The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 9, 1934 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1934
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

TEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 9 1934 GOVERNOR RAGE FIRST INTEREST Increasing Strength for Colflesh, Knutson and Turner Claimed. DBS MOINES, April 9. CSV-The republican gubernatorial race, feature of tha pre-primary contests, continues to hold first place interest in political circles. Informal gatherings in which attention turns to politics ponder over the possibility that the nomination may go to convention, which would happen if none of the candidates re- Tremendous Reductions in BUS RATES MASON CITY to ONE WAY St. Paul $ 2.35 Des Moines $ 2.20 Kansas City $ 5.25 Ames $ 2.00 Cedar Rapids $ 2.80 Waterloo $ 1-70 Los Angeles $25.20 New York $23.50 Bus Fares to Other Points Are Proportionately as Low. Phone 97 for Information. Jefferson Transportation BUS Depot at 16 First Street S. W. Mason City, Iowa ceives the necessary 35 per cent of the vote in the June primary. Claim Increasing Strength. There are claims of increasing strength for Robert Colflesh of Des Moinea, Clarence Knutson of Clear Lake and former Gov. Dan Turner of Corning. These three and the other candidates, Wallace Short of Sioux City and Vern Haig of Fort Dodge, have been active. The campaign of Knutson, a pioneer proponent of the gross income tax principle and opponent of the present state retail sales tax, is being watched with particular interest He has an ambitious schedule of speaking dates for the entire week. Few Petitions Submitted. While this race has been advancing to mid-campaign status the various other contests for places on both the republican and democratic tickets have been moving forward only slowly. Gov. Clyde Herring, seeking renomination on the democratic ticket, has launched no formal campaign but has been accepting numerous speaking engagements. Few nominating petitions have been submitted to the secretary of state since the opening of the filing period last week. Of those which have been presented the majority are for state legislative posts. The principal activity, aside from the stumping trips, has centered around the opening of state offices in Des Moines, the drafting of campaign literature and other efforts. Candidates for Fellowship. ST. PAUL, April 9. UP)--Edward W. Alton, Grand Rapids nigh school teacher and Ruth Lohmsn, University Farm School senior, are Minnesota's 1934 4-H club candidates for the national Payne fellowships T. A. Erickson, state leader of 4-H clubs, announced at University Farm school, today. Sterling Groceries and Meat Markets NO. 1 -- NO. 2 -- NO. 3 TUESDAY -- WEDNESDAY -- THURSDAY WE DELIVER $1.00 ORDERS MEAT DEPARTMENT Decker's Beef Boil, Ib , 7c Decker's Beef Roasts, Ib 12c Decker's Round Steak, Ib 20c Decker's Pig's Feet, pint jar 15c Decker's High Quality Franks, can 24c Decker's Loin Back Ribs, 2 Ibs 25c Sterling Hamburg, all meat, Ib., 10c Sterling Veal Cutlets, Ib 15c Decker's Pork Cutlets, Ib 15c EGGS -- EGGS I have handled so many eggs in the last six years, my'fingers have become donble jointed. Have a look , · ·"· · the next time yon are in. FRUIT DEPARTMENT Lettuce, large, solid heads 5c Cabbage, fancy, solid heads, Ib., 3e Apples, extra fancy Winesaps, 5 Ibs 25c Grapefruit, Arizona, 8 for 25c ORANGES, SUNKIST, LARGE, Dozen.. 25c Oranges, extra large, dozen 31c Oranges, good size, 2 dozen 35c Lemons, large, fancy, dozen 29c BERMUDA ONION PLANTS, 300 for.. 25c Bon Ami, can 10° Crystal White Soap Chips, large pkg lOc Crystal White Soap Chips, giant pkg 29c P. and G. Soap, 10 bars 25c Oxydol, giant pkg.. 49e Red Pitted Cherries, large No. 10 can... 49c Crackers, 2-lb. caddy 19c Corn Meal, 5 Ibs 10c Robb Ross Cake Flour, large pkg 20c Cheese, Longhorn, fancy, Ib 19c American Legion Membership Week We joined the army in 1917 to make the world safe for democracy and to protect the big boys' Investments. Let's join the American Legion to protect ourselves, our wives and our children. Dean's Milk, tall cans, 4 for 25c Monarch Yacht Club Peas, can 15c Cut Green Beans, 3 cans 25c Nut Meats, fresh, Ib 41c Libby's Pineapple Juice, can 10c KEEPING THE PROFITS AT HOME The United States, the states and communities are developed and jobs made from the profits. There is no question but what we can raise sugar cheaper In Cuba, oil and fats to replace hogs, tractors and a lot of otter commodities cheaper in the foreign countries. You have been getting commodities cheap and what is the result with our high efficiency in business methods. Millions out of work and poverty on all sides. A handful of men getting most of the profits and living in luxury while the masses fight for an existence. That system can be changed and must be changed. STERLING COAL FEED CO, It is too hot for coal. LUKE B. MILLER JACK McCOLE, Mgr. LADD3S' AID SUPPER, ROCK FALLS, IOWA THURSDAY, APRm 12--6 P. M. FARMERS' UNION MEETING--First Schoolhouse west of Rockwell on Swaledale Road. Bob Moore to speak. THURSDAY, AFRTL. 12. Early Ohio Red River Seed Potatoes No. 1 Seeds -- All Kinds -- Grass Seed Block Salt 39c Standard Oyster Shells, 100 Ibs 69c Pilot Oyster Shells. 100 Ibs 89c Occident Flour, 49 Ibs $2.12 Bulk Oatmeal, 90-lb. bag $2.45 Gold Medal Chick Feed Mother's Cocoa, Ib. can 19c Brooms, extra good ·. 39c Monarch Breakfast Coffee, Ib 19c Chase and Sanborn Coffee, Ib.. 27c - *MR. FARMER:--Bring us your eggs--cash or trade --all 8 stores. Use parking place. EXPLORING THE HISTORY OF IOWA By JOHN ELY BRIGGS UNIT NO. 6-HOW INDUSTRIES HAVE GROWN This is the thirty-first venture in the series of 36 explorations into the history of Iowa. One topic will appear in this paper each Monday during the school year. 4. To Learn About Iowa Factories. Iowa is best known as an agricultural state. This is entire- y proper. Iowa ranks first in more different kinds of farm products than any other state. 3nly Texas has a larger cash income from that source. But farming is not the only occupation in Iowa. Only about two-fifths of the people live in the country. In 1929 nearly 100,000 persons were employed in manufacturing industries, and the income from Iowa factories was not far below the income from farms. The value of manufactures that year was more than $900,000,000! There are good reasons why Iowa should be an industrial as well as an agricultural state Factories are built near the supply of materials they use, near the market for the things they make, or where labor transportation, and power can be easily obtained. Cheap coa and water power, convenient railroads and highways, anc intelligent wrokmen make Iowa a desirable place for manufacturing. Here is a ready markei for farm machinery, householc furniture, and such things as ice cream, candy, and bakery goods which are seldom transported far. For nationwide shipping, Iowa is centrally located. The chief manufacturing industries, however, have developed from natural and agricultural resources of the state. The record of Iowa manufacturing begins about 1850. At that time 1,700 workmen, employed in 520 factories, produced goods worth $3,500,000. (Each date on the graph should be ten years earlier, except 1929). The number of factories increased rapidly until 1890, but the rise in the value of their produce was very gradual. Since then factories have decreased in number bu' increased in size, and the value of manufactured products has soared to the sky, due mainlj to higher prices. Meanwhile the number of factory work men has climbed steadily Taken together these three ele ments show how manufactur ing has grown in Iowa. The largest industries are engaged in transforming the products of the farms into food or other articles for -human THE GROWTH OF MANUFACTURING IN IOWA use. Most of the things raised on farms are bulky (grain), hard to transport (livestock), or perishable (milk). Factories which use these products are usually located near the supply. This is why meat packing is such an important industry in Iowa--much the largest in the total value of the product. Poultry dressing is in the same class. Nearly a fifth of the nation's supply came from Iowa in 1929. Since corn and oats have crowded wheat into small fields, flour milling has declined, but the preparation of breakfast food, which is another kind of cereal manufacture, has grown. The unlimited supply of corn invites the manufacture of starch, syrup? and oil, while millions of tons of cobs and stalks provide the foundation for new industries making wall . board, paper, rayon, cellophane, and lacquer. Successful dairying in Iowa requires that the milk be changed into more concentrated forms. The great markets for milk are too far away. Consequently there are _many creameries, particularly in the dairy region of northeastern Iowa. About one-seventh of the nation's butter is churned in this state. Only Minnesota produces more. In recent years canning and preserving fruits and vegetables has become prominent among industries based on ag- riculture. Iowa is one of the three leading states in the canning of sweet corn, and eighth in pickle production. Most of the canneries are located in the east central part of the state. The pickle factories are in the southeastern corner where the soil is good for cucumbers. With better methods of marketing this industry may be expected to expand. Two other Iowa industries are founded upon local resources. Gypsum furnishes the material for large plaster works near Fort Dodge. At Muscatine the pearl-button industry, which depends upon a plentiful supply of clams, was started in 1891. It grew rapidly until the peak of production was reached in 1916. Since then the business has declined, but Muscatine is still the pearl- button center of Iowa. In 1929 there were 52 button factories making about one-sixth of the nation's supply, worth over six million dollars. Among the factories that are located in Iowa to be near their markets are those making farm machinery, cream separators, tractors, windmills pumps, harness, and cloth gloves. Many of these factories use large quantities of meta castings and so foundries have been established nearby to supply them. Wood working might be put in the same class for the big planing mills sel their doors and window sashes At Mason City THEATERS throughout the middle west. In each of these products, Iowa stands very high among the states. Not all industries, however, have been attracted to Iowa by abundance of raw materials or a ready market. Chance, personality, or a combination of many elements are necessary to account for the washing machine factories at Newton, 'ountain pens at Fort Madison, ;oilet preparations at Des VToines, calendars at Red Oak, and steel furnaces at Marshall;own. Each of these industries las achieved national prominence. The calendar shop and 'urnace works are said to be ;he largest of their kind. As for vashing machines, nearly half are made in Iowa and most of ;hem in the factories at New- ion. In proportion to national woduction, this is the largest f all Iowa manufactures. Measured by the value added by manufacture, printing and publishing, is the leading .ovfs. industry. It is ahead of meat packing, though the total value of the product is only a tenth as much. Newspaper and magazine publishing is the largest part of the business, but book and job printing are also important. One of the most fortunate conditions of Iowa manufacturing is the general distribution of factories throughout the state. No city has more than a seventh of the industry. This means that manufacturing costs can be lower and living conditions better. The ten leading cities in 1927 were Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Waterloo, Dubuque, Davenport, Ottumwa, Clinton, Marshalltown, and Mason City. Since then the relative importance of the larger cities of Iowa may have changed. Activity Hints. 1. Make a list of products manufactured in your city or county. 2. Write an essay explaining why Iowa is a good place for certain kinds of factories. 3. Make a large illustrated map of Iowa manufacturing by pasting on pictures of the leading products at the principal places where they are made. The same thing could be done for your county. 4. Read more about the pearl-button industry in the December, 1932, number of the "Palimpsest." Next week: "Governments Over lowaland." By B. J. P. BRIEFS FROM "WONDER BAR." Al Jolson is tie same aa ever . . The American tourist foursome, composed of Hugh Herbert, Ruth Donnelly, Guy Kibee and Louise Fazenda, furnish some of the best shots of the picture with their flirtatious antics in the Parisian Wonder Bar . . . Dick Powell in his role as an orchestra leader sets 'em back on their heels . . . Ricardo Cortez gives another smooth interpretation of villainy . . . Walt Disney, deserving of a* congressional medal for providing real entertainment in his movie cartoons, adds another jewel to his crown with its technicolor production about the Easter bunnies. This program is at the Cecil through Tuesday. » « * Interesting jungle photography, at times fascinating, features "Devil Tiger" which ends its four day Palace engagement Tuesday with "The Good Dame." Fredric March's performance as a carnival card another jewel to his crown with his versatility. Sylvia Sidney gives her usual portrayal. * · * DON'T MISS ·LITTLE WOMEN." "Little Women," which plays through Tuesday at the Iowa theater, is indeed a superior picture. Tile cast, headed by Katherine Hepburn, gives a faithful and illumicat- ing portrayal of this wholly American book. » « * "Duck Soup," with the four Marx brothers in front positions, begins a three day return run Tuesday at the Strand theater. The usual Marxian patter is the feature, if any,.of this production. * » · Robert Montgomery, Elizabeth Allan and Lewis Stone, three of the most pleasing performers on the screen today, lead the way in "Mystery of Mr. X," beginning a three day engagement Wednesday at the Cecil. Montgomery plays the role of a debonair gentleman crook while Stone ia cast as a chief commissioner of the Scotland yard. * * # SPENCER TBACJT IN "THE SHOW-OFF." Why is it that Spencer Tracy's film roles always seem to connect him with railroads in one way or another? In "The Show-off," which starts a three day run Wednesday at the Palace, Tracy is again a railroad man. The other picture on this bill is a McLaughlin-Lowe film, "No More Women." * * * Paul Muni gives a fine portrayal in "The World Changes" which plays a return engagement Wednesday and Thursday at the Iowa, The theme of this film bears out the old adage, "from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations." * * * George O'Brien, Adonis of the. screen, heads the cast of "Frontier Marshal" which .plays Friday and Saturday at the Strand. This picture is above average" as western films go. St. Olaf Choir to Sing April 16 in Decorah Gym DECORAH, April 9.--A recital by the St. Olaf choir will be given in Decorah on April 16 for the benefit of the Aase Haugen home. The concert will be given in the college gymnasium. The choir is composed of 60 students from St. Olaf, who have been touring the country for several weeks. Concerts are conducted by Dr. Melius Christiansen. Nomination Papers for Irving H. Knudson Are Circulated in District WEBSTER CITY, April 9. C3?)-- Although he has made no formal announcement of his candidacy to succeed himself, Senator Irving H. Knudson has sent nomination blanks to the three counties in his district. Nomination papers have been taken out by Oscar Ulstad of Wright county for the republican, candidacy. He is a former member of the senate from this district. Piano Recital Given. GARNER--Mrs. Robert Sinclair held a piano student recital for 12 of her pupils in the Fred Fritsch home Saturday afternoon. tfji^FERNDELL FOOD VLANVILIE PHONE 834"QUAL1TY MEATS AND GROCERIES" SPRING SALE OF FOOD PHONE YOUR ORDERS TO THIS STORE Quality Foods are not high priced here Silk Tissue Toilet Paper, 6Rls. Sweet Pickles, ft M Quart Jars ---------- Mjf. Northfield Milk, 4Lg. Libby's Peaches, f |» No.2'/ 2 Tins ......... JLO In Syrup Ovaltine, Large $1.00 Size PINEAPPLE, |Q JL v Large Tins Primex Sho ening, 2 Ibs. ... ..... Primex Short- Off O«f Butter, 92 Score Fresh, Cr'y. Ib. Home Made Mayonnaise, 8 Oz. and \ Q c 1 Head Lettuce JLQ TUESDAY SPECIAL Home Made Cinnamon and Pecan Rolls, Dozen Marshmallows, -i ff c Fresh Fluffy, lb.J.«J Comb Honey, 2 Combs Sugar, 10 Ibs. BROWN SUGAR, 3 lbs...-18c POWDERED SUGAR, 8 Ibs. 18c 50 FARMERS! We Pay Above Market for Eggs Bulk Oats, 90 Ib. bag _ $2.59 Starting Mash, 100 Ib. bag $2.35 Chick Feed, Without Corn, 100 Ibs $2.35 Block Salt, Per Sack .46c ASK RECEIVERS FOR TWO BANKS Cedar Rapids Petition Hits at Constitutionality of Senate File 111. CEDAR RAPIDS, April 9. Suits asking appointment of receivers for the Cedar Rapids Savings bank and the American Trust and Savings bank of Cedar Rapids and attacking the constitutionality of senate file 111 under which the banks have been operating, were on f Us in district court here today. They were filed by Harry Paar as executor of the C. H. Roy estate. The suits 'maintain that the state law provides that no act of the general assembly authorizing corporations or associations with banking powers shall be in force until the matter shall have been approved by the people at a general or special election within three months after the act is passed. An order enforcing stockholders liabilities for assessment and an injunction restraining the defendant from transferring or encumbering or involving the assets in their charge, or from in any other manner paying out deposits of the old depositors, are asked in the petition. Damage of R. R. Wreck Is Repaired on C.G.W. DUMONT, April 9.--The tracks on the C. G. W. railway were in shape for train service about midnight Friday. Extra men worked night and day since the wreck Wednesday noon which tore out about 200 feet of the trestle over the West Fork, wrecking 12 cars. Derricks are still working at clearing the wreckage, some of the contents of the cars having been salvaged. What we need is a nice word to describe good American plans that Russia calls collectivism.--Kewane« Star-Courier. IOWA Today and Tuesday K A T H A R I N E H E P B U R N WITH JOAN BENNETT PAUL tUKAS FRANCES DEE JEAN PABKEE EDNA MAY OUVEB CARTOON AND NEWS Showlne TUBS., WED AND THTJRS. GREATEST ANIMAL THRILLER EVER MADE! $ Y I. V I A SIDNEY F R E D R I C MARCH · I t I ^··^ '·i^ n ^»" '· DAME NOW SHOWING iPALACE D A N C E AVALON BALLROOM Sunset Inn, Manly TUBS., APRIL 10 EARL HUNT and His Uptown Orchestra Saturday, April 14 SPIDER KURTH Ladies 25c Gents 40c Who Said Mason City Is Not a Metropolitan Center? Mason City has been chosen as one of few cities in the United States for the first showing of 'As the Earth Turns 1 The first love story to come out of Hollywood without hokum! Adapted From the Triumphant Novel By Gladys Hasty Carroll STARTS SATURDAY CECIL THEATRE CECIL TODAY with AL JOLSON KAY FRANCIS DICK POWELL DOLORES DEL RIO RICARDO CORTEZ Hugh Herbert Guy Kibbee Added--WALT DISNEY'S Special Silly Symphony "Funny Bunny" Entirely in Color ·l : * 5 0 o b · t .0 .9 . , 'o 0

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