The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 22, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1913
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Gifts . . -AT .. . HUB UNDERSELLING STORE C """^ ' Annual YuletideSale of gift merchandise. So come, see and be glad that you can save much on your Christmas money by taking advantage of next week's shopping economies. SILK WAISTS A very pretty and useful gift is one of our nevr Silk Waists, all shades, open' front or back. $2.50 value $1.98. $4.00 value S2.9S. VOILE WAISTS 25 styles to select from in Voile. Lawn and Linen waists. Asst. colors and stripes. 9Sc and 1.49. Every waist packed in separate Holly Box. COLLAR CUFF SETS Hundreds of Collar and Cuff sets, dainty collars and lace frills in separate boxes, to select-front 25c, 49c, 98c. ^ A practical gift for your girlfriend. HANDKERCHIEFS Galore Christmas handkerchiefs in folders and boxes of 2, 4 6. Something everybody appreciates. "Prices 25c to $1.50. Segarate Handkerchiefs, ocup. " Hats,, Hats, " Hats. »---s-- -- - , BIG COAT AND FUR VALUES Your wife or daughter will appreciate a Coat or Set of Furs, more than any other gift. S15 Astrakhan Coats $11.98 S12 Boucles Zibelines 9.98 $10 Zibelines Plush 7.98 Other coats from $4.98 up Big variety of Children's Coats $1-49 up I Furs at 20 per cent. Reduction. HANDBAGS Buy her a good looking Wrist or Hand Bag, it will be a verv pleasing gift. 50c to $2.00. SWEATERS We have them for any of the family, all colors and sizes. Priced very low. CHILDREN'S DRESSES · -A big assortment of children's Dresses in Scotch Plaid, Navy Serge, Plaid Gingham, Linene, Shepherd check. 49e and 9Sc. Warners Corsets Specials in SILK PETTICOATS 100 Messaline and Taffeta Petticoats in all the newest shades. A pleasing and serviceable gift,. S2.50 values $1-98 §3.00 values 2.-19 §3.50 value 2-S8 85.00 value 3.98 UMBRELLAS The "Perfect Shape" Umbrella packed in individual boxes, for man, woman, or child a very acceptable gift. Moderately priced. KIMONOS Long and short Kimonos in either Crepe or good quality Flannelette assorted flowered patterns, all sizes , 49c to S1.98. FlanneletteGowns 49c INFANT'S WEAR A complete line of underwear dresses. sweaters, saeques and caps for infants- Muslin Knit Underwear. MM We~Give "S. H" Green Trading Stamps The Hub Underselling Store "The Ladies Shop" 10 Carlisle s.reet Gett3'sbtsrg, Pa. ur Holiday Gifts Now on Display CHEsAWARE LAMPS GLASSWARE CANDIES IBIBRELLAS FANCY LINENS HANDKERCHIEFS NECKWEAR UNDERWEAR GLOVES SWEATER COATS READY-3HDE CLOTHING CANCER VICTIMS SWAMP HOSPITAL iSeek Radium Treatment at Fl)iiad8ip'nia Institution. llHAVE LONG WAITING LIST Oar store has" in addition to its usual stock, a big assortment of pretty and useful things for'the holiday trade, that is unsurpassed in this section. Our store IOOTOS are full to the brim with interesting and appropriate gifts- The prices are right and will meet the wants of all. Among other things are the following: t I · Encouraged by Reports of Cares, Patients Have Swamped Resources of "i the Hospital. i Philadelphia, Dec. 22. -- Heartened j by the new encouragement held outj by high medical authority that caacer i niay pro\e curable by radium treatment, men and women in Pailadelp!iia who basi all but given up hope of life have been flocking in such numbers to the Oncologic hospital, where ra-j uiam treatment can be obtained, that| the resources of the institution havej been swamped. j The three specimens of radium that; are available for treatment are used-; day and night ia the institution. Yet| tLe rush of sufferers has growa toi such proportions that scores of cases j in which the need is slightly less ur-j geat, are now refused immediate treat- j ment and relegated to the rapidly | grow ing ''waiting list." { At the same time the work with ra-j dium, whie'n has been going: on at this j institution for seven yers, shows thej almost jpcredible power of the eleiasut i as a healing agent. ^ j Again and again persons, who ha-ij been given up b em:neat specialists; as i«surabie have beeu restored to the; business of common li-"e and score! on j the books of the institution with tac. letters "\V. il. E. D." I without mani-j Test evidence of disease). , The hospital is extremely careful j about pronouncing a case "cured," but very few of the patieais who have been s^ improved by radium, treatneat have «hovi,3. symptoms of a return o£ t'se atSictioa. The stag of the American Oncologic j hospital has worked out its own sr^-\ tern of using radium. Special i2Stru.-j taents devised by the physicians in j charge ha-.e been made for the iustl-j tution and are in use there. · w I I I Christmas Suggestions 9 I 2 I i i BOOKS BOOKS Classic Gift Books, recent iiction, popular copyright- Toy Books, Harrison Fisher's Drawing-. In fact everything ia books. : WRITING PAPER "Whitings" gift papers in attract!vo boxc*. Cor respondent cards in Initial, Gold, Silver and plain styles. Papers of all^he best and newest st vies on the market. · MAGAZINES f Send in your subscription orders for your maga- £ zines at once, that you may £ have them for Christmas. ^ Prompt service i s o u r ^| Motto. 7F=:rA JT n c\ i ?!_ fii '· -ri tk"3 / Give Us A Call FOUR POISOED BY-COFFEE It Is Believed Woman Suffering From Mental Trouble Accidentally Did St. Baltimore, Dec. 22--Four persons were poisoned, perhaps fatally, v.hen they drank coSee-e\idently contain-1 ing some deadly drug'. . j The injured persons, who are in St. j Joseph's hospital, are: j jlrs. Cecelia Richmond, fifty-five j years- old. -- ! Michael Richmond, fifty-eight year-. oid, her husband. Mrs. "Bessie Morgecstein, thirty-five years old, daughter of the Richmcnds. Stella ilorgensteia, seven years oil, daughter of Mrs. Horgeustein. ilyer Richmond, a son o£ the o'der pair, escaped the poison by appearing late for ais brea'-tiast. j The police theory is that Sirs. Richmond, who is said to have been sufferer from mental trouble of late, ac cloentally put poison in the coffee. Her condition is so critical that she cannot be questioned. THE Opposite Court House Chas. E. Swisher. Prop'r. i H. P. MARK Arendtsville H. P. MARK | *"~~ »H MOVIES CLOSE A CHURCH Sunday Night Shows Are Blamed For Vacant Pews. TVest^ Oranse, X. J., Dec. 22.--Tvlov ing pictures -were blamed for" tne closing of Emmanuel Bantist chapel, "West Orange, bj the pastor, Rev. Edward E. Lowans. The minister, who has been a worker In the interests of the county probation office, sas he will devote al! his. attention to tais work in the future. The troubles of the chapel started after the opening of the '-movie" theater last summer. The theater kept many from the evening services a- the chapel oa weekdays, and when the town council permitted Sunday night shows the Dev.-s of the chapel were entirely deserted. The thirty-first anniversary of my being in business TriU be celebrated ^vith a grand *H» " opening of holiday goods on |f Saturday, December 6th, 1913 * \ bis stock fresh from the eastern cities lias been placed ia our store rooms and vrill be ·^ opeiTfor inspection to all our friends and customers. Our holiday stock consists or Burglars Murder Farmer. Amsterdam, X. Y^ Dec. 22.--John Barrett, a fanner, -was murdered, and his daughter. Helen, was knocked un- coascious. bound and gagged, in tneir hoice near Snraker's Station. T«elr assailants escaped and so far have eluded searcher? who have worked with bloodaounfis. Barrett was known to l-.eep some money hidden in the house, and this is believed to have been the motive for the criiae. :HINA and GLASSWARE Cut glass pieces in latest patterns. The only store at which to buy it in the Xorth end of the County. Dinner sets, Silver knives and forks. Pine new line of up-to-date HATS just received. An Up to Date Line of Shoes The W. W. W. -- Selz and Freed's, three popular brands, many others. Shoes forever member, of the family. KLEPPER'S STORE, Arendtsville, Penna. Medical AaTertlsing j LESS BOWEL TROUBLE IN GETTYSBURG Gettysburg people have found out -that A'SINGLE DOSE of simple buck- ·thorn bark, glycerine, etc., as compounded in Adler-i-ka, the German bowel and stomach remedy, relieves constipation, sour stomach or gas on the stomach INSTANTLY. This simple mixtore became JEamous by curing appendicitis and it draws off a fiur- * prising ampuat of old foul matter " from the bofsy- It is wonderful how .QUICKLY it heTps. H. C. Landau, druggist. si»c;wi-v-i-^c^i^^^ *~*~^. -^ -~ · %* .-.THE PLACE FOR.'. S SHELL % OYSTERS | By the Peck or Measure |c 5Oc, and 6Oc. per quart 1 ^ I EVANS' 0 RESTAURANT U N I T E D T E L E P H O N E J 3» " i.3t~^^TM*3'r^^i~^~^3i~Y2^^~t-TM-^^^^35'^?' Hospital Patient Leaps to Death. Baltimore, Md^ Dec. 22.--Leaping from the third floor of the Maryland General hospital, after eluding his nurse, Reuben F. Henry, a farmer, ol Woodbine, Md_ killed himself- Henry, who is thirty-five years old. was ad- inited to the hospital oa Dec. IS, suffering from pneumonia- lS- S. Owns 3776 Reindeer. Washington, Dec. 22.--U-ole Ssm owns S776 reindeer in Alaska and is constantly increasing their number, according to a report of the interior department. The report says that the total number of reindeer in Alaska ·was 38,476, distributed among fifty- four herds. BRIC-A-BRAC Vases, Candiebra, Statuary and Japanese pieces LAMPS of every style and description. FURNITURE S8d KX During the holidays only we j!!j!c oner an eight piece SOO solid ^ oak suite for §25. Dresser has a afg) French beveled mirror 24 x 30- ££ An exceptional offer ·which g^ -will or.]y las'c for the holiday y^: trade- Iron bedsteads and ether ?S furniture of all descriptions. An $£ especially attractive line of K$ rockers, dining room suits, side^ boards, desks, etc. SLEDS and WAGONS | The kind that won't break i ·when you look at them. Big: : liie of lightning guiders and flexible flyers. Other toys. TOILET SETS A large line of toilet sets has been received for the "holiday trade. A most acceptable gift and -we ha^e mar.y patterns. SWEEPERS Bissel's swepers make very acceptable gifts. They save many hoars hard T^ork. PICTURES We have no competitors in price, for we do oar "framing in dell seasons. \v"e are overstocked and the goods must go. i As a result tre have made a re| duction of 25 per cent- on s.H I pictures. CARPETS H Brussels, Moucuet, Axmin- ^ ster. Ingrain and Rag carpet. A 4N) Ba'Etem to suit everyone- j^0 HUGS ^ A large number of rugs of at- ij§|i tractive ^design and excellent |^ quality- All sizes- A new line of gg bath room rugs. 36 x 72 for 9Sc w 30 x 60 for 89c- ^= ^-. ' j^-; OIL STOVES H Monarch and B. and B. oil ^ heaters which are just the thing 1 to take the chill off of a room. CLOCES m Our display of clocks is large and at varied prices. Cathedral gcr.g docks from S3 to S6.75. ^__ all new designs. Oak case docks jg^ and cheaper grades^iarm clocks, etc. for those who want them | Girl's Body Found In Reservoir. Baltimore, Md., uec. 22.--The body of Marjorie Magann, the twenty-two- vear-old girl who disapepared from her home last Wednesday night, vras found in Clinton Park reservoir. ~ Tragedy. A woman's life is bound to be a tragedy t for she can only really love a man she respects and can never wholly respect a man who loves lier. 1 mI i ?* « | II A Sewing Machine at $18.00 That Equals Any §30.00 Machine ^ ^ Full size high ami sewing head. Ball-bearing enameled stand. Five drawers with polished oak fronts and handsome puils; one of them with bobbin comDartments. Thoroughly adjusted so tha r c it may oe ussd in the home at once without trouble. Fully guaranteed for ten vears. Should last a lifetime with reasonably careful use. Willjio perfectly all 'die sawing required in the average rr-odern home ; Has full equipment of attachments same as the higher priced machines. A tro-able-proof easy-running, thoroughly satisfactory Machine.^ We will sell vou a 845.00 machine, rotary action, with all the at- tachmen-tsfherr.mers, etc.," for $27.00. Guaranteed for 10 years. FuMv ^aranteed machines as low as S14.00. They have been hand" - s led -with success for 20 years. H. P. M A R K Arendtsville Aaams County ?8s$^i:i^^^5i^^^^^ Ni-M'SPAPFRl

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