Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 9, 1934 · Page 3
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
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Monday, April 9, 1934
Page 3
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THREE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE A LEE SYNDICATE NEWSFAI'EB issued Every Week Day by tho LEE P. JLOOM3S W. EARL HALL. ENOCH A. NOREM LLO*D L. GEER · - - - Publisher Managing Editor - - City Editor Advertising Manager THE ASSOCIATED MEMBER OF PRESS--The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper, and also all local news published herein^ SUBSCRIPTION KATES ~ . OCISIDE MASON cm AND CLEAB LAKE Per year by mall Lake, . S J . W.ou . $1.23 . f .50 OUTSIDE 100 MILE ZONE OTHER VIEWPOINTS DAILY SCRAP BOOK IT WORKS BOTH WAI'S Northwood Anchcr: There is no doubt that many injustices have been suffered by the veterans On the other hand, many injustices have been suffered by the taxpayers on account of payments made to ex- soldiers who needed no government help. AN ECHO FROM THE PAST News: Reminiscent of the days of old are taxes" nok being charged on purchases H I^IUEJ 1UU ITU*-*' ««..--- ,, Si, months.. · -53.00 Three montns. .S1.M HITLER'S "YES MEN" ERR HITLER in Us most pretentious interview ith the press bares an astonishing attitude for a Y V i l u wi*w £ --- -- -- ---- , , dictator, in reply to the question as to how he took criticism, he said ·Do you realize that I have a whole staff of men around me, men versed in various phases of economic social and political life, for no other purpose than that I want them to criticize? I don't want these people to be merely yes men. Th«y are no use to me unless they "'was 6 'the learned doctor spoofing? Whenever did a kin- a dictator, or a president employ a staff to tell hinT'how punk his ideas are? This, surely, is not for Hitler of blood and iron. And, just consider the generous possibilities of one of these conferences for criticism. It is Hitler himself speaking: "Gentlemen, I have just come to the conclusion that we will burn all of the remaining volumes of 'All Quiet on the Western Front.' " "First Critic: You can't do that, Mr. Chancellor. The reaction against the government's last burning was unfavorable. There are a great many German people who believe the book is the finest literary contribution of the present century." Chancellor: "Who says I can't? The word can't disappeared when Hitler appeared. Just to show them who's boss around here, we'll not only burn all of the volumes, but I shall instruct my people they are to read a book I shall write shortly. Gentlemen, the conference is over." S e i£TMo^ButHttakel monly to be able to spend money, and these taxes are a thing of neces- 31 y ' STARTING AT THE BEGINNING Whlttcmore Champion: One thing that will greatly help solve the troubles of the country, is for everyone to make things go well in his home town. SPORTSMEN INCLUDED Cherokee Times: Sportsmen in Iowa are not to go without recognition in these days of establishing tax- consciousness. They, too, are to be permitted to boost their contribution to the public funds. ELECTRIC RATES ARE LOWERED Forest City Republican: Users of electricity ir Forest City this week received notices of a reduced rate for electrical current supplied by the Interstate , Power company, which operates here. GROSS INCOME TAX IDEA S p ? EA » S Garner Leader: It is surprising how fast the gross ..come or dollar turn-over tax system is getting hold of the rank and file of our citizens. HOW DO YOU ACCOUNT FOR THIS ? Manly Signal: The trite saying "It's the woman who always rjavs" may be all right, .but we nouce w o a w y s ... that most of the bills which come m the first of the month are addressed to the old man. WE PRINTERS LIVE RIGHT! rv SELF-SUFFICIENT NATION REDICTION of Robert E. Wood, president of a great merchandising house, before the commission o£ business research that the future of this country demands a self-sufficient nation not dependent upon imports from any other country, contains an idea that is taking root in the minds of many thinking persons who are studying present world economic conditions. General Wood said that as long as there is the present wide disparity between the standards of living of this country and other nations of the world, we shall tend more and more to self-sufficiency. General Wood said the British Isles and western Europe will figure less and less each year in. the .export trade, and that their problem will be to locate their population where it may be self-sustaining, rather than the exportation of manufactured goods. Each year, according to General Wood, adds eyi- _ HOGS'. Esthervillc NewsT Henr? Wallace has slipped up just a little on his corn-hog reduction prog ra TM- »° "* s _ obtained the co-operation of farmers but not the co operation of the hogs. ..__ D «Tir r,\N'T EXIST HALF AInD HAIJI Dumont Journal: You can't have a nation half socialistic and half individualistic any more than you can have 5 half slave and its right to private owner- ship «« *HNOTE WILL LIKE IT ANYWAY Nashua Reporter: The odd-cents purchases that will be created by the state sales tax will TMTMf father a lot more pennies to carry home to Jumoi tor his penny bank. Rockford^Itegistcr: It is doubtful if there is another pasfime that tends so completely to cause a fellow to forget the disappointments and worries of life as just fishing. . ,,, ,,,.,, FRTJIT OF THOSE PEACE PAHL.t'Xo Waukon Republican and Standard: There now are more men under arms than at any other t . m m the history of the world. Aren't these peace conferences wonderful? ^ ^^ ^ DICR1NSON Estherville News: Better than tossing rocks the , of Dr. Tugwell would be for M^Dickmson^Uen^ way a helping' hand to boost farm prices THE IRONY OF IT Oelwein Register: If a person is well enough fixed financially to meet.the requirements of the banks in order to borrow money now, he does not need to bor- TOW * ' THAT MAKES IT EVEN TIP Lake Mills Graphic: Four-fifths of the diamond- cutters in Holland are out of work. Well, four-fifths of the workmen in the United States are out of diamonds. OWA , S QLD AGE PENSION Nora Springs Advertiser: If you are not dependent in vour old age, you will have no personal use for the old age pension! If you are, then it will be money well spent. VERY TEW BIROS HAVE AW SENSE OF SMELL- -THE FRiqA-re. BIRD HAS NO NOS-fRlL-S AT ALl_ OBSERVING am grateful to Gwendolyn Westcott of Hampton for this abbreviated thesis on that inexplicable something which leeps beckoning to the writer-- the writer of real literature, I mean: WRITER'S ITCH Itching hearts, itching palms, And feet that itch to wander, You itch not as my itching pen Which calls me always yonder. noticed the season is here for the Royal Order of Hitchhikers to be on the road again. In the interest of safety, every driver should do all he can to discourage this practice. Of course you've heard of the "guest suit" racket. The hitchhiker begs you for a ride and then if you have an accident and he is injured he And you WISHBONE. OF A. VOVJ-L. )5 REGARDED" AS L U C K Y , BECAUSE 1T SHAPED A HORSE-SHOE Copjrisht, 1931. by Central Prc». Association. Ine. 3O COMPJJE.1% GAME? m I91T- NO PUfcUER IN IG LEAGUES HAS SINCE, QUAXED HIS RECORt DIET and HEALTH Dr. Clcndcnlng cannot diagnose or give pcrsons.1 answers to letters Irom readers. When questions arc of, General Interest, however, they will be taken up, In order. In Uio dally column. Address your Queries to Dr. Logan Clendenlng, care of The Globc-Oazette. Write legibly and not more than 200 words. 'By LOGAN CXEHDENINO. H. U." EARLIER DAYS An iBtunlltic Daily reatnre lira.TM From U» Globe-0uett,'. Flics ol lhi i'ears Gone By. SYMPATHY FOR INSULL Webster City Freeman-Journal: Perhaps plies. He says export trade made possible through a " "" ' in the exporting nations, is of he is dence't'onfirmatory to the idea that staple necessities j , et ting"the punishment He deserves, still his nope- , be manufactured close to the source of food sup- iessness a^esperation^cit Mipam^of ma y. Sioux City Journal: Mr. Roosevelt yet may fma that there are many wild animals o£ the jungle less dangerous than a congress than has run amuck. BROOKHART AND RUSSIA Oelwein Register: Our old time senator. Smuh W. Brookhart, has again come to the fore with his same old song--soviet Russia, what a wonderful country! THERE MUST BE A CHEAPER WAY! Emmetsburg Tribune: It cost $25,000 to kill a World war soldier, according to Fortunes records. There must Be a cheaper way to hate one's enemies. HAMM1LL TALK PERSISTS Allison Tribune: As things are getting lined up, we think John Hammill would make a pretty strong candidate for the republican nomination for governor, INTERFERENCE WRECKS RECEPTION low standard of livin no value. General Wood's warning indicates how careful we must be in regard to any legislation lowering our tariffs. As General Wood says, business obtained through the lowering of living standards will never aid our nation. He is right in his prediction that this country will remain upon its present standards, and not allow the lower standards of other nations to force us to different living ideas. We shall remain a self-sufficient nation, rather than allow our people to be brought to lower standards of living. IMAGINED ILL MOST TROUTBLE M Y OLD FRIEND, Dr. Adrian Gibbs, said, "When we do a certain thing, do we ask ourselves if the deed is actuated by reason and logic or by an emotional impulse?" , . . To analyze the acts of man on this basis brings out the answer to many peculiar behaviorisms, The problem is a very important one because so much illness is not organic in the sense that some part of the body actually is diseased, but because the individual is highly emotional or imaginative, and develops a firm conviction that some part of the anatomy is deranged. Thus we see numerous examples of nervous indigestion, nervous headache, nervous backache, weakness, loss of appetite, insomnia, numbness, and many other quite familiar and common symptoms, develop to such a state of importance that Dr. Clendenlnir y^ individual becomes completely study of the symptoms «|d a pataB- taking examination fails to reveal any abnormality whatever, yet the patient continues to complain and doctor to another In search of_ health. Thirty Years Ago- Supreme Secretary Balz departed last night for dar Rapids where he will look after M. B. A. in- Cedar Rapids Ohicatro Tuesday morning from where he went in company with his son, sues you for damages. pay! Then, of course, you know that hitchhiking creates a highway hazard by encouraging pedestrians to stand almost in the road. You i don't need to think you are being 1 hardhearted by refusing to pick up i a ride beggar. Just drive on, and | nine times out of ten if you look back you will see that the hitchhiker's thumb was very close to his nose anyway! Hitchhikers don't appreciate the lift, in the opinion of the Nations Safety council. The driver furnishe cigarets, meals and frequently money for a lodging. We ato know quite a few cases in which he furnished his car, as well. Thumbs down on thumb jerkers. am dusting off an old one here, thanks to the kindness of F E. F. of Iowa Falls, who contributed the trick sentence. t's one that has been used here be- ore, but it was a long time ago. Here's the sentence: FEDERAL FUSES ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF YEARS. Now your job is to count the f that sentence-- Only once, remember--don't go back a second ime and count. According to the author of the experiment, finding 3 f's rates you as average intelligent, 4 shows you're above the average. wonder if you are aware that you eat more than a ton of food » year. That is. 'ou do if you are an average Amnri- an. And of this total poundage. about 45 per cent is in the form el a dairy product--milk, cheese, but- er, ice cream, and the like. According to figures just prepared, the per capita consumption f milk has Increased about 10 per cent in the past 10 years and now amounts to 40 gallons a year, or about nine-tenths of a pint to the Individual daily. Per capita consumption of butter amounts to 18 pounds a year, which is less than in several foreign countries--the Canadians and Australians consume over 29 pounds a year, New Zealanders 34.1 pounds, while the consumption in England, Sweden and Germany is likewise ahead of that in the United States. The Swiss people are the greatest cheese caters in the world. They consume about 16 pounds per person a year as compared with 1'1 pounds in Holland, 10 pounds in England, Germany and France, anil only 4.5 in the United States. However, in the last decade, cheese consumption in this country increased over 30 per cent although it still amounts to less than a fifth of an ounce a day. Ice cream is an American dish catro w e e Halnford, who is enroute to Milton, Mass., to re-enter goes from one N A TIME TO "CRACK DOWN" O MORE startling indictment of the lack of com- After being told that nothing organic has been found to account for the symptoms, and that they are caused by a nervous state of anxiety or fear,_tbe patient is still unconvinced and asks, "Well, what causes my nervousness? There must be something wrong- with me somewhere to make me so nervous. Of course, there is something wrong somewhere, but the proof is extremely difficult to present to the patient in an understandable manner. The wise, experienced physician understands quite well that nervousness is simply an abnormal emotional state, and ,, , not caused by organic disease at all. He knows, too, Decorah Public Opinion: We have heard nu TM e TMus that mogt sufferers from organic disease complain SCh T°he excavation commenced Tuesday morning under the direction of Water Commissioner Fitch to locate the leak in the water mains on East State street Dr Egloff and family and Dr. Smith returned this morning from New Orleans, La., where they have spent the winter enjoying the southern climate. Miss Florence Telland of Sheffield is visiting in the city. ' Twenty Years Ago -Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Siegfried of Rockwell were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Nichols, 943 North Superior avenue, yesterday. . . , . , . ... State Game Warden E. C. Henshaw visited in the city j'esterday. Sam Foster, proprietor of the Cerro Gordo hotel and vice president of the Mason City Baseball association, returned this morning from a meeting of baseball teams held at Austin, Minn., yesterday. John Featherstone of Portland, Ore., is visiting- with relatives in the city. Mrs. Fred Mitchell returned yestreday from Col- Miss Meta Batty of Menominee, Wis., is spending- a week of vacation in the city with her parents, Mr and Mrs. James Batty, of Oak street. ·Mr. and Mrs. C. H. McNider returned Sunday from a few days sojourn in Chicago. G. N. Nagle, Clinton, is a. business visitor in Ma son City for a few days. D. Dwyer. Oelwein, spent Monday in the city trans acting business and visiting friends and relatives. mon honesty that exists among some residents of this nation could be put in type than the declaration of Assistant State's Attorney Sherwin of Illinois that S750.000 of the money intended for the needy of Cook county went to grafters. The mental attitude of persons who will steal money I complaints recently about interference in Decorah that has made many radios practically useless. THE ACID TEST OF NORMALCY Budd Review: Times will be normal again when men and their wives can sit down and discuss the grocery bill without one of the swearing. A POPULAR TAX FALLACY Lake Mills Graphic: One of the strange whims pi public psychology in this country is the fallacious belief that taxes are paid by the other fellow! DID DtLLINGER OPERATE ON CODE? ForesTci^uramff: And" now the question arises lln PTM?. l . n ! very little unless the disease is accompanied by actual pain. In other words, the wise physician knows that the seriousness of the disease Is often manifested in indirect ratio to the multiplicity and vociferousness of the complaints. For example, if a person of the extreme nervous type suddenly becomes numb over one-half of the body: has a very rapid heart; extreme difficulty In breathing; presents a very anxious appearance and cries out vociferously for help because of a fear of intended to relieve distress is beyond the comprehen- j _ wag Djllin?er wor king on a CWA or PWA project sion of most citizens. It indicates grasping and crim- when h e whittled that wooden gun? ' inal natures that have no heart or sympathy for any one. Cook county officials should not cease their labors to obtain convictions of the persons who have profited by fraudulent transactions at the expense of the suffering poor of Chicago. The punishment meted out to persons convicted of the stealing of money appropriated for the aid of the poor of Chicago should be as severe as the law will permit The grafters are vultures preying not only on the public paying for the relief but upon the unfortunate sufferers to whom because of present financial conditions it must be extended. 4 MASTER JOURNALISTS HE singularly high plane of selections for Iowa's master editor-publishers since the inception of this practice some three or four years ago was admirably | Highway pohce, clung to Friday night in the award of trophies by the ' death, it would impress everyone, except Iowa Press association to W. C. Jarnagin of Storm Lake, F. A. Moscrip of Marshalltown, W. P. Wortman of Malvern and Grant Casweil, managing director of the association. Each has added luster to his profession. Each has contributed to state and community through a combination of generous professional talent and inexhaustible enterprise, properly directed. Sincere indeed was the applause from the three or four hundred brother editors and publishers as these four nominations were announced by Prof. F. L. Mott, head of the school of journalism at the University of Iowa, as chairman of the judging- committee. None can say how large and healthful an influence is exerted on Iowa's journalism by this yearly award. That it is appreciable, however, is not to be doubted. A hope someday to merit the distinction of ^ such citation cannot but be an incentive to higher j professional ideals. WELL DESERVED RAISE Clarion Monitor: We are heartily in favor of the increase in teachers' wages which the Clarion school board voted at a meeting last week. HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?, Emmetsburg Reporter: Well, all of you have had about a week's experience with the new Iowa sales tax. How do you like it? Be honest. A MATTER OF FAIR TAXES Forest City Republican: Bring taxes down, adapt them to the ability of the individual to pay--ancl watch recovery go into high. THE WAY TO BEAT THE BOOTLEGGER Decorah Journal: If state-owned-and-operated stores and low liquor prices can't drive out the bootlegger, nothing can. B? YOU'RE LOOKING FOR. PROOF Manson Journal: If anyone wants proof that dishonesty doesn't pay, he can get it by viewing the situation of the Insulls. M. C. HOLDUP WAS PATROL ARGUMENT Waterloo Courier: Such incidents as the recent Mason City bank robbery point to the need for state police. · AND BIERMANN OPPOSED IT Charles City Press: Two million dollars are now being expended on the Mississippi at Dubuque in work on river locks. DID YOU GET YOUR SHARE? New Hampton Tribune: Farm income in 1933 waa $1,2W,000,000 greater than in 1932--a jump of 24 the initiated, that something terrible really happened. Yet this sort of picture is not infrequent, and may be induced entirely by a functional disorder of the nervous system or, more correctly, by a disorder of the emotional centers. Again, if a person of the same type loses desire for food, refuses to eat enough to maintain body weight and as a result of this becomes greatly emaciated, weakened, anemic, and presents a clinical picture of some very grave organic disease, it would require considerable medical knowledge and experience to believe the entire matter could possibly be caused by a simple physiological disturbance of the emotional centers. Yet these things are true. The pictures are not overdrawn; in fact, a physician encounters them frequently, and is often accused of indifference, callousness or inefficiency when he refuses to become excited and stampeded into doing something which might make the poor nervous patient worse. If you et 5, you can turn up your nose at almost anybody and if you caught all 6, you're a genius. wish someuofly would compile the jargon of the ser -_^ vice station attendants into such a list as has been made for tfic gangsters, high schoolers and othe groups given to picturesque slang This thought occurred to me th other day when I heard a coupl service station attendants referrin to an "L W. W." This, I learned, i the term employed to identify on who comes in without making purchase. It stands for "informa tion, wind and water." and steadily increases in popularity. The American consumes about 2.42 gallons a year or a little more than one medium sized serving every week. This is considerably in excess of the consumption in any other ountry. --o-leave It to you, dear reader, to determine for yourself whether Nate Miller is jus- ified in his contention here ad- anced that static is sometimes a. lessing in disguise: There's a bonehcaded male on the atr every night. Vhat he does to the mike Is not pleasing or right. He -whimpers and whines: he does musle a wronRI How lone must we bear It, oh, static, ho'* Ions? One nicht, ai he eargled nil "U'rup and sonn." sat and fermented. I had given up hope, was mad as a hatter but 1 fretted 1» ·vain For I wasn't at home and I couldn't complain. When lo. throuch the tubes came a sound as of thunder. Vibrations so varied they quite filled m* with wonder And 1 knew that, thousfc static 1« often * curiie. Y«t the crooner It throttled was decidedly worse. thank A. U Hotchkin, 807 Delaware avenue northeast, for this contribution which serves to revive my former series of pet sayings and distinguished wall slogans: ·, · "Count that day lost whose low dc- scending- sun : "Finds prices shot to glory ancl business done for fun." Ten Years Ago--Benny Benson, former American association player, was signed today to manage the Mason City team in the Iowa-Minnesota baseball league this summer. Lieut. Col. L. C. Bennett of the regular army, inspector-instructor of the Minnesota national guard, arrived in the city today to conduct the annual inspection of the three national guard units of Mason City. Headquarters company was inspected Wednesday evening by Lieut. Col. L. C. Bennett of St. Paul, senior instructor of the Minnesota national guard. The Mason City Glee club, comprised of 36 members, will broadcast Friday night from station WLAG, Oak Grove hotel, in Minneapolis. TODAY IN HISTORY ONCE OVERS per cent. JUST A DIFFERENCE OF VIEWPOINT Britt News-Tribune: Many a man who is satisfied with himself is awfully disappointing to other people. PROLONGED SESSION EXCUSED Sioux Center News: A general assembly guilty of hasty action would be dangerous and expensive, SKEPTICAL OF WIRT'S CHARGES Spencer News-Herald: And yet somehow we can't quite take his recent expose very seriously. NOT A DOWN PAYMENT Belmond Independent: The penny in the collection box is not a' down payment on a harp. WE'VE HAD ENOUGH OF WAR Clear Lake Reporter: Let us see that we do not become entangled in another war. HEAR THAT HOWL: Forest City Summit: Speaking of howls, wait until l l h e CWA ceases entirely. n r J. J. MUKDV FAULT FINDING You'd like to be known as "hard boiled." Notables Born This Date--Charles A. Steinmetz, b. 1865, hunchback-genius who failed in mathematics as a child, grew up to be one of world's greatest physicists. * * Efren Zimbalist, b. 1889, great violinist. * * Thomas Meighan, b. 1879, cinemactor. · * Park Trammel, b. 1876, senator from Florida. * * Felix Reisenberg, b. 1879, sea captain and novelist. * * Charles Baudelaire, b. 1821, French poet. How many cities operate their own automobiles for city use? II. T. Of 88 cities reporting, about 40 per cent operate their own cars. About 60 per cent make allowances for use of privately owned cars for city business. How many radio stations in Great Britain? G/V. At present eight in England, two in Wales, two in Scotland, and one in northern Ireland. Two more are under construction in England. Is there a divining rod for radium? H. H. The bureau of standards reports a radium detector has been perfected but is not for use in finding radium deposits in the earth. Radium used in hospitals is contained in minute quantities in hollow needles. These are so small that they are sometimes lost or mislaid. A detector having a small ionization chamber is employed in finding the misplaced radium. How Is the Berkshire Industrial Farm at Canaan, N. Y., supported? V. C. By voluntary contributions. It tries to care for 150 boys who come from destitute or broken homes whose environment and companions are turning them toward delinquency and crime. Who Is the best clown In Europe? You are strong for the he man stuff which, you think, denotes physical strength and unusual mentality. How you reach such conclusions is not easy to comprehend. If you hold a position of even a little authority, you go beyond its limits in your dealings with those under you. Unreasonable demands and harsh censorship of those who do not please you are your way of expressing authority on your job. You are strong for the "bawling out" system to get people under you "on their toes." You are particularly severe with the novice in your department. You growl at him, sneer at his efforts and ridicule his training. It seems to be your desire to belittle him as much as possible. Such tactics show that it must have been hard to whip you Into a position where your services were of much value. . . That it was necessary to be severe with you is indicated by your present attitude toward others. 1626--Francis Bacon, aged 65, who didn't write Shakespeare's plays, but who was one of the greatest j geniuses in history, died in what may have been the first experiment in cold storage. He was engaged in stuffing fowls with snow to observe the effect of cold in preserving their flesh when he contracted bronchitis. He died two weeks later, was saved by friends from a pauper's grave. · · * 1681--Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, aged 38, assembled with his company upon a dry spot within sight of the River Colbert and the Gulf, set up a cross bearing the arms of "Louis the Great, king of France and Navarre," and proclaimed the whole valley of the river and its tributaries a part of the French dominions. He called the country Louisiana. The River Colbert was La Salie's name for the Mississippi. · · » 1865--At 2 p. m. (it was Palm Sunday), Gen. Robert Edward Lee, C. S. A., met Lieut. Gen. Hiram Ulysses Grant at Appomatox courthouse, 25 miles east of Lynchburg, Va., to surrender. · · · 1922--Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., 20 years old, took his first airplane trip--as a passenger. A year later he bought his first plane at Americus, Ga., for 5500, and made his first flight alone next day. ave also developed an extensive ystcm of truck trails, totaling 200 miles of completed roadway from vhich foot trails will lead to prings. The park is being further mproved by the development of modern tourist accommodations and mprovement in recreational faclli- ies. When were horseshoes first used ? . B. The ancients were so impressed j- the damage to horses' hoofs they devised certain forms of covering or them (in the shape of socks or sandals.) The practice of nailing ron plates or rimshoes to the hoot does not appear to have been introduced earlier than the second century B. C., and was not commonly tnown till the close of the fifth cen- .ury A. D., or in regular use till the middle ages. For whose funeral did Mozart write Requiem? P. S. Count Franz von Walseg_g o£ Ruppach, who had lost his wife, A.nns. and wished to perform a requiem for her memory. However, it is well known that Mozart imagined he was writing the requiem for himself, as he was quite ill at that time. He died shortly afterwards from that illness. It was his last work and he did not finish It. It was completed by Sussmayer. SCRIPTURAL THOUGHT--But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.--Ephesians 4:7. Adrian Wetlach, a. Swiss-Jew known to the world of entertain ment as Crock, is acclaimed as the funniest clown in Europe and as th' world's greatest clown. At 53, h' owns one of the most sumptuou villas in the world. It is on the Ital ian Riviera. His career started whe he was 11, and at 25 he had becom a celebrity. How many commercial airmail i flyers killed while on duty last year? | Eight. Will some concrete float? B. S. The Portland Cement association says there is a kind made that is lighter than water. The concrete is aerated by aluminum powder. The mixture is cement, sand, water and aluminum powder. How much of President Roosevelt's Georgia farm is under cultivation? O. H. He owns 1,750 acres near Warm Springs, Ga., of which only about 150 are in cultivation. The remainder consists principally of splendid mountain forests. What has the CCC accomplished in Death Valley? L. M. The men have dug wells and located springs at advantageous points through the region. They AUNT HET By Robert Quillen "If sorrow makes a woman sweet, I ought to get sweeter ever' time I look at that big left ankle o : mine."

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