The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 6, 1934 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1934
Page 16
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'^ai^^^^Ml^ff^S^^'S§^^^^^M. SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 6 1934 5 CHURCHES TO HOLD SESSIONS Brethren Conference Will Be Held at Greene for Two Days. GREENE, April 6.--The annual conference of the five Brethren churches of Waterloo, South Waterloo, Union Ridge, Ivester and Greene, will meet at the local Church of the Brethren, Saturday and Sunday. Kermit Eby, Ann Arbor, Mich., who was one of the members of the Friends church to make the good will tour through Japan in. 1933, will give several lectures during the conference. Others who will appear on the programs include persons from the several churches represented. Paul Miller, Waterloo, is president of the conference; the Rev. W. E. Yoder. Waterloo, adult advisor; Miss Doris McRoberts, Greene, secretary, and 'the Rev. C. E. Schrock, pastor of the local church. PENSION LAW IS WELL RECEIVED Porterfield Believes State As Whole Ready to Co-Operate. DES MOINES, April 6. (J)--John F. Porterfield, member ol the state old age assistance commission, said today that the law was being well received throughout the state. "I doubt if any Iowa law haamet with the willing co-operation that has been given in this case," he said, adding that "we have had no objectors and many persons have given us their voluntary aid." Porterfield said that the listing of the persons against whom the head tax, for support of the assistance fund, is applicable is well under way. In a number of precincts it is complete. The first head tax of $1, payable by all persons over 21 years of age, is due on or before July 1. After that the tax will be 52, annually. The first pensions are to be granted Nov. 1. The commission is sending letters to employers notifying them that where the employe does not pay the head tax, the employer is responsible for it through deduction from salaries. "HOW!" STATE TWO WHITE BEARS AFTER PALO ALTO ARREST ; 'EMMETSBURG, April 6.-Trapping and hunting are heap big- sports, Martin White Bear, 33, and Paul White Bear, 19, Indians of near Red Wing, Minn., agreed here Friday as long as they do the trapping and hunting. But when Sheriff Bert Montgomery of Palo Alto county went hunting for the Messrs. White Bear, and trappec them near Emmetsburg--"Ugh,' grunted the White Bears, or, as is said in Iowa, "nuts!" It all started over a little matter of a vacation for the Indian trappers, who decided to visit relatives at a Winnebago, Nebr., reservation Wednesday some alarmed citizens of Cylinder, east of here, notified Sher iff Montgomery that an Indian up rising was on the way, about to de scend on the Emmetsburg settle ment, not with ponies and arrows but with a Chevrolet and firewater And, of course, war whoops. So, as they traveled toward thi setting sun, officers ambushed them and led them, captive, to the whit man'a fortress here, where the; await charges. And as for the term --Vanishing American--it's hard t vanish from an iron barred stock ade, although it has been done. "How?" was the braves' sole com ment. LEGAL NOTICE UBS TO BATTLE WASHINGTON FOR TWO BALL GAMES HOGS MOSTLY 10 CENTS OR MORE HIGHER (ConUtmed From Sports n 17 exhibition appearances so DODGEKS ORLANDO, Fla.--It appears that the Brooklyn Dodgers will have to urn to some other club than Boson in their search for a reliable jortside pitcher. Talk of bringing ~;d Brandt to Brooklyn in ex- jtchange for a second baseman aded when Bill McKechnie, Boson manager, announced Brandt simply is not on the market" ATHLETICS CHARLOTTE, N. Car.--The Phil- delphia Athletics sent one man to siichmond, Va,, preparatory to a cheduled game in that city. When the rest of the club arrives there. 3ob Schroeder, traveling secretary, ·ill be on the station platform. If ,'s too cold to play, as it was here esterday, Schroeder will give a heery wave and the team will ride Ight'on to Philadelphia. XNDIAXS NEW ORLEANS--Joe Vosmik and the Cleveland Indians' pitching taff are bad news to the New 'ork Giants. Vosmik once again broke a tie esterday to give the Indians their ourth victory in six starts against le Giants, 4 to 2; against the New Tork club he has made six hits in i times at bat including two omers and a triple. He has batted eight runs and has scored three tiers besides the homers. The pitching staff has held the ianta to seven earned runs in six ames. REDS TAMPA, Fla.--From the way he .rains, one would judge Dazzy 'ance, veteran pitcher of the Cin- innati Reds, to be a rookie. After seven innings on the mound gainst Newark yesterday, Dazzy len ran around the field at top peed. He does such stunts every ay. He has allowed only two runs n the 14 innings he has pitched this eason BROWNS WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.-Manager Rogers Hornsby will not tart trimming away his surplus quadmen until the Browns have ompleted their series with the Cardinals at St. Louis. The fact was brought out as the irowns boarded a train for Orlando, Fla,, where they meet Brooklyn in he first of a four game series. ·Jornsby now ias 29 men in Brown nifonns and six of them will have o be checked in before the season pens. PHDLUES PHILADELPHIA--Led by Coach -lans Lobert, the second and last Toup of Philadephia's National eague club returns to this city to- ay from its southern training rip. Manager Jimmy Wilson led the irst delegation in yesterday. An extensive workout is on. the irogram for today, preparatory to he opening of the city series with the Athletics tomorrow. RYE SOARS AND CLOSES AT TOP Claim Import Duty Will Be Lifted; Other Grains at Standstill. CHICAGO, April 6. W)--Rye distinguished itself today with a jump f 1% cents a bushel. The jump of rye was apparently wing to assertions that the United jtates import duty on rye would oon be lifted. A feature in the corn larkct was announcement of a ves- el charter for shipment of 350,000 ushels of corn to Buffalo at the pening of lake navigation, the first ake business reported this season. Rye closed strong at the day's top igures, other grains nearly, at a tandstill, wheat .% off to % up ompared with yesterday's finish, lay 86% to 86%, July 86% to 86%, orn unchanged to % higher, May 8Y~ to 48%, July 5094; oats un- hanged to Ys advanced, and pro- isions unchanged to 20 cents gain. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN CHICAGO, April 6. (.T)--Wheat-- Sample ·ade red, 81; No. 3 mixed, 86?i; No. 3 ixed smutty. 85M. Corn--No. 2 mixed, 48; No. 2 yellow, 8Vt: (Lake arrivals, No. 2 yellow, 48); ·3. 3 yellow, 474 to 48; No. 3 white. 3-U; sample grade, 35, Oats--No. 2 white. 33=i to 34; (Lake ar- vals, No. 2 white, 33Vi; No. 3 -white, 3 W ) ; No. 3 white, 33Vi to 34; No. 4 ·hlte, 31%; sample grade, 31%. Rye--No. 4, 57%. Barley--*3 to 80. Tlm- thy seed--$6.30 to $7 a cwt. Clover seed-11 to $13 a cwt. Lard, tierces, S6.07; IOOM lard 56.07; ellles 58. Barley OPPOSE SAVING ON EDUCATION Federal Judge and Senator See Danger of Increase in Crime. COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 6. UP)-A federal judge and a United State, senator today told the citizens' con ference on the crisis in education that dollars saved now through ir rational school retrenchment woulc be only a part of the dollars spen in the future battle against result ant crime. "Juvenile delinquency is a million tiroes more dangerous to our natioi than the comhined efforts of all th roving criminals sought by the po lice," said Senator Royal S. Cope land, who headed a senate investi gation of racketeering. Judge Walter C. Lindley of th United States district court, Dan vttle, Dl., pointed to the inverse re lationship of proper education ' crime. Produce MASON CITY, April 6-Cash Quotations by E. 0. Morse Eggs (current receipts) 12c Heavy hens, 4% Ibs. and over . .10c Light hens ,...6c Springs (heavy breeds) lOc Springs (Leghorn breeds) 6c Stags 6c Old cocks iheavy) 5c Ducks .....7c Geese 6c Turkeys, No. 1 13c Merchants Quotations Eggs, cash 12-14c* Eggs, in trade ·. -. .14-16c* Butter, Plymouth 29c Butter, Clear Lake 28c Butter, State .Brand 30c Butter, Very Best 30c Butter, Dairy Maid 28c Potatoes, peck .- 30c *EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several downtown grocery stores. Mason City Grain MASON CITY, April 6-- 30-45C Vo. 2 yellow old shelled corn 31 '/aC i. 3 yellow new shelled corn 33y 2 c i. 3 yellow ear corn 31c oats, NO. 3, 30 Ins., or better , WHEAT-May uly ept CORN-lay uly ept OATS-ay uly ept RYE-lay uly ept BARLEY-lay uly ept- LARD-- irty .'..'.'.'.'.".!'". ept BBELL1BS-- May uly . .25c FRIDAY GRAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, April t. t-PJ-- High ! .60=i .'S7H .48% .50-i .53 .3214 .33 Vi .33 Vi . .86 .86 S .48V1 .00% .52% .3214 .32-; .33 0.12 6.22 Close $ .8654 .86 K .50% .52% .63 Vi 6.15 6.25 6.42 8.00 S.47 GRAIN OPEN CHICAGO, April 6. UP)-- WHEAT-May uly iept CORN-May 'uly ......... Sept. OATS-May uly iept RYE-May : July Sept BARLEY-May July Sept LAJtD-- May July Sept BELLIES-May July Open Today * .86 Vi . -86H -48 U .30% .32 'i .32 -,', .33 -58't .60S .62 Close Close Yesterday Yr. Ago $ .86% $ .571,4 .58 S .59 S .33% .35% .86 VI .S6;i .50 «i .52»i .32% .33 ,k .33 Vi .58% .60% .82 .it .45 6.12 6.SO ' 6.40 8.00 8.27 .20 « .20% .21 Vi .45% .46 VI 4.27 4.40 4.52 CHICAGO POCLTBV CHICAGO, April 6. (At--Poullry. live, steady; receipts, no cars, 2 due: 16 trucks; colored broilers, 22%; White Rock broilers. 22%; Pis-mouth Bock broilers, 25K; geese, 11; others unchanged. CHICAGO FBODDCE CHICAGO, April 6. UPI--Butter-- 8,512, weak; creamery, specials (93 score). 22Vi to 23; extras (92), 22; extra firsts (90-91), 21S; firsts (88-89). 21 to 21V5; seconds (86-87), 20%; standards (90 centralized carlots), 22. Eggs, 32,951, weak; extra firsts, cars, 16; local, 1514; fresh graded firsts, cars, 15%; local, 15; current celpts, 14;. PBODI3CE FETCHES. CHICAGO. April 6. UP)--Egg futures closed; storage packed firsts April 17; storage packed firsts May 16 ?i; refrigerator standards Oct. 18%; butter futures: Fresh standards June 22vi; storage standards Nov. 23%; storage standards Nov. 23%; poLit- futures: Idaho Russets April 51.60; Idano iuelg 51.85. MARKET STRONG IN ACTIVE TRADE Cattle Trade Steady With Receipts Light and in Line With Needs. CHICAGO, April 6. OiP)--The hog market ruled strong to mostly 10 cents higher today in fairly active dealings. The advance was scored on light hogs and left the top on heavier kinds unchanged from yesterday at 54.35. The bulk sold from ?4 to $4.30. Receipts were light, only about half the supply of last Friday. All interest were fair buyers. Outside markets had heavier receipts than expected with the total above that of last Friday. Trading at most was slow with prices generally about steady. Cattle trade was about steady. Receipts were slim, but about in line with trade needs. Best yearlings topped at. $7.35 with steers selling from $5.25 to $6.25. A few heavies reached ?7. Sheep were more active because of rather slim supply with indications pointing to a steady market. Best fat lambs were sold between ?9 and $9.25. Aged sheep were about steady. A few selected native spring lambs reached an extreme top of $16. ' HEW YORK PRODUCE NEW TORK, April 6. CPI--Butter, 10.108. easy. Creamery, extra (92 score), .2316 to 23%; centralized (SO score), 23 to 23«i: other grades unchanged. ?iEW YORK rOBLTKV. NEW TORK, April 6. m--Live poultry, slow. Broilers, express 12 to 27; fowls, express 15 to 17; Roosters, express 10; turkeys, express 20 to 25; other express and all freight grades unquoted. Eggs, 18,043, barley steady. Mixed colors, standards and commercial standards IS to 18%: first 164 to *: mediums, 40 Ibs, and dirties No. 1, 42 Ibs., 15B to ?i: overage checks 15; storage packed first 17 to %; other mixed colors unchanged. J3.70 $3.70 53.60 53.50 J2.90 52.SO 52.60 S3.75-4.50 51.50-5.25 HIDES, WOOL Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. HIDES Horsehides $1.75 Cured beef hides Green beef, hides ..: WOOL No. 1 clean bright ,.,..24e Ib. Semibright 23c Ib. Rejects 19o Ib. WOOL MARKET. BOSTON. April 6. UP. 1 --U. s. department of agriculture-The demand for finer quality western grown vfool showed a slight Improvement over the extreme dullness that has prevailed for the past two weeks. An occasional house received a call for ungraded western wool. Original bag territory lines of mixed grades, comprising 64s and finer and 58s, 60s, % blood of fair combing length, brought 80 to 83 cents scoured basis. Twelve months Texas wool in original bags brought around 85 cents scoured basis for choice staple and 82 to 83 cents for average. MASON CITY, April 6.-HOOS Unchanged. Steady to 10 cents higher. Best sorted lights 200-240 Best medium -weight butchers 240-260 Best heavy butchers ....... 260-300 Best prime heavy butchers .. 300-350 3est packing sows, smooth .... 300-350 Jest heavy sows, smooth .. 350-400 Best big heavy sows, smooth-450-500 Light lights, fair to good, (140, 160, ISO) 52.20, 52.70, 53.10 CATTLE Choice young steers .. 900-1,000 Si.70-9.30 Medium to good yearling steers .... 900-1,000 Choice corn fed steers 1,000-1.200 Jedium to good com fed steers 1,000-1,200 53.75-4.50 jw grade steers .. 52.50-3.50 Fair heifers 600-800 52.75-3.50 Uood heifers 600-SOO 53.50-4.00 Choice to prime heifers 600-800 J4.00-4.50 Butchers cows., fair to good ....52.00-2.50 Good to choice cows S2.50-2.75 Choice to prime cows 52.75-3.00 nferior canners 75-1.00 'air to good cannera 51.25-1.50 Jood cutter cows ......51.50-2.00 ommon to fair bulls 51.75-2.25 Fair to good heavy bulls S2.00-2.25 ood to choice bulb S2.25-2.75 Good tt choice calves, 130-190 54,50-5.00 tedium to good calves, 130-190 53.50-4.50 nferior and common calves 53.00 down LAMBS Choice lambs ....'. 70-90 S7.75-S.25 Medium to good lambs ... 70-90 56.75-7.75 Buck lambs 51 under grade. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. KANSAS CITT GRAIN. KANSAS CITY, April 6. l/^PV-Wheat: 89 cars; unchanged. No. 2, dark hard, S6Vic; No. 3, S2ViS85Hc; No. 2, hard, 80V=@ 82c; No. 3, 803ic: No. 2, red 80Va@S3c nominal; No. 3, 8Q@83c nominal. Corn: 5 cars; Vic higher. No. 2, -white, 46%@46^ic nominal: No. 3, 45^©46Vic nominal; No. 2, yellow, 45c; No. 3, 44© 44%c nominal; No. 2. mixed, 43%@44%c nominal; No, 3, 43@43%c nominal. Oats: 2 cars; unchanged. No. 2, white, 32%@33c nominal; No. 3, 32SJ3JV4C nominal. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR | STATE OF IOWA, i Cerro Gordo County, ss. ! No. 4477. I NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that, the -undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate .of C. B. Biggins, deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. B. C. HIGGINS. Marty and Butler, Attorneys. Dated March 22nd, 1934. S. H. MacPeak. ClcrU District Court. By--Margaret Hiley, Deputy. Community Piay Repeated. STH.SON, April 6.--The Community clug home talent play which was given Tuesday evening will be presented again Friday evening as the crowd the first night was not able to get in the building. PHONE 888 BEFORE IT'S TOO lATE Our Baby Poco Coal wins by comparison. Buy your coal on our monev-back guarantee- It's easy to lire with BABY POCO. FIRESIDE FUEL COMPANY 1011 SOUTH FEDERAL From Printer's Devil to Governor Goal of North Dakota Editor MINOT, N. Dak., April 6. UP)--A printer's devil who worked up to the editor's sanctum seeks now to bo the first democrat to sit in the governor's chair in 20 years. Thomas Hoodie, editor of the Williston Herald, was endorsed for governor at the pre-primary convention of democrats here. The honor is the climax of a colorful career. Moodie began as a printer's apprentice in Wadena, Minn., 40 years ago. When the linotype threw many printers out of work he turned to railroading. Later he went back to printing:, then reporting and editing 1 . Tyrell of Belmond Put on Committee of Beef Producers DES MOINES, April 6. C»--The state beef producers' committee elected Willard Edwards of Humboldt, president: F. F. McArthur of Oakland, vice president, and Roy Murphy of West Burlington, secretary-treasurer. Other members of the committee are A. P. Arp of Eldridere. A. .A. Orr of Thornburg, J. J. Mulvihill of Cummings, E. A. Waters of Postvllle, W. P. Tyrrell of Belmond and A. S. Wendel of Bronson. MLXNEAPOIJS GKAIX. MINNEAPOLIS, April 6. I.T1--WBeat 74 cars 172 a year ago. % higher. Cash: No. 1 northern 85!i@B8U: No. 1 dark northern 15 protein S6V1@89^4; 14 protein SSVlfSSVl; 13 protein 86Vl@89',t; 12 poteln 86 1 A@89 ) /i: No 1 dark hard Montana 14 protein 8G',i@88Vi; to arrive 86 5J-SSW; No. 1 amber Durum S1.Q1®1,07; No. 2 amber Durum Sl@1.06: No. 1 red Durum 81®86; May 8311; July 831i; Sept. S3- 1 !;. Com, No. 3 yellow OatE, No. 3 white Market Notes By TICKER TAPE Prospects that final figures for March employment will disclose tne healthiest condition thus far achieved In the recovery period are given credence In a report issued jy the department of commerce. In Its release covering February employment and sayrools the department reveals a 6 per lent gain in actual employment and an Increase of 12 per cent in manufacturing payrolls. The commerce department said that only Incomplete figures were available for last month, but these promised further Improvement over February. FURTHER GAINS EXPECTED Inasmuch as toe shortened work week and higher wages advocated by the NRA and widely adopted by major Industries were not in force until April 1 further gains wil be shown for the current month, It is asserted. Therefore, preliminary analyses are lead ing students of the business trend to the conclusion that the spring was pierced with workers In the best situation witnessed since 1931. The commerce department's report for February showed that practically all the principal manufacturing lines expert enced higher activity but that the automobili industry -was in the fore. Mason City Livestock CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, April 6. Ul'f---(U. S. department Qt agriculture) -- HOGS--13,000, Including 6,000 direct; strong to mostly K cents or more higher than Thursday; 140-310 bs.. direct. S4 to $4.35; top, S-1.35 for choice 160-210 Ibs.; most pigs, $3,00 down; packing sows, 53.25 to 53.50; light light, :ood and choice, 140-160 Ibs.. 54 to $4.35; . l weight, 160-200 -Ibs. ( $4.20 to $4.35 medium weight, 200-250 Ibs., $4.20 to 54.35 heavy weight, 250-350 Ibs., 53.90 to 54.30 mcking sows, medium and good, 275-55' bs., J3.10 to $3.65; pigs, good and choice 100-130 IbB., 52.75 to $4. CATTLE--1,000; calves. 800; well fin [shed weighty steers, fully steady; others and good light heifers, slow, about steady cows fairly active, steady to strong; bull: and vealers unchanged; choice 1,394 Ib steers, $7.35 to shippers; load averaging 1,515, 57; bulk lower grade light steers $5.25 to 56.25; selected vealers, $6 t 56.50; slaughter cattle and vealers: Steers good and choice, 550-900 Ibs., $6 to $7.75 900-TTOO Ibs., 56 to $7.75; 1100-1300 Ibs. $6 to $7.65; 1300-1500 Ibs., 55.50 to $7.65 common and medium, 550-1300 Ibs.. $4 heifers, good and choice, 550-750 Ibs. $5 to $6.35; common and medium, 53.50 t 55,25; cows, good. $3.50 to 54.50; commo and medium, $2.75 to $3.75; low cutter an cutter, $1.75 to $2.75; bulls (yearlings ex eluded), good (beel), S3.10 to $3.75; cut ter, common and medium, $2.50 to $3.3* vealers, good and choice^ $5 to $6.50; mec turn, S4 to 55; cull and common, 53 to $4 stocker and feeder cattle: Steers, good ac choice, 500-1050 Ibs., 54.50 to 55.75; com mon and teedlum, $3.25 to 54.50. SHEEP--10,000; opening slow, Indication around steady on desirable lambs with bit and sales around J9 to 0.25; small suppl native spring lambs unevenly higher; ex treme top $16; sheep steady; wooled ewe. S5 downward; clipped offerings 53 to $3.5 top S3.GO; slaughter sheep and Jarab. lambs. 90 Ibs. down, good and choice SS.f to $9,35; common s.nd medium S7 to S8.S5 90 to 98 Ibs, good and choice SS.75 to $9.25: ewes, 90 to 150 Iba, good and choice. 53.75 to $5.25: all weights, common and medium S3 to 54.25. Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hoe prices at midwest markets Friday: WATERLOO--Prime hogs, 180-200 Iti3., 3.35 to 53.63; 200-260 Ibs.. 53.45 to J3.75; iO-300 Ibs., $3.35 to $3.65: 300-325 Ibs., 1.25 to 53.55; 325-350 Ins., S3.1S to 53.45: ood packers, J2.80 to 53. OTTDMWA--Hogs unchanged: 140-160 Ibs., 2.25: 160-180 Ibs., 53.25; 180-200 Ibs., 3.70: 200-240 Ibs., S3.85: 240-200 Ibs., 3.75; 260-280 Ibs.. 53.65; 280-310 Ibs., 3.S5: 310-350 Ibs., 53.40: over 350 Jbs.. S3 53.30; packers under 350 IDB.. £2.70 to 3; packers. 350-450 Ibs., $2.60 to T2.90; ackers over 500 Ibs.. $2.40 to $2.70: thin ackers and pigs priced at killing values. CJEDAR BAI'IDS -- Prime hoys. 180-200 bs., 53.55: 200-260 Ibs.. 53.65; 260-250 IDS., 3.60: 280-300 Ibs., 53.55: 300-320 lb«,, 3.50; 320-240 Ibs., $3.45; good packers, teady. Corn unchanged. DJSS M01NES--Steady to 5 cents higher; 20-160 Ibs., 52 to $3; 160-300 Ibs.. S3 to 3.80; 300-400 Ibs.. J3.10 to 53.45: good ackers, 52.60 to S3. AUSTIN--Choice light lights, 140-100 Ibs., 3; choice lights. 160-180 Ibs., 53.35: choice edlum, 180-200 Ibs.. 53.65; 200-220 Ibs., 20-250 Ibs., $3.75; choice heavy butchers. 50-290 Ibs., $3.60: 280-350 Ibs.. $3.45; 350 )3, and up, 53.25; choice packers, 275-350 bs.. $3.05; 300-425 Ibs., S2.85; 425-550 Ibs., 50 Ibs. and up, $2.85. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES. April 6. (.W--U. s. depart- lent of agriculture-Combined hop receipts at 22 concent ion yards and 7 packing plants located nterlor Iowa and southern Minnesota for ' 24 hour period ended at S a, m., today vere 14,COO compared with 18,800 a week go and 22,200 a year ago. Fairly active, lostly steady to 5c higher than late Thursay, loading moderately light for Friday. Quotations follow: Good and choice light 40 to 160 Ibs. J2.S003.65; light weights 60 to 180 Ibs. $3.33®3.85; ISO to 200 4bs. 3.65®4; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. 3.70®4.05; 220 to 250 Ibs. 53.70C-H.05; eavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. 53.55514.05: to 350 Ibs. S3.30ff3.90; pigs 100 to 130 unquoted: good packing sows 275 to 50 Ibs. $.383.25; SOO to 425 Ibs. $2.80® .15; 425 to 550 Ibs. 52.70!i'3.10. STOCKS STEADY IN DULL TRADING Market Marks Time Waiting for News on Measure to Control Exchanges. NEW TORK, April 6. t-B--The itock market virtually mar.ked time oday. Fluctuations were narrow and speculative interest lagged. The ate tone was steady. Chesapeake Corporation and Allegheny Corporation Preferred shares were 'irm. Gold Dust, Nash. American 2an and Loew's were also a little higher. Utilities steadied after forenoon easiness. Transfers approximated 900,000 shares. Most financial markets appeared to have a touch of spring fever and :rading enthusiasm, during the greater part of the business period, was at an extremely low ebb. Bonds and grains were just about steady. Silver and cotton were a :rlfle easier, but rubber and copper 'utures improved. Brokerage houses, although not bearish, expressed the iought that equities "looked tired." Beading operators generally were on the sidelines where it was ex- Dected they would remain until Washington decides on the bridgework for the exchange control bill. SOUTH ST. FAUX. WVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL. April 6. UP)--U. S. epartment of agriculture-CATTLE 2.700; slaughter steers, and earllngs slow, early sales evenly about teady; some bldj lower than Thursday's lose; few medium to good light to medium weight steers S4.75®5.75; light and mixed carllngs mostly $5.50 down; other classes nchanged; medium to good heifers $4.5® .50; common kinds down to 53.25: beef ows S3.SM; low cutters and cutters SI.75© '5; common and medium bulls 52.35® .85; stock and feeders scarce; calves, 700. steady; strictly good and choice i.®«. HOGS 7,500: fairly active, steady to 5 igher than Thursday's average; better 70 to 26 Ibs. largely S3.905H; top 34 io II interests; most better 250 to 350 Ibs. 3.50SJ3.90: slaughter pigs S2.50»3 or bove; most packing sows 53.10^3.30; cerage cost Thursday 53.78; weight 219. SHEEP 1.000; 242 direct; salable supply ncludes three loads fed lambs; no early ctlon; sellers asking sharply higher bout 59 on best fed wooled lambs; packers alklng $8.75 KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, April 6. uT!--U. S. de- artment of agriculture-- IOCS 2.000; 240 direct slow and uneven !0stly stfady to 10 lower than Thursday's veragc- top $3,95 on choice 180 to 230 Ibs.; ood and choice, 140 to 160 Ibs.'3.65; to ISO Ibs. S3.50S3.95; ISO to 200 Ibs. 3.75J3.95; 200 to 220 Ibs. 53.80«i3.95; 20 to 250 Ibs. S3.S5S3.95; 250 to 290 Ibs. 3.80®3-90; 290 to 350 Ibs. $3.75@3.85; acklng sows. 275 to 550 Ibs. $2.2S®3.35. CATTLE 700; claves, 200: mostly a clean-p trade; fully steady on few killing cat le offered; stockers and feeders unchanged: o good to choice fed steers or yearlings offered; steers, good and choice, 550 to 90( IS. S5.50®".; 900 to 1100 Ibs. S5.65l!'7.25; 300 to 1500 !br. S5.35ST7.15; common and ledfum 550 Ibs up $3.75^5.75; heifers, ·ood and choice. 550 to 900 Ibs. S4.50«i6.- ommon and medium. 550 to 900 Ibs. S3-5J .50: cows, good 53.40S3.S5: common and medium, 52.50@3.40; low cutter and cut- S1.40fl?2,50; vealers (milk fed) medium o choice S3.50S6.; cull and common S2.50® 3.50: stocker and feeder steers, good am choice (all weights) S4.25g!5.73: common 3d medium (all weights) S2.75.fl4.50. SHEEP 2,000; fed lambs strong; no sheep or spring lambs offered: best fed lambs on sale S8.65: spring lambs, choice. 59.35^ 10: good SS.50^9.25; medium S7.75ft8.M ambs. good and choice (x) 90 Ibs. dowr S6.50gi8.25: good and choice (I) 90 to 9! bs ^S-®8.75' yearling wethers, medium ti choice 90 to 110 Ibs S5S7.50; ewes, gooc and choice, 90 to 150 Ins. S4«3.35. (I--Quotations based on ewes and weth ers). LIVESTOCK 1-ORECAST. CHICAGO, April 6. (.TV-Official estimate receipts tomorrow: Hogs, 7,000; cattle, 200 sheep, 3,000. SLUG. .NEW YORK STOCKS (By The A»»od»t«l Frew) NEW YORK, April 8. Curb Market NEW YORK, April 6. UW--The curb market reverted to narrow irregularity today and volume dwindled. Gains and losses were distributed rather evenly in quiet trad- n Alumimim of America encountered mild selling which chipped a couple of points from Its advance of earlier In the week. Parker Rust Proof was another moderate loser, while Pittsburgh and Lake Erie, an nnctlve dipped about a point. Lake chore mines was the strongest member of the metal group, rising around a point. Pioneer and Wright Hargreaves showed little or no change. Power shares were less aggressive. Most o£ the Indus trials and oils were quiet and narrow. Bond Market NEW YORK, April 6. (.*·--Bond trading slackened considerably today but recen' gains were held In most groups. In a fcv corporate issues realizing brought moderate declines. The market for U. s. Governments was relatively small affair during the earlj trading and prices were little changed. Treasury 4s dipped 5-32s of a point whlli the 3s and 3Vis of 1941 raided slightly "remand for rail and Industrial loans was highly selective. Alleghany Corp. 5s of 19oO were bid up sharply to the accompaniment of reports of progress In the corporations recapitalization plan. Other rail gains tly small, occurred in some loans of the Great Northern, Missouri Pacific and Southern Pacific. Utilities were inclined to heaviness in some cases although most of the communi cation issues worked a little higher. Chile Copper 5s, National Dairy 5Vis, Shell Union Oil 5s and Texas Corporation 5s were firm spots in the industrial division. D. S. BOM) QUOTATIONS NEW YORK, April 6. (.T'--United States government, bonds closed: Liberty 3V:'s, 103.26. Liberty First 4U's, 103.26. Liberty Fourth 4U's. .103.12. Treasury 4Vi's, 47-52, 110.27. Treasury 4's. 44-54, 106.29. Treasury 3S's, 40-43, June. 103.5. Treasury 3V*'s, -16-49, 100.23. Treasury 3's, 51-53, 99.14. Stock List 120 72 Air Reduct 98Vi Alleghany 3% Al Ch Dye 153 Am Can 103 VI Am lc For P 10 Vi Am Pow Lt 9 Am Sm k Kef 4414 Am St' Fdra 21',4 Am Sugar MVi T T Am Tob B Am Wat Wks Anaconda Atchlngon All Ret Auburn Aviation Corp Baldwin Loco 0 Bamsdall Bendix Beth Steel Bordens Borg Warner Burr Add Canada Dry I T i T Johns Manv Kennecott - 15 21's 20% 32 Vi 92 33K 41 Vi ITS 14% 29Ti 91i 19 K 42 M 23 VI 25 U 15?i 27 17 71 S Ccrro de Pasco Chi i E 111 -- Kroger Llfg t My B Loews Loose Wiles Lorrlllard Maytag -- McKess P.ob 8V* Mid Cont Pet 14 M K T 12 Mo Pacific 5 Mont ward 32 Worrell Nash Nat Bite Nat Cash K A 19l Nail Dairy 16 Nail Distill 29 Natl POW A: Lt 11 Vi N Y Cent 36Vi N Y N H H 19 No Amer 19 No Paclllc 33K Oliver Farm 1-5 Oliver Farm pf -Packard 5Vi Penlck Ford 59 26-1, 43 C N W 13 ii Chicago Gt W -C Gt W pf HVi C M St P P 6» CMSIP4P pf 10J4 C R I 4 P -Chrysler 541i Col G El 15 Vi Cmwlth Sou 2$, Cons Gas 3S Contl Ins Contl Mot Corn Prod Curtlss Wr Deere pfd DuPont Eastman El Pow Lt Fox Film A Freeport Tex Gen Am Trans 40% soy. 32'i l"s 76 4* 14 tf 98 88 ^ Gen El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gillette Gobel Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Graham Paige Gt Nor pf Gt West Sugar Hudson Mtrs 111 Cent Int Harv Inl NIc Can 22% 34 « 10S , S ^ 16 S 36 S 3% 2SS 21 28 Penney Penn Phillips Pet Proc «fc Gam Pullman R C A R K 0 Rem Hand Eep Steel Key Tob B Roy Dutch Sears Roebuck Shell Union Skelly Socony Vac So Pacific St Brands St G E St Oil Cal St Oil N J Stew Warner Stone ft Web Studebaker Texas Corp Texas Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Un Carb Un Pacific United Air United Corp U S Gypsum 41Vi U S Ind Ale 52u U S Rubber 20VV U S Steel 51V Wabash -Warner Pictures 7Vi West El Mfg 38 Vi Wc-olwortii 51 -ft, Wrigley 61Vi Yellow Truck 6 66 35 ,i 20 36 56 ji . 22%, 42% 49 9% ID'j 1C?,. 28 ii 22 U 46 VI 38 'A 34% 45?i 132 23 MINNEAPOLIS STOCKS. MINNEAPOLIS, April 6. (JPJ--Stock? closed: First bank stock 8}i; Northwest oanco (no trad/ngj. INVESTMENT TRUSTS (Ry The Associated l*resfl Bid and Asked April 6. Corporate Tr. Sh 2.10 Corporate Tr. Sh. AA Mod. 2.30 Corporate Tr. Sh. Ace. Ser. 2.02 Corporate Tr. Ace. Ser Mod. 2.36 Dividend Shares 1.24 Nationwide Sec 3.49 Nationwide Sec. vtc ......... 1.34 North American Tr. Sh. ... 1.S9 NOr. Amer. Tr. Sh. 1955... 2.45 Quarterly Inc. Shares ..... 1.3$ Selected Am. Shares ..... 2.74 Selected Curn. Shares 2.01 Selected Income Shares .... 3.64 Super Corp. Am. Tr. A ... 3.OS U. S. El. L Pow. A . . Do. B. 2.18 2.48 1.26 3.5B 1.44 Do. B, vtc 2.17 .83 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AJSD CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beek Building Telephone No. 7 Representative Sales REPRESENTATIVE SALES CHICAGO, April 6. (/»--(U. S. department of agriculture)-- Representative sales. HOOS Lights-$4.00 82 195 4-35 4.15 29 187 4 . 3 5 4.20 67 181 4 . 2 5 4.20 52 172 1.30 Heavy-38 311 49 28-1 56 263. 72 260 Medinms- OMAHA GKAIK. OMAHA. A»rll 6. (JV-Wheat, fcard, No. 2. SOS: No. 3, 78. Com and oats, no trading. Miscellaneous POTATO MABKEX CHICAGO, April 6.(JT)-- (U. S. department ot agrlculture)--Potatoes, 53, on track, 299, total U, S. shipments, 804; old stock, supplies liberal, demand and trading slow, market weak on Russets, about steady on other stocks. Sacker sales out -weight, sacked a cwt.: Wisconsin Round Wnltes, U, S. No. l, 1 car, $1.60: Minnesota and North Dakota Red "river section, U. S. No. 1, Early Chios, 3 cars, 51-50; 1 car, $1.55; Cobblers. 1 car, $1.65; Idaho Russets. U .S. N'o, 3, 5 cars, SI.65: 1 car, $1.67^: 3 cars. Si.70; U. S. No. 2. 2 cars, $1.50; 1 car, 51.45; Washington Russets, 1 sprouted car. SI.50: 1 car combination grade. SI.50; Minnesota partly graded round whites, 1 car, $1.35; l car, $1,30. New stock, supplies moderate, demand and trading moderate, market about steady. Local sales to jobbers. Texas Bliss Triumphs, U. S. No. 1, sacked a c-wt., 52.90 to $3.10. 5IINSEAPOLIS FLOUR MINNEAPOLIS, April 6. UP)--Flout unchanged. Shipments, 27,124. Pure bran, $20.50 to $21. Standard middlings, S19 to $19.50. TJNREST SISTCRBI*G Encouraging as was this report and the forecast which statisticians read into It, labor unrest rose again to disturb business quarters. According to Detroit advices, the automobile industry Is faced irttb. a possible strike next Monday O r tool and die workers. This group of employes tied up production early this year when the Industry was attempting to get output Satisfactorily in line with orders. Only a portion ot these union workers arc directly involved in current demands, but it is declared that 1C this group Is unsuccessful I n . its attempt to obtain higher wages and shorter hours the whole membership will be called out. From other sections of the country came word that strike threats were being voiced and in a iew instances employes actually ·walked out. That the decisive action taken a few weeks ago to settle differences In steel, coal and automobile Industries has not calmed all labor was the significant indication In renewal of disturbances. NEW YORK. YORK SL'GAU. April 6. (.T--Uaw susar easier today w i t h sales confirmed at declines of 5 point's Or at 52.90 for spot duty frees. Future 2 to 3 points net lower. Refined quiet and prices unchanged at 54.50 for line granulated. TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, AjrU % UP)--Scede pnctangcd, Dental Lectures Planned. RUDD. April 6.--A representative of the Iowa bureau of dental hygiene will lecture Wednesday, April 11 at the high school building. The first will be given at 1 o'clock to the high school and the four upper grades and a program again at 3 o'clock to rural schools of the county and to four lower rooms. Dana Choir to Sing. COULTER, April 6.--The Dana college a capella choir of Blair Nebr.. will sing in the Nazareth Lutheran church in Coulter Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock under the auspices.of Nazareth Young People's society. The group includes 40 persons, · siorx cur LIVESTOCK SIOUX CITT. April 6. LT)-- (U. S. department of agriculture)--CATTLE--1,500; moderately active slaughter steers, yearlings and she stock firm; other classes little changed; few good yearlings and medium weight steera, $6 to $6.10; other scattered sales largely $S.7S down; car choice 815 ib. heifers. $5.50; beef cows chiefly $2.73 to S3.75: low cutters and cutters, largely $1.75 to $2.50: medium bulls, $2.75 down; choice vealers. $5.50. HOGS--8,500: early sales fully steady ·wlth Thursday's best time: some bids weak to lower; top, $3.90; better grade 180-270 Ib. weights, $3.75 to $3.90: nothing done on heavier weights; good, 140-180 it), selections, $3 to $3.75; sows, $3.13 to mostly $3.25; feeder pigs up to {2, SHEEP--2,500; nothing done early on fed lambs; Indications about steady at $8.S5 down; holding best above $9.25; other killing classes scarce; late Thursday lambs 15 to 25 cents higher; top to packers, J8.85; bulk, $8.65 to $8.85. 54 92 43 67 SteeJ 27 16 19 19 61 17 248 220 217 203 -(.25 4.30 4.2: 195 187 181 52 172 Light Llehts- 35 107 27 111 4.3. r ! CATTLE J_ HcIlCPS-- 139-! 7.35 S 731 1515 7.00 1* 905 1022 r,.5I) 3 6SO 1030 5-40 Cows-812 5.2R 3 1190 953 4.75 5 1044 2 950 2 870 SHEEP Western Larnlw \Vooled 84 9.25 100 84 9.25 It 89 9.25 Clipped 9S 9.2.5 100 9.10 Native Sprinp Lamb* 25 45 IC.ilO 14 Effes- 141 138 Ewes- 117 120 13S 4.25 4.00 5.M 5.25 4.BO 3.75 3.1)0 2.75 2.00 5.00 5.00 3.60 3.50 3.0Q Lamson Brothers Market Letter MAKKJE! BEVIEW. Wheat--Little change from yesterday's action was apparent today, the pries range being narrow. Nothing developed In Wash- ngton news and routine news fell flat News from the conference at P.ome attracted iittle attention. The American representative at Rome at the conference, who was seconded by other exporting countries is said to the effect that farmer Informing countries could not hope to export under existing conditions. Com--A feature of corn was the charter effected for 350,000 bushels for shipment to Buffalo at the opening of navigation. Reports indicated that there is little prospect of navigation opening before the last week In April unless there are decidedly favorable weather conditions from now on. Cash sales 03.000. bookings 27,000 bushel. Rye was independently strong due to scattered buying, some of which it _ ; said to a press despatch, claiming Washington might lift the duty. There K no Indication o~£ the market breaking out of it's prevailing rut as political news developments a r e a t present. . , _ . . · BUTTER--A sharp decline in spot butter was the feature of thols morning's market. EGGS--Cash eggs showed declines this morning ranging from »,i to S cents. Comment--There still seems to be confidence in both butter and esg futures contracts. In spite of cash declines, they continue to receive relatively strong support m setbacks. JNO. F.CLARK AND CO. MARKET INFORMATION 3251. O. O. F. Bldg. Phone 849 OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA. April 6. (JPt--U. S. department ol agriculture-HOGS 7,500; moderately active to shippers, most sales steady to 5 lower: big packers bidding 5 to 10 lower; good to choice 180 to 270 Ibs. S3.70®3.85; top 53.90; medium grades $3.50@3.65; few 270 to 325 Ibs. $3.508)3.70: 140 to 170 Ibs. S3.@3.65; pigs salable 51.75Si2.75; packing sows fully steady at $3.10®3.25; average cost Thursday $3.31; weight '230. CAWM 1,800; claves, JOO; fed steers and yearlings steady; she stock fully steady; bulls strong to 10 higher; vealers strong; Mockers and feeders scarce, fed steers and yearlings mostly w?6: few yeariings up to ?fi-65: heifers St.50ft ,1.25; htfk- beer cows $2.7."1i"3.75; euttpf grades sU.TS'iS.T.U: medium 52,7322.00: few 53; practical top veaiers S5. SIIKEP 6.000: entire supply slaughter lambs lambs opened 10 to 15 hichtr; early bids fed woolcd lambs SS.75«?8.S5: best held above S9: fresh shorn lambs $6.75$ ?.10; other dusts virtually lacking. April 6.-- CtOStSG PRODUCE I.ETTEB. Bolter--The spot market was weak and top grades declined vi to lc .Lower grades \vere 'A to lc down. Withdrawal figures in the four markets yesterday showed 9S.42! pounds more than last year. Futures were quiet November clcsiug ?4 lower. June closed 22^. With no improvement in the spot situation futures will probably sell lower. EKKS--Weakness in the spot market resulted In lowering quotations ^i to ?ic. Storing figures In the four markets yesterday were more than double last year being 24,317 cases larger. Futures were easier and closed vi to % lower. The market looks lower on futures as there will prob. ably be Increased hedging pressure with the larger accumulation of eggs In warehouses. rcutMv--The rr.n:kot was ea?icr and I closed five, to 10 ;.oi:its lo-ver. April closed ; at 51.CO and Mays at SI.85. NEW YORK CURB QCOTATJONS NEW YORK. April 6. UP1-- final QuolnUons. Am G 4 El 25V1 Hiram Walker 45 3V4 Huds B'JI t S 13«i l!i Humbl: OH 44Vi Assoc G El A 1VS Nlas Hud i Am Sup Pow Ark Nat Gas A Can Harconi Can Ind Alk Dist Corp Seag El Bd i Sh Ford ot Can Ford of JEng 19 K ITU Pennroad Corp Std Oil Ind Std Oil Ky United Gas Un L P A CHICAGO STOCKS Bendix Avi Cor 19% Cord Company Borg-Wam Cor 25% Marsh Field Butler Bros 10K Swift 4 Co XEW yOKK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 21?i Kelv Corp Am Bank Note 19% ~ Am Car Fdy 28 Am Roll Mills 23T4 Am Metal 23 % Am Rad S 15!i Am Sm «: Re£ -mi Am Tob 70 Atl Rec Co «'Hi Arm Co B 111 7',S As Dry Goods 15"-s Baldwin Loco 14% Bamsdall Oil A 9.J Brlggs Mfg Co 16% - - - 33 27 "67a 31T4 29 20% 32 VI 43?, ll'i Best Co Byers A M Co Calif Packing Com] Credit Coml Solv Cont Oil Cream of Wh Cudahy Pack Curt Wr pf First Natl Sto 03% Gt North Ore li Hershev Choc 54 Houst Oil (neiv) :,'A Indian Ref 3=t Jewel Tel 46 48' \i IF' , 2714 IT 2% 19;*' 26 (i 39 35% 37 Kroger Groc LIq Carb Cor Mack Truck Math Alkali ilex Seab Oil McKess Rot-b 8'i. Otis Steel 6V4 J C Penney 66 Pillsbury Flour 24 S Pure Oil Co 13 . Purity Bak Cor 16V. Pub Ser N J 3S;i Reo Motors 4Vi St Jos Lead 23 Vi Simmons Co 21=4 So Cal Edison 39 !* Tide water Oil 12 U S Ind Al 52Vi Util P L A 35,. Vanadium 26^ Union Oil Cal Union Gas I Western Jfyld Warren Bros Western Union North 9mer Av Sausages carried on long poles during a recent carnival in Nurnberg, Germany, have been donated to the unemployed, NUMSKUWV 'o*^ . A T NOAH THE f=ISH THAT DoM-p BULU HEADS? DEAR NOAH = VvJii-1-THE BED TICK. JNO. F. CLARK CO, Chicago - New York - 'civ Orleans 335 I- O. r. Bldj. Phones 15-346 A. R, HEKUmCKSON. Branch Mgt. MEMBERS New York Stock Exchange New 1'ork Coffee Sugar Exchange New York Produce Exchange New York Curb Exchange (Associate) New York Mercantile Exchange New York Cotton Exchange Chicago Slock Exchange Chicago Board of Trade Chicago Curb Exchange Ass'n. ChJcazo Mercantile Exchange Commodity Exchange, Inc. New Orleans Cotton Exchange We Tay More for HIDES AND WOOL --See-CARL STEIN Before Yon SeU DEAD Animals of All Kinds Kcmovcrt Mason City Rendering Co. We par phone calls, Phone 1096 " V .'O 1 Artillery is being ^ised to dislodge dangerous overbalancing pieces of rock left by recent avalanches in Italy.

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