The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 10, 1931 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1931
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

18 MASON CrfY GLOBE-GAZETTiS MARCH 10 1931 35W60* S I Z E S Arctfacmott~ , Check them »e c with iood dependable old. PISO'S ALL SIZES SHAPES REPLACED Eegardless of tlie shape glass required---we cut and grind the replacement piece to fit perfectly. MODERATE PRICES HUGHJ)AVEY*SON 15 S E C O N O S.T S W M A S O N C I T Y Repair Work on Local Postoffice Is Started Workmen are' building a scaffold on the south side of the pos toff ice "building: preliminary to starting work repairing the roof and cornice of the building 1 .. The $3,900 contract for the repairs was let to the M. M. Moen company. A JOYFUL SURPRISE New 48 Hour Treatment For Rheumatism Over The Weekend Goes Fain, Agony and .Swelling or Money Back,' Says Huxtable DrBg Co. LARGE 8 OZ. BOTTLE 85c i They call this the Allenru weekend; treatment for . Rheumatism, Sciatica and. Neuritis because you can go to bed on Friday Night-stay there as much as possible till Monday morning and while there drive the uric acid from your ailing joints and muscles. . B u t during that time you must take Allenru -as directed--for Al- lenru acts with double speed when the body is relaxed and rested. 'You can purchase Allenru .from Huxtable Drug Co. or any progressive druggist' in America--a large 8 bz. bottle, 85 cents--and money, back if It doesn't do as advertised. After the Daily Bath.toith Cnticnra Soap Baby; Loves Cntieiira Talcum Powder, ^ Punfi and delicately, medicated, it EoolKea aAd coola the lender skin and aleo prevents chafing and irritation. So«p ZSc. Ointment 25c. and SOc.' Tilcum 2Sc, Proprietor*: Potter Drug Chemi JUldcn, MM.. Be Sure to See The New WAFFLE - MASTER-- It's Eritirely Automatic I J ONLY DOWN I '"PHIS remarkable new waffle- iron actually :J - makes wattles automatically and witlicut the use o£ grease. . You simply set* a -\evnr, pour in the batter--and forget about it. When the waffle is done, a tiny light tells you about . It That's all there Is to' it No Vvatcliing! No burning! No turning! Just delicious golden brown Tvafties: without trouble or luss. Only $14.50 Complete f You11 Want to See the Hew ShiRle Slice Toastmafiter, Too. Peoples Gas Electric Co. P.G. E. "FOR BETTER APPLIANCES" SANBORN GIVES TAX INFORMATION TO CORPORATIONS Liability for Filing Returns Is, Explained by Local Deputy Collector. Income'tax information-concerning corporations was^ contained in material given out by t,. P. Sanborn, special deputy collector, who has his office In the basement of the school administration -building, 120 East State street. . , Following. is information given out: . . · i ; "Every domestic or resident corp-' oration, joint-stock company, association, or insurance company not specifically 'exempted by Section 103 of the revenue \ act of 1928, whether or not having any net income, must file a return on form 1120 or on Form 1120A if for a fiscal year. · "Domestic corporations within fhe possessions of the TJnited.States I except the Virgin Islands) may report as gross income only gross income from sources within the "United States, provided, Ca) 80 per cent or ..more of the gross income for the three-year period -immediately' preceding tie close of ; the taxable year (or. such part thereof as may* be applicable) was do- rived from sources within a possession of the United States; and (b) 50 per cent or more of the gross income for such period or such part thereof wasderived from the active conduct of a trade or business w|tn- in 'a possession of the United States. . . : "Except in the case of the first return the corporation shall make its return on the basis upon which the return was.made for the taxable year immediately preceding unless, with' the approval of the commissioner, a. change is made, in ttie accounting period. "If -a corporation desires to change its accounting period from fiscal year 'to calendar year, from calendar year to fiscal year, or from one fiscal year to another fiscal year, an application for such c'nange shall be made on Form 1128 and forwarded to the collector prior to' the expiration of 30 days from the close of the proposed taxable year..,* · . . "Where the commissioner approves a change in the accounting period the net incom,e computed on the separate return for a fractional part of a year shall be placed on an annual I bas'is by multiplying the amount thereof by 12 and dividing by the number of months included in the period, and the tax shall be such part of the tax computed on The Home of Dependable Watches HAMILTON ILLINOIS ELGIN GRUEN BULOVA WESTFIELD Nationally advertised prices On convenient credit terms $9.75 up MURRAY Jewelry Co. ; M. B". A. Bldg. Konjola Ends Neuritis Pain. Here is a message of cheer for neuritis suffers. Mrs. "Cnailes Delaware. 516 Eighth avenue* Southeast, Aberdeen, S.O. cays: Six years ago neuritis attacked me and the pain was frightful. I could not ileep and was alraoit helpleu. Kon- jola helped me al once and m a month I was pcadicaHy free t r a m m y ailment; slept well and gamed strength." KonjoU And Get It: Don't Be Switched To A Subitituto. pniola Huxtable Drug Co. 116 South Federal Ave. PRESIDENT- PASSES MID-TERM d Press Photo With a rush of legislation demanding attention as congress adjourned, President Hoover passed the halfway mark of his term in office. Here he Is with' Secretary Adams (left) and Vice. President Curtis, (right) at the capitol to receive official notification that the seventy-first congress, which went into office with him two years ago, had ended. V · such annual basis as the number of months in such period of 12 months. Tinio and Place for Filing. "The .return for the calendar year 1930 must be sent to the collector of internal revenue for the district in which the corporation's principal office is located so as to reach the collector's office on or before March 15, 1931. In the case of a foreign corporation not having any office or .place of business in the United States liie return shall be filed on or before* June .15, 1931,' with the collector of internal revenue, Baltimore, Md.- . , 'The collector of internal revenue may grant a reasonable extension of time for filing a return, If application therefor is made before the date prescribed by law for filing such return, whenever in his judgment good'cause, exists. "The.^return shall be sworn'to by the president, vice' president, or other principal officer, and by the ireasurer or- · assistant treasurer. The return of. a, foreign corporation Haying ;: an agent. to .the United States shall .be sworn to ; by sucli agent. If .receivers, trustees 'in bankruptcy, or assignees are operating the property -or business of the corporation, such receivers, trustees, or assignees shall execute the return for such corporation under oath. ' "The tax should be paid by sending or bringing with the return'a check or money order the order of 'collector of internal revenue.' Do not send cash by mail, nor in person, except at the collector's office . ''The tax in the case of a domestic corporation may be paid when the return is filed, or in four equal installments, as follows: The first installment shall be paid on or before. March 15,. 1931, the second installment 'shall be paid on or before June $15,. 1931, the third installment on or before Sept. 15, 1931, and tho fourth installment on or before Dec. 15, 1931. . "If. any installment is not paid on the date fixed for its payment,: the whole, amount of the tax unpaid shall be paid upon notice and demand by the collector. Penalties Given. "For willful failure to make and file return on time the penalty shall be not more than $10,000 or im onment for not more than one year, or both, and, in addition, 25 per cent of the amount of the taxr 7 "For willfully making a false or fraudulent return the penalty is not more than. $10,00.0 or imprisonment for not more than five years, or both, and, in addition, 50 per cent of the amount of the tax. "For deficiency the penalty is .interest on deficiency at 6 per cent per annum to the date the deficiency is assessed, or to the thirtieth day after the filing of a waiver, of the right to file a. petition with .the board of tax appeals, whichever date is the earlier, ,andi in addition. 5 'per cent of the amount of the .deficieniy if due' to negligence or intentional disregard of rules.and.regulations'without intent to defraud, pr 50 per cent of the amount of the deficiency if due to fraud. ' ' . · · · ' : ( " ' · · "If any corporation^ formed or availed.of,for.the-purpose of preventing the imposition of the surtax upon its .shareholders by permitting its gains and profits to accumulate instead of being divided or distributed, there shall be levied collected, and paid for each taxabli year upon the net income of such corporation a tax,.equal to 50 per cent of the amount thereof, which shall be in addition to the tax imposed by Section 13 of the act. In such,case the net-income shall in elude interest on: obligations of thi United States issued after Sept. 1 1917, which would be subject to tas in whole ; or in part In the hands -o an individual owner, and dividend leceived from a domestic corpora tion. See Section 104 of the revenu act of 1928." If we don't cancel the allies' so called war debts, it will be extreme ly difficult for those poor nation: to scrape up enough dough to star another war. -- Ft. Wayne News Sentiixl. SWIFT TALKS TO JUNIOR CHAMBER Mixes Tales of Hunting and Fishing With Speech on Furs. : : The United States leads the world n quality of its furs, according to "Irdix Swift, who mixed,'tales of .unting, fishing and trapping with his talk on furs and the habits and abitats of furbearing animals 'to the junior division of-the Chamber f Commerce at the Eadmar hotel Monday evening. Four of the five best wearing furs, he otter,... beaver, wolverine and ear al lare native to the country, he .said. 'The fifth: is the Alaskan eal, a North American animal from a possession of the United States. /Displays Fur' Collection ",Of Mr; Swift's'. cOTlectlOH -of.-furs which he displayed at the meeting; valued, he said ,at $2,000, "only 5200 worth were from elsewhere than North America. Iowa's furbearing animal is the grey fox. Most of the foxes come rotn the Mississippi valley, accord- ng to Mr. Swift, who said. Northeastern Iowa traps and markets more : grey . foxes than any .other part of the world "and there arc more red foxes trapped within 50 miles of LaCroaseT Wis., than in an equal area anywhere else. . Prices Have Dropped Prices have taken a big drop in lie past two years, said Mr. Swift. 'An Alaskan seal coat that cost Sl,500 to $2,000 in 1928 or 1929 can now be bought for a third of that price. Hats that cost $10 a few rears ago can now be bought for $5 Decause the ^ manufacturers are using American rabbits for felt instead of the imported Australian rabbit." · . ' ' · George Wolf announced plans for a membership drive to he held in connection with the senior division campaign the week of March 16. OUTLOOK BETTER FOR 1931, SAYS SALES MANAGER business Trend Will Start Upward Soon, Declares A. D. Kline. . Retailers of building materials in he six states which make up this rade territory are almost a unit in their hopeful outlook for 1931, de- lared A. Do Klein, sales manager or the Mason City Brick and Tlhj ompany, following his return from ie last of a series of building ma- erial conventions which took him tc )es · Moines, Minneapolis, Fargo, Milwaukee, Omaha and Sioux Falls. The six states of the sales territory .re Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ne- iraska. North Dakota ' and South Dakota. . "During my widespread contacts ^personally talked with many nun* Ireds of retailers and the general pinion was that the best part ot 930 was the first four months of lie year and beginning with May 1 he slant was downward. "The general opinion is that we cached the bottom In December and crapped along during January and February and will possibly continue p do so thru March and April, but after that the chart will show aq upward trend..;. . "The year 1931 will produce more cranage' and consequently more em- Dloyment of Mason Cityans than did 1930. "The general opinion seems to bt hat farmers are not nearly as bad off as we were led to believe late ast fall. Crop conditions generally hruout the territory are rather fair. Our rural population is apparently well able to buy what it needs irres- ective of all propaganda to the contrary. "I feel in a much better frame oi mind today for the business outlook than I did 60 days ago." HER PILES HEALED AFTER 20 YEARS Mrs. U. E. Mast, 817 South 7th St., Goshen, Ind., who was entirely healeS of Piles and other Rectal Trouble after suffering 20 years, urges all sufferers! to write The Thornton Minor Clinic, Suite 720 926 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo. for a new free copyrighted book which tells all about hemorrhoids (piles), fistula and other forms of rectal diseases and which fully explains a safe, sure, mild treatment that has restored more than 40,000 afflicted people to renewed health There is no, cost or obligation. SKILLED · 0"PTbMBTRY STYLE , Examination, correction and becoming style all in our optometry. SMITH OPTICAL CO -^ 21 E STATE ST^ ntoxication Charges Are Made Against 3 Pat . O'Donnel, Dougherty, arid fed Hush, Mason City, were each ined $10 and costs on charges of intoxication when they appeared at lolice court Tuesday morning. Vern Anderson, rural, forfeited n 15 bond on the same charge. Vegetable Growers Discuss Fertilizers and Soil Treatment A group of Cerro Gordo county vegetable growers met at the P. G. sad E. auditorium Monday evening to, listen to a discussion on fertilizers, red by Harry H. Gardner, who' has come here to assist in experimental work along.this line during the summer. . · . The following subjects were introduced: Common commercial-fer- tilizers'contain nitrates, phosphates and potash, shown on the sack by figures like 4-12-6; meaning that a 100 pound bag,contains four pounds of nitrate, 12 of-phosphate and 6 of potash. · Names are not. important and gardeners should look for the. numbers, they_ show the valuable part as a butter fat figure shows the value of milk or cream to the butter-factory, speakers stated. Nitrates are,the most costly part and should be produced on the farm together with bumus in manures; clovers and alfalfa, x it was stated. A,field may-be-well manured and rich looking yet fail to produce because one of these elements is missing phosphorus, another.speak- er added. Such field would need only a 0-12-2-'fertilizer; so it often happens that a rich field yields a greater fertilizer ;profit. r ."--''\ ; The kind needed can' only be found out by a-careful study and experimental tests of fields as. no two fields are just alike. So the consensus was largely up to each one to get all the suggestions and helps he can and then : work it out by various trials, always leaving an untreated plat to check up the. results of .the fertilizers. Fertilizers not only add quantity but increase' the price by better quality. The next 'meeting will be on the evening of March 16 when C. L. Fitch, state secretary, will speak. Interested men and women invited. Farmer Pays Department for Saving Buildings A check for $15 was given to the Mason City fire department by J. A. Moser in payment of services Try This Simple Method For Blackheads If you are troubled with these unsightly blemishes, get two ounces of Calonite powder from any drug store. Sprinkle a little on a hot, wet cloth and rub over the blackheads. In a few minutes every blackheaa, big or little, will be dissolved away entirely. done'last week when the barn oh Ihe Moser farm caught fire and threatened the safety of other buildings. .The farm is outside the city limits on highway 65 near the sugar beet .plant. A 515 check was also given the department by the insurance company. Funeral Services for Martin Faktor Are Held Funeral services for · Martin Faktor, 220 First street southwest, were hejd at the McAuley Funeral Home Tuesday afternoon with the Rev. William H. Spence, pastor of the First Methodist church, in charge. Miss Ruth Stevens sang "Lead Kindly Light", and \ "Above the Bright Blue." Burial was at Memorial Park cemetery. Six sons, Ralph,- George, Frank, Theodore, Roy and Joe Faktor, served as pallbearers. ' A. H. Cummings Trial Is Postponed Here The trial of the case of A. H. Cummings - vs. the Cerro Gordo county board of supervisors, which was set for trial Monday, was indefinitely postponed at the request ,of the plaintiff. The action involved an investigation of the bookkeeping system in the office of Sheriff G. E. Cress.» "Fine for Coughs arid Colds" writes Sister'Superior The Sister Superior of St. Vincent ds Paul Institute, Tarrytown, N. Y., writes: "You may use our endorsement for the benefit of others. -We have been using Father John's Medicine for thirty years, and recommend it as a great medicine for coughs, and colds. (Signed) Sister Superior, St. Vincent do Paul .Institute. " - - . Father John's Medicine Is pure, wholesome, nourishing; builds strength, new power o£ resistance, renewed energy. No drugs. Used By Over 184 Hospitals and Institution? A $50 SAVING SPEED QUEEN ELECTRIC WASHER The Speed Queen has superior features found in no other washer -we invite comparison! Speed Queen's submerged type agitator produces a turbulent gushing water, action which 'quickly removes dirt safely from clothing. Equipped with large Balloon Rubber Wringer Rolls, outer steel tub and Inner aluminum tub gives double strength -gearing requires no oiling. 2 TUBS FREE! For a limited' time we will give free, two Johnson self-draining, portable laundry tubs. See them in the window or atop in for further information. BOOMHO WER STREETER US N. FEDERAL AVE. SMITH HARDWARE PHONE 142 n Deari ,Co. Phone 217 Service Grocers Phone 219 Lard, 2 Ib. pails ._ _ :_ 4 Ib. pails -Pickled Hocks, 12 oz. jar Pigs Feet, qt. · jars :...: lowana Bacon, 1 Ib.. pkg. Quality Corn Fed Beef Lamb Veal Halibut Haddock _ Chickens COFFEE Batayia; Hills, Folgers, Nash, Chase Sanborn, Ib. 39 c Sani- Flush .._ ;:.: Big Four Soap, 6 bars Spaghetti, Macaroni, or Noodles, 3 pkgs.: .'.'_ Corn Meal, 5 Ibs : :.: 1 Mayonnaise, 1,000 Island, or Sandwich Spread, 8 oz. Sugar Wafers, Ib. __ _... ...._ JOHNSON'S FLOOR WAX ; . . . . 5 8 C 1 Ib. cans GARDEN CITY CLEANER ..! -. :..50c 5 Ib. cnns MRS. ROGERS HOME MADE PASTRY MRS. WALTERS HOME MADE BREAD Farmers We Want Your .EGGS

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