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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Wednesday, March 25, 1818
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' IN CHANCERY. 13 CHANCERY, i - . "5 ' i '' - SUteof New - York, . , - pursuance of an erderof Uii honorable court, ' . X two ring date the third day of M arch, iait. will - la - Jd at pontic auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, lathe city of New York, under tba di - . reciton of the subtcribcrsui one of tlie ma ten of t thit court, on Tuesday the 31ft day or March, , Instant, at 11 o'clock at noon All (bote certain t fit tots of sund (whereof Anthony LwpeBard, . " or the city of New York, Esq the father of Lean - - r - - - ' ' ard Lespenard. wae seised in fee simple at the , i , time of his decease, and which apon a division of . the estate of the taid AnUiony, leu lo ine mare ' ?. aad portion of the laid lconard,) lituate lying & - ,4 aad being In the eighth ward, or the city oi new - , : York, and ant known aad distine uished in a cer U tain map or chart made of the ettate of the aaid ft - . Anthony Lespenard, defeased, by lot numbers f three hundred and eighty two, three hundred and " eigh'y rour, Uire tiuuarea ani rignir - uira. three hundred and fifty - seven, aad three hundred and HAy - eight, aud taken logellier aru douoocti and contain a follow, to wit, north werterly on Tbompson - st. one huodred and ininy reel nre 5 or leu, ootneBtteriy on lot nuuiuer uirm. nu - - dred aad fifty - six, sixty leet more or kj ""' v esterty on tot Burober three hundred and eighty v one of the said Leonard leipenard, one hundred It et more or leu, and southwesterly by land of the ,. nidlardlpardapipriaJbrthecoo - tinuatiua of Vestry itreet, ooe hundred feet more or lew ; and alto all those four certain Iota, piece or parcelf of ground, situate, lying, and being io the eighth ward of the city of New - York ; being part of the Una1 which on a diviiion of the et - tate of Anthony Litprnard, deceased, anions hi heirs, by Comtnisiinner appointed by the May - ' ;. or1! court of die said city, was tet off to the (aid f mnrttkrA. mmA am known and distinguished on a ' mapofUie said division made by the said com - - - L. U lk.U LnBil.J mmtA .' nighty fife, three hundred and eighty lit, four , , hundred and twelve, four hundred ana thirteen, and taken together are bounded and contain a ;. follow, to wit : soatneaner'T on inouipson i tfireei, seventy two ices , njuurcrij ua sunn wMch if Vestry street were continued eastward of Sllivantreet,wotsld he northerly tide there - ofi northwesterly by ground of Alexander L. " . Stewart and Sarah lilt wife, one hundred and . elehteen K - et t and northeaster! by a line to be . drawn parallel with Broome itreet. (Broome - t. ' taint fifty feat wide) and diilant therefrom four handred and seventy five feet, one hundred feet Items: of the said dimentinnt more or leit t and nlso oil the ground, lying between the said four i lott shove described, ana me grouoa oi miner . . nnit Ralur. and hounded likewise by the tnid b. aouthehiterlT and northwetterly boundorie , whatsoever the tame may contain i together with the appurtcDances. Uated waien i, iuio. - - JAMES A. HAMILTON, mhOlawSwdts . Mastrr in Chancery, l o Um iHmoralittt Uie iudees and at - sistant iuiticet of th court of ''. , common pleas in and for the coun .' tvofOianiee , " The petition of John Uuer, of tlietownof Oo - - sIk n, in the county of Orange - rcrctullj ahewetn i rpH AT your petitioner is seised in fee timple, , j. as tenant in curanioi " n veral parties herein alter named, of eight equal ., , undivided forty eighth parts, the whole into forty ; ' eight equal parts to be divided, of in and to all that certain lot, tract, piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and being in the viUsge ol New - burgh, in the laid county of Ornnge ; bounded on the north by the street railed the eight rod - " street, on the east by the Hudson nvtr, on the . - south by lands formerly belonjing to Hiram . Weller ud (ieorse Monell, and on the west by . land formerly belonging to Thoom Colden ; . containing, at it tuppoted, two acret of Innd. . And vournetitioner further sheweth, that John - Rutlterfurd. of th state of New - Jersey, it alto 4 teixcil a atoretaid, offour other equal undivided ,. forty eighth parti of the tame. That cutniinah Robintoo, atprtsenl, as your 4 petitioner it informed nnri believe', a resident in . that nart of the kincdom of Great Britain called . England, it also teiid at afore tnid, of four other - equal undivided forty eighth parti of the mine. . That John Stevens, of the stale of New Jrtry, f it nlo seizetV at aioretnid, or two other etjiial ud divided fort eiahth parts of the tame. - That Robert L. Living?on. of the county of , Uulumoia, la this static and niarguret, nit wue, in the right of the said Margaret, are alto seised ; at aforesaid, of one other equal undivided forty eighth part thereof. . And that Kdward P. Livingston, of the said county of Columbia, nrd Klirabeth, hi wife, in the right of the said Klizabnth, are alto teised as - aroretnid, or one other eijuai undivided tony ciehth nart thereof. And that Cornelia Livingston, of (he city of ' new i ork,relerv an linigh Livingston, at present, at your petitioner it infornieiTaml believes, a resident in iabib part of the kingdom of Great Britain, and Peter Kane, of the state of New - Jer - ' ley, hy virtue of an art of the legislature of the . state, l etting in them, at trunkei, the estate of ' Peter Van Bmgh Livingttoo, deceased, are alto ' seized as aforesaid, of four other equal undivided ( r ... ii. . ... - - .r ''' And that Alexander Uoherttnn, of the city of New - York, and Frances, hit wile, in the riaht ol 'the said Franco', are alto seised at aforesaid, of the remaining twenty four equal undivided forty eighth parti thereof. And your Petitioner further sheweth, that he is desirous to have Partition made of all and singular the said above described premises, among" the naid several owner or proprietor of the same, according to their several and respective rights of, in and lo the same. Wherefore your petitioner prays that the said premises may be divided nniong tiie laid tcveiul owner or proprietors, according to their laid aevernl and recpective rights, by comruimiooen tone appointed by this honorable court, in pursuance of th direction' of the act. entitled " An act for the partition of landi." And your peti tiooer. at in duty bound, thall ever pray, &c. JOHN DUfcR. To John Rutherford. Suennnah Rohioton, John ; Slevem, Robert L. Livingston and Margaret hit wile. Kdward P. Living'ton and F.limbeth ' hit wife, Cornelia Livingttitn, IVter Van Burgh Livinsnton, I'eter Kane, Alexander Robertson ' nnu t ranees nn wne. Yon will be pleated to take notice that a Ptti lion of which the prccedinc it a copy, will he pre - seated lo the honorable the Ju'lgrs and Aiiiatant Justice of the Court of Common pleas in and for the county of Orange, on the last Monday of Ma nesU to be held at the court home in Go shen, in and for the said county of Ornnge, at ten o'clock in the forenoon or that any, or es soon thereafter as counsel can be heard, and an oppli . cation will Ihereuuon he made for the appoint ' meat ofcommifsioners to make Partition of (lie Premises with the appurtenances in the said Prti lion mentioned and detrribed, according to (lie praye' of the laid Petition, and the diicctiont of an act of the Legislature of the State of New - York, entitled " an act for the partition of lands." Dated January 10, 1R1B. JOHN DUER Alexander Duer, attorney for petitioner. Feb It lawtlinMay NEW MUSIC. JUST p .IUhed by W.M. DUBOIS, nt his J piano tbrte and music store, No. 128 Broadway, Hrshsm's celebrated Tolacca, arrannd at RonJo, by f leiltlt Favorite Vene'vm Air, arranged at a rondo, hyLatoqr Paddy O'Cnrroll, with yariationt for the piano forte, by P. Is. Morai. SONGS. O softly tleep my Baby lloy Tbe Last Token, orreinejnher me. Also, all Mr. I'hiiipps' Songs to be had as a - boT - feb 11 LATIN, SliaiH AND ITtUtS I.ABftrAUKS. fVTR - CASATi. lurmerlv president nf th JLy.l - Mlieneus - f Trevisn, and perpetual seers, taryofthe Academy of Belles Lettres, nt Venice, tc. offfrs his service! a teacher ot tlie Latin, IthJian and French languages, io academies, boarding schools, rrprivale lessons. He would have no objection to take hoard in a respec.ta - bh privet family with pupils, in order to per. feet them in Uie languares. Sufficient references wul he guru. Any commands addressed to bin (tot' ecareof Messrs. bVrnarJ k Moodon, No. S" Maiden - Lane) will meet with immediate attention, mk 20 lOt At a court of chancery held for the tUte of If ew - York, at the city of Albaay, on the siiteenth day of March, u the year ; of our Lord one utoosaoa eigm own ". and eighteea. The boaorable James Kent, Enquire, Chanrellor. ' Thorn at bate ) , r. r Jotepli Anoable and John Bis - f If appearing by the aflidavitof Samuel 8. Gardiner, which U filed, that procenof tubpojaa, to appear and anwer M the above cause, hath bees regularly issued against the above - psmed defendant, John Bissell. but that the said John Bifsell reside at Litchfield, in the state of Connecticut, out of the iurisdiction of thin court - On motion of S. W. loot. Esquire, solicitor for tiie complainant, it is ordered that the said John Ui well do cause hit appearance to be entered and his answer to he filed in this cause, within four ji. il. j - i - ru: - .j i, r . ..i SOOBins iroui IUC uaie ui uuiwurri vr lu uciauu thereof that the complainant's bill of complaint b taken pro - confesso against him. Ami it is further ordered, that a copy of this order be published, within twenty days from tlte date hereof, in ooe or more of the public newtpnper printed in this date, for the tpace of eight week successively, once at least in every week. A CVpy ISAAC L. KIP, rnhiu lawBw Assistant Kegister. To Uie honorable the judge nod assistant justice of the court of common plea in and for the county of Orance THE petition of George I). Wickbam or the town of (ioshen. in the county of Oranee. retpectfully theweth That your petitioner it eised in fee simple a tenant m common of one equal undivided moiety or half part ol all that certain iraci, piece or parcti or land, situate, tying and being in the town of Warwick, in the county of Orange, known and dittinguithed as lot numDer two, in uie suDOivmon oi great moun tain lot number fourteen, in the pateulol Cheete Cocks, containing twd hundred and sixteen acres of land, or thereabout. And your petitioner further theweth, that he i seixedas albresaid of one equal undivided moiety or naif part of all that certain otner lot, tract, piece or parcel oi land lituate. Ivine and beinc io the laid town of War wick, and known and dittinguithed at lot number throe, in the said (ubdivision of great mnunttin lot numoer fourteen, tn tnesaid patent ol liiieete - cocks, containing two hundred and thirty ami oi land or thereaoouu. And your petitioner lur ther sheweth. that tome person or persons, to your petitioner unknown, is or are seised afore aid, of the remaining equal undivided moiety or ban pan or eacnoi tue above - mentioned and ue scribed lots, pieces or parcels of land. And your petitioner lurtner thewetn, tnat oe is detirout to have partition made oi tbe aloresaid landi t' - ne - menttand hereditaments, bet ween your petitioner and the said person or persons unknown at a - forttaid. according to the several and respective rights or the several parties aforesaid, of, in, and to the tame. Wherefore your petitioner prays, that all and singular, the said lands, tenenienti and hereditaments, together with tbe rights, members, privilege mid appurtenances thereunto helimging or in any wise appertaining, nay be divided by cominiMioners, to he appointed by this honorable court, in pursuance of the pro - fitioniof the act entitled an act for the partition of lands. And your petitioner shall ever pray. lie. Dated this sixth day of February, ooe thousand eubt hundred and eighteen John and A'ex'r Duer. Att'ies. Be pleased to take notice that a Petition, of wnii n tne aoove is a copy, will lie nreient - ed to the judge and aimtant juttice of the court oi common pleas in anil for the county of Orange, at the court house in Goshen, on the last Monday of May next, at ten o'clock, in tne lorcnoon oi mat nay, or as soon there - alter at counsel can De iieard. And an application will thereupon be made to th said court for the appointment of commissioners, to make partition oi Uie lands, tenements and heredita ments above described, with the appurtenance, according to U prayer of Uie said petition, and in pursimnce ol the art entitled an act for the paniimn ni lanoi. Dated tilu I ebruary, 181U. we are, ate. J NO. & ALfcX. DUER, Atl'iei for Die above named petitioner, To t'ieerion or persons unknown, interested in the above described lands, or wnoinioeverelse it may concern. feb I4law 1IM in My ACADEMY AT BELLEVILLE, N. J. THIS institution will be opened on the Crtt day of Aoril nexL under tha direction of JAMES STRIKER, A.M. a principal there The course of instruction will embrace all the branches preparatory to a collreiate education. as well as those which are necessary for the merchant, the tanner, and Uie mechanic, viz : A ' grammatical knowledge of the English, Latin and t. recti languages, arithmetic, mathematics, ntient and modern Geography, including the ute of globe and maps, ancient and modern history, natural and moral philosophy, composition, book Keeping, reading, writing, ate. 'Hie terms of tuition for day scholar! in the lowest branches, will be two dollar per ouar - ter, and will not exceed five dollar per quarter, IB any in tne miner. To those nt a diitnnce, who are detirout of tending their children to this healthy and beautiful village for instruction, tlie principal offers to receive into his own family, n select number, who will be educated and boarded, (including washing and mending) at the rate of $100 per annum. It is requested that those who intend tn send tlieir children to the day school attached to tlie institution, will givo early notice. In offering thit seminary to public notice, the iruttcet entertain a hope, mat tne nencnrial pur poses contemplated in its establishment, will not be defeated from the want of public patronage. For the ability of their principal to fulfil the important talk he ha undertaken, they refer to the subjoined recommendation ; and he will employ no usher or assistants, but tuch a shall be most satisfactorily recommended and duly qualified. To the inhabitants of Uie village and iti vicinity, they offer a well regulated school, for the in struction of their youth, a thing much wanted anil long desired ; and to strangers, the advantages of education in a place admirably adapted lor 'he purpose, by its nearness to, and daily communication with New - York, and its ac knowledged superiority in point of health and Deauty. key. btaatt V an Sintvoord, Ahrnhnm Cadmus. ! Abraham Cadmut. John Van Rentseltr, James tlornblower, Eiekiel Wade, Jonathan Tompkins, Bellevilc, Decemt - er, 1R1 1. nCCOMMF.IIPATIOIV I I Trusleet. Of Mr. Stryker, tiie Principal, by P. Wilson, L. u. u. rrotcstor oi bauguagei in Columbia Collcce. " Thit gentleman is an Allumntis of Columbia College, and received a considerable part of his instruction from me. I am therefore well ac - ouainted with hi talent and have no hesitation in declaring him fully capable of fulfilling the tatk be ha undertaken, with credit to bimsell and beaeot to tne community." (Signed) r. wii,eu.J. jan lav iwtfd&r. TO FARMERS. nil HE subscriber can furnish the farmers of JL the adjacent country witn ground I'laster of Pari tn any quantity, on tbe sborUsl notice, in btuTtli or otherwise. JOHN BYF.RSL Feb $3 tf Foot of Harrisoo - st. N. R. TRIVATE I jODG I N G.S. A single gentle jb, man ctn he accommnated,.wun one or two rooms, after the first of .May next, with or wiuio'it rxnrrt, tbe rcoms riirnishe.1 or not, in a genteel a - id small fkmilr, tiie bouse is neat ami pleasant, and in a health v part of tlie city, about ten minutes walk from Wall - street For further information inquire at no, 126 Broadway. feit 53 a mVv ED THE COUNTRY, f j "" - TiiarKi comm - n gan. Xi. and a woman wh.ui.rerlan1siiousc - v Hnil, i.ik.k.M....' m milking, &c. A man ami his wile will be pre - mL', - .oA,pllr No.40 Front - tlrett. mh 13 lw SELECT COARDING SCHOOL. THLRE are at present Gre vacancies in tlie Revd. WILLIAM PO WELL'S School, io philips burxh, Yookers, West - Chester County, fits syttem of education it such as to enable bins to qualify young gentlemen for College or th Comtiog Moose within a reasonable time, flis school is select, the number of Pupilt limited, and tne treatment ol tne mott noerai mud. The following branchet of useful and polite li teraiure are taught, vu : Greek, l .At in, French, English Grammar, tveograpiiy, Hiitory, Com position. Writing, Arithmetic, Mu thematic, &c. It is presumed that few Inttitutioos of the kind can offer greater advantages, whether they regard instruction in general literature, in moral and religion principle, or in correct and genth manly deportment. The Parsonage in which the Pupil are accomnsodated, i commodiout, retired and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen mi lei ; to which there ii alwayt a direct and cjiv comraunica tioo. For further particulars apjilication may ne made to Bisbop flobart Dr. Wilson, Columbia VCollege C. I). Colden, Esq. T. A. Emmet, Esq. rah 19 T. 8. Clarkton, Etq. C M'Evem. Etq. Wm.Haytrd.jun. Etq. A. Scheriaerhorn, Esq. D2mlw AOTlCE. A BPUT the 14th of Deceml)er ltt. a peron XX with a lot ol Carpenter'! Took and a Skiff . I . i .1 JL. Ik.' I " ixuti, wai npprciicnneo at tne I'twon &$s, - Dock, which he wa offering for tale. From the confettion of the man little ornodotiht remains that the towls and skiff were stolen property. This is to give notice that the owner or owner of said property can have it again by applying to ICHABOD CARMAN, nt mid dock, by proving the tame and paying rharget. And if no Krsoo appears in a reasonable time, they will sold a the law directs. Newark, Dec. 20, 1317. nih 1 12w WHEA'JON'S I TCH OINTMENT. TIIE long and succettliil use of this ointment is a lulhcicnt recommendation, at it hat been found to he a pleatitnt, tale and certain remedy fur that ditagrceahle ditenie in all iti ita - 5es. It is lor sale in the city of New - York, by . A.U W. R. Pott, No. 41 William - street; I. U 'P. Clark. No. t!5 Maiden - Lane : II. II. Schieffelin Ac Co. No. 193 Pearl street; Law rence ii Keee. No. 19S Pearl - street ; Hall I Bowne, 146 Pearl - street ; R. H L. Murray, 31'J Pearl - ttreet ; J. M. Ilradhurtt, 314 Pearl - ttreet ; John 1'enford, No. 4 r Ictcher - ttreet ; Duryee 4: Poe, in Pearl - ttreet; John C. Mnrriton, 1 lift Greenwich - ttreet ; John P. Either, 106 Broad way ; Walter if Seaman, corner of Chamber - it. and Broadway, and alto in Chatham - street ; nnd in short it may be procured ut moM of the Drug Stores in this city Alto in Philadelphia, of S. Witherell 1 Sons : George llancll , North & Ho eers, and almost n.'l the druggists in the principal town in the United States. MKF.WiaK, WHEA TON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS maT be had at the above places. jan 22 6in WAN 1 ED a situation in a school or private family, a female of renpectnhili - ty, who hat been nrcuitomed to tench writinc. arithmetic, geography, fee. Any ladv in want of tuch a person, will find the advertiser worthy of ii,i.ii;ts iiavins uecn in wc aunve rapnciiy lu cngiann, and can prouuee laimaciury referen ces, r or lurther particulars enquire oi the printer of this paper. leb 2 1 tXJH SAl.H. THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 138 Fulton - street, near Broadway. conitinir of an extensive and choice collection of hutorv, tra vels, voyages, biography, romance!, novels, tales, playt, reviews, mngarinet, 'c. catalogues may be examined at the library, which is open for subscriber!, at usual. mn 4 tr EDUCATION. MRS. DAWSON lately from the Eastern Continent resiiectlully informs the public. that the hat opened a School in Cherry - street, No. UU, where young Ladiei will be can fully iu - I ttructed hy herself and daughter!, in writing, uriiiimeiic, urnwing,, gL - ngrnpiiy, istui tbe globes, nnd needle work in all varieties. Mrs. li. bens leave to observe thai her system of teachinsr f formed from her own experience) reatly facilitates the improvement of youth with eate and pleasure to tnemselves, and tavet an incredible portion of their time, when employed in tlie usual way. Great attention will be paid to Lnglish urammar, Heading and r Pronunciation. N. B. Writing and Drawing in a tuperior man ner hy Mist Dawson. mh 11 3w 7is the C'iiniq JVew - i or. ZERAH HAWLEY Physician and Dentist, would inform the inhabitants of New York, that he ha taken an ntfice at No. 321 Pearl - itreet, where he will extract, clean, Jilt, Jit and set Teeth in Uie most approved manner, lie will alio prevent any irregularity ni tiie teconuary teeth, IT application it made to him in leason. lie flatten himseir, I mm the experience he has had in hit profession, that he shall be able to give general satitfaction. r or character lliepumic are referred it sir. Geo. P. Shipman, merchant, No. 63 South - street, and Doctor A. Ives, No. 2!i2 Pearl - street. Whom it man concern. fjy - This certifiei, that Dr. Zerah Hawley it reaular bred physician, and in good standing with hit brethren in this place ; that he hat Paid particular attention to the art of Dentistry, hat studied the belt European wnrkt on the luhject, and hat given very good tatisfartion in thit branch to his customers, who are persons of the first retpectability in this city. Ve therefore, with entire confidence, recommend Dr. Hawley to the cilizentof New - York, ns a dentist. Apneas Munon hit Ives Nathan Smith I Jonathan Knight Professors of the Medicnl Institution of Yale Col - New - Haven, Jan. 22, 1818. lege. mh 3 4w SELECT BOARUIM. .SCHOOL FOR YOYNG LADIES. jVI RS. BOWF.IUNG, now Mr. Brown, has it I removed her well known Establishment from New - York lo Eliittietli Town. New - Jer sey, not a qiMrter of a mile from tlie public turnpike road. The situation of the place pnssetsei every advantage lor a seminary ; and win ena ble her to reduce the price of hoard much low er - than can be afforded in New - York. The branches taught, are. Orthography, Engiith Grammar, Reading, VVritinz, Arithmetic, Geo - gnpliy. with the use of main and alnbcs. Astro ii'iiny, History, Blair's Lectures, Comiition, Music, French, Botany, Cht uiiitry, Drawing in crayons. Painting in oil, on velvet, and io water - colours, 1 lain acwing, Needlework on muslin, Embroidery on silk and wonted, Fillegree. (Quadrille, Grotto and Wax - Work, Gilding anc Japanning, with a variety of other fancy works mh 19 Im HOUSE CARPENTERS WANTED. THREE or four House Carpenters may find constant employ from one to nine months. to go about twenty miles up the North River. Inquire at no. r souin - streei. tun SI VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, tn the tin or riw - xorb:. TIVE lots of eround on the west side of Green 1? wich - street, between Vestry and Desbrot - set - streets, .0 by 8U. Four do in the rear of the above, fronting oe ths.ead tide of Waslnngtoo - ttreet, 2j hy KO. Fight do in the Met k below, between Wath - ingtou and Wcst - ttreett. In Monteimery County. 6000 arret of Land in Lawrence' purchase. near East Canada Creek, on the north side of tne Mohaw k. In Franklin ConnW. 15,162 acres of Land, in Uie towns of Mount Morris and uayion. In E'scx County. 7C3? acre of Land in tbe town of Barrymore In the t oonty of Lewis. 1760 acret of land in Casterland, Chassanis Purchase. In Saratoga Connty. acre in Pnlmer's rmrrhase. Enquire at tbe office of Ihe subscriber, 34 - street. BEV. ROBINSOJt'. mh 1? tf 1 FT JL ails i &TEAX - BOA T X0T1CE. 07" ROORBACH, mas ter of tbe 1'aragon, miorms the public, that he arrived this morning from Newburgh, and will sail againl this afternoon at a.' He will leave Newburgh at 5, P. M. on Saturday ; do N. York at 6, P. M. on Jtfooday ; do from wherever he reaches at 5, P. M. Thurs - lav. nn tha return passage. tit The morning papers will please insert thit notice. mh 19 Nbwbvrch and t ah akkaicua stack THRER TIMES A WEEK. r I EAVES Newburgh eve - I J tv Sunday. Tuesday, and Thursday moniinet, at three o'clock, runt through Montgomery, Bloomingburgh, Mooticeiio, ny White Lake, Comecton, Mount Pleaiant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Ithica, and Ge - uvil tnCanandahrua. Returning leaTe Canandaigua every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday mornings at uiree o'clock, and arrive at Newburgh, the third day in lime to take the Steam - boars which arrive in New - Yo; k the following morning. (3 may be expected that at all limes wAm the Mttam boatt alter tlieir rfoys mining, tltat thit line vill after to at to meet them The whole route will be nerfomed in three days, from the first of May, until the first oil . 1 1 f . I C . . .M.,M.kV novemoer anu iroui toe iirai ui buihiiuvi until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March umil the first of May, in four davs ami from the 15th Dt eember, until the fifteenth of March the ame line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four days. Pasieneer travelling from New - York to Canamlaitfua, Niagara or Buffalo, can Icaye N York in the evening steam boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred miles. Tbe line is well furnished with good, new carriages good horses, and carcfuI'Mid experienced drivers Every attention will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; ami it it believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. fXj FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line run from Owego Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, kc. . BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of tlie owners. David Godfrey. Rlonmingburgh, F.. C. St. John. Mount P eatant. L. & R. Manning, Chenango, IProprie - Lulher Gere. Ithica. I tor. Samuel Greenhff, Geneva, Oliver Phelpt, Laming, mh 14 (I6ra NORTH HIV EH STEAM BOA IS. 03" The public is respectfully informed that the Para - , - y.l mi Jg"B will leave mw - iora, Steam - boat for Phila - Jon .Monday next, the loth March, nt t o'clock, A. M. mh II fJTVOA" LISK. 3tw Olive - branch, delphia, via Brunswick ! VX ' miles by land. Price Ihrougii oU. Fore - castle or deck IKirrengers, $3 60. The OLIV E - BRANCH will leave New - York every day at 1 1 o'clock, from the north side of the Battery, and to return from Kruotwick so! as to arrive at 10 the next morning, in this city. 1 his line has a connection with the best bouts on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as also those of the North River and Sound ; and their teveral arrivals are calculated to cause little, ifanydilay. This is a t peedy and certainly the most con venient lout, as the passengers bleep at Trenton or Brunswick, and arrive at a much less expense and in the hours of btisiuess at New - York or Philadelphia without fatigue in travelling or the want of sleep, ns the distance ny land it so m:ill whereas via the Point and Powlet Hook it is 5f! and H6 milct. Fore - ca!tle passengers, ( who diet with tlie pro pie,) to Brunswick, or Amhoy, at $1 each. Lbht freight ami marketinj, free. New Yn - k. March 12, 1H1H. mh 12 III t. aUUA'U yi r - AM HOA T - UA'K. i"f the proprietor, with n rw J vjPW 0 nrcoinmoilating the Ci,ii JlAto Norwich, intend makine the es.iiTiii.rril with the Fulton, Cant Law, and thit route (if found practicable) will be continued during the season. I he line will in future be Irons New York lo Norwich, as tollows : The Connecticut, t'apt. Bunker, wilt leave New - Vork every Monday.. Wednesday and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, lor New - Haven. Ihe r ulton, Capt Law, will leave Aonnci at 6 o'clock in the morning of the came days, touch irt JVitc - London and depart from thence for JN'eir Harm at 8 o'clock.. The boats will meet it .Vnc Hnrtn, and depart from thrnce every Monday, Wtdnct - day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut lor Veic l'oi, and the Fulton fur Aew - ljmdon and Jroiuuh. nih 17 I EAM BOAT FOR SALE. (Cy - For sale, a well finish hed Steam Boat, of small size, with f rabios, andfcnl culated to carry convenient. ly about sixty tiasseneers - Her hull is of the best tiralicr, and she is copper bottomed up to the hen. Is, p:r pared to be put into a line of running immediately. She drawl but thirty - two inches of watrr, and from the advantageous con struction of her machinery, can he worited at one hair U10 daily expense of steam - boats id central one will u sold a great bargain, 11 applied for tnortly. require at o. 4 Wall - street, ol mh'SOtf ISAAC G. OGDEN k CO. NEW - YORK EAGLE UlN DISill.LKKV nnHE subscribers ha J. ving purchased this establishment, to well known for the quality of iti Gin, are now making that article equal to any j:..:r 1 : - . 1 ' - ui.iim - u iu 1111, cjuuirj. They have now rn hand a supply in bines and Knrm'. nnH ic i 1 1 ftnnitnllv Ii . . i ... aBL York Eagle Gin, ol the first qimlity. Apply at Ihe Di'tillery, corner of Washington nnd Harri son - streets, or at 87 South itreet, to UOOKBACH It MITCHELL, Who have for sale, 10,000 lbs. Juniper Berries, and a as sortment of Groceries, mh 19 lw SALE, on reasonable terms, the Utcn complete for a sor ad Cahdii Mais rsAcway. Likewise, first rate Mould and! Dipt Candles. Enquire at o. 19 Natsau - st. mh 19 lw Nr.vt BVHJKS. JUST received and for sale by ELI A3 VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, the third door below Pine - street: Cuvisr't theory of Ui earth s to which it add ed the geoloy of North - America, by professor . - ami. L,. .tiitcnill. Tbe r migraut's Guide to the western and south - western states and territories, with a map oi ine united Mates. By vv m. uaray, ej. Memoirs of the life of David Garrw k. ess. in terspersed with characters and anecdote ol his theatrical contemporaries, the whole forming a history of the stage. wMch includes a period of jo years ny i nomas liavic. Disroanes chiefly on Devotiooal mbjrets, by uie lain nee. sewrraw Capr, to t"li ere prefixed Memoirs of his life by CaMnrine ( appr i ismng ana Aadress Cams neatiy enrraveu end irinteil. snch S3 ' L'NN ir BAGS. ksur tor VJ CEBRA k Ct MINC. mb!3 76 Pearl street POST CHAISE LINK FOR PHILADELPHIA. The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Peenger and their baggage (ihroiigh m one day) will leave the PoitChaiie Office, 1 l8Broad - way, opposite the City Hotel every day (Sunday excepted) at half past 6o'cloi k in the morn - in?, by v - ay of Newark, and arrive the same doy at Philadelphia. . . The MAIL PILOT, in opposition to the Mail Coach, with luperior accommodation for I at - fengen and their baggage, will leave the i(me place every day (Sunday excepted) at half past I o'clock P.M. will proceed before UieMail.and not subiect lo the inconvenience of stopping at the numerous Pott Offices on the road, but every accommodation provided for the traveller, and arrive some hours before the Mail at Philadel - nl,. Fare. 1 dollars. fjir All good and baggage at the lit que of me owner. JOIINN.CUMMLNG, Newark. JOHN GULICK & SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON U HOWELL. Philadefiihia, JV. B.'Expreifes sent to any part of the United States, by L. BAKER & CO. Feb 24 U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A GUARD. fjr - The public are assured that this line it euual to any in the U. S. tor the convenience and r.umfort of the traveller. With the addition of Ihe euard. Uie passeneer may rest secure at to hit baggage and personal safety the coach ne ver being ten whilst cnanging at tne post cnices, without a perton on Ihe box. The way o.ail it put in separate bags and changed in the European style. The U S. Mail Coach will start from the coach office, old No. 1 Courtland - st,et, New - York every day, at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrive at I hiladelplua neit morning at b o'clock ; only t patsengert admitted in this conch. For seats apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, nt the old Coach and Stage Office, old No I, second office from Broadway in Courtlandt - street, or to A. J . tiuuuiucti s t - .o. iv o. 14 li road way corner of Cedar - tired, New - York. N. B. All goodt and baggage at the risk of the owners. J. LYON & SONS, Powtei Hook. WILLIAM GULICK K CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Exprcisei tent to any part of the Continent hy jan 20 THOS. WHITFIELD. POST COACH LINE for PHILADELPHIA Bf WAT OV rOUI.ES - HOOB IMPORTANT TO FASSKNGF.R8. No conriection with the post chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Post Coaches with every convenience for passenger! hntl baggaue, on Sprtngt - TH ROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from the Coach office, old No. 1 Cuiirtland - itreet, N. York, every morning, Sundays excepted, at 1 - 2 past 6 o'clock, by wav of Newark. ?iew - liruntwick, Prince ton, Trenton and Bristol, nnd arrive at Philadelphia the same evening, ' 77i eom Boat Line INDUSTRY, will start from New - York every morning (Sun - ri..ys excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Ataiauta, irotn uie norm sine 01 me oauery, lodge it Kingston, and arriin in Philadelphia next day to dine United stales .yjail woarn, witn a guard, iriin every convenience for passengers and baggage, on springs. ThoTJ. S. mail coach will start I rum the roach office, old No. 1 Courtlandt - street, New York, every day at Z o'clock, P. M. nnd arrive nt Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only b passengers admitted. For teats inthe above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old ettuUished Ccath, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courtlanrit - ttieet, the second oriice Irmn Broadway, New - York; to ISAAC BROWN, No. 1 YVashington - strri t ; or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No - i'.M Broadway, corucr 01 Ce dar - street, New - York. Oy - AII goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. justrn l.u;i, tus lu. N. B Exprostes tent to any part of ihe Cor tinent.hy THOMAS WHITFIELD. Jan 111 LEE'S HVH OINTMENT, WARRANTED an infallible rcmeiry at one application, may be uscJ with perfect safety on infants a week old, not contaimng a particle ol mercury ,or any uangerous mgreuicni whatever, and not accompanied with that offen sive smell which attends the application of other remedies. The a hove medicines are prepared and sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Ione, and sold by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton and Water - ttreett. Druggists and country itore - kecpers tupplied on liberal terms. Jan S'J fT3 Th subscriber having recently returned from England with an important improvement on the artificial spring LEG, he takes this methm' of informing his friends anil tbe public, that all those who are re unfortunate as to be in want ol a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jau S2 WM. PURVIS. "l'ILi.UM HOOKS . Mz - . - t If corner of Fulton - street. New - York,har ing received a large supply of tho real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day A: Martin, H Hitfi Hoi - bom, London, offers Uie same, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or home consumption, on termt the most liberal and advantageous to pur chasers. This inestimable composition, with bslf the H - inal labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fully equal to the h'ghest japan varnnh ; afford? peculiar nourishment to the leather; it will not soil the finest l'nen ; is perfectly free from any nn rlnsant smell ; and will retain it virtues io any climate. As an incontrovertible proof of the superior e 3ee11ore of this (.lacking, it has stood Uie test a nd ron manded the most extensive sale in all quarters of th globe, for upwards of half, cento rr. Feb 16 FLOUR. 230 bbls Flour, landing from chr. Native, from Richmond, for sab - by h i W. U S. CRAIG. A discerning pntlir know kow (a du!iiie)1i,t tween thtngt that differ. 5B,U' DOCTOR HORNE, former!, Of the city of Irrfon?J3 14 0m mh 3 - memner 01 trie uculty of phyi lit ri;efj loere, ueems It h ., a - t y to repeat tome ooseTationt o tie abuse of MERCURY, i raih, indiicriminate, and nnaiiaii. fied use thereof, has been produc! tiye of infinite misch.r 'ov - lands are annually mercurialised out of nce. J be disease we have in view owe iu r. tal retulti chiefly to thit source. What a nit that a young man, the hope of hi country, aif Uie darling of hi parent, should be Matched V way from all tlie protpettt and tnjoysnenuofiifl by the consequence of one unguarded momenL and by a disease not in itt own nature fetal aJ which only prove to from neglect ot imn'roni! treatment." A gentlemar, (late Dr. H, bs lient) now perfect iy hearty and well, bad bees under physician of general practice, nxyiVr? and repeatedly alivat d ; when reromaiendedu Dr. H. (by a gentleman of tint city) hit bonsi were carious, and his lleth dropping from them" his friends declared - he r juld not possibly tnrvlrs t wo months longer. Thousand! experimentali! know with what ease and safety Dr. II. erad, cates the severest casei. and confirms tlie conitl" tulion. Tbe Doctor's ilnn (advertising! is i! cessary to guard Uie public against tbe abuse ai mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth Persons, therefore, having contracted a rU vate disorder, or suipecting latent poison, sr admonished not to tamper with their coostjuu tioo, or conceal the disorder, till past recovT ' ry ; others having the remains of an old cats, or other impuritiet of the blood, aiwellaioth! er complaint of a delicate nature, in either tex. should remember posterity, and do justice to their consciences,' hy making applitaiioa to Dr. H. at hi old and respectable tilik. lishmenL No. 64 Water - street, four bouses of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistance a. lone calculated 6 prevent disclosure. NAnd heri let me claim your serious attention Remember a superficial cure is co cure at all ; unless the business it radically done, you will certainly havi the disorder break out again with redoubled ma lignity, at souit future period ; perhaps Uien will be too late for remedy. I )on't too often meet i the ttrccts miserable, mutilated hr - inrs, withnit even a bit of nose on their face I Take warning I beteech you. Dr. It's, character for skill and rtuhhora ir.ts - gri'.y being universally known in thit city, sines 1K04, guarantee to patients that delicacy nnds. crecy hitherto unkm'Wn, and having confined l.u practice for years past, exclusively to the cure ol diseases of tne blood system, they may safely calculate on the most decided advaotngei in consulting Dr. H. Gleets eradicated in two or three wrekn. Stiicturc removed without bougies or any other instrument ; and all debilities: likewise all old ulcerations, fistula's tic, A plurality of ollicet are provided, and to lifi - ated that patients are not exposed toeacfcoOr's observation. Open till baJf past 9 in the evening. All persons concerned are invited to he free ib falling, and shaking wih Dr. H. which is Ire of cost. Ann here the 1 octor cannot, avoid th expreision of gratitude for innnmerable recom - menduflons, and for the decided preference fit ii presumed with just cause) long given him hy t judicious puhlic, N. R. All letters must be pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 1 Nt.U liEH iUAt A AM' .VOJt Woi. TION. Ei It. EVAN'?' superior Jmethod of curing a certain Disease, isnowuniver. tally arkunwledged inUiil city : his m - xle oftreotiaenl is perfectly mild, tale, e - en - unions, ana mi cnarg t reasonable. In every n stance he warrrmtt a cor, and will return the rmv iff - i2jdoei not erform agreeable jjljlU CWIMTilCl. 1 1 1 . al.inl.rl UIPMrV IkllMln. I . A t, iuc .iiivic . HitvuH uuservcu. Tliere are many persont io this city and itt vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, such as cancers, eld inveterate ulcers, tcmXu.i or kingt evil? fistulas, diseases of the urefbnt bladder nnd kidnies, ofd complicated compljuirs of a certain nature, bilious and other obstructions, rheumatism, i c. which they consider ict rnhle, Uiey ran certainly be cured fin general) by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store. No, 9. Peck - slip, having practiced in exteisiv hospital in Europe 12 years, uude r some of U; Grit Surgeons and Physicians in the world, and made those obstinate diseases Lie constant study for 30 years. Oct It r I 1 1 E public is respect - X fully informed that the ELEPHANT now exhibiting bt No. 238 Broadway, will positive - y be removed a ur a - loutthelst April next. Those that wish to grati fy their curiosity, hy viewing the wonderful work ofnature, will do well to embrace this opportunity. Admittance 25 cents. WHEATON k da - vis; Fancy Chair Manufbc turen, No. 153 Fulton - strett, opimsite St. Pauls Chnrrb, ofler for sale, wholesale nd retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and omsment , ed in gold kronre, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs. Sofas, Settees, Loungees, Music Stools, fcc. Orders irom any part or the continent execu with neatness and dispatch. Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamented. . mh 9 JtElY DHESSIA'G ROOM. AFRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - treet, just . turned from Italy, hat the honour to inWJ" the gentlemen, that he cuts and dresses hi'" the latest style, and in a marner o as to adop it to the phiiiognoray. He lias for sale q"BV" ty of RAZORS of the first quality, if tbrj not please on trial, the purchaser aie at jj" to return them, and receive the money. He likewise procured avery fine houe, and engBg" lettnre raww to a very keen edge and h they not cut he will receive no reeompence. Those gentlemen who ronv please to honor ntm s - ith their patronage, may depend on tbe m" particular and respectful attendance. N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe by Uie quitter will have their razors, Ac. kept excluiivtiy for themselves. , in! P. S. A good journeyman wactej. APP' as above. mh6U . fiir debt A DIavIUIsI I ION on impnsonBrin j i. as the practice exist in the tate of York, by Howa.d, price 37 1 - 2 cents. . J Discourses chiefly on devotional salyecis, i t.jBteRevd. Newcomb Cappe, witb with chancer, and anecdotes of his Th fl contemponries):r - v 1 hornas Daviei,p;ti 1 for sale .t No. 3 an tire", yj rn mh 13 r - i c. NEW - YORK : .rn PRINTED AND PUBLISHED y1CUAEL Ic CO. NO. riB S - TSSi . - I!

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