The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 20, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1818
Page 4
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IN CHANCERY, - , '. L - IM CttAACtRT. 1. of a oYcTetal order af Ihit honor - ' 1 I.U rmrt. will be oM at itulOic MCtiofl. at ftiis Trail inf 1'oftin Homo, lh citv rf New York. fi - r b direction of the sol.toioer, m,e ofthe mlfn nf tiir covet, on Tuesuly,1be 4"4lh ' u r March but. at twelve oVIo. I ui tbe fore t ilukl daV. nH btul certain met ar parcel of land, situate tGii. - nwirrt, to th ttth wnid nf - tiw bM city 01 new tutk Deginanf n aw '. west Mdeol ureenwn b - strect, forty four feet tea - inrliAt. northerlv. Iron Mm Corner fur mad bathe ' irti - rMi tionnf Hamnmnd and Greenwic h - stieets: WnirrWCTH I J W a "I.1 ' WICK WH4i VJIW p - . '. .1 , - Street irnn r'Unij nve irrt, ic sue ! or less, ontil it strikes a line of forty - three feet, ta the rcr ra Hie lata ground ; inence noruiweurr ly until it strikes a corner twenty seven levi mi iochM, he tba nme more or lets t tttem - e easterly twenty four leet, theoce northwestt eiy thirty lliree test six inches j tbooce easterly fifty A three fret i thence win easterly tlurty tro let . fosir inches, to reebK - U street; theix - sonui - J. erly, along Green wnb - street, Kvetiiy II iet thr ine hes, to the pmca of b ciimiog. I ogeuY .. er with all and singular, the edifices, buildings, . rights, jtiembrrs, hereditaments and sppurlea.iii. rs irrnnlo befooling or appertaining. On the " ..... (aanitMllultial lrBe bouses, enrh ahoat twenty Asa feet Imnt and . , rear, and thirty two feet deep, and im work - ' Matter in Chancery ' - U LIU ...' L" ii . , 5. B. AmsparsketcJi ofthe above nay iw torn by applying f oCc' No' ' iM,' auvet. mhXiawswaiw . IX CHANCERY. . . ftate of New - York, $$. Iil parwtncefnnardcrofthii honorable court, btmnng date the third day n( March, intt. il , be iid at pvhlic auc ton, at the Tontine Coflee . Ilovee, ia the city of .New York, under the di - . ' m linn o( the tuhai - rihef at one of the ranter o( IhU court, on Tueday Un Slit d:.y of March, imtaut, at IS n'cl .k at onAil Ihote certain Bvr or ornMuna iwntrmi Atmiony ieenra, of that it y of New Yik, Kq tlie fnther ol L - n - : ani lrnanl. wai aeiicd in lee linple at Iht ' time' of hit rleceate, nnd h upon a divuioo oi ttieettale of the raid Anbwy, fell to the ihart i and portioa of the laid lontrdO tilaatr lyir . and hewg in ifleeignin wm; oi inerny ui .n Vrtik. unit if known and rit tineaitlied in a irr tain sup or chart omde of he eitate ol the laid Aathony Uetpenard, deceated, by lota numrt . tlura humWd and ttighty I wo, three hundred and eighty loar, three hinded and einhi - thne, throe haodrerf and fifty tcven, and three hundrtd aod ifty - eigiit, anfl taken together a:e oounneo f and ' - oatnia e followi, to wh. north weiterly no - Tlwmoo t. one hurxtred and thirty irei mon ftf le, ifMitheatterly oa lot nora ier three nun i dttut an l aft veiic. tltlr feet mora or le. north . t tod hi Int nnmher three hundied and eiielilt t one of the mid Leonard l.e"ar'! one hundred ' lrt mora or but, and motliwutf rly h land f th ' anid Lanaarrl lprnard appropriao d fr hr con - 4a t4tiono! Vettry ttreet, onehmlrdtei ojre - or feet; a id alta all Ihote lour certain lota, piece pirnelf of nfnd, ittnate, and' ori it, the eighth ward of the city of M w - York t e - - Int part ot thelnnd vhich on t diviiion of the e - ' tate of Anthony nard, d eaaed, nmoiiK lii IMir. hjrunaitiimionera Apioinieu nr ine iuj - . 'or'acfHirl ol II laid cit),wai otf tn tlie tftnl Ie(r(li and fir known nnd (iitingiuneu on a .ji"of the fd ilfrinion tuadi hy tiie laid com - mi,nieri hr lh - nnmher ihrco hundred and .entity five, thne hundred .,n t rlajtitv ai, !ur beihlnrfj nn1 tweite, 'our nui'ire - i ana uiincru, afl taken tofHther are bou id i and rontftiu at To!l.', ta wit : ioibeteiy on Th"tnpon ttreet, arvsnly two U.U J tbiitherly on a lint', which if Vfuv lrt were continued enitward ofbollivan it r !, nu( I he 0'irtln - r1 y irtV ther - of oortbwettnrly hy grnniuj of A flintier L. lewtrt, and Sur.h hn. nne buudred ami al(hleeii feet an I rn - rtr tlertT hy a Hne to he drawn pantllcl wi'h ttrx"ine itreetl (brormte - tt. ' heim fil'ty f - t w;.le) aud di'taat lhe.efrr foar fiunurvii imi ncut m nw' "'! bf 'uiK of the i ud diioerwion more or !er I and nlto all Ihe around Ivirm between the laid fr loti fclmvt JcKribcd, and the Krutuid of Mitnir an. I i I . '. I . I. - - 11 ana onner, ana noiiiw niw j "r - phi tootln alrly and noribwrilertv bounilarief huU it - T' - r the auie m;.y rontiii; tue tlrf - r Witb the appurteuancf. Dated Alaich 7, 1818, JAMKa A. HAMILTON, ( tnb a 1awtwN Mter H Chawfery. . Tuuvortattm e ftiitb'trfh, through Kit afftV' lor. THC aubocriber, who lid been enjraged fur several jean in forwarding merchandixe to diflerenl purti of the United Statet, offers tut aervicet to the merchanU and trader of the western ttatei and territorim, at tgent 'o trannrxirt pmnertv of every decription from the eiiy - f Xew - Yoik to Hitubnrgli, in tliesta.eof t I - 1 - I ... rennsjivania ioou mpci i new - inrn, on bourd "thc vcthk ut"i.f tloopt fir Alban, can be delivered at 1'ittnbiirgh, it ia believed, in as short a time, at by any other route yet (Uncovered i the price of trannporta - tio. fur the whole distance never eicerdinrr tit dolUra per rwt Proper aare has tern taken taaelect gentlemen of retpeciability at agenti on the teveral route communi - ating with the Allegany river t and where extraordinary fx - artimit are required, a confiilcntiul pec. n thorauglily acqunintcd with the country, will accompany tbe goodt. All communication! nn thii - uhject, pott paid, will receive the earlicitt attention of the tubkcriber, ho for approved security w.ll give a credit of aix montlit on a Urge piopoi ton of the account. Cll MILKS SMrrn. Albany, ttate of New - York, 2d February, 1318. Reference to Meart SatteilceiSr Co. and Mestrt. I. Hyer,and II Rankin, - New - York. feb7 3aw A I'l - UlJl'lilON .n ua, riKoiimrut lord dit Xl the prac lice exiit in ihe - tate of iNew York, by How aid, prii e 3 I 2 renti. D ico;ire chi fly on devotional uhject". hv thf late Ktvd. Newcooili Cappe, with mt ui'.iri ofhii life, price two dollar Memoir! of tUe lilt of David Garrirk, T.'q with rharart. r aud n - cdil. oi hit riie itrii al ooot.niporariet,hy 'I liomat Oaviei,pn.e f 60, for taw at - o. 4 au ilre.1, ny Bib I I C. VMLF.Y & CO. NO IICE. A LL penoni indebted to the ertateof Ruggla A Hubbard, acquire, late herlff of the cily and coontr of New - York, at $htnJT, are re aO"t - d to uako paranmt to Jamei L. Bell equira, prtietrt iheriffof the city and county of New - York, oa err rjelore ina oni oay oi may next - or after that period tba bill remaining un paid will be not in imt. ' CATHERINE HUBBARD, Feb It tawtlMay Adminurtratrit.' T (fie L'Utcmta A'tuuferk. 7ERA11 HAW LEY iTiyiician nnd Dentiit, ms wooiu iniorm ine inriabriaiit! ol new - York, tliat he Iwi Ink n a oftii e at No. 31 Pearl atreet. where he will exlrort, titan, file, fit and $tt i tflh in the mot apiutd ni.uirwr. He will alio prevent any rrn;uiarity of the aeroiidarr He flatters himself, iroin the exiierienrr he has nau in nil prnieumn, mat be shall be able to five general laliilartinn. For rharacter IherMihlir are rrnrrpit tM. Geo. P StirpiBdn, merchant. No. C3 8 - iuth Ureet and Doctor A. Ives, No. tat Pearl ttreet. ' Whom it mav concern. frr Thit cerliue. that l)r Z - rah Hswkvi. a regular bred phyician, asxl in gnd ataudiur wilh bis brethren in this place ; that he hat Paid partiralar attnatioa InJlie art of Dentistry, has ttndied tbe (est Euiopeaa works on tbe suhioct, aad baa given very good satisltctiou ia this branch to his rnstoinen, who are persons of the first reipesiahilitv iu tins city. We thvrcfirr, with entire confi - lence, recommend Dr. llawley m tne ct'iiosoi .lew l urn. as aaeouiu nesn Munsaa I Eli Irei v, .v..,. a - .:,), I in.,u,i,.. v.:, s. ,...w himiii .irm'iinu miun, PrViitors ofthe Medical Imtilution Of Vale Col' New Hkveo,Jaa.t, 1818. lege. WO J JW" c k in nl . T rv tinnonkU the larhret aa4 - ..( oi Untie of the .Court of v, roearaon pleat ia and lor tba coan ' i' - ly ofOrange - '" Tbepetitioaof John Oner, of tlietownof Go - i." atw a, iu tba eoauly of Orange - reieUfuiiy ' abeweth , ... , , THA I' yourpatitlooeria tetaed fc Mmple. aa tenant to common, together with the teveral partiet herein after named, of eight equal tnd.vJoVd forty eighth parti, the whole into i torty eigbteowalpaVtttobe divided, of ta and to all Omt certain lot, tract, Piece or parcel ol land, ritanta, tying and heiagiathe village l New - bunh, in tbe laid county of Orange ; bounded oa the north by the ttreet called the eight rod - itraeL oa the eatt by tbe H uriion nvtr, wi the oath by lands formerly belongiig to Hiram Weller aiMltieorge Moeell, and na Uxwetthy laadt formerly beloiifiing to Tboniat Coldea i containing - , ail eeppted, two arret ol land. And yonrpetiiioner luither iheweth, that Jolin Rufht - rfurd, of the ttate of New Jeney, il alio leited at a fore aid, of fiur other equal undivided tarty ightb parti of the tame. . That r - iininneh Robioitn, at prearnt, at your petitioner it mfornxd and believe - , a retident iu timt part of the kitiedoo) of Great Britain called EngUnd, mi alio at n - Uai afuretaid, of foar other equal unniviaeo inny eicmn pane oi ine lame. That John ttteveni, of ihe ttate of New - Jeriey, fi al - o M ited at aforeiaid. of two other euual un divided forty t uhtb parti of ttie tame. That Itibtri L. Livingitoo, ol tbe county of Columbia, inthli itale, ana Margaret, tut wile, in the right of tbe laid Margaret, are alio wired at aloretaid. of one other equal undivided forty eighth part thereof. - Arm intt r.awaro r. uvinguon, oi ine taia oaotv of Columbia, and Elirabelb, hit wife, in tbe rm'il ol tbe laid Elizabeth, are alio leited ai afnretaid, of one utlier equal undivided forty eiehtb part Uiereof. And imttjonii'iin i.tviogiton, oi me city ci "few - York, I'eter Van Urugh Llvingiton, at pie - enf, ai your ptiti ner m iiifornied and btlievei, mident in uie pan ol tne kingdom oi or at Britain, and rVler Kane, nftheitalerf .NVw - Jer ey by virtue of an act of the legislature of the I te. veitiiigin tliem,ai truiteei, the ettate of Peter Van Urugh Livingaton, deceaml, are alio Mixed at aioreiaiu, oi lour oiner equal undivided fort v eighth Parti thereof. And lh.t Alexander itoneriton. oi ine city oi ew - y oik, and r ranrei, hii wile, in the ribt oi the taid r'ranrei, are aho ized aforeiaid, of the remaining tweoly fourequnl undivided forty liirhtliparti hereof. And ; your Petitioner further ilieweth,' that he U deiiruui to have Partition made (Tall and lingular the laid ihave decribed prera'mei, amonr the taicl leveral ownert or proprietor or the hamt, uccortl ng1 to their teveral and respective ripliti of, in and o the tame. Wherefore your pctili'nrr p ayt tliM the inirl rreiniiel niuy be divided uuiona tiie laid teveral iwurrt or proprieturi, according to their laid everaj ana reipecuve rignu, ny rommunnen tone appointed ty inn iionorame court, m pur - .uhik h of the direction ol" the act. rntillcl " An cl for th - partition of Inmlt " - And your ncti - unaer, aiiuuuiy douuo, nwii rvi - r iiray, c JUII.1 HULK. foJohn Rutherford, 8uanDab Rohinion, John 8teven, Hubert L. I.ivingnton and Margaret Mi wile, hilwird r. Hvingtion and r.lna belli hit wife, Cornelia Llvinton, Peter Van Burgh Livingston, IVttr Kane, Alexander RoberUon nitd r rancet mi wile. Yoa will he plenaed to take notice that a Peti tion of which the preredinK it a cpv, will he pre. tented to th honorable th; Ju'liri and Awinanl Junticea ofthe Court of Corohun ppa, in and for the county or Orange, on the lait .MonvMy of Vlay next, to be held a) the court huue ia Gi - lien, in and lor uie laid county of urnnge, at ten (Vlo k in the forenoon ol that day, or at ioon hereafter aicounael can be heard, and nn appli - 'lion will fhtreapon be oinde for the appoint - inent of cotutiiikMonert to route Partition of the PreibiM.i with the appurtrunncci m tlw laid reii - ton mentioned and deicribt - d, acn. riling to the l.rnjer or the laid lVUInm, and tin - dnectiontoi nn ar t of the I miniature of the Slate of New - York, entitled " an act for the p trillion of uo." uaiea January iu, iuiii. JOHN DUER. Ah lander Duer, attorney for petitioner. 1 Feb li lawtlm.vlay NOTICK ' j T ft5r The lublrrihert havine jawttlrt gene ral ti(jninnt nf all theaxfthnr Joim Murrat Sons for the buaMrtnBraitiiri at exiircurd 'tJLT MTaT17! ' authorited Peter Lud - lOWilO IlljUlilttiB we aiwuwg ;cuuiiii anu iu receive p 3 ment of all debts due to thetnidfifro, ir to the individual partner! who will attend !'. the nine at hit office, No. Ill Pcarl - itreet. .... IYILL.IAM bAY Altl, feh4 tf 1 HENRY BARCLAY. THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 1311 Ful - ton - itrtet, near Broad wiy, roniiilingofan txtensive' and choice collection of hutory, tra vel, voyages, biography, romances, oovelt, Ulei, plays, rrviewi, maitarinei, tic. t;atalogueoiay neexaiuinea at tne uurary, xbich ii open for luhwribtri, a usual. n ti 4 ri - Uls&ft.UJHKY Ol - C't2VV.6ff If. (t Ihe co - uartnerhi heretofore eiiftliiK dweun Caleb 8. Brower and George F. Thn - d, under the firm of Brower k 'I homai, ii thii dv diuolved lv mutual consent The concern! lti firm will be teUled by Caleb. S. Brower, C. . BHOWKK, G. K. THOMAS. New - York, March 13m, IS 18. N. B. The ulumbinc business will still be car ried on by the suhiTiher, at the old estahliihed itana ifo. MZ w ale r - nreet, wnere an nraers in hn line will be attended to with punctuality and dupatcb. . An apprentice wanted to the above bunneii. CALEB S. BROWER. nib I A em!3w Jfi. A VALUABLE FARM, JiTlIl FOR SALE, in the town of Fibbing, Queens county, Long - Island, situated on Bay Side, 4 miles from New - York, and2l 2froni Flu. - hing landing; from whence packet boat! and stazei dailv PIT to and from New - ork. - Jaid farm coutains about 170 acres 60 of which ood laud of various kinds of limber and thnl 'V growth, with two nppla orchards, one old, the other not more than 0 years old, and too i aim S.'iO grafted trees, all in full bearing and ol the em icet kinds of fruit and great variety ; there ii about ti) - rafted pear trees, just iu the prima of life, consuling in part of the choicest kinds of veralues, SI. Germaiut, and pound pears, and 8 or 10 Englnb cherry - trees, whic h are Just brsuinins to bear. Ihe remainder suitably divided into lots of mowing, tillage and pasture, all enclosed in sulwlautial fence and un iler good imvrovemeut. 1 he Binosioa bouse ii 30 by 44 feet, built in modem style, ol ths belt materials and fuiiihed throughout, witb a good kitcben aud cellar, and is situated on an emi nence, cooimandior an extennive view of tbe hay and adjaceut country . The court - yard aad gardes contain a great variety of Iruit - trert and shrubbery, asparagui beds, strawberries ra - bemes, goosebernei, nau currant' in abuodauea Attached it a large barn, sheds, carriage bouse. crib, baa bouse, smoke bouse, and many other useful and convenient buibling, all new and iu good repair. Tba premiset belong to Charles Cornell, Esq. lata of Flushing, deceased, and combines numeron advaatages, of which it is deemed uunei estary to enter into a detail, as it is presumed no person will puremve without first vowing the premiset. for particulars bihi terms, which will be accoairoodatui", apply to tba subscribers, on the premises, wbo will give an indisputable title to them. ELIZABETH CORNELL, i Executrix. JOSHUA CORN W ALU Executor. Bay - Side, Flushing, Feb. 33, Ibib. FehO - lm TO kkT, From tbe lit of Msv int. th lower uui.ung room of No. 54 S..tttb - street. ALSO, 1 he upper counting room, N - . 71 South - it Armj io JME3 D'WOI.F, Jr. fcb 13 57 Front - street - Q. FOR f JLkV A bonte of two ttoriea, wl(4 piaua rn frut,iia good repair t containing about thirty foar writ, tiinata oa Tnrogt Netk, and near to the faiai of Abijab lUmiuood - tba land being hirhly iuiproved. and conuiiiiog a great variely ol ine bent cberriet, apiile, eMii and peacber, id rant abimdauce and in full bearimr tbe ad joining wateri aAi - iding ample tuppliet of fith. Uiell ana icaie, wuhr ai a injaii exprn uij be led Iron a crf k to tbe upland, and detained in a pond lor daily ue a mackerel and ban fiihery being ahoattailied thereto, and where at one draught of a snail teioe bare been taken tnacberelwbicb told the licit iV for ote hundred and twenty dollari in point of protpect, health and profit tins tile it no where eicenied distance from New - York about lourteea miUt. Alto, lour loti bflaad near the above two lying oa the eVxiad, containing forty five acres, and hounded on two tide! with waters land oi n excellent quality, with an orchard of four hundred apple trees, including the belt sortt for ta hie ue : and for cvder. the Virciruaa crab. Eng - liib hi Hoe crab, whits ityre, coccagee, fox wbelp ana wime aour, wim eiftinj mcnj irw - un black turtarian recommended by Forty lb being one. Iu iroot ol theve lott are taken oast, mac a fish, perch, mullett, kine fib, pUice, soles, nack erel. rorev. rike. loielt. whitiDK, eelt. and occa tiooally iheepthead and ihad, with weak - fiili and aianhaddea ia vail aDunaance; rjeut oi oytier lunerior ia nualitv to tnv marketed in the city lie very near their ihorel, with crabs and clartit, w bilit tbe adjoining bay and rreekl in the winter leuicc anound ia Mack ducat ana oroau uini, aud some timet are seen the canvaia back and wild aceie H e land atTordine woodcock, qukiI and mipe. 1 he lituation cannot fail to please in every renpect ;and theluod may always Ite kepi tn high order, at a trifling txpenie by sedge and tail Bieadowiatlaclied inereio, ana tea weeirori vea on itt iboret. Aleo. two other lots, one containing tea and tin other fifteen acres. I bete lots command an ex tt - uiive view of land nnd water; are iiltogtllr luitalde for imall rnral ret eati ; soi. t the best ruality ; and contain about one hundred and fiily cherry trees, licit sons, ana lour nunarea appit trert, moil approved for tame ana c vntr, un h lull hearing , ana to earn w ine ion win ue ai tarried B e acre! of tall meadow if wanted. AIfo a lot, contniniiiK fitly three arret; nbout eiebt in wocmI. Tim lot it alut fourteeu ruilei from the ritv. and - ne rotn the ihun li of tb town o Weitthriier. Il the above property it not Juposed ol before w dneday. tne first ol a - pril nest, the same ou day will I sold at public autlion, at the I nti'ine ( ofi'ee House, at twelve o'clock, en accommodating termi, ai to payment!, in both chm. Kr turtlu r iiiformn. li ,n,a lily to FKEUKRICK HE PLYbTEH, Eiq. o. 34 Kroad I're t, or near tbe piemiiei, to the iuiitcrirer, leht4lApl' I. LIVINGSTON JFTL VALUAHLE I'HUl'r.K'l I. The fubfcriberolTsri forialt a valuable larui, 73 miles from New - York, )ing 7 milet roulh of 1'nughkeepfie, on the pot - road, within I 4 of a mile ol the oiillt on the falls of Wappin - ger'i - Crrek, and in the ot ighborhood ol several landing front which iloopn tail weekly. It con taini 1 10 acrei of level, fertile land, witha youn; orchard of graftod fruit, wood mfflcient for find, and all in good fence. The house contains w v era I rooms bai a good barn, and all in excellent repair. Its ntualion being on an elevated plain, renden the place not only healtby, but preienli from the dwelling a delightful uihnd prospect, Alio, another lot of 40acrer, contiguous tnthi bove, and bouoded southerly by the falls ol Wappiugrr'f - treelc. I be land is fertile, in ex cellent fence, and of easy cultivation. What renders this property valuable, is, thai it may tx made a place cf celebrity. There is already reeled on the falls a saw - mill of great rapacity, a carding - mill, whirh enjoys the custom ol tin neighborhood, besides several other scitei for factories, unoccupied. The whole force of the crsek can be diverted witb a little expenrnso as to drive a range tf mills on a lovel pint of ground luit m - low the tails, and accessible hy an eny navigation; where facloriei of every description, with every (a(UiTov5t'ver and trauiportation .tSi - awrtiTrr?4! the first ruse.' Tb mill - bonie it large, with 4 run of Burr stone, and calculated tor 6. with new machinery foi manufacturing wheat, lie. with an elevator for raising grain from vessels into Ihe upper loft ol the mill. Connected wilh the mill is a large tore house for storing wheat and flour. With the mill will be sold S3 acres nf excellent Mid, on which is lituated five dwelling boures, large barn, hay house; carriage bouse, corn rribt, hovels, Ac. a cooper'i ihop calculated foi 20 hand. Two ofthe houses are new and well calculated for genteel families : They command a view of the river, with a beautiful intervale landscape formed by ths meandering of tbe creek immediately in frout. There are few places which associate so many accommodating qualifications tor the meVchant, mechanic or farmer. If not sold at private sale before Tuesday the Slit April, it will on that day be offered at auction. For terms, &c. apply to PETER MES1ER, No. SS Beaver itreet. Fib) ABRAHAM MF.SIF.R. Huh i - Kxmy yr iHh.. To let and ixM - eisinn Grl of May next, Iff Uie louritory fiie pronl store, No. 34 South - iL bet weeiiC'oen ties and OM slips. Enouiro of Hit subscriber, No. I Munay, r 45 Chamber - street ten v it S. Ii CI' Alii. ffJT VO i.Kf.t I HlAH.VlA(,lslI.k, Mill! 1 house and eroundi belongine tn tli estate nf John Shaw, lituati d on tlieeiuhth ave - iiue. On ihe pre mie are an excellent double house, stable, coach and ice house, with every thing else requisite for such an establishment, ft is presumed any other description it unneceita - r, nc tnose inilined to rent will view tne place. Also, the lame file proof store iu tbe rear of bouses II and 13 l'ear! - ititt ; where there is for sale some old Madera VNine. by (be Demip - bn. ror lunner particulars, apply w t A.N M. rllAW, Jan 79 II Pearl - street. REAL Ep I A I r. FOR a tLE. Two 2 - storv brick house! and lots litua ted Not. 37 Ii 33 Vesey - itrrct. Also, a houst and lot No. II Bowery, near I haiham - rqonre, 44 leet Iron! by 125 deep. All on accomminliting terms. For particulars ap ply at No. 332 Grecnwich - st. jan 15 tf CC31 rO AW Lk OH V) t.K.1it:. Un,l Loti in tbe C. 6. 8. and IO Ward! i manv ol vihich are on rpgulated andpeved street. Nn money will be required under ten earl, if told, iniereti excepieti. HOUSF.9. Several two and three story houiei, on which a great - art ni tne money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. Aa excellent itnnd for business, witb ten acres or land, pleasantly situated, wilb a wharf, store house and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN' MANUFACTORY Near New - Hnren, with 40 acres of land, and a never failing op' n w hich 20 mills may be erecien, wun a lunioiency oi staler lor eacn. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich ttreet jan n 13 If sT - l TO LET. ti'lS And possession given on the first of May, the horn No. 48 U road way, together wit brick lire - proof stable aud store iu the rear fronting on New - street. Also, the adjoining house No. 0. The soap manufactory in tba rear, to be removed on tbe 1st of April For terms apply to JOHN 61 11)1.1 1, k CO. ssch 1 1 No 50 Broadway. an I.F.T. is. ti . - - . ljiij TUe store sod cellar under the main buiUutg nf tne houia No. 223 Pearl - street, and a three story fire - proof store in tbe rear, bow occupied by tba subscriber t possessioii to be giv en on tbe lit of May next. Also, his stable and roach - bouse, tit Dated on Gold - street, in the rear of hit aforesaid premises, posscsmd of which can be had immediately. FebS if i J0II2I I. GLOVER. XxirancB and cijtAltfJiJftrAKAnrftAClg.l I EAVES Newbnrgbeve - Jt - yH'iL rI Sunday,. 'J uesday, TKJJW, tJead Thursday mornings, at ys!Vl - ifatf thT,m o'clock, root through Siostgoautry, Bloomingburgh, Monticclln, by H Lite Lake, Cosher ton, Mount Pleaiant, Great Bd, Chenango Point, Owega, Itbica, and Ge - uil toCanand.ii'Ba. Jm Jail Is. 1 . , ' Returnii g lea 'et Canandaigua every Mon - day, Wednesday and rnday tTHrnings ax inrre o'clock, and arrivet at Newburgh, tbe third day in time to take tbe Steam - boats which arrive in New - Yo'k the following morning;. It may be erpeeted that at all ttnt't when the $team beat$ alter their dayt of running, tlutt Ihit hnt trill alter to at to meet litem The whole route will be perfomed in three dayt, from the first of May, until the first of NoveniDer ana imm me nrsi oi noiu until the fifteenth of December, and from tlie fifteenth of March un il the first of May, in four days and from the 15th lheember, un - til the - fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from tbtnee to Canandaigua in four days. Pasienirers travelling from New - York to Canandaieua. Kiatrara or Buffalo, can leave N York in the even imr. steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in th ee days a distance of three hundred nub . The line is well turnisiieu with good, new carriages ; good horses, and carefui and experienced drivers Every atten tion will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it i believed that the accommodation! on this line are equal to any line in the state, (I FARE from Newburgh to Canandaiguz FOURTEEN DOLLARS. - N. B. A branch of the same line runt three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. AUo, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and Painied Tost, to Bath, &c. , BAGGAGE, at usual, at the risk ofthe owmrs. David Godfrey, Bloomingburgh," r.. i;. et. joim, mount i leuiam, v. n Lt : . L. . 1 1 i.. k. manning, ncneuigu, Luther Gere, Itliica, l Propne. 1UI ttauiuel Greeoliff, Geneva, I Oliver I'belpi, Laming, J mh 14 d6ni iNOR 1 11 RIVER ti l EAM BOA I 6. VuP (OT 1ne Put,lic'1' wpect mill iniormea inai uie i arn - Y yjni nygon win leave mw - ioric, on Monday next, 1be lbtl AiHuii, ii i 0 o'clock, A M. mh II TO COMMENCE RUNNING ON MONDAY. Steam - boat A Olire - branch, lor I'hiln - w. illmfif,j dclhia, via liruoiwick i n - g - toilet by land. Price tin uugi, at. Fore - castleordeck passengers, $:j ao. The OI.IVE - KRANCH will leave New - York heir leveral arrivals are little, if any delay. I ins a speedy and certainly tbe most venirnt rout, as the passengers sleep at Treil or H rum w irk, and arrive ata much lesseipc and in Ihe hoars of business at New - York Philadelphia without fatigue in travelling or 1 want of sleep, as the distance by land , mall whereai via the Point and rowles Hi it ii 56 and M miles. Fore - castle passengrre, (who diet with Uiei pie,) to lirunswK k, or Aruboy, at Jl each.. Light freight anil markelinc, tree. New York. Marrh 12. 1818. mh ti Ihe proprietors, with 1 view of accommodating the 4mii public, by extending tbe line mMJlto Norwich, intend making akaV Un ek.K with the rullon, Capt. Law, and this route (if found practicable) will be continued during the ieaon. Ihe line will in future be from New York to Norwich, at follows : The Connecticut, Capt. I! 'inker, will leave New - lork every Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in the nioiinn. lor ivew - llaven. 1 he rulton, Capt aw. will leave A'oraich at 6 o'clock in the morning ol the same dayi, b'uch at Arte - London nd depart iroin theure ror JVete - Haren at 8 'clock. The boat! will meet at AVw fat en, nd depart from thence ererv Monduv. Wednes day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the nnectirut tor Jrite - i or, and the rulton for Ktw - lAtndon and A'oisnfA. mh 17 EDUCATION. RS. DAWSON lately fr. m Ihe F.astern 1 Continent resperttullv informs the public. that site has opened a School in Cherry street. No. UK, where young Ladies will be carefully in strutted hy hersell and danghten, in writing. anuiroeiir, nrawing, nismr), gengrapnv. use of the tlolies, and needle work in all varieties. Nfrs. D. bags leave to observe that her ivitem of teachiDg (formed from her own experienee) greatly facilitate! the improvement oi youth with eae and pleaiure to themielves, and tavet an in - erediriie portion ol iheir time, whi - n employed in ine usnai way. ureal attention win oe paid to r.ngiiihtiraiumar, Heading and 1 ronunriatinn. N. ti. Wntmt and I trawinx in a superior man ner hy Mit I tawion. mh 1 1 3w 1 t)Xl AN A, or the artol puiciiu - m. lausht and MJ displayed scientifically, to the gentlemen of New - York, in the back room ol the Union - Hotel, o. oil Wiliiaru - street, by George Benson, esq lale of Drury - Lans theatre, London. Gentle men wishing to learn that much admired art of seii - deience, ran have the pleaiure af knowing tne terms, wmcn are moderate, by apply ing as above. Hours of attendance and tuition, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 2 P. M. ; from half past 3 till 5t ami irom 7 till . mh li lwt Seven acres of land in West - Chester. 12 l i miles imm thii citv. On the premises are a good dwelbnc - bouse, barn and fowl - house. a thriity y ana orchard of grafted Iruit, a garden wun asparagus bedi, shrubbery of gooseberry, currants and rtrawlierhes wtb a well of never I. ilinr pure toft water, well calculated lor dis. tilling. Tbe stages pan every day to New - York; a le.stl twice a week ; being only a quarter of a wiic nun uie irmuini;. r.nqttire oi HENRY CHEAVENS, 158 Broadwav. Also for tale, a rood substantial lielit waeron. calculated for one or two horses; to he seen at satidlord'i Livtry Stables, Uroadway, near lies ter - ttreet. Enquite as ntiove. mh lltf Houte, italic, Vardnt, kt. tu Urtenwuh, fiL TO LET latS The subscriber will kt or lease, for I term ofyeari, hi house at Greenwich. It is plea sinlly utuab - d on the banki ofthe Hudson, and i :ilculated to accommodate a large family. For terms apply to D1V1E BET HUME, Jan30 92 Wall street. roll SALE, REAL rRorKRTV IS THK (ITV OF RCW - 10RK rT! A BRICK liOLE nod Lot No. 1 Siaij! Bowery STABLE in the rear together iib the LOT, 44 leet front, 42 feet rear, and 126 leet r.n each lide. HOUbE and LO 1 No. S7 Vesey - street , and House no l.oi .o a vesey - street. A BOND aad MORTGAGE for 1 - 200 dollars do and do for 750 do do and !o for 450 do On valuable property in the citv of New - York 1 be interest has always been punctually paid. r ui fcuuiuiari moan ai ine once OI STEPHEN P. LAMOlNE, dec 10 tf No. 7 Vall - TO l.t.1. From the first of Msv next, a three tlory brick house in Oreeuwjca - street, between Lberty and t - wrrtlaitdt - tteett. lntfii re at Ui uren - icfi - stre. nui 3 tf every day at 1 1 o'clock, from the north ids of the battery, and to return from Brunswick sol ai to arrive at 10 the next morning, in this city. I This line has a connection with the best bouts 1 on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; J as also those of tbe North Hiver and Sound; tmjT'fl calculated to caul'8'; 00 a i STRim - STRKXTXOTKE. ' NOTICK is hereby given to ail persona interested, that the Com m si loners of Estimate snd Assessment, appointed by Uie Supreme Court of Judicature of the ttate of Nea - - York, toperfiirm eertaro uuties relative io ine enlanrins - of Snrrnir - Btreet. between Thompson - street and Wooster - atreet, m the eight ward ofthe ssid city, have completed their estimate and assessment, as well of the loss and damage sustained over and above the benefit and ad vantage received bvthi - ownert f the lands and premisei required for tbe laid enlarging and impieving hprsng - street at aroresaia, as also ofthe benefit and advantage received by ihe ownert and parties interested of and in certain lands and premiset not required for said improvement And that we the said Commissioners have deposited a true copy of such es timate' and assessment in the Clerks office of the city of New - York for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern and notice is hereby further given, that the report of estimate and assessBient will be presented to the Supreme Court of Judicature, of the state of New - York, at the City - Hall of the city ol New - York, on Monday tbe fourth day of Mav next, at the opening of the said Court on tr!t day, or at toon thereafter at counsel can be heard thereon. Dated New - York, March 1818. PETER HA WES, 1 ' PETER H I AIM, Cofbrniiiionem JOHN TARGEE. mh 4 14t NOTICE. 4 BOUT the 14th of Decemhr last, a peron XjL with a lot of Carpenter's!iooli and a Hi iff Dual, was apprehended at ris rewara igg - Dock, which he was oucrinef r tale, r rom the bUUIbrCIVII VI .111. auu, II, , 1 . 1, W UUHU . ..... . that the tooli and ikiff weJitoieo property. - Thii is to give notice tbaUrt owner or ownen of said proH'rtyran have ifngain by npplying to lUrlAUUD UAltlAKjC a, taid dock, iy proving tlieianieand payfins cliairrs. And if no purion appears in a 'nraionable time, they will be sold as the law ilirfrrts. Newark. Dec. VS. 1817. mh 1l2w WHEAlOXi'SU'CH OINTMENT. rTMlE long anijf sue"'"' use of thii ointment JL ii a lufTujUent econmiendation, at it bat I'cen found tot",e a 'eint, safe and certain re - : w? R .lnrh lv iin.i, ?; Scliitff. No. 193 I'earl street ; Law - No. 195 Pearl - street ; Hall tc Bowne. 14 a - arestreet ; R. ti L.Murray, 313 rean - itrtf.liJ . oraunursi, oil rean - aireei j John I'enf Jf. No 4 Fletcher - ttreet : Durvee k Pot, in ' arl - stteet ; Juhn C. Morrison, 188 Greenwy.t ttreet , John P. risher, lu3 Broad wav i lZaleri: Siaman, corner of Cbaniber - at and B(( - oavay d alto in Chatham - street ; and in ihiArtitnay be procured at most of t he Drug Mortfu t in nil cny niio ui rniiaaeipnia, oi o. Wiltertierelt Sons I George Hnnell .North Si Ro fteails mdlmoit v the difjjgeiitt io the principal tof'na!., in ia Unied Statet. LtKEWfe, Jr nnnvs lAt - Miirr rttTTrnq m!, .iad a the atove place!.' jan ti. 6m JfF.JP DhESSIJVG ROOM. FRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - tticet. just re - L . turned from Itatv, has tbe honour to inform tbe gentlemen, that he cuts and dieises hair iu the latest style, and in a mat tier so as to adopt it toll pbisiognomy. He has for sale a quantity of RAZORS ofthe first quality, if they do not please on trial, the purchasers aie at liberty to return them, and receive the money He has likewise procured a very fine hone, and engages to icitorc razon to a very keen edge and should (hty not cut he will receive no recompeoce. 1 hoie gentlemen who may please to houor birr witb their patronage, may depend on the most particular and respectful attendance. N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter will have their razors, ic. kept exclusively for themselves. P. 8. A good journeyman wanted. Apply r.i above. mh C tf A lAlMAl DKLAbE has tbe honour ol in Wl forming tlis ladies ol this rity, and particularly hercuitou?rs that she expe;,jarecejye by tbe ;st arrival an ban iinie'asiort ment of fritigxnd Italian STRAW HATS. mblSlw ' 11 .L.. Y Y corner of Fulton - street, New - Yoi k, hav ing received a large supply of the real J A PAN BLACKING, of Dny k Martin, 97 High Hoi - born, I.nndou, offers the same, in wholciMe or retail, for exportation, orhome consumption, on termi tba moit liberal and advantagecui to pur chasers. Thii inritimable composition, with half tba u - tual labor, producet a mmt brilliant jet black, fully equal to the highest japan varnub ; aaord - peculiar nourirhmeul to tbe leather ; it will not soil the finest linen ; is perfectly free from any unpleasant smell ( and will retain iti virtues in any climate. Ai an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this blacking, it has stood tba test and commanded the most extensive sale io all quarters of tbe globe, for upwards of half a century. Feb 16 NEW MUSIC. IUST published by WM. DUBOIS, at hit I pianoforte and music store, No. 126 Broads - ay, Bruham's celebrated Polices, arranged as a Rondo, by Pteibelt Favorite Veoetian Air, arranged as a rondo, by Latonr Paddy O'Carroll, with variaticoi for the piano forte, by P.K. Moran. SONGS. O toftly ileep my Baby Boy The Last Toks - n, or remember me. Alio, all Mr. Philipps1 Songs to be bad a a - bove. feb 17 AltMArUKES i ANEW hlYLE, BY IV I m. uERva.. from I.O.TDOB, at 6 and up wards. Specimens may he seen at the Ton' ine Until e House, the Oily Motel, nnd at t.isptunt - ing room, 119 Broadway, exactly opposite John trert. ml: rt 2" AN I Eli a situation in a school or pri - V v vaie family, a female of retpectnhili ty, who has leen accustomed to leach writing. arithmetic, geography, (Vc. Any hdy in want t,l sin h a person, will fiad Ihe adverti'tr worthy ol notice, having been in tl.e above capacity in England, ami can produce satisfactory referen ces, r or runner particulars enquire ot the prui ter of (his paper. fabSl' TO F Art! Lit s. 1 1 1 II E subscriber can furui - h tlie farmers of JL the adjacent country with ground Plajtrr or Pans m auv quauuly, 00 the snorltt notice, to barrels or otherwise. , JOHN BYERS, FehW tf rnt of Ha - ri - ou - jt. ,. R A,' lll!E UJb - Jijaqr.twt.kegi Wbiu v v seau, just receiieci and lor satt - tiV TtCKYR 4t LALRsKS, nb II S9 South - ttrect. r "VJ . .M iiDtiht.i:, .Hi .i, A sUsttrBiBg piblTekMw ha la diinCa - i. v twea things Uiat djfler. "" DWTOR BORNE, former,, .olvondoaTS member of the facalty of vht and snreerv there. d..i,.Y. l?J? . . " ' ' F " UlBflk - tba abuse of MERCURY; 1 rash, indiscriminate, and unquiU. sands nre annually mercurialixed out of exi.i ence. The disease we have in vieVowe. iu r tal resulU chiefly to tbit source. "WhaT. oit 111 a. young man, tbe hopei of hit country, tl & way from all tbe prospects and enjoytnenU of lifl by tbecoosequencei ofone Bngaartled monen7 and by a disease not ia its own nature fataL.ri wim h only provet to from neglect or imnrnr! treatmenuw A gentlemar, (late Dr fjCE1 dent) now perfectly hearty and wel, uD k rpbyiicianiof geoerdl pracUce, ti, Te?r , and repeatedly talivatsd; when recommenStd ta Dr. H. (by a gentleman of tfait city) Iu, iln were carious nd hit fltib dropping from them bis friends declared be could not possibly turviT two monfht longer. Thousandt exrrimeniali! know with what ease and safety Dr. II. erarJ, catet the severest cases, and confirms Ihe'ro., ..Sinn IWtorS. nl,.. .J "'CnOlT. ,wwv... - ..v vurcrilfingl IS . cetiary to guard the public against the abuse Ti morrlirff Skta.l AllkAB fTsatsal italn.k L.I I . luviv - ui J j ! uura imw ucixjaiuiuj UUfJ Qfth Persons, tticrefore, having contracted a mil - i - - ""e 'mii i'ujiob, ar atlinonuhednot to tamper with their conitita tion, or conceal the disorder, till past reccvl ry ; othert having tbe remaint of an old cs" or other iiupuritiet of Ihe blood, ai well u otb - er complaiott of a delicate nature, ia erithutr Kt. ihould remember poiterity, and do juitic to tbeir consciences, by making apijlication to Dr. H. at bis old and ret potable eitab. lishment, No. 64 Water - street, four homes west of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt assistance s - lone calculated lo prevent disclosure. fAnd hers let me claim your seriout attention Rcajeinbtr a laperfirinl core ia no cure at all ; unless theb. ineois radically done, you will rertaiuly hare the disorder break out again witli redoubled lignity. at tome future period ; perhant then will be loo late for remedy. Don't you often meet ia the ttrectt miserable, mutilated beings, wiU out even a bit of note on tbeir face Take wamfnr I beseech you. ' Dr. H's. character for skill and stubborn iati. ttri'y being uuiverially known in thii city, siort 1804, guarantee to patients that delicacy and is. c recy hitherto unknown, and having confined bis practice for years past, exclusively to thertireol disease! of the blood tyitem, they may safely est. culate on tbe most decided advantages in consulting Dr. il. . Gleets eradicated in twe or three weeb,. Strictures removed withoa' bougies or any ouV Mr inalrilmnnS , ftnrf all - . 1:1 f old ulcerations, iistula's kt . A plurality or offices are provided, and to lit. Iiil Ik&t MluiitliBM itnl ..,w..l 1 i . i , - i - "c'i weacnoineri obiervation. Open (ill half past 9 in the evenine. !: ''"""i i loviieu io tree ta siting, and sneaking with Dr. H. which is free olrost. Ad1 here the Doctor cannot avoid tii ftinrefllion nl'irsnlifiiffn fop in.n - ..l.l. mendations, and finr tbe decided prererenre fit is nresumpd with iuBtrans ir i. judicious puhltc. i. ft. ti. ah letters muit be pott paid. " Dr. I! uc ha nan. Aug il U XkliHt.n till JH.K LUI JSUK LttUit'l - TJOA. T"R. EVANS', luperiti JJmetbod of curing a er - tain Disease, iinnwunirer. ally acknowledged in thii city ; his mode of treatment is perfectly mild, tale, ex peditious, and tits cnargss 1. 1 i caiiiiiauie. in every la - stance he warrants a curt, aud will return the pay if ha doet not perform acreeable to contract. 'I'lie ttrictett lecrecy alwavs observed. " There are many persons in this ily and its vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseaset, such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula, or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of the urethra, bladder and kidnies, old complicated ceerrpsain(s of a certain nature, bilious and other abstraction!, rheumatism, Ac. which they consider km - rahle, they caa certainly be cared (in general) hy applying atDr. EVANS'S Medical Store. No. 0. Peck - slip, having practised in extAiive hoipitalt in Europe 12 years, under soma of tba first Surgeons and Pbyiiciant in the world, and made those obstinate disease! bii constant stsrfy for30vear. Oct lt ' i 1 rpH E public is respect - JL fully informed that the ELEPHANT sow exhibiting at No. 296 nroadway, will positive 'y be removed on or a - noutlhalst April next; Those that wish to grati - tu iheir curioutv. vie wine tne wonoenui works of nature, will do well to embrace thii op portunity. Admittance 23 cents. mh3tf frr WHEATON Jr DA - VIS, Fancy Chair Manufac turers, No. 153 Fulton - street, opjiotite St. Pauls Churabs oner for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant is - tortment uf Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold ai bronre, Baruboa, Tlain and Gilt Balls, Rocl x! ., s 1 1 ing, sewing, and uoavsns - gSATn - iii f tioo Chairs. Sofas. Settees, . Louorws Muhc Stools, tc. Orders from ST w part of the continent execfUd with neatnes and tfipa0' . Old Chairs repaired, painted anu "foameeiao roh9 T The sub'criber havine recently rsturntd from England with an important improvement oa Die artificial spring LEG, ba takes this method of informing his frieodi and the public, that all those who are so uuiortunate as to ba in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Birtlay - street, New - York. Jan 82 WM. PURVIS - ' nrsi'i.i LCfi'S ITCH OIJtTMZXT, i 117"ARRANTED an infallible remedy ateaa V Y application, may be used with P"" safety on infants a week old, net coutaia'ag particle ol mcrcury,or any danseroas mgrrJ01 whatever, and net accompanied with that 'fa" sive smell which attends the applications af othsr remetUes. 1 1 t Tbe above me dicines nre prepared and sold LFE'P Mediribe Sto No. 46 Makleo - Lsej and 90IJ by S. CARLE, corner of Fulton aa Water - streets. Druggists and country store - keepers loprue on liberal terms. JiU P HIV ATE LODGINGS. A single f"11'" man ccn be accommodated, wi b .one or two rooms, after the first of May next, without board, the rooms furnished or not, m, a Kent eel nnd small family, the house ami pleasant, and in a healthy part of tne about ten nunutes walk fr..m Yal':I For fiiriher infurmatkHi inquire at J10, BrrMiiwy. feft NEW - YORK: t.n PR1XTKD A.Vl I't BLISURD M1CU.1EL yUVfUAMk CO. o - . At Pisn - wraasT

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