The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 2, 1944 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1944
Page 10
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E D I T O R I A L S -Mason City Now and Bock When JLJAY^E. there's a moral Iri'thjs "* editorial from the pen of W C. Dewel in the Kossuth County Advance. But that's not our prin- , cipal reason for giving space to it here. We're using it because it's just plain interesting:. . "Searching the January. 1914 Advance files,lor .rewrites in the T-^ng,. Long, Ago column, this writer, came upon the following clipping from the Clear Lake Mirror _which may ,be. of. interest to TMj^H»l£, of ihe Present Mason City Globe-Gazette, who was-per- napg then some kind of weekly newspaper office or shop 'devil 1 down at Jefferson: ^ "Murders are frequent at Mason. City, holdups are a daily occurrence, ladies are robbed of their, handbags In broad day- hght, yoiing girls are going a dizzy pace, women of easy virtue are prolific.-and infest the streets, accosting the passerby opium joints thrive and the town 'is getting: to be a rendezvous for criminals of all shades and colors. 1 : , "Perhaps, the editor of the Mirror exaggerated. Editors get that way sometimes; the urge to demonstrate their own virtue leads .too censorious comment · t 4 · to find rthat'there was some truth in the clipping. Public morals in the big towns and the** cities were not as advanced as they are now The accusatioris in the clippirie sound like Des M oines of the^amf tune or-.a little' before, with its frequent murders and its East Court, street neighborhood. ,.'i 1 * 1 . 0 ?* were the days--or was It a little behind? T -of the notorious v French Quarter, at New Orleans and the Barbary Coast at San Francisco, and such plague- spots were common in all the larger cities. They exist yet in some towns and cities, particularly; in the western mountain 'sta'tes where even small towns have their more or less officially recognized segregated vice districts. All old. timers remember the stories · of vice conditions which used to drift down from the Dakotas and Montana and come also from Denver Cheyenne, and other'points in the far west. . "Des Moines- and other of the larger Iowa cities may still be far from spotless, and of course the smaller cities such as Mason City and Fort Dodge cannot help having t\eir rough elements. Nevertheless vice conditions everywhere in the United States are not what they were 30 years ago, though improvement in the mountain «m may ^ no sr fiat shakes Whatever may have been the case back in 1914, Mason City seems be as clean a town for its size as can be expected and Fort Dodge as well; and while the. larger Iowa cities may be Did You Know? By Frederic J. Hoskin " EDITOR'S NOTE -- tk._»l i."*D.'V' *""?· »·««··'.. w»»Ii*£ wilh Such instances are on record. the American embanr in - a -- .»..,** . v^ntia . iiitij' Dg suspect, vice is not, permitted to' flaunt itself as was its wont when the century was still in its swaddling 1 clothes." · Look Out Below One of our senile contemporaries who has stated repeatedly --and since Pearl Harbor--that Uncle Sam has no quarrel with either. .Germany or Japan isn't very convincing when he assails the patriotism of others. . - . ' * ; · * * 'Such applause as there has been for that "Peace Now" movement has emanated from the general direction of Berlin and Tokyo. *. * * "My troops will back up what 1 say," Hitler once boasted And the last 3 words appear t'o have got lost in transmission. * * * It takes'champagne to launch a ship but almost any kind of beverage will do for launching a political boom. * * It's leap.year but no word ha yet reached us of a man who's had the chance to turn down a proposal, Washington greeting: "Don' look at me--I didn't write that Hopkins tetter." What i, the popular forte the colleges of Spanish. , ' What is the origin ot the aurae's uiora? · , It is a direct descendant of the religious habit of medieval times What is the average lensth of Jr e '" £ dl » « compared with Great Britain? In India 27 years, in England 60 years. of Columbia of keeping a 92.1 jcents. ' At what hour of the day did ·cortre Washington die? Twenty minutes past 10 p. m. Was the red flat an emblem of anarchy in ancient Rome? It signified war. What Is the nationality of Sally Salaunen, author of Katrina? - She is Finnish but \uritoc' Swedish.. · ' Algona Advance: "What has be- « W H t H °l f correct pronuncia- come of the oleo-butter cohtro- ""? °, /"£' meaning a trip Into versy that started out so promis- t 11 ^* 1 " *° hunt KameT. Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges · Lull In Butter-Oleo War ^OBSERVING Tulip* in January ,-_,,..* know,^' writes Mrs .Philip Paulus, . Route 2 Nora Springs, "but 1 do believe it is a sjgn of spring--or nicer than ; California weather when I see tulips in full bloom outside in January. ' "In Nora Springs a house across the street from the Home Oil gasoline station offers such a phenomenon .-.'At ' the southeast corner of the House are tulips in full bloom." _V-- * · ' Sptqd Limit for Planes ^have often heard it said that the ultimate limit for airplane . speed would be about the velocity of sound--approximately 750 miles an hour ' Thei explanation for this" is that whatis called the "compressibility uraC * blDlfls - im racfWn ».».«. ?_ ,, resistance . in a First Step Taken A S a parting gesture at Appo** mattox, to heal the bitter gap between'north and south, mud- spattered Gen. Ulysses S. Grant told a dejected Gen. Robert E. Lee.that confederate troops could take back their horses to carry' oh farm work, plus side arms. Mustering p u t arrangements were as simple as that in'April, 1865. But the claims and indemnities and the pensions from that fierce struggle continue even today. The new congress has been,'debating scores o£ mustering out pay compromises, and now has arrived at a decision. Veterans of this war .will be paid from $100 to $300 each upon their honor- stomach Th» !,, ft»Ls? the ·"·* sr^tS-^ss it is all but certain. While a few hundred dollars mustering out pay is no measure for the blood and tears and 'sacrifice that war thrust ^on each man in the service, even these token payments will cost more than 53,000,000,000. . The $300 top mustering out pay was a compromise, which found members, of congress advocating everything from $100 to $1,000 for veterans upon discharge from the service. ^- · Sound-thinking Americans have resolved Mhat there should be''no repetition of the bonus marches which, reflected : so adversely on --·-·--' life in the early It would be well for Washington to determine now the extents of bonuses and pensions, before the. matter is put under political Your Health By Logan Clendening, M. D. DYSPEPSIA NOT ORGANIC 'DYSPEPSIA is the.soiace of the " lonely, the despair of the stomach specialist," my old friend, Dr. Adrian. Gibbs, says: ' "It is pure tragedy to see the deterioration of a nice young fel- ow who has been fascinated in medical school by the actions of the digestive tract, and has therefore decided, to specialize in digestive diseases. He expects all his patients will have some real disease-of the stomach or intestine or gullet, or some chemical derangement of secretion that he can adjust after careful study. And tnen it gradually dawns on him after he has been in practice some time that most of the people he is spending his valuable time on are :ust bellyachers. "After all that is what dyspepsia is, isn't it--bellyaching?" "J? 1S *TM' ^at a certain proportion of dyspeptics do suffer from a real organic disease. Ulcer is the only common one of the stomach. The less said about can- the tetter. versy that started out so promisingly a while back?" asks the Knoxville Express. Oh, hadn't you heard, Mr. Express? Why they've revised the pamphlet, and since as everybody knows, science is one thing today, and quite something else tomorrow, the Ames skirts will be clean again. . Compulsory Training Possible Estherville News: It will be a miracle if after this war America doesn't put into effect a plan of compulsory military training of at least a year to make youth physically fit and to provide a reserve army that is ready to fight at the drop of the hat. Tariffs Must Be Kept Down Indianola Tribune: Big business is also showing a' much more liberal attitude toward tariffs which are going to have to be lowered ii we are to keep our production'ex- panded to the present levels To do that we must trade with other nations. Soldiers' Votes Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune: Yes our soldiers should have the right !o vote, and it is to be fervently ---- -- -- *^u H n«Viii^., . v Suf a ree .with accent on the Iirst. syllable, or sa fa ree broad a s and accent- on 2nd syllable Who Invented mantartne? Mege-Mouries, a French scien- *t. ' ' . ' ' . ' ' . \Vhtn were intoxicating drinks first made? At least 1,000 years B. C. and they may have been known 5 000 or 10,000 years B. C. The mother 'of the prime minis- «^ a ? b , orn in New York ^tate. What c ty In the TJ. S. Is directly north of the westernmost point of South America? Detroit, Mich nce their our national 1930's. pressure. In settling the mustering out "·- issue, the taken. first step has been He Wrought Well W. R. PREWITT, for many years _ ' e d i t o r of the Forest City Summit, was one of the men we have had in mind in our frequent observation that the best journalism to be found in Iowa--and probably the country as a whole- is in our weekly press. Each week the front page of his .newspaper was graced with a personal column known as "The Fig Tree." Often it purported to be~an ; interview, : 'oyer his- coffee, with the waitress at the cafe. This, however, was just a device for putting across in richly humor' ous manner Mr. Prewilt's own homespun philosophy. These columns were literary gems, nothing short of it. No writer working on .a daily grist could produce their equal. · Mr. Prewitt was distinguished, even among his country press colleague.. He will be iorely missed. | e e e r . D r o p p e d stomach occasionally gives trouble, but so many of them produce no symptoms at all that the subject is as dead as Hitler's plans for Russia. The intestines also have a select few organic diseases, but the surgeon grabs them before the stomach specialist- has a chance. · ·_ "Then there is reflex dyspepsia. Our remote ancestors in the animal kingdom -were nothing but stomachs once," and most of us have never got over that-- whenever anything 'is wrong anywhere in the body it goes right to the stomach-- a bad posture, a tilted ° * curved back a touch °* * - ~^ mcj. e el. IJ3C1J Ballots, they'll manifest then- interest in things on the home front sufficiently to vote those ballots. Work of a Ghost Writer . Cedar Rapids Gazette: About he most charitable thing that can oe said for the soldier vote .message is that the president probably didn't write it himself and cudnt have time, to study it very carefully., For Broader Horizons ·Allison Tribune: Contentment with ones own tiny sphere of activities was never enough for're- sponsible citizenship and today such contentment is not only unpatriotic but absolutely selfish. Proud of Upper Iowa -Oelwein Register: This community should be proud to have a school of the reputation ' and standing of Upper Iowa University in ifr -TV* * rit* 4- · ** in its midst But It Got Hemp for the Navy Cresco Times: The more prac- ical farmers never were enthusiastic over the project although the crop was immensely profitable last c2r Ed Howe or the Sage of Potato Hill as the Kansas editor was Known.. How: much does a telephone operator's head set weigh? Approximately l pound. REMEMBER? From Globe-Gozette Files FORTY YEARS AGO J. E. Decker departed' this morning for Minneapolis on business for a few days. · . Frances McMullen, as the result of the kindly solicitation of President Tucker, aided by one ol Memorial university's best iriends, Andrew Storer, has cre- 5pnffd tlio c«u~~i _ _ * ' _ .* -^ .- . ssance . n a ratio that cancels out any further increases in the pow^r of 'engine- push. ' . . · . That's pretty ''deep but maybe those ol you-who are smarter than i am will understand what it m eans. I frankly admit I don't. When this "speed of sound" is achieved by airplanes, here's what will happen from the standpoint of the fellow on the ground. " 1J1 i . 5 - But you won't hear it. Then suddenly-- just as the plane passes over you-- you'll hear Plane will have reached you at the same moment. · If you should see a plane pass over you, and then continue to tear its roar coming, from the direction from which the plane came, you will know that it is fly- W 2 faster than sound.,The sound will fce lagging behind and still reaching you alter the plane has gone. I doubt, however, that you'll have this latter experience in the near future. --V-- t *aby, 22 Names ^for the Helena,' Mont., par- iTv-'Jiff^^^^.tWsoI- .. e or ficially recorded name of a new daughter: Adele Barbara Charity Diana Evelyn Fait.' Grace Hope Lucy Marie Natalie eneJope Rebec- - T o 11 -.---*"*"= ««ucua rceoec- ca Sa y. Tina Ulrica Victori West. fy^Probably call her Alphabet :.·:..' --V-Information Please! 1. Most or the world's supply of nickel-comes from Brazil, Ontario, Mexico, Siberia. 2. The ore from which alum- num is made is carbonado baux- '«, pyrite, quartr. ' 3. New England was given its name by:-..^Pt; John Smith, John Alden, , n en, Miles Standish, Peter Stuyvessant! along from National y council these safety lips having to do with care of the infant child: TMi,,~;j3 "·;:· sale toys--smooth colored with non-poisonous paint Don t give him things · small enough to swallow--either playthings 01- such foods as popcorn etc. Teach older children the same caution. Stuffed toys should preferably be washable, and should nave no pin or' button eyes If you give him a powder can to play with w BSn out the pow(Jer f j r s t When you change him, stick the pins in the mattress, or a cake of soap, out of his reach. Holdin pins in your mouth sets a bad example. It's a good rule to close the pms, even if you are to replace them nght away. Then, even if he does swallow them no great harm will result. When it's necessary for him to be in the kitchen, set his high chair as. far as possible from stove and sink, to'avoid scalds and burns. Keep hot pans out of his reach. Even small babies can reach surprisingly far--and fast-foi- shiny pots and pans. --V-Quit Your Griping! : find myself pretty well in agreement with Mrs. M. H. in the philosophy so briefly expressed in this bit of rhyme passed along by her: ""·Si ·*« «*· T« are Till y«u rite In » There', nothlnr Iftat happeni That couldn't tt vane." The Day's Bouquet TO THE IMMANUEL'LUTJ' ER AN CHURCH OF l FORE; CITY--for 75 years of constru' tive contribution to the spirjtu welfare of its community. A spe lal anniversary service will 1 held one Sunday each month. .Til. Rev. E.. C. Reinertson preachij the festival sermon at the first these observances last Sunday. Meson Ci Wednesday February 2, IJEE r. LOOMIS BAM. HALL BNOCB A. N0»lk . . a»» » U.OID L. GEEK . A4T«rtliu» Entered u stccni-clm niftier 17. 1MO, at he portolUcTat Iowa, under the act of M»r~. ,,, ,,. MEMBEK ASSOCIATED PRESS -Associated Press Is exclusively . en t j S."'?-."* '"'..."Publication ot all in this paper and also th* icws published herein. SUBSCRIPTION BATES Mason City and clear Lake by year Ma»n City and Clear lake by · ?·".'.«· A«?."U. Z.a«^Pe? : 3 months S3; I i City and .Clear J S.S* e c«x£; Js'sJTM"** Per year by carrier ,, ·cr week iy carrier f "er year by mall · I Sy mail t monthj ... JlK By mail 3 months "g« By roall IMiontb ,.. *{ H , v. S , ch001 a check scholarship. With" such th a fho"Vm.r J j""' s your old friend the gallbladder comes in. I have heard it said that gallbladder disease is the commonest'cause of dyspepsia. It does not show itself as a frank gallbladder attack, colic or pain. More'usuaUy it is gas and bloating. You ask a person what is the matter and he says--'Gas gas, gas!' You answer---'Gallstones, gallstones, gallstones!' Or H H ? i ? lflamn ia'ion of the galN bladder. have sour n n H , u ur s o m a c , and heartburn, spells or nausea s 1 i About the Hemp Program Bptt News-Tribune: Well, folks don t be too severe in your criticism. Waste to be sure. But how could it have been avoided? Abbreviated Slogan Dubuque Telegraph-Herald: Remember the World war I expression, '-Berlin or Bust?" Now it's" bust Berlin. ' .-. . j Ability Versus Practice Lake Mills Graphic: Those -who don t read good books have rfo advantage over those who can't read them. ^ «M call , - s P ells that ihous,' irregular , irreguar appetite headache, and such.. They seldom get relief from food as does your ulcer patient. Abstaining f r o m food gives the most relief But I think the nervous dyspeptic leads the list, both in numbers and troublesomerress. Y o u often wonder how they get t h a t way. Not a few times it's bred in them. .1 remember a patient-- a woman who claimed to have fierce indigesUon. I couldn't find anything wrong with her, but she wanted pills Finally the story came out. She adored her father S eri P"°n he must have D £ re ' S Pictures of Go i such .a creature said or ri £* divine - ^ a :ittle f TM * 8S he / re ? ular du{ y at »«] =" me to 8° t° the sideboard and get a red pill for him to take before mcalsr and a blue one afterwards. Otherwise he claimed Ms I meal wouldn't digest. That became a fixation with her." Editorial of Day PABENTAL RESPONS1BIUTT pLARENCE MOODY in Burling*~ ton Hawk-Eye Gazette: Attorneys of the second judicial district met in Ottumwa earlier, this week and went on record 'as favoring action by the general assembly that will hold parents responsible for juvenile delinquency. The Iowa Bar association is backing the movement. . ' It's a good omen. Lack of parental discipline, interest and association is the cause for a vast majority of the cases of juvenile delinquency, according to judges who pass on such matters. Judge E, O. Newell, addressing a group here recently, said little progress will ever be made until parents are made to appreciate and assume their full responsibility ' to their children. A local case in which a woman said, "Both my husband and I have good jobs and we're going to keep them; let the community Worry about our children if H wants to," has attracted, widespread interest. That attitude is too typical. 'But when courts have the authority to crack down on those parents and countless others like them, they will stop to realize that their children's welfare is not secondary to any other interest ' i / ~ ....-1.11^. IHLII 5ucn friends as this the institution will not .only live but become one of the great institutions of the land in time. The announcement that Senator Gale is a candidate for delegate to the national convention is received with commendation in other parts of the 4th district. THIRTY YEARS AGO ". ' . The advertising matter for the first Y M. c. A. meeting for men is being distributed. By Saturday night every man in the city should have received an invitation to the meeting at the ,?,", th ^ ater Sunday afternoon. Wiley S. Rankin has been designated by the Italian consul at Chicago as representative of that official in Mason City, and it will be his duty in the future to look after the interests of subjects of that monarchy here, especially in the case of the death of Italians not American citizens. TWENTY YEARS AGQ- Sixty-five grade teachers assembled at the Hotel Hanford Saturday for their regular monthly luncheon and to listen to a discussion of the school laws that are .up before the 'special session Pth i H^" eral asseml ?ly- Miss Ethel Hall, as chairman of the lative committee, led the discussion. , A.. bab y B'rl has come to brighten the home of Mr. and Mrs. William McArthur who live north of the city. Mr. McArthur is a member of the Rotary club and it is rumored that plans are already being made for appropriate ceremonies to be held at the next meeting of the .club with Mr. McArthur as the center interest. TEN YEARS AGO _ Crown Point, Ind.--John Dil- inger, the swashbuckling-Indiana badman, tamed by Arizona peace officers, was behind steel bars in the, county jail here Wednesday apparently resigned to his fate a (fate-which the state hopes will be his execution jor killing policeman. ^Contract and auction bridge and 500 were played at a benefit card party sponsored Wednesday, the first and 4th divisions of the Holy Family Ladies aid. High score contract prizes went to Mrs. Don FitzGerald and Mrs. Otto Undstrom. , Clover Couplets By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center GOLD-PLATED n, *'"*"" Pl»H wllh (he noli Of Mtllnr Jin acriM* the «no» A* D»me tnr»«|)i trltlti IMts Slip, tke sky d»r fr.m I c ht . Ontario. 2. Baux- -- ear the engine roar. The nrfse and' the te. 3.'Capt. John Smith ACX AT TOWN M.. .THE K1DPLED POKJE,LOOTENANt/ THOROUGH TOO PROBABLY NOT SOUL LEFT AUVE ramSTORT \VS CQUETOA STOg.. LISTEN, LOOTEMWr,.. I-I |c NO W WHAT KATHY MEANS TO YA... BUT. COSH. IF WE ALL PIP WHAT WEf WANTEPTO BGHT NOW... WHYTHE WHOLE ARMY WOULD B£ HOME ON FURLOUGH' .' RIPPLING A DEFENSELESS TKANSMORT NO TELL THEM PRDCEEPTO £LP K AMP LAMP. SHE'S NICE.... VUHATiS HER NA.MET... .. MARV? LOUISE" 1 * IM THE HOLE WITH TOU'RE SO1NS TO SHOOT,' -- · --wt-^w«^ · cwi mj TV WILL YOU HIDE -we HOLE? 1 OlDNT MEAN TO SHOW JU WHAR WE HAVE FOR YOU ."**S°«3M60N_ESMO^ ''7%/TM^ IS WAITING -/IAKIHUR/ 50UWDS THEY'RE THAT MOB'5 ST1U. CHEERIW TH'.TAX PROTEST PARADE/ WEU./-I USED TO 85THXI UP DtDNTYA KNOW THE* MILIFAI2/ POUCEMAN? ' TWST3 A -- ' '- OUOO, _, WAS HIMSELF ROWED OUT UPON THE SEA - SAfAAR NEVER SAW KIM AGAIN-FOR HE NEVER COME RIGHT CWTff /£ff£ 18L..._ ATOH/fJ WITH A SWi MVG STORE ON TH' SlTOOfiW By My s °"?J°Msn' Ger YOU'Rs A SIGHT FOK WHICH STKEfTS!

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