The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 18, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1818
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PAUPERISM, e - r At a meeting of the Manager! of the - Bt for the prevention of Pauperism," St evening .t tb. New - York H - S tii e fotlowinfr officer, were elected. Mathew Clarkson. President. Brockholst uvwgsum, . John Murray, Jum. w;n;m Few. Vice. President. Nicholas Fish, ) Najaii T lw, treaaurer. John Oris com, secretary, foe following gentlemen were nominated by lb chairman, to obtain ubtcriber to the confutation, a J to receive subscription in the dif - total warJj0(eph CBrtifj rirst Ward. John E. Hyde, Second Ward. Najah Taylor, Third Ward. Thomas Eddy, Fourth Ward. John R. Murray, Fifth Ward. Joseph Smith, Sixth Ward. John Withingtop, Seventh Ward. Abraham Labaugh, Eighth Ward. Nicholas Fish, NUith Ward. Solomon Wheeler, Tenth Ward. Tomorrow morninx a book will beUeft at the Literary Rooms of James Eastburu k Co. at ln comer if - ttreet in Broadway, for the purposes! receiving the - uames of such citixen as ' 1 .1 i.;. tnpir where al - SPPIVVC HH piiui.... w. - si copies of the constitution may at the same rervrif'F.. ......Mhiii timkf?rAM avittinsr be irj - i w .vym hj. - i - ' - - - m ii CO. at Hartford. Coowcticut, wu by rautaaJ v i . - 10U lnt Tria f lain oi 1 1 v tunt.rTii sui luuvni w (iURDON BUCK, who will continue business fr fo. own account. oURDOW BUCK, DANIEL BUCK, mh 18H&c3lt DUDLEY BUCK, nm Mr Jfi - I.PH J t'.NKlNS. who sailed from Uiit port during tbe war, will find a letter threaten to mm in we ruii - umue. inn 10 u For Alexandria, Georgetown and IVah - uiglon Ci.V, Th fine new sclir. VALORIUS. R. TsvW. mister : to sail first wind. For fieiiriit or passaere. apply on board at pier no. a onn mver, or io DIVTK BETIfUNE & CO mh 18 2t 92 Coflee - Housculip. f & J. CODDINGTON, 204 Frout street, of - I fee for sale. 30,000 lbs. of green Ceflse, In tiercel and bags, entitled to debenture 20 bhds of good Muscovado Sugar 30 buses of white Havana do 10 pipe L. P. Madeira Wine 10 do Sicily Madeira 60 qr casks old Sherry (Mora's brand) 10 pipes old Bordeaux Brandy 3 do old Cognac (MarteU's brand) 10 bhds. Jamaica Rum 10 do W. I. Rum 40 box English Mustard 400 boxes Bloom Raisins 100 half chests fresh Hyson Skin Tea, London Tradtr's cargo, Utelj arrived at Philadelphia. mh 18 lw TENERIFFE. D LYNCH, Junr. (at No. 40 William street) . has added to bis stock of Wines a few hhds. of old and very; superior Tencriflv, which, bavin been ripened in the Wet ladies, has acquired 11k - unt flavour which he offer for sals, warranted pure as imported. rob IS l w C - ORNLLIU") R. DUFFlb, 86 Wall - street, J ha for sale 7j0 ubls - Rkhmond Flour 200 do. Philadelphia do. 60 pins. Old Jamaica bpinls 30 tirres prime Kics 350 logs cedar for snip baiidera 60 osdar pott 10 bbls. cannon Powder 3600 bushels Isle May Salt tOO kegs Manafactared Tobacco Old L. P. Madeira Wine. nhl8 lw s COTCH HERRINGS. A few 6rkios, very One Herrings, the latest imported, for sale b7 MILLS, I'UKUI KUU. mblS St XIS Pearl - street. COFFEE 10,000 io. arst quality, Martinique Green Coffee For sue by PETER REM EN CO. mh 18 28 South rtreet. rflABLE. MATS. 3 cases, tor sule b CI. Hit A S CUMING, mh 18 76 Penrl - street. FRENCH CAMBRIC. PL Al ILL AS, tic. X cases coot'g 40 p. linen cambric 6 do coarse brown platillas 100 pieces coarse German linen, 100 yards each - For sale bj N. A D. TALCOTT, mch 18 84 Soa'h - street. gatO - ili, MOL.1SSES, tic. 13 tierce Prime Muscovado Sugar 83 bbls ) 63 hhds molasses, and 19 boxes segar Cargo of brig Eliza, trom St. Jago, now landed at pier No. 4, N. R. and will be sold on ac - commotbtiaf urms, trom the wharf, by sj. G,t S. HOWL AND, njb 18 17 Washington - htreet 9Q7 noun. tdJ bbls supf. and 33 do fae, landing from sundry vessels, from lUchnvmd, for sale by ah 18 DIVIF. IIETHUNE ti C. CALCUTTA SUGAR. - 300 hags huiledaod plain white of superior quality, lauding at Coenties - slip, for sale at 67 Serh - etrett, by CAMBRELENG f E ARSON, rob 17 SALE OF FURNITURE, Atthe Mbrchait Hotbu WALL - erariT TO - MORRUVV, at 10 o'clock, A. M. will be uLI K I'D IV fl M Ulvrniln A r festtier beds,efthe beet q.ality, with a good hiir umrass u eacu, coonierpstae, iiianaeis ana sheets, a valuable dining table of 10 peices. side boards, looking glasses, writing tables, bureaus, carpel. tc i . mn 18 it WAITED FOR THE COUNTRY. A MAN who merstaads coasmoa gardening, and a woman who understands boute - werk. wing, c a man ana rus wde win be pre ftrred. Apply No. 49 Froat - streeL mhlSlw STRAYED laiteveuiofr, a dark bi indie PUP, two months nM : a litrje white at the end of . vi uu um aim ai uw ana mum iu. Whoever will return him at No. 18 Vesey - ttreet mmii icceirea rewara oi two aouars. am 18 It ATHETIEUM. o R Spirit of the Enclish Mafaxines Con tents nT lt fnrMairh I w.Am of l - ampidosa tbe Eogliihworaaa ! ice islands u wnite sea near oi ureenlatd ; the Cra or ?prheim illMtrated animal sagacity ; Or. Drake's Shakspeare and bis Time tot ancient druid and modern witch t Shillibar's 7aee to ntcalrn'slslsnd t Papa Italians, Pin I OB nUMtftrn nMll t Mr Annki.w .;. portraits ; con tempore ry authors No 3 ; lite - ry characf ee of Francis Jeffrey's, Esq : time's Wwope for Moreb , St David's day ; Mid - Int si", prjtj ; St. Gregory; St. Patrick ; lVi' v 0lW 1 r,in nunday j Aon anciatjon, or rfy '! . earthquake at dCrccas j Maim - i rbupsday ; Good Frirtsy E'zter Lve ; East. ' 6unlayi Easter Monday andTaesdsr; va - 2Jrr.c"tlcal literary and historical ; vwtijre of oarBansai ; tveninr boar j mtatal weak i t - B""' - ioroj oe ana wum ran uiii - " lw iu - p im, umm irr ftc' rK - ?1" ' - utyclopjutfia, melropoiitaaU, 15th J - lb0T work I published "0 the 1st and nuss RP ."h, at 9aly5 dollar pe: .v fo ts A T - GOODRICH St CO. rah 10 BrwdJoppoiU tbe City HoteL iMt lu PhoEbee t tbe Arab's tt ; hnes found tioZ r tnioiug a hma skeleton , traasla iron Ham.Ti i - . j A MAX SERVANT. WANTED, a man servant who onderstaiMls waiting, and caa bring respectable re - commeodatioa as to his capacity, honesty and sobriety. Loeaire at ssb 18 5t No. 49 Front - street. CIRCUS, ANTHON Y - STREET. - Off TIVIUOAT & ATODAY. H TR. STANISLAS will contioue hi eihibi IV I lions on those evenings, in which be will bring forward a variety of new and incomprehensible ei penmen ts and deceptions in the magic art of legerdemain. long uodeveiorea by the civilised world. It would be needless to make we of the pompous style of advertisement resorted to by pretender of the profession his own acknowledged talents needi not the empty language of a bill to convince the public of the vast superiority be claims over all those who . T . J ..... . . nav nitoerio visiieo ino rnj n new - 1 or. The enrions deception of flie Plus Ultra.' while it attracted the most unbounded and reiterated applause, led even the most penetrating to be live in real magic. mh 18 4t WANTS A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, a young woman with a good breast of milk, who can offer the most sauslactory recommendation, enquire at no. 47 Henry - street. mh 18 It A NURSE F unexceptionable character, wants a situa J tion, as atteadant on a lady going to the souu oi tui rope or ooe oi the soutnern states. A ply to No. 3 Columbia College. Where a none, who is also a seamstress, is wanted to supply the place of the former. mhl8 1w FARMER WANTED An excellent Farm to be rented or worked on shares, situated in New - JerseTi about 18 miles frm the citv oi New - York. It is in a high state of cultivation ; about 30 acres are in meadow, and about the same quantity of tillable land. On the place is an excellent House, two large Barns, and other out ouilrlio$s. fur particulars, luquirr at 61 William il. mh 18 lw sruRK JX) LET, The Store and Cellar, No. 133. corner of altr and rue - streets, to let from first day oi Mar next, it is nsw and calculated for the hard ware, dry good, or vendue busineis. Apply to D. SULLIVAN, mh 18 4t 131 Water xtreet. tXJH SALE. A lot of ground at Gr.enwich, pleasant ly siluattd on tbe north tide of Hammond - street, within a lew yard of Hudson - ftrect, lately o pened by order of tbe corp. ration. The lot it twenty four feet six inches front on Hammoud - street, and lame diniensioos iu rear, and ninety five teet in length on earh side. One hail' of a small tenement on the lot will be sold with it. 1'bis property has risn much ii: value since th opening of Hudson ard rtguldtion of Hammond - itrt ets two hundred dolUrs having been lately paid oy the proprietor to the corporation lr the benefit and improvement arising solely t. tbt lot Reference to be had at ti 1 - 2 Wall, rorner of Pearl - street. mh 18 ? MADEIRA WINE 34 pipes, 3d hall pipe and 64 quarter casks London particular Madeira Wine, tbe chief part of which is of a very su lienor quality, and is from 5 to 7 yean old. The whole has been imported by tbo subscribers, and will be sold at moderate prices to dealer or private lamiiies. TUCK.&KS JUAUKir.8, mch 17 29 3onh - rt. COCOA and LOT ION. li bug I .iicut Cucoa 19 ' - und and 9 square balf upland Cotton iust received and firmlf - 1 y JOS. OSBORN, 28 SouUi - sL mh 17 1 TOBACCO end RICC 100 kegs Negro - . bead Tobacco 6 do Pigtail do 110 tierces .lice, per sclir. Maria 45 do per bris 'nirnrrn Forsak - by JONE3 is MF.GRATU, mn 17 Ki nouui - sireet. 1)ErPER and oL'GAu. 100 bags Pepper, entitled to drawback 50 bse Calcutta euaar. Landine at BurUnx Slip, for sale by JOSEPH OSBORN, mn 17 2 ourn - irrei. 171.0UR Hundred tons firt qual.ty Nova Seo - . tia rianter for sale in lots to suit purchas ersApply to iiuiTrB vrYinn t?i rni..i corner of Burliiij - .'lip, or to JOHN BVERS, foot of Harrison - it. mch 17 North River. KEJYUKRKV TAi LOW tilDKS. A FEW thousand pounds NrwY rk Tallow, . and 2000 Slauichtertd Hides, for title. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly Market. an 11 tr LINSEED OIL. 10 bhds. 6 tierces aud barrels, for tale by CORNS. DUBOIS, mh16 6t WHEELBARROWS, fcc 25 Wheelbar - 3000 guuny bag rows II hhds and 2 bales London seine twiae 5000 lbs. Calcutta twine 250 casks cut nails, assorted sue 50 do wrought do 50 bales Calcutta hemp 7 do foolscap pwper Also, hollow ware, shoe thread, whips, brush es, fee. for tale i y UCUKA scuMinij, 7e rean - st. mh 16 VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, lit IRK C1TT or STEW - YORK. FIVE lots of ground on the wett side of Green - wich - ttrcet. between Ve try and Desbros - ses - streets, $5 by 80. I our do io the rear oi tne aoove, ironung on the east side of Washington - street, 25 by 80. Kiehtdo in the mock betow, rietween vvaiu - ington and West - street. in MObTgnmerv vneniy. 6000 acres of Land in Lawreoce's purchase, near East Canada Creek, on the north side oi the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15,162 acres of Land, in tbe towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. In Essex County. 7832 acres of Land in the town of Barrymore. In the County of Lewis. 1250 acre of land in Casterland, Chasten i' Purchase. In Saratoga County. 2600 acres in Palmer's purchase. Enauire at the office of the subscriber. 34 Ce dar - street BEV. ROBINSON. mh 17 tf WHITE LEAD.300qr.cwt.keKi Whit Lead, just received and for tnle ry TUCKER b LAL'RIES, mh 11 29 South - strecL A I ANUFACTURED TOBACCO. LVJ. 100 keg prime old Virginia, 8 twists to 73 oo ta quality luie pouao 20 do common. For sale by mh 11 TROKES, DAVIDSON fc CO. SEERSUCKERS, etc 3 bales yellow striped O wiersncaers 2 bale blue baftas. entitled to debenture, for sale by P. REMSEN U CO. mo iu CHOCOLATE, STARCH, tc - 150 boxes Hill's Boston ChocoUte 80 do Wnifs do 250 kegs Philadelphia Starch 300 half aud qr. Vxe 8pa.iih Segars For sate or JACKSON L WOOLLEY, BHH2 77 Wall - street 7N0L1SH L10 and SPIKES 40 ton flat X - J Iron, assorted sites 100 casks Ske. frm4 to 6 iocbr Tbe former en'xM'A to drawn. k. l - i kU by HENDERSON to CAIRNS, Bbl3 81 Pine - street VJRANDT. - 5 Pit of finely flavoured 4th ID proof Ronwaax Braedy, entitled to tkben - Mire. f or sere oj , GEO. M. WILSON, ah 10 130 Watrr - etreeL For Sle, Freigtit tr Cluxrler, A fK The brig RECOVER, Owen, mas - I r. S4S ton j will carry about ' 2750 bbt ts well (bund, and a snunii good vest el ; lies at pier No. 10, . R. Apply to JOS. OSBORN, mh 17 t8 South - st. . Fer feie, Frtight sr Charier, f The brig ROBERT, Pope, master, lliW9 tons ; wiU carry 3200 bbls ; t years old t well found, nd a good vessel: lies at pier Ho.. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, rah. 17 - 28 South - st. For JfKlV - ORLKAJfS. The new and fast sailing schr FA VOURITE, capt. Fiiher, having a part oi ber cargo engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For freight or passage, apply on board east side of Peck - slip, or to IIAYDOCK & JENKINS, 152 South - it. Who have for sale. Clean SU Petersburg hemp, (Belfast's cargo,) and Kentucky hempen yarns, of an excellxot quality, in lots to suit purchasers. 100 coils cordage, assorted sixes 60 tierces prime new rice 12 casks Bordeaux claret, entitled to de benture 200 boxes new spermaceti candles of Rod' man's St Swain's brand 3000 gallons winter strained oil 1000 do full strained oil 1000 lb whalebone in kb mh 16 lw For LIVERPOOL. The well known ship IMPORTER, James Kneers master, copper - fasten and coppered i hair ber cargo beinu entra red, she will be dispatched immediately. Pur freight or passage, apply to the masteron board, or to CHARLES HALL, mh 16 tf No 1 Beaver - st For Frtixht or Charter, The fine new brig ELIZA, E. Grnbv, master, 208 tons or 1800 bbls. bur then, and in complete order for a voyage. r or terms, apply to G. G. k 9. HOWLAND, mh 16 77 Waaliington - streel. For HAVRE. The ship ELIZABETH, Morris A - Jaon umster ; now liading, and will di! iu inl n!Xt week. For freieht or pattagc, apply on tuard, it pierixo. 7, it., or to DlVlE BETHUNE fct CO. mh 16 92 C. II. Slip. tor Sale, Frrie,lit or Charier, I he well known .lnp m akia - i nr. - REaA, Wm. Skiddy, master, built in tnu city of live - oak, locutt and cedar j lately coppered au'l put iu complete order for an India voy?c ; if ballasted, and coulJ proceed without delay, t or iurtber particulars apply to F. DEPAU, or G. G. S. HOWLAND, mh 16 77 Washington - st. tor OREKfCOCK, The fist sailing ship MARY AU fl'STA. I'orter. master! uill pom. mencc loiulinir nil Tueailav 17th iust. anil hp disjiHtched on the 25th of the present month. Foi freight or pasnajre, apply to the master on board at Pine - st. liarf, or to DUNHAM A AUCHINCLOSS, mh 14 lw 150 Pearl - street. For A'EIVJi Y, 1 lie good, fast sailing ship MIRROR, ii iii ii unys. ror ircitni urpas - sge, iiavi.ig tine accommodations apply on board, w est side Uurling - slip, or to N L. il G. GRISWOU), mh 14 86 outh - strect. for JfErt' - OliLEAJS'S. The good fas', sailing ship LAGUIRA hat hall her cargo enraged, and will be despatched in a few days. For freight or passage, having l.trge accommodations, apply oo board, west side Lurliiig - slip, or to LAIDLAW, GIKAULT 4 CO. or Si.Wt.tili. GRISWOLD, mh 14 86 South - street. Wanted to Charter, A good VLWtt,ioi win carry dw t,hlils. for a voyage to Bermuda. Imme - ili.ile dispatch will be given. Apply to I UL.Kfc.rl fi LAUK1L.O, mh 13 29 Poutft - street. v&$ The substantial and fait sailirg new iiiiftischr. ANN - MARIA, Capt. Wright.102 tons, having two thirds of her cargo engaged and mi bo.ird, will meet with despatch. For the remainder of Sicr Ireight or passage, having good accouimodtttious for cabin and steerage passen gers, apply on board at Pier No. 4 E. River, or IO ic.ll.ltk k nr.nnivni mh 12 29 Coenties - slip. ROBERT GILLESPIE, No. 112 Front - st offers lor sale 400 barrels Virginia Flour 15 h0Bead prime old! RlchmoodTobacco 18 , do Petersburg! Tobacco 21 hales Upland Cotton 35 tierces audi d,. SJU half tierces $ n,ce 150 bags St. Domingo, I Coif 64 do green Havana, J 6 tons Lignunivitas Port, Claret and Madeira Wine, in hbd. and quarter casks Korii red Port Wine, incases of Sdoten each FREIGHT FOR OPORTO. A good vessel bound to Oporto may have about 1000 buihels com oo freight. mh Is CIOTTON YARN. 1000 lbs Cotton Yarn, No r6 and 16, Twitt and Filling, for salt at Mo. 8 Fletcher - street, mh 14 FLAO K BAKUAtHA HHKt'S. A if piece flag handkerchiefs, very band - hJJ some patterns 600 bandannas, 30 lungees. For sale by GOODHUE tt CO. mh 14 5t 44 South - st FRESH FRUIT. 60 boxes Oranges and 50 do Lemons, just received, for sale by JOS. JOHNSON, mh 13 9 Gouverneurs lane. OUPERFINE LEGHORNS 3 case avera - O ging, No. 40 for sale by LEONARD C. PARSONS, at CO. 248 Pearl - street mh 13 11 COTTON Itl bale prime Upland Cotton, per schr. Mary, fame la, 65 bales do do do per sloop Regale 18 bales do do do per brig Nancy. Landing this d y and for sale by GRISWOLDS k COATES, 68 South - street. Ill tierce Rice ' ... 64 bale Upland ) Cotton, for sale io 4 bales New - Orleaoij lots to suit suit nur chasers. Apply a above. mh 14 "WHITE JEANS. KHE.VCH CRAPES lie 1 it C. NICHOLS, 132 Pearl - street, have just O received 2 cases fine White Jeani 1 do do Striped do 2 da do Black French Crape 1 do do do Canto do 1 do do BilkHdkft. f do do assorted Sewing Silks 4 do 4 - 4 Irish Luvas I . ch - .d 1 do 6 - 4 do Sheption ,ery wu,rKa 1 do Marseille Qudluig 1 do 3tt;itm - Louia Shirting A ma! - f.p mnwtmA Prinla 2 bain Re.sia Sheeting which tliey offer for s tie at a smail advance. eab 14 lw PAPER. 7 bale? of a good quslity . for sal . CEBKA k CUMING, semb 4 78 Pearl - street ed JOHN B. MURRAY ft SONS oiler for tale, ! ia lota to suit purchasers, at No. 113 Pearl - 1UU qr. easts sherry wine, old ana M lor ianu - ly use 600 cases superior mareaux claret, vintage of 60 case old bock ittll 15 cask bottled brown stout, 7 dosen each 10 do assorted apothecaries glessware 1 case silver eyed needles 2 do pin 20 casks containing an assortment ofllard - - ware, Cutlery and Saddlery 5 casks card - wire, No. 30 a 33 20 cases English sheathing copper, 28, .30, 32 20 tons old table Iron ot. 8 do English bolt, octagon end flat iron 6 do Banca and Spanish block tin 7 do pigand bsrlead. mh 16 2w fLOUR. 200 bbls oS Floor, landing from 1 brig Mount Hope, from Richmond, lor sale bv W.atS. CRAIG, nih 16 84 Front street. ft LATE. KK) squares f lloosick slate, most - J y large sixes and of good quality, for sale by HENRiL. vERTY, mb 16 lw 163 Pearl - ttreet. PRUNELLE SHOES. A HANDSOME assortment of white and col'd Prunelle Shoes, just received and for sale by WARREN HAIGHT il CO. No. 197 Broadway, third door above Dey - st. mh 16 3t ' f 'OBACCO 60 hhds Georgia Tobacco nl tu rn1 perior quality, landing from Brig Nancy, for tale at 0V bouth street. mh!6 CAMBRKLENO& PEARSON. SOAP. 150 boxes first quality brown soap, just received, for sale by JACKSON & WOOLLEY, mh 16 3t 75 Wall - street. MUSCOVADO SUGARS It MOLASSES. TtHE tihsr.ri!ers offer for sale the cargo of the a nrm r.nza, consisting or prune qumn j muscovado Sugars and Molasae, now landing on Pier No. 4, North River. G. G. & S. HOWLAND, mbl6 77 Washington - street TUHKS ISLAND SALT. THE subscribers are authorised to contract for cargoes of salt, deliverable on board at Turks Island. Bills on America will be received in payment ; and importer of the article will secure to themselves considerable advantages by making contracts here. TUCKER A LAURIE9, mh 16 29 South - street. flOTTON Si SUGAR. 19 bales tuperiorl'p - J land Cotton 27 boxe white Havana Sugar, suitable for re tailing, for tale by N. & D. TALCOTT. mh 16 CIOTTON & TOBACCO 25 baltt Sea - Itl J and Cotton, and 33 hhds. first quality Georgia Tobacco, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Piue - itreet. IN STOR E. 34 bales Sea Island, and for sale at above, mh 13 W A IV HI TLSU ic FRIXI WU FA FER. Reams royal printing paper 100 do medium do do 200 do foolscap writing do 300 do letter do various qualities 40 grace press papers. For sale by COLLINS & HANNAY, mh 14 lw No. 230 Pearl - st DEMIJOHNS. 500 Demijohns, containing about 4 gallons each, very strong and well covered, for sale by ti. u. At e. rnniisnu, mh14 77 Washington street. NANKEENS. 1000 pieces Company's long yellow Nankeens eutitled to debenture, fersaleby tA - rnu moniis mh 14 . 28 South - street f ADRASS GOAT SKINS. - 8000 Madra 11 X Goat Skins, large sue and in good oraer, JOSEPH OSBORN. i, 1 28 South - street. FIFTEEN hhds. and pipes of Gin, of Uie JL Cran. - ton Distillery, superior quality. 36 bales Horse Hideslanding trom on board the sloops Maria, and Eliza - Ann, at Crane - wharf, for sale by G. W. TALBOT, mh 16 55 Pine - t. dUGAR. 2211 hhds. prime New - Orleans Su - kJ ear. landing at pier No. 13, E. River, from ship Gleaner, will be sold on the wharf. Apply IO IMAO. U. UUULll, BOO run 14 A Bit. UUUbN. TU E aOUJYD STEAM BOAT - LINE the proprietors, with a view of accommodating the public, by extending the line to worwicn, intend ma King I hi - xiieriiutnt with the Fulton, Capt. Law, and this route (if found practicable) will be continued Hurin the season The line Will in imure ot irom new tors io . " . . ... . - . . . m tf V - t . Norwich, a follows: ihe Connecticut, capt. Bunker, wil leave New - York every Monday, Wtdnudav and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in the mnmioir. lor New - Haven. Tbe Fulton. Capt morning ofhe same da,., touch at London Law. will leave siorwtcn ni o o cioca in tne HOn UC' tall irvul aanjuj - sB iui iwiiisv(.rt . w u'clock. The boat will meet at JVee - Haten, and depart from thence every Monday, H tdnes - day aud Friday, at 7 ov:ioci in the evening the tnnecticu iorew - sr,nnn un r uiuw lor Jicw - jmuu,i Tin) DOLLARS REWARD. fAROPPED off a cart, Saturday, the 14th 17 inst. ueiween murmj nrea - sirreis, in. Broad wav, the. xu voiumea tne universal Die lionarr, la r reocn. Whcever will return the aid hook to No. 76 Reed itreet will receive the above reward and UianK a me owner. mh 17 2t I ni.nnuri,.,.ni - i.iltnst he ha taken an oflire at Mo. 3il Pearl - at the practice exist) the ttate of New - York, bv Howard, price 3? 1 - 2 rents. Discourses chi - fly on dtvotional tuMects, by the I ate Revd. Newcoinh Usppe, with memoirs of hi life, price two dollal. Memoirs of tbe life of Oavid barrirk, KiQ, with character and anecptesofhis Theatrical cootemporirieSjby 1 bom Davies,prlc It 60, for sale at no. 3 wan strei, oy mb 13 C WILEY & CO. RISE OF 1CKETS. ffi Tuesday next tickle in tlie splendid Road vr ixittery, auinorisea y me tiaiei oi iiew - York and New - Jersey, tiU advance to 33 do! - Un. antii which dav thetnar be obtained for the follow Vg price : Whole TickeU, arter f7 50 1 Halv 13 iighths, 3 7a wo dollars for aixteenu share, Lo'tery aad tv ,V l.h' in Lai. been sold fli js prises, Ir ie, No 54 Maiden - Where have been sold fcrmer lotteries near - ly all the niglicst prises, Ir sixt - rn or eightera (., no wnere mi proo - .niury me inaro - to b imieoi - ru.mnjaoits wiuoi srna isnopnio. Amoi c tbe capita prs sof.l at WAI f E'S offW e, tlie following wertold ia share i f tickets, I vu : No. Sa.796, 35.008 dollar. Tds it tbe highest prt etcr told in this city in aiiare. No. 17.V54 2o,2 - J2 11,931 f3o,oooKo. 25.noo 2o,'oo 12:875 3,'iW 20,66 6,133 1R.4I3 fl2,oool 1 0,000 1 10,000 36, ret 45,252 2o,coo 2o.oool l0,'V0 Betidet a great nuny r45ooo, looo, looo, lie All told at WAITL a halves, qnarters and eisrhtht. A chance for part off above mammoth prize fE'S, for two dollars. may be obtained at w ma ii in GRAND BALL AT WASUlMiTUA.JULL. MR. BERAULT has the honor to Inform the ladies and gentlemen of New - York, that his annual grand ball will take place oo Thursday evening the Ctilh inst ia,lh Waahlog - ton - HaUsaloon. In the course of the evening, ballet dance, and several ether fancy dance, ill be performed by Mr. Berault't pupils, as follows : , 1 Entrance of a grand mnrcb, by 20 young la dies. 2 Corps de ballet, ly 20 young Indiei 3 Pas de deux, by 2 young ladies 4 Pas seul, by I young lady . 6 The shawl d:uice, by a young miss 8 Gavotte de Vettris, by ti young ladies 7 The thautruse, by 2 young ladies 8 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladies 9 The alleinand, by 2 jnuog ladies 10 Dc deux, by two touug ladies 1 1 Pas seul, with tbe tambourine, by a young lady 12 I he three graces, by 3 young ladies 13 Pas seul, by a young lady 14 The lesson, by 2 young ladies 15 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladiss 16 A grand march, to conclude with, by 20 young ladies. 1 he ball to begin precisely at 7 o'clock, and the ballet at 9. ft Tickets, ooe dollar each, to be had at Mr. Berault't, No. 31 Courtlandt - street, and at Wathington - Hall. mh 12 2w JO LET, To a small unvote familr. who would be willing to take a gentleman and his wife, at a liberal price, as bonidert, the house No. 143 Greenwich - street with the exception of the two lower rooms, occupied as offices. Apply as a - hove. mli 12 lw 30 BE iULJ) wr JiVCTlOJi; Bv HOFFMAN Si GLASS, on Satur day, the 4th day of April next, at 12 o'clock, in 11UIH Ul ura i uiiime uuutv iiuiimt. 'The House and Lot No. 1 William - street, at present in the occupation of the subtcrilier,situdte at the corner of William - street and Stone - street. The lot is 91 fet dei n on William ttreet 2K feet II inches on Stont - street, and 48 feet four inches deep from William - street, at the north wardly end of the Int. The subscriber sme time ngo had an inten tion of convertins the house into stores , and oh tained plan and estimates for that purpose. He had oilers from respectable mechanics to make rive stores on the lot by some additional building, and alterations of the present buildings, tor leu thousand dollars, or to pull all the present building! down, And to erect, with the attistance ol the present materials, five stores lor fifteen thousand dollars. Plant and elevation of these stores, as they were prepared to be built, may lie seen at the auctioneers. - Seventeen thousand dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage. Five thousand dollars will be required on exe cution of the deeds, and the residue in two, lour and six months. nihUtds C. D. COLD EN. TO LET, For one or more years, a 2 - story brick HOUSE, io Stuyvesant - street, nearly opposite St Mark's Church, containing 8 rooms, a large kitchen, servants' room, cellar, pantries, ate. in complete order for tbe reception of a genteel family with a garden and yard of about 2 1 - 2 acre of land, containing a variety of the finest fruit trees, asparagus, and hot neds, &.C. togetner with a wood - house,carriage house and stables. Rent will be reasonable, and possession can be had on the first day of April. Applj, between 10 and Z o'clock, on tne premises, io NICHOLAS W. STUlVtSAWT. mh 14 Ct AT AUCTION, BY HONES and TO IV ft. CeZZi trl and lot I Tomorrow. 12 o'clock, at the T. C. H. the laree well built three stery brick house t No. 104 Greenwich - street. The bouse is 27 feet 4 inches front and rear, and 60 feet deeD. containing - 10 rooms. 7 of which have lire places, and an excellent spacious kitchen. The rooms on th first floor communVate bv foldin doors. There it a aood cittern in the yard, i nn tuning about 30 bhds the lot is about 106 feel deep. Also, the lot on the rear, fronting Washington - street containing in front and rear about 20 feet and in depth about 79 feet. Pel' session will be given on the first of May, or ear uerii requireu. A map of the above desrrilnMlnroDertr i exhl iiicu in tne s unuiic utilise. mh 13 JO BEAT, The Assembly Room, with the ndioiq ing apartments, in Ross' Buildings, No. 146 Fulton - street, next to the corner of Brond war The premise ar well calculated for a Inree school, for public meetings or societies s the larire room neing upwards ol ou leet in length, and a bout 29 leet in breadth, with a 14 feel ceiling. 1 he whole, a to situation and size, is well cal culated for an auction establishment for furni ture and omer tale. The above will be rented for anv term not ex ceeding seven years from the 1st of May next Enquire of the subscriber No. 107 Fulton - street. mh lldtt H. K. ULIS3 FOlt SALE. (ill A newtwo story House, No. 143 Cham ber street, finished in the modern style, with marble mantle piece etc. Possession riven on 'r " 'PP1 gVm. TO LET, liJI The GLOBE TAVERN, No. 143 W Ur - street The situation of this house, and its accommodations, justly render it an object well worth the attention otanv Darson desirous efkeen ling a lucrative public bouse. It will be let, fur - nished or unfurnished, and immediate possession - :.. Annlv at No 137 Water ttieet mh f Tm the Ctliientof Ait - For rzERAH HAWLEY Phvtic an and Dent ti J would inform the inhabstaatt if New - York, ,r' here be will exlrart, elean, file, fit and tet Teeth in the most approved matiner. fie will also prevent aoy irregularity ot the secondary leeui, ii application i maae to mm in - ason. He flatter himself, Irom the experience he has had in his profusion, that be shall be able to give general satisfaction. For character the public are referred to Mr. Geo. P. bliipman, merchant, No 63 South - street, and Uoctor A. lve, no. zuz l ean itreet. Whom il may concern. ft7" This certifies, that Dr Zerah Hawley is a regular bred phyrician. and in good slandinr with his brethren in 'his place ; that lie ha paid particular attention to the an of Dentistry, hat studied tbe best European works on the subject, and has given very go - d SHlislaction in this orancn io nis rosioraen, wno are perioni ni uir first resperthi'ity in this city, we tlierelor, with eniire confidence, recommend Dr. Hawley to the citixnsoi New Y jrk. si a dentist At:ieaa mntna I Ml Ives Nathan Smith I J.nhthsnKfliflit Pror?snrsoftlie Medical Institution of Yale Col' New - Haven, Jan. 22, 1BI. l"S" mh 3 3w KFiENTPCnLICATIOXS. TUST received and lorsaio ry r.iio n - . ro sac tra J LENTINE, 104 Broadway, Jd door oeiow pine - street, cpp's sermons and Ide ,1 e vols, bv T. Davie A vindication bv C. D. Coldeo, Esq. of Ihe team - boat rirfit s - ranted by tk state of New - York, in tbe form or an answer to tne letter ol Mr I) isr, addreved to Mr. Col Jen Tbe enncran't gusde to the western and south western state end territories, with a map' of the United states, try Wm, Uarby AU the recent wo as nf Wm. Cohbelt Ew - 1 Tr E. VALENTINE ha been appoint! agent for the National Register, in Nw - Yo.k, and (erpectiuuy soUoUurecrtutioni for it Engraving and copperpbtc printm executed with oatnctaaa oatsoierat terms. mch l to (is ti 1 PUBLIC SALES. FY P. L. MILLS & CO. To - morrow, . At 1 - 2 put 9 o'clock st their auction store, a general assortment of British and Frerch dry goods, consisting of 5 r.ijcs mens nt.l mo - men black and white silk hose, dutible coined levanlinc, shawls, ivory stick, f. ns, men beaver gloves, I bales snip - r blue, bluck and brown cloths, 2 do super i).ick arni blue dot 4 bsles black, orange, bluesml ncarlct bomb setts, 1 case linen bed tkks, 1 do super madras hdkfs. 1 do do: en tine vesting, 1 do fan - ' cy muslins, 1 do Lrge shawls, rich bimlers, 1 do brown linens, 1 Jo linen cambrics, 1 do super white cotton hose, 1 do thread do. bale Russia sheetingt, and a number of other articles. Also tor approved endorsed notes at 4 months, 5 cases artificial fllnwers. MARBLE FUR BLILlJlAU, ar. Til E proprietors of the tuulhern marble qua - ries, near Kiug's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on band, and are receiving, at the Ktng't - Bridft Marble and Lime - i ard, foot of Beach - street on the Hudson river, an extini stock of marble lor building, of the following de scriptions, vis : Ashlar Watcrtable t'eping Foundation Stone Chimney - Pieces Facings Column Steps Platform Sdls, Lintels Arches Also Lime of the best quality. rtT A constant supplr of the abovs materials may be calculated upon t and those de?irous of purchasing, or making engagements, win apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. ST KELT MANURE. 0 The contracts which are to be entered into lor the street manure, will commence on the 1st of May next, for 1 or 2 years, to be mentioned in the sealed propotais ; and the streets are to he swept and cleaned, from the 1st of March to the 1st of January, in every year. Feb 2 1 MECIi iNK'b BANK. fXT3 Th stockholders ar hereby notified that an electien for thirteen Directors will be held on the first Tuesday in April next, and that the poll will be opened at the Bnuking House in Wall street, at 10 o'clock A. M. aud closrd at 3 o'clock P. M. By order of (he President and Directors. n. h S W. FISH, Cash'r. NOTICE. (T About the 20th of Sept. Inst, three men liMuuht into the New - Inlet, in the to wn ol Hempstead, on Long Island, a small fishing boat. One of them stated that the boat was r allfd the Humming Bird, of Portland, (M.) and belonged to him : that they vere then on their passage from Philadelphia to Newport, (R. I.) and had put in on account of some damage which the boat had sustained, and from a want of provisions. The men leit the boat, with a fulling net on hot rd of her, in the possession of the subscriber, and promised to call lor them on their return from New - York. On examining the stern of the boat her name appear to be the .Meteor, of Brittol ; Thii circumstance, together with the fact, that (Me men above - mentioned have not railed tor the bout, induces the subscriber Io belii ve that the lid not belong to them, or either of thrm. The owner of the boat anil net can obtain possession of thrm by railing on the subscriber, proving properly, and paying the expense. ' 1 V SAMUEL SEAMAN. IIemptend,(L.I)Marchll, 1818. nthl3 2w" State of Acu - i orfc LoinjitrvLUrU (ijfice. (ttr Public notice is hereby given to the hold - ersofthe seven per cent stock of this state, that an instalment of twenty per centum ol the original amount of that stock, equal to four tcven - tcenths ol the prest nt amount, will be paid ofl on the first dav or April next, or at any tine thereafter when demanded Payment will be runde at tbe Hank of New - York, in the city of New York, to the stockholders residing in the tuulhern district of this state and 6ut of the state, and to all otht - rs at the New York State Bank, in the city of Albany. Il is required that the certificates issued for the stock should h exhibited to the bank where such payments are made. The interest on Ihe raid instalment will cease after the said fiit day of April next. Dated at Albany, main 'I , 1818. . ARi'D. M'lNTYRE, ComptV. mch 13 di A i NOTICE. rr"' The co - partnershiu between Ihe subscri bert, being dissolved by its own limitation, Ed - ard N. Cox, takes on himiclf the settlement of its concerns. EDWARD N. COX, JAMES L. MONTAUDF.VERT. dfTT James L. Montaudevert and Jonathan Otis Walker, continue asrontmission merchants, at Port au Prince, (Ht. Domingo) under the firm of Montaudevert, Walker tlVn. J L. MIJN TAL'lihVLKJ. JONA. OTIS WALKLR. mh 13 lw DISSOLUTION OF CUPARTSEUSItlf. O'T' The r.o - parlnerliip lw retoloie fxi' between Caleb S. Browcr snl Cieorve F. Tho mas, under Hie firm oi B rower A 'I liomss, is (hi dav dissolved by mntnnl content The t nnterns of the firm Will be settled by CaK.. r. Urower. C. S. II ROW Fit, O. F. T HOMAS. New - York, March 13th, 10i. N. B. The plumbing business will still he car ried on bv tbe subfriiier, at the eld established stand No. 342 Water - street, where nil orders in . hit line will be attended to with punctuality and dispatch. An apprentice wanted totne anv nutiness. ' i'ii i n u ii n i .' ir mh 16 rm13w COVhOLA TEOF FKAiNir.. ft The following rote or duuis stahli - l.'d at Cayenne, by the French averi went, liiive been communii.ated to'he Pre r, - hhu' t ew York, by hit Excellency tbelinisier i.f Fmi itQ Affnir. Foreign Flagt. (iropcrtal.m) t in salt pmvl - tions I per ceot. ndvalorcrli, and .T tranct (r bout 58 cents) additional, onver b Ui" giaw (or about 102 lb net) gn"ds r feviry other lie - tcriplnn ai'mitled on p tin; 15 prrcnit. advaj rein (r.X(wnaiiJnl - oo mi m.ii - .. 5 pi r cent. French Flag, fiirpnrtaliou - On salt provi - ti nt 1 pe' ' i " ' f """r " npV tion 4 - t i. (LSI .onetioii) en d,c of evpry dK npt.oo " P7 r - m. his niHittvtf.ekiii? ol France tlmuld drcm proper'" mw'ii'f in u.iove rales ef duties, hit Intentions wi'l be uuda Inonn six iu. mh previously. m ' i MEbl'EliN CA.XAi. COM PAN V. , ftj - A dividend of five and a li - !f p C nt, on tor. Cauitofitockoftaid Cotnt.'ns, icfi be pid toth' Stos - khnldrr on 'he Istofprj . Aiip'y B.i'ent lilrfiker. Esq. Albany, or tlt n it - m - street. By order ol the direr tor. THOMAS EDDY, Treasurer. mh 16 Im FOR bVLE, A BARGAIN, ALON DON m - de org ired PIANO, ifap - rlttdi'jr in .t 'e dsv. Foi.uire of the Prints r mhl7lw UF.V')lKSoltlie l.ifc(,. Is. I'wiKk, Esq. interaiiriscd with uitrst'U is i id ancc - . dole M his theatrirtl cootepipc - rrirs : (he wools f;ruing a t iitory the stage, viurb toclade a pem.d ol 'Inrty si s years ; t vH. price B 6U. - i)irouner, clrefly on devotional subjects, by late Newcomlie Cappe t to which are pit(ixl meiuoirs f us hie hy CatLariM Cappef voi'ime, Bio. price :l dollar. Just receivtd and for l l j mh 17 W. B.Gl'.LEY, C2 Broadway sy JO Lt.J, M And possession given on tbe firtt of May next tlie ami well know steed, taej I'oicn ! I it el, No. 63 WillikCl - ttreet Tor par bcular enquire of Mr. Vaadexbilt, So. 67, opposite, sd 16 t j

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