The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 21, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1818
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Ill r Stare rnni Smut in Brdwag, nr n n a rood tenant, for tiiree CD from the first of H . the oite and jrears Jr. So 206 Broadway, Dween ruiwn ..u store, o. - j. . . t .,,mic the joi.n - .". . h - hour,. of 11 lJi Ul wi vww - - elwenand two o'clock. Apply for term, and - .,:,,,lir. to JUU.Itt u.s mh 21 W 91 Water - street. " " TOl.El ', From (be first of May next, an excel leutlToaie, outhouses, and grousds adjoining, ssiri - erery comfort and convenience for a Senteel lamily ; itdd - the first avenue, near North - street, and about one mile from the City - MaThe rent will be low to a good tenant. For further particulars apply at the store of the subscriber. No. 13o Front street. ' mhl 2w CORNS. DUBOIS. " CHALMERS' NEW SERMONS. THIS day is published by KIRK & MER - CEIN, 22 Wall - street, a SERMON, deli - .red in the Zion church, Glasgow, on the day of tho funeral of hor royal highness the princes rharlotte of Wales. ty tne U.ev. I nomas v,ui - Also, hii celebrated MISSIONARY sermon. nihSt . "BYRNES' NEIV - YORK REPOSITORY, Walker - st. near Broadway, for the sale of horses, earn a ra. wa??ons, gigs, chairs 4: harness, both new and se - t coad hand, on commission. The proprietor, hauni Isold several honJred carria - 77?r m'.nnm nneninv till, res. 01 UiUerem uonnuuuu r B - above establishment, and the season now comuig on when number! will be m want 01 sucu articles, begs leave to inform manufacturers, and o - tbers, that a liberal advance in cash will be made eo soch as are tent to the Repository for sale. Horses for sale, kept at livery. Orders for horses, and carriages of every description, received, and the strictest attention paid to all who will favor the proprietor with their commands. FOR SALE, 1 A beautiful small horse ; one first rate family horse; a lew handsome light waggons, &c. tic. mh21 - DC6f ' HOUSE CAaPENTER.S WANTED. THREE or four, House Cerpenlers may Bnd constant employ from one to nine months, to go about twenty mile up Mie North River. Inquire at No. 83 South - street. mh21 . ; ""PLASTEROF PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the foot of Harrison - street, North - River, WHERE manufactured Plaster, for cornices and other pu - poses, may be had, war ranted of the first quality, at one dollar and twen ty tire cents per buthel. I he i i manufactory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who has served a regular appreolice - liip to the mason business. mh2l JOHN bir.Ri, f f ALES of Wondir. of Humour, aud ul ienti L ment, original and translated, by Anne and Annabella Plumtre, in two volumes, price two dollars, (or sale at No. 3 Wall - street, by mh 21 C. WILEY Ac CO. Loudly a golden boaster cries, Yet through MUs - Fortunc't .ranks One drew atntitary prize, Aud uinety - nine drew blanks. Ye ninety - nine unlucky wights, Who lost by golden prate, Beware of all unlucky sprites, Change luck with Robert Waite. rpiOKETS advance on Tuehy. in thei A Grand MILFORD and OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY. .MAMMOTH PRIZE, mm Two tickets will draw, 105,000 DOLLARS. Present price of tickets and hares : Whole tickets $30 I Quarters $' 50 Halves 15 I Eighths 3 75 Sixteenths two dollars. On Tuesday tickets will be two dollars higher ; until which day they may be had at the above prii e, of 1 1363roadiway. Who sold more prizes in the VUilical .cience Lottery, just finished drawing, than any other vender of tickets in Rrtndway ; amongt them way the highest floating pnw. mh 21 St 70,000 dollars 35,000 dollars 2oflJ,000 dollars 2 of 5,000 do lars 10 of 1,000 dollars rTlHESE re the Capital Prizes in the Mil - X ford Si Owigo Road Lottery, price of ticken 30 Tickets md Shares in a variety of numbers may be had at AilLEo SET'S Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway. N. R. All prieussold at Aliens' will have their names printed on the bark, and will be paid at their offices on p eteutatioa No. 122 Broadway New - York ; No. 2 bouth 3d street, Philadel phia; No. 151 Market - street, Baltimore. mch21 ' fL) LONDON PARTICULAR TENE - V Kir r W1MK & Quarter casks nearly eoualto Madeira 2 do dry Lisbon, with general assortment ol first quality leas and Uivcencs Very old Jamaica Spirits, Irish Whiskey Old Pench and Cognac Brandy Fish Sauces, Englin Bacon and Split Peas Dounle Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese Vers superior American and Pine Apple do London Brown Ptout, Hams, Shoulders Smoked Beef. Cordial. Stuunhton Bitters Demijohns, Large Bottles and Bristol Ware. Also, a small assortment of earthen and glass ware. For sale cheap for cash, by EDW. BLACKFORD 157 Greenwich - street. A few quarter boxes ol good Spanish Segars mh19 2w COIFISH. - 400 quintals Codfish, now on board of the vessel, and will be sold low. u before landed, by ROGERS & POST, 51 South - street. T . . . i rroBi z bads. Boston Kum, superior Huwity. mh 20 2t 554 SEAL lKLYS. Sic. Fur seal skins. 70 dos. neuter skins. ik received jujj (or - le by GEORGE W. TALBOT, mh 19 No. 55 Pine - strctl. LRr - tH FRUl I'. 50 boxes Orange? and 60 uo Lemons, just received, for sale by JOS JOHNSON, ttn 13 9 Gourerneurs lane. SU1LRFLE LKGIiRNS 3 cases aver, guig, No. 40 - for sale by LEONARD C. PARSONS, ft CO. "n '3 5l Pr.rl - atmt. I - Mhk ion. ort quality, iVlaiti - w "'que ureen Coffee Forsxle by nh . PETER REM SEN : CO. t - - - iL 26 South .treet. If I .' IX) SUtiAR. 200 hhds. Mus - thc irlrf "P" - of V1 q"al'ty, now on r ,h:. 7" d for ,1 xasonably if applied 1 "CKJ re stored, by mh 23 G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, 77 Washington - street. For unit, to that a concern, , The ahip LACONIA, burthen 241 tons, will now near 3000 bbis. now It iug at tne Aioany asin, w. n. ; win oe soiu on favorable term JOHN F. DELAPLA1NE, 72 gouth - t, VVLohai for tale, landing from (aid (hip. 170 ceroont St. Domingo Tobacco, of tupe nor quality. mn2U 41 For JAFEJltOUL, The well known coppered ship IM PORTER, James Rogers, master, a re gular trader. As her freight is principally en eased, she will sail on the 6th of April. For freight of 160 bales of cotton, or passage, apply on board, at rier No. 12, orto CHARLES HALL, 1 Beaver - st, XJ Consignees of goods per the above ship, are requested to send their permits on board im mediately. men 19 For Halt, Freight or Charter, The brig RECOVER, Owen, mas ter, 2 - 12 tons ; will carry about 27!. bbU ; u well fbuud, and a sound good vessel lies at pier No. 10, E. R, mh 17 Apply to JOS. OSBORJT, 28 South - sL For bale, Ereiuht or Charter. The brig ROBERT, Pope, master, 209 tons ; will carry 3200,bbls ; 2 years old ; well found, and a good vessel lies at pier Bo. 9. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, mh 17 28 South - st. For NEIV - URLEANS. The new and fast sailing schr FA VOURITE, capt. Fisher, having a part ol her cargo engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch, for freight or passage, apply on board east tide of Peck - slip, or to HAYDOCK & JENKINS, 152 South - st. Who have for sale. Clean SL Petersburg hemp, (Belfast's cargo,) and Kentucky hempen yarns, of an excelleut quality, in lots to suit purchasers. 100 coils cordage, assorted sizes SO tierces prime new rice 12 casks Bordeaux claret, entitled to de benture 200 boxes new spermaceti candles of Rod' man's & swain's brand 3000 gallons winter strained oil 1000 do full strained oil 1000 lbs whalebone in slab mh IS 1 For f reight or Charter, The fine new brig ELIZA, F,. Cruby, maste - , 203 tons or 1800 bbts. bur then, and in complete order for a voyage. tor terms, apply to G. G. & S. IIOWLAND, mh 16 77 Washington - street, For HAVRE. The ship ELIZABETH, Morris A dams master ; now loading, and will sin! m all next week. For freight or passage, apply on uoaro, at pier rvo. i, it. n. or to DIVIE BETHL'NE & CO. . - fnh 16 92 C. H. Slip for Hale, t'rtitiht or Charter, The well known ship MARIA - THE RESA, Wm. bkiddy, master, built in tins city of live - oak, locust and cedar: lately coppered and put in complete order for an India vcyvge ; is ballasted, and could proceed without delay, t or further particulars apply to F. DEI'AU, or G. G. S. HOWLAND, mh 16 77 Washiiigtoo - st. For JYEWRF, The good, fast sailing ship MIRROR, to sail in 3 days. For freight or pas sage, having tine accommodations apply on board, west side Burling - sljp, or to N. L. Si G. GKISWOLD, mh 14 86 South - street, tor JfttV.ORLEAJ'S. The good fast sailing ship LAGUIRA Lhas hall her cargo engaged, and will be Uesuatcned in a lew days. For Ireight or pas sage, having large accommodations, apply on ooaru, west side Hurling - slip, or to LiAIDIjA W, G1R1'I.T & CO. or N. L.& G. C.RISWOL1), tnh 14 86 South - street. - . H'anttd to Charier, A good VESSEL that will carry 600 ty' - lor a voyage to tiermuua. linmo Ui..u dispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER fc LAURIES, mh 13 29 pouth - sliect. . Ai For MOBILE Si BLAKELE F , viv 1 ne substantial aud fast sailin: new JOjbscbr. ANN - MARIA, Capt. Wncht, 102 un, imviug iwo imras oi ner cargo engagcu and on board, will meet with despatch For 'the remainder ofiier freight or passage, haviug good accommodations for cabin and neeraee passen gers, apply on board at Pier No. 4 E. River, or mh 12 99 Coeiities - slip. Uobert Gillespie, no oilers lor sale 112 Front - st 4tK) barrels irginia Flour o .,UB!..cauM,r.iuCo.Uf nh - nn,! Id) 15 do new - I 18 do Petertburgh T obacco 21 hales Upland Cotton 35 tierces and) . (i ;,....) twee 150 hags St. Domingo, ' j Coifee 04 do green Havana, a tons LisnumvitK Port, Chiret and Maueira Wine, in hlids. and quarter casks Korured fort wine, incases oi 3 onsen eacn FREIGHT FOR UPUKTU. A good vessel bound to Oporto may have about 1000 bushels corn uoircigbi. iiili it sJUGAR. 228 hhds prime New - Oi leans Su - O g:r, lauding at pier No. 13, E. River, from snip u leaner, will be sold on the wnari. Apply to cmas. b. uoula, ana mh14 ABR. OGDEN. IlUrSIA U RVE.S DUCK 340 pieces M., Russia duck, of the best quality 240 pieces Russia duck, second quality 25o do. ravens duck 100 do bear ravens do. 80 do. heavy. bear ravena do. 60 do. ticklenbure 120 do. EnglMi duck, ass'd from no. J to 7 4 tierces patent thimbles, assorted sizes 3000 gunny bags for sale at 180 Front - st. oy STEPHEN ALLt.x. mh 19 lw L'LOUR Si 'I OBACCO. 7u0bbis Richmond A snpf country 200 bhls. Richmond supf. Gallego's 70 do do fine country 22 do do middlings do 3ri do Lynchburg superfine 20 hhds prime new Richmond Tobacco 9 do do old Richmond rlo C3 kegs No 1, Tobacco, Davidson, Saun - aers K so.'s Drand 9 do No. I. Ladies Twist do. 10 rolls to lb. 8 twirls to the lb. 8 kegs No. 1 , roll do. 75 do No. 2, tobacco, for sale at 106 Front - street, by mh20 TROKES, DAVIDSON & CO. 1 AN DA .N N AS. 4 cases first, quality lUn - M.3 d annas, fur sale bv I. REM. - EN Si CO. mh 20 25 South - street. LEGHORN HAI'S. ONE case of Leghorn hats with extra crowns, frm No. 30 to 50, just received and for sale at 150 Broadway, by men vti at I nll.UKUi'KC rr. I FOR SALE, A PAIR of bsy HORSES, well broke and found. For particular call at Shaw' Li - very - ttaHe, ia liberty - street, near Broadway. tthWtw Jk J. C0DDINGT05, 204 Front - street, offer for sale, 30,000 lbs. ol green Coffee, In tierce and bag, eutitled to debenture , ' 20 hhds. 61 good Aloscovado Sugar 30 boxes of white Havana ' do 10 pipe L. P. Madeira Wine 10 do Sicily Madeira 60 casks old Sherry (Mora's brand) 10 old Bordeaux Brandy 3 do old Cognac f MarltU's brand) 10 hhds. Jamaica Ku 10 do W. I. Rum 40 hosts English Mustard ' 400 boxes Bloom Raitins 100 half chests fresh Hvson Skin Tea, Lon don Trader's cargo, lately arrived at Philadelphia. mh 18 lw TENKRIFFE. D LYNCH, Junr. (at No. 40 William - street) . has added to his stock of Wines a few hhds. of old and very superior Teneritl'e, which, having been ripened in the West Indies, has acquired the nut flavour which he offers for sale, . , . , warraniea pure as imiionr a. mnioiwr ClORNELIUS R. DUFF1E, 86 Wall - street, J has lor sale 750 bb!s. Richmond Floor 200 do. Philadelphia do. 50 puns. Old Jamaica Spirits 30 tierces prime Rice 350 logs cedar for ship builders J 50 cedar posts 10 hbis. cannon Powder 3i00 bushels Isle May Salt 200 kegs Manufactured Tobacco Old L. P. Madeira Wiue. , . mh 18 lw IRISH LINENS, DIAPERS, 5 - 4 SHEET - I.M.S, .Vc. tic. HPHOMAS SUFFERN. No. 6 Depeyster - I street, has received a compleat assortment of the following goods per the Britannia, Iron) Mit - ry, and late arrivals from Dublin, 4 - 4 ana i - o uiueo ; i - u nan oieaciieu ao 7 - 8 Dowlas 5 - 4 Sheetings ; 7 - 8 Lawn ;.. 3 - 4 Bird Eye Diaper . ' 3 - 4 brown Lincu 7 - 8 Linen in Demi Piece 7 - 8 Grey Lawns. . Which with hi former assortment of low pri' red and fine roods (among the latter are some of Thompson's line 4 4 linen) are ollered lor sale oo reasonable terms. mh 19 lw IN SEED OIL. 10 hhds. 6 tierces nud?2 J barrels, for sale by CORNS. DUBOIS, mh16 6t "OOMBAZETS - bales Uombazeis assort. L ed colours, just received per ship F.u - phrates, from Liverpool, for sale at 87 Collee House - slip, by LA1DLAW, GIKAULil & CV. IN STORE, 1 bale black bembazets, and 2 do assorted do mh 20 7t DEARBORN'S FA TEW HAuAjxCES. A COMPLETE assortment of Dearborn's Ba , lances, just received, with and without frames, weighing from 300 ;to 20001 bs For tale by N. k D. TALCOTT, mh 19 64 South - st. IOTTON YARN. 1000 lbs. Cotton Yarn, 1 No 15 and 16, Twist and Filling, for sals at No. 8 t letcher - street. rrh 14 I ,OUK Hundred tons til at quality Nova Stro - JJ tia Plaster for tale in lots to suit purchas ersApply to - WAL1LK Vf.ASUiM, 14 r ront - st. corner of Burling - slip, or to JOHN BYERS, foot of Harrison - st. mch 17 North River. THREAD FOR WEAI'IMi A AD SHOE MAKER'S USE. A LARGE quantity is uow on hand at the House of Industry in Anthony - strecL Also, twine aud carpet yam Knitting and sewing thread Mattresses for ships births, Comfortables . , . Sheets, pillow - slip and towels ready for persons going to sea , . . , Mattresses made to order for famiUcs, or repaired and altered Men's linen, cotton and check shirts, well made aud at low prices, with a variety of articles for women and children's use. Most of the above articles are kept at the store of tho agent to the society, 112 William - treet. ' inch 1 Jf READF.RY.U TAi.l.UtVtt UlDt.S. ArbVV thuusnnd pounds .New iorlc I allow, ur.d 000 Slaughtered hides, lor sale. Apply to i.GUUiONfS Hy - Market. ran 1 1 ii 3000 , G o. i I - iKIJVS. atiia gnat - uiiis, .large sise, for GUODIIUE 6z CO. 44 South - st ale by mh 19 INDIA COLOURED GOODS. Bales blue gurrahs, 2 do. custahs do checks, entitled to drawli :k, for sale by GOODHUE it t'O, mch 19 86 SUGAR & MOUiSsES. Hhds good molasses, 79 bags Calcutta su' - a.s, ior sale ny jub. uioim.i, mh 19 28 South - st I. ATI IV. FRENCH AND ITALIAN I.ANOGAUKS. t I It, CA?A I I, formerly president ul the 1 V I Atheneusof Treviso. and Dernetual secre tary ol the Academy of Helle Lettre. at ve ice, 6lc. oners nis services asieacner oi ine tin, Italian and r rench languages, in academies, boarding schools, or private Jessons. He would have no objection lo take ooard in a respect Me private luiniiv wnn pupils, in nruer io per fect tliein ii the ha gunges. Sulhrient references will lie given. Any commands addressed to him (to tne care of Messrs. Bernards: Mondon, No. 20 Maiden - Lane) will meet Willi immediate at tention, mh zu lin A MAN SERVANT. IfTANTED, a man servant who'understandt waiting, and can bring respectable re commendation at lo his capacity, honesty and sobriety, hnquire at mb It, .rt no. 4'J r ronl street 'ARMER W AN FED An excellent Farm to be rented or worked on shares, situated in New - Jersey, about I H miles fr im the city ol .icw - iora - ii is in a iiign t'aie oi cuiuvaiion , about 30 acres are io meadow, nnd almut the same quantity of tillable land. On the placets an excellent House, two large Barns, and other outbuilding, ror particular, inquire at a! Willi m - st. mh 18 In VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, 1ST THE CITT OF NEW - TORE. TVF lr.l rt rrruinH nn fhp w.l aiHt. nfClrtn f wtch - street, between Vestry and Desbros - set - streets, S5 by bO. Four do in the rear or tbe above, fronting on the east side of Washington street, 25 hy 80. Fight do in the tiiocs ueiow, between v asn - ingtoo and vvetr - tireett. , 10 mciiiiE'iraery vnanry. 6000 acre of Land in Lawrence' purchase. near F.ast Canada Creek, on the north side of the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15,163 acres of Land, in the town of Mount Morris and Dayton. In hssex county. 783? acre of Land in the town of Barrymore. In the County of Lewis. 1350 acre of land in Caterlaod, Cbassani Purchase. Io Saratoga County. 2600 acresio Palmer's purchase. Enquire at tbe office of (he subscriber, 34 Ce dar - street. BEV. ROBINSON. mh 17 tf A NURSE O' F unexceptionable c'isracter, wants situa tion, as attendant on a lady gome to the south of Europe or one of tlie southern state". Aplyto No. 3 Columbia College. V bere a nurse, who is also a eams'rets, it ranted to su;ply the place of the former, mh 18 lw Ear Etur'uuJ, ti Halifax, JV. S. rjy Letters for his Britaaniv majesty's packet SW1FTSURE, (lor Falmouth, via Halifax, Nova - Scotia,) will be received at the post - office till Wednesday afternoon, the 1st day of April, mh 18 tApl T W. MOORE, agent. FOR SALE. A BARGAIN. A LONDON made oiganised PIANO, if applied for in a few days. Euguire of the t'rinier. mh n lw Rr.CEJfi 1'LBLtC.rHUMi. JUST received and for sale by F.LIAS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway 3d door below rme - sireet, Capp's sermons' and fife Life of Garrirk, 2 vols, by T. Davics '. " ' A vindication by C. D. Coldeo, Esq. of the s'eam - boat right granted by the state of New - York, in the lot m of an answer to tbe letter of Mr Dder, addressed to Mr. CoMeit The emigrants guide to the western and south western states ami territories, with a map of Die United States, by Wm. Darby All the recent works of Wm. Cotbett, Esq. Tja E. VALENTINE has been appoiutcd agent for the National Register, in New - York, and respectfully solicits subscriptions for it. tngraving and co rplate printing executed with neatnes'stnd on moderate terms, inch 1" SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOYNO LADIES. !TRS. BOWERING, now Mrs. Brown, has I T J. removed her well known Establishment from New - York to Elisabeth Town, New - Jer sey, not a quarter of a mile from the public turn pike road. Tbe situation ol the place possesses every advantage lor a seminary : and will enn ble ner to reduce the price ot board inucb low er than can be afforded in New - Yorli. I he branvhes taught, are. Orthography, English Urammar, Heading, Wrilinir, Arithmetic, Ueo - craDhv, with the use of maps and clohes. Astro nouiy, History, mair's Lectures, vomposiuon, Music, French, Botany, Chenistry, Drawing in crayons. Fainting in oil, on velvet, and in water - colours. Plain Sewine. Needlework on musliu. f.muroidery on suit nod worsted, rillegrrn, Quudrille, Grotto and Wax - Work, Gilding and Japanning, will) a variety of other fancy works. mh Dim FRUIT, FOREST I RLr.a, ic. MCHf fr BENJAMIN PRINCE .in1 Have lor sale nt their iur - rf'Sery, Mushini: Landine, (L. 1.) itV "ear New York, their inuul and vV - v extensive varii ty ol EurrieMn ana Ameiican r run and nia mental frees. Also, a lame col lection ol valuable hru:s and Plants ; the) have several thou sand inoculated Peach trees, which tire in Hie. nirst henltliy slate and lit e Iroiu any distemper, great attention has been paid to preserve inem irouj inr j entjwa, wiuen hub Destroyed so many trees of Hint kind throughout the United State. Catalogues of which may he hHd of Messrs. HULL A. IIOWNE, No. 14C I'carl - strfot, New York, or nt their Nursery. ' Orders forwarded to either place will he inime diately attended to, and the trees, Kc. carefully and securely packet, so a to be sent to any part of the United Stales, with the greatest safety, and delivered at Crane wharl, New - York, by water free of freieht. Also, for sale cs above, 1000 beautiful Balm of Gilcnd or Silver Fir frees, they are almost sure to live when transplanted. fj As the great loss ol Peach Trees by disease, have detered ninny from pl.'iiiling them, direction will be given to those who purchase them, wbi'h if attended to, will enable them to preserve their trees in a healthy state, and to have Peaches in as great plenty a in former ye?":. rs.ii. reach trees inoculated on Aimnnu or Plum stock", is no preventative ugninst the dis - 1 ease, which the Pennsylvania Agricultural Society, call the yellows. mh 14 DfcC6t I.OR SALE, on reasonable terms, die Uten . sils complete lor a PoAr sun Cajole Man erACToav. Likewise, first rate Mould and Dipt Candles. Enquire at No. 19 Nassau - st mh 19 lw i STEAM BOAT FOR SALE. ftr F or sale, a well finish bed Steam Boat, of small size, with 2 cabins, nnd cal culated to carry convenient ly sixty passengers - Her hull is of the bet timber, arid she is copper bottomed up to the bends, prepared to be put into a line of : i. i. ol. i ... .i j . .. . running imineoiaieiy. cue uraws oui miriy - iwo inchi s of water, und from the advantageous construction ol her machinery, can be worked at one half the daily exiieiise ol steam - bents in geueral . - lie will he v;ld a great bargain, if npitliclfor shortly - Euouire at No. 48 Wall - street, of mn aw lOrt.iiy t. uui;r.Li v tu. NEW - YORK EAGLE GIN Dl.l, V IHK subscribers ha JL ving purchased th establishment, so well known for the quality of its Gin, are now making that article equal to any . 1 ..... 1 1 - . L . eiismieu in mis crjuuiry. They have now rn hand a supply in pipes and barrels, and will constantly have for sale New York EBgle Gin, ol the first quality. Apply at the Distillery, corner of Washington and Hani son - streets, oral 87 South street, to ROOKBACH he MITCHELL, Who have for tale. 10,000 lbs. Juniper Berries, and a general a ortment ol urocerie. mn t'J lw t WEGO TICKETS advance to 32 dollars J ooTunday nexL dollars 5,ooo Hollars 5,ooo dollars ,ooo dollars 35,ooo dollars 1o,ooo dollars I o,ooo dollars lo of 3o of ooo doll - us The nbove are the principal prises in the Mil ford and Owego Lottery, of 10,000 tickets only to commence drawing Bib May, and which may be obtained at 146Jlroadfway: for 30 dollars each, until Tuesday next, at which lime the v advance 2 dollars. The first drawn number on the 1st and 5th drawing will be each ntiilrritoa ranitnl orne o 5000 dollars. Correct check books kept for the examination of all tirKels. mnjijji Rlsr. OF TICKETS ON TUESDAY. CH ANCE for two dollars, of obtaining part r of the Maromntb Fnre or In the grand MlLFORD and OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY, which is to commence drawing on tl. - fiflhof Mv. Whole Tickets, $30 I Quarters $7 50 Halves. 15 Eiehths, 3 75 Two dollars for a sixteenth share. Tickets will advance to 32 dollars no 1 oesday M 24th inst. For the billowing very splendid prizes io this lottery, apply at WAITE 's. Lottery and Exchan. - Oitice, No. 54 Maiden - Lane. Where hsve been sold in former lotteries near ly all the capital irie, for sixteen or eiguloea years past, ana wnere in an pronani ny ine mom mnin Drue oi iu.uuu aoiiars win ire soiu unu i',u Amnrr the carjital Drixes sold at WAI I'E'S office, tli ioUowingwere sold io shares oi tickets, u: . .. Xo.3R,706, 35,000 dollars. . This is Hut highest nrixe ever sold in this city in shares. No. 17.S74 f3n,ooo 35. ooo 2o,ooo No, 12,87.. 7C 20,655 9.I3X JJP2.0O0 1 0,000 10,00" ?e,SJ 11,9111 36,81 45,2Jt 2o,ooo to, ooo 1 o,ooo Io,ooo 18,413 n..l,l. rrf unit nfCiOOO. O00. loOO. tlC All sold at WAITE'3, inoalre, qsaiters and eisbfht. mbtOtt. GRAND BALL. yfA3. W. WES I, encouraged bjrtbe flst - 1TX terinr approbation of her patrms, as evin ced et her bist public ball in this country, as well as gratified by the rapid improvement ol her pupils, respectfully acquaints the public, that her Grand Ball will take place on Wednesday next. S5Ui init. at tbe City Hotel, when a variety ol movements cuUrel) new. v III be introduced. Minuet de la Cour. sod A ngHioa's Gavotte, by Mrs. W. West, and 1 1 young ladies. llornpine, by a young gentleman. ' Solo, Adagio, ciisojiuis; to Allegro, by Mrs. W. Wtst ... Fansot's Honuiie. b Mrs. W. West,adan - ced by Madame Parisoti, at the Opera House, London. ' j - New Allemande a' Troi. with the Sateuse, hy Mrs. W. W er, and U voung ludies. - - 'The hall will conclude wuh a grand ballet by the pupils and Mrs. U. West, m which she Will introduce the liish liz. ; ' lu (lie course ol the evening a Bumoer oi i - o - tilhons, Quadrilles, and Fancy Dances, entiiely uew. f . The fancy dances will commence at half past 8o'i'.Mk. Tickets 1 dollar each to be had at the bar ol the City Hotel, aud at Mrs. W, West's, No. 6 iteiei - ttree(. mil IU IW OIUM) bAtl. AT HASH I MX 7 OA' - H. 'ILL. M' R. BERAULT has the honor to inform the ladies and gentlemen of New. York, his aunual grand ball wi'l take place on Thursday evening the 2d April, in the Wa.liing - ton - all saluou. In the course ul the evening, a ballet daucc, and severnl other Uncy dauces, will he pcrkirmed by Mr. Berault's pupils, at follows : 1 F.ulrunce of a grand march, by tO young ladies. 2 Corps do ballet, by 20 young ladies 3 Pas de drua, hy 2 young laities . 4 Pasieul, by I joun lady 5 The shawl dance, by a young miss 6 Gavotte do VistriK, by o young ladies 7 The aliauti - ute, by 2 young ladies (I Corps do balH, by iiO young ladies 9 The allemand, by 2 you:ig ladies 10 De deus, by two voim ladies 1 1 Pas teul, with the tambourine, by a young lady 1 1 The three graces, by 3 young bullet I J. Pas teul, by a young lady 14 The lesson, by 2 young ladies lis Corps de ballet, by !20 young ladies 10 A grand march, to conclude with, by SO voung ladies. The Lall to begin precisely at 7 o'clock, and the ballet at 9. L' TVkeU, one dcllnr each, to lie had at Mr. Heraull'r, No, 31 Courtlandl street, ami at Wnslu.igion - lliill. n'h 1? ,1w V IKCL .?. A.V'l llONli - Rl Kr.r.l. This Fvuiiiig. Tuesday . 'J'huisday nest. , , R. S'J'A lhl.Ab will cohtinue Ins txblhi lv I tionson thoie evenings, in which he will brinir Inrward a variety ol uew und incompre hensible ciH.riiiienls and deceptions in the ma tic art of Ifguidt iiuin, soiling undevelocd b the civilized world. It would be needless lo make ii'ooltlie pompous style ol adverti erueiifs retorled to by pretend r ol the iirolcstion ; I. is own acknowledged talent ueel not the empty langunge of a bill to conviiu e the public ol tin: vast superiority he i Inini" over nil those who have bilherto visidd the city of New - Ymk. I'he curious deception of ' ie Plus Ultra.' wl i.'e it attracted the must unbounded nnd reiterated applause, led even the most tienctiMtinii to be ll ve in real ma: ic. mh III III SJORE IO LET, The Store and Cellar, No. 1 3.1. corner o V uler and Pine - slreets, to let from first dny ul May neit, it is new und calculated lor the hard ware, dry good, or vendue husmess. Apply to D. SULLIVAN. mh 18 4t 131 VVater - strret. BE tiULD AT AUCIHKV, By HOFFMAN tl GLASS, nn Satur day, the 4th day of April next, at 12 o'clock, in . - i. f i ... 1 1 iruni oi inr j iiiHinr viiir siuiisr. I he House nnd Lot No. I Willinm - itreef, a present in the occupation of the iubscnler,fituttte at the comer of illinm - street and Stone - street. The lot is 91 feet dcp on William street, i: feet 1 1 inches oo Stone - street, and 48 Iret four inches deep from William - street, at the north wardly end oi tne lot. I'he subscriber some time ago had an inten tion ol converting the house into stores , nndoli (aincd plans and estimates for that purpose. He hud nfli. - rs from resectable mechanics In make Hie stores on the lot by some additional budding, nnd alterations ol the iir sent buildings, lor ic - u thrnisniid dollars, or to pull all the present build ings down, nnd to erect, with the assistance ol the present materials, live stores lor nlteeii thou sand dollars. I'huis and elevation of theie stores, as they were prepared to be built, muy be seen at the auctioneers. Seventeen thousand dollars of the purchase money runy remain on mortgage. Five thousand dollars will he required on exe cutionoftlie deeds, nnd the residue io two, four and six months. mhMtds C. D. COLDEN. JO RhAT, The Assembly Room, with the adjoin ing apartments, in Ross's Buildings, No. 146 Fulton - street, next to the corner of Broadway. - I'he premises are well calculated for a large school, for public meetings or societies ; the lare room being upwards ol MJIret in length, and a - houl 29 feet in breadth, with a 14 feet ceiling. I he whole, n lo situation and size, is well col culated for an auction establishment for furni ture and other sales. The above will be rented for any term oot ex ceedingteven years from the 1st of May next. fjiquire ol (he subscriber no. I'll r ullon - slrert mh I2dtf B. E. flLISS. I)R 6ALk, A new two story House, No. 143 Cham ber - street, finished in the modern style, with marble mantl pieces he. Possession given on or before the 1st May, apply at fi'J Duune - tt. mh 16 lw O H) I.LT, And possession given on the first of May next, the spacious and well known stand, the Union Hotel. No. 68 William - street. For par ticulars enquire of Mr. Vanderbilt, No. 67, opposite, mh 16 LEASE FOK SALE, FOR BALE at auction, at the Tontine collee - house, on Wednesday, ths 2.5th fait, if not previously disposed of at privato sale 10 years unexpired lease of tbe 2 - story brick front house no. o I Cedar - street Also, at same time, a lot containing aoout two and one half acres of ground adjoining the church at Blootning'Jale. For terms, apply to r,. ivHll t, 49 Jolin - sireet ; or, to mh 19 5t WILLIAM F. PELL Si Co. J O LET, From the 1st Mar, Oie bouse No. 133 (iTTVnwieh street. comer of Liherty - tireet, at present occupied by Doctor JSeihou.' The pre - m.r I viewed any day. between the hours es of 12 and f o'clock. ... t. i mb !0ff TO Lt.J, fiijl An elegant front store No. 29 Chat - bam street, calculated for a dry goou orouicr store. Apply at the office of NATHAN II. on am a .si. No. 17 Chatham street. Suitable fixtures will be let with tlie store, mh JO I TO LET, Tbe GLOBE TAVERN, No. 143 Wa - ter - Mreet. The situation ol Mis nous, and us ccommodalions, justly render it an otyect well worth Ihe attention of ior perion de:rous f keep - ins: a lucrative public ho'J - e. It will be let, fur nished or unfurnished, and io.meJi:it pcsseSMoa ivco. Apply at N 137 Water slrteU mh 17 tf fTTL JV LET, muD The Store and Cellar of hute No. 56 Pcil - strect, corner of - street, suitubVlor mechanic or grocer. Apply a Ddi201w 70 Pearl - itreet. . to, of . ps , PUBLIC SALES. BY P. L. MILLS k CO. SLl I - iniwunji At half post 9 o'clock at their auction room No. lift Pearf.flfrftftf - s Tnml .iMf mnt rtf Freochand fjig.Uh Dry GoXi, among wbkhara a bxXn r,olhf . CM - uflla Hbhons. do. Unto cambric bdkf, I do. silk gloves, C tic. cologn water, 1 do. merioo shawls, 4 bales superfine black and aisorted bomtazelts, S cases cotiou hme, do. brown tuid mix'd threxj do, 1 d. nett !uiprndcr, I do. goM eodca'nbncj iro - nets, 1 do. Madrasi tvlkci, 1 ilo fancy muslins, 1 do. domestic shirliugs and a number ol oilier ir - tidcs. MA RULE tCU RIJILDU.U, kt. THE proprietor, of tlit southern marble qua riei, near King's - Bridge, givu notice,, that they Imvc on band, and are receiving, at the Kmr't - Rriigt Naiblr nnd I.irr.e - 1 era, loot of He ach - itrcet, oi. the Hudsou river, an i'aive stock of marble lor building, of tho following de - scriuion: - , vii ; AhUr Copins; FounJ'.dJon Stone Chimney - Piace Facings .i Columns . - v Watertable Slept Platforms Sills, Lintel Arches Also Lime of the 1)est quality. !J"7 A coustant supply of tlie aUive materials may lie calculate d upont end thoie deilmvs i4 purchasing, or making engagi ment.', w II Apply lo EZIIA LUDLOW, Feb II At the Yard. - S i KELT ,iA LRE. (tT" The roati acts which are to be entered in to lor the street manure, will commence on the 1st oi May next, rr 1 or 2 years, to tie mentioned in the sealed proposal nnd the stieeis are to be iwept and cleaned, from the 1st of 'larch to the 1st of January, in every year. Feb 21 MECHANICS BANK. rXy3 The stockholders are hereby notified that '.ui clrctinn for thirteen Directors will be held on the first Tuesday in April next, and that the poll will he opened at the Banking House in Wall street, at 10 o'clock A. M. and closed at 3 o'clock P.M. By order of the President and Directors. on h 3 W. Fl. - H.Cash'r. NOTICE. ftj - About the 20th of Sept. last, three men l.r ml, I into the New - Inlet, in the townnl Hemp 'e..d, on l.oi g Island, a tnial tithing h, at. One ol tin in stated that tlie boat watralkd the Humming Bud, of Icrtlsnd, (M ) nnd helt. gMl to him : that they v.ere tlien on their pnssaxa from Philadelphia to Ntnporl, (R.I.) and had put in on account of tome dnmugn which tlichoathad siistaiiicd, and from a want of provision. I'he men left the boat, with n fjihihg iiet ou bo.rd of her, in the possession o (he subscrjLer, and pro - mix d to call lor them on their return from New - York. On examining the stun of the boat, her name appears lo be the Meteor, of Rriitol ;' 'i'his ciicunistame, together with the lact, that the men nboie mentioned have not alUd lot the boat, i'ldiicet the subscriber to believe '.hol 'she di'l not belong lo I hem, or either of th'm. The owner of (he boat andnetmn obtai i poterioa of thrrn by calling on the subscriber, proving projierty, and paying the cxj'erst's. S, - vir.l. M - .AJAN. Hempstesd, (L. ! ) March II, 1818.. , mhU2n , ilute uf jXtu - 1 ork Ctmifttnlltr'HiJftct. ft3" Public notice is herein tiveu loth hold ers ol (lie seven per cent stock of this state, that ail iiniiiliuin' oi iwenly er centum ol im ongt nal Kinniii.t of that sto' k, equal lo four seven teentbi ol the iirrsent anioimt, will be phid oflon I be first day 'I April neat, or at any lime ti.ere - alter when demanded. - l'ayni"ntwi'l be made at the Bank ol New York, in the city of New Yolk, to the stockhold ers residing in the southern district of I his state and out ol tlie state, and to - ill others at the New York Slide Bank, in therity of Albany. It if ri quired that tbe certificate, issued for the to k should be exhibited to tbe bank where such payments are made - " ' "., 1 hi interest on the said Instalment y.QI cease after the said first day of April Deal. Dated at Albany, march Oil,, i 8 1 H. ARCH'D. M'INTYRE, Compt'r. nvh 13 dtAI L - I LRN CA.NAL COMPAQ i. ffc7" A dividend of five and half percent, on (lie I. apital (ockof snid Company, Kill be paid to the Mix Kbol.lers nn the 1st of April. Apply to B nent Bleeikrr, Esq. Albnny, or 2iu William - street. By rnlr of the directors. THOMAS EDDY, Tre I reasurer. mn io im NOTICE. OT The creditor or JOHN MURRAY It SONS are requested to s - nd in their account immediately, stated with interest, up lo the 27th Jim last inclusive. And those indVhtid to s.ud Grin will phase make payment without delay to the subscriber, who is duly authorised to nceivs the tame. PETER LUDLOW, mh IR lw 111 Peitrl. street. FUUJAC BALL. GOT D. D. HU LETT respectfully inform his friends and (lie public, (hat hi annual Ball will lake place at 'Tammany Hall, on Tuesday evening next, the 24lh inst. at 7 o'clock. Tickets lor admission maybe had by applying al No. 17 Cedar - slreet, or at the bar ol the hotel. mh 18 lw MILITARY BOUNTY LANDS. rpUE Subscriber will pay the highest price In L cash to the late soldieis for their bounty lands. JAMES D. WADS WORTH, No. 26 Water - street. N. B. J. D. W piirDosiuc to leave theiitv for the Illinois Territory, requests all those who employed him to obtain their patents, to call and lake up the same, or receive Cash lor them. Will take any agency business to the Illinois Territory, relative to Soldiers claims, tc. Appiy as iovp. mch 10 D.VC 3wt FRWT and FOREST TREES. (Sir WILLIAM PRINCE ha for tale at his nursery at Flushing, (L. I.) near Ncw - Vork, anexieo - sue assortment ol f:ur ieaii nnd American Find and Ornamental Trees nnd Shrubs. The Peech Trees are io the most hrallhy state and of food sfe, many of them harirur produced Iruit io the ouisery the Itsal season. Catalan's ol the Nursery may be had at the store of Messrs. T. U J. SWORDS, so. 160 Pearl - s'reet t. Whero orders left will he duly attend - d to, and the trees, Ac carefully iiacked and delivered, fre - of freight, at Crone Wharf, ."sen - York. Printed directions wiilbe furnished tlwse who purchase ptarh trees, which tf attended to, will ""? ,MrT ".rJTr.f V. K'"r"''""" '?m."lJ? "ijawnave peacn .n . . ,..r. - .u.bki,,. mn d vrxff FRUIT and FOREST TREES. j.'fS CO - JAMES BLOODGOOD - . t..r aftli, ftt Ida Niirvrv. mt sFlushintx. fL. 1. near Ncw - Vork. Ja large assorlmeut of tlie misi approved Earopeao aad American . r . u U ' i sons oi nWK, rear, ovirv - Plumb, Pemh, Apricot, Nn U - nie and Ouiocu Trees, with an asaufuK oi ui t oresi J rees. A very large assortment of reach Trees, per fettly heaPh, uxi ol vigorous growths - , catalogues ot which may be had of , . . THOMAS BLOODGOOD, No. 20ti I root street W here order fct will be particularly attended and tress carefully parked and seUvered tree freight, at Craw. VVhari, New York. (r - Printed directi ositl be furnished those who purchase peach tree, which, if at;sjded to, will enable t hern to preserve a large proportion Iheir tree in a healthy tat, and to bave - ach' - t ir as great flenty u formerly . nihWd&clT . - ,.'',. pi Ma ii 'I i; i i t 1 ' It . If.;' - , r. !).: rV 'ill? B)'. I 1 1 Ai - li ; t - r ,'.' i ' . " . : i !i'

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