The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 20, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1913
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

«resB«M!*B!SBS«(i^^ nM--- /~\ t* - CM. *--·'- The Quality Shop -SENATOR". BORAH; Republican \Vho~Aided In Adopting Chances In -"Ccn * *» Here you will f ini-ar^-espeGialiy fine b^af^'r,^ 3- r ;-;:;-bl^£ I.i/b3.u gmwollol eri'i line orChristmas Gifis for ; .Men. We tiavfe d full line of Neckwear 123 Sweaters Handkerchiefs Saspenders Underwear Handbags Hats Caps Shirts Gloves Jewelry Hosiery Umbrellas - f Gusliion Pennants - , ·* - - f · ». Suit, Overcoat or Fancy vest would .,«, Pjake an apprf ciafed . Gift.;^ _ w ^ j ^ f K i U f ^ h r i - y J M m ; - ; j nu " ' ·-·" - "· -" " H L 1 B T NOW «««s«»«s»ss»sasaeses3s©sso®ss^s«ss®©e®®®2«sssss *e««««**e«©«»easss»e3 BOOKS BOOKS Classic Gilt Books, recent fiction, popular copyright. Toy Books,' Harrison Fisher's Drawings. la fact every thing in books. WRITING PAPER "Whitings"'"-gilt-papers in attractive boxes. Cor re?pendence cards in Initial, Gold, Silver and plain styles.. Papers of aU^ and ne-vest styles on. tee'market. ' T _ , : , . ', , . . . . . . $ coavenuous. StEXSCO WillM. Seaman Taller, - Haberdasher, First National Bank Building. ·" Loil.s'i iic iic« - sjiG^i 4. G.ii it----= «^--w *_«·---.TM ; sentiuoa of fiflees staifes and the ic?- ; rijcr-.' of Ha-xaiL'Seaatcr Borab,'or ?Iali-D- -v-s aaaied on." a coansutee. Warren, of_-Michigan, aryl · ; - f -i3-.--fs. ~ L ~'-':©er : -~~~ | LINES HALTS S. S01T Send IB your subscription, orders for Tour foaga- zines at once : tfcals ^vovi may , have them for Christmas. Prompt service I s o u r Motto. f and tetegrapfife j to Beslore Oenipslillqfi- 1 ^^s^^ss®®^S®®^«s@SGS9©seaes3®asssssss3©ss««s«s^ Glre Us A Call If. Finds us with a better assortment § «tf *" O*"" * . , ·*"* * f^*i ' ? |* for the gift buyers than wegfaffg^, D $Sv|r; Solid and Plated Ware; Cut Glass; Ser- \aceafele pieces for daily use; Toilet Sets, Com- prisino Brushes, Combs, Mirrors, 1-tc. Chime x ...- " ; 7" _ r j "*-*;* _ , *v£"-- CIocKs in Mahogany.Cases. sgii s of an a^gemeat i ° r ^ ° F 3 ^ y of the s liaeril«n--SrelepS63LsUai*ii: coaipany --_tjie. "telephone ich vdU'preveat liUgaaoa c-erMye coaditioris ysiil'be restored m tnJ§elepK6ae ; service ot tlie entire Sr-y aiid ; ttie=edinbins trtll Dispose _ ;y; altho'uga^it^folipw-ad-j , maltf " reports that a snit--'agaiast it .^ · niiglt! oe"'iHea. /; It was-regarded by | uegsrtiaeat-'or -Sr.stiee 6£5cials- as * tlie.-r · GidSJ; slriihg" :: t3flieatic-a~ pttsrect-a?.-a"L : ? deiilie -clise ^"JKg bfisaess" --JiasJ ! c3iiie j WATCHES of every size ar d descriptioi}, open face thin models and the eld reliable hunting-case, kind. All the prominent cases ipr _ T , . . . r A Solid ;SiIver Handled UMBRELLA makes a ! useful arid lasting gift.' We are anxious to have ycu see our beautiful: selections in Silks and less expensive materials.. v - . . . . -. C A. B L O G H E R 1; ef-'tlie ^attorney gea ;t buster." G. ;ae : subsidiaries --of coinbine; but ^as heartily approved j ·srr--Pre'sitteBt 'Wilson. In a letter to j iir. McReyaolds ihe president expressed l«is admiration for the attitaue of the telephone company and his ccn- Tietioa that such conduct on the rart of business men meant a building up at .business oa senna and permanent iiiies- Commg oa the heels of the announcement that Postmaster General Burleson Is seriov-sl? interested in lines; tjie action of tr.e'departinei-t u justice -took on an added significance, yme officials ·s-eist so far as to ;s-the opinion that it indiedtsc tlon to acquire the coun- tr^^teiephone business -croiiid 3ot prised bj the adir.Inisiration at-the prekeat session. pSEDIGT SOFT COAL STRIKE The thirty-first' anniversary of my being in Easiness Trill, be celebrated with a grand oijpninsr of holidav soods oa ; i - -- .-- · ' - ~ ~ ' - - ^" i ·* iS^ *" "** Satiirday s December Din, l^U 4 b's s^-ock fre^from the eastern cities has been placed in our store rooms and Trill be ^ openlor inspection t-o aH our friends and customers. On r holiday stock consists of 6, * 3 A and Cut. glass-pieces in latest SLEDS and WAGONS The kind that -aren't -" break natterns."'-. The. .only store at I -when you look .--at them. Eig ^-hich to buy it in tibe.5«6rtb en3 |- line of lightning gui-dera asd of the .Go.aiity.;'Qianer r sets, -|-: ;.iierdble fivers.,Other toys. CARPETS Brussels. Monquet, star. Ingrain and Rag carpet. A pattern to suit every one. ; . «· i -gjg; Silver knives'aiai forks. ay its s of-a-k ;'. Rnioag-other thin Panrisylvania Oper- l.'f-May Not Rer=e Philadelphia, r-er tae Fennsyivariia so predicted by rcei^br- tioa of 'Bitiiaiinous The prc"_ .jie rt:: to reae-vr as arbit ·svas the br^sis c~ t misers na"-~e aj'tii i make up their n^:r.- One operator sai i xroula ce in dagger | ine if there vts.*. ~ ; \ Barely encn.?h soil ·· ·sveelvS 5s no~ tors Think Miners v/ Agreement. -. 20.-- A strii:e o£ t coal miners vrax rs of the Asscela- Operators::?al. or the · .m.fcers ion agrcern'-nt ;:e prediction. T'^fs j;E \Veiaesdsiy to that Philadelphia of a. soft coal fam- ie-no at tie mines. ccal to last Use t;5ty ere, he said. \ BRIC-A-BRAC Vases^ Caadlebra, ^Stataa'ry ar.d Japanese pieces ~~~~^ LAMPS . of every strle aad descripticn. FURNITURE During the holidays or.iy -we olTer an eight piece S30 solid oak suite for §25. Dresser has a French beveled mirror 24 x 30. An exceptional offer \v-h:ch will only last for the holiday trade. Iron bedsteads and other furniture of all descriptions. Au especially attractive line of rocKers, dJning room suits, sideboards, desks, etc. : - 4 " RUGS}' : "TOILET SETS " '' A large Jine of toilet ; sets has , r . ,, _ ,,. "been receiveo for the holiday | quality-All sizes. A new.line of ^^ - - · · · . - . A large number of rags ot at- C« tractive design and- excellent ·,. ·trade. A most acceptable gift | j,ath room rags, 36 x f? for 98c sjg.. and "ive have'laakhy'-patterns.;-- -'-.. f''^30 "i 60 for S9c, ·-:- SWEEPERS I Bissers swepers make -very ac] eeptable gifts. They save tnany 1 hours hard work. \ PICTURES I We nave no competitors in | price^ for we do oar frarnirsg in 1 dull seasons- We afa over- l stacked and the goods mast go. have made a re- I OIL STOYES Monarch and B. and B. oil beaters which are just the thing to take the chill off of a room. CLOCKS Our display of clocks is large arid at varied prices. Cathedral gong clocks from S3 to 36.75, all new designs. Oak case clocks 1 ductioi of 2-5 per cent, en all f and cheaper grades-alarm clocks, ggj " ~ . 1 ecc-. for those who-want them . 3j3f - . - · - . * ·* ' ' ; - , , ' ^B^B | pictures- · u : Bank In E;»sab=th.'- Pa^ CJoscd. - i TV^shingtoQ. Dec-. r-"=.--The First National bank, of Kli^Bi.-ath, Pa- di^KBOl o:»3 its doors. "-ssn'ler'Joriefs from Its board of direcicr?. according to a Jnss I sage recefvod. 05- AcUngi CpmptreHcr · J.^f '^ 3 Currency Ka~e. ^AppoinUnint-i f^*cf- fe receiver v.-n rerineste:'.. }«t ac,j Kane ordered V. Ir^.k exaipiaer P3acp|/, A at "1 l i LAMPS GLASSWARE CANDIES UMBRELLAS rJfNDER^EAR^i:. -?' , r?l FANCY LINENB ^' : O3 OI^LeVg^J^iil'. «in«i.J/sf"-/Sg HANDKERCHIEFS SWEATER COATS 1 NECKWEAR READY-MADE CLOTHING | Pine new line of up-to-date HATS inst received. An Up to Date Line of Shoes The W. W. W. -- Selz and Freed's, three popular brands, many others. Shoe? for ever member, of the family. KLEPPER'S STORE, Arendtsville, Penna. To Give Wife Cst: For Xrnss TCaw York. To-. ^«.--Clifford B. Hsr-j K03. vrho ret:ir:ir : a iron 1 . E;-,rope on the iiner T.usit.inia. br.v.ii'hi fifteen cats as a Christmas 'pr? ;«-r.t to JJrs?. Harmon. The cats \vero brc, ;.·'";.i ashore In separate baskets b: u:-- stewards, ana U'.e cnstmns m'-n !'.u:il It in.- speft. all the bitsliots. . "A" ·woman's lite is bound to-be a tragedy, for she can only really love a man she respects and can never v.-ho)ly rosjj'ttt :i tsiin' xvlio loves her. W^li 4® P 'm y That Equals Any S30.G0 Machine ;em ^l^vjcr^i \V3itn oois^w^« -o«i*.^-i-^*«-^-*-..-- ..--..,--- ^ , \vith bobbin-cdirnSrSmgnts-. "Thoroughly adjvsted so that it may be w i n . ·j-u'^ _r i_.._.,»,_ . . . -, ^ ·**· .·!·!__ -__^--. -- * « « ^ -T^.T. $-**·« U year-s^ .Sj ncrfc*^i»3* iti»»2v:-3v-"**·£»· -"--T,"--:-·" ---- - -- w . : full cq-inr^.eiVt cf T atlach"iflefits sfime as the higher pricea .machines \ t'-oable-prcof, thoroughly satisfactory Machine. ^e tv-^H =e^ vou a S45.00 machine, rotary action,-with ail the at' ' nen'is'h-miners, etc.. for S27.GO. Guaranteed for 10,years. -a-anteed machines as low as $14.00.~They have been hand" " led with success for 20 years. · _ · _ ; · -. · · Adams County S3. INEWSPA'PERf iEWSFAPES

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