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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, March 18, 1818
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- : from the .Yefiensxl InUtUgmetr. ' , - Waskioriiit, Mitrrk 10. ' arm relations with spai. Ob Satordav the President cotrmauicated to the l r D.J ...I - .. 1 - I - ..fiL. State of nur Relations with Spain, ut to this date. , The Message and tha Rrport of ttit Secretary T mate are as luitowt. . . To Ox Sneaker of lite flotue tif Rcnresextidmn In compliance with a reaulutioa of the Senate of tit to.a uecemuer, Jtiia m in now as nqn sutativ, of the 21th of Febrarr hut, I lay before . fjottfress a report 01 ue secretary oi state, ana the papers relerred to in it, respecting lb ttego - ciation with the Government of Spain. To ex - nlain full the natnre of the differences between . the United States ami Spain, and the conduct of J we parlies, it has been found necessary to go one . to an early epoch, i he recent correspondence, with the documents artoiiipaityine it, will give a . full view of lite whole subjoct, and place the cots - Out I oT lb United States, in ever stage, ana under evert circumstance, for justice, moderation, . and Arm adherence to their rights, on the tigfa njul hfMUMahle around, which il has invariably sus - Uined. . JAMES MOMtOE, WaAuigtm, March ith,mt - - - DetmtmeMatal4,lUkMarcJi,lBl3. The Secretary of State, to whom have hern referred the resolutions of the Semite of the lbtb Dec - iMber, aim of the House af Representatives f tith February last, baa the honor ol submitting . to the Preakleot tha correspondence between this Df - nanmeut and the Bnanish Minister residing here, since he received the but instructions of bis roeerameut to renew the neirocialion which, at thetinwof tint last cotnniunication to Congress, eras suspended by the insufficiency of his powers The Documents will shew the present stale of to relations between the two governments. - As in tha r - 'moutirauceby Mr. de Onisof the 6th of Dec. jraint the occupation by the United btatetof Amelia Island, he refer to a previous communication from him, deaouncinc the exne ditioa of Sir Greror McGreror arainst that place his note of 9th July, beinc the nanerthits referred to. it added to the paper now transmitted. Its date, whea compared with that of tha occupation of Amelia by McGregor, will shew that it was written ten day after that event ; and the con tent or bis note of btit uec. will anew that me a' cures had been taken by the competent author! ties of tha V. States to arrest McGreror as soon a the unlawfulness of hi proceedings svitbio our jiirndictKia bad been matin known to them by legal evidence, although he was beyond the reach of the process before it could be served upon his person. The tardiness of Mr. Ouis's remonstrance a vi nseu a oecpwve vindication vi uhv insgisuraie of the V. States against any imputation ol neglect to enlorce the laws : fori a the Spanish minuter liimselr bad no evidence of the project of McGrer or, sufficient to warrant him in addressine; a note upon the subject to this Department, until ten days after it had been accomplished, it cannot br supposed that o ftcers, whose authority to act com - snenceu only at the moment of the actual violation ' of the laws, and who could be Justified only by clear and explicit evidence of the lacts in proof of aucb violation, should have been apprised of the awcesslty of their Interposition in time to make it effectual before tha person accused bad departed I real tnl country. A, in the recent discussion i between Mr. Oni and this Department, there is frequent reference to those of the oe. - ttiauoa at Aranjuea In 1UU5, vnv osiTaspvuueiKv unwioi turn ciiraoruiiiarv Mission fin U. Stale at that period, and Don Pedro Cevallos, then the minuter of r urrign Affairs in Spain, will be also submitted as soon at may bs, to be laid before Congreu, together with the correspondVnca between Don Francisco Pi - astrni and Mr. Erring, Immediately preceding the transmission of new instructions to Mr. Onis, and (her corrvspoouenca of Mr. Out with this De - Kitlaaeut, tesMiag to ramplet the view of tha re - hatwaaii tiiA tara countries. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. Accompanying this Rpport were the Document! of which the loUowinc is a list :1 No. 1. Don Luis de Onis to the Secretory of State, tn Juiy. im i . No. 1 The same to tha (sine, 6th December, tan. No. 3. The tame to tha same, KHh December, No. 4. The Secretary of State to Don Luis de Onii. 16th December 1817. No. 6. Don Luis de Unit to the Secretary of Stale. ?Jtn December, 1817 No. 6. The same to ti same, Ath January, 1MB. No 7. The same to the same, 8ili January, 1818. No. 8. The same to the same, Bin January, 1BI8. Na. 9. The Secretary of Stale to Don Luit de Onis, 16th January, 1818. No. 10. Don Luis da Onis to tha Secretary of State, S4th January, 1818. No. II. Tha same to the same, 10th February, 1818. No. 11 The Secretary of Slate to Don Luis de Onis, 12th March, 1U1U, (with enclosures, A.i.B. t,C.3,D. 4, E O ) The documents are of such volume, that it would require the whole space of our column for a week to publish them. We must therefore content ourselves with the Abstract, l or the nvs iil. No. 1. Is a Litter from the lpan'uih Minister to the Secretary of State, remonstrating against the eipediiioaof Sir UregtirMcureror, Ihea on loot. No. 1. Is also a Letter from the Spanish Minis - ter to the Secretary of State, dated December 6, 1817, remonstrating against me measure, just announced in the Preside,!!. Message, of the suppression of the Establishments at Amelia klaud and (jalrealoo. No. 3. Is a letter from th same to Die same, of the 1 0th December, 1817, announcing bit readi - ness and desire to renew Ui nerociation on the existing ditfcrencea between the United State and spam, ana w oruig me same h a - proe tmuius - tion. No. 4. It a letter from the Secretary of State to the Spanish Minister, appointing a time to communicate with htm on the subject of hit last note, and assuring him of the satisfaction 01 tha rTi pni mi the infurmalun it eonveved. No. 5, 1' a long letter frin th Minister of Snain. ofiiMi December lahl, coutainipg a treatise relative to the Eastern Boundary of Lou and advancing anew all the claims heretofore set up by Spain in this respect. No.6 Is a letter of still greater length, of the 6th Januaiy lust, from the Spanish Minister, and of th tame character, respecting tha Western tUnmiarr ol Louisiana. No. 7. It a letter, atsa of considerable length, of the 8th January last, respecting to claims ol uie IlmtMl Siatra on Spain for Spoliations. No. 8. Is a ktler from the Spanish MisUter of tin same date, making a lormai protest against the actual occupation of Amelia lslaad,just wen i.r..jmMil h f ho rreaident to Conrrea. No. 9. Is a letter from die Secreu - y of State to the Spanish Minister, under date cf the Ibta Ja - irt. mlsr a reolv to tha lone letters of M De Onis, on the ground of the rtalcncss af th tob jectt af them, and their frequent discussion here - - a . 1 Mta arhaSsT al Stl IWUrt i pTTipajiajtajg fj sjr;vi.aPWVBr vii wawkaw. - .mtifvinr iltt occnDatkMi oT Aom;Im bland ; and deaiiw to nroceed to Coodude a tres ty, without reverting to a coarse of proceeding, the only result of w hich must be further procrastination. No. 10. Is a letter from th Sa;uilsh Minister of date Jiinuury 24, cumulsiuing thai a dkewatiob of the old topics is avoided, ana intimating mat it m - .rt be because his errume:ns and the claims of Spain are nuantv erabk, kt . proposui; a diner ent project of a Treaty ; and renewiug the protest arniust the occupatioa of Amelia Island and Galveston. No. 11 Is another letter from the Spanish Miu - itter. soliciting a reply to hit iormer letters; rerar - . itulatin? Sis former points, aud ouV - iine to I'Jimn the distm - ncet between the tinted Stal.t and ' Spain to the mediation of any on or mote of the European power. Io, 17. is a very lour, and able reply Sccr.t - ry of State to the everal letters of Ui. Spa - re rcniv tram we: nish .Minister ; complving mm hit wisli foi a pat - ticolar reply to hit reiresentationi, and commenc - iiig al the source of each of th suhjeris of diner' eocfi and exploring the n to their precn! fiati. This htttr, frai.ivd itniuuh prrviniot, i. - j, may be t uuiiered as ronchiMve. It is impossible to piescnt the whole t. 't in e paper. We have selected the concluding nam '.Taphs, wV l, will afr ford to every trader a rVnei ai t'lca of tl.c present state of our relations will' Mpaia. Extract of a letter from Mr. Secretary Adam to TVm Luis De Ouit, dated March 13. 1818. "Toe perceive, sir, that the government of ue I'mied Bute it tit pirfiacert eioer to re - wo'snce any ol the riunx wbku u hi. teen so iornrumnr upoa the justice of Spain, or to to I acquiesce in any of those argume U which at pr to yau so luminoot and irrcsistable. Da - temined to pursue the establithinent of their riB - t.ta.aa Innar aa bv aav nostibility they Can be pursued through the pa f" &e7 have acquiesced, as the Message of the Presi dent at the commencement ot ue prnnn sion of Congress has informed yoo, m that poll. cy of hpsin wriicn lu nwierui piwu tha amicable adjustment of these interests not from an inteiisibillty to their importance to Out no ion, nor from any Wifference to the obieet of beinir utxm term of cordial hirmony with Spain i but, because peace, is among the dearest and mott earnest objects of their policy i and became they bare considered, and till consider h. more congenial to th principles of humanity, and to the permanent welfare of both nations, to wait lor the favorable operation of time upon the prejudices and passions oDDosed to them, than to resort to the unnecessary agency of force. After a lapse of thirteen years of patient forbearance, in waiting for the moment when Spain should find it expedient to meet their constant deire of bringing to a happy and harmonious termina tion alt the conflicimaT interests between them, it will need little additional effort to wait somewhat longer with the same expectation. The President deems this course even more idvitable than that of refering the questions ilc;.etKiinif between the two nations to (he ar bitration or mediation of one or more friend ly European powers, as you have been au thorized to propose. The tutement in your note of the 10th of February, in reference to this subject, is not altogether correct - It is not the British Government which, on this occasion, has offered i but your government which, without first consulting or asking the concurrence of the United states, lias requested the mediation of Great BriUin The British Government, at mutt be well known to ynti, have declined the offer of iheir media tion, unless it should be requested by both parties i and uave communicated to the gov eminent of the United State this overture on the pert of Spain. The President hat thought proper, from motives which he has no doubt will be deemed tatislsctory, both to Great Britain and Spain, to decline uniting1 in this request He is indeed fully persuaded that, notwithstanding any prrpostettions which the British government may heretofore nave entertained with regard to any of the points in controversy, they would have been entirely discarded in assuming the office of a mediator. But it has hitherto been the policy, both or Europe and of the United States, to keep aloof from the general federative system of each ot - her The European State are combined to gether, and connected with one another, by a multitude of important interests and relations, with which the United State have no concern. with which they have always manifested the determination not to interfere, and of which no communication being made to them by the overnmeuuj of Europe, they have not information competent to enable them to estimate their extent and bearing. The United State, m justice to themselves, in justice to that harmony which they earnestly desire to culti vate with all the powers of Europe, in justice that fundamental system of policy which forbtdj them from entering the labjrritith of Ejiuvpcau pontics, must not line soliciting or seceding to the interference of any other government of Europe, for the settlement of their difierence with Spain. nut however ditcouragm; the tenor and character of year recent uolet has been to th hope wmca tna promises and protessinns of your go vernment nau excited, that the lime lor adjust ment of these diuereoces with Spain, heracll. had at length arrived, th United 5tatot will aol abandon the expectation that more correct views of the subject will ultimately be tuggetUd t yoar rovenimeot. tad they wui eiwayt oe au posed to meet them in the spirit of juttice aad irnity With regard to those parts of tha province of Louisiana, which have been incorporat - J within the state of that name, it it tuna that meditcuanon should cams forming part of the territory of a sovereign and independent itale of this union, to uupo of them it not wnnin ue competency of the executive government of the United otatet l nor will the discussion De ner - siter continued. But If) ou. have proposals to juke, to which it it puMible for the government of the United etatct to listen with prospect of bringing them to any practicable conclusion, I am authotittd to receive then, and to conclude with you a treaty for the adjustment ol all the difference between the two nation, upon term which may be taibfactory to both. With regard to the motive for the occupation bf Amelia Island, the message from the president of the United State to Congresi, and my letter to you of the 18th January, have xiven the ciptanttiont, which, it it presumed, will be sa - li i&ctorv to your coveroaent. The exposed sad feeble situation of that island, as well aa of he reaainderofEaiqFlorida, with their l"Cal position io the neighbourhood of the U. States, nave always been among the primary Inducements of the United States for urging to Spain the expedient to the interettt of both nations, that Spain should cede iliim for n just and luitu - nm aciuivaienc to tne united staiei. Ia the letter of the J3tb of January, 1805, from Messrs. rinkney and Monroe, to Air cevauot, the following passage its - ds prominent among the arguments used by Hit in to that effoct. " should spam," say iney, " not place a strong force io Florida, it will not etcape your excel lency' attention, that it will be much exposed in the danger ot being taken poiif "ion of by too.? other power, who might wish to hold it with very different views towards Spain than those which animate the government ol the United Slate. Without a strong force being there, it might even become an assylum for adventu rer and ireenootcTt, to tue great annoyance ot both nations. - J I iL. - - . ,1 . n i: sou anuw, air, nut iar mo ovraiv miu auvt - cipeied. end pointed oat to early at in Jaouary, lauj, to toe pruaeut forecast oi cpain, nave been realised. Peniatcla has been occapd by another power, for the purpose of carrying oa war irosu it g ain't the United States, and Am - Ha Island has boeti ocf upird by adventurers, to the great annoyance of both nations, and of all others euraged in lawful commerce upon the Gulf of Mexico. Before these events occurred, the Congress of the United States, aware of the great and growing danger of tiiem, which had been so long before distinctly foreseen, had made it the duty of the Executive government, in th case of tuch a contingency, to take the tempo - rary poesastioooi lut country, wntco mtgos n necessary to avert the injuria that mutt result from it. Amelia Iiland was taken, not from the possession of Spain, hut nf those from whoa the bad been equally ia apabl of keeping or of recovering its possession, and who wei esing it for purpose incompatible with the taw of na - rtont and ef the United States. No purpose, either of witit or of retaining it as a conquest from Spain, hat ever been enlerteinud, and eo - ua rawded bv Soam to the United States, it will be restored, woe never tot a an per oi us mini. aain thus occupied and mtsuiea tnan nave ceas - .A. e it it seedless to add, that the proposal that Hie United Stattt should take any luruer meas - ur ,nMI " VJ r JZ a ' P,h. .: . . . , i '" . ""H""". .!7lJ,T "r". "T" territories of the United States, is inadmissible. I te meamret alreade taken, and the law at - teady exifiug against aH hostile armament wiihia our ."'Hdiction, incompatible with tbe obligation U nrui' - 'ity, are sufficient for it pre serration j and a necessary mean will r on - tin oe to be wsed, a the bar been, to carry uwiu laiinniuy mio execution. ! Ihave th booor Ube. wi'h treat cootidera twe,;', yoer.ibedieut and obedient and very hetoble (crvant, JOHN QUlNCf ATAMS. OT Tbe Docaatent,j ins the Message of the President being consi icr.d lo.pcrtaat. im nwinir mp iwnusa upsbs wuvi reaurra. us a eupplement, at Urge, in tbe coarse of tti,b"S rs JP'' J?7' firo?.T!e - there 10th Jaa. bng Planter, Riggfor week. .v&r.roHK EVEJfVfo post. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18. Csngresf rb house of representative have come to th following resolution I M That coo great have power, under the con - ttitnUoa, to appropriate money for the cooetruc - tioa of peat roads, military and other roads, and of canals, and for the improvement of water court. The vote stood 90 to 75. This i stating th question, with precision and meeting it fairly and manfully. All cunning attempts to evade it, by amendments, proposisg to add, qualifying words, inch as with th consent of the states," and similar phrases, were put down without a divi sioo. It is hardly necessary to lay th construe lion adopted it (bunded on precisely the princi pi afsumed by Hamilton, in his luminous argu ment on th establishment of a national batik M Time a tell - tale." TO THEPUBLIC. In contradiction to my statement, which ap peared in thi paper yesterday afternoon, re. peeling the falsehoods and deception employed to obtain the lelter - bags from my ship, an aihda vit ha made its appearance in th Daily Adrer titer, this morning, signed with four names, who style themselves boatmen to th office of the Ixmimercial Advertiser and Daily Advertiser. In this affidavit it is stated that captain Rogers requested them to bring th letter - bags to town. In answer to which, I can only say, that captain Roger told me, distinctly, io the presence of Mr. Wilson, a merchant of this aty, who accom panied me down to the ship, that the printer's boatmen asked for the letter - nags in my Dime. I shall therefor leave captain Rogers and the printer's boatmen to settle that point as may best suit them when he gets np from below. At writing is not my profession, I must be excui td, if I decline taking any further notice of these gentlemen - boatmen, or their affidavits. To those who are not acquainted with the character of the first signer of the nffiJavit, (John M'Pherson,) and who appear to b the head - boatman of these men, I would refer them to the records of the police - ofhce. With inch men, I bold no communion. 1 he apology on the part of the Doily Advertiser, for detaining my freight - lilt, it received at satisfactory. CHARLES HALL. P. S. A letter, written by cant. Rogers to m tbe day before yesterday, and tent np with the letter - bags, was brought to my house last eve ning, and handed in at tha door by a little girl, without any post - mark, or prinlerS - mark. N. H. Since writing the above, I have seen the original affidavit, and to my utter astonishment, instead of the names being signed at pub lished in the Daily Advertiser, they are signed, all but the Ant name, thus, with a cross, in pen - cu - marxs James KUfh, John x Pnlmerton, John m Culver. and I should like to know, how 'hey came to be published, as a sworn document, in any other shape than at they were signed C n New - York, March 18, 1818. Fairness demands that we should publish the affidavit to which the above refers. AFFIDAVIT. The Affidavit of John M'Pherson, James Ruth, John Palmurton, and John Culver, boatmen, for the offices of the Commercial Advertiser, and the New - York Daily Advertiser, severally tte, that on Monday morning th 16th of March in stant, about seven o'clock, they siarted from town to go down to the Import, capt. ftodgerr, stated to be below from Liverpool. Th j went down and boarded th ship about half twt 12 o'clock, every long distance to the southward nf th Hook, in th offing. On their getting on boat J capt. Rodger politely furnished litem with all the Information he possessed, and gave them all the papers and package directed to their respective offices. They asked no questions re specting the Letter nag, nor was any thing said until they were putting back the letter into the bag, when Ruth observed to capt. Rodgert that if he wished to tend hit letteri up, as the weather wat mild, they could take the bag. CERTAINLY," was the answer, he wished them taken up, anil would compensate them for it. M'Hicrson said they did not wish any com - notation they would do it with plesture. lapt. R. directed the steward to tye them up and prepare them. We then brought them to town and delivered them to the custom house officers a( about half pait 7; thene to tbe pot office. We had not the least idea ncii w started from town of bringing up the Letter l:, nor hud we any directions trom our empUyer on the subject. We had no desire to bring it up as it was a considerable iuconveniente to us, in respect to loading the boat, (having engaged to bring up four passengers) hid it not appeared to be the wish of capt. R tt'tcr the thing had been suggested, and "mowing it would be a great relief to the mere hints and public in general, who were anxiousl waiting for their letters, tic. These dt - poneit fur ther say that they bad no knowledge of Capt. Hall's intention of going down. JOHN M'l HERSO.V, J A VIES RUSH, JOHN PALMKRTON, JUMH before me this 17th day f March, bworn 1818. th day f M WILLhM: WM. Notary Public. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of th Baltimore Patsot, March 17 lot. S The mail robbery. - At yet, the thixl robber has not been detected, but from whl we enn learn, there it littles or no donbt that i it, brother to those already in custody, ad older In yean and in crime. Mr. Barney has found his horse wJch they rode off from th scene of plunder. liy were tied to trees in th woods, near Bust about 05 milet from Baltimore they had beenhsre one dayand two night when discovered. - ' Th Washington Uity Uaietle ttatiinat col. Mnllany, of New - York, at pre'ent in hat city, had transmitted by tbe mail that ws robbed f 40,ooo m check. Mr. niunroe riese in sute, tor no inror - mation of all concerned, that the PU - m;.ster at Havre - de - Grace, cent nn to Uieir !apective places nf destination, all letters thtke recovered, v.'hich had not been brokesopen by the Robbers of the Mail. All open tters and prts of letters, as well at all notesdf notes, drafts, bills of exchange, tc Ate. te considerable amount, he sent to the Genet Pott Office. J. 8. SKINNER, P. M. Btimore. Genend Post Office ? Washington, March 16. 81 8. 5 The amount of Bank Notes, 1st Notes, Drafts. Bills of Exchange and Che (saved and recovered from the robbery of,e mail of the 1 Ith) is about ninety thousand illara, and now in poitetsion of the General lt Office As toon as the nratilnted fragmentef the addresses and envelopes nan be arrsred, with their proper contents, they will bos - warded by maiL as originally designed. A descriptive schedule of tbe wte wilt be , immediately publuhed, and transtrted t the aeveral section of the United Stas, for the information of those concerned. - From Me .' irditcrrvnain - Arrirslajt nyht. Lett BxlU - mere, to nu nm wmu , - - . . nv. of Baltimore, for Wert Inditw, unc. Jan. 13, the isiana una, h , : , id so America, .hip bound np th Gulp!., had her boat ovar her larboard quarter , her nctes - ,ii. streaks. 27th, the Colpb ofTunis SVV 7 leagues, pasted an American - a a teaftarfl. AimiUirN HEUWr, www 12. the HOCK Ol viunuusr - - - fired at iram a truraie. lutuuiuv im in all oar bgnt tain, nauiou ui wui ... - tv.ii it,, main ton - sail : whilst laying in that u fired at S or 4 duTerant times trees the frigate without shewing any colors, inougn the Fox't flag wat flying for torn tune before he wat fired at, each shot passed near ue ; not being able to account for snch conduct w filled .... wt all sail and Mood our course, th fri gate then, for the first time, thewed Portuguese colors, and made all tail in pursuit of us ; while keeio2 no a fire from her bow chasers one .knt . thmurh the Fox's main - top - gallant ail. At 4 P. M. finding the Fox onuniling him wore round, hauled bis wind ana sioou in u rH n;i,rsllar Rav. Brir Daedalus, Bosse, from Bremen, and 60 lav. (mm Pawii. F!nf. Brig Criterion, Jenks, 35 days from Litbon. Sailed 9th Feb. with tbip Virginia, Moore, and brie Marraretta. Manalt, lor Baltimore; tchr Midas, of Duxburj for Boston. ieft ship Ly dia, Eldred, of Baltimore at quarantine j brig Juno, Parrott. of do to rail in 15 day 5 ehip Niagara, ofNew - Yorii brig T - voCathnrines, of W. Orleans, to fail first wind for Philad : brig JoPh ...... ... . a rrsi - t a. .1 . m,l . din, ofUiis port, from Rotterdam, arnved at St Ulies aoout the 5th. The ship Lmil . Gardner, nf fhilt1 ttrssllintT HIT. 1 fit BIllU CUVVQIU was - of this port, had arnved at London Irom usiioo. Hourot l.isnon J12 i - sj. ininy noursi;ui nui Lisbon, siioke and supplied a rortugoese senr. from St. Michaels bound to Lisbon in distrett, having ben without provinont or compasses. Marrli4, lat. 32, long 3l,spone an American hrir 111 ilavs from Curracoa for Havana ; Mew ing hard could not understand the name of brig or captain, now oi wnicn wen; very i.m6 . sue appealed N. York built, with white bottom. Extract of a letter from Capt. P. C. Weder - trandt to the Editor of the Baltimore Federal Gazette, dated New.Oai.sxax, Feb. 14. " The Eaele sailed 8th Dece nber from the Trxel Roads, and arrived at the Balize on the 6th Pt bruary. T!ie morning I left the Roads I was informed bv letter, from Mr. Jacob Horn. land, a trcntlenun residing at the II elder, hat in future all American vessels f. - om the United State, bound to Amsterdam, would be quarantined. The brig Texcl was then under quarantine. Spoke the ship Union, captain Brown ofBuenot Ayres, mounting 20 guns, off Tiberoon treated with the greatest politeness." From the Baltimore Federal Republican, of March 14. .1 timely precaution. The late daring and atrocious robbery of the mail, suggfity one thing which we corceive ought immediately to arrest the attention ot congress, ana that it the necessity of providing a .niard. So much propetty it received and remitted by this conveyance, that the amouni. of damage that may be commi ted by the rubbe y, it incalculable. The numbe of banks established all over the country, to y notlnrg of private merchant who look tor remittance tliro tins medium, render indispensible the adoption of some pre cautionary measure. If the mail is not a safe medium for the remission of bank bills, there w 11 be an end to all dealing amongst mer chants and amongst all monied institutions The additional expense of providing a guard. would be nothing in comparison to t:ie conn. dence which such measure would create. & many instances of auch alarming robberies have occi'rett. tht unless some precautionary mearure are taken not only property but life will be rendered unsafe. Hardened villains will grow bolder in their crimes. and they will combine and confederate for the purpose of nibbing1 the mail, the prowling rtinmiis who live by plunder ami robbery, will be encouraged by public, apathy and indifference to repeat their outrages. From thcAlbmy Daxly jldierluer, March 14. The uill authorising a special setssion of tbe Court of Errors, was yesterday morning rcturu - cd to the lmue, with a message informing that the senate l.ave non - concurred with the auieud - aci. t umle to 'bo bill by the house. The house refused to recede, and a conference will probably tako place. LEGISLATURKOFNEfV.YORK. HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, March II. A mensnge was received from the senate, by 'heir clerk, informing that they had concurred with the bouse io their amendments, to the bill entitled w an act to incorporate the Franklin Io. urance Company." Mr. Sharpe from the committee to whom was referred the petition of Jceph Smith and others of the city of New - York, reported favorably thereon, and leave being given, brought in a bill granting th prayer of the petitioners, which wat read twice, and committed to a committee of the whole. COSfGRESS. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. March 14. INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT. The house having resumed the consideration of the report of the committee of the whole, on the report of a committee on the tubject of roads and canals ; and The question being on agreeing to th first resolution redded by said committee, in the following words : 1. flesolved, That con "Tress has powr. undei tha constitution, to appropriate money for tn. construction of post rori - i", military and other roads, and of can.tis, and for the imn'smcat of water courses. Aftermath debate, the motion for iUGoJI poittKNiement, wat decided in the negative, by V 1 ft, iw nuu iays; For postponement 77 Agaiust it 87 Th question was then taken en concurring id th first resolution adopted by tbe committee of the whole, as above stated, and decided at follows Veas 90 .ayt 75. So the first reselutiun wat adopted. The second resolution having hteo read in the following words : t. Resolved, That congress has jowor, under the constitution, to construct post roads and military roads, provided that private pro; - y be not taken for public use without just conipcoea tion. Mr. Holmes, of Massachusetts, mored to a - mend the resolution by inserting af;c lb words u private property," the words or th prvp - rrty of any slat ';" adding to Hi end of the resolve a clause, that nuWner the iiroperty of the one dm the other be taken without making jut ccmiicauation therefor. - Tho motion was negatived. Mr. Desha mnved to amend the resolution, by inserting, after th words " military road," she word " with the consent of the states. Negatived. The question was then taken on agreeing to th second resolution at above stated, and deri ded as follows Yeat 92 Nays 8 U So tbe resolution wat not agreed to. . Mr. 9trother desired to record hit vote in the negative on thit question, having been accidentally out of th house when the quseUon was put ; out inettanaing rue loroad lie leave. The third resolution r - as then read as follows: j " Resolved, That Congress hat power, under U - ccmUtatio. to Beceeaary wr wwuwiv. - , - vided, that private property be not taken lor .nMu...mUL without imt compensation Mr. HOtmeS movea ia sun - - - - - - - - ' bv addrn thereto a clauae that flo property tnau . ' . . . ... . ..I;.. MMtinensa be taken m any naie wiun "" , tion tharefbr Negatived. i Mr. Tucker of V. then moveu to , resolntion, by inserting, after the wore " i the words "with the consent of the state thro' which th same may past." Thit motion wat negatived, by yeat and nays, 121 to 46. ' The question on concurring in the third resolve, at above stated, was than decided a follows, yeas 71, nap 95. So the resolution was not agreed to. Th fourth resolution was then read W the Resolved, That Congress hat power under the constitution, to construct canal for military purposes, provided that no private property be taken tor any auin purpose, wiuioui ju nnntioB ba made therefor." . Mr. Desha moved to amend the tame by add - kur thereto the wo.ds " with the coosent of the W . . ..... M M states througn wnicn ue tarn may pus. - - gativrd. J h question nn said resolution wat then de ddtd t follows, yeas 81, nayt 83. So the rotolutma was not agreed to. Tli res'iltofthe whole proceeding is, that the bout have come tn th following resolution : " That Congress have power under the constitution to appropriate money for the construction of pott roads, military andoth?r roads, and of cauah, and for the improvement of water coursej." Mr. Poiodexter then submitted for consideration the following resolution : Resolved. That Coneress have power, un der the constitution, to appropriate money in aid of the construction of roads and canals, which shall be laid out, and constructed, under the authority of the legislature of the state through which they past." After tome conversation The fine tiv - u beinsr taken thereon, was deri ded in the Negative. Mr. Lowndes then remarked, that after the decision of thit Houre to day. there could be no doubt (hat a large majority of the House cnttr - tained the conviction of the power of - Congress to appropriate money for the purpose of contour - ting Road arid Canal. The sense ol the Home being tliut ascertained, and the or tiruction re moved to any pronoiiDoneuibracinKtnaioDjeci he moved that the further consideration of the re - Dort he on the table. The motion naving Deen agreed to, tne noute adjourned. CHARLESTON, March 10, Account of the loot of the ithnoner Peace and lentv. tseniannn Urownvtu. matter I he schr Peace k Plenty, tailed from Wilmington. y.C. for thit port, about 10 o'clock on Saturday 7th inst came down the river and crossed the bar about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, svith the wind at N. E. s at 9 P. M the wind came on to blow, and at 1 1 blew a gale, at which tuna tbe chi sprung aleak ; took in the main - sad and fore tail, in hopes to ease the leak ; kept the pumps gobies at 3. found the water gain on us so fast, that we thought it best for the safety of our lives', to jibe ship and make for the land ; at half past 4 A. M. blowing very hard, and the tea running high, tbe tchr having no other sail ou her but her fore - tail, the fore - mast went a lit tle stove tbe deck, and earned with it the main mast ; at thit time, the water was abeut one foot over the cabin floor, and the sea and gale increasing, our situation became t'esperate. At 5 A. M. she wat full of water, and the deck load washing ' off, we launched our boat, and with the main sheet made fast to tha stump of th main - mast, got all hinds iuto the boat, with a part of our clothes, and in that situation, under tha la of the vessel, with our bead to the sea. which wa running too high to venture to quit the wreck ; at 10 A. M. cast loose from onr warp, and put the boat before the sea, which we mado out to weather, tbe sea frequently breaking into the boat i at 6 P. M. on tha ilth int. tbe wii'd :md sea became more moderate. so that wo made nut to weather the night. Al 6 A. M. on the 9lh. were picked up by the bug Mary lc Achsah - Ann, capt. Leonard bmitt, at this time being in a perishing condition, chilled by the cold, and almost exhiustcd by foliate Capt. J. Bnrrnrrs, capt. Erownwu'l and cruv, return their grateful thanks to capt. L. Smil. his officers anil crew, for their polite and human attention. Frim Cie Lmulm Ghhe of Jamory it. It is suid that the British Minuter at Wnshinir ton, Mr. Btipot, has formally protested against the occupation of Florida b the United States, cither as a cession fini.i Spain.. or in anv other manner. It is slated in the Dnblin Evcnine Tost ilint 14 i.oman Catholic LMTpymeii have f alien narrifires to their duty in attrmlnnre upon the sick afflicted itn typhus lever in Lnrdomterry. The Princess to whom the Duke of Cambridge is about to be married, is the youngest daughter of Frederick, Landgrave of Ilrsoe, by Caroline, of Nassau. She is tne grand daughter ot Mary, second daughter of George II, ami, consenuentlvi , :.. . i : d I 1 1 i I . . . kciiiiiu t.ouiii to ri nuyni inbuilt.', nnu is tne Tjinneir, in ner own light, to tneirowu ol laud. CLAIMS ON FRANCE. Copy nf the Emperor tf Riwtii'e Letter to tlie Duki of neuintuii. " Moscow. Oct. 30. Placod as vou are. inv Lnnl Marshal, at the head of the military forces of the European Alliance, you have contributed more than once. bv the wisdom and moderation w hich distinguish you, to reconcile the most important interests. 1 nave constantly addressed mvself to you in all circumstances which might influence the roiisohdktinn nt mat order ol thi.ip which was established, nnn cipslly in France oysour clorious exploits Vour energy in action, your prudence it. council, nave never ceased to prodnct: the most desirable results. " Now that the question of private claims on France acquire a critical and decided character. on t'count of the difi uluct presented by the ittral execution of the Convention of November. I could not think it rLiit In conceal my opinion ln.m tuc Monarchs, my Allies, on the mode of rt..,.ienng init hiiMrnsome enpagemrnt, so as tu prevent it inlraction, and to render its execution possible, 'fhe assertions of the French Government are knnvTt to yon, my Lord Marshal ; my Minister at Pans hi - s received directions to communicate to yeu the Memorial .vhirh was drawn tip under iny eye, relitir t - this important question. I invite you to fix ull Mir ai't - ntio" on tne conne - .ion of tSe mjtivet of rhV.t and political rxpedi - iice, which ui'taid 'iowi, in tliis document, in snpuurt i;f tha princi) les of art onunidation, whicli alo'.e c - ,n simplify the - ompli' - alinu inherent in tlie payment ol" private debit which v. ere imposed noon Trance :: i titor when it was not cesy to fores. tbii rrstilt. " You, iloiit,t.c",..ppreciat, n.v Lord f.Iarsh: all tl - e graver considerations which rilean in t - vour f a system of equitable conciliation , ....i. ill brine all the w armth of a soul "lev. - itd lo'the height ol thr occasion to a qnesti - n which le - penHi, perhaps, tiiereposeofFi, and the inviolability of he mjt sacred eneagemcnts. Mo - deralioo'anil goot fiiTrlj have been, in our time, thesomcet pf ah iiipj and b nencirnt pore; and it is for Hiui vho pr,; . . and furthered the triumph, to rause to be heard, in all critical moments, thelaus'iage of that same moderation, and of that same eoodfaith, " In litis conviction, if I bad still a wish to express, it would be to see you with the consent of my Allies, ami that of ihc parties interested, the principal part of the negociation liieb may be opened at Pari on the Queslinn of the !ri - vate claims, and on tlie most equitahje mode of deciding it with the com - jon conseut. Receive, Marshal, the reiterated t.ii mfrlllt?! of my entire esteem. (Signed) "ALEXANDER." On the above letter the Editor of the Globe re marks as follows : ' From other tourre we are apprised that tlie most urgent creditor of France is the Cabinet of oei lin, and were the questiou one mrrciv of feei ng, we might tret some excuse for the iinrclaxin; frl &r& fZZl matter of prudence, and it it evident from tha high tone assumed upon thi point, both by the king of France, in hit speech to the Legislature, Ibe unchecked vivacity with which it hadbeeo reechoed by the Chambers, that the Court of the Ibuilleries wiu not mine rxtrava - Sant claims that have been made by foreign ere. itors. From the Emperor of Russia's letter, it is plain that bis weight will be thrown oa the side oi r ranee , anu n it tauiiui u,c ii,u.Tesi o. any power in Europe to embarrass the F reach government in it present unsettieo conuiuon, we may conclude that the affair will be finally arranged in a mi - oner more consistent with moderation, and, what is of more importance, with the ability and wishes ol the r reucn people. List of the yeas and nays, on tbe motion in th House of Representatives in favor of the application of the Irish Emigsast Assocmtioi. V KAt. Messrs. Adams, Anderson of fa. Butler, Bennett. Baldwin, Bodcn, Bellinger, Claeret. Crafts, Comttock, Cnigcr, Cushman, Crawford, liraae, iiaruogioii,Acsiia, suiluii,, r uiger, Fuller. Flovri. Komvth, Uare, Hale, Holmes of Man. Hunter, llaibr"ck, Herkimer, Hubbard, Heister, Harrison, 1 Wrick, Hendricks, Johnson of Ky. Kirtland, knsey, Livermore, Law. yer, Little, Merritt. Moore, Murray, H. Nelson, Newton, Ogle, Parrott, Palmer, Porter, Patterson, Peter, Rich, Richards, Heed, Khea, Silsby, Spen cer, Serjeant, smart oi ma. sawyer, lavlor, Tompkins, Towo5Cud,Tarr, Tallinadge, Updam, Wendover, Williams of N Y. Wilkin, Wallace, Whiteside, Walker. 71. Nats Mes - rs. Allen of Mast. Alien of Ver. Austin. Abbott. Anderson of Kv. Boss. Bavlev. Ball, Barbour, Basselt, Burwell, Bryan, Blount, Barber, Beecher, Colston, Cobb, Cook, Claiborne. Campbell, Edwards, Earle, Forney, Garnet, Holmes, of Conn. Huntingdon, Hall of Del. Hall et i. C. Hose:, Hitchcock, Irvine;, Johuton of Vs. Jones, Lowndet, Mason of Mas Morton, Mills, .. t . .. . e r. . ' i ..(1 itinseiy, m.ison ui n. i. :,irrcrr, m ican, m t - Oy, Mumfurd, Midilleton, Marr, Nelson oi Ms. T. M. Nelson, Nesbit, New,Orr, Owen, Pitkin, Pindall, Pleasants, roindexter, tjuark - s, Rice, Ringold, Robertson of Ky. Robcrtcon of Lou. Sampson, Shaw, Sherwood, Save e, Scudder, Sevbert, B. Smith, A. Smyth, Settle, frlorumb, I. S. Smith, Stewart of N. C. Simkins, Terry, Tucker of Va. Tyler, Tucker ofS. C. Tenill.Trlmble, Whitman, Wilson, Williams nf Conn. Williams of N. C 83. MARRIKO, . At Manlius, (New - Yurk,) March 4th. by the Rev J. Brown, of Cazenova, Thomas Aiecs - tus Gold; Esq Councellor at Law, of PitU - field, (Mass.) to Mis Dootht GAamaxa, daughter of Wm. Gardiner, Esq. of Manlius. Also, Mr. Elijah Rhobei, merchant at Manlius, to Mist Attnis Lucia Gabuuer, daiigk - ter of Wm. Gardiner, Esq of Maalius. DIED, ' Yesterday afternoon, after a short illness, Mr. James Van Lew, of thit city, aged 5 1 years. The relatives and friends of the deceased, and those of the family, are invited to attend bis funeral from no. 73 Fulton - street, thit afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Ky&Ifl - '. POST MA HI VC LIST. JRPttFD THIS FORF.MOO, Ship Alliance, Rider, 18 hours from New. port, (R I ) with ballast, to Htimll & CJioone. Sell Almira, Lombard, 24 hours from Newport, (R. I.) with spirits of turpentine, pitch, staves, &c. to Blount k Jackson, and Tred - veil k Thome. . Sell LHUe Dick, Antony, 2 day from Newport, with fish, to the master. Scb New - Orleatis, bmilh, 8 dayt from Charleston, with rice, cotton and iron to Vaodewater aud Wheeler, Buck St Coit, Wm. Manks, Sal - tu., Son & Co. J W Schmidt & Co. and J J Co - lieu. Spoke nothing. Sloop Lady Washington, Gardner, 24 hour from Newport, with sugar, coffee, &c. to R Potter. Sloop Traveller, Easton, 9 dayt from Richmond, with coals, to Mr. Phillips fclo.ip Justina, Stephens, 22 hours from New - Bedford, with iron, to Blackwell II M'Farluo. Sloop Caroline. Baker, 2 days from New Bedford, with oil, hound to Philadelphia. Sloop VUschrr, In graham, 4 day from Bo ton, with pepper and plaster 5loop Henry, Delano, 4 day from Boston, with nlsster, to Wm Davit. BELOW 2 brigt. A fiRlf'Lj X - WST1 EVFJVIMi. Schr New - Orleans, S:niih, 9 dayt from Charleston, with rice and cotton, to Yandewa - tcr, Wheeler k Co. Schr Aurora, Ha'.i, 5 dayt from Boston, with rum, coflee, to Wm Davis, and others. Sloop Helen, Build. 5 day from Richmond, with rum, flour, tobacco, and barilla, 'o W W iJHTodd CHARLESTON, March 10 - Arrived yesterday, Hamburg brig Friendship, Ilertrcndorff, Oporto, 49 days. Left no American veasls, and spoke nothing on the passage. Brig Mary & Achsah - Ann, Smith, Phiradel - l 'hia, 5 day s. Y c&t erday , ofT the bar, fell in with the boat of the schr Peace Si Plenty, of Charleston, from Wilmington, (N C) ai tl received on board the crew, consisting of the captain, male and five teamen said schr foundered off Cape Roinain, in 14 fathoms water, on Sunday morning at 5 o'clock. ' Cleared, British ship Indian, Balberoy, Liver pool; ship Julius Csrsar, Marshall, Liverpool. THEATRE. For the Benefit of MR. PHILIPPS. On Wednesday Evening, March 10, will be presented, the Comic 0era of LIONEL A CLARISSA. Lionel, Mr. Philippt in which chnracf r he will sine the orurimd SjodS, Yon ask me in vain," " Oh. talk not to nit of tbe wtal'h he possesses ' And introduce th Ballads oi " The BewilderM Maid." crpoted by Brdham : and ' Eveben1 Bower," from Moore's Irish Melodies, and Robin Adair. To which vill 'e added, tlie petit opera of ' BUOTHER AND SISTER. ' Don Svlvi i tie Floret. Mr. PbiliPP. In wl.icb character he will sine the Irish melody of " Love' Youns Dream." ; and the celebra ted polacca of " Ao more by torrow," ' Donna Isidore, Mr. Darley in which character the will stag tbe favontt ECHO SONG, composed by Bishop, and accompanied on tbt Flute by Mr. Mr.iine ; and (for the 1st time) tie new Ballad ot FORGET ME NOT, (trans!. ted from the French) composed by Mr. PbilipPJ; F rformance to commeute at seven o'ciw - precisely. The comic pantomime of Mother Goose, 8 the golden egg, it in rehearsal and will tpeeduy beproduied. TIJr. DRAMA, fjy A number ofgcoUemen, friendly to drama 'c performance, intend to meet tthetity Hot ;, oo Thurtday uext, at 1 o'clock : the at - tent ance of 'he friends of the theatre if q'" ed. . nih 18 i'rigMiuf, no Halifax, Sf. ' T7 Lii us for tvs Britannic majesty'i P''' SWlFTfcdJrtE, (for Falauth, via Halifax, va - co'ia.) will be received at th post - ofict till W edaesday afternoon, the 1st day of ApnJ. mhlBtApl T W. MOORE, '" NOTICE. .. - . ftT The creditors or JOHN MURRAY SO.Na are requested to send io Uir ccoon" immediately, etated with interest, P to 27th Jan last inclusive. Aod wose indebhOio said firm will pl - ase make payment th?0,.ofr lay to Uie subscriber, who wduly authorised to receive the tame. PETER LUDIX)W, mh 18 Iw HI PUBLIC BALL - . , ,. ( - D. D. IIULKTT retpectfelly in hiiTftiendt aii Uie public, that hi ""w widteke rl"e it Tammany HbII, on lets" j eveoing o' Xt, tlie 24th inst. at 7 o'clock ;. . Tk - Xc - tsfor admission may be had by Pl J ine at No. 17 Cedar - street, or at Uie par hotel. mh I

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