The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 23, 1818 · Page 2
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 23, 1818
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; ' ' . Lar!ml4U.'Ml irJe tV ertt'wnd rrn - nwte,, r pv ) " - f . - 7 EuUeV unwed .k, vm, MrsaueritU, jrmg rii - phaiil1 teeth, turde - shell, .i..!,. m - nfier. Dimvnto, clovct, uutmevs, nftacc, lrsftJUeo,sail, uh - ouVnd horses, at dm rul 3 percent. Sail beef it adjoined at a duty b L Lit. ih. .M.loinn 1 rj - nlt Ml cwt. ad cod - fob t duiv of ! J per cenl. with H ..i.orrcwt. Sailed ml' Pickled fish at lipwct. ' and rum of foreirti manufacture at 10 tout per gajl. Aliotbcr art'clcs fire prohibited. V Mtr - YukK EVEffLSO POST. ' MONDAY, MARCH 23. ' X ',. JlWt - fair - ih - poliliei, bat, in hi paper of thij 'morning, according to hit customary candor, . made iatinaationt I bat he bat tome letters ordo - ' fnmt,ta in hia nnuHitm. . thi?h. DCrhHDfl. he j may on aay pitmun, torine purpose oi (iu . . ; bit Jvertrie to odium, and at the tame (im, be aays, if be ever doe get bold of any thing of the V kind, on Ae trutan he will giv ii to htf readers. Poor fellow j b. confetti lhn that ha hat oo - thing. Lart week he taid that nobody knew better than myself that tha federalist tupported ' ' Mr. Clinton. If bo meant at the lata election, I neither know nor believe that the' federally, at a party, pre him their support. But I have Bo hesitation in declaring, that I for one, am rea - ' ' dy to fir bim any support in my power, at long - ' at I approve of hit adminittrati. without once . c - wndering what are or what have been hit poll tict ; nor it it the poor, CHiteui;tibl tarca'aitof Mr. Noah that shajl, tor a moment, pre rent me. TVe hare received a letter from KingMon, (U. C.) informing m, and requesting us torn ' , form the alitor of th i'pecuito, lh;it not one lief In number of the Evening Poil, or Spectator, ' had teen received there from the 6th .Feb. to the 7th March, one whole month ; and that the lubtcriben to each had become impatient and , had threatsued to discontinue. Our subsTibers may rttt ai'ured tu fault it not with ut or the ' ' post - office in this city. The papcrt are regular ly despatched from tint place. . Extract of letter from a merchant on hit way ( borne from the Alabama Territory, to hit . . partner in thii city, dai a 1 , . 41 MiLttDtii.vii.Lt, March 11. "Thus far have I girt on my return home. I patted through the Creek nation and i topped .. at Fort Mitchell. While there an cxpret ar - ' rived from Fort Scott, elatiii(r that at general ': Cainet wu dejeendinff the Flint river, hut boat ' struck on a Muurand almost immediately tunk . Vjof Wright, among others, was drowned , o abort, and the latter mode thr best of his way ' for Fort Scott, which he reached. Gaines tarted for Fort Gjne, since winch time he has not b; eo heard from. There upp art to be no doubt but that he hat been killed by the ' Indians or starved to death. P. 8. Since writ iuf; the nbeve, I have teen , a gentleman from Fort Mitchell, who left there i three dayt after I ilid, and no aotouutt at that k lima bad been received of gen. Gaines." Atie - ror, AfarM l, 1818. t r , Paniii' through (hit city, find in your paper of the IIMh iuit. ul'juiurd to a renew, of Mr. Cnldeft't iiamnhlrt entitled "a vinaication of the iteam boat right," or an ana wer to Mr. I u - tr't public lettor, a quotation or Hbttrart of a - not from Mr. ColJcu't publication, wherein I '. am named at inctnitu tntly tpplyint; to the legislature of New - York the repeal of the steam boat monopoly, while poteiing "precl - ily a . similar earlurtve grant from Vlasarhiye ti." ii inn imputation nau not ueen uwii uiiiuiiiiu - ir ; l a . . i. ... t .. .1 , ed m met, and calculated to preiudice and mi . , i i i'. ! i i . . i .i . i - r I . ifrau puuiiv oi'iMiim, i iimuy uui iu,vi iiiiu iv - tuuw tA ni:iiu the nntur of the rr&nt of Mas. ? lacbuKClU andeveii another of New - flamphire to me, and tn ihew the eteeutial di&orence i the )ruiciplei and objiTt of them, from the Ne wflf ork 'monopoly nor tn inn place, tlie jroun.u ol llic . aopVicatioo allndtid to, for the removal of an - impediment to tlie use of a uroiicrty aniuircd un , der tha sanction of tha laws of the United rtale. Aodaltho the eloqut - ul appeal of Mr. (joldr nto the fcelinri of b't readrrs. ani ean to have in - tereileuyooriMifar as to induce an opinion la Toaratile to tlie cau - e ha attempts to maintain, i had pwcbM on vur candor and liberality to far a to hope you cmili have afforded room, in . tbesa:iie channel ot t - vnmunicatioo to the pub lie, for I he raplanationt which leem necemry to roer( t the erroneous impression! that may ' bave thus been male But your very proper obj'x tton to tivmg too murn room to a subject nrrhris ol riieral interest, renders it n cewary to throw mv vindiratinn intotho form et . a tmi'll pamphH, which will in a few dayt be ready for delivery by frlewrv James Kaslhurn and Co. (gratir) to my friondt, and to all who may feel a curiorily to Me a plain ani dispa. tioriate statement of a claim to au important pii TiUge, wliirh tho' bavin; a relation to the recent dit, issiim between Mr, ('olden and Mr. Ducr, ' so fitr at retards the constitutionality of the mo - sopoiv and the "itraortlmary laws prntcctmz it isH rijht claimed on very Hilfrrent jrroundt trvo. . ' thuja of col. Opleo and others, from which tin - jiseveralquestioiisindispn'aoricritiated. I shall not therefore, trerrast on tha proiioceof thru able di'pu'anls, but aim briefly to give iuformHlion ou " points of perronai concern, and reeuertin: im provemeott in the means of fat ililatinj Inland un . viral Ion, which I hope will yet be extensively lie. Hefkhl to the trade both of the city and thr ounlry. , ISO. L. SULLIVAN. '. From tht Albany A rrnt, March 20. Fargkd appears from a commit , nicat'um made to the Senate by hit exo Ueitcy the tJovernor, and the report 'of the Attumc) General thereon, thatt wotleeds huve uven forg - en in a oooa ot records in the ohiw or the Se - ' eretaiy ofSiate, one purportine - to be from Jotunni Kipp and Uica Kerned, to William Telier for lands in the city of N v - York, dated ivn june. ioe j and tlie oriier, for tie same premises, fiom YV Ilium Tellertohit two aont, John 1 el er a - tdJicobus Teller, dated 16th Jnly, 1539. The Setwte appni ted Mntti Van Wuren, Voung, tuid Vkinner, a committee t. nvrstitrate tue subject, with power to .end fjr persons and papers. .Fnm Ou Albany Oaifv Ainrtitrrx March 19. - O Ttpra, O .Varrsl - ' - This uinoceql "J on aiuroav, ta rel ition to the pasngeof the bill for the relief of Kunic, ; Chapmn, hat had the effect to eacluJe Us flt)ai our set witliin the bar of xbr - hoiue riortrr. Well indeed may we exclaim .'(3 rTemprm,a.Vrt$r' ' - , B' - r'" l9 rtrea. That rotnm h of the , t on of the Uuittvt States at reiatet to the fre I dom spterb and of the pre," within the Ii rait of the stile of New iork. i h.r - '.,.. m atiu au OU0C1 wwapert, poUUcal r.; to ed ol ed of at it is io 2.pora, O Jbf .. Our raadert oeed not fear (bat tha kn pot eat aitempU to ttiOa the freedom of tha press, wad the. liberty of canvassing ids measures ana can. duct of public men, which bar rectoUy been made in reiatica to at, will nave us enact os u - uriv ine them of the proceedings of the legislature. Our attauBs ef obtaining mfcrsaalioa, are aot ctr - camscribed io the least and ws shall not rail to ate thorn. We shall watch the legislature with au Arvus - eve. We shall canvass their measure whenever we conceive it necenary. These are nrii1. - t secured to us by tbecoostitutionofour country i and, as we bave before said, " Ho power oo earth tball deprive u of, them !" 1 TrmtMira. O Murei .m ' O Tfrnoar. O .tferti .'We understand that tha cause of our being excluded from our seat. in CMiseqaeuca of uttering this expression, was the misapprehension of tome gentlemen at to its meaning tbey thinking that u was profane um viuiiie in an unfoiotrn tonw. I ne senate were vesierauv rDeacea in coin oiittee of the whole upon the bill relative to ta ation. A vtnr animated and interettins discos tion look place upoa the first section which proposed tin taxation of personal property without tvlerence to the debts of the possessor. It wat urgtd in lit support that a treat inequality eaistt in the present system, inasmuch as tlie former who purchases real estate upoa credit, or whose property it incumbered by judgment or mortgage, it yet tas - d to its full value, while on the outer nairn ine mercnam wnote sioca 11 ooiainea in svtimilar manner it entirely eaempt. J o this it wat replied, that to tax personal property without regard to the debit of tlie possetsor, would impose unnecessnry restrictions uixin trade, and operate iniur ously uiion the mercan - uie pan 01 ine community, i ins part ei un: nui wat finally rejected by a small uiaji nty, when me com nil i its rose ana rejiorteu progress. The house of Assembly were yesterday as clusvely occupied upou the important subject of banks. At toon at the ordinary business of deposing of petitions, and receiving reports, was completed, the resolution adopted the preceding day, giren yesterdayj wai again brought up. for tha piirijos e of amending - it. Various amend ments were proposed, and debated for about two aours. Geu. Root made a tremtnJoui attaca Umi the tanki of our state collectively. Th resolution finallv passed in the followioer shape: Jlesolved, That a apfiointed to inouire into tlie mode and manner in which tne several incorjio rated banks wilhm Uie iibic nav 'niiiiutered the trust granted to tnem, anu whi thtr anv or either of the tiflii ers, agents or directors, or other persons by them authorised, have secretly or impliedly diverted any part of the fund? thereof to any improper purpose! or have made um of any undue meant for the purpose ol forcin; their paper into circulation ; and whether they have at all timet promptly com plied with all the demands made upon them for the payor nt of their notes in specie an I whether any or cither of the said officers, agents or diiectorthave been guilty of any fraudulent or usurious practices as such, and whether either or any of them have ued, or now do use, any of tho funds of either of the s.iid banks for covet ous or oppressive purposes. That the taid committee have powers to tend for por ous and papers. Ami also that the commute be instructed inquir by what means the several incorporated banks in this state procured their charters ; and that they report their proceedings herein to this legislature with all convenient speed. It will be observed that this resolution is ma terially different from the one passed the day txv fore; and clothes tlie committee with an abv - lute inquisitorial power. Whether this power will he eierci - cd, or whether it a intended to he held in ttrrortm over the heads ol our bunk gentry, remains to be teen. - Among other proposed amendments to the reso lution, wa one by Mr. Ubhocffrr, granting the committee power to institute an inquiry into the measures note foxing by bank apf licantt to pro - rare charters. This proposition it was consider by tome, implied a suspicion of the integrity the houte. Mr. l.ymle, of Chenango, propoeod at an a mandmenttothb, the committee be instruct further to inquire what meaus were in opera tion at the present time, to prevent the obtaining bank charters. The debate uion the various propositions ws all events amuimg ; but a looker - on would infer from the observations of tome gentlemen. that soma of our former legislatures have been composed of the most wicked, corrupt and abandoned characters to be found in tho country. It this be true, for the honor of the state, we think should not be told to the world. " The truth not to be spoken at all times," is an old maxim Tha resolution diapoed of. the hmise went into a committee of the whole on the report of tin committee on tlie currency or this Mate, uion the iKtiiitin for a bank at Norwich Gen. Koot'i re solution, " (hat the prayer of tho petitioners ought not to be granted," being auderconsidcra tion. Messrs. Thronp and Onk'ey, and several otli rs, spoke upon the occasion. The principal ground ni tho oppoK - rt of the report was, that the x titioti had been in the first instance, rc Arfed tu the wrong committee, a committee known to he hostile tothe iiicorixiMlinnof any Banks. They contended that this summary mode n putting dovn.petitinert wat highly linproier that si.iieniem 01 me ini ts let innn uy tne p"inion rs had not been eiveu in tho report that these pe titionert had a ripht to be heard i . the ordinarj uioje, uc And a wish was cxpreiscil mat tlx Petition might lie recominilb - d to a selrtt com mil lee, who should be at liberty to report a tiin l. ii.. i : . . , i. . pi uie nyuri - . nr t.uunuiiu;c ruse ucii'rc nny thins definitively wat dine. On the wlrile, we suct thit the house of as sembly was never mnr entangled in a subject, uiao iney are at present. From tht AllHtny Reghter, March 90, Matirt A bate and wicked attempt lias lately .been made to r jure the clu'acicr f Mr. Jjincs L Itvll, sherill of tbrcit) of Nt York. Intlicve:ir IU1J, tome prisoners con lined in the New York Gaol, conspired to in - stmte a complaint against t'.elienll unci ler. for cruel mid "Dtirestive treatment Thev weie asitted by several pettifogging at'orotr'. who at inlested the I and tlriite - wcll ; with these allies a number of atfiduviu a cre collected, and the who - e charge exhibit ed befire tlie supreme court, upon a mm ne for un sttachineat agai' st Mr. Fleet tlie blitr - j ill, ami Mr fell, (the then tiaoler ) Upon tlx hearing, all the affidavits a rre rrdia'id cotm - tcr - kflidaviu were also read, completely and kaiitifiCl'irily refuiitij; all ihe cha ges, and so the judges of the court dei tded The appli cation was dism ssed, .and the alhdavUs all put on file. Some evil minded persons, ha e now procur ed copies of all the anidaviU airauiit the pre sent Shei'ifii and caused them tube printed in pair.ptilet torm ; but hae omitted to publish any of the fhdavit - oil thr other side. A large nunioer ol these eooa naiured and vrll intiultd pamphlets were put into tlie cus tody uf some of the New - York delegation who Utely air ved at Albany, ami one ol tnem on Wedneda mo ning last kindly undertook; llic dislr.butio ofihe pamphlett am .ng the mem ber of both lio lses or the Legislature. This subject has indifferent furnu came un der tiie icretigatiai of Ue Grand Jury of .New i o - a, of tlie etaiont, of the Myir's Court, and of the Supreme Court In everv instance it wat p. - nted to be a nefarious conspiracy ; and Mr. Fhet ai.d Mr. Uell always etintufl with honor It is said that this last attempt hat been act on I ml by sVveral petty characters, (formerly deputy slierifl,,) not of a horn was turned out of iheSI.eriH 's office for d.shonel practic. a, uiA Uie othe - c uid not offer iheneeeunr .. intv W i at erea pi.rnoae tlie. kmc iA ft. fxt, "except the Tmerc griuftcaUouof ieir "i difficult to imserine. . The wbol t fair has been .so often onvatscd and ia known to to many, that it will'not be posaible ta - ture UI0 rrnuiaiioa Of me oiicmi av uu . i . . . t .i dl : ir . . . I. '. . tim. 1 uete vipers tre oiuy oitrng at a ni. - ' Trankl'm Gaxetle Office, Philadelphia, ) Half past 1 o'clock, March SI, 1818. ( Schedule of notes, draftt, lie. found in tha pot' tattion of the two men apprehended and committed ia Baltimore for roobrog the United States' maiL near Havre da Grace, on the night of the lltbiost, as taken by the district attorney for the United States, via: Uank of the U. 8. Pott Dots No. 7357, dated Jan. 19, 181,8, letter A, it payable to order of KKtiard wayaa,nr jiuu. Halves, No 4580, no date, letter D, payable to C. Early, cashier, endorsed for tha cashier, B. tUchardsofi, president, lor f iuv. Do. bankU. 8. No. 7486,7498,7518 7494, October 25. 1817, letter A. 3 dayt after date, favor of S. Frothing - bam, tashier, for $100 each. Do. do. 7487,7419, 7527, 7495, Oc. toiler 2o, 1817, letter B. 3 dayt after date, favor do. each for f 100. Do. do. 7488, 7500, 75x8, 7496, Ocr tober 25, 18l7r loiter C. 3 dayt after date, favor do." each for $100. Do. do. 7489, 7501, 7529, 7497, October 25, 1817, letter D. 3 dayt after date, favor do. each for 1 00. Do. 7534, A; 7535, Hi 7536, C; 7537, D; Oct. 25. 1817. navable to S. Frothuiiham, cashier, three days after date, and made payable . . . .. . , U' Innnfl. 1. to Dearer oy me last cuuoncr, nw. Co. for $100 each. Do. 7541, letter D. October 25, 1817, pay able to S. Frotkinirham, cashier, by him endors ee, made payable to bearer by the last endorser, Wm. Jannerfc Co. $IUU. Do. No. 12238. letter A. dated Nor. 25, 1817, payable to Wm. janner ii Co. by them endorsed to Churcnmao at i nomas, oy u. oeii, mr jiw. Do. No I2J38. A ; 12298, A s 12328, C i da - ted .Nov. 25, 1817, 10 dayt afterdate, payable to Wm. Janner k Co, and by them endorsed for 100 dots. each. . Do. So. 12219, letter B: 12153. D; 12209, D; 12147, B x date 24th Nor. 1817 ; 10 dayt after date, payable to Wm. Janner and Co. and y them endorsed and made payable to S. and M. Allen, for 100 dolt, each Do. 277. letter A. dated Dec. II. 1817. 30 dayt afterdate, payable to Lynde Catlin, cashier, or ord - r, severally endorsed and made payable to tne order ol Churchman and Thomas, by U. ueu, lor iuu dolt. Do. No. 6713, letter D. November 1st. 1817. thirty dayt afterdate, payable to Lydna Catlin, n - hier, or order, made payable to bearer bv the last endowment of Aroislv, Hall Si Co. 100 uoiiart. Do. No. 10721, letter D. Nov. 14. 1817, No. 10719, B, thirty days after date, payable to yntle Catlin, cashier, last endorser, Hauhart, tirrett Si Co. makes it payable to bearer, 100 ollart. Do. 6C32, letter C, Oct. 31, 1317, thirty y alter date, payable to Lynde Catlin, ca Hier, by him and others endorsed and made nay. able to Churchman Sz Thomas, or order, by O en. Ill" dollars. Do. 10X16. letter C. Nov. 4. 1817. 15dnvs after dale, payable to M. Cooper, or order, by mm endorsed to K. U. 1 - dw.irUs, and by him made prnaMe to the order of Samuel liioren, mr iuu dollars. Do. No. 523, letter A. Nov. 28, 1817. ten ays nftT date, made payable to M. Cooper. and by him aud others endorsed, and made pay able to Churchman Si Thomas, by D. liell, 100 uouars. uo. ivo. tail.,, letter C. r et). 9. 11115. H e days after date, ayable to Johu tpeakoian It Co. or order, by them eudorsed to the order of Fred. aul, 100 dollars. Do. 411 j j. loiter B. date April 1817. 10 dayt alter data, payable to . M. Hopkins or order, by lurn and others endorsed, and made payable to Churchman St Thomas, by D Dell, for 100 dollars. Bauk If. ?. No. 6S97, letter A. dated Jan. 14. 1818, five dayt after date, payable fo Coats and v eft, or ordrr, by them and others endorsed, rid made payable to the order of Churchman and Thomas, by U. Bell, 100 dollars. The halves of teo notes for 100 dollars, each payable at the Bank of Richmond, dated 7th May, 1817, Not. 63, 138, 147, 2C3, 239, 242. 274, M:, and two of512 1000 dollars. I wo of 100 dollars, date 2d Oct. 18 17, paya ble at l'itt;burt;h Branch, Not. 11, 12. Halves, $200, Not. 665, 437. One of 100, and ooe 50, payable at Washing ton Branc h, dated 1st Feb. IHI7 - K0. No. 202, one ol $100, No. 600, one of 50. payatxeat Baltimore, date 2d r eb. 1817 150. One of 50 dlt. payable at New - York, 1st Feb. 181750. Not. 301 to 311, inclusive, letter C. dated 3d October, 1817, payable to W. It. Grave, oi bearer, at the Branch of Fayetteville, N, C. made payable to Tred well Si Kiani. of New - York, by benj. T. Kusam,6th March, 1818, for 100 dots. No. 301 to 300 inclusive, letter B. d:ded 31 Oct. 1(117, payable to W. B. Crave, or bearer, mde payable to the order of Tred well' A Kis - miii, of New - York, by Benj. T. Kii - Kitn, d..ted (ith Mar. h, 1818, Fayetteville Branch, N. C 600 dnls. No. 47, letter B. payable to W, B. Grave, at ayetteville, i. C. No. 30y, letter Aslo do. endorsed as above each KM) do'l ert. No. 118, letter A. payable at New - Vork, John Ator, or bearer, dated Feb. 1. 1817100 .illars. No. 1 1, letter D. iWible Bank IT. S. to J 'atlei m, or bearer, da r l Jan I, IR17, $100. No. UIH), letter A. i yi.ble at lUehmiaid. to W. V. .Nitlwl - s or bearer, dated 7th May. 1U17. ju il.llS. No. J'12, letter B. payable at Savannah, tn B Rk hardwn, or bearer, dated 6th May. 1817, 50 dols. No. 26, check, dated Office of Discount and Deposit of the Bank of tlie U. 8. at Iticbmotnt, March 9, 1818, ,yablc to the order ol I'aekhilL Dutdap Si Copelund, in the Branch at Balti more, for $C72 6J, and by them endorsed to the irdcrol u in, am VYntt, esq. Draft, dtted .l.irch 8, 1818, for 3l7 39. by W. P. I'orleand, at 10 days alter dte. Datable to 1) mdridje, or order, on Vli. Keeves Lew is v Co. and by 'Daodiidge ca.loreod to II. Kubl, ttq. curtuer. Draft for 600 dollars, by 6'mith, to the credit ol , - XaUi.iuiel Ulbt, in Uie Farmen' au l .Meiha - oics Bauk of Gi'oixctiiwn, aodby endonemeut ol Olht, m:da p'.yalilr to Love, W oiler i Co, A note, No. 106116, litter A. d:te Nov. 14, 181 . thirty dayt after dale, payable to Lynde Ca Jin, cafbier, or order, and by set end endorsements payable to the order ot Cburthman and i h - m.oi. hr hhj dols. D '.2793, h - tter A. dated Der 13 1 ft 1. five d iyt alter ibitr, pa) ahle to J damns Athlon, ir. or ordr, .,! by him e.idomed, fir KW dollars." rot N e issued hy the Baukol Ke.itw ky. No 067, for 414 dlt. i2ct payable 2d d.iyt aAer uaie, mine jtui r im Ducon, s.ituntl el Cow by them i ndorvit t Joseph N'owtil ii Co. dated Fm ikfort, 13 b Ft . 1818. Post Note i - sued by ibe City Bank of New - i.ira, .o. inio, i r .oi'ilotlars. dated .o. 29, 1817, pa jhie30 da)taller date, to J. Marshall, and by hiundorsed, and by !amuel W - ler. maoppayaoie to nearer. No. 1 i4 Check d? .wu hvT. Scott, cathitr. dated Lexinu Ion Bra - h If ;u k, Feti. IS, 18. H mthe bcbui'kill Buik in FhildjIjitTa, for 43iJ dlt ti cl. to Ihe onler of I.M and Tl.uri. Check dr - .wa hy tha bank ! the state of G - - or - gia, Xo. dated d VI rrh inia, on tlie cash lerst - te tti - ni Boston, lor 6 Kl iolitm, loth, or - Itr of Joha e.lncott, l.Hi. ani by nina endLrmd to the order of idf , JJclaty 11. ii odc. Drafldrawaat Sayt. dated 2d MafA. ma, for SO0O dollart, aixy dy W ' t, i r Pott M'&waeof JV. endowed U Pott M'Kiwse. U. h draft was enclosed a tnielJ lock of black hair. . Tbirteea aoteaof 100 dollar eacb,tad by the etate bank orflortn uarouna. Fifty tevea dollartin Delaware bank paper. Four dollars in Baltimore paper. Bixtr fcr dollar! ia various baekir ' - Twenty - five dollars UaioaBaok ofAlexan 't iro twenty, one ten, Virginia half notes. One half oote of 100 dollar, issued at tlie bank of the ttate of South Carolina, A. tienry, casuic., f sal aT nswf itlAn nrMMittul duriiK the present tet - tion of Congrett, to the House of Repretenta - tive. . .... ' , By Mr. Irving of New - Yerk, a petition of u;r. Rnri. tatinsr that the property oi certain Edward Livingston,, lying in the city of New - York, was, told in the year loyo, ' fyjudgmentt obtained by the United btetca a - caintt the said Livingston ; that he became the purchaser of certain Tott, and paid for the tame ; thatuponatuTveyoftbe property it bat been t..j i..i .in - h loii esist. and cravine that the money paid by bim may be refunded, together wifh fhp tnftfirpii inereon. Mr. Irvine, ofNew - lorit, atto a repetition oi Abraham r. UiDton, on oeiiau oi muisen anu Hnrv H. Newcomb. pravmc that their title to certain lands lying in West t loriua may or con HrniJM. By the Speaker, a petition oi mamade route - In. late of L'Orient. in France, and now of New - York, oravior To ne reimourtea tne amount of monies advanced by her to Aaron Vail, consul of the United States for the port of L'Orient a - foresaid. and by him applied to the protection of destitute and distressed American teamen. By Mr. Spencer, a petition of Jonat Harnton, late collector of internal dutiet and dir - ct tax. in the twenty - filth collection district of the ttate of New - York, praying to be released from bit liability to the government for taxes which it it wholly out ol hit power to collect. By Mr. Wendover, a petition of Samuel Rut - tell, praying compensation for hit services at an istuing commissary during tlie late war with Grear Britain. By Mr. Spencer, a petition of Elbert Herring, stating that he it now confined in prison in the ci ty of New York, on Judgments obtained against him at the suit of the United States, at the surety on certain revenue bonds ; that the Secretary of the Treasury hat directed hit ditcharge upon the payment of costt, and that he it wholly una hie to pay the taine, and praying to be discharged from hit taid imprisonment without the payment of the laid cottt. By Mr. Spencer, a petition of Ralph M. Pom - roy, praying compensation for damages committed on hit property in the town of Buffaloe, in the ttate or New York, by a party of soldiers oi the army of the United tit a tet who assembled in a riutoutand tumultuous manner for that purpose. By Mr. Seybert, a petition of sundry importing merchant! of the city of 1'biladelphia, ttating that during the winter months they were unable to import goods into the said city in consequence of the river Delaware being closed by ice, and praying that they may be permitted to import their goods into either of the neighboring ports of New - York or Baltimore, and give their bonds for the dutiet to the collector in Philadelphia. By Mr. Irving, of New - York, a petition el Charles A. Busby, praying that a patent may b? granted him for a new invented water wheel to he applied to steam boats. horse boalt,millt Si other Aquatic machinery, which patent he it un able to obtain under the existing laws, in consequence of hit being an alien, and not having resided two years witliin the United States. HCDSOV, March 17. Miratiilmu Ettapi,Y is but seldom that we read ol a more narrow escape from apparently impending death, than will appear in the following instance, Jacob trpatmberg, Jnn. Miller to Capt. Mark Blatner of the town of Livingston, i i this County, during the late flood, white endeavour mc to ward on the enormous quan titles of ice which were comintr ilown lloclift Jansnn's Kill, from the irate of the flume of said ftlatner'e Crist Mill, the flume gave way, and Mr Spjiinbergh, together with the flume were thrown into the rushing current of the Creek, and were precipitated down a verv craggy fall of the height of nearly one hundred feet, to the utter astonishment of every one who beheld the dreadful scene. He went down amidst cakes of ice, pieces of timber, and the foam of the waters, so that the snecta - tors immediately lost sight of him, and supposed him to be drowned or dashing in piece. But, strange S9 it may appear, alttio at first he went to the bottom, he arose, and was car ried down the rapid stream to the distance of half a mile, when happening to be driven ne ;r the shore, he caught hold ot a thorn biuli, by which he drew himself out ofihe water. Being so much bruised as to be unable to walk, he liberally crept up the hill to a neighboring house, about a quarter of a mil - from the creek, whe: e he received every kind and humane attention. ' From th. nee he wat carried home, to the astonishment of his distressed family, who expected never to see even his lifeless body. It it said that Mr. Spaunbergh has an far recovered from the bodily injury be had received, as to be able to attend to hit bushiest. Savannah, March 13. fronx the Erontier.TUe following important extract of a lette was handed to us in tbe morning for publication We hope that the determination it men. inns government to have taken may be toon corroborated by the operations of an adequate force. 'llAi Troan, March 1, 1818. " The army it now on its march to Fort Early V e are informed that Gene - al J. - ic'k - ton has order ed all the Irid'uns who are friendly, to joi'i his command immediately, or thev will be treated at hostile. Colonel Uivis, inspector general, direct from Washington City, informs us, that it is the intention of the general government, to occupy the Florida immediately, and expect that orders have been tent to general Jackson to that effect." CONGRESS. IN SENATE March 18. Tbe resolution yesterday moved by Mr. King, and aoirndd to read at follows, wat taken up and agreed lo : Reolved, That tbe president of the United Stales be, and he hereby h, requested to caue to be resumed and completed, a survey of the harliors of Portsmouth, lioston, Newport, Ne - Louilon, New York, with the two en' ranees thereof, of the waters of the lower Cheapake bay, and of York river, for the purpose th it two suitable stations nify be sil. - cled for the e tibli - hment of arsenal ports ; that in oione li.n with, and aid of, tbe r.aval efficrrs ta be employed in thit tervke, officer) ol the corps of en jfiueert be tinned, wi h instructions lo turve the harbors aud waters aforesaid, and the islands and shores in and about Ihe same, and to report sketches of tha works Decenary for the pralec tion of the several places so surveyed, with estimates of tbe expense ol their construction, and of the force requisite te defend the same. That lhee surveys and reports he laid before the senate ilurinr the first week of the next irs - sion of conreM, with a designation of the two stations, which ia the separate or joint opinion of the perwut to he employed a aforertij, are he mod Gt for the estahluhmenlof the two arse nal ports aforesaid. . By particclar deure of tbe snnscriber. To Ihe Hilar of tht Unihj .Urrr tiler : Sir Mr. harles hall has, in the Erenine Port of last eviiinr,, repeated bit assertion that snt self Mid Uait' - trew were guilty of M falsehood and decKio. - i.n in obtaining the letter - br. j. of 'he hi; I in v1,r. Tht, pub! have already kvfor them the klaumeat of my mU and boat's cr Bnder aata, a lo th fact ailsodioj the traiuactioo, which are directly ia caotradiction to Mr. ilall'a tuwtrtioo. 1 now ttata, that w took tha ban by the desire of capt. iUgera, and with no other with or view than to accommodate hint and the public, as capt. SL bad vary politely furnbhed as with hit newt. Captain Ro;ers, unca his arrival in town, bat declared to Mr. C. Hall, In the presence of tome gentlemen, that be wholly exculpated us from the charges of " falsehood and deception," and told Mr. II. that he must have mu understood bun that the letter - ban were taken from tbe thip solely at his re quest. Th public will now tee what ground Mr. Hall bat for persiiting to charge me and the boatman with using " falsehood and deception" to obtain a load which wat to be conveyed 30 milet in a yawl already loaded with 9 men, in which I had not the least interest further than to hasten the letters to town, and to do a favor to a gentleman who had treated me politely onboard bit ship. As for the allusion to mr private character, in one of Mr. Hall't statements, which would seem to imply tome act of dishonesty, it becomes my duty to state to the public, that I called on Ivjr, C. Hall in person, and demanded of him an ex planation of hit insinuation he replied he kuew nothing about me I tball therefore refer the public to those who have long employed me, to ascertain how far I am worthy ol public trust. I now consider it my duty further to mention in order that the public may have a fair view of thit controversy, that Mr. C. Hall hat repeatedly declared, that had hit demand of 30 dollars on the proprietors of the Commercial Advertiser and New - Yoik Daily Advertiser been complied with, (die turn he expended in chartering a pilot boat to go to hit ship) or, if on our arrival we bad taken the latter bags to hit houte instead of taking them to the post - office, that he never would have troubled the oemmunity with a publication. It really seemt then that had ho ob tained the 30 dollars, hit parsimonious disposition would have been tatisfied, and he would have been saved the trouble, " at writing it not lii profession," of those effusions, which must bave cost him as much labour to write, as he will have hereafter to make good hit charge! of " false hood and deception." I now challenge Mr. Charles Hall to come forward and disprove the above. JOHN M'PHERSON, For himself and hit boat't crew. March 20, 1818. . City Gazette Office, 3 'Charleston, March 16 5 Prieu - Currenl. Cotton, Sea - Island lb. 54 a 56 brisk demand ; do. Upland, new, 30 a 32 nominal. Kice, prime, per 100 lbs. 6 a 6 12 1 - 2. MARRIED, At Washington Citv, on the 17th intt. by the Rev. W. 11. Wilmer, Gabriel Winter, Esq, of Mississippi, to Miss Sarah Ann Peyton, daughter of Francis Peyton, Esq. of Alexandria. DIED, At Monticello, Sullivan county, on Tuesday the 17th hut. after a long and painful illness, r. Henry L Onderdonk, aged 22yeart. His body wat attended to the grave by the brethren of the rulhvan lodge. M A.V.'V, PO. MAEIXE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Telesraph, Fannine, Charleston ichr. Malvina, Lynburn, Alexandria, Va Patrick A Co S'nop Aheona, Knap. Norfolk an i Petersburg The ship Marv, shaw, hence tor N Orleans, arrived at the Balize, about 17th Feb. FROM OH It COtiRFSPOSrOKfT. Office of the Freeman Journal,) Philadelphia, March 22. S Arrived, briu William, Robinson, bound to Ireland, put back leaky abe went to sea 1Mb mat. ; Next day, 80 miles from land, sprung l leak ana put oaca ; got up mis morning, witn 4 feet water in tbeliold and pumpt choaked. Sch Native, Mayhew, 7 days from Boston. Sch Hem, Luce, 6 days from Boston. Sch Alexander, Foster, 5 d .ys from Boston. Sch Delaware, Wlutten, 72 hours from do .The sch Ann - Maria, from Savannah for this px' t, is cast away on Cape May. - iSav a !, March O. - Arrivrd, sloop Hardware, Bolles, Washington, . C. 5 days, and 3 from Ocracock bar. Yesterday morning, 12 leagues northeast and by east from T) bee, fell in with the wreck uf the sch Peace k Plenty, of Charleston. Sloop Ann - Maria, Greene, Charleston, 18 hours. Last evening the Ann - Maria passed he British brig Betsey, Taylor, 75 days from london, and the sloop Olive - Branch, Hawes, 4 days from Norfolk, on Charleston bar, both bound in. The Ann - Maria also passed Wm morning, on Tybee bar, tlie sch Mllo and sloop Ear), from this port, be..tingout at the same t nr.e taw two sclirs standing in, both with siir - nula set for pilots. Cleared, sch Gen. A. Jackson, Chrystie, N Yo.k. CeuiLUTo, March 15. Arrived, sch Polly Sz ophia, Oates, Martinique 15 days Left, Feb 28, brigs Itoscius, Johnson, for Salem, waiting for cargo i Syren, Cook, of Newbury - port, from Charleston ; Hero, Bailey. tVom Sa vannah, arrived the 10th i Rapid, from Wil mington, ar. 24th , Phoebe, Dyer, of and for Ca thie schra Dove, vVoodbury.of Beverly, wait ing cargo ; Neutrality, Salchel, for Salem tn 30 dayt ; Rover, Harvey, for do. 40; and a nuiiibvr of other Americans trying to sell their cu . goes. The place was becoming sickly. I he brig Prospect, Barton, sailed in co. bound to Turks Island. Revenue cutter Gallatin, Ross, from a cruize of 7 dayt, and last from Tybee. On Thursday evening last, tell in with the Mexican brig viexi. an - Congress, Com. Parker, who request ed capt Ross 16s pilot him into Tybee, having got ashore on the Grand Banks, and knocked off her rudder. Cleared, British sch Maid - of - the Mill, Gil - lea. Muntego Bay j sch Sally, Fisher, Havre. J he snip Nabhy. 16 days from St. Croix, and a Bermudian sloop are in the offing - bound in. ttUMiaeioa, f.Vl) March 14 Arrived, brig Tryall, Huntington, st. Lucie and St I nonus. Brig Wild Goose, Given, 17 day s from Gua - llloupe. ?ch Vigilant, Grimes, 11 days from Guada - oupe. Left, Feb 22. brie Connecticut. B inn. of Hartford, for N York in 5 days j brig Mer - cnant, vewetl, tor do in 10. Sch Adaline Tupp - r, from N York. Sch Caroline, Nye, from Boston. Sloop Protector, rmith, from N York. Cleared, ship Pnocion. Consrar. ,jr Bristol. (Eng.) brigs Brutus, Wa.ilin, for Po.nt Petre; Franc s, Noble, fir Bo ton; Jerome, iluribu, for loi t - au - Pri - .ee i Neptune. Madeiran. for Wm Indies i Arethusa, Holes, fo. N York. J itncs Stewart, lUm.lton, for Barbadoes ; Lu - ci etia, Innes, for Brbadoes ; Nancy, Delano, im Martinique ; sclirs Minerva. Seat - man. for Liverpool j Catharine Rogers, Kelchum, for N York j' Margaret, fatten, for M..rtiniio. loaluif capital prut paid i R. Waxlt, jvnxnr. Xr ticket oo. 15,440, which drew the hieh - ett floating prize, 10. OK) dollan, in the Medical - cunce Lottery, just Donned diawmg, and told by Robert Waite, iun. was on taturjav oreteut - ed to bim and promptly paid. R Waite, jun runiaelt hit customer! that he lias told and paid oust of tht other rnzet in the same lottery. mu 23 CLT The - ociety for the Promotion ol In dutry, gratefully acknowledge the S f pt of !. bee'ry. BhS3 It THEATRE. v4 EASTER MONDAY Ob Monday evening, March 23, will be d'imm ' ed the tragedy of ' " ' THE CASTLE .SPECTRE. ' ' - 0wB0d . . Mr.SimpM. Angela, ' - Mrs. BirS Between (be play and pantomime, thetoftrT, America, Commerce and Freedom, by M? LVley; and Barney Uav Uie Girisiion." by Mr. Barnes. . . To which will be added, (for the 2d time U R York) the celebrated pantomime of MOTHER GOOSE, prth goldeb too Colin, (afterwards Harlequin, Mr. Park Colinette, (afterwards Columbine) Mrt. Park Performance to commence at tevea 'o'cieJ precisely. , - r On Wednesday Mother Goose will be rrr ed, for the beneut of Mr. Rohir "or. "COTILLION FARTY - rosTroMi,t7r THE Manapers give Notice that is. a a xt and last Cotillion Party is postponed hi Frulay evening next, the 27th. intt. at the Cii. Hotel. mh j j jj1 f r - 'r Akry - oRLhix fhh ?'he g0? fl?t ,ailin& ,n"m LAGCL SiAX. RA. nw loading, west side Burlinr. sup, and will sail in a few days. For freieS or passage, having large saccommodationtlr, ply on board, or to " N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, mh 23 86 noutli - 8trU IRO.y, SJ'tLL, AAO UARDH'.ihEr Ofn Ton, EoBlisn iroi Mr.rted, iD fli AdfJJ and square bars, "a part of which k entitled to debenture. 100 tons round irou, assorted, frem 11 t. 1 1 - 2 inch 100 do Swedes1 flat iron, from 1 to 5 inches 60 do do square, assorted, from 1 - 2 to inchet 50 do each flat and square Russia iron 50 do consisting of iron assorted 20 do plough share moulds 10 do axleVree and crowbar moulds 10 do horse - shoe moulds 20 do brazier's rods, assorted, from 3 - 10 1 3 - Siuth 30 do spike and nail rods, assorted . ' 10 do sheet and boiler plate irou 60 do English and American Hoept 1 10 do English (L) and Wittered steel 10 do Swedes sleel 10 do Crawley do 5 do German do 5 do shear and cat steel . 20 do Bristol and Nova Scotia grind stoats assorted 500 anchors, a sorted, from 50 to 200011 I do about SOOOlbs. 60 rolls theet lead, ass'd 3 to 6 lbs per foot 100 casks tpiket, ass'd. from 4 to 9 inches, 200 do t ut nails, from 2d to 20d 1 60 do wrought nails, assorted 20 do slate and horse nails 10 torn iron pott and bake pant, ass'd froa i to 10 gallons, euiitk - d to denature. 5 tons Knglisli spelter 20 do American hollow - ware, consisting of Pots, kettles, buke - pios, - - ' Skillets, spiders, tea kettles, K Andirons, Sic. ' v 10 catkt trace, ox and boat chaiai Anvil, vicet, and beak iroot ' Forge, tledge and hand hammer , " vi. Mill, cross - cut and pit sawt Cart. Waggon and Chair Boxes Window Glass ol different sizes Shovel, Spadet, Hoes, Sic. Together with a general asioitment of Hard. ware and Cutlery, for sale on reasonable terms, by a BELL Si DU.NCOMB, mo. 303 water it. comer ol janjei - inp. mh 23 Im IjRY GOODS. . . AT ILLS, PURDY Si Co. 212 Pearl ttreet, 1YJL corner, of Fletcher - street, offer for sale I the following goods, just lauding from th Impor - 1 ter: 9 - 8 fine and tuper Irish thiritingt ' 9 - 8 line and tuper Madapollani do. Light ground plate, and dark ground fancy a - liooet Super tuper light ground chinta cambric la, and remaining of former xmporlalxont, Jaconet corded border neck hdkfs. 7 - 8 silk and cotton ginghams Fine colored tarsnett Imperial 3 - corJ, islr,and blue markiDg thread 3 - 4 and 9 - 8 striped and checked cotton ginr. bams, assorted 9 - 8 tcer - tucker silk stripe ginghamt; 1 - 3 tl fancy twilled silk muslint ; 6 - 4 Italia ttriped tilk and cotton dretset entitled to debenture, and calculated for exportation Silk lac veils, dresses, caps, scarves, sleeves, tic. ke. Also, Lockfine herrings, and a few Nova See tia grindstones. mh 23 6t jtTADLIRA WINE Old London particular lfX Madeira Wine, of best quality, in piptt, hhds and qr. caskt - For sale by mch 23 3t W. NEILSON k CO. STOLEN, FROM the hou?e No. 59 Wall - street, yetter day, a variety of wcarin? appa - eL tmonf which were, a piece of bUck lev amine, 1 bombazine fi - ock, 2 bomDazet do. 2 omamentrd Combs, one set with topaz, A strings Gamett, 1 do jet, 1 jet Dreast - pin, 1 black Lace Ye Morocco 6'hoes. Flower Jars, Parasol tat - Gold Watch. A liberal reward will he given for the wbolt ot any part ofihe Roods, oo applications short. uih 23 iw I ECENT publication! for tale by W. B II. UILLEY, Ho. 92 Broadway, opposite 1 riuily Churchward, Rob Roy. by the author of " Gur MaeMriat,, " Tales of my Landlord," tc. be. $1 75, la paper, $2. Manner, a novel, x vols. $2. . - Maudeville. a novel, hy Godwin, author f "Caltb Williams," Mau of Feeling, &C. Memoirs of Lavid Garrirk, Esq. - enmnrititg a history of the ttHge during a period ol 3ti yetis i vols prices 60. . Risahellai or a mother1 marriage, by tbe at thorof Santa Sebaitiano,'" Romance tHU t yrenert." tic. 3 volt, price 3 dollars. or uiKrr, t uuicii ui iuuu. i M'Lvod't Voyage and Shipwreck of tbe Al - ceste, 1 io. ' . Corretpondenc between a mother aao M daughter, by Mr. Taylor, ofOryar, and " Jane lay lor, ox i - zcniv l on it an - - I le Uttle volume, and will prove of eminent fet vice in conveying right sentiments with musement, and at tlie tame time tery at a at del for epwtola'ory composition. It J000 with rqaximt for the improvement of nu,a and tbe regulation ol the conduct, without did - tic formality, or the tediousnestof fioni ditqw sition .New Monthly Mag. At mbS3 ' NEW BOOKS. . JUST received and for tale by ELIAS VALENTIN Er 104 Broadway, th thirddtot U low Pine - street: - ., Cnvier't theory of the earth f to which ed th geology of North - America, by profetsor Saml. L. Mitcbill. ' . 1 he I migrant't Guide to th western " soinh - wcstern ttatet and territories, with a P of the United State. By Wm. Daray, . Memoirs of th lif of David Ganick, aj. terspersed with characters and anecdot " theatrical coutemporariot, the whole "'J history of the st?ge. which include a park 36 year By I h - jnas Davies. . - ' ' Discourse - ch e8y oa Devotional ttthjecu. vj lot. n.v ..nM 1'inm. to wok are prefixed Memoirs of his life by Cathanat C1'P Vimg aud Addref Card aatfy VlT IN fiaimi (

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