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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, March 24, 1818
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JtEW - YUKK EFEJMfO POST. .TUESDAY, MARCH 24. Interesting Pampfdel.Vf have received from an obliging correspondent at Washington a pamphlet entitled a "Menace of the President tf the Vnilid Stales, transmitter, the eorrespon - , ientt between the department of ilatt and the Spanish minuter residing here, Anting the pre unt slat of the relations between the tteo govern ment." But th great length of the correspon deoce forbids Itf entire republication in tha column! of a nawipaper, we thall therefore be congeal u restrict ourselves 10 eucn wnm from tha letter ai will give a juit view of the several point in controversy, snd the manner in which the dispute it conducted by tha diploma tiiti oo both side. We shall tea that on oar part it bat beeo maintained with an ability, both ' ai to matter and manner, that reflect high ere - . 44 oa tha department of state. We perfectly agree with the Aurora In sayrngthat the " A me rican eecretary answers all tin argument of his opponent with a rary becoming tpirit, and re auflj hi imolent language in a manner which cannot be to much commended for it spirit and lore." To - morrow we shall begin with oar extract. It i not my intention to put id pelf 00 a footing with the editor of the Advocate, norto be drawn into a controversy with a man who comidera 00 thing of any moment, but how he can best up port the ride he advocates, without regard to rignt or wrocg ; nut 1 cannot avoid noticing a paragraph iu hi paper of this moruinj, a afford ing a iecinen of what I presume he call fair dealing. - In tha Evening Post, of yesterday, an occasion . presenting it. - elf to declare my sentiment respecting Mr. Clinton's administration, I scrupled Out to say, " I for one am resily to givs him any (uiKrt in my power, at long as I approve of hit administration, without once coiisidering what ' are or what have been hi politics." . Mr. Noah, in this morning's Advocate, repre sent me to bi reader, who have no mean 0 detecting the deception, at "declaring that I will tupport Mr. Clinton, whatever may have been bi politic :" entirely omitting the most material part of tha sentence, and thus, repre anting me a pledgiug myself to give Mr. Clin ton my Unqualified support. This may be thought allowable, nay even praise - worthy, by one who professes to be guided by the maxim that every stratagem, however bate, aoy imposition, howe - Ttr gross, any falsehood, however mean anddesj picable, even to lorgery itself, in short any act, however crimiual, that, " 11 all fur tn pal tici,n but with men of fair, honorable minds, it U villainy in the extreme. Theatrical We perceive by the bill of the day and also from two of the morning papers, that on Thursday evening next we are promised one more tpecimeu of Mr. Philipp's fine power of acting and tinging, before he goe to Boston, in the character of Lionel. ht having volunteered his services on that evening for thu enri of that deserving young actress Mitt Johnson. To thi Editor qf the Jf. Y. Evening Poif, Eir In your paper of last night it contain) d the account of the dreadful explosion of IJu - pool's powder - mills, which immediately called tn mind the danger to which the city ol Ii'W York it hourly exposed by the very possible occurrence of a accident. A' the distance ol two miles are situated several large reiosiloriex of gun - powder, mid in case any of these should explode, it aporart to the Writer of this article alin.irt as clear as mathema tied demonstration, that the magnificent strnc turss of our city would he prostrated and the lives of nnny be sacrdiced. In the account juit spoken of, it it stated that the quantity of gmi - )owder was about 25,000 weight. What would have hern the eflisct Irom twice, three or ten times as much, may be more easily imagined than described. The powder magazines of Brooklyn contain, to appearance, vastly nuH - e th'in that quantity; but it will be said, the liability of explosion is not near as great Tbit should not, however, lull our grand jury, corporation or citixens intn a security which Day prove as fatal . a it would he unwise The bare possibility should he sufficient toexcile their atleutioo. I he subject hits .Biteed I 're 11 B i',. ed before - in the p ipert, hut the alarm has passed over, i he receptacles alluded to, threaten the pioperty and lives of ihout.. mis, and should thev be tolerated fir the nrnlit of a few. to the danger nf community i Let et guard against tl.e evil in ume. A CITIZEN Ext ract of a latter from an officer on board ofthe U. S. brig l'romelheus, to hi friend in this city, dated SAVmAil". March 12 t am now la SavannWh as agent nf a valuable prize captured by the Prometheus, and shall probably remain here some d - iys. We claim salvage on tha ground of having rescued from destruction by mutineers, a very valuable ship and cargo, pnse to a Uucno Ayreau privateer FRO OUR CORRFSPO.Vnr.JVT. Office of the National Intelligencer, ) Vah,nton, Match 21. J EDITORS .CORKESPO I)ECE. MlLtaimcvuL, lllll March. Gentlemen report. hue this morning readied us, which we tear may be true, to this putportt tieneral Gaim s, wit', a few other, setoff some time last m mth from Fo I Karly, to d. Hceiid the r ver (Flint) to Fort Scott. I ne report t, 11ai the bo:,t was tav d on the 25ili ult : nijji.r w riirhi ( no Ceneral G. and on of t;uv. Wright) w t!t others, (aid to be drowned, (iener.l (iaine was een to reach ihe shore, (by a nun bn pained the on. poHitehide, and bri .jrs the rcpor) Imt has not atnee been heard nf. and i th .uiflit to h - .ve tucn inio nr hands nt the ho.tile 1 idians Such u lie 1 umor we pray Cod it may not Sa Ihid I..., r..MM !:.. FROM OUR C lMr'.'PftvnrCT Federul tiirctte Office, IlaUimnre March 12 noon. Extra - rt from the roster'mtofa let'er. rereiv ei by a irentl?man in thi city f om a ireo. tleman in npusta, Georgia, d ted March 12. 1 have b i. a mom nt rt cnmniunic.itr un).eaant mnwv r wliclt has just rcac el here. wnicS 1 .h fien. t;a ne I as flln u o v.e batMl : or ie Indians. He was attemnti to croa a river with ten or twelve men, when tlie h.vst struck on a - v. t, and all liar! ex ce; the G nrnl aid mc nr tao othe - e e drt - iet. - the dr wned n'as M jor V - i - .t , f Mir I. hI, hi ,i,l The r.rr - eral - "t irrnr 10 tr.c o nn. entirr'y a - lc,' th oUrrs. hurin? nrrK - eeli . - r.. t;.snnn,.. . k. - w i .. . - Tl ft him. but ttie nly trace they eould 4ieo - er wa some pencil tines on a tree, wuercm u mentioned bit atncrruinatioo to mww " the wilderness and endeavor to make Fort Caines. Five days had eiaped and nothing heard from him. I give you this a rumour ili it moment icceived trom me west. A d - sirrlptioo of a process, by which corn tainted with Must may be completely punned, by Cbarle Hatchett, eq. f. rt. 8. in a letter addressed to the right honorable ir Joseph Banks, bart. O. C. B. P. R. S. Sic. Sc. M Dear Sir. The very great loss which thi country for merly experienced oy a cootiueraDie pan 01 im - m.rtMl 7 rain having become conthminaled by must, induced me, several year past, to direct oiv attentioo toward discovering some simple and economical method by which thi taint could be removed, and you well know that my endea - ror were succes - ful ; but as circumstance at that time, and since, did not appear to require that great publicity should be given to this process, I contented myself with describing it to you and a few of my other friends. Now, however, when I reflect on the large quantities of corn which, during the last harvest, have been boused in a damp state, and on the great importations tshicb are expected, with the extreme pro Da mi ity that a considerable part may have contracted must, and that thus tha object of importation may be partially frustrated by the destruction 01 a large portinuof grain, and the consequent increase in the price of the remainder, I think it incumbent 00 me, by addressing this letter to you, to lose no time in publishing a procsss, ty which corn, however musty, may be completely purified, with scarcely any low of quantity, with very little expense, and without requiring pre - rious chemical knowledge or chemical appara tus. The experiments which I made, were coofin ed to wheat, as being of the greatest importance but there can be no doubt that oats and other grain may be restored to sweetuess with equal success s and I have also additional satisfaction from being enabled to state, that the efficacy of the process may "e ascertained by any person, in any place, and upon any quantity of gram, bow ever small. From my experiments I am inclined to be lieve. that must is a taint produced by damp up on the amylaceous part of the graiu or tlarch ; that the portion of starch nearest t the husk is that which is first tainted ; and that the greater or les degree of must is 111 proportion to the taint having iieuetratrd more or less into the substance of tii grain, la most cases, however, the taint is only superficial ; but nevertheless, it not removed, it is sufficient to contaminate the odour and flavour of the whole, especially when converted into flour. Alter various experiments, I found the follow ing me'hud to beatleodcd with success. The wheat must be put into any convenient vessel capable of containing at least three times ih' quantity, an I the vessel must be subsequent ly filled with boiling water; the grain should then be occasionally stirred, and the hollow and decayed grains (which will float) may be removed ; when the water has become cold, or in ge neral wheu about half an hour hat elapsed, it is to he drawn eft". It will be proper thrn to rince the corn with cold water, in order to remove a - ny Krtiou of the water which had taken up the must ; after whi h the corn being completely drained, is wi'hout loss ol lime to he thinly spread on the floor of a kiln, and thoroughly dri ed, care bring taken to stir and to turn it frequently during this part of the process. This is all that is required ; and I have con stantly found that even the most musty corn (on which ordinary kiln drying had been tried with out effect) thus became completely purified, whilst the diminution or weight caused ly th d'ltion of the tainted part was very iuconside - raMe. I have the honor to remain, dear sir Joseph, your most railntul and ntiedient servant. ch ha i t 11 Ki r, Mount Clare, Roecliampton, Doc. 4, 1816 Front the Albany Daily .Idvtrlittr, March 21 77i penue's numry. Wa have barely room to call the attention of the public to the report in the preceding part of this paper, ofthe coinii trailer of this state, pursuant to a call of the house of assembly, of thu 20tll ultimo, relative to public de!aiilter. It will be seen by this report, that our predictions upon tins surged in January lst, are more than realised. Daniel I). romp kin, vice - president of the United Mates, there stands recorded as a public defaulter, in t he sum of 53,851 dollars and Di cents - " totally unaccounted fur." savs the comptroller. In addition to this, there remains a balance of 14440 dot lar and U3 cents, " which stand suspended un til further vouchers or explanations shall be fur imbed to shew that they are properly chargeable to the ttHte, whi h cannot be determined from the documents already prodii'ed." We have neither time nor room for comment We barely give Ihe facts as they recorded in the public rccoid.of the slate and we are to presume that the comptroller hat mado the account appear as favorable at possible to Ins ex - excrlleucy. Itul we call upon every editor in the state to ptihliMi thu report ; and mure par lit ularly upon those who were credulous enough to puliii - h the wheedling, deceptive article which appeared in tha state paper, soon after we ventured a prediction upon this subject, during the l:it winter. What woulu ,.ave hern said but mum. O I tmpora ! () Mum The .Senate at a late, hour went into a commit tee of the whole on the Medical Bill. .Messrs. Young and Hates spoke against the hill, and Mr Livingston in l.ivor cl it. I he principal oMer tiont urged ag;tinst this 'n I, are, that its tendency will DC - o exclude Hie poor trom participating n tlie profession of physic and surgery - that the rich only, will be alileto send their sont to attend lectures at ine.lirnl institution. It is said that Ihe salutary effects which the friends of the lull eect will not he realised. The ton of the rich will attend the lectures, hut heme privie vi - d they will he hut induced to neglect tlieirttud. and will otten sloop away their time during the course of lectures; which the poor, though ardent and merit. hi. us student, who trims the midnight Ian. p. and drink deeply Inm toe spring ol Cal science, - t not p.SM."sing the meant olde (raying the expense ol a ictilar course ol medi cal le' tures, will lr excluded from the prolession. tt IS said that the dangers resulting from the pre tent syteni of medical education, uie greatly e sagen, ted tliat quackery h - is been disappearing among us (or tlie last twenty ye irs, imd that our physicians are now, generally through out the country, amply qualifii d to examine students, and Judge of the propriety ol admitting them to practice It is urged that it is inexpedient for th" legislature further to interfi le tliat we have liLerally mdowd our medical iixtiiu (ions; nhd tint we should now have the faculty to regul ite themselves that if we compel stu - (! nt t attend these institutions, it ill allay the pint of emulation now souunersal, and to awaj compitition between inejoung nmtis 01 the faculty U;i the other hand, 'he evils, dangers and hor rors of qtrirkery are dwelt upon with great force, and we must say with much reason. .Tlie bill, it it said, passed both house of the legislature at the last session ; but owing to tome ecu - har circumstances ol critical nicety in logila - tion, it did not become a law. It has aam passed the popul r bnnrh ol'the legi'iature. It if th pol'cy of the stte in encourage science and !it - ratue, and this il is rou'cmled by tha friends ot the bill, is a scieate of iufi lit. - ly the greatest importance to the people, and thit it i the duty of the legislature to surround the prolVs - nm by such legislative rriersa widrlosethe door, to igiLM - ant pretenders. V should adopt every means calculated todtflVe k - ioie,tge among tiii 'a'rully ; and at 'he same time scrupulously ; - ianl r - ain - t lit :irliti rof me heal imnottors. Vr - houll withdraw f - .its :h' m our coofidenrv. ome men were immediately sentland every eacouragtment, and tho3 wither the hopes awl blast the designs of these telf - commis - i skmed auxiliaries to roe bibs v ,cl " . about seeking whomtney saay lormsui - u - I.., with imnllDitV. Mr. Uvingtwo urew very "" - ""s - r.v,. AutrauM nf sickness, and pictured to, the house the fetal evils anwe iroet aetecuve ref lation in ourarmy medical esuwiimmeui. 1 n. hither of his country, in his oftVial ditpatchet to congress has stated, y Mr. R. in emphatic lan - ih.i th. number of death induced by medical and surgical practitioner, during oar revolutionary .troggle was lar greaier cu ... by th word. You cannot, continued he, impart a knowledge of tha science of medicine by .iM. , 11.. miilnirht stu !f not tuOiclent : ...,i.n. n. ih. lartures ol public teachers and a close observance of the various forms of disease in hospital practice 11 aoaoiuieiy esson :,i My honorable friend from the we1ern district (Mr. Young) teem, to rely on tlie exclu.t ve force ofgeniut. Sir. I admire penin wherever it is to lie found. I admire it in the bud I admire in the bloom, I admire it in all its expansion, and I weep at its fall ;butg - niui without proper diKiistine. 10 the science of medicine will lead to . 1 - as . IL a mil Aflfl lift lnt m Is lata ana aiarmin:. "v m.. - . proper barriers, we roust protect the healing art. The Houte of Assembly were yesterday occu pied a .hort time in committee ofthe whole upon the bill f. - r laying a tax upon bank tock. I he firt section of the bill wa pasted in blank. Hut on the tiiggestion of Mr. Oaklev. that if we e - i.l.l,.u,l lk. nrinr.inle of imiKMing a tpecihC tax upon personalsproprrty now taxable by ex istinr laws, the operations of the bul would not be sufficiently extensive, inasmuch as it doe not embrace the stoch of insurance companie, etc. The committeerose and reported, in order to give gentlemen tune to prepare amenamem. ti. mmmlliss of the whole then weal mm n.i,t.,t inn nf the bill to limit the number of tudees of the Courts or Common riea. ana jut - tice ol tlie i eacr, in uic Fccim twnuc. mi? tate, and tn aholih the office ofHssittant justice. Atter considerable desultory debate, the bill wat nassed. The firtt ection provide, 1'hnt Onm and after the passing of tilts act. it hull not he lawful for the council of appointment to appoint ant mnreiudgesol the courts of Common Pleas than five tn any of Ihe counties of this state. The second section limits the number of justices of the peace to lie appointed after the passage of this net, shall he no more than four in each town in this state : And the third section a bolishes the offices of assistant justice. Some further business, but of I'ttle interest. wat done in the committee, when the (speaker took the chair, and the - f louse adjourned. LEGISF..11VRF. F .VFtV - YORK. HOUSE OP ASSEMBLY, March 17. Petition nf David H. Lambert and others, in habitant in the vicinity of Harlram river, relative tn injuries sustained by the erection of a dam and bridge over said river. Referred to Messrs. Meigs, Isaacs and utirnee. Memorial of the mayor, aldermen and com monalty of the city of New - York, praying certain power therein set forth. Referred to the members from ftew - York. Memorial of the president, directors and com pany of the New York bank, relative to certain tork purchased by said bank from the state in 1797. Referred to the committee of ways and means. Msrch 19. Petition of Augustus Porter and others, rela tive to the dam .cross Harlaem river, erected by Ttobeit McCnmb. Referred to the commit tee on that subject, of which Mr. Meigs is chairman. Memorial of John Hone and others, ofthe city of Ne.e - Y'.rk pra i p the repeal of certain sections of an act cranling certa n powers to the Mayor, &c. of said city. Referred to the members from ew - York. Mr. O.tkley, from the committee to whom was referred the petition of Devne Kailev and of i era, asked for and obtained leave to bring in a bill rntiiled an act relative to the claims of John Jacob Astortn certain lands in the county of Putnam," which was read twice and referred to a committee of the whole. The usual number of copies were ordered to be printed. Mr. Meigs, from the committee to whom was referred the petitions ot liavul it. I .am bert and others, relative tn the dam across Harlaem river, reported favorably thereon, and the house concurred with the committee in their report. rillL mXl'HlA, March 53. DuponCs ponder mills We are happy to learn. Irom an authentic source, that uot only has one of the faitorics, and the principal maga zine, full nf gunpowder, entirely escaped from injury, but that at the lartnry where the arcs dent happened, Die rxtrnsive and valuable re finery, with the drying house and a quantity of Uiiished gunpowder, was savrd ; their great tock of raw materials, being at a distance, was uot endangered, and the retaining works keep in u tive operation. 1 be loss of liven, we are sor ry to say, is staled on the same authority, to be near thirty. A gentleman who left Wilmington yesterday, has handed us the list, (which he deems correct) of the unfortunate victims of the explosion of the powder mills ou I hunulay last. KII.LKII. John Torry, Olendemot l'arih, Ireland. Willi im Allison; R. Mullen, do. Michael Town, and wife, rio. Donegal. John Mo..y, Knnishowen, Daniel Dougherty, do. Win Dougherty, do. A yonn ' man do not recollected. fluh Kennegan, Michael Moony. Davie) Flinn, Huh Rreadu. John Strain, John Dunnry, piai es noi Known. Hugh M'Cnllmn. Inverco. Ptiillinlinlltgler do. John lire di.jun. I' - itrick Rready, John Urea dy sen. Thomas Keunedy, Patrick Kerna ehen, co. t'aven. Edward Br.tdly. Letter Kenny. John Donahon, Ohrien, Phillip Dugan, Uavin Wilson, places Known. Edward and Thos. K inin 1, Belturl'cf. r.iinrlt Bojle, place not known. I'eter l - 'roney, Dioghada. A young mm named I'earre, from Baltimore Michael M'Mullen, Durg Bridge. I'eter Tiimborg, not known Oue or two more not recollected. WOl'.VDKD John Dell, Patrick Mellon Hugh' Linrh, Pa trick ifing, r raucit lamphell, Charles ucl nnts. MH.LF.DGF.ViLLE, March 10. Indian Murders. A fmiiiv from the we't Wild, consisting of twomrn, a woman and child. emitr.itingto the Alabama territory, were, on th - taller part ol week ticlore last, attacked oy a paity c( Indians nt the Whitewater creek, six - Irrn mile fro'n Fort Mitchell , and all murdered except one of the men, who wa slightly wouu d - d. The ki.leri, we uud' rst.iod, was rob bed nf ci - n'ith rtihU - quantity of inoni v. Two p irties of friendly Indians, consisting of twenty live men etch, are eniptnycl to sc - nur the road from the Agency to Fort tlitehrll ; consc qurnt'y there is h - ssd.tngvr now appri hended in travel - thio - u than there was some mo'.liis ago. A letter fi'.un a g ntteiuan at the creek agen ry tt the editor, d tied ihe 5th inst.tiys, the Tennessee troop passed by Fort Mitchell on Monday last, oo their march for Head Quar trr." .Ippointurnts bp th' Ilomrnblr Ihe Council on .ippM.tlmrnl, JWrtn IV. lolo. lVeW - Y..r' - Vinray ll.,.T.ii - n. master in chan eery. Harn Scoveli, Aiigustu, Floyd, Ahra. T. ltoi. F.lisha .r - rill, J'iscph llluat, Mattldas Ward, .Satlisn C. Oayre, uud l.uthcr Clark, public a tane. The city inspector reports the death of sixty - two pervins, irom lha 14'tii.iv ol v arch to Uie Xltt of Mar, h. ofthe fnllnwi..g .i - - set: Apotilesyg; ratq.illy I ; consuoiplion 14; convulsions. 6 ; dropsy 1 ; dropsy id tint chest t ; dropsy in the bead 3 s fever iy pl.u 4 1 1 the bowel 1 ; inammatioo of the brain 1 1 inflam - uatioa of the chesto 1 marasmus 1 1 morLnVa - a .1 J . sw f etsAAti mrtnl A tvnhiVl(B v..tnlgv Nicliolaa Van Antwerri. Jun in the 34 h year of hi age, after a severe afflic tion ol upwartis twenty years, mc reiauun A - Uml. rki rihm. Kirhn. Vnn Antwern I IV, 1 1 .rm ........ - and family, are requested to attend his funeral on weuiiesaay.aiiernoon, aaiu ii"v. i "r o clock, (to move precisely ax 9) irom mi lathers, No. 33 Water - street At Brookhaven, L. I. on the 17th instant, Jo - .hi. Rriurafr. Knn n.Ml HA vekrfl. Suddenly, at Fmyrl. Oneida county, Colonel STEPHEN MOUbTOiN, aged 84, formerly Stafford, (f'onn ) - EV&XUtU POST MARINE LlST. CLEARED. of Brie Muskoncrus, Dockindorff. .St. Thomas Barker & Hopkins Commerce. Little. M. flroix Melick & Rogers Schr Molly, Somers, Richmond littery, Parks, Ho. Fanny & Mary, Hall, j Do. James Munroe, llipkins,.. Norfolk Coaster, Van Name, Do. Sloop Geo. Washington, APIntire, Savannah ARRIVED TUIX eORrXOOJx, Schr Eliza, Newcomb,' 4 days from Boston, with ballast, to the master. Sloop Rosetfa, Hathaway, t days from Newport, with coals, to Mr. Erasier. Sloop Duller, Gifford, t days from West port, with fish and barley to the master. Sloop Eliza - Aon, Beebe, 34 hours from Gro - ton, with barrels to the master. Sloop Volusia, Shearman, 3 days from Uridg - port, with ballast to the master. BM.OW, The ship Governor Tompkins, of Prlwjdence, from Havana. She came into the Hook last Sa tnrday, storing the gale, and run into Prince's - bay. SAILED. Ship Caledonia, for Liverpool 5 brig L. M. Pclham. for Horileaux ; and brie Speedy Peace, for Savannah. There has not been an arrival at this port, from sea, via Sandy Hook, since Saturday. FROM OLR LOR H ESPOjyij f. Vf. Patriot QflSce, ? Raltimore, March 23. S Arrived, shia Relvidcra, Hobson, 54 days I C . . I uiverpoot. ciposie nomuir ac sea. Sch t harles, Smith.tZ. days trom ialem. A'ch Fame, FarriiiRton, 7 days from Salem. Brig Nancy, Hayes, 18 days from Havana. .Nch llcllen, llassett, 4 dajsfron Boston. Sell Uen. Jackson, llallctt, 5 days fiom do. Sloop Hiram, Evans, from N York The sh p Virginia, Moni es, from Lisbon, is 111 the Bay. Cleared, ship Orozimbo, Liverpool and fjanton. Phi i.inn.miA, March 23. Arrived below yesterday, ship Te'ecraph, Coffin, fiom Liver pool, with a f.ll cargo of dry goods Sailed with the superiour, and has had a long stormy passage. Wasohliged to gotothe southward on account ofthe bowsprit being badly sprung, whxh prevented carrying head sails Came into the Capes on Friday night, and anchor, d yesterday rrnon two 11. ilts below New t attle rhere being no steamboat yesterday, captain Coffin was able to bring up only 300 of hi? letters. T he remainder will be tip to day. Iklow a brig be.icved to be t'.e Gen. Jack son, 1 ear, from St. Barts. Sch Anii - Mana, Finn, hence for Daiien, af ter riding out the gale 48 hours, went ashore on the pitch of Cape llenloen,on the morning ot the iyi li, and bilgecl. THEATRE. For the Benefit of Mr. Robins. THIRD NIGHT OK MOTHER GOOSE. On Wednesday t - veniag, March 45, will be presented, the tragedy ol THE APOSTATE. Flsrindn, Mrs Barnes To which will be added, (for the 3d time in N York) the celebrated pantomime of GOOSE, c it the uolde.i kcc Colin, (afterwards Harlequin, Mr. Parker Colinetle, (altei wards Columbine) Mrs. Paiker J'erlorruHiicc tu cooiuicnce at seven o'clock precisely. (hi Wednesday Mother Goose will be performed, for the btni tit of Mr. Robins. 07" Mrs. GALLUP having taken the house No. 21 Bro. - idwav, now in the occupancy ot Mr. John I. (.lover, oilers from the Ul of May next, a residence tn irentlemen and ladies. I he pleasantness of the situationnecds no comment mh 24 tf SACRED MUSIC. ft7 - SUBSCRIPTIONS for a Grand ORA TOKIO, by the New York Handel and Haydn Society. V hen the importance of Sacred Muic as connected w ith the public worship of (Jo.!, is duly conside red,it mut he admitted that it has not yet received that encnuragi uient trom tne puniic to which it is justly entitled. The Oratorios lately given by Ih H.mdrl and Haydn Society ol the city of New Vork, afforded an entertainment tkhly gratifying; yet the result has not heen sui h as to afford the public the hope of a perm inent continuance 01 mat useiui association I I,k great expense of procuring manuscript and other Music, ith the unavoidable expenses of preparing and first exe uting such periorman - ces, have exceeded the receipts The Society is nevertheless thereby now in possession of a valuable collection of Music, of the greatest composers, and believe it will not he questioned, that they have at their Oratorios, bronchi together more musical tal. ols than has been " - oml'ined on any other similar occasion in tlie United Mates. Conceiving it imortant that such music should not be lost to our city, and such an association for the performance thereof should not he dispersed, but encouraged ; and it being understood that the so iety are willing to afford the ritiiens of New - York another opporluuity of patronizing their institution, and thereby enable it to obtain a fund to meet its current expenses : We, Ihe sutisrribers, do hereby promise to pay for the number of tickets set to our respect - ire names, at one dollar each, on delivery, to such person or persons as shall be appointed by the standing committee of said society to receive1 the same, each of which shtll entitle the bearer ther"of to admission to an oratorio to be given by said society in May uext, and whenever the amount subscribed shall be equal to the proba blc expenses, the subscription lift shall be closed, and no tickets shall be told for le;s thau 2 each. Subscriptions will be received by A. T. Goodrich, 1 - 24 Broadway; T. & J. Swords, ICO Pearl - street; or of aoy ofthe standing committee, mh 24 6t Positive sale at auction by Messrs. HOFFMAN and GLASS. On Wednesday the 2jlh inst. at 1 o'clock at tlie T. C. House, to cloe a concern The good ship BRILLIANT, 324 sfyj 66 - 95 tons, as she now lies at the wharf Jjiilweast side Fly - Market slip. She hasjust been bore oat, and is now in good order to receive a cargo. To he sold for approved notes with two approved endorsers, payable in three equal payments, on the Hth days of June, .August and October ne xt. For further information rchting to taid ship, apply to 8. U k G. GRI5WOLD, mh 24 86Soulh - sL ATEW to St. Georges Cberch for uie, Apply at 1 15 Fiont - street. . - Ilib za 31 - DRY GOOD3 T?ANCY plate Cali - V coes Superfine calicoes and chintzes 4 4, fl - a, 6 4 cambric muilins Cambric jaconets Plain tambor'd It sewed mulls Plain and tambor'd book muslins 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Black and col'd cam - nrict Velvets and cords, bea ver gloves Fancy craved, twilled and plain Madrass hdkft, pins Hlair cord cambrics, cotton balls White lc col'd threads Silk, kid, and cotton f;loves k hose, silk floren - tines Black bombazcens Florence s;lk, ribbons, galloons ' Florences, plain and figured Virginia satins, plaid lustrings Friug'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and chintzes 4 4, 9 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - priuted cambric sMwIs 741 8 - 4 imitation do. 8 4 cassimere do. Bandanno, longee and sistersoy hdkfs. Pocket Edkfs. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton cassimere Striped Florentines Black ' do Madapollum and steam loom shirtings Marseilles Quillings, royal nbbs White and printed sat pens Cotton brown hollands Swantdowo, tuilaneus, ilk strines Cotton and wonted ho siery Irish linens sheetings Buttons, lied tick Fine and superfine cas simeres Yorkshire fine and su per fine cloths London do do Superfine ladies cloths Boiuoazelit, rauueno Imperial cords, vigo - iti rassiuieres Stockinetls, plain and nbb'd Flannels, baizes Ft rretts, worsted bind ings Shirt buttons, cotton lace Paris nettt and aoufile irauze Black - vnd white thulle lace Lcno snawlt, Estopil las Sewing silk, aasorted colors Linen cambrics Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 ti H - 4 Umpers Furniture Dimities Fancy l.eno, .figured Muslins Cambric. Trimmings, tt t lounces Seersucker Ginghams Koinall Hdkls. Silk Check Ginghams 2 Ai 3 col'd Cambric garments Oil Cloths Prown Linens Merino Shawls Cotton htitidannnes 9 - 8 i nl'd strip'd jaco - nettt I India muilins, ic &c lleceived by the late arrivals and for sale by HAGGERTY A AUSTEN, uihS4dr2m 167 Pearl - street. SALE BY HnfTinanH. Glass arid Franklin Si Minium. "Sn Tuesday, dlst inst. at 10 o'clock, at the V - f store No. 90 South - street, opposite tne sieuin boat wharf, between HeekmAn and liur ling slips, nil the TEAS and CASSIA, just am ved in the ship Huntress, Allen, master, Irom Ganton, viz : 9J2 chests hyson skin tea 7JvI do - young hyson tea 304 ball chests do 100 5 - catty boxes do 100 10 do do 100 13 do do 100 15 do do 100 30 do do 300 chestt kyson tea, 133 half chests do j::0 10 - catty boxes do 80 boxes, cont'g 3, 3 and 41b caauisters do 60s chests souchong tea 446 hi. chests do. 700 qr. chests bohea lu9 hall chests gunpowder tea 85 5 - catty boxes do Hi boxes, cont'g 2, 3 and 41b canniiters do 7 chests imturial tea 40 hoxes of 20 - catty do 100 do 5 do do 130 do 10 do do 57 boxes.rnn'g 3,3 and 41b. cannisters do And ou Friday, the 3d nf April, 2000 boxes CHINA WAllE, contnting ol enamelled tea cups and saucers, dining and tea - sets, breakfast cops and saucers, blue and white plates, dishes, tie. 0t5 The above teas are all fresh, and of very suierior quality, selected by a very competent Midge, and particularly calculated for this markets and the china comprises a very extensive Nssortment. mu 84 O HEE I INGS 8 bales Flemish Sheetings, for SJ sale by JAMt. G. RI.G S UU. mhS4 No. 61 Pine street Fl'RMIDRK DIMITIES, COUNTKRPAaS, a ours. Sic. .c T & C. SUYDAM have just received per Im - Ui porter, 4 oases tringed counterpane and cradle co vers t do martcillr.s quilts, part of both very large sizes, elegant and new patterns 3 cases furniture and haloon dimit'es i truoks cambric muslins, part undressed I do fine ginghams Alto, just come to hand 1 box 6 4 super cambric dimities 3 do men's and ladies' cotton hosiery, ass'd 3 bales Ifiien bed ticks, part superfine Irish linens, sheetings, diapers, tablecloths Long lawns, black liuen. &c. Aic. For sale on accommodating terms, by th: package or retail, at No 01 .vlaideu Lane, mh 34 lw rPHOi CANDLES. - 250 hoxes Converses X Mould Candles, for tnle by 1)1 - VIC" v l' BEMEM T mh 34 lw & GALE, No. 61) Water street LIFF.HtOUh, 1VTOW landing from the ships importer and XI r.uphrales, Liverpool new pit coal ol the be;t uuahty, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by applying on board at Pine - street wharf and at pier No. 13 Last river, orto LAING & RANDOLPH, mch21 4t 93 Vesey street. (1 UN POVV DKK. - A constant lupply ot Gun 1 Powder, from the "Orange Works" for ale by JAMES D' WOLF, Jr. inh 24 57 Front strert. tlltl'hlLVG. WM. A. PUIVCE, has just received by the ships Courier, Importer, and Eu phrates, a large and elegant assortment of CA RPETING. The patterns are modern and handsome, and tlie quality equal to any ever 1 ir ported. ' ALSO Hearth Rues, Green and Blue Ta ble Covers, which he offers for sale at his wholesale and retail Carpet and Floor Cloth Warehouse, 178 Broadway : where mav be hid. Green Uaize, Carpet Binding, Indi.i Malting - , Sic. mh 24 ot A LAD. N ac'ive lad, 13 or 14 years of age, wanted in a wholesale dry good store : apply at 165 Pearl street. ml. 24 tf ' I 'ALLS of Wonder, of Humour, and of senti - 1 ment, original and translated, by Anne and Annahella Pluintre, in two volumes, price two dollars. Als - s Covier's History of the earth, with mi - neralogii al notes, and an Recount of Cuvier't I hcological Disioveries, by Protestor Jameson. To which are now added, observations on the gedogy of North America, by Samuel L. Mitch - ill, U. received and mrsale rv COLLINS HAN NAY, mhM4t 3.10 Pearl - street. VGLN I LK.A1AN who intends leavi'ig here in a few months, for England, wishes to es tablish a connexion with a person in this city, who is well acquainted with the routine of commerce. Tbt b;cct of the advertiser is the establishment of a commission business, tlii connexion" are very extensive amongst the manufacturing interests t( England. It will be neces sary lor the applicant to have property, and whose character will bear inquiry. Address, with real name, to A. X. at this otfite. nib 24 6t 4 LADY well qualified to give lessons on il the Piano force, informs the public, thai she will rive lessons three times a week, at the moderate price of Ten Dollars per quar ter. Application to be made to John Read, No. 36 Courtlandt - street, or Alexander M Muir, No. 521 Fearl - Jtreet. mh 24 2w T ANTS A SITUATION In a priva'e f6Ri. Iv. a vnuur neraon. who will h..:l,..l. the charge of two or three ch Idreti, and iustrurt them in the Cist principles 01 an English educa. lion, ai d will alto enyesre to work h! lt u.j. ll reauired. She would have no cbiecticiit to ! sut in a repec tpLile school. Letteit addressed' to W. M. at tbit i.fBi.t, will be irtmei'iately attended to. nih 34 2t . .MAYOR'S COURT. Wiliiaro L. Mathews ) r. ( Jolin Cornell and Sarah, his ln partition, wife. . UJ HEREAS we ? the undersigned commissioners, appointed to make partition be - tweet Uie parties tu this cause, by a rule 01 the court of common picas, called the mayors court, of the city of New - York, heretoforn tuade, did expose and sell the premises hereinafter mentioned, at public auction, to one John Lace, the highest bidder for the same And whereas the said John Lace, at such sal?, did not comply with the conditions ofthe sale ofthe premises herein, alter mentioned, by paying tui per cent, of the purchase money on the day oi sale, or at any tune since - whereupon the s tid court, by a rule made the 2Utday ol March instant, ordered the premises hereinafter described, to be re.toltl. Now therefore, we, the snid commissioners, in pursuance ofthe said last mention; drule, intend to sell at public vendue, in front of the Tontine Coffee House, on the thirteenth day of April next, at twelve o'clock, at noon, to the highest bidder or bidders, all that certain dwelling house, messuage, tenement, and lot of land, situate lying and being in tlie fourth ward ol tne city of New - York, known and distinguished in a map thereof by lot number eighteen ; which said pre. mises and lot of land is bounded as follows, snulherly by Banker - st. easterly by northerly by lot number seventeen, and westerly in the rear by land belonging to Sarah Thompson. Containing in length on each side fifty (eti, and in breadth in front and rear twenty - five feet each, wilh all and singular the ways, water - courses, hereditaments and appurtenances thereto belonging or in auy wise appertaining. Dated 23d March, 1818. JAMF.SOV COX, JOSHUA PF.Ll.,Jr. J. P lUETEKlCH. Win. W. M'Clelah, Att'y. mh 34 end. iv C 1AM ON CRAPES 10 caset Canton .blk. Crapes, just received and for tale by P. KE.VSLN U CO. mh 12 26 South - street.' CIO I ION il RlCE' - Cotton and mh 9 iO bales prime Upland 1 1 tierces prime Rice landing Irom ship Mary Augusta, for tale by GKI3WOL.US It COAI'ES, 68 South - street. HEKKINoS il CHOCOLATE. .00 boxes 1st sort Herrings 40 do Mo. 2 Chocolate. Just received aad lor sale by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, mh 10 67 South - street. PLAT JL CLASS. 450 sheets picture uiass, 1 rum 20 a 17 u 27 x 2.', jiut teceivi d and icrsalehy 11URD X SbW ALL, mli iu 05 fniin - i treet. L1A1.CU I J A (1UUI13, ice lali hales Cal - cutt.i lioods, viz Gurrahs, Sanoai, Cossas. Bal'tas. Bandiinnot.'s, Cilia and Luntee Hdkft. JUO.OIM) lb handauuie Balavia Coffee 50UO pieces long yellow NanUctot 50 tout Old featile Russia Iron 8 hhd K - ntuckv Tuhacco 28 hale Upland Cotton 40 ban Caiupeachy Logwood 12 pipe Sicily Madeira Wine 11,000 .Madrass and Calcutta Goat Skint 150 boxes Chocolate, Ground Fustic Senna, Gum Copal, Mustatd Seed Assalcetida, Castor Oil,G urn Trajac an th Sal Auioiiiac, Ac. For sale by JObEPH OrtltORN, mh3 28 South - street. ! I OLAsaES. 50 IV L from schooner Edw. hhds. Molasses, landing D. Douglass For toic ny j.tisiiau.t K w titlL.Lr.x, mh9 3t 75 Wall - stseet. BARK 40 hhds Quercitron fiark, of very superior quality principally J. T. Brays brand jutt received and for sale by G. G. S. HOWLAND, mh 9 77 Washiogtnn - Strret. t, ROV, BAY ARD it CO. offer fur tale I C'hoppa, lungee, dorea and sistersoy romali Banaanoes, seersuckers Striped and pfiin company Persians Madras hhkfs. manilla gioghams 1'uttah putty hdkfs Jalalpnre, tundah, auzumghur, gurrah, tha - zndpore, oapaul and Jounpore tawut Company and heerhoom gurrahs Chlttabully, fine and callapatty baftat Chaunpore, chitpore and afiahadcossat Ahnhad mamnoilies, India mu'l mulls Florentines, silk stockings Plaid tufj'cta and plain satin ribboat Crapes, thulle veils and shawls Silk gloves, cambric Cambric gauze and lawn Merino shawls suspenders Fine and superfine French clotbl Superfine English do . , - . Linen bandages for woundt Fug 1 1 ih Hat and boll iron Pig lead, block tin Sheathing Copper, 16 to 33oz. Oil of vitriol, peruvian bark Bleaching and staining smalts India market and L. r. Teneriffe wine L. P. Madeira and Rhenish do Cordials, fruits in brandy Goat skins, Russia bristles Beaver and felt hats, with drawback Boots and shoes do French clocks, violin strings Dessert and tea sets of porrelaine Superior, French, good French, Spanitb, Russian, Austrian and Prussian Musket Cartoucb boxes and belts Cannon and musket powder Anti - attrition Composition Mill stones. mh 10 . WHEELBARROWS, 4ic. - - 5 W&eelhsr - 3KJ0 gunny bags row 1 1 hhds and 2 bales London seine twiao . 5!W0 lbs. Calcutta twine 250 casks cut nails, assorted sizes 50 do wrought do , 50 bales Calcutta hemp 7 do foolscap paper ' Also, hollow ware, shoe thread, whips, bruin - . es, iic. for sale by CEBRA ai CUMING, 76 rearl - su mh 16 ; . BRANDY. 5 pipes of finely flavoured 4 proof Bordeaux Brandy, entitled to debet - ' ture. For sale by mh 10 130 Water - street TKLNCli C'AiBKlC,FLA'ULLAs,iCs - 1? 2 cast s cont'g 40 p. linen cambric - 5 do coarse brown platillas ,' - 100 pieces coarse German linen, lw T cai h ror sale by IH.icU. iAi.i - ys men la 04 n"" '" . , 1 - j C10 I TON t RICE 64 bales prune upi - - . Cotton . 4 do New - Orleans do . . ; 112 Uerces Rice - In store and for sale by . . GRISWOLD Si COATES, mhl3 68 Scth - sireew CALCUTTA fcUGAR. - - 3tX)bHbcM, I 1 .1.:. .k. - , r ..,r - .,;nr mialitv. laodiae ai Coenties - slip, for sale at 67 .Knm oy iya.iiui - ti. - . rohn 1 ADKIRA WINE. J4 pi 1YJL and jid JJhaifpP 54 quarter cask Londonpartcu' 1 VlaJeira Wine, Uie thief partot "J1" very superior quality, ana rs uui - - - . .. . . . , . nw in . old. 1 ne wnoie na ueeu !'"' j. . scribers, and will be sold at inoaerai - 1 dealers or private families. ... . .!... ': v . 39 Sonth - v. Ulv It . a Ot.A!5?l.S. 0U rihos. new crop A.i Molasses, landing from the bng f cast side of the Old - slip. - - - or s' - jnTT Boh t) !i. II U. ia - v

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