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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, March 21, 1818
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ik. 1 MnUkMl ta Uli BOtl Of till m V qui da Circello of tba 27lhof the saaxa aaonlh, I had ecarcaly quilted Naples whav b teat after m hi twply to my note of the t4lh of Aogust. Tba obrtaciei which, while I wwpiwnt,thret - .; wawd torcUnl that rsply for tnauy m week, and yen for moolln, disappeared with marvellout rapidity, after I bid departed i tor repiy ,, - pa wad mo on tne road us ou retersparx;, w r - fived there loof before me.w Mr. l"iWtter on to state that, when thii reply waj tendtrred to him at 8t. Petersburg by ; todukof 8rra Capriola, tbe Neapolitan mi - rnfater at that court, ha rafuied to receive K. hi nincttooj having ceased a pocial miuuler to wa - ple. Beta entreated toreceive it, ha at length ' eoosented lo receive the packet, and transmit it to bit government. 3 There ara four notei which pawed botwoan - Mr. rinknay and the dukaof CaprioU, respecv . ' tog lha difficulty which thus arose. Next comet tba following extract of a letter from Mr. Gallatin, aur minuter at ram, aaieo. i :: PARIS, 19th Nov. 1816. . i mi mm!1 m tha lath tnat. a not from tba Neapolitan ambassador, enclosing, by order of i his court, the copy an omciai nous, uaum October last, and dJrewed by tba marqola da Circello, to Mr. - Pinkney, after bit departure - from Naples, hi answer to a verbal inquiry, tha ambassador told ma, that ha did not know whe - thar that aota bad bean directed to Mr. Pinkney, ut St. Petersburg, or at any other place on the . tmmLx He alto said that hit government had au - thoriaed Mm to add to that communication to me any farther observations, which he might deem proper, bat that he bad abstained from it, knowing that neither he nor mytelf had any powert on that mbjcct, and wiihing therefore to avoid wa unprofitable discuwloa. ... - . w It may be presumed, that the Neapolitan go ' sjernmenl delayed Ihet note, inordar lo prevent ( the potability of a reply; and that their intention i in communicating it to ma was to batten its trans - wiiaaon to you. Copiea of the official note iimii, - wad that of the embassadors ma, are enclosed." - 4 .Tha official reply of tha Neapolitan minuter concludes the sen, and ii at (ollowi ,'j . - frainatATion.) - - The aarnuisof Circello, minister of foreign nf - . fairs, at Naples, to Mr. Pinkney, special nit - - , nistor Of the United Slates. . . NAPLES. 15lh October, 1816 Although the government of his majesty, the kin of the Two Sicilies. was. from tba lint mo - 1 meot, in a tHnation to Jndga of the validity of the remonstrance and demands made by nis ex - t oaUtncv Mr. Pinkner. envor extraordinary of ! the United 8tatesof America, in bis note of tbe fi4th Aurutt last, nevertheless, wishing t ex - famine and discus them under all their aspects of right and of fact, it ha waited accordingly, nob! . all the asateriah) and lights were collected, prop - . at to this end. The man difficulties altendwr the search af - : tar those materials owing to the change In the order of things, during wnicn tne tacts occurrea i that bare given rise to the demand oi nr. rmx - ay, rendered it impowible for the royal govern - snent to reply to tbe note ofhii axcelleoc before fcia departure from Naples. - Now, that the paper and appropriate inquiries have shed the strongest light upon the affair is question, tbe undersigned, counsellor and te sretary of state, minister of foreign affairs af his majesty tba king of tha Two Sicilies, hasten to . give, by order of hi sovereign, the following re - ply to Mr. Pinkney, requesting his excellency to be pleated to communicate it to bis government. AU the arguments contained in the note of the C4th August, look to the end pf making bis majesty' government responsible (or the conse quence! of the confiscation and tale, wneuier just or unjust, of several American vastelt and cargoes, which took place in Naples, while the kingdom wu held by Murat. - In support of this pretension, it Is assumed, that the abcs of power and violation of good faith, by which these arbitrary arts were committed, re of such a nature a to survive the political authority of the author of them, and that, of course, as thera accrued n rifht or reclamation gainst the government of Murat, there exists one, also, against the present government of the Two Uicilirt. Hi excellency add", that although the American claimants have not the mean of ascertaining to what uses the produce of the above men tioned sales was applied, yet, they may presume, that it was expended in works and objects of pnlilic utility, or left in the public coffers, and therefore affirms, that under this point of view , likewise, his majesty's government is bound to indemnify the victims of the spoliations commit ted d'irinr the avendancy of Murat. Without undertaking to enquire, whether a aort of succession or inheritance, in legitimate and illegitimate government?, can bo maintained Upon good grounds, the uaderined will be con tent to remark, that, whatever mar be the orin ion of publicists at to this point, no one has ever preten'M to visit the injustice of the contracts or doed of usurpers upon tha peopla subjected to their yoke, or upon tho legitimate sovereign. That theory would indeed be a disconsolate one. which should extend the powor of an ene my, not only to tbe consequence of fact, but e - veo to i hose of right. The victory which restored the legitimate prince would be fatal to beth, if it must have the effect of making him responsible for the acta of injustice and violence which tbe usurper might have perpetrated a gainst foreign aations. It avails not to say, that these are of the description of obligation and engagement which survive the overthrow of the usurped dominion, ascomaion to the nation over which that dominion was exercised. This would be tbe place to determine, whether we could reasonably qualify aa an, obligation, an engagement from government to government, er nation to nation, a mere right of reclamation, which according to the alle gation ol Mr. Pinkney himself, the United States kept in reserve, to be exercised with Murat, had not hit power been aubrerted. But the undersigned will simply aik hi ex callency, if that very right is not to be regarded as null, teeing that the continual, strong, vehement demands, officially made by the consul - general of the United 61atet, at Naples, upon the minister of Murat, for the restitution of the confiscated vessels and cargoes, or compensation to tha American owners, were rejected, or remained without a reply i However this may be, it is always incontestable, that it is not against the actual government of bis majesty, that a r ght u w:ncn ue wno created it wmld not hearken, can be tried, at it were, in the nature of an appeal. It is among tha principles of reason and justice thntatoveroigi, who never ceased to be in a atate of srar with the usurper of his dominions, and who, very far from having afforded grounda for presuming that his rijhu were waved, a it asserted in the note of the S4ih of AugrW, car - hod into effect. In concert with hit ally, KolanL a powerful expeditiou in the nlands of Procida aodlchie, nearest to the capital ' hit usurped kinrd 'H, in the year 1809, precuely that m Which the confiscation of the American shin. i Naplet took place. It it among tbe principle of rnwii mutt justice, wai n tiiouia not be, on rc - gainiag his dominions in proce - t of t he war which had compelled him to absent himself f - oni tlum, held reponible for the ofhii em - mr. ' Let then the relalinnt of the usurier, with V. It - 1 . r. '. ,u. wwtii iiKuuij vr niuva io r ranee, nive been what they may, the inferences which the American merchant msy hare dr wu from them in relation to tha prosecution cf their trad? at maples, should not be nude to recoil uo:i the treasury of a sovereign, who not only did not show any, the least, quiescence in the u.timi. . ,. P0"""' anJa" that circntmtancei would permit, u iodirv.e tion, but did all that was in ait power, and all of m ) for the arguments brought forsrad" in the ooU of tbe 14th Augort, to prave that lha NeapoUlaa nation was in torn sort a parry v us - "! by which tba American anffered, and there lore, Ual'.e, in tolidwn, for the umsequeoce. j the kmrdom of Ifapte fconld only have .ignifled their withe, the would undoubtedly have neeo sor anceofnlationsof justice and frieadsbip witf the) Americans, the only naUon, which, by means nlif nanlralitv. nirht DTOVide a Tent for tne commodities accumulated throogh to many years in tha kingdom, under the operation ol ine noieu continental system of ruinous memory. But every body know that tha Neapolitan nation, prostrated by a foreign domination, was but the aaonrnful spectator and first victim of tbe arbitrary act which were daily committed : so far, then, from beiag able lo indemnify others, it would be exceedinrlv fortunate if she could Ind mean of compensating herself for tbe losses and immense injuries which tbe tustaioed during tbe occupauoa or tbe Kingdom. These considerations would be more than suf ficient to prove, that the claims of the American merchants cannot reach either the actual go vernment of hit majesty, of bis people. ' But to make the demonstration complete, and to exhibit the question under aU it aspects, tbe underlined will admit for n moment, the ab surd hypothesis, that tba preeent government of napiet tandin the place ol that ol Murat, ana ha succeeded to all tut obligations. I he demand of Mr. Pinkney would not te, on this account, the leas sustainable, since the confiscation and tale of the American vessel and cargoes were act which proceeded directly from the power and from the will of Bonaparte, 1 here exult, in fact, in the archives ol uieirem surv. a reuort of the minister. Arar, who presid ed over that department in 1809, addressed to Murat, who was then at fans. The minuter relates, in this report, that two American hip had arrived at Naples, one irom Salem, the other last from Algiers, lauen wim colonial produce, and that the necessary orders bad been given to put the same unuer sequestration, conformably to the directiuns antecedently issued from higher authority, with respect to the other vessels arrived at Naples, before the departure of Murat for Paris. He proceeds then to point out tbe great bene fit which the treasurv would uertve ironj open ing the market to the colonial produce lying on board those ships, orin the custom - house of Na ples, by tha duties which would be collected upon the tale of it, and upon tbe export of the oils which the .f aiericani would take a return cargoes. j he minuter remarxt, in line, tnat tne conns - cation itself of tbe American vessels and cargoes was but an inconsiderable resource, compared with tbe very great advantage which would have resulted to tbe treasury from an active A - merican trade, could it have been tolerated in the port of the kingdom. Murat did not deem himself authorized to de cide in any way, and submitted tha report lo his brother - in - law, Napoleon, who decreed, in mar gin, that tha vessel and cargoes in question should be confiscated, because the embarero laid the port of the United btatet induced him to believe that the produce muit be Uriluh property, and its introduction into the continent a breach, therefore, of tha infamous Berlin and dan decree. On the disclosure of this decision of Bonaparte Naples, it was ordered also that the proceeds the sales should not be paid over to the treasury of the state, but that a separate and special account should be opened for them, which was done accordingly. In order to understand well this distinction, and to be able to draw from it the consequences applicable to the case, it is u'fiul to note, that during the military occupation of the kingdom, there existed a treasury, called, destined to receive the public reve nue, and defray the public charges ; and as, a - mong the latter, tbe rapport of the luxurious Household ol Murat was not the least onerous, accordingly the sums allotted to this Duroose were paid into the hands of a particular treasur er, who disposed of them a hit matter directed. Besides this particular cheat, into which moreover all the proceeds of the private do main were emptied, Murat established another. by the name ol separate account of fund, (con - to a parte) as a receptacle for the sums arising from the sale of the vessels and cargoes confiscated in 18(19 and 1312, and also fir the pro ms til tne licences, winch, in imitation of England and France, he sold to the vessels enter ing and leaving the porta of the kingdom. The new fund was always considered us appertaining to the extraordinary and prirate do main of Murat himself. An irrefragable proof ot mis may oeonereti. I lie iirst article of one of his decree of 2i.h April, 1812, is conceiv ed in the following terms ? " the commission established by our decree of November 30th, IBM, lor the purpose ol liquidating the ac counts of our royal household, is, in addition, charged with examining the account of the vessels sequestered in our ports, regarded by us tht property of our trtraardmaru and pricutt domain." Besides, it is enough to read the account rendered of the cashier of the separate fund, to know that the sums paid into it were dissipated in largesses to the favorites of Murat, in marriage portions to some of his relative, and in other licentious evpences of Murat, and of his wife, especially during their visit to Paris. It appears, moreover, that Murat having anticipated on said fund, a sum of two hundred thousand livres on account of the treasury, toward the cott of the expedition with which, during several months, lie menaced bicily with an invasion from Catubrh, the minister of the finances lost no time in rcimhu sing the fund witn proceeds oi tne public taxes. - From the foregoing statement, two import ant and obvious consequences ar to be drawn. The first is, that Murat only lent his name in the confiscation of American ships, as he did merely in all the other measures pursued in Naples during the occupation of the kingdom. This was no mystery, nor could foreign na tions be ignorant ot it. Mill less could they beuiacquainted with the extent of the power which llorupane usurped, in order to give all possible latitude of effect to his decrees of viil.m and Berlin, in the countries over which he exerted his fatal influence. Obstinate in hit fantasies, absolute in his will he studied only to enlarge ti sphere ol his fa - if Murat had allowed hunt If to preferoae, would nave roast ue latter nit crown. Holland furnished an incontestiule example of this truth. ' Murat, then, let it he reix - ated. wat but the passive instrument of the will of Ilonapurte, io the confiscation of the American ships, and if thisooold eire birth to resp - jsihililv, such re suonsibility shoo Id no longer be imputed to the country over which he reigned, and still less to tbe government which ha there resumed it law fill authority. The other, and no. lest important consequence is, mat ne treasury, wnicn wa tne land ol the state, never enjoyed the proceed of the confisca tions, fino mat, instead oi being empioyta to alleviate tn burdens of tbe people, or applied to u.e improremeni or emrei!iiiiinni Ol the coun try, as is supposed in the note nf the 26th of An - XusT, mote pror.erds only terved to feed the ca - P - ices, and the oriental pomp of the flinil" of .ivraT, and tin adherents. After this rapidand faithful expoiition of fact, the undesigned will not en!tr upon the inquiry, ntiotlicrtht! American merchant would have Njen entitled to call for indemnity, if the power, which commanded and executed tbe coatfica - tion of their property bad, unfortunately, continued to flwish. He. will so ro further Ihnn n u. rinXNej, that inch a call could not affect the ac - tul!" - rnmentorhismaii.ty,nor hit peon?, - cd hiiescellrary andl,isJ government ale too ealitliUaed and toe impartial not to ke fully coa - viated of this, now that they can dwell apon cir - rniMtance which pe'hapa were not previosisiy within their knowkdge. - ; ' . Tha undersigned renew lo Mr. Pinkney, on (his occasion, (he aturaai of hi most dittia - raisbed consideration. . . 1 . 1L, MAKCHESE DI CIRCEIXO. SiEW - YOUK EVKJCl.SQ POST. SATURDAY, MARCH 21. Laleil from France By the arrival thit forenoon ol the thip Rubicon, IloldriJge, in 44 days from Havre, we have reteiyed a file of tbe Journal du Comment, printed in Paris, to the 3 1 it January. On a rapid glance at their contents, we caunat discover that they contain any wing worth translating, except the ttate of the mar kets and a few marine article. At Havre, Jan. 23, Deux Freves, HUl, from Nav&nnsah. Sailed. 20th. Shaksneara, Brown, Savannah Bonne - Henrietta, Jappie, for New York. - Col i Prl. Jan. 28 :" - Bourbou coffee, 1 70 a 1 72 1 - 2 1 Jamaica do. 1 88 S - 4 J Mus - , !U nualitv. 1 18 3 - 4; New - Or - lean cotton, 2 85 ; Bengal, 1 55 ; Bengal in digo, 12f. Price at Nantx, ZSthJan.: nice, 60f. Sale at Havre. 26th Jan.! Brown sugar, It : toffee. Mart. 1 67 1 - 2 s 215 bale. Georgia cotton, good quality, 2 75 35 bale, long staple, 4 85 ; 50 bale, do. do. Sale at Pari, Jan. 26 : Ordinary (Jeorgia cotton, 2 56. Sale at Bor - deaux, Jan. 20 : 35 bale good Georgia cotton, 2 35, free ( 50bbl. American pot - ashes, 1st qua lity, 62 50. " Late aud important ditcoveriti. We under stand that a discovery ha lately been made at the office of the National Advocate, of tha two following maxims, and that Mr. Noah, the editor of that paper, has adopted them a hi guide in the discharge of hi dutie : First, that "AWi lair in politic!,'" and second, that "A Hetctll ilood to, it at good as the truth." SlanUUu outd one. Among the trick of leger demain, advertised by Stanislas, one called the A'c I' hu Ultra is that of conveying a watch or any similar article to any place within a mile, by a mere slight of hand, without moving from the spot; but we have heard of a trick which wn think require equal if not inperior dexterity ; it is that of procuring a sealed letter address ed to one man to be conveyed any distance into the bands of another, by whom it ia opeted and published without the owner' consent, and all perfectly consistent with fairness and honor. Another of the accomplice of the villains who robbed the mail was taken last night at Bridgetown, (N. J.) by Mr. Sergeant, who rides a guard to the Mail Coach. The gentleman had received his dividend of the booty, made his escape from Philadelphia, and was landing his course towards this city. This makes eleven of the gang who are now in custody. Extract of a letter from Doctor John Sibley to 1 1 a i i it n i . - - . . Liwwrioun ii. nnninson.oi isaicoez, iralea NATCHITOCI1EZ, Jan. 30. " Some trader lately arrived here from the ilietan Indians, and say, that about three months airo. a party of these Indians, with their rreat chief, Chewawa, fell in with some Spaniards not tar irom si. Antonio ; they fought, and Uhewawa was auieu ; ana, as inese traders leu tne nation, (less than a month ago) 4000 warriora were as sembled, to go against St. Antonio, and said they would revenge the death of their chief, or all perish ; that Ihey would not leave a toul alive, or a h lute Handing at St. Antonio, or on this tide of the Rivtr Grand , that the country which wat one a prairie should be again a prairie." From the Xational Intelligencer, March 18. A correspondent ttatet that Oliver Pollock, an old seventy - sixer, has arrived here with a view io prnxeruto hit claim against the government lor j(),uuo dollars advanced for the service of tht United States whilst commercial agent at New - Orle.uns, during the revolutionary war. What ever can be established as ju. - tly due by the Uni ted States lor claims of Uiis description, will no douht he allowed, under the just disposition re ceully shewn by congress on thit tuhjecL from the Philad. freeman' t Journal, March 20. Comirterctati'v important. An important com' mercial principle was yesterday decided by I unanimous opinion of the three judges of the su preme court. The question was, whether, if a sale of goods be made for approved endorsed notes, the seller of the goods hat an uncontrolled discretion to judge of the competency of the indorsee offered to him by the purchaser ; a discretion, in the exercise of which, he it the txclu - sire arbiter ; or, whether the true meaning of me comraci is, mat u tne purchaser otters such iiidorsers as are in themselves able and sufficient lo perform the contract, the seller is not bound to accept them aud deliver the roods. On the one side it was coutended, that there was a difference between a sale for good notes, and a sale for approved notes. The use of the term "approved,'' it was said, submitted by a necessary construction, the approbation to tbe .tiler; he was the only person to judge of the efficiency, who alone would he the loser by the want of it. In making up his opinion, he would be guided by hit own judgment, hit own information, and never could have meant to leave to othen to past an opinion contrary to his. which should govern hit conduct in the management of mi own anairs, ana oblige him to debver hit good on a security wnicn ne nimself (whether mist a ken or not) deemed incompetent. On the other tide, it was obvious, it m'urht have been said, that if this construction prevailed, the supposed sale was a nullity : for if the seller was not bound by a certain contract from the very moment the goods were stricken off, neither could the purchaser be ; both must be bound, or neither. Such an absolute, it might be said arbitrary discretion in the sailer, would put it in the power of the seller to practice, in many instances, the greatest injustice and ill laith. If the roods fell before the notes were offered to him, be would or course accept the notes if they were reason ably sufficient: whereas, if the goods should hare risen, he would refuse, or might refute, if he pleased, the best indorten in the city. That tliere must have been an undemanding between the parties in this at in all other commercial transaction, that each should act with ood raitb ; and in consequence, that the nlain tiff woald accept snrh ind jrsers as were reasonably sufficient. If this he so, a jury are the proper judges, under the conrt'i direction, whether he has fairly or justly exercised that discretion. That, of course, a tale for e nr. roved eruWri nntet, is, in sound tense, a sale for cood andtuffi - cseni noiet. Tbe court did not, however, hear the reesonint - in favor of this latter construction tbey were clearly io favor of It, wsthont bearing counsel on mm nur uc - j iiiiimaieu 10 tne tiemiefnaa who was to have argued in favor nf it, that it wat unnecessary for him to speak in tbe case. Along and interesting deUtc arose yesterday. em the resolution introduced several days Mr IKenonT attheclwe of hi. report upon the rVuf th.s .late. Mestr. Bool,, Meig, Ld - U sn.tpoke i.s awpport of I ro - Mi' and Mr. takley against It. The question m actings. rctolutioii, was taken, ayet (0, ""he following t the resolution, .' - " Zcfd, (if the honorable the Senate concur therein.) that a it committee ollhe Senate and Aueniblv be appointed, to inquire into the mode mid manner in which the several meoijorsted banks within thit Ute have administered the trust framed to them, and whether unv or either of the officers, aeents or directors, or other p. - rsons by them authorised, have secretly or impliedly devoted any part of the funds thereof lo nny improper a 1 ...... f - it l - Ii ml ii. I n . ' 1 1 1 L purposes - or nave nnw ? for the pui pote of forcing their paper into rircu - lalion,anu wuruivi inc; ...... ..... .. teen months promptly and ilhugly complied ith all the demands made upou Ibcin lor Ihe payment ..c ,k.; in in sneeie and whether any or ei ther of the said officers, ncents or directors have been guilty or any irauumens r umriou. im. - tices as such and whether either or nny of them have used, or now douse, any of the fundi of ei - mt she mid bnnki for covetous or oppressive purpooet. That ihe taid committee have power lo tend for pertont and papers, and Ihey report their proceoaing ncrein so mis kuuuiuhc, fjhu .11 ennvenient Silted." The committee of the whole then proceeded to the consideration of the report of Ihe committee on the Bank and Currency of this state, on the nnlk - atiou for a Bank at Norwich. tien. Root moved the following resolution, and wished the question lobe taken: - BtMoletd, That the prayer ofvjie petitioner! oueht not tobe trranted. A motion was then made to rise and report, which after a little desultory debate, was carried. Appointments, by the Council ol Appointment, aiarcli lb, mis. Aeso - York Nathaniel Frink, John mite, John Hever. Geore - e Arnold. Peter Sawyer, Israel Na varro, John Henderson, James Fhnn, John Ming, Itobert Mitchell, Christopher Seaward, James Kelso, William H. Raliton, Edward Smith, George Kelso. David Mitchel. Janiet Malcom. John Tur - nier, Nicholas A. Stevens, 1 homas Hope, lleuben Hope, Thomas Bennet, John Bird, John Minugh, and David Sherry, branch Pilolt by the way of sandy liooK. Warren James L. Ihnrman, onenn. Gmesee Simeon Cuniminei, Clerk, vice John Z. Rnst removed : Purmenin Adams. Sheriff. Albam Spencer Stafford, director of the He - chamrt it t artnert Bank. . Strtiben ticorpe fd'Clure, Sheriff. IVettclietter W illiam Jay, a Judge and Justice, vice Benjamin Isaacs, resigned. Philadelyhia, March 20. Mail Robbery John Alexander and Thomas Hare, charged with being concerned in the robbery of the United Statet mail, were, yesterday afternoon, brought up, before alderman Bartrara, for examination. The facts that appeared from the evidence, so far as they enroe to our knowledge, were, briefly, as follow : The plan for robbing the mail was conceived in this city, several weeks ago. John Alexander, John Thompson Hare, and Lewis Hare, left this city together for that purpote. Thomas Hare intended te have accompanied them, but was prevented by indisposition. John Alexander is the person who had possession of the pistols during the commission of the robbery. He borrowed them from Wood, who has been apprehended and committed to prison. One of the pistols, and the belt which were returned to him by Alexander, after hit return to this city, were found on his person. Alexander ?uve tne pistols to Ihomat Mure, previous io leaving the citv. who cleaned and loaded thorn. They in tended to have robbed the mail the nieht before, but thought they were too far from Philadelphia. One of Ihe pittolt wai left on the ground. Aller the roobery, tne inree wem on m im - more, where they arrived on r rio.iy moronic about day break. Alexander remained in Baltimore about eight hours. Having heard of the up - 1 urenension oi nis two associmi'S i. a. . Lewis Hare, he left Baltimore in Ihe steam - boat, and arrived in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon last. He says, that the amount of the plunder received by him, was lest than 4,000 dollars, in fiost and bank notes. Ul tun sum, aunui zwu ooi - ara have already been recovered. A canister con taining about 91X1 dollars, he savs, he threw into a yard in the neighborhood of the place where he resided ome he had spent. Wood acknowledges, that he has about 500 dol lars, but refuses to give it up. He lays, they might as well attempt to rob tne mull as to iaae it Irom hiin. Alexander at first denied his guilt ; but the pair of pistols having been exhibited to him, he became Hiarmeo, ana uesircn io speit w,m mo sitiumcr General. They went into a separate room, where he made a full confession. The facts stated by him were corroborated by the tet - tiinony of Thomas Hare, who together with Beni. llare, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart and Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, were committed to prison. PHILADELPHIA, March 19. Expiation Yesterday morning at hall past 9 o'clock, an explosion took place at lha powder mills of Messrs. Dupont, on the brandywioe, which destroyed several of the buildings, and some lives were lost ; the particulars of the accident have not yet been received we are, how ever, happy to learn that the new works, being the most valuable, are not injured. ALEXANDRIA, March 18. Fire On Saturday last the frame stable at Cameron Mills took fire and was entirely consu med, together with a frame building adjacent to it. We understand the fire was occasioned by a boy shooting a eun at a pigeon, silting on the table, the wad from which fell amongst the hay We hope this will serve at a caution to others against a tinular act of imprudence. Dabiis, (Geo.) March 8, 1818. I wrote you on the 28th ult. intorming you of the Indian murders. We have since learnt that the report of Col. Brinson's death, and hit family, in Tatnall county, was incorrect ; they got a fright, but no hurt The report of three Mr. Osteens, and Joseph Stafford, nf Wayne county, was correct. Mr Hogea was killed alto, but in Camden county. ALBANY, March 16. Wa are gratified at having it in our power to state, that the health of general Stephen Van Rensselaer hat to far recovered as to enable him to take his seat in the house of assembly. Latest from France. The ship Ellen, Cspt. Rowland, arrived at this port last evening from Bordeaux, via Madeira. Sailed from Bordeaux on the 3d Feb. and the River on the 9th. Capt. Row land brought no newspapers, and report! no news. We have seen a letter dated at Bordeaux 2d Feb. which states that floir. - and grain of all sorts were on the decline. Itice is quoted at Paris at 55 francs, and at Havre 52. The same letter states it is reported the Hen. Scott bas arrived in the River, from N. York." We are requested, in a letter from a ship broker at Bordeaux, to give publicity tn the following - decree of the French minister of marine : All vessels arriving in Prance from the West Indies, and United States during the winter, and that have a clean bill of health. certified by the French Consul, will only ride a precautionary quarantine ot three days." Mer. A dr. MARRIED, At Constable - hall, Turin, Iewis county, on tha 17th ultimo, by tha Rev'd. Mr. Rogers, Mr. John Campbell, to Miss .Vary Whitley. On the 10th instant, at Turin, by the same reverend gentleman, Mr. ha Larkum, to Mist Sarah Hubbard. Alo, on tbe 12th instant, at tlie same place, by the tame reverend getiUetuen, Homer Collint, esq. too of judge Collins, to Miss Lwy Pttlpt, daughter of Mr. OU.di.ih Phelps. DIED, This morning, after a short but severe illness, msxh lamented, Mrs. Mary Rex, wife of .Mr. Willi un Rra. Tbe fiendt and acquxintnre of tha famdy, and cf his son Mr. Samuel Black - well, are respectfully invited to attend brr fune ral, to - morrow afternoon, at halt past 4 o'clock, from ber lata residence, No. 33 Beekman - strtct, without farther invitation. Xt - Beaufort. S. C. on tha 4th of Feb. last, Archibald Campbell, M. D. in the 69th year of aisage.' ' At Charleston, S. C. on the SOthof Feb. lait, in the 26th year of her age, Mrs. Catharine Amarantha Campbell, wife of therevereud John Barnwell Campbell, of Beaufort, S. C. ErEjrwu post marine list. ' CLEARED, Brij ; Hcspcr, Is anon, Havre Palmer k Hamilton Bermuda March & Benson Richmond Schr Ceres, Damerell, Logan, Holmes, THRIVED THIS FOREAVO. Ship Rubicon, llnldridge,' 44 days from Havre, with dry goods and plaster, to Pott and M'Kinnr, owners, Cairnes and Rhodes, J. B. Wells F Si H Sheldon, Crary, Rabcock ll Co. Page! Triplctt,Falet Wigelworth, of Bolton, Richards and Taylor, '1' Gaillard, Messrs. Reylle Sc Co. Pigelet, Man tan, Roberts & Co. J B. Marie. D. Ci. Gillies, A Helione, T Potter, W I Saidler, E.J. Genet, Phiiad - FColerat, do. P Large and Depau. Sailed on the 4th Feb. in co with thip Ariosto, Barry, thip Woodbine, Willctt, and brig Jane. Lambert, all for New - York. Spoke nothing. Scilly bearing N. E. dist. 15 league! pasted thip Mexico, from Savannah. The Rubicon has experienced very severe weather, lotther head, cut - water, ttantinn, bulwark, several sails, ipers, rireing, fcc. The Gnlcondn. of N'York. from NOrleais, and chr Fannsr. 84 Havs from N York, had lust arrived, The General Hamilton sailed 15 day before Theship , Fisher, bad ailed lor ew - ur leant anm lime before, and on the fifth day out carried away her mizen topmast and some other mart, and pulhacK to Havre ; was so lantdiuc day. ' Shin Huntress. Allen. 129 day from Canton with ttlkt, teas, nankeens, china, cassia, lie to T II Smith, owner. The ship William & John, Blakeman, ofNYork.had justarrived from Gibraltar, in 139days; ship Thnmat Sctittergood. and thip Clothier, both 0! Plulad had just arrived in 150 day t from Liverpool ; thip Stagg, oi pal timore. iutt arrived from Liverpool 150 day : Ship Integrity, Endicott, of Providence, sailed 10 day before for Europe ;thip Benjamin Ruth, tailed the day before for Pbilad. Off the Cape olGood Hope spoke brig Kintal, Franklin, from Calcutta, for Baltimore, intended to stop at the Cape, having sustained some damage in a late (Tale. Lett at Canton :ov ll, ship cuzabetn. Bessom ; ship Suffolk, l.'ran, nf Boston ; ship Geo. & Albert, Donaldson; Trumbull, Oborn; Hope. Moore ; Sidney, Merick.of Baltimore j China, Shrews ; Canton, Hinckley, ofBotton : Rosalie, Merry, of N York ; and brig Panther, Lewis. Ship Ariosto, Barry, 44 day from Havre, with dry goods, plaster and burr ttones to Le Roy, bayard & Co. owners, Do Rham & De Lessert. J B Mane, L Larue, r K A Brunellc, C Fontaine, B Barie, Day & Baker, L P De - larue, G S Howlaud, P Harmony, JDabadu, Farra Si Co. P le Pas - net. u W Sctlett. Kich - ards, Taylor L Co. Carcicr, Ravacees Co. A Hernard Passeiigers,Mewr Bernard & Collone. Left, scbr Fanny, of N York. Spoke nothing. Experienced very bad weather : carried away her head and bulwark, fort and aft. Th shin Lucy Ann, Arnold, arrived at Bor - deaux on the 25th Jan. alter a very rougn pas sage of 25 days, from NYork. .IflRlVFn LAST EVE Vl.VG. Shin 37 days from Bordeaux, via Madeira, 24 days from the latter port, with wine, phister. kc. to Griswolds k Coates, L Ja - rohs. Armilniiie:. Kii7elente ii Co. March u Benson, I) bVthune at Co. I'. Kemsen & t.o. v. u S. Craig, ti. Brooks, G. Johnston J. A. Willink, ree ex Triplet!, and I. Jeneviff, and others. Sa.ieil from Bordeaux Feb. 9th. in co. with Ihe ship New - York - Packet, Palmer, fur New - Orleans ; and liriir llamiah. Bailev. for Charleston. Left the hriir Ann. Newconib. for .New York in 14 dt brig Uoriteaui, Knit man, lor ao. in so onvs - , inj Com, Perry, Russell, of New - York, for St. Do - nnnirn. tn 4: lirnr Dons. MaV. lor ouvannHii m , hip E. A. Build, for Baltimore, une.;ship Hunter, West.for Philadelphia unr. Brig Gustavus, Dale, for New - Orleans ; and ship ratterson, jusr arnven. I eft at Madeira. Fell. 22d. srhr. Gleaner, to sail in I days for St. Ubes. March 9, lat 40, long. 62, passed a bright sided ship, standing to the Last - reeled toosail. Passengers, tapt. Wm. Day, late master of the brig Lewis, of his port; and one in the steerage. Rri. keniiii - kv Belle. Deshon, from Leghorn and iih" days from Fasal, with tall and fruit, to G. ti. ii S Howlaud, De Khain il De dessert, snip - nnn u I unl. hh.I 11. Iteihune L Co. Stopped at Gibraltar, and left there 2lst January a number of Anieriran vessels under iuarniitinc, but could noi asreitain their names. Three Portuguese frigates were cruizing offthe Rock. A funisian sclir. ur - rived there the day we sailed, n - porled to have the plague on board. On the 1st of January the American squadron were up near the Gull of Ta - ranta. Lelt no Am. vessels at Faynl. The ship Gen. Hamilton lelt at Leghorn, ship George of Sul. ui had been in quarantine about 20 days ; brig Kentucky Belle, of New - York ; brig Fanny, of and for Philadelphia in about a mouth. CHARLESTON, March 12. Arrived yet - terday, British brig Hibemia, Manton, 15 d lyt from Bermuda, in ballast, in distress, being short of provision!, bound to Wilmington, N. C. OIT Cape Fear experienced 2 tetre galet, in wnii b the split her lore and main - topsails, and put into thit port to refit. Bris Oriental. Swain. 14 days from Botton. - On the 4th iust. in lat 59, 2 long, 72, 5, enooun - tered a violent gale from N. m. w. id wnicn me Oriental had her waist boards and rails earned away. On the 10th, in lat 3x, 35, long 78, spoke ship Governor Tompkins, 9 days from Havana, bound to Providence, K I. Schooner Catharine, (of New - York) Boyer, 4 dr.js from Plymouth, N C in distress - The C. was bound to Oporto, hut put into thin port lo refit, having sprung aleak ou tbe 8th inst. in the Cillll'h Stream. Sloop Klira, Case, 30 days from Washington, N. C. On the lbth ult lat 34. 30, long 72, spoke ship Callendcr, 4 days from Savannah, bound to Bordeaux. On the 7th intt taw a schr aihore on Cape Patterns, apparently having gone ashore the night before, her topsail being iooee and fly ing ; the weather being t mo a and nai),couiu net learn who she was. The Eliza was bound to Sa vannah, but put into this port, io consequence ol losing part of her deck - load of shingles, and injuring her long boat, in a heavy gale of wind on the ICfh ult SavAxnia, March 11. Arrived brig Union, Arnold, At Lucie 16 days. ' Sch. Nancy, Cobb, ttoninirton, Conn. 10 days. Sch Sarah - Ann, liombard, Boston 13 days. Sloop Atlantic. 'Woodward, NYoik 5 days. Cleared, ships Rubicon, Derby, India ; Ame rica, Heath, Havre brig Gen. Jactson, Pearce, Providence. HoLHis - lloLs, March 15. Arrived, sch Are - tas. Prince, 30 hours from N York for Portland. Brig Adze. Rich, 20 days from Blakely and Mobile. 1 ft, brigs Cera, Scudder, for Boston, 30 days; Leach, Allen, N Orleans 5 days ; Mary, just arrived from N York ; sch Moniing Star, Henkin, New - Yoik 12 days , sch Export, Chapman, do 10 do. The above at Mutely 20th Feb. Left at Mobile 21st, sch Sandusky, Weeks, N York 10 davs i tch Alabatross, Col lins, for Turks Island, (s led in co.) ; brig Sa vannah racket, waiting orders. Sloop Mary Jane, Hall, 15 days from St. Pieres, Mart. Brig Gratitude, Cole, 3 days from N York for Portland. THEATRE. On Saturday evening, Mar.h 21, will be present - eq in. coineny 01 THE SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER Frank Hcariall, Mr. Simpson To which will be added Lowina of Toboltkii, or the Fatl Snow Stwrn. Performance to commc - aLe at seven o'clock precisely. " A CARD. (CT MR. BERAULT has tha honor nf rn. forming the ladies ami gentlemen of this city thai in consequence of the Cotillion Party bein'oa Thurtday next, hit annual Ball will be postponed to Ihe Thurtday following, 2d of April. mh 21 lfJtt . - ' XJ U. DUNHAM St CO't. Package will take place en Wednesday 25th intt. ec logues will be ready on Monday moniing, when the good may be examined io their store 144 Peail - street, till half past nine o'clock on the morning of sale. A very great proportion of these goods are entitled to debenture. Terms liberal and given on the cataloguer. mch2l 3t NO net. - All persons are requested to take notice that in consequence of the conduct of Mr. All' NER CUNNINGHAM, my partner inbuiiness' under the company or firm of" Harned and Cmv ningham," that after this date no person it to pay any money to him the taid Cunningham, or any other person, on the account of said firm, or my individual account, except on my express order in writing. PHIXEAS HARNED mh 21 3tt ' Mens Golds: Prixxs sous aao rain t At - LCN's TSUtV LCCKT OFFICE. qj" The fortunate merchant in Pearl - street who held No. 25,493, a prize of $5000. in the Medical Science Lottery, presented vesterdn. the lucky ticket to Messrs. Allen's, of whom he purchased it, anu received trom thera the gold. No. 5,521, which drew on Monday hurt a prize ot $5UUU was owned by an industrious mechanic, to whom Messrs. Aliens' paid the gold the name day. Adventurers have observed, that the grand prize of $100,000 drawn on new - year's day, and the capital prize of g30,000 in the Medical Science Lottery since tnen, were both sold and paid at ALLEN'S truly lucky lottery office. No. 122 Broadway. Messrs. Aliens' assure the public, that aU prizes purchased at of their offices will be paid on presentation and to any amount, at their offices, .No. 122 Broadway, No. 2 South 3d street, Philadelphia, No. 151 Market - st. Baltimore. mh 21 CALCUTTA. SUGAH. - fitt bags plain white and 39 do double boiled. Just landed and for sale by CAMBRELENG 8c PEARSON, mhSl 67 South - street. 200 CV.7TOA" & RICE. bales prime upland Cotton 110 tierces Rice For sale in lots to suit purchasers, by GRISWOLD & COATES, mh 21 68 South - si. OOMEsTJC l OTHER WAREb. T HE subscribertkeep constantly on band an L extentive assortment of the following goods, vix : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popet Headt Crumb Bruihes r Bellow, fancy and common Do for Blacksmith Hall and Entry MaU Pailt and Tubs - - Wheel - Barrow Fine Wire Sieve Do Hair do Whipt of every date ription Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing and ball Twine Fith Lines Shoe Ii Sadler Thread Dearborn' Ballaa - cet, tic. uroomt Dutter, or Counter Bruthet Hearth Bruthet, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavert do White Wath do Shoe & Scrubbing do Paint Bruthet and Sath Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Bruihes Horse do Bed Cords. Clothes Lines Sash" Cords, Trace Ropes Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will tell wholesale or retail on liberal terms. CEBRA & CUMING, mh'Jt 76 Pearl street. ,HK f - ALE by JOSEPH BATES, No. 5 r Pine - street. Bom bazettt, well assorted, iutt landing - Yorkshire and West of England Clotht ' Low - priced, Middling and Wett of Englajaf Cassimeres Green, Blue and White Halfthick k Kersey's, run 21 4t NI)I GOODS. 400 bales Bengal cotton. M. 100 do. piece goods 1000 bags sugar ; 1000 do. ginger 650 do. saltpetre 1000 pieces flag and bandanna hdkfs. for sale by GOODHUE Si CO mh 21 44 South - street. TEA, WKNEand LIQUOR SI ORE. 2U8 Broadway, corner Reed - st. JAMES P. ANDOE offer for sale a general assortment of Fresh Teas, Sugars, Coffee, Chocolate Old Cognac Brandy Holland Gin and Jamaica Spirit Madeira, Port, Sherry, L. P. Teneriffe and c - ther wines ; Tallow and Sperm. Candle Table Basket Salt, London Mustard Fresh Sweet Oil in bettiet Maninique Cordial, Spice, tic. Sic. Which will be disposed of at a moderate ad vance for cash. mh 21 ot W. W. Si T. L. CHESTER, HAVE received, by the late arrival from Europe, at their (tore No. 191 Broadway, (corner of Dey - ttreet) a Complete and elegant assortment of carpeting of tbe latest fashions Those persons who intend purchasing this sprief will do well to make their tclectioni soon, at then it a prospect of a further advance in the price. men 21 3t 100 DOLLAR BILL. OST, in Wall - street, this morning a $100 J Bill, on tlie Mechanics Bank. Should taid note be found aud left at the Bank Coffee House, the tenth part will be given, and thethanktoftbe owner mn zz It To Leate for a term if yeart, TWO lots of ground, in the vicinity of tbe centre market, one fronting on Orange - street, (nearly opposite the Irish Church) the other on Rynders - ttreet. Apply to v. s. junci, esq. 44 Pine - street, or J. T. JONEA', mh21 2w 16 Nassau - street. m LET OR l.f'iSE. 1 From the lit May next, on reatooabl terms, a lnT't - convenient dwelline house, opp lite Love Lane, near the two mile tlone, Bowery, at present occupied by Professor Adrain;wU calculated for two families, having two kitcbesti with 8 rooms, pantries and vault, a stable asd coach h"use, a well of good water and two cis terns. It has a very large garden, well sioc with shrubs and Irmt treet ; possession of wWca can be had on the lit April next. w Alto to rent, a genteel 3 itory brick house o. 492 Greenwich - ttreet, with or without a stall in tbe rear. Apply at No. 496 i'rrr - - or to T1ALSEY Si GOSM AN, mh 21 tf . 34 uta - n ffi3i FOR SALE, The property at Brooklyn, belonging '' estate ol Cary LiUUlow, ueceaicu, ,0f n:g o! a new lliree story one nw - ground, a store houe, formerly orxupieu mstitlery, a small frame builuiug and ioi w ground, and two vacant lott adjoining pr.miM - 1. i nit property i; a(t w lew rod ot tne tteam - noai lerrv, - - ... Pierpont's Dittillery, and extendi from the run tne river. iSi Also to let, from the first of May house and landt on tlie hill, in the rear ol w dapted 'or a private family or for a public now i a - t., i n Ha.AA rut laoinc l lie situftion, from lU elevated P,,u.iB,ny mands a very extensive and heauutul ottW rrf - - " tv mandt a v city, the East River and Bay oi The ground turrounliiig tlie house niiigiiw - !,..liof. acroi of are in a isb state oi .." t or leraii, apply ..nRTO.V. ur - w. 'T.TT.I:. st. tub. SI tf 52 Willi '

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