The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 20, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1913
Page 5
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I the Woman Makes (he Heine She makes it best who, looking after the culinary department, turns her back resolutely upon unhealthful, or even suspicious, food accessories; She is economical; she knows that true economy does not consist in the use of inferior meat, flour, or baking powder. She is an earnest advocate of home made, home baked food, and has proved the truth of the statements of the experts that the best cooking in the world today is done with Royal Baking Powder. liE CASE May Give -Decision In Petition For '', 'Writ Against City Charter Tuesday, iiarrisburs, Pa, Dec- 20.-- -While ao decision was announced by Eeputy Attorney General J. E- B- Cuaninguata at the conclusioii of the tairJ iieariiis hi the proceeding., for a writ of quo warraato against the charter of Potis- viiis .as a third class city, it is be? lieved that one will be awarded aest Taesfiay, and that it -will be tried ia the, Sctuyllall county court. The hearing held ivas the final oae, lice city officials elected last 5Coyeinbe*r ! presenting their side. The burden'of, I the., jap position, to the issuance of_the STIE waS .that the petitioners had adt a\ - aileid: theiQseIves of the ^oppcixuaity to attack the legality of the election or to protest agaissi issuance of a charter. The procedure is based on the contention that the petitioners got the brder- for ,a special election on the Question of becoming a city from the court of quarter sessions instead of the borough council. This method Avas in accordance with provisions of an act of assembly passed tea. days before aa act ivhic-h restricted the power of ordering an election to council. The petitioners ft»r the writ contend that [he latter law should have been followed. THE TWO LEADERS. Huerta and Carranza, Leaders of . Opposing Armies In Jtlcxico- ·*u "IK T-^'JEirtr * ^C SAVE FOR CHRISTMAS Ask us to tell you about A t t r a c t i v e S a v i n g s P l a n rnakincr saving -"easy-:.. ·"·";. H - . ~' '"' ^^ '' "· '·* -'; ' '-' " k ' "·"'· '- '. "··-. t- ? , ' f '·' · i- * ·'"·'I-" "" . - ^-. · ', '" "_ ;' et; Issued EaeliJJeposItor Witbout,Gosti s ASJimii -ia^osit weekly . : . · . . . . . . . . . ; ,. . : -..-·,..-. ,- ::· and yotr !i have d nice amount for Cl ristmas Shopping. NOW EVERYBODY WELCOME Tile Best Usfeul Gifts The Hardware Store Boys Wagons Nickel Tea Etettles Nickel Coffee Pots Oil Heating Stoves Pocket^Knives Gloves for Men arid Boys Enamel Ware Kni~es and Forks Driving Lamps Boys Coasters and Skates Food Choppers Enamel Roasters Keen Katter Safty Razor Carving -Sets Remington Rifles Hatchets and Saws Call to see as and exmaine our "^Jine- Our prices are lo-WjQualitv the best. PhB0 ± J. J. Reindollar Fa i£ eld PATRICK'S W!FE DIES AFTER BIG SACRIFICE Gave Up Health and Fortune to Free Him Tulsa, Olda, Dec. 20.--Mrs. Albert T. Patrick, wife of the Xe\v I'ork lawyer . convicted of the murder of millionaire "William M. Rice, and later pardoned, ;died here. . - . Mrs. Patrick had been ill for some tiine. Her husband and children were with her. For love Mrs. Patrick sacrificed not only her fortune, but her life. The woman who was willing to marry a man four days after he had been convicted of murder, who went through the marriage ceremony in the shadow of the Tombs, "and whose honeymoon was deferred for ten years, had one year of happiness. For ten years she lived within sight of the walls of the prison. Ker faith was finally, rewarded. On Thanksgiving VDay- y 1912* Patrick"was -released iy Governor.Dixl.. As he: stepped o -bf/the doors : of; the.: prison his first thought was for the "wornan who had stood by him so unswervingly. On. Thanksgiving a year ago they began' their, long; deferred, honeymoon A few days after Patrick's release he left Kew York with his wife. For a time ..they, visited relatives in St. .I-buis, living as quietly. as';possible. ; -,: The ten long years of nerve racking strain were beginning, to _teli. on Mrs Patrick. When the final victory came she was exhausted- READJNG CLERK RESIGNS, Says There Is plenty of time to have those *" PHOTOGRAPHS For Christmas. Call at The Mumper Studio JOHN A. MUMPER, Prop. British Coiumbia ? s :Tirriber. ; With the exception, of Siberia, Braill and the northwestern United States, British Columbia's timber wealth is reported to he unparalleled in any : Where He Was Wrong. :. "Dobbs says that he is a man -who takes his medicine without complaining." "That's true, but he has a mistaken idea as to the medicinal value of alcohol."--Birmingham Age-Herald. Suspicious. "So yon refuse to patronize that Chinese laundryman." "Yes. The things he wrote on the piece of paper he handed me may be complimentary, but they didn't look it." Relations With' Council V-'ould - _ _t. Be Uncongenial^ - - * . - Reading, Pa-, Dec. 20.-- City Clerk L. S.Bamsey, who.-was^inaicted by the grand Jury on the/charge of accepting a bribe and conspiracy in conection with the alleged graft -cases in the purchase of Sre apparatus by the city tendered his resignation to city coun cil. The resignation is as follows: "I was advised that it "was the de sire ofthe members of council that resign my oSce as city clerk, "vvhlls not inquiring into their reasons there for, I realize that since the official re lations between council and city clerk are of such an intimate nature, those relations, in vie'S' of your desire, would be by no means congenial, and for this reason and for no other, whatever, I have concluded to comply with your wishes." ' The position pays S19SO a year, and Ramsey's term would not have expired until May, 1915. Pbios by Aiiserican Press The situation ia Mexico is fast reaching a stage where something -will be done, either by -The Federals, the rebels or the United States. These are the verv latest pictures oi the leaders of the opposing .factions. The picture of Huerta (IOB) was-taken only a few davs ago. -" CarraEza, shown below, is said to be favored bv President \Vilson. and this beliei is strengthened bv the fact -that' a', special envoy was sent to confer with the Constitutionalist leader... .- - .. · - . PNED GLEANING TROUSERS Uses Gasoline, tkurei, i)el.,. Bee.;, 2)). -- Merriif Thompson, a' ciepk^aa a local ; store. her4, : was badbr-burnea when . ..he droped his cigarette in,Ms lap after cleaning his trousers ;: waih gasoiiae. The yonag man^was giveii jnedical treatment by Dr. Farlow, who said that" while the yoiingftrnan's condition .was critical he did,-not: .believe that the bums would prove fatal. Shortly after breakfast: Thompson noticed that he had dropped some ess wjucb he had =been-eating.on.his trpu- sers- The ycang inaa; procured sorae gasoline from a nearby-drag store and started to clean the .-spots.-. from ius cldihing. ^hsn partly-Snished Thompson- lighted a cigarette-^aad.,continued with, his cleaning- r " . --;·.---. : .,,.The cigarette fell into-his. lap, igniting the gasoline-soaked trousers aa'd badly burned the man before he could be --.vrEnceu in blankets and the flames XMAS SUGGESTIONS From the T W O .'. O L L I E S ''"--"" i_ ,.~ . . -i . , , ' ? . , , t .. . . .... ; _r v *-*~ - - · - . . . - * ' - , - . . , . , ,, -· '2 The following useful articles are suggested for Christmas Gifts for man, woman and child. Carving Sets, Cutlery of all kinds, Bissels Carpet Sweepers, Clothes Wringers, Numerous Styles of Washing Machines. Food Choppers, Meat Grinders, Lard Presses, Wear Ever Aluminum Cooking Utensils, Safety Razors, Pocket' Knives, Scissors, Tools of all kinds Express Wagons, Tricycles, Sleds and Skates, Automobile- Robes, Horse Blankets, Buggy Storm Fronts, All kinds of Harness. Just received another biif shipment of beautiful Trunks, Bags and Suit Cases.^ All of the above articles sold at extremely low prices. Your patronage respectfully sohctecL fife: s n i j " Idams County Go. GETTYSBURG, PA. IS? .,_,__., . . . . _ . . - . _ . _ . . ,- . . - . - , . . . · - · : ~ : i i ~ . - ' ' ~ ' ' ii.~~ ' - C , - ; - ' ";7^""' : "-«^ "-t ; U~~'"' : fe;' T ''~ov.- ; ' f 1 ^"^""""^? "~~*£~ ""^^-"^ '~*\)'~'~'.~?~?';~ ~-^ : - ' f ~'\-a~jsf, E'have utforffi every effort^tb make burs"The Real Gift Store ofthe lipperv end spac: I Our^j i befof the arid the mdre|abstantlai that jure alwaVs__weIepHie remembrances]^ that are'eioubsv'appreciated. ^"^ v i -»"--~ ---^^ '^i'V-jf^'-'-zi'Z:^:* i riousehold Zelaya to Sail Monday. Wahingtbn, Dec. 20.--The state department was informed that Jose Santos Zelaya, former dictator of Nicaragua, has engaged a stateroom on !~a Lorraine for next Monday and will return to Spain. Action of the former Nicaraguan president is believed to be due to the very plain hints from the state department that he had better not delay his departure too long- GENERAL MARKETS PHILADELPHIA -- FLOUR qafet; ·sinter clear, §3.Ta@4; city mills, fancy, S4.90S5-10. RTB FLOUR firm, at $3.50@3.60 per oarrel. WHEAT steady; ^o. 2 red, new, » CORN dull: No. 2 yello-w, 77® *Sc. OATS firm; No. 2 -white. -J6«@17c-; lower grades. 45%c- PQTATOES steady, at 70@85c. per bushel. POULTRY: Live stead v; hens, 15® 16c-; old roosters. Il@l2c.: turkeys. 20@22c. Dressed firm; choice fowls. 19x: old roosters, ISc.: turkeys, 24 @25c- , . BUTTER firm; lancy creamery, 3»c. EGGS steady: selected, 3 S @ 40c.: nearby, 33c-; western, 33c. Live Stock Prices. 7.50; pigs. S6.25@7.65. CATTLE ' ' Why . It . Failed. Visitor-- "Why did your little paper fail?" Bogville Editor-- "Why, , Mrs- Chinn, the village gossip, had the news spread through the to^vn Jpelore I could set up my typa." S7.50@ .-40 @ .40® steadv; beeves. $6-60 @ 9.75; Texas steers, S6,60©7.65; stocfe- ers and feeders, §4.90®7.35: cows and heifers, §3.30@S.40: calves, §6.50® 10.50. · ; . _ S.HEEP steady; native sheep, §4.25 7z;5,50; yearlings, §5.40@6.SO; lanios, native, §G.25@7.SO. Serious CatarA Yields To Hyomei Do not let this serious disease extend along .the delicate mucous membrane, gradually going from the nose to the throat, thence into the bronchial tubes and down-ward! into the lungs. There Is no other treatment for catarrh that is like Hyomei or just as good. None can take, its place, none give such quick, effective and sure relief and at so little cost--furthermore People's Drag Store vvill _ refnnd your money if you are not satisfied. Begin using Hyomei now---to-day-and see how quickly the droppings into the'throat, the discharge "from the nose, sniniing and all other symptoms of Catarrh are overcome;,and remember--no . stomach "dragging---you -breathe it- The complete outfit containing inhaler and bottle of liquid costs Sut Sl.OO. £x*tra obttles of liquid, if later needed. 50 cents; tention ia'suit every; purse. ^.Harid^ Painted;* Chinaware ..aridftmany Dinner Sets patterns are Here for your inspecticKiM Therpo.pular Wear-Ever Aluminum Cooking .;: Utensils will make a pretty as well as a useful gift to the housewife Ts-Ho.appreciates ( of real value. _ : ; Election Notice Annnal meeting of the stock-hou'crs of the BenciersviHe National Bank will 3e held in their "oankinc honse betvreen II ?.. m. and 12 m. on XHESUAY, JANUARY 1 ; 1024. for the purpose oi electing nine Directors for the ensuing year. I. G. BUCHER, Cashier. M. M. Fennef Co's For Men Our line of Traveling bags. Suit Cases and Trunks ^ extensive and well selected. We claim the best line of ?j en's Neckwear in tbe county and an examination of it \vill convince you of its \vorth. Hosiery, handkerchiefs, umbrellas and all the other ihings that men and young men like. · " - . ' ; · " " For Women Brush and Comb Sets In nice Leatherette Cases make very attractive gifts. Every article of wearing apparel that a woman could want or need may be found here, including a specially nice line of Ribbons, Jewelry, Fine Handkerchiefs and "Umbrellas are also here with man}*, mariy other nice· af.ticlfes- o» For the Children And for the little people we have Sleds, Express Wagons, Toy Desks, Dolls, and a big line of toys, together with prettyT:hmgs In the way cf Wearing Apparel and Sweetmeats without*" which Christmas for the youngsters would be a failure. Do Your Shopping EARLY And Do It HERE. You'll be Pleased. We Pay Higfaes* Cash Prices for Country Produce. T h o m a s B r o t h e r s , 9 BlllRVILLE, Adams, Co., Pa. *?r??:.v;u:;;rs!"r:T:"7-- Can.Tell AH About It- One of the peculiar things in American life Is that those \vho have no finances always know : the most about finance.--Philadelphia Ledger, . - . We Reconimeaci the Kidney PiUs for the KIDNEYS, BIa der, Liver, Bbwfeis^jDropisy, Backache, Rheumatism, Ca- tarrhai Conditions etc. Ask Dealer for a Free Sample ; FOR SALE i;i"- THE PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE Domestic Gas Engines, Spraying Outfits May Tag Electric or Power Washing Machines Reading Standard Motorcycles ·ire «oi«ie of the mechanical device for which I hold the agency. I shall be glad to dcmonstnitc any one. oi prospective pnrcnasers. I am prepared to do any manner of Repair Work at my Cabinet and Machine Shop, or all kinds of New Work made to order. ORANGES ORANGES Just received ^a. car^Joaii. fancy FLORIDA QrangesjfQr Xmas. Can sell tbem - i.Look for the \ragons. ':jl Grapes, Celery, Cranberries and Tangerines. " : BuohlShiiltz W M United Telephone C Q N O V E R " · Cor. Middle and Stratton Streets', Ask your grocer for : White Lily 1FLOUR It's the Best " SPAPERl iNEWSPAPERl

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