The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 20, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1913
Page 2
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^^ «F^^ SON WEVAER The Leaders CHRISTMAS GIFT SUGGESTIONS NO BOUET ABOUT BLACK SILKS BEING; WELCOME GIRTS. Practice!!-.' every vioman counts a handsone b:_ck slik gown or \vaist a necessitj, one cf the most useful in her entire wardrobe. Prices for black si.L. range all the way frozn a $1 a yard messaline or taiieta up 10 a $2.00 per yard chare-ease. A number of fashionable v. eaves -- Sl-25 to $1.50 will be boxed for gift giving. BLACK DRESS GOODS BOXED FOR GIVING, Woolen materials are serges, .other v. eaves cf woe! or silk wool, 50. 75, . $1.00, ?i-50 and ?--00 per ,yan5, from 4 to G ;.atds lo a patten. COLORED . T.'OOL DRESS - r - lj " 'i rt'»*' v "s ' ' ~ " IT - - e ~~~ v« \s ·** ·*- ·+*·· ^~ *- « * t In any desired coior. -GEaat choice of . ·weaves and qaalities.; ~- - rC ... , A ccuon and silk mixed or an all" coaor cr all silk Dress Pattern in ..^-Set or evening 1 colors, from as little as $1 50 fcr a pattern to S10.00. Boxed , for givir.qr- A BOXED WAIST PATTERN OF WASH MATERIAL. Ei.her plain cr woven check and s'r : *e s""eer F : axon. "..te or colored s:riP2 ilddras and a dozen other v.ia-ves. Inexpeisrve. LADIES" UMBRELLAS TI..5 ha's-Tjeen fcJsyesrsTaf: Christ- I I S M K as those quoted for ladies. Also Suit Case Umbrellas for men, and ladies. FANCY BEAD BAGS. The kind our grandmothers used to carry, only much prettier, various sizes and colors, S1.50, S2.00, S2.50 $3 00, ?4.00, f 5.00. Fine Gold and Silver Beaded Bags, \ery handsome, $2.00, §3.00 to $500. Gun Metal Steel Bags, for persons in mourning, $5.00. Leather Bags. A handsome gift in the newest shapes and sizes, Seal, Morocco and other leathers. Black and various colors, leather l»ned with a coin purse inside. Gilt, Silver or Oii- dizea mountings- A-great assortment^ and special values, 50c, $1.00, S1.257 ?1.50, $2.00, S3.00, S4 00, $5.00, $600. FANCY COMBS. All sizes Side and^Back Combs in aniber^shell and grey, lOc, 15c and 25c. -J '" Side and Back ,'Comb Sets, new- shapes with biilliaflts, Sl.OO per set, single pieces 50c. Au\o and Fan~- Pace Veils, 25c, 50c and Sl.OO. LADIES' NECKWEAR Our stock is now complete, selected with gift giving in m'nd with f -11 assortment of all the most desirable things. Lace Jabots. Irish Crochet in a'l shapes Ties. Bows and Dutch Collars. Plaaer. Collar and CufF Sets and mcny others. Each one will be boxed for gifc giving, 25c, 50c, 75c, and Sl.OO i 1 3K I jH " Women's" Linen, Swiss and Dimity, ·5| i. sjvith. InnisfaiL.embroidjiry'Jn .one corgi ner only, others all around, some are lace" trimmed, lOei 12 l--2c and 25c. Women's Unen and Swiss Embroidered, some in one corner only, others all around, Crochet and Tatting edge, fully 50 styles or patterns at 25c. Armenia Hand Trimmed and Innisfail Embroidery, Embroidered insets with fancy lace or edges and many others at 50e. Women's Linen Initial, Heni Stitched, embroidered \\ ith a neat letter, loc, or 75c per 1-2 doz. boxed. F/aney bordered Lisss. a most beautiful fabric. in border absolute r ly fast." 25 cents. : Fine boxed IdneiTor S-wiss Erabroid- ^ erad, 6handkerchiefs zf, §1.59, $2.50 Words of Praise For Mayr'y Wonderful Stomach Remedy "How thankful \rfrare to yen for getting a hold of TOUT wonderful Remedy, My irife cotdd not have ted feat a siort time to l»e if she issd sot taken TOOT Wonderful Remedy when she did. Ooe snore of tiote parocyssi pains she mu having wonld have killed hez without a doubt. Now sac is free frost all pain, free iron Heart trouble and free front that distorting ^»et£ra!gi--all tse results of £ve treatment*.--and the expdsoa of five or six hundred O 3 " Stones. Xow she is able to eat anything she vasts and her appetite is good and before fniing A otir. roedicrae she had no appeflu: and v.hen she *se aavtffisg she weald ssicferj £eat!» for so doing and could not sleep at night;' jiacc: taijng-^rour treauaenr she sleeps*-well. j*!L ·SifSfWas?:. -I. A. XEAJLL, ICoanoLr, Texas." above letter should convince yot i^OK-, conld sav in beisat?--ill 's %T*32f?fd StoxBcJti ^2£eni£c2£. Suf- shoss^d try one do±* -of'thii' S.ezsedx-- se-should" co=i : ace them that they can ie'^r-stored to healch. Xearly all^ Stosaaeh .\Ha'-;ts are caused by »**· clogging of the intesimal tract mzzh saucosd and casarrhal ac- creiioas aliowiag poisonons Soids rnto the Stotsach and otheraise deranging the digestive system, aiayr'* Wonderful Stomach Bemedr painlessly^ ^easores these accretions wtthoct a surgical operation and pels an end to Colic Attacks, Cases in the Storaaeh and Intestines and all of the usual svir»p»oms of S'Oznach, Liver and Intestinal Ailoents. AsV. y**z.r drcggist about Maj-r's Wondrrful $t»s!«ctt Krmedy or send to Geo. H Ma-r'. Mfg. Chemist, 154 Wh^'tag S--. Ch : cago, I1L, for Free booklet on Stomach -Aiknents and many f-ateft:! letters iro=r people »ho ha v c bten restored. For sals by People's Drug Store Gettysburg, Pa, SB 54 's 5 Embroidered liiji ijg. In oa!s at f " : ~ n's 1 Fancy Embroidered, 3 In fzincy box, loc. Handkerchiefs at oc. Over 200 doz. pi^in and fancy borders/ A great assortment, some are initialed. Mer's Linen Initial Hem Stitched, in 1-4 inch hems, neat embroidered letter, 25c, or §1.50 per 1-2 doz. boxed. Men's Extra Size Linen Hem Stitched iCc. Men's Hera Stitched -Linen, 1-S and 1-4, 1-2 irch hems, 25c, 35c, 40c ard - fhe^verytbest coheirs. a / t , V 1 "'/I!' ^ ^'SPECIAL' £.'3r = - yjv; *|LoJ / Ffne^Gtorii. f : cover,! Sape edge, -with"nearest "straight handle, excep-- Taonal value. S1.50" Elegant quality Gloria '. with straigli^hanSes enibellished. 1 This « a .§2.00 valce. .Keck Eufrs Rucfcings byjth,e s -yard_ si *· WSSL , -- 5 of Chiffon and Ilace ..SO. S2.50.- ,,,*.,,, - , v ^ Special Christmas Sale For Early Holiday Shopper s STUDY THIS UST IN SELECTING Y O U R CHRISTMAS GIFTS Suits For Men, Boys and Children Overcoats ; Rubbers - Hats Raincoats Shirts " ",, '"'Caps " " f * _ Shoes (for everybody) Neckwear £ta .fancy boxes) Suspenders" ' ' - · -' * - ' ^ ,, Felts Boots ' Pency Vests Handkerchiefs Gam Boots ' Sweaters Umbrellas * Arctics ^ Gloves Underwear ·1 SAMPLE FREE- it for casal and dry catarrh. ' sneezing, cold ID the head, hay feirer or e anvcotsplication-resu'-ing from chronic e'atarrh. Keeps the breat2aBS passages opea. thcs Eliiasr socad. restfnl sleep aso. rjtsxorhsz. Soothes and heals the inflamed jnezbrases. Fiae, for aose bleed. Get Kordos's. the ori£in£l and arennise Catar aj Jellv, at drsazists or direct, in saau tcb*s.25=or50c. Sample fcee. " Do your shopping early and get the best selection H I I7Q I T II !7 Corner Square . Gir. J-JLOlZj, lisle St., Gettysburg, Pa. We give "S H" Green Trading Stamps Now is She time to' fill your books and get youself a gift. g Mlnnempolls. Mtaa. K" ©NOON'S J. m. CATARRHAL JEX-LY FOR SALE by The Peop'e's Drug Store NOTICE Letter 3 of Administration on the Estate | of Merrin Kebeic late of Gettysburg Bor- iougb 'Adams connty, To.., t'eceased, Sale Two Story well built brick house, Seven rooms with bath i having been granted to the acslers»*ned ' residing in Newport, Pa. all persons in- and good furnace, CjrOOd Stable, deoted to said Estate are reqaested to i . _ , , make irua-.ediacc payment, and those; ^ ot 75 teet l - 1 hiving claims _will present them for| settleaieat, to " \ Jl. D. · C- H. EEBERT | 1 AdrainiHcrator. j 11-4 E. Middle St. Gettysburg Pa., . 5 ^ ^ ? ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^~ · P^ 12 JP2 ity S3.00, $400T»-'$5'*D. Finest Silk rs. -with UMBHELLASr ^ Great assortment new handles, Si'k and Gloria, Sl-00. S1.50, $2.00 up. Same ^ "Months ago we'tfegan to mak'fe purchases for Christmas selling. · Our great outlet o£ Handkerchiefs gives us a'purchasing capacity" 'ther"'ec[ffal ,*«f any'Qjree'or four ^stores combines! We get first' choice from some "of the large import stocks and "best "prices- Should you diesire to use the mails w e will gike^theLHsakih'g, of fat f choice our ^Jesfc car^'-S^e a,- gartial description below. -'-"1.5 o_ i u --o_ cr^, t . ,., ~^'When .-we/-say, linen we mean Pure Linen." TVbmenVHem Stitched JJord- "ers 1-8, 1-4, or 1-2 inch hems 5c, lOc 12 l-2c and 25c. err /"rr^pr"'* j-/, ,, r .inen" Imndkerchiefs -2 -,5len'4,Tancy_B'ordered at 5c, 10c_and .-- , Pi , .. , ,,, ,, HOSIERY." Special _ am? JKia SlSo; boxed. and in 50c, 'cSc, Sl.flO. be . - r ^ - Hose. 'in Bl^cE, Tan and White "Gauze and" .heavier -weight, regular *'^ '' -' - f ' r ** ' 1 and Childrens' Hose, all -*· O H ~ L »j.._;j-i r.-'c. s variety, colors' are £irl?* ·-^4 e'and 31ack, lOc and loc. "" ^ all sizes/xlever-^-ear-olits; 25 The Citizens Trust Company Of Gettysburg ON-PRIDAY DECEMBER 12th the CitJfeaas Trust Company mailed -their "handsome Christmas Checks amounting to over to the 597 Patrons of their CHRIST' ' Useful i f ^ j - ? *- ft sT « i ? "°* rr -t£' r; v-=_·*---··" ^ : _ / ^ · f m ristmas : uirts JDR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN J *Vs ^* *- £~ ^ , J * \_- - . "·t '" " ~" r Anv ^L ^ _ Any ^ _ . , . , « . -v.,,^^4., i^- ^ St-ra Open Evenings Until 8 ©"clock Saturday Nights Christmas Until 9 i,«-f ·% V' « MAS SAVING 'FUND.-' ' This ^ast sain of money ^ras saved during the year by the people of our town depositing in the Trust Company from one to live cents on each share every Saturday during the year. This enterprise of the CITIZENS TRUST COMPANY has proved so beneficial to al recipients that the series for 191^ is now opea ai:d those whc deposit their pennies ^vill have the same courteous treatment as the ·well to do or tiie rich We are determined to do our part to better the condition of the rising generation of our community and ask all good citizens to help us. HARRY L. SNYDER, Treasurer. : ^ · is PUBLIC-SAI^E ,, LUMBER, SLAB ^X^ COltD VT Trida; i ast of Beii northeast of Centre M; ! I- nown as tae Conran tares. 40 Cords Of -' [ORANGES ORANGES load *F I , Just ^received a-car ·nhat la fancy FLORIDA O"rarig Xcaas Can sell them Cbeap, W. H.TIPTON, Photographer, 20-22 Chambersburg, Street. FOR CHRISTMAS lE.lPS A PHOTOGRAPH you want, go to · · TIPTON'S STUDIO and get something Exclusive and Artistic If you wanta'fanii'nr Scene for an"absent relative or friend, }Gu can find it among our NATURE S E k l E ^ of -the PICTURESQUE about Gettysburg It's old Lanes and Pathwa\s, Streams, Bridges and Woods. These appeal to the cultivated taste. Take into consideration also 'Gettysburg: the P ictures and the Sto; \ " Xr\v edition, ever 500 Views, 50c. by n^ i': 60c, and the new FOLDER of 24 Colored V:. «rs, ISc. Fine line of Water Colors, Engravings etc. Picture Frames made to order. The very latest in Mouldings. W.RflPTON^Photographer, in 12 inch Ungth= Oa\ and H k- ory, -5,0"0 Ftft o: OtT-Fjl! Lumber. Poards and 20 acit^ tincut Tree Top 5 , (_i".ck«. r.swdast, Saie to i eminence at 1 o'dock, ? M. «=harp A -redit of three months will be given to all purchasers jnnng their notes vr t » appr.\«.d security. AH sums ucdei ?5.(0 cash. Pcsitirely no lumber to be ivmoved. lu.til sale is o\pr. n A J M raU!w.-!l. Auct. 1' .\. Miller, Clerk, , Look for the wagons, Malaga Grapes. Celery, Cranberries and Tangerines. Buohl Shultz BOY'S second-hand automobile wagon for sale cheap. J. C. Shank at Gettysburg Department \ertiseraent Store.--ad- NECKWEAR J An immense line at 25 and 50 cents. *S Every 50 cent Tie in a. beautiful box. =1 MUFFLERS* *· Of ^ool and Cotton -with a snap button in front, at 25 and 50 cents. 3 SILK MUFFLERS ·2 Folded or open, from 50 cents to So 00 j COLLAR BAGS £ Of Leather, from 50 cents to S-3.00. g SUSPENDERS 3£^, ^£ '?--lr At c'J cants in single boxes. H--:"-- ^-"^ GLOVES ^ *:-J"--Of r evjery klid from the cheapest heavy £jj ^" -" "-work glove to the Sne dress kid ^ glove, or the most expensive ''·?-. genuine fur glo-ves- p HANDKERCHIEF WALLETS "· Of Leather, with three handkerchiefs p! , for $1.00. p COAT SWEATERS ' " ^ From 50 cents to S6.00. '£ FUR COLLARS y. Tor the man -who does -winter driving. ^. SUIT CASES AND BAGS -£ K An extensive line of imitaaon or gen- jc 'sine leather- 1 FOR LADIES y. % . SHOES The ever practical gift--subject to ex- 54 change for anything else in the 'i* s 1 ^ 6 1 HOUSE SLIPPERS AND SHOES P Of Ed or Felt and Indian Moccasins. jf, * RUBBER GOODS ?^f~ t ., ·* j i -- Overgaiters. PAJA5L\S'AND NKJHT^OBES A good assorrrent of light and heayy ·vreights. RAIN COATS At S5.00 to §15 00. HANDKERCHH5FS Cotton, Linea or Silk- COMBINATION SETS Attractive combination sets in Christmas , Boivfis--suspenders and garters-initial belts and garters--garters · ' in fancy cartons, etc., s etc. Pocket Books Shirts Hats Cuff Lin!- s Overgsilers Arties Belts Collars COMPLETE LINES OF Umbrellas Underwear ~ Stick Pins Shoes Indian Moccasins Boots Rubbers Cuffs Hosiery - FOR SALE House and store property on Chambersburg street opposite the Pitzer House and one house in the row on West Middle street . A. Tawney. NOTICE _ Xoticc i- (*r« l^y jri»en that an application for thf i ranker of the Ta\ern Lit en- * =e of Bor- ·r gwsA7« l *(y-~^ ^e-cnn t '--, ^- c 50 ceots to. S6.00 . ;,,'-T.^KJF.F^RS Silk and Wool. FOR BOYS GIRLS CAPS Hockey Caps, 25 and 50 cents- Aero- plane Caps, 50 cents. Caps "with ear protectors. GLOVES Leather and Wool. SHOES High Top Shoes- House Slippers of Felt or Leather, Indian Moccasins. SWEATERS Various Colors, from 50 cents to $1.50. '. MISCELLANEOUS-; a '" -Canvas Leggings, Neckties, Rubber Boots, Mittens, High School Pen- : narits, Etc.,-35te. =· for j a r «u!»n}t April 1-t 1U14, to John F W.tiUrr, has lecn fil«l in iny of- ' fice and w.M Ixi presented to the C^otirt of i j Quarter J-^ion* of Adaim County, on ! Monday I)w ember 29, 1 !!.'?, when said transfer will l«- matle unlcsf cxcepUons are filed prior thereto. WAI K Clerk of Q. S. "On the Square. Gettysburg, Pa.

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