Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 6, 1934 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1934
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 6 1934' Mason City's Calendar HOBBY SHOW GAINS IN QUALITY OF EXHIBITS April 4, S, 6 and 7--Boys' annual hobby show at Y, M. C. A.., sponsored by Kiwanls club and boys' department of the Y. M. C. A. April 7--Monthly meeting of UCT and auxiliary at the P. G. and E. auditorium including 6:30 o'clock supper. April 9--Hamilton college semiannual graduation and banquet April 10--Lutheran men's rally at Y. M. C. A. April 11--Northern district Rebekah convention. Here in Mason City Dr. Boy F. DeSart, Osteopath, Foot Specialist I. 0. F. Bldg. Psychic Header. Here for short time. Boom 243, Cerro Gordo. C. J. Fox, manager of Hie Surf ballroom, Clear Lake, announces that a special late car will be run from the lake on the Mason City and Clear Lake railway company to accommodate Mason City persons after the Saturday night dance. Notice to Snrf Ballroom patrons. A special streetcar will leave the Surt after the dance Sat. night Coal--Blue Jay. Fnrnace Lump- Clean coal, J7.50 a ton. Wagner Coal Co., Phone 986. Lime for your garden and lawn in 10-lb. and 50-lb. packages at Mason City Builders Supply Co., Phone 855. Surf Ballroom special streetcar leaving after the dance Sat. night. The Mari-Pos» Beauty Parlor assures you work of the highest quality. Specializing in the better methods of permanent waving. Ph. 3183 Scientific hand reading. Lessons in same by Iva Willcy. 414 First " St. S. E., Phone 1695-W. At the Hospitals Thomas William, Manly, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Thursday for treatment. John Lenhart, 603 Carolina avenue southeast, was admitted to the Park hospital Thursday for treatment Mrs. David Meade, 623 Jackson avenue northwest, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Thursday for treatment Mrs. Ross Gourley, Convith, was admitted to the Park hospital Thursday for treatment. WUlltm Hesson, Mason City, was dismissed from the Mercy hos- -~pitaT Thursday following a minor ° P George' Smith, 512 Carolina avenue southeast, was admitted to the Park hospital Thursday for treat- s. William Watson, 421 Fourth street southwest, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Thursday following a major operation Nellie Lou Sherwood, 712 Jefferson avenue northwest, was dismissed from the Park hospital Thursday following a minor operation. Cecil Leitzinger, Garner,, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Thursday for a major operation. B. W. Albright, Eldora, was dismissed from the Park hospital Thursday following treatment for injuries received in an auto accident Wednesday evening. George H. Schmidt, Y. M. C. A., was dismissed from the Park hospital Thursday following treatment. Mrs. Jane Merritt, 512 North Federal avenue, was dismissed from the Park hospital Thursday following treatment for injuries receivec when struck by a car March 3. By attaining a height of 13,779% feet at Rio de Janiero, M. Dittman recently made .a new gliding record. Fair, cooler in south central portions Friday night; Saturday, fair, slightly warmer. , GOLDEN ROD SPLINT. $10 VERY LOW ASH .W.G. BLOCK CO. PHONE 56S Relief No jnste torturel Walk, tit and slKp In ram tort, Gdta the jtoo! wUhont dreid. For Palo Ointment absolutely puts an end to Pile snff tnlof allfonn»-B)ind, Itching, Bleeding and Protruding! F«ro dow Jhe tnree things nertsiary (1) It soothts-re llercs Uie soreness and In flatnmatton. (!) It he«Is- repairs the torn tlsrce. (S) It absorbs-drfra np the creess mncos and reduces the swollen blood vessels which tra Pflra. Th« method ol application mates Fato doubly effective. Special File Pipe attached to tube permits application ni£h irp in rectum so all parts are thorooShlir medicated. Get Paio today and realize the telief In store tor you! Pd/oretal POePipf forepplfiaf Cmtalj 5 South Federal--Mason City MANY VISIT Y, M, 0 SEE DISPLAYS MADE BY YOUTHS irand Awards on Entries to Be Announced Saturday Night at Program. Witt more than 700 entries by 30 boys, the annual hobby show at he Y. M. C. A. was declared by the dges to be on a considerably high- r level of attainment this year than previous years. This was chief/ a result of the fact that the sys- ;m of awards has been changed iis year, providing special empha- s for hobbies of constructive alue. The show was opened 1 Friday to the public, several hundred view- ng the wide range of exhibits, cov- ring all phases of Interest to boys, riday evening, all day Saturday id Saturday evening the show will iso be open. Program Saturday Night. On Saturday night the main wards and grand prizes will be an- ounced. A concert will be given by the American Legion junior drum id bugle corps. Dr. W. E. Long, resident of the Klwanis club, which sponsoring the show jointly with le boys' department of the Y. M. A. boys' department will pre- de, Roger Patton, chairman of the Kiwanis boys' work committee; E. S. age, chairman of the Klwanis hob- y show committee, and E. H. Wager, chairman of the Y. M. C. A. xys' work committee, will have arts on the program. The program rill start at 7:30 o'clock. At 7 an ducational moving picture will be hown. Admission to the hobby show s free. Arrange Special Booths. Special exhibits have been ar- anged by boys whom the judges esignated as having groups of su- erior hobbies. These boys, who lace their hobbies in individual dis- lay are Melvin Decker, Lloyd Wilon, Bob Brisbine, Ralph Thomas, im Pauley, Merritt Milligan, Robrt Parish, Armin Kohler, Paul Sater and Clark Gage. Much Interest is being shown in ie special displays. These include lat of the fish and game depart- ent, with live and mounted birds, elts, and the showing of colored ides and outdoor life movies. oodworiung Is being demonstrated n machine's by three boys. Photog- aphy, reading interests and flow- js are .also in the special exhibits. Mason City Is Selected for Iowa Premiere of "As the Earth Turns,"First Film Effort to Defy Barnum's Boast and Eliminate All Bunk ANNIVERSARY OF BANK OBSERVED Northwest pavings Shows Large Gains on Fifth Birthday. The Northwest Savings bank ob- erved its fifth anniversary Friday. The institution was opened April / 1929, and since then has been nderf olngr continual growth. The ast year deposits have doubled, ringing the total, assets to 51,429,77.58, according to the statement f condition as of April 4. As this statement shows the Bank has a, total cash and bond reserve f $878,616.73, the remainder of the .ssets being in loans and discounts, orn loans and commercial paper. Deposits total $1,259,473.64. The officers of the bank are E. H. iVagner, chairman of the board; C. X Wilkinson, president; Jay E. Decker, vice president; C. S. Thompson, cashier; I. C. Jensen, .assistant cashier, and H. C. Overbeck, manager of the Sheffield office. MUCH INTEREST IN HOME SHOW improvements in Building, Furnishing Especially Impressive. Attendance at the second annual juilding and home furnishing show m the high school gymnasium has indicated the wide interest among local residents in -building new homes and furnishing them with the latest equipment available. The show Thursday night and Friday afternoon was comfortably packed with Friday evening set as the fina time the show is open. As one walks past the various booths, the improvements that have been made in construction of home, and in furnishing them with mod em and comfortable convenience, are particularly impressive. Be cause of the many firms represent ed, there are many interests cover ed, including everything in which the home owner is interested. Refrigeration, heating, and fur niture are seen for equipping th home, woodworking finish, paint ing and decorating for the interior different types and materials fo construction, means for finishin and preserving the exterior o homes and shrubs, flowers an landscaping--all of these and re lated subjects are either show graphically in the booths or ex plained by those in charge. Picture Is Coming to Cecil Theater April 14. · By E. A. N. Barnum may have said the public likes to be humbugged. If Barnum was right then "As the Earth Turns," picture coming to the Cecil theater for four .days starting Saturday, April 14, won't go over. But Warner Brothers, pioneer in producing this, the first bunkless picture; the Blank theater interests, ind Tom Arthur, manager of the Mason City theaters, are confident Barnum's proud boast, if it ever was true, no longer holds. Has No Bonk. 'As the Earth Turns" is a picture with no bunk, the first of its kind in cinema history and produced as an experiment to see how the public would receive it. It ia a faithful reproduction of that great novel of the Maine countryside written by Gladys Hasty Carroll. The book, "As the Earth Turns" is the type of story producers buy for pictures and then proceed change. Sometimes they change them so much the author doesn't recognize his handiwork. How often haven't you gone to see a pictorial production of some favorite book only to find it has been filled with hokurri? The producers' only explanation was that it had to be done to put the picture over. Cutting Out Hokum. But this time they have decided to cut out the hokum and produce the simple story of family life in Maine in the same spirit in which the book was written--with honesty and directness and with not the slightest tinge of the cheap twists^ aud turns that Hollywood describes as hokum. There is no false sentiment, no tawdry straining for effect in this picture. For years we have been waiting or the time when the moving pic- ure industry would advance to the tage when it could put art first and cheap ideas to swell gate re- eipts, second. At last, apparently he hour has come. That is why we re going out of our way to an- ounce this event and to compliment Mr. Arthur on the selection of his theater for the Iowa premiere. Are Human Being). The story concerns the every day fe of farm folks" presented with uch realism that those who see the icture do not feel he is watching ctors strutting across the stage but uman beings that live and breathe, 'hey are not characters lifted out f a book of fiction but people like ou and me who love and struggle and battle for happiness. This is the test picture to determine whether people want bunk or the real thing. We are predicting they will prefer the real thing. As stated Mason City has been hosen as the "virgin spot" of Iowa n which to give the great experiment its initial test. Mason City is o get the Iowa premiere of the pic- ure- which has only been tried in hree- places throughout the whole United States. Shown in Three Places. The world premiere was held at Jallas, Texas. Then it was put on at ^anbury, Conn., to get the slant of he eastern Main streets. Then it ·as taken to Minneapolis, the home own of the author. Mason City is next. In each of hree communities th'e picture went wer with immense success. Produc- TB and Iowa theater operators will lave their eyes turned on Mason 2ity beginning April 14 to see how ve respond to this, the greatest ef- ort toward culture in the movie :ield for years. Why was Mason City chosen as the spot for the first Iowa experiment? Harry Herman, Des Moines, representative of Warner Brothers and Ray Coffin, director of publicity ."or the Blank theaters, in the city his week in connection with the project told the reason. Best "Run of the MM." "We regard Mason City as having the best 'run of the mill' people of any community in Iowa," said Mr.Coffin. "You have all the industrial elements, the foreign born population, the business people and :he farmers. It is a town. That's why we chose it." And Mr. Coffin should know. He is a past president of the Wampas club of Los Angeles, former publicity director for Goldwyn and other producers and also idividual publicity agent for Colleen Moore, Marie Dressier and a score of other movie stars. Every effort will be made to clothe the opening of the picture here April 14 with interesting situ ations. There is every possibility that Miss Carroll, the author, v/il be here for the occasion. She was out of Minneapolis when, an effor was made to reach her last week but indications pointed to the like lihood of her being here. And tha isn't bunk either. About the Performers. Now just a word about the per formers in this picture. It is need leiss to point out that they were se lected and directed with the idea supremely in mind that this was t be a straightforward, simple am natural treatment of the story. Jean Muir has the feminine leai of Jen, the farmer's daughter wh loves the soil that nurtured her Donald Woods, a youth who has at traded considerable attention o MAKING HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES London Newspaper Carried News of Local Bank Robbery News of the Mason City bank robbery appeared in London newspapers on the day following the visit of the bandits, James Hutchins, 540 Fourth street northeast, learned Friday. He received a communication from his sister, Miss Amelia Hutchins, London, inclosing the following item clipped from a March 14 issue of a London newspaper: "Bandits swooped down upon a ! bank in Mason City (Iowa) yesterday and carried off 10,400 pounds in their car, on the running boards of which they lined up several men as human shields to prevent the po- I lice firing upon" them. The bandits ained machine guns from the oorways and fired recklessly into terrified crowd, states Reuter." Jean Mulr and Donald Woods In a triumphant ecstacy of young love coming to the Cecil theater next Saturday in Gladys Hasty Carroll's "As the Earth Turns." Legion Membership Drive Opens With Mayor's Edict Deputy Game Warden Speaks at Armory Meeting. PROCLAMATION Whereas: April 6 marks .the seventeenth" anniversary of the declaration of war by the United States against Imperial Germany and the Central Powers and Whereas: This 'declaration brought under arms the young manhood of America in the greatest military force ever assembled under the stars and stripes, and Whereas: Out of this great mobilization of destructive force was born the American Legion, dedicated to God and country, a great constructive force in the community, state and nation, and . Whereas: Clausen-Worden post No. 101 of Mason City has been an outstanding factor in community service since its organization in 1920 and because of this unselfish activity the business, economic and social life of Mason City has benefited, and Whereas: Clausen-Worden post is inviting all eligible veterans of the World war to join its ranks in the continuation of service and mutual helpfulness. Now 'therefore, I, John J. Burns, Mayor of Mason City, do hereby proclaim and declare the week of April 6 to April 14, 1934, to be American Legion Membership Week in Mason City and urge the participation and interest of the citizens of Mason City in .this campaign. Done this 5th day of April, 1934. JOHN J. BURNS, Mayor. Clausen-Worden post of the American Legion made plans for a cleanup membership campaign and listened to a program including talk by Fred T. Schwob, deputy jame warden, and the junior drum and bugle corps at the army Thursday night. As result of the organization perfected at the meeting and announced by L. R. Whipple, post sec letary. four teams of 10 men each started a week's drive Friday, thi anniversary of the declaration of war with Germany, to clean up tbj membership. Mayor John J. Burns issued a proclamation establishing this as Legion membership week. Each team is headed by a vice commander and past post comman der as follows: First ward, Orvill George and Dr. T. A. Nettleton; sec ond, Clarence Kelroy and W. V Clausen; third, Willard Thrams an H. H. Boyce, and fourth, Frank Ma haffey and Gene Kew. Chosen Vice Commander. Mr. Mahaffey was elected pos rice commander to take the place o Frederick B. Shaffer, who resigne in order to announce his candidac; for the republican nomination fo county attorney. Frank. Maillar was elected sefgeant-at-arms, th position formerly held by Mr Mahaffey, Mr. Schwob observed that where as the fish and game commission ad as its principal function the reservation of game and fish al- eady existent, the commission un- er the new 25 year conservation Ian was primarily interested in reducing more game. 'We don't want to make less hooting and fishing for you sportsmen," he declared. "We want to make more shooting and fishing for ·ou. We believe that it" will be pos- ible to lengthen rather than reduc-3 the open seasons." The new program of conservation, he official explained, is proceeding rom definite information based on .borough and extended research. Need Food and Shelter. "It used to be reasoned that the mere planting of a few birds or fish or animals in a place where they lad previously existed would insure replenishment of the crop," said Mr. Schwob. "We know now that unless 'ood and shelter for all stages the life cycle of the fish or game are available, there can be no success." A survey of the North Iowa pheasant territory, according to Mr. Schwob, has disclosed that at the present time there is only approxi- nately one-third as- many birds as n 1929. The best judgment, he added, is that the pheasant area can support- no more than one bird to the acre. ! 'We have come to realize." he said, "that the Iowa farmer is the ley to the whole conservation pro- jram, so far as game birds and jame animals are concerned. With lis co-operation, we can accomplish our objective; without it, we are doomed to failure." Same as Human Beings, The fundamental demands of fish and game are identical with those of the human, race, it was suggested. These are shelter, food and water. "If there were three homes in Mason City," he pointed out in amplification, "there would be three families. A few might live for a time in tents nearby but eventually they would either build homes or move. Fish and game are the same way." Post members were pleased with the showing made by the junior drummers and buglers, who played several numbers. Refreshments were served by Frank Lee and a corps of caterers. Roy Johnson, post commander, presided at the meet- JOSEPH!!, 85, DIES AT HOME Succumbs Following Stroke of Paralysis; Rites to Be at Burchinal. Joseph B. Conn, 85, died Thursday afternoon at his home on the east edge of Mason City. He suf- :ered a stroke of paralysis Thursday of last week. Mr. Conn was born March 8, 1859, in Butler county. He came to Cerro Gordo county in 1882, settling on a farm near Burchinal, where he made his home until he moved to Mason City last fall. Surviving are his widow, three sons, Clarence, Walter and Howard Conn of Mason City, three sisters Mrs. Mary Patte of Oregon, Mrs Hattie Collins of Bozeman, Mont. Mrs.' Addie Brown of Kimball Minn., and a brother, Joe Conn o: Canby, Minn. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the M E. church at Burchinal. The Rev Mr. Carver of Thornton will offi ciate. Burial will be in Mount Ver noa cemetery at Burchinal. Th! body was taken to the Randall fu neral home. TIRE RETREADING EQUIPMENT HERE nstalled in Master Service Station of Joe Daniels, First Southwest. Tire retreading equipment has een installed at the Joe Daniels :aster Service station, 27-29 First treet southwest, and old tires are eing retreaded by Joe Daniels, manager, who is in complete charge f the new department. There are everal steps in the retreading pro- ess. First, the outer surface of the Id casing is removed by using an iectrically driven buffer. Then the re is placed in a mold, heated by :eam, and the complete new tread s vulcanized to the old tire. The utcr appearance of the retreaded ire is the same as a tire that has ever been used, and according to Ir. Daniels, will give many thou- ands of miles of service.' Joe Daniels has had previous tire etreading experience. For two ears he had entire charge of the oodyear retreading department at he factory, Akron, Ohio, and also nstructed classes in this line of ·ork at the Goodyear factory ranch in Chicago. Mr. Daniels eeps posted on the latest and best ire building and repairing pro- esses by visiting the Goodyear fac- ory at least once a year. Mrs. Ella K. White Dies After Stroke Mrs. Ella K. White, resident o the I. O. 0. F. old peoples' home since December, 1929. died Thurs day night shortly after suffering from a stroke. Funeral services will be held a morning i the home charge of Saturday the Rev. William Gal breth, following which the body wi be sent to Fort Madison, her for mer home, for burial. Mrs. White was born July 26 1856. She is survived by one son Ralph B. White, Galesburg, 111. A shipyard in Aberdeen, Scot land, is to build seven tugs in seve months, its biggest order in years Miss Muir's lover. Others include Dorothy Appleby, David Landau, ,,,,,_,.. Arthur" Hohl, Russell Hardie, Wil- the"sfagc,"'make"s"his picture bow as | liam Janney and Emily Lowry. IT PAYS tQ SOW GOOD SEED WE HAVE THE BEST Vl«l«« NORTHRUP. KING ctove ALFALFA SEE Germination and Purity Guaranteed NORTHWESTERN DISTRIBUTING CO, Inc. 43C SECOND ST. N. E.. MASON CITY, IOWA STATE MEETING OF PHILLIPS OIL COMPANYSTAGED ast Quarter Largest in History of Concern, Salesmen Told. Sixty salesmen, auditors and dis- rict supervisors from all sections f Iowa attended the quarterly ,di- ision meeting of the Phillips Petro- eum company at the Hotel Hanord Friday afternoon. Chief speaker at the gathering vas Fred W. Cordell, Bartlesville, Okla., regional manager of the com-. Dany, who talked on plans for sales xpansion in the coming months, ir. Cordell started with the com- lany in 1928 when the total gallon- ge was less than one of the North owa districts Is at the present ime. A. F. Richter, Des Moines, divi- ion manager, who presided at the meeting, stated the past three months had been the best in the his- ory of the Iowa division and further material gains were being ooked for in the coming months. Other speakers included R. B. Kerr, assistant division manager, in charge of sales, who outlined the ales policies for the season, and f. E. Haver, assistant division manager, in charge of operations, who alked on operating problems. Others from the Des Moines of- ·ice at the meeting were Ben Davenport, L. L. Lemon, Wayne Bishop, H. L. Kellar and R. W. Coan. Entertainment at the Clear Lake Country club was scheduled to fol- ow the afternoon sales session. Reception Is Given Bonds of Land Bank at Omaha, Claim B. R. Dunn, secretary-treasurer if the Mason City national farm can association of Mason City has eceived word from the governor of he Farm Credit Administration William I. Myers, telling him o: he ready reception which farmers and their creditors are giving to he bonds of the Federal Farm Mortgage corporation which, are now being given by the federal lan bank of Omaha in place of cash in settlement of farmers' debts. "These bonds have been selling in the large markets at a little abov ar, indicating a ready market fo .hem," said the communication 'Just a week after toe banks began using bonds instead of cash, the firs bonds to be sojd on the New Yorli market were purchased at 100-% We anticipated these bonds which jear 3 per cent interest per an num. would sell at par or above a he time we set the interest rate 'or government bonds maturing in 1941, bearing the same rate wer selling above par." Mr. Myers pointed out that thes jonds were not only exempt from ocal, state and federal taxation witr the exception of surtaxes. Inherit ance and gift taxes, -but that the are as readily salable as govern ment securities. He said they ar being quoted in the metropolitar papers but if such quotations ar lot available readily to farmer they will be given the quota tions if they will write to the fet eral land bank of their district. FOR YOUR OLD CAR NO WAITING--NO DEJLAI Lapiner Motor Co. Johnson Named Marshal. $,' WESLEY, April 6.--The new jg, council appointed Carl Johnson mar- ?$ shal,' street commissioner and water vy superintendent. Matt Laux was ap- xf jointed weed commissioner and Tred Diekmanu, town clerk. ADAMS DRUG CO. WATCH OTIB SEVEN WINDOWS SATURDAY'S SPECIAL Ex-Lax, 7c; Gly-Cas, 79c; Grove's Sromo Quinine, 21c; Vick's Vapo- Rub, 23c; Vick's Nose Drops, 39c; 6 oz. Stearns' Pine Tar and Honey, 29c; Listerine, 23c, 39c, 59c; Squibb's Mineral Oil, 59c; Parke- Davis Cod Liver Oil, 79c; Phillips' Milk of Magnesia, 21c, 37c; Cigarettes--Lucky Strike, Camel, Chesterfield, Old Gold--14c; Kotex 15c; Modess, 15c. Tremendous Reductions in BUS RATES MASON CITY to ONE WAY St. Paul $ 2.35 Des Moines S 2.20 Kansas City $ 5.25 Ames $ 2.00 Cedar Rapids $ 2.80 Waterloo $ 1-70 Los Angeles $25.20 New York $23.50 Bus Fares to Other Points Are Proportionately as Low. rhone 97 for Information. Jefferson Transportation Company BUS Depot at 16 First Street S. W. Mason City, Iowa -I C-O'A-L .$6.50 ton .$6.50 ton IOWA LUMP . . . (Onttrrille) W. KY. NTJT ..... Above Coals Best in Their Respective Fields. PAY MORE? Wolf Bros. PHONE 1148 B OYS and GIRLS we want 1,000 OLD TIRES Here-is the plan: Bring us an old automobile tire and for it we will give you a ticket good at the matinee performance of any one of Mason City's four theaters. This special offer will continue until Saturday, April 14, and the theater tickets will be good at local theaters up to and Including that date. Boys and girls under 12 years of age may take advantage of this offer. JOE DANIELS MASTER SERVICE STATION Corner First Street S. W. and Washington Avc. II

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