The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 23, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 23, 1818
Page 3
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..; . TEfFjX TRWlTf. - f ' rpO renta .quart? Pew, well situated in the J Mian gwierjr m i rowy i - uurcu, En - flui.t No - 16 front - street. ; mh23 lw - lik - T MIRKK. - - rvi T ' .1 1 4 I V, uttlia WrtTTl 111 Y T a Wet Nurse, to go a few miles out of: town, one who can produce good recommen - : Nation, will bear of a sitaution, by applying at , $6 Bteltman - atreet. mh 23 jf rp ALES of Wonder, ol humour, and l senti - J. (dent, original and translated, by Aone and Annabella Pluuilre, in two volumes, price two Jnlt&M. hist receiver) and for sale bv l - f k! U I : IT I ITV G9 Rmill,. Dill J ' ' - " j - vulll r L'a III fli'l' TUHN if fffitl OO" BENJAMIN PRINCE .rrfff9i to. have for tale at their nur - ' e,'lm7T'.Z. serr. Flushimr Landing. (L. 1.1 Also, a large col P lion of valuable Shrubs and Plants ; Uiey have several thou arid inocu fated Peach trees h Wlthv state and free from It IUi 11 bi t as - j . . . any distemper, great attention has been paid to preserve uiemiruui''"'" - '1 ,7 . - - t itroyed so many trees of that kind throughout U.e United States. Catalogue of which 1 may be r.j.rt..n HULL & BOWNE, No. 146 Pearl - street, New York, or at their Nursery. frirHd to either place will be mime diately attended to, an9 UK tree, tic. carefully and securely pai kd, so as to be sent to atiy part of the United States, with the greatestsafe - tv. and delivered at Crane wharf, New - York, by waier iree 01 imam. JA.n. for sale as above. 10H0 beautiful Balm ofGilead or Silver Fir Trees, they are almost sure to live when transplant. iw Aihrre:t loss of Peach Trees by 01s - Thiv (tittfred manv from planting them, dirctioit will U Riven lo those v. ho purchae them, whi' h if attended to, will enable Hem to , preserve their trees in a healthy state, and to have Peaches in as gteat plenty as in former '"n'.'b. Peach trees inoculated oni Almond or Plum stocks, is no preventative nj;rint the dis ease, which the P - iinsylvauia Arica:iurai soi'.je ty. call the yellows. mb 23 I)6l&0 - '2t KISK OF TICKETS. ' TOMOflBOW moniine tickets in the Mil ford and Owego Koud Lottery will be ad lanceo" to 32 d ollars. Fn s. nt nhre of tickets and shares, Whole P I Qu irters $7 50 Hnlves la I Halves 3 75 Tickets and shares in a variety of numbers for ale at the book - store ami Lottery lm.:e 01 JAMLS A. BUIITUS k CO. No. 19 PccU - slin, comer of Water rtreet. t A I 1 1 al riuz,bs. 1 of 1 of S7',iio of 5,ooo 10 of S of 1 0,000 30 of aoo Priia tickets in former lotteries and notes of the eustern, southern and northern hanks taken in payment for tickets. A correct check hor.k will be kept fur the eianiination of all tickets grain. s mn 11 pear witness all that love to deal in fortune, With what an emanating smile She, waves her golden wnd And points the way to GRACIES, For Oie splendid prize O1' Seventy Thousand Dollars. B KING thy grand capital prize in the Milforri and Ouegt Road l.'iUerr, to commence drawing 5th M.iy - Tickets 30 dollars will ad - Vance to 32 dollur - 1 - mo - row. 1 prize of $70,000 35,000 10,000 5,1)00 1,000 600 UK) 1 do do 3 2 10 30 140 do do do do 3200 do 30 . ' First drawn 1000 blanks entitled to 30 dollan each. 'm Amidst Hie Ihondcr of tlie capital, (prize ofa . Ioo,ono dollnrs) on the one hand, and poetical effusions, hlemleil with attractive communications, on the other, O. C. UIIAC'IE it Co. venture forth and remind you OmtTHkY mild more prizes in the 4th Vtadk al Science Lottery, for the number of tickets ther vrnded.'than anv - other office in Broadway, and now anticipate the pleasure of farther good fortune in the above grand scheme. mhitJ rtlafc. oK TICKETS TUMOIIR9W. AUjlAct,ior iwo aniiars, cm ooiammg pan of the Mammoth Prize of - 70,000 lOLf.AR3, In the grand MILFOKO and OVVEGO ROAD LOTTEH.Y, which is to commence drawing on the fifth ol May. Whole Ticket, $30 I Quarters $7 50 ' Haives, . 15 Lighths, . .3 75 Two dollars for a sixteenth share. Tickets will advance to 34 dollan Tomorrow. For Oie lollowing very splendid prizes iu this lottery, apply at Lottery and Exchange Ouioe, Ho. 54 M.iiden - Lane. - ' HIGHEST PRIZES. 1 Prie of 70.000 Dollars 1 do .r, Sj,000 do S i do - - 10.000 do 2 do, 5 0j0 do Not S blanks to apriw only 10,000 tickets all to be drawn in 40 davs. mh 33 15 N DAN NAS. 4 cases first quality Ban dannas, tor sale by P. REM - EN k CO. mnSO 26 South - street. T " LEGHORN HATS. ' !VE case of leghorn hats with extra crowns. ,J frm No. 30 to 50, just received and for sale at 150 Broadway, by mch20 3t PH II.B ROOK & PETERS. A PAIR of hay HORSES, well broke and XjL found. 1 or particulars call at Shaw's Li - vrry - stahle, in Liberty - street, near Broadway Ik J. CODDING I ON, ii - 4 Front - street, of - 1 r ier lor sale, 30,000 Ihs. of green Coffee, In tierces and bags, enliUtd to debenture Sit hhds. of good Muscovado Sugar 30 boxes of white Havana do 10 pipes L. P. Madeira Wine 10 do Sicily Madeira CO qr casas old Sherry (Mora's brand) 10 pipes old Bordeaux Brandy . 3 do old Cognac (Martell's brand) , ' 10 hhds. Jamaica Rum . 10 do W. 1. Rum 40 lot a English Mustard 4U0 boxes Bloom Raisins 100 half chests fresh Hyson Skin Tea, London Trader's cargo, lately arrived at Philadelphia. 0 mh 18 Iw INDIA GOODS. 400 bale Bengal cotton. 100 do. piece goods 1000 bags sugar j 1000 do. ginger . 650 do. saltpetre 1000 pieces flag and bandanna hdkfu. for le by GOODHUE ft CO h21 ' U South - strret. TEA. WINE and LIQUOR STORE. J ,, S88 Broadway, corner Reed - st ME3 P. AN DOE offers for sale a general wwrtmentof Jfeh Teas, eogars, Coffee", Chocolate MiCo5T,ac Branriy JlMGin and Jamaica S piriU .1 Port. Sherry, L. P. Teneriffe and o - Tali d Sperm. Candles P,k,H SH,t Londoa Mustard LHfcrtOilinbctties - N '''loedisriefata .derate ad - 9 "iCVv: nea' New Vork, their uiualand Z extensive variety of European "'iH'i and American Fruit and Orna - ' JW '., to tku a eonuriu . . The ship LACON1A, borthea 241 tons will stow nearSOOO bbl. now ly ing at the Albany Basin. It. R. t will b sold oo favorable terms - JOHN F. DELAPLAINE, 72 Snrtb - st Who has for sale, landing; from said abib. 17(1 ceroons St. Domingo Tobacco, of stipe norquaiiy. Dirt xu 41 For LlFhRPOOL, The well known coppered ebiD IM JaSiJi PORTER, James Rogers, master, an gular trader. AS tier freight is principally en gaged, the will sail on the 5th ef April. For freight of 150 bales of cotton, or passage, apply on ooaru, ai ier no. 12, or 10 CliA RLES HALL, 1 Beaver - st. mch 19 for Saic, freialu or Charter. Tho brig RECOVER, Owen, mas ter, 242 tons : will carry about 2750 bbls s is well found, and a sound good vessel ; ues ai pier no. iu, t,. n. Apply to J06. OSBORN, mh 17 28 South - it For bale, t'rtteht or Charter. The brig ROBERT. Pope, master. 289 tons ; will carry 3200 bbls : 2 vears old ; well found, and a good vessel lies at pier .10. v. Appiy 10 JOSEPH OSBORN, mh 17 28 South - st r s For trtizht or Chartrr. vH Thr ienew brig ELIZA, E. Grubv, ""' - 208 tons or 1800 bbls. bur then, and in complete order for a voyage. rur icrum, ujipiy 10 G. G. c S. HCWLAND, mh 16 77 W9hington - street. For HAVUK. The ship ELIZABETH, Morris A Udams master : now loading, and will sun in nil next week. For freight or . passage, appiy ou uoara, at put mo. 7, a. tl. or to JJ1VIE iJt l HUIVK H UU. ml) IS 92 C. H. Slip. For bale, Frtiht or (Shatter, The well known !hi MARIA - THE RESA, Wm. t - kidily, mater, built in tins city of live - oak, locust and cedar; lately coppered arid put in complete order for an India 'oyge : i, ballasted, aud could proceed without uciay. t or further particulars apply to F. 1JEPAU, or - G. U. S. HOWLAND, mh 16 77 Washington - st for JYEIV - ORLEAJV.S. The good fa?t sailing ship LAUUIRA ha, half her cargo engaged, and will he despatched in a few days. For freight or pas. sage, having large accommodations, apply on noard, west side riurling - sli, or to LAIlll.AW, I.IIIM LT ez CO. or N. L. & G. GR1SWOI.D, mh 14 86 South - street. Wanted to Charter, ! A good VESSEL that will carry 600 hhis. tor a voyage to Bermuda. Imme - cluif dispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER RLAU1UES, mh 13 29 South street. A'n. MllMI i.' Ju 111 J IS A I' i The sulistmilial and fat sailirg new s t;r. A:. - MARIA, Capt. Wright, 104 tvii., having two thirds of her argo n:gni;td .Hid on board, Mill meet with denpatcli 1 or the remainder of lit r freight or passage, having good accominodutions tor cabin and stternee iMS,en - gers, apply on board at Pier No. 4 E. Kiver, or 10 I'tlfcRS llr KK1LK. mh 12 "9 ;ofi,ties - !'p. UUilERT GILLESPIE, No. 1U Front st offers for sale 400 barreis Virginia Fmur 30 hogshead, pnme old j RlchmoodTebacco 18 do Pettmburgh Tobacco SI bales Upland Cotton 35 tierces and) n, 20 half tierces Klce 150 bags St. Domingo, ) - rff 04 do green Havana, Codee. 5 tons Lignumviise Port. Claret and M.u.eira Wine, in hhds. and quarter casks ftoriz reJ fort wine, in canes 01 :i dozen eatn freight nut ufoitri A good vessel bound to Oporto may have about 1000 Lushelscorooo frewht. mh i OLD LONDON PARTICULAR TE.NE KIKFE WINE 6 quarter casks nearly equal to Madeira it ao dry IJsbon, wiih a general assortment of first quality Teas and Groceries Very old Jamaica Spirits, I nth Whiskey Old IVach and Cognac Brandy Fih fauces, t ngluli Bacon and Split Peas Doublt; Gloucester and Clieshirc Cheese Verv superior American and Pine Apple do London Brown Stout, Hams, Shoulders Smoked Bt ef,, Stoughtnn Bitters Demijohns, Large Bottles and Bristol Ware. Also, a small assortment of earthen and glass ware. For sale cheap for cali, by ELMV. HLALKr UKL) 157 Greenwich - street. A few quarter boxes ol good Spanish Segal mh 19 2w f7RE;H FRUIT. 50 boxes Oranges aiidoO X do Lemons, just received, for tale by JOS. JOHNSON, mh 13 9 Gouverneurs lane. SUPERFINE LEGHORNS 3 casea averaging, No. 40 for sale hy LEONARD C. PARSONS, & CO. mh 13 t 248 Pearl - street. OUGAR. 228 hhds prime New - Orleans 8u - O gar, landing at pjer No. 13, E. River, from ship Gleaner, will be sold on the wharf. Apply to CH A3. L. OGDEN, and mh14 A BR. OGDEN. RUSSIA 8c RiVE.SS DUCK 340 Russia duck, of the best quality pieces 240 pieces Russia duck, second quality 250 do. ravens duck 100 do. bear ravens do.' 80 do. heavy bear ravens do. 60 do. ticklenburga 1 190 do. English duck, ass'd from no. 1 to 7 4 tierces patent thimbles, assorted sizes 3000 gunny bags for sale at 180 Front - st by STEPHEN ALLEN, mh 19' lw DOMESTIC U OTHER WRES. THE subscribers keep constantly on band an extensive assortment of the following goods, viz 1 Dutch and Eogluh Gunny Bags, Popes Head . Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and I sib Wbeel - Barrow Fine Wire Sieve Do Hair do Whip of every de - scriplioa Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing aoid ball i'wine Fish Line Shoe k Sadler Thread Dearborn' Ballaa - ccs, i:c brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes . Hearth Brushes, fancy and commn Head do do do Cloth do do do Wravers do White Wash do Shoe tl Scrubbing do Paint Brushes aud Sash Pools Clarups, 4, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do 'Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Rope Wrought and Cat Nails and Brada Which they will sell wholesale or retail oa liberal term. CEBRA Jt CUMING, mhl 76 Pearl - street. 200 bale prim upland CoUoo 1 10 tierce Rice For sal in loN to suit purchasers, by GR13WOU) ft CtXTES, mhSl . 03 Soa'Ja - st. V: D LYNCH, Juur. (at No. 40 VViffiara - straet) . hat added to bit stock of Wines a few hhds. of old and very so peri or Teneriffe, which, having bee ripened it the West ladies, ha ac quired the aat our which be offers for slel warranted pure as imtoi1ed. mn IB iw riORMEUUa R. DUFilE, 66 Wall - itreet, nas tor sale 1 750 bbhu Richmitnd Fkuf 200 do. Philadelphia do. 60 puns. Old Jamaica Spirit! '. . 30 tierces prime Rice 350. logs cedar for ship builders 50 cedar posts 10 bbls. cannon Powder' 300 bushels Isle May Salt . 200 kegs Manufactured Tobacco Old L. P. Madeira Wine, mh 18 lw IRISH L1NE.NS. D1APF.RS.5 - 4 SHEET INGS, &c. he. THOMAS SUFFERN. No. 6 Depeyrter .1 street, has received a compleat assortment of iue luiiowing gnoos )ier uie onianma, iroui new ry, and late arrivals from Dublin, 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linen ; 7 - 8 half bleached,do t o imwias 5 - 4 Sheetings ;7 8 Lawns 3 - 4 Bird Eye Diapers 3 - 4 brown Linen 7 - 8 Linen iu Demi Pieces ,, 7 - 8 Grey Lawns. Which with his former assortment of low pri ced and fine goods (among the latter are some of 1 liompson's tine 4 4 linen) are offered lor sale 00 reasonable terms. ' mh 19 Iw BOMB ZEI S. 3 bales Itombuzeis assorted colour, just received per ship Ku - phra' es ' from Liverpool, for sate at kj Coilee House - slip, b It jAIDLAW, GIRAULT Si CO. L SI'ORE, 1 bale black bombazets, and 2 do assorted do mh 20 7t IOTTON YARN. 1000 lbs Cotton Yarn, J So 15 and 16, Twist and Filling, lor sale at No. U Fletcher - street. nh 14 IjlOLK llundrnl tons first quality Nota iro - tia Planter for sale in lots to suit purchas ers Apply to , WALTER REASON, 174 Front - st. corner of Burling - tlip, or to JOHN BYERS, foot of Hamtou - st. mch 17 Norih River. lit)M)FHYA) TALLOW U U1UKS. At LW thousand pound New - Ymk I allow, and 20O0 Slaughtered Hides, for sale Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market. mh II 11 - CALCUTTA SUGAR. 68 hags plain white and 39 do double boiled. Just landed and for sale by L - A.MUKLLhti K I'tAKSUS, mhJl 67 South - street. .H)R SALE by JOSEPH BATES, .o. 65 1? Pine - street, Bouihazttts, well assorted, lust landing Yorkshire and West of England Cloths Low - pricrd, Aiiddling , aud West of England ucriiuicici Green, Blue and White Ilalflhkks It Kersey's mn 21 4t W. IV. hi I. L. CtihslUi. HAVE received, by the lale arrivals from Europe, althsii' store No. 191 BroaJway, joiner of Dey - streel) a complete and el.gaul .I'sortment of carpeting of. the latest la - hious Those persons who intfiid purchasing this spring will do well to make their selection soon, as There is a prospect of a lurlher advaucein the price mch 21 :it IX LILT. 'iVi And 'session given on the first of May 11 xt, the spacirus hint well known stand, the moil Hoti I, o. bd Wnlidm - street for par - riilhrs enquire Oi Mr. Vundnhilt, No. 61, op posite ml: 16 t$2 o tA:: !Ua From tlie 1st '. ny, Uit house. No. XS.i tjrteiiwich street, corner 01 Lil. - ru street, bt pre nt occn'pi L, Dot tc ' NeiiS .n. " The pre - nuix s may !. viewed any tiay, hs - : a em thf h"ms of liindXo' 'wk. n.h l"ll iinjij ' A elegant 'ron' ni e No. ?9 ham atreet. cuu - c f'nr a di v store. Appl; nt tir uihr.' of NAT1UV R t.R.Vll t.M. No. 17 Liidilium Jtrett Stiitabl fixtures will be let with the ioie. mh .0 lw 4xal I he G, .OBE I A V LRN, No. 143 v a - ttr - preet. 1 he situation of ibis houe, and us acr ommodalious, justly render it an object well Wort h the attention of any pemon dntrous of keeping a lucrative public hou.e. It a ill bo let, furnished or unfurnished, and immediate possessiotr gien. Apply at No 137 Water street. mh 17 tl iu LET, The Store and Cellar of house No. 56 P. - dil - strcet, corner ol Broad street, suitable lor a mechanic or grucrr. Apply at rub) lw 76 Pearl - street. Tu i t. I mix LhstSk, From the 1st May next, 00 reasonable itoui, a largi convenient dwelling houf, opH, - site Ixive Lane, near the two milestone, Bowery, at present occupied by Professor Adrain; wt li calculated for two families, having two kit hens, with 8 rooms, pantries and vault, a stuble and coach house, a well of good water and two cisterns. If has a very large garden, well stocked with shrubs and Iruit trees ; possession of which can be had on the 1st April next. Also to rent, a genteel 3 story brick house No. 492 Greenwich - street, with or without a stable in the rear. Apply at No 496 Grenwich - st. orto HALsEY U GOSVIAN, . h 21 tf 34 Old - slip. tffl FOH A'.t LE, 5ni3 The property at Brooklyn, belonging lo the estate ol Cary Ludlow, deceased, c "unit ing nt a new three story brick houe and lot of 5 round, a store house, formerly occupied as a istillery, a small frame building and lot ol ground, and two vacant lots adjoining the above premises. 1 ni property is siiuuted witbin a lew rods of the sttam - hoat lerrv, on the roa t to Pierpont't Distillery, and extends from tlie hill to toe river. Also to let, from the first of May neat, the house and lands on the hill, in the rear of the a - bove described premises. Toe house is well a - d iplrd for a private family or for a public house. Theiituatiifl, from its eh - vated position, com mands a very extensive ind beautiful view of the city, tlie East Kiver and Bay of New - York. The grounds surrounding the bout - (about 6v acres of land) are in a high state of cultivation. For terms, apply to GEO. W. MORTON, mh 21 If No. 59 U illiara - st. FOR SALE, A BARGAIN, LONDON made organized PIANO, if if ap - rf tlie IA plied for in a few davs. Euuuire Printer. mh 17 In FRUIT and FOREST i HEES. ftr - JAMES BLOODGOOD ihaslirsale at 1 his Nursery, nt 7 aFlusliing, (L - 1, near New York, f v te, large artiieot 4 tlie most ap - improved European and Americau ptiris Ol IO"C, M' - mtf viici', umb. Peai h. Apricot, Necta rine arid Quince Trees, with an auuftiwui ill Forest Tree. A very large assortment of Peach Tree, perfectly bealtbv, and of vigorcus growth; catalogue of which mnv he tu.d of THOMAS BI.OODGOOD, No. 206 Front - street. Where orders left will be partirulaii) attended to, and tree carefully packed and delivered tree of freight, at Crane W hart, New York. (jy - Printed direction wilt be fuimsbed thoe who ptsrehase peach trees, which, if afeoded to, ..II eaable tbeas tooreserve a large proportion of their trees in a healthy state, and to have peaches in as great plasty a (oratrly. thlOdfcciir VALCABLE EAL ESTATE TOfl SALC iw rum cit or stw you I71VE lots al groand oa O west side of Green - i? wirb - street, betweea V 1 Vestry and Desbros - sec - streets. 25 b 80. Foar do in the rear of the above, fronting oa the east side of Washington - street, 25 by 80. Eight do in the block below, between Wash ington and west street. In Monta - umert Coanrr 6000 acres of Land ia Lawrence' pufchas. near r.asi uunaua urtsesi, oa the norm side 01 the Mohawk. Ia Franklin Countv. 15,162 acre of Laed, ia the towns of Mount morns aua jjayion. la Essex County. 7832 acres ef Land in the town nf Barrymore. In the County of Lewis. 1250 acre of land in Caterland, Chauaois rgrctiasec In Saratoga County, tin Palmer' purchase. IbOU acres in falmc - rspi Enauire at th office of the suutcriber. 34 Ce dar street. BEV. ROBINSON mh 17 tf 1 .ti .1 11 cun ' 1 v lttrri i . .s . l 1 a VI t V wL'ul1 VI' vv f 1 r.u3 h roan if rvnni wno uuat - ri:inni coDimenddtion ai to hit capacity, hoiie.ty aod mh IH 51 no. 4V r ront sirrrt. HOU. - E CARIEN'IElta AAN'lED. rptlREE or lour House Carpenters may find 1 constant employ frum one to nine months, logo auoui iweiuy muesup me .iorin iviver. inquire at do. bj aoutn street, mli SI - 1 PLAsTKROF PARIS MANL'FAC I'ORY. At the loot of Harrison - street, North - River. I THERE manufactured Plaster, forcorni V V ces and other pii oses, mav be hd, war ranted of the first uu. - thly, at one dollar and tutn tu fire centi ver Iniihtl. - . . .... .. a 1 1 be luanuiiK lory is ronauciea ny :ir. jonn ruc.Ker, wno nai servea a regular apprentice ship to the mason business. nihil JUH. Blfclts. I IRCUS, AN1HONY - S TRF.E1. This Kvi'iiine. Tuesday k Thaisday next. A I R. SI'AiSISLAS will continue Ms txbihi IV I lions on those evenings, in which he will bring forward a variety ol new and lucompre hrnsih'c exieriiutiits and dientiuiisin tlie ma gin artot It gcrdctnain, so long undevelored by the civilized world. It would be in rrilcs ti make U' - eof the pompous style of adverti - emi i'lf rcsorlMl to by prelt uli rs ol the priifcsfion : his own arunowirtigeu l.ilniis needs 1 itie i mpt) language ol a hill to convince the pu lie ol the vast superiority he claim over nil those wh" liuve hi'herto vi - itt - d the t it v f iMcw - York 1 be curious drceixion ol ie l lns Ultra,' wiiiie it attr.K trd the most unbounded and reiteiated applause, led even the most penetrating to he live 111 reul ma ic mh 18 fit F - !!) CIV ,.n ......,.,.1.1 - t,.r... I I ton sum complete 1 r. - mrivn i;AnLR 1 11 rracrouv. Lkt -, first rate Mould and Uipt Candles.. Efupiiis at No. 19 N:tssati - !t nib 19 lu r.AM bOA 1 n It . - Lr. (Cr Fur s .le, a well hnih - hed S(e:m Boat, 01 mall ft.i .in1, w nh 2 lahins ami 1 al ;jUfj7f5cu'!i'edto carry convenient - flXI 1 iikSL - ligct Hit hull 1 01 1 he hest timoer, nnd he is coppi r tiottoined .up to the hrmls, piepareil to lie put into 1 line'o; runiiing ituiio (fiatrlv. She draws but thirty - two iiicliisol water, am Irom the adt.iiitageouscon - truction o' hcrmai liinery, run lie worked at one hail" the daily .P tte ol ste nn - bi.ats in gen - rul Sie will be "ld aereat at pliedlot sliorlly Erquire at No 48 Wall - ntrtet, of u.iiWi Isaac .. or; 1 ii n x t o. NK'V Ytl tlx Ku E cis ! - I li.Li.RY T IV 11' tutiscnUrs ha 1 ving hurchased this 1 establishment, so well r v n c koowo lor the uunlitv of ns Gin. are now making that article equal to unt di'iillcd in this coenlrv They ha .t now n u - uppiy 1:. pipes am 'vrreis. nd will const'iiiify havi lor sale New ork f. glc tini, of Hi. lirt - t qtm iti. Appiy a' ihe I li'tii - .n v. c r. er oi W.nhi - gtoii and Haul on - atr , r at UT Sou.h !r t; o ' ROOKHU ii X .K IT HULL, ho l,ue tor s ill1, lO.tKH) Ihs Jiir;ir Hemes, and a general as in nt ' - 1 dr ii'fi' S. m' '0 lw " - Wil l DA" :.! 7:AT( i"7r7 lvalue. t. n .r Ilro.iJway. tlie riif ol Ikmhi., ( trim , wai - oii. rj's, chairs o. 0 ) b'W iilid e - ,r! ii illll. irtl CO V ' ' 'i i" "i" - '1 - ... A - .,.. J J:. .1,1 - oviral hutK oniniis - iou nelor, ha' ti.r utiJre I car I'M sr., 1 , ripiicu - , :ii e opening tin above i - la' - l;Mu. ..t. - i d 't,e inr.n uow coming 011 wnen numi eis 01 w in waiii oi suirii sni. 1 . 1 . r 1. 1 ! rle,. begs Icve to ndo ni nnuufai lurer. aud o thers, that a liberal advaucein cah will be made on such as urn sent to the Repository for sale. Horses for sale, kept at livery. Orders for horses, and carriages of every de - enptioo, received, and the strictest attention uaid to all who will favor the proprietor with their commands. FOR SALE. A beautiful mll horse ; one first rate family nor ; a few handsome light waggons, Uc. lie, mh21 - DiC6t Loudly a golden boaster crisis, Yet through Miss - Fortune's cranks One drew a solitary prirc, And ninety nine drew blanks. Ye ninoty - nine unlucky wights, Who lost by golden rate, Beware of all unlucky sprites, Change lock with Robert Waite."v rllGKErS advance on Tue - day. in the L Grand MILFORD and OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY. MAMMOTH PRIZE, Two tickets will draw, 105,000 DOLLARS Present price of tickets and shares t Whole tickets $30 I Quarter $7 50 . Halves IS I Eighths 3 75 Sixteenths two dollar; Oo Tuesday tickets will bet wo dollars higher; until which day tbey may be bad at the above prices, of STSVAlTISjtrfj 136 JJroadivayi Who old more prizes in the Medical Science Lottery, just finished drawing. Own any other vender of tickets 10 Broadway ; amongt them was thr hihe ! floating peire. mh 21 2t 70,000 dollar . 35,000 dollar S of IjWO dollar 2 of 5,000 do Ura 10 of 1,000 dollar miltE are the Capital Prize in the Mil L ford L. Owiiro Koad Lotterv. price of ticket C30 1 ickets nd Ahare in a variety of number mav be had at AIl.IL, SIT Ifl - Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway. N. 6. AUpnaesiold at AlHrss' will bar their uama priuted oa the bark, and will be paid at their offices 00 p.w,nUtioB No. 122 Broadway N.w - Vorki N.ut . - oaUi 3d street, ITiaad! - ipbis: No. 151 MarkVtc, BalUoMra. schtl ly n.... - l 1 - . : 'i CRAN9BALL. MRS. W. Y EST, encouraged by tkt lat - tering approoatioa of her natron, as evin ced at btrwst public ball in this coaouy. a well as gratified by im rapid improvemeat of bar popes, respectfully acuuaiat the public, that her Grand ball will take place on Uednesday next,. iMbiurt at the City Hotel, when a vanetv of mo re meets entirely new, will be introduced. Miauet de laCour, and Augriina'iGuvotte, by Mr. W. West, and 1 1 voung ladies. Hornpipe, by a young gentleman. Solo. Adaeio. chancwa to br Mr. W. W est Parisoi's Hornpipe, br Mr. W. West, a dan ced hy Madame Parisot, at the Opera House, uooaon. New Allemaiule a Troi. with the Sateuse. by Mrs. W. West, and 3 young ladies. The ball will conclude with a grand ballet by the pupils aod Mrs. W. W est, in which she will introduce the Irish .tig. in tne course 01 ibe evening a number 01 to - tilhons, Quadrilles, aud Fancy Dances, entirely new. 1 he fancy dances will commence at hall pasi 8 r'clock. I n kels 1 dollar each to be had at the bar of the City Hotel, and at Mrs. W. West's, .So. 6 He,l..r - reet. B,h 1 9 Iw CliA.M) UWA. AT HASlllXUTlt.X.UALL. tl K B Ell A LLC has the honor to inform 1A Uie ladies and grntlenieu nf New - York, tint his aim mil grand ball wi'l hike place ou Thursday eveuiug the 2d April, inth Washing ton - Hall saloon, hi Uie couri - e o tha evening, a hallet dauce, and several other fancy dances, will be performed by Mr. Berault's pupils, as follows : 1 Entrance of a grand march, by 20 young ladies. . 2 Corps de balli t, b 20 youug ladies 3 Pas dc di - ux, by 2 youug ladies 4 Passeul, by I young lady 5 The fcliawl daut j, hy a youug miss 6 Gavotte de Vestris, by 6 young ladies 7 'I ha tihaulru'e, by 2 young ladies 8 Corp de ballet, by 20 young ladies 9 The alleuiand, by 2 young ladies 10 De deux, by two touiig ladies 1 1 1'as scul, with the tambourine, by a young laiiy 12 The three graces, by 3 youug ladies IJ I'asseul, hy a young lady 14 The lesson, by youi g ladies r Corps de ballet, t. j 20)oung ladiss 16 A grand march, to conclude with, by 20 loung ladies. The hall to brgin precisely at 7 o'clock, and the ballet j.t 9. j - Tirkets, one dollar each, to be had at r. Keraiill's, No. ai t.oui1l;iii(lt - tlreel, aud at V vim ifton - 1 ImiI. " mh 12 3 1 . ,ii r.n v AN I t - uti t ai.t - llent . t am r to be iciited or worked on tiiHres, siluated 11 New Jeisey, aliout 1 11 mil, , ir in the city o Ni w - Yoik It is 111 1 high atn'e of cultivation ; :eut 30 acres uie in 11 cadow? and ah ait thi .ui.c q.iai.tiH 01 Hilar it land. 'n the plate an xi client llono . two la ge Gains, and other .uinuiiuiiis rur piruiuiir, ncjuire nt 01 Ullli.uil - St. Hill IU iw 'J l.titic for a - ln tn oini. - j. fjl WO lota of ground, in tt.e'vn ioitv of the X centre market, niie fi online n Orange - utreet. (neaily npNaiie the Irinh ( hutch) the meron ifynuers - stiect. Apply to D S. JO - E Eq. v 41 l'me trcei, or J 1 JNE - , mh 21 2w 16 Nassau - street. DEAF AND 11 nb. (ty Dr luuel L. MucIkII. one nf the Vice Presidents of - I he New - 1 ork lnslilution lot the mstruciiou ol the Deal and Dumb," will d, liver an Oration at the City Hull, on Tuesday next. x - i'ii insiaui, ut o'lioca, r. i. i he Directors of llii Institution respectfully lie 1110 me i.,u e nnu Ee.iiiieinen 01 ine CUT 10 at tend. 1 la; d, af and dumb children will he pre st - .iit. 'I he generally that are friends and tl tn e, ol the objects ol this description, are re quested lu acc ompany tlm cii the above da) to he Mayor's Ollue, at hull past 3 o'clock. When H is coi.nili red that the object of f Lie institution is 10 aiieviaie one 01 tne greatest n human calamines, Uie (lirrctor cannot he too tannine to niilicipate the pleasure of a large uiiu rei - pecuibie mti III g. JOHN B. SCOTT, Sec'ry. mh 19 6t WESTERN CAAAl CO Vil A. 1 . (t7 A dividend ol live and a hall per cei.t. oe tli - Capital bto k of said Cnriipany, will l paid tolhe Stockholders on the 1st of oril. A, civ to Burent Bleeckir, Esq. Albanv. or 220 V il ium - street Bi urili r of ibe directors. THO rlAS EDDY, Treasurer. mh 16 Im ii. t E.Vi PlhUK - ATIOJ(S. JUoT reci itA and for sale by ELIAS VA - LEN i lNE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - street, Capp'a sermons and life Life of Garrick, 2 vols, by T. Davies A v indiraliou by C. D. Golden, Esq. of the - 'am boat right granted by the state of New - Ymk. in th orm of an answer to th letter of Mr Dtier, addreul to Mr. CoMen The tmigmubi guide to the western and south westeru states and territories, with a map of tho Vnited Slates, by Wm. Darby All tlie recent works of Wm. Cohbett, Esq. Xj E. VALENTINE has been appointed agent for the National Register, in New - York, aud respectfully solicitssubscriptions for it. . Engraving and copperplate printing executed with iicalues nd on moderate term. mch 1 ' SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL FOR VOYNtt LADlEi. URS. BOW EKING, now Mrs. Brown, has removed her well known Establishment from New - York to Elizabeth Town, New - Je - - sey, not a quarter of a mile from the public turnpike road. The situation of the place poesis every advantage for a Seminary and will ena tile her to reduce the price of board much low - er than can be afforded in New - York. .The hranshes taught, are. Orthography, Erglisn Grammar, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, with the use of mai - s and globe), A'tro nomy, History, Blair' Lectures, Composition, Vlunc, French, Botany, Chemistry, Drawing in crayons. Painting in oil, co velvet, and in water - colour, Plam Sewing, Needlework on muslin, Fmbroidery on silk and worsted, Fillegrce, Quadrille, (irotto and Wax - Work, Gilding and Japanning, with a variety of other fancy works mh 19 im i.ATia, feknch aso italiam lacua,k. 1R. CAAII, formerly president of the iVl All.entuS'.f Trevi, and perpi.'tual serre - .uryofthe At adciny of Belles Let Ires, at Ve nice, lie. offers bis services a teacher of Uie La tin. Italian and French laccuasres. in academies, hoarding schools, or private lessons. He w aid have no objection to take iioard in a re tla Pie nrivate fanulv with Duuils. in order tu per feet lliein ii, tlie lai.guaces. SuuVient references will be given. Any commands addressed to him (lo the car of Messrs. Bernard Mondoo, No. 20 Mnidea - Laue) will meet wiOi immediate attention. i0t JCH Store and Home srs frousfiwsy, IP'A Wdl be let. to a good tenant, for three years from the first of May next, the house and store. No. 206 Broadwy. between Fulton and John - atreeL It is one ol the best stands in the city may be viewed between the hour of Clcrrn inu v vw - . mt 7 partic.iUr to JUDAH ZUNTZ, ' . . . m ol 11' . - . . 0101 IW v aicr - aircru O : TO LET, Frora the first of May next, aa exrel lenThoase, out - bouse, aod grouads djoimng. Dosstssinc every comfort and convenience for a genteel family t situated oa the trLvaua,aear North - street, aad aboatoae raileironi Us City - Hall The rent will be low to a good tenant For further particular apply at tha store of the subscriber, no. IM I roat - nrcet. JLB212V OrlN3.,9VBOT3. MARSLK FOR BUILMNO, ke. V THE proprietors of the southern aartiUt qaV rin, near King's - Bridge, giva uotjc4, Uiat thry hv oa hand, and are receiving, at the , King't - Bridg JHarUt omi Lme - ifd, tA of Bom h - strt, on th Hudaoq river, aa exieui stw k of atarble lor building, of lb solkiwing da scnptKMis, vis 1 Ashlar Cojing Foundation Stona' Cbiauiey - 1 iscea Furirgv . Columna Watertabte Steps Platforms Sills Lintels Arches Also Lima nfUi best quality. XT' A constant supply of tha above matervj saay becalenlatrd upoui and thus dt. - icou f purchasiug, or making meam merit., it, 11 apply to EZRA I.I'DLt W. Feb 11 - A1tl.eY.1d. A t'AKD ftr MR. Bt.RlUI.I h.slhe hctmr nf in. loimitsg tlie ladies and gent ieu.. n l tliiseiiy, that in cooequi u e oi tne t i inii - n 1 arty iK'iiig oa Tliursday next, his annual bull w ill he aosipobed tthe I bursday loilowing, 2d of April. mh iut Ir - D. DUNHAM o. CO'. Package &! will take place on Wednesday iilfi imt Cat logucs will be ready on Monday morning, whea the gooJ may be examined iu their store 144 i'eail - strct, till hall past nine o'cioK - ou tne morning ol sale. A very great proporuoii 01 these gixxla are entitled to debintur. Terms hbcral and given on the catalogues. on b 21 3t" NO 1 ICE ftr All ierons are requested to take notice. thnt 10 qm nc. of the touduct of Mr B N Ell CUNNINGHAM, uiy partner in business, undei tlie rumnauv nr hrm of' Harned and Cut. niiigham," that atier Ibis datr no prs.u is to pay any money to him the said Cunningham, or my other pt rsou, on the accouni of saidh'm, or uiy individual account, e.xcept on my txprttat oidcr in writing. PHINEA3 HARNED. mh 21 3tt t.or England, rul Hattjux, .t. S. 'J r' Eetters ibrh s Britannic majesty's packet .SW IKTSURF, (lor Falmoulh, via Hahlax, Ntx va - i'rotia,) will be received al Ihs post office) till Wednesday afternoon, the lt day of A, iil. mh IK tApl I' W 'OOKE.agmt. S i bEH MAM HE fj The contracts which are tu be entered into Ier the street niunnre, will comuience on tn 1st nf May next, b r I or 2 years, to be ruMitioo - 1 d 111 tne seuh d propoa s 1 and the st"i'i aiw to be swept and cleuned, Irom the 1st ol vur' b to the 1st ol Jamiai), in ever, year Feb 2 1 itit lll 'M,.r BANK. rfr The stuckholdeniate hereby notified that in elrctian fi r thirteen Directors wdl b heldoa the first 1 iie - day in April next, and that tha poll will br opened nt the Bai.kiug House ia Wall tret, ut lOo'tlpk A. M. aud closed all o'clock P. M. hy order ol tha President aod Directors. ' uuhS W FIMI.Cash'r. NO lit K (r - About the 20th of - opt. last, three mQ I r.ictlit lull - tlir - New Inlet, irtthi t wnol Htinp slead, n Long Island, a small D'hiri? boat Ono oi mem raii o mat ibe iicat was caiii a tf.e 1 1 ua uni'g Kin), of l ortland, (M ) and belot g"! to hub ! that thry wre then op their passage iron l lili;. Ii iplda to Newport, (ti. I.) and bad lut ia on iccount ol some dnni:ice which the boat had siKtaitird, and from a wai.tnl provisions, 'I ha m - n let! tl.e boat, with a fishing net oa bohrd of her, in the possession of the subscriber, anripro aiiscd to ran tor ibim on tlieir return irom fiw York. On esumintng the stern of the boat, her tiuiue appears to ta tlie Meteor, of Britlol i This circumstance, together with uit tact, that the men abuve mentinned have not - called lor tha boat, induces the subscriber to believe that sha did not belong to them, or either of then. The owiinr nf the boat and net can obtain possessioa nf them by tailing on the subscriber proving proia rty, and paying the txpnse. SAMUEL SEAMAN. llrmptend,(L.I ) March II, 1818. blate of Aew - i'ork Comptrullci'i ujjiet. (tj" Public notice is hereby given to (lie hold - ers rillie seven percent stock of this slate, that no instalment of twenty per centum of li e origi nal smount nf that stock, equal to four seven lemths ol the prrsent amount, w ill he paid oft oo the first day of April next, or at anv time there after when demamli d Payment wi'l be made af the Bunk of New - York, in the ( ityofNew York, to theitoekhold - UN aaaiillsi a lha aniilhuSHI 4ib( ' all tfsSs'at m4mt. s vjiiii 1 in ss ,!. a iiiiiiii vi im 1 a Lay and out of the st ate, and to all others at th Ne n York State Bank, in the city of Albany. It is required that th certificates issurd for (ho lock should be exhibited to th bank where such payments are made. 1 os lutcrcsi 00 tne saiu instalment win ceaso after the said first day ef April nr xt. Dated at Mbany, march 'Jib, 1818. ARCH'D. M'INTYRE, Compt'r. mch 1.1 dtAI " HUMINGTON' ill ... a j i.f ..a m...t. . .iiiiic nvucui ..v. iu r uiiuu'iirwi, Ty - " Those young geutlemcn who made ap plication to this school, a few weeks since, and . could not then be accommodated i a the evening. the class being full, are informed that, several acancies having sine occurred, they can now be received. The improvement dependinr so much upon the limited number of pupil m each clas, it is very desirable that they should atte d, aa far as may be convenient, in the morning or afternoon those t lasses being less cr wiled than the one in the evening. mh 19 3t NOTICE a Tlie creditors of JOHN MURRAY U are requested to send in their accounta inuuediately, stated with interest, up .to tho 27tliJan last inclusive. And thbsu iudchti d to said arm will phase make payment without de lay to the subscriber, who is duly auth'rid to eiv tne same. re. ilk h'pmmy, mh 18 lw III Peri - street. i'VHl.H, HALL. 07 - D. l. HULET I repr tfnhy iaoir - aa 1 is Irhrds aod Uie ptiblu, thai his annual Ball will take place at J .muia .y tl. ll, ua l uesday evening n - xt. Hie 24ih iusl at 7 o'eka k. Ticket lor admiisim may be had by apply iiiS at No. 17 Ceosr street, at II ar 01 tha hotel. " 'w MILIIAhi BOtNTY LANDS. rPJE r - jbsenher will Py Uie highct pne ia X cash to tlie late idiu l'r IbHr b"tsty - laudj. JAMES D. W'ADSWt'KTH, No. .6 W aler - strcet. ' N. B. J. D W purposing to leave the city (off the Illinois I erntnry, reuuesls all those wbo eat ployed litia to obtain ibir patent, te rail aa4 laae up ine ssinc, vr mens van sur ujesst. VV ,ll lake any agracy baetaeM lo the IUI nois Territory, relalis s to Soldier ciainis, Jtc. ' Aply a above. tu b M DAC 3wt FRJUT and FOtl&iT TKEE3. fa. (ty WILLIAM PRINCE baa frr sals at tu aarsery at Fhwhiagf (L. I.) near New - Y ork, an rxtea ivemtaieBt of European and Amcficaa Fiuit and Oioasuental 1 rers and Shrub. The Peach Tree are in the anost healthy taSxaod of good arse, ztway of them having prodoced fiviil ia tha oursety th last as.aoav tatah gue of tho Narsery aaay be bad al the store of - , Mesr. T. & J. 8WORD3, ' No. ISO Ptiart - treet t Where order hrft will be daly attended to, and to trees, tic. fcarelully packed and delivered. im u ireiiDt, si cisw niisii,ne - is.. Priated direction wilt be furnished those wb purchase ptah tree, which if atuaded to, will enable tbcm lo preserve a large propoitioa of tlieir tree m a healthy state, aud tohara pes. as in as great plenty a forawrlr. .. . . hl.aiwkclw f i

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