The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 17, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1818
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.1 theatre: - for the Benefito - MR - PHILIPPS. Oa Wednetday Evening, March 18, will be patented, lhCoiuieOeaof LIONEL It CLARISSA. I : Mr. Pbihppt . Vi A i,... - .,I.. - mII nine - theori - inal 5oni. L vn b me in vain." Oh, talk Dot to meof the wealth she pouesset." And introduce the Balladt of " The Bewilder'd Maid." composed hyBrahara; and " Evehea't Bower," Irom Moore'i Irish Melodiet. To which will he added, the pet opera or BROTHER AND SISTER. Dob Sylvia de Floret, . Mr. Pbilippi, la w - ii - b character be will sing the Imh melody of "Love' Young Dream,'' ; end the. celebrated polacca of No mow by sorrow," Performance to coin - ieuce at seven o'clocK rfTbco'mic pantomime of Mother Goote.or the golden egg, ii in rehearsal and will epeeduj he pr tKluced. kivk - I'.aTTI.Ie. FOUR fine cattle may be een tomorrow morn - ire, at 10 o'clock, at Fly - Market, and at 11 o'clock in (root of the Bank Coflbe House. G)?.? T. GIBBONS. Ttr ADE1RA WINE. - 34 pipe, 33 nan pip lfi and 64 quarts - cask Londoo particular Madeira Wine, the thief pmrt of which it of a very ruporior quality, and if from 5 to 7 yean old. The whole hat been imported bv the tub - ' fcribera, and will be told at moderate price to dealers or private tamili - . TUCKER ft LAURIES, mch!7 ' Southtt oCOAoddCOTTOA. 12 iwgt Caracius Cocoa 19 round and 9 tquara bales Upland Cotton Just received and for sale by JOS. OSBORV, 38 South - it. mh 17 . I 10BACCO and RICE. 100 kegt Negro - JL heud Tobacco 6 do Pigtail do 88 tierce Rice, per tchr. Mana 45 do per brie Minerva For tale by JONES ft MEGRATH, mh 17 83 South - street. fJKi PER end sUGAr.. 100 bag Apper, I miilL - rt to drawback 50 bags Calcutta Suvar. Landing at Burling Slip, for sale by JEPH OSBORN, m, 7 3C3 - ouuvsireei. 1:V)UR Hundred tons first qual ty Nov . tia Plaster for tale ic lot to mit purchasers Apply to WALTER NEX80N, 174 Front - it. corner cf P irlia 'lip. or to JOHN 11 VERS, foot of Hrruoa - st. mch 17 N 'h M. VALwAtLr RF.L F.STATF r.'K&ALE, IN THB 11TT 0 WEW VOH1L I IS - ilj ,f(iren tf wkh - itrer?, rotweeu Vettry aLd Uiobros - e - ftri ts, 75 ny 80. Frtui do in tlie re. - r of Ute above, rimitirg on thee:t fide r,f Wushinston tree, 25 In 80 Eigtit du in tbe "lock btlow, httwi en Wushi inglouaiiri Vft - treet. la M trp"merT Counly. . 6000 acres of Land in i.awn nce' purchase. near Katt Canada Creek, cn the north side ol tbe Moliawk. In Franklin County. 15,182 acre of Land, in tbe town of Mount Morris and Dayton. In Essei County.' 7832 acre of Land in the town of Barrymore. In the County of Lewi. 1250 acre of land in C - iterland, Chassanis' Turchase. In Paralor County. 2600 acre in Pulmcrs purchase. Enqeira at tbe office of the subscriber, 34 Cedar - street. BEV. ROBINSON. mh 17 tf TO LET, Tha GLOBE TAVERN. No. 143 Wa - ter - ttreet. The situation of this house, and its aommodations, justly render it an object well worth the attention of any person desirous ef keeping a lucrative public house. It will be let, furnished or unfurninhed, and immediate possession given. Arply at No 137 Water - street. nihlT If I t'll bALE, A BARGAIN, A LONDON made organixed PIANO, if applied for in a few day. Enquire of tbe Printer. mh 17 Iw TWO DOLLAhX HUtf AHD. DROPPED off a cart, on Saturday, the 14th inst between Murray and Reed - streets, in Broadway, tbe 22d volume of tbe Universal Dictionary, in French. Whoever will retain the laid book to No. 78 Reed street, will receive the above reward and thanks of tbe owoer. mh 17 2t To the CttiMmiot AVw - Ferft. ZERAH HAWLKY Physician and Dentist, would inform the inhabitant of New - York, . that he ha taken an office at No. 321 Pearl - street, where be will extract, clean, JUe,fit and let Teeth in the meet approved manner. He will also prevent any irregularity of the aecondarr ucuif ii Bppiaauvn uiouv tu mm lu srlon He flatter himself, Iron tbe experience be has tiad in ms proiesuoo, that be shall be able to give For character theooblic are nftn to Mr Geo. P. Shipmaii, merchant, No. S3 South - rtreet. . au vocuw a. ivcs, no, zoz reari - iueet. Whom it man concern. (& This certifies, that Dr Zerah Hawleri a regular bred physician, and in good standing with his brethren - in this place that he ba paid particular attention to the art of Dentistry, has atudied tbe best European work on tbe subject, and has given very good atitiactioo in this branch to his customer, who are person of the nrsi respecTHDiiny in iius city. W therefore, - with entire confidence, recommend Dr. Hawlev ivunuiiKHiwiHif urn m QvilUST. v Aaeu Mnnsoa I Eii Ive .Nathan Smith I Jonathan KaieM rroretsor of tbe Medical Institution of Tale Col flew Haven, Jan. 22, 119. H W VT MEMOIRS of the Life f D. Garrick, Eq interspersed with coaracter and anec aote ni ms theatrical cootempcrariea : tbe whole lurning a ninnry 01 me stage, which include a P - noa oi winy six years ; x vols, price 2 60. - Ducour - e. chiefly on devotional subjects, by ll . .e omoe v - apjpa ; to which are srzr, 'nip"1 cpp - Just received and for sale by mh 17 W. B.Gl'.Lr'.Y. S2 Bnl. AD1SQUISI TION oa impriionrient for debt v V i'i" " 'be ata of Ntw - urs, uj uowaro, price 37 1 - 2 cent. .uIVK0ilr,echi, - 'flJr on devotional subjects, bv thelate 1 Revd. Newcown Cappe. with mentoirr ui nil me, pnee two dollar Memoir of tbe life of David Garrick, Esq. with character' and anecdote of hi TheatricaJ nw. n ,U IUT - L DV - J - n 13 C. WILET ft CO. Jt&CJBNT PUHLICA TIONS. 1 U5T recei7ed and ieU t riJlRVl y LENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d floor below ppr'j sermons and life ' ' ' 1 Life of Garrick; 2 vol, by Tl Daviee . vinaicatmo by C. D Coldeo, - F.tq. of the v!r . ' granted br Urn staU 4 Nsw - - wta fima of an anes - r to the later of TK ' a1Jr',d w Mr. CeMea eX'L"'t:r,n, dt o the wastetw tad sooO - I'nffi f.V' tot'S With ap of the r '5?. 14 mbett. rj. - e7ttiv LENT,,fE Km PP0il Pn!!?. u' - olicitss - ' - scrurtioi; fork. with frj - lerare serms. . - LOST OR MISLAID, J j A NOTE, dated 16lh December, 1817, drawn by Paul Hick, and payable to the subtcn - ber four month after date, for $276 28 centi The finder will plea to return it to me at No. 131 Water - street and I will latitfy him tor hi trouble - I.SULLIVAN, mch 17 4t Tilt. sOUNU - 3 iiCAM BOA T LiA A m - w v I be proprietor, witb a taa tt arru.Ni - .i4ti r or tH im public, by extending tbe line - to Norwich, intendmakiu - iiu - toi miieiii wi;h tbe Fulton. Cant. Law, and thii route (if foun practicable) will be continued during the season. The line will in future be from New - York to Norwich, a follow : Tbe Connecticut, Opt. Punker, will leave New - York every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in the moraine, lor New - Haven. Tbe Fulton, Capt Law, will leave Norwich at 6 o'clock in the morning of the tame day, touch at New - London and depart from thence for NewHavtn, at 8 o'clock. The boat will meet tt Ncw - Haren, and depart from thence every Monday, Wtdnuday and Friday, at 7 o'clock in tbe evening tbe Connecticut for New - York, and tbe Fulton for Xnc - IJmdon and Norwich, ma l RISE OF TICKETS ON Tuesday next ticket in the splendid Road Lottery, aut honied by the ttate of New York and New - Jers;v. will advance to 32 dol lar, until which day they may be obtained for tbe follow prices : Whole Ticket. 430 I Quarter fl 60 Halve IR. I 1 ...UI,. 3 7. Two dollar for a lixteenth share. AT Lottery and LxcIjud odice, No. 54 Maiden Lane. Where have been sold in former lotteries near ly all the highest prises, for sixteen or eighties year past, and where in an prt'iani'ity toe man - moth pnxe of 70.0iM doilnrs will ty - sold and pani A on vie tbe ci.oit:il Drists mid at WAlTE'S i Aire, lie following were told in scares of ticket, vi: So. 38,798, ' . 35,000 dollar. This is the hiehest prize eier sold in this city in shures. Wo. I7,!54 ao,3 ll,9Ri $3o,ooo 25,ooo No, 12 - 875 20,655 9,131 212,000 1 0,000 lo,ooo 20,000 2o,ooo 2o,ooo 36,81 4.1,252 10,000 18,413 lo,ooo Betid - s a .real many of Stoooo. iooo. looo. Sic All told at WAITE'S, in halves, quarters and eighths. i chance for patt of the above mammoth prize may be olaiued at WAi 1 tb, tor two dollars mh 17 3t THE HOUR MIOSES. fgr By a person who purchased a prize of ttOBbHiJ waul, Jun. Some may Noait of pretty M!ses, I was once in love with ronr, Thi' of pleas'd with balm) ,'tisies, Glad am I Uiat kis iii't 1. er, Long Miss - conduct look the it ad, bad Mis chance i .tot debar'd I nr 'i s - ttke woe'd sometime plead A'i'l Siu "orinrie press'rt iui hard. I'.iuss - ie said I, bl's tuy ict, , I oust trek some prudent Dame, Is Dame Fortgne then forgot, Silly fellow ! you're t. blnme. All the Misses now reuiov'd To make way for future bliss, Fortune is ray best beloved, Dear Dame Fortune' not a - mus, Proudlv rait'd above my fellow, , How they gate a I pas by, Those that olam'd roe now ere jealous, Bo they may and what care I, ' Now eurkh'd bv her embrace, Can I (pare a Mis, a smile, Yet so grateful, such ttta case ! With them fortune, all the while. fiOBERT WAITE, Jun. reminds hi custo l men, that he ha told more prize in the piesent Medical Science Lottery, than any other vender of ucati in Droaaway . ana roniier re mind them that lit ket in the MILFORD It OWBGO ROAD IjOTTERi, null be advanced to X3f on i uesday next CAPITAL PRIZES. 70,000 Dollar I 10,000 Dollar 36,000 DoUar 6,000 Dollar 10.000 Dollar 6.000 Dollar Adventurer are invited to continue their luck. by purchasing the above Capital I rizes of mh (7 , USCOVADO SUGAR, tic . 104 hhd. I VI. prime Muscovado Sugar, landing atDo - ver - street wharf, from schooner William, from Havana, for tale br .v.iX3 et niAUi iCK, 157 Sooth - street. IN STORE, 60 boxes White Havaoa.ogar 3 hhds and 8 bbl. St. Kitts do 15 pipe L. P. Tenerifle Wine 40 qr. cask Colraenar do 30 pipe Catalonia do 5 pipe Bordeaux Brandy 8000 large German Goat Skins 130 tonsCampeacby Logwood. mbl16t WHITE JEANS. FRENCH CRAPES fcc. f tt C. NICHOLS, 132 Peari - treet, have just u receivea 2 cases fine White Jeans do do Striped do do do Black French Crape do do do Canton do do do Silklldkft. - do do assorted Sewing Silk do Marseille Quilting ' do Steam - Loom Shirting irnak One assorted mat ' t bale Rattia Sheetingwhicb tbey offer for sie ai a email advance. mn 14 iw IYTADRASS GOAT 8KINS. - 8000 Madras 11 Goat Skin, large size and in good order, JOSEPH OSBORN, 28 South - street. mh 14 NANKEENS. 1000 pieces Company's long Tellow Naakorii entitled to debenture. ierai oj . r . ju - .ru uanuKiv, mh 14 28 South - street. RENDERED TALLOW ft HID KS. FEW tboosand pounds New - York Tallow, and tUOUB aarhtered Hides, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Frjr - MarkeL mh II U SUGAR 8 bhda. prime New - Ortean S - car. land - Mr at pier No, 13. E. River, from hip Gleaner, will be sold on tbe wharf. Apply to CHAS. L. OGUEN, and mh 14 AHH. OUDEIv. "CUFTEEN libd. end pipe of Gin, of the JL . uraiuton metuierr, superior quauty. 06 bale Horn Hid - landinr from on board the sloops Maria, and Eliza - Ann, at Crane - wbarC lor tale by ; G. W. TALBOT, mh IS , 5S Pine - st. f IN SEED OIL.19 Uids. 6 tierce and 22 barreis, for sale by CORNS. DUBOIS, mh 18 ' 6t EELBARROAtf, ftc 25 Wbeelbar - 3300 curuiv hacs I 1 1 Muh and 2 b - lm 1 ncxtna Mine twiae 6009 MM. CaicntU twine Z50 cs - k cat aaHs, assorted tizt sai ao wfiMin da 0 ttalee Ce3rott" brap . 7 4 - ) Ibolsc - p paper Also, biflow ware, shoe thread, whips, brusb - ea, be. fortab y CEbRA ft CUMING, 78 FearJ - sL mh 18 - Mtr NEW - ORLEANS. The new and fast sailing schr FAVOURITE, capt. Fisher, having a part other cargo engaged, will meet with immediaU dispatch. For freight or passage, apply on board east tide of Peck - slip, or to 1IAYDOCK ii JENKINS, 152 5'outh - st. Who have for sale, Clean St, Petersburg hemp, (Belfast's cargo,) and Kentucky hempen yarns, of an excellent quality, in lots to suit purchasers. 100 coil cordage, assorted sixes 50 tierces prime new rice 12 casks Bordeaux claret, entitled to debenture iJO boxes new spermaceti candles of Rodman's St Swain' brand 3000 gallon winter strained oil 1000 do full strained oil 1000 lbs whaleboue in slab mh IS Iw For LlVKRhOOL, The well known ship IMPORTER, James Rogers, master, copper - fasten ed and coppered balf her creo brine enga ge - , die will be dispatched immediately. For freight or passage, apply to the rr.asteron board, or to CHARLES HALL, mh 16 tf No. 1 Beavei - st. For f reight or Charter, The fine new brig ELIZ 4, E. Grubv, master, 208 tons or 1800 bbl. bur then, and in complete order fur a voyage. ror term, apply to G. G. & S. 1IOWLANI), mh 16 T7 Washington - street, For SAVANNAH, Tbe fast sailing packet ship RISING STATES, Swinburn, master, being de tained, will positively sail to - morrow, (we - ther permitting) Can take a little more freight and accommodate several passengers, if application is made immediately on board, at Pine - st. wharf, or to GRlo'WOLDS U COATES, mh 18 68 Soulh - st. For Alexandria, Gtorgttoivnand Washington Cily, The tine new schr. VALORIU3, It, Tavlor, master 1 now loading at pier ho. 10, V.. K. and will sail on Wednesday next, For freight or passage, apply on board, or to DIY1B BKTHUNE.a: CO mh 16 92 Cuflee - Hoiise - slip f or ti.irKK.. mi ir a - nmw - , m k i nesnip LLiiitriin, morn a - r)ani aiicsafatp e r.saaar lta4rir anrl aarill 1 iit 1 1 nt nrnAr lli lVtrlit rw nmiiuo liiuuia I""'' vi uuvr i - uiiiiiiis uu in . - ,1 ia ui v.. w 1 . v, a 's is asia wt uatingV) applv on board, at pier No. 7, N. R or to Ml, ir u1nu.1L rt n 11 oi: iin 16 1 If - Is. II. Clip. For Sate, Frr.ight 01 Charter, The well known thip MAK1A - THE - KLbA, Wm. bkiudy, master, built in thuri'v of livo - oak, locutt and cedar; lately coppered and put in r nmplete order fur an India voyage ; is ballasted, aud could proceed without delay. For further pnrtirulani apply to F. DEPAir, or G. G. S. HOWLAND, mh 16 77 Waihin'too - it. SHIP A H ISTOMENES, Will be sold at auction by W. F. Pell Ii Co. on Wednesday next at 10 o'clock, ai :ne 1 online CofTrc - house. The ship AriJto - uenes, burthen Xti tons, is 7 year old, well found in sails and rigging, and will be told to the highest bidder to close a concern. mh 14 tor ORELNOCK, The fast tailing ship MART AU - fJlJSTA, Porter, master 1 will com mence loading on Tuesday 17th int.. and be dispatched on the 25th of the present month. For freight or pasaage, apply to the master on board at I'ine - t wharf, or to DUN II AM ft AUCUINCLOSS, mh 14 lw 150 Pearl - atreet. For NIC WRY, The good, fast tailing ship MIRROR, to (ail in 3 day. For freirht or pas sage, having fine accommodations apply on board, west aide Burling - slip, or to N. L. ft G. GR IS WOLD, mh 14 66 South - street. tor NEW - ORLEANS. The good fas', sailing ship LAGUIRA has half her cargo engaged, and will be despatched in a few days. For freight or passage, having large accommodations, apply 00 board, west side Burlhig - slip, or to LAIDLAW, GIRAULT ft CO. or N. L. ft G. ORIS WOLD, mh 14 86 South - street. For BOSTON, The brig ROBERT. Pope, master, hat one half of her cargo on board, and will sail on I uesday. lor freight, apply on board, or to J08. OSBORN. mh!4 Wanted to Charter, LIXII fiW" . bwLU Vila. Will CUTT DUU A VCCCrl .1 . - II fne odis. tor a voyage to Bermuda. Imme uiate dispatca will be given. Apply to TUCKER, ft LAURlES, 29 South - street. mh 13 For MOBILE ft BLAK LEY, Tbe substantial and fast sailire new H nni - ini,nin. jay 11 iiiii, iu - uhr ANM.M1UI1 til ,A - ions, navmg two unrot or ner cargo engage - and on board, will meet with despatch, for the remainder of ber freight or passage, having good accommodations for cabin and iter rare uatien. gen, apply on board at Pier No. 4 E. River, or ft V re - r rn wwa. ui re 1 cno tt tlMtltlta. mh 12 ?9 Coentie - lip, IJOBERT GILLESPIE, No. 112 Froat - st. L offer for sale 400 barrel Vimoia Flour 30 hogshead, prime old 1 Rlchmo(ldTob4CCO 18 do Petersburg - Tobacco 21 bales Upland Cotton 35 tierces and) . 941 I luce 150 bag 8L Domingo, ' Cofiee 04 ao green Havana, 6 tons Lirnumvile Port, Claret and Madeira Wine, in hhds. and quarter casas Kons red fort Wine, incase or 3 dozen each . FREIGHT FOR OPORTO If V A good vessel bound to Oporto may - n" anoat WW buibeucornoo rreigbt mh It "JOTTON YARN. 1000 Ibs.Cottoo Yarn, va no 10 ana 10, j wist and r iinng, tor sale at no. tf f letcber - stxeef . mb 14 FLAG ft BANDANNA HDKtH. Aff piece flag handkerchiefs, very hand' ftUvF some pattern 600 bandannas, 80 Inagees. For sale by GOODHUE ft CO. mh14 5t 44 Sooth - st. C1RESH FRUIT. 50 boxes Oranges and 50 JL do Lemons, just recti red, for sale by JOS. JOHNSON, mh 13 9 Gou? erneur lane. QUPERFINE LEGHORNS - 3 case avert KJ Cng, No. 40 for sale by PARSONS, ft CO. 248 Pearl - street. b!3 141 COTTON, halt prime Upland Cotton, per tcbr. Mary, Pantela, Si haU - t 2 do do pet sloop Regale 13 bale do do do per bog Nancy. Landinc tui dry and for sale by G H lb V OLDS t COATES, 68 South - etrcet. iw rroaic, 112 tierces Rice , 54 bale Uplad Cotton, for M in 4 baV - ftew - OrWaati loU tosmtawtpor - chatera. . Afplj a above. - w JOHN B. MURRAT ft SON3 offer lor tale, in lot to suit purchaser, at No, 113 Pearl - treet, 100 qr. cak tberry wine, old and fit for family use 500 cases superior margaux claret, vintage of en cases old nor It I IS 11 15 catks bottled brown stout, 7 dozen each Id do asserted apothecaries glsstware 1 case silver eyed needles 2 do pins 20 catks containing an assortment of Hardware, Cutlery and Saddlery 5 casks card - wire, No. 30 a 33 20 cases Engliih sheathing copper, 28, 30, 32 20 tons old sable Iron oz. 8 do English bolt, octagon and flat iron 6 do Banca and Spanish block tin 7 do nig and bar lead. mh 16 2w fLOUR 200 bbls of Flour, landing from brie Mount Hope, from Richmond, for sale by W.ttS.CRAlG, mh 18 84 Front - street. L.1 LATE. 100 tQunre lioonitk slate, most lO ly large sizes and of good quality, for nle by HENRY LAVERTY. mh 16 lw 163 Pearl - street. PRUNKLLE SHOtS. A HANDSOME assortment of white and col'd Pruoelle Shoes, just received and for sale by WARREN I1AIGHT At CO. No. 197 Broadway, third door above Iey - st. mh16 3t ' I 'OrMCCO 60 hhd Georgia Tobacco ol iu I perior quality, landing from Brig Nancy, lor saie aio town ireei. mh 16 CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. QOAI'. 150 boxes tirst quality brown soap, kj jun received, lor sale ny JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, mh 16 3t 75 Wall - stn - et. MUSCOV ADO SUGARS tc MOLASSES, rfMIR subscribers offer for sale the cargo or the JL bri. Eliza, comisting of prime quality Muscovado Sugars and Molasses, now landing on rier o. 4, worth Kiver. G. O. & 8. HOWLAND, mh16 77 Washington - street TIJHKS ISLAND SALT. rjlHF. niilucribers are nuthpri'nl to contract JL for cargoes of salt, deliverable on board at Turk Inland. Bills on America will be received in payment ; and importers of the nrlirle will secure to thrmnplve considerable advantages by making con'.racU here. TUCKER & LAURIE9, mh 16 29Soiilh - treet. C1ClTOi ft SUGAR. - lObalessupeiiorUp - land Cotton 27 boxes white Havana Sugar, suitable for re tailing, lor sale hy N. ft D. TALCOTT, mh 16 TEAS & SUGAR, "UST landed 50 chests hyson skin tea, 3 l'h bocnix cargo. 15 hogsheads Havana inucovsdo sugars for sale on reasonable terms by G. & T. MEYER, mh 10 lw 116 Wasliingtona'trcet. ClOi'iO.N H. TOHACCO Sa bales bea - lil - and Cotton, and 33 hhds. first Quality Georzia Tobacco, landing and for sale by 0 . ... ... t.r SAllli AL,i.r.i, 98 Pine - street. IN STOR E. 34 bales Sea Island, and for sale as above, mh 13 4 Reams royal printing paper 100 do medium do do 2(H) do foolscap writing do 300 do letter do various qualities 40 groca pren papers.' For sale by COLLINS ft H ANN AY, mh 14 lw No. 230 Parl - st. DEMIJOHNS 600 Demijohns, containing about 4 gallons each, very ttroue and well covered, for sale by u. g. a. uuwLAnu, mh 14 ' 77 Washington street. T)UX1ANA, orth" art of pugilism, taught aud M.J displayed scientifically, to the gentlemen of New - York, in the back room of the Union - Hotel, No. 68 William - street, by George Benton, esq. late of Drurv - Lana theatre. London, Gentle men wishing to Inarn that much admired art of self - defence, can have the pleasure ef knowing the terms, which are moderate, hy applying as above. Hours of attendance and tuition, born 10 o'clock, A. M. tot P. M. from telf past 3 till 5; and from 7 till 9. mh 16 lwt J I ADAM DKL.AU E ba the honour ofin - iM I forming the ladie of thi city, and particularly her customers, that the expects to receive by the first arrival an liundsnme assortment of Spring and Italian STRAW HATS. auhl61w SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL. T'HERE are at present five vacancies in the Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in rniiipsburgn, iouaers, west - Uiester Louoty. His system of education i such as to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for College or the Counting - House within a reasonable time. Hi school is select, the number of Pupils limited, and Hie treatment of the most liberal kind. The following branches of useful aud polite li terature are taught, via Greek, History, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic. L,aim, French, English Grammar, Orography, Mathematics, Arc. It is presumed that few Institution of the kind can offer greater advantage, whether tbey regard instruction in general literature, in moral imd religious principle, or iu correct and gentleman ly deportment. J ne rarsonage la which the Pupils are accommodated, i commodious, retired and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York i about seventeen miles 1 to which there it always a direct and easy communication. For further particular application may be mane 10 Billion Hobart Dr. Wilton, Columbia College C. D. Colden, Esq. T. A. Emmet, Etq. mh 12 T. S. Clarkton, Etq, C M'Evers, Liq. Win. Bayard, jun. Etq. A. Scherniertiorn, Esq. ' D2mClw BOARD. WANTED, in the upper part of the town, in a respectable family, accomodation! for a Gentleman, Lady, Child aad servant two uniuroitbed rooms will be necessary, communi cating with each other a sleeping place will alto dc required lor iim aervant, and board with the family. Anv person having: these accommoda - uwiif uf.u upa ;iiwiwi ouii - nr, nui luwrr . 1 . .. .t. - 1 1.. 1 a. , do we thai f niton - street, west tide or B road way, wiu pieaie in addrett iu u. u. ai UMoraee. mh 12 tf PIANO FORTES. R MF.ETZ, 10 Maid - n - Une, htt Jut ree'd per (hip Wasiii'iirton, from London, an assortment of piano - fbrte. f - om 'lie manufac tory of A tor 1 among 'ica are very elegant cabinet pianos, with barn pedals, of superior wcrkmanship, well worth the attention of those who wish to supply theatsetvc with a good instrument. Also for tale, pu no - forte, of Tompkinson t antl Bmadwood s maae l - mdon, and Kvrard 1 Paris, togetbe - with harp, and an assortment ct tlie ncweat mii.ic. mh 13 dfwfteodJw COM FOlirS F OLD AGE. 'PHIS d'y i publuiied by T. : i. f WORDS, L ISO Pe.iri - reef. pr!c? 75 leals, m extra boards, THE COMFORTS OF OLD AGE, ltb biogrt4ii. al IllustrbtiOns, cy air .nomas B - raard, Ba'oet Junior Umehrrju acttdeiut eenaia. atb!4 FOH MLE, k nW, in tbe right aisle ofTr'mhyCnurcb. Appiyatio.V WaU - sreet. mh 16 4t - .. .. GRAND BALL . - , AT WASHINGTON - HALL. MR. BERAULT has the honor to inform the ladies and gentlemen of New - York, that hit annual grand ball will bike place on Thursday evening the 26th insL in the Waihing - ton - Hall saloon. In the court of the evening, a ballet dance, and several other fancy dances, dl hs performed by Mr. Berault's pupils, as followi : 1 Entrance of a grand march, by 20 young la dies. 2 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladies 3 Pas de deux, by 2 young ladies 4 Pas seul, by I young lady 5 The ihawl dance, by a young miss 6 Gavotte de Vestrin, by 6 young ladie 7 The thantrure, by 5 young ladies 8 Corps de ballet, by 20 vnnng Udiet 9 The alleman l, by 2 youug ladies 10 De deux, by two 1 oung ladiet 1 1 I'ai seul, with I ho tnmbotiruie, by a young lauy 12 1 he three graces, by 3 young ladies 13 I'asieul, by a young lady 14 The lesson, by 2 young ladies 15 Curpsde ballet, by 20 young ladies 16 A graud march, to conclude with, by 20 young ladies. The hall to begin precisely at 7 o'clock, and the ballet at 9. tT Tickets, one dollar each, to bo had at Mr. Beraull'a, No. 31 Courtlamlt - streat, and at Washington - Hull. mh 12 2w I O LH. T, To a small nrivnte familr. who would tie willing 10 taKe a gentleman and his wile, at a liberal price, as bourderi, the beuie No. 143 Greenwich - street, with tlie exception of the two lower rooms, occupied asotticei. Apply as a, hove. mh I? Iw TO LET. Iliat convenient and elegant House. corner ol Ilroadway and llroomc - street. ALcO. A neat liouai with a large garden, fronting Uroailwav, between Hleecker and Princes - Hi. Apply .No. 4 Bowling - green, mh 11 2w IV UK SOLD AT AUCTION, Pv HOFFMAN ft GLASS, on Satur d.i, id 4th (luy of April nf it, at lioVlock, in iioui 01 tor 1 uiiiiiir t.ontx ,iou - , The IIohuh and Lot ,o. 1 William - itrecl, at prcii'iil 10 the occupation ol the iuIik riler,,itimt( at Ibe corner of Nv illinui - strcet mkI Stnn - strce'. The lot it 91 leet deep on N Wimn street, S!J feet II indies on Stone - slreet, and l8fc t (our inches deep from William - street, at the north wanlly end ol tl.e lot. Tlie subscriber some time nr, had an intention of converting the home into stares , and oh taincd plans and rstirmitcs for purpose. Ilu had offurs from respectable mechanics to mnlte live stores on the lot by some additional building, and alterations of the present buildings, lor ten thousand dollars or to pull all the present buildings down, and to erect, with 1'ri aasivtance ol the preenl niuterials, five storet 'iftnen thou sand dollars. Plans and elevation ol tlieie stores, as they were prepared to be built, may be seen at the auctioneers. Seventeen thousand dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage. Five thousand dollars will be required on exe cution of the deeds, and the residue in two, lour and six months rah 14 tds C. D. COLDEN. TO LET, For one or more year, a 2 - story brick HOUSE, in Stuyveiunl - street, nearly opposite St. Mark's Church, containing 8 rooms, a large kitchen, servautt' room, cellar, pantnes, tic. in complete order for tbe reception of a genteel fa. mity 1 wnn a garden and yard 01 about xi - i acres of land, containinc a variety of tha finett truii trees, asparagus, and hot beds, sc. together with a wood - house, carriage house and stable. Kent will be reasonable, and possession can be had on the first day of April. Appl) , between iu and z o'ciocv, on the premises, to NICHOLAS W. STUYVESANT rob 14 Ct i TO LkT, " 1 The stores and cellar room of (hose story houses No. 10 and 12 on Brond - street 1 and a new two story house INo. U on "lew street, immediately in the rear of No. 10 Broad - itrcct, fit or a genieei i - niiiy, ueir new. Also, a good house at Greenwich, and one at Harlem, withtwnanda half acres of Ground. near Aiannaunnviiie. rtnpiyio - CHAS OAKLEY, 141 Fronl - st. mhl2tf l 'JO LET. ( The House No. 78 Broad - street, with the otiice, store - houie, and stable contiguous, and appertaining inereto. u - r.Acr - Fora term of yean, in lot or parcels, that part of Rose Hilfiituate on the 2d, 3d, and 4th avenues, 00 the 23d, 24th, 25tb, 26th. 27th, 28th, and zyin streets, winch belongs to Mr. Aim KO' gen. For particular, apply to JAMES A. HAMILTON, mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Buih iogt. drt M r' RC HANTS HOTEL. ai'ill To be let, those elegant and spacious biiildings, No 41 and 43 Wull - ttreet, foimerly occupied by Mr. Solomon U. Gibson, either together or teperate. Potsession will be given immediately, or on the first of May next Apply on the premise. mh 12 FOU i.iitF, The lease ol the House and Lot No. 7 Barclay street. 34 years unexpired, subject tot ground rent of $150 per annum. '1 tie houre is two stories high, failed in with brick I two roorai on the fint floor, four on the second, and two bed rooms in the garret ; a pantry and wood cellar, a good riitum in the yard, and a gang way leading thereto Also, a small stable in the rear of said lot. Enquire at No. 181 Water - street. mh 10 Iw AT AUCTION, BY HONES and TOWN. IT t 7morroie, 12 o'eoct, at tht T. C. II. UiJ, the large well built three storr brick house and lot No. 104 Greenwich - streeL Tbe hotue is V feet 4 inches front and rear, and 60 feet deep, containing 10 rooms, 7 of which have lire places, and an excellent spacious kitchen. The rooms no the first floor communicate by folding doors. There is a good cistern in the yard, containing about 30 hhd the lot is about 106 feet deep. Also, th. lot oa the rrar, fronting o Wainingtoo - itreet, containing in front and rear about X( feet, and in depth about 79 feet, fes - sessiou will be given ou tbe first of May, or ear tier it required. A map ol tbe above described property is exbi - uneu 111 uie routine wonee tiousc. mh 13 TO RkNT, Tbe Atsembly Room, witb the adjoin m apartments, in Rom'i Buildinet. No. 146 Fulton - atreet. next to the comer of Broad way. - Tne premise are well calculated for a large school, for public meetings or societies 1 me large room being upward of :i) feet in length, aad a - bout 29 feel 10 breai'tb, with a 14 fi e teiling. - The whole, as to situation end size, h well cal culated for an auction C.l - Bliw - Fn iu, nun - tore and other uie. Tk. .iw. - mi: h mitd for anv term not ex - ceediii seven vear from th 1st of May next. . " - . . I . ttVJ C !... - . . . go!in 01 tbe suosrriDer .m. 101 r I - d Dt lua mn ix ait p. r - n - M TO LET. Oa or two large Rooms 00 tbe aecond (Km . with geMeel board. Apply at no. 38 Bcekm - n - stnet. 16 St TO LET. Aad pnttettioo given oa 'be first of May prx, "erpaious arm wen aoown Mana, the L'.iirt iiot.L No. C8 Wi'Iiam - rtreet. For oar - ti.ularstMquireof - lr. Vsiyiefbiit, No. 6. oq - Ipasito. mh 16 tf fCA - FOlitALF - A newlwfl rtorr tlrete. No. 143 Cham her sueet, bnitred in tie modern ttjie, wb Ai iM mtalio piece fcc. Possession givan est or celora vo lit nay. apny at zzj vtnta - m. mh tl Pw ' MaRBLT FOR BviiDlNQitL THE projrieirsof the son there marble qua ties, near King's - Brklg, give notUe, that they have on hand, and are, at tie Kuig'i - Bridfte Marb'c and .tne - lorc, fiotof beach - street, 00 the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble k r building, ol the following de - scnpiious, viz : Ashlar Watertabla Stop Platforms Sills Lintels Arches Copiiig FoLuoatSon Stan Cuiamey - Pi.cet Pacing . Cojumna Also Lime of the NV nualitv. tE7 A cotutant supply 1 f the above material may be calculated upon; ami th desirous of purcliaiio', or making e'jgiirt ntf, will apply to L7RA LUDLOW. ret) 1 1 At the Yard. i : Fr.T iAt i' K. The contract h.t.Ii tre to be entered into lor the street manure, will commence on the 1st of May next, (or 1 or yer. t be mention, ed in the er( il propor a.r ; and the street? are to he (wept and cleane'', from tlw 1st f March to the 1st of January, in every year. Feb 21 MECHANICS) BANK.. vrp Tbe stockholders are hereby notified that an election for thirteen Directors will be held on the first Tuesday in April next, and tliat tha poll will be opened at the Hanking Mouse in Wall - strait, at 10 o'clo - k A. M. and closed at 3 o'clock P. M. By order of the President and Directors, mch S W. Flrll, Ca h'r. COPARI'NLHSHIP. (TT The luhtc.ribers have formed a connexion in business as Stock nnl Exchange Brokers, under the firm of LIVINGSTON fiTRACY. office No. 29 Wnll - ttreet, lately occupied by Davenport ft Tracy. VALENTINE N. LIVINGSTON. HEARY D. TRACY, mh 42w CIRCUS, ANTHONY - STREET. (Kr On Tuesday, 17th March, Mr. S'l ANISLAS, being unable from the contracted state oi hit aiipartineuts, in Mechanic Hall, from displaying all those wonders, which received so much applause in Europe, has taken the circut for a lew evening, in order to bring forward "th celt bra ted and to much Udmircd Ne plut Ultra, 'r Conjuror of White Mngic. This turpriiing. and incomprehensible experiment, bat excited public nd miration in Europe, and the Exhibitor hoiiei it will meet with that applause in this city, which was so liberally bellowed in Franca and England. Mr. S. had the honor of present - ' ing this mpriiingdiiiovery for (he first time in 1812. before the Empress at Vienna bovine conveyed his Pocxet Handkerchief and Watch the distance of 2 miles, without leaving her presence, it created general satisfaction throurhout the Court, !nd struck so forcibly on the minds of those prc( nt, that they gav - him the appellation of the Wonder of the Wge." For furtWr paiti - cuiars see bills ol tbe day. Mr. Mettayer, Interpreter to the performances. I loon nien at 6 o'clock Curtain r!ieat7. Tit kit, Box $ upper boxet 75 ctt: pit 60 centt ; children half price. mh 9 8t NOTICE. CO" About tlie 20lh of Srpt. last, three men hrou - ht into the New - Inlet, in the town of Hemp stead, on Long lilatid, n small (lulling boat. One of them stated that the boat wascallrd the Humming Bird, of Portland, (M.) and belonged to him : that they were theo on their passage from I'hliadelpliia to Newport, ' H. I. j ami tied put in on account of tome damage which the boat hail sustained, and from a want of provisions. The men leit Die boat, with a Rsning net on bonM ot her, In tli possession of the tub riber, end promised to cull for them on their return from Nw - York. On examining the stern cfthe boat, her nume appear to be the M tteor, of Brum - Thi circumstance, tpgether with the t'netf that the men nbove - meuticned have not called lor tbe boat, induces tbe subscriber lo believe that she did not belong to them, or either of them. Tlie owcer of the boat and net ran obtain possession of them by calling on the subscriber, proving property, and paying tlie cxpemet. Ilempitead, f L. I ) March 11, mh132w 1818. Slate of New - York L'omilrUlerU Ojic. tO - Public, notice i hereby given to the bolder or the seven per cent stock 01' thi slam, that an instalment of twenty per centum of the original amount of Hint stock, equal to four seventeenths ol the present amount, will be paid off on the first day of April next, or at any time tire - after when demanded. Payment will be made nt Uie Leak 01 New - York, in the cilvof Ne v - York. to tl.e stockhold er ntiding iu the southern diilrirt nl tin ttate ana out 01 tlie state, ten 10 an omen ai mo itw York StaU Bank, in the city or Albany It is required that the certificate! issued for the stock should be exhibited to tkt bank where tacit paymenti are made. Tbe interest on the said kitalment will cease after the said first day of A pril n xL Dated at Albany, march 9th, IB I U. . . - ... a avnts - r r r a. A KiH'u. ai 1.1 1 1 i.r, Tompi - r. mch 13 dlAI NOTICE. fry Th co - partnership between Ilia subscri bers, being dissolved by itt own limitation, Ed ward N. Cox, takes on himself th settlement of it concern. , EDWARD w. COX, JAMES L. MON TAUDEVERT. fVr Jamet L. Montaudevert and Jonathan Otit Walker, continue atcommistionmerchanti, at Port au Prince, (St. Domingo) tinder tbe firm of Montaodevert. Walker U Co. JAS. 1 1. V ON TAUI 'EVERT, JONA. OTIS WALKER. mh 13 lw CONSULATE OF FRANCE - fO" Tbe following rate of duties estaMiihed at Cayenne, by the French government, have been communicated to the French Consul at New York, by bit Excellency tbe Miciilei of Foreigo Affair. Foreign Flagt, (importation) On talt provi - tiont I per cent, advalorem, and 3 francs (or a - bout 58 cents) additional, on every 50 kill.ramt (or about 102 lb, oat) ; goit of every other d. tcription admitted oa paying 15 perceot. dva - lorem (Exportation) on all kiou's of j mJuce 15 per cent. '. .... French Flag, (importatiuo - Oo salt provi. tioo 1 per ceut ; goods of ersry olher de rip - Uon 4 per cent (Exportation) eo - roilc of eyery description 0 per cent. , 7n cae his majesty the king of r ranee h.inlf deem proper to modify ibe above rates of ilulie. hi wtenUoe will be made known nx month previously. m 1 VVE3TERN CAN Ai. COM PAN Y . ny A dividend of le und a half per cent, cm k. .rtii.i tock 01 it, a Lontniir. win be oaid tutbe Stock holders oa the 1st of April. Appry to Bareot Bleecker, Esq. A'Hny, or 220 Vv il - liam - strect. B order of uto directors. THOMAs EDDY, Treasurer. mh 16 1m BOARD It LODGING. T' WO ui tbree respectable persons may be immediately accornmoda'ed with spa cious room nd boarding, on moderate terms, with a private family. Tbry have taken a linn hoote from the 1st May next, in a central, healthy and pleasant ai'uation, on tbe west tide of the city, in ft k they can acoomino - date Uiree ot four person with elegent airy room and badin. fcati - factory reference Will be given and icq .irrd. 1 be addreea of the adver - ter u left u trie omce or inw pa per. mh 14 lw TO Btl - DER - S ft FARMtRS. A Quantity of B,!dc S - n Uuary,of first rale building otone, wtu over facility for working ;" trans portii e tie uM may be "rf7kf ' m - sJ, with orwitht n dweibag sad Ith farm on whS.b it is seated. beig a :ew mile ap Um North Rirer. ft parUcmari .'f' NOEL BLANCHE, at Iu distiUwy, Owby. ttreet, between Breoma and KpU - j - stroet. .f. . A I t 1. 1 .4 ? ! V: I ,' "l i,4 .til : a u . it , i it? . i' ' 4 I: 6 . ' ' 1 ' , . - 1 1 V 1 " ; " 1, r . ;;' t :n V ' 1 ? 1

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