The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 23, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 23, 1818
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.'. Pt A ' VM - - f j"' - - .. ' f. . ' I - f V. J. . - fT .' ... U v . 1 M ill .u rr w "jo. , ; , A NUMBER 4921 MONDAY, MARCH 23, I81C. no. 42 pine - strejet; i - Ut - i i im ,4 v. - A - .: w ' or .Sole, "Verga. er Charier, Tfc. - fW uulin? hris" SAILOR BOY. t, RoUinad, master ; now ready to' re cZrt 4 caro ; 175 toot, and wm carry about 600 ciJu flawed. ' Apply wi board, east tide IVIi.MINtiTrtM. A, f " ' Xjtv . - . The tehr ADELINE, PelegTapptr, JmZmMU. will be dispatched iuuuetfciUly. rFortorWe.Pp.,tOGiLLEsp - .. U2Froat - sL Who olfcri for talc, 180 bbli Ur, and a parcel of - W. O. had staves, received by said vessel Abo WO bbli f upf. Richmond flour 54 hhdi Richmond aod Petertbarg tobacco SO tierces rica 21 bale upland cotton 55 hhdi molasset ; 200 bags coffoe ' Had and White port wiu, ia hhdt and qr. Madeira do t1" Claret wioe, la boxei of 1 do2en each "' A .m.ll knwaa nltnu laCAJ ' An invoice o Dutch goods, consisting of eouff ' boxes, slates, aula pencils, marpies, jeweiiery, yiolint, ladies' work boxer, cologne water, &c. Feb 24 For FREIGHT or CHARTER, Tha fast tailing achr. SALEM, bur - ithen 1100 bbU. ha made but two voy ages, Vnd is now in readhiesi to receive a cargo. For termt apply on board, at Pine - street wharf; or to C. G. ft 8. HOWLAND, feb 26 77 Washington - etreet. For SALE er CHART UR. ft waliiuhl lnt aadinie briir Afl - CTS rantain Harriii. at Flv.inarket .D ' "... . - , wharf, two years old, nunnen ioi ions, win alow upwards of 900 hhdft is in all respects in excellent order, and will be ready to receive a cargo in two days. Apply to N. U D. TALCOTT, feb2S 64 South - street. iVR aJiLK nit bUlf - YARD Of THE SUBSCRIBER, A BLOOP. now buildine of tha bett k materials, about 100 tonjj timbers of live Loak. locust and cedar i boitotn plank Jersey wliita oak, built on parpose for the Alba - jot trade. Lany trade where dispatch, burthen, and aeasy drall ol water is required A periagua SCHOOL tK, or 4U lonf , vtivll draw but little water, with a lee - jHjjji board through the centre of her keel, jtuiU is expected to sail very fast. vfJr a Liverjioolor London trader, (that lean be finished to suit the purchaser.) ' (L Soars, timber anil plank. Also, timber tawed to bills for bouse building. novo U CHARLES BROWNNE. t'tr Hale, Frtiglit or Charier, The ffood bri PLAN! Elt, 187 tons .borthen, one year old, stows 1500 bbla. is a wry fart lailiuj Teasel and in complete order to receive a cargo. Apply on hourd west side Bwlinz - alip, er to ' N. L. & G. GR13WOLD, men 5 H6 South - st. , t or Sol, Freigfd r Charter, A new oilot boat schooner, about 120 ns burtiien. built in toe best aanaerif copper iastened,and m complete order to receive torn. , Apply to Uh3 66 South - st re t. For Sate, Freight or Charter, A new pilot boat built schooner, about 120 tons burtheu, built in the best man lier oi rood materials, and copper fastened, a , vary bit sailing ressel, and may be sent to sea at small expense Wpply to N.L.&G.GRISWOLD, . mch 3 - 86 South - st. . fJf. Fr 6V V A Nit A H, ' nf The Packet Mv AISINa STATES, T - "Thn. Swinbarn, matter, now loading at Piiie - aU - eet wharf, will meet with immediaVs dis ptcb, having a considerable part of her cargo ' engaged. For freight of about 200 bbla. or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply on beard, or to . GRIS WOLDS Si COATES, ink 7 68 South - st. Cfl - RUM, Ac. JU puncheons Jamaica Rom, just arrived tod landing from the brig David Richards, from f aimoatn, (J am. 1 ana lor sale by f A. D. DUFF, - s 69 Washington - street ' Who hat for sale in store, ' L. P.Teneritfe Wine, fPatley brand) ioquar , tercasks, imported July, 1816 Do do in hhds. and or. casks, do August do Do do m pipes, hhds. and qr. casks, do Sep - (emoerao 30 pipes, 100 khds and 280 qr. casks do entitled to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, ehip'd in 1813, iromueisape of uooa nope, slM enti tied to debenture 3ort and old Lisbon wines, waaturtedcatkt 33 boxes of claret wine 132 do grave wine and one cask eardwire. Icb7 U ' M.JJ Qr. casks colmenar wine 130 qr casks and 200 half do dry Malaga do . 6 do and 14 half do sweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil. 12 bottles each - 40 boles Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 50 do printing do . flatter 14 hhds English glassware, consisting ol wines ana tumblers assorted I ,100 boxes anchovies and 50 do olivet ... 1 box French kid gloves 1 do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do eugravmgi ; $ eases felt hats, 1 do - chip do . - 40 bales Italian ran. 500 marble mortars .. 3 eases marble slabs, veined and ttatuarjr, assorted sizes i S boxes Naples shaving toap !.' 1 do watch glasses 3 casts manua m uaket 00 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of ' Baftas, potkah and callioattv cossahs Cbadpore, cbomocolry Johanna, luckiport unatoogaporo Saonabs, jnllapore and mow Checks, white, red and blue gillaht Madras pattern, do Sootet and froctsoy romals, for sal by C1IA3. L. OGDEN, and ABRM. OGDEN, Washington - sL Virginia tobacco tt flour. QMS old Virginia tobacco 56 do new crop do do 66 bbls fin flour U dosjuddKngdo. For tale br - . vA9QUES, MEURON Sz CLEEMAN, ' "tf No. 7t Washington - sL A m2. - ANT "PP'y of groenil pUster of l.f7'J,l" barrels. soilahU, for tbs tottbern ' 174r..r?CT Wft with Walter Nexsen, No. F7J,' JOHN BYERS, ' Ja 19 j HaTuwa - ttreetj Rorta - Rwer. MOLASSES FOR SALE. Ilhds molasses, now landing from brij AgnefiiromBiaimxas. Appiyta ISAAC PACKARD, Feb 23 35 Front - sL fll liKUWiX, stone seal engraver andjewel - JL . ler, - No. 16S Broadway. CoaU of aross, crests, cyphers, &c. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coats of arms, motto, and fancy device. Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, tic. bought in the rough or cut to any form. Books of heraldry kept with upward of 60,000 names. Jjus 7 3m HEMP, LEAD, PAINTS, fcc - pRoam hemp, in lots to suit purchasers 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 casks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twine 9 ' English saU and seiae twine 3 casks Prussian blue, 5 casks Vermillion. 3 hbds verdigris 60 casks French yellow ochre Dry white and red lead 20 boxes tin For tale by PETER SCHEilMERHORN b SONS, 243 Water - street. Also, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, from 40 to 2500 wt. Cablet and cordage, of all sites, best quality, with the usual assortment of ship chandlery. Feb II tf . CUTJOJf, IXJOACCO, hie. 6d M. bales prime Alabama cotton, landing from schr Nassau 20 bales New - Orleans cotton per brig Fi - 5 hhds Keutucky tobacco nancier IN STORE, 20 tons clean St. Petershurgh hemp Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone 15 cues tumblers 30 boxes Castile soap Writing and wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn hats, No. 20 a 40 Also, just received, . 16000 lb Havana coifee, in hhds., and A few hhds of rectified pure spirit, made from molasses rum. For stile by JAMES D'VVOLF.jr. Feb 23 57 Frit - st LINENS. DlApE.ft.5, Kc. LSI C. SUV DAM, have just received per brig . Pocahontas, from Dublin, and ship Thomas Wilson, from Greenock, for tale by the package J3 cases 4 - 4 Irish Linens 2 do 7 - lf do do - 5 do 3 - 4 brown Linent and Lawnt 2 do do black do 3 do birds eye Diapers 1 do table do 7 boxes 5 - 4 Irish Sbeh)gt 2 do 9 - 8 do stout do 2 do Loo; Lawns . 7 bales Droghedas Si Ducks 5 do Linen Bedticks. Also, A general assortment of the above articles, opened for retail sales, at 6 1 Maiden - lane, on very favorable terms. fuu 25 tf B0MUAZETT6, assorted colour do all black , ' do twilled, assorted colours, just re ceived For sale by OTIS SWAN, mch 3 157 Penri - st. MILITARY LAND PA'1't.NTS. T?OR SALE, an unselected lot of 70 tend pa ir tents, located in toe Illinois Territory, and bought dirocUy from the Soldiers. - Apply to ISAAC R. 8T. JOHN, ' mh 10 tf No. 39 Wall - street. OlULY MADEIRA WINE 8 pipes old bi - O cily Madeira Wioe. imported in 1815, for sale by TUCKER & LA U HIES, mh 13 29 Soulh - stret. 4! I EEL So bundles Swedish steel, for sale by HURD & SEWALL, mh 13 65 South - st. JOHN B. MURRAY t SON a offr lor salt - , ia lots to suit purchasers, at No. 113 Pearl - street, iuu qr. casus sherry wine, giu ana uiior lams - Iv use 500 cases superior margaux claret, viotnge of UU cases old hoc I till I 13 casks bottled brown stout, 7 dozeo each 1U do assorted apotbecariet gltssw&rt; 1 case sHvet eyed needles 2 do pint r 20 catktcooUtoingan atsortmeat of Hardware, Cutlery and Saddlery 6 casks card - wire. No. 30 a 33 20 cases English sheathing copper, 28, 30, 32 zu tons om tHDie iron I ox. 8 do English bolt, octagon and flat iron 5 do Banc and Spanish block tin 7 do yg anil bar lead. mh16 2w I LOUR. 200 unit of Flour, landing from brig Mount Hope, from Richmond, tor sale l - r aai a. a I'D iir. mh 16' 84 Front street. yLA TE. 100 squares fHoosick slate, most J ly large sites and of good quality, for sale by HENRI I.A Vfctw I, mh 16 1w 163 Pearl - street. ' I 'OBACCO 60 hhds Georgia Tobacco ot su X' perior quality, landing from Brig Nancy, tor tale at 07 couth street, mh 16 CAM KRELF.NG Sz PEARSON. uiuviff irifk ciii:iij a. unl AC - tt rpHE sabtcribers offer lor tale the cargo of the jl Bin jisa, consmins; oi prime quaiuv muscovado Sugars aad Molasses, sow landing oe PiAV. A V . 1. XI i G. G. & 8. HOWLAND, mh 16 77 Washington - Street. . - " - TURKS ISLAND SALT. THE auhscribort are authorised to contract for cargoes of salt, idtvtrtblt tn board at Turks Island, Bills oa America will be received ia payment ; and importers of the article will secure to themstlvet considerable advantages by making contracts ben - . TUCKER it LAURIES, mh IS 29 South - street. COTTON it SUGAR IS bales superiorUp - laad Cotton 27 boxes white Havana Sugar, suitable for retailing, for tale by ' - K. ft D. TALCOTT. mh 16 COTTON ft TOBACCO 2 i balet Sea - Island Gotton, and 33 hbds. first qualify Georgia Tobacco, landing and for tale by fc'AUL ALLEY, 93 Pine - street. IN STORE. 34 balet Sea Island, aad for tale as above. mhl3 fJA IVRITINO k PRLYTINQ PAPER, m fx: Reams royal printing paper 1 100 do medium do do 200 do foolscap writing do 300 do letter do various qusjitiet - 40 grace press papers. For tale by COLLINS ft HANNAY, mh 14 1w No, 230 Pearl - st. GUNNY BAGS. 3000, for sale by CEBRA ft CUMLVG, mhlS . 76 Pearl - street. WANTED FOR THE COUNTRY, ABB Alt who eodervtaads common gardening. a woman who undeMtaodt house - wort, milkiog, ftc A and hi wile will be pre, No.4 frent - tlmL ierred. Apply BhUiw DEMIJOHNS. M Deaiijohnt, containing about 4 Kallonieacb. very ttTooc and well covered, for tale by u. m. r. BowuAntv, mh14 77 Wasldntion street. NGL1SH IkOxM aadaHKES. 40 tout flat Iron, assorted tiaet IWO caskt bpiket, rrom4to I iacbet . The fonner entitled to drawback, forte! bj HENDERSON ft CAIRNS, ' mh13 81 Pioe - straet. EERaUCKERa, Ac 3 balet yellow striped cers tickers 2 hsbis blue hifta. entitled tn dehmtura. for tale by P. REM SEN ft CO. inn iv NOTICE. ft7" The tubtcribert baviot received a eene - ral assignment of all the estate of Joha Murray It Sons, for the benefit of creditor at expressed ia the assignment, ht'.ve authorised Peter Lud - . - i: T i . . . . i i . i . low io iiquiuaie u Howiueu account anu io receive payment of all debt due to to taid firm, or to the individual partners who will attead to the same at hit office, No. Ill Pearl - street. WILLIAM BAYARO, feh24 tf HENRY BARCLAY. OTO Lb.T, The stores and cellar room of those "3 story houses No. 10 and It on Broad - street (aad a new two story house No. 8 on New street. Immediately in the rear of No. 10 Broad - street, fit for a genteel faraliy, being new. Also, a good nouse at ureenwirh, and one at Harltem, with twoanda hall acres of Ground, sear Manhattanville. Apply to CHAS OAKLEY, 141 Front - st. mh 12 tf MKRCkiA.VTS HOTEL, To be let, those elegant and spacious buildings, No. 41 and 43 Wall - ttrt - et, formerly occupied by Mr. Solomon D. Gibson, either to gether or teperate. rot - iession will be given immediately, or on the first of May next Apply or the premises. mh 12 TO LET, The new brick Store no. 62 Stone - it Apply to T. & J. SWORDS. Feb 14 TO LET, A Tavern and Store in Klushinc, at pre sent ore u lied by Mr. Win. thaw. Apply to nib 0 II i . UIBIIUAS. fi TU J.ET, Vxjj A counting house on the lower floor, No. 29 south street. A laree new fire proof store in Governeurs' - lane, next door to Water - street. Apply to TUCKER L - .tUMfcS, mh 11 S3 SoiHh - strert. rfwt EOlt SALE OR TO LEASE. ilr.iM On accommodating terms, a number of water and building lots, uear and adjoining the nary - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, enquire of bAMUEL EVANS, .fan 22 tf Brooklyn. FOR SALE. !The two - story brick front Douce and Lot No. Clicrry - treil For terms, Sic. apply at 76 l'earl - slrcet. mar 3 tiEblli KACE at GRfi.ENH - ICU. To be M, the honse and eroundt frontinic ou Greenwich Lane, btloan.g to the estate o:' tne late Samuel aiiiugan, auu at present occupied by Mr. David Ely. tor pamcaiars umfuirr vi lunn ij - ive.c. luiulier merchant, foot of N. Moore - ilrct,or oi T. riUNGLE, m the Bank of .New - York. en znii TO LET. - The House No. 78 Broad str e(, with llie ottic, ttore - lioute, und stables contiguouSj and appetiaining int - reio. i u lifter.., Fnr m ttrm of vnra. in lot or Parcel. part of Rose HilNilunte on the 2d, rid, and 4t . avenaet, on the 23il, 241 h, 261b, v'6th. 27th, 2otb and 29lh streets, which beli.ngt to Mrs. Ann Ko gert. - or paruculHr. apply to A.TILO ,1. 11 A.lll. . U, mh 13 tf No. 3 Law built ins. OTO LEI, And immediate possession civo, the house No. 8 Pearl - street, together with tlie sta; ble and Loach House in the rear on unug - si. The nreuiiset are in complete repair and have every convenience necessary for the accomuiu dation of a family. For particulars apply to oct28 L. BRAjlsH. OTO LET, A laree convenient luodera built house, coach bouse and improvements, (with or without an extensive kitchen garden una back Hit; irom tbe flrtt or May next ; situated on the corner oi the Frst Avenue and First - street, near the corner of North and Allen - streets, and about one mil - fromthel ity Hall, ine situation is elevated and healthy, and in every respect suitable lor a genteel family. On the premises is a well ol most excellent water. Anplvtn CORNELIUS DUBOIS, Feb 2 tf No 36 Front - street. . JO LET, From the first of May next, a front count iug room oo the second floor, together with tbe - .a . . . . upper ions, r.nq'iire ao. id rea l street, jan24 tf l TO LET. ItuailTha three - story brick dwelling, 27 Nor folk - street inquire of COX ft JtfONTAUDF.VF.RT, Feb 13 96 Wall - rt. TO LE r. A two story house, with a barn and five acres of land, situate about two and a half miles Irom tbe city, opposite tbe arsenal. To a person who is in the titbit of attending market and would cultivate the land as an early vegetable garden, it is an object. Rent 200 dollars. Apply at 3 Broadway mh 6 tf TO LET. i From the first May next, the etore no. 79 couth - street, ror termt. apply to L. LEFFK.RTS, Jtin. feb 7 23 William - aireet. TO LET, The following Houses, vii: The honse No. 9i John - street The house No. 97 do The ! louse and store No. 395 Pearl - street The bouse and etore No. 131 Cherry - street JAMES W.SHAW, feb21 No. 5 Bowery. QF1RE PROOF STORE. To let and possession first of May next, the lour story fire proof stove, No. 34 South - st. between Coeoties aad Old - slip. Enquire of tbe subscriber, No. 1 Murray, or 45 Chamber - street. feb9tf ' 8. D CRAIG. TO LET, Those two fire proof dwelling Honsrs, No. 4 aad 76 Mott street, about ttn minutes walk frota the Coffee House. Tbey will be put in compete repair, aad well calculated for genteel familie. , Apply at No. 137 WaterttreeL mh 11 tf QTO LET, From the lit of May next, tbe lower couuiiog room of No. 54 South - street. ALSO, Tbe upper counting room, No. 71 Soath - tL Apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. seb 13 57 Front - street t REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. L.,1 Two 2 - story brick aoasee and lots, titua - td No. 37 k 39 Vesey - ttreet. A ho, a house aad tot No. II Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 feet front py IS5 deep. AU oa acmaavodalag term. For particwlart apply at No. 332 Greeawici - it. jaa 15 tf Q - i A VALUABLE FARM, FOR SALE, in the town of Flmbinz, Quaejit coooty, Long - Island, situated on'Bav Side, 14 mile from Not - York, and 2 I zfroot Flashing landing; front whence packet boat aad stagsadaily ply to and from New - York. 5aid ferot contain about 170 acre, 60 of which it wood Itail of various kind of timber and thrifty growth, with two apple orchards, one old,' the other not mora than SO year old, and con tain 250 grafted tree, all m full bearing and of the cboift mods of Iruit and great variety y there It ttout 20 grafted pear trees, just in the priato of life, consif ting iu part of the choicest kind of tergaluet, et. Germain,, and pound peart, awl 8 or 10 English cberry - trew, which are just beginning to bear. The remainder is suitably divided into lot of mowing, tillage and pasture, all ouclosid in substantial fence and un der good improvement. The mansion house is 30 by 44 lest, built in modern style, ol the best materials, aad finished throughout, with a good kitchen and cellar, and it situated on an eminence, commanding an extensive tiewof the bay and adjacent country . The court - yard and garden contains a great variety of Iruit - trees and shrubbery, asparagus beds, strawberries rasp - berries, gooacherrict, and currants in abnudanco. Attached it a larf barn, sheds, carriage house, crib, henhouse, smoke house, and many other useful and convenient buildings, all new and jn good repair. The premises belong to Charles Cornell, Esq. late of Flurhing, deceased, and combines numerous advantages, of which it is deemed unnecessary to enter into a detail, as it is presumed ao person will purchase without nrst viewing the premises. For particulars and 'arms, winch will bo accommodating, apply to iho subscribers, on the premises, who wdl give an indisputable title to them. ELIZAbEl tl lUltaMiL Executrix. JOSHUA CORNWALL, Executor. Bav - Side, Flushing, 1 Feh.rJ, 18111. S Frh23 - 1m rfVk VALUAbLE PROPER'! 1. HuS ubcriter olTers tor rale a valuable larui, 73 miles from New - Yoik, ling7miles south of Poughkeepsie, on the poet - road, within 1 4 of a mile of the mills ou U falls of Wappiu - ger's - Creek, and in tbe n igbhorhood of several landings troru which sloops sad weemy. it contain 1 10 acres of level, fertile land, with a young o:Thrd of grafted fruit, wood i - uffirieut fur fuel, and all in good . J ne houre contains s vend rooms, hat a good barn, and all in excellent repair. lt situation being on an elevated plain, renders the place not nuly healthy, but prMula front the dwelling a delightful, inland prospect. Also, another lot of 40ai'res,ceutiguoustothe ibovei and bounded southerly hy tun falls of Wappiuger's - Cret - k. The bud is tortile, in ex - relleut fence, and of easy cultivation. What renders this property valuable, ii, '.hat it may be niadt a place of celebrity . There i already c - reeled on the falls a naw - ir.ill of preiil charity, a carding - mill, wlucii cdov Ir.f ustcm ol 'he iie - ielitiorhood, tcsiiitT several oili.'.r utw for: factories, unoccupied. The wlmin force of tlie riek can be divenetl with a link ex;eii m as to drive a range U mills on a level plot ol ground just below the fall, and acres ibU by an eay natigHtioa; where factories of every description, with every facility of lower and traniporUUou run heceo'trorted. M, a flour - mill, of the Grpt class. The luill - h'iU'e ilwge, with 4 run of Burr stones, :ind cdculn'ed lor 6, with new niai hinrry lor mknulactiiniig wheat, Lc. with an elt valur for n,itii g gi tin from V tieln inlo (he upper loft of he mill, t onurrted with he mill Is a lai - gw rtwr house Tor i Tonog wtjtnt and flour. With tho mill will he (old 53 ai res of excellent land, on which ii - it lated five dwelling hou.ei, a large barn, hat home, carriage home, corn crib', hovels, He. Romper's shop ralculale - i ft 20 had. Two of the houw are new rxl 11 e.lciiliilfd liir g - nttel families : I hey conuiianil a view ol 'ho river, wi:h a I'eautitul intervale I.indp9 formed by the iri'an'lering of the creek in Iron!. There ate few places winch uwnciatn so many acromaioda'iiig uiialifn atioui for llie merchant, mechanic or farmer. If not fold at private tale before Tuesday the Hit April, it will on that day be offered nt auction. For terms, ftc.appW to PETER M ESI Eft, No. 25 Beaver street. Feb 20 nRAIIAI MF.SIF.R. And pnssessiou given on tbe first of May, tlie houe No. 48 Broadway, together with a ck fire - proof stable and store in tue rear fronting oo New - treet. Also, the adjoining boose No. 50. The soap manufactory in the rear, to be removed on the 1st of April i or terms apply to J'JHN BLIOELL ft LO. mch II No. 50 Broadway. j? - ! , JO LET, vJii The store ami cellar under the mn building of the bouse No. 223 Pearl - street, and a three story fire - proof store in the rear, now occupied by the subse nber ; possession to be giv en on the 1st of May next. Also, his stable and coach - house, situated on Gold - ttreet, in the rear of his arvsaid premises, possession of which can be had immediately. Feb2 tf J()H I. f iMv r - K. J V7 SALE, tjjiij! Seven acres of land in West - Chester, 12 1 - 2 miles from this city. On the i.iemites are a good dwelling - house, barn and fowl - house, a thrifty youne orchard of grafted iruit, a garden with aspnnieu' beds, sliru' - hery of gooseberry, currauts and strawberries, with a well ol never - failing pure soft water, well calculated for di - tilling. The stage pass every day to New - York; a vessel twice a week being only a quarter of a mile Irom tlie landing. Enquire of HENRY CHEAVENS, 153 Broadway. , Also for tale, a good substantial light waggon, calmlated for oa or two horses ; to lie seen at Sandford's Livery Stable, Broadway, near Hester - street. Enquire as above. - win 1 1 tf QTO LEASE, form term of yean, The bouse and lot No. 20 Cedar - aUeet, containing tix roomt with fire placet, besides the kitchen, pantries, vaults, kc. and a well of good water. For sale, the unexpired term, eleven years, of the lot rio. t fflurrav - streeu in the occupation of William Patters m, on lease from tbe Episco pal Cburcn du St. ttprit. inquire 01 J. W. k W. C. MULLIGAN, fehlidtf No. 44 Pine - strect . FOR SALE. siiL raorsiiTT in tbb citi or vew - toiik. OA BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II Bowery STABLE in the rear together with tbe LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feerrear, and 125 tect on each tide. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vetey - ttreet , and House and Lot No. 39 Vetey - ttreet. A BOND aad MORTGAGE for 1200 dollar, do aad do for 750 do do and do for . 450 do Oo valuable property ia the city of N ew - York. Tbe interest he always bee pnnclnally paid. For particular hiqui - e at the office of STEPHEN P LAMOINE, dee 10 tf " - No. 27 Wall - strreL r 4, TO LET, 5,5 From the first of Slay next, a three ury brKkhoiise in Green wkb - treet, be! ween 137" Greenwich - street. aU 3 tf TO LET, ' Hist convenient and elegant Uouae, corner of Broadway and Broome - tirect. A neat house with a laree irarden. frontintr Broadway, between Bleecker and Frincea - at. Apply No. 4 Bowling - gi een. mn if zw Houh, ae. Gtrden, tie. mi Uroentruit, TO LET. The subscriber will let or lease, for a term of years, his house at Greenwich. It is pleasantly situated on the bank of the Hudson, and calcujattd to accommodate a large family. For terms, apply to DIVIE BETHUNEf anan Si Wall - street. a LA HUIIMIAGS. rwooffic.ein Law Baildinrs No. 3. lo b rented. Apply on the premises, to JAMES A. HAMILTON. Esq. or at No. 59 Broadwsv. feh21tf Qi O LET .1 IHLOOMlNGltALE, The house and eronnds heloruine in tlie estate of John Shaw, situated on the eighth ave nue, un ine premise ate an excellent double house, stable, coach and ice house, with every thing else requisite for such an ettablitbaient. It i presumed any other description is unnecessa ry, at those incliued to reut will view the piace. Also, the Inrie fire proof store in the rear of houses 1 1 and 13 Pearl - street t where there is foi sale some old Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. For further particulars, appl to ANN M. SHAW, Jnn 29 II Peail - strret. rOH DALE ORl) l.EAbE, Lots in the 5. 6, 8, and 10 Wards; many ol which areou regulated andpeved streets. No money will be required under tea years, ti told, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story honstt, on which a great part of the money remain on mortgage LANDI SO AT RED HOOK. Ac exrrlliiil stand for biismuss, with ten acres or laud, pleasantly situated, with a wharl, store house mid barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - llavrn, with 40 acres of hind, and a never l. - ilin strt nm, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with, a suincie.nt - y oi water lor each. A pply at No. 2 G reen wich street, jan 13 tf LOG W OOl ). 40 tons t'acupearhy Lugwwod, landing at pier No. 10. fmin brig Recover, iwl lor salt by JUatftl USI.OK., mh 3 211 South - street. y.lLLAlil.F PROPERTY. For lair, the Dover Iron Manufacturing Establishment, in the county of Morris, aud ttnte of New - Jersey 5 ronuitint of a rolling and slit ting Mill, in go id repair, which works two pair of rolleis and cutters, shears, ice, all at the same time ; a valuable forge with two fire and one hammer in good repair ; a stock of coal and ore on hand, tullicient lo make fitly tous of iron I a good caw mill ; a rut nail factory in good iepair, sufficient to employ thirty men, and may he extended (0 employ one huiidnd more ; a brad cutting machine and a steel furnace ingoott repair; toi vemenl to the works is a store and a uuinbtr uf hnuse - s for the ac oinoiodation ot'lamilies, and excellent stabling fortetiins that may be necessary to Ui - cp or Urn use of the establishment t also, orchard, pi.iinre und meadow lot, immediately adioiiuug the work, wuh timber laud in any qiianmy, not exceeding two thousand live hundred acres, within three miles ol laid works. 1 he great vein f iron ore. commencing at tlie noted Suckasuiiny mine, runs more than miles through this t ract, and three mines are now open. Irom which llie forge are supplied with ore, and inure oiay be opened and ore raised to supply work tn any extent 1 the mine are within two mih - l 01 said works, and good roads, so tliatlhe ne can her used awl delivered at tbe forge at iwcar.u a nan dollars per ton. I he e.tiove described work ate situated on R - H - kuwaP River, about right mile from Mor - risinwn, twrny nve mile Irom t.litaletli l own, nod about (he lame distance from Newark, with good turnpike ruads lending from said works to each place, in a pleasant heulthy situation, and in a gooo ncigunornoo'i, there being two I reshy - teriau (Jurehes within lour milus. and a friends meetinghouse two ini'es of said place. This stand for collectiiix bar iron lor the ilit - tmg null is very commanding, (here being nearly one hundred loige files in the county 1 most i them are on the strettms above Dover, and the iron, in going to New - York market, can conveniently pass those works. At this null frequently lour ton ol tar iron have been liit and bundled into nail and spike rods in a day. and upward! of one nuiiorea ions 01 naiis iiave been made in a year. A large amount nl goods may be told at this place in exchange lot bar iroa.prucuring supplies, ftc.tvC. There are valuable icites both a hove (a benw on this tract,on which more works nipy ne erected. ALSO, That vnlunble well known farm, lying tn the townihip of Randolph, about two miles Irom Dover, and six miles fiom Morristnwn, and within 01 e quarter ol a mileol the Union turnpike road, near Pleasant valley, culled tlie DistilLry Farm, containing about three hundred acres, noout one tiurili pari ol which it exrellent meadow, one fourth part plough anrl pasture land, nnd the remainder limber. A considerable pari of the timber 1 of Oie original growth, and is suitable loi sawing, tlie other part is thrifty ymng timber, irom tiltcen to twenty years growth. 1 here aie 00 said farm upwards of six hundred apple trees, in fine order, rieht to sixteen year old. tlie mott ol them of grnfted fruit, and more than hall ol them Utriton applet, so ramout lor rider. J lie meadows are flat and free from itune, through which runs two lively streams ol water, and nearly she whole may be watered. One ut' these streams is sufficient for a grist - mill or other wcrks ; tbure are taw mills, a grist - uiill, a lul ling mill aud oil mill, ou tbe same stream. On said farm are two valuable scitis for water. works, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam, and raise a cootideralile pond, with twelve or filleen feet bead. Below tbit the water can be taken into a nee, aad in let than twenty chains, 00 good firm cround, is moi - ! than twtnts l.ei tan. in mis way uie water can do worsen twice over with Die expense of only one dam. There is on said farm aa extensive cider mill with four presses and cisterns, (mused - 3d well hooped with iron, sufficient to bold twelve hun dred barrels of cider. Connected to the rider works it 1 he still - house, to conveniently situated that the whole operation is completed without pumping. The water for condensing tlie spirits is supplied from a never failing spring, within six rods of the itill house, and has sufficient bead to mn into the citterns. The baildines connit of two small frame dwellings, one good frame nam, 54 feet long by 26 feet wide, under a part ol which it a good cellar ; there are also hay bouse, cow sheds, ftc. . ALSO, , Valuable property at logwood, in tits town - ship of Jeflcr.on, six miles irom Dover, 00 the maia branch of Ruckaway River, rmwisung of a very valuable forge, with Iwo ores aiid one hammer ; abundance of water the whole year, a 1 large pond, and a very warm situation, aod for fifteen yean past hat made at mock iron a any two Bret im the coo.tty . The ore is within ir milei, and a part of the road lutnpiked. l lie several tracts connected with Ihis establishment awMint altogether to about fourteen hui.dred'acrf , the greaU Zw nart limber, to make a durable suuiily 01 coal lew ti tone. Immedialely adtoinuic the forre it very valuable plow and meadow lauJ sufficient for three farms ol one bnndred acreteach, with nouses, orcbarl and barns, beside several rtiod dweiiipgi for the families that mty be employed a wortHixine lorse. Tha whole or auv part of tl.ia venr kluatle property will be sold at sech picA and credit at will make it worthy the atteatioa' ot any pertoa withing to purchase. Far further iuiormatioa enquire of ' - . JACOB LOSEY, atUovtr. ' ISKAKl, CAN FIELD, at Morr'istown. BLACKWELL h M' ARLAN, at N - Tork, KB SOUKOli KUL fy HOFFMAN, it GLA&tv ua Satur - daj, he 4th day oi Apul next, at 12 o'clock, ia front of the '1 online coffee Hue, . .. The House and Lot No. 1 U illiam - tUeet, at present ia the ocoepaiibg of tbe Mibtrribr,tiUiaUi i uw fc'nur, oi t i.nam - nrtai ana Stone - street. The lot is 9 - 1 fctt detp on Willi m itreet, 2 . feet II inches on Stone - street, and 48 feet foer inches deep from WiUutOs - strovt, at tbe eorth - waraiy tud oi tne lot. The subscriber some time aeo had aa inten tion of converting the house in In stores , and oh - . turned plars and estimates for that perpotk. He had offers from respectable, mechanics tn make five stores oo the tot by souse additional buUJnr, and alteration of tlie present buildings, tor Jta thousand dollars, or to pull all the present lioild - ings down, and to erect, with the assistance of the present materials, five stores for tifteen thou and dollars. Plans and elevation of lhee stores. astbey weieprrpartdtobe built, mty be leea. at tlie auctioneer. . - Seventeen thousand dollars of the purchase - money may remain oa mortgage. i ive thousand doiiait will lie required oo execution of tbe deeds, tod the residue in two. fou and six pioolhs. mhUtdt C. - D. COLDEN. IV RtNT, The Assembly Room, with the adjoin - , mg apartments, tn Ross's Buildings, No. 149 r ulton - ttreet.iMXt lo the corner of Broadway. Tbe premises are well calculated for a large school, lor public meetings of societies t tlie largo room bring upwards el 0 iret in length, and a - bout 29 lett in breadth, with a 14 Ml veiling. . Tlie whole, as to situation and site, is well calculated lor an auction establishment for ferui - ture and other aali. The above vill be rented for any term not exceeding seven years fioui tbe 1st ol May next. Enquire oitlie substriber No, lir7 Fulton - street mh ISdtf B. E. BLISS. LEASE 1 OR SALE, FOR SALE at auction, at tbe Tontine. collee - houre, ou W'ednetdxy, the 25th inst. il not previously deposed of at private sale, 10 yart unekpired lease of the 2 - story brick trout house, no. 61 Cedar - street Also, at same time, a lot containing about two - and one half acres of ground adjoining the church at Bloouuigdalu. Fur terms, apply to 4 K. WHITE, ' 49 John - street ; or, to mhl95t WIM.IAMF. PKLLftCo. U - LL llL - LLUffl..J.Jtl - .! . DREADFUL EXPLOSION OF DL'PONT S POWDER MILLS. By a letter from a gentleman of Wilmington, , (lays the Editor of llie Philadelphia Cenlinel of Saturday) with the perutal of which we have been favoured, we are enabled to lay before our read ers a few of the fact in relation lo tbil melaot'bot - - ly occurrence. The explosion took place about 9 o'clock on the . morning of Thursday, and is represented to bare, been mott awful. - The totter, from which wede rived our tiiformntion states, thai not a tingle building escaped, te greater part of them, went demolished, and totse of them' blown entirely; a way. Tlie wall of Mr. Dupunt i dwelling bouse is standing, but there Is not a window nor celling left la it. The fences, trees, be. near it are all levelled with tlie ground. Some large hickorW are twisted and broken a if struck by . lightning Many houses, at the distance of nearly a atilcb their wlndowt and sashes stoe In. Some large) stones were blown a mile, one of which struck Samuel Gregg' haute, and knocked out one of the corner si ones. The gins of some houses lis . Wilmington are staled to have been broken by the shock. Tbe destruction of property, greet at k it, Il tri vial, when compared with the loss of lives. About thirty persons, it is supposed were killed. Too number of the wounded bad not been accurately ascertained. Our iufunnaut, who visited tha scene of destruction, slain, that some had their heads, some their legs, so in their arras blown suT, some cut in two ) some half burnt up aud of others, no trace had yet been discovered. Mr. Dupont was absent aud thus escaped almost m eviutble destructioo. It is not yet ascertained by what rot - ant the fii' was communicated. . There are raasosirt afloat that it is supposed the work of sow villainous isi - cemliary. We would hope, however, that tbit it not the cast ; hut that il may .turn ewt to aava die effect of unavoidable accident. The feeling excited by the destruction of 'property, aud Iho mors melancholy and irreparable lost of lire, must be sufficiently acute, wkhoui the aggravation of supposing, that It was the work of a fiend iu human skape. Since writing the above, we have conversed wtiU, 1 gentleman diiect from Wilmington, who visited ' the scene of destruction, from whom we have oh tained the following corrections mid additional ' particular The workmen' houses, aaiountiag to 8 or 9, are rendered entirely unfit to be inhabit ed. The machinery completely destroyed. The bodies of 2G persons have been found. Mr. Du . pout and her sister were slightly hurt J Mr. Dels mat, had his slHiuUler distocau - d. Additional partkulart from the Demctratk tret. The workmen hadjiisl turned the water on the machinery and pasted to the door of the f r'nidin - . bouse when an exphwlon took place, which Ijfew two of the men a distance ol JiM yaids without their sutuiuiuir auv other injury ttiau sow bruit - - es occasioned by tlie fall. One of those snea su literally blown out til hi supper, aixiine supper wereallerwards found iu tltr puree after Iheuaii bail been standing. It was inosl aflectiog aod nean renuing to per the blackened aud mangled corpse of Hie dead ft living. Twenty six pewo weit louud ocaa aud, oUi are yet missing, . Marthal Uruucnv, uhui " inmnrr inr lli - Diau tutherrd ck round a large tree, the bea . t ' . - - - J Sllkaai afW A L ry BraiMhes 01 " r1 ' " - nmn - uiauy pieces ol nmocr "u iiisnemi m roca a i.u - k o il r und them. 1 be window, fitter, aa roofoi Mr. Duimut's Iwe were blown off. Hi luui'liirr. StaiUioe Bidei mann, was sittinf Irt a chair when th' floor on which it rested and that above It were blow n up, the floor was hlpwa u av. om, lurtuosutv ni. uwenasst was very little hurt. .. ." In the maraxine It ss taiet there wt 25.000 wt. of runnewoeri this, tovether with the uilr.hrr uikuetre. buililuigs, he. hat caused a kos of ntwr. erty to tue ruterpnDing and itrteUigeat owuerw of . more than J.SJW.V. the BeUI wear the - avtrte of Mr. Duponi was nearly covered wuh lionet. V just learn that the only article unhurt la th house or M. Dupont, wa a portrait of Napwtcoa lGu.rkuMt . a From th Uiuto. Rny AdvtrtUtr, We. . Bv a retitleman who arriwrd vrsterdav frvm Pt Petre, lJaudlupe, we have been obbgint - ly fiw - uished Whb papers of that place ! tist lihuli. V t alto leans Irom Dim, thai on the petition et the master of American mtels at that port, tbo Oovrruor and Adiaioisrrator of Gaodaloupe, a4 erdered lbt I he ardioaMcn lotpouaf a ttwoege duty of 50 ccolt per low ow foreiga vessels, aswl in July last, bot ao pubUlird unul rVpiemeier. should apply only to such vessel a have ame4 aod Ball arnvr tuoseqoewt ia ti"" Inst. A oediuance hs sV'O bcru iwd 4tiiUiJ.g Frrach vcsm - I loaded with tureltu tW oa Ums same terms as if lo"UhFrrii - floor. No foreiira vcm - Is of fe tium buvtbew, wUl be adiMitted an entry. AB rrrH ef aor Ihaa CO tour, a introduce all kiqdifUr itcnk, : :.fl ! t ' . j ; '.'''1 i - In I i M 1 V 4 1 1 n 1 t , I 5 1 1 "T - i '; At :i .1 f1 . 4 "mi i i 1 1 .1 5 - 1, . t '

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