Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 2, 1944 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1944
Page 12
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12 Wednesday, Feb. 2,1944 MASON CJTY GLOBE*GAZETTE BREAKS LEG ON ICE M»serv«}--H, Fjseher, §r., re ceived ' word lhat his daughter, Mrs. C. C. Smith of Naperville, 111,, had fallen on Uje ice and received a broken leg. Lydla Fischer left fpr Naperville, 111., to be witti her sister. DANCE TONITE (Wed,) (· LYNN KERNS mnd th« KHYTBM CLUB ORCH. Malek',s Band Fri. Lynn Kerng Sat. !UIIHK1 OP TOMOHOW" SUNDAY GEORGE OLSEN And Hl» Orcb. Featuring; JUDITH BLAIB Another lovely Starlet «n her re«d to fwne under the iAUK* of the greet Obea. the Star-Maker. USE TANKS TO SUPPLY TROOPS Troops Call System "Delivering Groceries" Kepre«tiitiii/r the G'arnblued U. », rress Beachhead South of Home, (U,R) --Some customers out at the end of the line wanted sonje groceries and the' deHveryman was sbput ready to begin hw trip. "We e»H It delivering tropcrten tht h a r d way," ggt. Frank J, Lynch Mi* H he climbed Into the "C»» Make «"-» U»k r»«4 hlrb with "C" rations, Lynch, a tank commander ot Slafen Island, N- Y,, just bad tugged speeHlatlvely at (he rop* hewing the groceries in place, making sure they wouldn't turn- Ends Tonlte--We4. "MOONLIGHT IN HAVANA" ''LAD! GANGSTER" DANCE RUDD, IOWA Friday, Feb. 4 Music by BUCK SCHAFFER and His Orchestra ble off--unless a direct Jut was scored by the Germans. "We're taking these groceries up to the frontline troops where trucks cannot go, because the roads are under sheJl, mortar, nfle and w h a t'have-you five 1 : Lynch sqid. "Yesterday one pf our tanks didn't wme back. "Some of us used to delivci groceries us kids and let me tell ypH, nobody ever thought of jiyenng them like this." The tank rumbled off and I watched it f o acro*s » f|«ld an town * road, yyjth mortar »tr- bursts bracketing above It. - Through field glasses, I saw it reach the front Jines and Lynch climb out and. take off boxes ot the rations. The tank fired a few rounds of It* own then, and turned-around and came back safftly. But it was quite a mission just to «en4 few hundred pound* of groceries, "It's not always that easy," Cpl. William A. Levay, ot Toten- ville, Stated Island, N. V,, told me. "Three days uso while sve were delivering groceries ta th« -front .ines, our tank svas hit and set ifire and before I could scramble out, I had part of my hair tinged. "Moon over there was with me on that last run and barely got out too," said Levay, driver ot he tanlc, pointing to Assistant Driver Pvt, Frank Moon of Waren, Ohid. PALACE STARTS THURSDAY! "Death Crashes fro ITO-300 Jb«. 330-MO SCOUTS ADVANCE Iowa Falls-- Five boys were advanced to first class Boy Scouts at a court of honor at the city lall Monojay evening. They are James Reynolds, Marlyn Aldinger, Kenneth Nassen, William Wel- schko, and James Leuze. Two new enderfoot Scouts are J e r r y Thompson and James .Grotty. 20,000 Hogs Are Unsold Midwest Livestock (WEDNESDAY'S PRICES) Trend AJbjrtU. Mjnn. Auitln. Widft. 150-iw . it* - JM-I30 *WrJ(W BC-MO , tin, llw, , Ibi. ih«. b«, . tld.ta ; i ! Jtl ' tll'tt . ·11.40 II3.W Study I11.50 »1I.OO »12,7» Ibt. - . 500-550 Ibs. , 113.40 «I3,« III.M »J3 »9 *)),» · 11.10 , HI.W 111.90 . IJJ.4J ·1J.45 ·13.45 JK.M 111.79 ·11.7.1 Sll.fl.i , ·IS.* »!», IU.H «lt,T »ll,l , 111,45 RAIL SECTION ISSUES ACTIVE Balance of Lost Is Slowf Trends Cloudy New York, ivity in the rail t-hour ac- section ot the · -- · - - . * ' «· ·»·*. ***** ia«t»iUU UL till stock market Wednesday failed to stir the balance of the list into movement and trends continue cloudy. The carriers moved ahead frac Tons to more than 2 points as nev earnings reports lent support to lopes from dividend prospects Hany other prominent issues remained in arrears. Selected specialties held part of early gains although some slippcc i the final period. Volume, picking up with turn-over in the transports, totaled about 900,000 shares for the ses sion. The fighting in the Marshall islands, still developing, kept some investment interests withdrawn pending an indication of the outcome. On the upside were Santa Fe New York Central, Morris Essex, Atlantic Coast line, Nickel Plate .Preferred, Southern Pacific Southern Railway, Chesapeake Ohio, Northern Pacific, Rustless Iron Steel, Wilson company and General Motors. Produce (Merchant quotations) {Cash Quotations by £. G. IHorse) MASON CITY--For Wednesday Eggs, current receipts 29c Springs, heavy breeds 24c Leghorn springs, 2 lbs. over 21c Heavy hens 21c Hens, under 4 Ibs-. ia c Cocks, heavy ...i Cocks, Leghorns i All'No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less Eggs, at retail -.. 3B C Butter, Iowa State Brand . . 49c Butter, Corn Country 48c Butter. Brookfield 49 C "THE - GANG'S - ALL · HERE" Another-Real-Hit! STARTS THURS. __ . ONE - OF - THE - SEASON'S - GREATEST - ATTRACTIONS! WHERE ALL TH1 BIG SHOWS PLAY ~* JEAN PIERRE AUMONT · KELLY HARDWICKE "??·*» _**»· mm nwMUatfir i^QMlll THE - FINEST - SCREEN - OFFERINGSi - IN CMIfAOO PMOUUCK IWitunitr .,.}·*'',·(». W'j--Butter, f i r m ; receipt 294.370; iiurXel unclungcd, E«(i. r*ctlp!s 13.353; lop *r»des caiy current .rwlpt* jtwdy; current receipt fi'.,e; oU«r market unchanged. ESTIMATED UVCITOGK BCCCIPIK W*4»M4ar lbrk« *n*«J 5.000. Ho«i 1«,W; cam. S,MO CHICAGO CW«»g., MMkrt) i-«, torn: I springs 2T New twees NEW YORK PEODUCE (Hdnt«d« r Mirket) York, (.Tj--Bulter 137,863; unclijnftd a t celling. tlrm No.' lo 4 o , , - extra No. n l'ii $ lb , S ' a - nJ ""« 35e35tic:; o-rtra o 1 to jJo. 2, fc |bs. average 34c» xtra medium 40 Its. average ''a'ieSc ' : extract 43 I current re. checks Tc: extra No 33 E 35iic; al Ko ' f l^k^ 4" GRAIN FUTURES ARE DEPRESSED Report Argentina Wheat Used for Stock Feed Chicago, .(fP) _ Bains over (he gram belt, increasing speculation on the -possibility of early opening ol Great Lakes navigation and a report that Argentine wheat was going into the southeast for livestock feeding combined to depress gram futures Wednesday. Rye was under the most pressure Selling expanded late in the session and wheat was down almost a cent and rye was off more than a cent. Oats, which had displayed strength early, eased with the general market. Reports from principal terminals said there was a good demand for cash wheat with ceiling prices paid for low protein Wheat closed at or only slishtlv above the lows, off % to %; May S1.70TB. Oats were K to V, lower- May 80, and rye was down % to 1-Js: May $1.30 to $1.30%; May barley closed at $1.21%. CHICAGO CASH! GKALV (Wednesday Market) Chicago. t.pj_^ 0 c3 Sh wheat, torn. No. 3 yellow SI.I-; 3 ,; N O 4 vcl S V-\ av " ! N °- 5 ' «»o»' Sl.Jd'i. .rf J: y r ^^'"fi $1.2531.44^. nominal ·5? *M»ftI.22!= nominal. n!£)fiJi" d r e !l'to CWT! T - imoth ?' ? 5 -^» nominal. , -"""a: "d omRial; sweet clover S10.SO Mason City Grain MASON CITY-For Wednesday No. 2 white oats 70^ No. 2 shelled corn (15V."i moisture) . SI 02 No. 2 ear corn (15^% moisture) O CHICAGO GRAIN CLOSE ... "'?*""*«' M»rkel IVKEAT-- May ..... July "epr. . Dec. OATS-- Vly^ iept. HYE-!Uy i)]}- BARLEY- May .... "uly .... Hisli . .80*. .T7=i .73'. - 1.31'i 1.30'i . 1.29 Lo\v I.TO'.l Close i.67vl i.Ei'.\ .80 " 1.Z1H 1.201, I.Wi .80 iw't 1.30 if?: 1.117. 1.20',; LIB?, Miscellaneous CI " C AGO POTATOES (TVeeinesil.jr Markel) nosou , 1n d Korth Dakota B ' (Jnoutio Hides From 15 n,s. 15 lbs. irroTn 15 lbs. down .... }i* ·Cured hides l c a tb. MshuV Also" "ic a to. higher to:, green hides to wnolcSl" aealen In wholesale quantities. In army ordnance lingo, a "Molotov bread basket" is a large bomb which breaks into several smaller bombs before it strikes the ground. TRADING ACTIVE ON LIGHT SWINE All Killing Classes of Cattle Sell Steady Chietcor W--An-jval of 21,000 salable hogs Wednesday provec too heavy lor slaughter requirements and about 20,000 were ex Pfcted to remain unsold overnight. All killing classes Q£ cattle *old steady with medium grade item up 25 cents. There were no early Inmb sales. Trading \vas active on lighter weight hogs and the scarcity oC these weights brought steady prices of 512,85 | 0 $13.0,') on 170 io 190 uounder* with very little slock under those weights available-. The top remained ut $13.75 for 200 to 330 pound butchers with holdovers from Tuesday totaling 10,000. Packers who bought an additional 11,000 head on direct billings, were unable to clear stocks, leaving the largest number unsold since the permission-to-market plan -went into effect Jan. 24. WFA)--Salable hogs 21,000; total 32,000; very slow, steady on ill weights and sows; good and :hoice 200-330 lbs. $13.75 the top- 170-190 lbs. $12.85 to $13 65- weights under 170 Ibs. scarce; good and choice 350 to 550 Ib. sows $12.00 to $12.25; approximately 20,000 unsold. Salable cattle 13,000; salable :alves 800; generally steady market on all killing classes: medium Trade steers strong to 25 higher; :lioice steers and yearlings active' good grades slow; largely fed' steer run; co\ys comparatively scarce, also fairly active; bulls very uneven, with very few at- ;ractive weighty sausage or beef bulls here; most fat steers and yearlings $14.00 to S1B.50; eight oads, including long yearlings topped at 517.00; next highest price $16.85; up to $16.50 bid on strictly choice heilei- yearlings:utter cows $7.75 down; strictly good fat cows $12.75; most sausage bulls $8.00 to $10.50, according to weight and condition, with standouts as high as $11.25 and comparable beet bulls to $12.00' vealv ers firm at $15.00 down; stock cattle scarce, firm. Salable sheep 7,000; total 7,000- no early sales wooled lambs; ask- ng stronger of $10.00 and above for good and choice fed westerns early bids about steady: part deck tood and choice fall sliom lambs iteady at Slo.00; load common and medium slaughter ewes steady Local Livestock Steady. HOGS MASON CITY--For Wednesday Good light Ujna Good light lights Good light lights Good light lights Good Ught lights . HO-150 I 0.90 . 150-160 $ 3.90 . ICO-m $10.90 . 170-180 J11.M . 180-200 S12.30 . 200-220 J13.«0 . 220-240 »13.40 . 240-270 S13.« . 270-300 S13.4Q . 300-330 $13.40 . 330-360 S12.90 - 270-300 J11.70 .- 300-330 SU.'iO . 330-360 S11.10 . 360-400 J11.70 . 400-430 S11.60 lood light lights Jood med. wt. butchers rood tried, wt. butchers food med. wt. butchers !ood med. \vt. butchers -.'ood med. WL butchers ;ood packing sows . Jood sows Good sows *ood sows ............. jood sows ...... Gocd sows " One to exeessire ru tall lie plant defore detiteriiijr'v» hois. JACOB E. DECREE SONS. CATTLE hnl . , MASON CITY-For Wednesdav holce steers and neUers .su.ou-lo 00 ted. steers and hetfers SID 00-11^50 Com. steers and beUers . . s Boo- tin Cows, dry ted . . . . S S I ' S com. cows ;; I fS %23 Butcher bulls 8 '°° 450-aOO JIliO i or tots, please ..... bulls, light heavy-;:-:::: Cancers. light ... " ancy select calves Calves, gi. lo ^i,^ r t0 SOXi - - SUEEP MASOK ClTY_For 4 North Iowa Persons Earned as Postmasters WashinRton, (;P)_The senate nas confn-med these North Iowa postmasters: Stanley G. Douglas Alden; Mary Conwa'y, Cylinder; iay A. Fox, Hampton; Mabel I OJsen, Hanlontown. KNOW YOUR U. s. A. How long has it been since vou ·mew all those little things abou' - ""r country'that you learned in pol? About the capitals of the states, detached territories, coast ines, highest mountains and ongest rivers?' Be an intelligent American! Know your country! Get a copy of this large 5-color map of the United States and its Detached Territories; 15 cents ostpaid. ' Use This Coupon he Globe-Gazette information Bureau, rederic J. Haskin. Director, Vashmgton, D. C. I inclose herewith 15 CKNTS in ^ n , ( i. a l e . £ . Ul l y , wra ?P?i in P=P^) treet or Rural Route ity lale (Mail to Washington, D. C.) ^li-lii^ZSIE+StL Livestock AUCTION AT THE Kanawha Sales Pavilion Kanawhu, Iowa, on Highway No. 11 Friday Afternoon, Feb. 4 ' STARTING AT It O'CLOCK is 1 ^TM"tt!^^^ ,, , HORSE AND MULE BALE Next Tuesday, Feb. 8, will hold another metal horse »rul «uU auctiou. Brto, in your horses and raules. ttamiri fol Si kS*i H _^ , " "'l 1 *^ 1 « Bf ummuHd, Aicliontei i Mumer HAMPSHIRE BRED SOW SALE Friday, Feb. 11 At 1 P. M. 45 Head of Outstanding PUREBRED GILTS Sired by the Minnesota Grand Champion boar and by several other great boar*. Our entire herd has been pro- down O B h*k f ° r three . ?**'*· Th * tf 9« lh «'«-«* the low '£«~? Ct ?f tt ? r '"*L h *i£ tm * prlle P 'S ot the 9 reof lw « »» Ti' ' * * he Mlnn esota Grand Champion boor, Roller's Prospect 1st," to farrow in March and April' IMPROVE YOUR HERD NOW WITH A GOOD BRED GILT. Sale in Laneiboro Poultry Plant in Wells. GEORGE LORENZ, WELLS, MINN. Livestock Auction! FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4th_12:30 P. M. fo 0 ft flC |^ T T^ 30 »\ VhUe Face and Shorthorn steers, weight i'?nS i^ - n M K Ca " te0 ?. a «y " esh - « White Face steere, weight «n V %? es ? y; 15 Shorth °TM TMd White Face steers, weight *50 Ibs.; 24 steers, weight 650 Ihs., White Face, Angus and Shorthorn; 16 White Face heifers, weight 600 Ibs.- 1 Brown Swiss bull, purebred, 20 months old «rown 19 Holstein fresh and springing cows anJ betters. The entire herd from one man. All tested and a real set of cows. Also, many lots of siocker and feeder steers and heifers of all weights and classes, fat steers and heifers, butcher Sock of all kinds, springing CDWS and heifers, bulls and veal calves. We had a lot of stock in the sale last Friday, all of which M "« «m- C . tlVe demand - Gilbert Dueland of Crystal Lake »? «i a Qnn L C f ^ K Steers tot Ioad wei(rht of 955 Ibs., sold at S13.00 bought by E. E. Sherman of Nora Springs '"'"' a! "v»lo s k you may tonsijn. Pi» n I. ltund ,,,,. Mte Jif, Frt*5f. 200 HOGS--Feeding pigs of all weights, bred sows and Soars feeding pigs are in strong demand. Breeding boars are selling much lower than past weeks. The season is over on them S ^? EP ^. Fat l a - mbS ' feedfn * '""As, bred ewes and bucks. 30 choice Shropshire ewes, bred to good Shropshire buck. Ewes are from 2 to 4 years old. A real set. Remember, we h a v e i buyer from Waterloo, paying top prices for fat lamb-Teach M'CCK. Consign your livestock to the Clear lake Auction Company for prompt sales and complete satisfaction . Clear Lake Auction Co. SANTQNE Complete H e g M i n e r a l Fortified with "SUNSHINE" VITAMIN D For Winter Feeding Feed your sows IODIZED SANTONE HOG MINERAL this winter and help them prodnce strong, heattay pto that will live at farrowing time and go right afaeadto develop into thrifty market hogs early next faH. Beed one pint a day to 30 sows. .'' HOWELL'S CAniE MINERAL Fortified with "SUNSHINE" YfTAMfH D For Winter Feeding cows Stops cows chewing on boards wmt bones. Helps prevent abortion due to lack of minerals in the ration, helps produce stronger calves and increased, milk. Feed one pou*d a day t* cows. Eat better, digest more teed, pot more pounds of gain, and hav« a b_^ CTETCDO terfiniish - The highest 3 cars of cattte 0 I ECKd sold at Chicago since 1937 were fed " w on HOWELL'S CATTLE flONlRAL. Feed one pound a day to 30 steen. -- DEALERS -Henry O. Gcsmc Hanlonfo«'n S. M. Kiscr .Mason City, Rt. 4 Farmers Elevator Co.. Chapin H. B. Blc%vclt Meservey Roy E. Sharp, Jlason City, Rt. 3 Evald Jensen. .Hampton, Kt. 2 Albin Anderson, Hampton. Rt. 1 Frank Knight Grmne Carl H. Peterson, N'ora Springs C. C. Bless. . St. Ansgar Carrol E. Rice Swaledale Fred R. Troge Kndd Laurence F, Tesch Mitchell Clifford Shogcr, La Roy, Minn. Joe Jurgens...Buffalo Center HOWELL-SHRADER DRUG CO. Iowa City, Iowa "The Reliable Line Since '99- a "C"

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