The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 11, 1931 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1931
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

*?· MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE t INDIANS DISLIKE BRITISH DELAYS Gandhi Not Surprised Tha Conservatives Would Put OH Round Table. o , AHMADAB AD, .-India, March 11 Decision by the British conservativ party not to participate In an im mediate round table conference in India did not come as a. surprise t Mah'atma Gandhi, he said today. "I must say,": the Mahatma said "that the position of thB congress party is unequivocal and exceeding ly simple!. The party is pledged to win complete independence at the earliest possible moment. It wil look with grave suspicion on anj dilatory tactics. · ."The conservatives' fear about so. called safeguards is justified. The congress will aqcept no safeguard which Is not clearly proved t6 be in the interest' of India, and -those which were discussed at the London conference were certainly not India's interest. On this question of vital importance to India equivocation would be dangerous. "If the congress party Is represented, at this round table conference, it will come with a clear' con' science arid'with, all'its cards on .the'table. I welcome Stanley Baldwin's statement on his party's policy, fov it enables the congress^to understand the forces which may be arrayed against it." : Utterly exhausted by the gruel- ling ordeal to which, welcoming crowds have submitted him, Gandhi had to spend most of today in bed. ''·' At phe.point In his triumphal trio from New Delhi-here, where he had not been for more than a year, the noise of the mobs who came to greet him became so great that Gandhi stuffed his ears with cotton. Ironically enough it was on his weekly day of silence. · . 2 N. C. SENATORS OFFER CONTRAST (Confirmed Prom Tage I). senate's confirmation of Frank" R. McNinch as'a member of the new .federal power commission^ on which he was chosen by President Hoover to" serve as one of the two legally required democrats. Senator Morrison took McNinch's part. .; -, · : : : This clearly brot out the contrast between them.' Senator-elect Bailey is hard boiled. Senator Morrison, is of the benevolent", type. ; ·"" ... *'.' *" » . ' · -..,. . '· ·THE statement that Senator-elect .*· Bailey is hard boiled should by no means be interpreted as implying that.;there is anything rough-hewn about him. Emphatically to the-contrary, he is hard boiled like polished steel. In appearance and manner, he is; ultra-aristocratic--the scornful, haughty aristocrat. « Senator Morrison is aristocratic, too, .but be is. of. the gentle old aristocratic pattern-^kiridly to everyone, his inferiors especially maybe.' According to Senator-elect Bailey, McNinch is not a democrat, at all, but a Hoovercrat; which being the case, the senator-elect was frank to imply that he could see mighty little good in him whatever. ·:·· Senator Morrison ngreed-that McNinch is what he called "a sorry democrat," but the very fact that he had to make this admission immediately set him to looking for redeeming features In the latter, and he found them--in particular that McNinch is an excellent churchman, in fact an elder, well known for his piety; also a pleasant neighbor and a delightful companion. "· ' · ' . ' · ' · ' . . · * ' * * , " - , J7XAMINED by various senators ·*-· relative to his antecedents, Mc- Ntnch had described himself as "a poor man's lawyer." "Pooh!" quoth Senator-elect i Bailey, commenting.on this utterance. "There never was" a time when lie wouldn't have accepted a rich man's retainer if one ever had been ·jffered to him. If he's a poor man's lawyer, it's because rich men won't hire, him." .. . I cite thia remark,' made as a witness before the state interstate commerce committee, merely in illustration o£ the senator-elect's psychology. The expression "poor man's lawyer" excited his ire. When it was quoted to Senator Morrison, the senator purred affably. "Well, yes, I suppose he is," he said, in a tone which gav£ the impression. - 'of commending McNIncl for it, tho the actual words he uset may not fully convey the idea. OENATOR-ELECT BAILEY IS J' handsome, but cold of visage. His voice is hard and resolute; his manner assured. He is a fine figure of a man, lithe and erect. He- suggests a fencer, with a keen-pointed rapier in. his hand, jabbing' It (the weapon) thru an adversary's vitals. Senator Morrison''also is handsome, but with the handsomeness of a multl-millionaire-ite philanthrop i«t of some sort, thinking up ways · of making the human race- better and happier. Each, in his own particular specialty, is, if anything,\ somewhat exaggerated. , · ·' i · * * * T WOULD say, at a guess, that *· Senator Morrison will fret Sen- atoivelect Bailey considerably as a colleague, when the senator-elect has.become a, full-fledged senator. Senator Bailey, I surmise, will want to do Sarah things occasionally--Just, · but stern. -'" And Senator Morrison, in my opinion, will say, "Now, now," soothingly and placatingly (but dissent- ·fogrly), and I think it will drive Senator Bailey darn near frantic. SIR MALCOLM NOW Knighted by King George for his record-breaking performance at Daytona Beach, Flu., .Capt. Malcom Campbell, British auto speed king, its shown arriving at Buqklngham- Palace, iiondon, to receive the honors.. SUPREME COURT DECISIONS GIVEN Opinions on Cases Handed Down by Judges in Des Moines. DES MOINES, March, 11. W)-'he following decisions were handed own by the Iowa supreme court Tuesday, March 10: New York Life Insurance com- any vs. B. I. Salinger, et al., and he Carroll County State bank, ap- ellant, Carroll -county, Judge R. I ilcCord. Appeal from decision that laintiff's mortgage is first and ap- eliant's second. Affirmed.. Opin- on by Kindig. Arthur . W. Nicolls vs. Pearl ficolls, appellant, Polk county, udge Joseph Meyer. Lower court modified alimony to defendant. Af- "rmed. Opinion by Kindig.. Decision Is Affirmed Homesteaders Life'association vs. :. I. Salinger, et al., and Carroll County State bank, appellant, Car- oil county, Judge R. L. McCprd. Appeal fronr decision that plaintiff's mortgage is first and appellant's econd. Affirmed opinion by Kin- £.' ' - : . ' . . : : . . M. R. Miller, vs. C. P. Hurburgh, appellant, Polk county, Judge O; S Franklin. Plaintiff awarded judgment on oral contract.' Affirmed. Opinion by Evans. Jacog Kahofsky vs. J. L. Woer- lerhoff, appellant, Black Hawk xmnty, Judge A. B. Loyejoy. Lower ourt issued injunction against appellant. Affirmed. Opinion by ^ ' Eva" B. Merritt vs. Carrie Ludvig--Wiese, appellant, Polk county, udge W. C. Bonner. Lower court decreed for plaintiff in action to [juiet title. Affirmed. Opinion by Morllng. . ' . Sigourney Produce company, ap- ellant, vs. Milwaukee Mechanics nsurance company, Keokuk county, Judge D. W..Hamilton. Verdict for defendant in action to recover'on ire insurance policy. Affirmed. Opinion by Grimm. Kindig Gives Opinion Jennie McKee, executrix,- appel- ant, vs. Helen J. Stewart, Poweshiek county, Judge Frank 'Bechly. Lower court ' dismissed action to Eoreclose. Affirmed. Opinion by Xindig. Birth Produce company, appellant, vs. Tom Kelly, ct al., Keokuk county, Judge D. W. Hamilton Judgment for defendants on counterclaim to collect balance due on account. Affirmed. Opinion by Kindig. Commercial State -Bank of Independence vs. E.' E. Broadhead, ap- pellee, J. W. Ault, appellant,. Iowa highway commission, et al., Buchanan county, Judge A. B. Lovejoy. Judgment for appellee on compel admission of'appellant to versed. Opinion by Evans. Was at Iowa Falls O. S. Hail vs. T. W. Miller, appellant, superior court of Iowa Falls, Judge C. L. Hayes. Decree for plaintiff in action to recover value of truck. Reversed. Opinion by'Grimm. Beulah .May Saner, appellant, vs board of consolidated school distric of Keokuk county, ct al.,. Keokuk county, Judge D. W. Hamilton. Decree for defendants in action' to compel admission o fappellant to schools. Appeal dismissed. Opinion by Morling. Bertha Halstead 'vs. Lue Rohret appellant, Johnson county, Judge H. D. Evans.; Verdict for plaintiff to recover for services. Affirmed Opinion by Evans. Lowell Churchill,' et al., vs. Millersburg Savings bank, et al., ap oellants, Iowa county, Judge H. D Evans. Decree for plalnliff In ac tion to quiet title. Reversed. Opinion by Grimm. Eugene Appleby vs. L. S. Cass appellant, s Black ' Hawk county Judge George W. Wood. Judgment for'plaintiff in action for.damages Affirmed. Opinion by Evans. Maggie Wells 'vs. City of Oska- :oosa, appellant, Mahaska county Judge Frank Bechly. Judgment for plaintiff in action for damages. Re : ersed. Opinion by Morling. William F. Burger, administrator, ITS. J. L. Krall, et al, appellants, 'ohnson county. Judge R. G. Pop- iam. Decrees for plaintiff on ac- Ion to compel occounting- of part f estate. Affirmed. Opinion by I Morllng. MARCH 11 1931 CURTIS, J6, DIES AT CHARLES CITY Man Found Dead in Bed Will Be Buried on Friday.; Leaves Wife. CHARLES CITY, March 11-William B. , Curtis,. .76, was found dead, in his bed this morning at 5 o'clock this' morning, Physicians stated his "death 'resulted "from natural causes. Mr. Curtis, who would have, been 77 March 14, resided at'707 North Illinois street: .Funeral, services held at 2 "o'clock Friday afternoon at tlie Hauser funeral home with the Rev, G. A. Hess officiating. Burial-will be in Riverside cemetery. Mr. Curtis is survived by his widow. Killed by Passenger Train. MOULTON, March 11. (fl)--Alfred Hoover, 75, Clark, S. Dak., was killed late Monday when he was struck by a Wabash passengei train. HOUSE IS BURNED NEAR HAMPTON 2 Women Receive Injuries While Carrying Out , Furniture. HAMPTON, March 11.--The*foUr- room house belonging to Mrs. J. G. Renwick, fouv miles southeast of Hamptoa, was burned to the ground Mpiiday morning. . The~liouse was on'the Lee Towle farm. The fire was discovered by Mrs, Renwick's daughter, Mrs. Towle. The fire de-v. partment from Hampton was called but the entire house was ablaze by the time it arrived. - - · Mrs'. Renwick and . Mrs. Towle, who were alone on the farm at the time, carried out most of the furniture and both wqmen received severe burns on their hands. : The loss was" partly covered by insurance. Iver Knutson, 42, Carpenter, Dies at · x Oakdale Sanitarium CARPENTER, March 11.--Iver Knutson, 42, unmarried, died'. Monday j at the Oakdale sanitarium, where he had been a patient for two years. Mr. Knutson was a prosperous farmer^ and a member of the U. L. church. No funeral arrangements have been mace. The body will be brot here for burial. He leaves two brothers and three sisters. Real Estate Dealer Charged,With Fraud DES. MOINES, March 11. UP)-The state continued its case today in district court against H. E. Biaekledge, Keosauqua real estate dealer who is charged wita conspiracy in connection with alleged fraudulent land deals allegedly carried, out with funds of the Ancient Order of United Workmen. 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