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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Wednesday, March 18, 1818
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ft T'HLRE are at present five vacancies in the 1 Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in rm iptDurtn, Honkers, Wett - L htsfer County. ' His system of education is such as In enable him to qualify young (centlenteo for College or the Counting House within a reasonable time. Hit school it select, the nuuihtr nf Punils linated. anu uie manneul of the most liheral kind Ihe folio winir branches of useful and oolite li leruiure are laugni, vi : GreeJc, Hiatorv, latiu, French, English Grammar, CnipositioB, Writing, Ariltmetic. ueoempliy, Mutbemntkt, 6c. It i - presumed that few Insdtutions of the kind can offer greater advantages, whether they regard instruction in general literature, in moral una Hiciout principle, or in corn 1 1 and eentle man ly deportment. The Partonuee in m hich the Puiuls ure accommodated, it commodious, reli red and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York it about seventeen miles ; to which there r always a direct aud easy communication. For further particulars application may ne ui&ne io llitii' p Hobart T. S. Clarkson, Esq. t - M'Eer, Esq. Wm. Bayard, jun Esq, A. Schermrrhorn, Eq. D2ruC1w Dr. Wil.on, Columbia Col lice C. D. ( olden, Esq. r. A. Fmmet, Etii, mi 1 (i - ATe.t - .i. H i - IMtlMJ. rR WKLIX HOU' - E This new, spacious l and splrnuid lliiildniL'. situated in Broad way, the trreut and fashiunable street ilividine the centre of the city, at the cornei of Ue at will be opened by the ubscriberon the 1st of May nex;, tor the reception of Hoarders. It is fitted, uiil will be fiiinilied in a man' ner not surpassed, for convenience and ele gunce, by any p ivate dwelling in the city. It occupies the most eligible situation, being, m viev. ottli Park nd City - Hall ; the upper apartments overlooking the whole town, commanding; a view nf the adjacent country tor a circumtcre cent M nules, including tin - Hook, the Na;nm , and the ' arbour ; and it isbciitied that no House in the count. t - celU it, either for elegance of structure or situation ; and no exp i;e having been npur - ed bv ti e owner to make it complete fur the purpose, in every respect, it will offer to laJie and gentlemen, and t'an.ilie! - visiting the city , the most genteel, plevc tr and i etire.1 a partmen'.h 1 he choiccslof Vviiieutul LkiiiiT - . w.ll be ftiinitilied, and no .rouble' r ex)euse will be spared, to make ii e enteM liiiio nt plea - ant, rare .nd excellent. This abtiahment it intended exclusively for Genteel ttiauliii MR?. IIKDF.itSOX. febM D.tCtf TO LbT, ifiill Thi Mores ai.d ellar room of (Iiosd .'. story hou - vi 10 and Wni. Cioad - itreft ; ftnil a new two it r house Nr.. 8 n New s'rtet, im nit itnltiy ii, Hit rear of .N' Rroad - stieel, lit lor a genteel family, hung new. Aii . gotnt houkt nt Giet - nwii h. and one at Har tem. with tivoanda bid aeres ol Giound. near Mauhattanville. Apply to CIIAS OAKLEY, 141 Frout - st. mh 12 tf Tt i.t.T, Tbe House Xo. 78 Broad - street, with the olia, stort - houke, and siaohs contiguous, uud apHsrtbiuiiie tueretti. TO LEAHK. For a term of years, in Ms or parcels, that pari of R;t Hill situ Me on th - 2d, Jrl, and 4tli uvenuus, tl - xaa. tAU: "! u.7ti.. a8ih. and xyi'i sireeis. wmcii oeiuigs io mrs. nun no gt rt. For prticular, apply to JAMEs . HAMWIOX, mh 13 tf Xo. 3 Law liuih iiu;s. iflff" M - HLU.I.VJS 11 ulh.L., aftjjj To he let, those elegant and pacioti b ililmgH. Xo 41 and 43 W'all - strt et, formerly occupied by Mr. Solon on D. tiibson. either together or aeperate. l'0!.eiiin will be given immediatt ly, or n the first of .May next Apply on the premises. nih 12 JjJJ That convenicit and elegant Hou.c, corner of JSroaduav tnd lliooiue - slreet. ' AL - O. A neat house w ith a lavge pardt n. fronting Broadway, between BUecer and Princes si. Appiy No. 4 Bowling - i, een. mh 14 2w JO i.LT, One or two large Rn. ins on the seconr1 flv . , witi. gei'tee l board. Apply at No dU Beeknian street. mf. ii 3i tor .ale, vr Excliurt Jot pioptrty in tht city. A FAU.U containing 60 acres, pleasantly Situated on the Hudson river, and adjoining the village of Xevbu'(jh The land i of an excellent quality, and with tire exception of a fe - w acres, has been - ceded with tirm thy and clover for mnwinir ; it u well watered by i. small b ook that never fails the place aoounds with fruit of the choiceU kin ! and in great v riety ; the buihlinga are a hoiue. brn anil o - tlier necessary out hout t ; in point of pleas - anti'.en of situation and extensive prospect, it it not exceeded by any place on the Hudson rivir. liie rapici irrnwiu oi uie viuuge oi Xewburgh it generally known, the village i now bounded by t he farm on the north, ami the first extension uo - th (which will probably take place in the course of a few years) bring it mmt - diately on tu the tsrm j the advantage o! such an event apeak fur themselves. Also, w ii Inn 2 miles ot the fa. m, 5U acres of wood land ; ihe ood is about 20 years growth and the land is well covered w ith it ; this is a valuable acquisition to the farm on the river. Al - o, a farm in Connecticut, in the towu of Guillord, at &achemhed harbor, contaimiti; betweeu CO aud 70 acres. I br land is of an excellent nuahu, and the greatest part is iu ti mothy gra. 1 1 i bounded on three sides by the sea, which affords ample rourcet ol nisuure, and save aiu b fenemg. There is on the plat e a house, mid out - buildingt, sulficient for all i.orposei. td tlie farm. ! or Urnit of the Xcwhurgti property, apply i to Messrs J. k T I'owel, at that idace ; and !for the Guilford farm, to Mr. John Caldwell, al Gu'lford ; or for both, to the subscriber in Xew. York, al No. 131 Broadway. HARRY CALDWELL. mih6 Diaw4wl lw4w 4M tu Li T, The store Xo. 20 Wall - street. A'ly at Hie store. irt IV tl TV LEf. taJ&L And immeoiate posses.ion given, the house Xo 9 Peart - street, toaelht - r with the sta If and Coach Houteiu the rear on Bndge - st. The preoiisrs are in ecmpletr repair and have eeery cnnvtnie.vre uecetsary lor Uie ut'eommo elation oi a lauiiiy. r or pamcuian a n v to ort28 L. BRADISH. TO LET, A laree convenient modem built house. coat . i bouse and improvtmentt, (with or without an exte tiv kite la n gardeu ann tiacw lot) irom 'he firs' of M next ; situated on the corner of tl Frtt Avenue and Tint ttrt, nearthecoraer of North arid Atlen ttrerts, and about oue ntile ALU V NUMBER 4917 WEDNESDAY, MAKCH 18, JUI8. NO. 12 IMNlTFKK'h. LULJLU4 X NJJd V V "ii. MUVLJl. V Sale, freight or Charter, The fastsailins brig SAILOR BOY, 11. Rodman, master ; now ready to re i cargo t 1 13 iota, au wiu curry aovui . a Ml I i 30 cask SiiweJ. Apply on board, east sule ttr M arket wharf, or to v D. BETHUNE 4 CO. nih 95C.H.slip, , WIIJtiVVQTOJf. A". C. Tl.. u hp Anr.LINF - Pelee - TuDoer. ImaeUr. will be dispaicnea irnraetuauiiy. K. GILLES PIE, U2Front - st. Vhn nffr for fall. son M.I. ami a narcel of W. O. hhd Uve, received by said vessel Alto 800 bblstupf. RichroonJ flour 53 hhd Richmond and Petersburg tobacco 30 tierce nee; 21 bales upland cotton inuu.t snfi hairs coffee n - ul ml white oort wwe, in hods and qr. Madeira lo do nu Claret wine, In boxes of 1 doxen each ' j ill rntlnn faced t, 9llltl - An iuvoice of Dutch goods, const - ting of snuff boxes, slates, si alt pencus, marines, jetne..y violius, ladies' work boxes, cologne water, A;e. Feb 24 ' far ERtAOHT or Cli I .KJ - .1 tK fiat aitiliny - achr. SALEM, bur - HfVi klkl liua murlp Kilt turn VfiV. men nuu uii" - For terms apply on board,, at Hi .osirtttt wharf or to G. G. Si S. HOWLANH. reb 26 77 Waarr.n;a"va.' - eet, Uur 3.1 L oi ( HA"". '' The valuable flit tailing br If AfJ - 'NE8S. captain Darin, at Fly - market f. two vears old. bur. hen 184 tons, will stow upward of 300 hhtta. is in all respects in excellent order, and will be ready to re ceive a cargo in two days. Apply io N. Hi D. T '.IjC'OI'T, fe0 26 64 .Vuutli - sti cet. iUH zALS. Al iHK ill tlAlill ut TIIK smtSCKlUtili, A . - LOOP, now Kuildiue of the best .materials, about 100 tout; timbers of live locust and cedr ; bottom plauk Jersey wliite oak, built on purpose for the Albany trade. 'A SLOOP of 50 tout, calculated for any trade where diapati h, burthen, and vMeasv draft of water H required. , periagua SCHOONER, of 40 ton, ttwill draw but lillle water, with a Ire - y. board through tho ceutre of her keel, aud is expected to sail very fatU Also, a fctllt' i.l 30U wife, caicuiaiu v.fora Liverpool or Lond'n trader, (that .can be fimthwl to suit the purriiaser ; iL.1'' 3,1,r,l "mOef aUCI piailK Also, liuiurr sawed to bill' tor hoii'e huiMin?. novfi il ( H KI K8 BROWiXK. Per Hate, FreiglU or Utarter, The zond briz Pl - AM ER, 17 loot .burthen, one sexr old. stows 1600 bblf is a firy fa. - t sailing vesreland in complete ord - 1 - to receive a cargo. Apply on bo..rd west side Stirling - slip, or to .WL.&G.GeiSWOLD. mch S ?:fl .uth - t. f or Huie, Freight or Cliurlcr, A Orfiv pilot boai cSooner, about 1 JO Ltonsburtiwn. huilt in tle nest Uiaiiiitr. ci por latenetl.iuid in ctju.pleleo.dfcr to I'jCiVt a cargo. Apply to N. L. k (i. GRHVVULU, . mh 3 t uiiti. - nr. - t Ptr freight or Charter, A tie pilot boat built chooiir, a wit .120 toot bu - then. built in the best ma'i - ncr ol good uat - Tiau, aui co.'per latifiieu, a very fa.t sailing vmiel, ail may be seut to Ma at small . xpense - 4ply to N.L. fcG.Gn 19 WOLD, mch 3 Co Sonth - et. FrSVJlXfiAH, The packet ship Klsl.iu S i a TfcM, . I nos. winourn, OuiMer, now ituin ai Vuie - iirect vha (, will meet with imm diat aij - pstcti, ha vine a - ounuraDle pan ol tier cis enneed For freight ol about 200 bblf. or par sage, hnviug elegant actommodatioas, apply ob board, or to GRiaWOLOS 4: COATFS, mh7 68 - 'oi''h - st Ck KU M, Ac. UU puncheons Jamaica Rum, just arrived and landing from Use brig David Richards, from Faimou'li, (Jam auu lor sale ny . 1). IJUFF. B'J Wahing('0 - streit. Who has for niV in stif , L. P.Tenerifle Wine, (I'islej brand) in quar ter cat ks, iuipnrie.1 July, mirj Do do iahhds and qr. cafki, do August do Do dn in pipes, bhds. and qr. casks, do Sep tember do 30 p , , 100 hints and 260 qr. casks do entitle d tti d'djentitre 45 pipes fate Mniluru Wine, shipM in IKI3, irnmine f.upi - ciito. n iiiie, ana ei.ti tl"d to di btMiturn I'ort xnd o: t I.isIm.ii wites, in assorted casks i0 boxes of cUret wine 13." do j.raTe wine and one cask cardwire feh 7 tf jL - JJ Q'. caj rolaicnar wiiio 10 '. - cask? and 2t0half do dry Malaga do 5 lo aud 14 half do sweet Malaga 150 toxes Florence oil, 12 bottle each 40 Italian witi(i paper, Foolscap and 50 do printing do f letter 14 lihds Ki.liA gla. - ware, consisting of wuiet and taniulerf assorted 100 orxe aochnvies and '0 Jo olives 1 box French kid gloves ' 1 do ftrich leathers, very rich 1 do enratirps 9 as es felt ha't, 1 do chip do 40 bales Italian raffs 600 marble mortars 23 caes marble flubs, veined and statuary, R3orteu sizes S botes Naples shaving soap 1 do watch glasses 3 cart matioa iu flakes 100 bali - s Calcutta goods, consisting of Bafta. iiutkah "ml callipatty crxsahs Chadpore, rhoniocolly,johauna, luckipore . aoj soofrapore Saunalts, jullapore anJ mow Ch cka, wnite, red and blue gillahj Mstlras pa'teni do Sootee anl fiioctoy rrnals, for sale by CHlS. L. OGIV:N, and ABIIM.OGDEX, "chC U'H!hin:ion - .t t j! TUB A CCO Si FLOUR. " hhds o: 1 Virginia tobacco 55 do uew crop do do W bblr fme flour 15 do miJdlin; do. For sale br p v. - VA3WEX, MEURON & CLFEMAN, gD7 ' Sr.. 72 Wa - st. . I'LASTLR iK I'A l.s. inVST soppry of ground placer of nvirliif 7 ! uarrrs. snuame ir trs 'utliero 174 Fm, i r er lcf" wi,h 'Vnller Nexsen, No. jM ij y?1 liarriton - ttrect, Kcrth - Kirer. MOLASSES iVR S.iLK. fjhds molasses, now Undine from brie AgnestfiooifiAatantas. Apply to ISAAC PACKARD, Feb 23 35 Front - tt. T bROWN, stone eal engraver and juwel - X . ler. No. 16S Broadway. Coat j of arms, crests, cyphers, kc. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine eolil teals. chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coats of arms. mottos, and fancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, &c. boneht in the roub or cut t; any form. Books ol Heraldry kept with onwards of bU.OOU names. Jan 7. 3m HE !P, LEAD, PALNTS, tic. Rtusia bemp, iu lots to suit purchaser! tlO rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 casks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 50 bales India twine English sail and "fine twine 3 casks I'rua. - ian blue, 5 cast s Vermillion 3 bhds verdigris . 50 casks French yellow ochre Dry white and red lead 20 boxes tin For sale by PETER SCHERMEKIIORX & SONS, 243 Water - street. Alo, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, from 40 io 2500 M. Cables and cordage, of all sizes, best quality, with the usual assortment of ship chaudlery. fet) 1 1 tt COTjOA. lUUACCO, Ke. bales prime Alabama cotton, lauding i JL from schr Nassau 20 bale "w - Orlean cotton ) per brig Fi - 5 hlids Kentucky tobacco ) nancier IN STORE, 20 tons clcau St. Petersburgh hemp Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone 15 cases tumblers 30 Kxf s Caitde soap W'ritmg aud wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn hati, Xo. 30 a 40 Al?o, just received, 16000 lb Havana coffee, in hh.'s. and ' A few hhds ol rectified pure spirit, made from molasses rum. Fortalo by JAMES D' WOLF, jr. Feh 23 57 FronUt. LIXKXi. DIAPKRS, kc I & C. SU Y 1 1 AM, have just received per brig Pocahontas, from Dublin, and sIiid 1 ho - mat Wilson, from Greeuock. for tale by the package I J cases 4 - 4 insn Linens 2 do 7 - 8 do do H do 3 - 4 brown Linens and Lawns 2 do do black do 1 3 do birds eye Dinpert 1 do table do 7 boxes 5 - 4 Irish Sheetings 2 io 9 - 0 do stout do 2 do Lnnt; Lawns 7 baits Drosliedas &l Ducks 5 - do Linen Bedlickt. Also, A eenerid us irtraent of (he nbnve arti - cles, opened for r. - tail sales, at 61 Maidi n - lane, i,n vei y lavraole U - ni:s. leli td tt BjMilAZEi'TA', ai.ted colours do all black do twilled, assorted colours, just re - reivtd - For sale by OTIS SWAN, uirs 3 157 fearl - st. dlLl lAMf I. D 'Al NTS FOR sM,F, an untclM d lot of 70 land patents, located in the I hnois Territory, and 0 luglit di. - eclly Irom 't.e Soldiers Applv tu It. S I JUtl.l, mh 10 tf No. 3'J Wall - ttreet. , - KII.. MADEIRA W 1L - 8 pipei old ;i J cily Madeira Wine, imixirtod in inic, liui ale ly TL.JK.tK A - LA. Ivlhei. n.h 13 29 houth tt I. S by LLL 26 ouudlrs pwedith sle - el, lor sale KURD & Sr,W4LL, r. h 13 65 Soiith - tt. f Al t.u HANGIXi.a. A II IXSKFF.P, Xo. 3 Courtland - strret, in i the ron ern, offers for sale at very reduced pi ices, bis ren.iining stock ol Pa - ;r Iiaiiginj;t, comprisiug an elcgentatsortmeot tor city and country sales. mti l iw MILITARY BieJNTY LANDS. HUE Subscriber will pay the highest price in L cash to the late soldiers fnr thrir bounty nds. JAMLS D. WADSWORTH, . r, .. .., No. 26 Water - ttreet. X. B. J, D. W purposing to leave theritv for the Illinois Territory, request all those who em - pi yed him to obtain their patents, to call and lake up the same, or rective Cash lor them. Will take any aseniv business to tha Illi nois Territory, relative to Soldiers claims, tic. Appiy os nnove. ruth in 1)5. C 3wt fnUlT and VOIEST I KKKS. aT1 - (KT JAM Ka BLOODGOOD .w 4 - whai I r sale at his Nnrurt. at r lus.une, il. i. near new I or u. a large assortment of the most approved European nad American sorlt of Apple, Pear, Cherry, Plumh, Pea. h, Apricot, Xt ta - nie uud Quince Trees, with an at?fn luiriii m' Forest Trees. A verv Urge assortment of Peach Trees, per fectly healthy, and o! vigorout growtht ( catalogues of which may lie bad of 1IIOMAS BLOH)GOOD. Xo. 206 Front - street. Where orders lelt will be particularly attended to, and trees carefully packed and delivered free of freieht, at Crane Wharf, New York. (J7 Printed directions will be furnished those who purchase peach trees, which, if attended to, will enable them to preserve a targe prrp.jitinn of tneir trees in a healthy state, and to have peaches in as great plenty at formerly. mh 19 d&c2w t'l'Uir, FORLSI" TREES, Ac. : SS5? iKrBEXJAMIX PRINCE - - - 2Lfcfv5 - n!,,rr lortateat their ur - &J?&iyurT, Flushing Laidi:,g. (L - I ) i ' - nr v. nonr aus near New York, their usual and extensive varietv "I European and Auieiit an Fruit and Oina mental t rees. Alto, a hreecnl lectiuo of vnlu eble Shru") aud t Plants ; the have several thou - 40MgSrtZtSa. sand inoculated tive, which art: io th mttt healthy ttsle and tree from any dittcinper, great attention hat N - ia paid to preserve them Irom the yellows, which hat destroyed so many trees of that knd thniugnciut tl.. - United Mates. Catalogues nf which may be bad of Mestrs. HULL A. BOWX Xo. 146 Ptil - treel, Xew York, or at their Xursery. Orders forwanled to either place will be in. me diately atte nded to, and Uie trees, kc carefully and secorvly t,at ked. to at Io he tent to any part of the 1 'nited State, with tbe greatest sultry, and delivered at Crane wharf, Xew - York, by water free of freight Attn, for sale at above, 1t0 heatjtilul Balm ofGileadorSilvir Fir Tree, they are alia"! tute tolive when transplanted. (jy As the gre it lut ot Peach Tree be disease, have drtered many Irom pl.intiug them, direction will he given to those who purchase them, whi - b if attended to, will enable them to thoir lrpa im m - tallh j BtittM. &lirl to 266 WM T SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL.. have Peaches io at great plentv at in former from the ily Hall. Tbe tiUati.a rs elevated Jegrf. 0 r an'' talUiy. and in every respect suitable lor a X.B. Peach trees invulaed on Almond or! genteel. On the Remises it a well ol most Plum th k, is ho j revtutHlive , - ain.l the div lexceller.t water. Ai pt .,.,,. eat. - , wi.h b lh - V nusylTaniaAn - u:tH - CoRXLL IU S IU b US, ty, call the jeflowi. ' mh 14 D4iC6tl feb tf S6 F root - meet. Q - fOR ALEORTOLEAfeE, On arcommodatiug termt, a number ef water and building lots, near and adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, en - quire of SAMUEL EVANS, jan 22 tf Brooklyn. From the first of May next, a three story britk house in Greeowich - street, between - rty and t ourtlatidt - streets. liitiiiile at 137 Ciretnwich - sti eet nth 3 tf f FOU SALE, aiisl The two - story brick front House and Lot X. - . i Cherry - street For terms, &c. apply at 76 Pearl - street. mar 3 FUR A convenient 2 - story brick front HOUSE ana UJ I , - o. zy Anu - sireel. i - n 'ne premises there is also a coudbrtable back building, with 3 rooms having fire - places, aud 2 other apartments ; and in the rear of the whole, is car - peuter's shop, aliout 50 feet in length. 'I his lot, which is 28 feet 1 inch in width, aud 180 feet in depth, would be very suitable lor a manufacturer, a carpenter, a livery - stable keeper, or any hutuiess that requires a good deal of room. For terms, apply at Xo. 17 Burling - tlip. eb27 tf ti.Sjhp.AVL at GliKEMVICH. To he let. the house anil iirounds fronting on (ireenwich Lane, belonging to the estate of ne late Samuel Milligan, and ut present occupied by Mr. Duvid Ely. For particulars eunuire of JOHN M'Kr'.h, lumber merchant, foot of N. Moore - street, or of I . PRIXGLK, in the Bank olXew - York. Ii:b28tf Unssi To let and potsession first of May next, the lour story tire proof store, Xo. 34 South st. between Lot ntirs and Old slips. Enquire oflhe tubscriber, Xo. 1 Murray, or 45 Uiamber - strei t. I, h9ll S. D CKAUi. The subscriber will leare. or sell the lot and hnuse iu which he now lives in Lau - : to - ttrtel It it a pretty comfortable housn lor mall moderate lauiiiy, Having a stone amcnen n, d teliar, two rooms on each floor and a bedchamber in the garret. AcroKt the rear of the house there is a pleasant piara, built scarcely three years ago It has a neat little garden about 60 leet deep, .nd a iuiall ttable, leading to which 'here is a gangway Irom the street Apply to D. D'lfT, e. 69 Wa - hiugton - street. Feb 2 tl J 4 IKS TII.LARV. K.'rt SALK, rslai. PKorrRTt ur tbk citx of new - iorx. pffi A Bhlt K HOUSE and Lot Xo. II Bowery STABLE iu the rear togeth er v. I'll the M 1 , 44 teei I rein i, n ie.ti rear, aim 125 lei t on tied side. liOl'SKnud i.O'l'No. 37 Vesry - street , and 11 - iUi.e ant; Lot Xo. 3& i'ttej - stiect. A BOXD and MOK I GAUL lor IWO dollars do and . do for 750 do do and do for 4'HI clo On valuable property in Ihe niy cf Xew York. The imeredt ha always been puiic.tual'y paid For particulars inqi.i e at the ollice ot ...... ........ . ... M. air.miv r. l. hit., dw 10 if - ?7 'A..ll slret. Seven nrn s of land in West t'hester, 12 1 - 2 mil Irom this city. On the premises are a stood dwelling - house, barimii I lowl hou.', a thritty y UiiK on - hard of gralted truit, a gulden with aspnraxiik lieds, sliru'bery of gooselxrry. rarrniiTl ami ttnewlierne, Willi a wtui or never J li:... Mit .. II ..Int.a lM Aim ilihuaj. Thi:,i;e pais every day to Xewlork; a vessel twit e uwrri ; oeing only a quarter oi a mile Irom the landing, r.nq iire oi HFXRY CHKAVEXS, 158 Broadway. Also for tale, a good substantial light waggon, alculated for o te or two homes; to be sm n nt Sandiord' l.ivtiy S'ahles, Brnndway, near llet - tt - r street ti'iiqui - e at nl.ovc. mh I Itf Hiuir,ftablt, Garden, Kc at Grtenuuh, fy, TU LET ln.!l The subsc riber will let or lense, for a term of years, bis home at Greenwich. I is plea - untly sitiiHli - d on the banks ofthe lluiison, and calculated to aci omuit'dalc a large fnn - ily. For terms, spply to DIV'IE BLTHUXE, jttoJ'i z wo;) street. A VAt.L.vBl K f AK..M, FOR SALF, iu the town of Fliirhing, Q'Kseni C4unty, Long - Mind, situated on l!a - ,ide, 14 miles from Xew York, and 2 l - 2lrt.m Flu.diiog 1 - tiidiug; from wheuce paiket lioatt aud Miters daily ply to and trom Xew - York. - .Vat 1 farm contaius about 170 acres GO of whi. h is w.)4 land of various kinds of timber bud thril - ;y gr. Vth, wnh two apple orchardr, one old, he oils - ' not more than 20 yeart old, and con - laiiei J0 grafted tret, uli in full laiiug and of the cli - W - t kinds of fruit and great variety ; there ii .tout Mil t;ivfted pear treet, iust in the i no,e of hie. . . '.mdiiig in part of the choicest xi .di . vcrgiues, M. Germain?, and pound (.tar - ,l.nd 8 or 10 Knglir - n clierry - trecu, whir h treju htginnitig to bear. The remainder is tui'ahly divid - d into lots of mowing, tillage and pattuit - , all em Ion."! in substaulji U nee and un der tod improve r.ieit. 'I he mansion house t 30 ty 44 lert, built in mvl - m t , ofthe bert ma'erhlf, snJ ui.i - l.ed tliruughoiit, with a good adt.h.i an I, and U ' on an eon - nonce, comDiimat"4 aa view of tbe bay aid ndjarent count rv. The cnurt - vard and gir.lei couiaiiir a great variety ol iruit - trees'n.l r'n!ilerv, rrparagus beds, strawberries rarp - beriirj., aooie. - ernes, and currants io abundance. Aturaedu a large ham, rhed;, caririge house, crib,heobnus(!, smoke houte, ai.d many other ost luiaiJ convenient buddiugt, all ww mid in io.l a - rtir. 'I ho premiics llung to Charles Cornol, rq. late oi flushing, deceaud, and cnoihles numerous advantages, ol winch it is .h i nid uiuie. eary to enter into a detail, M it is ore. - ied no iicrion will purchase without firtt views; th prrmi. - es. For particulars and terrntwhich will he accommodating, apply to Uie ' - criber?, ou the premises, who will give an mf putauie tine to mem. . ELIZABETH CORNELL, F.xecutrix, JOSHUA CORNWALL, Executor. Ba - Siile, Flu'hiog, I eh. ?3, HUH. S F"b23 - 1m TO LET, The store and cellar under the main Wu.ii'of te hou No. 223 Pearl - street, and a tht story fire - proof store in Ibe rear, now occued hy ihe subscriber; possession to be giv en othe 1st ot Vlay next. Also, his stable ami boose, situated on Gold - street, in the rear! his aforesaid premises, possession, of which can III tf JOHN I. GLOVER. rfTI TO LET. 4jJ A Tavern and Store in Flushine, at pre - seiTl rupied by Mr. Wm. Sbsw. Apply to tifctr T GIHHOX8. at TO i.ET, A counting house on Ihe lower floor, No. TJ kith str - el. Alrre i.ew fire proof ttore IB Crovemeurt' - laniext door to Wafe - elrrst.e Aprdv to TUCKKR tr LAL'KIFH, nil - 29 otb - street. ffl TO LET, The brick Store f 2 Stone at is new no. - io T. k J. SWORDS. 14 : f.JH' HUllAJI '(As. Two offices iu Law Duildiugs Nn. 3, to he rented. Apiily the premises, to JAMES A. HAMILTON, Esq. or at Xo. b Urouilway. IU LET, From tbe drat of May next, a front count inn room on the at - rond tWr, t.ether Willi the upper ioiu. r nquire a. 16 reail t tret I. Ian 24 tf 'I l Lt. I . , The three stury biie - k Uwelline. 27 Xor - fola - rtroet Knquire of COX U .WCsTAUDEVERT, Feb 13 6 Wall - st. 1 l.hl A twostory bouse, with abara and live acres o' land, situate about two and a half miles trom the e ity, opposite the arseual. To a person who is in the habit ot attending market nnd would cultivate tbe land as an earlv rriretahle garden, it is an object. Rent 200 dollars. Ap - I ly at 3 Broadway mh B tf TO LL l . From the first May next, the store no. 79 couth - atreet. For terma. apply to U LEFFKIIT.", Jun feh 7 , 28 Witliuiu street A LAI, The Ibllowins Houset. vii: 1'lich"use No. 95 John - itrett The house Xo. 97 do The hou'e ami store Xo 395 Pesrl - strcet The home Bud store Xo. I il Chetry - treet JAMES V. H AW, feh 21 o. 5 Bowery. JO L T, I note iw o ore prooi tiweiuns riouxi, Nu 74 and 76 Molt ttreet, aht.ut ten uiiiiutei walk from IheColTee Ih'Une. They will i.e( ut in couip'ete repair, ami well caiculaieu lor gen ttel lauiilies. A t.ply at Xo. 137 Watertdiect. ml. 1 1 tr 70 l.A.HSr . for a hrm of ,run. 1'hehouri ami lot No 20 Cedar si ret t. rtiicaimngsii rooms with fire plaies, besides the kitchen, pantries, vaults. 4c. and a well ot good water. Fortale, Hie unexpiied term, el' ven years, of the lot rw. 6 Muriuv street, in the occupation of William Putters n. oh (ease from the r.pitco - pal Church nu sr. l.tpru inquire oi J. W. 4 - W. C. MULLIGAN, feh 25 dtf No. 44 I'ine - .treet jS EaLUAUI.E PHOPEHjy. 4iSt Fortale, the Dover Iron Manufacturing Etlahlidimenl, in the county of Morris, and slate of Xew.Jertey ; e outiitirg oi a lolling and tilt - tine Mill, iiicootl repair, v inch works iwn pan ol (tillers and cutters, shears. Ate. all nt 'he ailit time ; a valuable forge with I wo Ores and one hammer in good repair ; a stock ef coid nnd ore on band, sufficient lo muke (illy font of iron ; t, good saw mill ; a cut nail im tory in m od tepair, suliici. i.t lo tu ploy thirty ue,i, t.nd may be rx - leoc'etl to euipl. - y one hundred rare ; a brad cut - line uint hneai.d a steel furnace inorxi repair: ct I'len leal to the wuiksisastoreai.dll nuinher I ht.utet for the ai com mod u lion ot famibrs, and t xceilent itabli:ig lor teams that may be nee ev - sary to keep lor the use ol tbe ettablithment ) al so, orchards pasture and meadow lots, in.nic - di'.'i ly ndioiiiiug the works, with timlie - r land in aiiv itn.ii lu, Uol xrtetliinl two thuushoU live bundled acies, within three u.ilct oi saitl works. I he great vein ol iron ore, tuiiiiutincin at the noted ."uckuintitiy mine, runs moie than 2 miles through this tract, und Hire, are now open. Irom which the foigc - s are supplied with ore, aud u.oie may tie oix m d nnd ore raited to supply works to any extent s the mints aie within two n.ilrs of said works, and good roads, to that the ore ran be raisfd and delivered at the forge at two a al a hall dollars per ton. The aoove dcscrilad v. oiks are situated on Rockaway Ulcer, about eight miles trom Mor - rislown, twenty five miles from Elisabeth I'ohii, and a'aiu' the same distance lioui Xewurk. with g'xid turnpike roads lending from said works to eic h plui e, in a jilensanl healtl.v situauou. and in a gooo iM iglioortHxxt, there heing two rrethr - trriau Chuiclits within tour miles, and a fnendt' meeting bonne within two miles of tuid plat e. I his siaml lor collecting har iron lor the slit ting mill it very comuiaiiilinif , theic bt iuc nearlf one hundted forge tires iu Ihe county ; most of mem are ou uie streams aouve wjvrr, auu tht iron, in going to .New - fork uiiuk.t, cuu cenve nieiilly pass thrwe wniks. .it thii mill freouentlv niirioiis o bur iron have been tilt and bundled into nail and tpike redt in a day, and upwards of one nunuren ions oi nans iiave beeo made in A year. A large amount ol fowls may be told at lint place in exchange for bar iron, procuring sup plies, &C.A2C There are valuah e tcil. s both a lev Ik below on this which morn works may ne erected. ALSf, 1'hat valuable well known farm. Ivine in the township of Randolph, about two miles Iroiu Do - vtr,a..d six miles liomjviorrisinwu, ansJ within oi e qi. i. ter ol a mile oi ih Union turnpike road, near fleasunt vahty, called tlie Distillery Farm, containing about tliree liuudred acres, about one lonrth purl ol which is excellent meadow, one lou'lh pa. I plough and pasture land, and Uie re mainder timber. A considerable part ofthe tim ber is oi Ihe original giuwth, and is suitable lor sawine, the other part is thrilty young timber, f rom Hllt - en to t wt - t ty yean trrowlh There are on said larru upwards oi six nuudred apple trees, in fine order, eieh' lo sixteen years t id, the mctt if Uiein oi uraned iruit, and more than hah oi thriii Hanson apph t, so famous lor cider. 'Ibe mc - ado s are tl..! und irom stone, throuith which run'lwo livelt streams ol water, and nearly (lie whole may be watered. One of tiicte vtrean.s is sufficient lor a grist - mill or other works ; there ate saw nulls, "a grist mill, a lulling null and oil mill, on the auie stream. On said larm ure two valuable tcilet fur waterworks, a convenient cheap place to erect a si fart dam, and raisoa considerable pond, with tweite or filteeo leet head Below this tbe water can he taken into a race, and in less than twenty chains, on good firm ground, is more than tweulv f el fall. In tint way Ihe water can be worked tw ice over wiih the exiente of only one dain There it on said larm an extensive cid' - r mill with four presses citterns. I.outed ai.d well hooped with iron, sufficient to hold twelve hundred barrels of rider. Connected to tlw eld. r works it tbe till lir.use, sr. convenitntl) siluatt - d that the w hole opeiutionis completed without pumping, me water lorcoi.ilei.xiig ihe spirits is supplied irnm a never lading spring, within nx rods of Uie still h: nst, and has s - .tticieiit liradtn run into Ihe riitorus. 1 lie bitilduig consist ol IwotD'all frame dwe', ooe gtotTlrenx hr, 54 feet long fv 26 feel wide, undir a part oil which ia a good cellar ; tliere are aito hay nouse, cow siicdt, Kc. ALsO, Valuable proerv hi L'trgwofd In the town sliip of JeflerxKi, six miles irom Dover, on tnr real hranch of R k tsy ilivt r, roonsiing ol . very valuahle forte, wiihlwo files uikI one hammer ; abundance nt waler Ihe whcle year, at large pond, and a vry warm dtustioo, and lor liiteei. years as' has ut'.c mbiio iron at any two nrt in Uv counts. I he oi - is williin lour onlt t. and it within lour onlt t. and a nart of the road rumniked. I'l Sr - verai tracts coon, cted with thi ei'sMi - bovnt amount alto - goiher in about lo - n It - en hi.dred acre a, the great - r p - rt limner, io maae a ouraoie supply cm coal for the fctree. Imrsjmliately atlhtl .n.C lh - forsie very valuable pkw and meadow ind suflv.sri.t fo tr.ree farms t4 exie handred aires each, with houses, rrhard and barns, beside Severn I good dwellibct for the families that tnay he employed in working the large. . , I he whole or any part of this verv taloal - It property will be okl at sarb prices and credit as win iuskc u won bv uw attention ol ao perst wishine to pu'ehate. For further infcirsaatioa enquire of a 20 a . Jacob ixsev, at Dt er. ISRAEL CANFH.U1, at Morristown. BL ACK W1XL. H M't AHXAX, at N - York. km 2 DitCtf . To t r.T. From the 1st ol Mav n. it. tie lower couutin; room of Xo 54 S - utb - tlreet. ALSO. The upper couutiiac No. 7t fiouth.sL App'y to J AlltS D'WOLF, Jr. - 3 57 Kiont street - The house and grounds M - lura iuA lo tb estate of John Shaw, situated ou the eighth ave nue. Until - pi enures ate au taeeiieu! ooubkt house, tlablr, and ice bouse., with every thing elf requisite lor such an esU - t htlinicnt. It is presumed aoy oilier netcriptit n is uunece tsw r) , as tiinti - iik lined lo rent win vsrw rw place. Also, the larae hit prool store in the rt - atoi houses 1 1 anil 13 Pearl - atrcet : wl. - rt (here it let tale snnu old Madera W me. by the Deruij hn. t or lurther particulars, apply lo , Jan 29 II l eail strvrt. ItfJJ. 'wo 2 - storv bri k houses and lots, situa - tcTXos. 37 - a; 39 Vesey - ttieet. AIm, a house and lot Xo. 1 1 Bowery, near C'haihnm square, 44 fcetlrvnt by 125 deep. 'AH on accommodatiug terms. For particulars ap ply at ,o iiwirh - t. jtle 15 U rUti SALE OH TO EEAt, Lots in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 W artist suanr oi which are on regulated and paved streets. Xo money will bo required under tea years, if sold, lultrett excepted. HOUSES. , ' Several two and three story houses, on which a great pari of the money remain nn nwrtxee. ' LA DIXG AT RED HOOK" An eicelleut stand for husuiese, with Un acres of land, pleasantly situated, w ith a wharf, ttore - house and barn. ' CUi TON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres ol lW, and a ncvei lading stream. ux.n which 20 u.i:inniy be riected, with a tuSiciency m aterioreacli. - Apply at Xo. 2 Greenwich street. , jau 13 tf HH SALE, aci. a nouse oi two si. ri.i. urn ptaxia in fn nt,. in irootl repair ; cotituiriine about thirty foui utres, situate ou Tlirogt Xcck, aud near to the faiui nf Ali)uh llamiuond the land being highly improved, and containing a gira! variety nf the hist cher. iet, apples, peais and feaches, in ateat obuudaiice ai.d iu lull hearme Ihe ad joining waters ufl idnu ample tui plut of fish. Hit il ami tcaie, wnun at a small exptm e may be led irom crock to the upland, and detained in a pood loi dailv use a niackertl and beta fishery being alsoatliiched tliereto, and whereat oue draught ol a small seine have beeo taken mm krrei whit b sold the neat dav lor oce bun dled and twenty Cullara in point ol t, beollh and profit lint site it no w here ef e. id distance Irt iuXrw - YorL about inurtitl.uiiUt. Also, lour Ms ol land near 'h - ahove - two Jv - ii e on tire Bound, ct'iitainu a it.rlv live arret. and bounded nu two tides with watrra lane) of au excel vtil tiuality, with an i red aid of lour bun dred apple trees, including tbe best sorts for table u - t: ; nnd lor cyder, the Virginian crab, Kng - lith hi.gloecrab, white s'yie, t ot t n.i, ma wblp white sour, with eighty cheiry trees tle I. lack tr.iihrinn rec iiuneoded by ForsytU being oue. In front ol these lota ate taken bast, black - fish.pi rch, mulled, ki..g fil.. plait r, soles, mackerel, pnrgv, pike, m.ult, whilirg, rets, ar.f occasionally sheeprbead and thud, wiih weak - llth ami ninunatiaen in vast Abundance ; bee's ol oysters, superior in quality to any marketed So tt.r city, ur very near melt snuiet, Willi cram acn clams, whilst the hdn lung bay ind creeks in the svir.ter sea"t abound in blaclt ducks nod broad Lids. aud some times sre seen Ihe canvass hark and wild geese tbe laud affordine woodeot 1c. cu .il and tuipe. 1 he silua'ion Cauuot tail tu please in every respect ; and Ihfl. od suiy always he kept in l.ii. - h ordnr, at a triflinx exueiite bv scdn. m.d salt u.eadows attached thereto, and sea weed dri ven nuns snores. Also, two other lots, one roofuininsr Ian and lh other hi teen acies. ' het lo.s ti.uimuuo huh. tensive view of laud and water; are ali.ethr miiioic .or auiaii rural reireaisi sou . liie r.ett quality ; and contain about cue hundred ard li.ty cherry trees, best sorts, and lour hundred m trees, most a pfiroved for table and cyder, all io full bearing , aud to each of Ilia Ms will be attached li e acres of salt meadow if wauled . AUo alot, cntitniniug tiny three acres; about eight iu wood. This lot it about fourteen mile from the city, and one Irom the chun h of Ihe ownoi Westchester. If the above properly it not disposed of before Wednesday, the firtt of A - pril next, the tame nn that duy will he sold at public auction, at tbe Tontine Coffee House, at twelve o'clock, r,n accommodating terms, as to puyuientt, in both case. For lurther iniorma - ti m.apply to FREDFRICK DE PEY8TER, Esq. Xo. 4 Frond - it re t, or near the premises, to the subscriber, 'eb24iApl PHILIP I. LIVINGS! ON. it I I I - It I . T . " " VAL.LABLK PKOl'ER'll. Tha tubscriber offers for sale a valuable farm, 73 miles from New - York, lying 7 miles oulh of Poughkeepsie, on tne post - road, Wilmu 1 4 oil mile ol the nulls on the rails of Wai uin - gerVCreck, and in the neighborhood ol several lauding) fiotn which sloops sail weekly. It contains 1 10 acre of level, lei tilt laud, wish a joubjf orchard of grafted fruit, wood ufEcient (oi fuel, and all in goo - 1 fence. ' The bo.ire roatvJus several roomi, hat a good barn, and ail in excellent repair. IU situation being on an elevated plain, renders the place not only healthy, tut present irom the dwelling a delightful inland pruspscL Also, another lot of 40 acres, raitiguoo to tha above, ami bounded southerly by the tall of Wappuigci V - Creek. The laud is fertile, in ex - celleut fence, and of easy cultivation. What ren ters this properly valuahle, I., thai it may be made a plat of celebrity. There it already e - reded on the (alls a saw - aoill of rreat capacity. a carding null, which enjoys the custom ot the neighborhood, besidee several other telle for factones, unorcupii d. The whole Airre of tha creek ran he diverted with a little ex pence k aa to drive a range o mill' on a level plot of ground jun below the fa I If, anil accesfible by an easy navigation ; where fac lories of every description, with every facility of power and traatiorU1ioa can beronrtructed. Also, a flour - mill, of tbe first class. Tha mill - houre b large, with 4 run of Burr ttonet, and calculated for 8, with new machinery for manufacturing wheal, kc. with au elevator fbr rar - irur grain from vteM - ls into tbe upper loft of (he null. Connected with tbe mill is a large 'ore bouse for storing wheat aud flnnr. With the mill will be told 63 acres of excellent land, on which is situated five dwellii e hti. laige barn, hay house, carriage house, corn crib - , hovels, Ac. a cooper's shop calculated for hands. Two of Ihe houses are new a ad well cwlci lated for genteel famdies : They commanel view of tbe river, with a heautilul intervale lanebfupe hwmrd by the meandering of the trctk immediately in front. There are lew pi ecea which associate to nan v .accomavodating qualiCcaliotu. tor the merchant. mecnaitic e.r farmer. If not - old at private tile befe Toesdav the 21st April, it will on Oiat Jay be offered at auc tion For terms, rc. apply to PETER MESIER, No. 25 Beaver - street. FebiO AFRAH4M MryKR. IOLEi, And possession giveuon the first ol Miy, the lioose Xo. 43 Broadsray, together wito a brick f!ie - pruof staNe and ttore in the rear fronting oo Xew - strstt. Also, th adjoining boose No. 60. Tl. ii manufactory in the r - r, to be removed ou the 1st of Apnl For teims an 1) to JOHN SLID ELL li CO. U . - Kt - W Broadway. , 4 . 1' - I r. m nil T.r'1'" ? Mi i ii - ,

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