The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 20, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, December 20, 1913
Page 4
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CHE GETTYSBURG TIMES *· '^ " Published Dafly Exwpt Sunday limes and Xews Publishing Company W. LAVERE HAEER, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP K- BIKLE, President. PHIOP R- BIKUS, Editor. ASK MORE OVER BAiLI TTADK TAMPJ CHURCH NOTICES ** Served bv carrier in Gettysburg: for 25 cents per month. x - utside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per montn. KATES Single copies to noB-subseribers.. 2 cents. IF i^nS THE TISIES bv mail vou can find the date up to which you are ^aagaddress label" on your paper. The date wiU be changed within ·st*5^5_i_ _^*^_ ·rff.n-r- -mnre*? is rppeivetl at The Times Omce. - ?*-?*' * TM Enterefl , 1304, at Gettysburgr, ?a., Congress 2.1arch 3, Vole SoiHiij For tlie leasora. !ES tl 3 UNITED PHONE corner of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. j ecfby the "House--Provisions of the -HS3 PA?£it REPKES1MTED PCS ADVERTiSlriS BY TH£. GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO oerw)rd - oer word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaranteed - Resolutions of respect, poetry and memoriams one cent TO OUR EEJLDEES .c.tW«hmtr Tirnes takes absolateiv no part in poIMos, bein^ aentral om a? S :or adv«S2ne columns are opes to all candioates of^U I The Citizens Trust Company Of Gettysburg OX FRIDAY DECEMBER 12th. the Citizens Trust Company mailed their hanasome Christmas Cheeks amounting to over ^15000 rothe 597 Patrons of their CHRISTMAS SAVING FUND. This vast- sum of money Tras saved during the vear by the people of our worn depositing in the Trust Company from one ta five cents on each share everv Saturday daring the year. This enterprize of the CITIZENS TRUST r.QMPA'NY has proved so beneficial to al recip- . tieiis that tile series for 1914 Jrieh. jf;'L We are determined to do oar part to batter tKe condition of tke rising generation of our community and ask ail good citizens us. HARRY L. SNYDER, Treasure^ r . ^ Washington, Dec. -j.-- .ration's current y bill ^as passed ··e senate by a. vote of 34 to 34. e! v ; -after the antic GETTYSBURG U. B. Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; Junior Christian Endeavor meeting, 1:30 p. j m.; Senior Christian Endeavor, 6:00 p. " m- The Sunday School and choir will most cordially invited- J- Chas Gard- mi BOBED jner- ABE irity to Supervise issue of Railroad Securities and Control Over Cspii-i'tzatton. j -Washinsson, Dee. -V.--emphasizing l senate caucus, satisfactory to .:eut v.-aslsaJe, that the !i!i hai pass-.1 £he : seaat'e narbeil nine coalerees 0 act on behalf of the senate as conference committee of the r ceases to adjust the differences f be- v.-een tlie senate and hoo^e bills. The senate auo;ted, aa :-. substitute or the house bill, the measure framed )· ?ibe Democratic viiich is considered 'resident Wilso". The Democrats votes! soii-Hy -or the measure. Senator Polade-aer ^Progres- .ive) and sis Republicans jo^eu the Democratic majority in the iiual vote »a the isin. The senate rejected the substitute .or Use administration currency bill framed by Senator Hitchcock and the Republican.members "o: the .banking committee by a tote qi-43 to 41. Sena-; r'telLcheock voted with the Itepub^ Ucanl: " ' -"' "-·--·" '·' "·«-*· The Democrats were forced to call ipon Vice President Marshal! to cast 1 decides vote' to^break a tie and re- ;ect the. proposal to strike cat of jthtf bill"-the provision allowing the ap- Doiatment of officials by -.he federal reserve board without reference to die civil service law. The fundamentals of- the bill provide: The issue of currency, guaranteed commission, in. its annual report, sna- minetl to congress, makes vigorous recommendations for additional powers over the physical construction and operation of the roads. Tie commission ai=o recommends -Jc.i authority be jflve- to it to supervise the iss'-ze oi railroad secsirities and seme measure oi control over the capiuilisaaon. ConuiticBs discloseJ l»y the comniis- . , ST. JAMES LUTHERAN Sunday School, 9:15; preaching ser."-""^ Iviee, 10:30,' subject, "A Ramble * . . . | through Bethlehem"; 6:00, Christian General Villa Promises^ to Return \ Endeavor; 7:00 .evening church ser- Property to Spaniards Uns*ss They · v j ce su bject, ''The Star of Bethlehem Have Aided Hueria. j Found." Mexico City, Mex., Bee. 20.--Consti- j CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Sunday Seh'K)!, Marsh "Creek: preaching'' 10:30. _IBQ ^Stbels maue two attacks sunul-1 Sunday School, 9:15 a; m, church taneo^ly, one from *e west and the j service, "10:30 a. m., subject, "The PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Para§raphs of News Tetof "H Ibe Happeakqs m aid ahMrt Toiri People Visiting Here and Three Sojourning Elsewhere. - ' , r \t'J. -- . ;: J. Calvin Lang, of Hollidaysbarg; isia uending several Says/wit sion's investigation of railroad acci- Minister and the Physician"; church service, 7 p. m.., subject, "Something = to Look at." The pastor will conduct time and. tie rebels drev.- off without | ser vj C . e i K St, Mark's church at 2 p. m. other from the northeast. After two hours of sharp fighting the Federals jave way. Darkness had fallen by presssnj taeir advantage. The dispatch, which was rece War Minister Uianouet, said that an- · Subject, "A Talk on Tuberculosis. ived by tients in lUe last year present a situation which, tlie coniEi::=ion believes, ought to be the suhifctt of immediate legislation. Seventy-six accidents investigated comprised ^1 collisions and 25 derailments; and-caused the deatii ot2S2 and "the injury; o: ISSj persons. the important: recommenida- for- new legislation are the foi- ·Q\ving: · · - s*- aaf 'one "period' be Hie-J for the be- \ cLt _»j.s_zst.~_ i_*-*i»«**^-sr» ,_fM.-.i--. -- · .^ m other general attack was expected by I Sunday Scnool, 9:i;; Epwortn Leathe Federals, and that the Mexican jgue, 0:15; preaching, 7:00. A Chnst- gunt-cat h^-i been ordered to dray/ in j m2S sermon will be preached or i"What Christ Brought to the World" i Soecial music. Christjnas services b\ shore as far as possible to shell rebel lines. Binning of all actions relating to -transportation charges and that the period be within three years from the eoiiuletion of the service as to whieii lainases are elansed. That a carrier which Tails to demand payment of charges for any :ransportation service within a period of ninety days shall be deemed guilty or sivlug a rebate to the salpper. That all suits brought to enforce or by the government, based upon notes se£ aside orders of the commission and bills representing commercial transactions and backed by a gold reserve- The new currency is expected ;o contract and expand to meet the varied demands of trade. The concentration of the bank reserves of the country in regional-in- l-atutfons Ceapitalize'd vb-y -the .banks'-of the,cpvsrtr;-.-,and jcontrclieu by direc-, :ors "elected b; tce'baslts.: '" °' ,'-, The:;creitlon.-^f! .'marlvet fpr directly under the supervision of the commission, instead of. as now, nrs der the direction of the department of justice; and that the conmission bi charged primarily with the duty of presenting sach cases.ia court subjec: I i i TVbether you spend little or much for Xmas it is Irnporiantjthat your gifts have lasting value. Christmas prices here are mostly lower than at other seasons because of rsir large purchases. The quality of everything in this store makes it a wwJiy ?-it whether the price you pay is Isnre or =irali. HERE ARE A FE\¥ SUGGESTIONS : For Mother or Wife 4 For _FaSher e ^C 9 banks, where, in rimes of stress, those assets may be easily aad without loss transformed -into casa. establishment, of -from vgse^to -protege mibiie ; cr- private ^terests. I :~f~ e' 5c«niHissi6Ii' be' authorize-: tenance of the physical properties o. railroads engaged in interstate eors aierce ^aiiu,riiles, ; anfi regulations per operation o . The British and American' warships j ^ g unday Schoo i Wednesday evening Taapleo seat wireless orders TO ^. cordial invitatiorf to al Yeni Cruit for reuuoreenients. Tne warships at Tainpico are SlieJ with j services, refugees who Bed from the c-Icy when | the Sring began. The United States ' scout creiser Chester and the British enuser Suffolk were ordered co hurrj to Tainpico- % A grave ammunition shortage faces tLe llaerta government. Iris asserted PEESBYTERIAX Public worship Sunday 10:30 a. m own. . _-. i jii Mr. and Mrs. Louis JL'Jtzkyi imore/announce the --«, ,, their daughter, Miss LeaVLutzkyytb Mr. A. Louis Engel, of Gettysburg. Dr. and Mrs. Mover and daughter, of Cape May, X. J., are gaests at the iome of * Mr. "and Sirs. Edgar "A. Crouse on Broadway. ; Blairie Widder has .returned from Drexel Institute, Philadelphia, to spend the holidays at his home here. Maurice S. Weaver has returned from Philadelphia to spend the holidays at his home on Baltimore street! Dr. and Mrs. P. M. Bskle have gone to MifHinhurg "to spend the holidays- Miss Kirby, of Port Chester, New York, is visiting Prof, and Mrs. Kirb'}' on Springs avenue. Prof. B. F. Sehappelle went to Philadelphia this morning for a visit with friends. Mrs. Edward Swope and family, of East Middle street, are spending some time in Washington, D. C. and 7 p. m. The morning- subject v/il be "The Fuller Lire", and in the even ing- "The Song- of Peace". Sunday School at 9:30 a. m. Christian Endeavor 6:15 p. m. The Sunday School have its Christmas that there are only l.OOv.OOO rounds of deav cartridges left In the arsenal in iler- } will have its Christmas celebration Ico City owing to the reckless use of j w ; £ - n gifts Tuesday at 7 p. m. ammunition by the Federals. This COLLEGE LUTHERAN would be insufficient to resist a concerted attack on the city. An amnr-ini- tioa shipment from Europe is not expected tor some time. Two Americans who arrived In Mexico City from Tamplco declare that die Federal troops looted the fashionable section of the foreign colony, carrying a-.vay all the valuables they co-Id find. These Americans lost everything VILLA TO DiSGORQE.LOOT VYiil Return Property to jSgantards Un" A. E. Wagner D. D. pastor. 9:45 a. "1., Bible School, Irvin L- Taylor, superintendent; 10:45 a. m., morning worship with sermon by the pastor. Theme: "The Philosophy of the Bible School". 6:00 p. m., Christian Endeavor meeting: 7:00 p. m-, evening worship with sermon by the pastor. Theme: "The Preparation of Prophecy". On Christmas morning at 10:45 !ess They Have Aided " Ei Paso, Tex., Dec. 2. : General Francisco Villa said In ChlhcsiSua City , . . twelve- great -region-al-banSs throngrr-- ^-^--^^.^ oat the country, which will issue cur- . That t! ,^ commission ba given con .supervision over railway cap *"' ~ *--' !ocal banks. j The creation of a federal reserve j board of seven members to be pointed by the president,^ with powers " " ' ~~**~ ^~=~=~ .*· «Sk s That, further to minimize the dan ger of accidents, tse commission be aassed the house. But in phraseology and more or less important details, mndreds of changes have been made jv the senate. "Gilder the house bill the earnings D£ tne regional banks, after paying 5 oer cent dividends on the stock, and establishing a 20 per cent surplus, ?.ou!d have been divided among the member banks and the government. The senate has amended the bill so that the stockholders shall receive a ", per cent dividen-l. a surplus fund of ;f per cent of the capital shall be es- - _* . » ·* that he would be disposed to follow the saggesuons of the i United States as to the rights of ' foreigners in ilexleo. In confcrmity -sith ihls'nlaa he has named a committee to take an inventory of the property tr the' expelled Spaniards and sale! he would indemnify such as had not actively supported the Kuerxa governraeitl General Villa had received, through the American consul, Merlon. L.etcher, representations which expres=e3 the position of the United States in assuming moral responsibility for the wet- o'clock for a Christian Christmas service. ..There will be special musical numbers' and the congregation will sing jspme ^ of the grand" old Christina's hymns-'" CLAYTON BUSHEY Mr. Bushey Falls Victim to Pneumonia at his Home. Clayton Bushey died at his home near Latimore. on Saturday after a brief illness from pneumonia, aged about 35 years. Surviving are his wife, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Bushey, several children and brothers and sisters. Funeral services in the York Springs Lutheran church Tuesday, Rev. Paul Giatfelter officiating. Weaving the Web of Life. Life Is the daily web b£ character we unconsciously weave- Our thoughts, -imaginauoas, ^purpose, .motives, love, will, arS'the tinderthreads; pur wordsV* tone; of voice, looks, acts, habits, arei the upper threads; and the passing^ ing moral responsibility fare of citizens of other natlcu and 5£ Hoosier Kitches. Cabinet * : China Closet · . Buffet - --- ' 0 Sewing Table | The best Girl in the World j§£ Music Cabinet j| Dresser ^- Pedistol I I Mcrris Cnair - ^" Revolving- Chair ~~ ^ Leather Rocker Smoker's Stand For My Best Fellow .Chiffonier _ , ~ " Aria Cnair Foot Stool Boak Case r l' o.r *\ : vcs fatre tliat lie ha\e made a sneciai study of helping znea v\sth -~r.-f ( .! -!:2:i-jstkn=. Come in and examine the hna-irei:s of ocautif"! an-! :.~cr^. iri;t= we have for the Writing Desk { So many now bny Chr!stn;a= ' A Standard Sewing Machine \Vould Make an Ideal Gift for the Wife 3s I C IS 5$ " " ~fi ~iC m and that the remainder of uie earnings snail be divided, one-half 5oing -to the government as a franchise- tax "and the"feiaa1n3er founding a "depositors insurance fand^"'- to^ ra- imbnrse depcsfcors in failing inenier The senate has broadened materially tee character of the commercial pcper which, will be _ eligible; for_re.^ ' - H. B. BE THE HOME FURNISHER discount and 'which" may basis for currency. Under the house b'll only paper maturing within ninety lays was available, but tlie senate has Broadened the provision to include a percentage of six months paper in order to acconimo'late smaller banks in rara! coimaunities which handle little short time paper. Senator Burton endeavored to pre- T-.Rt tee issae of the new currency ia Jenominations of SI to S2, bat an au-endmest to that effect was rejected !T a vote of 4* to So. papers of co the law. That ilie coianifcsioa oe relieved o all duties under the parcel post ia-a ·"or that such duties and the staniar, to be applied lie ruore clearly stated." Tbe report sues soiae conslneratios to taa law pro--idir.s icr physical va! uatioa o' railways. Up to Uie oreses time it aas no. b^en possible to d- ssore thna pre. nre aa outline of th- ,-j:ars for t'aLs gre-t task. The report shor.-, that t*ic work o! "-cs commission ir.-reased tremendous "v in volume. Stores of viclations o' law "by both terriers and sr.ippert- v?Si-e isvvstisaica. ui this connectici tSe^ rr,o" says t/au "tlie false Jsiiiiss "of-'frefgr.t by singers coctinues."' I" i-? ported. CTir t 1 az -serio:is abuses- o; ·j-jinsit priviiese, \. botii carriers am" shrpr-ers coasat-.te a contir.uiss evil which called upon Villa fcr_a strict accounting of his acts, jshould the rights of any ioreigners_be^violated- A communication ateo_haii been re- cel"8d from General Venasnano Carranza. -'first chief of the revolution, the protests oi Spaniards -CT Ine'coianissicn. BECK " n ~ :s E2I HEH DEAB Lieutcn BARGAIN HARVEST lo -SHOES BUYERS You will find on our Bargain I ables shoes of well known lines which we have dis-ccnlint:ed. W. H Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.43. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. ChUdrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitzmiller WOULD FENCjE_OFF MEXICO Scr.ator Ashurst Wants to Pat Up Bsrbed Wire Along the Border. Washington, Dec, 20.--Senator As- surst. of Ari7ona, Introduced a bill in the senate providing for the construc- uon of a barbed wire fence along the Mexican border from the Pacific to where the Rio Grande river becomes the boundary Une. The fence is to be of five strangs of ! !- gauge wire and mast not cost more than ?450 a mHe. The bill carries an ·5 t appropriation of $350,000. Old Not Know : anl's Xew York T l*jf Icnaer Police Seeker, who 3= Sing Sins a-Vdi',. part he p-sye-'. i · man RosenUia:, · this city. 3!rs. Becker ·- ·-ears. S:;e c:c ; son's psight. For more tha-s been pemiitte-ti . \Then her son her, another s^ . Cliailes -.vas su" rin^ with and nno Leeji ^cni to a sail Tfcli explanation FE^S£C« her. Conv:cted PHght. -0.--The mether of -ieutenaat!er i!ie aeatl. ro^se I: .j execKtion for tb tlie marker of Her itd st her hcnie it! ", oeon Ijertridden for in Ig?:orance of aei a j^ar she had no' i read a rie^sra^er srles ceased to V T S; - lohp. toll her tli · \t*i*n r" s ^ »im ^ i ir that their property had been seized and the pretests of other foreigners that they had been forced to pay money to the rebel cause. "I ordered all property belonging to Spaniards to be confiscated and held pending an. Investigation as to who of the Spaniards aiceu Kuena,' saia Villa. "In or-Ier to guarantee the property while it is In our hands I have named honcrable and responsible persons to taLe inventory of It. I Is well known teat In the rpr!s ins' in. itexico City last Feomary hun of Spaniards sidea with Felix Diaz and withTarzns ci,operated ia the uprising which' enabled Huerta tc so much suffering to Mexicans. T" attacked, Torrean, Spaniards again fired on us-"on the pretext that tuer were gnarai'?^ their ov.-n Interests Ia Chihuahua f~-- majority of Spaniards were Hiisr"_i sympathiers. When 1 entered the city J resolved upon tlieir expulsion, because their lives were In danger from the feeling held against them by our anay. "The rights of all ot'ier forelrners hare and will be protected. Arrests are fcelag made dally of persons sus c-cctetl of being Hbe^ta sympatnisrs The:- are held of tebir acts." aa Invesugatio- , Tv«/'Confess Murder. - «- !!' Scranton, 'Pa^ Dec. 20.--Joseph Rolf ! dusky, ashman, and George Amerman, j niglit fireman, held by the state po- I IKP on suspicion, confessed the mur- ! der of Steuben Lucas, the aged watch' man at the Central breaker at Avoca, a week ago. Lucas was murdered for his wages. \ictcr Steal Gems. Lima. O-. De-. ^-i.--Leaving tneir aa tcsiobiie at ti-e t5:rb in_ front of the Bfcrc", jewe!r ttore at Blufftcn. OliiG. fiiree rcea rs;:.r.l i^to th^ otore. seized i tray conlai.iing 570('" woth of dia- «iofits-and-e« aped-After -the robbery they headed oar,, toward Lima, bj way ofYhid'ay, Vai'no trace of ttiem ias been fo'Jr-i. Cardi-a5 MartineHi HI. Rome. T)ec. ^".--Cardinal Sebastian Tries Three Times to Die, But Can't Xcwton, X. J-, Dec. 20. -- Edw Williams failed in tha Uiiru attemp to end 5iis life in fi?e days. "First he took paris green. IIo recovered ant v»-as taken to the poorhouse, where h cnt his tliroat- Baffle I in this, he trie to jump from a high w'udow. but was overpowered ana takcri to jai:. its "oh "Wednesday The"pastor'v?31-pfeach* ori'TKe In-- cama'cion from the View-point of esus" Sunday morning afr ten- o^clock. he ^Sunday; 'hristmas" service venihg z.~s. 7. Student Lee O- Carbaugh f the Theological Seminary, Lancaser, will deliver an address. BIGLERVILLE REFORMED - Special missionarv service on Sanday at 2 p-m. The Sunday School will ·-ender a. Christmas service on" Satuf^ day evening,- Dec. 27th. L'ere^OrCar- jaugh, of the TheoiogicaL Seminary at Lancaster, will deliver an address. * SALEM L T - B. Sunday School, 9:00 a. m.; Divine -vorship, 10:00 a. m. The sermon vill de preached by the pastor. Subject: "Soul Progress"'- J. Chas- Gardner, pastor. BIGLERVILLE LUTHERAN Sunday School, at 9 a. rc.; Junior Endeavor, at 6; Senior at; 6:45: preaching at 7:30 p. m. % BENDER'S LUTHERAN Preparatory service at 2 p. m., Saturday. Co'mmunion Sunday at 10 a. m. C. F. Flo'co, pastor. CLTNE'S U. B. ~~ Church reopening at Clrne's United Brethren church. Services Sunday morning 9:30, and Sunday evening at 7 o'clock by Rev. W. H. Washinger D. D-, presiding elder Pennsylvania Conference. P. G. Hoffman, pastor. BIGLERVILLE U. B. Preaching service Sunday evening at 7:30. A. M. E. ZION Preaching 11:00 a. m., men's Rally- Day; Sunday School, 2:00 p. m.; Christian Endeavor, 7:00 p. m.; evening sermon, 8:00 p. m. W- O. Cooper, pastor- ST. -JOHN BAPTIST Services Sunday at 11 a. m. and 8 p. ni. Sunday School at 1 o'clock- Public cordially invited to attend. N. D- Shadney, pastor- lessi% Sife life- shutiie ?i swift|y,.cea6"fr| f relentlessly,"" weaving" those Simple Pleasures. To become agaiiuniore joyous, mo?e childlike, more aaivfethan we are, JU look into the world,with .clear eyes aifd to consign to the devpftaeiEi-Jfalemaii- cai chimeras 'jJeTSST^wiircIi only too often "hides tbSlJGaclean turmoil of the market place, cainieras^ which have made us unhappy, tam-- that would do ton Transcrinc^ ,T uncer- To A sood per is to use""the j rfpTfii^S| sol A thick pasrv solction shonld be made by afidins ffiour and a. fevr ounces o£ acetic acid. TMs . pasry _,soltt5on should be applied is-ith_a- brusa to the old --all paper in quantities. .Alter a le^nanutes the old^paper can be removed in great strips very easily and with very little dust or dirt- People Worth Watching. There are certain persons physiognomists say should be avoided by certain other persons. Thus, the talker is warned to keep, away from the person with the overhanging forehead, for he wfll prove exceedingly deep In argument. The business man is" advised to watch carefully when dealing wltc the man with the receding forehead and chin, the large, carved and prominent nose, for he "will prove screwd'in business. The Attraction. A rather eccentric man,, calling on a. family blessed by an observant little son, -wore Md gloves that had been cleaned. The little boy, seeming to be much attracted by the visitor, stayed close at his side. "You like'to stand bv ilr. Blank and hear his fanny stories, don't yon, Jimmie?" presently asked Jimmie's father- "I don't cara about his stories," replied the honest youngster, "but his hands smell jast like our automobile." Bryan to Visit "·Washinetoa, r-- 20.--Secretary o£ State Bryan left Washington for z. week's visit to bis winter home ia 5rhMnir-F!- Mr. Bryan will stop on the way at Ashe\Ille, X^ C., and Jacksonville, Fla. The secretary has nc speeches scheduled for- the trip. Gats Year For Killing Girl With Auto. Milwaukee, WIs,, Dec. 20- -- Roman . Had Him Worrying."Alphonse ; "' tne American girl ast- ed her titled husband one evening, "why have you been so strange and cold of late?"' "Didn't you tell me last week that your father was failing?" "Yes-Tphysieally failing," she replied. "Oh!" and his look brightened. He heaveTa sigh of .relief "Oh," said "he," ""that's all right, then! ^ I thought- it was something serious."-Princeton" Tiger. Five Days to Christinas o xras papal delegate j Schubert was found guilty of murder in the T'n't"! ?ta;e= from 1896 to 1S02, j j n the fourth degree and sentenced to :s scrio".hlv i'.! Tle cardinal, who Is i one year ia prison for running down sixty-five y»ar-? old, is prefect of the and killing Mabel Lolucan, four yeare Sacred Congregation of Rites. . J. K. Ltade- WANTED girl or middle aged worn- ^ DOW ]adv wants hous= . kecph ,,j an for general housework at a -small 1 - _ , , T J.T. ·»·,,,, \-TM,,He I or liffht work. Good reference wanted, mood. Master Pam'ter, Gen. Auc. Con. farm. Apply to Luther Kice, Arenats-1 =· j ville.--advertisement I Address Times office.--advertisement C., Panama R. de P.--advertisement Considerate! A Wesleyan Methodist missionary In India (says the "Manchester Guardian") wrote home to the girl he was . in love with, asking her to come out · and marry Mm. The girl's aunt had j the same name. She got the letter and I went out. The missionary met her on WANTED: painters and hardwood j the quay, and such was his delicacy of I ,-^ti^ tttft hp- married her. When she old, with an automobile. Better Late Than Never. BuyThatChristmas Present Now.

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