumed in three days, from the first of May, until the first of November and from the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March - until the first of May, 111 finir days and from the I5tli Dtcember, until the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaitrua in four davs. Passengers travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave It. York m Uie evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred miles. The line is well furnished with good, new carriages ; good horses, and careful'and experienced drivers Every attention will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious i and it is believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. XT' FAKE from Newburtjh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point; thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Rath, tic BAGGAGE, aa usual, at Uie risk of the owners. David Godfrey. Rloomingburgh,' K. C. St. John, Mount Pleasant, L. & R. Marning, Chenango, LuUier Gere, Ithica, Samuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Laming, mh 14 rIGin Proprietors. NORTH RIVER U1EAM BOATS. The public it respect fully informed that the Para gon will leave New - York, on Monday next, the lCUi March, at o'clork, A M. mb II CA ION LIME. S' team - boat A I Olive - branch, for '"I" stv fy. delphia, via " : - 't a ..a 25 miles by laud. Price through $i jU. l ore - castle or deck patrcngers, $3 50. Tbe OLIVE - BRANCH will leave New - York every day at I o'clork, from the north skle of uie battery, and to return from Bruutwick so as to arrive at 10 the next mormsg, in this city. 1 Ins hue hat a conuectipu with the best boats on the Delaware and Cbetapcake to Norfolk ; as alvo those of the North River and sound ; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any del:ty. 1 his n a tpeedy and certainly the rjnort con venient rout, at the pantengert sleep at Treuton or Uruntwick, and arrive at a much less expense and in the hours of business at New - York or Philadelphia without fatigue ia travelling or Uie want of sleep, as the distance by land is so imall whereas via tbe Point aud Powles Hook it is 56 and Co" miles. Fore - cattle passengers, (who diet with Uie peo pie,) to Brunswick, or Amlioy, at $1 each. Light freight and marketing, free. New - York. Mni - ch II, 1818. mh 12 Ihe proprietors, with a ijpuhlic, by extending Uie line . - kin Norwich. intrndiuakioK 1CW Ul .IIA'IIIIUUU.IIUK V Hj lm eaiieriininl with the r ulton, Capt. L,aw, and this roule (if found practicable) will be cootiuued during the season.. I lie line will in future be from New York to Norwich, ns follows: The Connecticut, Capt. Kuukecwill leave New - lork every Monday, If tdnaduy ami Friday, at ft o'clock, in Uie morning, lor Ncw - tiaven. Inn rulton, Capt Law, will leave Aorunch at 6 o'clock in tbe morning of thetame days, touch nt few - London and depart from thence for JVVv - faren at 8 o'clock. The boats will meet at .Vetr - iin, aad depart from tlirnce every Monday, ft ediirs - day and Friday, nt 7 o'clock in tlie evening the Connecticut for York, and the Fulton for J'ew - l,ondon and JVoiuich. mh 17 - IE AM BOAT FOKsALE. ft7" F or sale, a well fimth - hed Steam Boat, of small tisi. with 2 cabins, and cal culated to carry convenient ly u:.o.,t sixtt iiatseiifcers - Her hall it of tbe bett tirooer. and the it copper bottomed up to the henrti, prepared to be put into a line of renning immediately, sne draws but uiirty - iwo inchttof water, anr from the advantageous con - ftructiooof heriaacliinery, can lie worked at ooe halt Uie daily expense ol tteam - bcatt in central. t - he will be told a great bargain, if applied for snorny r.nquue at .o. 4 wan - street, 01 mn autt Isaac u. titiUK.x s to NEW MsOKs. T UST received and tor tala by ELTAS VA U LKNTINE, 104 Broadway, the third daor below fiuc - ttreet : Cuvisr's theory of the earth ; to which it add ed the geology of North - America, by priifettor iarul. h. AlitrhiM. The l.migrant't Guide to the western and louth - weMern states and territories, with a map of the United states. By Wm. Daray, esq. Memoirs of tbe life of David Garrirk, esq. interspersed with characters and anecdotes of his theatrical contemporaries, the whole forming a history of the stage, which includes a period of M years By I bomat I ravies. tfiscourset chiefly on Devotional subjects, by the late Rev. Newrome Cappe, to which are prefixed Memoirs of hit life by Catharine Cappe. Visiting and Addrest Cards neatly engraved tmu printed. ' mch 23 NEW MUSIC. IL'ST puhl.shed by W.1f DUBOIS, at his J piano forte aad music store, No, ICS Broad - y. Braham's celebrated Polacca, arranged at a Rondo, by steihelt Favorite Venetian Air, arranged as a rondo, by Latour Paddy O'Carmll, with variations for the piano forte, by P. K. Moran. SONGS. O softly slep my Baby Boy Tlie Last Token, or remember me. Also, all Mr. FhihpjV Songs to be had as a - oove. ieb n TJRIVATE LODGINGS. - A sinrle a,. JL man ctn be accommodated. wr.h one or two rooms, after tbe first of May next, witfi or without board, the rtomi rumished rr not. in a genteel and small familv. the house is neat and pleasant, and in a healthy part of the city. arwai ten minutes walk from Wall - street. F01 further information inquire at no. 126 OK Broad ay. - f cb 23 U. 8. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A GUARD, (tt - The public are assured that this line is enual to anv ui tl.e U. is. for Uie convenience and comfort of Uie traveller. With the addition of Ihe guard, the passenger may rest secure at to bis baggage and person! salety the coach ne ver bring left uliiltt rhanging at the pott offices, wefreo a person on (lie Loir T h wi. niail Is put in separate bogs and changed iu the CuTO pean style. me u. &. man woacn win nan irom ins coach oflice. old No. 1 Couitland - st.ert. New - York every day at t o'clock P. M. and arrive at rhii&dsiiiiiaiiextmormng at 0 o'clock ; ciiiyo passe naeis admitted in this coach. ForseaUapplytoTHOS. WHITFIELD, at (he otd Coach and Stage OlTice, old No . I, second office from Broadway in Courtlandt - street, or to A. T. GOODRICH U Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - stieet, Mew - York. ' N. B. All eoodi and b tggage at Uie riti of the owners. J. LYON & SONS, Powles Hook. WILLIAM GUL1CK & CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY. Philadelphia. Expresses sent to any part of the Continent by jnnSO J IIOs. WtH I FIELD. POST COACH LIKE roa PHILADELPHIA WAX OB rOWLXS - BOUK IBt'PORTABT TO PASSEWUERR. No coenecUon with the post chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPO - MTION KEVIVEU, ANEW Line of Post Coaches with every convenience for passengers and baggage, oi Snrinirs - THROUGH IN ONE DAY. Tbe Post Coach will start from the Coach office, old No. 1 CourOand - street, N. York, every morning, Sundays excepted, at 1 - 2 past 6 o'clock, by way ol ivewark, ivew - tirunswiclf, rriuce Ion, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive atPhiladul fhia (he same evenintr. The Steam Buat Line INDUSTRY, will start from New - York every morning (Sundays cxrepted) at 10 o'clock, in the bleani Boat Alalanta, from Uie north side of the Battery. lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia uexi gay 10 ante , United States Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience (or passengers and baggage, on springs. ThaJJ. S. mail coach will start from the coacb oflice, old No. 1 Courtlandt - street, New York, every day at t o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at C o'clock. Only 6 passengers admitted. For seats irttlie above named Lines, apply o TIIOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old ?fo. 1 Courtlandt - stteet, Uie second office from Broadway, New - York ; to ISAAC BROWN, No. 1 Washington - street ; or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No - 124 Broadway, comer of Ce dar - street, New - York. fcT - AII goods and baggage at the risk of Uie owner. JOSEPH Li ON, SONS & CO. N. Expresses sent to any part of the Con - ? THOMAS WHITFIELD. Jan zz LEE'S ITCH OIXTMEXT, WARRANTED an infallible remedy atone application, may be used wiUi perfect safety on infants a week old, not Containing a particle ol mercury ,or any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not accompaoieJ with that offen sive smell which attends Uie application of other remedies. . The above medicines are prepared and sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane. atid sold by S. CARLE, cornel of Fulton and Water - streets. ' Druggists and country store - keepers supplied on liberal terms. Jan 29 1 E7 The tobtcuber bavin recently retcmed from England with an important iniproyementon the artificial spring LEG, lie takes (bis method of informing hit friends and the public, that all those who ate t unfortnnate as to be" in want ol a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. JanS WM. PURVIS. V; IE .i.M w "fvEli, T T corner of Faltonistreet, New York, having received a large supply of thireal JAPAN BLACKING, of Day Si Mavtip, 37 High Hol - born, London, offers the same, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or home consumption, on terms the most liberal ana advantageous 10 pur chasers. This inestimable composition, with half Uie u snal labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fullr eoual to the highest japan varnisn ; anorus peculiar nourishment to Uie leather; it will not r .. .. . 1 - . C t soil tne uneti linen , is ".i - ii) c uvui .u; unpleasant smell; and will retain its virtues in unv climate. As an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this blacking, it has stood the test and commanded the most extensive sale in all quarters of tbe globe, for upwards of ball a century. Feb 1(1 TO FARMERS. rilHE subtcriber can furnish Uie farmers X Uie adjacent country with ground Plaster of Paris in any quantity, on the shortest notice, in barn h or otherwise. JOHN BYERS, Feb 23 tf Foot of Harr'non - st. N. R. LATItV. rllMH AND ITALIAW LABCCAUKS. - 1 .1 R. CASATI. formerly president of the iVI AUieneut of Trevito, aad perpetual secre tary of the Academy of Belles Lettres, at Venice. Sic. often his services as teacher of Uie La tin. Italian and French laneuases. in academies, boarding schools, or private lesson, lie would have no objection to take board ia a respecta ble private familv with pupils, in order to per fect Uiem ic the languages. Sufficient references will be given. Any commands addressed to him ftot:iecareol Messrs. Bernard at mondon, no. 20 Maiden - Lane) will meet with immediate at tention, mn 'M lire HOUtsE CARPENTERS WANTED. THREE or four Hmie Carpenters may find constant employ frwn one to nine months, to gq about twenty miles up the North River. inquire at AO. BJ soutn - strceu n.h21 At)I SJLE, THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY. 138 Ful J. ton - street, near Broadway, consisting of an extentive and choice collection of hisforv. tra vels, voyages, hiographj, romances, novels, taie, piny 1, review, magannet,ic. Catalogues may be examined at tbe library wuicn u opea lor saoscnDcrs. unsaai. mb4tf - - j:iiiii discerning aabfic kao how i .i;.. ( ; ; f lwea Ujors thatuiCer. mberpftVm 'and surgery there, deems it wT Iff to repeat tomuaerta" oaV the abuse of MERCURY rasli, inoiacrimiuate, and uoouiii ence. 1 ha duiu mm h . in " exist tal results chiefly to this source. " What 2 wf that a young man, Uie hopes of his coiiatjy'lZl . Uie darling of his parent, should be sni'rfi way from all the prospect, and enkrjirefifWifc f - 7 - disease not! a its owe nature fataL which only proves so frona aeglect imJ ttfmenU'f A gectieinar, (late tiMjt nos - TrtecCy Uary and w.U, tml &l , under physicians of geneij practice, sixvU! and repeatedly sahvaUd ; when recoroineaSed ' Dr. H. (by a gentlemaii of this cityHS . were carious, and his tlesb dropping from iu his friends declared be rc - uld not possibly inrfi laso months lonrer. 1. Thn.anH. "'e wilii what ease and easery Dr. ' lchoij wt Bnru uie fJuuut Bgaiasi the abas . mercury, and other fatal delusions, Uldfoitk - : Persom, Uierefore, having contracted a i? vato disorder, or sutpecting latent poison. admonished aot to tamper with the,r corj lion, or conceal the disorder, till pMt recov ry ; oUiersbaviug Uie reinaias of ao old cat!" or other impuriUes of the blood, as well as otT) er complainU of a delicate nature, in o sex. should remember posterity, and do liilticl 10 their consciences, by making appicatitl to Dr. H. at his old and respectable euZ lishtnent. No. 64 Water - street, four toaseswesi of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistance a! lone calculated (ti prevent discloture. And bera let me claim your seriour attention Eemembst a superficial care is 00 cure at all; tttlett theba! tiuettit radically done, you will certainly hay. the disorder break out again wiUi redoubled ma 11 jnity. at some future period ; perhaps the"j will be too late for remedy. Don't you often meet ia the streets miserable, mutilated beings, without even a hit of nose on their face.' Take Wirniii; I beseech you. . . Dr. U's. character for skill and stubborn ints - gri'y being universally known ia this city, sines 1U04, guarantee to patients Ukt delicacy and u. ciecy hitherto unknown, and having confined his practice for years past, exclusively to the core of diseases of the blood tyitsm,.they may tafelycal - culate on tbe most decided advantages iii cu. suiting Dr. H. 8 - Gleet eradicated in twe or three wetki. Strictures removed without bougies or aay other instrument ; and all debilities t likewise aB old, fistula's &c. A plurality of offices are prorided, and 10 lifsw ated that patients are not exposed toeaca other's observation. Open till half past 9 in the evening All persons concerned are invited to be free ia calling, and speaking with Dr. H. which it free of cost. a And here the Doctor cannot avoid thr . wt.rij.a.n tF nalidta nm inn....... I 1 i'""""'" ! - - - " iiuuuicinuw recom - mendaUons, and lor tbe decided preference fit is presumed with juit cause) long given him by a judicious puhKc. u. nu luiicn uuu ue post paid Dr. Buchanan. Ana - 27 lv ' ' , ffEl Til EH QUACK Elit AOii lJutUHI. Tins' "TR. EVANS' tuperiar JLjynethod of curing a certain Disease, isnowuniver. niiM i t i .. . iL """jr av.iujuwieueea in uis - s1',N fity. hismode oftreauneoi . . j , , iDedltloyis. rtnA hit rKsr. m jreneciij miiu, tue, ei - I reasonable. In every n' iiiouce ne warranu a curs, t.tA :h .1.. :L r tStwSwJ zdoe not perform agreeable tlSKl ui to contract. , , 1 ne strictest secrecy always observed. - There are many peraoua in Uiit city and its vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, such a cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kings evil, fistula, diseases of the arsrthn, bladder and kidniaa, old complicated comphitit of a certain nature, bilious and other obttrae' tions, rheumatism, Ac. which tbey consider lacs - ..kL Ih.. M tf - jwtlllfllv h CJtrA ma - Mlt O M. tVSS - ""n ' f - "" - - SMS CAWIINVV hospitals in Europe 12 yean, under tome of the first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, aad made those obstinate diseases bis constant study for 30 ve p. Oct 12 f pH E public it retpecU X fully informed that the ELEPHANT now exhibiting at No. 286 f road way, will positively be removed on or a - bout the 1st April next. Those that with to grati - ' fv their runontv. by viewmg the wonderful works of nature, will do well to embrace Ibis op portunity. Admittance Z5 cents. mf3 - fcV WHEATON It DAVIS, Fancy Chair Maaofac turers, No. 1S3 Faltoo - street, opposite St. Pauls Chsrch. oiler for sale, wholesale aad retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Map plain painted and ornamented ia gold k bronse, Bamboo, " Plai nt ftilt Ralls. Rock ing, Sewing, and Coarerstv linn fhairi. Silfus. IvUtCti Loungees. Music Stools, tic. . . yraers irom nay pari 01 iue continent ck"" witli neatness and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and oroameattsv mh 9 NEW DliESSWQ ROOM. ' AFRUME.NTO, No. 1 Wall - street, just rs - . turned from Italy, hat Uie honour to iaMt tha a - entlemn. that he entt and dresses bairal the latest style, and in a mat ner so aa to adopt it to Uie phisiognomy. He has for tale a Qesun - ty of RAZORS of the first quality, if'to aot please 00 trial, the purchasers are at bbtny to return them, and receive Uie money. He W likewise procured a very fine lioiie, aso cos v to restore razors to a very keen edge and shoesa they not cut he will receive no recompee0. Those gentlemen who may please to honor lum with their patronage, may depend on the mo particular and respectful attendance. " N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter will have their raiors, c. kept exclusively for themselves. !' P. 8. A good journeyman wanted. AP?7 as above. snbfitf . A DISQUISITION on imprisonment for as Uie practice exists ia we suw - I ora, uy nowaru. pnee a i - iiinii" .. - , Discourses chiefly 00 devotional tehjecu, oj IhelaleRevd. Newcotnb Cappe, wtthmeiBOi of hit life, itice two dollars. 1 Tja Memoirs ot tie life of David Gi,fiii with characU - ri and anecdotet of his 1 - Thomas Davie,priee $x for sale at No. 3 Wall street, by rt . mh 13 , C WILEY & C' A. I It . - A Mt.a wtw - iuas.' , - nwO PRINTED AND PUBLISBXD MICHAEL PURNHAXk CO. it Pi.r.STSIIT. " by applying at Dr. E VANS'S Medical Store, No. mm

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