The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 25, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1818
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i w c - .. - - WANTED. A room suitable for an Office, in or near Hiidsbn - streeL Appljattluiou.ce. vs. emu - - .... rub 23 w . TO LET; CJJljj The whole or part of a genteel two - ttorj . brici - bouse. Willi a stable iq the rear, ia Ike uleaautest part of Broadway, within three quar ten of a mile of the City - Hall The terms rea oaable to a rood tenant. For further particu Ian, euauireat 189 Broad war,' opposite John - street. LIME BUHNERS. WANTED three or four experienced lime burners, who ran be well recommended. To such constant employ and liberal wages will be giveoj Apply to EZRA LUDLOW, 34 Beaver - st. TO LLT. iSiBThe house No. 34 Beaver - street, for one or two yean Apply at abore. men 25 DiCtf fKH To Let at titoomingdalt, V?A The la rare, convenieut and nleasanlly situated home of the subscriber, with the out building! and ground. oppfite the new Sb'ne Church on th Bloorainedale - nad, 4 1 aides froiu' town, now in the possesion of the British Con,.. App.y.o jonj h TALMAN ma 85 lm . 14' Pearl - street. TO LET, A very convenient house, with about bati an acre of ground, about a mile from the city, adjoining the house occupied by Mr. More - wweJt betwiit Greenwich and the Broadway road. Apply to JOHN R. MURRAY, rod 23 tf Hud'nii - sqiwe. INDIGESTION, or SOLR STO dACH, IS acknowledged by medical writers to Lea complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all times very dillkiilt of cure. This is sufficiently illut trated in the disappointment of thote who unfortunately suffer under if, hi the , for the most part, fitd that alter having tried many things to lit'! - or no purpose, they are at lasl obliged to u (or pcrhaia ll.e remainder of life) nub article. i can a'., best but palliate Iheditea - e Under such circumstances, any medicine capahle of removing the complaint, mint surely he an article highly deserving the atientim of all th r wh. are afflicted with it ! su h acomliriation it to he met with in DR. MEAO'S ANTI - LY. - EP - TIC or STOMACH 1'ILLS the success .i which has never jet been equalled, for the cure of dyspepsia in id most complicated forir, t:Ki as loss of appetite, uaua, heart dun., tl.liilon cy, knawmg pain in the stoma, h, pui'i in the tide, great cottiveness, paleness hi the countenance, languor, lownes nf - , pain i th, hfr.d, virtigo r giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever in nlie ihpse mill in the j1 ove dim av. acrnrdimr to the directions, will m ver hr Ji.m - 1 pointed, ts thejr ha1 e never hem ow e k'iovn to in 'I ii. producing a radical and pcrni incut cure Tbe i;e of a tiiiKle In s will envmec the niji unll.'cvine of their efficacy. Tl.ey will ws effectually remove all 'ourmsi of the slnm - tcli not merely by neutral I i z the" acid. but hy cor tecting that niorliid vt.ntc oi ibe ecretion - wliii I gives rise to it. and at the name time will restore to Ihede: ilitate.l orgnns of di.'ti"n, that tone ami vi.,ur wlnvh i iiiis .liiti - Iv neceisary t the well ln - ins "f the aniina1 economy, i'lice oot dollar per li Forak 'jv JOIl C M.')ltr.I - ON. Drusnitt, i liil; tireiiwi.'!i - strert Where inny he h id, wholesale and r - til. and entrat assort m nt nf genuine Unm snU lcnu in. : surgciis lnstiuments; Apol'ie - ar' var. ; t hkIi" and Mm - riccn rn tet Me.l'ViiH - f. AIo. Oyer's and Kull - r's aiti ciii. Medicine Chetts, kc. On liberal terms, ndi 2m Ji W DKlliA A I.N'hOld particular its. ilaueira U ine, of best quality, iu piper, lib' I - ana qr. ca.ks I or ale hy inch 21 3t W. NK.II. - ON I CO. 1AS t;AIM M r. T kV ARKs. I J cask I ('i let. K .obs, ic handtomely assort d, and ol new patterns, i r ;iV by tlt;ill) ti hKWALL, mh 12 f.5 l..iili street. ION bi IUCb6 bales prune Upiaud V uoiion 4 do Ncw - OrIean di 112 tierces Rice - In storo and forsa'e by GRI?WULD A: COATES mill? 611 'iiutii - t'reet. CVVLCUI I A eUGAit 3tu leileil and ' plain white of uperirr qualiiy. landing at Coeo'ics slip, for sale it 6? . - oiith street, hy CAMBKELENii et PE iRiON mh17 1 J ADEIRA WIN.. 34 pipes 3 J half pipe, lfl. and 54 quarter ca.kj London particular Mh Iui - a Wine, the thief part or whi.h k ol a very supciioi qiulity, and is from 5 to 7 year old. I lie wlio.e h:tst)cnu im'rt(d nv the sul tcrihem, and will be told at moderate prices to dealers or private familn'. I UCKER& La'Rlt'.S, mch 17 19 v)'ili - s' I O 'kl 1, til. ii.lUUU.S, i - T M i ''II. - , X - 3 d.s iinds - iaie y Cianitut ed iiiriorr 16 toil mche 1 case .'ilt Pier iiihsi, wit hlck reeded irames, ocat.y orm.uienleU with arved 1 ab lets 3 do Dressing Besfc Reveno Swings 4 do Kilvered PI..U iu tilatk reeded irames t do unsilvered do. 1 do rich cut Glu Pans 1 do Tin Foil 1 1 to 31 inches, for sale by PI.TLR KEM3EN & CO. wh 3 26 S'lu'h street. Cs. i.MIU'i CKAPE? - ill cares Canton Ulk Crapes, just received and li - rsale hy P. RE.VtSEN & CO. "ihlg ''6 amith street. f wl lv 6i KlCr 0 bales prune Upland II? tierces prime Rice landing from ship Mary Aaputta, for sal. hy GRIaWOLbg a COATl.o, mh9 611 South stieet. . LJ ERRING? CHOCOLATE M) U.I 1 J. .'S 1st tort Heirinxs 40 do No. 2 Chocolate Juit received nii ui saie oj CAMBRELENG & TEARiON, 10 6" Koiith - nreet I.ATE GLASS. 450 sherts picture glass. tors. ' llll .mi. mi uixu juM rcicivtd ami wry IIU UO & SEW ALL, ; 10 65 S'nilh - tre.'t. L' LOU II AkI harrels tialliinorp tfti.iut.rrl street 1 1 Jour, landing and ..r Ip hv . .. Joseph osborn, U 2!! Smith tr.t Mv.BACCO - W fir quality, lam ninis. ifci. I t.harc. . fune - - .. .. ,ua.iijtillTHiiNw inn ciij irniu on Doaru U...l;h.. it . . 6 fuiiiid, iromavaniiHn, ..r sle liy CA.MHRELENG PEARSON. tnh 10 fi7 R.iiili - 'I i1 CCO It ICE. 100 quintals ln.t qua hi? r - naniih 'I'nl.nrrn M t.ercrs prime Rice, per schr. South Ca Winu, lor sale by JONES U MEGRATH, ttJ 'itllh - sfrert. tth7 1 UrAt;CO - 3 hlidi. Nortn Carolina Toliac - 1 t o, lor sale by R. 6i C. W. DAVENPORT k CO. Hih 3 297,,. "'tY Ft OL"t. L uof. ao.1 :3 do fine, lnndinr fmm el, fmm Rirhinood, tor sale hv h 18 IMVIK KETHUNE & CO. lUt.KF.R.VLUHIf.S. V9 South street. A i nY un - .... 'Levi Suaifil to sive leswiiui on I' c - ivT3, 1 r,e - nfonne he public, that fnVale - tetU - nr" l"n'i, at '" - ',n'" m:"le J"'" Read. 4ttc.No 521 p1 Of Ales. ndt - M. " - "Mills lhr limx Pit LIVERPOOL, The well known copnered shin IM - POUTER, James Rosen, master, are - uldr trader. As her freifht is principally engaged, the will sail oil the 5th of April, f or freight of 150 bales of cotton, or passage, apply on board, al Pier No. 12, or to Ctt.1 RLES HALL, 1 Beaver st. men 19 t or iuile, Pr t ight or Charter, The brig RECOVER, Owen, mas - ter, 2 12 tons : will carry about 2750 1M i u well found, and a sound good vessel ; lias at pier No. 10, E. R. Apply to JOi. OSBORN, mh 17 SB South - st. For oae, t'rmght or Charier, The brig ROllERT, Pope, master, 289 tons ; will carry 3200 bbls ; 2 years oiu; well found, and a good vessel lies at pitr No. 9. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, mh 17 28 South - st. fV HAVRE. The ship ELIZABETH, Morris A - daois master ; now loadine, and will sail in all neit week. For freight or passage, apply on hourd, - t pier No. 7, N. R or to DlViE BETHl'NE H CO. mh 16 92 C. H. Slip. If'onrrf to Charier, A good V ESSEL that will carry 600 Lbbls. for a voyage to Bermuda. Imme - di lie liispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER fi LAURIE.V, mh 13 , 29 South - street. For MOBILE il BL.HKELEif, The substantial and fast saiiirgneu fcschr. ANN - MARIA. CiDt. Wnclit, 0i ton, having two thirds of her cargo engaged ami ru board, will meet with despatch For'the reniaindt r ol lier Irught or pasture, having gtwvl .ici nmmuiliitions lor calun and steernue p;tssen gcrs, apply on bonrd at Pier No. 4 E. River, or io 1'fclMlS & Hr - KKll'lv, 12 ;9 t'oentiefc - siip, ROBERT GII.lEc PIE. No. 112 lroul - H It olfcrs lor site 4ifJ ourruis Virginia Tlotir 'H ,10,';oeUd,neiweOM KichmoodTobacco 1(1 do Petrsburgh TV)bacco 21 bales Upland Cotton. '.it licries ... 20 half tierce') K,te ' IjU bars St. Ootninjio. ( r.K - 64 degree,, H.v; , Coffee 5 tons Lignumt ila: Port. Clnrct ai.d Mui.eiia Wine, in hhds. and qu.irurcaks ilois.T red I crt :ne, incates ol 3tlnzrn each FREIGHT FOR DPOtvTO. F0 Som' vesse' bo,",,l 10 Oporto may V?ifc '"f" '""' 100") i.uahelsia.rnonireiglit j..l)ANAS. 4 cases lirsl quality Uan - M.3 donnas, fur sale by P. REM EN & CO. 26 S .tith stieet. mil 10 tl;l GOODS. 4U0 bales Ucngal cotton, U'O do. piece goods 100!.' bags sugar ; 1000 do. pinger dW) do. saltpetre , lU'JO pieces tiag and bandanna hdkfii for sale by t.OODHUK & CO mh 21 41 South - street. '1F.A. W IM. i.nd I jyLO't . - '.OUE. 2H0 Broadway, corner Reed - st I AMES P. AN DOE oll'.rs lor tale a genera! tJ assortment ol Freih 1 eat, Sugars, Coffee, Chocolate Old Cognac Brandy Holland Gin and Jamaica Spirits Madeira, Port, Snerry, L.P. Teneriffe and o - ther wines Tallow and Sperm. Candle Tahiti BaskvtSalt, London Mustard Fresh Sweet Oil in iMittie 1 Martinique Ciihnls, Sitices, tic. Sic. vMiich will he disposed of at moderate ad vance for caih. mh 21 "t Old LONDON PARTICULAR TENERIFFE V.INE. - 5 quarter casks nearly equal to Madeira 2 i'i dry Lisbon, wi'h a genera assortment oi firl quality Teas nnl Grnreries Very old Jamaica Spirits, Irish YYhiskey Oi l IV.o h and Cognac Brandy Fih Sauces, English li".coii and Split Peas Doiit.l'f Glouce'ter and Cneshirc Cheese Very "uperior American and Pine Apple do Lmdon Broun stout, Hams, Shoulders Smoked Uecf, Cordial, Stou - hton Bitters OemiJ'ihns, Large Buttles and Bristol V arc. Alto, a small aisortuieii' ofearttita aud glasswareFor sale cheap for cash, by EUW. BLAt.KFORD. 157 Greenwich - street. A fi'w quarter boxes ol good Spanish Srgars mn rj - .'w 1Hik, yfiEL, .iMO IUMM.1HE. y ? Tons English iron, aesorted, in flat J V and square bars, a part of which i entitled lo debenture. 100 tons round iron, assorted, frem 1 - 2 to 1 1 - 2 inch 100 do Swedes' flat iron, from 1 to 5 inches 50 do do square, assorted, from 1 - 2 to 3 1'iches 50 do each flat anj square Russia iron SO do country iron assorted 20 do plough share moulds 10 do axletree and crowbar moulds 10 do horse - shoe moulds 20 do brazier's rods, assorted, from 3 - 10 te 3 8uuh 30 do apike and nail rods, assorted 10 do ihcet and boiler plate iron 60 do English and American Hoep 10 do English (L) blistered steel 10 do Swedes steel 10 do Crawley do 6 do German do 5 do shear aud cart steel 20 do Hre - tol and Nova Scotia grind stones aborted 500 anchor?, a - sorted, from 50 to 20001b. 1 do about 90001bs. 60 rolls sheet lead, ast'd 3 to 6 Ihi per foot 100 casks spikes, ass'd. from 4 to 9 inches '00 no cut nails from 2d to 20d , 50 do wrought nails, assorted 20 do slate and horse nails 10 tons iron pots and bake pans, ass'd from 1 to 10 gallons, entitled to debenture. 5 tons English spelter 20 do Amen, an hollow ware, contitticj of Pots, kefles, hake - pant. Skillets, spiders, tea kettles, Ar.d.ron, He. 10 casks trace, ox and boat chains Anvil, vices, and beak irons Forge, sledge and band nammers Mill, cross - cut and pit saws Cart, Waggon aad (.hair B. - xes W iodow Glaus of different sizes Shovels, Spades, 11. ten, iic. Together with ar - sttral assortment of Hard ware and Cutlery, far sale oo reasonable terms, by ABEEL Si DUNSCOMB, io. J63 Wafer st comer of Janiet - slip. mh 23 lm FOR SALE. A PAIR of hay HOKsE.S, well broke and fovtid. F - r particulars call at Shaw's Li very - tSable, in Liberty - street, ner Broadway. tun v. zi IRLsll FRUIT 50 boxes Orange and 50 do Lemuos, just received, tor sale by JOS JOHNSON, mh 13 9 Gouretm iirs lane. I iur - v hales 1st eirt Hips, gro wth ol m. - a. ion, iii receiveo and W sale p? CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, mhlO 67 SoeUi - sireeL P FRENCH CAMBRIC PLA !LLAS,&C 2 cases cont'g 40 pt. linen cambric do oarso brown r'at - bas I... nm ..i.. . ,m ..jai ea h For ,le b N.4D rtl.furr, ih mch 18 64 rioeuVstreeL . V at s it ol of ih the sea, and a all lo lor i 'i vi ?ALE BY I Jojfmmk Glau and Franilin ft Minium. Tuesday, 31st in it. ai 10 o'clock, at the aiure iiu. mj noum - sireci, ouinisiiv uic steam - boat wharf, between Heekmaa and Bur - linc - slips, all the TEAS aod CASSIA, just arrived in the ship lluntresf, Allen, master, from Canton, vit : 9jv chests hyson skin tea 7.2 da young hyson tea zi)4 nan chests on 100 5 catty tioies do 100 10 do do 100 13 do do 100 15 do do 100 - 0 do do 3tH) chests hson tea, 123 half chests do 2H0 10 catty boxes do 00 botes, cont'g 2, 3 and 41b canuistert do COS chests souchong tea 4' hf. chests do. 700 qr chests bobea 1H9 halt chests gunpowder tea 85 5 catty boxes do 82 bnxi.'t, conl' 2, 3 aod 4 lb caouisters do 7 chests imperial lea 40 h ues of 20 catty do 100 do j do do 120 do 10 do do 57 boxes, roti'g 2,3 and 4lh. C an ni tiers do And on Friday, the 3d of April, 2000 boxes CHLA WALE, consisting ol enamelled tea cups and taucers, dining and tea - sets, breakfast cups and saucers, blue uiid white plates, dishes, kc. The above teas are all fresh, and of very till rior quality, selected by a very cnn.pctent judge, and particularly calculated lor this market; and the china comprises a very extensive ationmeni. ran UHEE!'LGS - 8 hales Flen sh Shee tines, for O sal by JAMES G. KING Ac CO. mh 24 No. 61 Pine street Fl'RMTCRE niKflTIKK COUN TKHPAaKS, Ut'lLTS. 6lC. tiC I Si C. SUVL)Ai havejutt received per Im - ti porter, 4 cases iringed counterpanes and cradle co vers 2 do mnneilles quilts, part of bnth very large sizes, el. (tan' anil new a' terns 2 cases furniture and haloun dimities 5 truni.1 cambric luiiilins, part undressed I do tioe ginghams Also, jutt come to fnnd W fcox (14 u per cambric dimities 1 do men's and ladies' cotton lio,iery ats'd 2 Pales linen bed ticks part supertin Irish linens, theetinga, diapers, table cloths Lor.g lawnt, black lineni. Sic. 6ic. For sale on ac omin.iilntiiig ttrn.s, by the package or retail, at .No 61 Maiden Lane. mh .4 I iv rPKOi CANDLES. 250 boxes Convulses JL jMonld Candli.t, for sale hy BEMF.V I It G LE, ttiii 24 Iw No. (HI V? at'T street. LIVt.FOOL Cu.Ji. .1 1 l.J.i t. NuW landing from the ships importer aud t tiphrate.', LiverKxl new pit coal of the oest quality, (or sale iu lob to suit pun Ii tsera, by ipplying on boanl at Pine - tlreet wharf and at I'ier No. 12 Fast river, or to LAIN'G k RANDOLPH, nu b 24 41 9ft Vrsev t'u - el. UN POW I ER A snp,.ly oi Guu KM Ponder, from the"trani; V .rUs sale by ml. 24 JA.ViES 1 1' WOLF, Jr. f7 Front stnet. URY GOuDs. Y'fTLLS, PURDY & Co. 212 Pearl strert, XI m. corner of Fletcher - street, oiler f.u ale '.lie following goods, just lanJiug horn the Impor - er: 9 8 fine and super Irl - h shiritingt 9 - 8 fiae and upcr MadaKillam do. Light grouud plate, and dark ground fancy calicoes Super .viKT light ground chiutz cambric do. and remaiiuiiii of fin mer immr aioni, Jaconet corded bo der beck hilkt's. 7 - 8 silk and colion giughams Fine colore.1 arsueU , Imperial 3 o d, litlc,aud blue markingthread 3 - 1 and 9 8 tlnped and cbe ked Collou ginghams, assorted 9 - 8 seer - suckr 'ilk stripe ginghams; 1 - 2 HI fancy twilled ilk niu. - hus ; 6 - 4 Italian striped ilk and cotton drews eutitl - d to (lel'i uiure, aud calculated fur cxpurla - tion Silk lace veils, dresses, caps, scarves, slcev. s, tic - Air.. AIh). Lockfioe herrings, aud a few Nova Scotia g' i'.d tones. mh 2J 6t LHiR f.I.E by JOsEPlt BAlcS, No. 65 Pmc - itreel, Bom base tts, well assorted, iust landing Yorkshire and West ol England Cloths Low - pried, Middling and West of England Cassimercs Green, Blue and White Halfthicks & KeneyV mn 21 4: KEJVDEIU.U TALlAJW U HlUhS. VFEW thousand pounds New - York Tallow, and 2000 Slaughtered Hides, for sale. . plyto T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market. ml. II tf tlOTfON YARN louo lbs. Cotton Yarn, No 15 and 16, Twist and Filling, tor salt No. U Fletcher street, mh 14 For &att, vr Escharee tor vroutrty in the il , city. A FARM containing 60 acres, pleasantly tuated on the Hudson river, and adjoining the village of Newbu.gli The land is of an exc. - llent quality, and with tbe exception of a tew acres, lias been ceded with timothy and clover for mowing j it is well watered by a smullbrook that never fail; the place mImhiikIs with fruit of the chnxest kind and in great va riety i the buildings are a house, barn and iv ther necessary out bout s i in point of pleas antoess of situation and extensive prospect, is not exceeded by any place oil the Htidsoi riv.r. The rapid crrowth of the vil lure of Aewburgh is generally known, the Village is now bounded by ihe farm on the north, and the firsts slension noith (which will probably take place in tbe course of a tew years) brings it immediately on to the farm t'the advaiiiacres such an event speak for themselves. Also. ii tun 2 miles nf the farm. 50 acres wood land i the ood is about 20 ears growth alia the land is well covered with ii ; i.i is a valuable acquisition to the farm on river. Alx, a farm in Connecticut, in the town ol (uillord, at oarhemshead harbor, containing between 60 aod 70 acres. The land is ofau excellent quality, and the greatest part is in U modiv erass, Il it bounded on three sides bv the whRtt anords ample sources or manure, saves much fencing. There is on the place bouse, bent and out - buildings, sufficient for purposes of Ins larm. For terms of tbe Newhurgh property, appl Messrs J. U T PoweL at that place; and the Guilford farm, to Mr. John Caldwell, at (.tuition! ; or tar both, to the subscriber in New York, at Ne. 181 Broadway. rl tKKl CALDWELL, m.h 6 D2aw4wf l.iw4w .t. A l .i ... j.iat rcc - 1 - d bi the li iiM Courier, Importer, and F.u phrat s. a l. rf,e and elegant assortment of CARI'K 1 ING. Tne patterns are mot.ern and hkndMime, and the quality jrqiul lo any ever ported. ALSO Hearth Rugs, Green and Blue Table Covers, which he offers for sale at hit .ki i. ' .: r..u. .n.i ri ,. r - l..i. , u trrmmsr, tn nnw; - aT niicrc ma ur d. IVk.iis; Be, Carpet Binding, WaiUuff, fcc tub. 24 3r, I is DRY G60D3. CLANCY plate Cali Marseilles Quilt in gs, V coes Superfine calicoes and chintwi 4 4, 9 - a. 6 4 cambric muslins Camhric jaconets Plain tamhor'd 4t sewed nvills Plain and tsmbor'd lMHk rati t tins 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Black and col'd cam - i.rics Velvets and cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravats, twilled and plain hdkfs, pins Hair cord camlirics, cotton balls White It col'd threads Silk, ki4, and cotton gloves Silk hose, silk fluien - tinei Black hotnhazcens Florence silk, ribbmi, gallnont Florences, plain and figured Virgm'a satins, plaid lustrings FrugM black ilk bkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and chinlzes 4 4,9(1, C - 4, 7 - 4 and H - - 1 printed cambric shawls T 4 4c b - 4 imitation do. 8 4 catsimere do. Bandasno, loncee and sistQrsny hdkfs. P'.iket hdkts. white and printed Hair cord and cambric ibmitiil Jeans, cotton c.R'f imere Striped Florentines Black l.i MadaHiium and steam royal rihbs W hite and prinled sateens Cot too brown hollands Swansdown, toilanettt, silk stripes Cotton and wottted hosiery Irish hnen 4: sheetings Buttons, tied ticks 1 ine and superlin cat - time res Yorkshir. fine and su fierfine cloths London dii do Sup. rfine ladies cloths Boiniiazetts, ratinetts Imperial cords, vigo - nia rassiiucrc. Stockinells, plain and nbliM Flannels, baizes Ferrettt, worsted bindings Shirt buttont, cotlcn lace Paris nctts and souffle gauze Black and white tliulU lace Leno snawls, Ettopil - las Sewing silk, asiorted colors Linen cambrics Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 Si 0 - 4 Diaprrs Furniture Dimities Fancy Leno, & tigured Mutlins Cambric Trimmings, 1 Flounces Seersucker Ginghams K' roall Ildkls. Silk Check Ginghams ?Ai 3 col'd Cambric garments Oil Cloths Biown Linens Merino Shawls Cotton bandannoes 9 - 8 col'd strip'd jaco - netts loom shirtings India muslins, ic tic. Received by the late arrivals and for sale bv HAGGERTY A - AUSTEN, " mh a dic'Jm 16 I'earl - street. .Ml I.I I'AKY iiOt.V IV LANDS. ' MHESolitciiher will pny the highest price In I cah to the late soldieis for their bounty lands. JAMES D. WADSWORTII. No. i'6 W'ati r - siriet. N. IL J. I). W purposine to lenve thet ity for the lllinoit Territory, lequests all tht te who employed him to obtain tlitir patents, to call and lake up the same, or rcc, ive Cah lor them. U il take any Hgen y buiinets to the Illinois Tciritorr, relatne to Soldiers claims, lie. Appl) as above. m. li )! UVI' 3wt FlilUT ami FO. .t.iT J'KEE. (T WILLIAM PRINCE has r.r sale at his iiurery at rluilmv. (I.. I ) mar New - Vurk, an extensile Mfoitiiient ol l - .uiopean and Amorii at. r nut and 0.nament.. 'I rri t and N,riihs. The P. acl, Tiers aie in the mott hralthv slut, and ol food tile, many in them having produced liuit in the liUlnei the last t.'aou. I atal gnes ct ihe Nursery ma) be had .t the store of Messrs. 'I'. & J. SWORDS. 1 No. IG'J Pearl - street j Where orders left wi;i be duly utteuded to, and Uietrc. Uc. carclully poked and delivered, tree ol freight, at C rane Whar'. Ne - York. Priuted directions will Ik - luiiithed those wh" purchase penth trees, which if attended to; will .nable them to preserte a large proportion oi itH - tr irrr s in a neaitny nate, and to have peach i.i in a great plenty at formerly, mh 1 9 dlw c2w FRUIT, FOREST TREES, Ac. (Kr BENJAMIN PRINCE J Co have for sale al their fcur - J L i.... f . y I l , v - ytcijr, r niHiiiiig i.niKiing, 11.. l ) it - near .ch I orK, llieir umulund exientue variety ol r.urnpean - r buii nuiciicuii r run unci trun mental I rees. Alto, a large col lection of valuable Shrutit und Plunts ; they have several thou, sand iuorulaled Peach treet, i , . tu.icii are in no incsi iit auny siaie ana irueirnm any distemper, great altenttoo has been paid to preserve th ni lrtu the yellows, which has de - itioyed to many trees of that kind throughout Ihe United Stales. Catalogues of which may he had of Meters. HULL & BOVVNE, No. 146 IVarl - street, New York, or at their Nursery. Orders forwarded to either place will be mime diately attended to, and the trees, Aie. carefully and securely pacveti, so as in no sent in any nart of the United Stales, wilt, the greatest tab; ty, aud lit livered at Crane wharf, New - York, hv water tree ol Ireitht. Also, for sale as above, 1000 beautiful Balm of Gilead or Silver Fir Trees, they are almotl sure to live when transplanted. (tfT As the ereat b s of Peach Trees bydis ease, have detered many from planting them, directions will be given to those who purchase them, win. h ir attended to, will enable litem t preserve their trees in a healthy state, and t have Peaches io as great plenty as in former vears. N. B. Peach trees inoculated on Almond or Plum stocks, it no preventative ogaintt the dis ease, which the rennsylvania Agricultural .ncie ty. rail 'he yellows. mh 23 DfiUiCit MUXES' JtEW - VORK H kFi'Sl'l01ii Walker - st. near Broadway, for the talc ol horses, carria ges, waggous, gigs, chain harness, both new and fecund hand, on commisfiou. The proprietor, having old several hundred carria - .. ii eui icK.riptioiis, since opeuuig Hit - ibove establishment, and the season now coming n when numbers will be id want vf such arti cles, begs leave to inform manufacturers, and o then, that a Literal advance in cath will be made u inch as are sent to the Repository for sale. Horse for sale, kept at livery. Orders for hortet, and carriages of every de - tcription, received, and the strictest attention paid to all who will favor the proprietor with their commands. FuH SALF., A beautiful small horse ; one first rate family horse ; a lew handsome light waggons, tic. Sic. mh2l - Di 6t (Si - JSTKKL BUAHIHMl. IRNKLIN IIOU E This new, spacious and splendid Building, situated in Broadway, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre "f the city, at t!ie corver of Dev tt. will be opened by the subscriber on the 1st of May next, lur'tbe reception ot Hoarders. Il is filled, and will be furnished i i a man ner not surpassed, for convenience and elegance, by any pi ivale dwelling i the city. It tccnpiei me most eligible siiualiuti, bring renl:al, in view of ill Faikaml City Hall ; ihe upper apa - tments overlooking the whole town, commnndir.g' a view of the adjacent country bit a cirr.umfete. ce of M miles, iticluditig the Hoik, the N'a'rows, and the Warb air j and it is believed that no House in the country et - cells it, either lir elegance of stnicture or sit uation : and no exp nte having oeeu spar ed bv the owner to make it complete for the, in every respect, it will oner to ladies and e - eiiilemeu, and f.n.ilies visiting the city, the mott genleel, pleai .n and retiroil a - partments. Hie clioicest ot w me anu i.f ,u w.ll be furnished, and no i rouble or will be makeu e enU - 'tainm.nt plea sant, rare and excellent This s'ahUsliment intended exclusively f Ge'itecl ibuv - iing MRS. HNM.KON. feb4 Dt - Gtf I " if to DEAfANbDUMB. Or Dr. Samael L. viitih. IL oneof the Vice Presidents of 'J he New - .rk Institution lor tl.e iiisliectiiHi of the Deal and Dumb, will deliver au Oration at thr City Hall, on Tuesday next, 24lh instant, at 4 o'clock, P. M. T he Din i tors of this Institution respectfully in vite the Ii die. aod gel t; men ul tlie city to attend. The deaf and dumb children will he pre The deaf and dumb rhtldren will he pre - 1 sent. The citizens generally that are friends and relative! ol the objects ol thu description, aie requested tnaccouip - uiy them on the above day to the Mayor's OllM e,at hull past 3 o'c lock. W hen it it coiifidertd that the object of this institution is In alleviate one ol the greatest ol human calamities, the directors ennoot he too languine to anticipate tbe pleasure of a large and respectable in. ting. JOHN ti. SCOTT, Sec'ry. mh 19 Ct N El ERN CA.NAi. CliMPA t t. 0 A dividc'io ol five uiid a hall percent, on tlx i apitui Sto k of taid ( i.u.paiiy, will be paid to the Mockho. rs on the Dl of April. Apply to H.ueot Bleecker, Efq. Albany, i.r 220 Wif - ham - street Bv order of the directors. 1 UOVlAa EKUY, Treasurer. mh 16 lie GRAND BALL. 1 R3. W. VvEsr.emouMgcd by the flat - i? I tering approbation oi In r palrens, as rvin ced at her lust piibl bait intuit country, at well " grauuea oy die rapid luiprovem. - nl ol tier pu - pi's, recptcitully Hi - qiiaints tin public, that her (rand tlall will take place on V ednesday next, Sain uist. at ttiet ity Itulcl, when u variety ol movenients entirely new, will be introduced. Minuet de lal.'our, and Auarlinu'sGavotte. by ,i ... .. . ... i 1 i. i 1 teii, mm ii young mines. Hornpipe, by a ycuiig genlli inan. Solo, Adagio, changing to Allegro, by Mrs. W West I'ari'oi's Hornpipe, by Mrs. W. West, as dan ced by Madame Parisut, at tlie Opera House, London. i New Allemande a Trois, with the Sal ruse, by Mrs W. West, and 3uuii Indies The bull w ill concludi' wiih a crand ballet by the pupils and Mrs. V. Wot, in which she will liiiruiiuce ine iri'lijig. In the rourse of li.e evenins number of Co tillions, W, i.uiiillct, and Fancy Dames, entiiely new. I he f'incy dances will commence at nail past 8 o'clock. Tickets 1 dollar each to be had at the bar f (he City Hotel, and at Mrs. W. West's, No, Hiei lreet. mh 19 Iw Ciivfil lijtivl. AT It AbWMiTUA.HA LL. BEKAULT has the honor to inform the ladiet and gentlemen of New - York that hit annual grand ball will take plat e ou I hur;day evening the 2d April, in Ihe YV aching ion - nan 8,i loon, in tne coure ol the evening, a ballet dance, and tcveial other fancy dances, will be performed by Mr. Lerault's pupil, a - lollows : 1 Eutrauce of a grand march, by SO young la dies. S! Corps de balls t, by 20 young ladies 3 Pas de di ux, by 2 young ladies 4 Pas seul, by young lady 5 The shawl dance, by a young mi's 6 Gavotte ds Vrstrir, by 6 young ladies 7 The shatilru'e, ht 2 young IhJh s 8 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladies 9 'I he alliuiand, by 2 youn - ladies 10 De deux, by two joung ladies 1 1 Pas seul, with the tambouriue, by a young la ly 12 The three graces, by 3 young ladies M Pas seul, by a young lady 14 The lctsnn, by t young ladies 15 Corps de bullet, by 20 young ladies 16 A grand march, to conclude with, by 20 young ladies. 1 . . The ball to begin precisely at ? o'clock, and us oaiiei ai v. ft - Tickets, one dollar each, to be had al Mr. Pcrault's, No. 31 Courtlaudt - ttree', and at valiiiieion - lJall. mill. 3w C llvCUa. ANTlJOi l - 9i KI.K I . This Evening. Tuesday I Thersdajr next. R. STANISLAS will continue his exhihi if I tions on those evenings, in whit h he will unrig lorwara a variety ol new and incomprc henmhle exiMiriiiiints and deceptions in the mn gi: urt of iegerdemnin, so long un.l. vi lof ed by the civilized world. It would be needles lo make untolthe poiiqioiis style of advertisements irsorted to hy nrelmders ol the nrofes.ion : bis own acHiiowieugeu inienrs neeoi nut the rmpt) language of a hill to convince the public ol tin vast tuiM - riority he claims over all those who have hitherto visited the city of New - York. - I be curious d. ccptinn of Ne Plus Ultra.' while it attracted Ihe most unbounded and reiterated pplaute, led even Ihe mott penetrating to he live in real rnn,ir. mh 10 Hi 'J o Ltute for a term of ueart. rri WO lots of ground, in the vicinity of the JL centre market, nne fronting on Orange - street, (nearly opposite the Irith Church the . i . . . - oiucr on iiynuert - su eei. Apply to D, 8. JOtEi, E - q 44 I'ine - ttreei, or J. T. J'lKB V, mh21 2w 16 Nas - au street. WEI' jtVH&F..' WANTED, immediately a healthy Woman, as Wet Nurse, to go few miles out of town, one who can produce good recommendation, will hear of a sitaution, by applying at 56 Beck man - street. mh 2.1 31" STOLEN, FROM the linute No. 59 Wall - street, yester - day, a variety of wearing appai el, among which were, a piece nf black levamine, 1 bombazine frock, 2 oomnazct do. 2 ornamented Combs one set with topaz, 4 sir. tigs Ca netl, 1 do jet, 1 jet Breast - pin, 1 black Lace Veil. Morocco .Vlioet, Flower Jars, Parasol ano Gold Watch. A liberal reward will be given for the whole or any part of the goods, on applicatioo at above. nihXJ iw PLAoTEROF PARIS MANtFAC IOKY, At the toot of Harrison - ttreet, North - River. 4 7" HERE maoulactured Plaster, forcorni V V ces and other pn - noset. msv be had. war - ranted of the first quality, at one dollar and twtn - tyire ceii ti per buthel. I he manufactory it conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who hat served a regular apprentice ship to the mason buiineii. mh 21 JOHN BYERS. ' I 'ALES of VVouder, f Humour, and ol senli hes J. went, original and translated, by Anne and I h i Aiinuoena riumire. in two volumes, uncetwo uouars. Also, Cuvier's History of the earth, with mi - neralogii al notes, and an account cf Cuvier's Theological Distoveries, hy Professor Jameoe i o which now added, observations on tne geolng) ol iVorfi America, by Samuel L. iviirc b ill, M. V. received and for sale hy VOLLLNS H IM t.VAI, mh 24 4t . 30 Pearl - street. VULN il Lr.WA.v who intenns leaving wn in a few months for England, witbet lo e s - inhbihrHiuexion with a ino in thu city, who is well acquainted with the routine of com merce. J lie f.ujeci oi me wirniPi niici - tabli'hment of a cooimuii"n business. Ilncoo - nexi'MH ate very extensive ainnngsl the manufacturing interests of England It will be nects isry lor tbe applicant to have property, and white character will bear hvpiiry. Address, with real name, to A. X. at this office, mi. 54 6t A - i'S A SU LATiuN ma private laaei - V ly, a young person, who will undertake the c harge x to or three children, end instruct thru, in tlie Grtt principal of an Eoghth edis't - ti'n. ard wilt e.iso engage to work at lr needle. rtguired. She wouldbave no objectiofu to assist in a respectable school. Letters addressed W? M. al this bffii.t, will be immediately at tennta io. ran 14 tt" PKt I.V iHI.VtTF. X10 rent a stiuare Pew, well situated in the JL south gallery of Trinity Church, qui. e at o. I6j FroQl - s'.rett. Eo - do to in 1 be au the (n W it o on cf ers ii nal .... uir i rt and ral tt in or the No. John a ns duly yet ;. iiu. ment beer i i and t cet, the be brought been the not tor tiood citisens it lo pay ire such the Whereof by amount i.u ted. ach. ricn. I pearl Lr PUBLIC SALES; BY P. L. mills k CO. lo - niorrow At balf past 9 o'clock, at their auctioe roes, a general assoitmem l l.rititli ;nd r rtm h i.rf Cods. ciHtSitliut ol' 1 lialei moeitii.e and less. moo clottis, hluet, biks. and ouves ; tdo saved in oiue out i case mixed salt melts ; I imie India tn - ckt ( 2 do hlat k, browu at d scarlet hora batcts; I trunk mh lace thaw. aod toils i 1 cases jacooet, book anduiuli u uslins ; I dotbell combt ; 1 tiunk ruentamt wuu.eiis Utrfin( wliite tottuu hotel teases eh gait uirimu alrw!ti linen cambric and cambric hkdit ; and a nuns - ber ol otber articles, part ni v. Inch will tt f Id lor approved endorsed notes at 4 Months. AIM 100 tup rior tiher wat. bet. M.IJiiii.f. ton ULU.ItlXO, t. TH E proprietors of the southern marble qut ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, fhs) ' King1 1 - Bridge Marble atid Itttne tard, foot of Bench - street, on the Htiibou river, en extensive ttot k of marble lor building, of the following de scriptious, vis ; Afldar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Piecee Facings Columns Watertable Ste Platforms Sills, Lintels Arches Also Lime of the nest quality. (tr A constant supply of the abore materials may be calculated Uoo s and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At tbe Yard. COTILLION PAR I Y - rotTroB.Mr.nt. HT THE Managers aim No tne tlu - t lira kxt and last Cotillion Party is postponed to Friday evening next, Ihe 27tb. iust. at tbe (.it Hotel. mh 23 6t A UkO OCT MK - BERAUL'P has the honor of informing the ladies and gentlemen ot ibis city, that con - tqut Uie of the Cotillion Party being on Thursday next, bis annual Ball will be postponed 1 the Thursday following, 2d of April. mh 21 I0t - For England, via Huhax, A. 6. STr Letters lor his Britauiuv majesty's packet SWIFTSURE, (lor Falmouth, via Haliiax, Ne - a - .Scotia,) will be received at the pot - ufJic till V'rdnes.lay altei - noon, the 8th day ol April. mh 111 Upj T V. MDOltE. agent. SI UEfl MANURE fj The contiacts whtcii are lo be entered into iur the stieet, wili con.n.eiice on the tit of May i.ext, b.r I or 2 jc.rt, t ' tie mentioned in the si'i.l d pinpota.s i and tttc st.eets art to swe t and leaned, from the Itl of n'ar. h to the lt .1 J.n.imiy, in even year Feb 81 iVtr.t il '..Nit.. - LANK, ft r' Tbe st(rkhilih rs are be rtfy notified that election for thirteen Directors will be l.eldoa first Tuerday iu April next, and that the il will be opiiicdat the Banking House ia ill street, ut 10 o't.lvi k A. M. and closed kl 8 o'clock P. L by order o the Preridrut and Directors. , nub 3 W Flsll.Cnih'r. Nil TIC E. OCT About IheSOthol Sept. last, three mro ixutflit into the N'rwTulst. in the town ol Hea.D - stend, on Loi'.K Island, stniuil Qnbing boat Ono the in staled that the Lout watcalltd tlie I om - in - Biid, of Portland, (M ) and belonged to bull : that they were Ihcuon their 'tiattasn from Philadelphia to Newport, (K. I.) and had put in nrcouut of soma damttfte which the boat had turtaiund, arid from a wantnl provisions. 'I he men led the bout, with a fl.liing ntt on hobrd of her, in the pott, it ion - ol the subscriber, and promised to cull lor them on (b. - irTolurn from New - York. On exnmimnic (lie stera clthe boat, her name appears lo bo the Meteor, of Brulol j Thit circumstance, together with the fact, that the men iibove - mii.lioned have not called lor the boat, induces the subscriber to believe that tlie did not belong to them, or either of them. The owuer of the boat and net can obtain possession Ham by ralbig on the subscriber, proving property, and paving the esia nset. SAAiUEL SEAMAN. Hempstead, (L.I.) Murcli II, IUIU. mhl32w Slate of Aiu - Vork Comilnllct 'i ( Jiee. ttr Public notice it hereby eitrn to tin. hold of the seven percent stock of this state, that instalment oi twenty per centum ol Ibe origi amount of that stock, equal to four seventeenth! ol the present amount, will be paid oil on ...I I nrti uay ru April nexi, or at any time u.e reaper when demanded Payment will be made at the Bank of New - York, in the i i'v of New York, to Ihe ttockhold - residing iu the loulbern district ol Ibis state out ol the state, and to all othert at tlie New York btite Bank, in the city of Albany It it rrquired that the rertinraiei ittutu lor tbe lock thou Id be exhibited to the bank where inch payments are made. 1 he interett on the said instalment wiU reais after Ihe saiJ first day of April next. Deled it Albany, march 9th, 1018. AKCH'U. MTXTYHK, ComplY. mr h 13 dtA I NOTICE. fr7 The tubs, libers havirn: received a gene usaignmeut ol all the ettate of John Murray Sons, lor the benefit of creditoas at espretttd the assignment, have authorised Peter Ludlow to liquidate the iint.'tllrd accounts and to receive payment of all debts due to the laid film, to the individual partners who will attend to same at his office, No. Ill Pearl - street. W I I.I.I AIM BAY Art O, feh?4 tf HENRY BARt LAY. fry Mi s. I. AI.LOP having taken the house 21 Broad wav, now in the occupancy of Mr. I. Glover, offers from the lt of .May next. residence to gentlemen ana ladies. I he pleasantness of tlie situation needs' no comment. mh 24 tf 8ACRED MUSIC. ftr SUBSCRIPTIONS lor a Grand OR. the New York Mandel and H .d Snrietv When the iiKnortante of Pai red Music nnuM - ted with U nuhlir worsinp of Go - ', ia contid mud be admitted that il has not received that eocourag. o.ent from tlie public which Hit i'i"iy cniimu. wi - ...,iww ately given by ibe H .ndel and Haydo Society of . .ir ni ew - lorli. anruo an entertain highly gialifving; yet the result has not such at lo anro inr pumit: uir uhb nt m . l. ... a nTllia. I.... Till . . ' iak w.inyr., i iwiiiiiu - . www. t crrat rxo nse of proc. urine maourriDt other Music, with the unavoidable expanses nreoarinc and first exr - uting sttch perroraaan - have exceeded the receipts The Society it neve rtbeleti thereby now in possession of a valuable collection of Music of greatett coeeposeit, and relieve il will not . questionrd, that they have at lbs - It Oratorios, together more musical tab nts thtn has combined oo any olher timilar occatioa ia United States. Conceiving il important that inch muticthonldl be lost lo oar city, and such sua aesociatioa tbe perlunniuce thereof should nut be dispersed, but encouraged ; and tt being under - that tbe society are Willing to afford tbe of New - York another opportunity of patronising their lottitution, and Inert by enable obtain a fund to meet its current expenses r We, the subwcrnVrs, do hereby promise to for the number of tickets set to our respect - names, at one dollar each, o delivery, to person or persons as shall be appointed by standiog committee of raid society to receive thomma. rh of whid. tliall entitl the bearer to admisstoo to au oratorio lo be given said society in May next, anJ whenever ine subscribed shall be equal to the probe, - the subscriotioa list shall be CKK and no tickets shall be s - ld for less tbau 2 .. . .. . , Subscriptions win be received ny a. i . uooo - U4 BroaJway ; l. a J. worus, lev - street j er of suty of the sUndu - g cosnsmtr - ' . ' r.i . v lit' il 5 f t r : Mi ci.' 1 .t ' h - .!.. r ' I I' : It; hr m m 1 . V. 1 : ii:: Vi - 1 if 'In 1 ' - i' (: u ! I ( f r

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