The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 24, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1818
Page 3
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HRkDERVD TALLOW U HIDES. a KFW thousand pounds New - York Tallow, - A o .... LiA tliJo. IXr.oU n tf PTTTcif i 14 SUGAR. - ea hags piaiownne , r.d 39 " doub,t' boiled. Just landed ana forleAMBRFLESG fc pf;ARSOy i,M '67 South - street. V..H SALE bv JOSEPH BAILS, No. J Pine - street, . . , ,. Bombazetts, w ll aorled, lust landing Writ of Pji?lnnd Cloths Lo.v - f.ric d, Middling and West of England j Gnn,Uue and White Halfthicks 4 Kersey's, mh 21 41 W. W. k 1'. L. CHESTER, HAVE received, by the late arrivals froai Eurnne. at their store No. 191 Broadway, (comer of Dcy - strcel) a complete and elegant assortment of carpeting of the latest fashions Tl.fjr, pvr.n who intend ourr.hasiuz this spring will do well to make their (elections soon, as there is a prospect of a further advauce in the pnee, inch 21 3t ' p tv IV IUINITY. mo rent a sauare Pew, well situated in tlie X south gallery of Trinity Church, quire at .No. 165 Front - street mh 23 lw En 17 LOUR K TUMALLU. .iwdoisivii.iiii.uuu JT supf couolry 300 bhls. Richmond supf. Gallego's 70 do do fine country 22 do do middling do 3o do Lynchburg sujierfioe 20 hhds prune new Hici.niond Tobacco 9 do do old Richmond do 8J kegs No 1, Tobacco, Davidson, Saunders Si Co.'s brand .',,. 9 uo .No. 1. Ladies Twist do. 10 rolls to lb. U twists to the lb. 8 kegs .No. 1, roll do. 75 do No. 2, tobacco, for sale at 106 Front - 'trrnh20y TROKES, DAVIDSON Si CO. i6r FEE 10,000 ins. first quality, Marli - J nique Green Coffee For sale by mh 13 26 South - street. MUnCOVvfiOSUl.AK. JOO hhds. Mus - covado Sugar of g od quality, now on tlie wharf, and tor sal: reasonably if applied for this day before stored, by U. G. Si 8. HOWLAND, mj, 20 77 Washington - street. SEAL SELNS, tie. OsJtT Fur seal skins, 70 doz. neuter skins, just received and for sale by GEORGE VV. TALBOT, mh 19 No - 65 Pine - street. UE.iHhOHJV'S t'ATEjYT H.1,.AaCES. A COMPLETE assortment of Dearborn's Ba XV lances, just received, with and without frames, weighing from 300 to 2000ltu For k x ii n Tii rn r'p. oih 19 64 South - st. 3000 sale by mh 19 GOjI l' - SKLYS. . Fatna goat - skins, large size, for GOODHUE 4. CO. 44 iouth - t 5LttU COLOUHEJ) OOUIJS. Bales blue gurnths, 2 d. custah 4 do check;, culit'ed to drawback, for sale by GOODHUE & CO. mcli 19 Oit SUUAH U MOLASSES. OU Hhds. good molasses, 79 bags Calcutta suga?, for sale by JOs. OSUOKN, uih 19 28South - t Will i E LEAD. - - 300tr.cwt.kegs White Lead, just received and for sale by '1UCKER ii LA'JRIEP, mh 11 29 South - street. ClfiOCOLATE, rjlAUOH, 6.C. luO boxes Hill's lio - toii t'liocnl&te 80 do Wail's do 250 kegs Pfcil .d - elphia Starch 3u0 hall un.l qr. bom Spanish Scgarx For sale by JaCKsO.V As WOOLLEY, mil 12 77 Wall - street SCOTCH GOODs. 46 cac containing ., Plain and Sorig'd Book and Jaconet Muslins - Plain and I - ig'd I ." not Madras lldkls. Worked Flounces Imitation and Damask shawls, ir. tic. Will be sold very low to cl" onsieriinonis, by rJEKDEHSON it CAIRNS, i mh 1.) 81 Pine - street. 297, rl.ui'i. this supf. and 'J3 do fine, landing from sunJiy vessel?, Iro.n Fliihnmnd, for ale by mh 18 DIV1E UKTHl'.NK li CO. t hhds. i V.l tiercet Prime Muscovado Sugar 63 bbls S 53 hhds m4asses, and 19 boxes segars Cargo of brig F.lira, trom St. Jago, now landed at pier No. 4, N. ft. and will be sold on ac - cooimodatuig terms, from the wharf, by G. G. Si S. HOWL.VVD, mh 18 i 77 Wash in jrton - street. NA.NKEL.Ss. - looo pi e Ci,.iauy's lone yellow Nau keens, eutitleJ to debenture, lor sale by . JOSEPH 0 - 5BORN, mh 14 28 South - street. "VMCARAGUA WOOD. 18 tons, ol a su - e J.1 riorquuhty, fur sale by TUCKER & LAUR1ES, f h 11 29 South - treet. T. - 'LOUK. 200 barrels Ba.liuiore (Howard xr si reel j r lour, lanainj and lor s l by JOriEPII OSHORN, snh 11 I'll Snuth street. r'OBACCO. - 20 hhds lieo. T'.bacc.s X rior quality, landing this clay from on boaic brig Aurilla, from Savannnh, for salr by CAMBRELENG ii PEARbOV, ah 10 67 Soulh - tret. rpOliACCO ii BICE. - 100 quintals first qua - X lity Spanish Tobacco 44 tierces prime Rice, per schr. South Ca nliua, for sale by J0NE3 Si MEGRATH, m"7 B3 Soulh - sfreet. IIACCO, r 'OBACCO - J nhds. North Caroliua Tobac L co, for sale by R. 4i C. W. dAVENPORT Si CO. h9 SJ ,.. 111 !! Hi II I I l1 GLASSES, MIRRORS, j . 3 ctn haodsoine.y ornament w Mirrors 15 tn2i inrii I case Gilt Pier Glasses, with black reeded runes, neaur nrnamenled with rarved Tab lets 3 do Dressing Boxes & Reverse Swings J do Silvered Plates in biack reeded frames oo ansilvered do. 11 do rich cat Glass Pans do Tin Foil 1 1 to 31 inches, for sale by Pr.Ti ii nrvisrv i. tn - 51' 6 South "itreet. H0,1'1; - - bales 1st sort Hops, growth of mi i, iui received and lor sale by . , CAMBRELENG Si PEARSON, QRAS3 CABINET WARE3. - W cak. ti ;?!sl'Se Knb. Sic. handsomely assort - ' f ew patterns lor sale by HURD & SEWALl, ilL 65 Sonlh - .trrf t. 1 vvf v 41 1 u KOti ' Of J H K JlTH. Well lhe 'rbeoTy f h Ear n, by M. account of"r ith Blinero,0P,1J "'N nd ao FlorJ1!r S00'01 difoverifs, by serii.. T00' ,0 which are uow added ob - 1 Samurl I Soff of Noth .America, by ATRET''Plt.f3 50 - ' Word. e,rwUii 00 lh Publ,c ministry of the boo, br wav J? unJ"'H Gospel Di - pm - a - RLS P,?, A. M. Pastor of the Price SflVr. SUrch m tbedtv of Jfew - Tork, cfc ,9 M'U' at No. 3 Wall - Mreft, by C. WILEY t CO. IROK STEEL, HAHDWAHE. ) Tons English iron, assorted, in flat d sJ J and square ban, a pat t of which is entitled to debenture. 100 tons round iron, assorted, frem I t to 1 1 - 2 inch 100 do Swedes' flat iron, from 1 to 5 iuches jO do do square, asserted, from 1 - 2 to 3 iuches . 50 do each flat and square Russia iron 50 do country ' assorted 20 do plough share moulds 10 do axletree and crowbar inoulJs 10 do horse - shoe moulds 20 do brazier's rods, assorted, from 3 - lC to 3 - 8 inch 30 do spike aud nail rods, assorted 10 do sheet and boi'.er plate iron 50 do English and American Hoeps 10 do English (L) blistered steel 10 do Swedes steel 10 do Crawley do 5 do German do 5 do shear and cast steel 20 do Bristol and Neva Scotia grind stones assorted 500 anchors, assorted, from 50 to SOOOlbt. I do about 90001b. 60 rolls sheet lead, ats'd 3 to 6 lbs per foot 100 casks spikes, ass'd. from 4 to 9 inches 200 do cut nails, from 2d to 20d 50 do wrought uails, assorted 20 do slate and horse nails 10 tons iron pots and hake pans, ass'd from 1 to 10 gallons, entitled to debenture. 5 tons English spelter 20 do American hollow - wore, consisting of Pots, ket'les, bake puns, 1 Skillets, spiders, tea kettles. Andirons, Sic. 10 casks trace, oiand chains Anvil, vices, and beak irons Forge, sledge and hand hammers Mill, crosscut and pit saws Carl, Waggon ami Chair Boxes Window GuirS oi dili - rent sizes Shovels, .Spades, Hoes, tic. Together with a general aio'truent of Hardware and Cutlerv. for sale on reasonable terms, Ly A HEEL hi DUNSCOMB, jxo. o03 water tt. coiner ol jauies - sup. Dili 23 1m DHY GOODS. JILLS, PUIIDY U Co. 212 Pearl - street, lv JL comer of I'letcher - ireet, offer for sale the following goods, jut landing from the Importer: 9 8 fine and tinier Irish shiritin 9 - 8 fine and nuper VlaJnnUani do. Light ground plate, and dark ground fancy calicoes Super super light ground chintz cambric do. and lemaitiititf of fotnvr imjiarlattons, Jaconet corded border i.t tk (idkls. 7 - 8 fit k and ottou iuglianis Fine colored nar. - m u Imperial 3 - cord, hslr,aud 1 hie niarkiug thread 3 - 4 and 9 0 ttried aud checked cotton guig - , hams, asorted 9 - 8 seer - suc krr rilk stripn gir.jjhims; 1 - 2 ell fany twilled silk niu - lius ; 6 4 I'.aliuu striped silk and nntton dress s ei - tith d to tlnbcnturc, and calculated fur ezporta - llKU Silk lace veils, Ureases, caps, scarves, sleeves, Also, Lm lcfine herrings, and a few nv Pi o - tia gri id'tones mh 2.1 6t 'ADhiitA W I i ; l I Loudon particular LI M. Madeira V ine, ol best qualii, in pipes, hhds and qr. casks For by nich 21 3t W NT.ILSOV ic CO. JUPERFIAK LKGUOR.Vs 3 ea - s avera LEONARD C. PARDONS, ii CO 24ft Peari - Hrcct. mh 13 SLIG - VR. ilu bhils prime .Sew - lineaiis on Knr, lund ni: nt pit r No. 13, E. River, Iron, ship Gleaner, will b sold on the wh ,rf Ai'iili to ('HAS L. OGDEN, and mh14 ABK. OtiDf N. UU. - SI Kiissiu & KKyh 1)11 K oW pieces iissiu duck, or the best quality 240 pieces Russia duck, second quality 25 ) do. ravens duck 100 do. bear ravens do. 80 do heavy bear ravem do. 60 do. tirklenhu"gs 120 do. Kngli - 'h duck, ass'd from no. 1 'o 7 4 tierces patent thimbles assorted sizes 2000 gunny bags, for sale al 180 Front - st. by STEPHEN ALLEV. mh 19 lw OO Vi ESI K. K O I HEK WARES. rHE subscribers keep constantly on haud an L extensive assortment of lhe following goods, viz : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan Bellows, fnncy and common cy and coinium Do for Blacksmiths Hall anrt Entry Mats Mead do uo do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe & Scrubhicg do Paint Brushes and rails aud J uns Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description SeiiiP, sewing, wrapping, baleiug and ball I'wiiie Fish Lines Shoe Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Dalian - ces, Sic. Sash Cools Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furnituie Brushes llortu do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Uodvs W'rought and Cut Nails and Brads W'hich they will sell wholesale or retail on Ii - 'wr.d terms. CEBK.A CUMING, nihil 76 Pearl street. 200 c - yjTxv k men. . bales prime upland Cotton 1 10 tierces Rice For sale in lots to suit purchasers, by GR1SWOLD Si COATES, mh 21 68 South - st. TtNERIKFE. D. LYNCH, Junr. (at No. 40 William street) has add' d to his stork of Wines a tew hhds. of old aud very superior Teneriffe, which, having been rnvened in the VVet Indies, hss ac quired thenut flavour which be offers f r sale , warranted pure as imiortid. mhlfllw I lORNELIUo R. DUFFIE, 86 Wall - sUeet, v nas tor sate 750 bbls. Richmond Flour 200 do. Philadelphia do. 50 puns. Old Jamaica Spirits 30 tierces prime Kke 350 logs cedar for ship builders 50 cedar posts 10 bbls. cannon Powder 3 ".00 hu.hei Isle May Salt 200 keg Munuit - cturtd Tobacco Old L. P. Madeira Wine, mh 18 lw IRISH LINEN'S, DIAPERS, 5 4 SHEET INGS, ii, - . hr. rpHOMAS SLFFF.RN, No. 6 Depeyster - I stieet, has received a comiileat assortment oi the lollnwiiig goods per the Biitannia, from New - ry, ana laie arrivals from luUlin. 4 4 rind 7 8 Linen ; 7 - 8 ball bleached do 7 8 Dowlas 5 - 4 Sheetings ;7 B Lawns 3 - 4 Bird Ee Diapers 3 - 4 brown Linen 7 - 8 l.iueoin lemr Pieces i 8 firey Lawns. Which with his former assortment of low pri ced ami fine roods (among tbe l. - t'tcr are some ol' Tbomps in's fine 4 - 4 lines) are offered for sale on reasonable icrtns. mn if iw BOMZETS. - 3 bales Rumbize's assorted colours, jut received per ship F.u - phraies. from Liverpool, for sale at 67 Coffee Hjuse - slip, by LA1DLAW, G1RACLT tl CO. IN STORE, 1 bale b'ack bombazels, and S de SMtxtad do mh 20 7t For NEW ORLEANS. i The good fast sailing ship LAGLT - HA, is now loadinir. west side Hurling. sup, and Will sail in a few days. For freight or passage, having large (accommodations, ap ply on board, or 10 N. L. Si G. GUIS WOLD, mh 23 K6 - outh - streeL , . tor oe, to elate a concern, vMV) Tbe (I'P LACONIA, burthen S41 JiiJtons, will stow, near 3000 bbls. now lying at the Albany Baa in, N. R. J will be sold oo favorable terms JOHN F. DELAPLAINF.,72Soutb - st. W ho has for sale, landing from said ship, 170 cerouns St. Domingo Tobacco, of superior qualify. mh20 4t t or MMUPUUIj, 1'he well known coppered ship IMPORTER, James Roeers. master, a re gular trader. As her freight is principally engaged, she will sail on the 5th of April, tor freight of 150 bales of cotton, or pas - age, apply on board, at Pier No. 12, or to C1URLES HALL, 1 Beaver - st. inch 19 tor Aar, f reight or Charier, The brig RECOVER, Oweu, m - .ter, 242 tons : will carrv about 2750 bbls ; is well found, aud a sound good vessel ; lies at pier No. 10, E. R. A pply to JOS. OSBORV, mh 17 JH Pouth - st. For iae, freight or Charter, The brig ROBERT, Pope, master, Z - 2ft tons : will rurrv 'I 'M l,til - 2 vear; old ; well found, and a good vessel lies at pier .io. v. Apply 10 JOSEPH OSBORN, mh 17 28 South - st. For t'rttxht or Charier, X he fine new brig ELIZA, E. Gruby, master, 208 tons or 18U0 bbls. bur then, and in complete order for a voyage. For terms, apply to G. G. St S. IIOWLAMi, mh 16 77 Washington - street. For HAVRE. The ship ELIZABETH, Morris A - dams master ; uow loading, und will sail iu all neit week, r or freight or passage, apply on board, fit pier No. 7, N. It or to LUV1E UEI llUr. K LU. mh 16 Ji C. II. Slip. f'ur Stile, f'nivht or I hartrr. $ The well known ship M ltlA - TIIE - ii.Kt.aA, wbi. fckuidy, master, uunt iu Hi . - ( ity of live - oak, locu:l and cedar; lately uipliered and put in complete order (or an India vyge ; is ballasted, and could proceed without delay. For further particulars apply to F. DEI'AU, or G. G. S. IIOWLAND, mh 16 77 Wxhiiigton - st. ' tor JVE tV - OliL EA AM. Jkifiy The good fa', sailing t - hip LAGUIR A Ti.1Tf hall lir cargo engaged, and will he !.;. an lied in a few days. For freight or pas - stge, navitig large accnuiniodauons, apply on Hoard, west noy Kurlnig - plip, or to JUAilJliA v - .. i ii i ,ri;u, or N. L. Si J. GHISWOLI), mh 14 86 jiintli - otrtet. H antid to t harler, vt$ 5"' - Vl.SSEi. that will oarry 600 Al. T Tin ,(,r voya'n to I ci a.uua. Imme di.ile diapKlch will he given Appiyto TUCKER I lUIHE.S, mh 1:1, i9 - xith l - eet. fur Ml ill I IK .v HI. 4K Kl.y.V. m 1 he su. si. ill. i i and iust saiiirtf new schr. A. - M ill A. t;jit Wneht. 104 u i Having two ii iros r.f in r e.i.g - ) eng iged .no on b iarl, will ru'et will, tie pat' li For the remainder ct ur r ibt or ,hving good arcuuiUiO'l'.iii' ii 101 i nhin ard 'n lue .nseii (in, apjiiy ou hoard at Pier .No. 4 E. Civi - r, or to PETLKS 4 HEIir - H K, nil 12 .9 ih nti - s - slip. UUi.EKi - l'.K, No.. 112 1 st offi nt lor p - iie 40) ti,rreik Vi ginia Flour f5",,,8dr"",.r0,,' HichmondTobacco 1 do ret' nt'Urgh Tobacco 21 bales Upland ('utfun 3i tien es auiU n 2.i hall tierces S e 150 bags St. Duingo, I r tf 64 d" green II v .na, Cont0 a toos Ligniiinviti! Port, l - lorct aiid Madeira Wine, in hhds. and quarter casks Rorizred Port Wine, incases ol'Jdoicn each FREIGHT Ftl OPO'iTO. A good vessel biiuud to Oporto may AaflMU'iave about tiiot' i ulnl union ireigin ii.h I i li ANDV' NAS 4 cases firsi quality Han d annas, for sale by P. REM EN ii CU. mu 20 2 i S iuth - sireet. FOR SALE. PAIR of hay HORSES, well broke and i. lound t or partH ulars cull al sh w's L.i - very - stable, in Liberty - street, near Hioadwny mh 20 2w Ifc J. CODDINGTON, 4 Fr. - t - s'r..! t, oi - O fer for sale. 30,000 lbs. of green Coffi , in tierces and hags, entitled to debenture 20 hhds. ni good Miiscovado Sugar 'M boxes of white Havana do 10 pi - L. P. Madeira Wine 10 do airily Madeira 60 qr casks old Sherry (M ra's brand) 10 pi, es old Bordeaux H randy 3 do old Cognac C Martell's brand) 10 hhds Jamaica Rum 10 do W. I. Rum 40 box s English Mustard 4'HI boxes Bloom Raisins HiO hall chests fresh Hyson Skin Tea, London Trailer's cargo, lately arrived at Philadelphia, nib III lw IN III GOODS. 400 bales Bengal cotton 100 do. piece goods 1000 bags xugar ; 1000 do. ginger 650 do. saltpetre 1000 pieces nag and bandanna hdkfs. for tale by GOODHUE fc. IU mh 21 44 Soutli - street, 'JEA. WLNEandl IQl l)!l S I OKE. 28U Bri.i'tway, comer Heed st I AMES P. AN DOE offers for sale a genera! ,J assortment ol Freh Teas, Sugars, C' ff.e, Chocolate Old Cognac Branny Hoi; and Gin and Jaroniea Spirits Madeira, Port, Sherry, L. P. Teneriffe and O thcr wines Tallow aud Sperm. Candles Table Bnskvt Salt, London Mustard Fresh Swet t Oil in btH Martinique Cordials, Spires, Sic. tic. W hich will be disposed of at a mod rate ad vanee for ash. mh 2) fit U - LONDON PARTICULAR TLNE - KJ R1EFE WINE. - 5 ou 2 do dry Lisbon, w ith a general assortment of Erst quality l eas nod iirorenes Very old Jamaica Spirits, Irish Whiskey Old P ach and Cngoac Brandy Fih Sauc es, (oiglitti Kaon and plit Peat" Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese Ver superior American and l'ioe Apple do Lond Browp . - .tout, llaois, fchouljlers Smoked Beef, Cordial, Mou,hton Bitlrrs Demijohns, Large Bottles aud Bristol Ware Also, a small assortment of earthen and glass - care. For sale cbeap for cash, by EDW. BLACKFORD. 157. Greenwich street. A tew quarter boxes ot food Spanish Segsrs. mh 19 2w FRESH FRUIT 50 boxes Oranges asd 50 do Lenten. jt received, for rale by JOS. JOHNSO.V, mhlS . Goavenjenrilaoe. COTTON YARtf. - lOOO lbs. Cottoi Yam, No 15 and 16, Twist and Filling, for sale t No. 8 Fletcher - street, mh 14 ' .v Liter.. WANTED, immediately a healthy Woman, a Wet Nurse, to go a few n.llcs out of town, one who can produce good recommendation, will hear of a sitaution, by applying at So Beck man - street. mli 2.1 Si STOLEN, FROM the house No. 59 Wall - street, yesterday, a variety of wearing appai el, among which were, a niece of black le. amine, 1 bombazine frock, 2 oomoszet do. 2 ornamented Combs one set with topaz, A strings Gamest, I dojet, 1 jet Breast - pin, I black I .ace Veil, Morocco .Shoes, Flower Jars, Parasol and Gold Watch. A liberal reward will be given for the whole or any part of the goods, on application as above, nil 1 23 lw ' HOUoK CAttfEN i EUS WANTED. 'IMIREE or four Houte Cnrptntert may find I constant employ Ir. m one to nine months, to go about twenty mill's up the North River. Inquire at No. 83 South street, rub 21 . Pl.Aa TEROFPAKI.'?: M AM FACTORY, At fho loot of Harrison - street, North - Uiver, k J HERE manufactured Plaster, formrni - V V iw and other pu poses, nisv be had, warranted of tle first quality, at one dollar and Iteen - tyfife eenltper buthrl. I he inanui.K tory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who lins served a regilar apprenticeship to the mason business. mh2l JOHN BYERS. CIKCU&, ANTHON If - STREET. This F.vfhing. 1'uesday ii Thmsdny neit. A I R. STANISLAS will continue Ins exhibi lv I tious on thote evenings, in which he will bring lor ward a variety ol new and incompre hensibln experiments and deceptions in the iuu' giu art of legerdemain, so long undeveloped by the civilized world. It would be needlfss to make u - eol the pompous stjle of advirliemeids resorted to by pieteHihrs oi the prniision ; his owu urKtiowleilged tab nts needs nor me rmpiy laiiguatte of a bill to rominCe. the public of the vast superioritv he laiins over nil these who h.ue hiilm rto visited the city of NYw - Ynrk. I he curious deception iP Ne Plus LUra.' wl.ilf it aUrncted tlie uist unbounded and reiterated ttpphiute, h - il even the most peuetinting to b. live in real tun ir. nib lit HI" (i kateei. w IRWKLIX IIOU'K. This new, spacioips I. and splvndnl Htnulinir, situated m Bniad way, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the corner of Dc st w ill be opened by the Mih - crihe, on the 1st of .May next, tor the reception ol Hoarders. It is fitted, and will be furnished in a manner not surpassed, fir convrweiice and ele galice, !v any private dwelling in the citv. It occupie. the most eiigihlc situation, being central, ,n view ot'tli. Park and City IUU ; the upper ap.utiiieiitsovei'liiokiiig the whole town. commanding1 a view of the adjacent count rj tor a cncuii.tcre. ce ot M miles, including tin IIiKik, the Nanuws, and the liuur t and i' is believed that no House in the country r - cells it, either liir elegunce of strucinre or sit - nation ; and no expi use having been spared bv the owner to make it complete for the purpose, i eterv respect, it will offer to ladies and gentlemen, und fan. ilies visiting the city, the most genteel, pleas in and retired a - partments The choicest of Wine and Liquors Will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be spared, to make tbe entertainment plea - s.nt, rare ind excellent This establishment is intended exclusively for Genteel Boarding MBS. HENDERSON. feb24 P&Ctf M I LIT A it. Y BOUNTY LANDS. 'pilE Subscriber will pay the highest price in I. cash to the late soldiers for then bounty imius. JAJIta Li. nli?vvutuit, No. S6 N. B. J.' I). W purposing to leave the i ity fur the Illinois Territory, requests all those who enj pioyeu mm 10 niiiain iiivir paienis, in an unn take up the sfln.e, or relative Cash lor them. Will fuke any iigeney business to tbe Illinois Terutory, relative to Soldiers claims, Sic. Appl) as above, nirh 10 IKC 3wt t lilUTand FOltEsT Tt EE - it. 7A UZT vvillia.m rniM.t. has ior saie ni ni nursery ai r iusnuiw. (L. I.) mai Ncw - Vnrk, anexleii - sive hssnrlnienl of European arid American Fiuit and Oinamrnta1 'I rees and shrubs. The IV. .ih Trees are in U.e most btabl: state and f good srtc, niauy o' them hating produced fruit in the nursery the last seast n. t nlalngues ol the Nursery may be bad at ti.e store oi Messrs. T. fc, J. SWORDS. No. 160 Pearl - street ; Where orders left will lie duly attended to, and diet ret , fcc carelully pteked and delivered, free iil lieight, at Crane Whart, New York. Printed directions will be lurmshed those who Durehase peach trees, which ifatti ndtd to, will enable them to preset ve a large propoition us their trees inaneatihy state, and to have ieaej) es in i great plenty as formerly, mli If dlwStriw FKUII, FORES T 1 REES, Ac. fT BENJAMIN PRINCE t o have for sale at their Xur. serv. Flushing Landing, (I. I ) near New York, their usual and extensive variety ol Eumpe.n and American rruit und urna mental ' Al"i, a lari;e col h rtion ol valu 'LIu IShiu'is and Pli'iits ; the y have several tliou - sard inoculated Peach trees, Tbitii are in the ni' - st health v stale and tree from any distcmpt r, great attenlKin has been paid i nr. lene theui Irmn the vellows, which has de slroyed so many trees of that kind throughout i ho United States. Catalogues of which may b. had of Messrs. HULL & BOWNE, No. 146 Pearl - street, New York, or at tlieir Nursery. Orders forwa'ded Wither place will be tinme diatelv ulteuded to, and the trees. Ate. careful' and securely packed, so as to lie. sent to any nrt ni the Lniled otates. with the greatest safe ty, and delivered at Crane wharl, New - York, by w.tef tree ol freight. Also, for salr as u hove. IWO beautiful Balm o! Gilead or Silver Fir frees, tbey are almost sure to live when transplanted. (gj - As the greet loss of Peach Trees by dis east, have deli red manv from planting Ihera, ilnections will In given lo those who pure hate them, w lm h if attended to, will enaine tnem v i reserve their trees iu a healthy st de, and t huve - I'earhes iu as great plenty us in former year. N. B. Peach trees inoculated on Almond or riuinsLk, is no preventative against the dis - e.iit., wl.ii h the Pennsylvania Agricultural Society. s - i.ll the yellow. u,li 2J D6tM2l USES' jYEH' - YOKK HEtUSllOHY, Walker - st. near Broadway, Sir the sale of horses, earn ges, waggons, gigs, chairs Si harness, both new and t - hand, ou roniruu - ion lhe pnrprietor, haviu; . Id ssveral huuJred carna above (tabiihmot. and the seasoo now couriiig on when numbers will be in want uf uh arti cle?, begs leve U inform manufacturer, and o - ihr. that a liberal advance io ra.h will be made oo such as are seot o the Repeeitory for aX' HorsM for sale, kejt at livery. siruers IOT nwnr, nu . Jmf I f sjttfotfB, sorrptioo, received, and lhe slnetet atiets JM2 trdd to all who will favor tbe proprietor t T w rm i their commands. FVR SALE, A beautiful small horsi j oue first rot family horse : a k w b .nJsome light waggons, tic &c. GRAND BALL. MR3. W. WEST, encouraged by tbe tattering approbation of her patrons, as .'.;. i el t Ur hi si public bt.ll in this country, as well as granued by tuc rapid ueproveusenXol her pupils, resprctiully acquaints lb I uMic, that her Grand Ball will takeplaioo VNcdoesday next, 2jlh inst. at tbe City Hotel, when a variety of movements entirely new, will be introduced. Minuet de la Lour, and Autrelina'sGavolle.'bv .ur. vt. vvrsi, and II inuug ladies. Hoinpipe, by a young gentleman. Solo, Adagio, vbangiuz to Alhgro, by Mrs. W. West Parisoi's llorniiiiie. bv Mrs. W. West, as dan ced by Madame i'arisot, at tbe Opera House, unnuou. New Allemandr. a' Tmis, with the.Suteust, y .tirs. n. l est, and 3 young ludies The ball will i oiu IuiIl with a arai'd ballet bv the upils and Mrs. VV. West, in which she will intr.iuce lhe Irish tie. iu ine course ol the evening a number or to - wuioiir, vfnajriiies, aim ramy Uances, entueiy new. I he fancv dances will rnmmmrs f nlf nasi So'cIihu. 1 1 kets 1 dollar each to re had at the bar of ine Lily Hotel, and at Mrs. W. West's, No. 6 nem.r - 9 W OK A Ml li.t,L AT W.H it 1 1 EXi 1XJjY.I1. 1 L L. M1 R. BERALLT has the honor to inform the ladies ami gentlemen of New - York. that his annual grand ball will take plate on nurmay evening the April, in the Washing ton - Hall taluou. In the vourve ol the evening, a ballet dance, ami several other fanev dances. will be performed by Mr. Berault's pupils, a ouows : 1 Euirauce of a grand march, by 20 young la Jin. 2 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladies 3 I'as de di ux, by 2 young ladies 4 I'as seul, by I young lady 5 l he shawl dance, by a young miss 6 Gavotte de V' stria, by 6 young ladies 7 The shiuitruse, by 2 young ladies 8 Corpi de ballet, by 20 )oung ladies 9 The allemaml, by 2 young ladies 10 De deux, by two ouug ladies II I'as seul, with the tambourine, by a young i:iuy I i The three graces, by 3 youug ladies 13 Paseeul, by a young lady I I The le.'son, by Z young ladies 15 Corps dn ballet, h) '20 young ladies 16 A grand march, to conclude with, by SO young rimes. The ball to begin precisely at 7 o'clock, and the ballet at V. Ty Tickets, one dollar en h, to bo had at VI r. Berault's, No. 31 ( 'ouitlauill - streef, and ut Wa - rii - igti - ii - llil. mh 12 :iw I' A .Ml IU, .lit. fJT Dr. hnniuel L. .Vlilt h.ll, onenflhe Vice Piesjilents ol ' The New - j oik Institution for the tniiruciioii ot tlie Meat ami uumb." will deliver an Orulion at the City Hall, on Tuesday lies I, 2 lib instant, at 4 o'clock, P. M. The Direr tors ol'tlus ln.iiiutlon respect lully in - tile lhe I. die - und gxitlt men of the ( ity to attend. Tbe deal and dumb children will be present. 1 he ciuzens gcncrnllv that are irieiids and relatitcs ol the ohjtcts ol this description, are re (jiiested to accompany them on the above day tr h Mayor's Ollire, at hull nt 3 oYIch k. V hen it is conndrrt d that the ntii t of this ii.sutulion is to alletinte one ol lhe. greatest ii huiiihii caluiuilivs, the dirietors ruimol be too saouuine to nnticipide tbe pleasure of a large and respectable ni'etiiig. juiti u. blui i , sre'ry. mh!9 6t VVEa 1'EKN CA.NAi. COMPANY. ftr A divideml of five and a halt percent, on tbe La pi la I Slock of said Company, will lie paid to the Stockholders on lhe 1st of April. Apply to Barer Bhecker, Esq. A I ban), or 220 VV ilium - street. By order of the TUOMAS EDDY, Treasurer. i . r. . ' mn in im I.' AHMEil WAN 1 ED An rxullent Farm 1? to be rented or worked on shares, situated in new - Jersey, alwiut III miles fr m the city o New - York li is in u high state of cuilitntion ; shout 30 nt rrs are in meadow, and about thr san e quantity ol liiluble land. On the place 1 tin xeeiieni noiise, iwo Huge tsarns, and otter out buildings, tor p.irticuh Wihitiiii - it. inquire at 51 ii.h 18 Iw 'i t Ernie for a turn of ytart, rriWO lots of gniund, in the vicinity of the J. centre market, cue front inir on Orange - street, (neatly opposite lhe Irish Church), the iner on uyiuiers - siieet. Apply to 1) S. JOxEK, Esq. 44 I'ine - sireet, or J. T. JiNE mh 21 2w 16 Nassau - street. SELECT UOAKDlAG SCilOUL FOR YOVNG LADIES. i RS. DOWERING, mm Mrs. Brown, lias i v l renioved her well known Esfahiishmenl from New - York to Elizabeth I'own, ew - Je - ey, nnf a quarter of a mile from the public turnpike road. The situation ol the place posses s every advantage lor a Seminary ; nnd will ena :'le her to reduce Ibe price ol hoard much lower than tan be afforded in New - York, 'lhe bruiwhes taught, are. O.U.i - graphy, English (ramaisr, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geo gr.phy, with the ie of waiis and glnlies, nouiy, lU'tory, Blair's Lectures, Compnrilio . Musk , Frem l,, Bolsuy. C'h niiiry, Drawir.g 0 crayons, Painling in oil, on velvet, nnd in w aler - colours, Pinio Sewing, Niedlework on musliu, Embroidery on silk und worsted, Fille; ree, (i i.idrille. Grotto and Wax - Work, Gliding i no Japiiiining, with a variety - if other 'am y w.rks mh ll Im lo tut i Ulimmto A itr - i ork ZERAH HAVVLEY i hfieim snd Dentis', would intorm the iniial sla..ts if New York, Hi. t he has taken ollii e at o. 31 (Van sirect, where he will exhort, than, Jtlr,Jit ami tel 1 rtlh in lhe most approved lie i hue r. lie w - tlso prevent any irregu!arry ol the secondai t'eiii, if application is uwtde to him io season. He flatters bims. li, rtu the experience be ha. had in his prnlestion, that he shall be able to give general satiflacbnn. For eh iracter the public are referred to Mr Geo. P. rhipmas, itierrhant, N 6J South - street, and Doctor A. Uet, No. 2fii Pearl street. IVkom it may rimrern. fj" This ceil dies, that Dr Zi - ruh Hnwlry is a regular bred ihyician, and in good ttaudiug with his brethren in thisplitei thai lie has pal partiruiar attention to the arl of Dent Mrs, l,n studied the best Euinpean works on the sul e' t, and has given very good s ..tistactim in tt is branch to Ms uslomers. who are bcrsons ot lb' first resiiectahi'iiy in this illy. We therefore, with entire coi.lidrnce, recommend Dr. Hawley lotl.e cilir.nsof iNew - York, nsadenlisl. jt'ieas .Viunsna I Ell Ives Nathan 8mith J:nath:.n Knight Protessors of the Medical Instituti on of Yale Col New Haven, Jan. 22, I Hid. l,ee nih3 4w VALUABLE REAL EaTA I F. FOR SALE, i tub un or astw FIVE lotsol grouud on trie wesi siaeo. w.n - wich - .treef, between Vestry and Desbros - srs - sf reets, za ot ov. ... Four do m the rear of tbe aliot e, fronting on lhe east side of Washington slree, 25 by bU Fight do in the bkek below, tietween Wash - ing'.u and VV. st streets. In Montgomery County. ravsn acres ol liid in Lawrence's purchase. near t ast Canada Creek, on the north side of die Mohawk. . . . in r ransjin vouniv. 15.162 a resof Lni.d. in tlie towns of Mount Morris and Day ton. . In Lew X l.nauiy. 7832 acres cfLand in the Iowt of Barry more In thr Count v of Lewis. - 1250 acres of land in Casterliuid, Chassaois r .... base. la Saratoga County. 2000 acres in Palmers purchase. . Enquire at tbe office of the su - rscrit r, 34 Ce dar sireet. ',i . BEV. ROBIN SON. mh 17 if PUBLIC SALES. B P. L. Mii.t.9 k CO. Ttursd.y. A large and getierHi i - ,aHiriirr.f Dry Coot's, M.itbut tOi. titli.l - l.Mi. e. . FI1I1E propnetcno' tid Fos.h.'rrj u).rldq'.a - JL ries, near King's - Brule, give aoiii e, tbat they have on hand, ;ji ! iiri rciv!ur, a' - lb Asng't - 0ntge Ma. bur :ud t.we larl. toot of Keach - rre t, on tne litidon r ver. v.n extrl ntm to k of marble lor buildiug, ol the lo!h w:iig de s..ripionn, tii ; A - hlar Copii g FoiiudRtiuii Stone Chimney. 1' Fi.,Ks Columns WaterUble Steps l'b.tio. ms bills, Lintels Arches Also Lime of the best quality. 'TV' A constant supply of tin aliov materials may be calculated itpon ; and those detirous cf purchasing, or making enragemrnts, will apply O IxtlA LLULtlW, Feb 11 AtUieYard. COTILI.ItiN I'Ah I'Y - roTrosss.T. CCY THE Manat'rs cive Nolice thul list trt - XTand Lajt t'otillicn Parly is postponed to Kruiay evtuing next, the 27th. itist. al Ine ( it Hotel. mh 23 6t A i A II 1 1 OSr MR. BERaULT has lhe honor of In - forming the ladies and gentlemen ol this city, that in coiiMqut - Qi e of the Cotillii u Paity being est I bursdav neit, his annual Bali Will be postponed Li the I bund y lullowing, 2d ol April. inn ii iuif IT DTilt.NHAM i CD's. Package .Saltj will take plae on Wednesday 2jth inst. 'jita - logucs' will be ready ou Monday morning, v.he Inn good, may be examined in thrir store 144 Peru 1 - street, till half past ume oMoek ou the morning of sale. A very great proportion of these goods are entitled to dcbtulure. Terms liberal and given on the catalogues. ' . mh2l 3t NO I ICE. ftt - All person are requested to take notice, tha' in cons, riu. ni e of the ennduct of Mr AB - NEIl CTINNINGIIAM, my partner in business, under t ho company or firm ol " Harned and Cuo - ninghiini," that after this date no person is to pay any money to hisn the saidCunniiihaiu, or any otbei person, on thr account ol saidlinn, or my individual account, exrei t or, my expiest uft.r in writing I'll I NLA 3 HARNED. mhSlrht Eur England, via llnhax, A. n.J Letters for his Britamitv majesty's ( ,' ket SWK'UKE, (lor Falmouth, via Hnlilax, o - vi - .'xotia,) will be received at the posl ofhea till Wcdiienday alteromui, thi hi day of April. mhlHtApl T W IOOuil - ., agent. &TKEET MAMKE. (tfr The cotii rai ls which ure In he enieied in to ior the sireef nianure, w ill coniieem e i n tiia 1st oi niav in xl, for I or 1', to te oienin o ed in the sealid prnpovu s ; and tla slitels an. 10 tie swept and rleniii d, Ironi the 1st ol Jtian h to tbe 1st "I J.miiiiii, in r r ve.'.r Feb 21 AI1.L11 ML. BANK, rt.r' The stucklioldrrs are hereby notified that an eleclinii for thirteen Directors will be held oa the first 1 uecday in April next, and that tha I wilt be opened at the Banking House la W ll street, ut 10 o'il k A. M. and closed at 9 o'clock P. M. By oi der of the President and Directors. iurh W. FlSH,Cabr. . NO 1 ICE. fcr About tnetOtlml Sept. Inst, three nirn I ronght iutothe iVew Inlet, in the town of Hi n.p. stead, no Long Island, a small fishing boat - - Ouj of them stnitil that the boat was called the Hum - - luing Bird, of Portland, (M.) nnd belonged to bun ; that they vrerei then on their psssnge from Philadelphia fo Newport, (R. I.) and bad put in ou account of some daniiige which the boat had sustained, and Imni a war t of provisions. The men lut the bout, with a ahing net on hocrd of her, in fh possession of the suberribrr, and pro - n.ivd to cull ior them on their return from New - Yolk. On e - .a iiiining the stern of the hour, her name np - rars to let. the Meteor, of Ihulol j This circumstauce, toce'ber w ith the fad, that ' (he men above un i.lioiied have not called lor the) boat, induces lite subscriber In believe that she did not helorg (0 them, or either of them. 1 he om urr of the bout and net c an obtain Kjsesioa of tbeiu by railing on the subscriber, proving property, uod paying the t six rises. llemp.t, nd,(L. I ) March II, 1818. mh Li 2w Mate of Atu - iork Cvwptn.littyt t'Jfire. trJ - Public, notice is hereby given tothe bold - eis uf lhe seven per cent stuck of this state, that an instalment of twenty per centum of the original amount of that stock, equal to four seventeenths ol lhe present atnnuiit, will he paid offoo the first day of April next, or at any Jime tiavre - after when demanded Payment wid be madti at the Bank of New - York, in the ci'yuf New York, to IhestoekhnloV i rs residing in the southern district ol this sfato niid ouf ol lhe state, and to all others at tbe New York StHte Bunk, in the city of Albany It i required that the certificates issued for the' not k should be exhibited to tbe bank where suck payments are made. The interest ou the said instalment will eras after the said first day of April u at. Dated at Albany, msih 9th, 1818. ARLII'D. .VTI. - M I IKE, Compt'r. avh 13 dial NOTICE (ttr The reditnrs .el JOHN MURRAY ft SuNS are requested to send in their aiCctnU immediately, stated with interest, up Iu the 27ibJaa last inclusive. And those mile! h d lo , said firm will pbase make paymeut witbi - 1" lay to the subscriber, who is duly, zlVi 0 re. iv tne same. P LlM LO W . mbU ! III re.n s - t.ei. PLrtML HAIL. frv II II lltJI.f r i renxetiullv in' rms 1 is Ulerds aud the public, thai his annual Bail will take place at I smmat y Hall, u Tutsda evenii g n. xt. Hie 24th inst. at 7 o'i kick. . i .. . 4 .m ,..,nl.. I ickcls lor adnilss.nn uiayiwnuu - - 7 - inir at u i7 Cedar - strecl, "r al 0e I r t,t :ttO l,rl. mhiRiw Co.sSUi A'I'E OF FRANCE i ...L.a,,, rait o dunes establuhea .iLiiennr. by the few" Covemii,er.t. been communicated to lhe wrli Lonsul . - w lurk, by bis Excellency ii - enm - wc. "iw"ii trTuirs. r n. ...I. i - Foreign Flags, v"" - ,i,mm I mlvalinvos, aua J iruncs t - b - .ut j8cni) 'lditi.niai. oary 60 kill ft ansa for ab - ut H'ill'S - ") Roods of every v' rte - s - nptixn admitted t.n piling 15 percent advel hue ni (Exporlation) all kinds of produce j per cent. reach Flag, fimpfirtatioti On salt provi sions I per lemt ; gnod U every other descrip Uoo 4 per cent. 7 Exportation) on of every description 6 pet cent. Iu case his majesty the king of France sJi'tild deem OToDef to modify the ateovs rales ol duties. his wteniiobs will be ntde known six santu previously. mh 16 Iw EW t - Ol - Kx. UST received and for sola by ELI A 8 VA - ' LEN'l lNE, 104 Broadway, the third door blow Pine - street : Cu vise's theory of the earth to which ts add ed the geology of North - America, by protestor Aaml. L, Mitchin. I be mixranl's Goide to the westsrn ana south - wesUra stairs and tarriturffs, with a n.p ol the United states, by Was Dar), - o Memoirs of the lite' of IvhI uarn. . - tersper - ed with characters and anecdotes ol us theatrical couUttrc"' '' "t history of the stage, whJh mitxmf a penoU of 30 years By I hooaas Daviea. DUceursescmeflyoo I HvsuonaI suhtectj. by the late Rev. Neweeese Capp, to sshich rs nrt fised Mernoin of his Uf hy Ceibanne Capp, " i,.ung and AdJresf Cards, seatll engraved aodpriubsd. satk

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