The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 18, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1818
Page 4
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IN CHANCERY. - ; , . ... LN CHANCERY. . ' ' 1 H r - ncifadutrtUlordrfUils honor J hie court, will be - old at public action. at '. tlM Tcatine Coff. Mouse, in tne city of new York. under U.i - direclioo of the subscriber, one oftliwraateMilincours, roetoay,inezin . day of March iutt. at twelve o'clork in tbe for : anon of thai dav. all that certain piece or parcel of land, situate atGroeotvich, in Uie Uth wnid of the aid til v of New - York ; beginning m we I .tde ol GraenwH h - tri - eL lortv four feet tea . io he, northerly, from the corner formed hy the inUrser tiouoi fiamniond and ureenwn - n - itrrei!; itir:t about eighty five feet he the tn more r Wis, tntil it strikes alino of forty - Uire - i feel, ia tbe rear otHie laid ground ; thence oriutet.r ' ly until it strikes . corner nboat twenty even feet tix incftet, oe Oie tame more or lew - eailerly twenty (nor feet, thence uorthwetteny ' thiity three feet tit im - he theace easterly Buy three feet ;ttnoe again easterly thirty twofeit four inches, totireeBH ich - ttreen wiencw aouio - ' rly, along Greenwicii - etrcet, seventy - thrM Wh. In tk nlnre of tettnnilur. Togelh - er with alt and sineular. the eli6e, . right, members, btivdiUuient and eppuru - otiii - , cei tbfl - ranto belongine; or appertaining. JJ" above property are eretiedtwotutoiantfal frame bouse; eiTch about twenty de feet front an. rear, and thirty two feet deep, and ah work - ..bop' MlUffift Master ia Chancery HI. 8. Aciaporsketch of the above may he ' si by PP'JW n,Jr Nassao - sfacet. mh Slawlwdlw " T IN CHANCERY. Mate of New - York, w. : TN Durtuance of nn arderof tliit honoralile court. dultt the third d of March. mt wil: be f - Hi at puliUt uc ion, at Jbe Tontine Coffer ' Uvue, iu the city nf New York, under tbe di - rei ncrfi ol tbe tabwriber at noe of the matter nt thia court, tin Tuedv tbe 3ttt day or Man h ' irutiiiit, t 11 o'clcc at ni - rni All tliote cert un Bv lute el iroena ( win - .reui Ai.UK - ny ietitenHro, ihe city of New Y - rk, K - q tlie father of Lean - kid LrtftpeMrd, wat reiicil in fee tirol at the time ol hia deceue. aud which apoii 4 dn ition ol theetlate of the taitl hihony, fell to he there . nod portioa o) tne taul ievoard,) situate Ivins and being lu Hie eighth ward, of tbe it) of New - York, uod art - known aud dittinKuitlicd 10 a cer tain map or chart made of the etrate of tbe taid Aotlioiiy Uttpenani, om eu, ny una nm'.n thr e hiindred and eighty 10. three hundred end eixti! lour. lhrrt hiiodreJ and eiuhM - Ihrte, tbn hund - Hj and liflf f ven, a.d tlne huiidivd and liutiKht. and tdUentoce'ber tie bmimJed and outain at followt, to wit,uorth wetterly no Thomptxn tt. one hundred and ilii.iy i ei more or kt, enutheattfirly on if t num.ier uree nun drerl and dhix. titty feet mure ir leu, ootth eaUrly on'lot tumrx.i three hundied and eiKhty one of the tid lon inl Lt't - n;iil, one hinulred frl more or lett, and touthwetttrly hv 'uod of ;hc laid Leonard ltpenHrd appropnaico ror tnecon tinnAiinn of Vftlrv ttret'l. one hiiinlrd tf e m n or iete ; .nd alio all (liote four certain Iota, piece . the eu - hih wiird ol I he ritv of .Vtw - York 1 he or nm - eii (Hr iuna. munir. mux, win mi iac paK or tlw land widt h oa a division of theet - tat of Anth' - 'B)' inarJ. dettand, nmonihii beirt. hy lomiuifiioner iippoiineti ny ine or'l court ol the taid tit) , wi mi off to the taid Leonard, and are knows and dixinguithvd on a mai'of the taid diriilon mado hy ilii laid com - njiuioiirt by ihe numberi three hundred end eiRlitj five, three hundred and plenty til, lour hundred and twelve, four hundred and thirteen, anil U urn togeihtrare Imurd'd and contain at iolluwi, to wit : toulheattcr'y on Th.'uip - ton Itrett, wvetity two ftett eotitherly on aline, which if Vettry ttreet were i,ontln"td enttward Cf Sullivan ttrert, woul t he n irtht - r' y tide thereof! northweiterlv hv e round of Ale imler L. Stewart, and 8aruh lii wife, one hundred and eighteen fret 1 and m.rtheattt'rlv hy a li'ir to le drawn parall' - l with Broome ttreet. (Ilroon'e tt. beinu Clly ltd wulu) n. distant tfierefr.'ni iour bui. died andiex nty five feM, one humired leet being of thr t lid diiuentiont m re or 'en 1 and klt'.i.til the (round IfiiifC between Ihe t iiil ( or lot nbova described, and the ground of Millei and Baki - r, und hound' d likeww Uy thr id touth, o( r;y and north w iter' y b iundariet hHtimf'r Um nai: m ty cnninii 1 tonfthm wth the arpurliiian - it. Duled March 7. IH!8 JAMES A. HAMILTON, mh 0 lawt t'! M.trr in Chnncery. IA til M l.UX TaiC OF STKW - 10RK, II. JM purstianrr of a decretal order of this hooora - hi court. Iiearing date the sixteenth day of Dtt berlatLwill be sold public auction, at the Tuutiftf - CnBee House, intfn sty of Ni - w - York, antler the direction of the sulitiriber, as one ol'lne Hatter of tbit court, on Wednesday the tevmlh day ol January next, at twelve o'clock, at noon, all thnt ceiluin lot, tract or parcel of land, sitim ted in the ol Delaware, in the stain ol New York, aud in Kynnt1 Pati nt, and known by great bt thirty f"r. and bnumU d as follows: he - ginninx at a stake and beap ol stones near a beech Irti.. marked Mn 31 and .17 1 ling the northeast corner of lot thirtv seven 1 thence along the north bound thereof south eighty nine degrees, west on hundred and tweott tie lit chains and ninety ia link to a beech tree mar ked Mo. tU and 34 ; beinu the southeast corner ol lot (No 33,) number thirty Uiree ; Uience along the east hounds thereof, worlb three degrees, east eighty one chains and twenty links to a tx - ech tree marked Wo. 31 and 1 ; ihence along tlie south hounds of lot (.No. 31) numoer thirty one, n rtn eighty nine degrees, eust tiie distam e of one hundred and four chains. Io a stuke and heap of stone! ; thence lou'h thirty five chains ami tuenty fourlinkt to beech tree marked No. 6 t tien north eighty nine degreci, east twenty chuins to the wst bouud of lot thirty five ; thence along the tame toulh forty lour chain! and ninety sis links to the nlnre of hrnnniii t containing nine buinlred and f.iMv nine acres and three fourths ol an acre land, with thu appurtenam ei. And also, all thai i - rriain other Int. tract, or Darcel of land, situa ted iu tlit cnuntyol Delaware, in the slate if New Yon;, in Ktaj.s' I'atrol, and km.wn ny great lot tbitty seven, and is bounded as follows : llrginaing at a hemlock tree maik - ' ed No. 37 and 40, heloe the northeast cor ner of lot No. 40) nuuiler forty ; tlu nc aln the aoith bounds thereof, south, eigh l tins desreet. wvtt onn hundied and thirty four chains and ten links to a beech snplu.g 'm.rked Mo. 38 ii 37 s thence north three le - err. . - Fattseseatveiabtcbaiastoa Ueccb tree wi'Ji atonei round it t thence on the south bound - Ol lot thirty four north eighty nit degr s, east one hnodred and thirty chains to a Birth tiee nsiknl thirtv levrrLnnd tbirtv - eiehl ; tlience ao Iht, west hounds ol lot tliirtv - eiaht. south seviutv eight th9int to the plaint of beginning, contBitdng oue thousand and went jr - lour aen s and one loi rm 01 aa acretii una wiio ine aipuncuum.c. Dated, December, I8l7. J OILS A. HAMILTON, Dec 3 law tfcdts Master ia Ctutncery. ft I lie sale of the above prrnrty is iwstpo - ned to tne eighteenth daTf Keoraary oeit at the saotc b'Mir und place. Dated Jan. 7, I8IR. JAMES A HAMILTON'," J an 7 twt ' Muti - r in Chanterr Tlie - ile of the above property ii to trwi ISlb d ty f May nen. at tlie (ame hoar and place. Uateu le. tR, 1818. ,o JAMt A. HAMILTON, frh 18 lawldt Voler in Cham cry, NOTICF - ITie suhscrioers intend to apply to the ic.i - .i,s - ui una nur, ai ine present ses - ioo, foi an .'tt to incorporate themelves and their .r ciat.sbv tbe aam of ' The New - York Be 1 . : m New - York, 28th January, 1813. B. Gardnmer, I J. W. Pattfcrroa ' John W. Fort, I Abraham Btasg J,fet Turk, Saml. U. Romaiae. Jn 29 Ihw6w "" noncE. pj The Mbicriben having received a geni' rai assigniorai ot an wcestai oi tcmn Murray Ir Sol,, for the benefit of creditors as eiprricd la the assignment, nave sulrj mted feler Ludlow to h'q'ii'iate the unsettled a"cunts and to receive pat s,nt of all dbts dm to tlie said firm, ot - tit tbe iadivridual partner - nh wil attend to tb tarn at bis office, No. Ill Varl - trptt. WILLIAM BAYARD. ftS4tf UENRY BAK.CLAT. I of at in or i tot oi tuu lot oi your - tail hate er o hat und mi - io 'iy ol iie. suiid won ed of the in after ir in in it ol B. i ' .A 1UI . , :,. ' - ?;' ' ' IH CH ANCERV. ! ' ' ' ' ' nha Wcodt and Robert Warded,) " - ' ' LkrtofJaaie Woodt, deceatcd f ' - :" . John Bay. Slalr mf JlTM.Y,k. tt... IN pui tuaur - eufan order of this honorable court, Made ia Ibe above caute. will be told at cub - lit aactioa, at Ue l ontine Core noawt, in we r.liy of .Xew - Iork, OO ine 11 nay 01 manii utx; at 11. 'clock at aooo, vnder the direction oftbefubtcriber, all that certain metsaace or dwellin house and sol ol 1 ground, iituate io U town of Claverack. in the county of t olunhia and tateollfew. York bounded aouthrly by land now or lute of Jeremiah Fonda, westerly ly tbe road ltdii.g to the city of HuJton, aurtberly by laad now or late of William H Ludlow, and easterly by laud now or late of Anthony Ten BrC cootaJoiiig ia tie whole fifteen acres; together with Ihe hereditaments and appurteoau - ces to ine tame neiooiiiiz or auucriuuioz. uu led Feb. 11, 1018. m 1 iiuniAS oi'iiu - , leblllawtdi Master Id Chancery tJlLVJiBU. PHOPKUTY. IN CHAfCKRY. Afue of JftW'Tt trk. l. I.t punaance of a decretal order of the court cnaacery ol Hill stale, will lie sold at imbue aisrtion, under the directum of the subscriber, a Ihe Tontine Cotfee - House. in thecitv of Xew York, on the 19th of March, inst. at 12 o'clock noon, all that lertain LOT OK GROUND wiib the teoeaient thereon erec ed, situ&Ud in the first ward of the city of New York, and km wo and distinguished as number 78 in Wall street 1 bounded southwestern in front by Wall stnel t northeasterly in the rear by properly now or late ueionging 10 jonn marscnuik, uecea ted 1 Dontiwesteriy iv tiropertv raiw or late be uingiug In Wynnnt Van Zandt, deceased, and southeasterly by property lormerly belonging to David Pruvost, de eased; containing in Ireadlh front and rear, 16 feet 0 inches, and in length jo each tide 60 leet 10 inches, he the snme more lets 1 togetlier with the hereditaments und ap uurten.ntes tuereio oeioneing. P. G. fllLDRETII, mh IS dts Matter in Chancery To the honorable Ihe judge! and asust ant justices ol tne court ot common pleas in and lor the county ol Orange THE petition of George D. Wickbtm or tbe town of Goshen, io the county of Orange, respectfully sheweth That ywir petitioner is in ifo ciuipie as leoaoi in t ommoo oi out equal undivided moiety or half puit ol all that ;c(ibiii ire i, piece or parvei oi iana, siiuaie, iy - meanaDeinr mint town ol Warwick, in un "unty of Orange, known and distinguished as nuinoer two, in tne lunoivinon oi great moun taiulot number fourteen, io tbe pateutoi Cheese totkt, containing two hundred and siateen acres iniia, or inert aoouis. Aua your petitioner iur - ther sheweth, that he ii seized at atiretaid efone il undivided moiety or bolfiart of all llint certain other lot. tract, liece or parcel of hind "ilnatf, lying and bt ing iu the tud town of War - ick, and known aud dit iiuguiilied as lot oumie hree, in the said subdivision of cieat mr.uatiin nuralier li'Urteen. in tne said p.'ltntol Llieetc - enckt, coiitaininr two hundred nod thirty acits land or thereabout!. Ana your petitioner lur tberiheweth. that some person or persons, t petitioner unknown, is or are seised afi re aid, ol the remaining equal undivided moiety o, pnrt of eacbol 'he above - mentioned and de fed lots, pi. i vs or parcels ol land. Aud vui petitioner fm ther iheweili, that be is desirous to partition maie of the aioresaid lands tene ments ami hereditaments, between your petition ana tne said person or persons unknown as a - foretaid, according to the several and respective rights ol tlieseveral p.irtrei aloresaid. ol, iu. and the tame Wliereture your petitioner prays, I a1 1 and singular, the mid lands, tenements heredil' ruenti, together with the riehts, nihers, privi (get atidappufteoances Hereon nei'NiKtiig or ui any wise appertniiiiiu - , nav bedividett ly 4 - oiiimis - ioneri, to be appointed thi lemorahle t urt, in pursuance ol Ihe pro visions of tlie act entitled an a t for tlie partition - l.iniis Aod your etitioiier shall ever prty, Dated this sixth day ol February, one thou eiht hundred and ighteen GKOKtiK D. WICKHAM. John and Aiea'r Duer. All'im. lie pleased to take notice that a petition, of n vne nooTn is it topy, win uo (jrrivni - to the ludges and aniti mt justices ol the court ol common pleas iu and lor the couuly Orange, at the court h uie in Goshen, on last Monday of May neit, at ten o'clock, the forenoon of that day, or as soon there at counsel can te Heard And nn ap filirstion will thereupon he made to the laid court the appointment of comuiittionen, to make partitinn of the lands, tenements and hereditaments above described, with the appurtenances, ccorning to the prayer of the said petition, and i urmarre of the act entitled an act for the partition of lands. Dated 6th February, 1818 we are, kc. JNO. U ALEX. DUER, Att'ies for the above named petitioner. To the iiersou oi persons unknown, inlcrctted the above described land, or whomsoever else may concern. fro I4law tlM in My IN CHANCERY. John B. Murray, i vs. State of New - York, s James T. Watson. N IN pursuauce nf a decretal order of this honourable court, made In the above cause, will be sold at publie auction, tt the Tontine Coffee louse, in Ibe citv of New - York, under the di rection of the subscriber, as one af the masters this court, oa 1 uesday the second day of sen. teniber nest, at twelve o'clock at nooi , all that tract of Isnd joining on the town of Lowsille, and lymc In the county or Lewii. in the slate store said, being part of great lot No. 4 of Macomb's purchase, and comprises all the lots known on a certain plan or map luade by David Branson and white, in the year 1W , Irom no. us to JM loch site, containing toevlher 15,1)00 a :ret nTl.nil. with the atiiHirienancek therein belone ng or any wise appertaining, ualed June ao, 117. (Copy) JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jv 41 lawtwdld .Matter in Chancery The tale oi the above proper! r I pottponed to the tirit dav ol llov neat, at the same nour sno place. Dated Jan 22, 1818. J AM (.3 A. IIAillll. lt.'.V, Jan 24 lawlMyl Master in t hancery MADAM lk.l.Alih has Ihe honour ot in fiirnimg The ladies oi this city, and parti' cuia - ly her customers, that Hie exiieclilorecciv the first arrival an handsome assortment ol pring nd Italian STRAW HATS. nihlblw - BOARD. 1" " ANTF.D. in the upper part of the town V y in a n siiectalile family, atcomodition for a lirntlenian, L.adv, i iuid aud servant tw unfurnished rooms will lie necessary, cominani eating with each other a sleeping place will ul' he n quired lor tne tervant, and Hoard with it family. Any person having these eccoramoila UOlim, aa lltsil up mc miwni .uunir. nut itini: down than Fulton street, west uie of Bmadwny will please to address it. u. u. at tkisotnce. mh 12 tf C'Kvrours vr old aok. 'HlSdnyispuhtithed by T. k J.ftWORDS, . 16U fearl - street, price 75 lent, in ettr boitrdc THE COVFORTS OF t)I.D AGK witb bioerai - hicai illustrations, py oir i nomas lit marc. Baronet. I.erJor it mtlivrji acceienh lenata. mh 14 ran H.1Lr. k PEW, in the right aisle of Trinity Church n Apn y at No. 56 Wll - streeU mh 16 4t ''IWOor three respectable persons may be immedatelv accommodated with p chu rooms ami bo.trd ng, on moderate terms, ii - ,i private I. miy. They have taken a hn noiue tram Uie m iAV nex1. : . centr heahliv and pleaai)t si nation, on tlie we - 1 Mde of the cr.y, m wMch they can accommo ave uiree oi tour per.m w,th elerant airv r - m and loa Ci,,. Satisfaciory reference w ii K"vii riw rrq.iireu. The sfld e t! e adyartner is left uie omce ot tint ;.a - mh 14 lw per. (he Hit lor hie l ing nf 1 - S0TICE. A BOT7T tha Uth aflimrmhet last. AMrton J with lot of Carpenter'! Tools and a 61 iff tfudt, was apprrfienoea at ine newara ca - Dock, which be ai nOeriag for sale. From ibe eoalessioool the man little or no doubt remains that the toole and skiff were stolen" property - yw it io give nonce tiuic toe owner orownen oi said proueiiycan nave it acain bvauolviog to ilhamuuuaiuia.i. aisaia dock, uy proving the laiba a ad paying charge. Aid if no person appear! ia a reasonable lime, they in oe sold as tlie law direc ts. Newark, Dec 59, 1817. mh lltw" fi EATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. 'IHE longand successful use of Uiit ointment J. is a lutScient recooimetiSktiofi, as it has oeen found to be a pleasant, safe and certain re medy for that disagreeable disease in all it sta ri. ii ior aiein uie ciiy oi mw - iuii "J . A. ti W. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; I. 4t T Clark, No. bS Maiden - Iane i H. II. Scbieffelm ii Co. No. 193 Pearl street: Law rence ii Keoae, No. 196 Pearl - street Hall Bowne, 146 Pearl street ; R. ! L. Murray, 313 Pearl - street : J M. BradhursL 314 Pearl - street ; John Pen ford, No 4 Fltti lier - street ; Duryee Poe, in Pearl - street; J' ho C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich - street; John P. Fisher, 106 Broad way ; Walter K Sraman, corner of Chamber - st. and Broadway, and also in Chathain - itreet ; and in short it may be procured at most of the Drug Morel iu this cily Also in Philadelphia, of a Withered A Sons : Geore Hanell . North it Ro cert, and almost a. I the druggists ia the principal towni in tne United btaies. , UKEWI1B, WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTER? may be had at the a bore placet. jan 22 6m EDUCATION. , l RS. DAW SUN lately from the Eastern Lf I Continent rtipectiully inlormi tlie public that she has opened a School io Cherry street No 98. when roune Ladies will be carefully in strutted by lu - rtelf ai.d daughters, in writing. aritlioietic, drawing, history, geography, use the Kioiirs. and nttdie work in un vanetiei. Mrs. D. bmrsleare to observe that her system of teaching (lormed from her own esperieiK e) greatly facilitates the improvement of youlh with ease and pleasure to themselves, and save an incredible portion oi tbeir lime, when employed in the usual way. Great attention will be paid to Lngli'n iirninmar, lu - admg and rronuiu mtion ii. ti. ruins ana I'rawin: in m suin nor man ner hy li Liawion. - mhll.iw B OA It DIJNAn elderly lady also a gentle with apartments and Board in a private fumilr and ceutial situatiou, from the first of .May real, Api iy at tins unite. mh a Zw N. SMITH DAVIE Late conductor oi the luinc of Mr. Natha niel broi't.. O' FrERS for tale at hit Marufactorv, o lotJ Broadway, a iti.rrul and extenuvean jssortmtnt of pi rluuiery lid fancy articles an m i) f. found in this city. Araon which are Wgptahle traniparenl sliavmg liquid, which maki - s a rreamv lather ' and softens the btard Oil antiqn lor curling, gKtaing, strengthening, and perlcaii'ig the hair, mil preveniiiig it irum turnr g grry Fine cosmetic cold cream, for removing scurf, roughness, nil manner of eruptions, and chup mm tne skin. Carbonic or charcoal dentifrice, rhemicallt repnred lor preserving the leein and gums Ve aetable route, for civ ing a natural colour to complexion feiirl cosmetic, or lace powder, lor whliening kin Highly improved chemiral cosmetic wah ball sofliiirg, pieiervmg, and beautifying the skin, and preventing it fiom chapping nupernne rose, vioieu anu inaiu iinir powaer. an anted to be pure and free from adultera tion Almond paste, for washing the skin Almond powder, lor tbe same purpose cnemical ilentilrlcc tooth imwdrr, warranted Balsumic lip ! ot i, nir gi ing t beau - liful coral red to th lips, curing roughness and haps, and tearing them imootli aod comiorla Celebrated Albion corn plaster, io well known he an edit nrious remedy lor corns llishlv improved heuiical milk ol roses, lor IMI'rklHM lllf Iklfl. l.iraill'K IS laueu n.wc ei - il.. - 1. . In..nd tt lrvm suirf. rtdi. ness, sunburn, and chaps, aod lor the use of gen tlemen aller shaving .... . , Highly iiuproved sweet scemeu nam ana sou pomniuins rommntie ae graivc, ir g uiu pmnioiiiitt the growth oi the hair, and prevent it from coming out Chemical ansiergent lotion, iur yie iccui auo gum , . , Aromatic tooth paste, for whitening and preserving the teeth and gums rurillefl tlllliv un, hib w - m. wm v.i. - mical principle i and i so w II km.wn to be su (icrior to most other soaps ior soiinrig the beard and promoting the operation of ibivin; Hithly unprovea vioitisnaving (icwuer, wnicn ii:.rlirularlv adspled to tbe use of Travellers, being very portable, and in all respects ant xcel - lent article lor shaving (V - t - please be particular and oserve, that all ihi foregoing articles of N. SMI'IH DAVIE? maiuilnciure, win nave mi nnwe u ton meui in t.iier plate or type. ill aznuiu bonum. ni plus ultra, r - lined it tel. concave, and a,varicty of common rior, in ea ses and single; biitaiiii.t metal an glasi ttia ring boxel ol various rites, suitahlelor shaving rates ; Dialing hose, Willi glatt. brutb and soap ; do with glass, krush, 'o.ip and hair brush, nd a variety ni coomon shaving ivixes ; razor strops of various kiltie, siiti. and osality ;some very smull and tuitahle for shaving rates; ladies' jivpunnnl drosing t acs, fun ished or un tarnished ; gentieiuei's morocco ins nianogany dressing rases lurnthi d In a siiieritr style ( ladies und eentleiaeD au have the drawers of ptr - tahle desks and toiitie glasses ntted up lor tires sine, in a tuperior lylc ; a liantlsoiua atsoitmrnl oi Indict work box ; nttdie casts completely luinulitd with need s oi tne ntst quality ; a variety nf pocket - hoot I thread cases ; gill, plated and sua imnes ; ivry one tomos oi an siiu, some extra surlie ; iox woo fine cmiihs ; tortoite shell, ivortand horn pocket rnmbs ;du rntile ink , salt ol leioii ; I ituv svrapt rs , tootb pi' ks ; tooth pick csei und tweeters ;;i.,teiit pe netrating nan nruirs ; ny ine snsiiU - M appiita tion, tin y peuetr.iti to the root ol the thicken liair, i leaiixinc in'n it nil orcrnirnuie inuiier a rising from evce - i exercis - , giving to the head and hair a - entihily of pleasantm ss not to be npecied fr m ihc ommon kind oi hair brush - ei i hair bruthrt I othet bruthri ; tooth brush - es ; shaving hruihi, with or without easel : nail iirtKhei ; corah rutins ; hat biu - ht - r, whisker liruhet, withclass.ilatr liruf ie aud llesh brush s. I htse are tae arm ks, or which there is an assoitment on hid, equal, if not superior, to any in tne uoitrn ,a't ; a very eltgaal assort ment of pen and pkei knives ;.bue and com. mui tcittor no'k'istor cast: iruit knives; a varietv of fine hty lr and snuff hoxet; hair pint t hiKlkinttid black pins : pencil casts and niacK leml ceuis ; nne swan an i nlk pnlls ; p. ,wder boxes and rwder knives ; a variety of l'R:.doine cut rlainiimulure rvottlrs, lor cIihiii", net kla es .r. Wi Mlverand gold caps ; sme. - J tinn inittics, witu - iuic laita i aromaiK iinm ol vinegar. QT Large chdtiont made to country srirc - kcepert, wht'Willtd il intK h to tlir advaut tgt to ktrp an arsorttnt of theariclrsof N. Sinilh Dari' manuftcte, as the are put upiii Hit hett style, aod ode to uJ an y riimate. Merchants will be lulled wliolenale lor exportation, mh 5 Bi.XI ANA, otie art nfpiigilina, taught and dc - plsyed KitifirMly, to Ine gentlemen nf New - York, in thew k room ,t the Unioa - Hotrl, No. 68 WillUm - t, by Gcorje Benson, ej. la of Drjry - Un theatre, LoimIoo. Gertle - m'o wishing to lan that mat h atloiirrd art rfi self defence, can ye the lca - ure f kno? iug Uie terms, wlii'b e modrrate, by arclviug a above. Honrs oliteodanr a: d tuitins, from lOoVlocii. A. Mot P. till 5; aadfrom7j. M. Irura tlf past lt Iwt ft - mm TIVII A WELK r - rr 1 fcAVfcO iewoorgne - - it n Handav. Tuesday, awl Thursday mornings, at Oiree o'clock, ram Uirougb Moimt ry, Dloouiiogburgn, ionuceno, ny White Ltike, Cohecto, Mount Pleasant, Great Bead, Chenango,Owega, Ithica, aud Ge neva, wsanana - iifua. Retui ni ir kra e Cafiatidantua erery Mon. dy. Wednesday and Friday morning at three o'clock, and arrive at Newburgh, the third day in ime to take the Steam - boats which arrive In Ne - Yo. k the following moniing. rrf h mav bt txvixlti tlutt at aUlm twhttt Ikt $lram bnalt aUtr thetr rfayt f ruwtu.g, that thi$ trie mil titer wls auei Ihem - The whole route will be perfomed in.three dav. from the first of May, until Hie first of November and from tlie first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March . un iUhe first of May, in four dav and from tlie 15th U cember, un. tl the fifteenth of March the same line will be nittinued to the citv of New - York and run from tl.ence to Canandaiirua in four dy. Passenger travelling from New - Yi rk to C'anandaigua, Nugaraor liunaio,can ieae York in the evening tteam - bcau, and arrive n Canatidaigua in tb ee days a distance of three hundred mil. s. The line is well furnished with good, new carriage! j good home, and eieeful'and experienced dr.vera Every atten tion will be paid to fender the passage of the traveller aafe, easy and expeuniou t anu ii i believed that the accommodations on this line are eouul to anv line in tlie itate. IX y FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN Di LLtRS N. 1). A branch of the same line run three time a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a tint - runs from Oivecro TioiM Point, thence through Newtown and Painied Pout, to Bath, BAGGAGEj as usual, at tlie risk of tlie owners. David Godfrey. Bloomingburgh, " I' Si Inlui Mnmil i'leasant. L. & R Manning, Chenango, iProprie' i .inner ,ere. iinica. Samuel C.reenhff, Genera, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, mh 14 d6in NOR 1 11 RIVr.R STEAM bOA I S. ftr Theou'ilici re'nect fully informed lhat the Para i will leave inew - iura, . . i i, i. Alonday next, the 1U Mann, ai H oVlotk, A M mh II IO COM.VIENCEON MONDAY MtXl CJ team - boat I ' Olive - branch, for Phila 1 ia''"'l'""i via llruus kk 2.1 milu bv land. Price thruugti $ , 60 passeugers, 3 50. ! ore - castle or deck The OLIVE - BRANCH will leave New - York every day al 1 1 o'clork, from the north side of the Battery, and to return from Uruuswick so as to arrive at 10 th next moriing, in this city This hoe bat a couueclion with the best boats on Ihe Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as alo thoie of Ihe North River and Sound; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. I his is a speedy and certainly the most con venient rout, a the passenger sleep at Trenton or Brunswick, and arrive at a much leas expcue and in the hour of business at New - York or Philadelphia without fatigue iu travelling ur the want of sleep, as the distance hy land is st mall - whereas via the Poiut aud Powles Hook il i 56 and f 6 miles. Fore - castle passengers, (who diet with the pro ile,j to Hrunwick, or Amboy, at I each. - Light freight and marketing, free. New - York, March 12, 1818. mh 12 vpwco wtttaksr Awvt'fc'. "jaOTlCE ia hereby given to all persons in - X 1 terested, lhat the Comm'ssioners of Es timate and Assessment, appointed by the Su preme umrt ot judicature ol the state of New. York, toperf .rni certain duties relative to the enlarging of Spring - street, between Thompson street and Wooater - sirect. in the t - iclil ward of the said citv. have con pleted their estimate and assessment, as well of the loss and damage sustained over and almve the benefit and ad - vantage received by thr owner of the lands and premise required for the said enlarging and improving Spring - street ai aforesaid, as alio of the benefit and advantige received by the ownei and par: iri interested of ard in certain lands and premise not required for said improvement And that we the tid Commissioners have deposited a true eonv of such e. tiniate and assessment in the Cleiks office of tl.c city of New - York for the inspection of whomsoever it may concern and no; ice is hereby further given, that the report of estimate iind assessment will be presented to tlie Supreme Court of Judicature, of the state of New - York, at the City - Hall of the city of New - York, on Monday the fourth day of .Slay next, at the opening of the said Court on that nay. or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard thereon. Dated Ne - York, March 3, 1818. PETER HA WES, t PETER STACG, V Commissioneis JOHN TARGE h. mh 4 1 It GEO. G FIB'S MUSIC IIHOOL. no. 2tt w a LI. - STREET, S established on his new and easy system of teat hint romposilion thoro' lias. preludme the art oi fingering the piano forte and singing, Kc. Terms 30 dollar per quarter, half in advance. , From 4 to 7, caturdays. P.M. the academy will he open, for the Iriends of science anil the amateurs of music to call and inspect the estah li'l iuent, and Iney are requested to bring w ith them the first European worm on music, to ena hie them net uraitly to appreciate tli merit ol nus new improved system ol teaching, ry mn 0 2w ti. tiF.lB. tVH MMV, rTMIE CIRC I' LATI G LIBRARY. 138 Ful I ton - street, near brr - adwtiy, consisting oi n extensive and choice collection of hittorv, travel, voyages, biography, romances, novels, tales, plhvr, reviews. mtariues.&2c. t.'tatnlnguet may he examined at the library, wnicn is tieu lor sunsciiners, at usual. mh4 tf wVKIf DhESSLYO .tOUM. PRUME.NTO. N . I W - m - aiKet.fust re IX . turned from I'a'y, ba uV honour to iniorm the eenllemen, that he tuts and tlresse hair in tne latest style, anj ia a ma. ner ft as to r Jopt ii io ine poisipgiiumy. ne lias i.t liie a quan' i ty of RAZOU? oftl - e .l qual'ty, ii they do rot please oa trial, the purc haser ate at litv. rty to return thrm. and receive the money He bat likewise pron - ed a very fine b..ite, ai drarget to icstore - irs to avery I r edgsj andshuuKl tlwy n't! cut b wi'l Tttive ro rettmpe;i.. - Tttose trnfeiitea m'. miy leas u L nor him wi.h their pal'osge, d eiid oa the m - wl paiicu!ar .M rv - siet tful atteinlaitce. N. B Gentlemea w'.xtubscilte ty the cur ler will hare their r? s rs ic. ke)t etchtuveJy for lliemselvc. P. S. A pod journeyoan jyaated. Apply aa above. Kb. 6 tf rA ISkr&t&l. IMroRTAUT TO fiUUBIU. No correction with tlie post chaise line. PARTNERbHIP DISSOLVED, AlsDOPPO - . tslTION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Port Coacbti witb every convenience for passenger and baggage, on Springs TH ROUGH IN ONE DAY. I lia Post Coach will start from tlie Coach of fice, old No. I Courtlaod - streer, N. York, every morning, Sundays excepted, at 1 - 2 past 6 o'clock by way of Newark, TSew Brunswick, Prince ton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadcl nfiia Ihe same evenine. 'flu Steam Boat Lint INDUSTRY, will start from New - York every mornink (Sun days excepted) at 10 o'clock, io tbe Steam Boat Atalauta, from the north tide of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to diue United Statei Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for passengers and baggage, no ipring. The U. S. mail cobcS will itart from the coach office, bid No. I Courtlandt - itreef, New York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock Only 6 natseneeri admitted. For seats in the above named Lines, apply to I HU5. wui irir.LaLi, at me old esiawisneu Ccach, Stage and Steam Boat offite, at Ihe old No. I Courtlaadt - stieet, Uie second ctfice from Broadway, New - York; to ISAAC BROWN, No. I Washington - street; or to A. T. GOODRICH tt CO. No 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar street, New - York. ft - AII goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, bO.S Ai CO. N. B Expresses sent to any pnrt ol Ihe Con' liint,by THOMAS WHITFIELD. Jan 22 rn. - T CHAtsE LINK. fr O R PHILADELPHIA The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Paisengeri and their baggage (through in one day; will leuve tne foil Chaise uuire, l lb Broad way, opposite tbe City Hotel every day (Sun day excepted) at hail past 6o'clockin the morn in. by way of Newark, and arrive tbe lame day at rmiadeipma. The MAIL PILOT, in opposition to the Mail Coach, with superior accommodations for Pas - seot - rs anil their baggage, w ill leave the lame place every day (Sunday excepted) at half past I o'clock P. M. will proceed I .e lore theMail, and not subject to the inconvenience of stopping ut the numerous Post Offices mi the road, but every accommodation provided for the traveller, ant arrive some hours helore the Mail at Philadel - nhia. Fare 7 dollar $. (r All goodi and baggage at the riique of Ihe owner. JOHN N. GUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULlt'K 4: SONS, Pnoreton. STOCKTON it HOWELL, Philadelphia. A". B. Exprtttn lent to any part of ihf Viuttd SMn, bV I.. BAKER tt CO. Feb 24 b. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A GUARD, frt - The public are attured that tbit line it equal to any in Uie U S. for the convenience and tumforl ol the tiavellcr. With Uie addition of tbe guard, (be passenger may rest secure at to ini baggage aod - pertonU taiety the coach no vel neing itit whilst ciiangiog at ue post oucel, witnout a peisn on the box. I he way mail Is put in separate bugs aod changed ut the Euro (ieao style. 'ihe U S. Mail Coach will itart from Uie coach office, old No. 1 Courtland st.eet, New York every day at t o'clock P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock: ti passengers admitted in thu coach. roi seats apply to i nus. wnii r ir.i.u, nt Uie old Coach and Stage Office, old No I, second dice from It road way in Courtlaodt - itreet, or to A T. GOODRICH U Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner ol Cedur - slreet, New - York. N. B. All Roods and bjggage at Uie risk of me owner. J. LYON it SONS, Powles Hook. WILLIAM GULKK i: CO. Kiugiton. CHESTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Kxpresei sent lo any part of tut Continent by jai.20 TlfoS. Will tU Ll. VV' 1. . .ti UV'tK.. - .l., .VC .J. ... - . If corner of Fulton - street, New - York, hav ' received a large supply of thu real J APAN Ri.ACKING. of Day fc Martin, 97 High Ilol - born, London, offers the same, in wholesale or retail, for exKtrtalion, or home caosnmpuon, on terms Uie most liberal and advantageous to pur chasers. This inestimable composition, with half the a sua! labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fully equal lo the highest japan varuu - h; a (lord: peculiar nourishment to the leather ; it will not toil the finest linen ; is erfectly free from any unpleasant smell ; and will retain its virtue! iv anv climate. Ai an incontroveninie prooi oi me superior excellence of this Marking, it ha stood the tel md commanded the most titenove ea'e io al'. quarters of the globe, for upward - ! of half a ceu tury. reoie NEW MUSIC. JUST published by W.M. DUBOIS, at his I pianoforte and music store, No. 126 Brond - viy, Hruham'i celebrated Polacca, arranged as a Rondo, by Steihelt Favorite Venetian Air, arranged ai a rondo, by I.atoor Paddy O'Carroll, with variations for Uie piao forte, by P. K. Moran. SONGS. O softly siren my Raby Hoy The l.nst Tnkt n, orreuiem'icr tne. Also, all Mr. Phibpps' Sms to he bad at a heve. eh 17 llslArti. IS IV A NEW STYLE, il sib hkhvil, ffox L')Mo.(, at jSG :md up - wa H. r - 4iui us in .y he Metmt the I online Ccff e lit. use. the Ci v Hotel, a :ul a hi paint - mi room, Ib9 U - .iadw.y, exactly oi poi'e John stnt I. n,h Ii 'J' vv A I ED - - situ.tU o inatchuoi i. - r pri rate lumiit. a lemit ot retnei inhili Iy, v.h (.as been attus omed to teach writing. i. ithracUc, geogra, hy, Vc. Any lady in w ant al stsrh a peroa, will find Hit aiivt - rtiser vriby ol ii'4f s. Iiavinc been in Ue are capacity io England, njiti ca produ e Sdtistactoiy references. Ftr tiirt.r pa i titular eitfjtiire 01 Uie prin - ter of t:is paper. lehZI ni ( Ai v. Loo. rilHE sultoiVr can furuMi the fanner of M. tbe adjaceat couairy with frrouud Plaster of Paru in any qu - tutity, on the iJjnrtest nuUce, n rvarrt is or oilier ue. JOHS BYERS, Feb 53 tf Toot of H arraoa - st. N. R. : R Iff BL vC A sJJiunlkg pifebekoov how to tlisUnrcUs , .. s iweekthiogithatdiiler. f 11 DOCTOR HORNE, former) of the city of Lowlourau 1 number of the faculty of phynZ i aod lurgery there, deem it ty to repeat tome observation. . tlie abuse of MERCURY, a rajb,inditcruuinate, and Mqoali. ' fied ate Oiercol, tnUm prod, tive of infinite Aischir. iiJT audi are annually nercurialixed out of exiiL eace. Tbe disease we bave in view owe iu fa. tal resulu chiefly to thu tource. What a nity that a young man, the bopei of hit country, ' the darling of hit parent!, ihould he tolttLed ht way from all the prospects and enjoy ments of hfl '. by the coosestuences of one unguarded momen? snd by a disease not in its own nature fatal, eaii winch only provei so from neglect or improocs treatmeoL" A geutlemac, (late Dr. H'idZI dent) now perfectly beary and well, tad be ' under phyiu - ieni of geneul practice, six years, and repeatedly tali vat, d ; when recommended ti Dr. H. (by a gentleman of thia city) ti, bon! were carious, and hi flesh dropping from them - bis friend declared be could not possibly survive t wo month longer. Thousands ex periluentall know witlr what ease and sixety Dr. H. eradi. Cdtes the severest case, and confirms Uie conitf tution. The Doctor plan (adverbiing) u .J ceuary to guard Uie public against tbe abuse af mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth... Persons, therefore, having contracted a vate disorder, or tuspecting latent poitcn, admonished not to tamper with their coostii tion, or conceal Uie disorder, till peat ftcoy! ry ; othen having Uie remain of la old case, or other impuritiei of the blood, as well as other complaints of a delicate nature, in eitW sex. should remember posterity, and do justice to their conscience, by making appijcatiaa i'iDr' sH ?'w.ld nd"P;talleeiUb. luhnient, No. 64 Water - street, lour houses west of Old - ilip, to obtain that prompt aiiiitaBcea. lone calculated to prevent diiclosure. And hen let me claim your teriout attention Remember a superficial ruse U ao cure at ail; unlet! tbeba - linessii ratBcally done, yon will certainly bar the disorder break out again with redoubled ma lignity. at lome future period ; perhupi then will be loo late for remedy. Don't you often meet in the street miserable, mutilated beings, without even a bit of now on their face i Take warniiir Dr. H'a. character for skill and stuhhnnt IkI.: grity being tniv;rially known in tin's city, since 11104, guarantee to patient that delicacy and so crety hitherto unknown, and having confined hit practice for years past, exclusively to the cure of rli.essei of tlie blood tystm. they may lafely calculate on tbe most decided advantage in coi - ulting Dr. II. Gleet eradicated in tw or Uiree weeki. - ' Stric.turei removed withou' bougies nr any other initromcnt and all debilitiei ; likewise ill old ulcerations, fintula'i tit, . A plurality of offices are prorided, and sosita - tted that patient are not exposed toeacholWi observation. Open till half past 9 in the evening. All pet sons concerned are invited to be iyeiin tailing, and ipeaking with Dr. IL whfel, is re of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid Ut expression of gratitude for innumerable recommendations, and for Uie decided preference (it i presumed with just cause) long given him by a judicious public. N. B. All letters roust be poit paid. ' Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 U ... XElTtlEH QUAt h &RY fiUH IMtUbi - - R. EVANS' luperioi ' JL method of curing a cer - taiu Disease, isnowunivcr tally acknowledged ia thii cuy ; rui moae oi (reatuital perieciiy mild, late, ex - apenuious. and nn charge raiuuauit, io every in - Istaoce he warrant a cure, I and will return the nav if ha 9 doe not perform agreeable to contract. a. OltTAJI OQterVtll. Tliere are many persons in this city aod it vicinity, laboring under varioui chronic ditcaie such a cancen, old inveterate ulcers, scrotal or kings evil, fistulas, disease of the miitlyt, bladder and kidniet, ofd complicated compuuaU of certain aature, bilioui and other obttrao - tioBi, rheumatiim, ice. which Ibey coasider ine - ftosDitai in curope iz year, uudr first Surgeon and Physician in the world, aa4 made U,oar obstinate diteaiei hit constant ttady for 30 year. Oct 12 ' f pil E public is reipect - X fully informed that the ELEPHANT bow exhibiting at No.; 296' ti roaa way, win positively be removed on or a - '.out the 1st April next. Those that wish to Kraft - fy their curio - ity, viewing the wonderful work! of nature, will do well to embrace this op portunity. Admittance 25 ceuti. mo 3 ti f) - r WHEATON & DA - VIS, Fancy Chair Mamfae turer. No. 153 Fulloq - itreet, opposite St. Pauls Churh, offer for sale, wholesale ind retail, a large and elrgast assortment of Curld Miple, plain painted and ort unfit ed in gold ft broaza, Laniboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Coaverft - tion. Chain. Sofas. Setleeu Loungees, Music Stools, fee. ... t . . i , i Orders from any part of the continent execute ' with neatnetisand dispatch. - c .... ' . Old Chain repaired, painted and ornamented. mh 9 . ! - . JJ Th luliscriber having recently returned from England with aa important improvameuton tho artificial spring LEG, lie takci this method of informing bis frieuds and Uie public, that all those who a. a se unfortunate a to bo in wait of it leg, or aim, they can be accommodated by ap I - lying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jao WM. PURVIS. ' LEWS ITCU OIISVMEXT, WARRANTED an infallible remedy atflM application, may be used with perfect jfety on infanti a week old, not conkinj0 particle ot mercury ,or any dangerous togredicnt whi'evr r, and not accompanied witb that pffen - sive - oiell which attends the application of other remedies. ... - . The afrove medicines are prepared and ijrd at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maido - U. nd sold bv S. CARLE, cornei of Fultto ana Wt - r - treets.. ' ; .. . I )i uirri - ts and country itore - keepen snpy'!6 or liS terms. ' ' Jan CT T - lilt' . TP nTtrl U a . i.. i. A. man cu be accommodated, vi n ?7 two rooiiis, aPer the fin.; ,r.May next, ! will iit board, the toom. fuminhed or not, r gaweel and wnidl family, the liouse and pleasant, and in a healthy part of tciJ about ten mi ntttes walk fn'm WalWtre For fuMlvr information inquire at n - 12 fell 23 Broadway. PRI.YTKD AJfD PUBLlSflZD . MICHAEL BVRXBJIM CO - No. 42 PnrMTMttT, : i' - : . - OTi rrri - . , ..... mmm I

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