The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 21, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1818
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1 THE ME WOKM. EVENING FO NUMUKH 1920 SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 1816. iNO. 42 PINE - STREET. ST. For Suit, Fnifht or Charter, The fastiailiug brig SAILOR GOV, 'A. Rodman, master now ready to re - i7e ouo ; 17. tons, and will carry arwu t0 casks Hashed. A piljr oa board, wot tide I'lv Market wharf, or to 1 D. BETH UN E & CO. OTH2 9i C. 11. lip - Aor iVll.M A G' 70.'V, A". C. Th. vhr 41)f l.lMrL Pf4ef TllDDtr. .master, will be dispatched iminediately. t or Irtight or passage apply 10 . R. GILLESPIE, 1 12 Front - it. Who offers for tale, 180 bbls tar, and a parcel of W. O. hhd staves, received by said vessel ' AUo 200 bblssupf. Richmond flour 55 Midi Richmond ami Petersburg tobacco 20 tierces rice; 21 bdes uplaod cottoo '55 hhds molasses, 200 bags coffe Red ami white port wine, in hhdi and qr. Madeiras do do Kasks Claret wine, in boxes of 1 dozen each 4 small boxes cotton laces An invoU of Dutch (foods, confining of snuff boxes, slates, slate pencils, marbles, jewellery, violins, ladies' work boxes, cologne water, fcc. Feb 84 Fat FRSHiHTor CI I HTKH, J$v The fast sailing schr. SALEM, bur - Yf J? X.l,.., linn l,hU ha mud hnttwovov - .....i u nnw in readiness to receive a car go. For terms apply on board,'at Pine - etreet wharf or to G. G: fc S. HOWLAXD, feb 29 : 77 Washington - street. Fur SAL r. or CilA R 1 1, li. The valuable fast sailint bp C AG NESS. rnnLiin Harris, at Flv - markct whart, two y - . - ars old, burthen 104 ions, win stow upwards of 300 hhds. ia in all respects in excellent order, and will be ready to re ceive a Cargo in two uays. Appiy 10 N. L 1). TALCOIT, feb 26 64 ."Amtli - sti - eet fUH ALt; At TUK SHit - kARD OF THE SUBSCRIBER A SLOOP, now buildiuT of the best l materials, about 100 tons; timbers of live loak. locut and cedar i bottom plauk Jer. - ey white oak, built on purpose for the Alba ny trade. A SLOOP of 50 tons, calculated for y trade where dispatch, burthen, aud JajHm? draft of water is required. A periagua SCHUU.aek, ol4Utoa, . will draw bat little water, with a lee - .board tliroueh the centre of ber keel, and U expected to sail very fast. r. Also, a SHIP of 360 tone, calculated .5f"r a Liverpool or London trader, (that 2Jjaacan be finished to suit the purchaser.) - &J - " spars, timber and plank. Also, timber sawed to bills for house building. unv6 U CHARLES BROWNNE. r For Unit, Freight or Charier, - ylfifv Tho good brig I'l.AN'l EK, 187 tons burthen, one year old, itows 1500 bbls is a very fast railing vessel and in complete orb r to receive a cargo. Apply on bo..rJ west side Burliog - slip, or to H. L, ti G. GR19WOLD, mcb 5 BC Somh - rt. f , . For Hale, Freight or Charter, Mffk A new pilot boat schooner, about 130 ymiim' in the best uianntr, cut P1'' lastened,and in complete order to receive cargo. Apply to . fl. L. & G. GRISWOLD, rah 3 - 86 Houtt' - ptret. , For Salt, t retghl or Charier, A new pilot boat built schooner, about JtalkatM 130 tons burthen, built in the best manner ol good materials, aud copper lastuned, a very fast sailing venel, and uiay be sent to sea at small txpcnse - Wpply to N. L. ti G. GRISWOLD, mch 3 80 Sooth - at. Ftr SA VAffKA , JUt The packet fh'.p RISING STATES, JtlgjbThos. Swinburn, master, now loadio at I'lue - alrcet wharf, will meet with immediate dispatch, having a considerable part of her cargo engaged. For freight of about 200 bbU. or paf - ap, having elegaut accommodations, apply ou board, or to GRISWOLDS & CO ATES, mh 7 68 Souih - st. X HUM, Ac. J" puncheons Jnnmira Rum, just arrived and landing from the brig David Kichaids, froui Fauuoutb, (Jam.) and lor sale by A. D. DUFF, - 69 Waeliington - street. Who has for sale in stre, L. P.TeneriHe Wine, fl'iitley brand) inquar - tercaks, imported July, 1HI6 Do do in hhds and qr. ca;ks, do Auguct do Do do in piS, l.hdi. and qr. casks, do Sep tember do 30 pipes 100 hhds and 280 qr. ca - kt dj entitled ti debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, thip'd in IH13. irom the Cape ol Good Jli - pe, aid entitled todr hei.ture Port and oid Lisbon wines, in assorted cuskk 5y boxes or claret w.i.e 13 J do grave wine and one cask cardwire. feb r tf 1 Xf H Mi', OH , r.iPFK, 4c. AaJvF Qr. cajKs colinnar wina 130 qr canks aud ?0f)half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do sweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottle each 40 bales Italian w - iting paper, Foolscap and SO do printing do letter 14 hhds English glas ware, consisting ol wines and tumblers Usui led 100 botes anchovies and 50 do olivet I box French kid gloves 1 do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do eugravingt 9 rases felt hats, 1 do chip do 40 bales Julian rags, 600 marble mortars S3 ca ts marble slabs, Veined and statuary, a - ort d sizes 5 boies Naples shaving soap 1 do watch glarse 3 cans mauna in flakes 100 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of Boftas, putkah and rallipatly cossahi Chadpnre, cbomocolly Johanna, luckipore and soogpore Sanoahj, julhtpore and mow Checks, white, red mud blue gfllahs Madras pattern do Sootee and froctsoy romals, for sale by CM A3. L. OGDEN, aud ABRM. OGDLN, nch 6 v..i.:4ui. 37 VtfiCll 'l m m a i rrr t, n nrro rnds Dili Vininii hwvi do new crop j0 do W bbls fine floor Wo ejUdlingdo. For sale by Ptbt SUE MEUROW fc CLEEMAK, No. 7 Wajhinston - st. ""Net w suivanie ior ine aouneni 1?4 r1il!e? left 'h Walter Neitea, Ho. rwmtitlvitr:J,5?rnro',B''',i'1f - ''P. will be PeotrfM10. 10ttS BTER3, JM ID tf "rruon - slreet, North - River. Osf? sf MOi1SSLz FOR SsiLK. mUU Hhds molasses, now landing from brig Agact, irom ruaia&zas. Apply to ISAAC PACKARD, Feb 23 Si Fmot - tt BROWN, stonsrseal eugraver anujewei - JL . lar, Ho. 100 Broadway. Coats of arms, cresU, cyphers, tc. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coats of anas, motto, and fancy devices. Diamond;, amethysts, crystals, &c. bought in tne rougn or cut V. any lorm. Books of heraldry; kept with upwards of 60,000 names. Jan 7 3m FTE.V1P, LEAD, PAINTS, He. Russia IX hemp, in lots to suit purchasers 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 I t to 6 8 casks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead . 50 bales India twine English sail andseioe twine 3 casks Prussian blue, 5 casks Vermillion 3 hhds verdigris 50 casks French yellow ochre Dry white and red lead 20 boxes tin For sale by PETER SCHERMERHORN Si SOSS, 243 Water - street. Alo, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, front 40 to 2500 wt. Cables aud cordage, cf all sizes, best quality, with the usual auortmcut ol ship chandlery. Feb II tl 1 I COTjOA; AOBACCO, e.e. jat JV bales prime Alabama cottou, landing from schr asan 20 bales Xcw - Orleans cotton t per brig Fi 5 hhds Kentucky tow:co ) uancier IN STORE, 20 tons c!ean St. Petershurrh hemp Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone 1 j cases tumblers 30 boxes Ca'tile soap Writing and wrnpping paper 1 case Leghorn hats, .No. 20 ft 40 Also, just received, ICOOO lb 1I vans coffee, in hhds. and .4 few hhdi of rectified pure spirit, made Irom molasses rum. For sale by J.AMES D'WOLF.jr. Feb 23 S7 Frnnt - rt. LIXEN DIAPKKS, he. Lit C. SUYD.AM, have just received per brig . Pocahontas, ik.iu Dublin, and ship Thomas Wilson, from Greenock, for saltt bj the package 1 3 cases 4 - 4 Irish Linens t do 7 - 8 do do 5 do 3 - 4 brown Linens and Lawns 2 do do black do 3 do birds eye Diapers 1 do table do 7 boxes 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings 2 do 9 - 0 do ktout do 2 do Lorn; Lairns 7 bHles Droiliedas Si Ducks 5 do Linen Bedticks. : Also, A general aMortnicot of the above arti cles, opened for retail sales, at 61 Maiden - lane, hi very lavrtnie terms. leu in ti BOM BAZETTA', assorted colours do all black do twilled, assorted colours, just re ceived For sale by OTIS 4 SWAN, mch 3 li7 fearl st. MLil .VltY L..D PA I I NTS. P,OR. aAl.f an unl - rti d lot of 70 bind par tents, located in the Illinois Terrilurv, and bought diieutly from 'he Soldiers. Apply to 15AAL. It. itr. JO.I., mh 10 tf .No. Vi,.tret. lt.Y MAHEIKA WINK U pipes old si - O cily Mudeira Wine, iinrorteii m UUj, iV.r sale by TUCKER A - LAURIE'S, Oin U Ti . - rulli sireel. I ELL .6 bundles iiwtdj li aetl, iur mi J by HU 111) &; AEW .!.!,, mil 13 6" - oulh - '.t. ItiHN U MUKKAV n'.JNS .tl - .r i - r le, tl in lots to suit puicbastrs, ut No. 1 13 I' - jar - street, 100 qr. casks sherry wipe, cldunri fit ior tanit - ly ue 500 case sueri r margiux claret, vintnt ol 60 crt oid lu. k ( 'til I l.j casks hot tld drown stiu(. 7 d"zen each 1U do anurlid npot1 fciirit glussware 1 i me silver eytd ueeJItS 2 do pins 20 casks i out lining an assortment of Hardware, Cutlery ni dSnddk rv 5 ca - ks rard - iviro. So. 3li a'33 2d cases F.niluh thcdlhing coj'per, 20, 30, 32 20 tons old suhle Iron jz. . 8 d') Kn;liiih holt, ortapnn and Aat iiou ' 6 do liaiTa anil Srtni - h block tin 7 do - lis and l) r I - ail. mh 16 2w i,',L)L'K iitHr bbls el Fliiur, lciiidin lioui V brie Mouut Hopw, fmm llirhmond, for sale by W. iS. CRAIG, int. Hi If 1 1 rout street. i.A I K. - - 1U0 squares lllonsirk slattf, most - I . . i - i . e i - I iy mrte sizes ano ui sunn iiuaiuy, ior eaie oy III'MlV I ULurv mh 16 lw 163 Pearl - street. I OBACCO 60hlils.eorsia'i ol.:iei oof su - L uerior uuaiitv, landing Irom Brie Nancy, for sul at 67 rou'h s retl. mhl6 CAMRUEl.ENGfc PEARSON. .MUSCOVADO SUGARS k MOLASsE.s. 'I'llE sulisi rilirraolfer for sale the carpi of the - I bri. Ensa, consisting ol prime quality Muscovado Sug irs and Molasses, now landing on Pier No. 4, North River. G. G. k S HOWLAND, mh!6 - 77 Washington - street. TURKS ISLAM) SALT. THE subscribers are authorised to contract for cargoes of salt, deliverable on board at Turks Island. Bill on America will be received in payment ; and importers of the article will secure to themselves considerable advantages by making contracts here. TUCKER t LAURIES, mh tS 29 South - street. CIOTTON fc SUGAR 18 bales superior Up - land Cottoo 27 boxes white Havana Sugar, suitable for retailing, for sale by N. fc D, TALCOTT. mh 16 COTTON & TOBACCO 25 bales Sea - island Cotton, and 33 hhds. first quality Georgia Tobacco, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 93 Fine - street, IN STOR E. 34 bales Sea Island, and for sale as above. mh 13 74 HrMtlMi ir FRIKHMQ tAfER Reams roeal print in naner iou oo medium do do 200 do foolscap writing do 300 do letter do various qualities) 40 groce press paper. For sale br COLLINS HAN SAT, mh 14 lw No. 230 Pearl - sL GUNNY BAGS 3000, for sale by CEBRA fc CUM11G, mh 13 76 Pearl street. WANTED FOR THE COUNTRY, AMANwho understands common gardening, and a woman who understands boete - work, suilshng, fcc A au and Ins wife will be pre - lerred Apply No, 49 Front - street. mhl8(w DEMIJOHNS. 5tW Demijohoa, containing about 4 gallons each, very strode and well covereu, ior tale ry G. G. fc S. nOWLAND, mh 14 77 Washinirton sirtet ENGLISH IKOiN and SPIKES. 40 ton sVtt Iron, assorted sues 100 coske spikes, from 4 to 8 inches Tbe former entitled to drawback, lor sale by HENDERSON fc CAIRNS, mh 13 81 Pine - street. SEERSOCRkRa, c 3 bale yeiluw striped seersuckers t bale blue baftas, entitled to debenture, for sale by P. REM SEN & CO. mb 10 ; NOTICE. ft7" The subscribera hsvinr received a eene - rai assignment of all tbe estate of John Murray k Sons, for the benefit of creditor a expressed in the assignment, have authorised Peter Lsid - k;w lo liquidate the unsettled accounts and to receive payment of all debts due to the said firm, or to the individual partners who will attend to tbe same at his uffice, No. Ill Pearl - street. WILLIAM BAYARD, feb 24 tf HENRY BARCLAY. TO LkT. n i ne stores ana ceuar room oi 'nose a story houses No. 10 and It on Broad - street ; aad a new two story house No. 0 on New street, im mediately in the rear of No. 10 Broad - street, fit for a genteel famliy, being new. Also, a g'KHi house at Greenwich, and one at Harlem, with two and a half acres of Ground, near Maunatiinvilie. Arplvto CHAS OAKi.EY, 141 FrontC mhl2tf i SlJ To be let, those elecv.nt and spuciou buildings, No. 41 and 43 Wall - stn et, formerly occupied by Mr. Solomon D. Gibson, either to gether or seperate. Poswession will be given immediately, or on the first of May next Apply on vne premises. nm lz TO LET, The new brick Store no. 62 - Stone - tt. to J. SWORDS. Feb 14 TV LKT, A Tavern and Store in Flushinr, at pre sent occupied by Mr. Win. Phaw. Apply lo mhOtf T. GIBBONS. TO 1.F.T, A countins house on the lower floor, No. 3v couth street. A laree new lire proof store in Governeur1. lane, next door to Water - street Apply to TUCKER 4 LAUKIES, mh tl 29 South - itrret. l ull SALE OR TO Lt.AbE, On arcoinnifMlatiner tern, a number of water ana Duiidins lots, near and adjoinmg the navy - yard, at Brooklyn, For particulars, cn - juire ol SAMUEL EVANS, jan 22 tf Hronklyn. rfTj - n FOR BALK, Si - is si I he two - story brick front Hon 'it and Lot 33CUorry - stieet For terms, fcr. apply at 7C Pearl - street. mar 3 J tit.IJJt..CK at GKLF.JVIHCH. tWjJ To be let, tbe houe and Ki - nund froating on Greenwich lane," behueiK u th' eslate of Uie lale Samuel Millijran, and at iuoal occupied b Mr. Dsvid Ely. For oartiruiurs coanire - of JOHN M'KF.I. lumScr in reliant, foot oi N. Mcoru - t trevt, or of I . t Kl.w.uu in the Uiok .l .ew - York. . uo2m( ....... ....... . 7Xt i.f.T. The House. V.. 7C mad tr e, with tbe ol3i e, iliire - tiouse, uot s'a."l contiguous, ud apiieiihiniujr luerero. TO ;E.r For a term of y ni - . in Mis or parcels, thil partrf Rusr Hi I Ttu r. on rl.e 2d, ,.d 4tr, nvrnues, ie the 24'ii, 25lh, V6h. i'f', '.'' - Mi. and JVl'i sl'VeU. w'licli lni .I'gs to Airs. :) l.o - gers. For ;irti 'jlir, ai'pli to J.VML? A. HAMILTOV. mh 13 tf No 3 Law Bum mxs . JuV And iinn.ediate foieii' a given, (he htsf No. 9 Pearl street, tOceu r v, in the sta nk iridCuch Hi'Mse in the rer'n Brnl(e - st. Tin' preoiiiar in complete rei - air hav every convenience neressnry lor tin ann;iiui' itatio.i oi a mmily. r or parlh Mar , iy lo .M t 28 L. BRA DIME m toTet; A laree convenient modem buit house, couch house am! improvements, (with or .viO'tii.t au exle' ive Kiiclun garden and riacn r.g iroic Uie iirs' ol Ma) next ; situate.d on the comer oi tin Frst Avenue and First - sir .et, near the corner ofN'irlh and Alt. n streets, and about one mile from the ily Hall. The situation is elevated and healthy, and in every respect suitable lor a genteel tamily . On the premise! is a well ol wait excellent water. Apply to CORNELIUS I'UBOIS, Feb 2 tf No 36 Front street. Tt LAW HUIIDVGS. IJjJjU Two offices in Law Buildings No. 3, be rented. Apply en tlio premises, lo JAMES A. HAMILTON, Esq. or at No. 69 Broadway, (.b 5rltf lO L&T, . s r mm inr nrsi oi fi ay next, a irom count - ins: room on the second flimr, together with the upper lofts. Enquire No. 16" Pesul - street. n.n24 tf TO LET. The three story brick dwelling, 27 Nor - lolk street l - .oquire ol , COX fc AfONTAUDEVF.RT, Feb 13 96 Wall - rt. 1J LET. . . A twostorv house, with a barn and five acres of land, situate about two and a half miles Irom the city, opposite the arsenal. To a person who is in the habit or attending market and would cultivate the land as aa early vegetable garden, it is an object. Rent 200 dollars Ap - piy as s Droiiuwey - - tun o ti TO LET, From the first May neit, the (tore no. 79 bouth - sureet. For terms, applv to - L. LF.m.RTS, Jun. feb 7 28 William - street , 7 LFT, tV'iU The following Houses, vis: 1 1?i7rtte No. 95 John - street The house No. 91 do The house and store No 395 Pearl - street Tbe house and store No I tl Cherry - street JAMES W tiHAW, feb 21 No. 5 L'owery. iO LKT, rjil Those two 8 re proof dwellin Hort - tv No. 74 aad 76 Mott street, about tea niinetes walk from the Coffee Hnsrse. Tky Will be pet in complete repair. and wellrakulaicd sbrgea - teel families. Apply at No. 137 Water - street. mh 1 1 tl TO LET, From the 1st of Mae next, the lower couuiing room of No. 54 Soetft - etreet. sv ALSO, The upper cooatiag room, No. 71 South - it Apply lo JAMES D'WOLF. Jr. feb 13 67 FrM - treef jTt Kt - AL fcol A'l k. FOR s L II f - ! J Two C - storv brick honH aad Iou. aitam - .i C Tfiia V 1 . i.... ..i Lt ti . mm, I 1SV sja hvuhs an i avw a,ww a - j f rh.ih mum. li brt snmt br lUdwo. AU oaaccomai.ditingtrTw. For particulars sp - plyatXo.33JQreetwicl. - st, an 15 tf 1 A VALUABLE FARM, FOR SALE, in tbe town of Flohlns. Queens county, ijoug - lnland, situated ou Bay bide, 14 miles from Now - York, aud 2 12 from Flushing lauding; from whence packet boats and stages daily ply to and Irom New - York. Said farm contains about 170 acres, 60 of wuirk is wood land of various kinds of timber and tbnl - ly gfowth, with two apple orciiards, one old, the other not mere than 20 years old, and con tains 250 grafted trees, all in full beanos; and of the cacicest kinds of truil ana great variety ; there it about 20 grafted pear trees, just ia the prims) of life, cuoskling in part of the choicest kinds bf vergalues, bt. Germaine, and pound pean, kod 8 or 10 EnglMh eherry - trees, which arejus begioning to bear. The remainder at suitably divided into lots of mowing, tillage and pasters, all enclosedla substantial fence and under reod imurcveaieoL 1 be Diausioa house is 30 by 44 feet, built in modem sty le, of die tst matenkls, and ilnuked throughout, with a good kitchen and cellar,, and is situated on. an eminence, oosameading an extensive view of the bayandodceotoouoin. The court - yard aad gardee contains a great variety of Iruit - trses aud shrubbery, asparagus beds, strawberries rasp - berries', gooseberries, and currant in abundance. Attacked is a large barn, sheds, carvings house, crib, hen bouse, i moke bouse, ami many other useful aud convenient buildings, all new aud in good repair. The premises belong to Charles Cornell, Esq. late of Flushing, deceased, and combines numerous advantages, of which it i1 deemed unnecessary to enter into a detail, as it is presumed no person will pnrclm - e without first vicwin? the prr wises. For particulars ai.d term, whirli will lie accomninjBting, apply to the uV - criberi, on tbe premises, who will give an lU'liipulabie title to them. ELIZABETH CORNELL, Executrix. JOSHUA CORNWALL, Executor. Bay - Siile, Flushing, Fen. "3. Ht.18. Frs: - lm ALLAut.r. PKOPLRi 1 sjpiil The subecnhcrnrTkn lor sale a valuable farm, 73 miles from New - York, lying 7 mile south of Poughkeepsie. on the post - road, wilhm 1 - 4 of a m.ile ol tbe will on the tails of VVappin - gcrVCreek, and in the neighborhood ol' seveial Undingt from which sloops aail weekly. It contains 1 10 acres af level, fertile land, with a y outirf otchhrd of grailed fruit, wood rutnrient for fuel, and all in good fence. The house cxulains several ifoms, has a good barn, and all in excellent repair. Iti situation being ou an elevated plain, render the place not only healthy, but preients from the dwelling a dolightful inland protpocL Also, aur.ther lot of 40 atre, contiguous to :he nhove, and hounded touthnrly by the falls of Wapi iinr' - Creek. 1 lie land is Irrtile, in ei - relirn. li ret , and of easy cultivation. What renders this properly valuable, is, that it may be oiadi a place t i rrlebrity. There is already e - rvrtid on the foils a raw - mill of great capacity, a carding mill, which enjoy the custom of the i:i?hboibooJ, besides several other scites for factories, nuocMpied. The whole force of die creek can be diverted with a little expeuce so a to dru e a an?. at mills on a level plot ol' ground lust b ilow the lalls, and accessible by au eku osv'igntion where factorue of every description, waH every tactiity ol power anu traus portatiou ca ! conitructed. Also, a fl - ur - snill, i4 the first class. The UiiU - hoivei iMTce, with 4 run of Burr stones, mvi' ( - .ilculkid .' - 6 with new ma lunery for mriH.nt' - iii;wlHi4, t,t. with au klevator for ruttui pram !rm into the upper but of U:e a il. t onret with he mill is a la'ge riore nouse lor tii ' wiient and Uoor Wili the mill will ! sold 53 aciet of excclln l:,nd, on whirl. i situated Ave daellin buUi'fi, , Nige bain, bty house, rurrutga ho'j, com lb hi.vcls, vr. a cooper's shop culruUteiJ foi '4) hid Two of the hoots air new (indwell c - alcjUi.d for genteel foaAtbes : They r iiimand h vew ol ihe nr. witli a heautitul luiervik tMxl t - pe foi oied by ihe meandering ol'the creek ;uiaiid;8ielv in front. ' I life are ter places which arociatn so aianv aciommodi'ipg qn;i)ifirt.tian for tbe menbaut, m - i h.iiiir oi farmer. If not told at private sale before Tuesday the 2 lit April, it will od that day be offureJ) at auction. For terms fcc. apply to PETER METIER, No. 25 Heaver - slreet. Fr h 70 A BR All A V MEIFR. 'in. I"! 4rtJ, Ai d poncssion given on the first of May, the houre No. 48 Broadway, together with a brick fire - proof stable and store in tbe rear fronting oo New - street. Also, Ihe adjoining bouse No. .SO. The soap manufactory in the rear, to be removed on tbe 1st of April For terms apply to JOHN SI I DELL fc CO. etch II No 50 Broadv. ay. fgu jXJ LKT, ;ijjh Th store and cellar under the main ku.louig of tne house No. 223 Pearl street, and a three stoiy fire - proui store in the rear, now occupied by the subscriber ; post euioo to be giv en on the 1st of Vay next. Also, hit stable and coarh - house, situated on Gold - street, in the rear of his aforesaid premises, powcuion - of whi h can be had immediately. Feb 2 tf JOHN I. GLOVER. FOR, Seven acres ol land in West - Chester, 12 12 mi lies irom tins city. Va the premises are a eood dwelling - house, barn and fowl - house, a thrilty younc orchard of graded Iruit, a garden willi asp iragus beds, shrubbery of root I rry , currants ana sirawnemes, with a wi - u oi never f ilinc pure sofi water, well calculated Inr die tilling - The stages pass every day to New York; vessel twice a ie k bring only a quarter of a mile irom uie lauaing. r.nq .i re of HENRY CHEAVENS, 158 Brondway Also forsnle, a good substantial ngnl wngjon, cab nlated tor one or two boftes; lo be seee at umlloid's 1 ivery Stables, Broadway, near Hes ler - ilreet Eftqni:e as wImivb. mh I Itf 1 'iO LKASe., vratmn nf itari. UiS The house and lot No. 20 Cedar streit. roiiimninesit rooms with (ire places, besides toe kitchen, pantiles, vaults. Ac. and a weu ol good water. Forsnle, the unexpired term, eleven years, of the lot ro. of tviurrav street, in me occapauon ol w i! J im ratters a, oo lease iron Uie r.pisco pal Church de St. Esprit. Ipuuire of J. vv. W . V. WUII.UA, frh25dtf No 44 Ploe - streel. FOR SALE, Km raortarvT is tub citt or UEw - eoax. A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II V.LT Bo were - STABLE in the rear loceth - er m nh be LOT, feel front, 42 feet rear, aod 1 25 led on each. side. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - etreet , and Hoeseaod 1otNo 30 Vesej - street. A BOND awl MORTUAuL lor isw oouars. de and do for 750 do An mnA da for 450 do On valuable property in the city of New fork. The iaierest has always beee puncteslly paid - For particulars imieiie ai the offke of oiLrnt1 s v... - , dee 10 tf No. 27 Wsll - cu Tit J.kJ. IZH' - a From the first of May next, a three - yr U t a L. a a. store brkk bouse ia tee.wcltrs)et, between Lb. riy and Courtlandttreetg. laou re at 137 Greenwich - street. mU3tT is Q TO LET, Tht convenient and elegant House, corner of Broadway and Uruomc sLreet. AU - U. A neat house with a large garden, fmntinir Broadway, between lUeeckcr and frinccvet. Apply No. 4 Bowluig - gi ten. tin it aw . huuu, ataoJe, Garden, tic. at (Jrttnu uh, " TO LET !lJ1 The subscriber will let or lease, for a term of years, hs bouse at Greenwich. It is pleasantly situated ou the banks ofthe Hudson, nod calculated to accommodate a laree limit. For terms, apply to D1V1E BETHUNE, J an3 92 Wall street. VI ON I REAL, March 2d, 10IA. The long expected commission of Oyer and Fermia - , for the trial of offences committed in Uie Indian territories, was opened here on Saturday, 2 1st ult. by the hon. chief pastire Monk, and tbe hon. mr. jurtice Bowen Tbe court sat every day last week, and hare now adjourned lo the 4th of May. No case has vet beau brought to trial, but eleven bills of iudirtsusnt have been found - by grand jury : via. I. Azainst raul rnmsm and eleven other per sons in tne service ol the Jiorth West Company, as principals: aud agaiust A lis M'Donell one of the partners, as acrsnsary, ior arson, in borumg the houses of the settlement at Red River, in the year 1815 2. Against A1xt. Stewart, a partner of the North Wert Company ; Robert Hennr, bi clerk. aod one of his Canadian engage's for burglary tnd pdlaginging a pout ol toe Hudson's Bay Company at Lesser Slave Lake, ia Athabasca, iu tbe winter of 1816 - 17. 3. Against Thomas M'Kay, a clsrk of the North West Company, for the murder of Mr - John Roger, on Ihe 19th June, 1816. ' 4. Against Peter Skene Of, den, a dork of tbe North West Company, for the murder of an In Green Lake, oearthe Englikor Church ill River, in the winter of 1815 - 16. 5. Agaiust Francois Mainville, a half - breed servant of ths North West Company, as prinei pal, and against Uau Bapt. Dennarais, another rudf - hreed, and - one Negaaebenes, coromouty callod Joee', an Indian, as accessaries to Uae murder of Owen Keveney. 6. Against Aeraptua Lauzarne, a clerk of the North Wett Company and eight others of their servants, as principals, and against the said A - letV. M'Doo 11, and Toussaint Vandrie, a clerk or inleqireter of tbe North West Company, as accessaries beforo and after Usa Act for the rob beiy ol a poit of the Hudson's Bay Company, near Manitoba Lake, in October, 1816. 7. Against John Thotniisoa, Esq. late one of the Jn I ices of peace for the Indtau territories, and a partner of the North West Company ; Samuel Black, aho a partner, and sin of their engage's, for burglary and robbery, committed onthepait ofthe Hudson's Bay Company at Isle ala Crosse, In lite spring of 1817. 8. Against Cuthbert Grant, and seven other clerks and iervanU of the North' West Compa ny, as principals, and agaiust tbe said AH it. Vt'DonMI as acreary, Delore the lacu ior roo - bery committed iu 1816, ia tbe River Qui Appslle, on a ntimner et rioau containing lurs belonging to the llud - on's Bay Company, aoi provi'ioini intended chuOy for the supply of the settlers on Red River. 9 Agaiust Cuthbert Grant and ill other clerks fend servants of (he North Witt Company, as prstxipale and tho mid Alexander Mac Donell as c jsnary, before the fact to the robbery of the Hti I oo's Lay ouioauy's poet at uraiulon Hotme, In June 1816. 10. AsriUiSt Cuthbert braul, Alriandcrrra ser, and I Comas ircKay, ann lorriei q oilier sarvanLi of the. Nor:h West t Company, partly Canadians and partly nail hreeds lor the muiili of governor iSemple, and twruty other persons uesr the settlement rf Red Kiver, cu ihe 19li of June 1816, and a) so srtinst tbe mid Alcxan der Mac I louell, and Al.nn Mau Donell, also a rlnrr, Jobu Sevewrih'. beraphin l.anarrr mi l'i ter angmau crmmitnly called llosboni, clerks and Interpreters, as aremtarie before lh - lact, and ar'iio;t Archibald Noiiuao Mac Leoil, t.tri. A!cx4iiier 3 so lyentie, q. John Thorn son, hsu. Kuen viar tiiii . r.q. and Jonu Mar I onald, Ijiu. late fuilices of taa peace for the diau terntoi'irs, Jams Leilh, John Haldane, Thomas Mac .durrav, John Mac Laughlin, John Duncan Camibetl, Robert Henry, Simeon Fia - ser, and Arcnioaid vie llian, partners ol the North West Company, and William Shaw, John Pavewnght, John Crihassa and rrraphio l - uiarre, and Peter Pangman, their clerks and u terpreter, at accessaries after the fact. Ob the part of Uie North Wnct Company se ven billsnf indictment were laid before Uie grand jury, but only one was found, vis. against Colin Robertson, .. and lour other persoos, lor not. and for pulling Uowo and destroying houses in June 1816 Of the six other bills three were for fahe imprisonment and one for assault and battery, all against Miles Mac Donell, Esq. late governor of the settlement ou Red River aud one was agairmt Uie same gentleman and Louis Nolin lor stealing in a dwelling bouse, but all Uiese were thrown out by lb grand jury, a war also one ngaintt Jn(io rritcharu, Michel Hoyden, and John Bourke for murder, alledgsd ti have been committed on the I Oth June. 1'hese three persons are the survivors of tbe party who were destroyed at Red River settle ment on the I VI h J une.Moor with governor arm pie, on which, occasion one of the half breeds was killed. In the course of the week motion were made by the counsel ofthe North - West Company for admitting to bail Air. ArcMtiaia lilac Lei Ian, Cuthlierl Grant, and Joseph Cadotte, who are in eustody for tbe murder of Owen Keveney j as also two of the servants of the North - West Company who are in custody for the murder ef governor temple. I hete motion gave rise to a good d al of desultory debate, but were nega tived bv the court. On Saturday, the grand jury were occupied for most of the forenooa and till a lale hour in the evening, in the examination of witnesses relative to the indictment of Cuthbert Grant and others, for the murder o' goiemor Semple. XEGOCIATI iflTti SAPLF.S. (Concluded.) The next paper n a letter from Mr. Pinkney to Uie secretary of state, dated Sept. J, IKIo, staling that all his eaertio., have failed lo oh.a u an answer to his otficial note of .1 ugust 14 - The following is an extract from Mr. P's letter : M It has been mentioned to me by thos. iu whom I bare coohduuC - , (hat this government has beeo extremely perpleseJ Dy toe uctnai - d conlsined in my note, and has it under constant and asxHMis contderatKin S uut, lean .g uter much cousultation lo take' Uie ground (suggest - ed for it, as I think, in America) ol irrnouibi - bty for such acts ol Mural's got emraenl as my note set forth, it has been and still is searcliipr for inforavauui as ttfaolt I. that diligent inquiry, for example, has becu made', and is yet making, for Uie (irupnal papers ot Ue JitJerent tttwli aod anroes, lor wruca we require compensatitn, or for u b evidence as might supply their place j aud that it is probable that in tbe cod an attempt will )e made to encounter at least a part of our demand with proof (good or bad) that oir case not altogether such as we supposed it to be, tn ill esrrunufcincJC I I am tokl ihsjir search alisr .iu paii of the vessels and cargoes is apt lUuly to be very successful ; very few, perhaps oooe, remam i aod it u not easy to conjecture what salL - .fsM.tory er even plausible substitutes they can procure.' The neat document is " Extracts of a letter - troovMr. Piukaey," Jcc dated Naples, Oct. 15 stating - various interview! and convemtions between himself aad.tha marquis de Circello, the. NejpohUu minister i ia the course of whK h Mr. P. announced bis intrn.ioo of. departiag for St, Petrrsburgb wilhoul ap answer, if not imsedi - l ately received and the marquis mtimttedaie - regret al Mr. P's uiteoil.rd Jr part ore, but stating that the answer should be forwarded le him, as si on as the government could possibly act oo ' it, wherever he might direct This letter cou - oluds as follows : v Having rereiveJ toy psnperts, my iaten - Upd is lo commence my jptinuey for St. Petersburg in a, eery few days. Ma King left me for Russia aliout aiortnigbt ago, saiy letter ot th lath September iufoimed yeu be would, and tbe genuemeu aiiaciira lo my legation Dave gone before me to Rome, where 1 hop lo arrive on Thursday or Friday neat.. , S nr atUntioo now to a few words upon the course which I have pursued as envoy ex - " auu upeu we actual position and prospect, of the claim wsuch produced iu my nay uers nas pernap bam a little lon ger than was anticipated, wheu 1 sailed frem America; but upon a. careful examiuatioa of my ioslruciions, it appeared to me, that I was directed by them lo make the attempt lo obtain, au a kaowh dgment ol our claim upon this gov. emment, at lull aud complete as possible, With - , out sacrificing to it Uie interest of my missiou to Russia. I have doue this. As Uie claim wan of great magnitude, iu a pecuniary sense, involved important principles, aud turned upon facts, into, whic h those with whom 1 had to deal had a nkht to enquire, ( could scarcely bope to bring ' tu. an issue of any kiud within las ibau tin, iw. months which have elapsed since my ret i lloa, here.. With regard to my miion to, QlMia, I have yet made no sacrifice. " Indeptbdunily of the eipUnatioo which I' bave had, from Ume to tiiue, with the count Moreoigo, (Uie Russian minister btre.) with re gard W my own anxiety, iuconiormiiy with the order of my government, to be iu it. Peters burg siUigut delay, those wiiobsjie eiDerieuc of the road assure me,, Uiat H I aad slnrted, looesr I should have been obliged to wait upon, Uie route fur the setting ia of the frost aad that. 1 should, therefore have gained oothing. " Ou the other hand, certainly I could haw. no apology for protracting wy stay at Naples beyond Uie buie to which 1, have iuuited,d Mr instrucUoui, which ace precisely what they ought to be, would not justify it &yreauui0. here a lew weeks more. 1 should Dostuoa tor' - several moutbj, perhaps, my arrirvj. i Sc. Psi. tersburg, by losiug tbe besi isason for Qtlintf. Italy. Ofthe manner in which my aecociaUon Has, beun conducted, I have lilUe to my. Avoidiojv extremes of every kind, 1 have sought to wru, auu ipeax witn politeness, but, at the sasoe time,. eapiciuyanu urm - r. eiy onject Ma been, lo, letthakiug and ml ministers understaad, that Uie claim mH be settled, aad to place it upon, uch ground as to eon vises them that we are ia earnest in considering them as our debtors - Wit bout being studious) j conciliatory, I have brebome all menaces. " Thi y have indeed trested me and my errand with su much respect, that it would Imve been difficult fur roe, even if it had been wis am honorable, to endeavor to fore the claim upon them, by arrogance and harshness. "I might indicd ha contrived u ilisnlar a more actii'e and zealous imporiuniiy .iiua my letters will be found to dee ribe i but ir could only have been that trii! imjmrtunityc Wliich, wanting dignity, and uiuullioried by usage, has uuthuig to reoorntm nd its introduc - . tiou into transsrlions like this. No nropei op - , poi lunily lias, I thuik, been missed, to iirge iliu, govetoment to a favorable decision. Aa to the footing upon Hi cliiin now stands, snd tbe value of iU future prospects, i; is onv.ons mat mucu Has beee famed. It has beenpr, sen(eil,(wlietlie. well or ill, I dare, not judge.) It has been received in a be otn - rlnr maimer, and enterltinrd lor deliberation and etrquiry. 1 he way to adjustment has been; pi epared and smoothed. The great principle on which the demand, was rested by the go - vertimenl of the United States, is impliedly conceded, and, at any rate, lias been greatly, strengthened ky the fhrbearknee of this government, not only ut mine, but even to the, last moment of my mission, to deny it, wiUi opportunity and every inducement to do so. onstantly presented to tt. It was to hav been expected, and was expect' (L that Ui court of Naples would resist, at Uie threshold, a demand which directly, as well as im - uiicjuy, asscrieu ne rcspunsuiiiiiy ior uie Vso - ences ana tnu - a of Mural. It was ita t - u policy to repel such a demand at once (without reference to details) if it meant ts contest, at ait Uie roponkintiity, upon, which the clai - mains altogether di nendod, and which formed, in truth, the only dubious part of tJieie case. U was prepared to take hat course. as I was well assu - ed) upon my first arrival. yet it has not v entered to uke it. Un the con - . trary, it has avowedly busied itself, since th presentation of my no. of the 24th of August, in efforts (which cannot be successful) to la a foundation of fact for distinctions that our give it a chance of escaping from ourpr;nciplea winch bnally it declines to question " I he reasons suggested bv Uii government for a sliort postpontim nt of its drcisioii, ar such a I suppose 1 could not have qua, relied with, without putting myself in the wrong - They are perfectly respeetmi io me unuea futes.sndufrcaie.eiglitin Uiemselves. Tlieit eflcct is to leave negotiation open, to give en couragement to resume it, ana at Uie sain time Hist tnry iropan new aunoiiy vo our claims, toretKicran acquiescenc e on our pan in a brief adjournment of it, not only consistent with our honor, but a duty. In Uie mean unit, the two governments are not brought to a dis - ,gree - jb i.ue as (li uie naa been re - ccted w ltiiout c - remMn. cm even w ith si. Le ostenution of civili'y) tlity migtii Lave been. - in not consenting io receive us auwr of isitoverniuen" kfser my d parture from Naples. was a good deatafltteoced by tbf apprebsjwoo, (hat Uieynjijht possibly giv meiuch aa suuwer wheu arweut, as tbty would not give mt if prs - seat. I desired,' moreover, to em ore my irovtrn - mi i.t a jutl control oter the sulji - ct, aud to lb claimants a clear stare for tbeir own pmaleext. sruqiu. i idiiueiii uiai a oiore convenieiu reii - in; point could scarcely be bad, and tliat it would) be better that I should afford tune to advise upust the case lo thins who had mure right than I bad to dir j - o - eof U in future, lhau that, adhering to my uwfion, ailer I bad reparated myself Irom those to whoqi I was accredited, I iliould ri - k lb loss of every thing by 'Uie exercue of a very doubtlnl aulhoriiy, under all sort of dnaJvaar Uges." Here follow five Doles between Mr. Piukney xA the ipoUtaus, embracing little more thaq, an iulerchauje tif ti iiaiwrior to his departure, Tho aeit leiwrrinm .1.. Pinkney, at St. Pet tervixirg.of date February 27, 1817, commence, as follows: "Notwithi'jaJirr th expUcilaess of mr if; ? V s 1 V, ii Hi i". t t'j - ' t ' . '. t i 4! : I; i !' ,i r r - 1 5 i ' V.

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