Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 3, 1944 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1944
Page 14
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14 Thursday,-Feb. 3, 1944 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE CHARGES DENIED BY ECKHARDT Claims He Turned Down Offer by 4 Austin Clubs . Austin, Mimt., 6.R)--Sheriff Arnold Eckh'ardt, whose ouster,from office is sought on a petition of Mower county residents, denies all-charges that he solicited bribes to permit operation of slot machines at Austin. ' Eckhardt, testifying in his own defense at the hearing called by Gov. Edward J. Thye, said he had turned down an offer of $100 a month from each of the 4 Austin clubs lo allow the machines to be placed back in operation. Eckhardt told Wilfred Rumble, who conducted the hearing, that the offer was made by La Fayette French, American Legion com- mander,' and Jack -Scallon, Elks club secretary. · The sheriff also denied that he ever made the statement credited to him by 3 earlier witnesses that "all the sheriffs but 3 in Minnesota were getting a cut where slot machines were operating." Eckhardt said he told Mayo Priebe, Rochester, owner of the machines, that the gambling devices were down to stay. He added that Priebe told him it was a lie that he had sought a 10 per cent cut for Eckhardt to permit operation of the machines. "I told Priebe to go back arid tell the Legion club that they haven't got enough money to pay me to put the machines back," Eckhardt testified. ll ouse PaintedSurfaceCIeaner (FirU from wifff. woadwoik ..-·]] p«wtcd fMfdctl. It'l "hou»clcd/t- ing « · un$le bcttlt" .. ,dir.f*iU ' depciufabtc. No Riiun3, rubbing, or riming icquacd. Tidj- Haase on the Air KGLO Every Tn«s.. Ihara., Sat. ·J:3il x. 01. Majority for Sons Stay ing From Politics Denver--Although a slight majority of the American people are satisfied with the political officeholders in their own states, most persons with opinions agree that "it is almost impossible for a man to stay honest if he goes into politics,"-and they don't want any son of theirs to go into politics. Interviewing democrats, republicans, non-voters, civilian men and women, and persons at all economic levels.across the United States, the' National Opinion Research Center, University of Denver, first, asked: , "If you had a son just getting out of school, would you like to see him go into politics as a life work?" , Yes ..;.... 18% No ... I · 69% Qualified answer .. 1% Undecided "...!.'·.' 12% Although it is possible that some of the high degree of disregard for politics is due to the biasing effect of the word itself, which to many has come to be almost synonymous with "crookedness" and "graft," nevertheless it seems obvious that much of the feeling is directed against political office- holding itself. A widespread belief that politics is inherently dishonest is reflected in answers to this question: "It has been said that it is almost impossible for a man to stay honest, if he goes into politics. Do you agree or disagree?" -Agree 48% Disagree :...:' 42% Undecided 10% On the other hand, a majority are satisfied with the way most people who hold political offices in their state are doing their jobs. "Are you satisfied with the way -most people who hold political 'offices in this state are doing their jobs?" - i Yes 51% No 32% Undecided .! 17% Chief complaint of approximate- Minnesota Legislating I to Meet to Act on Service Vote Law St. Paul. Minn., IU.PJ--Gov. Edward J. Thye has announced that he will call a ' special session of the state legislature to enact a soldier's vote law, a rough draft of which already is being prepared. Thye told the state republican central committee that lie would call the special session around Feb. 28, strictly to vote on the soldier' bill. Reps. Fred · 1'. Memmer and Claude Allen, both of St. Paul,; are drafting the measure, he said, and provisions they make probably will' be submitted to the house interim committee on state government Friday. Problems to be settled by the soldier's vote bill include moving the state primary election from September to June and deciding just how far down the line into legislative and county offices bal lots should go. . FOLLOWS rARENTS Bethel, VI., (U.R)--Mr. and Mi James A. Gr.aham haye . dupl cated the achievement' of X3r; ham's parents.. They have cell brated their golden wedding aij niversary in the same house ;i which his parents celebrated the' 50 years together. .' 1 Joice--Word has been receiV' that LeRoy Larson, son of Mr. a Mrs. L. N. Larson, has been pro moted from ensign to lieutenant, junior grade. He is with the navy in the Pacific area. · Mrs.Clark; PRAYER ON BOUGAINVILLE--Marines kneel in prayer for their fallen comrades at memorial services in a Bougainville cemetery in the'south Pacific Solomon islands. ly one-half of those who would not like to see a son of theirs take up politics as a career is that politics is · dishonest. Answers are in terms of "too many temptations," it's all a racket," "it's corrupt," 'Christian principles -and politics don't mix" and "there are too many promises." Other reasons for disliking politics as a career include its alleged unpleasant nature-^'you make too many enemies," "cut-throat competition/' · "mud-slinging," "taxpayers dictate your life-," "too much responsibility"--and its uncertainty--"you must depend upon the public to keep your job," "you must worry about votes," "it's insecure" and "you lose your job if one party goes out." Those who would' like to see 'their sons in politics stress . the duty of service to one's community or country, the opportunities they say it offers for advancement, the monetary returns they see in it and the necessity for some reform of the profession by honest men. Know He's Good Camp Edwards, Mass., (U.PJ--Al- though Pfc. Harold Forsberg of Middleboro has been a restaurant owner and chef for years, he's finally convinced he!s really "a good cook. After several weeks', intensive practical training at Camp Edwards, Pvt. Forsberg has been awarded a diploma from the cooks' and bakers' school attesting to his skill and ability. Manly--Mrs. Anna Schwartz, whose health has been failing for some time, went to Iowa City Tuesday for further observation, arid possible operation. UNITED FRUIT CO. Phone 748-749 33 East State Delivery Service WIN THE WAR -- BUY WAR BONDS WE SELL 'EM Thompson-ONeil Co '5,\" E SERVICE GROCERS "Jf" BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS -- Try Birds Eye -Lima Beans . . . . . . . 30c Green Peas .......". 27c Cooked Squash ..... 20c Asparagus Spears .. 44c Brocolli .....:. 36c Mixed Fruit . . . . . . . 37c ORANGES Extra Size, Large 100s.. . box. 60c POTATOES Idaho Russets... .15-lb. Peek 55c TEXAS SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT, Size 80s Each 5c TANGERINES, Large Sizs, Dozen. 42c Potatoes, Cobbiers, Good Cooking, Peck PECAN MEATS, Extra Large Size, Vi Ib. PRUNES, Large Size, 2-lb. Bog. 55c Monarch CAKE FLOUR, 2%-lh. Box 21c MONARCH COFFEE Reg. or Drip, Ib. 29c Monarch Pure Preserves, Jellies Monarch Fruit and Vegetables of All Kinds IOWA BUSINESS SHARES IN BOOM Lines Maintan Good Levels; U. S. Totals Up Iowa City--Iowa shares in the national -business' war boom as much as could reasonably be expected, when the overall picture is considered! according to Prof/ George R. Davies of the University o£ Iowa bureau ol business research. . Reporting? in the current issue of the Iowa Business Digest, he said that Iowa business showed a substantial increase for December,1943, as compared with December, 1942, and there were some smaller month-to-month gains on record. "Farm products* prices and farm income both have maintained relatively high levels during the year. Employment, D.%, and industrial payrolls, 20%, also are significantly increased in the year-to-year comparison," Professor Davies said. Some ot the gains in December over November marks were building contracts, 81%; department store sales, 29%; retail sales in unit stores, 24%; life insurance sales, 8%; employment, 3%; and farm products' prices and industrial i payrolls, each 1%. Nationally, 1943 recorded satisfactory increases in production as compared with 1942, Professor Davies said. The physical volume o£ factory output gained 20% with an employment increahe of 11%. "Total industrial ' production now is ZVt times what it was in 1939 and 4% times higher than the low depression year of 1932," Professor Davies said. He also pointed i out that the percentage of production devoted to war purposes now is about equal to the total production of consumer goods and services. Farm production! at record levels, in 1943 surpassed the banner year of 1942 and was a third higher than pre-war 1939. CAtlF. ORANGES TMedium Large 2 5 2 - S i z e - · ' ^ 1 2 6 Size Doz. . . 4t»C Dot. 59c PORK ROASTS, Loin End, 4 pis., Ib. . Decker's BACON, 4 Pts., Sliced, Ib. ... BEEF SHORT RIBS, 5 Pts., .Ib 28c 38c 20c 18c 28c HAM SHANKS, 3 Pts., 3-4 Ibs.--Ib. BEEF ROASTS. 8 Pis., Chuck, Ib. . PORK CHOPS, 8 Pts., Center Cuts, Ib. Fresh Dressed Chickens - Try Bland Lard - Strained HONEY, 5 Ib. pail POPCORN, New Corn and Will" Pqp, 5 Ibs. . . GRAPEFRUIT, Doz. . . ' . ' . . . : POTATOES, No. 1 Russets, 10 Ib. bag . PECAN NUTS, Fancy, Ib SALMON, Fancy Red, Ib. can . . . . ' . SANIFLUSH, Per can TOILET TISSUE, 4 roHs . . . . - : . . - . . Home Made BREAD $1.49 78c 49c 53c 59c 50c 19c 19c lie Home Made Pastry 3 for 23c FREE DELIVEfiY FOOD STORE :, 1325 N FEDERAL-US£ OUR PARKING LOT- PHONE 420 Fresh Ground 7 Pts BEEF, . . Ib. 26c BACON SQUARES, 2 Ph...-.-: ib. Barbecued Ribs a%t toEa 39c SALMON, Pink, Lb. Tall C a n . . . 25C Monarch PEANUT BUTTER, Lb. J a r . . 25c PUDDING, Clinton, Vanilla or Lemon, Package 4c Bed Pot Roast Grade A Quality. 9 Pts Ib. RED PERCH FILLETS TROUT--FRESH OYSTERS Whole or Half Pork LOIN,.4 Pts Ib. 2SC PORK AND BEANS, ISVz-oi. Can, 3 Cans Cfrned Becf^ 1 !". Briskef :,... ·,. 29c Pure Leaf Lard Simon 3 Pts. Pure. Lb.. .2 Ibs. 37c Report New Owners of Farm, Town Property Clarion--The Winskell-Latham property, occupied by the Bert Hagen family has been purchased by Marvin Sims. Mr. Sims contemplates making some improvement in the property and it will be occupied by the Ed Sims family. The F. S. Hines tenant property, located in south Clarion, has been purchased by Edvrard R. Wald, employe of the Rock Island railroad company. i The Jennie Miller 200 acre farm I southeast of Clarion, has been sold to Dr. Doyce W. Wright of Adel. Dr. \Vright purchased the farm as an investment and plans to make some major improvements. Mrs. Miller, a long time resident of Vernon township, has moved to Dow?. | Alfred Pehl ot Lake township has retired from the farm and I taken possession of the Burr Nagle property recently purchased. The Alfred Hansen family, who have been occupying the Nagle property, moved to Council Bluffs. The above sales were handled by the Ed O. Turk company. BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOOD Peas ". 27e 1 Squash 20e Peaches '. . . . 29c Peas and Carrots ' 24c 220 SunkisF ORANGES, 2 FRUITS AND VEGETABLES £3«. I Calif. Lady Finger Doz. 27* CARROTS, 2 Bchs. 21c HOLLANDALE COBBLER POTATOES, Peck 49c 1 OOrlb. Sack $3.10 Solid, Big Mac Head LETTUCE 2 for Texas Seedless jtGtl GRAPEFRUIT, 12forif7V LARGE IVORY SNO-LUX FLAKES -- RINSO DUZ -- OXYDOL No Limit -- Your Choice Large Package 2Jc PILLSBURY'S PANCAKES · WAFFIES · MUFFINS Hunt's Supreme Quality in Extra Heavy Syrup POST TOASTIES PEARS TIDY HOUSE TOILET TISSUE Lge. 1801. Pkg. Painted Surface Cleaner GAUZE 2 23 39 59 4^19' No. 2'/ 2 Can Qt. bottle Oranges California Navels 126s, Extra Large, Dozen 252*. 2 Dozen . . . 59c 49c 53c JACK SPRAT BRAN FLAKES 10c 15-oz. Pk S . JACK SPRAT WHEAT FLAKES 9c 8-01. Pkg. Grapefruit Texas 80s Seedless, 4 AM 10 for (|7V Ruby Red or Pink, 96s. . .4 ior Rutabagas ^:^°:\ ^ 13c Sweet Potatoes ...... 2 « b , 27c Oysters No. 1, Nancy Hall Fresh, Baltimore, Extra Standard Pint SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Wide Narro PENCIL TABLETS INK TAB LETS TM« COMPOSITION BOOKS F I L L E R S Narrov° r Hule TYPEWRITING PADS . TYPEWRITING PADS Peanut Butter Jack Sprat. Qt. Jar 29c Sunshine Meservey--Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Raecker had the following guests the past week while their son Pyt. Raecker was home: The Hev. and Mrs. Paul Lickey of Paton; the Rev. and Mrs. Henry Raecker and family of Manly and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fillenworth of Sanborn. Tallyho FRENCH DRESSING, 8-01. Jar 18c !. 0. A. PEANUT BUTTER. .24-0*. Jar Mrs. Clark's SANDWICH SPREAD Pt. Jar 25c Crystal White LAUNDRY SOAP 6for25C Monarch COFFEE, Glass Jar II No. 10 Bartlett PEARS; 106 Pts.. 89c READ THE LARGE JACK SPRAT AD ON THIS PAGE FOR THE MANY MONEY AND POINT SAVING VALUES PRESTITE CRAYONS 15c Miscellaneous Savings! PEAS POTTED MEAT SS Spiced LUNCHEON MEAT VIENNA SAUSAGE SALT BORAX BLUEING Jack Sprat Plain or Iodized JACK S P R A T / S T O R E S Mason City Stores WILLSON GROCERY 40 J Fifteenth St. N. W. Phone 211 THOMfSON-O'KEIL CO. 121 North Federal Phone 312 CHICAGO MEAT GROCERY 626 S. Jackson Phone 996 CARL GRUPP '1323 North Federal Phone 420 BARRETT BROS. 20 Second St. N. E. Phone 43 SNYDER'S JACK SPRAT STORE 616 South Federal Phone 218 Out-of-Town Stores JOE MACKU Manly, Iowa H. BANG .Kcnsett UKDAHL VQLD Northwood TED HUMPHREY ·. Plymouth L. V. JACOBSON Nora Springs W. S. KELSET ' . . · . . . Rudd WM. TERKES Rockford ED MARONEY " . . . . Swalcdale D. S. MABB . Thornton BOWEN GRUPP Sheffield SOLBERG SON Dougherty W. H. DIETRICH Osacc H. HANSON '.... Carpenter ART V. : HFTE Bolan

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