The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 19, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1818
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HUNTINGTON'S No. 146 Falton - street. fTlwii young gentlemen who made nP - rfiSooto this school, few week, aioce. and S oat then be wco - ioodalcd mlh. evening, S. da being full, are informed thaLj several having since occurred, they can now .'fLrnirement depending o much upon the limited number of pupils in each class, it la very desirable that they should attend, as t.r fimav be convenient, in the morning or , those classes being less crowded than the one in the evening. mil 19 Jt THE FORUM mO - MORROW. beinff GOOD FRIDAY, the I Forum i3 pojtponed to Friday evening, the 27th instant. mh 19 2t For LIVERPOOL. The well known coppered hip IM PORTER, James Rogers, master, a re .i.r trader. As her freight n principally eu peed, she will sail on the 5th of April. For treurui oi iju u xivb wi v. a i i ' on board, at I'ier No. 12, or to ' CHjiRLaK IIALL.1 Beaver - st, of roods ner the above ship, re requested to feud their permits on board im mediately. mch 19 IRISH UNENS, DIAPERS, 6 - 4 ssiix.... n - vunvisq fillFFERN. No. 6 Depeyster J street, has received a compleat assortment of ih ihllowinf foods per following goods per Hie umaiinia, irom new - rv, and late arrivals from Dublin, 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linen 7 - 3 half bleached do 7 - 0 Dowlas S - 4 Sheetings ;7 - 8 Lawns 3 - 4 Bird Eye Diapers 3 - 4 brown Linen 7 - 8 Linen in Demi Pieces 7 - 8 Grey Lawns. Which with his former assortment of low pn ecd and fine goods (among the latter are sonie of Tliouipson's line 4 4 linen) are onerea lor saie on reasonable terms. iun i iw C Xl SEAL iKINS, toe. ijij' - h Fur seal skins, 70 djz. ueuter skins, juat received and foraale by GEORGE W. TALBOT, , nib 19 No. 65 Pine - street. 80 SLVAR to MOUISSES. Ilhds. good molasses, 79 bags Calcutta suput, for sale by JOS. OSBORN, mh 19 23 South - it Q mil 0(XH i' - SKINS. OUU" Fatna goat - skins, large size, for sale by mh 19 GOODHUE to CO. 44 A'outh - st 5 INDIA COLOURED GOODS. Bales bine gurraha, 2 do. cuatahs 4 do check,, entitled to drawbac k, for aale by GOODHUE to CO. mch 19 DEA HBO UN'S PATENT BAL.AACES. A COMPLETE auortmeut of Dearborn's Balances, juat received, with aud without frames, weighiug from 300 to 20001 In For sale by N. to D. TALCOTT, mh 19 64 South - at. THREAD FOR WEAVING AND SHOE - MAKER'S USE. Jk LARGE quantity is now ou hand at the il House of Industry in Atitbouy - street. Also, twine and carpet yarn Knitting aud aewiugthread Mattresses for ships births, Comfortables Sheets, pillow - slips aud towels ready for person going to sea Maltreases mads to order for families, or repaired and altered Men's lineo, cotton andchtck shirts, well made and at low price?, with a variety of articles for women and children's use. Most bf the above articles are kept at the lore of the agent to the society, 112 William - itreet. ' mch 19 31 OLD LONDON PARTICULAR TENE - RIFFE WINE. - 5 quarter casks nearly equal to Madeira t do dry Lisbon, with a general assortment of frst quality Teas and Groceries Very old Jamaica Spirits, Irish Whiskey Old Peach aud Cognac Brandy Fish fauces, English Bacon and Split Peas Double Gloucester and Cheshire Cheeae Very superior American and Pine Apple do London Brown Stout, Hams, Shoulders Smoked Beef, Cordial, btoughton Bitters Demijohns, Large Bottle and HriMol Ware. Also, a small assortment of earthen and glass - ware For sale cheap for cash, by EDW. BLACKFORD. 157 Greenwich - street. ' A few quarter boxes ol good Spanish Segars mh 19 2iv R'J SIA tc RAVENS DUCK. 340 pieces Russia duck, of the best quality 340 pieces Russia duck, second quality 2oJ do. ravens duck . 100 do. be.i, ravens do. 80 do heavy bear ravens do. 60 do. ticklenbtirgs 120 do. F.ngli h duck, ass'd from no. 1 to 7 4 tierces patent thimbles, assorted sizes SOOO tunny bags for sale at 180 Froni - st. by STEPHEN ALLEN, mh 19 lw ' r AMS.GE to COOPER will sell to - n or - V row, at 10 o'clock, at the new Ion? loom. 253 Broadway, a lge and valuable assort - meiu ol mahogany lurniture, consutmg of 6 elegant side hoards, bureaus,, card, wors; ana tea taoies, a bureau bedstead, 1 lati - don msde piano forte, ladies dressing kiwi work tables, large looking glasses, moreens. .c set oi velvet window curtains. Also. 3 cases of Londen cut class, consistintr nf de lart dishes in sets, decanters, tumblers and wines to match sUnie 12 row diamonds ; Liver pool and india dining etts : 49 ewes and ba sons, ivory handle knives and forks, plated .iiiciiesucKs, ana i elegant chandalier. mh 19 It TO FAMILIES. rpHE suliscriber hs just received from the jl lactory a supply ol iresti Oat Meal, and ol i auperior quality. ISO. P. FISHER, . No. 106 Broadway corner of Pine - street, mh J9 et FAT CATV I F THE fine CATTLE exhibited yesterday at ,he. Bank CoHee House, were fattened by r. Philip Fmk, at Bloominggrove, Orsnje i. ' w,lMoul uouot, by indctHti - n Ir e3tert,onPromoted thecharacter oftie ncef Market in this city more than any other mme auie I wo of them wdl be ered for sale on Saturday next by the suh - iber, who would Teel much pride as well as Pitasiu - e f the citizens would not suffer the wi oi so rare a quality to remain unsold, as is conscious of not beinjr cii.iracu - rised by " charges, and he can with conli - sce appeal to all the drovers who attend our ne has fir many years past given e most liberal encour ig - errient for obtaining t h r,eCttle foftlsis city, and which jl.",'e een one of tiie principal causes Jin has given birth to all the subsequent,enu in branch of agriciilture. J"1' 19 31 T. GIBBONS. LEASE FOR SALE, previon i , "euoesuay, tue zotu msl. il not 'pirdlttratPriraU 10 no - 6' Cedart0 "'Ur' l'riclt 'ro"1 bouts nd oi b1"" tiae abt ta"tnm? t two Blooming? ilfrnuaJ Jjin'nS lh aK or terms, apply to K. WHITE, ssh in c, , 49 Joho - strsei ; or, to Ji: WILLIAM F.PELLt Go. TO LET. Iflti From (lie 1st May. the house - So. 133 Gneuwich - ftreet, comer of Liberty - street, at nretentoccuDied by Doctor Neilson. The lire miaes may he viewed any day, between the hours of 12 anil 2 re - clocB. inn iuu ALISQUlilTION ou impriMiumeut for debt, as the practice exists in the state of New - York, by Howard, price 50 cents. Hand Book for (ha drill and instruction ef the cempa'nic - a attached to the field piece in the 9th regiment, first brigade New - York state artillery, price 26 cents, j u it received and for a Mo by 3 W.B. GIl.LEY, mch 19 92 Broadway. CLVIKR'S THEORY Olf THE EARTH. T MlS DAY is published by KIKK to MER - CIEN, No. 22 Wall - street Essay on the Theory of tlie Earth, bv M. Cuvier, Perpetual .Secretary of the French Institute, toe. &c. with Minerolngical Notes, aud an account ofCuvier's theological Discourses, by Professor Jameson; to which are now added, Observations on the Geology of North A - m erica, illustrated by the description of various organic remains, found in that part of the world by Samuel L. Mitchell, with 8 plates, mh 19 It CUFIFR'S THFOHi OF THE EARTH. ESSAY on the Theory of the Earth, by M. Cuvier, with minetological notes, and an account of Cuvier's geological discoveries, by Professor Jameson, to whioh are uow added observations on the geology of Noith America, by Samuel L. Mitchill, with plates, $3 50. A TREATISE on the public ministry of the Word, especially as under the Gospel Dispensation, by William Parkinson, A. M. Pastor of . the First Baptist Church in the city of New - York, price 50 cents, for tale at No. 3 Wall - street, by men 19 C. WILEY & CO. SELECT BOARDING fcCHOOL FOK YOYM4 LADlEd. 1 RS. BOWER1NG, now Mrs. Brown, hna i V 1 removed her well known Establishment from New - York to Elizabeth Town, New - Jersey, not a qtnrtcr of a mile from the public turnpike road. The situation of the place possesses every advantage for a Seminary ; rind will enable her to reduce the price of hoard much lower than can ho afforded in New - York. The branches taught, are, Orthography, English Grammar, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, with the use of mapa and globes, Atro nouiy, History, Blair's Lectures, Composition, Music, French, Botany, Chemistry, Drawing in cravons. Paintine in oil, on velvet, and in water - colours, 1'lain dewing, Needlework on muslin, Kmbroidery on silk nml worsted, rillegree, Quadrille. Grotto and Was - Work, Gilding and Japanning, with a variety of other luncy works. mil iu lis M ELECT BOARDING bCHOOL. 'INHERE are at prei'iil five varnnries in the 1 Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in fhilipshui - li, Yunker, vveal - t - hester County, ilia avsli in of education is such ns to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for College or the Counting Iloiie williiii a rnnname time. His school is select, theiiuinhsr of l uinl - limited. ami the treatment oi the moat nnerai Kind. The following tranches of useful and polite li teraturc are tuuglit, viz Greek, History, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic, Latin, French, Engli - h Grammar, Uc.osr;,phv, .Mathematics, toe. It i - presumed that few Inslilutinnsof the kind can olli r greater advantages, whether they regard instruction in general literature, in moral aud religious principles, or in cornet and gentlemanly deportment. The Parsonage in which the I'upiia are accommodated, is commodious, retired and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles j to which there i3 always a direct and easy communication. For further particulars application may ie mane to Bish' p Habart Dr. Wilson, Columbia College C. D. Colden, Esq. T. A. Emmet, Esq, Dh 19 T. 8. Clarkson, Esq C M'Eve.'". Esq. Wm. Bayard, jun. Esq, A. schermcrnoro, taq. DJmlw IpSSAY on the Theory of the Earth, by M. Cu .J vier, with inineralociral notes, and an ac count ol Cuvier's geological discoveries, by pro - lesfor jainesoo ; to wmcn are now added ooser vnfi.llia nn tl.o irpnlnvv nf Xnrlii ln..pii.i illa trated by the description of various organic re n..;n,r. t;n tit n..Anu t.i iwuim in uia, MJC ni'lIU, I'J cailll. L. .Mitchill; price $i 40. iutt received and for sale by W. B. GfLLF.Y, it', 19 09 Mr.,:.. MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY No SCHEME. 5. 100,000 60,000 20,000 - io,Hio 5,000 2.000 1,000 100 30 IS (100,000 50,000 20,1100 10,000 5,000 4,000 45,000 5,200 160,800 5 464 Prizes lO.iUb Blanks 1C.000 TickeU at ?5 each. 400,000 Leu than two blanks to a nrize. ' Will draw five hundred numbers each day until completed. Part of the above prizes to be determined as follows. The Grst drawn numbers from the first to I he fifteenth day inclusive shall b entitled to $ 1.000 encn. The firt drawn three thousand blanks to be en ti'led H fWeach TRK FIRST DRAWS HCMBCR OBT THE 16th hy 17th day 13th day 9ih day 20th day 21st day t - 2d day 23d day 24th day 25th day $2,000 I.IIUd . 1,000 1,000 50,000 1,000 . 1,000 1,0I0 . 1,000 100,000 he (Irawinir to commence on tho firit Tues day in August next. 1 ickets lor sale by the managers until the 13th April. All the tickets remaining in their hands will be sold at auction, 'x"1"" vi iaw, siuiRi'Diun noiei, in iiic of New - York, on the 27th April next, at ten SA ML. L. MITCHILL, S ISAAC DEN.MISTON, g MOSX KENT JEREMIAH JOHNSON I" JOHN M'LEAN. )? mh 19 eodlm STEAM - BOA T NOTICE. K3t 1X7 ROORBACH, mas ter of the Paragon, informs rs isjsx, the pulihc, that he arrived ibis morning irom Newburgh, and will sail again his aiternooo at a. He will leave Newbnrgh at 5, P. M. on Sa turday ; do N. York at 5. P. M. on - Votiday ; do from wherever he reaches at 5, P. M. Thursday, on th return passage. tt The morning papers will please insert this notice. mh 19 NEW YORK EAGLE GIN DISTILLERY. THE subscribers having purchased this establishment, so well known for the quality of its Gin, are mow making that article equal to any aisuiiea in inn cioriiij. They have now n han't a aonn'v in pipes stiaJ barrels, and will constantly hsv; for sale New - York Engle Gin, ol the firt ounlitv. Apply at the Distillery, corner of Washmrtoa and Harri son - streets, or at 87 South street, to KUOUBACH k MITCHELL, Who have for sale, 10.000 lbs. Juniiicr Berries, and renrral at - sortuunt of Groceries. mh 13 lw 1 1 prize of 1 of 1 of 1 of 1 of 2 of 45 of 52 of 5,3i0 of FOR SALE, on reasonalle terms, iLe Ulen sils complete for a Soaj utn Ciitolk M a urscToav. Likewise, first rate Mould and Dipt Candles. Enquire at Mo. 19 Nassau - el. mb 19 lw MIl.EORU k UH EGO RO.iU LOTTERY. WILL commence drawing at Jersey City, the 5th of Mav. Tickets and shares may be had at ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Office, No 122 Broadway, until Tuesday next, at $30, alter that lay at J2. Adventurers will recollect that the capital prizes, in the four classes of the Medical Science Lotteries, were sold at the Lucky Of - hce, viz Nos. 12129 a prize of 25,000 Dollars 19506 do 30,000 do. 19545 do 25,000 do. 10323 do 30,000 do. a number of 20,000. 15,000, 10,000, 5,000, kc. &c. mh 19 2t ii KACIES' Wtl. to 52d and last drawing VX 5r90 24137 S100 i 12892 23365 1303 13291 20770 25421 and 13758 $50 each. Sold at Gracies! mh 19. t'HIUT and t'OiikAT TRUES. QT WILLIAM PRINCE has lor sale at his nursery at r lushing. (L. I.) near Ne w - York, an extensive aksoitmcnt of European and American Fnnt and Ornamental Trees and throbs. The Fench Trees are in the most henllhv WW stalx and of good site, many of them having produced Iruit in the M?a' if i ' nursery the lust season. Catalogues of the Nursery may be had at the store ol Messrs. T. & J. SWORDS, No. 16i) Fear - street : Where orders left will be duly attended o, and the trees, toe. carefully packed and delivered, free ol Irei - rtit, at Crane Wharf, New - York. Pi infed directions will be luiniahed those who purchase peach trees, which if attended to, will enable them to preserve a large proportion of their trees in a healthy state, and to have peach' ei in as great plenty as formerly. iudl9 dlw&cSw ALLENS' PRIZE LIST. 52d and last day's drawing of Medical Science Lottery no. 4. Nos.57J6 $100; 24,137 $100. Both sold at Aliens' Truly Lucky Office No 122 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel, where were sold every capital prize in the lour cusses oi tins popular lottery, viz : I0. 12, IV'J, y.iuo, JU.OUU ; ijOOO: 1032.3. 311000 : and several ol 20000, IjOOO, 10,0(10, 5000, 2000, 10 W, Ac. amounting to more than $400,000. mh 19 lOTTON YARN. 1000 Ids Cotion Yarn, J No 15 and 16, Twist and Filling, for sale at No. ii f Metier - street. mh 14 Kr.att r KOI I . 50 boxes Oiai.gct aud 50 do Lemons, just received, for sale by JOS JUll.M:, mh 13 9 Gouverneurs lane. SUPERFINE LLGHORNc 3 cans avera ging, No. 40 lor sale ly LEONARD C. PARSONS, to CO. mh 13 2 - 18 JPearl - strrrt. I JPearl - st 4'Tioiit - sir I At J. COWUING'ION. 204 - Tiout slrtet, ol - tl fer for it If. 30,000 lbs. of green Coffee, in tierces and bags, eutitled to debenture i 20 hhds. o!' good Muscovado Sugar 30 Ixixes of white Haviipi - do , 10 pipea L. P. Madeira Wine 10 do Sicily Madeira CO qr casks old Sherry (Mora's brand) 10 pi; f old Bordeaux Brandy 3 do old Cognac (Marteli's brand) 10 hhds. Jamaica Rum 10 do W. I. Rum 40 boxr.s English Mustard 400 hoses Bloom Itaisios 100 half chests Iresh Hyson Skin Tea, London Trader's carso, latelv arrived at Philadel phia, inh 10 lw TEN ERIFFE. D LYNCH. Junr. (at No. 40 William - street) . has added to his stock of Wines a few hhds. of old bud very superior Tenenffe, which, having been ripened in toe West Indies, has acquired the nut flavour which he oilers for sale, warranted pure aa imported. mh Ullw iOKNELIUS R DUFFIE, 6 Wall - atrtet. has lor sale 7Mi ddis. mcsmonu r mur , 20l do. Philadelphia do. 50 puns. Old Jamaica Spirits 30 tierces prime Hire 350 logs cedar for ship builders , 50 ced.r potts 10 bbls. cannon Powder 3500 bushels Me 200 kegs Mnnufactnrr d Tobacco Old L. P. Mudcira Wine, mh 18 lw OCOTCH HERRINGS. A few firkins, very IO fine Herrings, the latest imported, for safe by MILLS, PURDY to CO. mh 18 St 212 Pearl street. ""lOKFFE 10,000 !( limi quality, Marti nique Green Cofl'ee For sale hy rr.Tt.ll. iu. mh 18 416 South street. rillRII' M ATS 3 nua . Tale hv 1 CEBRA to t U.MING, mh 18 76 Oiirl street. RENDERED TALLOW K HIDES. 4 FEW thousand pounds New - York Tallow, r and 2000 Slaughtered Hides, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market mh 11 tf , r 1NSEED OIL. 10 hods. 6 tierces and 52 Li barrels, for sale by CORNS. DUBOIS, njh.16 fit 1 A A SUGAR, MOLASSES, be. tk hhds. j 13 tierce S Prime Muscovado Sugar 63 bbls S 53 hhds melasac, nnd 19 boxes se.gars Cargo of brig Eliza, Irom St. Jao, now land ed at pier No. 4, N. R. and will be sold on ac comtnodating terms, from the wharf, by G. G. to S. HOWLAND, mh 18 77 Washington - street. 297, FI.OVH. bbls aupf. and 33 do fine, landing from sumlry vessels, from Richmond, for sale by mh lis uivir. rtl - .Tim.r. si LO. IOUR Huadred tons firvt qaality Nova Sco - . tia Plaster for sale in lots to tuit purchas ersApply to lYALILK RLXoUIN, 174rront - at. corner of Burling - slip, or to JOHN BlERS, foot of Harriarm - st. mch 17 North River. VALUABLE REAL E3T4TE FOR SALE, IX THE IITI OF !fEWXORK. 7IVE loisoi ground n the wist aidcr.fGreen - wicn - strt - er, ieiwrvn esiry ana uesoros si s - streeis. 25 hr 80. Fonrdci in the rear of the above, fronting on (he east side of Wsshington - atreet, 2a hy L'O. Light do in the block below, between Wash - ingtoo and West - streets. in monteomcrv toumT. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence'! purchase, near East Canada Creek, on the norUi side 01 the Mohawk. " In Franklin Coonry. - 15.162 acres of Land, in tlie towasof Mount Morris and Dayton. In Essex t ounty. 7832 acre cf Land in the (own of Barrymore. In the t.'oonrr of Lewis. 1250 acres of land in Casteriand, Chassanis' Purchase. In Saratoga County. 2600 acrrs in Pnlmer's purchase. - Esquire at tbeoflice of the subscriber, S4 Ce dar street. Jk mb 17 If . Ftr Alexandria, QeogHicn tni Wa tngltm Cty, The fine new schr. VALORIUS, B Tavlor, master i to sail first wind. For freight or passage, apply on board at pier no. 2 aorth Itiver, or to DIVIE BETHUNE & CO mh 18 Zt 92 ColTee - Ilotiselip. . tor oae, ertigm or Ltiaritr, - H , . ,1. ... tr; iii.vju . .1. vrnc, iii.r - 242 tous ; will carry about 2750 lLl. s is well found, and a sound good vessel lies at pier No. 10, E. R. Apply to JOS. OSBORN, mh 17 2!1 Sonth - st. For &al', Freight or L'hurler, i The brig RUBER 1', Poe, master, 112H9 tons ; will carry 3200 bhla ; S years old; well found, and a good tesccl lies at pier No. 9. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, mh 17 211 South - st. For JfEH'.jRLEAJS. The new and fast sailiug schr FA VOL'RITF, capt. Fisher, having a part ol her cargo engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For freight or passage, apply on board east tide of Peck - slip, or to HAYDOCK to JENKINS, 152 i'oulh - st. Who have for sale. Clean St. Petersburg hemp, (Belfast's cargo,) and Kentucky hempen yarns, of an excellent quality, 111 lots to suit purchasers. 100 coils cordage, assorted sizes 50 tierrca prime new rice 12 casks Bordeaux claret, entitled to de benture 200 boxes new spermaceti candles of Rod man's to Swain's brand 3000 gallons whiter strained oil 1000 do full strained oil 1000 lbs whalelmue in slab mh IB lw For LIVERPOOL, The well known ship IMPORTER, . James Rogers, master, copper - fasten ed and coppered : halt tier cargo being enga ged, she will bo dispatched immediately. For freight or passage, apply to the rr.asleron board, or to CHARLES II ALL, mil 16 tf No 1 llcaver - st. ' For t mailt or Clmrlrr, The fine new brigELI. V, R. Gruby, maste, 20S Ions or 1800 bills, bur then, and 111 complete order tor a voyage. lor terms, applv to G. G. 81 S. HOWLAND, mh 16 77 Washington - street. For HAVRE. The ship ELIZABETH, Morris A - (lams mita'er : now loaning, ami win sa:l iu ail nest week. For freight or passage, apply on hoard, tt pier No. 7, N. It. or to DIViE BETHUNE h CO. mh 16 02 C. II. Slip. tor Sale, Frulit or X '.harttr, The well known ship MARIA - THE - CUES A, Wm. Skiddy, ma - ler, built in 1 his city of livc - onk, lortift and cedar; lately coppered and put in complete order far an India voyage ; is ballasted, and could proceed without delay. For further particular apply to F. DEPAU, or G. G. S. HOWLAND, mh 16 77 Washington - st. For V RE KNOCK, I lie last sailing ship JYIAICY AU - L,tiJaTA, Porter, master ; will com mence loading on Tuesday 17th 111st. and be dispatched on the 25th of the present month. r or freight or passage, apply to the master nn board at l'ine - t. wharf, or to DUNHAM to AUCHINCLOSS, . mh 14 lw 150 Pearl - atreet. For NEIVRV, The good, fast sailing ship MIRROR to s.iil in 3 dai s. For freight or pas sage, having fine accommodations apply on uoaru, west siue mining - sup, or to N L. to G. GRISWOLD, mh 14 J!6 routh - street. For Nt.H' - Ott L LAN. The good fast sailing ahip LAGUIRA has hall her cargo engaged, and will be dttpali bed in a few days. For freight or pas aagc, having largo acronimodationa, apply on ooaru, wcji siue liiirimg - ahp, or to ulrlnt'lj I K l.O. or N. L. to G. GRISWOLD, 1 mh 14 86 South - street, li mited to Charier, A good VLSsELthat will carry COO bids, for a voyage to Bermuda. Imma diaio dispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER to LAURIES, mh 13 59 Soiifh - atreet For MOBILE & BLAKELEY, The suhstantial and last sailirg new AW MAUI ' I 11 ,ACI BBVaaw - " m4 - i'mvm. vapi. v 1101, iui ions, having two thirds ol her carso engaged and on board, will meet with despatch. For (he remainder of her Ireightor passage, having good accommodations for cabin and steeraco passen gers, apply on board at Pier No. 4 E. River, or to it llh.KKlCK, mh 12 29 Coenties - slip, I lOHERT GILLESPIE, No. 112 Frunt - st L I offers for sale 41XJ barrels Virginia Flour 30 hogshead, prime old j RlchttondTobncco 18 do Peteraburgh Tobacco 21 hales Upland Coitoo 35 tierces and a 20 half tierces Kice IfHJ bags St. Domingo,) c ff 64 do green Havana, J 5 tons Lienumvitse Bee Port, Claret and Madeira Wine, in hhds. and Quarter casks ' .... .... r 1 Itorureii rort tvine, incases 01 .Mioien eacn. FREIGHT FOR OPORTO, A good vessel bound to Oporto may have about IIHXI bushels corn 00 freight inh 12 T ANKEENS. 1000 pieces Company's long 1.1 yellow nanaieeiis, eutitled to debenture for sale by JOSEPH OSBORN, 28 South - street. mh 14 l lUijArl. Zili hliiis. Drime lsew - urieaii cu O aar. landing at pier No. 13. E. River, from ship Gleaner, will be sold on the wharf. Apply to CHAS. L. OG DEN, and m!i 14 A BR. OGDEN. WHITE JEANS. FRENCH CRAPES He I & C NICHOLS, 132 Pearl - street, have just f received 2 cases fine White Jeans 1 do do Striped do da do Black French Crapes do do do Canton do 2 1 1 2 4 1 1 1 4 a aale do do Silklldkfs. do d? assorted Sewing, Silks do 4 - 4 lrih Linens ) JW charged do 5 - 4 dn Sheetings S 3 nwtnarSPa do Marseilles Quilting do Steam - Loom Shining trunks fine assorted Phots bales Russia Sheeting which they offer for at a aioaii advance. inn 1 iw TltO DOLLARS REWARD. DROPPED off a cart, on Saturday, the 14th inat. between Murray and Rced - atrrets, in broad - f av, the 22J volume of tlie Universal Die tioi.arv. in French. Whoever will return the said book to No. 76 Reed'strcet, will receive (he above reward and thanks of tlie owner, mh 17 2t I7ARMEK WANTED An excellent Farm r to be 1 rented or worked on shares, siloated in New - Jersey, about I H miles .r m the city 01 New - York It 1 in a high state cf cultivation ; about 30 acres are in meadow, aid ahrnt the aame quantity of tillable laed. On the place is an excellent House, two large Barns, aod other ont buiMings. For particulars, iujire at 51 WiUiam - it. ihl3 1w GIIA5D BALL ATWASHIAXSIVN - HALL. A YR. BERAULT has the honor to Inform IfX the ladies and gentlemen of New - York, that his annual grand ball will take place on Thursday evening the Sfith Inst, in the Washing ton - Hall saloon, tn the course of the evening, a ballet dance, and several other fancy dances. will be performed by Mr. llcraull's pupils, as follows ; 1 Entrance of a grand march, by 20 young ladies. 2 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladies 3 I'as de drtix, by 2 young ladies 4 Passeul, by 1 young lady 6 The hawl dam ft, by a voting mi 6 Gavotte de Vcstrir, by 0 young ladies 7 The thantrufe, by 2 )oung ladies R Corps da ballet, by 20 yonuj ladies 9 The allemand, by 2 Joung ladies 10 De deux, by two ; oinii; ladies 11 Pasteul, with tbVlauibouiiuc, by a young lady 12 The three gracea, by 3 young ladies 13 I'asaeul, hy a young lady 14 - Thc lesson, by 2 young ladies 15 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladies 16 A grand march, to conclude wilh, by 20 young ladies. The ball to begin precisely at 7 o'clock, aud the ballet at 9. LV" Tickets, one dollar each, to be had at Mr. Berault's, No. 31 CourtlaudUlreet, and nt Washington - Hull. mh 12 2w CIKCUs, AN 1 HON Y - 6 1 RLLT. on TiiOKsoar to satvhiiat. t R. S TANISLAS will continue his exhibi - It I turns on those evening', in which he will bring forward a variety ol new and incomore - hensible experiments and deceptions in the ma gic nrtol Irgeideinain, so long undeveloped by the civilized world. It Would he needless to lunke ineol t!ie pompous style of adkertiementa resorted to by pietcudcrs 01 the proli s.ion ; Ins own acknowledged talents needs not (he rnmtv language of a bill to convince the public , of the vasi fupermriiy ne 1 latins over nil llif.M! wi.r have hitherto visited the city of New - York. I be curious ileccp'ion of 4 Ne I'lus l llrn,' while it aftriicied the most inilx unded find reiterated appl.iusc, led cten the niost pcnetratiiii; to lie - live in real iim.ic. mh 111 .U SToRK H) I, FT, 4i 1 ne - lore atio c ellar, ,n. 1.1.1. corner el .1,1 - L. 1,I,. f ..... V aicr and Pine - streeta. tu let from first day 01 May next, it is new niidciilciilnt. il lor the hard ware, dry good, or tendue I.iimm'. - . Apply to 1'. SI'lil.lV A.H, rob 18 fit 131 Water - attest tOH SAJ.E, A lot of ground it t Greenwich, pleaaant ly fiiuatedon the north Hide of Hammond - at reel, within a lew yaida ol lludsoii - slrcet, l ilt Iv o pened by order of the corporation. The lot is tuentv four feet six im lies JVi.nt on liniiiniond afreet, und nmo dimensions in rear, and ninety hve leel in Ir.ligthnn eacli aide, lino hull 01 n small tenement on the lot will be sold with it i his property has risen nun h in value aiure the opening ol Hudson nnd r gulation of II111111110111I - alreels two hundred dollar having been lately paid fy the proprietor to (bo i - ion frfhe benefit and iiiiiuoviini his arin.g ielely to (Ins lot Reference to be had nt 62 1 - 2 Wall,! nrnrr of Pearl - street. mh 18 21 J) LET, mi ii - . r i a. 4 1 o a imnu nnvnie luiniiy, win ivouiu he willing to take a gentleman and his wife, ut a liberal price, as boarders, the house No. 143 Greenwich - sirc - et, with the exception ol the two lower roi 1111, occupied us cilices. Apply ns a - hove. mh 12 I w Vffii, 'io liK OLD .i T AUVitON, uKS Pv HOFFMAN to (iLA!"S, on Satur day, the 4th day of April licit, at 12 o'clock, in iruill VI lira I unoiir vviau iiuiiw. The House and Lot No. I W illtam - atreel, at present in the occupation oflbesulm nlter. situate at the corner of William - street and Stone - street. The lot is 91 feet deep on William street, 28 feet 11 inches on Stone - street, and 48 left four inches deep from William - street, at the north wardly end of (he lot. The subscriber some time ngo had an inlen tinn of converting (he houae into stores , and oh laincd pines and estimates for that purpose. He had oilers from respectable mechanics to make hve stores on (he lot by some additional building, and alterations of the pn sent buildings, lor ten thousand dollars, or to pull all the present build ings down, and to erect, with the naaislance of Uic present materials, five stores for fifteen thou sand dollars. Plans and elevation of Ihesc stores, as they weie prepared to be built, may be seen at the auctioneers. Seventeen thouaand dollars nf the purchase money may remain on mortgage. r ive thouaand dollais will be required on exc cut ion of the deeds, and the residue in two, four, and six months. mh 14 Ids C. D. COLDEN. T) LET, For one or oiore years, a 2 - slory brick HUUSE, in Stuyvesan( - s(ree(, nearly opposite St. Mark's Church, containing 8 rooms, n laige kitchen, servants' room, cellar, pantries, Sic. in complete order for the reception of a genteel fa mily ; with a garden and yard 01 utiout z 12 aeresof land, containing a variety of tlie finest fruit trees, asparagus, and hot beds, Sic. together with a wood - houae, carriage bouse and stables. Kent w ill be reaaonalde, and possession can be had on (he first day of April. Apply, between 10 and z o'clock, on the premises, 10 llLtlOLA3 W. SJlUrVIiSANT. mh 14 61 JO RFNT, The Assembly Room, with the adjoin ing apartments, in Ross's Buildings, No. 146 Fulton - street, next to the corner of Broadway. The premises are well calculated lor a large school, for public meetings or societies ; the large room being upwards of 50 feet in length, and a - bout 29 feet in breadth, with a 14 feet ceiling. The whole, as to situation and size, is well cal culated for an auction establishment for furniture and other sales. The above will be rented for any term not ex ceeding seven years fron. (he 1st of May next. Lnquireol (be subscribers. 1U7 r ulton - atrect. mh Ixcllf n. r.. KI.ISS. FOR SALE, A new two story House, No. 143 Cham ber - street, tiniahed in the modern style, with marble mantle pieces 8tc. Possession given on or before tlie 1st May, apply at 223 Dutuie - st, mh lb lw TO l.KT. !!S The GLOBE TAVERN, No. 143 Wa ter - street. The situation of this houae, and ita accommodations, justly render it anohirct well worth the attention of any peraoo desirous of keep ing a lucrative public house. It will be let, fur nished or unfurnished, and immediate possession given. Apply at No 137 Water - street. mh 17 if TO LET, . 1 : .i. - a.. e nr.. vi Ann nnjsefiion rivpn on wk um " i'mj otxt, Ihe spacious nnd well known s'ana, we 1 - ... . - 1 - Union Hotel. No. 6 v iiiism - streei. r vr .r - ticulars enquire of Mr. Vanderbilt, Ni 67, opposite. lnn 16 n F CENT PUBLICA TIONS. JUST receired aod for aale by ELI AS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pine - street, Capp's sermons and life Ufe of Garrick, t vols, by T. Davies A vindication by C. D. Colden, Esq. of the am boat right granted by the slate of New - York, in the form or an antver (o toe letter ol Mr Duer, addressed to Mr. UoUen The emigmnU guide to the western aod south western states and territories, wilh a snap of the United states, or man. uaroy All the recent works of Wm. Cobbelt, Esq. flr E. VALENTINE has been appuioled agent for the Natiooal Register, in New - York. and respecutilly solicits sutMcnpltoDS for iL Lngravuig and copperplate printing executed witn aearnctt. - iaJ on moderate lermi. neb 17 MARBLE FOR BVtLDlXti, le. THE proprietors of the southern marble qua ries, near KingVBridge, give notice, that they hare on hand, and are receiving, at lb KingU - Bridge Marble end lAme - lard, foot of Beach - street, on the if uiLon river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following de aenpuoni, vu : Ashlar Coping . Foundation Stone Chimi.ey - PiiCts Faciuga 1 Columus Watertable Steps I'Ullorma Sills, Lintels Aixhea Also Lime of the neat quality. I' A constant supply of the above materia! may be calculated upou'; and those deirous cf purchajiug, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. NO I K E. O" The coparlnei ship heretofore existing between Ihe subscribers, under the firms of G. to D. BUCK, in this city, nnd DANIEL HICK to CO. at Hattford, Connecticut, was by mutual agreement dissolved 011 the Lltii iust. The affairs of (he concern in (his city w ill besttthdby GURDON BUCK, who will continue business for his own account. GURDON BUCK, DANIEL BUCK, DUDLEY BUCK, mh 18dtoc3(t bl REK P MAMKK. ft7" The contracts which are to be entered in to lor the street manure, will commence on the 1st of May next, lor I or 2years. to be mentioned in the sealed proposals ; 'nnd the stricts are to he swept and cleaned, irom (he 1st 01 wan n to (he 1st iff January, in every year. Feb 21 MECHANICS BANK. tXr Tho stockholders are hereby notified that an electien for thirteen Directors will be held on the first Tuesday in April neU, and that the poll will be opened at tho Banking House la Wall street, at 10 o'clock A.M. and closed at 3 o'clock P. M. By order of the President aod Directors. mchS W. FlSH.Cash'r. NOTICE. . 03 About the 20th of Sept. last, three men I'lmiiht into the New - Inlet, in the town ol Hempstead, on Long Island, a amall fishing, boat Oat) ol (hem sdttcd that the boat was rails d the Humming Biid, nf Portland, (M.) and belonged to him : (hill Ihey were then on their passage from I'lilladclphia lo Newport, (R. I.) and had put in on acci'niit ol some damage which the boat had su - tnineil,niid from a wnn( of provisions. The mmi li it. the bout, wilh a fishing net on bo. rd of her, 111 Ihe pi.uaession ol the subscriber, and pro - niicd to rail lor I hem on (heir return from New - York. On examining Ihe stern nf Ihe boat, her name upfx ars (o be the Meteor, vf Uiulol ; This circumstance, together w ith the fact, that (he men uhove mentioned boienot railed for the boat, induces ihe suhscnlicrto believe (hi t she did not belong (o I lie 111, or either of lhin. The owner of (he boat and net ran obtain possession of thera hy cnll'iig nn (he subscriber proving properly, and pat ing the expenses. , ' . SA.VUEL SEAMAN. !!emplend,(L.I ) March II, 1Q10. inhJ2w St,itr vf Ntw - York Coniilixllf.U 0ice. ftr Public noiice is l.erehi given lothe hold - ' ers oflhescveu prr'ent rt'H k of this slate, (hat 101 instalment of twenty jr centum ol the crigi - nal amount (if that ; Wk. equal (" four seventeenths ol (he promt iiinoniit, will be pi id nffon the fi t duv ol Apiil next, or at any time ti.crc - after when demanded Pntriieiit wPI be mule nt the Bank of N fW - York, in the city of New Yoik. to the alnckbold - ' era residing in the soulliern district cf this state nnd out ol the stale, and to allniiiersat the new York State Bank, in the city of Albany It is required that the certificates issued for Ilia stock should be exhibited to Ui bank where such payments are made. The interest on the said instalment will ceaM after the said first day of April next. Dated at A I l,o n niurrh Qlh IHIft ARCH'D. M'lNTYRF., Compt'r. mih13dtA1 NOTICE. rt7 The ro - partnershin between the subscri bers, being dissolved by its own limitation, Edward N. Cox, takes on himaolf (ha scttlt ment of its concerns. EDWARD N. COX, JAMES L. MON TA L'DEVERT. fir J imes L. Mnntaudevert and Jonathan Otis Walker, continue ns commission merchants, al Port au I'nnce, (St. Domingo) under the firm of Moutaudeverl, Walker to Co JAS L. MON I AUD. VERT, - tt 1 1 ft fit 'I .1 l IF ft I L ft - II mh 13 lw CONhLLA TEOF FRANCE, (ttr The following rates of duties established atCayenne, by the French government, htive been commuiiicfttcd to the French Consul at New " York, by his Excellency the Minister of Foreign ' Atlairs. . . Foreign Flags, (importation) On salt provi sions 1 percent. Hnvaiorem, aim j tranci or bout 58 cents) additional, on every 50kill"'gramf for about 102 lbs. net) ; goods efeverv other de - ' scription nduiittcd on p lying !5 percnt. adra - j lorein (Exportation) 00 all kinds ol produce 15 tier cent. French Flog, ( importation On sidt provi - ; siona 1 per loot ; goods of every other description 4 per cent. (Exportation) on produce of every description 6 per cent. In caae his majesty (he king of France should deem proper to modify (he above rates 01 duties, his intentions will be made known iix months . previously. mh 16 lw WESTERN CANAl. COMPANY, ffr A dividend of five and a half per rent, on the Capital Slock of said Company, will be paid tothe Stockholders on Ihe 1st of April. Apply, lo Barrnt Bleecker, Esq. Albany, or 220 William - street. By order of the directors. THOMAS EDDY, Treasurer. mh 16 1m Eor England, tia Haltat, N. b. Tf Letters for his Britannic majesty's pnrket SWIFTSURE, (for Falmouth, via Halifax, No - va - iolia,) will be received at the post - office till Wednesday afternoon, the hi day of April. mhlBtApl T W. MOOK., nceni. fjr The creditors of JOHN MURRAY sV S()N8 ore requested to send in their accounts immedialelT, slated with interest, up to the ! 27th Jan. last inclusive. And those Mdvhttd to said firm will please make payment wiUinul de - . - lny to tiie subscriber, who is duly authuiised to . receive (he same. pj.;XKR LUDLOW, - mhlSlw 1 1 1 Perl - street.' PUBLIC BALL. ., (ty - D. D. HULETI" respectfully horms ' his iriends and the public, that bis annual Ball will take nUce at Taroniany Hall, on Tuesday evening nrxi, urn zew nnu u 1 g um n. Tickets lr admission may be had hy a . . 1 . . i. :. . - . m . , 1 ft. TO ins at No. 17 Cedar - street, or al the bar hotel. mh 18lwJ FOR SALE, A BARGAIN. A LONDON organised PIANO, if applied lor mi few days. Enquire of the Printer. rnti 17 lw W A M ED OH, lllr, CoUN HU. A MAN who ucderstsnds common gardshing, and a woman wb i uuderttands house - work, milking, toe. A man aud bis wife will be pre - lerred. Apply No - 43 Front - streeL tnhlHlw A MAN SEIIVAV I . W TANTl D, a man servant who anderttaadf waiting, and can bring respriianie re - - commendation as to his capacity, honesty and . sobriety. Loquire at Th 18 5t No. 43 Front street. , . A NLKfc OF sjoexccttiotublecbiracter, wsatia sites. ti, as atteanlant 00 a Udy g"iu5 to tho south of Eorope or one of the southern .,ew Aplyto No. tVhercanur, who is also a seamsirtls, is wanted to sur ply the r lace of the former, mh 13 lw . . J .

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