Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 23, 1937 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1937
Page 13
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 23 · 1937 . THIRTEEN HEAVY RUN DEPRESSES HOG TRADE PRICESMOSTLY 15 TO 25 LOWER Spots Off More; Practical Top $10.25; Bulk $10 lo $10.20. CHICAGO, (#)--Hog market receipls, which continued to increase during the morning alter a week-end delay due to floods and storms, depressed trade Tuesday. Transactions were slow and prices were mostly 15 to 25 cents lower than Monday's' average. Spots were off more. Small lots o£ good and choice medium weights climbed to S10.30, but the practical top was S10.25. The bulk of '.sales ranged from $10.00 to S10.20. Any advance in hog prices in the nation which may occur during the next two months probably will be small, the bureau of agricultural economics said in its February summary. Present stocks of pork in cold storage are heavy and will tend largely to offset the effects ol anticipated smaller receipts. Sharply increased receipts in the cattle runs here Tuesday placed the market in the buyers' hands. The fed steer crops tended to average from 25 to 50 cents lower than Monday's best prices. Very little trading was done. As there was but a meager supply of choice and prime steers aad years, these held steady. Cows held steady to weak. Bulls "were weak, vealers, however, climbed in price, scoring from 25 to 50 cent increases over this time last week. There was not much action in lambs as supplies o£ choice kinds were meager, but indications were Irom weak to 25 cents lower. Sheep held steady. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Tuesday. HOGS Ten cents lower. Good light lights ... HO-150 S 7.30- 7.GO Good light lights ..; 130-160 S 7.60- B.10 Good JiChls 160-V70 S 8.40- B.10 Good llchts 170-180 ? 8.05- 9.M 'Good Hght butchers 180-200 S 9.25- 9.5S Good liRhl butchers 200-2^0 S 9.45- 9/J! Good me. wt. butch 220-250 S 0.45- 0.75 Good me. wt. butch 250-270 % 0.45- 9.75 Good me. wt. butch 270-280 S 3.45- 9.75 Good heavy butchers 290-325 $ 9.35- 9.6.1 Good heavy butchers 325-350 S 9.25- 9.55 Good heavy btllchers 350-400 S 9.10- 9.40 Good packing sows . 275-350 I 9.00- D.30 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 $ B.8I1- 9.10 Good ble heavy SOWS 423-500' I B.60- 8.90 Good big heavy sows 500-350 S 8.40- a.70 (The above i* a 10:30 truck IIOR market for Rood and choice lioss. The difference ih price ts lor ahort and long haul hogs.) ) CATTLE Choice to prime steers S10.00-ll.50 Good to choice', steers S 8.00-10.00 Tair to BOOd steers S fi.OO- 8.00 low grade jleers S 4.00- 6.00 Choice to prime yearlings .. S D.OO-JO.(IO Good to choice yearlings ... £ 7.00- 9.00 Fail- lo good year-lines s 5.00-7.00 Common t o - f a i r yearlings .. f 4.00-5.00 Good to choice heilers $ 7.00- 9.01) Pair to eood hellers S 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair heifers .... S :i.50- 5.00 Choice to prime coivs ..... S 5.00- fi.OO ' Good to choice cows S 4.50- 5.00 Fair to good cows · S 3.50- 4.25 Fair, to'good cutlers 5 H.fiO- 4.00 Common to fair cutters .:.. s 3.00- 3.50 Tair to good canncrs s 2.75- 3.00 Common lo f a i r canuers S 2,50- 2.75 Good to choice bulls * 4."iO- 5.30 LiRhl bulls $ 4.00 Calve5. cd. to choice 330-190 S fi.OO- 7.00 Calves, med. to Ril. 130-190 S, 3,50- 6,00 Calves, infer, to cd. 130-190 ? 3.50-d'wn I.AMES I,aml)S, Rd. to choice 70-30 S 8.25- 9.50 Lambs, med. to Rood 70-00 s 1.25- 8.25 Lambs, fr. to medium 70-30 £ 4.2.)- T.25 Lambs, common S 4.25-d'\vn Yearlings, Kd. to ch. 70-90 s 5.00- C.OO Yearllnjjs, jncdium to £OOd S 4,00- 5.00 Yearlings, fair lo medium S 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, culls S 2.00- 2.50 ^Native ewes, good to choice S 2.00- 4.00 Culls, ewes 5 1.00- l.SO Bucks S 1.00- 2.01) Wethers, 2 year olds S 5.00- B.OQ Wethers, old (1.1.00-5.00 Buck lambs SI lo\vc. No dock on lamhs. Quotations subject to market, f l u c t u a - tions. CHICAGO ( T u M U A y M a r V r t ) CHICAGO, W-- U. S. d e p a r t m e n t ot a g r i c u l t u r e -- · l i o n s 27,000; I n c l u d i n g 7.000 direct; slow.ISc lo mostly 25c lower than Monday's nverasc: spots off more; bulk- p o o d ' and choice 180 lo 325 IDS. S10.IO fit 10.20: top S10.25: small Ints . $10.30; best ilRiit .lights $10; few good sows 5C.25«9.G5. CATTLE 13,000: calves 2,000;.rank and iile fed steer crop t e n d i n g 2nfl50c: lower than Monday's best lime; little done: shavply increased receipts placed market In buyers hands; . m e a n e r supply choice and prime steers and yearlings steady; early top weighty steers $14.23; fcv," loads M36f 13.85; hut hardly cnomib clone 'o make a market; common heifers about steady at $10 down; but medium and Rood grade kinds in liberal supply 25c lower; cows comparatively scarce steady to wc.ll;; H u n t offerings showing juoat advance: choice vealers S9.50tfi.10; light K'inds $fl down. SHEET 12.000: i n c l u d i n g 2,300 direct; IlSht percentage of fat Iambs from Colorado feed lot. strictly choice l a m b s scarce, and practically no early trading; indications weal; to 25c lower; sheep steady, bidding $10.500 10.73 generally (or lainhs lacking some finish; strictly choice k i n d s held at $11; odd lots fal ewes 5.V50 SOUTH ST. TAUT, LIVESTOCK. fT«e:ulfly Marjmt SOUTH ST. -PAUL, L.T 1 )-- U. S. depBl't- mtntl of agriculture -CATTLE 2.200; slaughter steers slow, undertone abohl steady; Rood m e d i u m weights held sn.50fiilft.5fl nr more: plain and m e d i u m grades around 56^1 R.50; she slock steady, medium anrt good beef rows S5.35ftfi.25: low cutters and cutlers JS.SOfi 4.50; most slaughter beiiers Sfili- 7.50; hulls steady: weighty bolognas up to Sfi; slackers iillEe changed; plain and m e d i u m steers S5flfi.50: calves 2,000; steady to 50r higher; bulk good atsrf c-hoicc S7.50fi!i,50; selects ?0; throwouls down lo 54 mainly. HOGS 6,500; weights 140 Ibs. up aroutid I n c lower than Monday's average; packing sows steady; good and choice 210 to .125 Ibs. SO.11Ti9.S5; top $9.85; 160 to 510 Ihs. ?9.50^t9.75; several Toads to shippers S9.fs5R9.75; 140 to 150 Ibs. $8.25«i9.25; 120 to 140 Ibs. $fl.2nfiO: hulk good sows S9.lj; average cost Monday $9.B4; weight 210 !b«. SHEEP 4.000; nothing done early; undertone lower on slaughter lambs; steady on olher classes: buyers talking around pflc lower on fal lambs; Good to choice grades Monday SlO.50fUO.75. OJfAITA LIVESTOCK. miMday M a r k e t ) OMAHA, (,r)--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of ag- rlculUire-- HOGS 7.SOO; ID-25C tower: top; 100 to 32.i 111'. *IUMtf0.7,V 170 to ISO Ibs. ?f).40^!.7n: .«mvs $9.2.~», CATTLE fi.mlO; calves 500: sleadv lo ·weak; steers -S8.5nfi 14; heifers S7#[lrt.35: cows M.nnri": miters M.235M.23: bum }5.50f/n; top vealers SB.5(1. S H E E T 8.000; 25-35C lower; lambs $10.25 '010.SO. , · · INO£X INDEX OF DEPARTMENT STORE SALES I923i25_»_l00 (ADJUSTED FOR SEASONAL VARIATION i tOUnCE. · BOARD Of COYERWOftS, fEtHHAl RtEERVt SfSTtU, 8»SEQ 0*4 DOLLAR SALES OF AOUT 425 REPORTING WPARTKEHT STORES THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES, ACCOUNTS FOR MORE THXM ^ Of TOTAL BUSWES5 rftAHSAGTED flT ALL. KPARFMtNF SIDfltS. »hO «JX1«ATtLY 101 Of ALL MT*I, 1ALE5, ACCOMWS TO t£h$US Of AUCfBCAW BUSINESS Qf OU I i "i """ -- ' -- INDEX 120 110 eo CJJ?J oj M eJ/vJ 2J. IH7 . . I . . I . . I . . i . . I , 1935 Hog Markets BtlDWEST J1OGS Hog prices at midwest markels Tuesday: 1VATERI.OO -- Hogs 10 cents lower. Good to choice 140-150 Ibs.. $7.35ai,G5; 150-lfiO Ibs., S7.8ofe8.15: 160-170 Ibs.. $8.45 ft8.75: 170-1UCJ Ibs., 59.10(11.0.40; 180-200 Ibs., S9.40dJ9.70; 20U-290 Ibs.. S9.DOe9.BO; 290-325 Ibs.. S9.40ra9.70; 325-350 Ibs., S9.30 (59.60; packing sows, 275-350 Ibs.. $9fa 9.30: 3.iO-435 Jbs.. S8.05©9.15; 425-550 Ibs., ;a.70'n9. CEI1AR RAPIDS--Hogs. BOOd 140 to 150 Ibs. $7.45(5.7.75; 150 lo 160 Ibs. $1.95ffl0.25; 160 to 170 Ibs. S3.45St8.75; 170 to 180 Ibs. J9.055J3.33; ISO to 200 Ibs. S3.33((i 9.65; 2(11) lo 325 Ibs. 59.508J 9.80: 325 to 330 Ibj. ?9.,15 (J9.E5: good packers 275 to 350 Ibs. $8.u:5i 9.25; 351) to 425 Ibs. 58.80^9.10; 425 to 500 Ibs, SB.65Tt8.05; 500 to 550 lb.s. $B.rOfi78.QO. OTTUMWA--HOES lOc lower; 140 to 150 Ibs. 57.50^7.80; 150 to 160 Ibs. ^SfiiB/iO; 160 to 170 Ibs. 50.50(58.80; 170 to 180 Ibs. S9.105f9.40; 180 lo 200 Ibs. 59.30ft 9.60; UOO to 200 Ibs. 59.aOa9.80; 290 lo 325 lias. 59.40 (B9.70; 325 to 350 Ibs. SO.'JOfl 9.60; 350 to 400 Ibs. S9.10fi9.40: packers 275 to 350 Ibs. S9ffi9.30; 35(1 to 425 Ibs. $8.SO£i9 20; 425 lo 550 Ibs. SS.75W9.0J. AUSTIN--Hogs lOc lower: £ood to choice ISO lo 200 Ibs. 5D.35'i;9,65; 2fln lo 290 Ibs. $9.504?9.60; 290 lo 325 Ibs. S9.4(K|' 9.70; 325 lo 350 Ibs. S9.301i9.60; p a c k i n g SOWS good 27;i to S50 Ibs. $B.BOft9.40. C O M H I X E I I H O G R E C K I P T S . DES MO1NES, (tt'i--U. S. doparlmcnl of a R r i c u l l u r e -Combined hop. rcceipls at 22 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in Inlcrior Iowa and soulhern iVJinne.iota /or the 24 hour period ended al A a. m. Tuesday were 12,500 compared wilh 16,100 a week ago and 12.200 a year ago. Generally l[)c to 15c lower than Monday's avcraRc; undertone slow at decline" loading licht. Quotations follow: I-icht lights 140 lo 1GO Ibs. Rood and choice S8O8.75; light welphts HiO lo IflO Ibs. ?8.70(jif9.R5; 100 to 200 Ibs. $9.50'7P.B5; m e d i u m \veighls 200 lo 220 Ibs. 59.65ft 10.05: 220 to 250 Lbs. $9.fi3'ff i 10.05; heavy weights 250 lo ^00 Ibs. S9.05f,ilO.O.i: 230 fo 330 Ibs. $9.5o1T9.'JO- packing sows 275 to 330 Ibs. good 59.I5i',i' 3.50: 350 lo 425 Ibs. ?3'»0.30; 425 lo SSO Ibs. SB.Sllf. 3.15. S I O U X CITV LIVESTOCK. T»«s[|ay M a r k e t ! SIOUX CITY, ufj-- U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 3,000: calves 300: slauchler sleers and yeai-linas slow; scatlercd early sales steady lo weak; some bids 15-2:m lower than Tvlonday's prices; most fat she stock liltlc chanced; cutter grades dull; slpckers and feedeiii scarce, f i r m ; car choice 1.100 Il. hccves $12; load lots bpld around S12,25fn2.5D; r.iirly litlle quota short feds S7.25Ti9.25; few choice 950 Ib. hcircrs 510: few cars m e d i u m KKldc l l j h t weights salable s'flB; built beef cows 53.75(ft,4.2.-; low ClUlcrs clovvji lo S3,25; car choice 650 Ib. stackers 58.4(1; few common and medium lols 54.7ariifi25 C u r r e n t stacker and feed cattle q u o i a hons: Steers 55(1 to BOO Ibs. good and choice- S6.30»i8.50; common and medium S4.50iUG.5fl: 800 to 1.030 Ibs. «ood and choice $6.50ii8.75; common and medium S4.,;»W6,50; lieifers Rood and choice 55.25 1T6.75; common _ a n d m u d i u t i \ 5-1^75.25; cows flood 53.7.-J/ 4.25; connnon and med i u m 53,25'^ 3.75: calves pood nnd choice S6.50«n.50; mcduiin SSifiO.50. H O G S S.nnfl; slow: moslly Ifl-IJc lower- weishU holow IfiO Ibs. d u l l ; lop 59.83 lo shippers and traders: unod and choice yoo to 330 Ib. butchers $9.2.V f j 9.75; jen to 200 Ib. lighl.s 59.2.1ff9.65; 140 to 160 Ibs. lipht liBhls sa.EO«9.25; sows moslly $9.25; slaps ?S.50lf 9.25; feeders S8.2.J down. SHEEP 3.000; no early fat lamb bids; buyers t a l k i n g lower; best fort wool skins held around slcady m- up lo 510.75: In1e Monday; lambs 10-15c h i g h e r : lop 510.75- bulk choice $10.909 10.65: load in Ib. fed ewes $5.75. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (Tnir.oila)- .llarkrl) KANSAS CITY, (,!,--U. S. department of a g r i c u l t u r e -HOGS 2,000. no directs; u n e v e n ; iriw 20c lower than Monday's averacc; lor S9.93: sood lo choice 190 lo 323 Ib. S9 BO Si9.9j: 140 to ISO Ih. f9i?9.BO; leiv SOU'S 59.15519.40: slock piss, scarce. CATTLE 5,000, calves 1.200: few e a r l y sales beef slccrs and yearlings about steady; market, however, not fully established: Most bids around 25c 'lower on medium lo low j-ood offerings; oilier killing classes, about steady; vealei-s and calves, steady; slockcrs and feeders, unchanged: choice yearlings steers 512.25; bulk fed steers of f i n a l i t y to .TC]I Sfffl, 10.25; few loads heifers early S7.(3()(i? S.G5: choice mixed ye.irlincs 510.50; pood to choice vealers $7fi!: few $9.50; choice shorl yearling steers SJ1.40. Representative Sales R E P R E S E N T A T I V E SALES · CHICAGO, 1,7-1--(U. S, d e p a r l m e n l of a c r l n u l l u r c ) -- H 6 p r c s c n t a t t v c sales Tx(esday: HOfJS Av(. A v r . r -V". Wit. T r i c e Heavyivciclil-- i f i t c h t Wcichls-- 'N 341 510.051 BR 1(1(1 1020 SI 330 in.(10[ 45 I T S 1000 "5 2.14 10.201 30 172 If) |o "2 2,i!) 10.15! 24 165 10.00 Medium Weights-- [ 'I 240 10.2.iiLlchl Lights-SO 236. 10.101 3B 158 975 '·' 224 Id.Olli 93 142 935 83 207 10.251 WHEAT MARKET TAKES TUMBLE Corn Fraction Up lo More Than Cent and Half Down at Close. CHICAGO, f/P) -- May wheat took a fresh drop of more than 2 cents a bushel Tuesday when, the price fell to a level 8 cents below the season's peak astablished a lit- lle more than a week ago. Olher wheat futures on which delivery date is deferred enough to permit tendering of new 1937 domestic grain declined more than a cent. Wheat closed iy, lo 254 cents below Saturday's finish, May S1.30'.-. 1o S1.30 r ;' 8 , July SI.14 to 51.14V, and corn was J /4 cent up to 1% cent o f f , May $1.05% to S1.05U, July 5.1.01. Oats'lost ] ,!i to 2','g cents, rye !» to 2% cents, and lard 3 to 5 poinls. Stock List (Dy The A^ocialct! Tress* ITuedy f i n a l Q u o t a t i o n s ) .11 2ft C H I C A G O C A S H CHAIN'. ( T u e s d a y ."MarfcnO CHICAGO. I.Tj--Wheat No. I hard SI.37 ftil.38: sample grade h a r d SI.34; No. 1 mixed $2."[i',4. Corn No. 4 mL.xrcl SI.06: No. r mixed S1.03'rt:1.0.-i',j; Nn, 4 yellow SI.05ft l.OR'.j; No. ft yello\v 51.Q4fil.05 1 ,!;; No. 4 while'.ifii.iwi. Ools No. 1 white Sic: "No. 2 while ol« "li'.ac; No. S white -ta'/a'" 5ft l ,'-u; No. 4 white 4B ] ,3fitaOc; sample grade 48/ii.4 3 .*c. Soybeans. No. 3 yellow 51.57. Barley Iced no^aSc n o m i n a l ; malting Sldt 1.44 nominal. Timothy seed per cwt. ?G17G.2a; new fS'.TCqfC. Clover peed per csvl. sari's 35. t.ard--Tierces, S12.02; loose lard, SI 1.42: bellies, ?1«. Al Cll Dyo 23S Atu Can lUG'.i Am Snl 5; ITci 97'.'» Am Stig Met W\ Am Tel T 175',* Am Tob B 94!'* ATU Wat Wks 2f'*i Anaconda liS^B Alcll T fc S F 74 Auburn Auto 3V I Aviation Corp 8 B.llt S; Ohio " ~ Rninsil.ill Bcndix- Aviat Beth SlcL-1 91-1* Bordcn 2G r !« Borg W.irncr R0=* Can D G Ale 23 Cnn Pacific ID^i Case 1C5 C N W 3',i C G; Wesl 3'.i C M SI P P 21. C R 3 i P H Chryslci- 12311 Colnm G El 17',', Cinivllh it Sou .T,V Coil Etltson ·!:» Coil Oil 10 Coll C a n G l ' a Cont Oil Del 4:! Corn Prod GG Corliss WriRtit V!ii Deere Co I2H DYc «: Co pt 2IIT1 VJllPont: dc N 170','t Gtn Elcc . r )9 Gen Foods -l^li, C!en Mol «,") G i l l G t l c 13'a Cooa'r T i R :w% Hudson Mot 2f) l r j I l l i n o i s Cent 27*X Inl Harvest 1'I2^' 4 lilt NU-k Cnn 70 lilt Tel i Tel U'.i .Inline Manv 1SB Kresgu ^T-',i IJb O F Ct IS Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesday No. 3 yellow shelled corn. .. .$1.04 No. 4 yellow shelled corn ...$1.112 Ear corn 95c White oats No. 3 4Gc Barley GO-HOc Soybeans, No. 2 yellow $1.44 T U E S D A V (SKA1.V CI.OSK. \VHEAT-- Mny July Senl CORN-;\l[iy nciv ... Mny nll .... J u l y ne\v ... .Iitly old .... Sopl OATS-May Julv Sepl SOYBEANS-- Miy July RYE-May J u l y Scpl BARLEY-Ma.? LAUD -M a r May July Scpl BELLIES-May July H i R t l 1.3:! l.ln'i .4BV. .431. .41 CHICAGO, liR-- Lo\v Close Limn i.:u|i,i 1.I3T. 1.11 l . l l , 1.11'a 1 .OS?, l.ltVi, i.oo-s .Q4 1 ,* .9-l^k .4]*., .30 ?» . 12.52 . 12.77 .13.00 12, IS 12.40 12.62 12.87 JB'.i -X' .M^i 1.54 1.32 12.1.I 12.42 12.07 16.W OHAIN T u f f s d n y M a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS. MY--Wheat--107 rars: 2!« cents lower. Cash: No. 1 heavy dark northern .spring. liO Ibs.. SLfiS^iifr l.GCHn: No. 1 dark norlhern .sprhjfi. . r 2 Ibs.. Sl.S^^nfl 1.5!t3'n; fancy No. I li'arrl Moii- lan.-i. 14 p^r cent protein. SI.4:1^11.4.V(Bt grade ot No. 1 d a r k h n r d or No. 1 hard Montana winlor. Sl.37TI.Ti l.nn?i; hard amber d u r u m . No. I. $1.4.1?B(i I . G ^ ^ B ; No 1 red,^^i. Com--No. 3 yellow, S l . H V i l i l . l C l i : I cent lou-cr. Oats--No. 3 while, 4S 1 .«T]4fl 1 «. I.IVrSTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, (JF,--U. S. d e p a r t m e n t o( agricilIUirc-- O f f i c i a l live-stock estimated receipt* tar Wcrlnesday: Iloss 20,000: entile P,lffl); shee 1363 1524 1200 1040 1241 1432 1074 1310 J242 1121 1021 CATTLE 1 Heifers $14.50] 24 14.2,-Jl 27 1.1.Ml .13 13.731 .17 031 na-i 12.rr!Co\vs I0.75| I I lo.nni n 27 8.UOI 32 I 20 inr, 30!)R B7. 1 . Colorado T.ambs -- ]r'rd AVeslernff- "« W! .fln.OIil BO B4 234 «l 10.751130 n7 235 05 lO.T.I^ei B4 Ewc«-- (4^n 1)2 22 in on .11 14J n.8.-,]2ia ini 18 301 3.00)310 B3 12.00 9.75 0.50 0.40 7.50 7.00 7.30 7.00 ·6.SO 5.00 4.50 10. SO IO.H.-) . in.ns 10. SO 10.40 10.25 K A N S A S CITY OR ATS" (Tllfflrlay S f n r k c t ) K A N S A S CITY. '(,!,--Wheal--120 rar = ; '.ifi2'.i cents Inu-er: No. 2 d a r k hard si.30iini.3i'.i: No. 3, si.2siifii.aB: NO, i harrl. 51.30^(8 1.34'i; No. 3. Sl.32',4: No. 2 red nom., $1.30'.a(rtl-36: No. 3 nom Sl.aDfrl.M'.i. Corn--31 cars: 1 cenl lower to ' j crnl h l K h c r ; No. 2 while nom.. SI Ifl'i'Trl 21^No. 3 nom.. Sl.17H71.liHi: No. 2 yellow nom.. Sl.lB«iI.2I; No. 3 num.. S l . l G ' i i i 1.20; No. U mixed nom., $L16'.bifil.l8; No. 3 nom.. Sl.lJftl.n. Oilts--ft cnrs: nnchanfiod lo 2 ccnl"! lower: No. a wlille nom., 50S52; No 3 nom., 43!i«T51!i. . r.OVI-RN'MEXT BON-nS. (Tnestlay QuoUlinti.'.l NEW YORK. IX-,--U. S. honds closed- Treasury 4',4S 47-52 US).18. Treasury 4s 4.4-54 114.11. Treasury 3^is 40-43 Jnnc 107.2. Treasury 31is 108.3. Treasury .Is 51-53 103.24. O M A H A r.rt.MN". ( T u r s d n y M a r k r t ) OMAHA, f.?,--Wheat: Dark hard No 1 sl.3Ji.irij1.34U; hard No. 1. Sl.32'.i«j 1.34! 3 No. 2, SI.32: Mimnlc mixed {1.24. Corn: Yellow No. 2, S l . l f l ; No 3 SI |7rt/ 1,18: No. 4. «l.l.V,jT, 1.17',-i: No. 3, JI.14- w h i l e No. 3. $ 1 . I B . Oats: W h l l r No. a.'.Hc; No. 3. 50',i35'ic: No. 4,MV«0M'.'; sample while No. 2 feed 46=ic. . Mulv ROD Mid Conl Pel Monti! Wai-d Nasli Kclv Mat Biscuit K.11 CoMi R Nut Diilry Pr Nnt Distill Nat Pow LI N V Central Northern Pac Oliver Farm Packard Mot Pal-am PicL Penney Phillips Pet ll'.i 24 08 437 1 52(4 1 1 "i f 5 '." Key TOD B Sears Hoeh Shell Union Sne Vacuum Sou P.ic Std Brands SUI Oil Cill Sid Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stewart Warn SUldcbakcr Swift Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sill Timk Roll B Uii Carbide TJii Pac lao^l U n i t Air Corp 20Ti Unitctl Corp 6 1 « Unit D r u G H i j U S Incl Alco W U S RuDljcr U S Sled Vv'arnor Pict West VJH Tel West El M AVoolwoi-tii WriRloy J C 108 CH1CAHO STOCKS. rruesdaj- Final Qllo(3(fan!i) Cilie.s Service 4V4|Nnll S t a n d a r d 3! llcllmarm Bre 10',i|Nortlnvest Bane 14V Kat7. Drue Kellogg Switch 10 = 1 Quaker Oals. Swlfl fc Co Libby McNeil 11 |SvviCt Inl! Midwest Corn H;i Utility i Intl Natl Leather n k ] Zenith Hides Q u o t a t i o n * F a r n E v h c d by Wolf Kio., Inc.. 3U8 FlUh Street S outb west HORSEH10ES Horsctiidea .. S-l OiJ ·GREEN UEEP HIIJES Up to 23 Itas io',' =c U5 IbR. up ;t Bull hides fii 2 ·Cured iiidw half cent more n pound. (On above prices B cent higher lo wholesale dealers (n wholesale lots.J WOOT, M A R K E T . BOSTON, [^j--u, S. rJciiarlment ol ricnUiirc-- Inquiries lor spot domestic wools w l i R h t and n o m i n a l l y unchanged Tuesday. Actual price levels \vcrc. imccrtaEn tic- C.TII.SG J n i l l s \vcvc hot b i d d i H c and holders were m a k i n x - n o e f f o r t lo sell ihcir p p r Cable rcpm-ls received from Au.ilrMlii by nrivalc concerns indicated prices u-cre firmer At this v.'eck'K .sales. I N V r S T M f v N T TIll'STS . ( l l y Tlic A ^ n c i a t r t ] rrr"i) Hilt a n d A s k e d T u e s d a y , Corporate T Sh ,TJH Corporate Tr Sli A A IMcid .. :i.y | Corp Tr Sh Ac Ser 2 n? Corp Tr Ac Scr Mod ,%R4 Dividend Sh 2.11 Maryland Fund ., JO.riR rValfonwidc Sec -1,J( Nationwide Sec vtc 2,:tl Nor Atner Tr SU . 2 B7 N'or Amer Tr Sh 1353 ..... n.Y.T Quarterly Ine Sh in,m Selected Am Sh luc 4.30 Super Corp Am Tr A 4 4!) U S El U P A .-.,,. 20 "S U S El L, P B ,121 U S El L 1 vie 1.23 N K W YOItK S r G A R . ( T u e s d a y M n r k f l ) NEW YORK. f,Vj--Rim- sugar. rU.i. rice tin p of fi points. Futures, M a r c h , N .1, 2.47. nnri July. 2.r7. unchanged to point net lower; March, No. ·!, 1.22. fin Scpl., 1,27. or 4 t n n points not hi she HefritfHf unchaifictt at - 5 ccnis for im cranulatcd. Mi.YN"i:Aror,is FLOUR. ( T i i f - f d a y M . i r k r l t MINNEAPOLIS. ,»v -- Flour: Carl Ints. a barrel ia 9(1 Ib. colton sai^hs: Family patents I n c to\ver, S7.-1IK; 7.fin; sl.nt ard patents JCtc lower, $7.^0^750 Shipments 2.1.'2?i. Pure* b r a n $2fU[. Standard, inirfritinjs.f s.ia. 'f.^ 1'iCr^^jSi?!!!:??;^'^*;^^^ Tallest Man of This Country Celebrates Nineteenth Birthday ALTON, III., (/P)--The tallest man of his country -- Robert Pcrshing Wadlow--was 19 years old and 8 feet 5', inches tall Monday. The y o u t h f u l giant held ''open house" at his home lo receive the .birthday greetings o£ his formen- schoolmalcs. His father is Harold F. Wadlow, an unemployed oil refinery engineer. The tallest man ot aulheniic record, Robert owes his ama/ir.g height lo ovor a c t i v i t y of a pea like glnnd, the pituitary, wliich controls development of tlic body. Robert weighs 450 pounds, three limes ns much as his father, who is 5 feet 11 inches tall. His mother and four sisters and brothers arc of, normal height and weight.vv METAL SHARES SHOW STRENGTH Pronounced Weakness Seen in Most Other Sections of Stock Market. NEW YORK, (IP)--Strength of selected metal issues contrasted with pronounced weak-ness in most other sections of Tuesday's stock market. Even the mining list, buoyant in early dealings following Monday's exciting upturn in London, fell back in later transactions when the, British market turned reactionary. Holding gains ot fractions to a point, near the fourth hour, were Patino Mines, American Zinc, Ccrro de Past:o and Park-Utah. Morning advances wei'e transformed into declines by Anaconda, Inspiration and Kennecott. One block of 40,000 Park-Ulan changed hands at the opening. The activity in other issues for a while was so pronounced the ticker tape was unable lo keep up with actual deals. The pace slowed near the final hour. Transfers were around 2,800,000 shares. Handicapping buying forces, brokers said, were fears of growing labor difficulties. In addition the t h o u g h t . was expressed that the market may have been due for a technical reversal. Curb Market NEW YORK. (,T--A bullish demousU-ji- Uoti in metal shares \vas Ihe distinguisli- iiig feature o£ the c u t b m a r k e t Tuesday. Ady.iucc. 1 ! raiiflcd from fraclions in lo\v- er prj'ced miuhiK issues to nroituct -1 poJuIs- in Ahitninimi company o[ America. A few oils nnd specialties improved with the metals, but many other lontlors /oil b a r k /ractionaHy or more. U t i l i t i e s were uniformly lower. Keen demnml for the .mining sluncj; \\-na h n s c d - o n over-holiday reports ol a cotuinxictl buyhifi scraiubip foi- copper and other rnclnls abroad, Newmonl. United Verde Extension, Bunker Hill and Sullivan. Mcsnbi Iron, and Lake Shore Mines were among leaders of the movement. I n t e r n a t i o n a l Petroleum, W a y n e Pump, anrf Quaker Oats st-ored moclcValc Knins, Bond Market NE\V YORK, (A',-- The boiirt market beat an irregular relrcat Titeadny in the facfi of ,1 sagging trend in slocks. The .scanty turnover in the first hour, Iitnvcver. indicated to oVt^ervers of investment a f f a i r s the m a r k e t wns sutterlug more from lock of a t t e n t i o n than n n v oilier factor. OrferinKS were extremely save for a flurry shortly a t l c r the at aroimtt 23li, nftcr n,talrly..jipavy voi- time of business a n d Tlock Island General Js ntlvancKd n minor /raclJon, also on n jiood lutnovcr. Othct- r a i l bonds i t i ' t l m active rllvisioii inchidori Sant,T Fo 4s, Bailitnoro nnd OliJo 4Vis. Nickel Plate 4 '.is. and New York Central 5s, a l l ' o f wliich ciliier held ii»- chnn«ftd OL- were a shade higher. On the loFfnp end \veie "Kaly" 5s, Missouri VA~ oific 5s. Korthcrn Pacific Is nnd Southern R a i l w a y 4s. Industrial nnd u t i l i t y Issues did little either way. Small losses were rcKtstetod by Western Union 5s, Young-Mown ShfceL .ind Tube 3 1 ,'=s, Shell Union Oil S'.is and National Dairy 3 a ,;s. On the upside wero Pcnn Dixie Ccnicjit Os and International Telephone ,^s. U. S. Kovcrnmonls held narrowly In a ran»c l-H2nd of n point liishcr to 2-^nda Inu'nr. The jjuanmlced division \vas jnosl active. KorciRn bonds moved In a somewhat wider flrir. Cuba oViis Haiinjd a full point to arontu! T8. U r u s n a y Gs improved miar- ly t h a t much at just under fit) a n d Buenos Aires 4U.S were ?; higher at about 80, I t a l i a n 7s were lower. Produce MASON CITY--For Tuesday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts IGc Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over ..12c Undei- .5 Ibs 8c Stags, 5 Ibs. and over l i e Stags, under 5 Ibs 7c Cocl;s 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Mr-.n-n.ints Quotations Eggs, in trade 18-19c' Eggs, cash 17-lSc* Butler, Iowa State Brand 40e Butter, Corn Country 39c Butter, Kenyon's 3Dc Butter. Very Best , 40c Butter. Brooklield 39c Potatoes, russets, peck 75c Potatoes, cobblers, peck .......52c 'EDITOR'S NOTIi--These representative auotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. cmt:.\Qo j'RonttCK. O'uc*ilav M a r U t t ) CHICAGO. (Fi-- Poultry: I.ivc. 1 car: 25 truck*: stcncly: he:tis over r Ihs. 17c: F HJK, .ITK! k'.is 17? jc: UenLiom liens He: coloi cd .-Wins* l.lf; Plyvjioulli and Wliiti- nock 21r: colorcri [rycrs 22c: While Rock 2'lr; P l y m o u t h Ruck 2.1c; colorcfl broilers 2::c; Pi.vmouih fincl; 2,-.c; While Rock 2nc: barrbacks 18c: LcgHorn Thickens Inc: roosters I3c: l-ccriorn rooMcrs 12*:: l u r key.s: Hens 20c: younc toim 18c; ntd l.'c: No. 2 l u r l t e y s Me; cliurks 4! Ib*, u p wl:itc ami colored 2f)c: snifil] while and colored He: l."c; capons 7 Ibs. u p "22c; less t l i n n 7 11)5. 2lr. B u l t p i - a,fiM._sloan'y; ereamcry specials tw sL'orci Si'fi^-i'jc: »\iras 021 33! a c n x l r n fii^ls l!r,-!)n W ,c: firsts (HS-R!i o! :l ,;'r;;'.2 :1 ,lc; s t a n d a r d s iDO centralized car- lotsl 33',c. Eccs H1.S2S. sti-.-idy: extra f i r s t s · local 21'ic: cars 22c: fresh Brnclcd /irsls local 21'.4C; c.irs 21141.'; current rceeipts 20^4C. NKW vortK I T n e x i l a y M a r k e t ) NEW Y O R K , f,Vj--Eggs 15,1S8, barely steady; tniN'Cd colors, special p n c k s S^'.ac; stanclnvds 23'.4c: firsl.i 22'.4^2 incQiimjs 2J'.ic: dirties Jv'o. I. I'l'.jc; .IRC chocks Id'.ifi 2nc: r c f r i R c r a l o r 20''/21c; seconds 101i Ifl'.jr. E i i l l c r n,n2fi. slendy; cre.imery Jujjlicr lhan extra 34',j(' HS'.^c: cxlro (92 srorc) n.Ki:!4'«c: firft.-i (fia-EJI scores! 32',4(ii^ie; feconris lfl-t-B7 scores) ZQ^ftZZc; ccnlr^l- izcd (00 scor/^t oTi^ic. Chrcso 40.760. steady: stale \vlio1e milk fl.ils held fancy 133B. I2«22'bc. I.ivc pnnllr.v. by f r e i c l i t . steady: cliich- cns. ftocks l^c: Lpgliorn I3c. Fo\vls, colored i n ^ 2 i c ; r.c^iiorn iritr?i7c. Roosters lie; iitrkryi iBTrsic: ducks 15c. rnonucr, Ft;Ti;nES. (Tncirlay M a r k r H CHICAGO. .·!·,--UMtler future.* closed: Ktorasjc .stanrfards. February 32%c; MarcV 32'*c; November- 2fl'ac. Kec futures: l-'crsli cradcd firsls. Feb. rimry 2 l T » c : sloracc paclcert firsts. M a r r h 22'ac; r c t r l E e r n t o r slnnd.trds, October 2 t - V e . Polnlo f u t u r p s ; Tcffllio RM.iFels. Ma No. f. .^3.77; March grade A J.X.IS; /April grade A'?3.fi7. FORGET . , {,,. tir J*] t CHAPTER 28 If Janet, during those first days o f . h e r return, had told Joel what was in her mind, nskcd him to clear away the tangling webs t h a t were contusing her, she might lave spared herself much pain. But she thought she knew the way a man's mind worked and so she kept silent. Between her and Joel there had never been any scenes and she- wanted to keep the personal side of his life free of them. She saw marked changes in him :hat were indicative of his chang- ng attitude toward his life and his work. He was still sweet, always considerate of her. There ivas no change in his feeling or lis attitude toward her. But there was a change in him. He was acting like a movie idol. The great screen lover was beginning to take his attractiveness seriously. His manner toward all women :iad always been courteous. Now it Had a new quality. He played back to them. He sought admiration from them and he expanded under it. His wistfulness no longer had the qualify of complete naturalness. Trained before the camera to make the most of his mannerisms, he carried them iulo Lhe drawing rooms and paraded them, not too obviously but most effectively, for the benefit of all. Janet watched and was saddened but she kept her silence as always. When she became aware of the change in Joel, she ceased lo worry about Carol Griest. She understood the situation. She knew t h a t Joel was flattered by the attentions of the glamorous star. She was f a i r in her attitude about that. She did not delude lierseJf into thinking that any man was strong enough to withstand the flattering attentions of a beautiful woman. She knew that she was not any more fascinating than any other wife is to a husband to whom she had been married for three years. She knew that she was a good companion. She knew that Joel's passion for her had not waned and so she did not doubt his fidelity. But sometimes she thought that fidelity was not the most important t h i n g in marriage. And she was aware of all the things in marriage that form the bonds that weave two lives to- Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1.100. Mason City Bill n n d Asked MoiuUy. Cent SI El fi pet plil ($25 par) in 12 Cenl St Et 7 pet pfci (S2; par) 11 1.1 Cent S[ PL 7 pel Rfcl 17 18 Cllrtmplhi Hp( la 7 pet pfd .. 100 Creamery Package com .... 24 25 Hc.-irst Cons A . . . . . . . . . 2:u; 21 Gco A Kornicl A pld 104 107 Gco A Honncl com 2^ 23 Interstate Power f; pet p/ri .. 1R Ifl Interstate Power 7 pel pfd . . 1 8 20 Iolv.1 EJec Co C'-t pet pW .. .14 5fi tow^ Elee Co 7 pet pfd .. 55 57 Jn F.lcc Ijt A; Power G pet pfd 72 74 la Elce I.I X: Pow S'.i pet ptd 73 la In Etee Lt Power 7 pet pfrt 77 79 la Power ,t LtRht fi pet pfd 102 104 ia Power it Light 7 pet. pttl 103 lo.i la Public Serv G pel pfd 9H ini] la Public Scrv fi\'j pi:t pfd !)!) i n t la Public Scrv 7 pet ntd .... I n n lite la Koulh U t i l G pel pfd .. 7fi 7a la South U l i l R; pel pld 77 7!) la South U t i l 7 pel pftl n,1 83 Minnesota P L K pet pCd .. 04 (16 Minnesota P : I. 7 pel pfd . . ion ini Nortlierti SI Power fi pet p f d En Eli Noclhcrtt St Power 7 p u t plrf !).i 97 ·N W Bell Tel GS pc*. pfd .. lo.-i N W SI Portland Cement coin 2,-i 26 1 . ·Talh Packing fi pet pfd lOf) "!Uth Packing 7 pet pld inn R a t h Packing 1:0111 ^a 3,* Slou.v City G t El 7 pet pfd inn 102 U n i t e d l.t : Kys G pet pfd nfi BR United Lt R.VJT fi.36 pet pfd fi7 Rf» United Lt Hi n\l 7 pel pfd .. fl:( (15 Weftlcrn Graecr pfri '.. 97 ino Western Grocer com ]6 IB * Cnlleri 4-15. ·' Called 3-1. Miscellaneous C H I O A f . O P O T A T O E S . Cl'itr?,rt.iy M a r k c l CHICAGO, Wj--U. S. ( i e p a n m c n t of 3s- r i c u l t l n - c -- Polaloes I5li: on traelc 2!).1 : t o t a l U. S. shipments Saturday 84S: S u n d a y 15: Monday SOD; old slock dull, slshlly weaker undertone, Kiippic.n moderate, demand very slow; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. s. No. 1, $3.-JOSf3.70; snijh lo mcrtinm S3.2.S: U. S. No. 2, 52.75; Colorado Reel McClures U. S. No. 1 fe\v pales s:!.27!i/fi3.3.=i: IVIinnosola Cobblers cerlilird K,-cd S3.10; Wisconsin Iloimd \Vliiles U. S. No. 1 feu' sales S2.4rj; U. S. eommereial S'J.'J0^2.2.-i; Michigan Hcissct RuralR U. S. No. 1 ear S2.TjO: new slock M i s h t l y strotiR- er, -- supplies moderalc. demaiirE f a i r l y Cood; track sales carlots and less thaii earlots husliel crates Florida Rliss Triumphs U. S. No. I.« t.!)5: few U. S. No. 2. ST.05 {correct account demand for U. S. No. 2 a crale. Lomson Brothers Market Letter M A f t K K T RKV1E1T. CHICAGO--Tuesday Whcal--There was f u r t h e r liquidation Tuesday as well as selllnp by larger nnri local t r a d e r s , and a l t h o u g h the absorption on decline was in f a i r volume: it was not enough to absort) tlie Kftncral ^clli Liverpool opened a l i t t l e u c t l c r than hr.t U'innipfs weakened readily a n d closed about 2 c lower t h a n M o n d a y n i f c . There was not much export business reported. Cromwell commenting on me southwest moisture c o n d i t i o n says Hint wet snow has R i v e n temporary relief to a large portion of the damaRed a r e a in Kansas nnd the southwest May wheat has declined about Re from the recent high level and ai local sentiment Is i n c l i n e d lo he a little bearish we believe further dfctines sJtoiiM he taken advantage of to take a moderately /ricndly attitude toward wheat. Cam--There was a f a i r sizwi decline In corn prices a l l h n u p h this drain held bel- ter t h a n wheat or o.its. Cash prices were steady ID Jc lower and Ilic ba.iis /irm. There was considerable liquidation May oats Tuesday mormrtK. prices c l l n i n s abonl 2c irom Saturday's close. The open i n t e r e s t in May oats is around 3B million bushels. If a foreign-born citizen brags excessively about the old counlr you can ask him why he doesn't EO back. But you r a n ' t do thai with the native who Coasts nl the good old days.--Davenport Times, gelher. She and Joel, wilh the small exception of their first few months of marriage, had had nolh- ng to build together. Money hart come to them so quickly t h a t they lad no struggles to shave and bind .hem. They had no children. They lad no friends o£ life-long duva- .ion, Everything that they had was an open book shared by the others n r their world. In Hollywood, iasts were dimmed in no lime and futures were vague. Friendships weren't made to endure a lifetime lor were they based on mutual af- 'ections. Friendships were made oy studio associations and bound the frail ties of shared work .hat was as unsteady as any such castles built on sand. Standards were formed on a 3asis of success. And the only success t h a t Janet wanted, or could have, was in her marriage. The value of marriage was not rated as high in her society as it was in her own mind. Janet was an individual in a group of groups. In these groups, men and women did not act as persons, they acted as part ot the [roup. What one did, another did. Janet followed suit. When she was laid up with a mild attack of influenza, she insisted that Joel carry on. It wasn't good for him, she said, to work hard at the studio all day and come home to a house ot illness. So she read herself sleepy in the confines of her lovely bedroom where she was attended by a trained nurse, while Joel went to his parties. The first few nights, he stole softly into her room to tell her about them, to kiss her good night. But then as a week slvetched on into the second one, he stopped those visits and Janet had him alone only for a few minutes in the morning and briefly at night. She had her dinner oil a tray and was conscious that Joel was anxious to get away from the atmosphere of a sick room. Her fever hod left her weak and the first night t h a t she went lo a concert with Joel, she wasn't up lo going on to someone's house later. Larry Kelton was in the party. He said he- had to start shooting at B the next morning and he was anxious to get home early. He took Janet home and accepted her invitation lo stop for somelhing to eat. Janet had loved the concert. Joel was bored. She WHS glad to have "Larry to talk it over with her. He shared her enjoymenl oE music and knew no more about it than she did. H was a f t e r 1 when he left. The next week, he rang her up and askeet her it she'd like to go to hear "La Scheme" which was being sung by a visiting opera company at the Hollywood Bowl. He didn't ask her if Joel would likt to go. It was the first invitation she had received from a'man since she had been married. Larry was a friend of Joel's and she didn't know how to answer him. She said she'd love lo go but she wasn't quite sure whether she had made any arrangements for that evening and asked him to call her back. She wanted to talk it over wilh Joel. '·I'd really love to go, Joel, but I feel so queer about accepting an i n v i t a t i o n that doesn't include you. You don't reully care about opera, though, do you?" Joel laughed al her anxiety. ."Little goose, you know I simply loathe opera. Go ahead by all means." "Mind because you're having a date?" She nodded her head. "Of course not! Good Lord, Janet, you're not in Chester now. And you're not living in the early nineties! Didn't I tell you when we were first married that f always wanted you Jo /eel free to do anything you liked, to go where you wanted lo, and wilh whom you pleased?" She said yes, he had. And she thought: But I'll .never want lo go anywhere without you, or want to go with anyone else in preference to you. She wanted lo say: You can talk about freedom in marriage but you can't make yourself feel free, you shouldn't want to. She knew that by giving her her ticket to such things, Joe! was making himself ns free as he wanted her lo be. She went lo the opera wilh Larry Kellon and put her mind in order as precisely as she dressed. She was going to enjoy herself. She wasn't going to feel like, an old-fashioned wife. She was modern. She learned to be modern. She played golf wilh Jim Somebody or olher who was v i s i t i n g from New York. She met a foreign director al the Jarrctt's house and accepted his invitation lo cocktails one afternoon. She forgot to tell Joel that the flowers she wore t h a t night were from Franz, the director. She gave all the outward appearance ot having a lovely time, lulling time with a n u m b e r of people. But she was not h a v i n g a lovely lime. There was a nameless ache in her heart when she thought of the days and nights that she had sharetf--and only she--wilh Joel. Joel wan not "running around" but he had his dates ns casually as she had hers and apparently it did not disturb their happiness or their routine. But Janet could have had three dales t day with three d i f f e r e n l men and she couldn't h a v e loir] you ; Hiing one of them said tj her vv'hen the date was over. Hei dates were only shadows blending i n t o the other shadows of those passing days. Then she met Russell Bode. (To He Continued) 10,000 DRIVEN OUTBY FLOODS Crest of Mississippi Rivet: Rolls Past Natchez on Way to Gulf. NATCHEZ, Miss., (/P--The Mississippi rivei- rolled ils flood L-resfc past Natchez toward the gulf at diminished speed while an estimated 10,000 refugees, driven from their lowland dwellings in Louisiana and Mississippi, sought relief at highland stations. Oil the 35-mile stretch of low levee between Point Breeze and Deer Point in Louisiana's Concor- din parish, hundreds of workers fortified earthen embankments. Clear skies eased tension aftci 1 hard week-end rains. The backwaters look their first victim in Louisiana late Monday. Mrs. Cy Kitchens, a bride of a month, drowned nenr Lake Catahoula in LaSalle parish while attempting to save a pig. Mrs. Harold Bell (/t ' Dies at Ottumwa OTTUMWA, (/Pj--Mrs. Harold T. Bell, 50, daughter of the late T. D. Foster, who founded the John orrell and company packing industry in Oltumwa, died at her lome here early Tuesday. She contracted pneumonia afler being ill a week with influenza. Mrs. Bell was prominent in Y, W. C. A., church and social circles. She served as president of the Ot- Lumwii Y. W. C. A., and served (he national organization as a. member of ils budget committee. She is survived by her mother, two sons, Hugh and Gordon, four brothers, T. Henry ' Foster and eorge M. Foster of Ottumwa, and W. H. T. Foster and John M. Fos- :er al Sioux City, S. Dak., and by .wo sisters, Mrs. D. A. Murray, Santa Monica, Cal., and'Mrs. Edith. Foster H u n t i n g l o u , Princeton, N. ,T. Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed. Fear Hoof and Mouth Disease m Imports DES M01NES, (IP)--Without opposition, the Iowa house Tuesday adopted a resolution memorializing congress to reject ratification oC an import treaty on meats and livestock with Argentine and other nations u n t i l they have "cleaned up" existing dangers ol hoot and mouth disease. Urging adoption, Representative David Dancer (R) ot Lamoni, recalled the liool and mouth epidemic in Iowa a score ot years ago. "We want no moi-e of that." he said. Waterloo Waterworks Officers Are Selected WATERLOO, (Pj -- Verle B. Truehlood, 23, was named secretary of the Waterloo waterworks board Tuesday and William A. Hendry was appointed superintendent ot the plant. 125 Miles in 25 Hours. Mrs. W. H. Cheesman and her daughter, Evelyn, left Des Moines Saturday a f t e r n o o n at 2:15 o'clock to drive back lo Mason City. They arrived here at 3:30 Sunday afternoon, a f t e r spending the night at the Kelly farm three miles south of Rockwell where they were marooned by the heavy snow. Visit al Waterloo. S WALED ALE--Fred Wreghett spent several weeks visiting his daughter, Mrs. Art Lagel in Waterloo. His daughter-in-law, Mrs. William Wreghett of near Clear Lake, accompanied him. MARKET NOTES By TICKER TAPK '['ho prospect. Dial Hie h u l l t i i t i R i u d n s l r y ..iay shoi-lly n^sanic n f r o n t rank position JIT. l e a d i n g indii'ti-y inward 19^5 record production levels is ntlrrtctlnc ctilarpcd interest in luiildin», business .-\n»i cial tivtartcr.^. Wlulc sharp n a i n s ] XtU -c hccn scored Irom the depression lows. \hn movement is expected to accelerate rapidly wlicn It n l t a t n ^ inore nearly n o r m a l level.';. Residential b u t i d i n g IK looked tn a A tlic most furl tic source for Improvement. Thai n conrAruction revival is dcfinilcly under way nnd hns made major progress JA ndmiued in n i n n y q u a r t e r s . TLinl H will continue to grow and rench m a j o r pin- portions in t|ie husfnoss picture is l a k p u EIK a L-orrotlnry lo the progress i l i i i s anrt the c u r r e n l conditions in t l i e h u i l t l i n j j iiiul r e n t a l licld.s. COVTHACTS U AIM SO Cotitrnels aw.irrlrd in I!tt3 showed an increasp of 20 per cent nver 1£S4, The niomcnlxim K i i l h y r i n j : lo tlic move was indicated In 19,16 when they increased 4Ti per cent nvci 1 Ilir prccelnif; year. T h a i this unirend \ v J l l c o n l i n n e is i n d i c a t e d in several rcuent forecasts ol probable 1D37 conslvuction. Distributors Gi-oup, Inc., f s t i i n a t e s t h a t construction a w a r d s in 13^7 \ v i l l flCKrr- n a t c from S-T.2nn.ono,nrm in $3,^!K,tni.offn showinc an ii^crcrisc ol 20 to .10 per cent over 1935. In .· survey Marls ay and company, members o{ Hie N T c\v York stock r \ - clianRc. es I i male Ttiai I n e p o t e n t i a l n,r- inand for huildioR is 5.7,000,OOO.OOf) a year, .They s t a l e t h a t w h j Ic this p o t e n t i a l or- matul probably will i:ot for e f f e c t i v e u n t i l business ROIIC rally improves .somr \vhnt. f u r t h e r , ex-fslenrc of t h e demand is becoming p.irlicularly evident in certain sections of the country, H I I C O V K R V IS S H A R P While improvrment has hr^-n sbarp from the low point in t h e h u l l d m p cycle, it hns iin where near matched thru In other lines of i n d u s t r y , studies of i t s recovery reveal- The Bronkijiirt: A n a l y s t in n special -study of building supply companies stales t h a t new construct-,on i-s n poatpojiaDlo want anl lUat b u i l d : n K a c t i v i l y f l u c t u a t C ' 5 more than must otlin arliviiicF. "Grncraf hu?inrss hy Iflafi had recovered -17 p r r cent of its tolal dedinf from the: pro\pcj-ily hi^h yc^r lo the deprcs^on f n \ v y*ar. ivliMo h u i l r t i n j r recovered onlv- 21 per cent of i t s decline," it pointed out. Thai t h e building Industry has- still A lonjr \v,iy to t:o h p f o r c r f R a i n i i i R n o r i n ^ t i.^ i n d i c a t e d in [ f R i i r c s oi\ conalntclion. a v,-a rri ?, From I «)2,i t o 19^n such a ward s nvn-aRcrt over six billion dollars a n n u a l - ly. D u i ' i n g t h e deprcssion Miey rledinrd to a t o t a l not far *bovr on« biHinn doll a r ^ i n IMS they failed lo reach, the thre» billion dollar marV.

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