Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 1, 1936 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1936
Page 7
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 1 · 1936 ETY L i Annual Spring Frolic Planned at High School With colored balloons floating in the air, indirect lighting effects, pastel decoration and "moonlight waltzes," the Girls' . Athletic association of the high school will usher their annual spring frolic into the school dance season Friday evening. Bobby Griggs and his 12 piece orchestra will play from 9 to 12 for the student socialites in this semiformal frolic. The high school gym will be jruiscd as a summer-garden pavil- Ilon with the use of grassy carpets, flowers, and a corner for chaperoncs i COMPLETE Optical Service · Your Prescriptions Ars Guaranteed to Be Correct. Smith Opt'coj;jJEd. ' ' zV'tAST STATED AreYouaWeaWoman? TANY w o m e n both young and middle aged suffer from periodic pains, | headache, pains in side or back, they should t r y t h a t vegetable tonic favorably known for 70 years as Dr. Pierre's F a v o r i t e Prescription. Read this: Mrs. Thelma. Henry of 501 F 6th it N'niUi Pintle, Xrhr.. said: "Following childbirth I suffered from pains across my back and frequent headaches helped to make me more miserable. One bottle of Dr. Picrce's Favqrilc Prescription relieved me wonderfully. After using tins, tonic I felt more like eating and had no aches or pains of any description." Buy tuw/'New size, tablets 50c- Liquid 51.00 add ft.35. At all drug stores. enclosed by a neat white picket fence. Sylvia Cohen, senior, dance chairman for the G. A. A., aided by Miss Odella MacGowan, advisor of the organization, will have charge of the fete, supervising decorations, tickets, orchestra and publicity. Miss Cohen, who is active in several other student social and education groups, promises to make the event one long to be remembered by high school and junior college students. The responsibility of the checkroom will be given to Charleen Horn and Bonnie Jean Nack while other members of the club will assist in decorating the gym. Faculty members and their wives who will chaperone the affair will be the Messrs, and Mesdames Harold Palmer. Volney Hanson. Howard T. Barker and Harlan Ashen- fclter. The G. A. A., besides sponsoring social events, has the purpose of developing sportsmanship, athletic ability, and comradeship among the girls "of M. C. H. S. Beauty School Seniors Given Their Diplomas Commencement exercises were held at La James Beauty college Tuesday evening when diplomas were presented to Maxine Lewis, Helene Nicholson, Mary Britvcn, Ruby Thomas,. Evelyn Snipps and Pearl Lccgard. The program opened with a match of all the students led by Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Casey. The junior class gave the "Ode to Seniors," Avis Lewis spoke and there was a dance by Dorothy Hayncs, Janice Lawton," Marilyn Casey and Wava Isaacson. Dr. Maddens Donnelly sang "If I Were a Rose" and "Sing Me to Sleep." Renee Reid performed a tap dance and the class key was presented by Ruby Thomas. Frances Mitchell accepted the key. Awards to honor students wore made by Mr. Casey to Miss Lewis, Miss Thomas and Miss Britven. Mr. Casey presented the diplomas and Mrs. Casey gave a talk. The school was decorated with ferns, plants and sweet peas and over the platform was a pastel pink, green and orchid arch of sweet peas. Refreshments were served at the close of the program with Mrs. Jack Diercks and Mrs. W. H. Slein- brenner pouring. DELTA ALPHA CLASS TO HAVE LENTEN TEA. Delta Alpha class will have its tra- CATCH ING COLD? Try this unique aid to nose and upper throat -- where most colds start. Its timely use helps prevent many colds. Jnst a fffic drops up each nostril VSCKS VA-TRO-NO, The remarkable success of V i c k s d r o p s h a s brought scores of imitations. The trade mark Va-tro-nol is your protection in getting this exclusive Vicfcs formula. Regular she.., 30e Doable quantity SOc A N ew Topmost Phone 143-144-145 Let Damon's cultivate that subtle charm which is yours for the asking with a new spring permanent . . . for Easter, especially, demands your radiant best. Let us help you develop, with cars and intelligence, your own individual attractiveness. We specialize in Personality Hair Cutting. Esther Colby Florence Larson Frances Anderson BEAUTY PARLOR: SECOND FLOOR Now Do You See the Point? Over Studious Child Should Be Protected Officer Harvey Fitzgerald (left) asks Captain Leo Risacher about the point or the copper star at police headquarters on the eve of All Fools day. "How We Wonder What You Are?" Police Ask of All Fools' Eve' Gift ditional lenten tea Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. James E. Blythc, 431 First street southeast. NUKSEKY MOTHKKS MEET AT CENTKAL. Central School Nursery mothers met in the sewing room with 24 present Tuesday. The time was spent in making dresses and blouses for the children from material furnished by the FERA. C. B. Sutherland from the state oi'fiec was a guest and Mrs. Marvin Wicgman spoke on "Muscle Development." Refreshments were served. lleoovcrs From Fncumfliiia. MELTONVILLE--Alza Borcher- dir.g\ who was taken by ambulance to the Albert Lea hospital suffering with pneumonia, is improving. Mrs. Roman Citurs. who has been ill for a number of weeks with pneumonia, is better and able to sit up a short while, Mis. Lena Hanson, who was taken ill on Monday, is slowly improving. '*So Goes Squadroom Story Without a Point. Will Represent Dumont Again. DUMONT--Maxine Anderson. 8th grade, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Anderson, win represent Dumont in the Butler county spelling contest this Saturday afternoon. She was also a contestant last year. Robert Pfaltzgraff, 8th grade, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pfaltsgraff is alternate. Visit; With Parents. BRISTOW--Alwyn Stewart of Centerville and Duajie Stewart of Ledyard. came Saturday to visit their parents, Jlr. and Mrs. C. S. Stewart. Duanc returned to 'his school deities Monday, but Alwyn will remain for several days. "What, is more rare than a story without a point?" "A star without a cop." And therein lies liic substance of a little conversation that gave several uniformed and plain clothcs- mcn of the local police department inferiority complexes, so to speak, about this matter of "un poisson d'avril." (Note: Maybe a Tew war buddies csn still translate that much French if they happened to have been over the pond on April l.i At any rate on the CVK ot All Fools day Chief Harold Wolfe received a beautiful 12 pointed copper star, the handiwork of Charles J. Gardner, proprietor of the Gardner Furnace company, who shaped it out of copper sheets during his spare time the past winter. "To Chief and Bo.vs." Whatever it is one calls such luck pieces, or works of art. or trophies, was what Mr. Gardner intended it to be when he gave it to "the chief and the boys at the police station." A twelve pointed copper star of such dimensions is not to be found in every police station in Iowa--or the United States for that matter. So Chief Wolfe left the star in the squad room for the men on the riight i-Jiift to inspect. And the night shift saw it. "The chiefs star is on the squad room table," said one. "Ha-ha. Nobody's gonna make an Apri] fish out of me!" countered the other. But there wag the star. "The Evening Star's in the squad room," then informed the first Mr. Pisces to the second Mr. Pisces. But the radio crooned on "I got- ta fcelin' you're foolin.' " And still there was the star. Every newcomer when told of the star had that expression the dove must have registered when Noah tossed it out of the ark before the flood waters abated. Story Without Point. Aprils upon Aprils upon Aprils tricks have been played in the squad room and stories have been told without points--but this was the first time the squadroom had ever held a star without a point-although Mr. Gardner had toiled skillfully and laboriously to perfect 12 beautiful points. "I don't get the point of all this kidding about the star without a point," said the captain, "but if I ever find the guy who tacked up the portrait of Mr. Rhesus in the. squad room there'll be another star without a cop. And there's a point to that." And there the story endeth--for it was April I. ABC WASHER "They're really a sensation. Tha ONE-FIFTY-SIX Is absolutely the iiaest -washer I have ever seen ... has the largest capacity tub . , * more worth while safety and convenience features than any washer ever built. You must see EASY TERMS By GAKKY C. AlVKRS, FH. O- Child Training Expert A mother writes: "1 have been reading your column for years and find it very helpful. I nave four girls . . . "The oldest is eight years and is exceptionally bright, according to iier school and violin teachers. Started school and violin when 5 and has done very well in both. In school in in a class where the average girl is 10; always has very high standing and always comes first in spelling in a class of 45. In violin work she is doing the work of an average child of 12 and has been in three recitals. Has no apparent trouble to learn, rarely has to study much and has a wonderful memory. Now what I am worried about is whether all this is not loo much for her. She is normal in every ivay except that she has had dreams which lately have increased to one a week. She also talks in her sleep at times. When she has these dreams she wakes up crying and shaking and very badly frightened, and is afraid to go to sleep again for fear of dreaming. She also has these terrible shaky spells at any time she is badly frightened . . . " Too Much Stimulation. I wrote this mother entreatin_ her to protect her child from so much stimulation: cither to drop her music or cut it down to a fourth, or to let her go to school only a half day at a time--or both; and by all means to set less value on her learning: successes. What this child needs is more relaxation, more outdoor fun with other children her age, and more exposure to an atmosphere of serenity. What will it profit a child to win all wisdom ami all cultura skills, and lose her physical and mental health? What can she af ford to give in exchange for rea health? Over Conscientious. Many an average or bright, oye zealous, over-conscientious higl school or college student also should be protected, and should take fiv or six years instead of four to n graduated. Some day the school and college will sec to it that these precious, but dangerous-to-themselves youths, will spread o\it their work over more years than they do. Then there will be fewer wrecked lives and more of promising youths who will live healthy, happy, useful lives. Please write me. in care of this paper, on any human problem on which you think I might give you some help. I shall answer you as promptly and as well as I am able. Please enclose a self-addressed envelope with a three-cent stamp on it. Lola Mason Enters Race for Recorder Nomination *· | ,,,,.. i ,_ i i _ i i "!.'.il.L«ii.!..'.;_ii^i-iinriuTrfil Appointed to Office by Supervisors Last June. Miss Lola H. Mason, who has x:rved as recorder by appointment ince June 1, 1935, Wednesday an- ounced that she will be a candidate or the republican nomination for e-election. Miss Mason was appointed by the card of supervisors to the reorder's office upon the resignation f Mrs, Nelle Huntley last year, having previously served as deputy ounty auditor. The announcement f her candidacy marks her first ntry into a political campaign. Having been a resident of Mason City most of her life. Miss Mason was graduated from the local high chool and received her business raining at the Hamilton college of Commerce. She is a member of the Jusiness and Professional Women's club. SEVEN 't" '·· 'Sleeping Beauty" Has 31st Birthday CHICAGO. U')--Patricia Magulre, he "sleeping: beauty" who has never heard of the Lindbergh kid- naping, the new deal or the Italo- Ethioplan war, was 31 years old Wednesday, but there was still no response from the victim of a rare form of sleeping sickness. She has been in a coma since Feb. 14, 1833. MISS LOLA H. MASON Wins at Wesley. WESLEY--Miss Amy Nelson won spelling contest honors here when pupils in the fourth to eighth grade competed. Amy is an eighth grade pupil and will 'represent the Wesley public school in the Kossuth county :ontest. Move to Austin. STACYVILLE--Mr. and Mrs. V E. Fretthem of Des Moines moved to Austin, Minn. They will make their home with his parents, Mr. ant Mrs. Albert Fretthem. Mr. Alber Fretthem has been ill for some time Mrs. Fretthem was formerly Marion Stehn of here. Visit In Dubuque. HANSELL--Mr. and Mrs. M. L,. Chanev and son, James, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Bloom motored down to Dubuque Sunday ;o visit relatives. YOU RISK BLOOD POISONING IF YOU DO Razors, caustic liquids and harsh plasters are dangerous. The safe, quick way to remove corns is with New De Luxe Dr. Scholl's Zino- pads. They instantly relieve pain; ·top thoc prtMure: loothe, hc«l «ad prevent lore tact and bliatcn. Rob color; waterproof; don't stack to itodonj. Sola at all! drug, due and department itoro. D- r Scholls Zino-pads Leaves for Oregon. WESLEY--Charles Kraus, local general merchant, received word over the week-end from his parental home in Oregon, announcing the critical illness of his aging mother He left Tuesday to be with his mother. i!) 'Inil St. s. !·;. Winners Are Named. STTLSON--At the Boone township spelling contest held in the Stil- Eon school, Charles Jespstia won first in third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades and Jean Daughan from No. 5 won second and Charles Jespstia won first in seventh and eighth grades. Nationwide Announcement COMMUNITY PLATE starting from this 26 or 29 Piece SERVICE for 6 Uelurns to Ellsworth. RAKE--Curtis Anderson, who has been employed at the Community Oil station for the past three months, returned to his home at Ellsworth, Saturday. Visits in Minneapolis. PROTIVIN--Mrs. Joe Shindelea left for Minneapolis to see her giandchilcl. child of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schmitt. DEAR NOAH = DO THE CHILDREN OP A PRINTER REVERT TO TYPE"? f*. t^.. CA.ROTHERS NN. DEAR. NQAH=AP.E. THE COATS PE.TTV OFFICERS WEAR,CALLED PETT i COATS ? AUICE DEAR NOAH= DO SAS5.BALU PLAVERS RUB RjESIN ON THEIR. HANDS SO THE.V MAY PITCH ife. 1 SusarSpcon. For the wedding gift ... for your own table . this loveliest of Silverware . . so easily owned ct this new low price. And the charming chest, smartly styled in delicate harmony . . tarnish-proof and fade-proof, u °" S'f witl Silverware. Come in ond choose YOUR Community Plate desian. HESS flr HOMEMAKERS ATTENTION! Plan to Attend Our Factory Demonstration Friday and Saturday APRIL 3 and 4 l Jlsecorailve . . . to be demonstrated daily by ... 2 FACTORY REPRESENTATIVES The very newest ideas in interior decorating ... refinishing of floors . . . cost estimates . . , color combinations -- these and many other practical questions on painting and decorating will be treated In the demonstrations, which will be continuous throughout the two days. Call a friend and make plant now to come in . . . you'll be happily surprised at the ease with which you can brighten up your home with Lowe Brothers high quality paint products. No obligation, of course. facri oduit visitor to the Paint Department Fridoy and Saturday will receive with our compliments a sample can of Lowe Brothers Quick Drying Enamel -- we invite you to stop in and receive your free gift. Interior Finishes -- Friday and Saturday L

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