The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 23, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1937
Page 14
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FOURTEEN 5i ·«" . :--: · ·------ - |g LEGAL NOTICE ·A C i I 1 i ^ I 3 1 y iii i NOTICE OF INCOnroilATION OF ,. CITY CltEAMEBlT C0.1t- . I A C. _ Notice Is hereby given thai under and ry yirlue of the laws of the Stale of io\va and Amendments thereto, a corporation tor Decumary profit lias been organized and adopted the following Articles of Incorporation. Article I. The name of this corporation snail be. Mason City Creamery Com- jany. Inc., ana ilj principal place o! Business shall be 'In Mason City, Cr-rro Gordo County, Iowa. Article II. The general nature of the Business to be transacted by the corporation, shall be as follows: 1. To conduct and carry on the business of wholesale and retail of dairy products, milk, cream, butter, cheese ice cream and any and all by-products of same. 2. To conduct and carry on the business of wholesale and retail of poultry and eggs. * 3. To build* erect and to operate a cola storage plant and to buy and sell at wholesale and retail any and all products which may be kept in and used in a cold storage plant. .4. To own, operate and conduct a creamery for the sale at wholesale and retail, of bullcr, cheese ant! any and all articles and thinm which may be manufactured from dairy products. 5. To purchase and sell any and nil machinery used in and about a creamery, and also creamery supplies. fi. To buy, sell, manufaclurc, repair. alter and exchange, let or hire, import or export and deal in all kinds of articles and Ullncs which may be rc- ij purposes of any of the raid business of opcratins a creamery and cold storage plant, or dealing in dairy products and poultry, or which change, improve and otherwise* deal ,,. any and every .kind bt real estate and personal properly, or any rights or interest therein which may be necessary lor the operation and conduct of said business. 8. To borrow and raise money for any at the-purposes ot thls.corDoration and 10 secure the same.. To mortgage all or a "y part ot Ule Property and rlglils o( tms company and .to do any and all Chines herein enumerated and set forth as fully and as to the same extent as a ·natural person might or could do. · · 9. This corporalion may use and annlv .Its surplus Gainings and .accumubtcd jrotils, authorized by law lo be re- ·scrved. lo thu purchase or acquisition of properly, and to the purchase or acquisition of its own capital slocfc, irom time to lime and to such extent ana in such manner, and upon such terms as its Board ot Directors shall determine, and neither such properly nor the capital stock so purchased and acquired, or any of its capital stock taken Jn payment or satisfaction of any debt due Ihe company, shall be regarded as prollls for the purpose of declaration or payment of dividends, unless otherwise determined by a majority of the Board of Directors, or by a majority of the Stockholders. ,10. Without in any particular limiting any of Hie objects or purposes or powers of tile corporation. Ihe business or -purposes of the company shall be, from 11 1° tlmc ' lo do any o n e or marc, or all of the a c t s , and things herein set forth, and ?1I such other acts, things and business or businesses in any manner connected therewith, or necessary incidental, convenient or auxiliary thereto, or calculate directly or Indirectly to promote the interest.of Ihe corporation or enhance- the value of. or render profitable any of its properly or rights as SUCB a corporation., money lawfully due and in carrying on its business or for the purpose of atlending or furthering acts and obj?cls - lo d ° aw and all and all other p'owcrs which ""natural person could do and exercise, and which now or hereafter may be authorized by J.a%y. and either as, or by and tliroucll principals, agents, attorneys, trustees .lessors, lessees or otherwise, either alone by Ihe stockholders of this corporation I the Board of Directors shall consist of two directors, and the directors shall be stockholders In the corporation and 'shall be elected by ballot at the annual meeting of the stockholders of the corporation, and said directors shall hold office for one year, or until their successors arc elected and qualified. The directors may elect from their own number a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and any two of said offices may be held by one person. The Board of Directors may from time to time elect or appoint such other officers or agents as they may deem necessary. Any officer or director at a rceular meeting of the stockholders, or at a special uieeling called for that purpose may be removed and his successor may be elected by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all of Ihe slock then outstanding. Article VI. The annual meeting of the stockholders of this corporation shall be Ji .i?·', h f Cily ° L JV! ? SO " City, Iowa, on the third Wednesday in January of each year. Special meetings of the stockholders may. be called at any time by the Board of Directors, or by the President, or by the holders of at least forty per cent of the stock then issued and outstanding. At each stockholders rneel- Ini,'. each stockholder shall be entitled to cast either by person or by proxy in writing, one vote for each share of stock held by him as shown by the books of Hie corporation, except in ail elections for directors, each stockholder shall have the risht lo vote the number of shares of stock owned by him for as many persons as there are directors to be elected or to cumulate said votes and give lo the candidate as many vole.? as Ihe number ot directors multiplied by the number ot his shares of stock shall equal, or. to distribute them on the same principle amonK as many candidates as he shall sec fit. Article VII. Until the first annual meeting of the said corporation, and until the election and qualification of their successors respectively, the following named persons shall be and do constitute the Board of Directors of this Corporation, to-wit: Herman Herinanson and M. W. Sprolc, or which Herman Hermanson shall be President, and M, \V. Sprole. Secretary and Treasurer. Article VIII. The stockholders may. at any time, establish such by-laws and make such rules and regulations as they may. deem proper and expedient lo manage the affairs of the Corporation, and said Corporation docs not adopt a corporate seal. Article IX. All deeds, conveyances and other instruments, conveying" any interest in real estate, and all instruments or: contracts .requiring the acknowledgment of the corporation, shall be signed by the president, or in his absence o r - i n a b i l i t y ro act: by the vice president, and shall be attested by tne secretary, and nil deeds and conveyances so executed shall be binding and conclusive upon the corporation. Article X. The private "property of all stockholders of Ibis corporation shall be exempt from liability for any and all debtK of this corporation. Article XI. These Articles may be changed, altered or amended at any regular meeting of the stockholders, or any special meeting called therefor, bv the affirmative vole of two thirds of the corporate slock' then issued, provided however, no amendment shall be made authorizing the issuance of any stock not fully-paid or subject lo assessment. Dated tliis 12Ui day of December, A. D. 1936. JOHNNIE HERMANSOtT. JFERMAW HERfllANSON M. W. SPROLE. MASON CITY'GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 23 Nine Injured as Flood Derails Train 1937 pany .were amended by .the repeal o said articles, and tile following Article were adopted in lieu thereof by an unani mous vote of the stockholders of sal company: ARTICLE I The name of this Corporation shall b Globs-Cook Tractor Equipment Co Inc and its principal place ol busines shall be In the City of Des Motncs Pol' County; Slate ot Iowa. ARTICLE III The authorized capital stocfc of thl Corporation shall be $250,0110.00, divide into 2350 shares of Common Slock of pa value of S100.00 each, and 600 share of Preferred Stock" of par value of S25 0 each From lime lo time the Comrho Slock and. Preferred Stock may be in creased according lo law and may b issued in such amounts and proportion as may .be determined by the Board o Directors, and as may be pcrmitled by law. . · · - Tlie holders of Preferred .Slock shal be entitled to receive when and -as de clared. from the surplus or not profit of the corporation,- yearly dividends a the rale of live per centum per annum an ~ no . mor e. payable on the 15th da' of December In each year; The divi" dcnds on the preferred stock shall be cumulative and shall be payable before any dividend on the common stock slial be paid or set apart: so that if in any year dividends amounting to live per g been paid on salt shall be shall be NOTICE OF THE ArPOlNTSIEXT OF EXECUTOR the law'of the Slate of Iowa. authorizl "5 if"; '""paUon-of such corporation. Article III. Tlie authorized capilal 5TM TM o£ , 1 '" s eorporntion shall be Slo 000.00, divided into 200 shares of S50 00 each, all of which shall be fully ualrl when issued and. shall be non-assessable. - Article IV. Tilis corporation shall commence business on the date of the Issuance of the Certificate ot the .-...niitun; m me v-orpor- ation by the Secretary o( the State of Iowa, and shall continue fqr a period of twenty years thereafter, and shall have the power of renewal. Said Cornoration may, however, be dissolved at a,,y time ^a'Sd MS. · by ffir .gesi "TM . uvo - lhlrd3 ·Article V The affairs of tht s cornor- atlon shall be conducted by a Board of IJircclors not less than two. nor more ih directors, and until changed ihan five STATE Or IOWA. Cerro Gordo-County, ss. No. ' 4832 NOTICE IS-HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been dulv appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate of J. L. Skultle, Deceased, · late of Ccr- o Gordo County. All persons indebted o said estate are requested to make mmcdiate payment; and those having :laims against the same will present hem. duly authenticated, to the undcr- iertect for allowance, and tile in the of- Ice of the Clerk of the District Court L. R. BOOMHOWER. Exectllor. lj. R. Boomhower, Attorney. Dated February 5th. 1937. S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk District Court. By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. NOTICE Of CHANGE IN ARTICLES OF INCOKI'ORATION 01* GIBBS-COOK TRACTOB EQUIPMENT CO., INC. Notice is hereby given that a spccia meeting of stockholders of Glbbs-Cook Tractor «: Equipment Co., Inc., a cor poratton duly organized under the law of the State of Io\c.i, was held at the of fico of the corporation in Mason Citv Jowa. 9. n 1 J C 10th day of December 193G. after due and regular Notice ha been Riven to the stockholders thereo in conformance with the articles of in corporation and laws of the state which meeting Ihe rcauisltc majority ,, the stock OF said corporation was rcnrc sented. Articles I, III, and VI of th Articles of Incorporation of said com THE DAVE HENRY FARM SAT F . 2 MILES NORTH AND CfftHPl ^fiJLfEf i/ 2 M | LE WEST OF VENTURA THAT WAS TO HAVE BEEN, HELD TODAY, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23 HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26 2 -- HEAD OF HORSES -- 2 6 --HEAD OF CATTLE -- 6 ' 1 9 -- HEAD OF HO'GS -- 19 FULL LINE OF FARM MACHINERY As I am going to quit farming I will hold a Closing Our Sale on the George Brert farm, located 5 miles sooth of Mason City, then 2 T /z miles west, on SATURDAY, FEB. 27 Beginning at 12:30 P. M. Sharp 34--Head o£ Livestock-- 3 HORSES--One mare, 6 years old, in foal; 2 geldings, smooth mouth. T8 HEAD OF CATTLE--Nine caws, 6 milking, 3 coming fresh soon; 4 yearling heifers; 5 calves. 13 HEAD of HOGS--Four brood sows; ! boor; 8 fall pigs TOO -- BUFF ROCK CHICKENS -- 100 TURKEYS, 6 Hens and 1 Gobbler. FARM MACHINERY, ETC.--1 four-section drag; 1 gang plow; 1 corn planter; 1 endgare seeder, nearly new; 1 five-foor McCormick mower; 1 hay loader; 1 grain binder; 1 single row corn plow; 2 wagons; 1 hay rack; 1 buggy; harness; and other articles too numerous to mention. WALTER BAKER Ora Baylcss, Aucl. United Home Bank Trust Co., Clerk cent shall nol have ,,-... ,,,,,,, preferred stock, the deficiency payable ' before any dividends ».,,,., ,,,. paid upon or set apart for the common stock. Whenever all cumulative dividends on the preferred slock for nil previous years shall have been declared, and shall have become payable, and the accrued annual dividends for the current year shall have been declared and the company shall nave paid such cumulative dividends for previous years, or shall have set aside from its surplus or net profits, a sum sufficient for the payment thereof, the Board o[ Directors may declare dividends on the common stocfc, payable then or thereafter, out of any remaining surplus or net profits. In the event of any liquidation or dissolution or winding up. whether voluntary or involuntary, of the corporation, the holders of the preferred slock shall be entitled to be paid in full bolll the par amount of their shares and the unpaid dividends accrued thereon before any amount shall be paid to tlic holders of the common stock; and after the payment to the holders of the preferred stock of its par value, and the unpaid accrued dividends thereon, the remaining assets and funds shall be divided and paid to the holders of the common stock according to their respective shares. The holders of preferred stock shall vote 111 the .corporation. The preferred stocfc may be retired or reduced by said company on any dividend day, on and after one year from the date of Issuance ot said preferred slock, such retiring or redcmpllon to be at par plus a premium of $1.00 upon each of the said preferred shares of stock. All shall be fully paid when Issued am non-assessable. ARTICLE VI The annual mectinc of Ihe stocfchotd ers of Ihis corporalion shall be held i the city ot Des Molncs, Polk Counh Iowa, on the third Monday in Januari of each year. Special meetings of Ih stockholders.may be called at any tlm by the Board of Directors, or by th President, or by tile Holders of nt leas ipr. of the slock then issued and out standing. At each stockholders meetin each stockholder shall be entitled to cas either by person or by proxy, in writing one vote for each share of stock he] by him as shown by the books of th corporation. The President and Secretary of (h Company were duly authorized to sign "f, .?. dge ' rec °rd and publish, and d all things whicli are bv lav/ require to execute, complete, and carry into feet the above amendments to the nr tides of incorporation of. said comnanv GIBBS-COOK TRACTOR I EQUIPMENT CO., fnc. By II. M. Gibbs, President By A. B. Cook, Secretary. Marble Rock, James Barr. "Alt we have KOTICB OF THE OF ADMINISTRATOR STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4923 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has .been duly appointed and q u a l i f i e d , as Administrator of the estate of Julius C. Thicderman, Deceased late of Cerro · Gordo County. All per sons indebted to said estate are re eiuestcd lo mnke immediate payment and those having ·claims against tht same will present them, duly authenticated, to Ihe undersigned for allowance "s d tr!c't e cV,?' °"' CC °' the C '" k °' lhe BERT THIEDERMAN. Administrator . Breese i Cornweli; Attorneys Dated February 5th. 1937. S.' H. MaePEAK. Clerk District Court By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE ·TATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County*, ss. "o Uaft IVeiiJtfnt nd Millldi Wep klnr, and la whom It may concern: You are hereby notified that by virtui ' . a . special execution, to me directed. nd issued out of the office of the Clerk f tile District Court of the State of owa, witllin and for Cerro Gorclo Coun- y. upon a Judgment rendered In said Court m favor of C. J. Jansen. and Cainst. Lloyd WepkinR and Matilda Vepking. for the sum of Eleven tliou- arnl three hundred twelve and 47-100 totiars, debt, and Twenty-six and 2000 Dollars, costs, and One hundred fifty- hree and 13-100 Dollars, attorney's fees iiJ^f lev ;' ed upon the following ae- cribed real estate to-wit: The South H.lf (SI4) of the KOflh- west rjuarur (NW'.i) and Ihe North- «lt Qnricr WEU) of (he Nortbwe.t MJ? r t « r - ·X WW) ° f s ««°n Fourteen u and (he Eajt Half (E!4 ,,/ H,,, Southeast Quarter SE',i) of Ibe Northeast Quarter (NE',1) of Seetlon F!f- (IS) all of sa |a ,, nd h e l n r ,,, Toirlubsp (97) North of 1f* ·? w fr tr :- mt - m) W " 1 °' "" ! ·lUli P. M. Iowa. »nd a parcel of and In the Nortneast corner ol ibe Sorlhwest Quarter fNW',1) of He oulhw«t Quarter (SW14) of Seetkn Fourteen (H ],, Town.blp Mnely- evtn (D7) N o r t h of IUn r e Twentr. one (21) West of the Fifth P. M., rw», Ij-inic Northeail of the pnkllc r rnnnlni acron the Norlhea-,! corner of said forly HI)) .ertj. b r l n r n all about one-half (U) acr e, In Cer- ·n (tortla Countr, Iowa, nd t h a t on the 15th day .of March. 1937. 2^0'clock P. M.. at the front door of i Court House In Mason city, Cerro ""·do County. :lpwa. I will proceed to H the same i» jaUsfactlon or said * execution, together" with all legal costs accruing. Dated Bt the Sheriff's office III Mason City, Iowa, this 13th day of February, TIM E. PHALEN. Sheriff of Cerro Gordo- County. Iowa By--Elsie Ramsey. Deputy Sheriff. R. S. STANBERY, Attorney. Gleaning Up of Mess Left, by Flood Told in Evansville Letter MARBLE ROCK--How little can be salvaged from the odoriferous mess left in flooded homes is described vividly in a letter by Mrs. E. B. Thomas, Evansville, Ind., ^formerly Pearl Armour of ~ to Claude and left can be put in a trunk. And we have a barrel! for the dishes," the letter stated "We got out to the house for the first time Tuesday, and what a sight, after four feet of water had been in it over two weeks. Everything but the china closet, gas stove and refrigerator had tipped Her--mattresses and springs ilted out, and beds fallen apart. Dining table top, not veneer curled so that if the two halves vere put together a circle could be formed, floors buckled, walls cracked, furnaces partly ruined, cupboards, warped, windowsills ind door panelings to be renewed. And no one knows what may der elop as the houses dry out. "Nothing in our house can be alvaged except the gas: stove and he icebox. It had the unit on top r it would be ruined. What fur- itture wasn't already in a dozen iieces become so on touching, ust opened the front and back oors and shoveled the stuff out. 'ook a spade and dug off either le fronts or backs of drawers and ished the stuff out. Sent what we ould to the laundry, but the stuff n the beds was too nasty to do nything with--everything was covered with about lyi inches of yellow mud. Take a yard slick and measure four feet in different places around, your house and get an idea o£ what it means . . . . Blocks and blocks of homes, and the majority of them the better homes, are in like condition. No telling how many people who have a home partly paid for have just walked off and left it, but there are plenty. "Tuesday was too slippery and cold to do anything, so Wednesday we fished out stuff to be sent to the laundry and took what we had put on closet shelves to the hotel. Everything smelled lo high heaven, and was very damp. We aired and dried things, and bought a trunk that will hold all we have except the dishes, and they go in a barrel. We took that out today, and tomorrow we'll wash them and pack them for storage--One trunk--junk to you but relics to me--has floated off I can t find it, and the other was a total Joss. All my electrical pliances--waffle iron, elc , ruined. I'm ashamed to tell of what we lost when-thousands lost both homes and furnishings." "I are well and enjoying your well-water. We still are paying 25c per gallon.for Wis- sonsin spring water. City - w a f e r has to be boiled and tastes so vile with the chemicals." WOULD CHANGE SCHOOL'S NAME Bill Would Call Glenwood Feeble Minded Institute State School. DES MOINES, W--A bill introduced in the Iowa house of representatives Tuesday would change the name of the feeble minded institute at Glenwood to the Glenwood state school. The same bill would revise the name of the hospital for epileptics and feeble minded at Woodward, to the AVoodward state! school and colony. The measure bore the name ot the house board of control committee. Eighteen new bilis fell inio house hoppers Tuesday increasing the total file to 257, with more than ten days to go before the bill introduction period ends. Among them were:-A measure authorizing Iowa's governor to co-operate with other states and to enter into reciprocal contracts for supervision of persons on parole and for the return of parole violators. A bill to authorize the state conservation operate with commission to other slates in co- the ap- are Webster City to Be Beam Factory Site WEBSTER CITY, (/P) -- The Webster 'City Business association Tuesday announced successful erminatiort of a campaign to get he Beam Manufacturing company o locate Its factory here. The company, which has an au- horized capital of $150,000, will iccupy the former Monarch plant icre, the association said. The as- oeiation will spend about $7,000 o put the plant in condition for ccupancy, it added, . Officials of the company are B. ~ Gamble, president of the amble stores, and George P astner and P. W. Skogmo, all of Minneapolis, Minn. Castner will nove here as active manager of tne firm, the association said. Washing machines will be manufactured, it said. Res isms as Manager. CLARION-- H. G. Bowman reigned as manager ot the Bowman faster Service station and will perate a tire and battery service lation located in the building ormerly occupied by the Linfor Vuto company. At present, the tatton is closed pending the ap- ointment of a new manager. care and development of joint conservation areas. A bill to create an unsalaried state geographic board composed of the state geologist, state conservation director, and the president of the State Historical society who would properly name all lakes and streams and other geographic features. A measure to repeal existing statutes prohibiting the showing of motion pictures of prize fights. Two Suitcases Full of Money Guarded; Police Investigate SALT LAKE CITY, (/P)--Two suitcases full of money ranging from pennies to 5500 bills, were guarded by police while pondered where an elderly prietress ot a modest grocery' acquired such a huge sum. The money was found in salt sacks, sugar containers, old purses and various other receptacles hidden in Mrs. .Tennte Wood's 3- room apartment adjacent to her small store. Taken to a hospital several days ago, Mrs. Wood died yesterday Shortly before, she wrote a note to her attorney, Joseph Jones, instructing him to go to her home He called police when he found money all over the place. "There must have been more than $50,000 hidden around the house," said Detective J. S. Bar- they pro- dole. Several times Mrs. Wood had called officers to her store but she always complained, they said of "hard times." Police found Mrs Wood also had a $25,000 bank account, placed in trust for distribution to several grown children. Two at Chapin Honored on Wedding Anniversary CHAPIN--Mr. and Mrs. G. A Mayer who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Saturday in the Congregational church were honored by about 40 relatives. A ceremony was performed by the Rev. F. N. Redinger of Des Mqmes. Mrs. Etta Brinton and Mrs. Rosanna Kemmel stood up with the bride and groom and the bride .was presented a gold engraved wedding ring, a gift from the bridegroom. Mrs. Etta Brinton was bridesmaid at the wedding 50 years ago. After the dinner the guests gathered at the Mayer home and a tea was served to the friends who gathered during the open house hours. Visit is Concluded. GARNER--Mrs. Leo Phillips concluded a visit here Sunday night. Since Thursday she had visited in the home o£ her mother Mrs. O. S. Mitchell, and sisters' Mrs. Charles F. Merten and Mrs Earl Ellsworth. Before coming 16 Garner she had visited her sister Mrs. S. H. MacPeak and family in Mason City, where Mr. Phillips met her and they returned to their home, in Marshalltown. Southern Exposure for a speed- boot to take them across Hamilton Harbor in Bermuda is a much healthier and more enjoyable . stunt than attempting to cross the ice-choked Potomac in a rowboat. Cruise and warmer weather wear for Father and Son, Inc., is here presented. If you can't follow the sun right now, make mental notes on these outfits for summer when it arrives. The lad wears a suit of natural gabardine, with youthful color breaking out in his neckwear and horizontally striped sox. Red rubber soles on his white buck shoes are also a sporting touch. He could well change outfits with "the pater" whose slightly thinning hair necessitates a medium brown snap-brim hat as protection against the sun. A darker brown is the sports jacket of bold hound's tooth check. Three buttons on the jacket, along with side vents, are proper for nonchalance. A natural linen shirt with club-striped linen tie also looks cool. White flannels are always correct, as are the brown trimmed buck shoes. ·1 Gray flannei slacks, of very roomy proportions, are adaptable for belt support or, in higher cut models, with simple cinch buckle adjustments at the waist. Shetland, because of its luxurious softness, is unrivalled for comfort in a sports jacket ---in plain ;shades, or, even newer, with the faint over- plaid illustrated. The braided belt now splits up into two strands in contrasting colors. Black a n d white or brown and white, are good belts f o r general sports wear. A new model golf shoe with brass fitting in the detachable spikes, insuring no rust or trouble in removing them when leaving the links. The spike positions on the sole were chosen after studying actual golfing stances, so that no slipping could unbalance the follow-through. Most popular sports shirt is Another "softer than soft" the Gaucho model. While this accessor* k thk u is a solid color flannel, other m^",V^r ^^ are smartly adaptable light in ^ ghf ° * Q S ° £r.t»±? leeVWl m ° del You're, w earing *, but9 ; of "usrraTea. , smart thaf ^^ ^^ n«VL1 E i^l" answer °" questions on men's fashions. Write MEN'S FASHION DEPARTMENT, THE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, md enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for reply. IMPORTANT NOTE: 25c brings you "Esquire's Etiquette of Color," a l Q r qe - sirp( l four-page folder in fufl color embracing 32 suggestions for effective combing* ' " * '" c k' ors ond'patterns for the complete ensemble.

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