The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 11, 1931 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1931
Page 18
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE LIVE HOG MARKET SUFFERS REACTION STEERS DEMAND STRONG PRICES MARCH 11 1931 Good Pork-Trade Fails to Prevent Swine From Slipping. , ^ CHICAGO, March 11. UP)--Reaction, in the hog market was regard^ ^ ed as only natural following the eaa- I" -ong of the situation with reference ·· ,to supplies at the principal mar- Jteli. Even the marked improvement in the fresh pork trade failed to prevent prices from slipping 1 from lOc to 35c in the live hog market today. With best light and light butchers selling at ?8@8 25, it was evident that prices had yielded only half of the sharp advance scored on the first two days of the week Heavy hogs were not wanted by out-of-town buyers and local packers insisted on concessions of 256 a cwt before talking hold of the 280320 Ib. offerings. Packers received 3,500 fiogs direct out of the run of '19,000 and 5,000 stale hogs were car- jfiedjOver unsold from Tuesday's ·market. Strong prices were asked for steers and choice kino's proved attractive to early buyers notwithstanding the increase in general receipts of 8,500 cattle,. Plain to me,, dium steers were not' active Calves met'with an indifferent' demand, tho the run of 2,000 was somewhat lighter than a week ago , Packers reported one double deck billed direct, the rest of the 10,000 sheep and Jambs estimated for today being available in the sheep ;Sheds to buyers.. Continuation of the broad eastern outlet for fat lambs was counted upon by sellers to maintain Tuesdays high final levels Hogs, closed active on. all weights, lights ·weak lo 15c down ana heavies 25c off Cattle-: finished steady . to 25c lower and sheep unevenly lp-15c up. 5.50: choice; lota I5.7S08.SO; cutler grad S3,25@l; -medium bulls' mostly S-104.2 heavy'beef-bulls'$404.50; one load ataj £5 SO, practical top vealera fS; good icho!ce;calves $6©7.5£K SHEEP 13,000; lambs slow;'opened 'stead to shippers; closing dull, 25-600 lower; shet and · feeders steady; nearly- bulk fed woolet lambs $8®8.40; early sales 'to shippers $8.6 '®S60, extreme top 58.75; test ewes He around, S4.50; mixed-fat and feeding lam! up to J8.25. KANSAS CITV HVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, March 11. UP-- U. S. narUncnt of agriculture-- , HOGS ..5,000;. 425'. direct; - uneven, 'mostJ 15-25c--lbwer than' Tuesday's average: -to £7.85 on choice 190-200 Ibs.; good and cholc 140-160 Ins. 56.8507.40'; 180-180 Ibs. 57® 7.60; 180-200 Ibs, $7.25jp7.65; 200-220,-lbs S7.30®7.65; 820-250 Ibs. -57.255P7.60; 2SO 290 Ibs.'S7.15@7;50; 290-350 lbs. r $6.80® 7.25; packlnK BOWS 275-500 Ibs. S696.65 stock pigs, EfiJd 'and choice 70-130 lbs.:?6.7 g-7.2S. ' · ' CATTLE 6,500: calves 800; blddinB lowp on fe'd steers; -.other, classes comparatlvel £carcc, .about steady;."choice 70S -Ib. mlxe yearlings |9.75. Steers, good and, choice 60C 000 lb3iS7.75@10.50; BOO-1100 Ibs. "$8iJ 10.75; 1100-1300 -Ibs. *8@10.75; -1300-150 ·Ibs. 58.25@10.75; common and medium 60 Ibs. 'up'55^8; heifers, good' and choice 550 850 Ibs. 58.75g--Sr common and medium 550 850 Ibs; 54.25@6.75; cows, -good and cholc -.S4.7586.50; common and^medium $1®4.75 low ' cutler. i ; and cutter;'. $2.75^4; . vealei (mlUc'fed) medium to choice J5@8: cull an common- $3.50@'5; -stocker and -feeder steers good and choice :(all. weiehIs) 56.75®8.75 common and medium (all weights) $4@6.75 SHEEP 8,000; very'little.done early: bid ding lower; ihest lombs : held around '38.60 lambs,'good arid choice .90 Ibs.' down S7.755) .'8.60; medium 90 Ibs. down 5G.75@7.75; com inqn. all. weights 1 ' $5.25@675; -medium tt choice 81-100 .Ibs: 58.755P8.50; ewes, med Ium to choice 150 Ibs. down 53S-4.50.- -^ LIVESTOCK FORECAST.' CHICAGO, 'March 11. ,trp--Offlclal esti mated receipts .-tomorrow: Cattle, 6,000 hogs, 22,000; 'steep, 15,000. i UtVESTOCK FORECAST '.'.." ' .CHICAGO, March. 11.--Eslirhated receipts for Tiogs, 23.000; cattle, 8,000; sheep, 12,000. Representative Sales Local Hogs CHICAGO. March Ii; WV-RepresentaUve sales asVnelected by the U. S. department of agriculture-- ff CATTLE Steers-- Heifei \ 981 11 00 30. .648 -.8.00 919 870 MASON CITY, March 11.--Best sorted lights, 180 to 230 Ibs., $7 20; best medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., 56.90; best heavy butch- -ers, 270 to 300 Ibs, ?6 70, best 'prime heavy butchers, 310 to 350 Jbs, 56.50; best packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs, ?5 60, best heavy sows, 360 to 400 Ibs, $560. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK; ' CHICAGO, Mirch U opt--United States Department of agriculture-- / f HOGS 19,000, 3500 direct; uneven r light ·^eights weaK to 25c lonSer. heaves 25g35c ·otf, early top 58 25, Bulk 140 220 IDS S8 00 r @825. 210340 Jbs '-»6aO®TS5. ^ pacWnK «owa 5T50@800: packing sows $Q 35@B 60 r-^sht light gooa and'choice 140-160 Ibs *f 00®8 25, light freight 160-200 Ibs. 58 00 ?8 25, medium weight 200 250 Jba srso® S 25, heavy weight 250 350 Ibs JS 90Sl 7 65, packing «ows 27S-500 Ibs 50 25 Spe 75. ·laughter jilga 100 130 Ibs 57 50@8 00 ( · CATTTJS 500, calves 2,000, steer trade «teady most early business being on shipper ' account, fairly" liberal supply sold, but bulK of run still unsold with some sentiment oug- ???TM B l ow f r I 1110 ", early tojJ yearlings til 00, best heaviest J1060; some held around Sll 00: bulk ?7 B0®9 50, acUva market on she stock, strong to 25c higher. · Slaughter catue and vealers Stlera, good TM ^°' ce .o 6 J 0 90 ° 115 * 8 "S 111 2 =; 800 "°° "s. *8 75911 50, 1100-1300 Ibs SO® 1125, 1300-1500 IDS $9®!! 50, common and medium 600-1300 Ibs seLiSa, telfera t-ood and choice 550850 Ibs S750@978, common and medium 55 75@8, cows, good Md choice $5@a 50, common and medium ^«4@5. low cutter and cutter $3®!, bulls (yearlings excluded) good and choice (beef) 14 25@5 75 cutter to medium S3 750450, ·vealcre (milk fed) good and choice J7®S50, medium ?6@7, cull anj common 14 5o®6 Stocker and feeder cattle Steers, good and ^choice 600-1050 Ibs $70825, common and medium $5@7. « SHEEP 10,000; fat Iambs strong to a shade higher, other classes about steady: few choice medium -weight lames early j» 2t ®9 40 to outsiders, packers bidding JO down Slaughter sheep' and lambs- Lambs, 80 Ibs down, good and choice S875@940, medium S7-75®8.75; 81-100 Ibs., medium lo ,,choice S7.50®9.25; :..all' weights.:/common »6.25@7.75; ewes, 80-150 Ibs., medium to choice 53.50@5r all weights, cull and "TMTMS-*2@4r' teedlag : lambs. 981 1105 '1439 1350 1470 1273 1221 1022 1050 130D 1036 650 1102 1340 1010 30 26 29 22' 17 Cows-10 ·12 21 10 802 11-10 1221 1080 894 Heavy-45 . 331 58 ' 316, 52 . 29766 ' 2S5 81 . 2 7 3 44 :· '258 "Mediums-- 1100 10.75 10.65 10.60 lO.oi; 0.65 O.PU 0.00 8.75 8.10 B.5D B.SU 7 6 J u 7 J5 ' UOG9. .Lights-79 196 63 t 188 7-t ' 813 88 . 177 . 36 172 21 181 IJght Lights-66 151 14 147 27 142 12 134 6.90 7.10 7.1S 7.25 7.35 7.50 SO .j 249 7.60 56 242 7.70 37 235 7 71 68 227 7 85 BO . 219 8.00 86 208 8 10 49 201 S M t s. SHEET. Native Lambs-- Fed westerns-- 8.00 7.35 6.25 6.25 5.2.1 4.25 3.25 8.15 8.3D 8.20 8.25 8.30 8.15 8.15 8.10 .8.00 7.90 ST. PABI, UVESTOCK. SOUTH ST.' PAUL, 1 March'll. Un--U. S department iof.aErtcultufe^- · · · ' ; ' : OATTtE 2,300;. all' classes In moderate supply; market opening,'slow; early ; sales about steady;..but; general' tendency weak; matured steers, short feds;, around $850' yearllnga $8; few odd lots to 58.75;, bulk on down to $6.50;-beef CO%~H $4@o; butcher helfera J5.25S8.50; .a.few fed yearllnga to 58; cutters largely I3©3.50; medium weight bulls up. to: 51; heavy best hull« to'»4:25; feeders* and stockcni unchanged. 'Calves 3.200;. vealeiB steady to weak; ..rigid sorting considered; good grades 56; · choice kinds $8: throwouts 54.50 down. .' . ' i ·: · *' HOOS 10,000 ;· slow ; · unevenly 10-25C low-' er than Tuesday; better 150-225 Ib. welchts ,$7.25@r.5G; top 57.'50; butchers' 1 wetgh(nn 225-325 ,16i. or bettei J6.75®.7.25; packlns sows 55.7»@6: bidding 57.2507.50 on pigs and lights; average cost .Tuesday 17.27, ·weight 230. . ' .. ; · , . - 8KEEF 2,000;. few odd'-sales of-lambs about 25c' lower tut generally holding for steady to strong" prices; 'few good natives *8; fed wooled lambs held at SB.6088.60 or better; throwouts 58®7;' good ^native. «wes .$3.50.. .- , · . · · ' · ' ., r · · · ' · ' ...- . · ·' CITY rivtesTocit. SIOUX Cirr, March 11. I/T5--U. S. department of agriculture^-- ' -CATTLE 2,500, calves XOO; active, yenr- J!pg» strong to 25c higher; matured .steers ateady to strong; she 'stock atro-ne; bulls y.'cak; atockera and feeders firm; load good !vl23 Ib. beeves ^9.25; few sales $8.75@9: bulk |7.25@8.50; few.Jielters *8.25 down; load lota $7.50 down; biillc cows 54.25fl5.50: medium bulls mainly $4 down; choice vealera 57.50 down; scattered 'sales stackers' J7.2S down. '. '· HOGS 9,500, including 150 billed thru; slow,,opening 15-25c1ower to shippers; packers Inactive: 160-190 Ibs. largely $7.25© 7.35; top J7.40; 200-250 .Ib. weight* $7© 7.35; few 250-330 Ibs. $6,OOjpT.15;- packln sows steady to lOc lower; mostly S0.25S 6.50; few roughs down to $6.15; slaughte pigs on ariipplng account .to. $7.25. ' SHEEP 3,500, fat lambs opening 10-25 higher to shippers; choice 87-97 Ib. woole Iamb*/' ' SB TKSIm SS* ' n l h a r Jtlneaao ttt,f**ai 132 150 115 60 83 275 113 250 70 96 145 IS « 59 31 16 80 SI 82 70 88 90 97 77 102 75 75 102 69, U2* 70 9.51 9.40 9.30 9.25 9.15 9.00 8.75 8,65 8,50 148 750 2SO 225 600 85 89 87 94 98 31 50 2 S.'OO 16 7.75 7.5» 7.25 7.00 7.50 Fat Ewes-110 149 165 ISO 150 9:53 9.15 0.00 .8.75 8.50 ,4.75 4.65 4.53 4.25 4.00 Hog Markets By THE ASbOCIATED PRESS Hog prices at Iowa markets Wednesday: CEDAR HAMDs--Frime liogs,, medium |0"®695. ieavles W65©SSS; lights 56750665, packers »5,50@660 DFS -MOINES-3,400,' steady to lOc low- lftV?^" Eht3 * 6 S=®725 prime mediums »675®715, prime, hcavlu S8.40®7.00- good packers J565@610 'UHPI.UU, _ O'JWmVA-rlOc lower, 120 150 Iba. ?3.20; 150170 Ibs S6 80. 170-220 Ibs ST.15;220- »" b » »895, 260300 Ibs «6 65; 300-350 hogs 180-220 ibs. .,; -33.- ;$0.50{?6.90;' 250- -.» Ibs. 56.30@6.60; 2DO-3IO Ibs. $6.10® 6.CO; cood .packers 55.55®5.90. : **"'«' OTTOIVTIVA--^Hogsf 20C - lower 120-150 Ibs ; 150-170 Ibs. 58.70; 170-220 Ibs. S705 : .,. . 6 .° 'f 3 - S6.85; 260-300 Ibi. 58.55;- 300- JCO IbS. $6.25; over 350 Ibs. 56.15: cood packers 85.60; fair packers: 54 60. ? " . ' --COSIBINEp.npo'RECEIPTS. ;DE3 JIOINE3, March 11. tTV-U. 3 do . partmcnt of, agriculture-- · · ·· Combined hog'recelpla at 23 concentration yards and 7. packing plants located in in ten or Iowa and southern Minnesota for th 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today wer 23,300 compared with 14.100 a week BKO : Unevenly, steady to mostly lo-20c lower,' come .stations weighty butchers off more news generally 10-15C. lower; bulk 170-22 Ib. Averages .J7@7.25; few choice 180-210 Ib up to J7.35;'230-270 Ib. S6.60S7; welghUe butchers mostly $6.6006.75. Quotations for -good and ctiolce' Lien "fehts, 140-160 Ibs. . »6.25®7.10; llgh welghta, 160-180 t 'lbs. !6.85@7.30; 180-20 Ibs. 56.8507.35; medium weights 200-22 Ib3.. $a.85®7.35;X220-250 -Ibs. »6.85®7'21 heavy weights, 250-290. Ibs. $8.60S7.05; 20' 350 Ibs. J6.dO@8.SO. ' : ,Good packing sows 275-350 Ibs. $5.75® 6.10; 350-125 Ibs. $5.50lii)5.85; 425-550 Ib K.SSQS.75. . , - - . . / - GRAINS ADVANCE IN LATE RALLIES Sale of United States Whea in France and Belgium Reported. CHICAGO,'March'"il. (ft)--After equaling season low price records for wheat, rallies 'took place in grains late to'day. About 160 000 bushels of · United States · wheat were.reported as having been disposed of to .Antwerp, Belgium ; and Marseilles, France. An: advance in the Avheat basis priced by farm board allies was'ann/mncea V- cenl at Kansas City and 1 cent at Minneapolis. · . Wheat closed . firm, unchanged to lit; higher; corn unchanged to -So up; oats U'® advanced and provisions unchanged to 7 cents off.. -..':'. . CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO, March 11.. (jn--Wheat-- No. 1 red 79c;TJ6, 1 hard:79'4c; No, 3 dork northern 75c; -No v d. 'mixed 775SC. Corn--No. 2 mixed 58»4li?'59Vc- No 4 mixed 58Vi@We; No. l yellow (old) 65C' No. 2 yellow 61«®62c;.No. 2 yellow (old) ~ yellow . 59 ?i @ 61c; No. 4 yellow No. -, 5 yellow. 56©57c'; No. 6 . - - · No.. 2 white 62i4 0 ; No. 3 white «c; No..'4 -white 58@5ai4c. T ~ 2',whlto 31M i?i4c; No. 3 white Timothy seed S8;75®9.00 Clover seed 512.25cpl9.75 Lord J8.87; ribs .$11.50;. bellies 311.50. MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, March ; 11. _ . - .30c Oats -..-. 22c Shellea corn, No. 4....... 42c " corn ..-.;...... ...'..,.. |! iago Ear GrainFutures ar. May WEDNESDAY GRAIN ClOSE. CHICAGO, March 11. High Low .61^ .61%" · 62i,s ' .81^ -61%. .- .63^' ·05% .ei^v -6714 - .66H .67 .66^4 old . . . . . new. .. . old ..... new'. . . .- uly ...;:... apt. ........ VHEAT--. , ld ..... uly ept. hew. . ar. old,... lay old..., · new.,., uly .;...'.'. ept YE-!ar. old.'... -new... aly . . . ept ARO-- i !ar uly^' ^-TM- ELLIES-Tay uly . .7914 ' ·Sl'%i. .82% · -64% , .64% .29 K -32!J -32 % .32% .3214 .79 »s v ·81% .82 X .03% .63U ' .29% .31K .32V- '·.32% -32U .39% .40% .4114 8.90005 GRAIN Ol'EN ORN-- " ar. old new ay .oltt. .; new l y . .'... nt. VHEAT-- old · new ay old..: ly Pt. CHICAGO, Close Vr. Ago. ,:. ' . 7 0 « - ' .'.' .'.79^4 i .'.' .81% ...' -8154 March 11. Close Yes'd'y. .6134 .62 .64 .05 .66% s . old ;.;· new ay old. . . . "'new..' old. ... new ly ...... ' pt ...... . ARD -ar ay .....'. uly ..;.·; ELL1E3 -- 1.05i . ,79'i .8114 .82% .63% · 63% -29% .31 «v '32H .32 K ...37% ·4014 · 42% Close ·61% '.84% · 655J .67 .OGTi .79 '.SI .82 .64 .29 .32 .32 V4 .'82- .40' .41 .41' .42! 8.87 8.82 9:07 11.25 11.30 I.T1-- Oper Today .61% .61} .63* .645. .66 : .06 .79}, .82'ii .63V .63V Market Notes By TICKER ^TAPE .. .021 .: .65 10.10' ..10.27 10.50 ..13.05 1.13.15., 11.25 11.35 - ' IJOG.FCTnRTBS. CHICAGO, March 11.. '(/Tj-^-Bog futures Bidding 58 for light hogs, *7.50 for medium and. 57.10 .for. heavies .to arrive · tomorrow. Grade 1.IGHTS-- * April May .r............ Sept,-/ MEDIUMS--. ; May (last half) .. HEAVIES-- · ' May . .-.,.,. Sept. · · * . ( . . . / '. Offered ..-.'.8.65 ...,8.75 ....9.25 ....8.« .Bid Iambs/ 58.75 SP8.S5; steady. -* other classes quote ';·'.'.. ··-·· OMAHA MVESTOCK. OMAHA, Marcb 11. UPt--U. B. deport .snwit of agriculture^ I i -HOCS 15,000 including 206 direct; slow mostly ISa lower to shippers; top 57.40 o ISO-ZOO Ib. HRhts; .earfylsales 170-230 ib ·weights 57.1007.30; 230-260. Ib'. butchers 5 J7.IO; nothing done on heavier weight? packing sows 53.25^6.40; average cost Tu;s d«y 57.25,-welKht 263. . CATTl.Il 5.3QO; calves 300; fed steers yearlings uneven, medium to good kind dy;' better grades slow, weak to' 25c r; ihe stock steady; hulls -'and vealers steady to r.lronf; stackers and feeders" scarce, steady; early sala fed r steers ann yMrllngj mostly S7fi8; few loads up to S9 Vttb some held higher; heifers mostly Sfi 25 ®7.50;^ few loads 57.75®8 with choice KU2 ik. we/gnti fB.SO; oulk otef cows J1.25© MISCELLANEOUS : .POTATO MARKET. CHICAGO, March 11. (jp--u. S. depart rae'nt of agriculture-: Potatoes 112; on track 278; total V. 3 shipments 841; steady, trading only fair sacked per cwt.; Wisconsin, round whites J1.30@1.45; occasional' car higher; ' Mlnne sola roupd whites '51.20S'1.30; Idaho rus sets No. 1, 5l.5001.60;f.fow higher. No. 1 SI.25^1.30; Colorado McClurea, fancy 51.7(1 01.75; others 51,40 up; 1 commercial 51.40. MTNNEArotlS MINNEAPOLIS, March n. (jpi -- Flour inchanged.- Shipments 31,870." Bran 510.50.iJ 17.50; sUndarda mlddll YORK SU'OAK, NEW YORK, March II, fjn-- J!lw SUBar oae 1-16 cent to 3.30C. Haw futures at midday 2 to 3 points higher. Refined unchanged at 4.40c. · HAV MARKK.T. CHICAGO, March II. ur-- Hay, 8 cars, .39. .40!, .llV .42', GRAIN- MINNEAPOLIS; March 11. 5 cara compared to 123 a. year ago* un hanged to Ic higher; cash: No. 1 northe; .nd No. l dark northern 12. 13, 14. and per cent protein 74ii077i4c; No. 1 rtar hard Montana,. 14 per. cent protein 73c to arrive 70^4@71Hc; No. 1 amber dururt 7Qyi@73i,ic: .No. .2 Vraber durum ' 685T 71Vic; No. 1'red .durqru 63/4c; May 76^c July 69ttc; J flept. 63%c. Corn--No. T3 yellow S2#fli5i^c. Oats--No, 3 white 27'A@27Hc. .BaHey 31@52c. f Rye--No. 1, 34% iff37% c. Flax--No. l, 51.54^4 @ 1.50%. KANSAS CITV GRAIN. KAN3A3 C1TT, : March U. (^-)--Whcal 83 cars; v unchanged to %c higher; No. dark, Hard nominally 70©73c; No. 3 nom Inally 69@7l^ C ; No, Z hard 7070^c; Na 3, 69@60^c; No., 2 red nominally 71^(0 73c; No. 3 nominally 70©72c. , Corn--14 cars; unchanged; No. 2 "whit 50=Uc; No. 3, 54®55%c; No. T 2 yellow 56$ £6»ic; No. 3. S3%i^55%c; No.- 2 mlxe nominally 63@54c; No. 3, 51B51e. Oats--4 caisr unchanged; No. 2 whit 32%e; No. 3, 32c. . , Barley--Nominally 'IRON LUNG" WINS ANOTHER TRIUMPH AGAINST PARALYSIS CHICAGO, March 11. "Iron lung" which is the sometinje3 applied to an artificia; respirator machine,' has. apparently scored again. . Charles Caughey, 7, was taken to .hospital in Evanston last Friday suffering trom throat and lung paralysis and placed-in the box-like machine. · ,. * He was unable to talk from'the ime he was admitted until yester- !fl.y. when he spoke two words. They were '^Ice cream." He'got Jf the doctors 1 are successful it fill be the second victory'in tlic Chicago area. The other was that f Frances McGann, a student nurse, hose breathing was restored after ttar-u at Infantile naralvsia. The · technical position of securities as measured by the relationship of market values to security loans la currently stronger .than- at any time since 1025, which -fa aa far .back as 'Comprehensive Ueures are available. In- Uie qplnlon.,Qf one statistician v.ho pointed, but that Uils meaoa that a greater percentage ot 'stocks and l?onda now 1p owned outright than at any U ma In the past five years. The official ratio of brokers' loans to the total value of listed stocks. as published iiy tbe New York stock ex- chance, was 3.22 per ceat on March l. aa per cent a year earlier and the record high of 10.23 perf cent on March 1, 192G. The-ratio in the past has been a fairly rellabta' Index · of - the technical position of stock, the-principal'drawback to the llg- ures.faavJne baen the lack of historical data with which to make comparisons. HOOKUP STIMULATES UTILITY DEMAND iPormal 1 announcement 6T a hookup ba- tween New York Edison .company, con- j£ii by Consolidated Gas, . and Niagara Hudson Power served "to-stimulate demand In .this section of the list Tuesday. Opera- Lions for the rise went ahead In various sections of the list which-have done little since Lha ^recovery began. -"· · The advance" In the tooacco "shares was rot hard to explain when the relatively gout! earnings of this enilp is realized,,PraetJcal- y all the leaders In this group reported tb£ most profitable : year In .their history last fear .and nothing has occurred to Indicate Jidt : earnings have - not heed maintained in the-'current-year. K. J.'Reynolds responded with an advance to the belief that the new wrapper, would mean, big ^'things for the company and the rest of the I5suea;ln this group moved.ahead moire .confidently than m .ome time. . / ,: . , UTTI*E ATTENTION PAID TQ, STEEL ORDER, DECREASE The market'again ^demonstrated It Is be-, jmJhg'Ghock proof.for it paid little atten- ion to auch developments as a decrease In he unfilled tonnage statement ot the United States Steel, corporation, somewhat larger han had been expected, and several dlvt- .end 'reductions; Tho. decline in the bacli- og ot, orders was minimized to a. certain extent'.by an^inorcase 'In operations la th* Chicago district anS- the fact that the cur- ent month Is expected to make a somewhat letter comparative, showing. Factors .thai rcw attehUon from the constructive forces ncluded another Increase la,, the price of liver and the manner in, which several" trge bond Issues were received. The bulls' eel that the Improvement In the silver ItuaUon cannot help out find favorable retiecUon in · the- Jorelgn situation which as. been, one of -th^, dark spots for the last ear or- more. , ' - . 11NING SHARES RECOVER U1T1I Sn-VTEJt ' '·· -, A gain of nearly a cent an .ounce in the rice of silver, maklng'^a;:recovery, of four' ents from the low point several weeks-ago oubd r« trie raining shares con- erned. .American -' Smelting and Rcflnlng's utlook has been improved- aa % a result of reversal of trend in. the price of this ommodlty. Last year,-'American , Smelting made . charges adjusting inve'ntortcs equal to $1.'42 a shares. Earnings per share were 55.10-before-and §3.77 after these charges. With Inventories priced now approximately at the record lows for many years, friends of the stock feel there* Is reasonable prospect' of .additional share earnings from appreciating metal values. Beginning this year. Smelting had cash '! to §14 a share, .working capital of $39 and .boott value of $54 or slightly more :than the market value. The ""(livid end of $4 annually was maintained, all "thru the -boom b£ 1929 and the slump al 1930, and,in view of the strong financial position some observers k fcel that the pres ent rate could be continued nbm: longer, even tho there should be no immediate Improvement hi earnings. CUT IN DIVIDEND SLOWS UP BULLS Losses ,of 1 to 7 Points or More Become General in Late Session. NEW YORK, M^rch il. CP)--Reduction of the dividend of" one of the premier -,' trunk line railways took the wind out of bull sails in the stock market; today. Losses _ of 1 to 7 points or more /became fairly general 'among more active issues as the day.wore,on, but; it was notable that stock was not urgently pressed for sale, and principal issues were well taken on. the way down. Reduction of New York Central's annual'dividend rate from §S to $6 on the day succeeding the flotation of a large bond' issue came as a surprise to some quarters. Its stock rose 2'points in the early trading but showed a loss of more than 2 .after the dividend an^ nouncement. /Other carrier' issues were depressed, Union Pacific losing 7 and Atchison 4.'Ej-ersi was'a weak feature in the industrials, losing 6 points. U. ...S. Steel and American Telephone were among issues losing 2 or more, and such stocks as American Can,' Kadio, North American, Sears-Roebuck General Electric, United Corp., Kennecott, Anaconda, Standard ot" New. York and Bethlehem lost a point or more. Auburn rose 5, and MeKeesport moved- up 3 ' to ine year's best price. Iron Age reported ingot output at 55 per cent of capacity, against 53 a week previously, the best gain STOCK UST Air Keduc Al. Oh t Dye 150 Allls Chal -llfg 37 Am !Qan 124 « Am Car t Fdy 35 Am ComlvAl E\V YORK STOCKS. NEW YORK.'March.- 11 un-Final Quotationj. 9S'A Lehign Port c IB LigE My B 88j Loew's SB Loose Wiles 52V Lorttlard 17 ft I/auis G E A 33 Am For Pow 47 } .v Am Intl 21 ii Am Pon-'ft L 58 is Am Rad SI San 20ij Am Roll Mil! oui' Ard.Sm Ref "Amisteel Fdrs Atn Sug Kei A- T t T ' . Atn Tob B Am Wat WKs 72Ji Anaconda *ni. Arm of 111 'B Atchison AU ' R f Auburn Aviation B i O Barnsilall A Bendix AY Corp 2 IBS 4 IS if 102 80 * 12 m several 'weeks. Freight car. loads, aa reported LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER^- - JIABKET LETTER WHKAT--Our market pave no Indication of a distinctive trend. The range ot prices narrow. Prices dipped a little In .the early trade on weakness in Liverpool, and an scattered Belling, which Bent September to It's focmcr low of the neason. However, there semeed to-be a cushion of buying orders under the market, and UiJs was sufficient to absorb sales. There was some buying credltcd'to a house with Omaha connection; Offerings at no time were plentiful and when a few ehorU covered prices went to Lhc best of the session and closed with net gains. Foreign advices -referred to the small stocks In France; Germany tind Italy and while, substantial buying Is'expected, It has not appeared as yet. The seaboard reported around 400,000 bushels iKorth American grain !old-Ln all positions, with a 16,000 hard win-' :ers understood to have been woclted by' the 'arm board to Antwerp and Marseilles In the past few day's. The business at the gulf was done at 12 under Chicago May. An advance of half- cent In trie basis paid by the jovernment agency was reported at Kansas 3lty and of one cent at Minneapolis. There a little to encourage buying of wheat and prices are too low to advocate selling. CORN--Corn displayed a. good degree of resistance to pressure and closed near "the best of the day. Bookings to arrive were 15,000 bushels while shipping sales amount- id to 39,000 bushels. Buenos Aires was ive higher at midday with March there acting Light. It was claimed that the rjullc of old corn in Argentine was In poor condition and unfit for export. Corn will probably follow wheat for the present. Irtverpool due y.® higher. . · . . , for the last weiek in February, reflected the holiday, but index figures of freight movement, making allowance .for that and for season- anle trends, showed a dccified uc- tum. , . _ - r On the other -hand, 'nothing developed lo impair the brighter long term business outlook. Indication QI improvlns conditions abroad appeared In pronounced strength of the Berlin Bourse and continue gains In Latin-American exchange rates. Call money · came back to IK- per cent, after renewals at 2. , ' wa«fo Market Borden Borg Warn' Brlggs Burr Add Cal Hccla Can Dry Con Pac Case Cerro · de Fasco Ches o Clilc Gt W pr ~ N W C R I P Col Fuel £ Ir Col o El Coml Solv Comwlth -So Congolcum. ' Consol Gas Contl Can ConU Ins Contl Mot Corn Prod Cudahy Curtlss Wr Deere pf Drug. Inc Du Pont Eastman El Tow L Eng Pub Ser Erie Flsk Fox Film A Freeport Tex Genl El Gen Foods ' Gen. Motors Gen Pub Ser- Gillette Gobel- Goid Dust · Goodrich Goodyear "^ Grah Paige Granby Gt' No Ry pr 20 « 36 5i, 42 116 -!2Vi 23 - Gt No I Ore c t f , 2 l i NEW YORK,- 'March 11.' (,p--Narrow changes predominated In the curb market today. Bulls endeavored to start a rally-In trie utilities soon after the opening but abandoned their effort when the general list developed signs of heaviness'. Declines however, were email. · . . News of the increase In petroleum production and extension of price cutting to Texas kept the. oils under pressure. A break of more than 2 points In Vacuum, add a fractional drop In Cities Service below 5 Its previous V support ^level of. 18 were features. Standard .or: Kentucky ~ flrmc'dTuTently"--·-·" .Douglas Aircraft and Ford of Canada "A" moved.. fonvard, 'the latter equalling Its Vanie w'' 6 aboSt r 2 r ° "' " actl ° n /cut ««\«1- NlaBara ' Ffudson was brot at 15 or slightly above and American · Superpower likewise held firm. . . ·Adjustment Hqjdlng company Issues slipped down, apparently reflecting declines in asset values. United Founders and Goldman Sachs trading were rather heavy- Call money renewed at 2(i per cent but went back to 2 shortly after noon when the stock exchange rate was cut. Gt ,w Sugar Grig Grun Halm . Ilartman B Houston Hudson' Hupp III Cent Jnt Comb Intl Har Int Nick Can 1 T, T Johns atanv. Kennecott Kresge Kroger - ilack 40 -s; Math-Alkali 25 a ; May D S 371* McK 4 Rob 14 Hex Sea Oil 1GU '·"* Mid Cont-. Oil - '1214 .51 *t. 1J K-.T . . 21«, . 41 h ,Mo Pac. ';--·''. 33V?. 5 *' Mont Ward " 2a# 196 ! Morrell 54 ii Mot Wrieel 17*,, Nash-' - 37 H Nat Bis -SOVi Nat Ch Reg A 34V Nat Dairy 47' Nat Lead 322y- Nat Pow t L 411$ Nat .Tea - 20 ^ N Y Central 113B; ,,,,, N..Y-N JI- H 89li i;;V.2 or ' w ' 2°Hi ^3 £\' Am · S5V °j? Ss^" 11 ' 531i -4-. Oliver P 47/.. OUs S't .. -14 ?ac G £ E 52iS Packard ' mv t Pan Am Pet B 35 li Para Pub 44 Pathe ' - 2 . Penlcic Ford Perin Phil Pet on,/ ' Pl113 Fl Sj°W . Proe Gam *·*;·»· Pub Serv N J ".? - P u l l m a n Radio ,Rad K ' O Rem Rand Reo Rep Stl Rey Tob B Roy, Dutch St L San F Sears R Shell U Simmons Sinclair Skelly . So Pac . So Pr Sug So Rail Stand Brds St G t E -· 85« St Oil Cal --' 45 i. St Oil N J .. 45?4 St Oil N Y 22V, Stew Warn 2054 Stone Web 45 Stude 23V- Superior Oil . 1(7 Tex Corp 31H ? ex Gulf Sul sis Im Roll B - . 571.; Union Garb 67?i Un Pac 1BOM Unit Alrc , 35 Unit Gig ; 5 Unit Corp - - - 29 U n i t ' s ; - 4 E 31 U s Ind Aic 70 : U S Rub 17 U s Smelt 24 V s Steel ' It4^ MAD L A U G H T E R A Thrilling Mystery Story, _. By MILES BOBTON «'«Dtinaed From Comle Paso. until the door'had closed closed behind him, then turned"once more to Dick.. ' . . ' : . , , ."·:' . ', ,'7 don't, know what the devil you've been up to," he'said in a tone of irritation. "But it's, perfectly plain to me'that Pollard has coni vinced himself that you're either the" Funny Toff himself or his chief lieutenant." ' · . . . (TO BE CONTINUED) - ' · "· Legal Notices .NOTICE "OF SPECIAL ELECTION 11 % '9-i 104%. 57 K ,«J» : Si'* 47 21% 72 K 97 it 10SM 5S. 47'4 32 T '\ "·' 32 i4 37 53-X 20TS 04 591', '.34 70 i', 88 . 55V: 23 Ii ' 15 '·" 2l"" '49 3714 38 5S 7% 19 13 8% 103« 53.' Notice is hereby-given that Ordinance No. 23' was passed by the Council and approved by the Mayor on.the 4th day of February, 1931, in the manner provided,by law, and that the Council has called a special election to be held on the 30th day of MEirch, : 1931i for the uiirpose of submitting said ordinance 4o' the voters, and has directed that there be submitted to 'the voters of the r Town of Swaledalei Iowa, at said special election the following proposition: , OFFICIAL BALLOT' * i (Notice to Voters: For an affir mative vote upon th'e question sui mitted in this ballot, make a croa (X) mark in the "square after th word "Yes." For a negative vot make a similar mark in the squar following the word "No.") Shall the Following Public Mea sure be Adopted? ' YES ' NO Ordinance No. 23. last Will and Testament of-said deceased. ' Dated at Mason City, Iowa, Feb. 27, 1931. t S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk of District Court. By--Margaret Riley,- Deputy. ( ' NOTICE : '·' ' - · - . -. - ' Tp Willis A. Babcock, WUliam Ham-' blin; tuid to Whom It May : Con- cern:/ ·-; ·'. ' . .:; - . . ' - ' . . . ' - -: ' .-.- s . The^ Commisaioner appointed to locate a road "sixty-six feet wide commencing at' the iabrthwest corner 6f Section .19, Township 96, i 'rlange :i20, West of the Fifth P..M. ' and running.-east (the center line of the proposed road being the'" north Une of Tthe Northwest Quarter, of'the'.-. Northwest. Quarter of said Section 19, Township 96, Range 20) and terminating at the -northeast: corner , of the Northwest ^Quarter of the iSTorthwest Quarter of Section 19, Township 96, Range 20, has reported in favor of the establishment v therepf, and all objections-thereto, all claims for damages, must Be filed in the Auditojifi office on or before noon of the eleventh day of May, A. D. 1931, or such road will be established without reference thereto. ' Dated this of March, A. D. 1931. ARTHUR,: HARRIS, · . ... County Auditor, · . " C e r r o Gordo County, Iowa. Eng Oi.i 0',S 7% s a S4 22 H 11% 74 =(1 2Ti 56T4 17?i 3«?i 74 2S',i 27 31V4 Ut P Lgt A, 29' vanadium Wabash ' Ward Oak Warn Fix W Jfary HMt E Wflfys Ov WooUvorth . Yell Tr Young S £ W 26! CHICAGO If arch 11 Cen Pub Ser A 1914 MidtahS SSlt pi 'Si Cities Service' -.18 Nat Leather Gr takes A ire 3-H N a t s t s n r t , 311/i 102' Market -MASON CITY, March 11. 'Cash tjuotattons Dy EX Q. Morse. EGGS Eggs (current receipts)^... .17c Stags Heavy hens, 4Vi Light hens cocks, heavy Clicks ......... ..13c ..lie . . 9c . .12c .. Tc . .18c . .35c ..32c . -34c ^eesa : Mercbnnts Quotations. Eggs, in trade' Egga, cash v .... Butter. Plymouth .......... Butter, Clear Lake Butter, State Brand Butter, dairy Potatoes 35c and 40c a pecK CHICAGO PRODUCE. CHICAGO, March 11. I.TT--Butter. 4,082 firm; creamery--Extras (02 ccore) 20c standards (Do score carlots) 20c: extra firsts (90-91 score) 28®28ltc; (Irsts (88-SO ecore) 26®27c; seconds (86-87 score) 2-1 y, s, 20,059: firm; extra firsts 21itc- graded firsts ]OiS©20iic; ordinary lB 5 A@10c; storage packed firsts storage packed extras 23c. m , , ' Uarch "" .''TJ-Tho bond market today reflected the recent- successful notaton of .laree issues by 'matntaltifni; a firm tone In quiet trading. Further evidence ot the underlying demand for Issues of rec- pEnlzed Investment standing appeared late ·L^ "TML momln E 1" the announcement that the 560,000,000 Issue of the port of New York authority had been sold. Money ralea continued to favor the bond market. However, the trading In most of the Bonds listed on the New York stoclt exchange was quiet. Among the rails Union Pacific first 4s o£ 1047, New York. Chicago and Louis 4«s of 3078, Great Northern .sertes -D St. series E 4'/Ag and Pennsylvania . - 4s were active and firm. Public utility Issues .continued In favor. .Consolidated Gas of New York 51,43. International Telephone Debenture 4',£s and 5s, Por.tal Telegraph 5s, utilities Power Light debenture "Stes and American and Foreign Power 5s ^made varying sains. The advance. In the foreign group slackened somewhat.' German 5tes were active at levels close to yesterday's close. Brazil- Ian 6Vi and Sao Paulo 7s were active- at lower levels. Obligations of the United States government were firm but nulet. CLOSING BONTJ J0OTATrOMS NEW YORK, March 11. (JPH- United States government bonds closed: - Liberty, 3%s .101.23. First 4',ls 102.26. Fourth 4Vis 103.23. Treasury 4 K s 111.21. G rigsby-G runow Insull ut 'Inv Kell Switch Lltiby McNeil Majestic H'hold A 14 7 11 « Mid-West 'Utll 2451 1T-W Ut 6 pfd 100 ii Nat Stand.. Quaker Oaks' Std Dredging i Swltt Co tTiitt Gas U s Gypsum Util Ind Zenith 29 ii 10 K 43 » 9 SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BKOTHEKS AND CO Mason , City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No 7 NEW YORK STOCKS Tosh firsts 22iic; NEW YORK PROnUCE. . . 'E^\' YORK; March 11. (;T"--EBga, 29535; steady. Refrigerator seconds ISVjffllOc- medium firsts 15i6iji17c; nearoy hennery brown, regular packed, extras 24025c. Nearby, and nearby western hennery white, ilosely selected extras 26©27c. Butter, 11,753; steady; creamery, nlcher ban extra 30©3034c; extra (92 score) 29'i S'29'.Sc; .firsts (88-01 icore) 27®20c. Poultry, dressed, steady. March 11. l/n -- EBE futures packed firsts, March 22Wc; CHICAOO, losecl: Slow , o, April 23Wc; refrigerator standards, Nov. O'.ic. Butter futures closed: Fresh standards, prll 28',ic; do. May 28Kc: fresh stand, June 29Vic; storafio standards. March c; do, Nov. 32tfc. KANSAS CITV KANSAS CITY. March 11. M'-- EKBH; .US. Pfiultry, hens ISfcirc; broilers 3(Jc; rlnea 3-^c.' Otht»r nrfvluoa ijuchanewl. Quotations Furn/shed by Wolf Bros. 308 Fifth Street Southwest. Horse hides .$1.50-$2 00 Cured beef hides 4y»c 'Green beef hides .. NEW VOUK POUT.TRY NEW YORK, March 11." (.-Tl--Poultry-Live, firm; fowls by freight 20®21c; by express 20ft'25c. 1C, RING SHOW Amateur Boxing Program Is Well Liked by Ciub Members'. A large crowd attendee! the amateur boxing show-at the K. C. club rooma Tuesday evening. The shows will be continued every Wednesday night with Glen Dorey, Kid Getta Carl Krieger, Jim Horf and others boxing 4. round bouts.' On Tuesday night's card. Billy Banning met. Battling- Ottf- Lee Jones battled Bill Fritz; Kid Bcraa- man fought Red Martin; Rollie Hughes met Kid Carusa; Lathcro-i boxed Younpr Tanner, and Kid Hermansen battled Dan Tietus. No decisions were given on these bouts since they are of amateur standing: and were fought as exhibitions. Ab P ' P Co u-Ji Am Beet Sugar 4 Am Brake Shoe 35 Am-Car . Fdy 35% Am Metal . 21 Atn Sum Tob 8% Am Tob us Am Zc Ld t sm 0?i Ar Co B (III) 2 Assoc Dry ' Gds 26 Baldwin o 2454 BriRtjs Mrg Co 20 ii Best Co 42",;. Burr Ad1 Much 27^. Btitle Cop Zc 2 Calif Packing 43 Com Credit Coml Solvents Cont, Motors Cont Oil Cream of Wlit _.. Cudahy Packing 47 CurUas Wr p f d 514 DavJ Clicmlcal 19' First Null Sirs 54 Flak Rubber 7;, Herahey Ch Co 05H, Houat O (new) ai% 21% 33 % ICelvinator" Corp 14t£ l.ambort Co ' 83 % Liquid Carb.'Cp 5 . Louisiana oil 41,3 Mathlcson Alk 25* McK Robb - 14 Nev Cons Cop 12 Otis steel. ~ 14 Pathe , Exchange '2 l illabury"FIour 34 Pure Oil Co - 0 Purity Bak Cp ta Reo Grande Oil 7'rf. Reo Motors 8!i St Joseph Lead 27 Schulte Ha Sirs H So Cal Edison 52 vi Standard Brds iaH Superior Oil l^i Telauto Corp 21 Tobacco Prod .-2% TJ 3 Real i Iro 33 VanaiJIum 09Vi Wabaall Ry 171,4 Western ,Myld 16 Western Union 137'£ Wrigley Jr Co 78 Am Am Am Ark .Nat NEW YOKK CURB QUOTATIONS For P Co 28 s Fox Theaters A 4Vi Gas , E1.81W Hud B M S BV1 Slip Pow 17% Nlas -4 Hud 15\(, Nl-Bem-Ponri 2oii Gas , 'Asaoo G E A 22% Can Mnrcont 3^i Cons Auto Mdsc Deforest Radio fiw Durant Motor 2'fi Rltler El 4 El Bil Sh BTVi Ford Mo of Can 2774 Ford Mo of Eng 17^ No Am Avlat Pennroad Corp S O Ind S O Ky Transcont Air T United Gas , Un I, a P A U t i l P, «: L Vacuum Oil 7 317S 32V, CIIICAOO STOCKS Ho Indus 2% Key St Wire '10% I-lonjl O H Co S Nat Leather 74 Nat Standard 31V! Quaker OaU 162 Unit Corp 7« U 0 Gypsum TJ I Corp Allied Aub AJutci Co 192 Bendlx Av Corp 22 BorB-^Vtar Corp 28 Butler Broa 7 Cont Chic Corp 0 Cord Company.-10 Gt Lakes Alrc 3- Grigsby-Grunriw V, 43V' 9 STOCK U S Ra Telo 3014 Ft Bit Sk Com 22* (JKAI.V JIAHKET CASH SALES Flax IMS; to isoii OMAHA CHAIN. h.° MA , HA ', 1Iarcl1 "· '-W--Wtleat--Dark nurd No. 3. ,72c; No. 2, OSc; hard No l roK(if7Ic; No. 2, G 9 W W 7 0 C ; dnnim smui- ty r»o. 4, 61c; mixed No. 2, fiB'Ac* rntxe'I smutty No. 4, file. Corn--White No. , 3, 53c; -yellow No ' 52J4S?.34e; No. 6, 46c; mixed No. 2, 52V.c- No. 3. SOVSc. . ' ' " ' Onta--Not quoted. , TOLEDO SEEDS T OLED01 March H. (.T'l--Clover seed March $15.00; Oct. $12.75; Kc'c. S13 00 Local Man Is Fined $10 . on Intoxication Charge Earl Hopps, Mason City, fined $10 and costs when he was ap- Reared at police court Wednesday morning.. He was arrested Tuesday I night and charged with Intoxication. . An Ordinance Granting- to Central West Public Service Company, a Corporation, to Use and Occupy the Streets, Alleys and Other Public, Places of the Town of Swaledale,- Iowa; for the Purpose ' of Constructing, Maintaining and Operating a General Telephone and Tele- grap'h System ' Within Said :Town. , Be It Ordained by the Town Coun cil of Swaledale, Iowa. Section 1. That ^Central Wes Public Service Company, a Corporation, its successors and assigns are hereby granted the right to use and occupy the streets, alleys an other public -places of the Town 6 Swaledale, Iowa, for a .term o twenty-five (25). years j frpm'the ef fective date hereof, for- the purposi of, constructing, maintaining- an operating a general telephone arid telegraph, system 'within said Town Section 2, That" the rights herein ' ' granted ;' ^. :JS-' ffie : exercise - . : of the police-power as thtTaame is or may hereafter -Je conferrec upon said Town; Section 3! That Central Wes Public Service Company shall upon demand, pay the cost-of publishing this" ordinance and of, holding the election hereinafter referred to; ' Section 4. Nothing in this franchise shall be construed to mean that this is any exclusive franchise as the Council reserves the right t( grant additional franchises, to other parties. Section 5; That this -ordinance . . shall be in-full force ahd effect anc shall 'constitute a binding 1 contraci between the Town of Swaledale Iowa', and Central W.est Public Service Company: when-the same.shall have been approved by-~a majority of the electors of .said Town voting this re on, and when the provisions hereof, shall have been accepted in writing by Central West Public Service Company and such acceptance filed with the Town Clerk. Attest: R.'C. TAYLOR, · Town Clerk. . Approved: G. A. EDDY, " Mayor. The polls will be open continuously from 8 a. m. to 7" p. m. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR - - No. 4062. STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. · · ' NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that,the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Admin- strator of the estate of Matilda Brown, deceased, late of Cerro Gordo county. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to mak'e immediate^ payment; and those having claims against the same will .present them duly au- .henticated to the, undersigned' for allowance, /and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. Dated Feb. 26, 1931. CHAS. A. BROWN. Price Burnquist, Fort Dodge, Iowa, Attorneys. S. H. MacPEAK,. ' Clerk District Court. By Margaret Riley, Deputy NOTICE OF PROBATE OF n District Court, January Term, 1931. '' ' . STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4065 To All Whom It May Concern: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED, 'hat an instrument of writing pur- )orting to be the last Will and Testament of G; A. O'Neil, de:eased, dated Dec. 8,'1919,' having ieen this day filed, opened and read, Tonday, the 30th ' day of March, 931, is fixed for hearing proof of ame at the Court House In Mason y, Iowa, before the,:: District Court of said County or the Clerk f said Cgurt; arid at 2 o'clock p. m. if the day above mentioned, all lersons interested are hereby noti- ied and required to appear, and how cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the Notice of Amendment to Articles, of Incorporation of the ' ' BED KATUL. - TRANSPORT ATIOK -COMPANY; Inc. , To the Public: , i That at the annual meeting of the i stockholders of the Red Ball Transportation Company, Inc., a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of Iowa,~held in the office of the company in Mason City, Iowa, on the sixth day of January, 1931, after due and legal notice had been given to Ihe stockholders thereof in .conformity with r ita Articles of Incorporation and the laws ^f ihs State, at which, the requisite -· ";-:ty of the stockholders of said -tion was represented, the · vj amendments : to ttie .Ar_ ; . . . of the corporation were adopted by unanimous vote of the stock interests of said company as shown below: · ; . . . ' Total number shares of stock outstanding..,. ; ..'. .100 .Total shares represented at this meeting.. .'...· loo . Total shares'voting in favor, of amendment.. .... '... -. .100 v .Arnendrrients: RESOLVED, That the Articles of Incorporation be amended as follows: ' ; . By striking out all of Article One (1) of the original "Articles of Incorporation and substituting in lieu . thereof .the following: , . "Article One" "The name · of thjs ; Corporation · shall be; The: Brewer': Tire .and Battery; Company,-"Inc. 1 ; ; , ) v ^ ,.;'."- :iclea of Iacof^! i aS56?De ! , amended'" by the addition ot the" following article: ;· ' :." · · ' '·'";·'·.'·-''··'·-·· ' ; "·''' . · . . : ^'Article Ten" "This corporation shall have the right to enter into retail or wholesale .mercantile business and espc- , cially the right to buy, sell and convey personal. property, such as automobiles, automobile 'tires, -.tubes, batteries and all accessories, anil shall also have- the right to buy, iell, iricumber and deal in real es- :ate," either in.connection with the' ·ire. and. battery business ,or as a separate business." · The president- and . secretary^ of his. corporation, Helen. M. Brewer, was duly authorized and directed to sign,- acknowledge," record, publish and,do all things which':are by law required to execute, complete and carry into effect the above amendments to the Articles of Ihcorpora- ion of said Corporation." ' . ' : We, Helen M. .Brewer, president, and Margaret J Schultz, treasurer,' acting as chairman and secretary. espectively, of said meeting-, do lereby certify the.above a true and orrect statement of the proceedings f the stockholders at the above meeting. We also certify that we ,re the owners of" the entire stock f the corporation. ' HELEN M. BREWER, Chairman MARGARET SCHULT Zj Secretary In conformity with the above res"- lutions, we the President and Sec- etary and Treasurer of said Cor- oration have executed this instru- nent, and do^ hereby sign and ac- nowledge the same, for'and in be- alf of said Corporation this sixth ay of January, 1931. HELEN M. BREWER, President and Secretary MARGA~RET SCHULTZ, Treasurer. BLOTCHWKIN need not annoy you-. Pimples, blackheads, etc., are quickly dispelled by LesinoL LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS for listed or unlisted SECURITIES on any Stock Exchange Investment Department · FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mas on.. City DO YOU NEED MONEY? 'Our personal loan department offers · good service and reasonable terms. C. E. Brooks Co. '»t Natl. Bk. BIcJg., Ph. Z80

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