Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 23, 1937 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1937
Page 12
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r ;^'^^ TWELVE Mason City's Calendar. MASON CITY -GLOBE-GAZETTE. FEBRUARY 23 · 1937 Feb. 26--Open house on municipal buildings. March 8--Mason City school election. CERRO V GORDO SAFETY COUNCIL STARTING DRIVE Herein Mason City K. of C. meeting postponed until Monda'y, March 1. Mr. anfl Mrs. George A. Schriver, 1703 Delaware avenue southeast, returned Sunday night from Inwood, where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Schriver's brother, August Anderson. Wanted -- Exp. salesladies. Gazette. ready-tn-wear Write G-22, Globe- Carlcl'on Stewart, .high school band director, will be the speaker at the weekly meeting of the Hi- Y club Wednesday'night. All high school, boys have been invited to hear Mr. Stewart, I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself.--WALTER EGGERS: The regular monthly meeting of the Cosmopolitan club was planned tor the Y. M. C. A. Tuesday evening at 8, Roger Patton, president, announced. " . · · . · The Globe-Gazette Newsies club held the regular meeting Monday evening at the Y.M.C.A. Pat Laughlin presided at the meeting. Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved and new business of the club conducted. I. W. Hillsti'om circulation manager, gave a short talk to the boys. The club's next meeting will be held the ,second Monday in March t . Firemen were called to the home of Mrs. Harold F. Davis, 1 Fifteenth street northwest, Mon day afternoon when lint caugh fire in a register. Cerro Gordo Mr. Vorhies SGHULTZBOUND TO GRAND JURY Held on Charge of Driving While Intoxicated After Crash. W. W. Schultz, Austin, Minn., was bound to the grand jury late Monday afternoon by Police Judge Morris Laird on a charge of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Schultz was arrested by police at First street and Washington avenue southwest, at 12:20 o'clock Sunday morning when his car collided with a car driven by Robert Major, 20 Oak drive, who was returning SB his home following a Hi-Y and Hi- Tri dance at the Y. W. C A Stamp Club Formed by 14 Boys; Keith Sanborn President ·Fourteen boys met at the Y. M. C. A. Monday evening to elect officers of the boy's stamp club which will meet at the Y. every Monday evening. The boys have been meeting in their own neighborhood clubs and will continue to do so but in order to have a city wide fellowship of boys who are collecting, they felt a club of boys interested in stamps should be organized at a central point like the Y. M. C. A. Keith Sanborn was elected president, Warren Kniger, vice president; and George Gooder, secretary. The following boys were also present: Warren Kassel, Warren Swenson, Edwin Soivles, Kenneth Shannon, Merrill Johnson, Wallace and Roger Maillard, Bob Ulin, Lowell Shannon, Glenn ter- rill and Tom Moon. Louie Krivo- 3avy, Harry Hanson and A. H. Searle from the adult club were present and assisted the boys with the meeting. ' The,boys plan to choose a name for the club at their next meeling. A committee consisting of Wallace Maillard, chairman,.Leslie Humis- lon, Warren Kruger and Edwin Sowles will report on the club exhibit for the eleventh annual boy's hobby show which will be held April 7, 8, 9 and 10. Any boy interested in collecting stamps may attend the meetings on Monday evenings, it was said. Movinsr Near Canton. DECORAH--The Harry Hastings family, who have farmed on the Allen place in Springfield township for the past eight years will move to the Harry Follz farm near Canton, March 1. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaboushek of Madison township, have rented the Allen farm. Gas Bloating '"voii want to relHy GET R|D OF '£. S ap . d v"V ble HlooHia. don't expect ISi. ·'.u'y J ^' «etoflna your stom- " w .''u, h . ar J h ' iT'O'lnp alkalin and "oai tablet.." Most GAS is lodged (n the stomach and upper Intestine arid t« due to old poisonous matter in the JL°-?!H?, atcd . bowel * that are loaded with ni-caujinn bacteria. It your conitipation l of long «tarm. Ing. enormous quantities of dangerou, bacteria accumulate. Then your dines" tion is upl! t. GAS often prettes heVrt and lungs, making life mt.erable. You can't eat or sleep. Your head Youp S acl » ch "' Your com. a , J S *, al l; w and P'mply. Your breath !a foul. You are a .Ick, orouchy. BIG COUNTYWIDE MOVE STARTING WEDNESDAY EVE Vorhies Heading Member Campaign at Dinner at Hanford. A membership drive of the .Cerrq Gordo County Safety council will get under way Wednesday evening at 6:30 o'clock at the Hole] Hanford when 40 representatives of various clubs, organizations and civic bodies in the county will attend ' a complimentary dinner. _ The campaign is for a minimum oC 1,000 members at a membership fee of 50 cents each, 40 cents of which remains in the ( local county. Speakers at the dinner, which will be presided over by Dr. C. F. Starr, chairman of the county organization, will include W. Earl Hall, president of the Iowa State Safety council, and F. W. Vorhies, who is heading up the membership campaign. Shows Move Needed. That there is widespread need of increasing the safety program in the county is shown by the accident figures in county for 1936, pointed out. "There were 14 killings in Cerro Gordo county last year," he declared. "Therein lies the challenge to the people of .this community. As a community, we can do something about this bad showing if we want to bad enough." Detailed figures for the county in the first 11 months of 193 shows a total of 199 accidents, in volving 328 motor vehicles an 115 injuries. In 1935 there wer 100 accidents involving 155 veh ; cles, 93 injuries and 11 fatalities Work in safety has been car lied on for years by the school and such organizations as th Mason City Safety council, th Legion and the Lions club. It I the hope of (he county council to co-ordinate all efforts in a move to get results in the safety field. Appear in Broadcast. At (he 'Conclusion -Of the hole: meeting, Mr. Hall, H. C. Patrick, ^lausen-Worden post commander; Garratt Chapman and H. H. Boyce, members of the committee, will ppear in the initial weekly broad- ast of the American Legion hour, vhich will be given from 9:30 to 0 o'clock .each Wednesday eve- ing. This first program will be evotcd to safety. , : The safety council is planning on an educational feature in the cause of safety. ·Heading up the campaign for members-with Mr. Vorhies are H. H. Boyce and Harry Odie. , Representatives of clubs, industries and other organizations, who have been : asked to attend the opening meeting are listed below. It is hoped that each o£ these will have representatives at the meeting. Other individuals or representatives of various groups in the city wishing to attend have been invited to come. Were Invited. Following are those to whom invitations have been extended: Max Kissick, life underwriters; Frank Balkam, U. C. T.; Ed Dunlop, Kiwanis; Charles Barber, Lions; H. E. Bruce, Rotary; Harold Zuber, Standard Oil; Mrs. D. H. Fitzpatriclc, women's group; Earle Behrend, Boy Scouts; the Rev. D. L. Kratz, Ministerial association;'Arthur Krager and-G. H. Kiester, schools; Clint Hickox, president trades assembly: Fred Wagner, Junior Chamber of Commerce; Mrs. T. E, Davidson and Mrs. C. A. Anderson, P. T. A.; E. ,1. McCann, Jacob E. Decker and Sons; Guy Blackmore, Northwest States Portland Cement company; C. L. Murray, Lehigh Cement company; Reese Walker, International Harvester. W. H. Reese, Mason City Brick and Tile; Vic Coyle, Catholic organizations; Tom Connor, P. G. and E.; John Price, KGLO; Mr. Hall, state safety council; Herbert Barclay, city manager; Harold Wolfe, chief ol police; Ebie Ramsey, Wa-Tan-Ye; L. L. Raymond, courthouse; Tim Fhalen. sheriff- Eva Scott, B. P. W.; Harry Sondergaard, Thornton: George Reynolds, Plymouth; A. B. Phillips Clear Lake; Bill Hathorn, Jr., and C. E. Leffler, auto; R. C. Patrick and Garrett Chapman, American Legion, and Dr. C. F. Starr, president of the county council. Whoa, Now! Don't Ring That Fire Bell! \vlipJ h fnn f fl«y S ? enis0 ?i HoSe com P an y on tna * Pro"* day way back in the history of Mason City nine oreanlMOnn t? 1°^ WaS , purchased ' elevating the fire department from a volunteer run- ni , nff organization to one boastine a horse drawn. wa ff on. The tableau was nosed in rvntral n.ri where there were plenty of spectators. And Herb Cole was the driver. Central park, Fire Station Open House on Schedule One of Four Buildings to Be Visited on City Day. Among the l o u r munidpa buildings where open house ha= been scheduled for Friday, "City Day," will be the fire station, 19 First street southwest. This building, with, the police station, the city hall and the waterworks plant will be. open for inspection by citizens of the community throughout the day and evening. Chief Daniel H. Shire, a chie with an eye always on the future, but with plenty of information of the past, will be at thi station throughout the day to ex plain equipment, needs, or'history of the department, as the visito" may wish. Although City Manage Herbert T. Barclay and-Mayor W S. Wilcox, with other councilmen and ex-councilmen, will concen trate their attention to the new city hall building, they invite the public to inspect the other municipal buildings as well. Best in History. Mason City now has the bes Hoads Arc Blocked. SWALEDALE--There was no school Monday on account of the blizzard blocking all roads Sunday. S u t h Allen and Leona Smith who spent the week-end with their home folks were unable to return Sunday evening. oul - · · " " i.ic mjnK, icienimc' way to Jhclr iyi(« m , O f harmful bacteria. -- k» rld« you of a,, and cleani lOlaOnt out of BOTH upper and Dnwalt. Give your bowvl* a , ri . cfnanifnff with AdfarfkB. Get !. «1 ? A ,$V , A "leriki doci not orlpe-- J» not habit forming.': ; ; ."'., Iluxlabln Drur Co. Takes E. PotlawaKamie Tost. CLARION--Dean Stanley, 4-H club agent of Wright and Hamilton counties, has received a position as county agent in.East Pottawattamie county. Mr. Stanley will begin his new work March ]. POISONED KIDNEYS Stop Getting Up Nights To harmlessly flush poisons and acid from kidneys and correct irritation of bladder so lhat you can stop "getting up nights" get a 35 cent package of Go!d Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules and take as directed. Other symptoms of kidney and bladder weaknesses are scant, burninR or smarting passage-- backache -- leg cramps -- puf/y eyes. . / equipped fire department in itb history, a result of ever increasing effort to meet fire restriction requirements and low insurance ratings for the merchants and citizens of Mason City. The department, housed in a modern station, is made up of one salvage company, with a lieutenant and three men as a crew; one engine company, for the 750 gallon pumper, with a Jieutenaht and three men as a crew;.a combination company, with a captain anc three men as a 'crew; and an aeria: ladder company with two men ns a crew in service. A 500 gallon engine is held in reserve. Personnel of Department. Personnel of the department consists of Chief Shire and the following men: First Battalion-Capt. James Kelly, Lieutenants Clifford ,7. Pierce and John K. Cunningham; Firemen First Class August C. May, Lester J. Lindsay Leo D. King, A. Boyd Arnold, Harold H. Hutchinson and Frank A. Hesse; Fireman Third Class Lynn A. Arnold; Fireman Fourth Class. Carol F. Jonker: Probationary Fireman Henry L. Heimen- dingcr and House \Vatch Leo M. Powers.. The Second battalion consists of Cnpt. Thomas M. Kcenan, Lieuts. Earl .W. Barker and Lester I. Dutcher; firemen first class, Leland A. Finn, Lyle H. King, Martin J. Faktor, Charles E. Hose, Douglas C. Fields; fireman second class, Fred O. Grelk; firemen third class, Francis P. Tenney and William P. McGrath, and fireman fourth class, Alfred B. Hesse, and' house watch, Telford A. Wik. The department is divided into two shifts, which change duty every 24 hours. The department is under civil service and has a pension system. Start Here Feeble. All of this seems far distant irom .the feeble start of the first organized department in Mason City, but the present company finds itself responsible for the guarding of property, the value of tl,rm ? C v; S , tat . 10 "' °" e of r °«r municipal.buildings to be i TM, , P "if" nU * b e . ""I"*" 0 " Friday. Latest equipment will be shown to visitors at (his time. (Lock Photo, Kayenay Engraving) which was undreamed of by lha early day company. The Denison Hose company Chief Shire has in his record book was the first organized department in the city. It was a volunteer organization and was proud of its record as a running team Thel equipment consisted of a two wheel high cart on which the hose was carried on a reel. A bane pump was used for pumping water. Mason City had not thought of a water system at that time, the citizens relying chiefly on wells so cisterns located at various points throughout the business district supplied the water. One of these cisterns was l o c a t e d . i n the basement of the fire station, which was located at 17 Firsl street southwest at that time, directly across the alley from the present station. Still in Service. The same hose and reel, or two wheel hose cart, is in fire service at the present time at the Jacob E. Decker and Sons packing plant by the plant fire department. A - f e w years later the Denison Hose company purchased a horse drawn cart on four wheels and a team of fine gray horses.' At this time the fire station was moved across the alley to 19 First street southwest, where there was a two story frame building. Later a horse drawn hook and ladder wagon and two more fire horses were purchased. The old fire station at 17 First street southwest was later turned nto the city hall, then the water works office and later into the police station. Paid Drivers Hired. Paid drivers were first hired about 1907. Soon there was a strong feeling for a paid department and this was organized in April, 190B, with Chief Thomas .onnor as the first paid chief. Six men were paid at this time, with 0 call volunteers completing the department. This was later made nto a full paid department and the ·olunteers were disbanded. Capt. James Kelly, oldest man on the department, entered the ervice when the paid department vas organized. He has come up hrough the ranks in all these years and is now captain in charge · the first battalion. Mayor William S. Wilcox was a ouncilman when the city built the served on the fire committee at that time. Pumper Purchased. A 750 gallon Seagrave centri fugal pumper was purchased in 1914. Due to heavy snows and the condition of streets in 1917, two light G. M. C. hose wagons wen placed in service and a 75 foot. Ameriacal La France aerial laddei was placed in service. This laddei had been traded in from a large city and a motor tractor was placed under it at a cost of $10,000 A 500 gallon Stoughton pumper was purchased from the Stoughton Wagon Works of Stoughton, Wis in-1925. On Dec. 1, 1927, Chief Connor was retired after 30 years of service in the fire department of Mason City. Chief Shire, formerly of the Rock Island Arsenal fire department, was placed in charge here and the department was reorganized along modern lines by City Manager P. F. Hopkins. Equipment Purchased. A 600 gallon quadruple pumper and ladder truck was placed in service in 1929; a salvage truck Nov. 15, 1934, and a 750 gallon pumper Qn Bee. 8, 1934. The latter pieces were on International chassis and were equipped with General Fire apparatus.and Northern fire pumps. The old aerial truck was remodeled and placed in service Dec. 20, 1936. It is on'a semi-trailer with a 500 gallon pump and is mounted on a C-40 International tractor. The value of the new piece o£ equipment is about $16500, the rebuilding cost $5217.28. It is the department's newest piece of equipment and was obtained at a saving of $11,282.72 to the city. Inspection of all of this equipment will be open to the public on Friday, "City Day" in Mason City, when open house will be held n the municipal buildings. Project Workers in Meeting at Dougherty The Dougherty Township Home 5 roject workers held a joint fol- owup meeting at the home of VIrs. J o h n Boyle, Snlurdny. Twelve women were present. The esson was given on the "Coat of Adequate Meals'" and there was MCENANEY GIVEN ASSIGNMENT ON INTERIM GROUP Cerro Gordo Representative on 14 Committees of Iowa House. Morgan J. McEnaney, Cerro Gordo county slate representative, has received an appointment as a member of the interim committee. This legislative · committee, officially known as the committee on retrenchment and reform, is made up of 10 members. The chairmen of the committees on judiciary, ways and means and appropriations from both senate and house automatically become members of such Interim committee. The remaining four members of the committee are appointed by the speaker of the house and the president of the senate, with two appointments being made from each body Mr. McEnaney, being chairman of the committee on judiciary in the house, Deceived such .assignment. The interim committee continues iffer the adjournment of the legislature and until the succeeding legislature convenes and organizes with full force and effect. The duties of the interim committee directs that it shall examine tlhe reports and official acts of the executive council and of each officer, board, commission and department of the state at the seat of government, in respect to the conduct and expenditures therefor, and the receipts and disbursements of public funds ther- by. Such committee has the same power to summon witnesses, administer oaths, compel the production of books, papers and evidence and to punish for contempt th same as the district court. Mr. McEnaney, who during th present session is a member of 1 committees, the heaviest assign ment in the house, will now fini that his legislative duties wi carry him back to Des Moine many times during the two year of the forty-seventh general as sembly, because of meetings of thi, new assignment. In Safety Move --Pholo .by Lock F. "\V. VORHIES Heads member Drive HOMECRAFTERS TO HAVE EXHIBIT Arizes to Be .Awarded Display in Currie- Van Ness Store. at The Homecraft Workers' contest vill be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 25 to 27, at the Currie-Van Ness Hardware com- lany store. A fine group of entries bowing varied talents in wood- vorking has been registered. With entries all from nonprotes- lonals, the exhibit will include urmluro of all types, novelties and models of a variety of kinds. Judging will be done Thursday night, by number and not by name. On Friday and Saturday the Jublic will have a fine opportunity o observe the exhibits, togethei vith the prize winners. The ex- libifs on those two days will be dentified with the names of the makers on them. TWO FINED IN POLICE COURT Two Forfeit Bonds Postei When Arrested for Intoxication. Albert Grafton, city, and Robert 3rown, Brooklyn, Iowa, were each ined $25 and costs Tuesday by a olice Judge Morris Laird on harges of intoxication. Grafton vas arrested at First street and South Fedora] avenue and Brown vas .arrested at the Mason City 3rick and Tile company plant No Frank Grimm, transient farm ind Charles Curlin, 426 Pierce venue southwest, each forfeited 10 bonds posted when arrested arly Monday night on charges of ntoxication. Grimm was arrested t Second street and South Fedral avenue and Curtin at his ome. A New York barber has learned ie art of painting black eyes. A usincss opportunity Jack Dcmp- ey overlooked. -- Cedar Rapids Gazette. 666 Liquid. Tablets alv*, Nose Drops checks COLDS and FEVER Electric Motor Repairing- By Experienced Men New and Used Motors Bought and Sold Zack Bros. ELECTIUC CO. R. C. PATRICK Legion Broadcast SPRING MEETING AT NORTHWOOD Fourth District Session o Legion Planned at Caucus. Northwood has been selected for the spring conference of tht fourth district organization of the American Legion in April, it was announced Tuesday by Ralph Lloyd Jones upon his return from the commanders and adjutants annual meeting at Des Moines Sunday and Monday. The decision to hold the conference at Northwood was decided at a fourth district caucus at Des Moines, presided over by C l a r e n c e Mosher, Strawberry Point, district vice commander. Tom Tracy, Manchester, district commander, did not reach Des Moines because of the bad condition of the highways. Time and place of the summer meeting is to be decided by the officers of the district. R. C. Patrick, Clausen-Worden post commander, and Mrs. Patrick, were on their way back from Des Moines Tuesday after attend ing the state meeting. Other Ma son City Legionnaires returned Monday. DR;J.G. GRAVEN DENTIST PRACTICE LIMITED TO PLATE WORK 1« PlPST I CEDAR RAPIDS STBEETS.E. I DBS MOINES MASON CITY I S I O U X CITY Tittle Bros. PACKING CO. 105 South Federal Phone 693 --WEDNESDAY-Tender Beef Club STEAKS Solid Pack Oysters 21 pt. 100% Pure Gr. BEEF, Ib. 10 Pork End Cut CHOPS 21 Ib. Choice Veal Shoulder STEAK 16 Ib. MABEL QUINTARD ON FLOOD WORK AT GALENA, ILL Cerro Gordo Secretary Is Called by Red Cross Division Office. Mrs. Mabel Quintard, executive secretary of the Cerro Gordo county chapter of the Red Cross, left Monday night for Galena, 111., called by St. Louis divisional offices for relief work in connection with flood conditions in northern Illinois. The developments at Galena created a sudden -need for Red Cross workers and because all available members of the personnel were situated on the Ohio arid Mississippi river flood front, an emergency call was sent to the Cerro Gordo county chapter. Mrs. Quintard was expected to have arrived at Galena early Tuesday and started work. This is the third time Mrs. Quintard has been called for disaster relief work since coming to Mason City, having served in Nebraska on flood work and at Tupelo, Miss., following a tornado/ District Meeting of Lutheran Conference at Immanuel Church The district mission meeting which is held annually in each parish, of the northern district of the Iowa Lutheran conference will be held at the Immanuel Lutheran church Wednesday evening this week at 7:45. Visiting pastors wilt be the Rev. Waldo Ekeberg, Dayton, the Rev. . Carl S. Ericson, Stratford, and the Rev, M. A. Sjostrand, Algona. Music for the service will be by the chorus of the church and Mrs. Sjostrand of Algona. An offering will be taken for the Ministerial Relief fund. Workman Killed When Sewer Tunnel Caves DETROIT, (^--Joseph Yufiat, 27, of Detroit, was killed Tuesday when a small section of a sewer tunnel collapsed 35 feet underground. Three other workmen, endangered by the cave-in, were rescued almost immediately. Fellow workmen dug for two hours before reaching Yugat's body. SHEPHERD'S JPAINl A WALLPAPER 16 F I R S T STREET MASON ClfY, IOWA Photographs Live Forever RUSSELL PHOTO STUDIO Phone 227Z Next J. C. Penney Co. A R E C O R O N A D A Y S Our ·· iaiSiwllon bocV rnafc** 11 »r»r to 1*97* Cereasirpfn^. C«l luqWr qrW** wMh Cerem*. rtOATTHG SHOT. TOUCH 3CLIC7OJLman»olhtr ·Jdjiiti luturii. MAX BOYD E. State Mason City B L A C K C H I E F C O A L Deep Shaft As p er Ton Lump yd Delivered BLACK CHIEF is HIGH in HEAT--LOW IN ASK --and will HOLD FIRE Exceptionally Well! Order Today and help us maintain these Money-Saving Prices WE ALSO HAVE THESE OTHER COALS IN STOPK-. BLUE P E N N A N T NUT . . . . . . . $ 5 75 V Our Old Reliable DIXIE BLOCK s 6 50 *"" INDIAN CREEK WEST VIRGINIA^ " !'$1 0 ' 5 0 per to" DIXIE BLOCK COAL CO. \ 1

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