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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, December 23, 1913
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V . S THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. YoL X1L No. 71. Gettysburg, Pau, Tuesday, December 2 Id. 1913. Price WE HAVE CHRISTMAS G I F T S ! " . . . FOR" . . . MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN Acd o«r LARGE ADVERTISEMENT oii the last page may help you decide. - - (ALL ARTICLES SUBJECT TO EXCHANGE, OR MONEY REFUNDED AFTER X-MAS) ECKERT'S STORE, -on the s quare - WALTER'S THEATRE POOR ARE NOT FORGOTTEN HERE ·c-^ -*· ~~ Gettysburg's Organizations to Extend Christinas Cheer to the Unfortunate this Week. Special Event at County Home. Gettysburg -\il! not be unmindful of its unfortunates on Christmas day, and private individuals and public charitiis ·will lake care of those who ELEVEN HUNDRED BIRDS FOR SHOW Eleven Hundred and Thirty Birds Entered tor Big Poultry Exhibition at ffij^nilie Next Week. Names of the Entrants. COUN1Y PEOPLE TEACHERS WILL TAKEN BY DEATH HOLD MEETINGS Ninety one exhibitors have entered 1130 birds for die big poultry show at Biglerville next week. The entries, which are now closed, include chick- have less of Christmas cheer than ens, turkeys, ducks, and pigeons from their more happy fellows. At the County Home Steward Sheely is going to give an elaborate Christmas dinner with chicken, cranberries, celery, cake and many other manv Darts of Pennsylvania and from other states.- The list of exhibitors includes the following: Biglerville: R. E. Sandoe, Edwin Schlosser, Charl^ Stover, T. «F. Rhodes, J. Hoke S'aybaugh, John Rice, | made for all of the residents and, j give their annual treat of oranges, candy and apples. Every woman in the home will receive a new apron as a Christmas presen'c while the men wiil SP£CL\L FEATURE TO-NIGHT 4 REELS SPECIAL 4 REELS TONY THE FIDDIES. Essanay Feature In Two Parts A melodramatic tile ^of the«an bonier in which Tonv the fidiler, out s . . . . _ . -,, ·Wits ihe desperate "'Big Bi ! !" inwres-in? and exc-rin- situations ihroush the entire addition, tne Directors 01 tne poor will two thousand feet, a feature ihar YOU will long- remember. ' -- ~: ' ' " f ~TM--""· FRANCIS X. BUSHMAN Featured. T HZ EMBA1R \S=yE\*T OF BICHE3 Edton CoarxJy Pat Clancy, A labors, r, ffads porerty more lobe aesired thanRiehss. A CAMBODIAN IDYLL Melies Drama A erarsa in which love triamphsover v.eaith even in a far-away and nnciMliz- eb Jan I. Produced in Camboia, French Indo-China. Special Feature To-Ntjrht Wit'n FRANCIS X. BUSHMAN Essanay In Two Pats. 4 Reels Essanay Ttro reel feature Edison. Melies. Show starts 6:30. Admission 5 cents. THE GARDEN' AUDITORIUM Skaunsr Wednesday and Saturday- Dancing, College Orchestra. Every Thursday. ! good things to all of 'the inmates. S Thirty si" chickens will be killed for [Curtis W. Peters, E. Dale Keiges, i the feast. Home made candy is to be| James Lawver, F. K. Walter, David ' - - - - - - - " - - Brown, Dr. M. T. Dill, George E. Slaybaugh, Albert Washinger, E E. Ean- ensperger, O. C. Rice, H. W. Fohl. Gettysburg: W. H. Homer, G- E. Strasbaagh, David Weaver, J. C. Shank, C. J- Rauscher, J. M. Reineck- get suspenders and stockings. All who er . J - L Mumper, M. A. Shue, A. W. live in the Old Ladies' Department will) Hanlaub. Oyler Spangler, H. J. be given a pair of stockings each. j Van Dyke. E. H. Plank, George A. Sheriff Thompson will remember most kindlv the seven inmates at the Taylor, McCammon Myers, C. E. Sadler. Miss Eva Boyer, Eli County JaU. He is going to furnish j rettsor., L. D. Plank. them with a big turkey feast, with all j the vegetables and sweetmeats that' go to make up the Christmas dinner that tradition prescribes- Gettysburg Lodge of Elks will distribute Christmas baskets, full of eatables, to the families in town that need SPECIAL IN TWO REELS "HOME, SWEET HOME LUBIN j tbej» and would otherwise be without j a. Gfiristmas dinner. The custom has been followed for a number cf years and this Christmas will see the homes of many poor people in town gladd-en- Mrs. William Collins Died at her Home In Mount Joy Township. Veteran Dies at Bermudian Others well Known, Taken by Death. LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Rally of All tne Teachers in the Coun- i Correspoafcots sari '· Itay - ty at Bigjenrille Early in January, j of bterestioi News frwe Unr MRS. WILLIAM J- COLLINS Mrs. Cyrena A. Collins,/ widow of William J. Collins, died this morning at four o'clock at, her home in Mount Joy township, from dropsy aged 59 years, S months and S days. Mrs. Collins was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. U. M. Appier, both of whom Principals te licet in New Oxford Later. The teachers of the county will be busy \vhh the opening of the new year On January 9 and 10 a rally will bi held at Biglerville. In addition to the regular program the following topics will be discussed by the Primary Teachers' Association: '-Hygiene", Miss Nora E. Kaufif- Respective Tnras. arillaiy Brief (teas. IDAYILLE Idaville--Messrs. Raymond South, of Carlisle, Winfred and Donald Smith, of Gettysburg: College, are home on their Christmas vacation. Mrs. Lovina C. Groupe and daughter, Mrs. Jennie Hoffman, and son, Stewart Hoffman, were Gettysburg in are dead. Her husband died in Juna 1 man and Miss N. Blanche Stoops;! visitors Saturday. 1911. She leaves three children, Leon- j "Nature Study", Miss Mary E. Trox-) The protracted meeting is still ard U. Collins and Mrs. Maude T.! ell; "Writing", Mrs. Katie K. Wither- j progress in the United Brethren Wolf living on farms close to Mrs-jow and Hiram C. Lady; "Language". ] church and will Continue during the Collins; and Mrs. Bessie L. Boyd, who j Mrs. Mary E. Wible. ' "*" ^ ^ T.-"-lived with her mother. She also leaves 1 Teachers will please notify Miss R one sister, Mrs. George S. Baker, of j Alice Longsdorf, of Biglerville, of Gettysburg; and four brothers, J. A. j their intention of being in attendance- Appier, of Gettysburg; John T. Ap- oler, of Mount Pleasant township; The following program will be giv- week. Rev. John Rollin, of Greencastle,the blind preacher, is here assisting Rev. Mr. Bender with the meetings. Mrs. Lizzie Carbaugh and Miss en by the Principals' Association, at Clara Koontz and daughter, of Pbila- Elmer I. Appier, of Mount Joy town- j New Oxford, Saturday, January 17. ship; Prof. C. Ross Appier, of Melrose, j "Is our system productive of a desire Mass- [for good literature?" Miss Nellie K. Funeral Friday morning, meeting at j Blocher and Miss Lydia E. Hartman; the house at ten o'clock. Services and P H O T O P L A Y A beautiful storr of true loving beans rail or pathos but not a sadness. John Baibour and his sweet wife Nell, being well-to-do, but not a touch o£ sadness. John Baibour and his sweet wife Nell, being well-to-do, did not like seeing Pa_ani Ma Barixrar !h Lu^in an humble cottage i^ the country with old trap- "while they were enjoyinjr a luxurious mansion. So they^dis- mantie the ohl folk's ftome and =end the sricfcs to ihe second-hand shop. w-lephone. r.-e! A .MEXICAN I.:--{;KOY ____ ........................................ LUBLN Sho-.r Starts 6:15. Admission 5c to all. For Your .Chostmas Tillie: C. A_ Hershey. J. C. Minter. Aspers: Samuel Miller. Mrs. Calvin Hoffman, Adam Bennett. Bendersvflle: A. E. Sheely, W. W. Detter. Seven Stars: T. T. Little, Stoner. CashVown: John Mickley. Fairneld: Leroy Walter, Singley. Chambersbnrg: J. A. Hollinger, ec by the sighc of an Elk bearing his ?ock Frederick. N. L. Bonebrake. i,«wi n ~ «- rVi^^-moc fonri -FTM-+T,o m jjQward E. Eckel. Hanever: J. Austin Kline, John A. 3air. M. A. Trons. K. F. Slagle. W. H. Overbauga. Paul Leidy. Lewis Swartz.- baugb. Joseph H. Hertz. Arendtsville: J. Melville Warren, "W. Interment at St. Murk's which she was a member, j Barkley, officiating. church, Dr. T. M. F. Hartman, R. E. Harry MISS ANNIE WARNER Miss Arjiie Warner, daughter of ! Mr. and Mrs. John Warner, deceased, ied at 1:30 this morning in the Jew- was sh Hospital, Philadelphia. She .dmitted to that institution Monday :vening. suffering with pneumonia- She formerly resided in burden of Christmas food for them. Every year at Chrisnna=- time the Dr^ceeds of the Stahle Fund, amonnt- icg- to about §120. become available £nd_are distributed to the -worthy poor by the finance committee of the town council. The three members composing this committee make every effort to see that only- the deserving- get the gifts which are" distributed - in cash, and'ncwlt'is all given, out. every year 1o those to whom, it means the most. The members of the Presbyterian congregation will this year takeOrthe I poor people of town =fIfts of .practical stocfc**of "Winter fabrics is exception-! value, consisting of. clothing and other «T*^T -P^v-% »--* /^Kewiryrcr ^t-r\f\ vcnTszranc: Oj ~^A^* t ~»rtr- T'tr«.-- ^=-*lI VA *3?^i fTt-n,t-^w3 -most"taking patterns "and necessaries. ·where they* The Quality Shop WILL M- SELIGMAN Tiie Cash TaSor I F I L M S K O D A K S C A R D S P A P E R S ing needed by, the Amateur Photographer · our entire stock is of the star card E a ^t m a n M a k e They will-be_ distributed do 'the most good. St. -James Sunday School classes denied themselves of their usual Christmas treat, preferring to take the money and buy gifts for the poor peopls cf town. The Brotherhood of that church wiil give oranges and o'bher gifts, including tobacco, to the men at the County Home while xhey are also planning to give something to the women- Several of the classes in the Reformed Sunday School are. sendin gifts lo the children at the Hoffman Orphanage- near Two Taverns, and ,, ,, _ . ~ ,,- ,,.., . ,, . . , , ,, - i, Hollv Spnnsrs: George W. Hill individuals also contribute specially . ' H. Cram, Harvey JKairensperger, I. S. Orner. E. C. Smelser. New Oxford: .George D. Sheely, A. P. Wagner. ~ York Springs :3Irs- · I- R- Tanger. John Gibbs, J. BL,Heikes, J. R. Hantz, T. R. Tanger, G- E. : Tanger, C- F. Tanger. C. E- Bosserman. Littlestownr Charles M. Weikert. C. H. Flickinger. Flora Dalei-Hl'-Wr-Black. GHernsey: George. Wl Peters. Abbotrstownr George G. Holiingsr. Virginia Mills: U. H.'Cromer. Foreign: Old Forge Poultry Farm. Spring- Grove; Beyer and Morrison, Palmyra; Edgar A. Potts, Reading: William Howe. Hudson: Robert B. Foltz. Hagerstown; E. J. Stiles, Red Lion; York Valley Poultry FarmYork: Ralph Smith, Carlisle: Robert C- Miller, New Cumberland: Pipe vhere her parents had lived- She leaves one brother and two sls- ers, Tt'vjdore Warner, Mrs. Harry lymire and Miss Sarah Warner, all f New Oxford. She -was a graduate nurse and had been living- in Philadelphia for several years. The funeral will be held ia New Ox- :ord bat the arrangements have not yet been made. Gro\e Poultry Farm^Halethorpe, Md.: C- Guy Myers, Siddonsburg; J- H. Zeider. Harrisburg; Lutz Brothers Middletown; J- Raymond Snyder, Mt. I -Direct from the factor}-. ALWAYb FRESH. Caren ful attention to the development of films. jr ^ Msul and Phone (Jrders Given Careful Attention. I H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E at this time- In the congregation a number of the ladies make themselves each responsible to , visit six families in town on Christmas day to learn j their needs and see chat they are filled. The membership or the College Lutheran church on Monday sent a box full of things to eat, toys, clothing and money, to the children at the LoysviHe I Orphans' Home. j Individaal members of St. Francis i Xavier church will do the work of th?"r a congregation this Christmas and soon risborg- More than 500 plates of apples anc nearly 100 boxes and barrels of fruit and potatoes with hundreds of ears of corn will also be exhibited, the entries for these not closing until next Saturday, December 27. Fifteen new automobiles, representing the lates" models and makes sold in Adams County, will also be on display at the show which opens on Wednesday, December 31 and continues for the re mainder of the week. The exhibitors of automobiles i after the holidavs Fr. Bovle will or- . , , - , J T ~ T T T T T , ^ · . . ~, ,, ~, ^ ,- ' oe MarKlev and Long, George F. Eber rTTlTllTO ^tlCV f 1^ ?3 7*1 TO hi O Tr"/M*lT rV» . MP J ~ ^__ _ hart, D. J. Forney, William H. Johns gamze the cnaritable work of the | ^ charch. Reduction This Is The Semi-Ammal Of all unsold Winter Overcoats, Suit and ' Trouser 'Materials. Come Early to Get .a B A R G A I N . : : =. = MILLER--WOLLET of Gettysburg; J. W r . Richley. o York: S. G, Bsgham, H. A. Seil an-,. Raymond Wolfe, of Biglerville. Jacob 3Iiller and Miss Olga Wollet are : Married. D. L I P P Y, 1 a i l o r i Jacob W. Miller, of Philadelphia,! son of Mr. and Mrs- Jacob D. Miller,! of Gettysburg, and Miss Olga Mar- { UNCLAIMED LETTERS Mail Awaiting Call at the Gettysburg Post Office, New Oxford AMMON CHRONISTER Ammon Chron'istefj ~of Bermudian, a i ereran of the Civil War, died Monday morning suffering from gangrene of one of his legs. He had been confined to bed the past four weeks. Surviving are his wife, and the following sons and daughters, Mrs. Xacofa H. Holiinger, Mrs. Jeremiah Kimmel, Christian Chronister, of Dover; Mrs. Wilson Myers, of Hall; Mrs. Lincoln C'eaver. East Berlin; Mrs. C. W. Wise, Charles Chronister. Harvey Chronister, of York Springs, One brother, Adam Chronister, of York Springs, also survives. Shall arithmetic be taught in the high school?" Roy D. Knouse and Daniel Ruff: -'Co-operation of the home and school", Willis A. Burgoon and Charles A. Fisher; ''Home study and how to secure it"', Charles A. Landis and J. Willard Bucher. The second rally will be held at Littlescown, Friday evening and Saturday following the annual school directors" meeting in February. The date will be announced later. A cordial invitation is extended :o the public to attend all the sessions. TEACHERS' MEETING Morals and Manners One of the JTopic.- of Discussion. The teachers of Tyrone tcv-nshijL-. will hold their fourth educational meeting of the season at Gardners schooLFrid?y evening January 2.-; If fhe weather be unfavorable the meeting will be held the following Friday evening. The following-topics will be discussed '"Morals and Manners" by S M. JLehigh'; Current Events, Keif er Xafrerisperger Nevin Decker and G El. Eichelfaerger ^-will also give discussions. There -will also be music and recitations. MRS. NORMAN CASSATT Mrs- Clara (Shriner) Cassact, wife of Norman Cassatt, died in Trenton, New Jersey. Sunday evening aged 23 years. 3Irs- Cassatt was reared from childhood by Mrs. R. Lee Tipton of East Middle street. She lived here until abont eight months ago when her husband and she moved to Trenton- After cheir marriage they lived with David Cassars; on York street. Funeral in Trenton. SIDNEY S. McLANAHAN At the home of his brother, Dr. Johnscon McLanahan. in Chambersburg Sunday afternoon at 3:30 occurred the death of Sidney S- McLanahan Esq. He had been ill for several years. Mr. McLanahan -was a member of the Franklin County Bar. having been admitted early in life. He never practiced his profession to any great extent. delphia, were called home Saturday on account of the serious illness of their mother, Mrs. Daniel Koontz. N. L. Group made a business trip to Carlisle on Friday. Mrs. Cora Boswell and son, Harry, returned to Waynesboro Saturday morning. WENKSVILLE Wenksville--The Methodist Sunday School will hold their Christmas exercises on Wednesday evening at T o'clock, and the Lutheran Sunday School will hold theirs on Christmas svening at 7 o'clock- John Miller is confined to the hoase wich rheumatism. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Leeds a4d daughter, Edna, of Harrisburg, -sisfted Isaac McCauslin and family recently. Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Heller and Jiree children, of near West Point, -spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Heary Black. Earl Heller, of Gettysburg, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. d R. Heller.- ~-_ 'V ^- ~_-^-^sT~ ·' " JThomas Stevens, ", of Five, Points, dsited Mervin Black.and-'family -on Saturday- WELL DECORATED Presbyterian Church Preparing Ha\ e Christmas Exercises. tc The Presbyterian church is tastefully decorated for Christmas A beautiful exercise will be rendered by the Sunday school. Presents wiil be awarded those who have attended every Sunday during the year. The childrer and all are asked to bripg gifts this evening- These -will be distributee : where they ·will bring happiness. There will be no prayer service held in the Presbyterian church Wednesday even insr- AGAIN ROBBED ' · -Dr. Diffenderfer's-Home^ Robbed Sunday 3 For the second time in eight years Rev. Dr. G. M. Diffenderfer, of Carisle, is a victim of robbers. Some time Sundav night his home -was entered, :he chief gaining entrance through, a Tsindow to the dining room. Practically ill the eatables in the house -were stol- an, besides a small sum of money ·vhich was under a Bible. One of th» ,hings stolen -was an ancient dish, an jeirloom, highly prized- The robbers aad opened a drawer in which was a aurse but it wasn't taken, the robbera ·evidently having been frightened away. Eight years ago, Dr. Diffen? ierf er's larder was robbed. FOR CHIEF OF STAFF Major General Wotherspoon or Bri gadier General Scott. 1 garet Wollet, daughter of Mr. and j Mrs- Irvin Wollet 7 of Hanover, were ! married Saturday evening, at 6:30 The following unclaimed letters re| main in the Gettysburg post office. | Geo. Anthony, M~: David A. Baker, -^* t - Fqr yptu-_Horses, Use DrrHudson's liquid Conditioner ., -- ~ . J J,-'. · £.« * The Results will please you. ! o'clock, in the Evangelical parsonapre, \ Q ron p ; j Hanover, by the pastor. Rev. A. H. j ! Irvine- Bowers, Miss Bertha Christine Huff, Mrs. 33 Mann. Persons calling for the above named i should state that they have been ad- i ** j~~ cannot"think just what, for i vertised. } eithe"r mar, woman or child, try our · -- __ I stock of gloves, kid, fabric, caps skin, LADIES' black silk hose. Special j wool knit, etc. All colors and kinds at j valae at 50 cents and Sl.OO per pair. COMING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. Jan. S--Basket Ball. Bloomsbarg Normal. College Gymnasium. Jan. 10--Concert. Killamey Girls. Braa Cbapel- SW£ATERS:che greatest as^crt- ment of men's, ladies' and children"? sweaters to be found anywhere outside of a city store, §I_.09 uj^to S9.00. Every between price- A gift suggestion. G. W. Weaver and Son.--advertisement 1 CHRISTMAS CANDY GET n* FROM THE MAKER AND HAVE IT FRESH, PURE AND GOOD. PRICES RIGHT G E T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N G. W. Weaver ment and Son.--advertise * Boxed in fancy boxes. Dougherty and Hartley.--advertisement WHAT more useful gift than a pair \ WHAT of this suggestion, a waist ladies' kid gloves. Black and colors.', pattern of silk, or lace, or Flaxon or Prices $1.00, $1.25, £1.50. Extra val- j Madras, or even percale. Special as- ues. Dougherty and Hartley.--adver-; sortments at G. W. Weaver and Son.-- tisement 1 J advertisement 1 In some army circles it is believed either Major General W. W. Wotherspoon or Brigadier General Hugh L Scott wiil succeed Major Genera^ Leonard Wood as chief of staff of th«_ United States Army. General Wood's four-year tour of duty expires ir April- Local interest centers in Genaral Wotherspoon who commanded the maneuver camp here in 1910. ORDER for your Christmas dinnei now, turkeys, chickens, geese, guineas sqnabs- Rice Produce Company, Rebert's old stand.--advertisement 1 LADIES' cape gloves. Special values. Browns and tans at Sl.OO per pair. Dougherty and Hartley.--advertisement "i KIRKHOFF--KERCHUFF Miss Kerchuff, of Littlestown, Marries Lewis Kirkhoff- On Sunday evening at tht= United Brethren parsonage in Hanover, the sastor. Rev- S. A. Crabill, married Lewis H. KirkhofF, of Union Mills, \Id., and Miss Gertrude E. Kerchuff, jf near Littlestown. LOST: brown fox fur. Reward if re- urned to Times Office.--advertisement 1 ONE of those beautiful Scotch plaid luto robes or shawls, comfort and Beauty, will be sure to please your lutomobile friend, $6.00, S8-00, 310.00 it G- W. Weaver and Son.--advertise- 1 ment TEN PER CENT reduction on fancy fnina at the Department Store.--advertisement 1 3T ' S^IT CASE: our S3.00 fiber suit case is a ·wonder. Worth §5.00 Adams County Hardware Company---advertisement 1 ORDER your ice cream now iOr Christmas dinner. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peach, nut and cherry. Both phones- Delivered anywhere in town. Gettysburg Ice and Storage Company.--advertisement 1 ROOMS for rent. 117 Carlisle street. --advertisement 1 HOW do you like this, an umbrella for father, brother or beau, for moth sister or sweetheart- If so, see us Weaker and Son.--advertise- 1 er, G, W. ment EXTRA v g"ves. Black iloes in ladies' kid and colors. Sl-00 pel pair. Dougherty and Hartley.--adver- SPECLA.L value in ladies' black silk hose at -50c per pair. Dougherty and Hartley.--advertisement 1 KODAKS, films, everything in Ko- iak line always fresh. Huber's Drug Store---advertisement 1 SALTED almonds, pecans, peanuts ind cream mints fresh daily. Phone your order. Gettysburg Candy iQtcfa- ;n.--advertisement 1 tisement NEWSPAPER! WANTED: good teamster. Good wages to right man. Apply N. H. Masselman.--advertisement. ,'SP4PERf

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