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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, March 20, 1818
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the practical eaetanrnktioa of totermedi - t iir - Jnt!c, by utterly wtismshir the hope Of ifc.aHy7d utltoma4.t ; r v. - i. J : .ill w. tor tne s.k Of per - eplreitv end meci, reca) to the recollection of Ul tlCWWttLJ "'"T - "7 - x ...liwioftberowiiwiwil of Marat at tJ epoch of . tnecoofiitatloB ia question. Whatever might be the origin or foundatiea of that government, n ' bad (or sear time beea ttieW - Ae!. it bad ob - tasted ucbobedienca ai ia Mich 'lac was ces - lomary, and bad manifested itself, not only by active internal exertion - of legistatiTO aadexe - cerove powers, bat by important external trane - kWM wui vu uu iiibwwwij .fc.... - - ' vwr - OM - ot. It had been fas tang afterwards it ; . coatioaod to be) recognised by the greatest p aeaiaie. aa oaa ot uw r - uroptan raniu j i aw - , and had infer baned with them ambassadors ; - ami otlr inline ministers sad consuls, ado u '. - . Britain, by an order io council of tbe 20th of A nriL Iflno. vkirh anrntiHcd the SVSteDt of COB - v V . - atructira blockade. momalxited by the orders a. . - 7 si . " . sir it - or November, 1807, hsd excepteo ine iynw.ii - laa territories, with other portions of Italy, from , . - , woperatloofthaiyem,uiaoow. '.. - ,0 loocer oe preveoiea irons um nj - v . .... 8ocS was fiie eUte of things wta Aaaencan into N.dIcs. by a reliance upon the passports of its (tomnmest, to k f. ... j - iii it wis formal aid notorious, that they BMgbtcome - ?ndil!M.partif.peaca. It fas Clrce..aira., : retire with Iheirlewiui genu, r . cargw ware asls and appiaiM a , - i i - l Tka unrinrsirBed BMV COD - , sequeatly assume, that ierer there was a claim tocompeasaijon wr ore . - - . . ' the political power of those, whose iniquity pro - duced it, aud derolred ia lulj rorce apoa meir sue i' - cestnrs. the present claim is of that descriptii. .. k As to the demand itself, as it existed, (gainst we fowtnuuem w n m u vine - lo will aodoahtedly be tba irst to concede, not - only that it is above remarb, bat tfcat it retU ' I apoa grounds io whkli the ciiliied world has a '; deep and lastinc iatereat. And with retard to I the liability of llW present frasneat, MstesnK Big to the place 01 ine former, it may oeuaea as B corollanr from Uist coocestioa t at least til - it has been shown, that it is the natural fate of f oblixatioat, so high aud sacred, contracted by a i . goverameat, ia tbe full and tranquil enjoyment of power, to perlsli with tne firsi revoiuiioa, aiw , er ia fbrai or rulers, throagh which it may happen . to nass i or fin state the same proposition ia dif - ; ' ferent terms) that it fs tbe aalural operation of a poiinral reroliuoa in a state to sinpooiortu : BMe traders, who bare beea betrayed aad plus - deted by the former soeereicn, of all that Au ra - jJ coaJd sot reach the right of reclsma - ' Thd wronf which the gorermtient of Marat inlieted tinnn American rit liens wanted noth. - . . 1 1L. - ' 1 i . A - .11 ! . .. - A A . n nir uui mirni rue io u miwuy ur cucci u robbery introduced by treachery i but how - - arer pernicious or execrable, it was still rev . parable. It left In the sufferers and their na. . tion a right, which wat not likely to be rorgot - te or abandoned, orseeking and obtaining ant' : pie redress, not from Mural simhly, f who indi - aidoullvWM tnat In tha nere!m nut f nn , we government or tne country, wnose power i J be abused. Bjr what eourse of argument can y Jt be proved, that this incontestible right, , "from which that government could never have j . been destroyed by tne reaccession of his Piciljsn mtjesty, after a long Interval, to 1 tbe sovereiirnty of tba aame territories t . ' t i V . ... i '. - J I . u sucn a rcsuu cannot in any ucgrcc oe HirpPHwf ffVnm tli ffnia.nnilii4 f ihm Amiipin ( Claimants, is certain i tor no misconduct is ' imputable to them. They were warranted in ' ery view of the public law of Kurope, in hnl - ' ding commercial communications with N - fU In tlie predicament in which they found iL anil In trtittincr tf the dirrnt and authmtir assurances which the government of the place affected to throw over them as a shield aeainst " every danger. Their shipments were strictly ' within the k - rms of those assurances and no - thine was dona bv the shinners or their scents. ' by wliir.h the benefit of them might be lost or impaired. 1 v '"From what other source can such a result be drawn t Will it be said that the proceeds of these confiscations were not applied to puhJjhaJl,: lip purpose during the sovereignty of Marat, or that they produced no public advantages, .with reference to which the present government ought to be liable f Tbe answer to such a suggestion is, that, let the fact be a it may, it can have no influence upon the subject. It is aiough that the confiscations themselves.and the promise of safety which they violated, were act of state, proceeding from him who was then, and for several successive year, the aovereign. The derivative liability of the present government reposes, riot upon the good eitliei public or private, which may have been the fruit of such a revolting exhibition of power, emancipated from all the restraints of principle, but upon tbe general foundation, which the undersigned baa already had the honor to expose. . To follow the proceed of these spoliations into the public treasury, and thence to all tbe use to which they were finally made subservient, eaa be no part of the duty of the American olannant It is a task . which he ha no means , Of performing, and which, if performed by others, could neither strengthen bis case nor en feeble it And it may confidently be insisted, not only that he has no concern with the par ticular application of these proceeds, but that, even if he had, l.rvould be authorized torelv upon the presumption, that they were applied as public money to publio ends, or left in the public coders. It must be remembered, more over, whatever may have been the destiny of these unhallowed spoil, ther cannot well have failed to be instrumental in meliorating the condition of the country They afforded extraordinary pecuniary means, which, as far ' as they extended, must have saved it from an auinv:ntat.oa of its burdens 1 or. by relieving the ordinary revenue, made that revenue adequate to various improvements, either of use or beauty, which otherwise it could not have ac complished. The territories, therefore, under the away of Murat. must be supposed to bave return eu to ou Sicilian majesty less exhausted, more embellished and more prosperous, than if the property of American ciUxens had not, ia the meaa time, been sacrificed to cupidity and cunning;. It must farther be remembered, that a part of that property was notoriously devoted to the public sen ice. Some of the vessels seixed by the order of Murat, were, on account oftheir excellent construction, con verted imo vessels of war. and, as such, com missioned by the government, and the under signed is informed that they are now in the poseHion ot uie ohVers or his Sicilian maje ty, and used and cla med as belonging to him Thcundeiairnedhavinir thus hrieAv evnlain. ed to the M - uquis de Circello the nature of . u - . 1 . : , ... . . ... ,""". which we government of the United States has commanded him to submit to the reflet tion of the government of his Sicilian majesty, forbears at present to multiply arguments in support of iu He feels assured that the equitable dispocilinn of hi mii. d7?,,uPw',i,,ott V,e further illustrations oil wuiru 11 is susceptible. The undersigned Ilea t!.elmnni n lb excellence the Marquis di flircellotha as - HMH.M r I. L . A ... ' I 1 .. .1 .w.ivn u, ma u.i.i'ipin,i,ru consideration. WILLIAM PINKNEY jfEtr - ronx jEfjv.vo FRIDAY, MARCH 21. ' . O"" iPer ,uJ evening, as our readen will poroeive, is so" much rngrajcj ry documents, wfch scarcely room for single remark. inecetrexpoaoence rIatm to Naples will be read by' many a erehaiit witfc er mUrtat tbaabope. Tba report of the staUtreasury will, we presume, aot past aimoticed.' We will only ask Mr. M'lotyrs, bow 11 happens, fc bat so far forgot las duty, as to bare parmiuea gov, Tompkins, thus io put offlhe settling tus accounts, year aAer rear, and why is it that alter such Upse of lima, he bow would nm make tbe pub. lie believe, that further vouchers will still be produced to cover the fty thousand dollars, and upwards, for which, after every allowance, coventor Tompkins bow stands tortn a puouc ae - faulter? Is it not a fact that the comptroller last rummer made two journies from Albany, to meet gov, Tompkins, at his express request, on two appointed days, who promised to furnish him with all tbe necessary vouchers lor the final set' Uementof bisBCCotratsi and is it not true, that on neither occasion was ha able to make good his proBUssr i may do mmniormea, out u i am sot, i a - m . I ask, hit treating the public with fairness and candor, to lead them to entertain expectations that Mr. M'lntyre has no reason to think will ever be realized t ' Extract of a letter from a gentleman at PbiUv delphia, to his friend ia this city, dated March 18. M We bave caoght the whole gang of robbers and their accomplice that is, the wJ robber and others. Two are the brothers of the two Hares at Baltimore. In addifion to the money mentioned in oiy latt, we yesterday recovered from a privy 1300 dollars ia notes aud from sahedule of notes recovered at Baltimore, they appear to have divided one bundle pretty accu ratery between tllose caugtit in Baltimore and the one here. These notes are all payable to Churchman ft Thomas of this city. One man has made a coafinuioa of the whole plot. He was too unwell to accompany tbe others. " IN ASSEMBLY, MARCH 14, 1819. Stall tfXevi - York.Comptrolter'$ OJU - e. Albamt, Mabch 14, 1818. Si, I bave tbe honour to enclose a Report, pre pared ia obedience to a resolution of the Hon, the Assembly of the 20th ult and have the ho nour to be, witQ great respect, bir, your very ODea i servant, ARCIfD. M'INTYRE. Tbe Hon. David Woods, Speaker, &c. STATE OF NEW - YORK, CoMrTROLLEa'l OWCB. C The Comptroller, in obedience to the resolu tion of the Hon. Assembly of the 20th ult. cli rectin; him to report " The balances now remaining due to the slate from individuals, for monies advanced to uiem lor puouc purposes, and for which such individuals bave neglected to account," respectfully reports, in part i That there stands charred to Daniel U. Tomp kins, late Governor of this state, on the general account current, just stated between him and this stale, by the Comptroller, a balance of J 197,97 64. In this balance, however, is included 5131,105 74, which from vouchers pro duced by Governor 1 ompKins, lie appears to have advanced to sundry officers, and other individuals, to be afterwards accounted for the' charges for which advances have been suspended, at by the rules of the office, the person originally debited with public monies, drawn from the treasury, is Kept cnargeu until ne produce evidence of the actna enemiit.n ,rr - - A:.. ... 1 Cl I I iff . nnn. ill Eire . . tne """ - eluded a sum 01 i a va - rirty of charges for exrnil'tuKhicb stand su.modrd until furthej yf rKfetplanations j show that they are proper - 1. rh.rhiA to the state, which cannot be de tcrmined from the document already produced. The above mentioned advances made by governor Tompkins, are as follows : i O John McLean, late VU.HUllMrj ui mmuiij store jp 53,687 65 William Low, on a contract ror 4,500 00 22,000 Ot) 750 00 arms, . Eli Whitney, do. William W. Dougherty, . James Green, 250 00 1'hompnon Mead, Farrand Stanahan, . 749 99 500 00 Peter Miijher, . Nicholas Euiiith, jun. . Francis McClure, . . Henry Adams, 200 00 100 00 150 CO 100 00 616 11 36 00 25 00 720 00 250 00 3,100 00 63.1 28 100 00 1,308 00 2,550 00 700 00 1,750 00 2,094 09 170!1 48 535 93 Reuben Kinr, Chr'utopher P.. Bellinper, William Fowler, lor James rowiur, Benjamin Mooers, . ' . Daniel Baker, Peter B. Porter, Samuel Edmonds, . Asa Norton, . Samuel Brown, . Amos Hull, .... Micajah Pettit, John Sampson,, . Manslo M. Uuackmuosi, Joteph Clark, Thoina K. Benedict, Joseph Elicott, John Veruor, balance unaccounted for. 2,600 00 755 72 John B. Prevoat, . . . 3.00 00 Stx'phrn Lush, jun. . . . 2J0 00 Andrew A. t.llicott, . . 2, - lotf ,s haac Spencer, . . . 5,605 07 Anthony Lamb, , . . 125 00 Benjamin Birdsall, . . 250 00 Putnam Farrington, . . 250 Oil Robert Swartwout, . . 100 00 Chauncey Humphrey, . . 250 00 Henry Seymour, ... 500 00 Joseph Skinner, . . . 275 00 John Mills, balance unaccounted for, 196 48 Henry Mather, ... 600 00 James Waton, . . - . 7,079 98 Richard Dodge, balance unaccounted fur, 208 44 Comruiuioners of Fortifications 1,416 11 Daniel Morrill, ... 150 00 Moses Atwater, - . . . 734 45 Jasper Hopper, . . . 750 00 n 11.. . - '' rtusscii si l water, . . . l,vi w Simeon Frisbee, balance unaccouutcd for, 283 18 $ 131,105 74 It is understood that some fV.:c above men tioued persons have accounted, and that others are ready to account, for the monies advanced to them. Mr. M'Lran, to whom advances lo a large amount appear to have been made, assert, that he has not only expended all the mo - uict nc ever rrcciveo iroin tiovernor 1 ompkius, mi niucn more ; ana mat Ui re 1 a large balance now actually due to him eel of accounts and voucher, at tliis office - ne nai irwirrii a tur. aminauon; but being incom - . ,hB C' . irfitift renn,.t r. - - f" J r Uktb,. - , - nion as to the state of If II, - D d?Uiirfrt iVm iL. t j a nce, there w,l ,uil remain J53.851 81. totally uncounted far. There U masoa to believe, wl! k Vl 1 ' nior Tompaia. has vouchers mVK,t J rendered : for tbe gentle - J?',,'tt,,,h" Golem cVl ' b,.dr'"e' him the said par - cJ tnth direct ions to deposit it io the Comp - trotter's o&ct, told him that tne tesidae of tat voucher would be forwarded without delay. There a balance due from Richard Piatt, tale commissary - general of ordnance and military stores, oa bis account as audited of $,liH 82, bnt he state that he has expended $7,500 for 3000 sets of accoutrements, for which be claims credit, which would reduce tha balance dM from him to $4,983 82. Tba vouchers for the pay meat of the accoutremlots not haviog beea produced however, be stands charged with the abovamentiooed balance of 412.483 82, which be has beea directed to account for or to pay into the treasury. It may be proper to men tion that he claims the balance to be further re duced 12264, on account of bis having effected a contract for the exchange of sundry okl accou trements for new, by which a gain to that a mount wns secured to tbe state : that ha bas pe titioned the leeiilatnre lo bave tbi claim allow ed, and that be bas given assurances that the balance justly due Iron him will be speedily ais - cbareed. The account of Mr. Piatt were rendered with and formed a part of governor Tompkins' as - counts. But as Mr. Piatt had 'h expenditure tf monies paid to him by the governor, as well as of monies debited to him directly at the comptroller office, and a tbe expenditures were all of a similar character, and all blended in one ac count, it became absolutely accessary, as the only way of settling the account, to allow the governor credit forbis advances in this case, and to debit them to Mr. Piatt Anthony Lamb, commissary - eeneral of ord. nance and military stores, stands charged with a balance of C7.202 45. It appears, however, from vouchers produced, that no part of this ba lance remains in his hands but that the same has been advanced, on unsettled accounts, as follows : To Edward McLaughlin, assistant commissary for the southern district, 1,385 78 t 93 14 2,800 00 423 53 To David B. Mc Neil, do. eas tern do. To Jacob Dox, do. western do. To Richard Goodell, do. do. To William Low, on a contract for arms, 2,500 00 $7,202 45 John M'Lean. quarfer - master - treoeral. stands charged with the whole appropriation made for rus department, being $50UO. But it is proper to mention, that he has transmitted an account to the comptroller's office, unsupported, howe ver, ry vouchers, in which he charges sundry payments to individuals, naming them, amount - ng to xjouu 40, and also advance an unsettled account to tbe amount of $462 54, making the balance in his hands, $U77 00. There is a balance standing: charred to Samu el Edmonds, principal pay master of the militia, voluutear and sea - fencibles, on hi account as audited, of $25,622 42. In this balance, however, is included charges for his compensation and contingent expences a - mounting together to 45790 17, which have been suspended also charge for advances to undry regimental par - master and others, at follows, viz : To Joseph M'Clure, tOO 78 To David firinckerhon", 49 IG To Benjamin Shaw, 3,308 56 To Phinehas King, 215 72 To Jacob Atkinson, 3,132 23 To Jesse Mason, 70 04 1 o Ariel Hendee, 4 35 To Jonas Morgan, 1,025 61 To Oxiel Smith 2,963 00 To David E. Evans 2,542 66 To 6'auiuel Perry - 166 00 To A ugustine Belknap 272 85 To Pexcel Fowler 357 00 To Josiah Iogersoll 205 oe To Charles W. Wooiter 350 00 lo John Cunningham 406 75 T r . . ' ... aJ ,y rveswwTwuurj cuargee mlEs accounjt which are either errors, or for which the vouchers produced arc aot satisfactory 111 12 $17,772 69 Making the balance remaining, after deducting the said suspended charges, $1,959 56. Mr. Edmonds was referred to the governor to determine the amount of compensatiod and contingent expences to which be was entitled j but as the governor did not consider himself authorised by any existing legal provision to determine tbe amount, the question will be submitted to the honorable the lecnslature. The canal commissioners have accounted for all tbe monies received by them previous to the first of Julv last, exrent In VH 10 whirh they paid, but for which the necessary vouchers 01 expenditure bave not yet been produced by some 01 tne agents employed by them, to whom the money was advanced. Their treasurer has alto lodged in the comptroller's office an account shewing the payments and disuosition made bv them of the monies paid to them since the first of July last; and offered for examination a large numoer 01 voucners. These consisted Dnncioal ly of receipts for advances on unfinished con tracts and unsettled accounts, and were retained by him as necessary to be produced in the settle - menu to be made, with the contractors. Although the accounts of the canal commissioners cannot be considered as coming within the purview of the resolution, it was thought proper to give mis exoiDit 01 me state or them. The commissioners for distributing the dona' tion or $50,000, to the sufferers on the Niagara frontier, have shewn that they have paid the money ; but the account remains unclosed, be cause a large number of the receipts were signed by person other than those to whom the dona tions were awarded, without the production of tne power or orders authorising Uie payment to the person whoso signed the said receipt. The commissioners have been written to, to supply 'Ji voucher that are wanting ; but they have 001 yet oeen supplied. lor tne stats of the balances due from the dif ferent commissioners appointed lo superintend the improvement of the navigation of the Hudson river, tbe comptroller begs to refer Uie honourable the assembly to his report of the 4th bvtant. The commissioner appointed to superintend Uie erection of a state - prison in the western dis trict, have accounted for tbe expenditure of $20,000, the first appropriation fo J - - ' with the exception of - - - J" :n Ai oj. which it is ure - .1UJICU Will .(II" . - . with ' - accounted for, together ift.t ' ' wvjvw UleaUV all U1C . - wiviiiu uiHuufi na feTdii 1 sf 1 ,i il. in ecssHiUs Ther ' a balance rem - iimn .. - . - .. - i - i f in the hands of ' Willram Gilliland, late assistant f44oT3a.rJr BUlifarT ,tr"' MDta( to u ' .r?," J c.'t''o - linS charged to - Ibra fnuei L'Hommedieu and Horh GeWou, commissioners appointed to erect a state Pier at the port of iag Harbor or J228 02. It is proper to mention however that they claim not ' . . . "oaianc Dut also 46 98 cents in addition, making fogetVr $375 as a nAintmtf tliAiM ma 1. . r 1 1 a tirovwoa for their com. ' r"""", S - m none was therefore allowed. There appears an advance to Beniamin n Wilt lor defraying expenses of entertaining Indian vieiti - ig tbe seat of government unaccounted for of $62 50. The advances made to Sebastian Visscher. late clerk of the senate for dofiaying tbe contin gent expenses of the senate for the rears 1812 ana utcs, amounting to fZMO remain unaccounted for. He has been repeatedl v called Bo on to account, and has as repeatedly promved to attend to it - The cause assigned for the neglect was, that ha had omitted to obtain the certificate of the then president of the senate to his account, and to procure some necessary vouchers. Thus, the cdmpslliog him lo account bu from time u time beeo emittea oauer toe bmtom - k. w had been eXDendea ana wax n wouiu i rcAontad for without a resort to compulsory measures. lie now ackaewledges. that a small balance remains unexpended m nil bauds. The advances made ia 1809 and 1810 to Da L.t Ritdman deceased, rate clerk of the astern bly, to defray tne cooiingent expenses m use Iimim aoiouutine - to 1000. remain also nnac - mnntnii for. It baa hitherto been the uniform practice of this office not to allow individuals debited wiin public monies, credit for advances made to other individual!; but to bold charged tba person or officer originally debited, until voucher of the actual expenditure for tie object intended by law were exhibited. Toe public interest may require that this rule rhonld not be applied to the accounts of governor Tompkins, nor perhaps to those of Mr. Edmonds tbe principal paymaster. Adhering to it in the case of governor Tompkins most retard tbe final settlement 01 nis accounts ; for it is net to be presumed that he will now, when out of office, attend to compelling those to account to whom he bad made advance. Tbe principal paymaster bas given public notice by order of tbe governor, that his commission will cease 00 the 24th of April next, and that such account as then remain unsettled and unpaid, must be adjusted by some other than himself. Uules therefore be should be continued in office after that period, the accounts which may not then be rendered to and closed by bim must ba settled without passing through his hands. The comptroller will consider it his duty for the reasons above assigned, unless otherwise specially directed, to open account with all the individual to whom advance were made, by governor Tompkins, and to require them to account without delay and after the 24th of April to open accounts with those to whom advance were made by Mr - Edmonds, and which may then remain unaccounted for. The voucher of governor Tompkins being very numerous and involved, embracing 1 ereat variety of expenditures, without arrange ment, a to the date or the nature expenditure, it va found extremely difficult satisfactorily to ascertain the state of his account with the Treasury. The vouchers had been examined previous to the date of the resolution of the honorable Assembly (but they have since been re - examined, and the account stated, which occupied much time. A portion also of the corn rmssarylgen era r and principal paymas ters accounts were unaudited when tne resolu tion wa received, which altogether, with the ordinary but indispensible and pressing1 duties ot trie comptroller, prevented an earner o - bedience to the resolution of the honourable the Asatrnbly. There has been no particular rale establish ed at the comptroller' offices to the time al lowed to public agents to account for monies entrusted to them. This report however embrace the accounts of all monie paid prior to the first of April, 1817, which remain unac counted for, with the exception ot the accounts of commissioners entrusted with monies for the making and improving of roads and bridg es. To include these in the present report would necessarily prevent its being made for some time, aa there bave been a number or ac counts lately rendered, which, with a few exceptions, it hat not been found practicable to audit Last season, the comptroller, with a view of getting all the account of person entrusted with the expenditure of public monies set - tied and closed, wrote to all such a he thought were in duty bound, from the length ot time! that monie were in their hands, to account requiring them to render their accounts andj vouchers. In comequence of this many have been rendered and settled ; hut others of roaJ commissioner have been rendered, whior. . . . . . . . i. ,. , uciorc K ... c mn iwyci own wiuucu. The comptroller is more than ever sensible of the importance of vigilance in requiring public agent to account for the expenditure ot public monies entrusted to them 1 and no efforts on his part shall be wanting to bring1 to a speedy close all tbe accounts that ouht now to be settled 1 nor will he so long as he has the honor of holding his present trust relax hi vigilance in this particular. Coercive measures have already leen resorted to in order to enforce a settlement of some of the accouuts ; and afl are, Uie comptroller trusts, in a train of adjustment. And in order that no - thing should prevent the necessary attention to this imbortant duty, an additional assistant has been procured ia the office. All which is respectfully submitted, ARCU'D M'INTYRE, Comptroller. Albany, March 14, 1818. From Ike .Albany Daily Adrertittr, March 16. IN SENATE, March - 12. Resolved, That the committee of ways and means be required to prepare a bill, and report the same '0 the senate, so to amend the act to regulate sales by auction and to prevent stock jobbing, passed 6th April, 1817, as to repeal as much thereof as directs the auctioneers to be appointed by the council of appointment, and to provide tor tne granting of licenses lo auctioneers. The bouse of assembly 00 Saturday patsed the bill in committee or the whole, directing the ex ecution or Abraham Kesler, for the murder of bis wile by administering poison. The vote stood 58 in the affirmative, and 25 in the negative. The execution to take place on the last Friday in May. If we find room, we intend hereafter publithing the documents submitted to the legislature upon this subject. The bill for the relief of Eunice Chapman and for other purposes, received its final panage, in Uie house, at 12 o'clock on Saturday. The vote did not differ from from the division on Friday excepting the absence of several members. The vote stood 82 to 24. S Eunice Chapman, after a three years trial, has obtained a divorce. jVoruroion of the Hudson. A bill ha been reported by Mr. Duer on this subject, which is of the first importance to the northern and western sections of the state. It authorise the appointment of a competent engin . - r three commissioners, to direct - ' . - t nd the improvement s - " - ud superintend heado?' me navigation, from the . .. iae water to Coevman's Overslaus - h 1 nd appropriates 130,000 dollars to be expended in the work. At 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the water had risen to within four feet of the flood on the 3d inst. ; and at 6 o'clock the river was open opposite this city, and for some distance bclaw. From the Albany Argui, March 17. Lmineri ana b tilt ocotli We have inserted o - day the report of the justices or the supreme court, made on this subject, in pursuance of a concurrent resolution of the two houes of tbe legislature. Tbe bill which accompanied their report seems to be well calculated to prevent the evil complained of, as uras legal restraints can go. But our misfortune is, that tbe profession is so overstocked with numbers, that with all their ingenuity, there cannot be found business enough to support tbe whole ol them honestly ; and as lawyers, like other people, must live, and as they are generally too proud or too indolent to earn their bread by the sweat of their bmw, eorae are in a manner driven y necessity to dishonorable practices. Prectdentt are every thing among lawyers ; and when these are foand to sanction extravagance and extortion, too many are ready to adopt, from choice, what others bave beea complied to practice from necessity. Hence, as would seem, impositions, by repetition, have acquired the force of law j aad we have understood, that la more than one instance, the most extravagant cbsnres have been aanc. tinned upon the bare ground of precedent. Tbe bast corrective is to lessen the number of lawyers ; and the nest was to effect tbis is to establish aa agricultural school for the young nrarm that are sew coming into active Ufa. Aad tbea, instead oftheir living upon tbe community; instead of subsisting upon the labor of other, they ;u mM ..! he able to earn an - hooett subs let tuce by their industry, hot to diffuse the lights of J - r !ISmmI sMsnBikSiiifSiasil useful science, anoi a;riciiiMi mifiv.n throoehoet tbe circle tX their respective aoooes. make uroductive labor, e - qually honorable (a it in reality is) with tbe profession Ol tne law, ana you icu - " - bers of the ratter, and consequently lessen the evils which they scatter in society. - The firt aection of the bill we have men tinned, makes it a hieh misdemeanor in an at tomey to be in any wise concerned in buying in anr bill. bond, promissory note, book debt, nr nthrr ehoae in action, for collection and On conviction their names are to be struck from the roll of attornie or counsellor. The second section permits the examination of the plaintiff, his attorney, counsellor, fee. on oath, touching the ame 5 and if they refuse to answer, or if it shall appear that any such chose in action ha been so bought, the plainr tiff shall be nonsuited. Sec. 3. Declares all false swearing pun una ble aa oer iiirv. Sec. 4. Abolishes the practice of making up issue rolls, and declare that no more than ors nisi priusroll shall be allowed in the taxat'on of costs. See. 5. Declares it unlawful to chae for recognizance rolls, except in cert - 3 cases, and prohibit any charge for pro y.. live ser vices wnere suits aresemcu. v ' Sec. 6. Prohibits the collectir.4 zbutone bill of costs on suits commenced 00 . one note or instrument. Sec. 7. Provides, that who vera I ruits are commenced by the same FnTtiff against the same defendant, the court m?y (consolidate them into one, where it may no! f f improper. Sec. 8. Makes it the dui; plaintiffs, injudg - ments by confession, to pu1 fa file a specification or the nature and consid7ation of the debt ou which such judgment is )fesed : by which he is to be bound in all subsequent cases. bee. V, Allows tne hereon taxing costs, to strike out all charges. fi,r unnecessary folio in a declaration or plea nd to allow but two fo lio in any declaration. bee. iu, Limits Ahe costs, in judgement on confession, to U.Q j0; in judgments by de fault, to D. 10 ; ahd assessments by the clerk, to D 13 50 1 and in writs of enquiry executed before a sheriff, to D. 16. Sec. 11, Declares, that in all cases, except those noticed if, the preceding section, the bills of costs in Ue mayors' courts and, common plea shall ody be taxed by first judges or recorders, rm their absence, by the . county clerks. ) Frita the Baton Centintl, March 18. Tip TJa Toleration. A member of the as sembly tff New - York, (Mr. Meigs) in a late debate, i,d, "The constitution of this (N. Y.) tate, .guarantees equally the religion of all. The J(W who believes the blessed Saviour an 'npofter; the Egyptian who worships a croco dile I of m onion; Uie Pagan who worships the sun - the Indian who navs divine honors to stocks . stones ; the worshipper of Odin the Chi - t or the Mahometans." From the FreemanU Journal. Major General Arthur St. Clair. The presi - ent has given bis sanction to the act for tbe re - lef of this distinguished, but unfortunate soldier. he act grants him an annual pension tor lUe of men hundred and twenty dollart, commencing 'on the 4th or March, 1817. SALEM, March 18. The iWierse. - Sailed from Marblehead on Saturday last, 35 sail or fishing schooners for tbe Grand Bank ; as many more will probably sail the present week, making a total of 80 sail, over 6000 tons, and employing from 6 to 700 intlu mum, uaruy nnuueii. success attend their en terprise. There were 60 sail of Newburyport vessels employed in Uie fishery last year, amounting to tons. Pni la Delphi a, March 14. Last night a man by the nsme of Stewart, his wife, and a man named Hare, were arrested on suspicion of being accessaries to the late Robbery of the Mails. Thirteen hundred dollars were found in the privy of the house iu which they lived Hare is a brother to the two Hare, who have been apprehended at BaltimoreThus, in the short space of a week, have the principles and accomplices of this daring robbery, fallen into the hands or justice. LF.GISLA TURF OF ffElV - YORK. HOUSE Or ASSEMBLY March 12. Petition of the New - York Insurance Company, pray ing a renewal or their charter. Referred to the members from New - York. ' Petition of the Young Men's Missionary Society of the city of New - York, prajing an act of incorporation, was read ; thereupon Mr. Sharpe, according - lo leave, brought in 1 bill, entiUed "An act to incorporate the Young Men's Missionary Society of New - York ;" which bill was read twice and committed to a committee of the whole. The bill, entitled " An act to enable the Pres byterian Church in Cedar - street, in the city of cuew - xorr, 10 nom real and personal estate to Uie annual value or income therein mentioned," was received from the senate, where it had passed without amendment, kWVflMi POST MARWE LIST. CLEARED, thin Perseverance, Ellkin?, Londonderry Darker It Hopkins. Brig Speedy Peace, Fosdick, Savannah Bell ic Timpson Calypso, Beal, Teneriffc A P Gibson ARRIVED LAST EVE.YWG. Ship Hamilton, Greenough. N H 63 day. from ' J fB,!m?uh' marble. t - sr". uais. . r. . - w. to De Iilum Jt Delcssert, Leonard' - I 1' 1 . t 1 ' I , , A - , ,. wO. ana vanucwaicr, rrnceier ot A. Sch Ospray, Newcomb, 4 days from Boston, in ballast. Sloop Armada, KirkUnd, 24 hours from Kil - linrworth, bound to Virginia. Philidilnua, March H. Arrived Union Line sch Mria, Briggs, Sdaysfmm NYork. Sch. Gen. Lincoln, Whitton, 8 days from Boston. Sch Rover, Edgarton, 3 daj - s from NYork. Sch Morg ana, Lowtli, S days from N York. Sch Edward D. Douglass, Douglass, 3 days from New - York. Despatch line sloop .Scourge, De Groot, 2 days from New - York. Sloop Union, Barnard, 9 days from Kan - tuckct. 6'loop Rapid, llussey,9 day. from Nantucket Sloop DUpatcb, Barnard, 8 days from Nan tucket. Sloop Dove, Hall, 9 day from Providence Sloop Aurora, Barnard, 8 day faom Nan tucket. The ship reported below, is the Superior, tSiraet, trorn Liverpool. ca Ai.Esr o, March 12. Arrived brig neisev, ravinr, lwoon 75 l.s. THEATliE. On Friday Eveninr, March 50, will be presented f 1 Li U I or tbk rrnoLLiao ckvtlxmab. To which will be added, (i - .t the 1st time in N York) the celebratrd pntomioie of MOTHER GOOSE, om. tbx boldbb xaa Coho, f afterwards Harquin, Mr. Parker voiioette, (afterwards Lot am bine) Mrs. Parker fr TU largest aad best COW thathufc. killed in tbe city of New York for fitV, ted by Mr. Wbetomre, near PMk.PiaK2 way, for aala oa Satarday, flit inst. W br4 - mb201t. - ZLtih OCT THE drawing of the fourth MedicaTivT ence Lottery was yesterday completed, .ft gives me much pleasure to inform my rusu " that I bave sold more prizes in it than anvTi? tyled truly lucky Lottery Office either uS? York, Philadelphia or Baltimore. ' Aibom sTl Prize sold by me, was the followinr CY.;r! 10,000 dollars, 1 of 3,000 dollars, and f of? riS dollars. After deducting the amount reciS for Tickets from all tb. prise, sold I bv WTl that ray customers collectively, have 1 aired wards of 25,000 dollars. "ianedp - KOBERT WA1TE, Jonr. ' 136 Brd. nih20 tor fate, lo tlote a coiimi ' J The ship LAVONIA, burthen 241 v. a will n...nruu, , 1 1 - L tor.s. wilt stow near 3000 bbls. in' ul the Albanv Ruin. N R . ;n 1. .. nowly. r 1,,.. - ' ' somen JOHN F. DELAPLAIIE, 72 Sooth - sL VVliobb for sale, laodins - fromia..i,:. 170 ceniuui 01. utaaama l ouacco, of inn. ha ,v 1 m : - iiu. norqu I. - UOUR & TOBACCO. 700 MA, Rk& JT supf country ' wm tw bbls. Kiciimood supf.Gallego'a 70 do do fine country 22 do do middlings do 36 do Lynchburg superfine 20 hhds prime new Richmond Tobacco 9 do do old Richmond do 83 kegs No. 1, Tobacco, Davidson, bantu ders & Co.'s brand ' 9 do No. 1, Ladies Twiit do. 10 rolls in Ih 8 twist to the lb. ,0, 8 kegs Olo. 1, mil do. It do No. 2, tobacco, for sale at I0 r.i itret, by . mh 20 TROKE8, DAVIDSON ft CO BOMBAZETS. 4 bales Bombazets assurt - ed colours, just received per shin pn. phniies, fi - om Liverpool, for sale at 87 Coffee House - slip, by LAIULAv, GIKACLT t CO. IN bI ORE, 1 bale black bomtazets, and 2 do assorted do mh 20 7t COVADO tUGAR. - 200 hhds. Mim. covado futrar of eood quality, now on tlie wharf, and lor sale reasonably if applied for this day before stored, by U. u. Ai S. 11UWLAND, mh 20 77 Washington - street BANDANNAS. 4 cases first quality . dannas, for sale by REMfEN tl CO. mh20 26 South - street. LEGHORN MATS. ONE case of Leghorn hats with extra crowns, frem No. 30 to 50, juit received and for sale at 150 Broadway, by menzu 3t r tl I Li H KUUa, C 1 TERS. C10DF1SH. 400 quintals Codfish, now on board of the vessel, and will be sold low, if before landed, by ' ' ROGERS h POST, 51 South - street Is STona 2 Lads, Boston Rum, superior quality. mil 20 2t FOR SALE, A PAIR of bay HORSES, well broke sad found. For particulars call at Shaw's Li - very - stable, in Liberty - street, near Broadway. BihJOSw JO LET, The Store and Cellar of house No. 5$ Ptfuil - ttreet, corner of BroiM - itreet, suitable for a mechanic or grocer. Apply nt nih?0 1w '16 Pearl - street. TO LtT, An elegant front itore No. 29 Chat ham street, calculated for a dry good ot other wi c. Apply at Hie urn.c ot NATHAN B. GRAHAM, " , No. 17 Chatham street. Suitable fixtures will be let with the store mh SO Iw STEAM BOAT FOR SALE. FOR sale, a well finisiied Steam Boat, of small size, with two cabins, und calculated to carry conveniently alout sixty passengers - Her hull is of the bcit timber, and she is copper bottomed up' to the bends, prepared to be put into a line of running iinnitdiately She draw but thirty - ' to im tt of wnttr, and Iron the advantageous construction of her machinery, ran be worked at oiie naif tbe dully eipense of steam boats in general. She will be sold a reat bareain. if applied for shortly. Enquire at No. 48 Wall - street, of . mh srotr isaau u. ogdkn & 00. BOARIlKNG. TWO or three gentlemen of steady babitsr may be accommodated with board sad ronifortable rooms, with a family where but few boarders are taken the situation central nod pleasant terms moderate. Particulars may be known by application at No, 74 Chanberw street, near Broadway. sach20Wlw LAnM, - BKBCH AND ITALIAB tABOtAOM. " I R. CA8ATI, formerly president or tne i V I Athenem ofTrtvun - anil nernetnal secre tary ol the Academy or Belles Lett res, at Ve nice, tic. offers his services as teacher of the La tin, Italian and French languages, in academies, boarding schools, or private lesions. He would have no objection to take board in a respectable private family with pupils, in order to perfect them in tbe languages. Suificfent references will be given. Any commands addressed to Lisa (to the care of Messrs. Bernard it Mondon, fie. W Maiden - Lane) will meet with immediate st - tention. mh 20 KX At a court of chancery held fr tbe stale of New - Vork, at the city of Albany, ea the sixteenth day of March, io the fe of our Lord one thousand eight tred and eighteen. . - . raxiKBT, The honn - 'j Kent wuanrellor. Thomas Bazen ) Joseph Annahle and John Bis - i sen. 1 IT appearing by the affidavit of Samuel S. Gardiner, whirh is Bled, that process of subpoess, to appear and answer in the above cause, bath been regularly issued against the above - named defendant, John Kissell, but that tbe said Joba iiissell resides at Litchfield, lathe state of Connecticut, out of the jurisdiction of this srbart - - On motion of S. W. Jones, Esquire, solicitor for the complainant, it is ordered that the said JoW 8ist II do cause bis appearance to be entered sad hisarrswertobefiledinthi cause, within four months from tbe dale of this order, or in difawj thereof that the complainant's bill of complat he taken pro - con feiso against bim. And itie iurtlirr ordered, that a copy of this order be published, within twenty days from the date bereor, in one or more of the public newspapers piiuiea in tr. s state, for the space of eight weeks successively, once at least in every week. A Copy ISAAC L. PP. mh 20 law 8w Assittant Ret OWtGO llCKETb onTuesilay next. 7o,ooo dollars I 35,ooo dollar I 1 0,000 dollars I advance to 3t dollar 5,000 dollar 5,000 dollar lo of dollar . . . 1 1 . of 500 0011a" 1 ue above are tne principal pnawi i - - - . ford and Owego Lottery, of 10.000 Utket onJT, to commence drawing 6th May, and wbicn may be obt - uned at . 1463roatlwJiy for 30 dollars each,until Tuesday next, at time they advance 2 dollar.. The bra xt, at which It ur - - 1 . - arh nnn.h.r im tk 1 :t n.l Mh (iraWUlX Will C - entitled to a capital priae ot SOUOdollars. Correct check boti kept fer the ro'rm of.!IUcketi. - mhsu

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