The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 26, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1818
Page 3
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Pijr Amn - ican, Reynolds, II York, t ' j Th F. A. lout an anchor in the Horse l&e, dor inf th now ,ur " mwpoay Mnrret, Swift, Falmouth, Mas. Tlie Britith iriff Vittoria, Baine, reported :ir lat to be aground in Lynhaven Fay, is w - but wilt oal water all round her. A will have to be lightened before he can come up. me j'7 e - " while aground, w the to of her rudder and ukinsr a smaii ira. PmanxiMM, March 25. - Arrived brig Two ...h.r'.ne. Krnman. Lisbon 34 day. Captain i n - eite ftfmriiisbmt. lilU - Feb Com - - .rwike thin Anreliea. of and kim V York m28 day. The hip Joseph, Caldwell, of and for this port, iailed.4 days before. - f4mtA, March 16 Arrived ach. Little William, Hall, N Orleans 10 days. Ksw - OaitAX. Feb. 17. Arrived brig Fair American, Marshall. NYork ; Actress. Potter, j . a1swn F.ntrnrie. Rurrlstnwn. do. - Briff Arguv Skerry, from Salem, ia aground amil b low the Turn. ' Feb in Ar b. ifs New Packet, Thatcher, Boston : Golden Grove, Jears. ao. Below the .Turn, ahip Maria, Poulson, L Muni alrander. Havre. Chsblsstox, March 17, A brig and a ach. were to the southward of the bar esterday. The Swedish brig Louis - b Almyra, is still t inrhnr in Five Fathom Hole. - The sloops Virginia Trader, Caswell, for Wnrfnlk and Esther. Jackson, for Wilmington, nut back yesterday mornirg, on account of bei ! winds. '.THEATRE. FOR THE BENE I or MISB JOHNSON. ooooooooOouoooooo Mr. PHII.IPPS has kindly volunteered his ser views on his occasion, nod will positively make his last appearance this evening, (priortn his departure for Button) in the character nf LIOi'L. THIS EVENING, MARCH 6. 1818. Will be preteuted, IIONEL & CL4RI39A, or. rar school von vatbchs Lionel, Mr. Fhilipps Jo h lii. b character be will nog tbe original s ug Yin ask me in vaio.' Oh talk not to toe of the wealth she possess' And introduce he talhda or J he Hewiider'd Maid.'foinposed by Braham ; and the simple lnd melody or Robin Ad.u',' And (hy partic ular desire) the celebrated polac en from the Cabinet. No more l) sorrow.' Clan - sa, Miss Jnhnion, la which character she will will introduce the fa vori Iridi melody, words by Moore, of No ! not more welcome the fairy numbers," accompanied by herself on the harp. Diana, Mrs. Uarley fn art 2d, Mr. Philippe will sing with Mils John Soo A New Duet, arranged from a Scotch air, expressly for this opera, hy hiaiseli. To which will he added, MY GRANDMOTHER. Florella, Miss Johnson In which character she will introduce the favo rite song of Jessy if Dumhlain. Performance to commence at seven o'clock precisely. On Friday, will he performed, (for the 1st time in this l mat re) ahakppenre's play or MEAi - URE FOR MEASURE. ; CONCERT. fcj - Mesirs TI11BAULT and OSTINELLI have the honor to inform the ladies and gentlemen of New - York, that their grand vocal and in - strumental ennrert is to take place on Tuesday next, 31st, at Watlungton - Hail Farther particulars will he given in other bills. mh 26 3tt (O - MKS. ANN ?PENCER contemplate opening a school for young ladies, to commence a the Arst of May ensuing, on tbe following terns : reading, writing, geography, grammar, arithmetic, tambouring, embroidery, - including tbs ewdimcBtt of French and drawing, for ten dollar per quarter ; lessons on piano forte or guitar a fteen dollars, five to be paid in advance. Mrs. 8PEVCER feels that she has some little claim to the patronage or the ladies of her native city, by no mean founded on a sense of her own merits, baton behalf of four fatherless infants. Tc tbe menu, proud, bigoted or imperious, she doe Botaddraa herself , but to the female Who po. seises true feeling or rea1 piety whose delight it it to cause M tbe widow's heart to ting for ioy" it i the patronage of such, and - such only, she solicits. Satisfactory references will be giveu il required. ' ' White - street, No. 3. inh 26 IOC , ; - Veie - Tors; Eagle Manufacturing Company. ffcj An election for seven Trustees for the en suing year, will be held oa Monday, the 6th of April nest, at the counting room oi ueorge nicJj ard, No. 90 Pine - street. Poll to be open from 1 to 2 o'clock, P. M. Bv mder ol the hoard. mh 6 lOt T. C. BUTLER, Sec'ry. . Poitponemenl of the Forum. Sy3 There wiil be do Forum fo - morrow evening. The next and last Forum will be on Fri thy evening, th 3d of April, at the Assembly Room, City - Hotel, when the following question will be di - cuised : " Is it essentially necettarr for the efficient administration and for' the uld - ate preservation of the government of the United States that it should be in the hands of a party ? After the discussion of the question, an appro, priate VsLFDICTORY ADDRESS wUl b. defivrrf d by Thomas Fesiendcn, esquird. mh26 8t Ft LIVERPOOL, The ship IMPORTER. Koe - ers. now .taking n carro, and nothiiic (hall ore veui her from eoinr to sea on the 6th of Anril ihoajd Ihs weather prove favorable. Four mo e p? - uger can be acrowmodaUd. A pply to the captain, on board, a Pier No. U, or to CIMKLKS HALL, I Beaver - st. mc h 28 . WE tf L. P. Tenenffe wine. (Faseli brand,) in iHpes, hhdt arid ar. rarics. im ported July and September 1816 and July 1817 Cargo TeneruTe wine, in pipes, eutitled to debenture. Cape Madeira wine, in assorted casks, shipper1 at tbe Cape of Good Hop in 1813. OH Lisbon wine, fit for family use. For sale by A. P. DUFF, mh86 lm 69 Washington - street. BROADCLOTH? and KERSEYMERES. A FEW bales of Cloth and Kmevmeret, f;r HW 10W DT JNO M'CRACKA V. mh26 3t Zl t f'e.iri - itrei - t jVT ADFJRA CITRON - a kegs bd.I 7 boxe A' - t. Citron, just received per ship Ellen, from "adeira. for sale ih 26 DIVIE BF.THUNF. K CO. GIN. sic - 40 hhls. 1st pr of Country Gin. 15 hhdt k 50 bbls. Loaf and Lump Sugar - ) boi,i ut quality Brown Soap , 25 bblt low prit edBmwn Sugar, for salt . . JACKSON It WOOLLEY, 3t 75 Wall.stfi . PAPER MILL RAG 8 balet Mm. d & 8PONt.ES 3t. - in j! - vp. - I.IIV. K 10 doiuperSne yellow Snone - es. for al hi T a a y Vk r m u toh6 3t itu. .M'I.IHbRS.1, 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. For SaU, Barter, or 7k fW. ith eu,en ooufe ana oni - nBiiaingv eronrf nc"ent cistern, end 9 fw acres of ahnni a "u.uiiiu uie Tiew 01 ioe n vasnn. i - r ' 01 an honrs nn 1 an honm ride from town. Term c,y "oersi, mhtSi, Apply at 35 Front street. TiJ LET, aS5f t; three story brick uire of mh 28 Ell : X. COX. 96 Will - street A TOUNf LADT, exjriewced in teaching, XI wishes fur a situation as private teachrr, or roverne, in respectable family. For sv - tisf.cuiy references, apply at o. 124 Rroad wav. mh 26 3teod rut JtiUt:.t.UMt OR Spirit of the English Magazines No. XXIV. ; is this diy received by GOODRICH a CO. 1?4 Uioada iy, corner Ccdar - st In vai'iety of uiiitter, and neatness of publication, where is the work can compare with the a theneum ! It is printed regularly on the 1st and 15th days of .every nu nth, making 24 ntim bere in a year, for the motlerate price of Five DolUrs. It is diatriDiuea carlv to city sub scribers, and to i psns or the eottntrv a mail, and to those that choose to pay one dol lar in addition to me suoscriptioii pricv, i will b sent free of postage. But all letters or orders therefor must be post paid. As the first year of publication is just completed, all persons that wish can now begin with the next number, wbicu will De issued on the tint ol the ensuing month. N. B. Just published by A. T. G. & Co. new enlarged, and improved edition of the Chinese Puzzle, with the key numbered. Also new and more elegantly finished boxes and variegated Mocks. Orders from country dealers promptly at tended to, and executed on the most liberal terms. mb.26 SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL. 'fHERE are at preieut tive.vacancie in the 1 Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in rmiiparjurgn, Youkers, west - Chester County. His system of education is such a to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for Colli ere r me counting House within a reaionanie time. His school is select, the number of Pupil limited. and the treatment of the moit liberal kind. ' Th following branches of useful and polite li terature are laugni, vu : t.reek, Hiitory, i .at in, French, F.oeliih Grammar. Composition, Writing, Arithmetic, ueography, Mathematics, &c. It i presumed that few Institutions of the kind can offer greater advantages, whether they regard instruction in general literature, in moral and Iilmous principles, or in correct and gentleman ly deportment. The Parsonage in which the Pupils are accommodated, is commodious, reti red ani pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles ; to which therein alwavt a direct and easy communica tion. Fur further particulars application may oe made to Bishni) llohart T. 9. Clarkton, t; M'Evera. Esq. Wui. Bayard, jmi. Eq. A. Scherme rhorn, Esq. D2m2w Dr. Wilren, Columbia College C. D. ( olden, Esq. J , A. Emmet, Eq. mn zo IN CHANCKRV. Archibald Morrison. f N pursuance of m . 1 this I mac 1 dt decretal order ol Abraham Springateen, jr. honorable court Isaac i'owell and Lan ade iu the above iel Rik - r I cause, will be sold at J public auction, at the I'ontine Coffee House, in tbe rity of New - York, UDdertiie direction "I the subscriber, one oi the tuaters of tins court, on Monday, the. 27th day f April next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of u iy, fourteen years, nine luomns aiid nvt - day unef pired term or a certain leaic of all the ixth part on the north tide of those three certain lots of ground aituated in the seventh ward ol the ityol .ew rortt, on tlie east side ol jtlleton - trt - ct, dittinguitlied iu a mnp made of the land of Henry Rutgers, by numbers nine hundred and thirteen, nine hundred and fourteen and nine hundred and fifteen ; bonnded westerly in front by Jefferson - street : easterly in tbe rear hy lot number nine hundred and tixteen : northerly on one ide by Division street ; and soutiierly on the other side by the remaining five sixths of the afore - iati lots, number nine hundred and uurtsen, tine hundred and fourteen, and nine hundred aod and fifteen : containing in breadth, in front and rear, nineteen feet, and in length seventy eight feet, be the same more or less, on each side i al ways excepting from off the rear, or east end on the said lot, a passage, or gangway, ol nine feet, for the ute of said lot and those adioinlnz To getber with the dwelling house and building reeled anil built upon the laid premise, and the appurtenancet thereunto belonging. Dated M I. . U loin taiui.uiu, laioi CH A3. U. FERRIS, Matter in Chancery, mb K th26 Ap6 II Ap2t) Iw ftl t HAlsK M Nr t H I L A D L L P 11 I A . 4 POST CHAISE will leave New - York eve rV ry day (Sunday excepted) at 6 o'clock in tle morning by way of N'wark, only tix paisen - ers admitted, and arrive in rhiiadelpliia the tame evening f are through, iu 50. 1 be new steam Boat Line Experiment, wii leave New - 1 ork every day (Sunday excepted) t ball past t o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalan - ta, and arrive at Pbiladelphia tbe neat day at 4 o'clock, by the steam boat au I IVA Irom Brutoi. r are throub 5 dollars 5U cents. For Beats in the above lines, apply at the Pnit Chaise Stage and Steam B nt Office, 118 Broad way. oposite tbe wily Hotel. - rrr All goods and - baggag atine ruque oi the owner. ' JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark. JOJ1N fcULICK ti SONS, P'inceton. STOCKTON ii HOWELL, Philadelphia A. B. Hrpreutt $enl to any part of the Uni - m mm MILFORD and OWEGO ROAD LOT TE 'tY r' - n - niei. - " it. - wmg ire - 6h of May, and will be completed in t r n' - drawinac. H1GHE9 1' PKl2i S. TO.fOO dollar' I iil,(Jf) dollar 35 i00 doll r I 10,000 dollar 1 v l et and Share for tale by R. WA1TE, Junr. 136 Broadway. mb26 jJ H1LE tr - e f.iM - i:i.iii,g ot 1 ,. V V attract the attention of thoutandi, and curry them forward to participate 10 larioui . ublic Hwiu - iiii - nts permit at to ofli ran interest ing and rational mde 01' gi - ttifyag one of tlx - most prominent pasaion of our nature, vis : 'tOI'r excoe u ludi - s and gent' m - n for tin isumed gravity, when introducing to yourno - ic a subject full of gaiety for what ha tb power toyman ite umoreth in CASH .' And 111 ii - e d ill tsmes where can the splendid sum ni 7.i,(H - DOLLARS he obtained all at a oaia ? I hi goodly prixe and many more are yet in em bryo but on the Sth of May next they will he ba'ndedout to'ortuoe's votaries. Thi GRAND 'CHK.VE nf malrinr some RICH, and none PtXR, ia a LOTTERY. The fact is, alllh world's a lottery, and all th shrewdest plans of men or women nrnduce, ai beit, a blank or prixe - and indeed most of our move - tuents throush life nlav ns much viler trick than lottery wheel which being tbe case, supposu you embark bere MIL UliU S. UWLtHI L.UTI LKI. BICSI SCB EMS I prise of 70.000 I do do do do r 3500 10..J00 2 2 10 30 140 3200 6.UUU 1,000 500 100 30 do do Tickets $32 I Qnaetera Halve in I r.ii;tu i mi ' i TSi 1mm aa FOR Sixb - enth' t (i,.;t's. For tal ia avaoety 1 uuai : .r. by ah 26 O. U GRAU k CO. From (lie lit of May next, th House, No. x9l Broadway. ootUDied br John Wells. Esq with the Stable, tic in the rear. Apply to H LAIGHT, mh 96 3tt Wall - t. corner of Natsaa - st. WAH i tU in a Ury Oood store, a y oiing Man who is acquainted with the 'butinesa, and wbo writes a fair expeditious band. Nwoe need apply who da nut answer tui descriptiuu, ana wnu canuol nnug unexccpdonaoi reieren - ces. Apply at 169 Broadway, mh 26 It . ' I WO vr three Gentlemen ran be handsomely s accommodated witb board ani hKUrinc in a verv delightful ilunlinn. n,,r lb C.Hw Hull. A front room on the baemenl S x - r to rent for an ntrif - Apply at No. 939 Broadway, n.h 26 St V A aaa I LD BuJ. I l.NG CLu'l'H. . 4ssonmeot of Dutch best warranted Bolt ing Cloths, for ile at uncommon row prices, by JMO. Mh RACaA.V, mh 25 . bv I t IVarl - nt M' ILLS, PURDY & Co. 212 Pearl - street, corner of Fsetcher - ttreet, offer for tale th following good, just landing from th Importer : 9 8 fine and tuper Irish shirking! . 9 - 8 fine aud tuper Madapollam do. Light ground plate, and dark ground fancy calicoes Super tuper light ground chiutc cambric do. and remaining of former tmporlations, Jaconet corded border neck bdkfs. 7 - 8 silk and cotton ginghams Finn mlnrad nnnHi Imperial 3 - cord, lile,and blue markingtbread 3 - 4 aod 9 - u ttnried and checked cotton ging hams, assorted 9 - 8 seer - tucker silk stripe ginghams ; 1 - 2 ell fancy twilled silk mualins ; 6 - 4 Italian striped silk and cotton dresses entitled to debenture, and calculated for exportation Silk l ice veils, dresses, caps, scarves, sleeves, &c. &c Alto, Lockfin herrings, andVa few Nova Sco ' tia grindstones. mh 23 6t HKAUJihtlJ TALLOW U UlUt.S. FEW thousand pounds New - York Tallow, ST niid 2000 slaughtered Hides, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market, mh II If BUTTON YARN. 10OO lit. Cotton Yam, J At) 15 aud 16, I wit and rilling, lor tale at No. 8 Fletcher - ttreet. mh 14 eALK A Hoffmann. Gla$t and Franklin it Minium. o ?i luetuay, ji iuii. at iu o'emea, oi ine store No. 90 South - street, opiionte the steam boat wharf, between Bei - kmao and Bur linif slint. all the TEAS and CASSIA, iut am veil in the ahip Huutrest, Allen, matter, from Cantor, vu : HSi cbeitt nyton tvin tea 7:2 do young hy - on tea 204 hull cheats do 1(H) S - catty boxes do , 100 10 do do 100 13 do do 100 15 do do 100 20 do do 300 rhettt hymn tea. 123 half cheili do 8H0 10 - i atty boxe! do Ikl boxe, cont'; 2, 3 and 41b canniitera do 605 cheat souchonar tea 446 hf. chcttt do. 700 qr chctta bohea 109 half chet gunpowder tea 85 5 - catty boxes do 82 boxes, ront'g 2, 3 and 4 lb cannistcrs do 7 chests imperial tea 40 boxes ol 20 - catty do 100 do 5 do do 120 do 10 do do 57 boxes, enn'g 2,3 and 41b. eannistert do And on Friday, the 3d of April, 2000 boxes CHINA WARE, con.itting of enamelled tevcups and saucers, dining and tea - sets, breakfast cups and saucers, blue aod white niatee.a nes. sac. 07 - The above leas are all fresh, and of very iiixrior oualitv. selected hv a vtrv competent judge, and particularly calculated for Ibis mar ket t and the cbina comprises a very extensive assprtnient. mn Z4 rvBiHTURE nistiTiKS. cocnTEBranKB, UCILT8, KC, tiC ti C. SUYDAM mve just received per I:u - A porter; 4 case iringed counterpanes and cradle co vers 5 do marseillet quilts, part of both very largt izet, elegant and uew pattern 2 cases furniture and baloon dimities 5 trunk cambric mutlint, part uodrettcd I do fine ginghams Also, just come to hand 1 box 6 4iuper cambric dimitiet - do men's and ladies' cotton botiery, att'd 2 balet linen bed lick, part tuperfiue Irish linens, tbeetingt, diapers, table cloths Long lawat, black linent, iic. tic. For tale on accommodating term, by tbe pack age or retail, at No 61 Mai Jen Lane. mnz - iiw mjM 71 RESH FRUIT 50 boxes Oranges aud 50 JL do Lemc Lemons, iutt received, for tale by JOS. JOHNSON, 13 9 Goutr urt lane. mh . 61 A, PIFF.S, J.KTA. tie BW. ROGERS Si CO. No. 235 Pearl - it (ffi i for sale, 50 bundles Halhack Steel 5 t ns lv - t O. L do 1000 boxes Tobacco Pipes Copper Boat Nail ' , 20 casts English Hats; 5 crate Soda Jugs tu casks uia w are 100 crates Brotley Ware 50 caiks beat English Porter Malt Kiln Tiles Eigliah Spelter ; black Slate Tin Plate of different descriptions. Together with a general assortment of Hardware and Cutlery, by the package or from the Micivta, ou me moil uoerai terms, mh 25 2 Lll P.RPOOL CUA L A FLi .1 1 . NOW landing from the thip importer and EuphratM, Liverpool new pit coal of the best quality, for tale in lots to suit purchasers, by applying on board at Pine - street wharf and at pier Ho. 12 Last river, or to LA ING & RANDOLPH, mch 24 4t 9H Vcsey stieet. HARDWARE b CLILEKV. A FEW Caks of Birmingham and Sheffield C. Guvdt, very neatly assorted, will be sold teryiowny j.tu. .vrutiAt. KAN, ml. 25 3t 82 12 Pearl street. CAKPKIING. ESECOR il CO. 1H0 Broadway, have jutt ree'd. in addition to tlieir former assortment, a new supply of Brussels, and Ingrained larpeting, botb U ie and superfine , do. Kugs. Likewise, on band, recently ree'd, Bruselt Carpeting Ingrained do. fine and superfine Venetian do. o' various widths Carpet Bindintrt, Rgt of every description India Mu'ting, various widths Bocking Baize India Tabl MaU Oil do. do. of different cclora Kmhost'd Moreeoa, do. do. riain do do. do. Plin green and 6g'd Table Oil Clotbf Stair Rods, Patent Floor Oil Clothe India - Blinds, Friice of diff rent rotors (ree Table Cloth of all sixes, Willi borders Hloe do do. do. Purple and Drab do. Crumb Cloth, with border lr Mats all of which will be disposed of on the most favorable terms, mh 25 3t UKK3 I?I.AM) S4LT. s5nu busbels L blight Turk Island Sa't for a!e hy TICKER fc LAURIES, nah f 5 . 29 Smith treeL ft UN POWDER A r - ottaat supply of Gan t I Powder, from the 44 Orng - Work w for talc bv James trvoi.F, Jr. . mhtl , 57 Froat - atree. I The fast sailing packet ship ELLEN', Rowland, master, iust trlurniV from bounieaua and caa b put ia readiness intake cargo m a lew days Tins ship it t years old, burthen 301 toot, very profusely found and in the beat condition. For particulars a;ty on board at Pine - Vpt wharfj or to GRISWOLDS ti COATES, mcht5 ' ' 8;iSoulrwrt. tor iititSiUi,, (t.114.) Th.l';iit sailing copper hollonici) Bri tUh brig BRITANNIA, Watson, mat ter, 1 uow loading, and i expected to b ready for tea on knday next, the 30th iuitint. Fo freight of 200 bU. or'pauage, having accomiuadatKHii for 4 amiigers, apply to capt. wauou, on board, at pir an. 13, or to . - - lJTVit: BETHUNE k Co. h Sj 92 Coffnii - house - alip. For MLW - OhLr ANS, l Schooner WIl.MA.M, Capt. Bignoll ; will tail on Wednesday nerl. tor freight or passage apply on board at Dover - st. wharf, or at No. I61I Pt&rl ttreet. mh25 S. MARslI ti BROOKS. For Sate. Freight or i,harttr. ' The substantial double - det ked and fast sailing brig KENTUCKY - BELLE, D!hon, snaiter, burthen 232 tons, will be ready to receive a cargo in a few dayt lies at pier o 6, N. River. For terms apply on hoard, or to G. G. 41 S. HOWMAU, mh 45 77 Washington - it. ror LOMriff, The fust sailing ahip WASHING TON, Jacob Fornian, master, a regu Ur trader; will commence loading on Monday next, and be dispatched in a few days. For freight or passage, apply to JOHN t.IYA. - M, 163 Pearl - st 1 or WM. CHAPMAN, mh 25 3t 66 Pine - street. For ILiFRF., Tbe well known copred thip MA RIA - THERESA, rkiJdy, master - I'ha principal part of her cargo being eugaged, will meet with quick dupatch. For freight ol 150 bale cotton, or passage, having good accom oiodatioaa, apply to F. DEPAU, or G. G. & S. HOVYLAND, mh25 77 VVahiugton - st. For HT. JAdO l)H CUBA. Two or three passengers can be well accommodate! on board the fine fat failing brig ELIZA, E. L. Gruehy, mater, to al on (aturdy ihe 2hth inst. A pply on boaid at pier no. 4, north - liner, or to G. G. & S. HOWLAND, mh 2.5 77 Washington - street For AtH' - OhLh.AA.'i. The good flu.', sailing ship L AGL'IRA, I.00W loading wot id Burliug - slip, and will ail in a few d:iyt. For freight or past - age, having targe accummouatiout, apply on board, olto N. L. k G. C.niSWOLD, mh 25 6 Houth - strect. For bale, Frtigld or Charier, The brig RECOVER, Owen, matter, 242 tout 1 will carry about 2750 tibia i is well found, and a touiid good veuel ; lie a: pier No. 10, E. R. Apply to JOS. OSBORN, mi 17 2(1 South - it. j For Hale, Freight or Charier, if The brig ROBERT, Pope, master, ill2ll9 ion 1 will carry 3200 bblt ; 2 yean oM 1 well found, and a good vessel lies at pier Apply to 1 usuunn, ml 17 28 80utQ.1t. For HAVRE. The ship ELIZABETH. Morris A dams master ; now loading, and will tiiun all next week. For freight or passage, aprfy on board, at pier No. 7, N. R or to DIVIE BETHUNE h CO. ih 16 92 C. H. Slip. . Wanted to Charter, A good VESSEL that will carry COO bblt. for a voyage to Bermuda. Imtne diae dispatch will be given. Apply to t .TUCKER k LAURIES, ah 13 29 South street. TZ For MOBILE ti JiLAK ELL)!, R The tubstantial and fast sailirg new Xichr. ANN - MARIA, Capt. Wright, 103 lots, having two thirds of her cargo eiigaged UK on board, will meet with despatch For the reuainder ofber freight or passage, having good actiminodatioiis lor cabin and steerage patten - gtt, apply on board at Pier No. 4 E. River, or to, PETERS It HERRICK, .. lb 12 29 Coenties - tlip. HOBERT GILLESPIE, No. 112 Front - st offers for sale 4k) barrels Virginia Flour W hogshead, prime old! RlchmondTob0 18 do Petenburgh Tobacco II bale Upland Cotton 15 tierce audi D.. W half tierce i Kice IrO bags St. Domingo,) c tf 64 do green ILivana, tuns Lignuraviise l)rt, CJrtret aud .VJausira Wine, in hhdt. and quater catkt Kins re J Port Win, in caves of Sdoien each FRKIGMT IOR OPOKTl). A good vessel bound to Otiorto may have about 1000 buthels corn 00 freight. inlU LEGHORN FIORETH HATS. JUST received er Ari'M - to, one cate of tupe - ro" Fioretti Leghorn Hats, assorted from ALSO. 1 fa of fine Wbite Chip, with a suitable pro pirlxin 01 d' - uiiie Pnnu - r or sair ny VANDERVOORTit FLANDIN, ml 25 I w No 1 1 1 Broadway. LVlGESHON, on. SOLRSIOMACH, I S icknowledged by medical writers to he n t oropjaim 01 siunourn aina, ana ni an nine 1 err difficult of cure. Thi is sufficiently illii. traiW in thedisapppintment of these who unfortunately uffer undnr it, as they, for Ihe moit part, n id Ciat alter having tried many ii.mgt to unit or no purpose, they are at last obliged to ue fji perhtiis the remainder of life) sutb article n can tt belt but palliate the dieae Under tuch rircamitances, any medicin capable nf removing tbe complaint, must surely be an article highly deserving the attention of all th e who are afflicted with it s such a combination ito be met with in DR. MEAD'S AMl - DYtEP - 1 10 or STOMACH PILLS the tureen ol which has never yet been equalled, for the care of dyspepsia in its most complicated form, sue I a lose tf apitite, naa. lit art burn, flatulen cy, kaawing pain in the stomach, pain iu the tide, great cuitivenets, paleneti in Uie countenance, Innguor, lowiiest of spirits, pain in IV - head, tirtigo r giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies thee pills in theabove diease, according 10 ine airecuonn, win iitver oe ouap - pointed, as they have never been ooe known t fad in producing a radical and permanent cure The box wilt convince II inoi nbelieving of tlieir e acy. They will nirt effectuaPy remove all oumes of the sttmarh. not merely by aeutrahf ing toe arid, but by tnr r feting that morbid stale ofthoecretions wtii give rise to it. and at tbe same time will restore to the debilitated organs of digestion, that too ted vigour which is absolutely m - cessarv to the well being of the enima1 economy, rrke om dollar per box. Foraleby JOHN C MORRISON, DruggHt, No. 188 Green wicb - it'eet Wber may be bad. wholesale and retail, a large aud gentral saortav - nt ut genuine Drs aoJ MedicifK! 1 Frge's lifuiDeiit; Apofie - ars's Glass Ware 1 Fnelub and 4mer. an P. - lent Medicines. Also, Dyei's aed ulk - r't art. cle, Mrdiria Chett. tu. On libera! term. oat fa TVYO HOUSES FOR SALE, No. 94 and 96 Joua - stree. Enquire at 400 Pearl - street. mb 25 lot n Let for one or. more temrt. The following hooses bows No. 294 Brodway. rr doors abov Washington Hall. wuba coaib house in the rear if requn"t - Also, a Ihrre slorv brick houe No. 415. inttud lieet Also, a new and gcuteel two ttory brkk boute. corner of Liipenurd arm 1 nurcn - sireei, uie terms moderate. For further particulars, apply at 415 Broadway. WW Fvki. SALE, A two story house situated in Pearl stirct. U ooklvii. Possesion may be had on the first of May next For particulars, apply to the siilcnbei - , on tbe premises, mh 25 tf . JAMES GILL. A room suitable for an Office, in or near tlu ir.n - lreet. Apply at this omre. mh 25 tf . 1 1) LET, Th whole or iart of arentsel two - story bricic home, with a ttahle in lh rear, in th pleasantest part of Broadway, within thr quarters of a mile of the City - Hall The terms reasonable to a good tenant. For further particulars, enquire at 1U9 Bioadway, opposite John. ttreet. mb25 lw 5J1 To Let ai Bloomwedale, Hlu The large, convenient and pleasantly ntuuled bouie of the subscriber, with the out buildings and grnunJt opposite the new Stone Church on Ui - Bloommgdale road, 4 12 mile ptVom town. Appiy to JOHN II. TALMAN. 214 Pearl ttreet. mh25 1m TO. LET. A very coovenirnt houte, with a boot hall au acre of ground, about a mile from th city, adjoining the bout occupied by Mr. More wod, betwixt Greenwich and the Broadway road. Apply to JOHN R. MURRAY, mh 25 tf Hudsoo - aquare, LIME BURNERS. YVTaNTF.D three or four experienced lime T V burners, who can be well reromiueudI, To such constant employ and liberal wages will be given Apply to EZRA LUDLOW, 31Beaver - tt. ST TO LLT. SisU The house No. 34 Beaver - street, for one or two year Apply as above. mch 25 Di - Ctf ClllCUS. ANTHONY - STREET. This Evening. Tueiday ti Thursday next. 'Y'l 'l - STANISLAS wiil continue his exhihi - lV I tiont on those evening!, in whfeb he will brine lorward a variety ol new and incouipre - m naiiiie experiment and necepuontin lite inn - gid art of Ituerdtmuin, to lone undevclored li) the civilised world. It would be needle to make uwol tlie poinpoiit style of advertireiuent resorted to by preteaders of the profe.ion; hi own acknowledged talents need not theilupty language of a bill to convince the public of the vat superiority he claim over nit thou; who tiave Hitherto vuited tbi city or mew - iork. I he mrioin deception of Ne Plus Ultra,' while it attracted the most unbounded and reiterated upiilause, led even the molt penetrating ti he - live in real maic. mh 18 fit 'It Leo it for a term of yean, rpWO lots of ground, in the vicinity of the M. centre market, ne fronting on Orange - street, fnearlv onixikite the Irish Churchy the . . - - j 1 1 other on Hynders - atreet. A iply to li. a JtlK. tiq 44 Pine - street, or J. T. JOKES, mil 21 2w 16 Nassau - street. STOLEN. ROM the house No. 59 Wall - street, yester Jav day, a variety of wearing apparel, among which were, a piece of black levantine, 1 bom bazine frock, 2 bomoazet do. 2 ornamented Combs, one set with topax, i strings Garnest, I do jet, 1 jet Breast - pin, 1 black Lace Veil. Morocco Allocs, Flower Jars. I'araso) ait Gold Watch. A liberal reward will be given for the whole or any part of (he goods, on application at above. nihS - lw PLASTER OF PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the loot of ilarriion - street, North - River, lyT THERE manufactured Planter, forcorni - V V te and other purposes, may be bad, war ranted of Ihe first uuulifv. at onr dollar and twen ty five centiper bushel. 1 tic luaiiuiaciurjr i;unuut.iii uj ivir. junn Tucker, who has served a regular upprcnlice - thip to the mason buiioess. mh 21 JOHN 01 Kiln. AG EN I LEMAN who intends leaving here in a lew months, lor England, wishes to es tablish a connexion with a pron in this city, who is well acquainted with Ihe routine of com merce, i he object ol tbe advertiser is the es - tabliihment of a commiiuii batiness. Hiscoo - nexions are very exteniive amongst th manu - tact uring interest of bnglafld. It will be nece tnry for the applicant to have property, and wnoie cnaracier win near inquiry. Auurett witb real name, to A. X. at thi office. mh 24 6t PFAV IK 1RLSITY. TO. rent a square Pew, well situated in tlie south gallery of TrinityClrorch. En quire at No. 165 Front - street mh 23 lw JfOHTU Rl ICR DTEAM BOATS. Cggy . I be Chancellor Livirrg - iou win leave w sora n hiiturdny, tlie 211th iuat. J t 5 P. M. There will be a boat ieave lew l t every Tuesday, Ihursday and Saturday, at 5 P. M and Albany on tame dayt at 9 A. M. until further uolic. mh25 FKL.sCH LA.NUUAij. - . YOUNG Man, native of Switzerland, who can lie well recommended, would under take the teaching t.ffh French language, in an academy, or would take charge of a gcntlrmab't lamily, nndto Iherreuc.b language would add that of writing, arithmetic, geegraphy, ate ire. His terms would be moderate, and would do all in his power to render himself - xeiul Pleaoe ad dree a line for A. at No. 163 Broadway, which will be retpectlully attended to. ' . B. The advertiser ha no objection logo to any pari 01 the uuued - siaies. mh 25 2w .''OUND on the Mi - p. it tlie Hall, yesterday r asmallBuKASI PIN. The owner ma) have it agii.i hy applying at No. 45 Bar lay t. and pajing lor artverti'tng nib t3 Mm FOR SALE, COLOURED BOY - tlie time limited by X X law a smart, sober and idutriou lad undentand all kinds houte work, and (aairg rare of bnre ; alto working on a farm or in s garden He i nineteen years of aga and of a . f od d'poliln. nay perwm mai npi - - possessing th'e qualifications, will get iuforuia - iion at No 25 Bowery. . ,!, 6 tf ELM WI WARD. a Si . M. A rut 'i U hh Yv the ship Couner, Importer, and En phratis, a l - rge and elegant assortmcit of, CARPE1 1 AO. 1 he patterns are mocein and handaotne, and Uie quality equal to any ever imported. ALSO Hearth Rugs, Green and Blue Table Covet, which he offer for sale at hi wholesale ami retail Carpet and Floor Cloth Warehouse, 17U Broadway where may be h d, Greta Bause, Carpet Binding. India Maitrng, k? - rej24 31 a m la juni rccc rv - d by XARBLR TOR BUILDING, tit. TH E proprietors of th sotjUwra Buan la qajta ries, near Kin gV Bridge, givt notice, that theyhavoon band, and ai rceivior, : th AwgVridK .Marble nd - crd, foot of Bcach - Uett, on the liuhoa river, an exTeti ttockof mart.le tor building, of the IbUosrutf d - scription vif ; . - Aihiar - Coping " : ' ' Watertabl Fouintatioa 6'nt Steps Cbiim.ey - FUc - Platforms Far iogs . ' '. bills, Untsls Columns Arches ' Also Lima of th best quality. ' ' Cjr A constant supply of the abov material may b calculated upon and thus desiroos ol" purchasing, or maJung engagements, will apply to " . EZRA LUDLOW. Fb 11 At tbe Yard. COTILLION PARTY rorruac.Ma. $y THE Managers give Aotira Uiut th f XT and lair Cotillion Party is postponed to Friday evening next, the 27lh. inst. at the City Hotel. ml. 23 5t ' A t ARD . (7 - MR. BEIUULT hat the honor of in forminc tbe ladies and rent It men ol this citv. that in consequence of th Cotillion Party being on 1 riursony nexi, ms anaaai can win oe postponed to th Thursday following, 2d of ApriL mhtllOtJ - For Lngiand, via Halifax, A. H. ' HP Lcttert for bit Biltannig mnjcttv't packet SWIFTSURE, (for Falmouth, via Halifax, No va - Acotia,) will b received at tbe pott - offic) bu Wednesilay afUruoon, th 8th day ol AprU. mh in tini . 'r w vi fin u p . . "... "W . . ... D.M STREET MANURE. Qr - The contracts which nr to be entered into lur tlie street manure, will enmmene oa th . iuoi may next, lor 1 or z year, to r mentioned in tbe sealed proposals ; and the street are to be swept and cleaned, from the 1st of March to the lt of January, in every year. Feb 21 ' MECHANICS BANK. (L7 Th stockholders ar hereby notified that in election br thirteen Directors will be held oa the Arst Tuesday iu April next, and that th loll will be opened at th Banking IIous In WHll - ftraet, at 10 o'clock A. M. aud closed at 9 o'clock P. M. : By order of th President and Directors. irh 3 W. FISH, Cash. KfVVII - I. CO About the 80th of Sept. last, three men hiouitht into the New - Inlet, in thstown of Hemp ttead, on Long Island, a small flthina boat Ont) ol them stated that the boat watralled the Hum mine Bird, of Portland. fM.1 and belunvifd la mm : tnat they were thee on their Datace from f . ' f m ' r - Philadelphia to Newport, (R. I.) and bad put in uo account of some damage which tlie boat had iifttaincrf, and from a want of provisions. 1 be men left the boat, with a fiibing net on bosrd of her, in the pnnettion of (he uhrriber, and pro iniard to call for them on their return from New - York. On examining (lie itera of the boat, bet name appear to be Uie Meteor, of Brum 'f'liifl r irr mrillnm - n. t.lhr u..lh III lm - t. fhm. . . , n ... . .... , - Uie men abuvs - mentione d have not ral ed lor th boat, induce the luliicriherto believe that hi il.jl n..f l..l..n ll..m ...II.... . I. .M TI. - owner of the boat and net t an obtain pnssessioa of them by calling on (he suhrriler, proving property, and. pay ing the r peine. OA.IIUI.I. rt.AMAH, Hemplnd,(L.l ) March II, I81B. mh!32w Stale of JVu) - l'r Comptroller! I 'flict, Public notice it hereby given to the hi1 ' Ar. nl IliA an. an iu. .1 Lr a,. II... . I I Ik.l an iottalment nf twenty per centum ol th orlgi - 1 nal amount of that sto k, equal to four sevea - leenins oi in present amount, win oe paid on on . L M . J l . - - :. . . . mi urii uuy oi fi'in nest, vr a any urn - - after when demanded. Payment will be made at th Bank of New - York, in (lie city of New - Yoik, to th stockholders residing in the southern district of this state and out of th slate, and to all other, at the" New York State bank, in the city of Albany. - It is required that (he certificate Issued for lb itock should b exhibit td to the bank wher suds. payment are mad. " " The intertito th said ioitalment will cease after th said first day of Ajird nxt. Dated at Albany, march 9th, 1 0 1 ft. AKCH'D. M'INTYRE, ComptV. mrhUdtAI NO'J ILL. ffi - The subsi riders having receivr J a gen rarassignmrnt of all the estate of John Murray & Son, for Ihe benefit of creditor as exprettcd in (he assignment, have authorised IHiler Lud low to litpjnfate the anted led a . count anil to n - crive payment of all debts due to tbe said firm, or to (he individual partner who will attend to the same al hit office, No. Ill Pearl - street. VV 1 1,1.1 AM BAYARD, feh24 If HENRi BARCLAY. (rjr Mrs. GALLOP having taken llie houso No. 21 Broadway, now in th occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, offers from the 1st of May next, a residence to gentlemen and ladies. The pleasantness of Uie situation needs no comment, mh 24 tf VVLVlhrlN CANAL COM PA AT. (gjr A dividend of live aod a hall pert .ut, on the Capital Stock d laid Company, will be pnid to Ihe btockholdi rt oa th 11 of April. Apply lo Barent Bleecker, Esq. Albany, or 220 WiA liam - strtet. By order of the directors. THOIAS EDDY, Treasurer. mh 18 1m PUBLIC NOTICE. gjr The public are hereby notified, not to give credit to any person or penous on my account, or pay any monies due uie, without mj written authority. JOHN WOOD. New - York, March 25th, 1818. inl,25 lw COM ER I . FRENCH, respectfully inform! fttr Mm. her friends and th public gt ally, - that she ia lends riving Concert of Vocal and Instrumen tal Music, on l uetdjy evening, tbe Slit instant. Particular of which will appear in a lew oats. mh 25 dOt UR4ND BALL AT WASHIXUTOA - HALI.. VfR. BERAULT has th honor to infom ifj. tti ldies aod gsnllemea of New - Vork, that hi annual grand ball wi'l take place oa Thursday evening lh8J April, ith Warhing - too - IIall saloon. In lhcounoflhevmiig, ballet danc, and several other fancy dai.cs, will b psrlwmed by ftlr. BsrsulC pupils, a - U Entrant of a grand march, by 20 young lis J' 2 Corp de ballet, by 20 young ladi 3 pas dt deux, by 2 youog lathe , 4 Ps sul, by 1 youug Udy 6 Th thawl daute, by a young mis 6 Gavolte de Vrtri, J 0 young Udica 7 I he nhautru, by, 2 youog hiies . 8 Corpt da ballet, by 20 young la die 9 'l b allcmaud, by 2 yoang IsuIm - .. : 10 De deux, by two young Udi 1 1 Pa su.L with th Umbovrin, by a joonc lady 12 i n inrse graces, uy s yoaug iaais 13 Pa seal, by a young lady 14 Tb lesson, by 2 young ladies 15 Corps d ballet, by 20 young ladies 16 A grand march, to conclud witb, by tO young ladies. . ..... . , - . m , i. I be tau to oerio i recuciy at i o cmjib, jim tb ballot at 9. ' T'f - Tulet. on dollar eath, to b had at Mr. Baraull's, No. 31 Courtluudtrost, atvl at Wahug1ou Ha' - l. A LADY well qualified - o g - I'w lessons th Piano Futt. intbr.M th public, t - at V w;ll g'rve lessors three time l week, at t.e moderate price of T IKf ter. Appllcstkm t . be made to Jo - - K - a, o. 36 Courtland - itieet, or AlexnM r. ag. Muir, No. 531 rcrl - treV f..i

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