The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 20, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1818
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l lMiiiiaiiigi 'NUMBER 4919 FRIDAY, MARCH 0,1818. . NO. 42 PINE - STREET for Sole, freight or Charter, lIF. Th hist sailing brig SAILOR BOY, tUM). Rodman, matter ; now ready to re - eCeTcargo ; 175 tout, and wiU carry about 630 cak foiled. Apply on"board, east aide Hv Market wharf, or to , . jv. va 4. - . - mh2 92C. H.slip. rtr WILMIKG 7TJJV, Jf. C. The achr ADELINE, FelegTupper, .master, will be dispatcneu imuieuutij. r. iMivht nr tiauare aonlv to "" r " R. GILLESPIE, U2Fronl - et Wtui rffhra Cur sale. .180 bbls ar, awl a parcel of W. O. hWj lave, received by said vessel 'J - AIlO WW DDIS SUp. lUS - nsuutiu i 65 hbd Richmond and Petcrburg tobacco 20 tierces rice; 81 bales upland cotton 5i hhd molasses J K) bags coffco h l .ml white iri . ' hhds and q do - do casks - Claret wine, in boxes of 1 dozen each a .mtU hnn cotton larei - An invoice of Dutch goods, consisting of snuff boxes elates, Mate pencils, marbles, jewencry. violin, ladies' worn dobs, tou'tfi'e water, Feb 21 . ' ' for f'HhlUHT ih - VH i HTM, The fast sailinsr chr. SALEM, bur . S2Jtlien 1100 bbl baa made biittwo voy - aeeTTand it now in readiness to receive a ear - rf Vnr terms anmv on board, at I'me - street b ' r ' ' whs' or to G. G. Si S. IIOWLAND, ' feb 26 77 Washington - street, fur LiL.'. or .HAHIbH . . f 1 ,41 Vv The valuable last sailing, urg ALNESS, etiptain Haris, at Fly - niurket wrm - f. two vi - ars old, burthen 184 tons, will stow upward of 300 hhds. is in all reaped in excellent order, ana v in oc rrauy j receive a cargo in two days. Apply to N. ii 11 - T .LCOiT, feb 26 64 .Vouih - street. fiiH - - &JtlK Hi: H f ksiKD Or THE SUBSCKWER, A SLOOP, now buihlinsf of the belt materials, about 100 tons; limbers of live oak. locust and cedar j bottom plank Jersey white oak, built on purpose for the Albany trade. A 3LivfvM Ol oJ luni, iriiuihiim any trade where dirpatth, burthen, aud easy draft nt water is reqoirea. A periairuaSCHOOAER, of 40 ton , will draw but little water with a tea - board tbrouzh the centre of her keel. aud is expected to fail very fast. Also, a si ill oi you tons, cairuiaTtv - for a Liverpool nr London trader, (rv( ran be finished to suit the pnvrha'er.) Ii... " ."pars, timlHtr ana piniK. Also, untocr tawd to biUs tor house lnildin;. ' . ' nova U CHKI.KS IIPOWM.vr.. for 6atr, rWnJ or tha ler. The cood briar PLA. Lit, II tn - .burthf.n, oue year old, stows i jt)0 I'l l is a very ailin ves - el aud in comj'Heord ta receive a rrgi). Apply on bo..rJ r.t il Burlius - slip, or to N.I.. fcC.GRISWOLD, Brh 5 "6 fnuih - t.' , i - 'or 6ifa, Freight or Ciaittr, vT$ itu - tni unuiuer,ir - ,. - 0 2(om burtiien, built in the best manner, eojptr lastcned,nnd iu complete order to recem arargo. Apply to , IN. L. i G. GRHWOLD, mh 3 86 outli - trert. for Hale, trtighlor Charier, A tiew pilot btMt built schooner, about .120 tons burthen, buill ta the hcsl man ner of good matcriaU, and copper futtuied, a very Cut tailinj vetsel, and niaj be lent to sea at imall expense .4 ptily to N. L. G. GIUSWOLD, mch 3 86 couth - st. - .rXvK.iJV.V.if, The oacket ship RISIXG STATES, Thos. fiwioburu, mmler, now loading at Vioelreet wharf, will meet wuh loimediate di - patch, - having considerable part of her cargo earased. For freieht of atout 200 bbl. or pa - ' saje, having elegant acrcmmodalions, apply on board, or to GR1SWOLDS & C ATES, mh 1 63 South - st. tiJ puncheons Jamaica Rum, just arrivri nd landing (rom the brie David Richards, fiom r aimoutn, iJa.; ana lor saie' - y j. Wasl'ingtoii - itreetc Who hns for U in store. L. P.Tenerifle Wine, fpaeley bran - t) inquar - lercatits, importtti jnty, lio . Do do in hhds. and qr. ca - ks, Oo Aiiu't do - Do do in piies, iiti'le. and qr. caak, do Sep t tember do 3D pip, 100 hhds and 280 qr. caks do entitled to dt' bent ure 45 pipe Cape Madeira Wine, sliip'd in 181 J. I'om in? lyBiK - ol uood llupo, ana enu tied to Ht - iit'iiturp Fort and o'.d Lisbon wines, in assort td cask . 59 boxes of c! ret wme . 13 do craxe wine and ore cask eirdwire b 7 tf 150 .V., - ill., '.Ji'fth, j,c. toituar wine 4r. cai " dry Malaga do iju qr caus aiia ynjnaM . b do and 14 hnlf do sweet Malaga loO boxes Florence oi 12 bottles each 40 bales ItaliMi writing paper, Foolscap und 60 do pi in tin" Uo fletUr 14 hhds KnlUh glaware, ronsisting of wines timl tumblers as'o'tea 100 boxes aat hovice and 50 do olives ., , 1 box French kid gloves I do oMrich feathers, very rich ' do engravings " 9 rase felt hats, t do chip do 40 bales Italho rsgs, 600 marble mortar 23 mr itn hie slabs, veined and statuary, assorted izes 5 loxes Nac'es shaving soap 1 do watch glasses 3 f ases manna in flnkes ICO liales Calcutta goods, consl'tinir of U.dUs, nutkah and i - a!lipatiy rossahs Ch'idpore, choin'ocoll) Johanna, luckipnre and joospore Snnnahs, jnMapore and mow ChTkf, white, red and blue gillahs , Madras pattern do Sootee and froctoy romaU, tor sale by CIHS. L. OGDEN, aud ABRM. OGDLN, m; C AVathircton - st. Q1 VIRGLXU TOfJ.ICCU & FLOUR. 55 'o new crou do do w r.i, hM fljur . . 15 lo LJli..g Jo. Tor ftt by T.t, - SluEa' V'KURON fc CLEF.MAN, - !jf No. 72 Wa - hinstoo - t. rf . ' T " r - r. .... - 1. . . - 1 Var ii r 1 vT "w'y. of Pfn"r"! PU,rr of 174 FroVi ,rf'1 wi,h vVf''f Nexn. No. promntlv , ",rrtr of r'ur,inff - 'P' ""H be P omnti, ' aWndHs, - , JOHN BYFR5, 'a 19 tf Mrri - trect, Not 0 River. d O O Hhd molasses, now landing from brig Ajrnes. Irom MaUnxxs. Apply to ISAAC PACKARD, Feb 23 35 Front - st. y toKOWN, stooe seal engraver and jewel - X . ler, No. 166 Broadway. Coat of arm, crests, cypher, kc. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold teals, chain, and other jewellery. Ladies' seal eugraved with coat of arm:, motto, and fancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, erjrtals, fcc bought in the rough or cut tr. any form. Boot 60,000 Book of heraldry kept with np wards ol tuunrs. . jan 7 3m 'TEVIP, LEAD, PALVI'd, lie Russia jCX hemp, iu lots to suit purchaser (jhijroHs sheet lmd, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 disks bar lead, 7 too pig lead 50 t. 'es h. es luUia twine Euglt - sail and srine twine 3 can (jrkssian blue, 5 casts Vermillion 3 hhduV,V 50 catks My,6,h yellow ochre Dry whitna fed If ad 20 boxes t iailT .For m1 bT PETER scPHERMERHORN i: SONS, A 1 243 Water - street Also, 200 ancrrCi of Hunt' make, from 40 to wi. w Cables and conliW, of all sizes, best quality, with the usual assortment of ship chandlery Feb 1 1 tf 21 C'O'Vl U.V ' UU - 'i LCU, c. bales nrime Ahbama cotton, lauilui from .Vusiinii 20 biUs w - Orlcans cotton per brig Fi - 5 Lhds Kentuckv tobncVo i naucier 1NSTOR 20 tons clean St. Petersburg bemp Russia duck, German slel roll brimatone 15 cases tumblers 30 'Kxfs Castile soao Writ'mz and wraDi'inz rwr 1 case Lrshorn hats. No. 2fft a 40 Also, lust received 1(500(1 lb Havana roffi.e. in hh.l. Ian4 few hhds of rectified purA ""aJe from njolassrt rum. For s;f PV JAMES D'WiJF.jr, Feb 23 ; nmt - t. l.lh , v Itl Al'l MH. Sir I Sz C. SUYDA.M.hsve just rcteiveAP1' J'." I J. Pocahontas, from find slirV' 1 "' tiii4B Wilknn rrnnt l.rinnrk. Al Vjf ure packaix 3 i rses 4 - 4 inn do 7 - 8 do . do vfc do 8 4 brown Ltnens and Law.jVj do dn lilac k do do birds eye Diapers do l i.ile do tixe 4 Inch Miiv - ting 1 do 9 II do - iout do 6 2 do L n l.swns 7 l)..!csI)roi;hed;s ; Ducks f 5 do Lint ii HeiiiicliB. Also, A unierl isnnment of the above arU" ", ppci'ed for r. tntl 'files, at 6 1 ,Miiidcn - lni i - VffV I'avi ril'let, rtiS. feh ?5 t.' I 2 iUAZKI 16, aMte.l culouis, i 1 do all black do twilled, assorted colours, just re ceded For sale by . 01 IS it SWAN, men 3 157 1'earl st. h ' J riLl lAul Lit .VI J PA I ' B I S. " 1,'OR SALE, an unselect. d lot of 70 land pa - 7 , tents, in the Illinois Territory, and i . . i. . i : . . i . . i . l. c,.i:. . i . o - tigui anrLiijr iroin :o ouiuiers. iujmt tu ISAAC R. ST. JOHN, mh 10 tf No. 39 Wall - street. l II. Y M .A HEIR. A VNK. 8pipes .d - i - O rily Madeira VVine, imported in 181 j, for ..lo by TUCKER Ic LAl'RIKS, mh 1.1 24 eolith streit. O ' i.t.L. - - '26 buudli sweili - h steel, tor sale k5 by HURD&SEWALL, mh 13 65 South - st. fAPEK HAGINtis . A H INSKLEP, No. 3 Courtland - strret, in i. order toclosc the concern, offers for sale at very reduced prices, his remaining stock of Pa ler Hangings, omprisiag an elegent assortment lor city and country sale, inh 12 lw MILITARY BOUNTY LANDS, 'p HE Subscriber will pay the highest price in L cash to the late soldiers for their bounty lands. JAMES D. WAD5WORTH. . No. 26 Water - s'reet. B. J. I). W purpose, to leave the city for i.ic luiiiuu cruiurv, requesis ail tlio who em pu - yea mm tixibtam their patent, to call and tKKt. ui) the same, or receive Cath lor them. Will take any egenry business t the Ilia nt Tenitory, relative to Soldiers claims, Arc. Appli as above. mi bin Dvt: 3wt MUIT and Fiilih.ST 1 HKF.S. J'TTa Cr JAMEs BLOi))OOOD jr."' fcr. i .rsale at ) his Nurserv. nt Flushing. (L I. near New York. si large assortment of the most ap - inuiru .un - pRRD aaa inienran sort of Apple. Pear, Cherry, riuniri, fea.h, Apncot, Nnta nie Hi;d Quince Trees, with an nssoiiiMtnt oi rores: trees. A very Urge assortment of Peach Tree, per - leciiy neai'iiv , ana o. Tignrou growins caia - I 'gue ol wlncn may ne nan oi 1II0MAS BLOODGOOD, No, 206 Front - street. AVhere orders left will be particularly attended o. and trees carefully parked and delivered free r , ' lraae whan, ew Torn. ..I rreiR.u. hon,H in furnished thos' - KJ - nuusi uii. 4 Mllend ,0i wii - .. uii iiarc H - ntn trees, ... IOrtion win ninuia tut - in tu reerve a iari;e i. a oftlicir tree in a healthy stale, and to ha peaches in as (treat plenty as formerly, mh 10 dcw FRUIT, FOREST TREES.'itC (ty BENJAMIN TRINCF.A iH Co have lor sale at their Nur - j - t'A serv. I Inslnne Landinr. f L. I ) IT!1 ne&i tu Vnrti HMttrMualaiiH i5? extensive vari ty ol Eiirtipeao tf and Ametican fruit and tiiua Riental i rees. Also, a large col' lection ol valuable Shru'w and Plants ; they have several thousand ii.oculatrd Peech trees, ivIihjii are in lh ni'.sl healthy stnte and tree from any distemper, great attention has lie. n paid to preserve theni from tlie yellows, which has destroyed so many trees of that kind throuKhoul the United States. Catalogues of which may 1 - hitd of Messrs HULL eX liOWNE, No. 146 Pesrl - streel, New York, or at their Nursery. Orders forwsiriled torithrrplace will be nume dintely attended t - , and the tree, ic. carefully and securely lai ked, so as to he sent to any paft ol the Lu.tcd Plates, with the greatest safety, and delivered al Crane wharf; New - York, by watct of iu iht Also, tor - ale a - hove, 10(0 heaatilul Balm of Gilend or Silver Fir frees. Uwy are almost lure to live when transplanted. (7 - As the grest loss of peach TreM by disease, bnve d;terert many from Ihem, direction will be given to those who Mirchae them, !iib if attended to, will eeahe these to preserve their tree in a healthy stale, and to have Peaches in as great plenty as ia former year. N. B. Peach tree innraratert on Almond or Plans, stocks, i ao preventative against the div eaee, which the Peiisyyaaia ApnceHni tl Society, caU the ytliows. mh 14 DSiLtt . 2l! JL JOHN B MURRAY & SONS offer for saW, in lota to suit purchasers, at No. - 1 13 Fearl - 100 qr. cask i berry wine, aid and lit Tor family use 500 case superior margaux claret, vintage of 60 cases old hork flBtl 15 cask bottled brown stout, 7 dozen each 10 do assorted apothecaries glBMware 1 case silver eyed needles 2 do pins 20 casks containing an assortment of Hardware, Cutlrry and Saddlery 5 casks card wire. No. 30 a 33 . 20 case English sheathing copper, 28, 30. 32 20 ton old sable Iron ou 8 d' F.nglish bolt, octagon and flat iron 6 do Baiica anu Spanish block tin 7 do nig and bur lend. mh 16 2w lLOUK. - 200 tibls oirkiur, lauding Irom V brig Mount Hope, from Richmond, for tale W.fc S. CRAIG. mh 16 84 Front stieet. MLA'I L. 100 square flloosirk stale, ruoit - ly large sixes and of rood quality, lor sale by HENRY LAVERTY, mh 16 lw I6:i Pearl - street. ' I OU ACCO 60 hhsis (eoieia 1 oi iircooi su I pi rior quality, landing Irom Brig ancy. for salr at b aou'li sireeL mh 10 CAV1BRF.LKNG & rF. ARSON VIUj?COVaDO feLGAKb MOLASSES. n'HE subscribers offt - r for sal" the cargoofthr 1 brL. Liu a, roiiis(iiiK of prime quality Muscovado ui;Rrs and Molasses, now landing on Pier No. 4, North River. . O. & S. IIOWLAND, mh 16 77 Wasliineton - stre - tt. TVIF. snb: - c ribcrs are authorised to contract JL for carsoe of salt, deliverable on board at Turks Uland Bills u Am. rira will be received in payment : and iuiiiorlers of the article wk secure to themselves considerable advautagtn by making contracts here. TUCKER & I.AURIF.S, mh 16 29 - outh - rtreet. lor.' O.N ii sUGAR. 19 bales supeiior l' - .y land Cotton 37 boxes white Havana Sugar, suitable for retailing, for sale by N. & D. TALCOTT, mh 16 - COTTON &' TOBACCO 25 boles Sealsl anil Cotton, and 33 hhds. first quality Georgia Tobacco, landing anu lur sale uy " SAUL ALLEY, 93 Pine - sfeet, IN STORF.. 34 hales Sea Island, and fr sale as above, mh 13 74,;; H Hl ltMi f - .iPLli. leam royal printing paper 100 dn hiedium dn do 2fl0 do foolscap writing do 300 do letter dn rari:is qunlilies 40 groce press paper. For sale by COLLIN , H ANN AY, mh 14 lw No. 2:10 IVarl - rt. I JOH NS 5'N) Demijohn, conteinine about 4 Kallonstiich, very ttroiiS and well covered, for ale by G. G. ft S. IIOWLAND, mh 14 77 Washington street. 1UNNY UAGS. - aOOO. lorale bv U CEURA f CUMING, mh 13 76 Pearl street. hi lit IUO Itlil.v ..JCMVIU k..H. . . UK onki fliifftM.ia. lonfer - f larrison - st The former enlitlod to drawback lurs'ile by HENDERSON t CAIRS, mh13 81 Fine - street. (jLKKSLCKr tto, Ac 3 bale yellow s:npen O seersuckers . 2 bales blue baftas, entitled to deltenfore, for ssle by P. REMSEN ii CO. inn iu TWO or three respectable person may be immed:iitelv accommoda. ed with Fpa - rlotis rooms and boarding, on moderate terms, with a private family. They have taken a fine house from the 1st May next, in a cent - ;. I, health! and pleasant si'iiution, on the wet side of the citv, in which Uiey can accommo date three or four person w'th elegtint airv rooms ami hoaidwt. Jiati - fvctriry reference will be riven and required. The address of the advertiser i leu at the olhce of this pa per, mil 14 iw G I ATA. r - h U .ih l)LVG. FRANRLIV IIOU E. This new, spacious and spletidiil lluilding, situated in flroad - way, the ;Tea' and ftsliionab c street dividing the centre of the city, at the corner of I et t will be opened by the subscribe on Ihe 1st of May next, for Ihe recept cm or Hoarder. ii is fitted, and will be furnished in a manner not euepassed, for cot venience anil ele gance. by any p - ivate dwelling ii - the city. It occniiies the most eligible Nituation. being rential, in view of th - - Park and City Hall the upper apartments overl.mking the whole town, commanding a view of the adjacent country roracircumieretxeoi jU miles, including the Hook, the Na.rows, and the Harbour i and it is believed that no House in the country ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or sit uation i and no exp nse havintr been spar ed bi the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will offer to ladiesi and gentlemen, audfamiliesvibiting the city, the moal genteel, pleas. n and retired a partmenU. The choicest of Wine and Liquors w,ll he furnished, and no trouble or expense will be spared, to maketiie entertainment plea - ; nt, rare - nd excellent. 1 In , - ablilinieiit is intended exclusively tor fienteel Boarding MRs. HENDERSON. feb 21 DtC' tf TO LKT, . aad cellar room of those 3 1 ne siou. n - H - - ir..i , .H stury nooses ,o iu anil itrnit.. .. i a uew two story house No. 8 00 New stree.. . mediately in the rear of No. i Broad - afreet, fit lor a genteel famliy, being new. Also, e g'Kl house at Greenwich, and one at Harlsem. with two and a baP acres of Ground, near Manhaunnviiie. Apply to CHAS OAKLEY, 141 Froct - sL mh 12 tf Mt.RllH.I.VTS IU, THI.. 4nis To be let, those elegant and spacious bi ililinzs. No 41 and 43 Wall - street, formerly occupied by .Mr. Solomon u. tiibson either to ireilieror seperate. Possession will he given immediat. ly, or n the first of May next r Apply on the premises. mh 12 SsiJS The store No. 20 Wall - ttreet. Apply at lite store. leh IV tf yrrx to let. arS The new brkk Store no. 62 Ktne - st Apply to T.U J. t WORDS. Ftb 14 TV LKT, A favem and Store in Flushiox, at pre. scut 00 upied by Mr. Wm. sbsw. Apply ta. mh 0 ti r. oibhu.vs. 70 l.t T, A counting bouse on toe lower floor, No. ti isnoth slr - et. A larre new fire pe"" store in irorrmeurs' - lane, next doer to Water - street. Afspty to 1 U lJWX.n ar batnn.9, Bb 11 29 Soeth - sueet - G FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, On accommodating terms, a number of water and building lota, near and adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, en - quire of t SAMUEL EVANS, jan 93 tf Brook!) n. The two - story brick front Houre and Lot No. 33 Cherrv - slreet For term. Sic. applv at 76 Pcarl - itreet. mar 3 titiUJr.ACe. ut Olir.h AH IVH. To he let, the house and rrounds frontine on Ureenwich Lane, belonging to the estate of tne late paiouel niillisan, and al present occu pied by Mr. David Ely. For particulars enquire of JOHN M'KEE, lumber rthant, foot of N. Moore - street, or of T. PRINGLE, in the Bank ofiew - York. febffltf The House No. 78 Iiroad - stnet, with the nine, storesjiouse. aud (tables contiiruou, and appettMbing thereto. TO LEASE. For a term of years, in lots nr parcels, that part of Ruse Hill situate on the 2d, 3d, and 4th avenues, on the 23d, 24th, 25th, 26th, 7tli, Sfltb, and 29tb streets, winch belcng to Mrs. Ann Ko gers. For particular, apply to JAMES A. HAMILTON, mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Builrings. TO Lt T, sniC And immediate possession eiven, the In uu No. 9 Peari - street. toitelher with the t;u hlM and Coach llou.e in the rear on Bridge - it. I'he premises are in complete repair aud have every convenience necessary lor uie uccuiiiuio dation ol a family. For parlitnlars apply to ,m:t?8 L. BRADISII. TO LET. A large convenient modern built house, ci.u - ii houke and imirovenients, (with or without an extersive kitchen Karden and back lot) from !he first of May next ; ituatt d un the corner ol ;h. Frst Avenue and First - tr i t, near the cor .ir of Nortu and Allen streets, and about one mile from the ( itv Hall The ituation is elevated ami health!, and in every respect suiiablu lur a KcnU - On the premises is a well of most excellent witter. Apply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS, FebStf No .f Front - street kjjji Twnefuct aifi Law Uiii'ding No 3, to lie rented. Apply on the preniir. to JAMES A II AVILTOA, Kq.or at No. 59 Broudway leh 9 still MJt' tl.p lint of Mav next, a front count - triy room "n t..)per l itts. - tf tin tecotid floor, t pettier with the l - jiq'iiit. No. 167 Pea. I strei t. TO LET. I he three story brick dwelling, 27 Nor folk - street inquire of COX tV .MONTAUDFVFRT, Feb 13 : . 06 Wall - st. Ut l.b.i, - . . U ..... n ... W . kHF. b n rl Ii i - ai les land, siluale hooui two ana a unii mm 'rom the tit), opposite the arsrnnl. To a person who is in the habit of attending maikel and w.tild cultivate the land a au early vesv - tnhle e:ini', et is an object. Rent 200 dollar. Ap ply at 1 Bromlway .mh 6 ti ft . TO LET, prom the first May next, the store no. 79 juuth - sireet - For term, applv JtrJU, . I s v f CV V vrrr - s - e. In the ten 7 ' tt una TO LA. 11 itl. r. ll . : tf. ... 31 1 ne iuiit nip iiuiibc, tj. lii. - h')Ue No. 95 John - street The bouse No. 97 do The house and store No 3!5 Pearl - trect The house and store No 1 11 Cherry - street JAMES W SHAW, feh 21 No. 5 liowery. $3 TO Lf T, Those two lire proof dwelling Houses, sHUil w74 and 76 Molt street, about Itu minutes walk from the Coffee House. They wiil i.e put m complete repair, ur.d well cnlrulitied for genteel families. Apply at No. 137 Water - street, mh 1 1 tf 'JO I.KdSh., f irn Irrm of ears, The house and lot No. 20 Ceil ir at reel, coniaiiiiiigsix rooms with fire places, besides the kitchen, pao tuts, vaults. Ac. and a wtu 01 good water. For sale, the unexpired term, eleven year, of (he hit No. 69 Muriuy street, id the occupation of William Patters it. 011 Vetse from the Episcopal Church du St. Esprit. Inquire of J. W. at W. C. MULLIGAN, feb 25 dtf No 44 Pine - street. . fly 70J.ET, siJJ, Tli at convenient and elegant House, corner of Broadway and Lroome street. AL - O A neat house with a large garden, fronting Broadway, between Bleeckerand Princes - st. Apply 'o. 4 llowlbg - gi een. mil 14 'Jw From U.e Aahonal Intelligencer of March 17. No business of leading importance was yesterday transacted in the senate or house of representatives. Various subjects were discussed ; HUiong which was, in the seuate, tho bill fur the reduction of Ihe staff of Hie army, and, in the Mber house, a bill authorizing a subscription to (he stock of the Chesapeake and Delaware Ca - ual Company ; neither of which was finally acted 00. We defer Uie details of yesterday's proceedings in both houses, to oor next, in order to make roam for the documents respe rtiug Uie mission to Naples. Ihe documents respecting the Neapolitan misaioo afford little comfort to our suffering merchants, ll would appear that Uie pover - ty of that government is such as to turbid even a eons - tliauti with their own ideas of what is right. ' AYGOCMTOA - rtT"' M'& - j Oo Ihe 2d of March, the pre.1 - cated lo the house of representatives of Ihe ousted States, a Report from the Department of J "tale, transmitting, in pursuance to tbe request ol that Iwdy, inlbrmatitai relative to the claim ofmerchsntsofthe United States, for their property seixe.d and coolUalcd under the auliiority of tbe kingof Naples. We give a selection of the principal documents, and aa abilract of Ihe remainder. I be first document u as follow, : Extra t of a letter from Mr. Monroe, secretary of - tate, ta Mr. Piukney, special minister u, Naples, dated Dt; - artnut of tu, w,r 1816. " - . M being aponintd he Ihe president, Witn we advice aod content ol the senate, envoy rrof" dinarv aod miuister pleniiteutiary to tbe ess nerur of Riiss'a. aud. in a similar trust, to tbe Meg of Naples, theduliesof the Utter . tm - noo, h,rh m ainw iai. anil ens - are sour aueninm u the first instance. 1 he Washuigton, a snip ci ihm line, is ordered into tbe Cbeiapeake, lo re ceive 00 board, and to txmvey yosi and your family to Naples. You will be faroi'hed with the B,uaJ comiaiMoa and letter of credence to the A pr ocipM onject of your aa - nm t f - r' ia Main iiHleuuiitv mr the losses whir h our citixens sustained by tbe illegal ' re awl coa - iscatssa of their pioperty by the Neapolitan gov - . - bi erumeut. You will be Ltrnbed with soth evidence in tupiiort of ihe claim, as is In possess mo of this department, aud as notice ha been given to the collector of the principal cities of your appointment and its object, that (t might be rom niuiuiated lo the parties tuterested, its expected that ou will receive much further light on the subject directly fiom them. I tie president does not entertain I doubt ot Uie right ol the United State, to a full indemni ty of those lone. They were iu dieted by the then government of the country, without the slightest cause. The commerce of the United States was invited into the Neapolitan porta by special decree, will) the promiH of protection and encouragement, on the faith of which, many ship having eutercd with valuable cargoes, the whole amount was seized by the government itself, and couverted lo public use. For this very extraordinary and unlawful act, no plea has been urged that we have heard of, except that of necessity, which is no argument against iodemnity. The injury being inflicted by a government so full possession ol Ike sovereignty of the country. exercising an u powors, recounted by the nation and by forrigu powers, by treaties and bv other formal acts of the highest authority, it is not perceived oo what ground an indemnity can oereiused. no principle is belter established. han that the nation is respomible tor the acta ol its, government, aud that a change id the au tbority doe not aflett the obligation. Iu thi disordered date of that country for several year pait,it has been thought useless to press this claim, but, now that affairs appear to be settled, it would be improper longer to dolay. The presi dent indulges a strong hope, that reparation will uow be made. Iu the discharge of this trust, in the manner ol the negotiation, aud in Uie provi sinu for Ihe debt, should such be made, you will niamlett a spirit ol conciliation towards Ihe gov emuirnt of Naples. Any reasonable accooiuio - daUnn, as to the time and the mode of payment which may be desired, will be cheerfully allowed. .1 . " As you a ill he well acquainted with the ua - lure of these c laims, aud the right of the United States lo an indemnity, with the principles on w hich it is fonjided, aud Ihe arguments and facts which support il, it is unnecessary for me lo en ler lurlhtr inlo the subject. 'I he president has lull commence that nothing will be wanting on your part to secure success lo the misnon. Pali lied lhalyoti will discharge it duties with e - qual ability and dircrction, it is thought improper, bv too much precision, to impose auy restraint on vour judgoicot, either as to (lie man ner or the argument to bo used in the negoUa - tiou. " Your mistion lo Naples being special, its object limit' d, Mid being likewise anticipated by the Neapolitan government, it is expected that il may be londuded in a (tw iulcrtiews. It is very important that tbe United t - 'tatu, should be rrpiesrntbil at M. Petersburg, by a mini - ter nl the highest grade employed by them without auy delay which can be avoided. The prrsidtuldc - ires, therefore, that you will use every effort iu your power lo teiniiuatu the buMne.s with Naples as soon ns it may be pne - ible, and you will proceed thence, immediately afterward, to St. Petetsbuig " The urxt paper is " Extract, of a letter from Mr. Piukney, niiniitcr at Nadirs, to the tecrcta ry of slate, dated Naples, August 29th, 18 1 6." It gives an account ol Mr. Puiknej's reception and his first conversation with the Neapolitan "uftternAen. I.J! ' - v r: " . . ' "naner omclttl note tU yT m'u"r.u lh. .ubjea of thi, rmmoii, Mr. Pm&!2jnjrWiidi Cirtello. NAl'LE3.At!3JBI6. The uudersigaeJ, envoy extraordiuaiy of tho United States ol America, has already had the nonor 10 mention to Ma excellency the marquis ui , irteiio, secretary 01 sialo aud miuntur lor foreign affairs ol his majesty he king nl the two .t: M 11. . . ... . . . Sicilies, tne principal objects of his musin : and he uow invites his excellency's attcutiou to a more detailed aud linniul exposition of ems ol these objects. I he undersigned is sure that the appeal which lie is about to make to the well ki.owa Ju.tice of hi aieilikii n.njesty, in the name aud bv the or ders of Ins government, will receive a delibe rate and candid consideration ; and that, if il hall appear, as ha (rusts it will, to be recommended by those principles which it 11 the interest, as well as the duty of all governments, to oiiserve aud maintain, the claim involved iu it will be admitted, effectually and promptly. The uudei - Mgned did Lutubcy the instructions nt Ihe president of the United stales, wtieu he assured his excellency tho marquis di Cirtello, at their first mt ervirw, that his mission was ug - gcbled by such sentiments towards his Sicilian mnjes'.y as could out laJI to be approved by hioi. Those sentimeuts are apparent in the desire which Ihe president has manifested, through the undersigned, that the ccmmercial relations .between Ihe territories of his majesty aad those ol the United Slates should be cherished by re - cipro cal arrangements, sought in the spirit of eulight - rued friendship, aud with a sincere view lo such equal ltd vantages, as it is fit for nations to derive Irom one another. The representations which the undersigned it commanded to make upon Ihe snbjril ol I he present note will be seen by his majesty in the same light. 'J'hry shew the fine reiifthce of the president upon the ilispo - itioi. ol the court of Naples, impartially to discuss and ascertain, and lailhlu'.ly to discharge its obliga tions towards luieigu states and their citizens ; a reliance which Ihe undersigned partakes with hi; government; and under the influence of which he proceeds to state the nature aud grounds ol the reclamatiou in question, It cannot but be known to his excellency the marquis di Circe I lo, that, on the 1st of July, 1809, the minister of foreign affairs of the then government of Naples, addressed to Frederick Degan, Esq. then consul of the United Stales, an official letter, containing an invitation to all .1 merican vessels, having on board the usual certificates of origin aod other regular papers, lorome direct to .X a pie with their eartroes nd that the same minister caused that uivita - tion io be published in every possible mode, in order that it tni;ht come to the knowledge ol tho whom it concerned. 11 will not be ques tioned, that Ihe promise of security neceranly implied in this measure, had every bile, in Ihe actual circumstances of Europe, to the confidence of du - titnf ZZi peacelul merchants. I he merchants of America, as was to have been expected, oVf confide. Upon the credit, and under ihe proteotion of lhat pmraue, they sent to Naples maiy valuable vessels and cargies, iiati - ealed and docui - eiited with scrupulous reguL.n - ?v aod in 110 respect obooxfous lo mulesulmn ; but searcely had they reached (he destination to which they hd bseu allured, wheu they weie :. - .! without distinction, as prise or as other - . csriMUd to Jie Neipolitan governaient, up - ' "' , "tost frivulous aud idle. These on pretexts tlse .. . followed, with a rapa - roiirar, . Confiscating, ciou haste, by summary uecr , tbe name and for (he tirem the same fc.. ernT ment. the whole of the property which bid thus been brought within its grasp ; and these decf, which wanted even the detent aBectaUcsa of jus tice, were immediately earned sous execution, against all Uie remouttranres of Usose whom they oppressed, to enrich the treasury of the state. !. . . . r .t. - . :. !. I ne aBU - mnea pcrsnsun nim - cu, mi n eotin a note addressed to tbe maruii di Circel - W, that it is necessary lo ealarge upon Ike sta gularly atrocious character of thi iwoce. - iire, lor which no apology can be devised, sutd for which none that b intelligible ha hitherto been attempted. It was indeed an andisguised abuse of power, of which no Dung could weU echaoce the deformity, but the studied deception that preceded and prepared it x s deception, which ny son or treason agtinat society, converted proffer of hospiulity into a snare, and that sain ' tary confidence, without which taiions aiid men must cease to have intercourse, into aa engine of plunder. 1 be nght of the innocent victims of this (toe - quailed act ef fraud and rapine, to demand re - Inbution, cannot t doubted. The only ques tion is, from whom are they entitled to demand, it .' Those who at that moment ruled id Na - plos, and were hi fact, and in the vie of tho world, the rovernmeut of Naples, have passed awsy before retribution could be obtained, aU though not be lore it was required and if' too right to retribution regard only the persons of those rulers, as private and ordinary wrong do - is, the American merchant, whom they delud ed anu despoiled, In the garb, and With toe in struments, and tor the purposes ol sovereignty. must uespair forever ol reUren. , 1 he undersigned presumes, that such is not the view which the present government will leel itself justified ia taking of Ibis interesting subject he trusts that it will, on the coolrary per ceive that the claim which the injured merchant was authoriied Ia riMfo f. tu. - ' a of this country bel'oro the recent change and whith, but for that change, must sooner or later nave oeen successful, is new a valid claim s gainst the government of the same country, notwithstanding that change. , At least, ihe undersign - ed is not al present aware of any consult rations which, applied lo the facts that characterise this tfcie, can lead to a different conclusion t and certainly it would be matter tor sincere regret, that any considerations should be though) sufficient to make the return of his airilian majesty1, power fatal In the rights of friendly strangers, to whom no fault can be ascribed. ' '' . ,. ',,". ,r t The general principle that a civil society sasy contract obligations, through it actual government, whatever Uiat may lie, and that it is not absolved from them by reason simply of a change or government or of rulers, is universally received as inconvertible. It is - aJuiilled not merely by writers ou public law, as a speculative truth, but by states and state men, as a praclsiablo rule; and, accordingly, history is full oi exera - ples to prove, Ibat the undisturbed possessor of rovtrtign power in any society, whether a rightful ponessnr or not, with reference to other, lal - innnts of that power, mav not onlt h ih. IUA.1 object of allegiance, but by many , of hi acts, in his quality of st verelgu sfr faelo, may histdlbo soriniy, and those who romeaflt r him aBSrulAn. alihough thtir title be adversary lo, or even bet - thsn.h.s own. I hoMarquii de Circellodoes not ured 10 be informed, that the earlier SsrtoaU of Fnglnnd, in particular, abound in instructione upon thi head. With regard to lust aod beneficial contract. euiered into by such a sovereign with tfie merchants ol foreign nations, or, (which is the sans 4 iniiig,; witn regard to the (Intention ud cotifie - ratioo of their property, for public uses, and by ." uuiuiity, in mrecx violation pi kitdgol j wmcn mat property ar rived within Uie recb of confiscation, Ibis coo - tmuiug responsibiiily Hands upon Ihe plainest foundations ol natural equity. 1 It will not be pretended that a merchant it called upon to Investigate, as he prosecutes hie traffic, tho title ef every sovereign with whoso ports, and under the ruarantee of wttnu liohi. ed word, he trades. He is rarely mmImi I here are lew in any station who are competent fo an investigation so full ol delirar. ed with facts and principles of a peculiar character, far removed from Ihe common concerns of life. Hit predicament Would be lo Ihe last de. giee calamitous, ii, in an honest search after commercial profit, he might not take govemmeota as he finds them, and consequently rely at all limes upon Ihe visihlo, exclusive, acknowledged possession of supinin authority. If he sees all the usual indiiations of established rule all tha distinguishing concomitants of real, undisputed power, 11 cannot oe mat ne n, al bis peril, to dittoss mysterious theories, alov bis capacity, or foreign to his pursuits, and, moreover, to connect the result ol those speculations with ereota ol which his knowledge i either Imperfect or er roneous. 11 ne sees tne obedience ol the people end Ihe acquiescence of neighboring prince, it it impossible Ida) it can be hi duty to examine, be - foie he ships hi merchandise, whether tt be fit that thrsc should acquiesce or those obey. If, h ihort, he finds nothing In interfere with nrqoalify the dominion which the head of Uie society exercise over it, and the domain which it occupies, it is Uie dictate of reason, sanctioned by all espe - mat ne is pound to look no farther; ll can be of no importance to him that, not withstanding all thtse apearanre, announcing lawful rule, Uie mere right Iu fill the throne ia cluiioe by, or even results ia another lha Ihw actual occupant. The latent right, (supp sing it toensi) disjoined from, aid contn verted by, the a t, is to him nothing, while it rontinoes to be latent. It is only Ihe soveretga ia Doaeessioa thut it is iu his power to know. It Is with ids only that he can enter into ttigsgeaients. It ia through Lim only that l.ecan deal with Ihe soci ety And if il be true, that Uie sovereigo in poo session is incapahte, 00 account of a conflict of title between him and anotlier, who barely claims, nut msues no court 10 assert Disclaim, ol pledging Ihe public faith of the society and of the monarch lolorsign traders, for commercial aad otb' erohjetis, we are driven to the monstrous conclusion, that the society is, in efleel aad indefi - uilely, cut off from all couimnnirelion with too rest of Uie world It has, and can have, no organ by which it can become accountable to, or m keany contract with foreigners, hy.wfcscU aeeelful supplies may be invited into jtsbarbors, by which lamine may be averted, or redundant pr - nliictions be made lo find a market in Uso wants 01 strangers. II is, ia a word ao oafcast from the bosom 01 the great community of nations, at Ihe very moment, loo, wlien il existence, in Ihe form which il has assumed, may et ery where he aduiitled And.evea il Uie dor manl claim to ihe throne should, at last, by a for - lunate colocideare of circumstances. becoo - .o triumuhanli anil unite ilsell to the possession, Uia harsh and palsying theory has no assarsate to glie eitlier lo ihe sot iely or totboee who may ia - inclioe lo deal with it. that its moral rapmrv ia restored i that it is an out - cast no IcsLet, and that ilrnay now. through too protect inx will ol its im sovereign, do w hat it could uot do before. It contains, of course, no adcouale and rrrtain provision niainst even Ihe perpetuity of uie niieinma wnicn 11 creates. 11 inert (ore, a civil society is not competent, by raters in entire pnsse.Mioa of the sovereiaroty, to eater into all seen promises 10 we sue ui tier 1 04 other eocieues as necessity or cuovenittuce may tequire. and te remain unauswerahte for Uie brefieh ef I be a. into wlnUsoeser shape the society may altimatel oe cast, or into whatsoever bands me government may ultimately fall 1 if a sovereign, entirely ia possession, is nut able, lor (hat reason aloof lo iocar a jot responsibility in hie political ot Corporate character, to the cititee 01 olhes countries, and le transmit that respr - nsibiiw even to those who siucefd him. it will be disv - cuit to snow that tho moral eapsirity 01 a ciiil society is any thy,; but a naase, or the responsibil - w of sovereiKiiS any thing bol a shadow. Ana here thn undersigrd will take the librrty to ea gest, that it scarcely for ihe "T reigns to inculcate, as e maxim, th t JfJ rlo,I,in.oo.can .ly be recovered .1 of ihe em BVnding citix - a of state hs which is SKTOItaJcM 10 11, w st

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