The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 17, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1818
Page 4
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IN CHANCERY: 4 '" - . N CHANCER Y. - 1 r I!t pursuance nf decretal order of this honorable court, will be sold nt public option. nt the Tontine Cffe H'Msto, n u,e Yrk, iinder th direction of the saoscrit r, one of the mastere of tbiacnurt, on Tor sday.the S4tb day of March intt. at twelve o'clock in the fore - bf that da a. all Inat certain niece or parcel of land, aitamfe atGreenwich, in the Hth waid of tbe Mid city of INew - York ; beginning on the west sideol lreenwih - street, forty four feet ten iorliu, nrther!y, from the corner formed by the intrrterlionof Hammond and Greenwich - streets; ' thence wester' on right angle wi'bGreenwirh - treet about eighty fiv ie t, le the tame more or lei i, ontil it strike a line of forty - three feet, in ' the rear of the aaid ground ; thence nnrthweater - ly until it atrike a coiner Mol twenty acvrn feet (it inr hrs, he the more or baa t theni e easterly twenty four feet, thenre north westerly ' thirty three feet its indie ; thenre easterly filly . . three feet t thenre again easterly thirty tro feet four indie. to Greenwich - street theure aouth - " tlly, along Greenwich - street, seventy five feet .'. three inches, to the place ol beginning. Tngcth - ', - er with all and lingular, the edifices, buildings, right, members, beredibjuienls and appurtenan ce thereunto belonging or appertaining. On the anove property are erecico i wo iuiihiuiubi imuie houses, tarh ahont twenty Ave feet front ami , (ear; and thirty two fret deep, and abn a workshop. Dated New - Yo.k, Mr., 1818 - " H. ttKTKK VELT, ... Master ia Cbtnrery " Jf. 0. A map or sketch oftlie above qiay lie teen by applying at my office, No. . I Nassau - ttreet mhtlawgwdlw tALV.iBi. piidpfHtr. IN CHANCERY. r ,.' - . State of Arm - York, u. '"' lit pursuance of a decretal order nf the curt . of Chancery of flii tfcte, will be ld at public ' amnion, under the direction of the tuhscriber, at the Totttine Coffee - Hnuae.t in the city of Sew - 'York, u the 19th of Man h, insf. at I? o'clock atiuMin, ll that certain LOT OF GROUND with the tenement thereon ereced, situated in Ibn first wardof the city - of New York, and .ikiii.wn and distinguished u number 70 in Wall 1 ttrret t bounded southwesterly in front by Wall c euvel northeasterly irr the rear by property . now or lae belonrinr, to Juhn MHnw.lmlK, deren ed t nortbweDterlT T Dr rtv now or late be ' lonjcii'tf to Wynuni Van Zand!, de eaied, and V nytlielerly by property 1'iroieriv bclongine to Darvl I'rovoit, de eittd ; cKit lining in trend. h i in frjrrt and rear, 19 feet 8iiirh - , and in length i en each aide Stlteet 10 inrhe. hetheiame more orlem i loceiber with the hereilUumtnt and up . pamnance Uiereto heinneiris; .;;., . f. f. IIILDRETI, aahl2dt ' " ' Mntter in t - 'hawery I .IN CM.tNCtRY. . - tite of .VcwY"tk. , ujnee of an order ol thi honorable cvurl, hetiring dale the third d iv "f M.irch, inal il' ; mo ii' au: ion. at nit' 1 online coiim i the city ol .cxr Yoik, under tlie di - . rerdon o uic auincrmcr aa onu oi i'ic iuuier oi , thif court, on Tneiday the 3 11 dy of Alurtb. ' -, at 12 o'clot a at noon Ail (hoe ct rtoin t Bv loll ol grMina ( Anin - Mit i.esciura, oi Die city of .ew lork. q the father of l.e m - ard iHft.irif waa eitrd in fee (imiil at the time ol hit decease, and v n h up a division ol ' theeitale ol the (aid An'hony, lr II to the thnre ' Ami portion ot the iai.1 Leonurd,) lifnate lying end '"ting io the eighth ward, ol t!ei itj of New - ' York, and an' known ai.d diitinxniahcd in a crr - ' tain maporchnrt made of the eatafe of the raid Antli'my Lepenard, Jr.' eared, by lota niimt'erv J thr hundred and eighty two, three hundred and eiht four, - "'.hr:e hundred and eight vthnr, . ' thn - e hund - 'd and lifif even, and three liui dri - d ad tlrty - eight, and taken tt'gethir a'e burnded I .......... n . r. . 1 1 ... a. . I .nlk ... i. t i.rl n . . n vmi i - lll'llll nm t, . w it in" .11 nr. - iurj ii ThJinpai ii one hun.1n - d and thiity I' M ui'.re er te, aoulh'.M'lerly on i"t nuinier three, hii i dred and flhty - aix, unity fret more or ie, north 'a,tery unlot number three Inn dr d and eighty ' one 01" tbe - iid Leonard Ltapenarit, one hundred ' tVef more or ! , and aouthwcairrl' b I .nil ! tbe - aiid Leonmd l'fuard atiproiitiati (I for iliicon - 'tin - mion"' V"(try atreet, one huti'ln d dri mere - or leu ; and nlao all thoe four certain lots, piocea or parceli ol acre m d, ailunte, Ivinir, ;md h i z in he eielh w:rd ol Ibi? city oi i w - Vi ki It in? 'art ol the hint! whiih on a dniion of theea - tatt - . ot Jiothnny l.ia nard, dree&sril, Mnioni bia heiri.Jiy Camwiiaioner .'ppoiutrd iiy the M.iy - .r cuvri 01 rue sbhi ny, was aei nn in li e aam .:Leoiird, and are known and dialingaialifd on n .fnupui nie sain mviaton nmdo by tlie said com - jniasionei by flat number Ihreo hundred ami ,eility five, three hundred and elgnlv sit, lour Ji - ilrd iioit twelve, Ii or liundred nnd thirteen, and (a lira briber are hoaod - d and contain as foil., t'i wit .: aoutlieaatiriy on Th mipon - street, stv - ntv two fieti noutherly on aline, .which if Vealry tret were c.ontinied enativurd f fulliVan street, toul I be north - rl v ide theie - oft norihwetterly by ground of Alexander L. Stewart, nnd haroh hi wife, one bmulred and ifhtuen feet ; ami nurtheasleriy by a li'ie to be drawn parnllrl with llroi u.i inr'. (llroomeK. U'ln; 6ny feet wide) uml di - iant ilieielr m f ur huoJied ami seventy five leel, one hundre l lef t being of the ami dimensions ni ire or le:and ajao all the ground lying between the a:iii(f - ur Iota - above Tfescribed, and the. ernuiid of Millei and (Inker, ai:d hoiji.d. d likewise by the aniil aoutheasterly and noithwestcriy h lindanes whita - ierer tlie same nnv contiii ltretlir w;ith the, appurtenances. Dated March 7, 1810 J(l HfcS A. ft .l.ljllj I W.l, mh lawJxdia Master in ( "lianrery. At a Court of Chancery field for 'he stive of New York, at the ity i.d Albany, on the teeth day of January, in the - year of our t - or.l nun thousand eight huudred and tiglitern, rreient, The Hiinorahlo Jamas Kent. Eianire. .Cham ellor. , Willii. Seger, r. v Grrge Choumi rt, Alexander f ilennie, John Cap - r, William ilenlnrk nnd John Ritcht - r TT at'p armg to the satisiactinn of this court, J by tlie Hlfidavit of William N. Dycknian, .1" - ns r, the solicitor for the complainant, and the affidavit of tlie complainant, that pnxesa of aub - pflBria bus ben regularly issued, r. quiringthede - teadjnts Aleiamler (ilennie, J hn CnpiH r, Wil liam I Unlock and John Ritcher, to ipie ir to and answer tlie amended bid of complaint in this caase, awl that neither of the taid defendants Ah lander Glennie. Jobn Capper, William Hen - lock and John Ritche, ba apeared, ncconling to th rules ol tins court ; and that the aaid de frnd.Mda Aleiander Glennie, John Capiier. W it Jiam Henlock and Jobn Kitcher, retide without this state, to wit, in the city of London, in the kiucdora of Great BritainIt is tlrcie fore, on motion of Mr. .Munro, of Couns I tor the Complainant, onkied, that each uf the aaid defendants.vA'eianderTiIennie, John Capper, William llcnl.xk and Jobn Ritclx r, caue nisai'araiic.e toheentrrej nnd hit answer filed to Uie said amended bill of complaint within nine n mtha ifotn this date, and in default thereof, that the tavt amended bill or complaint be taken muconCestongtin.tttiemto the end that auch decree mis he thereupon tuade na shall be just. And it la Inrlh. r ordered Out wenty day from hi - day a ropy , J order I pnl.tisLed ina leist twoo t h, public BM,n W,V lilllH, III On :rtte, nd he cuniinnerf ,i .V.:. L - .u . A copy, JasfJ lav3w ISAAC L. KIP, Aatbtant Rrgiter. KOTIC.E. :.V. vV V . . "wantey, nt il till J7fKV,n - T',,V ilr.fl11S5,'e ''' !r, assignee IT I" 111 f ri.t I . tn . a n . I .1 tl t . 1 . t . .. . ' ' , : ,. ; . nt'. rn""en . ""t "'ei in cases oi msniven - r," at the Law Buildine. No. 1, erac Ni. 3, tnlaateia SaMau - atrert, in the city ol .New - York. sonsceitain and examine 1be n counts due tn them respectively, on tie twenty (lf,n ot Aj rd next, between ttie b ersnf 10 A M. and 3 r. it Anal tnt snMcreOitnis are turthei notitleit, that e dividend of the estate of an id insolvent will be made by the aarxrriber, at the place afnre - TN rvarai Jie i - vd at louae, i( . 'xi ot - seea the hour ahe ve menlioneJ, n tV twenty IKth'day ot May next. New. York. Feb. 4tb. IKIS. - fctllawaa Aipiee,elc. ... r,tUlt qf .cw - York, u., IN'punpiBftof an nur of ti.i lnorable o jH eiade in the af - ove cuk, wdl be told ai) tiuulic auction, at Hunt' Hctel. In the TiDaee of Newbunch. on the iiartith day of April nest, at twelre o'clock: at noon, wider wedirecuoo i the tatnenoer ; AU that certain trart of land tit Hate, lyins and being at Little Britain, in the town of New - Windier; coanty of Oraace, and tale of New - fork, and i buundVd a( lollow on the east br the land of the heir of John Wei liirtf. derea(trd, on the north by the land of Robert R. Burnet, on the wet by tbe land of ceo - erl Janiet Clinton, and on the touth by the land ol the beir of Samuel J. L W or ion, necca - ed. rnntainiae three hundred and ten acre of land, be tbe ta nie to .re or leu, witli the hereditament and appurtenance to tbe tame tielong - inc or in any wise appertaining. Dated February 17, lOlrt. THOMAS BOLTO, leh iS lawtAplilt. Matter in ( hanrery. freaiury Departuieat, tltb June. 1817. 07 - NOTICE it hereby riven, that at a meet ioxof bte Comniiuiooer of the Sinking Fund, l i i , j r 9 I. lain . .1. riem un urn in tiaj vi iwiarvn, 1011, UN uc term ned that the provUion of tlie art entitled An act to provide for the redemption of tbe mililic debt," paed on ttie 3d dav of Man lu 1817, dmuld be carried into effect a far a the aine might oe nracurahJe I and tbet, in purru. aoce of tiie aid resolution, Lynde Catlin, rah lerof the i.ffice of ditcount and depoeit at New York. ba( been afiiioiiited axent. under the u periiitendnnt c of the e.'ri tary ot tlie treatury, to loak'e punnatea oi doraoi the united btuu - wi'nintne limit prr(crined ny law : and to whom nil periwi dpirnu of diiotmg of their atock will make aridication WILLIAM II. CHAWFOR.O, Secretary el tlie Trcawry. Cflfire of Diacount and Deposit.) New - York, June 16, 1817. Information i berth) given. Uiat in pur - (uauce ol the preceding notice anil authouty.the uhKriher ia teady to receive prnw(al and to treat with any ncraon for the purchaae of Funded Debt ot tlie United Slate within thi limit prescribed by tlie act ahov referred to. LYNDE CATLIN, Caihicr. Jel7 dtJt &lawtf In the matter of Kenjamin - dermond and others. f na. For sale at auction. James Sullivan, an ah i remlinv ilibfnr. J TilK underaiened having been npftointed tru - JL teea for all the creditors of Jamra Sullivnn, l ite of the city ol New - York, butcher, an ah - conduit debtor, will, in virtue of the ait in audi ruse made and provided, on the "6th day ol Miri'h, in'tant, nt one o' lock, in the afternoon o that day, at the Tontine Coffee House, in thr i ily of New York, II at public vendue, all the rivjil, title iiul intern! (M the aid Jnmea Sullivan, in thuie three certain liouae and lota or ground at present knwn and riiatinguiihed by lot No. butv aevrn, list 'V v nine and lorty seven Mower rv - street, in the city of New - York aforesaid, be log each twenty five feet in widlh front nnd rear, anl one honored leet in depth, na ttie same were aomeiuiH' since ownea ami no - seasea ny j antes Sullivan, ot the raid rity, deceased. The aaid l.ns of ground having bee - i anted by the Sheriff; ol the illy and county ol :ewinrlc, in virtue ol nn attartinient is'iied egninat tne taiate oi inea loteaaid ntx - condinr; debtor. Dated March llth, 18l't. AM4ZIAU WRIGHT, JOHN C. HAMILTON, . CHAItLKS OSBOftN. rah It endlda K4, llil' i, reectiully reioiiillieiHlii lo Die Ladiea of thia City, her method to i.v hintf the byalemnth'nl tinnd - writing wlncli has universally prevailed tn Kn;lnntl lor the last si - vcn years. Those Ladie who are displeased with tin ir pros: nt mode ol writing, let it he. ever so iuipyrlHCt, will, in twelve lessons wrile with oealnnss nnd dexterity without ine trutinir nt ml - nig Uieirpaper or theuscof tinea. Ladies waited upon at their own residence, nnd school attended on application to r , Mm. BROWN, 8Front - t. TL.ll.VIS. Systematical writinir, twelve lessons, $10 Round hand do. for children, prr quarter, 8 I'm making, taught in one lesson, I mh 4 2w .oncE. BOUT the 14th of December lest, aieron n with a lot ol Carpenter 1'w - ls and a sum U il, wns apprehended ut the .twr tjn - Dock, which he w as utfering for sale. - From the coniesiionof the man little or n doubt remains that the tool and kiff were t'lio prepurty J'hi i ti give notice that the owner orowneis oisiid'propi rtycan have it agnin by applying to ICHAHOU CARMAN, at aaid dock, hy proving the aame and iiaying rbuigea. Ana if no pvrann nppenra in n rensnnable time, they will be so!d as the low directs. Newark, Dec. 29, 1817. roh 1 tw GEO. G LIB'S MUMC RIROOL, MO. til WAI.I. - BTnEFT, IS t,hlihed on Ins new and easy syi - t. - m of teatliiner oinixisil on timro' buss, preludiiiE the art nf fingering the piano foiteand sin'ing, vc. l erma JU dollars per quarter, hail lu ad vanre. From 4 to 7, Saturdays, P. M. the arn.lemy will he oiien, for the triendt ol srimce and the amateurs of music to call and inspect the establishment, and tnry are requested to bring nith them the first European works on munc, to ena hie them accural! ly to appreciate the mcrita of this new improved system of teaching, by tun n 7 t. iir.ii. w AVI'ED a situation in a school or pri vate family, a female of respectnbili tv, who hat been accustomed to tench writing, arithmetic, scnsrai'hy, tic. Any lady in want oi uch a peron, will find the advertiser worthy of notice, having been in the nhnve capacity in r.n(;iunn, nnn can prouure saiL'iaciory reieren - cea r ir particulars enquire oi the prin ter of (hit paper. Ieb2l ton "vl - .', 'IM1E CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 138 Ful - L ton - itreet, near limadway, ronsialing nf an extensive and choice collection ol historv, tra - rela, voyages, biography, ronunces, novels, tales, plnys, reviews, mazarines, .Vc. UataHiftues may he examined at the liurary, which is open for subscribers, as usual. mh 4 tr MltAlN'S UCH til I'M KM T. '1MIE J. it i HE long and aucceaslul use of thia ointment a aumeient rccommendntion, as it has oeen found to he a pleasant, safe ami certain re medy tor that disagreeaoie disease in nl it sta 5es. It is tor tale in the city of New - York, by . A. at. Y. R. I'ost, No 41 William - street; I. T Clark, No. bS Maiden - Ine ; H. H Schiem lin H Co. No. 193 t earl street Law rence c Keee, No. 105 t'earl - atreet : Hall A Howne, 146 Pearl - street ; R. & L. Murray, 313 i'earl - street j J. M. Rradhurst, 314 I'earl - street John I'enford, No. 4 Fh ti her - atrect ; Duryee . Foe. in Penrl - atreet: Jhn C Morriaoii. 188 Greenwich trret: John P. Fisher. K'6 Broad wav : Walter Ji Seaman, rorntr of Chnmber - st. nod Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; ami in abort ifmay he procured at mot of the Drug More in this city Also in rmiadeiphia, oi a Withered ft Sont ; George Hariell , North & Ro gen, and almost all the druggist in the principal towns in the United Staet. WI1EATO.VS VaUNDICE BITTERS may he had at the above places. jan 22 6m EDUCATION. MRS. DAWSON lately mm tlie Eastern Continent r sprrtiufly inform the puhlic. Il. i, .1.. I I U I. I t 'I . v - . . . . ' ... .... . .. , where young Ladies will be rarrfnlty in - b herv!fhand daughtira, in writing, V,,,n'''. drawing, historv, geograiv. use ol i"" - " - , nnu ncedli Ha tnr l tn nil uitsiiliA - l Ml. I) rVAWraj Int.... A HUdHl. . k a.l.M m .rvsri r si ica a iiri aiiaiiciii . - " ""Hi inr a yYi ii iim sarin w lieatly lacihtates the imprnvemeiit o youth wih esse and pleasure to themseUes, and save an in - tZ .,'..irrr,,0 ,heir ,ime employed in tei1 - rrata,,Pllli ,B wi, Je ,L to N H w R,ad"?"d PrimunJiatinn. ner;vBMt",a.l,ra"'a Xl te"' R0 - ,KI"V; - An"d'r'"i'' pe"nlle - Apply at thu frfice. mh S lw - ... . V NOTICE. - ' ifcH The obtc ribera bavin; received gene - 1 TaTiuiigniuent of all the estate of Jdhn Murray ft Sons, lor Xhe neneOt ol creditors as ei resreo in tbe atsignmeat, have authorised I'eter Lud low to liquidate tlie unsettled accounts end to receive payment ol all OeDtt due 14 the aavo nrm, or to tbe individual partners who will attend to tbe tame at bit effice, No. Ill Tearl - street. - WILLIAM UAYARD, leh4 If HBNRY iiARCLAY. rpHE MILFOR1) ti OWEGO ROAD LOT - X . TEIIY, for lacililating the intercourse between the western parts ol the State of New - York and the City of New - York, through tbe State of I'ennaylvania ao l New - Jersey. SCHEME. 1 t - rue of 70,000 DOLLARS 1 - 35,0tK) DOLLARS 1U.0H0 DOLLARS S 5,000 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 600 DO..LAR9 140 100 DOLl.AKS ' 3200 30 DOLLARS 3386 Trirnt not two Blanks to a Prize 10.000 Tickett I'art ot the 1'iizes wi U be determined as follows First 1000 Blanks, Thirty Dollars each. First drawn No. 1st day, wdi be entitled to ' do Sd do ' do 3d do ' lomi do 4tb do 6011 do lh do 60H0 do 6th do aid do n 7th do ' lOOCO do 8th lo MHi do 9th do 10IK) do ' 10th do - S"0 do llth do 3iOcO do 12th do fiOO do Uth do 1000 do ' 14th do 600 do 1.0th do 70H0O do 16th do 60 do 17th do 1110 do' lllth do 500 do 19th do lObO do 501 h do 600 This Lottery will commence drawing at the city of Jersey, on the hist Tuesday in May next, and will be :ompl ted in twenty drawings. . The mixes will be paid at the Union Hank, in the ri ty of New York, sixty day niter (hi: drawing will be Cnishtd, subject to a deduction of Ii er cent. CHAS KINSEY,) I) STUART, Commiiiioners JNO. LINN. j Tickets 30 dollars each. Adventurer! and Dealers enn be (implied on application tn ISAAC G. OGIEN, JanSOeodtf 411 WalMrei t K. SMITH DAVIE Late conductor o' the business of Mr. Natha niel Smith. OFFERS (or tale at bis Manufactory, Io. Urj lirondway, as general ned extensive an assortment ol perfumery aod fancy ariirletaa may he found in this city. Among which are Vegetable transparent jliaving liquid, which makes a creamy lather and aolten the Im ard Oil antique lor curling, fclossins, strength ning, nnd pi r'iiming the hair, and preventing it Horn turni! g grey Fine cosmetic old cream, for removing scurf, Dullness, all manner ol einptiona, and chaps irom the skin. Carbonic or charroM dentifrice, rhrmically irt pnred Inr preserving Hie teeth and gains V egetanie rouge, lot giving a natural colour io the complexion i'eail cosmetic, or lace powder, lor whitening the kin Highly imrroved rhrmiral cosmetic wnsbhall br (nflniig, preserving, and beautifying the aki.i. nnd iircvenlins itliom chapping SupeiGne rose, violet, and plain hair powder wunanted to be - pure aod free irorn adultera tion Almond paste, for washing the akin Almond powder, lor the tame purpose Chemical riintifrice tooth fowder, warranted Balsamic lin salve ot rosea, forgiving a beau tiful coral red to the lipsf - ruring roughneaa and chaps, and tearing them amfloth and comforta ble Celebrated Albion corn plaater, to well known to ta? an efficacious remedy for corn Highly improved chemical milk of rosea, for preserving ibe skin, clearing it from tear:, redness, sunburn, and chaps, and lor the use of gen tlcmrn after shaving Highly improved awcet scented nam ana ton poniatumt Pommnde de grnsae, for ttrengthrnirg and prompting the growth of the hair, and prevent ing it from coming out Chemical abiteigtnt lotion, for tbe teeth and g u mt AmmnTic worn paste, lor wniierung ana prc - aerving the teeth nnd gunit 1 1 ' . - . . I I ! . .1 MM n I. . runiiefi Alpine sum log issti, iiiiiih a i.ur - mical principle t and ii ao well known to be au - l - erinr 16 most other aoapa for tolliimg the beard and promoting the ojraiion of ahaving lli.niy improveo vioiei snaving imworr, won n is pi.rlicula.rly adapted to thr use of Travellers, being very portable, and in all respects aotxiel - lenl nrticfe for shaving 0 - i - Pleaae be oarticular and observe, that all the foregoing articlea of N. SMITH DA VIES manufacture, will have hia name upon tlittu in copper plate or type. Magnum honum, ne plus uura, rennea aieei, concave, and a variety of common raror, in cases nnd single; bnlannia metal and glass sha ving boxes nf various sires, auilahie lor shaving c. - iees ; shaving nnxea, wun glass, ornsn ana soap , do with glasa, hrush, oap nnd hair brush, and a variety of common shaving boxes ; raxor atrnpa i.l various kinns, sues, ruin qunuiy ;aome very small and line suitable for ahaving caaet ; ladies' japanned dressing cnss, luriiished or unfurnished t gentlemen's morocco and mahogany dressing cases, furnished in a superior Style; ladies and'gentlemen can have the drawers of por table desks and toilette glasses uurti up lor cresting, in a tuperiorityle ; a handsome assortment of ladies work boxes ; needle case completely furnished with oeedleaol the btat quHltty ; a variety of pocket - booka ; thread cases ; gilt, pitted and silk runes : ivory fine combs of all sixes, some extra superfine ; box wood tine comb ; tortoiw shell, ivory, nnd horn pocket combs :du - rahleink .salt nl lemons; t - wigue acrapera, tooth pii ka : tooth pick rases and tweezers ; patent pe netrating hnir brushes t by the slightest application, tlH - y penetrate to the root ol Uie tmrkeal hair, cleansing from it all prespirnhle matter a - rising from esre - s or exercise, giving to tlie head and hair a sentibility of pleaautnsa not to he eiiecien ir m tne - cnmmnn aura oi nair oian es : hair brushes : clothie hnishea t tooth brah ea ; ahaving brushes, with or without cnaea : nail brushes ; comb hrushra ; hat bruhes, whisker brush, with glass ; plate brushes awl flesh hrush ea. '1 hear are staple articles, of whk h there it an assortment on hand, equal, if not superior, to any in the united sta'es ; a very rlegaui asson ment of pen and pocket knives ; line and common acissor and scissor raata; truit knivtt a variety of line fancy boxet and stu ff hoxet hnir pins ; bodkins and black pins : pencil raes and hlac R lead 4n MS ; line awan and aiiR pun powder hoses ami powder knives ; a variety handsome cut chi'a ni mature iKit'hs, lor i ham nei klaces, 4r. with silver and gold raps ; sme ling liottlsa, with volatile taltt ; aromatic spirit ot vinegar. ftJ Large d ductions made to rcunlry store keepers, who will find it much tothiir advantage toke u an amui nt rf theartirhtofN - Smith Davi" mnnnf - icture, n they are pnt up in Uip best ttyle, and made to suit any climate. iVier chants will be supplied wholesale fur cip'.rta lion. tan TO FARMER?. T HE atjhscribercan furnish tlie farmer of. the adiacent country with ground Plaster of Pari in aov quantity, on the shortest notice, in baiTtla'orotherwlae. v ' JOHN BYER3, Feb S3 If foot of Uarregs - tC N, R. NKKtHfteB ami r AS BAICCA atAILITAOK THRtE TIM El A WEEK. " I ftewonrgB eve - Li rv Bandar. Ttveaday, aiii fand Thursday mornings, at 9 three o'clock, rona through Montgomery, Bloomingliuign, rvioniiceiio, i - y White Lake, Cohecton Mount .lleasant, tireal Bend, Chenango P int, Owega, lUiica, and Ge - n. tnCananddizua. lfeturning - leai e Canandaiua every Mon day. Wednetrtay and Friday mommg at wiree o'clock, and arrivet at Newburgh, the third day in time to take the - Steam - boata. which arrive in New - Yoikthe following morning. q - j It may bttxfttlri tfial Ml ail ttmtivhen thr Worn bli alter thrir deyt of running, that Ihu l,nt mil alter ta at It meet them The whole route will be perfbmed in three davt. from the firtt of May, until the first of November and from the tint of November until the fifteenth of December, and from tlie fifteenth of March tin - il the first of May, in Cur divs and from tbe 15th 11 cember, tin til the fifteenth of March the tame line will be continued to the eitv - of New - York arid run fiom thence to Canandaigun in four day. Passenger travelling from New - York" to fTan&ndaiinia. Niagara or HiiH.ilo, can lea' e e York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigiia inlh re day adittano - of three hundred mil a. The line is well furnished with gxt. new carriugea ; good horiee, and careful and experienced driver F.very atten tioti will be paid to render the passage of ihe traveller safe, easy aru.1 expeditious ana n i believed that the accommodations on this line are eoual tnanv line in the state. fjf FAItE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEE.N DUIXAKS N. II. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. AUo, a line runt from Owcgo Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and Painied Pott, to Bath, BAGGAGE, as usual, at the rik of the owm rs. David Godfrey. Bloomingburgh,") E. C. St. John, Mount Pleasant, j L. ti R. Manning, t heimugo, IProprie Luther Gere, Ithica, . tort. - Samuel GreenhlT, Geneva, I Oliver Phelps, Lansing, J mh 14 ddn NOR 111 KlVLK biEA.1 bUA I b. 'I he public is relect fullvinfonned that the Para goo will leave New - York, - viiii .nonnaj iieai, uic iuio Miirih, a' 9 r.'tl'H k, A M nihil TO COMMENCE ON MO.NDAY NEXT. s team - boat A Olive - branch, for I'hila wLm, ..ii Jf tx debihia, via HnnmvirU ? r?. a., miles by land. Price tluuuifh 1 60. Fore - castle or deck iiasfcngers, 93 60. The OI.IV E - UIIANCH will leave New - York e ery day at 1 1 o'cloi k, from the north side of the battery, and tn return from Brunswick so at to arrive at 10 the next morniig, in this city This hoe has a connection with the beat boats n the Delaware and Chernpeake Io Norfolk ; as a l - o those of the North River and Sound ; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. J his is a speedy and certainly the moat con venient rout, aa the passengers sleep at I renton or Brunswick, and arrive at a much leaa expense and in the hours of business at New - York or 'hibvlelphia without fatigue in travelling or thr want of sleep, as the distance hy land is t m - .ill whereas via the I oiot and I'owles liouk it is 56 and C6 miles. Fore - castle paMenrrcrs, (who diet with the peo pie,) to Brumwirk, er Amboy, at $1 each. Light Ireight and marketing, tree. New York, March 12, 1818. mh 12 .I'HIMJ cTlit.t T .yuTICf . TW"0T1CF. it hereby given to all persona in J.1 tcrested, that the Comm asioners of Estimate and Assessment, appointed by the 8m preme Court of Jndi ature of the state of New. York, to pcrfl.rm certain duties relative to the enlarging of Spring - atreet, between 1 hompton - atreet and Wooster - strect, in the eight ward of the said city, have coir pleted their estimate and assessment, a well ot the loss and damage sustained over and above the benefit and advantage received by th - owners of the lands and premise required for the said enlarging and inipiovmg Spring - street as aforesaid, as also of the benefit and advantage received by the owners and panics interested of and in cer tain lands and premises not required for taid improvement And that we tbe s:id Cutnmit - sionerx have deposited a true copy of such es timate and i.ssessineiit in the Clerks office of the city of New - York for tlie inspection of whom - oever it may concern and nonce is hereby further given, that the report of esti mate and assessment will be presented to the Supreme Court of Judicature, of the state of N ew - York, at the t ity - llall of the citv of New - York, on Monday the fourth duy of Mav next, at the opening of the laid Court on that day, or at soon thereafter as counsel can be heard thereon. Dated New - York, March 3. 1818. PETER HA WES, J PETER STAGG, Commissioners JOHN TARUEE. roh 4 14t 10 I HE PUBLIC. 'ME subscribers are ready to contract to fur - L nish almost any quantity of Marble, from their auarrv at Kinrahridne. The marble ia si milar in colour and aupermr in quality to that of whicn tne front ol tne City Mall ia conairucieu It can he eot nut to almost anv size and dimen tions, tuitahle for every part of building, and would he delivered in the rough, or prepare a lor the building, according to order, at a moderate rate and at a short notice. - All orders may he lodged nt I. & C. BOLTON'S dure. No. 58 bmadway. oral Air. Ull' lUt - KW'f No. 4 White - street, or at Uie quarry, with Mr GEORGE W. HALL. mh If Stawiiu IW.UtlJlAU k LVDGJAO. AGENTLEMAN and hia wife, and two or three gentlemen, can be accommodated with board and lodging in a very convenient and pleasant situation, but a short distance from the City - Hall. They may be auited with two or three rooms nn the second floor and two on the third. Application to be made at thia office. mh 13 41 .VFJF DKESSI.YG ROOM. FRtlME.Tt), No. I Wall - street, hist re il .. tnrned (mm I'aly, has the honour to iniorm the ccntk - mi n, that be cot and clrraes hair in the late style, and in n tnai nrr ti aa to adopt it to the phisinsnnniy. He has for salt aquanti - ty of R.Attt1 of the first qnalty, if they da not pleaae rn trial, the purchaser aie at lila - rfy tn retkna them, and receive tbemi - ney. ' lie has hkeal'e procured aterv fine hone, and eng'. tn itslore rarirs to a very ki t n edge and shotiMl they not cut he will receive no rccomiH - aee. Those genllemeai who may pit tan to honor biia with their patronage, imy i'pend on the most particular ana respecuui nur - idnnce. N. B. Grntlrmii whotuhscribe Ly the qnar ter will have their razors, 4c. ktpt exclu - ively for tnerotelre. P. S. A good Jonroeymaa wanted. Apply at toove. ton u rOST COACH LINE ro f HI.LADELPHIA - , ar wAt vf rowLM - noosi , f IMPORTANT TO FASIKftGEBI. , Noroeaection with the pott chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Post Coachtt withe very convenience for passengers nnd baggage, on Springs TH ROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from tlie Coarh of fice, old No. 1 Courtland - street, N. York, every morning, Sunday a excepted, at l - 2paat 6oVlock, by way of Newark. New - Brunswick, Prince - Ion, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Pbiladel nhia the same evening. ' The Steam hoat Lint INDUSTRY, will start from New - York every morning (Sundays excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalanta, from Ihe north side of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia nrxf dav to dine United State Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for paasenger and baggage, on spring. Thn V. S. mail roach will itart from the coach office, old No. 1 Courtlandl - ttreet, New York, every day at t o lock, P. M. nnd arrive nt Philadelphia next m' - rcing at C o'clock. Ouly 6 passengers admitted. For seata inthc above named Lins, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Ccach, Stage and Steam Boat other, at the old No. I Courtlandt - stieet, the second office from Broadway, New - York to ISAAC HKUV Pi, io. I VVashiogton - strei t ; or to A. T. GOODRICH Si CO. No 134 Broadway, coruor of Cedar atreet, New - York. frt - Allrood and bgge nt tlie' risk of the owner. JOSEPH L V ON. SON'S U CO. N. B Eiprescea tint to any ptirt of the Coo - (inant,ty. THO.dAa WHITFIELD. Jan 24 . east cilAtsL LIN t.. YOH. PHILADELPHIA. The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Pa'aengers and their baggage (through in orie day) will leave the roat l Mtise una e, I lauroacj - way, oppoaiti the City Hotel every day (Sunday excepted) nt half past C o'clock io the morn inz. hy way ol Newark, and arrive the tame day at Philadelphia. The MAIL PILOT, in opposition to tlie Mail Coach, with suierior accommodations for Passengers and their hnggnge, will lenve the tame place every day (Sunday rxieptcd) at half past I o'clock P.M. will proceed lore theMail,and not subject to the inconvenience of stopping at tiie numerous Post Offices on Ihe rond, but every accommodation provided for the traveller, am1 arrive some hour before tlie Mail at Philadelphia. Fart 7 dollar: fjr All goods and baggage at tlie ritque of the owner. JOHN N.CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK Si SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON k HOWELL, Philadelphia. A". B. Krprntri tent to any fart of the I'mled Slntrt, In, L. BAKER CO. ' Feb ?4 U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A GUARD. Qr - Tlie public are assured that this line ii equal to any in the U. 8. for the convenience aod omlort of the traveller. With the addition ol the guard, the passenger may nrt aeciire as to hia haggage ami pi rsonui aareiy me coarn never being h ft w hilst changing at the post offices. without a person on tlie box. . Tbe way rfi'ail la put in separate bag and changed in the European style. The U S. Miil Coach will start from the coach office, old No. i Conrtaml - tt.eet, New - York every day at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock : only ti passenger admitted ia tbit coach. For seats apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old Concb and Stage Oflkt, old No I, second oflke from Broadway in Courtlandt - itreet, or tn A. T. GOODRICH ti Co. No. 124 Broadway. corner ofCedar - etreet, New - York. ' N. B. All goods and biggaee at the nik ot the owners. J. LYON & SONS, Fowle Hook. WILLIAM GULICK H CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Expresaea sent to any part oi the Continent by jan20 THOS. WHITFIELD. SOUND bl'EAM BOAT LINE. r I 'HE line will commence J on Mondav. the !ltli inat. when the Connecticut, JtCapt - Bunker, will leave New - lurk ir New - Havenat 8 o'clock, A. f. The Fulton, Capt. Law, will leave New - London for New - Haven at the aame hour; both boats will leave ew - tiaven at I o'ciock r. M. on Monday I he I ulton, Captain Law, for New London, and the Connecticut, Captain Bunker. lor New York. They will continue to ran during the aeaton, every Monday, Wedneaday and r ini.iv. ftr - Notice will be given when the Fulton Ti : r IV - l will commence miming mm tat as isorwicn. mh 4 Yt.i M IIOUh.t - .il, No. 0i vyater - st Y T corner of Fulton - ai reel. New - York, hav ing received a large aupply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day ti Martin, 37 Ibeh Hoi born, London, offers th same, in wholesale or retail, tor exportation, or home consompbon, on terms the most liberal aod advantageous to pur chasers, Thia inestimable composition, with half tbe u - soal labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fully equal to the highest japan varoi - Ji; afford peculiar nourishment to the leather ; it will not aoil the finest linen ; it perfectly free from any unpleasant smell ; and will retain its' virtues in anv climate. As an incontrovertiMe proof or the superior excellence of this blacking, it has stood the teat and commanded the most extensive sale in all quarters of the globe, for npwarJc of half a crn turf. reblfj. NEW MUSIC. IUST published I'T WM. DUBOIS, at his I piano forte aod mussc store, No. 126 Broad, ifraham'see'ehreled Tolacca, arranged ( Rondo, hv Ftcibelt Favorite Venetian Air, arranged at a rondo. hy i.ttour - Paddy OTarrnll. - wjth variations for tbe pian forte, by P.K. Moran. " PONGS. . . - fit ti softly s'rep my Haliy Hoy . ..; y f Thai l.aat Tuji n, or remember nse. ' ! Also, all Mr. Thilipji' Songy to in? bad r - V hove. ; . ,r . - i fr hTsV AllMAII'UKS IN A K.W,ri t YLIU it 111 H. vr.RVR, reo.MLoxDo. atliaotl lil - wanls. .pvci.aHna may - at On I oarine Coff e Houe. the Cily fiolet, and at f ipeio ing Moea, I bit Broadway, exc Uy vjipmiiv j otm attl - tvreeu mr. u W A atlKSnalll etfrtje na how to ifttttflf ,i , . v i rtw atimji that difer, DOCTOR HORNK. foraet; of Use eity of 1 - odor, aji auoaoeroi uie faculty of phyn. and surgery Uiere, deem it hia defy to repeat omeonseevatioi) o. the abuse of MERCURY. J rash, indiscriminate, and uaouai;. lied use thereof; bat been productive of infinite mischief, it sands are annaaliy tnercnrialized out of exirt eme. Thediteaae we have in view owe its fJ lul result chiefly to thi source. " What a niw that young man, (be hope of hi country. the dulling ol his parents, ahould be in itched a way Irom a'l the proafiecU and enjoyment of lii by the conaequence of one aog - jaxded mo merit and by a disease not in it own nature fatal and which only prove o from neglect or imn'roo, treatment." . A gentlemar,. (late Dr. H't ba ticnt) now perfectly heary and well, had oe under physmana of geneij practice, an vears and repeatedly aalivaWd; wlien recomaaenOed u Dr. IL (by a gontteman of tliia city) hi bonea were carious, and hi flesh dropping Iron tieni bis friend declared he con Id not possibly t wo month longer. Thousand's erperimentallv know with what eate and iwety Dr. H. eradi cate the aeverett cases, nnd confirms tbe conati tutinn. The Doctor' plan (advertising) j, ccssary to guard the public against Uie abuse f mercury, and other fatal delusion, hebJ forth Persons, therefore, having contracted a riti. vate disorder, or euspectuig Inteut poison, ara admonished not to tamper with their cooatita. ticn, cr conceal the disorder, till past recovery ; otherahaving tbe remains of an old cast or other impuritMt of the blood, a well aa oUi - er complaint or delicate nature, in either tcs. should remember poaterity, and do justice to their conaciencea by making 'nnijfcaiio, o Dr. H. at hit old and reapectable eatab - lislimenf, No. 64 Watcr - atrcet, four house vest ofCM - alip, to obtain that prompt aiatance . lone catrufat'd f prevent disclosure. And tier let nie claim your serious attention Remember a supi rlicial cure is no cure at all ; unless Jhebo - sinesi is radically done, you will certainly bar tlie disorder break out again with redouhled ma liET.ity, at tome future period ; perhap then will he too late for' remedy. Don't ynu often meet j( the atreeta roiaerable, mutilated beinga, without even a hit ol noe on their face Take warnimr I beseech ynu. Dr. H't. character for tki!! and stuhhorn intt - sri'y being nnivurially know n in thi city, sir.r il!04,gnnra.i(re to patient that delicacy and se - cre;yhitherto unknown, and having confined hn practice Tor year past, exclusively to tlie curent discaaca of Uie blood syatem, they iiiaytal'eiy calculate on the moat decided advantage in ca suiting Dr. H. Gleets eradicated in tsrf or three week. Stricture removed witnnu' bougie rw any other instrument ; and nil dehihtiet: likewise l old ulcerations, fistula' Jo . A plurality of office ere prodded, nnd to n't, uted that patient are not exiosed to each other' obfervation. Open till halt past 9 in the evening. All peiaons concerned are invited to be free ia ailing, ami speaking w ith Dr.H. which it lrr oleoat. A ud here the Doctor cannot avoid the expression of gratitude for innumerable recommendation!, and for the decided preference (it it presumed with lust canst ) long tivtft him hv judicious public. i. n. au it iiersmosi ne poai paia. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 97 tv ' a. mit.n (ywcA t.ii t A un iJaftjal - II'1' JL.nic EVAN?' superior tain Dispaio, iauowuniver - taily acknowledged in thia city ; his mode of treatment If perfectly mild, tare, ex - ireuiuucs. ann nit cnargea reasonable. In every uv stance lie warrants a cure, and will return the pay if U doe not perform agreeable tocoh'ract. liHluiiirnnwnr always OOaerVetl. lliere are many persona in thia city and its vicinity, lahoring under various chronic discaeea, such aa cancers, old inveterate ulcer, tcrolola or kings evil, hat u las. diaeaaea pf the rertira, bladder and kidniet, old compNcatedi complaint nf a certain nature, biiioat and other ohttrao tiont, rheuinatitmTiC which lliey consider lnca - ratile, Uiey cen cenaiuiy ne carea iin general by applyintratDr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 9, leck - alip, having practised in exU&aive hospitals in Europe IX years, under aome of the first Surgeons and thysiciaoa in tbe world, anal made thoae onuinaie aiseaw ni constant study for SO vears. Ort H ' pilK public ia respect - L fully informed that the ELEPHANT now exhibiting at No. J9S Broadway, will positive ly be removed on or a - 'out the 1st April nexC Those that wish to grati - viewint tint wonderful their cnnoalty. worka of nature, will do well to embrace (hit op portunity. Admittance 25 centa. mh 3 ti . tVr WHEATON aV DV VIS, Fancy Chair Manufac turers, No. 153 Kulton - atreet, opposite St. Panl Church oner for (ale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maptr, plain painted nnd ornament ed in gold h brnnre, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rock - inn Sewing, and Conversation Chairs. Sofas. Settee, Loungers, Music stool, Kc. Order from any part of thecontinent executed ' with neutnett nnd dispatch. Old Chain repaired, painted nnd ornamented. mh 9 ! rr?" The obscriber having recently retorhid from FnoVand with ao imoortant imoro vemenl 00 the artificial spring LEG, he take tbit method of informing hia friends and - the public, that all those who are so unfortunate at to be in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Lirday - ttreet, New - York. - Jan 5? WM. run!:.' LEE'S 1TCU OAT.ViJVT, '. WARRANTED an infalUble remedy aiw" application, may be used with P safety on infants a week old, not cootsm - Bg particle ol mercurr.or any dangeront mgredieni whatever, nnd not accompanied wim , V , sive smell which attends tbe application of tT rcmedie. . .4., . ' iVs.a The aneve m'J'ir inea are prepared na . LEE'S Medicina" Store, Nov4 MaaJeaa - aw, and sold by S. CARLE, cornel of Fultoal oo Water - street., - T : ' .. ; Dnigtistt and country store,keepen PTU on liberal terms. , - . ' . ' J PRIVATE LODGINGS. A tingle gn man cenbe ecommoUted.w Tf Z, two rooms, after thje first of May netU t! without hoardhle momsi ftnnhfdr acnteel and mM . family, Uie house w and' pleasant. ul in a healthy pert of. the ciij. about v.,liwie walk faw W"1, Fjif u'rihsT niVrmatiDn;4n$uir f?, - t - iS PRINTED' JUm rWL!SUED ,i - . - (. . ; .' - nr v - : ' . . S XIQUA KUilXUAM c - . M,J7r ('Ki.iTatlt, f ! i - . i - sr L

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