The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 22, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, December 22, 1913
Page 4
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FHE GETTYSBURG TIMES . Published Daily Except Sunday Times and Xews Publishing-Company .- W. LAVESE HAFER, -*"' Secretarv and Treasurer- PH1IIP R- BIKLE, President. PHILIP E. BIKLE, Editor. Medical Advertising GRIPPE PREVALENT How to Kegain Strength After a Severe Altack. With so much grippe prevalent this winter a few words of advice regard- treatment SEVELTCLASH TIBS DIPLOilJS SUBSCRIPTION Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per r-ionth. j ^none i; £ iafeetious disease eas- e Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per monta. -- - - : HATES - Single copies to non-subscribers. 2 cents. is in av ^gQ w h en the system tired or run-down condition. i The best means of prevention are ! n good healthy ' fP von '·eceive THE TIMES br mail you can find the date wp to which, you are; r 0 keep the blood ,, . caid on the nink address labef on vour paoer. The date will be changed within I condition, and if the system gets into nijif r , BEpinUTC? ij 1 3 ' ten'davs after vour monev is received at The Times Office. i weak, ran-cowji condition, take vi-;UfiiLC iH.rU!2*. 1.0 :I j : ----· ! TM-"» rTM Jetsfinn* rnA liver and iron " ir, DUPONTS BUYJROLLEY CO. They Parchase Traction Lines r ln Johnstown, Pa. ""* Philadelphia, Dec. 22.--It now comes oat that the Bupoats, of Wilmington, , i DeL, are again the owners of tie prop- j i erty of the Johnstown Passenger Rail- j ! wav coraosuav, vrliich. controls and op-!, M90F93 BOOlililS | «r a " te ? A * ty . miies of strset car s * r ~ i ! ·^'IP''? IfP I ^ke prccertv "was purchased four; itsiu. 3 H vears ago by ^g Anxericaa Railways j I company, of Philadelphia, from the i U, S, OWNERSHIP lowland Moo Presents Bssolo- tfeotoleprsWiteLlBSS. il : { no!, our delicious cod liver and iron Entered August 15,1904, at Gettysburg, Pa., as second-class matter, under | t on ic. r : . Congress March 3, 1S79. j ;\. lady from Long Branch, ^. ' i-- ._ Li-r^r \ savsr "Grit»Be left me ia a nerv BELLPHOXE UNITED PHONE _ Office in Northwest corner of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. : S savs: "Gripoe left me hi a company exercised the right of pur-', chase, forming the Jobrsstowu Trai- i s,' Dr. Martinez Says It Is a Dead Issue, j ·weakened,'run-down condition. After j, Whj| Roosevelt De c!ares tt Is Still j · taking three bottles of Ymol I am j I ' better and stronger "than I have been | a Vita! Policy of U. S. j the men uaclc of the new earn- S.c.I, and Ttefcr Have a H Te!e- 1 *HiS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ADYERTISiNG BY GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO I for years, and I cheerfully recommend ! ViKoi tt» all who have suffered from | the grippe and need strength." I (Name furnished on request.) ! We have never sold in our store ' such a valuable strength creator and j health restorer for the convalescent, ! 'che weak and run-dowa as Vinpl, and i your money will be returned if it does ! *»*"*· j3*\ y»ll 1«-ii /»1o»¥« Trt»* tr T^CxnT\lo*I5 not do all we claim for it. People's Drug Store, Gettysburg, Pa. I P. S. If you have any skin trouble Want ads! One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaranteed j try Saxo Salve. We guarantee it. first page position. " Kesolutions of respect, poetry and memoriams one cent j - rer word. . " - TO OUR READEHS .. UIIJ ftfttl Pfjlllp rhe Get^yiburg Tinie« takes absolutely no t»art in poUrica, being neutral om afl ff ILoUll UUlri«J _such znatters. Anything that apnears in our general news columns, concerning' state or nationaLpolitisc, is fanasbed us by The American Press[Association, a scacens which" gives the same news to Republican, Democratic, Pronibraoa, or Socialist pacers and -s?hich is strictly non-partisan. Oat advertising columns are open to all candidates of all parties. jft | lj The Citizens Trust Company Of Gettysburg OX FEIDAY DECEMBER 12th. the Citizens Trust Company mailed their handsome Christmas Checks amounting to over §15.000. to the 597 Patrons of their CHKI3T- MAS SAVING FUXD. This vast sum of money -nras saved during the year by the people of our to^ra depositing in the Trust Company from one to five cents on each share every Saturday during the year. This enterprize of the CITIZENS TRUST OOMPAjST" has proved so beneficial to al recip- tiens that the series for 1914 is now open and those ^vhp deposit their pennies will have the same courteous treatment as the well to do or the rich. We are determined lo do our part to better the condition of t!ie rising generation · of our community and ask ail good citizens to help us. HARRY L.SNYDER, Treasurer. Leave Signing Currency Bill Although declining to state the _ ] price that the Johastov.-n proper:? aati j Vm asaiagtoa, u ! been sold for, officers of the AEieri- ssiative step to»v oraph arsjj Telephone Lines to O. S. Y t 'ashingron, Dee. ±2.--il«muerj of! the diplomatic corps, especially renre-j sentatives of the South Aaiericaa i can Railways ««onipany said that tae j countries, were greatly interested in j property would be fonaaliy turaed' ·. "-.--Ths first leg- ·ari the acquisition of :e!eol;one lines by the gaverasneat sras taken today, whea Kcpreseuta- report reaching Washington that | over to the Duposts the first week of I ti"«* Lewis, of Msryhiafi, introduced a - "-- t^e new year. The Drice suppose.l to resolution directiiis the house connait- have been paid is between five aad tee on pestonices to prepare aad re^0,-=.^ TMniir. n ,i n iter« i son a bill to brafe about this great PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS (Continued-from first page) _ 3Irs- John B- Hamilton has returned to her home on Washington street-after a visit of several days with relatives in Chambersborg., A Francis Beck, of Buchanan Yalley, spent Sunday and to-day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E- Burrbaush 3n East Middle street. Mr. and Mrs. Willisaa. Eckenrode and ihree children, of Warren, Ohio, are spending some time heis. David Kendlehart has returned from Strayer's B'usiaess College, Philadelphia, to spend the holidays at his home on West Middle street- Wayne B. Krebs, of State College, spent Sunday with friends in town. former President Roosevelt and Mr. iiarcial Martinez, at one time Chileaa minister to the United States, had clashed ia Santiago de Chile oa account of divergent views oa the iloa- roe Doctrine. The Chilean is reported to have strongly dissented fro:n the Roosevelt view that the much discussed -Joe-trine is still a vital issue. The reported debsJe attracted unusual interest in \Vashington, because both of the proposed speeches were reviewed before delivery by the Chilean foreign oflice. Br. Martinez, it was said at tiie i AffPf ChUeaa legation, was selected as the Kilul F ttlMfir Hl^ f i r ftlilUL. i spokesman or the Chilean gi at the reception given the American visitor recently at the "University cf Santiago because of his warm friendship for the United States. He is one of the oldest and most eminent Chilean diplomats and made n-aiy lasting friendships during his tenure as minister in Washington many years ago. In his address at the Roosevelt reception Dr. Martinez dealt with the ilonroe Doctrine, characterizing: it as a dead issae and arguing that the conditions which gave rise to its proiaul gation by President Monroe ia IS23 have almost entirely disappeared. This statement is sail! to have aroused the ire of Colonel Roosevelt, wac replied with some heat, holding that the Monroe Doctrine still was a vita: | principle of foreign policy of the Unit- e«l States. He is said, too. to nave argued to the Chilean diplomatist, incidentally, that it was ill-advised on such as occasion to inaugurate a con troversy. Taen Coloael Roosevelt, according to report, stated that before leaving the United States, the tests of tbe ad dresses he proposed to deliver in Brazil,'Argentina and Chile hafi been mitted to the diplomatic corps of those nations in Washington to avoid the Washington, Dee. 22. -- President Wilson and his family will leave Washington right'after he signs the currency bill, probably tomorrow, for Pass Christian, Hiss., for a three weeks* -, rest and vacation. Leaving here to- j morrow, the president would arrive in Pass Christian Christmas eve. The president will not spend all his time at Pass Christian in resting and recuperating. According to high au, thority, the president will do these two important^ pieces of public business while a'v-j.jn i · Write, or at-least outline his mes-j sage to congress recommending the . changes he believes necessary to sui' plement the Sherman anti-trust law, : to make that law so effective as to ' prevent possible escape of prison sen- j tences for violators, j Select members of the federal re, serve board, the men who will admin- · ister th,e'government's new banking j and currency system. I Between now and the time he leaves ;the president will not do more with \ either of these subjects than to con- i i fer with some of his advisers. It is j ir , clusion o£ anything that misht prove | phobable that he will confer with Sec- | o5easive w h ^ hosts _ , retary of tne Treasury McAdoo regard-1 TQ t ,, ig ,,_ Martinez 15 sa ia to have seven million dollars. The Johnstown Traction comaasy oatl^rLiLiag. will be merged with the other Duponti "T:i3 action of the Bell Telephone interests in Johnstown. j comrmny to prevent litigation imdei _ | t!se saii-trust law," Mr." Lewis said, T '' iri no1 reduce a s!ns!c telephone 01 j 'cle^rapli rate iu the United States, i .,.,, so lhe pl . b j ie nocesslrles for legis ^SJMs^ 8 ^?!^! -Uve action to yosialize the^e meth O n i l l V « U - ' : i S ° c conununreuiioa. v i i c t m . . as they have . Jiearly .,}! other countr ies, arc- j aot affected ia the least." · The preamble ot the resolution re| cites thai the rates for tise traasmis i sion of messages over electric wires 1 .-jre iiigh; liiat it is the duty of the j sover::!^ent to pro\ ide its citizess witl i the fullest facilities for coromuaica I Ho;*, and that tlie consutatioa intend- JPrineetoR, N. J., Dee. 22. -- Princeton ; c ,j u-. a t the postoffice deparuneiii has taken another step toward the so- ! j.; : ou!f j have a monopoly of tae trans lutioa of the drinking problem among niitsion of all inteillgscce. Will Prosecate Tfiese Sallin !o Minors, students. i "It is possible to convey both kinds Dean Howard McClenahaa has servo j corajaunication, the telegram, anc sd notice to the proprietors cf all tbe, : h e telephone talk, over the' telepaont drinking places in Princeton tliat t*ie i E e?work of the country," says the res university -win hold them to strict ac- j Diction, Trfiich purposes to "vest in tit count if iicuor is served to raisers. j United States a monopoly of the func "The present attitude of the college · n on O f corcinunicaaoa for Mre by elec administration with reference to drink-, tricity. with provisions for: ing is due to the belief that a strict j "The appropriation and transfer o" insistence upon obedience to ihe laws j rjt: e of tbe telephone networks, excep" of the stare oHers tae best chance for J f^j-jners' lines, to the United States the solution of the liquor problem ia | effective Jaa. i, 1015. Princeton," said Dean 5!cC!enahan. j "Tbe ta!xing possession by the post The Daily Priacetonian, tae under-1 Caster general of said networks aac gradua^s publication, stands back o f j their operation as telephone and tele Dean McCianahan, and in a long edi-| grarsh lines by the postal clepartmeat- torial says: ! "The appraisal tiiereafter of said "Jack I.ondoa, wso cannot even be! properties by the interstate commerce accused of temperance in his ·Jiiaj ..;c.-nxnisslon, awarding j'^st conipeasa. Barleycorn.' advances as his reason; -i on thc-refor, with the rigiit of appea for excessive drinking the fact tharl o ^Q circuit court of appeals as tc lia.uor is so easy to set. The "oars are j ^hg amounts of tlie respective awards MASONIC BANQUET Sebron Lodge of New Oxford Holds Annual Event at Abfaottstown. Hebron Lodge No. 465, F. and - A. 51., of Ne-.v 'Oxford, held 'their annoal lanqaet at the Altland House, Ab- jottstown, Friday evening. There were ibout 65 members of the Masonic rraternity present- Mr. Altland upheld the reputation ;f his hostelry by providing- a. most nceHeni; dinner, consisting of oysters n half shell, roast tiirkey, sweet po- ^.toes. peas, potatoes, salads, beans, fruits, sherbert, ice cream, cake, tea, :o2ee and cigars- After the banquet Junior Warden TVilliam D. Himes, in a few eompli- aen'cary ^ remarks, presented Past Master John A. Sheely,. of Hanover, vho presided as" toastmaster. · Responses -were made by Rev. IL W. McGarvey, York Springs; A- JF. Fix, ?ed Lion: Dr. McDowell and Heory-L. 3erry, York; Charles K. Yeager-^and leorge "W. Baker, of Hebron Lodge; I. M. Stokes and C. F. 3Ioul, of Pat- nos Lodge, Hanover. R. A. COLEHOUSE Prominent Hanover Resident, Fatally Stricken by Paralysis. liquor is so easy to get. The "oars are j ^hg am open, a man's friends are drinking--. '-Th ers of the congressional judiciary committees-. The president already has conferred with Attorney General Mc- velt's arrival, and that as no objection had been raised in that quarter he could see no reason vrhy the discus I % sS 9 »HI9Z«S®SS2i«»3»S*3;«S»SaC ® Christmas Gifts 1 that Mean Something Reynolds on the anti-mist legislation., sio ^- c f- ais Io3lroe Doctrine should be GIRL A NEEDLE VICTIM i L'eft Unconscious on Road and Robbed cf Week's Pay- . . Reamstowa, Pa., Dec. 22.--Miss Es-! ! ^ avoided as a ^anserous issue. Nothing ofr.cial lias reached the -Chilean lesatioa in Washington~con cerning any paase of -t^liat fliploiaat- e inclined to consider a delicate ! i Whether you spend little or much for Xmas it is important'thafc your gifts have lasting value. Christmas prices here are mostly lower than at other seasons because of «ur large purchases- The quality of everything in this store makes it a worthy sift whether the price you pay is large or small. HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS: s | e sS For Mother or Wife Hoosier Kitdaen Cabinet China Closet Buffet Sewing Table I The best Girl in the World I Ma»ic Cabinet Dresser Pedlstol Writing Desk For Father Morris Chair Revolving Chair 'z. Leather Rocker Siaokei's Stand For My Best Feilov^ Chiffonier Arm Chair Foot Stool Book Case j jabbeci a hypodermic needle iato her j I arm. robbed, her and left her sense- i i less by the roadside. I The young woman was returning | from her work. At a lonely point near ! the town the highwayman jutted froni I behind a tree and ordered her to halt. ! He grasped her arm. and when Tuiss I Keller coaraseousiy tried to fight him ] off, jabbed her with the needle, i Miss Keller fainted. She had jast j received her pay of §12 a week, and tae highwayman made oS. with this. n-.acLe by a stnail American students. The story goes -.hat as the ccf.onel left the university ~lie bturleats snouted "Viva Colom b:a!" This Incident, «o"wever, is an eierstoocl in. no ~ay to have represent s tlie general feeling of the popular° '4AN.AKD 26 HORSES BURNED Yv'stcbman's Hody Found Between Two Horses. rfoilat'elpHa. Dec. 22.--Patrick 3Iel- i o'ly. a coiorei T.-atchman for the Gi j rsrd Colien stables. Ninth ana Reeo i strcftts, -was burned to death trb-Ie open, a mans menas are Grii-Kiiii;--. -The payment quarterly to the why not? it is a reasonable assamp-j ers o f su ch telephone properties of -- tion. The true -v^ay to curtail drinking; p er centmii per annum upon theij would be to make liquor hard to get; value, froia -Tan. 1, 1915, until payment without total prohibition." . i ci the award. - - THIEVES OVERRUN Cr^ESThR h ucU P ro ^ ert - out l the amounts award' ippropriation to the owners c' of the treasury o ; the amounts awarded to them. Sarctars, Pickpockets end Ordinary! "The issue by the treasurer from Sneaks Tvlake Several Rich Kauis. j :,iine to time of the Z per cent bond.' Chester, Pa., Bee. 22. -- Pickpockets, j O f the United States to an amornv. burglars and sneak thieves had a busy j equal to tae aggregate awards for suet time in Chester, according to reports- properties. received at tbe city hall. j '-jJcenses tc existing telegraph anc Miss Zsnily Cross reported that ?2S \ raaio companies, their respective basi v,-hich she had tucked away in her j nesses and to such railway agencies pocketbooE to buy Cnri^t^ias presents j for railway purposes." " was stolen by a pickpocket- Oae of the most beneficial results William Upton, an uptown roer-j o f the vororttar disintegration of the chant, had S95 taken out of his cas!i ! American Telephone and Telegraph register. . j system, in the opinion of tie attorney A wallet containing ?47. t~o c-ver- j general, -^-ill be to broaden tb,e Selc coats, two bats and tv, o waikias stick? I c f operations of tbe indepen.cant corn were stolen from the residence of Jo j panics and eventually to reduce ratei seph Beeriag. j an-1 vastly rniprcve the service. Three fliarcond rings, r.vo ' sckl | Attorney General McReynol-'is toll bracelets, a golc ivatch anc 1 cbain aadj friencs that scores of the iadepsndea' $57 in raoney were taken by a burglcr j telephone companies in tbe Urutec from the residence of E. M. Barton. i states were gratified v,-ith the agree R. A. Coleriouse. one of Hanover's nost prominen'c citizens, died Satur- lay at 3:SO p. TO., from the effects of stroke of paralysis sustained llon- !ay night, from which he never ral- ied. He was a retired business man, pre- /ious to se-»-eral years ago having been ·ngaged in harness making. He was ,ixt3/ years old. Last Monday night at il o'clock, ilr. Colehouse. who had un- fl that time been in good health, was :tricken as he was retiring for- the light. He remained in an unconscious ·ondition until death. A. daughter, vliss Cora, at'home; one brother, "Wiliam ; and a sister. Mrs. George S. p, both of Lit'clestovrn,--survive. CLERICAL TICKETS- Tailroads Decide Privilege will be Good Only for Inter-State Journeys- "William Jv^rr says a man irt s made vacs the department o; frock coat and T liiie tie called nt hei j justice, which wcula give tliem the ust and. snatctisd a pocketbcofe "con taiaing $25 frcm a tabie in tiie lining room. Before she could suanaoa the police lie escaped. Medical Advertising DANGEROUS MISTAKE! ! ais ; to iave some o' employers" stable, tfce horses in which, cansnt i i 9 ' 3. So inaay now bny Christmas Gifts for their wives here that he nave made a special study of helping men with careful suggestiocs. Come :n and examine the hundreds of beautiful and useful gifts we have for the entire family. A Standard Sewing Machine Would Make an Ideal Gift for the Wife 9 9 i u D 0. K. HOME FURNISHER USEFUL CHRISTMA ^ GIFTS ^ HATS, CAPS, RUBBER i Gettysburg Mothers Should not Xe- j gleet Kidney Weakness in Childrcn- ! Many children have weak kidneys. i An early warning- is bed-wetting. 1 Often followed by backache, head| ache, languor. j Tis a mistake to neglect these i troubles, I To blame the child for its own dis- ] tress. j Seek io check the cause. ] Save tbe child from dangerous kid- 1 ney ills. 5 Doan's Kidney Pills are especially ; for -weak kidneys. i Gettysburg parents know their I worth. j G. W. Bowers, carpenter, Gettys- i burg. Pa., says: "I have used Doan's | Kidney Pills and iuive found that they , do me more good than any other kid- · jiey remedy. One of the younger mem- ! bers of my faniily had weak kidneys | · and Doan's Kidney Pills cared her. I | advise anyone who has kidney com^ I plaint to take this remedy.'' -3 , If your back aches--if your kidneys At the time the fire was discovered the stable had forty-Sve horses ia it nineteen of vrhich were saved. The !5re. which is supposed to have been either Ftarte, J . by workman who was sleeping in the stable, or of incendiary origin. Completely destroyed the sta- WPS ais.-l threatened the clsely popu iated tenements that surron.n'l the iraiidinc. Bcy Fails SO Fee Xcw York. r.c. -2.--K'::'ar3 Tayl.-ir clever, years o'.l, was playing hlde- ard-scek ~!i~. t ! !~ee playmates on the roof of a sever.-siory apartment nonss. In an effort to doige a pursuer he ran the lo-sr railisc wnicfe sur- SUIT OVER MISSING CGMIISA Valuable Instrument Seized as "Pianc Stoo!" Under ths Law. Tcrk, Pa,, Dec. 22.--The allege:! lack of a tiny nnnctuation mark is at tae bottom of a ^hica Constable "William Herman, of Tork, has brought against David Kv-~ hart, a masic dealer: Frederick G. i-'tirst, a piano salesman, and Harvey KadisII, a driver, charging the larceny of a piaao -which Herman alleges he levied upon in the home of Mrs. Edith ?.IcHT-gh for r-2nt- For tne defendants who remove;! it. cf thousands of miles of trunk lines, operated by _tse Bell company. BIBLE SAVES PREACHER'S LIFE Woa:d-Se Assassin's Buisct Passec Tr-rcush Book and Struck Skin. Blairsviile. Pa.. Dec. 22.--Rev. Dr S. E- pastor of the TJnirer Presbyterian cfcireli ana president o tec Indians CoJinty Anti-Saloon Isasnc owes his escape from death to a Bibl* carried -uaae-'his arni- F.eturaing from a sick call, Dr. ilc Clnre was passing a uark spot when hf noticed ttro m?n r and at tae same tinr heard a wr.istis. At the signal one o the men fired at the minister. The bullet struck the Bi"j:8, perfor ating it «v? passing through Dr. Me it is claimed that fie piano 5;elons3, cZure"? cioiiing, struck his slda, with out breaTving it. Piclnns: up a brick, to the music house. ?s it was net en-j ou tirely paid for by Mrs. McHugh. aaaj hnrloa it at his assailants, who fled that moreover the levy rea'l, "Onej One cf t-~c men lost his hat, Trhich tin piar.j stool aad sca~r." with so com-] minister turned over to the police, ma to-indicate that pano an'i stool] Dr. ?,!cC3tre nas been nnreleatiUg ir. were nieact iastad of "piano stool."' i his prosecution of iiqTior 3aw violators and to this it attributed tlie attempt tt Two Boys Die !n Burning House. Somerville, N. .7., Be". 22.--Two tea- The railroads cf PennsylvapJa.have iscided to issue clerical orders atrtho- -izlng sale of "rickets in -the state -at lalf rates^ but only -where, -,the ride ronstitutes part of a contintsous jour- ley to a point in another state. ~ Local clergymen feared that the lalf ra'ce privilege was to be entirely lone away -with. CANTATA- Large Congregation "Witnesses Production in United Brethren Church. '-The Holy One of Israel'' -was the :itle of a cantata given in the TJnied Brethren church on Sunday evening. 3ne of the largest audiences that the Anrch has seen gathered for the Christmas celebration. ME. J. II. Howard opened, his new rtore at Mt Tabor on Saturday even- .ng. The neighborhood turned out with i calithumpian serenade to greet the new enterprise. The store "was well patronized and all "joined in -wishing Mr. Howard success.--advertisement BOOTS, AND SHOES. Oar - Bargain - Table - Contain* - Some - Genuine - Bargains ! bother you. don't siniply ask for a kid' ney remedy--ask distinctly for Doan's · Kidney Pills, the same that 3Ir. Bow( ers had--the remedy backed by home j testimony. oOc all stores. Foster-MH: burn Co.. Props.. Buffalo. X. Y. 1 For sale by all dealers. Price -50 i cents. Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo, j Xew York, sole agents for the United i States. Remember the name--Doan's--and "rake no other. 1 ( C. B. K I T Z M I L L E R KX ^·^·yexox^xa^^/i^^Hix^yax^^x^x®:*: ^·^·^·vex^^^miw^^a'exoxwv^x*:^:** WANTED girl or middle aged woman for general housework at a small farm. Apply to Luther Hioe, Arendtsville.--advertisement picked tne ooy -ap, thinkias he deal, tbe lad cried Instiiy: "ij le'go! P«t me on my feet:"' The was r.ot serious'.y hurt. V/onan Declines to Rule. Gary. Ind-, Dec. 22.--This city will _ not have a woman police head at tne was at Maaville, near here. The fire start | present tr*e. as Mrs. Kate Wood Ray ed in the kitchen frcrr. an overheated I declined to accept an apopiatmeat tea- stove. The dead are John Wieeoreki tiered her several days ago by Mayor and his coasia. Hc^ry Worski. Mrs.! Snotts. Mrs. Ray, -^ho at first had The American lensrae ia its brief nn- T':a'- r^eetins at Cbicacro voted nnaai- mor.sly asrsinst the proposal to substitute a senera! jnterlenq^e series for the = world's series ns now played, discuss- i ed informally the demands of the Play- j ers" federation and pronouaced several j of them acceptable nad appointed a committee to represent- it in a small convention to consider revision of the rules. The meeting disposed of a number of routine matters, including the re-electioa cf Charles W. Somers. president of the Cleveland club, as vice president. WIDOW lady wants house-keeping or light work. Good reference wanted. Address Times office.--advertisement Frances "Wiecorclc aiay die from her burns. Her h-isband was injured seriously. planned to accent control of the Sre aad police department, saiu she would not hold office uader laws iu tae mat- in gof which she had, no part. Boy Gets Year For Stealing 11 Cents.! ·VVilkes-Earre, Pa_ Dec. 22.--Michael | eighteen years old, -was sen-i Two Girls Die From Gas Fumes. _ = .,,.., Pittsburgh, ?a^ Dec. 22.--Rose R* ,^^ to serve oae year in prisoa for i gow, twelve years old, aad Bertha Su- theft of II cents from his boardiag powitz, fourteen years old, were as- bass, John Sabam. It was believed the court would parole him. but Judge O'Boy'ie sprung a sensation by sending him to prison for one year an imposing a Sne of §25 and. ocsts. phyxiated by fumes from a gas stove in a room in the homa of Isaac. Rogow, a brother of one of the rictims. Ths girls were overcome before they could summon aid. A Ctrl at Flffy. The only thing you can tell about a young girl Is that when she is fifty as her mother looks now.--Philadelphia Ledger. FOUND: a years old she will look a great deal Leo Millei Route 3, e t b u r g . -- ad- *JQ TifiT* TVi/if'Vi tiT" l/'ir\lrffl *if\Tt-* _ T3T-» il Q r1r\l_ ' · Three Bays to "* 3" "- % Christmas There Is Still Time to Buy That Christmas Present vertisement JEWS PA PER I

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