The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 26, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1818
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S YISMNcK - POST. , NUMEK 4924 thubsdav, March 26, iois. NO. 42 PINE - STREET.. For Sale, FreilU or Charter, Tk. f.t niUin hri. - r lll.OR BOY. I. Rvlmsa. tutster t now reads In re Jj.v. ncareo s 175 tone, atwl will carry about f feiW COSES uaxseeu. nyyij "" Ely Market wharf, or lo - V7 D. BETHUNE CO. rrfr? - . 9a C. H.ilip. VHVHiHT or TV - i m I A 1 1 1 ...., lijla ' v The fart sailing schr. SALEM, bur - y.thrn noa bbi. nsa made wit twovoy - ages, and is now in readiness to receive ft cargo. For terms apply on board, ' at Pine - street wharf or to . . G. G. & 8. HOWLAXD, Ifeb 26 77 Washington - street. ' st.K .r LlH.iHJi.Ji. . . . - i i A r" WNESS, captain Harris, t Fly - market wharf, two years old, oarcucu o - i ...... r - f .400 Lhdn. is in all respecU in excellent order, and will be ready to re - . peive a cargo W twa aaja. Appiy - , .. . , . K. tt D. TALCQTT, feb 26 64 South - etreet, wiit o.jla; a j - the ship - yaru of THE SUBSCRIBER, i . . : A 8LO0P, Dow building of the belt if materiali, about 1UU toon limners oi uh T ' "oak, locust and cedar j bottom plank Jerseywbite oak, built op purpose for the Albany trade. ,...'..',.. i A SIArVr 01 ot ions, caicuiaieu lor Raoy trade where dispatch, barthen, and ' "easy draft of water i required. . 1 A pe&gua SCHOONER, of 40 ton?, Q4wHt uraw out lime water, wiui a iee - S"jhaarJ through the centre of her keel, and ii expected to nil very fait. - Alto, a 8 HI P of 360 toot, calculated - ttfor a Liverpool or Loodoo trader, (that VJean be finifhed to suit the purchaser.) ly" Smra, timber and plank. Also, timber rawed to bdlsfor bouse building. doV6 tf CHARLKS 8ROWNNE. t or Sale, Freight or Charter, The eood brie PLAN' Ell, 1B7 font burthen, one vear old. ttows 1 600 bbli. it a very fait tailing vessel and in complete order to receive, a cargo. Apply on nora wesi eiue liurlioe tlip, or to V . . N. I & G. GRISWOLl), nirb, 5 " 6 SuUv - t. Fur i'of, Freight ur LUarltr, - . A new pilot boat eclionner, about ttO .tons iMiruien, built in me oeti nianBer. supper iasteocd,aQd m complete order to receive acarso. Apply to N. L. ic C. GRISWOLl), mh 3 HO boutli - stret. 'or Hate, Freight or Charter, A :i I v. .. : i . ...L. 2iiil20 tons burthen, built in the best man - aver ol good material - , and copper fattened, a very fast sailing veel, and may be sent lo sea at small expense Wpply to N.L. &G. GRISWOLD, mch'S 86 South - st. FrS.tFjtJ(JrAH, The packet ship RISING STATES, Thot, Swiuburn. master, now loading at Fine - street wha,rr, will meet with immediate dispatch, having a considerable part of her cargo engaged. For freight of about 200 bbls. or pat sage, having elegant accommodations, apply on board, or to GRISWOLDS & COATES, ' " mh 7 68 South - . ejvf puqehenns Jamaica' Ru.n just arrived end lauding Iroin the brig David Kichards, from FaJmoulb, (Jaw.) and fur sale by A. D. DUFF, 69 Washjugtou - etreet. Who has for sale in store, L. P.Teoerifi'e Wine, (Tasley brand) in quarter casks, imported Jely, 1816 : Do du iabhdi. and qr. casks, do August do Do do in pipes, iibd. and qr. casks, do September do 30 pipvs, 100 hhds and 280 qr. casks do entitled to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, sliip'd in 1813, - ' from the Cape ot Good Hope, and entitled to debenture Port and old Lisbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of claret wine 133 do grave wine and one cask cardwire. : feb 7 if Ten W WE, OIL, FAFJi.Jt,kc. XJIf Qr. casks colmenar wine 130 qr casks and 200 half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half da sweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottles each 40 bales Italian writing paper, Foolkcap and 60 do printing do I letter 14 hhds English glassware, consistiug of wines and tumblers assorted 100 boxes ajichoyies and 50 do ogives - 1 box French kid gloves 1 do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do engravings 9 cases felt hats, 1 do chip do ' 40 bales Italian rags, 500 marble mortars S3 ca:es marble slabs, teined and statuary, assorted sizes 6 boxes N4i shaving soap I do watch glass e ' 3 cases manua in flakes 100 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of Oaflas,, putbah and callipatty touahs Chadpore, clomocolly,joliHuua, luckiport aud soogAX)re Sunnalix, j in la pore and mow Checks, white, red and blue gillahs Madras pattern do fcootee and froctsoy romals, tar sale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, aud A 8 MM. OGDKN, , - Bach . Washington - st. O fl FIRGLYM TOBA CCO k FLOVIL O hhds old Virginia tobacco ' 65 do new crop do do C6 Ibis fine flour 15 do midJling lo. For sale by VASQUEi, MEURON L CLEEMAN, reo u ,o. 72 Wathin?ton - st. FI.ASI'KR lilt' A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of - - - - rum. in oarreia, suiiame lor trie southern arket Orders left with Walter, Nexsen, No. 174 - street, corner of Bur ling - slin, will be rviupujrjueiHirau , JUItIO Hlr.KS, , . Foot of Harrison - street, Ncrth - River, . J 19 tf SUPERFtME LKG HORN 33 cases avera ghig. No. 40 for sale by . LEONARD C. PARSONS, & CO. - 13 J48 PeRrt - street. DULAR. 228 hhds. prime New - Orleans Su - .1 l?5r ,ft"ding at pier No. 13, E. Rier, from 'up Cleaner, will be soM on the wharf. Apply to .. CH AS. L. OG DEN, and inn U ABR. OfiDI'.N. L,L - oUR ix bWi t lour) lutdin, (tom r - onj Mount Hojie, from Richmond, for sale mhu W - 5.8i.CK.A!1'. i i JOMBAZETS3 bale. Bombsseu assort - nhiT SoWmr. j"t rtceiveil per ship F.u - Uouss'lip LiveTooL for ale 4t 87 C08" LAIDLAW, CIRAL'LT & CO. . , . IN STORE, baU black bomba zeta. and ssorte4 dj . bU 20 ?t MOLASSES FOR SALE. llbds moUsses, now landiugfrom trig Agnes, trom Mataaaas, . Apny to ISAAC PACKARD, . 35 Froot - sL Feb 23 rn UKOWN, stone seal singraver and jewel - X Mar, - Ns. ISA Broadway, - i . , Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, &c ee graved on stone. - - - - , A handseoje assortmetit of Use gold mis, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals eugraved with coats of tolas, mottoe, and fancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, tic. bought in the rough or cut UanyUrm. . Books of beraldry kept with upwards of 60,000 names. Jad 7 3 HEMP, LEA U, PALMS, 6ic ftuisia hemp, in lots to suit purchasers 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 casks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twine Enghth sail aud seine twine . 3 casks Prut si au blue, 5 casks Vermillion 3 hhds verdigris 50 casks French yellow ochre Dry white and red lead 20 box tin For sale by PETER SCUERMERHORN & SONS, 243 Water - street. Also, 800 anchors, of Hunt1 make, from 40 to Z500 wt. Cables and cordage, of all sites, best quality, with the usual assortment of skip chaudlcry. Feb 1 1 tf 21 COT J OA, iOBACCO, tie. bales prime Alabama cotton, landing from schr Nassau 20 bales New - Orleans cotton per brig Fi - 5 hhds Kentucky tobacco ) nancier IN STORE, 20 tons clean St. Petersburg!) hemp Russia duck, German steel, roil brimstone 15 cases tumblnrs 30 boxes Castile soap Writing and wrapping paper ' 1 case Leghorn hats, No. 20 a 40 Aim, Just received, 16000 lb Havana coifee, in hhds. and A few hhds of rectified pure spirit, made from molasses rum. For sale by JAMES D' WOLF, jr. Feb 23 57 Kront - st. LINKNi. DIAPKRS, etc. Lft C. SU VDAM, have just received per brig . Pui - atiuutas, from Dublin, and ship Thomas Wilsoo, fruni Greenock, for sale by Uie package 13 cases 4 - 4 Irish Linens : Ho 7 - 8 d do 5 do . 3 - 4 brown Linens and Lawns 2 do do black do 3 do birds eye Diapers 1 do table do 7 boxes 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings 2 do 9 - 8 do stout do 2 do Lnn Lawns . 7 bales Droi;tiedas & Ducks 5 do Linen Bedticks. Also, A general assortment nfthe above articles, opened for retail sales, at CI Maiden - lane, on very favorable tttrms. ieb IS tf BOMBAZETTS, assorted colours do all black do twilled, asjorted colours, Just re ceived For sale by OTIS SWAN, each 3 157 fearl - st. MILITARY LAND PATr.NTS. FOR SALE, an unselt - ctt d lot of 70 land patents, located in the Illinois Territory, and bought directly from the Soldiers. Apply to ISAAC R. ST. mh 10 tf No. 39 Wall - strert. JOHN 0. MURRAY U bOAIS oder lor sale, in lots to suit purchasers, at No. 1 13 Pearl - street, 100 qr.casks sherry wine, old and Gtfor family use 600 cases superior margaux claret, vintage ol 60 cases old buck IHI1 15 casks bottled brown stout, 7 dnsen each 10 do assorted apothecaries glssswaro 1 case silver eytd needles 2 do pirs 20 casks rnntaiuing an assortmeut of Hardware, Cutlery and Saddlery 5 casks card - wire, No. 30 a 33 20 cases English sheathing copper, 28, 30, 32 20 tons old sable Iron ox. 8 do English bolt, octagon and flat iron do Dacca and Spanish block tin 7 do pig and bar lead. mh 1C 2w FOUR tiuudrwd tous first quality Nova Scotia Plaster for sale iu lots to suit purchasersApply to WALTER NEXSON, 174 Front - st. corner of Burling - slip, or lo . JOHN BYE RS, foot of IJ arriwn - st. mch 17 ' North River. DOMESTIC At Ui iwKK WAKES. THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an 'extensive assortment of the following goods, VII Dutch and Enclieb Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mais Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common rieaii do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do W hite Wash do Shoe a: Scrubbing do Paint Brashes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace rails and I uiis Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire tieves Do Hair do Whips of every de scriution Seine, sewing, wrap - i ing, baleing and ball 'J'wine Fish Lines Shoe U sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballau ces, &c. nones Wrought and Cut .Vails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail oa liberal terms. CEBRA Ic CUMING, tnbtl 76 Peart - rrft. ii lure andJJoiue in Broadway, Will be let, to a rood tenant, for three years trom the hrst of Mar next, the house arm tttore, No. 206 Hroadway, between Fulton and John - street. It is one of tlie best stands in the city may be viewed between the hours of eleven and two o clock. Apply for terms and particulars to JLDAI1 ZUSTZ, n - ih 21 lw 91 Water - street a TO LET, And nosseuion eiven on the firt of May oei, the tperious and well known stand, the Union Hotel, No. 68 William - street. For par ticulars enquire or Air. Vandeibilt, Ha. bi, 0( - posite. mh 16 TO LK T, An eletrant front store No. 29 Chat - hare - ktreet, calculated fur a dry good or other store. Apply at the office of NATHAN B. GRAHAM, No. 17 Chatham - street. Suitable fixtures will be let with the store, mh 20 Iw TO LET, And possession given oa the first of May, the bouse No. 43 Broadway, together with a brick fire - proof stabU and. store in tho rear fronting oa New - street. Also, the adnuunx house no. 50. The soap manufactory in tho rear, to bo removed on the 266 1st or April For terms apply to JOHN SLI DELL k CO. , ' mcMl 5a. 50 BroaJwsy. Q VALUABLE PROPERTT. The subset iber offers for tale a vvluatlo farm, 73 miles from. new - York, tying 7 miles south of Pougbkeepvi, - oo the post - road, wdliin 1 - 4 of a mile of the mills osi ths falls of Vappia - gcrH - Creek, and in the neighborhood of several landings from whic h sloops sail weekly. It contains 1 10 acres of levsl, tartile land, with a young orchard of grafted fruit, wood sufficient for fuel, and all in good fence. The house contains several moms, has a good barn, and all in excellent repair. Its situation Iwiog on au elevated plain," readers the place, not only heatUiy, but presents from the dwelling a delightful inland prospect A Iso, another lot of 40 acres, contiguous lo the above, and bounded southerly by the falls of Wappinger's - Creck. The laud is fertile, in excellent leoce, and of easy cultivation. What renders this property valuable, is, that it may be made a place of celebrity. There is already - rected on the falls a saw - mill of great capacity, a cardiug - mikl, which enjoys the Custom of too neighborhood, besides several other scites fur factories, unoccupied. The whole force of the creek can be diverted with a little expenre so M to drive a range of mills nu a level plot of ground just below the falls, and accessible by an easy navigation ; where factories of every description, with every facility of power and transportation can be constructed. Also, a flour - milt, of the first class. The mill - house is lrge, wilh 4 run of Burr stones, and calculated for 6, with new machinery for manufacturing wheat, Sic. with au elevator for raiting grain from vessels into the upper loft of the mill. Connected with the mill is a large otore house for storing wheat and flour. Wilh the mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent land, on which is situated five dwelling houses, a large barn, hay house, carriage house, corn crihi, hovels, lie. a cooper's shop calculated fot 20 hands. - Two of the houses are new and well calculated for genteel families : They command a view of the river, wi:h a beautiful iujervve laudicape formed by tho meandering of the creek immediately iu front. There are few places which associate so mane accommodating qualifications for the men hat t, mechanic or farmer. If not sold at private sale before Tuesday the 21st April, it will on that day be offered at auction. For terms, &.c. apply to PETER ME6IER, No. 25 Beaver - street. Feb 20 ABRAHAM MF.HIF.R. 4T. TO Rt.AT, sihSil The Assembly Room, with Ihe adjoin ing apartments, in Ross's Buildings, no. 146 Fulton - street, next to the corner of Broadway. - - The premises are well calculated fyr a large school, or public meetings or societies ; the larire room being upwards of oO feet in length, and a - bout 29 feet in breadth, wilh a 14 feet ceding. The whole, as to ituatiM aud size, is well ral culaled for an auctiou establishment for furni ture and other sales. The above will be rented for any term Dot ex - reeding seven years from the 1st of May next. enquire ol the subscriber Ao. l' r un n Mreet. mh I2dtf B. K. BUSS. rOR SALE, REAL rROFMITT IV THR CITY OF HEW - tOB,. OA BRICK HOUSE aud Lot No. II Bowery STABLE in the rear - toeeth - er with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 lett tear, and lxo l - et on earn sine. , HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - street 1 and House and Lot No 39Vesey - street. : A SOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 doll do and do for 750 "do do and do for 450 do On valuable properly in the city of New - Y ork. The interest has always been punctually paid For particulars inqoiie at the onire of STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dee 10 tf No. 27 Wall - street. a TO LET, And immediate possession given, the house No. 9 Pearl - street, together widi the slaj, hie and Coach House in the rear on undjce - st. Tlie premises are in complete repair aud have every convenience necessary for toe accommo dation of a family. For particalars apply to oct zn u. UKAiimn. JO LET, From the first of May next, aa excel lent bouse, outhouses, and grounds adjoining, possessint: every comfort and convenience for h geuteel family ; situated on the first avenue, near North - street, and about one miielrom Hit i - i;y - rUII The rent will be low to a roou tenant. For further particulars apply at the shire of the lutHicribrr, No. 135 Frout street. mhtl2w tJOKNS. DUBOIS. TO Lt'.T, Those two fire - proof dwelling Houses, No. 74 and 76 Mott street, abnat ten ndnut s walk Iroiu the Ccflee Houe. They will t put in complete repair, and well calculated lor genteel tamiiies. Apply at No. 137 Water - street. uh 11 tf TO LET, The following Houses, vis: The house No. 95 John - street The bouse No. 97 do The house and store No. 395 Pearl - street The house and store No. 131 Cherry - street JAMES W. SHAW, feb 21 No. 5 Howery. ftf TO LET, UAlS The House No. 78 Broad - street, wilh the oflu e, store - houe, aud stables contiguous, and appeitbioing thereto. TO LEASE, For a term of year, in lots or puree!, that part of Rose HillsiluHie on tlie 2d, and 40 avenues, on the 23d, 24tb, 25th, i6lh, 27th, rill,, and 29ih streets, which belongs to Mrs. Aun Ko gers. For particular, apply lo JAMEs A. HAMILTON, mhl3tf No. 3 Law Built ings. JO LkT, From the first of May next, a front count in ruoni on the second floor, together with the upper lolls: knqiire No. 167 I'ea.l - slrett. TU LET, A Tavern and More in Flushing, at pre sent occupied by Mr. Wm. rhaw. Appl; to mh 6 if T. GIUbUNS. 'TO LET, A two story house, with a bam and five at res of land, situate about two and a half miles iron the city, opposite the arsenal. To a person who is in tbe habit ot attending market ami would cultivate the land as an early vegetable garden, it is an object. Rent 200 dollars. Apply at 3 Broadway. mh 6tf FIRE FRVOF ypjRE. Ta lei uid nouMiim fin I of Mnv nnt. tne lour story fire proof store, No. 34 South - tt. between Coenties and Old - slips. Enquire of the subscriber, No. 1 Murray, or 45 Chamber - street. let) v If B. II IKAIU. TO LET, From the 1st May, the bouse No. 133 Greenwich - street, corner of Liberty - street, at present occupied by Doctor Neikon. The pre - raises may be viewed aoy day, between the hours of 12 and o'clock. mh lOtf ?0 LET, The store No. 20 Wall - street. - Apply at tne store. Ieh19tf HkSUJEAVE ml GREENWICH. To be let, tbe house and crouods fronting oa i reenwicb Lane, belonging to the estate of tne late Samocl Miiltgaa, aoifat preseat occu pied bt Mr. David Uy. For particulars enquire of JOHN M'KLE, hiaiber merchant, foot of N. Moore - street. or ol T. PHINGLE, ia the Bank of .New - York. I fcawtr Q TO LET, ' Tliat convenient and eletrant Uouse. corner of llroadway and Urooiue - streeL ALSO. . A neat bouse with a large garden, fronting Broadway, between Bleeckcr and trinccs at. Apply No. 4 Bowling - green. , mh 14 2 JJbltse, bHUitt, (jar den, tie. at GrtOMMCtu IV J.k f. The subscriber will Bit or lease. W a terut of years, hs house a Greenwich. It is plea. sanUy situated on the banks ol lhe liudtou, und calculated lo accommodate a large lamily. t ot terms, apply to . .DJVIE lifcTHUNE, J3il ' ' 91 Wall - street. a LAW.UUJLUUHia. - Twooflicesin Law JJuildiass No. 3. to be rtnted. Apply on the premises, to JAMES A. HAMILTO.1, Lsu.or at No. 59 Broadway. fehtSdtf . a JO LL J A I BLOOMlMthLE, The bouse and grounds belonging to tlie estate of John Shaw, situated on tlieeif Uih avenue. On the premises are an excellent double house, stable, roach and ice house, with ever thing else requisite for such an establishment, ft is presumed uny other description is unnecessary, as those incliued to rent will view the place. Also, Uie large fireproof store in Ihe rear of bouses 1 1 and 13 Pearl - slitet i where there is for ale some old Madera Wine, by the Demijuhn. r vr luruier particulars, appiy 'u Jan 29 II Pearl - street. t - UH ,.H1,K oti JOLEAbt., Lots in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards i many 01 Mhich are on regulated and peved streets. No money will be required under teu jeaxs, U sola, interest excepted. HOUSES. Seteral two and thrte story houses, oo which a great pari of the money remain on mortgage. An excelleutstand for business, with ten acres ol land, pleasantly situated, Willi a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON end WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, aud a never failing streuni, upon uhich'20 luillsumy be erected, witu a suuiciei ry oi watt r lor eacn. Apply nt Nu. 2 Greeuwicb street, jaw 13 tl YA LIAR I.E FROPE H I X. For sale, Ihe Dover Iron Manufacturing liihuient in the county of Morris, and slate of New - Jersey t oniisline of a rollintr and slit ting Mill, in good repair, which worsts two pair ol rullers. and cutters, shears, SLC. all ut tlie same time i a valuable forge with two fires and one hammer in good repair ; a stock of coal audoie ou hand, sufficient lo make til'ty Ions of iron a good saw mill i a cut nail factory in good eir, sufficient to employ thirty men, and may be extended to employ one humiied more ; u brad rutting; machine and a steel furnace inuooil repair; convenient to the works is a store and a number ol houkes for the accommodation o laonl es, and excellent stabling lor teams tliat may tm aices - ary to keep lor tlie use ol Uieestabllslmieul ; also, on hurds, paslme ami meadow lots, imme diately ad joining the works, with timber land iu any quantity, not exceeding I wo thousand live hunched acres, within thine miles oi said works. 1 he great eiu ol iron ore, commencing at the noted Puck asunny mine, runs more than x miles through this tract, aud three mines uie now open, iroiu which die lorges are supplied with ore, and more may lie optueu and ore raised iu supply work lo any extent t the mines are within two miles of said works, and cooil roads, so that the ore Cah be raised and delivered at Ums forge at two ana a nan dollars per ton. . . ... Ihe above described works are situated on BocluMvay Ksvr, about ightssulM from Mor nslown, tweqty nve nulei lioin t.luaheth I own, andahoo' Uie same distance Irom Newark, with good turnpike roads leading from said woiks lo each place, in a pleasant healthy situation, and in a good ucighbortiood, there being two Presbyterian Churches within lour nines, and a frici.uV meeting house within two miles ol said place. This stand for colli ctn.E bur iron for Ihe slit ting mill is very comuiaiidini;, there beinc oeurly oie hundred forge fires iu Ihe couuty : most of tneiuare on tne sireams above I .lover, and the iron, iu going lo New - York market, ran conve niently pa loose works. At this mill ire'iueutly I'jui tons ol bar iron have been slit and bundled mto nail and spike rods in a day, and upwards of one numirea tous oi nans nave been made in a year. A large amount oi goods may be told at (Im place in exchange lor bar iroiprocuring supplies, r.4ic, There are valuable soles both a hove - tt below oo this tract,ou which more tiorks may be erected. ALSO. That valuable wt II known farm, I vine in tin' IgwiiiIii,) ui l.audoipu. about two miles ironi Dover, and six miles irom Morristown, and within one quarter ol a mileol the Union turnpike road, fa i PUaiunl valley, called the Distillery Farm, i:yntaii:iug about three hundred acres, nboulone ourthpaitof which is excellent meadow, one Kiurth pa t ploueli and pustule land, ami the re mainder limber. A considerable part ol tl tiiu IhtisoI tiie uriaioal growth, and is suilaMe lor s twine, the other part it thrifty young timber, ir"in biti en to twenty years growib Tla re are ou ".ncl farm upwards ol six hundred apple trie. in hue order, eight to sixteen sears old, the most ol them of grafted fruit, and more than half of lliem Hanson apples, so famous lor cider, ihe - uiiiaduws are flat and free from stone, through which runs two lively streams ol water, and nearly the whole may be watered. One of these stirams is sufficient lor u grist - mill or other works ; there ute saw mills, a grisl - uiill, a lul lint mill and oil mill, on the same stream. On said farm are two valuable scites lor water works, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dan, and raise - a considers biu pond, with twelve or filteeo feet head. Below this the water can he taken into a race, and in lest than twenty chains, ou rood firm ground, is more than twenty L et fall, in tint way Uie water cau bo worked twice oyer wilh the expense of only oue daui. , . r. :, I nere oo nu inrui an eau - iisive tiuer unii with four presses and cisterns, boused and well hnoixil wiUi iron, sufliciert to hold twelve hun dred barrels of cider. Connected to the cider works is l lie stiil - house, to conveniently situated that the whole operation is ouipleltd wilhoet pumping. The waier lor condensing the spirits is supplied Iroraa never lading spring, within six rods ol Uie stiil bouse, and has tudicient head to run into the cisterns. 'I be buildings comitt of rwosmaii irame dwellings, one good irarae Dam, 54 leet long hy 26 feet wide, under a part ol wluch is a good cellar : there are also bay bouse, cow siieos, ac. AL.CU, Valuihle property al Luuewood, in the town ship of Jefferson, six miles irom Dover, on Uie rcaib branch of Rockaway River, consisting of a very valuable forge, with two fires and one hammer ( abundance oi water the whole year, a large pond, and a very warm situation, aud for fifteen years past has made as much iron as any two fires in the county. The ore it wiUiin four miles, and a part of the road tumpiked. The several tracts connected with this establishment amount alto gether to about fidirteeuhui.drecracres, ihe greater part timber, to make a durable supply of coal lor toe lorge. immediately adjoining tne lorge is very valuable plow and meadow land sufficient to three larrns or one hundred acres eacn, wiui booses, orchard and harnt, betide several good dwellings for tbe families that may be employed ia working the forge. The wIkI or any part of Uns very vaiuaoie property will be told al such prices and credit as will make it wortbv the attention oi aay person wishing ta ptuchase. For further iulormatioa enquire of JACOB LOSEY, at Dover. ISRAF.I. CANFIELD, ot Morrittowfi. BLACK WELL at M'i ARLAN, at N. York. feh 86 UkCtf NICARAGUA WOUD. latons, cfusupo .rwrrwalily.f - H - saleby nhjl 29 Soutl. - t!reet. FOR SALE. The two - story brick front House and Lot No. 33 Clierry - street For terms, fcc. apply at io l eari - street. . mar 3 JO LEJ. !..:. .. From the first or Mav next, a three atuiy brick house in Green wich - strect, between Liberty and tourtlaiHlt - streeU. Inquire at 137 Greenwich - atreet. mil 8 tf Q JO LhT, The stores and cellar room of those 3 story houses No. 10 and lion Broad - street tend a new two story house No. B oa New street, im - mediately in the rear of Np. 10 Broad - street, fit for a genievl family, being new. . Also, a good house at Giernwirb, and one at Harlem, with two and a hall acres of Ground, near Maohattanrille. Apply to ' CHAS OAKLEY, 141 rront - sL mhlltf : , TO LET. The new brick Store no. 62 Stnne - sL Apply to T. & J. EWORDS. Feb 14 JO LET, A counties: house on the lower floor. No. 2'J south - street. A large new (ire proof store in Governors' - rane, next door to water - street. Apply to TUCKER LAURIE, mh 11 29 Bonth - street. sf - tt ' r UK bALEOH'l'OLEAhE. iiSS On acrommodatioj; terms, a number of waier and DUiiuuig lots, near and adjoining tbe oavy - yara, at urooiuyn. r or parucuiart, an quire of SAMUEL EVANS, . Jan 22 tf Brooklyn. TO LET, The three story brick dwelline. 27 Nor folk - street Enquire of COX k JlfONTAUDEVERT, Feb 13 96 TO J.t. T. From the 1st of May next, the lower cuuuiuig tuuui oi .iu ot coma seieei. Al.SU. The upper counting r'Miio, No. 71 8outhit. Apply to jAjit irvMjur, Jr. leh 13 57 Front - street eltUL r.cJ A l K FDR SALE. Two 2 - fforv brick bouses uud lots, situa - led Nos. 37 k 39 Vesey - strect. Also, a house and lot No. 11 Bowery, near Chaiham - square, 44 feet Iront by 126 deep. All on accommodating terms. For particulars a p. ply at No. 332 Cn cnwk h - sl. Jan 15 tf a JO LEAUk, fur term nf $'art, 1 lie house and lot No. 20 Cedar street. coiitainiatf fix roomt with tire places, betides the kitchen, pantries, vaults. 4c. und a well of good water. For sale, the unexpired term, eleven yean, of the rot o. 69 Mun ay street, in Uie occupation of Williain Putters. m, on leite from the Episcopal Church du hi. Lsprit. Inquire of J. W. W. j. jVlUlUIUA.'V, leh 25 dtf No. 44 Pine - street. AS. JO Br: bOIJ AT AUCTION, 5 By HOFFMAN ii GLAhS. no Satur day, the 4lh day of April next, ut 12 o'clock, iu ironi Ul viia j utiuiuc ywuev iiuuir. T he House und Lot No. 1 William - street, al present in I lie occupation of the subsrriher,situate at thu corner ol Wiiliaro - slreet and Stone - tlreeu The lot is 01 leet deep no Wilham - atreet, W feet 1 1 inches on Stone - street, and 48 feet four inches deep from, W illiam - atreet, at lit north - warmy end oi me 101. I Th subscriber souio time ago had an in (en lion oi convening ine iiouse uiio tioret , nnuoo lifinerl plans and estimates for that purpose. He had offers Irom respectable merhuuics to make five stores oo the lot hy some additional building, and alterations of the present buildings, lor len thousand dollars, or to null all tbe prwi'iit build ings down, und lo erect, with the assistance of ti e present uia'erials. five stores for fifteen thou sund dollars, Plans und elevation ol Uiete stores, as they weie prrpured to Ie built, may be teen at the auctioneers. Seventeen thousand dollars nf Ihe purchase money may reniaio on mortgage, l ive thousand dollars will tie required on exe cution of tlie deeds, and tlie residue in two, four and nx months mh 14 ids C. D. COM) F.N. TO LET, TheGlJJBETAVfcRN, No. 143 Wa - ttr - streel. 1 he tiluatino of thit house, and its accommodations, justly render it au object well worth the attention of any person de, irons of keep ing a lucrative public house, e It will be let, fur - uithedor unfurnished, and immediate pnasestiou gi - en. Apply at No 137 Water street. . . mh 17 tf IU LET, A laree convenient modern built home. coach house and improvements, (with or without an extensive kitchen garden and hack lot) from the flrst of May next ; situatf d on the corner ol the Frst Avenue and First - street, nesrthecorner of North and Allen streets, and about one mile from the l ity Hall. 1 lie situation is e lev sled and healthy, and io every respect suitable lor a genteel family. Oo the premises is a well of most excellent water. App'y to Cornelius Dubois, Feh 2 tf No. 36 Front - street. OUR RhUiTION WITU SPAIN. (Continued.) No. 6 Letter from Don Luis Oni to the secre tary of state, Dili January, U18. Sir In the Naiioual lute - lhgeucurof the Cthof thit month, lhaveteeu published the official no - tic of Uie occupation of Amelia Ishud by the troops of Uie United St&tct. I had already anticipated this unpleasant event, by the nofe which I had tlie honor to addrot you on (be 6th of last mouth, hi whkh I remonstrated iu the name of hit caUiolic majesty, against tne measures an oounced iu that part of tbe president's messaye to both bouses of congress - , wluch manifested an intention to invade, and lorcddy seite on placss and territories, belonging to the crown of Spain. rlavuig received no answer to tnat note, 1 now feel myself obliged to repeat its contents to you, and to protest, at I now do strongly protest, in the name ol the king, my manor, against Uie occupation of Amelia Island, effected by tbe oa ral ami military forcet of this republic, detuned lo operate agauist that island, forming a part oi Karl Morula, oue of tne possessions oi uie cpaoun monarchy, oo this cootiuent. Whatever may have been tne motives oa which Ihe eruverouient of the United Slates hsve founded their adoption of this measure, it cannot but be considered by all nations, as a violent in - vasioo of tlie dooiioiousof Sjwid at Ihe time of a nrolouod peace, when hitcallsolic majesty omiU nothing lo give the most generous pioors of hit perfect friendship, and high co&sideralioo for the United States. 1 therefore trust, that upon your communica ting this solemu reclamation and protest ta ths resident, be will be pleased lo direct that suita ble orders be given tu Uie American rooinvndrt at Amelia - island, and oo that station, forthwith to restore the raid island, together with ail its de - peudencte, lo his catholic asHjesty, and lu deliver up the sasae to the Spanish coranmodaut, and olucert presenting themselves for that purpose, uithe name of their sovereign. It is also my duty to represent to yon, sir, that at the time of the in vasioo and occupation ot that islaod by tne Aetencao troops, there was, and I believe still it, a considerable pruiwrty belonging to Spanish subjects, which, to all crsc. it ss required by strict justice, should be delivered Iu the owners, whxa I doubt not has already been, ur wdl be deoe, io a due and proper snjuioer core being takeo io the mean tims, that it bo not reoMived, or suffer ioury, - awaiiyoor, reply to Uus reclasjutioti ana protest, that I otr be enabled In irira Muiiablo tntelligence aud iiatrudiout to lbs governor ot, !t. Augustine, and to the ca plain - general of tho' ihland of Cuba, prorided thepresideot, at I flatr ter myself, will resolve oaths proon rettito tion and delivery of AnteUa and its ocpsadeocias, tohitrathobe oia jetty's" go vernoseot - I raanol by any means doubt that this riH be eflected, confiding as I do, in the high rectitude of tbe President, and io the ia viols hie principles of pobbc faith oo which the security of ootiou reumi, . . t - - , I have the boootto renew tbe Bssoraaces of m respects, and pray God to preserve yo many years. ' " IBIgoed . LXI3 DE ON 18. t No. 9 Antwe'r of Secretary of Stale. t Department of State, Washington, 16lh January, 1818. , J SIR Your letters of 29th December, and of 5th, shd Sih of the present month bave le received, aud laid beiore the pietidetil of the Vni He hat teen, not without turorixa and reersL that lliey cootitt alsaost eulirely of renewed discussions upon tbe several points of duTeraoeo wiuco have so long subsisted between tho UudedolaletaodSptwoi discussions which bad ueeu egnausteu in the correspondence between the aiinlstarpletMpntentiary of tho United State at Madrid, and your government, in the yean 1802, and 1803, and more especially ia that be tween Ion Pedro Cevallot. aud the special ex. I traordinary mission of the Uoitad Sutes to yooo coun iu iouo ; a missiou, wstilute4 by the Ame ricau government, under too influence of the mott earnest desire to terminate amicably, and to tbe satisfaction of Loth the parties, oil those differences ; but whk h, after five month's of ae - gouatiou at Aranjutt, issued in the refusal of Spain to give satisfaction to the United Stales, upon any one of tho causes nf complaint which were to be adjusted, or even to settle the qats - liout of boundaries, existing between Ihe t'niltd Mates and the Spanish province bordering upon them. The president considers that it would! be an unprofitable waste of time, to enter again, t largo upou topics of controversy, which wero at that Ume so thoroughly debated, and upon which he parcel vet nothing in your notes, which wat uot then substantially urged by Don I'tdro Cevallus, and to which every reply etteutial to elucidate Ihe rights, and establish tho pretensions ou the part of the Uuited States, was tbsu given. I or proof of which, 1 beg leave merely lo reler you to ihe letters ol Mr. Monroe ha4 Mr. Piokney, to Mr. Cevallot. of 28th January. 6:b February, 8th and 16th March,. 9ih audi 20lh April, aud 12th Mar. 1805. I am instruct. ed by Ihe president to protmte to you an adjust meat ol all the dinerencet between the two countries, by an arrangement oo Uie following teimtt i. nutaoio cetio an ner claims to territory, eastward of tho Mississippi, . t. i os Colorado, treio Itt mouth to Its source, and from theuce to the oortbtrn limits of Louisiana, to bo tho western boundary or lo leave lose onunuery ootmttieo tor luture arrangemeut. inecutiois oi tnueuiniiiet tor spoliation whether bpanish, or French within Spanish Ju risdiclina, and for the suppression of the deposit al New Oilcans, to bo arbitrated und settled by commissioners, in tho manner agreed upon iu tho unratified eon vei.tloo of 1802. 4. jht Lindt in Eait Florida, and to the Per dido, lo be made aotwerable for the amaont of Uio indemnities' which may bo awarded by tho commissioners, onder this arbitration; with an, option to tho United States, to take Uit lands and pat) the debit, or to ittl the Undi for the payment of the debit, distributing the amount received equally, according lo the amount of their respective liquidated claims amour the claimanls. No grants of land, subsequent to the II th of Au gust, 1802, to be valid. 6. Spaiu to be exonerated from the payment of Ihs debts, or airy part of them. These proposals do nnt materially differ from those mads to Don Pedro Cevallus oa tbe 12trV May, 1805. The president has seen nothing ia, any eveult which have tinea occurred, nor iu tho' contend nf your notes, which can afford a rea - tou or a motive for departing from then. Ol the' motives for coming to an Immediate arrangement, tho urgency cannot escape your attention. Tho eveult which have recently occurred in a part oi tbe territory, which you have Informed me the king of Spain it willing U cede to the United Stales, those which are notoriously impending over the remaining part of that territory yet io the possession of .Spain, make it indispcuably necessary that the. ultimate delerminaltuo of your government in thu negocMtioa should to acted on without delay. Ihe explanations requested by your notet of Ihe 6lb December aod Uth January, of the motives of thu government in the occupation of Amelia Island, have beau given io tlie message of the president tocoogrete of the 13th instant, and rauoot fail of being ratis - lactory to your government You tee it there distinctly and explicitly declared, that the ma - suret wluch this government foired itself under4 tho necessity of adopt mg in relation to that island, were taken, je sesiA o riots I ean - mfit from 'pain. You well know that t Suam could are triil or rtrovrrtd the poiietnon tf it from thr li.Jltntfuree by uiiieh tret ottopied, the A mutton gurenifuenf would hate been imrrdlhe Meetntp of the measure wtirA wm aim, and u huhtimdietaltd by th duly tf pfuleettng tho mlerrrti, at moll of thit country ml tfthutt vith uhm wait in friendly commercial relation, tss - cludait Spain hertetf. But Sioin cannot aspect that the Uuited blatet should employ their forces for (be defence of her terrilorie', or to ret' cut them for her txcluttro odtaulogt, from th adrtnturtrt wbn tire rojectior and iu the act of executing expeditions against then, from territories without Uie JuriidH boo of the United Mali's. Neither cau the United rilales permit that too adjoining territories of Spain should be toisOsed by others, for purposes of annoyance to Uveas. Under these circumstances tlie pretidcot fa oenuaded Uiat you will perceive the aoretettr. either of accepting the propneult bereia cetaaio - ed. at tbe Irtoit oi ait adiuMmtnt of tho loot' rUuding differences between too United Motes and Uoain, or offering each at can, by any poeai - btlity be acceptable to this government without reverting to a course of uroceediar. the onlv suit of which Bsuet bo further procraetinotimi. ' 1 pnr you sir, to accept the assunocet ol mj very distinguished Cootitlrratioo. " (Mgocd) JOHN Q. ADAM5. No. 10 The chevalier don Luis da Onis to tho . - secretary of state. Sir I have received your letter of the 16th - if this month, by whsrh I see with great regret, tbst irt axknow' - edgiog Use receipt nf those I had tbe honor to address tn yea oo the 29th of but month, aaa tne out ana sm or too present, yoo waist te answer lb em and decline taking into coossilera - tioo the indfpuUble facts aod grormdt, nod the irTesisUUeargunMoUadeaoced in thesa, ktrele - lion to em b of tbe touilt eeibraced hy tbe dispute set on foot by Uie governaseiit of the Uuited states. You toy it w useless agam to disruse the (acu, rcasoos aod arguments prodoced ry tho AMMh goverooteut io toe years IJiOC aud 1603, and lUOj, Use Amencao piempoienuanes box the ipeoal eitraordioi7siwKie, conjoint Ir with him. Having Uwa replie.1 to the different poioks of Uie notes ot the t paawh tuinotry, io a manoer capatlo of lu Ulalu tho lespecuvt righta of each of Uie two powers, and otUbluhin; Cm

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