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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, March 19, 1818
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Axjr - rour Er&asu post. , THURSDAY, MARCH 19. i 'f A VIEW Of THE WHOLE GROUSD." RtbautiCt Letter. Oa tha'SHst day of Febra - ary, the National Advocate published the letter that presently fellows, averring, as will be seen, that it wat a genuine letter, written bj the tub - acriber of it, C. W. Robiuson, to the penon to whoa tt waa addressed, Asahel Clark. Hit ao - lire for publishing it will bett appear from bU own introduction, which we have alio giveo in his oa words. From the National Ad vocal t. Tht next pretident .'.'We now redeem oar pledge to the public, try laying oeiore uiem the following letter - it relates to a subject ia which this country is deeply interested, namclv. At mwritu and indtpendenc in the tkovtofadtufmogutrale. We deeply regret, that in this patriotic stata there should be found any citisen who is weak enough to suppose, that a Tree people can tolerate sucn uuulioui ana aw rerous designs, or hopes to advance binuelf to ' nowir br means so destructive to oar liberties. ' There have beea associations and confederacies in this state which the people of the U. States should fully know, and to wtucn, generally, we tuUowing letter will be a key. It also should be known, that at this moment, when no election for president of the U. States, or coventor of the state, Is pending, ana wnue proiessions oiaaacn - meat are avowed to the administration of the ee aerol government, committees of correspondence have been appointed, calling themselves Chnlo - niaru, whose object is, to attach themselves to hit service, and his advancement alone. We print the letter as it was written, without tbe variation of a point or dash, and as we received M. It is from Vermont, and addressed to Ashael ' Clark, esq. attorney and counsellor at law, ' - Aleun's Falls, Warren county, state of New port! ' RUTLAND, 17th November, 1817. Dear Sir, Since you left Montpelier, 1 have taken tour through the counties of Franklin, Chitten don, Addison andfRulland. I And we were mis taken, with regard to Aldis of St. Albans, Brown of Swanton, and Blodget of Georgia. Those men, as we calculated, rule their towns i but Je assured they will do their utmost to oppose e ery thing that teods to promote tbe interest of plr. Clinton. Finding them tt hostile, I have thought proper to pass their fount, without matt. jag known, our viewt except that I had a snort interview with Judge Janet, of St. Albans, who will he or great service to the cause. Ana here let me advise yoo to send the Columbia, to be distributed in that county, to him, instead of ui reeling them to Mr. Oudeemb ; for, mark you Qudcomb ts Aldxt, though Alaxtvt not Uua - comb! In the county of Chitteodon there is nothing to Jeer it v. f. ran Jeu is right, as yon iniorm me. I nave not seen him, but have seen almost every other man or influence in the county, and can say, in a word, all is as I could wish. You have no idea of the effect that Mr. Clin ton's proclamation for a public lhanktgiving has sad In tha state i yet a tew or the Jttaawnxan tmlintlt bavo caught the alarm, and are endeavoring to make the people believe that it is some of Mr. C's soft feed, calculated for the meridian of Jfeie - Eneland, and now and then gravely aak, doe not Mr. C. extract to be our next Preti - dent, by making proclamation, tanalt, tie. f But notwithstanding the exertions of this wise and jealout few, the people are pleased to the Ufa and, depend upon it, there is nothing like Mr. Clinton. la the county of Addison, there is nothing to fear, and every tiling to hope for, although there Is o4 Col. Slide, as you mentioned, and all the at fain A could not turn him, nor cause him to do one good act. I nod in this county more to be feared than you acticipated. I fear you are deceived in your friend Smith, of this place : I have bad a conversation with him, and I am sorry te say that he appears cold and uuconcerned. Mr. Taj is also indifferent ; in short, I find no man f influence, of tbe democratic party, in this section oi the country, who feel disposed to take an active part The federalutt feel, as they ought, Very solicitous. lslletoo is pretty equally di vided. Look out for R. C. Mallory and Old Silet Mr. Pate will take a tour on the east slur of tbs mountain about tho Aitt of supposed January. He (like myself) is destitute of the one thing essential to the undertaking a tour of that nature. I have told turn be win m lurnitti - d with exoense monev at Bennington, and that ha most be there on the twenty - fifth December, the time you proposed to meet me there, you will make your calculations to leave with me then about 4i00 for Mr. Past and myself, as I shall have expended about all you advanced me at Montpelier by the time I arrive at Heunuigton. Mr. Molten I understand will be through tins section of our state and into JH. H. the first o sleighing. Mr. Page will do more among the feds'ts on the tail side of the mountain iu thit stain and N. H. than any man whatsoever. I am well persuaded on inquiry that the Columbian will take much better in this country than the Pott or any other Fed. paper in your state A few of your ttate papert would at this time relish well, as tbe editor appear now as it were keking the dutt which fails from the feet that he has so lately been accustomed to tnap at. Tou will see the Standard and the Herald take the field soon on die subject of eanatt, touthtrn influ ence, &c. It will require It'me and exertions to get thinp a going right in this state, but ouce put in operation, will create a current that will bear down all this teeming oppotition. Judge Kiting, of Reau Port, will call on yon next week, on his way to Albany; perhaps you bad best accompany him to Judge Spencer, and if possible, erect a prett at Salem mat may be depended upon, or at Whitehall. I will again write you at Manchetter, where I shall expect to sea Mr. bheppar and Mr. Bmpgt, from Wash' ifiglon county. Haste. Tours, very respectfully, (Signed) E. W. ROBINSON. A. Clark, esquire. Soon filer this letter appeared, the Advocate publicly requeue J it might aha appear in the Evening Pott, and he was told (hat whenever he should prove it to be a genuine letter and that be cam fairly by it, his request should be complied with; bnt instead of adducing any evidence to support either fact, he contented himself with a repetition of bis own assertion. Directly after wards the following appeared in the, Columbian, from the person to whom the supposed letter was Written ; which I lare to speak for itself. Csy of Wathmgton, Feb. 24, 1818. - To tha LJitor of the National Advocate. air i nroogu use medium of voor paper of ine sin ion. m ma anicie neaaed The next President," 1 have tor the first tune in hit life heard of the name of R. Hr. Robinson, who it seems is to be ranked amoog my corresttudenl. ilow. sir, the objact of this note, ia not to ... quire of you bow you came in possession of that rrvwwvj inter m me, or wnat may be your motives oMnstrtWlion in publishing it : thee arc enquiries which 1 shall du mmlf the honor to ' make in person on my r - turn to the north in a few days ; an - 4, sir. that you may be prepared to answer thr questions satisfactorily to yourself, to ate, and to the public, you are distinctly to understand, that I have not, nor had ever, the knowledge of such a man as E. W. Robin - ton. That 1 have no knowledge of, nor had I ever any agency, directly or jndirectlj, in any todt transactions as arsouda tha lubjeet af his pretended commutation. The - result you most see is very plain : yoo have either know - iorly pnblithed a baa ana wicxea saoncmwuM, or been vaurself most shamefully imposed apon. Ia which af these lights too stand, sa reimoo. w this publication, it behoves yon to satisfy the 0 1 . public, as well as the usuiviuuais weaumi - I ans willing to believe, fbr the preseat, that .ui.!.ur.hia with hi vine: been com .. pletely AaaW by some mischievous wag, who was disposed to see into what a ridiculous and mhnrniuinr dllesama vour prejudice, credu lity, curiosity, of any other letter catching ptn - I shall not stoop to ask yoa to publish this letter t it is eoooghtfaat yoa have my permission to do it fbr tbe benefit of roar readers, presuming that, however subject to imposition yourself, you would not wish to practice it on them. Yoo will perceive by the subjoined certificate of the Hon. W. Hunter, that yoa have been unfortunate in your location of Mr. B. W. Robin - ton i and i am further authorised to state, from every member of congress from Vermont, that thev know ofno such man in the state. With due consideration, I am, sir, your humble ser vant, ASAHEL CLARK. WaihinglmCity, Ftb.ti,ZZ. I hereby certify that I reside in the county of I Windsor, state or Vermont ; that I have been lor 11 yean, previous to December, 1818, a judge of the court in that county ; that there is not. nor aver has been, to my knowledge, a lawyer in that county by the name of W. Kolnruon, nor did I ever know a man of that name in the state. WM. HUNTER Tha next document is a second letter from the same which appeared in tha Columbian of last week. It (ollowi : To the Public. Notwithstanding, in my note, addressed to the editor of the Aational Advocate of the 24th ult (which has been published,) I said in the most unqualified manner, " that I have not, nor had I ever tho least knowledge of such a man as E. W. Robinson ( that I have no kuowledge of, or had I ever any arency, directly or indirectly, in any such transactions as are made the subject of his pretended communication," yet 1 leant, to my surprise, that insinuations are daily thrown out, in certain circles, that although the name of E. W. Hobiuion is fictitious, f am therefore safe ia disavowing any knowledge of Aim, yet that tbe correspondence is genuine, and had I received the intercepted letter, I should have perfectly understood it. I am well aware, (hat as it respects myself, un til my declarations, thus given to the public, are met by something more than such ungenerous and ungcntlemanly insinuations, I atn not called on to say more on the subject ; but justice to o - tliers who are drawn before the public, forbids my treating those insinuations with tbe contempt which I otherwise should. I therefore bee ths public to understand, that I disdain to quibble upon a word or a name 'lis a thought that never occurred to me, till it crawled into my notice from the darkness where it was engendered. Tbe public and every individual are at liberty to substitute what name they please for that of E. W. Robinson it will be worth just as much : 'lis the subject matter of that communication the transaction there pretended to be detailed, that I disavow any knowledge of, or agency in. I am responsible for what I sav. I don't speak to the public under the masked battery ol 11 a moat respectable citizen," I speak for myself, and the letter, (I care not who signed it or wrote I) dated at Rutland, 17th November. 1817. ad dressed to me, and published in the National Advocate, of February Slstand 24th. 1818. 1 pronounce, in matter and manner, time, place, and circumstance, every thing connected with it to he a base, wicked, and totally groundless fabrication. ASAHEL CLARK. of Glen's Falls, Warren county, satte of N. York. Jityor Washington, March 13, 1818. Seeing this, which certainly carries a pretty imposing air, the editor of Ilia Advocate took hone and off he went to Glen's Falls, the place of Mr. Clark's residence, and took the follow ing affidavits, which he published yesterday. Wa mean to give the evidence on both sides, for we are about as unconcerned, impartial specta tors, as ever looked on a battle. It'arren county, it. Alfred t'llchcr, beiag duly sworn, doth depose ami say (amoug other things) that he is well acquainted with Asahol Clark, of Glen's Falls, and that uiara is a man whose character, for truth and veraiity, is not to be relied upon, in the o - pmion of tliis depuuent, in the neighborhood where said (hrk resides er elsewhere; and fur - iner the iteponent not sailh not. Warren County. .five B. Fiu her, Elikam Rice, Reuben Oe den, James Ilcuderson, esq. Kussel Duraud and Ansel Clark, doth severally depose to the forego. Sworn before the hon. John Mallory, judge of the court of common pleas, Warren county, JUUI ZJ, 101'. If the foregoing are not satisfactorv. I will add the affidavits of Peter Wheeler, Mr. Baker aud .ir. Aibrose, relative to official duties. The last letter of Mr. Clark's which appeared in a late Columbian, here follows : City of Wathmgton, Jdarehl, 1818. To the Editor of the National Advocate Sir Finding my stay at this place longer than I expected when I addressed you on the 24th ultimo, I have thought proper to seak to you again on the subject of the letter of K. W. Ho - binsnn. It is not from any respect or direspect lor you, as an individual, that 1 take this trou ble ; for I do not knew you. It is lo prevent the possibility of any shuttling, prevarication or sub terfuge, on your part, when I shall call on you lor ine proper explanation ol this strange trans. action. It is Important to you that yeu shoul.l know precisely bow you stand in this business, and the extent or the responsibility you have as sumeu. iou nave assured tnn public that you have had that letter in your possraniun since Ue cember last ; thht you received it from a " mott rctptclabte ctfistn,n with whom you have had much correspondence and conversation in rela tion to it, and that tts authenticity it legible in erery line. Now, sir, observe : There can be no backing out. The insult offered to the good sens and honorable feulings of this nation, as well as to some of its most distingniihed individuals, calls for an expiatory sacrifice j and you must furnish the victim, or be immolated jour - self, warn you can rive the name and corres pondence of a man whose standing in society will justify you in the assertion that he is a " twit retpeetable mism" ol the slate ol .New - lork; when you show fas you ran do if such is the fact) that you hare been dujiej into the publication of this base fabrication, believing it a genu ine letter ; wr.en you evince a disiioMtion, far as it may be iu your power, to do justice to the feelings of honorable gentlemen so grossly and wHotoniy attacked ; when, iu' short, it shall ap pear that yoa would even wish to make your paper a vehicle of truth, instead ol its being the common sewer of calumny, malignity and cor ruption, I shall then pity, but still depise you, for that contemptible weakness of intellect which could betray jou into such a continued course ol wayward hostility between jour intentions as an editor and the real character of vour v per. At present, however, yoa must consent lo occupy a little higher grade sa that portion of mjr uuHiienuiou wimn is directed lo yoa. Do not Hatter yourself that my apparent warmth of expression a to be attribute J to any considerations of importance that are to be attached to your acts or opinion as an individual. No. sir i H is the ptrve rioo, abuse, and consequent djjrrtee. af portion af tb America presi WHHV Swpfiesw 10 v hwh jvw only, which cast give tha smallest cooseouenee at my estimation w woai yoo may oappn j or think ; that press which is daily diffusing through tha great mass of hnman intellect tbe accumulating iignts ol science, ptuiosopny w religion that press which it beginning to dis. utmiiula ta sun throuetioul everv r erica of the rJobe. knowledge of his rights, his dignity, and himself. It is the facility with which that press, in tha hands of weak or . wicked men, can be made to do tha work of splenetic jealousy, pri vate resentment, or factious ambition, that can entitle the newspaper scurrility of the day to a moment's attention. But I am giving you more of mv notice than I intended iut now. Yon must not suffer yourself to doubt my word whea I tell you tbe letter, and every thing connected with it, is a fabrication ; that would bs making a bad matter worse. I shall expeet a oromot surrender of the letter and the corres nondencc. as tha lint evidence that vou have had no band in the forgery. I apprise you of this, that yoa may not saner it to be drawn out of your hands, f hope vou may be able to get oat of this scrape satisfactorily f but however that may be, you will tindin the result, mat although you have not precisely caught a Tartar, vet a Jew is unquestionably caught ; and whe ther the difference in character is such as to vary materially the value of the game, I shall leave ta your own experience to determine. With due consideration, 1 remain, your hum ble servant, . ASAHEL CLARK, Of Glenn's Falls, Warren County, State or New - York. Notwithstanding all this, the editor of the Ad vocate continued to maintain as'stoutly as ever, that the letter was a genuine letter, auJ bravely pledged himself to prove it so. What success he may have in his efforts I do not pretend to con jecture, but it is no more than fair to let bim know that by yesterday's mail, the following letter, ad dressed to myself, was received for publication It is, the reader will recollect, from one of the gentlemen named in the Robinson letter, and has been tbe means of eliciting some pertinent and sage remarks from Mr. Noah, to shew there cm be no doubt that the federalists are leagued with tbe friends of Mr. Clinton to make him the next president. I will merely observe to Mr. Noah, because I think it would be a pity that he should put himself to the trouble and expense of a loo; journey into Vermont, at this time of the year, when the roads are quite horrible, that all at tempts to blast or injure, in the smallest degree, the character of Mr. Page, would not answer his purpose. RUTLAND. fVt.) March 7. 1818. William Coleman, Esq. ' bir n ith no small degree of surprise and indignation, I have read in the National Advo cate, (for the country,) of the 24tli February, a pretended letter from a person signing himself K. w. itoDinson. to A. Clark. Ksa. wherein mv name is mentioned by the writer, as one engag ' . ed with him in promoting the political views of ivir. Clinton. I read it with surprise, as it con veyed to me the first intelligence of such a con federacy ; I read it with indignation, as coupling my name wiia irauu and corruption. 1 he passing slander of tbe day, I would not toop to notice. With mr personal acquaint ance of both political parties, it would be need - ess to deny the injurious slander, attempted to be heaped on me by the publication of the pre - tenueu letter ol L. w. Kobinson ; but lest my silence should bo construed into an acauiescence oi ine trutn ol iiobinson's letter, I declare, that i anow no sucn person as u. vv. Kobiosoa, and that every thing he has written, respecting me, is a sheer falsehood. True, 1 am a federalist. and I never was ashamed lo avow it. I am neither the advocate or defender of Mr. Clinton : His talents and learning I respect : With hit friends, I have no connexions ; with his enemies, i nave no sympathies. Your obedient servant, WILLIAM PAGE. P. 8. I request you to insert the above in the Evening Post, and in order to verifr mv charac ter, and my hand - writing, I refer you to Messrs. Richard It. Lawrence, John Atkinson and Robert Bowne, of your city. WM. PAGE. I will add lo the above, that I have this fore - uoon waited on the gentlemen to whom I am re ferred in the above postscript, and they say that they personally know the writer of it, and have long known him, as a respectable lawyer, and that he is a man of a fair, unblemished, character. JfegocialtOHt with Kapln The National In telligencer contains a summary of our affairs with Naples, tut our paper was so preoccupied when it was received, that we could not possibly give it a place this evening. The National In telliencer observes, however, lhat M the docu ments respecting the Napoleon mission afford lit lie comfort to our suffering merchants. It would appear that the overty of that government is such as to forbid even a compliance with their own ideas of what is right." FROM OUR CQRRF.SPOXDEXT. Baltimore Tatriot office, March 17 noon. iMletlfrom hurtpe. Br the arrival at this port hut evening, of the brig Margaret, captain .Mount, in oO dnyslrom Lisbon, the editor of the f at not has been put in possession of files of Lon don papen to the 20th January. On a cursory examination, we do sot perceive any thing in these papen of great importance, although they arc not wholly destitute of interest. We have room but for a Jew extracts this evening : they shall be continued to - morrow. A London paper of the 20th January, contains the report of our treasury departmeut, of Dec. 17, estimating the appropriations for the service of the year 1818, and some debates on internal duties, and commuting the bounty lands of the oldiers of the late army. 1 be in formation lately announced respecting Las Coras, is understood to be incorrect. Under the date of Frankfort, Jan. 12, it is stated that he has permission to proceed to Konigsgrati, and to reside mere nnuer surveillance. Very inteicsting debates took place in the French chamber of deputies on the 16th Janua ry, regarding an annual levy, and the erecting the military etiabiitnment on its former respectable looting. The duke of Wellington bad arrived in Lon don Irooi Cambray. The bodies of 1 - 13. of the unfortunate snfferen oa board the ship Indian, lost off Roscoff, have been found and buried. The crew consisted of 1 93, instead uf 2 10, as reported. The only sur rivors from this melancholy shipwreck were two pigs, that went on shore in one of the boats with out damage. M, de Maubreud, who escaped from the pri son of Douai, has passed through Belgium into uermany. Advices from Constantinople, of Dec. 1, state. that aa earthquake was lately experienced at Voetitta, which occasioned the death of 5000 persons. It n slated that tbe negotiation between lord Wellington aad the earl of Rivers, for the but - chase of the estate of Ihe latter, has been broken off. : , . ' . LOKDOS, Jan. 1 - air. '.iv 1.ii.m Brwi iisnera from! years moh r - r - - - - (be Capt of Good Hope, so lata as the 18th No - mi r l ..1t:. - . .f vtf flnll. vemoer. i ney iuri" i"nv ... - siderable importance from that valuable and im proving colony. - . . - w s The followinr most interesting and important .rfrart of a letter from Mr. Walker, command - to his majesty's ship the Dispatch, has been traosmiueu iu u j . . - - - j Mmmiisioner sir Jahleel brenton t ' I hanten to inform vou. that I arrived off tbe mouth ol the Knysoa, early this morning, with light variable winds from the N E quarter, and a heavy swell from the 8 W which prevented my examining the entrance. At 10, a Strang S F. wind set in, but the tide not answering till 3 in the afternoon, we were obliged to wait tbe flow. About 2, the wind inclined lo veer more to the eastward, and 1 deemed it most prudent to at. tempt the bar under a press of sail, and it being then dead low water, we ran in with great faci lity although the sea was breaking all over tbe entrance." Thaletten from the Cape state, that the hn elisb merchantman, the Elizabeth, which had been taken to sea by deserters from the 60tb regiment, and by convicts, on the 1 Ith November, was supposed to have entirely escaped. She was pursued by a sloop and a brig, but as they proceeded to sea in the night of the 11th, and theothen did not leave the anchorage till a late hour of the following day, little chance or cap ture was entertained. Tbe principal iu arrang iug this seizure was reported to be a 'young man who had committed forgery at the Cape, and had been banished to Robin Island, (the Botany Bay of the Cape) where tbe vessel was seized. We are sorry to find that both toe papen irom the Cane, and the private letters, confirm the accounts already received, that the Dutch had comitted great excesses m their restored coio nies. Tbe immediate cause of the revolt at Sa' porana was, that the Dutch president had order ed a woman to be flogged naked in ine oaazar. The murder of the natives (prisoners) at Java, is also mentioned,. MADKIU, Jan. 2. The Corps d'Armee, now cantoned in Anda lusia and Estremadura, destined for America, under the command of count d'Ashibal, is com posed as follows: Four battalions of infantry of the line or 1000 men earn, four ol tfw each, 2 regiments of light infantry, aud two regiments of cavalry. There is also a regiment of infantrv of devol. and one of cavalry, to instruct the recruits ues lined to complete the corps now in America. The expeditionary armv under the orders of the general in chief, Uon Pablo Morillo, bow in the provinces of Venexuela and New Grenada. is composed of the following'corps : i Infantry of the line five regiments, forming together 10 battalions of European troops inter spersed with American troops. Cavalry five regiments Disciplined militia (white lufantry) 3 battalions and 27 companies. Black three companies. Cavalry (white) three squadrons aud four companies. Mulatto three comiia - nies. Black One company. European troops now in Mexico, arrived from the Peninsula : Infantry of the line 10 regiments, forming 12 battalions. Light infantry the battalion of Navarre. Cavalry two regi ments and a sauadron. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. NorfolkHerild office, ) March 16. Sxucett of the pan'os Capt. Bell, ofthesch Decatur, from St. Thomas, has furnished the following articles of intelligence : txtract ofa letter received at St. Thomas, from fortoBello, ltbreb.'1818. " Bolivar is at Hogara, where La Terra do - feated Sazazyo. He ha 12 pieces of artillery and 3000 men. A few days ago his cavalry sur prized the royalists, and cut to pieces a fine regi ment of huziars, ol r erdinana the 7th, 500 in number. The advanced pickets of the royal ists, have been aUo defeated, in tct! late plucks by the cavalry of the patriots, which is very formidable, and has formed a junction with Unhvar. Morillo has advanced Irom L.tlahoso to join the army. Much is expected from hit presence l and should the patriots ri.'k a general engagement, Morillo no doubt will succeed, otherwise it is very doubtful. By this you will perceive that Bolivar is advancing, and Morillo on the defensive. Both main armies are not one day's march from each other ; bnt the vast superiority of the patriots' cavalry shields their army from Morillo's infantry. We look every hour for some decisive act from one side or the other. The fact is, Morillo is surrounded ; and, unless by some desperate act on bis part, it will be difficult for him to escape. The above may be relied on, as it comes in such a manner as to put the truth beyond a doubt." Prices at St. Thomas, Feb. 28. American produce Flour, 11 50 a 12; pork, 22 a 24 : beef, 13 a 14 ; corn meal, 20 a 22 per pun. ; do 4 50 per bbl ; lard, 20 a 22 ; rice, 5 50 a 6 ; hams, 20 a 82 1 candles, 6's, 7's and 8's, 20; soap, yellow, II a 12 1 - 2; butter, 15 t tobacco, 9 a 10 ; lumber, 10 perM. W. I. produce Cocoa, Caraccas, $26 a 26 50 per 100 lbs; Coffee, St. Domingo, 17 a 17 1 - 4 els. per lb; do Porto Rico, 17 1 - 4 a 17 1 - 2; hides, 10 a II; molasses, pun. 36 a 38 per gal. ; rum, 52 a 55 ; sugar, muscovado, $9 a 9. Trices at Parimanbo, (Surinanj,) Feb. 3. Flour, sup. 11 50 a 12; rye do 6 50 ; corn meal, 5 ; bread, pilot, 8 ; do navy, 6 50 ; beef, 13a 15; pork, 20 a 22; herrings, 4; alewives, 5 ; tobacco, 9 a 10 per lb. Arrived sell. Ann Maria, Kaefler, 21 days from Surinam. Left at Parimaribo (on Ihe river Surinam) brigs Cynthia, Holmes, tor Salem, to sail 1st inst i New - Orleans, Ruggles, of Providence, 10th ; John Langxlon, Hassay, Portsmouth, N H do j Fame, Graver, Boston, 15th ; Hiram, Brown, Providence, unc ; Rotund, Cook, of Salem, do ; Augusta, Lee, of do. do ; Tropic, Merrick, of Portland, do ; Abby, Potter, of Newburyport, do j Trident, Gonce, of N York, do ; schs Greene, Anthony, of New - Bedford, to sail 15th inst ; Sea Serpant, Williams, of N York, unc. The brig Gen. Jackson, Davidson, of and for Cape Ann, sailed 15th Feb. The brig Fox, Forbes, tf Gloucester sailed to leeward and got into the river Suri - manca ; had to come to Parimaribo for a pilot to bring the brig to Surinam. Scb Decatur, Bell, 12 days from St Thomas. Left Feb 28th, ship Ceres, Mix, for Savannah, to sail in a few days i schs Molly, Keel, of Norfolk, not disc ; Jscquemel Packet, Dominick, for ljipiira in a few days sloop F.xpress, for Philadelphia, do. Sch Tell Tale, Churchward, NYork 4 days ; Mary. Gould, Alexandria, 3, bound to Boston ; sloop Hannah, Burt, do 10. Britih brig Adelaide, George, 20 days from Trinidad. Left sloop Intermediate, Town - send, for this port,viaGrenada,to sailjin 4 days. Sloop Oliver, Wolcott, N London 6 days. In Hampton Roads, brig Nancy, Hays, 11 days from Havana. Left about 150 sail of A - merican vessels, none of which, liowever. were either for this port of Baltimore. Markets were very dull for American produce, and Island produce bore very high prices. Coffee was 19 cents and sugar S8 a 11. The Ruenos Ayrean ship Union, Com. Brown, and brig In - uepenaencia oei sua, capt. orinnalds. with another patriot brig, continued entiling off the coast. Extract of a letter to the Editors of tbe Norfolk Herald, dated - GiaajLTaa - , Jan. 12th, 1818. " The Franklin 74, arrived here last night. in 12 days from Portsmouth, England, and has just exchanged a salute with the Ruck. Com modore Chauncrv, with all tus squadron is at Syracatise. tt rv Rflturlus tiareJen auict. and done - ..i. 4t.. w VnnW nf that can be consi - dered important ; though they are at war with several powers, s us i.uim - - - r .v. i:. .nl 9 fricrstea. were spoken a few iuvi i - j. , : n.u a Hifleiv. douiiu iu wa - w .in nni fcnntv eertaiuiv ine terms or UlA. .W ' . . , the understanding between Russia and spat relative to tliia armament.'' r.uABti.FSTo. March 11. Very latejrom England. Hy the ship Sally. capt. Watson, anived here yesterday in tuc short passage or 30 cays irom uvcryuui, t have received lonion rapers io uic ui, Liverpool Papers to the 2Vtn January, ooui i elusive. 'I'k. Ijtiulnn nineri enntain the Speech of !, pi,Ui nfilm I'niteil States at the open ing of Congress, with some flattering remarks upon its amicable temper, and the flourishing stMte ol tins country. There is much speculation in the English prints, as to the views of the United SUtes'in taking possession of Amelia - island. Gosh km, March ir. A man was drowned on Wednesday last, in attempting to cross the Kill near the Paltz, in Ulster county. lie was a stranger in that part of the country. Accident On Thursday morning last, the Albany and New York Mail Stage was upset a few miles this side of Kingston, on its way down, with ten passengers in it, some of whom were considerably bruised ; and almost all of them were more or less hurt. Capt. Roore - back, of the north river line of steam boats re ceived the most injury. Immediately after the fall he got up, but soon fainted, and was tak' - n into the sleigh of a gentleman present, who brought him as far as Budd's tavern, from whence he was taken to Newburgh. NF.WBURGH, March 17. Riter open On iSitturdav last the ice oppo site this village broke up, and has disappeared. I he horse - boat immediately commenced plying from tins to f ishkill landing. PROVIDENCE, March 14. Shocking erent. The fallowing tragical cir cumstance took place in Crauston, the present week : we learn that early on I uesday morning last, a man of the name of Bennett, who had been for some time considered in a stale of derangement, attacked his wife, while in bed, and inflicted several severe wounds with an axe, ol which she survived but about 39 hours. He was brought into this town and committed to gaol on Thursday last. We state the above as we heard it, without vouclung for its correctness in every particular. PHILADELPHIA, March 18. Mail Robbert. The men who call themselves by the names of Wood and Davis were yesterday again examined before Alderman Bartraoi, on the charge of having been concerned in the recent robbery of the mail. Wood continued to be contumacious, obstinately refusing to answer to tbe interrogatories of the magistrate. He, however, attempted to prove an at bi, by the testimony of TMr. Atone, an inn - keeper ; but without success. Mr. Stone testified that the prisoner came, for the first time, to his house, on I huisday last. Of course, as the robbery was committed on the evening of Wednesday, he might be one of the perpetrators, and be iu this citv on Thursday. It is stated, besides, that the prisoner has been recognised as answering to the description ol a convict who called his name Alexander, an ! lately escaped from the gaol in Kaltunore, and that the marks ol the iron with which he was confined are visible upon his ancles. Davis is represented as relating contradictory stories ; but seems to bave been employed by Wood merely to aid in procuring tbe eichangr of bank notes. They are both committed for trial before the circuit court ol tbe United Blatos, to b beideuTue llth ol April next. Extract of a letter from a gentleman in Phila delphia, received thu morning. . We have caught the person whom we are confident isthe third robber of the mail. He is a noted rogue we have found 650 dollars behind his looking glass, betweeu the glais and board. The other two we have in jail (caught on Monday) appear to be accomplices. The pi - tot found on one is the fellow (by one of their confessions) to the one fonud at Havre de Grace. There are others here who have shared the booty ; we are oo the track ol them, and hope this eve ning to catch them all. They will not let u know where the money is, and tell us there ii no danger of anyone being a witness, as they are all convicts One nf the men we are now after is the brother to the two young men taken up in Baltimore, and is the man who broke jail at Trenton lately his name is Hare, alias Smith. One of tlmse first taken here has told us many - things, which has given the clue to the people concerned. .We wait to ascertain one fact that is, that one of tbe awn at Baltimore has a 1000 dollar note, and several others, covered and sewed on his coat as a button. I send you the copy of the note we found in the looking - glass ; it way ieau to some miormaueo irom you." Notes found in the house of John Alexander, in Coates, between 3d and 4th streets, by C. Payley, N. Shultxand James Ireland : Six hundred and fifty dollars, in notes of vari ous banks, all together. One note of Bank of United States, fbr one hundred dollars, no. 312, indorsed, pay Treadwell k Kissam ; New - York, March 11, 1818, signed Uenj'n. J. Kissam. One note of Philadelphia Bank, no. 578, indors ed Geo. D's. pay Fitch & Buckman, signed R. G. Dixon, F. Si Buckman, J Price, J. Bunting. N. Shultx, James Ireland, Charles Sargent. Sworn and subscribed, March 18, 1818, be fore me, E. Bartram, alderman. Sloop Favorite, and one or two other sloops, arrived this morning in 24 hours from Newburgh. The ice had broken up about one mile above that place. Theatrical. Last evening Mr. Pbilipps took his second benefit at our theatre, and was, as on the former engagement, honored with a bumper. The three tiers of boxes were crowded to their utmost capacity, even the back seats being oc cupied by a great portion of ladies, and the pit was crammed. The principal entertainment of the eveaing was Lionel and Clarissa, for the second time, interspersed with a number of beau tiful songs. We have only room to say of the performance, it was, in almost every respect very niuch improved. The three principal cha racters, were played with uncommon effect. Hie love - scene at parting between Lionel and Clarissa, was certainly never surpassed on our boards, aad it would be difficult to decide whe. (her to give the palm to Mr. Thilipps or Miss Johnson ; we incline to the opinion, that it could only be equally divided. Barnes is entitled to the highest commendation fbr the talent he showed, and equally so for bis chastised deportment. The effective scngs were The BcxcMer'd Maid, Lore's Young Dream, Eieken'i Bower, Robin Adair, aad Ai more by torrott ; each of which was repeated, and the last the third time; n thing else would appease the clhmor lhat barst from every part of the house. The proceed were something near $1300. - ". A CARD. - - At the desire of the editors of the Daily aj vertiser and commercial Advertiser, I reauiv say, that it is not my iotentioa to eharg npo' them, as individuals, the unfair and decepUyi practices of their boatmen ; 1 shall, however once more say that the conduct of these boat! men, as it was stated to me in the presence of respectable and disinterested witness, was suck as merited ail I bave said of it, and snch, u I trust, the community will frown upon, when, ever it is repeated. CHARLES HALL MARRIED, Last evening by the Right Itevd. BL - hop Ho. bait, Mr. Thomas Hall, of Philadelphia, to Mbi Maria Erben, daughter of Mr. Peter Lrben, of this city. Last evening, by the Rev'd. Dr. Harris, Mr John Warren (of the house of J. G. Warren & Son) to Miss R. II. Robinson, daughter of ths late capt. Thomas Robinson, of the U. S Navy, DIED, On Saturday last, at the residence of Josiah Meigs, esq. in Washington, Miss Emily Benja. uiin a native of Stratford, in Connecticut. gVENLVO POST MARINE LIST. , CLEARED, Schr. Wm. & Mary, Baker, Port - au - Prince HHarbeck Weymouth, Benedick, Rouan J M Lowry ft Co. ARRIVED THIS tVRKAOOA, Sch VpXly, Young, 4 days from Boston, with, grindstones, to II Nelson. Sloop Phoebe Ann, GifTord, 24 hours from Vewport, with rum and produce, bound to Wilmington, F. C. The sloop Wm. Henry, Parser, of this port, has nr rived at Havanna, in a short passage from Charleston. ARRIVED LAST EVENING. Ship F.tiphrates, De Cost, 46 days from Ii. verpool, ith coal, iron, dry goods, &c. to Fish ti Grinnell,(owners,)I'earsall&Grellett, I Carrow, .1 Buwen, Otis & Swan, HtG Bar. clay, Pemberon & Co, Smith, M'Call & Co, Mark Si Linsley, J Thomson !c Son, W Caims; W W Woolsey k Co. Thos Tidswell, M Car - ter, J W Fchmidt & Co. C M'Evers, Ehipman & jotA, 3 . Bowne, P V Ledyard & Co. 8 Brown, J Ridgley, J Bates, 8 Bilbrough, (of Philad ) J Dixon, jun. Clapp, Criffen & Hicks, 5 Rhodes, II Jackson, J Crawford.J Henthorn, D Madden, J Kastburn St Co. Winthrop & Rogers, Hill & Popham, E Dodgshun, N Rogers 6 Son. J Aspinwall, A Chrystie, T Si W Proctor, G Aspinwall & Son, Willis ti White, G Coggill, J Varev & Co. P Hattrick & Go. - Jft N llaight, A K G Smedes & Co. J Adams, 0 Dunham. Kelly, Morrison It Co R Rainey and Co. Major & Gillespie, Van Gieson, Stephens tt Co. G G Sc S Howland, Richards k Co.Tred - well & Co. I Wright k Son, Saltus, Son and Co. S P Huntington k Co. H Wray, Adcockfc Co. O Cobb, Calder, M'Lea Co. Lawrence, Willis k Co. T Prosser, A Richards, and the captiin. Passengt rs, James B Burger, James P. Huntington, Wm Phippen, N Clonney, Ca. therine Clonnev.Mary Clonney. James Clonney, Tho - I. Haskavne, Alexander ffeten, John Freme, and Horatio Barton, in the steerage Left Jan 39. ship Pacific, Williams, ready for sea, luv:ng hauled out of dock. Spoke March 14, Iat39 3'), Ion 71 3U, a orig irom .nncs - ton for Antwerp. On Tuesday, south of the Highlands, a sloop from NantucKet ror riniaa. Ship Lorenzo, Savage, 8 days from .Norfolk, with tiinber, for the navy - yard. Ship Ijicnnia. Savin. 17 days from Port - au. Piatt, St. Pomingo, with mahogany and tobacco, to J FDelrplaine Left, sch Comet, Bid - well, for Philadelphia, waiting cargo, the only Am vessel th ere. French brig Frances, Frichet, 72 days from Bordeaux, with wine and verdigris, to J F Clamagrran. . y British britr Britannia, Wiitson, from Newry,' via Norfolk, with linens, &o. to A Bell, ana others. ' Sloop Ann, Com stock, 18 hours from R.Isl. and, with rum, dry goods and lime, to sundries. Sloop Snphronia, Perry, 2 days from Newi Bedford, with plaster, bound to Poughkeepsie. Moon Merlin ic. Smith. 7 days from Rich - mond.with flour and Bed s Ai Wood - hull, Doorman it Johnston, and C uuoois. , Hoop New - York, Churcb, 18 hours from Bristol, with rum, to the master. The New. York has made her last five passages in 110 hours. .'. Savikihu. March 9. Arrived ship Cotton plant, Fash. N York 5 days. Ship Betsey, Cox, Nassau, jr a o days. ScU Undaunted, Blackman.N York 5 dayv Cleared, brig Adeline, Rich, Boston ; brur Mary, Sheldon, Hamburgh sch Milo, Beetle, New - York. . ' Two Mexican brigs with Com - Aury and suite on board, were off Tybee last evening. THEATRE. On Friday ""'yjjy 'oArS''' 'reieD OR THB STBOIXINO OBaTLXaf AJf. To which will he added, (for the 1st time in N. York) the celebrated pantomime of MOTHER GOOSE, ox tk coldxb ado Colin, (afterwards Harlequin, Mr. Parker Colinette, (afterwards Columbine) Mrs. Parker. Performance to commence at seven o'clock precisely. COTILLION FARTILS. THE Managers give Notice that the xt and last Cotillion Party will be on toe evening of Thursday, the 26th. inst. at tne iuy mh 19 7U Motel. DEAF AND DUMB. - ftV Dr. Samuel L. Mitchell, one of tbe Vice Presidents of " The New - York Institution for the' instruction of the Deaf and Dumb," will deliver, an Oration at the City Hall, on Tuesday next, f 24th instant, at 4 o'clock, P. M. The Directors of this Institution respectfully lt - vite the ladies and gentlemen of the city to attend. The deaf and dumb children will be present. The citizens generally that are friends aad relatives oi ine oiijttn ui wis uestripuuu, mc re quested to accompany uiein on uie auovn uoj t t the Mayor's Office, at half past 3 o'clock. W hen it is considered mat tne oiyeci oi institution is to alleviate one of the greatest of human calamities, the directors cannot be too sanguine to anticipate the pleasure of a large and' respectable meeting. . v mh 19 Gt ' ' GRAND BALL. TV1RS. W. WEST, encouraged by the flat - . if J. ltrrill npnuuauun v lit, w,w.. - , . ced at her ntst pobiic ball in this country, as well . . i !, : j : ! her Ml - BS grniuieu oy me rnpiu iui)rotuiruiv. r - nil ' . . 1 1 w ns - r.i.n int. lit nilhlir. tll&t llC' tirand Ball will take place on Wednesday next, .. .. .. - I i . ..i ,i of zoia inst. at ineviij iiwei, wucu - movements entirely .new, win ue uiiroauLcu. M..,.. .1. I. 1 V..r nt Anrplinn'sGaVOlte, BJ Mrs. W. West, and 1 1 young ladies. Hornpipe, by a young gentleman. - Solo, Adagio, changuig to Ahcgro, by oil; W. West , - . - u.:.o. n I.. Mr. W.WesLasdan - ctd by Madame Parisot, at tlia Opera House, Loonon. , t x - .u aiiom - xiit Trnis. with the Sateose, bv.Mrs. W. West, and 3 young ladies. ' I pe uan win iuui.iwic win, m a. ' - - ... the pupils aod Mrs. W. West, io which ibew introduce the Irish iig. . r In the course of the evening a number 'r tillions, Quadrilles, and Fancy Dances, eotiieiy Tne fancy dances will commence at half P 8 o'clock. . . . . .. . l... nt Tickets 1 dollar each to be had at irw z the City Hotel, and at Mrs. W. West's, No. Hester - street. h ! "

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