The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 3, 1944 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1944
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

IOVIEISSEEN !Y SULLIVflNS Private'Showing Is Given Waterloo Couple By JOAN YOUNGER New York, U.R)--The parents of |the five Sullivan boys of.Water- oo, Iowa, sat hand in hand in a irk projection room and wept at .e moyie of their fighting sons ho died in the same action. "It sure puts you in mind," they id repeatedly. "I couldn't help but cry," Hrs. nomas Sullivan said. "It was al- ost like having them around [ain." ' * The movie of the boys, who were Ued during the battle ot the Sol- omons in November, 1942, when their ship the cruiser Juneau was sunk, was shown to the Sullivans privately. ' "We"wanted it private because we didn't want to break down or anything when we go to a premiere," Mrs. Sullivan explained. "It isn't that we don't think of the boys all the time anyhow--but it's kind of hard to remember so much." Several times the picture, entitled "The Sullivans," d r e w chuckles. Once when the screen showed Dad Sullivan curing the boys of smoking by giving them a cigar each and making them puff deeply, Sullivan slapped his knee, and said: "Yes, sir, I remember that day. They didn't smoke for a long time after that." When the story o£ how the boys, then in their early teens, nearly drowned on the .-iver and they promised their mother never to set foot in a boat again, Mrs. Sullivan sighed deeply. After the picture closed, she recalled the scene. "But I didn't know that boat had a sail on it," she said. "I didn't really hear about them nearly drowning until days afterwards. · By the time they made that promise most of the scare was gone out of them." "It was a lovely picture, Mom," Sullivan said. "The boys sure would have liked it fine." "Those actors were grand, just grand," Mrs. Sullivan said. "They sure put me in mind of the boys. Al, riD always was the baby to me, he was always tagging along after/the rest--just like it showed. And George, the oldest, he took care of them all, just like in the picture." "They ^ sure were real boys, weren't they, Mom," Sullivan said. "It don't seem quite' real they're goine." Village of Kermit Wants to Dissolve in N. Dakota But Can't Bismarck, N. Dak., (U.R) -- The village of Kermit, N. Dak., wants to dissolve, but It can't. · .The attorney general advised Divide county attorney that dissolution of the village can be effected only by obtaining a petition with the signatures of one- third of the legal voters to be submitted to a board of trustees who would order an election. He suggested the village await action by the next legislature. because the community has no election board, no assessor, no tax collector, no trustees, no marshall, no government--just 2 inhabitants. PLAN MORE MEALS WITH UN RATION ED FOODS! WE WILL GLADLY CASH PAYROLL CHECKS Enriched Flour Baking Powder Calumet . 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Ib. 15c Roast . . . . Ib. 23c Cr*l« "A" Sm.I.rf ' s pi,. It.) Saptr-mtfht (6 pis. Ib.) Hams . wtoi, lb. 32c Leg-o-Lomb L..33c SPRY Olives Queen Staffed 5 Pfs. Pound IRISCO IFEBUOY-cs,. IB V UA TOILET SOAP JgE_FEB«UA»T "WOMAN'S BAT"--te BRO\VN STAMPS V 1 W Now Effective Fresh Colored (la pts. lt» Cheddar. . Ib. 32c Sweet Slitter. " s plj. Ib.) Oleo Ib. 25c TChlte Ransc Evap. ' Milk . 3 SS, 26c Sherteniny (5 pts, ID.) dexo l£22c.£;63c Sannj-JJeJd Pure Lard. t)i'67e GREEN STAMPS ,G H J K L M Effective lel Monte Fancy 14 pts. ea.) Figs J i.V22c Sultana Ked K i d n e y « its. ea.) Beans . . . . "£· 9c Clapn's Strained (1 p(. ea. Baby Foods "^ 7c Clapp's Chopved (I pi. t». Baby Foods *%? 7c SalUna Slratr.-Apple (» pi,, ea.) Preserves . MARKETS BACK THE ATTACK Buy at least one extra $10* W a r Bond. Do it Today! IBICBT TO UUTT QUANTITIES SESEKVEBI GILCHRIST CITES 'ORK PARADOX Producers Can't Sell, Consumers Can't Buy Washington. (IP)--Rep. Fred C. rilchrist R.-Iowa) considers it a 'strange paradox that we must apply to the war food administra- lon for leave to sell hogs and at he same time housewives cannot suy pork without paying a large amount of ration coupons." The situation is such, he said, hat producers cannot sell and consumers cannot buy. "About a year "ajo," Gilchrist asserted in the congressional record, "farmers and stock raisers were importuned to raise an increased amount of hogs and were assured that a market price floor would be put upon them so that here would be a'reasonable prof- t In Ibis industry. "These farmers accepted this lituation and raised a large and unprecedented number of hogs in .943. It is well that they did so '·The WFA and CCC kept Jhcir romise in regard to the floor rice and fixed such price at 113.75 'per hundred at. Chicago. Jut just now a serious complicu- ion has arisen concerning hog ·aisers for they cannot sell their 'ogs. a "The packers will not take hese hogs because there is a glut n the offering of them. ; "II is'said that last week there vere 11 miles of trucks bringing hogs to tht market that were vailing to unload in the hog pens at Omaha. It was impossible for he packers to receive them. "Many of these farmers went lome with their hogs, but some could not. There is and has been n enormous glut in the market, mt those in cHarge predict that :his will not last long and that the most serious part of it will "oon be over." The WFA's action in raising the weight ceiling on hogs from 300 pounds to 330 pounds "so that farmsrs will not be penalized any longer for selling hogs up to 330 pounds" will help, Gilchrist said adding that "We are thankful for this modification and hope that the marketing glut will be over in 3 weeks." ASTP Men rlave Heavy Schedules Iowa City--Heavy work schcd- les which would shame the pre- var civilian student are carded y the army specialized training rogram cadets at the University f Iowa as their learning is much topped up over normal times. This is pointed, out by Doctor 'illiam D. Coder, administrative Distant of (he liberal arts army rogrum. He said that the work load aries, the heaviest being that of le pre-medical students who pend 40 hours out ot a possible 4 in classes. Most trainees in the basic phase pond 35 hours per week in class r supervised activity, in contrast o the civilian freshman or soph- more average of 15.5 hours. In eneral, the work of the civilian emester is covered in about 12 /eeks. "How the courses arc taught nd what textbooks are used is ?ft up to the university, although lie army prescribes the courses. L national examination, called le G. I. test by the cadets, is ivcn "at the end of each term, .'hile local tests are administered t the discretion o£ Wie instruc- or," Dr. Coder said. This week is the "academic jreak" between terms, he said, xplaining that most ot the cadets Bi-Partian Palestine Resolution Is Hailed by Silver and Wise New York--Dr. Abba Hillel Silver ot Cleveland and Dr. Stephen S. Wise of New York, co-chairmen of the American Zionist Emergency Council, hailed the bi-partisan Palestine resolution introduced in the U. S. House of Representatives by Rep. James A Wnght, D-Pa.), and Ranult Compton, (R-Conn.) - The resolution calls on the United "use its good-offices and take appropriate measures to the end that the doors of Palestine shall be opened for free entry of Jews into that country and that there, shall be full opportunity for colonization, so that the Jewish people may ultimately reconstitute Palestine as a free and democratic Jewish Common wealth:" Df. Silver described the measure as "a great act in behalf of r great cause in a great and historic hour," arid added that "all men o good-will everywhere--Jews anu non-Jews alike--will applaud anc indorse the spirit of statesmanshij and noble humanity which moti vated the introduction of this res olution." · Urging that the resolution bi adopted without delay and tha Its adoption be "as Impressive anc significant as was the unanimous adoption of the Lodge-Fish resolution of 22 years ago," Dr Wis declared: "The introduction of th Wright-Compton resolution 'is y: th another step on the way to in, end of the White Paper and th beginning of a new policy in re lation to Palestine. The Congressional resolution would reinstat the BaJfour Declaration in the place of the White Paper, which should never have been written.' Dr. Silver warned that the work of the newly-formed War Refugee Board "will be doomed to failure as were all previous efforts on the p a r t of intcr-governmenta agencies. If Palestine is again ex eluded from consideration as th major place for large-scale Jewisi immigration." Yank Guard Tells Why .He Had to Kill Cow in Italy By ROBERT VERMILUON United Press War Corresponds. With American Forces on Beach head, Italy, Feb. 1. (U.R) _ Capt C h u c k Lydiard, of Westfiek Mass., vouches for this one. An American mess scrgean drove up to the company fcitchei in a jeep containing 2 private and also many juicy steaks--i the form of a dead cow. "Where did you get that dea cow?" Lydiard, commander of a armored company, asked. "Private Schmidt (H e r m a Parksville, the mess S. Ca: sergeai Schmidt, of shot it. sir,' answered. Lydiard lectured Schmidt o the shooting of civilian proper! and demanded an explanation. "Well, sir," Schmidt said, " was on guard last night and hear a rustling in the bushes. "I called 'Who goes there?' an all I got was more rustling in th bushes. 'I challenged again and thi party in the bushes said 'moo moo.' So I fired. "Moo was not the password.' Army-operated manufacturin plants have an accident frequenc rate 30 per cent lower than pri vate plants with army contracts are absent on furlough. Replacements tor the 556 men who were graduated last Saturday already arc arriving, with several new sections scheduled to start Feb. V. Those include the reserves, or 17 year olds; acoustics and optics, an advanced course; and a special area course. Sister Kenny to Ask to Stay in U. S. Under 3 Conditions Only Minneapolis, (U.R)--Sister Elizabeth Kenny, founder ot the Kenny institute for treatment ot infantile paralysis, said her tenure of residence in this country would expire in May and she would seek an extension only on 3 conditions. They were: 1. That the people of the United States support the institute "Where it is acknowledged by many medical men the very best results are obtained;" 2. That the University of Minnesofa take immediate steps to preserve her work iii acceptable manuscript form; and 3, That she be allowed to arrange a "suitable [teaching program" under which other Kenny technicians can be trained. Sister Kenny, who cuine to the United States from Australia in 1940, said she had presented "indisputable evidence" last week to a group o[ orthopedic physicians and surgeons that "there is a method of early diagnosis of infantile paralysis." "This contribution," she said, "is the greatest of all for it will fur- MnLClarks SALADDRESSING Thursday, Feb. 3, 1944 17 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE thcr reduce tiie crippling effects ot the disease." A«a Visfa--Mr. and Mrs. Vincent and family, who have been making their home on the Clancy farm west of town, moved their household goods to Alta Vista Tuesday and will make their home here in the Gerhardt house. DISTRIBUTED BY Iowa State Brand Creamries, Inc. and for Your Lunch Box Sandwiches r.' c.. '%t;a-K ir i H U. S. CHOICE fegg .. n- -. . - fflf rti ssssis QUALITY MEATS B££F ROASTS BEST BLADE CUTS 25 RIB STEAKS 29c U. S. CHOICE POINT VALUE 8 POINTS Pan Roils L* 17c i* 33c u, 27c _ u 43c Green Beans U. S. CHOICE-ROUND W U OiM . BACON SQUARES i Point : I.EAX--KRISXCHEB--S rnlmll PORK CUTLETS . nKCKKITS tI.l PASKIO.VKD RING BOLOGNA UOSKFISH FISH FILLETS ... C Rye Bread ^^ NAT ION AI. niU-.At) Lb Cracked Wheat STEAK 37«, OMK ARA1N KBAND--Pohit Vate J« p eas ~z B A K E D B E A N S POINT VALUE 12 V A N . f »m CAMP'S i^C C^A. *; ioc jj F/?£S// FRUITS^'^AND^VEGETABLES PUDDINGS 5c BUTTER Corn Couulry or Brook- f i e l d , \f, Paints, Per 45' SALERNO SOU.\ CR.*CKEns SALTINES SALERNO CRACKERS GRAHAMS POST'S BRAN FLAKES .. BREAKFAST CEREAL Cream of Wheat. l-lb. rtt. GRAPEFRUIT 5 28' TEXAS MARSH ALL SIZES - 14c 2#~os. *%·*% _ rkr. 22 C EGC.S Fresh From Xear.iv Ka T«r tloien .\ . . . . 32 K~*S m CARROTS 10 CALIFORNIA Large Bitch Shredded Wheat KKr.r.oco's PEP 10c 9c SUNKIST NAVEL FHF^H AND (RKEN BROCCOLI ^·InT TEXAS CABBAGE . . . . . . USE FOK HEALTH LEMONS TE"JER AXII OKldr RADISHES 3 CAUFOnXIA JIRENTWM?Tt PASCAL CELERY SUNKIST NAVEL H^ ^ .^ ORANGES. 5 45 S W A N SOAP * WAYS ·ETTEK L _ M.d. Sii. fC C,k, W O O D B U R Y ' S FACIAL SOAf WINDOW CI-EANF.R WINDEX VTAX PAl'KK RAP-IN-WAX SO-MIil.K TEAM BORAX H A N D SOAP BORAXO 13c 13c MR. F A B M E R BRING US Y O U R E G G S ^NATIONAL F O O D S T O R E S

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