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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, March 25, 1818
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HKtr.iuhK lvexvcq tour. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 45. ',. 'State if mtr affair with Spain. It will be tees by the following extract froa the Baltimore Am mean, that, in the opiaiooof the writer, there eras reasoa to apprehend that a eeriou rupture with that power wmt approaching. From tht Baltimore Amuriean, March 23. Vur rtlnlums will Spam, bare now wunw a not imiortaiil character. The negotiations hare advanced to that point which renders th pre vane at ing diplomacy of Don Onii or no avail te hit " adored master," in d. lsying the repara tiooorUiOM iojuriei which our government bai for thirteen yean, 10 awaited. I' the king of Spain do nor forthwith moke ample satisfaction for the wrongs sustained 6y the United States, we are strongly inclined to believe thai oar government will adopt measures to obtain it by force of arms. In lupport of thif opinion, we subjoin ho exlrsct of a Utter from a gentleman of standing and inform) ion, at Washington : Extract of a letter, dted llll'..,.n.ll AWA JO. 1818. I - ........... i " I fcrward vou a copy of the president' message and accompany in; document of the I4lh nut. It it a tubjett out of which something mav jmw, the preseottession, more than of a pacific nature. I may be mi - taken in my views, hut soasething like a menace against the Spanish mo aarrb frllfrom Mr. Forsyth, the chairman of the committee of foreigu relatione, iulbe debate of yesterday. . But thiatnoroms's mail brings u the following letter from a member of congress, and a gentle - nan who rank with the friends of the administrating. Considering the quarter whence it comet, it may be laid to contain matter of high mvnwn. WASHINGTOV, Sunday, March Si ' Dr. Sir The Spanish papers communicated o congress are now printed - On Friday, la a debate, the chairman of lle committee nf foreign relations made tome remarks which were nn derrtood to hint at a rupture with Sirnin. 1 he City G aette of lait evening speaks in plain terms of a contest with Brain. I understand the committee of foreign relations were last evening tummoned to meet Ihil day, at IS o'clock, at their committee room - What it to be inferred from this rircumitance I am nuable to inform you At the deliberations of this commit! may pro lure important results to th couutry, I give yoa their names. Mr.Toriyth, of Geo. Chairman. Holm, Massachusetts, ' Barbour, Virginia, Robertson, Lnuisiaua, Porter, New - York, Tallinadge, New - York, Mill", Massachusetts. The two last gentle mm have receiitly been added to tlio committee." ( ' Supposing tbo time m:iy soon arrive when'evo - ry thing relating to thii suVject, from beginning to end, will command no ordinary tliare of puh - iic attention, we begin this evening the repiihli - caticn cf the president's latt message and the documents accompanying the same, that our readcTs may have an opportunity to make them - selves acquainted with the rise and progress of this conti - r.varty . We (hall continue the repub licatioa of such parts of tho correspondence as We shall think material to that end. WASHING TON - C1 fY, March 16 Our relatrmi with Spain On Saturday, the p enuent communicated to the house, ol reprt, eentntivet, a message, and report of the sotrc tary of state, on ipxurh affairs. To the speaker of the house of representative?, In compliance wilb a resolution of the senate of the 10 til of 1 lecember, anil of llic home of representatives of the 24th of February last, I l:iy before coo;ret a report of the secretary of state, and the papers referred to in it, respecting the negotiation with the government of Spain. To explaiu fully the nature of the differences be - tween the United States ir.d Spain, and Hie conduct of the parties, it has been found noressary to to back to an early epoch. The recent cor - rstpondence, with the documents accompanying it will give a full view of the whole suljett, an. I place the conduct of the United States, in every stage, and under every circumstance, for jut tice, moderation, and a Crm adherence to their rights, on tho high aud hnnora le ground, which it oat invariably sustained . JAMES MONROE, Washington, March 14th, 1818. Derartmeut of State, 14th March. 1818, The secretary of stats, to whom have been referred the resolution of the senate, of the Kith Deceirber, and of the house of representative ol the Z4lli r ehruary last, has the honor of sub mining to the president the correspondence be. tween this department and the d'panuh minister residing here, since he received the last intruc tiotii nt hit government to renew the negociation whi h at the time of the latt communication to Congress, ws suspended by the insufficiency of nis powers, i nese uocumcuu will shew the pre aenl state of the relations between the two gov arnmeuts. As jn the remonstrance by .Mr. de Oois of the 6th of December, against the occupation by the United States of Aimlia - Maml, be refers' to a previous communication from him, denouncing the expedition of sir uregor .W'Grrgor against that place, his note of the 9th July, being the paper thus referred to, it added to the papers now transmitted. Its date, when compared with that of the occupation of Amelia by .M'Urrgor, will shew that it was written ten days after that e rent; and tho content of his note of 6th Decern ber will shew that measures had been taken by the competent authorities of the United States to arrest M'Gregor as soon as the unlawfulness of, msprrccrdmg within our jurisdiction had been made known to Ihrm by legal evidence, altho' he was beyond the reach ol the process before it could be ! ved upon his person. The tardiness of Mr. Onu' remonstrance is of itself a decisive indication of the maturates ol the United States agVuut any imputation of neglect to enforce the lawt for, if tiic Spanish minuter himself had no evidence of the protect of M'Gregor, sufficient to wim - ant in addressing a note tjpoo the ubert to Uii. department, until ten days after it had hten sco; Ushed, it rannotbe upposid tint otTicfrs whue authority to aet commenced only at them.iaient of ac.llai vlo. latutn of the Uw, and who conl.l k. i..;.i u.. clear aud elicit evidence only of the fa m proul of such violation, ,hoia hvebeen aimri to make it eff i - tual b - Ua the person accused k,,u.. - .ir ... ' person accused naci aeparte - l tmai this co'intrv, As, in the recent disrussioi between Mr. Onis enj thisi .lnrf man) lU ' - c . .7. ...ii. u ii cqneni reiercnre w uv m stiv nrson.Ainn at the corre.oi lenre belwer; mission of the U. StaUs. i t SUts. at thi.1 - rii t At - .ni. - ,. :. ion - ... th. . " - i 'lie iitraii diuarv ,lr.rr "Vrv"cuu ni. wtwwcr nem.jht be fe.'m in Sp&in, will be suHoi.tte . - ., ,. u,,.j,rr c, 10(.t.;rI1 ,i. be, to be aid hefoceconire.,. uhrVu ' eor - espoadence between D Franrlw P; s . .. . - - itirre mtum air, r.ri'ior. iinmitiia - Mw nr.i:K n.. rrtntfiisi.Asi . t. . a t - .uou, w Jir. udis, au J - ' niln!..M other cwrafpaadaoca af M. Onis whi thitoV i - arunent. Unci lug to complete me view m " rUauoai between the two countries. - JOHN QL'lKCr ADAMS. . So. 1. DaUdfh July, 1817, from Doo Luis de Unit, to the, secretary of state. Sir I am uoder the necessity of calling your attention and that of the president, to whit has occurred at Baltimore, in relation to the two privateer or pirates, which have lately entered the bay of Chesapeake, and now are witbia the proper limits of the state of Maryland t the one commanded by captain Taylor, and tha other by caiitain A'Unord. It is notorious, that these privateers, manned and armed in the ports of the union, sailed on a cruise against the Spanish commerce, and have returned to the waters of Maryland with a part or me plunder and booty, they nave taaeaon Doaruoi cpanun aou lunu ruese vessels. For tha due conviction of this outrage, the necessary orders or warrant were sent, at the request of the consul of his catholic majetty io Ualtimore, to the marshal of that city, to pro ceed to tha arrest of the aforesaid privateers, and for it execution, a gun boat was granted by the collector of the customs. All this however, was in vain ; the manhal gave no effect to the orders issued Tor this arreit anil hit maiMtv"' consul teeing that eight days had passed, wilb out tha marshal taking a single - step to fulfil the orders he was charged with, called apou him aud claimed Ibeir execution ; uiwn which he replied categorically, "that he was an willing to proceed to the arrest of the said privateers, because it was not hi duty to execute it, except they hail entered the port of Baltimore ( but by no means io the bay, although within the dis - tru t ol the state." 1 he consul lately applied to the district attorney, complaining of lliit conduct ; aud he acknowledged, that indeed it wat very extraordinary ; but he took no steps to remedy it, or to enforce the observance of the laws of the United States, in a case of u scandalous an example. These facts speak for themselves, and the mere, statement of them it lulEcient to make you and the pretident thoroughly sensible ol the moiiitruus consequence, which the irregular conduct of this marshal shall lead to. Ii i - perfectly evident, that the public treaty lie ween Spaiu and the United Stater, aud the late act of cocgrett, sanctioned as a general law lor the more strict otaervanca of the neutrality ol (he same states with foreign powers, are scan lalouily trampled under foot in Maryland nd that the marshal, by formally disobeying the lawful authority ot the state, and that of the general government or the union, protected tile Hostilities aud piracies, carried on against the trade of a nation, in a state of peace and amity with the Uniti d States. I cminot, therefore, do let than to remonstrate in the name of the kinx, my muter, against so manifest a violation of ttn neutrality of this republic, of it lawt, and the treaty existing between the two iowert, aud Io rejilet that vou will be ideased to nhtain ot the president Ihe most prompt and effectual or Jur, (o cause the marshal of Ualtimore to do hi - luty and all requisite justice to the subjects ot lis majesty. It is my duty alto to call vour attention, am that of the president, to the conduct of (IirhJ venturer, sir Grgor M'Gregor, who since he was iu arms with the bands of insurgents in the province of Veuetuela, lias come to these states, und been constantly cntnjed in entcrurizes to invade or disturb the tranquillity of hi. catholic m - jeilj's possession in tint part of the world. tie lately recruited in Charleston a great number of advculoiers, and among thrin several persons of note, viz : one llou. - e , sou of a colonel of that name, and uu inhabitant of that city; iuu v.n i.npinn, wno wasacoimtutsary in me ser vice ol Hie United States iu the late war. an.l storekeeper of ordnance j on Heath, a lawyer oi we tame place ; and manv others whore names I pass over. He purchased, under a hoi - rowed name, a bris of considerable burden. which he despatched with passengers to New - Orlcnn, ou tho 19th of last month : and on th I' - illowing day he went ou to Savannah in the tage, according to common report, to recruit more people. His subsequent proceeding and n.Mtno preparations in the bosom of this union, against ihe potce. - sicms of the Spanish monarch. are notorious, and announced with a sranda)ou publicity in ninny papers of tl cte states, I hope. then, that you and the president will apply the energy of your zeal, for good order and the oh. (crvant e of the public laws, by restraining these excesses and vexations, which compromit the neutrality which the pre - ident has proposed to preserve in the dispute stihMitiug between the king, my master, aud some of his rovinccs in rebellion, and render null, as you may imagmc. the security in which the government of hisca Ibolic majeidy rests, in a reliance on the safeguard of the said laws, and on that of the gene - nn principles 01 pumic goon laitn, which serve is the basi.iof the tranquillity and friend! v inter course between the nations and governments of me worm. I renew, fee. (Signed) LUIS DE ONtS. Philadelphia, 9th July, 1817. No. 2 The ame to the same. Sir The message of the president embrace - two particular points, iu the paragraph in whii h ho announces the actual state of the politirnl relations between Spain and the Uuiled Slate, of which I wish to have a precise and ext I knowledge, to reconcile their true meining with the sinrerl'y and purity of the sentiment, ot which the American government makes profes sion, in conformity with those which animate hi catholic majesty, wheji he anvioutly seeks al! jHMsible means of settling the difference pend ing between the two nations, and of strengthening his friendship and good understanding witl th United States, on a bai which, being coo - firmed by the most generous principles of prunl faith and mutual justice, may be lasting and unalterable, without learin; the seeds of discontent, or irround forfreh diff rences in future. The two points I speak of, are, 1st, what relates to Amelia Maud ; and, 2d, what rouccrus uaivesion. The president announces, in renecl to the first, th tt this island havin; been taken posse. sion of by a party of people, who belong tn no country, or if they have belonged to any, thev have, by their eendurt, forfeited all right'of public consideration or toleration, thev having established in the said island, a place of refuse, scan dalous by its practices, and seriously prejudicial. oy a conirahand trade, to I io United St itev chiefly in what reg.irds the clandestine introduc tioo of neeroes into the territories of the inin. and the carryin? off or flifht '.f others from the same country, his excellency has therefore determined to put a stop to this evil, and had siven order accordingly. It is my duty to remind yon, sir, that the expedition which took possession of .nteli. Maud was formed and armed at Charleston and Sa vannah, nnder the command of the adventurer. sir Gregor M'Gregor, and wholly comiKved of citizens ot this republic, in violation of the l iws of the United States, the law of nations, and the existing treaty between Spain and the said h. Urn. and i Lmk1!'i i state. denounced 'Ins eioeditinn to vou at invoked the elurarioos authority government to prevent it, and po 7 ,Z one?aer; 1 Td,,,P! riw - - . .u..twilh - tindin ir. f romth el m ti uvt irl ..f th. nder. union, to invsdo that island, and there cooimit ,lhe excess on which the president louche. tfl.p rn... i n n . . . . . .. . ' "'m n.m leu nmeua isiana, inecui - trsct court of South - Carolina isued a bench t .... .. . .... lounawmi.u we American Urntoriei. This 1 writ ronUl not certiml. h. . . i i e.L - ' '""; ! " "ffen "r " nor r,uUl the offonre he !i: TT: or.B,or' ""'""ou., in the fare of ; the wlnle union. Ii n.,m. e u:. .i... .. cou'd be no just grnnnd of covering into an J , act of hwlUity, or of 4 - ubUc detr .meat to Spain, lbs) evil whkik bar noWtd from the toleration of similar armaments in the busom of this union ; armament which had for their object, the In - vasionnd plunder of the pots ess ious of a Itieou - ly power. - I, therefore, request you, sir, to be pleased to inform tue of the measures the president may have taken on this point, aud of his mteotions in relation to it, in order that by informing Hi u - j thonties of the king, in East ' lorida, tnereoi, those diKocitents may be avoided to which an erroneous conception may give rise, and all unfortunate impressions dissipated, which might dis turb the lively and siucere desire1 or conciliation and perfect harmony which actuates bis catholic majesty. On the second point, relating to Galvezton, inn president announces, that, in that tdace, which it is contended falls within the limits of the Unit ed States, in consequence of the acquisition of Itouitiana, a number of vagrant persons bad be fore established themselves, and com.oiUeJ acts of piracy very prejudicial to the trade of the United Mate ; and that, therefore, bis excel lency had also taken measure to correct those ahuxi. I'here are two thine which I have to remark nn this point. The first is, that the place of ualvezton La not been, nor ever could be, within the limit of Louisiana ; became, at no time did it make a part of it. It ha conttanlly be longed to the dominions of the crown of Spain, as a territory absolutely unconnected with, and distinct from Louisiana ; and as such, ought to be maintained and respected, until the United states produce document which establish their rights, and annul Ihe titles, till now undisputed, of property and posteaeion on the part of Spain, from the earliest tim s of its discovery and con - quct, uuto the preteot ; aud this will be determined, a there may be occasion for it, and may tie just, at the time of amicably arranging the question of boundaries between the two nations, as hit tat holic majesty, sincerely and earnestly desires, and a I have the hope to verify iu a short time, in his royal name, by meant ol the negotiation which wo havo established. The second thing which I have to recall to you, , is, that the king's troops drove off from Matagorda the vagabond freebooters, who had taken possession of that point'; in consequence of which the same adventurer were forced to eva ruiiteGalvrz'on, where they had also establish ed themselves, so that neither of these places was after war. Is attacked or infeited by them or any other banditti. Moreover, if by the occupation of Galvezton at that time, the U. Slates have sustained iniurics, it is notorious, that Spain has suffered much greater, by the facility afforded to Ihe pirate in capturing SpauuJi vessels, carrying them into that place, and their soiling mem to the citizens ol tins umou ; that Iron tins magazine of plunder, they conveyed the ! - pani'h pnqierty to New - Oilcans and other parts of the Cniled States, iu American vessels, it it will known to you sir, and to all the world. In any 'vent, when the injuries reciprocally caused, to American citizens, by the eoverniueut or sub jects of Spain, or to th: latter, by the government or citizens of the United State, are compared or estimated, such an indemnification will be ttipu uteu, as is agreeable toju. - tice and good faith. These remarks, and others equally obvious. cannot fail to convince you, as I am sure they will convince the whole world, that there was not the smallest motive for proceeding to acts of violence, on either of the two poins. which form the subject of this note, and ci which tho presi - lent ha touched in his mci - age. I hope that the intention of his excellency will not differ from this opinion ; and a well to avoid the disa greeable consequences which might arise from a misumiersianutiig, as to communicate to the King my master, the true Mate of thine. I have 'o request of you, sir, as I now do, a precise and saii'iariory explanation on the above mentioned two point, namely, of the measure taken by the presmeoi in relation to Ihrm, and of bis iuten - tiou upon the subject. 1 flatter myself that you ill have the good it r is to give mo the said ex - plauutinn as speedily as the case requires; and m ine mean time, allow me to renew the assur ;)uceofmy high consideration and rcpect, (Signed) LUIS DE O.MS. Mr. John Quinry Adam, tic. kc. Washington, 6th I 'ec. 1817. .No. 3. The tame to the tame. SIR Although I have but just arrived at the Federal City, as you know, I would not hsve iosi an instaiii, alter assembling the principal papers ami ancmnentt, relating to inn niiicrtn cet landing between bis catholic majesty' go - veri.mi'n1, anil that ol the United States, in iou ming and continuing with you. to a definitive conclusion, the negotiation, which by fortuitous causes, was suspended in the beginning of the present year, if I had not hoped to give you time for bi ing to far disengaged at to lie able to devote to these important concerns, all the attention they require. But 1 ought no longer to defer on my part, the necessary step to open communications of such high interest, ind consequently u i'i'c.:u wiiu you in me aeiuerneni ana ami cable arrangement ol all the points in dispute be tween the two zoverntuents. You will doubtless have been convinced of the impossibility in which was placed, of c unmen CU14 tins negoriatin lat winter, by reason of mynoi oringjummta mm tHtlntrlum tollable to .. neie cliararlir irlitch u.Urinr ctrcum - tlancri had gtn n In tl, and my no having thin r rreivi'd my government such atexjeinied to ibis case. I despatched the secretary of this I - gntion to Madrid, tn lay this deficiency before my sovereign, aud Ihe difficulty under which it placed me, 01" entering into a negociation W)ich might effectually restore Ihe most penei t harmo - nj between the two KHers, by putting an end to all disputes by means 01 a solemn transaction, which being founded on the principles ol mutual lustice, und combined iugood inilli with those of reupioralulUttjf andcrtm enuace, miht be completely mlisiai lory t both g ivernuients and liuth nations His majesty is nll - d with the reaieti concern, on irenu: that by tins unexpected n 1 iili nt, Ihe negnci inon was delayed, notwithstanding bis most sinrere and decided wish i s to conclude it. and strengthen his friendship and good under - tandug with the United States, at he had manifested Imm the moment ot hit rr. - slor.itiim to the throne, gave immediately orders that the necessary instructions should be ciituniu - nicnled to me, for the execution ol Hut lovereign trut in its lullest extent ; and to omit n.i means, in hit part, which night accelerate the desired 1 p. na 01 this arrangement and definitive Iran action ; he at tiir same luue caused to be proposed by h:s prim - ipal stcretnrv of tt ite. to the mi l ister of the I 'tilled states ut Madrid, a project f' - r Ihe s nd tr.vmaction ; hut it not having been adiu tti d by that minuter, uhoiaid that Tie was n"l authorised, to resume and terminate in Sp.iin, im: ingm imi h Hirs - any iranieriei 10 washing - ton, ami committed to nic . - the aforesaid secretu - tary ol legation r turned without loss of time, and hr - u - lit :ne the table instrui'lion. acconi - puniH withllie positirr order ol'hi majesty; that I hu!d omit nn means, a far as they niiht be C'.niputilile with jus n e, and the bnnorol his auu - t i liiradei, to setiln and t - rmunle amies - oly all ps - nilii g dilf rs - nces, and generously to satiny the I'uited States, in every thing which uiisiii ueieni on ir e iree win 111 m innjcMy. Su h are Ihe dipositions of the king my master, andsiub the orders which he ha c. minimi - cated to me, anxiou l he it, to adjust all differ, ences with the United slntc. and give them solemn prools of his hie.h esteem and sincere tricud ship. I am ready therefore to resume the negociation, and to pursue it with you, in all the x.n,t eai - 'irace - i oy 11, unui its nnal leriDimttion ; - and I shall be very hippi, il doing o, I an satisfy all the desires and lust hopes 01 the United States In consequence, I request, sir. that vou would be pleased to inform me, when yiu are reacy to enter into tin. impi. tnt n; pic lit in, and when it will be g eeible toiou. that we c immence the preliminary conference; .r in cae you should consuier them unnecessary mav we uiscun me mean o agreeing on, and fixing the mo 1 simple, expediieiu - ., and suits - table mode of proceeding, with all possible despatch, to tue nt - tt rment and hruu adjust - ment of all pointa in dispute. 1 aw:t vour answer In this note, animated uu .1.. inmi i;iv Hesire and the most flatter ing hopes; of terminating all disagTemeiits and .liai - niimii between two nations, which by their mutiud interests and the gentrosity 01 their sentiments, have always lived in perieci union and friendship, and ought to cement them more and more for their common happi - ness. In the mean while, I renew to you my res - pects, and pray God to preserve you many years. (Signed) . LOUIS DB ONI4. No 4. The Secretary of State to Dm Luis de Onis. Department of State, Dec. 16, 1817. Don Lu.s de Onis. Sir - 1 have bad the honor of receiving your letter of the 10th instant, and shall be b - rPy to receive you at the office of this department the day after to - morrow, at one o'clock, to confer with vou upon the subject ot it. 1 am instructed by the president, on this occasion, to assure you of the satisfaction with which he has learned, that you are furnished with in. structions Pom your government adequate to the adinstment of all the differences between the two countries, and of the earnestness of his desire that the nenociation may terminate in an arrangement mutually tat is factory to both parties. I am, with very distinguished consideration Ilc. ' (Signed) JOHN QUIXCY ADAMS. (7b be continued.) FROM OUR CORR ESPO.VD E VT. Office of Milledgeville Reflector,? March 11. S Unpleasant netet ! .'We are indebted to the politeness of Dr. Miller, (of South - Carolina,) for the following unpleasant intelligence, which he heard at Fort Mitchell a few days ago. Inconsequence of informal inn received from the commanding officer at Fort cott of the scarcity of provisions and dissatisfaction of the troops, General Gaines, accompained by Maj. Wright, and several soldiers, embarked in a small boat at Fort Ka ly, with the intention of going to Fort Scott; but when within about 40 miles of tlieir place of destination the boat struck a sawyer, and precipitated all on board into theriver. Maj Wright and some of the soldiers were drowned. Gen. Gaines reached the western, and one of the soldiers the other bank of the river. The latter repaired to Fort Scott, with the news of this diater, and Maj. Dee wnli a party of soldiers immediately went in search ot the General They found written with a pencil on a tree, near where the boat was wrecked, his intention of proceeding to Fori Gaines, at which place he had not arrived five days after the boat was wrecked. It is generally feared he has fallen into the hands of the enemy. FHOM OVR COURF3POXDEXT. Office of the Albany Daily Advertiser,) Monday, March S3. The Senate hare non concurred in the resolu tion of the House of Assembly respecting an investigation of the practices of baokt, and the meant by which bauk chartcrt have beeu obtain ed. The Senate on Saturday, again went into a committee of the whole, on the Medical Bill ; and alter a debate ol about an bour and an ball, rote and reported. A few minutes were spent upon the bill relative to Ihe St. Regis lands, and the Senate adjourned. In the II'iusc - ol Ai' - euihly, 00 Saturday morning, it was agreed tore - consider the bill for re stricting the number of judge of the Court of common I'leas, and Justice ol the feace. An umiiccessiul attempt wa made to strike out the word four, in the first section, for the purpose of lnirouucing a larger numuer. nies - rs. jacason and Sargent upiorted the motion, and Mr. Edwards opposed it. The bill introduced tome time since bv Mr, Oakley, to vest certain power in the first Judges ol the Lourts of Common I'leas, wa passed iu commiitr e of the whole. This bill provide, that the first J udget ol the several Court of Common I lea 111 this ttate, being of Ihe degree of Coun tellor at Law 01'the Supreme Court, shall be authorised and empowered, to do and perform all the duties and exercise all the powert which are or may be done and penormed by the several CuiiimiKtioiier appointed by virtue of the act, entitled " an act to appoint commissioners tn perform certain dutie ot Judges of the Supreme Court," passed Fehruary 26th, 1813. The remninderof the day wa occupied upon private and local bill. LEQ1SL.1IVRE OF JtEW.YORK. HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, March 20. Mr. Sharpe, from the committee to whom were referred three several memorial from the city of New - York, reported favorably upon the tame respectively, and brought in three several bill accordingly, viz. a bill " to enable the mayor, recorder, and aldermen of the city of .vew - vorK to raise money by tax" a bill " relative to the commissioners of excise io the city ol N. York" a bill "relative to opening and enlarging streets in the city of New - Ycrk" which were rend twice and committed to a committee of the whole house. Mr. Sharpe, fiom the committee to whom was referred the petition of the New - York Insurance Company, reported a bill pursuaut to the prayer of the iietitioners, which wa read a first and second time and committed. Pursuant to previous notice, Mr. Thrnop reported a bill, entitled, " an act to prohibit any person holding an office under the government of the Ui ited States, from holding a seat in the senate or assembly of thit state. Read twice aud committed. From tht National Intelligencer, March 23. The bill to amend the several actt for enforcing the neutral relations of the United States, yet lie 011 the table of the house of representative ; and, il it be resumed at all, will prohably be indefinitely postponed, and the tubject left where it wat at the commencement of the tet - Mon. We take this opportunity to notice a ugges - tion which has beeu made no a newspaper, that an intimation thrown out by Mr. Forsyth, in the debate on that bill, had reference to a proposition to declare war against Spain. Mr. F's. remarks, we arc confident, had no such bearing. French AVo's. The French government has divided France into five maritime districts and assigned a particular flag to each : a well as a flag for vessels belongiug to it West and East India Colonies, and the African Colony. Vessels re alo allowed to have private signals. All their colors are to be hoisted when they approach a Frew h port, and in pert on Sundays, holidays, 4 c. They are always to hoist the general French flsj with their other color - the district flag at the miiutop - gallant mast bead, the private signal nt the next mat - head in rank, and th Freuch flag at th item. CONGRESS. IV SF.NAU: March 20. Mr. Wi.liams, of Ten. f - om the committee on m litary affairs, reported the bill to reduce the staff of the army A message in writing was received from the President of the United State, by Mr. J.J. Micime, respecting negociation which took place 1 - sst year with the government of the Netherlands, which wss red Hocsx or I'.srniatxTATiVKS. March 27 Mr. Sergeant fom the committee of way and means, to whom was referred an enquiry intoth. expediency of allowing a drawback on refine t sugar exported, and a memorial if the distillers and merchants of Boston, praying that drawbacks may be allowed upon the exportation of stiiit distilled from foreign materials, made a report thereun, in favor of ithe expediency of allowing drawback on the .. mm ... I tnatit mntVI The Speaker laid before the House a letter e ,h. a - ..i of the Treasury, transmit - mritvisc mi - wss IIVIII s. wvw . j 1 - ting reports respecting tonnage and certain im ports and exporis, muuc n wkukis relutions moved by Mr. Pitkitf on the 29th of December last NORFOLK, March 19. Th weather continued very boisterous last night when our paper went to press. It ceated mowing about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, after which a sullicieocy of rain fell to dissolve uearly all the snow that naa iaun. 1 ne wuiu blew with great violence, jand was nearly north, wiln every prooaoiuiy 01 turning i sue um - west Delore morning, aoci uisnnj ui ci j miu. W. hi. tha Tk.n Armistead and sch Hi. rasn, that the brig Victoria, reported ashore yesterday near Willoughky' Foiut, had beaten oyer the bar and wa at aocuor anoai, uwugo nuwg very heavily yesterday afternoon, bating a signal .I!iIm.i flvlnv Th ftrhnonpr lvinsf near VI .t. I. . . Ujl - qi a - J O her, abo rode very heavy, aud had a jack fly iug . .. . .. 1 1 u - i: - .. - .l 1. 1. . .1 ai ine lore - lopui&si jieau, utucicu w us ,uu for a pilot. ALEXANDRIA, March S3. Kauinoxlial sale. On Saturday the town and harbor of Alexandria were visited by one of the most tremendous gales of wind ever experienced in this pluce It came on early in the day from the north east, accompained with moderate rain. Toward the evening it increased to almost a hurricane the Poton;ac was in a perfect foam. The hippiiig and craft at the wharves were tossed about with great violence several craft was sunk a house blew down on the 1111 wnarr, wuu eignt persons in it, and a woman was very much hurt considerable injury was done to the wharves, and some damage done to the roofs of houses. We are informed a schooner, load ed with grain, was driven on shore and bilged near fort rVasliitiKton. We lear that the ship ping 011 the coast must have suffered severely. GENEVA, March 18. General John Swift The remains of Gtn. sift, who wa killed on the Niagara fiorrtier during the lite war, have been removed from their place of interment, near Lewitton, to Pal mvra, aud on the 8th inst. were solemnly re - iu - terrcd in the church - yard at that place, attend ed by a numerous concourse of relatives and friends. An appropriate sermon was preached on the occasion, by the Rev. Mr. Towuacnd, from Gen ch. 50, v, 25. SALEM. New - Jersey, March 18. Two Shad were caught last week in the river Uelaware, by the Dutch r tsberraen, not lariroin the mouth of Salem Creek. They were sent to Philadelphia, their price five dollar! each. Tnnqua Winchnrig, the celebrated Uooz mer chant i now in the city of Baltimore. In answer to " A theatrical friend," who en quires if I can tell him the reasou that Thursday night it selected for the benefit of Mist Johnson, instead of one of the regular play - nights, and expressing an apprehension that the city cotillion party on that night, may prove injurious to her, we can state, that it was done at her own request. But the writer is further informed, that the ma nagers of the cotillion party have very kindly consented, on this yo'ing lady's account, to postpone their party till Friday, the subsequent night, thus to enable her to avail herself of the libera lity of Mr. Fhilippj' offer to sing and play for her. Our correspondent1 apprehension will vanish on inspection of the box - book. DILI), This morning, after a lingering illness of 19 months, Captain William Bogert, in the 291 h year of hi age, lata master of the brig Sea - Island. At Pompey, (N. J.) on the 14th inst. Charles Ualdwin, Esq. Counsellor at Law, in the 27th year of his age. At Geneva, on (he 15th imt. at the house of the Rev. Orin Clark. Cornelia Rutgers, widow of the late Anthony A. Kutgcrs, and daughter of me laie ri ugn uaine, r.sq. KFEJiWa POST MARINE LIST. CLF.ARED, Brig Minerva, I lowland, - New - Bedford Amelia, Mott, Savannah BELOW I ship, supposed to be the Pacific from Liverpool. The ship Bclvidera, Hobson, has arrived at Baltimore from Liverpool, with a cargo consist ing of 1900 packages of dry goods and hardware. PHILADELPHIA. March 94. Arrival irhr Juliana, Johnson, et. Andrews 14 days. ocnr Aineri. siirckiom. si Andrews 14 ilava. Sloop Caroline, Baker, New Bedford 9 days KL: II - .i..: ii .li tv . .. . Quip imnionia. ivonnins, isi 1 one 14 oays. Cleared, ship Strafford, Rodgers, Liverpool. Bosts.v, March 22, (wind N". E. and by E. and a heavy gale.) No arriv.ils. A verv hea vy seam the Bay, but 110 damages heard of as yet. THEATRE. For the Benefit of Mr. Robins. THIR.11 ii:ht ennsp. On Wednesday evening, March io, will be pre - . 1 . . , 1 sented, the tragedy of THE APOSTATE Florinda, Mrs. Barnet rionnaa, itirs. oarnes To which will be added, (for the 3d time in N yora 1 ine ceienraieu pantomime 01 MOTH l:ft nflDS !' i.n rnr r.nt ntrm trim Colin, (afterwards Harlequin, Mr. Parker Colinettc, (afterwards Columbine) Mrs. Parker Performance to commence at seven o'clock precisely. PUBLIC NOTICE. ffc7" The public are hereby notified, not to give credit to any person or persout on my ac count, or pay any monies due ine, without my wnutiu uuiuuriij. JOHA WOOD. New - York, March 25th, 18IS. mh25 Iw CONCERT. ftr Ms. FRENCH, restctfully informt herlriends and the public generally, that she intends giving a Concert of Vocal aud luitrumen - tal Music, on Tuesday evening, the 3lt instant. Particulars of which will appear in a lew day. n.n .3 ooi - . - WW.L, . r..(l, u viiuici, JSii Rowland, master, just returned from Uourdcaux and can be nut in readiness to take 'lt r V.I . IV.i.rhl n. I cargo in a few dayt Thisahip i i years old, burthen 301 tons, very profusely found and in the best coudition. For particulars apply on board at Pine - street wharf, or to GRIS WOnUS Si COATES, men 85 6 South - st. tor HtUslUL, (tng.) 1 The fast tailing copper bottomed Rri - ;ti!h brig BRITANNIA, Watson, mas - lei , 13 now loading, and is expected to be ready for sea on Mood:iy next, the 30th instant. For freight ol SIM1 bbls. or passage, haviug handsome arcom - uodations for 4 passengers, apply to capt. auun, on uoarti, ai pirr no. 3, or to DIVlCBETHUNElCo. mh 25 92 Coffee - honse - slin. L - Vi. l..' - ml 1 r k - t - V 1 ..... ..... . 1.1 t ccuonner IL. A.l. LnoL Kicnrll . 'ill rail nn YV.Mlnos.tnv r.. freiani or p.isage apply on board at Dover - it. wburf, oral No. 16H Pearl street. mh25 S. MARSH H BROOKS. Sijfatt tailing brig KENTUCKY - Bei iV uesiKHi, maiier, ounnen zsz tons, will be rJ - uuja net at pic . C, N. River. For termt,' apply on boarT J M"5 Zlmgt rt torLOXDujf, . 4al The fast tailincr shin vu ..... VEffiTOV. Jacob Forman lar trader will commence loading on' v'l . 1 ... . ,tw Qsy. . 1 C - I'l - V JOHV fttviv . 163Iearl.t.1. vuxm . .... 1 1 or mli 25 St 66 ...:.'. t'... II Jl'lji - F9 Tbe known C0PIred thin Mil SliRIA - THERESA, Skiddy, mLirl Tho principal part of her cargo being eonl will meet with quick dispatch. For freTT iiu Daiet couon, or passage, having ood JT" 1 - rt - j F. DEPAU. or G. G. & S. Hnwr ... mh$5 77 WasLlnJl.' 77 Washington. - For !T. JAGO DlTcij)T Two or three Dautnver. . ' accommodated on board th .'! tailing bng ELIZA, E. L. Grueby, Bitt,, I sad ou Saturday the 2Mb inst. AurU ml'l .1 v. a v.ii. ui,... ' r 1 "wl a h icii u. ..ui wj - a.iwi, ur IU G. C. & S. HOWLAND mh 25 77 WasliimrtoniP. - tor Atsv - OYy.A;.4vr S3 " VVV, The good fas'. sailinershinl.iniTiB. now loadins west side Hori;n...i . : sssssssassaaB - - 0 "lk MlF will sail in a few cImvj. For frclol.t haviug largo accommodations, apply on boJi N. L. k C. CRISWOLD, mh 25 86 Soutl - strf IIAKIlWAKK to. CI 'll tRV AFEvV cak of Birmingham and SheUty Goods, very neatly aoried, will be Kid very low by JM. M'CHALKAN inlig.i 3t Hi 18 Pearl street CARPETING. ESF.COR & CO. 1IW Broadway, havejwt . rec.'d. in addition to their former suim. ment, a new supply of Brussels, and Ingrsiuil 1 - 1 1 ....1 ' 1 . j .p sorpcsiiiu, iiutu nut; miu quit - rune , uo, ICUS. Likewise, on hand, recently ree'd, Brussels Carpeting Ingrained do. fine and uptrfine Venetian do. 01 various width Cart Bindings, Itags of every description India Matting, various width Bncking Uuize India Table Mat Oil do. do. of different ct lor F.rahoss'd Morecos, do. do. Plain do ' do. do. Plain green and fig'd Table Oil Cloths Stair nods, ratcnt r loor (hi Cloths India Blinds, Frii ge of iliffcrcut color Green Table Cloths of all sizes, with bordtn Blue do. do. do. Purple and Drab do. Crumb Cloths, with borders Door Mats all of which will be disposed of 01 the most favorable terms. . v mh 25 3t HURK.8 ISLAiNU SALT. SaWO bushes JL ongui luras isiann 01111 lor snie ny 1 L'CKER to LAURIES, mh 25 29 South street. LLGHOKN FIOKET11 HATS. JUST received per Ariosto, one case of sups. tior Fiorclli Leghorn Hats, assorted froa flo. 30 a 60. ALSO. 1 ao oinne wmte Chip, with a tuttaoie pro - portion oldouble band. roraalehy V AN DERVOORT U FLANDIN, mh 25 I w No. HI Broadway. UTEKL, PIPKi. HATH. tie. 3 W. ROGERS & CO. 1N0. 235 Peari LJ ouer for sale, 50 bundles Halback Steel 5 toot best O. L. do 1000 boxes Tobacco Pipes Copper Boat Nail 20 casts Fnglish tlatt ; 5 crates Soda Jup zu casK ctius nare - 100 crate Bros ley Ware 50 cask best English Porter Malt Kiln Tile Ei glih Spelter ; black Sl&tol Tin Plate of different descriptions. Together with a general assortmeul of Hardware and Cutlery, by the packagu or from tbe shelve, on the most liberal terms. mh 25 g.v VVARUA.V1E1J BOLTING CLOTHS. A tV7 m & .a I 1.1 .L. t a a t CI .11 ing Cloths, for sale nt oncommonly tow prices, by JNO. MH:RACKAN, mh Z5 M VI l - t I'earl - st. wan I'LL), fiy4m fV Dollars, to be secured by md V F J J morbra're on property in tbil city. Address C. D. at this office. mh 25 It NORTH Rl, ICR bTKAM tiOAW. ton will leave New - fork gsg - T sTon Snlurilav. the SUth last. - - - - - - - - - ' ' - ... . - . - ..Tat. - inf hp M There will he t boat leave New 1 oik every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at sr. ni. and Albany oats days nt 9 A. M. until further notice, tnh 25 . FRENCH LANGUAGE. A YOUNG Mnn. a native of Swilserland. whs . can be well recommended, would usder - tahe the teaching of Ihe r renrh iMnp - nnire. iota academv. or would take charre of a eentlcmat't family, and to the French lmnu!M would add .1 . c :. - - ., ... 1 a. I m His (ermi wniihl h moliralM. nrwl tsniild do U dress a line for A. at No. 1G3 Broadwav. which III III! I'Unci IU1CI1UCI iirciui A IC - - wiil be retiiectfully attended to. .V B. Tho advertiser has no objection to 10 10 any pari 01 me uuiieu - oiuies. mh 25 2w COOPER'S SERMONS. L mons : desiened lor parochial and domestic J . IV. U, . Ulyill.l miu luilllllu instruction t bv the Rev. Edward Cooper. Rec tur nf HnmttRll. Rid ware, and of Vnxall. in lb roiiiil nf sjtatfoid. and iale fellow of Allsoul Col lege. Oxford: in two volumes. fFor a review ol thete excellent sermons look 10 the Chnstiat Observer. 1 Jutt received, and for (ale to loo se ri be rt and othert. price f 4. at tit Penrl - tree hy uuDtfti .vruttiMui. mh 25 2aw2w . FOUND on the ttrps of the Hall, yesterdayv a small UKEArT PIN. The owner niaf isa t u 11 (ytaati i ' Ka 7 n s" ' J hiva w a ir - 1 1 n 111 nfitnt w inw ai .w r a nun m and paying for ariverlising nih xi Ji t COLOURLI) ROY the time limited by lad - understands all kinds house - work, and taking t care of horns ; also working on u farm or in a garden He is nineteen years of age ana 01 good disposition. Any person thai wane possessing lh"e qiialilicutions, will gel iniuis lion at No. 25 Bowery. . inn xo 11 r.L.uiri . flK To Let for one or more yeari, S3 The following houns - bouse No. 99 Broadway, two door above Washington Hah ...:l, I. U. . - iC r.nnllTl! AlSO. nivn a vum u iiuun; in lire nt n t. - ".. - - - - a three ttory brick house No. 415, in said treet - Alto, a new snd genteel two tory nric t: "... I 1 k..iulL ttlS corner 01 ijisieuani iuiu viimvii ...v - , term moderate. For further particulars, apply . 4 1 - 1 mh Vji li Uieaiwt ( r 41 mh 25 tf ai orumiwujr. - eptfi lliil ICTC LliD tMsVI.P Nos. 94 and 96 John - street. Enquire at 460 Pearl - s:reet mh 2J 10t FOR SALE, " A two stor - house ituated in Feari - street, Brooklvn. Possession may be had o the first of M.iy next. For particulars, app'J to the subscriber, on the premises. ma S3 tt j .

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