Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 20, 1937 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1937
Page 14
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^ »v4i'»«faiv!SS« r isSi» r-4i^3,;x2:.sJj^J^; i;; *iy, s= gj.- ^5iwsi,^.j ! .\.c, , .^;^^,~.,,i vt.-, ^~' 1 FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 20 · 1937 -K I ^ ' s- STEEL AND MINE SHARES ADVANCE TRADING LIGHT IN LIVESTOCK Few Hogs Sell Unchanged to Shade Lower; Tog ' Called $101-25.- ^ CHICAGO, (.'P)--The week-end trade in livestock Saturday was very light. A few hogs sold at unchanged to shade lower prices Quotable top was $10.25, there being no strictly choice medium weights offered lo get this price The best sale was made at $10.10 The advances scored in the cattle trade this week were largely forced because of decline in receipts. In fact, a contraction ir supplies was the p r i n c i p a s t r e n g t h e n i n g factor in al branches of the livestock marlce but even this did not prevent a decline in hog values, during the week. · Lent Cuts Trade. . .The sluggish condition ot the 'dressed meat trade, with Lent cutting demand to some extent am with mild weather having even more influence, retarded buying enthusiasm all along the line Packers were unable to raise wholesale meat prices because the product moved sluggishly. Hogs lost 10 to 50 cents during the week, with those weighing above 200 pounds showing the least decline. Light hogs now make up the bulk of the crop in all markets and quality is declining because of feed costs. Shipping Demand Narrow. Shipping cattle commanded unchanged to 25 cents higher prices during the week but the demand from these buyers was very harrow. Some she stock gained 25 cents. Bulls lost 10 to" 25 cents and vealers $1. The cattle top was §14.50 but the bulk of fat steers moved at $8.50 to $12.50. Fat lambs advanced steadily 25 to 35 cents higher for the week, with spots up more. The closing top of $10.85 was within 15 cents of the-winter's peak. Dressed lambs were reported in better demand but the wool market is slow. Local Livestock T CITY--For Saturday H O G S Steady prices on hogs. Good light lights .., 140-150 S V-30- 7,6Q Good light ]ighls ... 15Q-1GO 5 7.80- 8,10 Good Jifihls 160-170 S 0-40- 8,70 Good lights 170-180 S 8.95-9-25 Good light butchers 180-200 5 9.25- 9.35 Good "light butchers 200-220 5 5.45- 9.75 Good me. \vt. butch. 220-250 5 9.45- 9.75 ' Good. me. \vt. butch. 250-270 S 9.45- 9.75 Good me. Wt. butch, 270-2EK) 5 9.45- 9.75 Good heavy.'butchers 290-325 S 3,35- 9.63 /Good heavy butchers 325-350 $ 9.25- 9.55 Good heavy butchers 350-400 S 9.10- 9.40 Good packing sows . 275-350 5 9.00- 3:30 ' Good heavy sows ... 350-425 5 8.80- 3.10 Good big heavy sows" 425-500 5 8.60- 8,90 Good big heavy sows 500-550. 5 8.40- 8.70 [The above is a 10:30 truck hop market for good and choice hogs. The difference I In price ii lor short and long haul hogs.) Choice to prime steers ..... $10.00-11.00 Good to choice.steers ..... $7.00-9.00 Fair to good steers , S 5.50- 3.00 Low grade steers S 4.00- 5.00 Choice to prime yearlings .. S 8.50- 3.50 Good to choice yearllnBs ... S 6.50- 8.00 Fair to good yearlincs .... s 5.00-6.SO Common lo fair yearlings .. S 4.00- 5.00 Good to choice heifers 51.00- B.50 Fair to fiood helfres S 5.00- G.SO Common to fair heifers S 3.50- 5.0D Choice to prime cows S 5.00- 5.7a Good to choice cows S 4.50- 5.00 Fair to good cows S 4.00- 4.hO Fair to food cutters S 3.50- 4.00 Common to fair cutters S 3.00- ?.50 Pair to good canners S 2.75-3.00 Common to fair canncrs .... $ 2.50- 2.75 i Good to choice tuus ...... s 4.00-5,00 LlKht bulls J4.00 Calves, E d - to choice 130-130 S G.OQ- 7,00 Calves, med. to cd. 130-190 $ 3.50- 6.00 Calves, infer, to cd, 130-100 S 3.50-d'wn UAiUElS Lambs. Ed. to choice 70-00 S 7.75- 0.00 Lambs, med. to good 70-90 5 G.75- 7.75 ' Lambs,. Jr. to medium 70-90 5 3.75- 0.75 Xambs. common S 3.75 down Xearlings. Ed. to ch. 10-30 i 5.00- 6.00 Vcarllngs. medium lo good 9 4.00- 6.00 Yearlings, fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 YcarllDRB. culls J 2.00- 'i.50 Native, ewes, good-to choice S 2.00- 3.00 Culls, ewes S 1.00- 1.50 Bucks t l.oo- ^.00 Welhers, 2 year olds S 5.0U- 6.00 Wethers, old f 3.00- a.oo Buck lambs 51 lows. . No dock' on lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, CTJ--U. S, d e p a r t m e n t o£ HRricuHure-- . ; HOGS 4.500, Including 4,000 direct; steady to shade lower than Fridays average; no strictly choice medium weights offered; Quotable top $10,25; few loads medium t o " low choice 200 to 29Q Ibs. SlQfr 10,10; medium grade light weights Sfltfjfl.75; odd Jots Rood 4QQ to 500 Jb. *ows 59.2SS9.50; shippers took ISO; estimated holdover 1,000; compared in week ago weights above 200 Ibs., mostly 10-I5c lower; others 15-25c, in instances 50c lower; sows 5-10c lower. CATTLE 300, calves 100; compared Fri-. day last week: Fed steers nnd yearlings steady to" 25c higher, mostly steady to strong on shipper kinds grading strictly good to prime, steady on others; any advance a forced af/afr; shipper demand narrow; supply finished steers comparatively small; general killing quality plain; well finished light yearlings very scarce;, good and choice heifers strong, others active, 25c higher; Rood and choice beef cows strong to 25c hfgher; llfihl low cutters Hoc lower; other grades fully steady; bulls 10-25c lower; vcalcrs 51 off; bulk fat steers sa.SQ'S 12.50; top $1.4.50 paid for long yearlings as well as prime 1,440 Ib, bullocks; little above .513.50; prime 935 Ib. heifer. 1 ; 512.25, practical lop heifers 510.75; veal era closed at $9.50 down; mealy feeders steady at J1 75 39. thill offerings strong at 56K7.23. . SHEEF 5.000; n o n e direct; for week e n d i n g Friday Mofl . directs, compared Friday last week: Fat lambs moved up the price scale slowly day by day, closing 25-3Sc hfchcr, spots up more, with fat sheep steady; top for .week $10.85, paid a t - l h c close by city butchers for closely sorted - handywelght fed westerns, with hulk Colorado and fed westerns to packers and shippers at $10.60® 10.75, very few tinder ?1Q,50; fed lambs were sorted lightly; bulk throwouts $8.75®0.5D; natives very scarce and quaJfty Jacking; freshly shorn handyweteht lambs on the close $8.25; fall shorns $8.70(f?5; best fat cwcs for week $0.25, bulk $5.50 6, (No representative sales). 1 SOUTH ST, PAUL LIVESTOCK. (Saturday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, (ff--U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 600; compared with Friday of J.iKf week: Slaughter steers and she stock uneven; around steady to ns much as 2-ic lower; bulls weak lo I5c lower; s lockers nnd feeders steady to slightly higher; few M r l c t l y good and choice fed s leers SIC).50 fir 12.50; most good grain feds $D.2vifi 10.25; bulk largely m e d i u m grades $7fii9; medium nnd pood fed heifers $fi.25ft 8.50; odd lots more; good boef cows $5.75® HOURS PER WE£K AVERAGE WEEKLY HOURS OF WORK OF INDUSTRIAL PLANT WAGE EARNERS' COMPUTED BY WkTJONiL IMJOST«*L COKFtfiENCt aOfcflO FROU REPORTS OF MlNUfiCTUdlNQ PUNTS W 24 INDUSTRIES THROUGHOUT THE UMTEO 5UTES. THE M U M 9 E R OF PL1NTS KEPflESENUQ AT THE tHO ~OF ,4«4, EWPLfNlNG ABOUT S34.COO WAGE EARNERS (OS B4D.OOO WAGE EARNERS i» 1935^ HOURS PER WEEK 52 30- 1931 I I I ' I L-Ll I I I r ' · I · . I . ' . . I . · 1 . r I , . I , . I i . I , , I . , I , . I , 1932 1933 1934 1935 Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Saturday: CEDAIt BAFIDS--Hogs unchanged. WATERLOO--Hogs unchanged. OTTuaiWA--Hogs unchanged. AUSTIN--Hogs 5c lower; good to choice, 180 to 200 Ibs. 59.25ft9.55; 200 to 290 Ibs. §9.45319.15; 290 to 325 Ibs. S9.35W 9.65; 325 (o 350 Ibs. ?3.25S?.9.55; packing sows, good,,275 to 550 Ibs. §8.75@9.35. COMBINED HOG ItECElTTS, DES MOINES, W 1 )--U. 3. department of agriculture-Combined, hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 21 hour period ended at 8 n. m. Saturday were 16,600 compared with 28,MO n week neo and 24.100 a year ago. Generally steady with Friday's average, spots Sc lower; undertone slow; loading indicated considerably lighter t h a n week ago Quotations follow: Light lights, 1-JO to 1GO Ibs., good and choice. S8fiB.50; llgh: weights, 160 to 180 Ibs.. $8,70'0:9.GO; 180 to 200 Ibs,, 59.50/.19.85; medium weights, 200 to 220 Ibs., 59.GOfilO.05; 220 to 250 Ibs. $9.60Tf 10.05; heavy weights, 250 to 290 Ibs., $9.60i 10.05; 290 to 350 Ibs., $9.50£? 9.93; pigs. 100 to 140 3bs., blank; packing sows, 275 to 350 ]bs., good, S9.2Qffi9.EO: 350 to 425 Ibs., 5DS9.30; 425 to 550 Ibs, G.25; few SG.50; most other butchers $4.75 ft?5.50; low cutters and cutters ranged 53.25^-4.50; most medium and good feeder steers $6@7.5Q; choice feeders $B@'8.50; plnin stockers down to $5 or under. Calves 700: mostly ?i for \veefc: good vealers late $7fi'8; choice ?S.5Q; cull and common $4(i?5.50. HOGS 2,200; mostly steady with Friday's average; good to choice 220 to 325 bs. ?9.75Q9.8a; top $9.83; 160 to 220 Itas. S9.5Qf7;0.75; 14fl to 150 Ibs, 58.35ff9.25; 120 o 140 Ibs. $8.25^9; some medium 120 to 35 Ibs. S8(g8.25; medium. 140 lo 1GO Ibs. 18.25^19.33; medium 170 to 220 Ibs. $9.2Stfi 9.60; bulk Rood sows S9.45; average cost '·rlday 59-67; weight 208 3bs. SHEEP 1,800; compared with Friday ast week: Slaughter lambs 25-50c hlgh- ir; other classes steady; week's top hoicc lambs §10.50; Friday's bulks; Good o choice Iambs 5IO@10.25; common and · e d i u m 57.50tiFa.25; good to choice ev/cs @.t; recent sales good to choice 55 lo 70 3. range feeding lambs SBigO; shearing ambs $9.40. SIOUX CIT1- LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) SIOUX CITY, (in--u. s. department of agriculture-CATTLE 100; market for Ihe week: Sood .and choice beef steers and ycar- ings scarce, little chanced; others rnosl- y 25c off; better grade heifers about steady; slockers and feeders largely 25c "ligher; load lots choice heavier beeves S12.50; few choice long yearlings around $12; little above $10.50: fairly liberal quola short feds $7^3.25; car lots good lo near choice 750 to 900 111. heifers $9S?9.50; bulk beef cows S4.501TG: few 57 and up; cutler grades to S3.25fl?4.25; car lots cood anrt choice 725 to 900 Ib. feeders Sf.iiOSJB.SO: Ic\v fleshier $0.75; choice 400 Ib. slock steer calves $8; tew sales 330 to 380 Ib. lieUcr calves SB 50 67.50. HOGS GOO; moslly SfftlOc lower; top $0.80; good 130 to 250 Ib. butchers S9.50 W9.70; ISO io 130 Ib. weights $D.7n® 9.SO; sows $9.25. SHEEP none: market for the iveek: lambs 25ra35c higher: few steady to 2Sc up; week's lamb top S10.GO; late hulk $10.23^10.40; load choice 118 Ib. ewes $C; good and choice lots S4.50ft5.75; few Cood and choice feeder lambs $8.25^19; few lambs on feeder account MASON CITY--For Saturday 'To. 3 yellow shelled corn $1.05 ^o.-i yellow shelled corn ...51,03 Ear corn 95 C White oats No. 3 47c Barley - 60-HOc Soybeans, No. 2 yellow ....$1.43 KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITV, (m-- U. S. department of ntjrlcullurc-- HOGS 100, no directs: not enough offered to test values-; market n o m i n a l l y steady; /or the week: 17(1 Ib. up mostly lOe lower: lighter weight 15ti25c o f f ; sows, weak to lOc lower. CATTLE l.ona, calves 300; for (he week: Fed slccrs ami ycarlhiRS steady. liavuiE recovered week's early decline of 25C or more; she stock uneven, .steady lo 2oc lower: vcalcrs SOc to mostly $1 lower; sfockcr nnd fccrler classes, f i r m ' week's lop: Choice 102G Ib. yearlings SI2.5CI; choice 1200 Ib. steers $12; mixed yearllntu SU.50; Life lop vealers 51(1: stock steer calves $0.23; bulk short fed steers S8«U0.50; short fed Heifers S7«i 8; medium to choice stockers and llcht feeders S3.75rflS. SHEEP 1.000; all Ihrouph; for the week: T-ambs. steady; sheep,; week's top fed lambs to shippers SIO.B5; laic shipncr top S10.25 closing bulk to packers $10; top cwcs S5.65; numerous medium to good shipments 54,10@5.25. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, liTi--Unofficial estimated receipts of livestock for M 0n d ay: HOES 25 000; cattle-13,000; sheep 14,000. OMAHA LIVESTOCK ( S a t u r d a y Market) , OMAHA, Wj--U. S. department of agriculture-- C'ATTI.K 100. calves 25; compared with week ago. fed slcers and ycarllnss unevenly steady to 25c lower, spots qff more, kinds telllni; SD4M2, =liow must lecline; heifers steady to 15c or more u'ehcr; cows uneven, medium Ic. belter graded 6lcady lo strong, cutter grades steady le_ weak; bulls aboul Kicarty vealers 50'aSl lower; stockurs and feeders slrone to 25c or more higher; b u l k s for the week, fed steers and yearlincs $8,50911. /=«' loads up (o S12.75, several loads slrlctty choice to piirnc $1310 613.75, live loads 1170 to 1331 Ibs. $13 B3- medium heifers $7ifl8, good loads $0.25 "".25, few choice to $10.50; good cows . 17, common and medium S4.'i5$/. r i,15, culler grades $3.2584.50: medium hulls $=.75fifj, few beef «6.25® G.50. common and cutter $4.3095.25: practical top veal- ers at the close. $9; choice killing calves up to $: slockers and feeders S6JE7. sever.-)! lo.i*! J7.90«B.75; 2 loads outstanding 500 Ib. stock steer calves $9. SHEEP 700: bulk receipts direct: cam- pared week ago. lambs moslly Me higher; sheep steady; feeders 10fi15c lower; closing bulks, fed woolcd lambs jIO.MiJIO.SO. closing top $10.50; medium lo choice ewes $3.50«5.15; good to choice feeding lambs $8.25^9.50. H O G S l,::0i), including 900 direct; nom- in.llly .steady, sc.-itlercd sales good lo choice 170 to 310 Ib. biitclicrx SS.,13«f I.TO, lop S9.70 by packers; (rood. 12.', In l.i- I n f . S"1.25£9; few good sows S3.Z; average cost Friday 59.51, weight 215; GRAINS TUMBLE IN LATE TRADE Wheat Prices Over 3 Cents Lower as Southwest Gets Moisture. CHICAGO, (fP)--Late downturns of Chicago wheat prices Saturday carried the market down 3Vb cents a bushel, maximum. Timely moisture relief for wheat crops in the southwest was the dominating factor. Wheat selling here was not especially heavy, but recent buying support due to dust storms 'was lacking. At the close, wheat was 3 ] ,a to 3'/2 under Friday's finish, May $1.32% to $1-32%, July $1.15% to $J.15-ls, corn 1% to 1% down, May _$1.06% to $1.06%, oats 1% to 1^4 off, and provisions unchanged to 12 cents lower. C H I C A G O CASH CHAIN ( S a t u r d a y Marled) CHICAGO, (/PI--Cash wheat, no sales reported. Corn, No. 4 yellow SI.OG«tl.o7',i; No. 5 fellow 51.03',iei.06!i; No. ·! white $1.08!b al.11 1 ,::; sample grade $1. Oats, No. 1 \vhitc 52 l ,i553'/ic; jtfo, 2 white i2^52',2c; sample grade 49 ] /ic. Rye*. No. I, -$1.20',i. Buckwheat, No. 3, S2.60. Soybeans, No. 2 yellow $1.59!i. Barley, feed B0[95c nom.; mailing $1 ei.« nom. ' Timothy seed SS(S6.25 cwt.; new $5,75 (36 cwt. . Clover seed $28ft35 cwt. Lard, tierces $12.05; loose $11.45; belles $16. Mason City Grain S A T U R D A Y G R A I N CLOSE WHEAT-- ' May July '.... Sept CORN-May new ... May old .... July new ... July old Sept OATS-May July Sept SOYBEANS-May July ........ RYE-May ........ July ........ Sept BARLEY-May LARD-Mar May July Sepf BELLIES-- Msy . July . High 1.35!', L I B 1.14'A 1.0711 l.OJ^i .97 . .40 ,i '. Uut i.^t Ul.ush CHICAGO, Low 3.0C!:: l.O^i . .ssi; M-J-Close 1.10U i. oa^ .sty. .12.B7 .13.07 ...16.70 1.51! 12.20 12.4.1 12.m 12.05 .43 !i .43 -4014 1.31',-i 1.03 I.DO',4 .85 12.20 12.45 12.70 12.95 IG..13 1C. SO .MIN~.VEAPOr.rS GRAltf (Saturday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. (,f)--Wheat 22 car? Holiday n year ago. May El.39%. July Sl.31',1. Sept. ¥1.19. Trading basis unchanged: quotalions 2!i cents lower. Cash: No. 1 heavy dark northern, sprinc 60 Ibs. Sl.C5Ti,iiil.62Ti; No. 1 dark northern 5D Ibs. $1.54V,®1.61%; 58 Ibs. S1.53T1 ffll.COTl; No. 2 dark northern 57 Ibs. Sl.S^'i,,- No. 3 dark jiorthem 55 Ihs. ?l.51-!liai.50Ti; 55 Ibs. Sl.SOTi® $1.57]i; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein $1.451181.47^1; to arrive $1.43Vn!!1.45tt; grade of No. 1 dark tiard or No. 1 hard Montana winter ·U.33Jiffll.4lT,i: tn arrive $1.37%«1.30r.i lard amber durum No. I, $147jt-165; No. 2. $1.44@1.02; No. 3, ;i.40@l.Sl; No 1 red d u r u m $1.32(31.33. Com. No. 3 yellow Sl.IS'.iiRl.lT'.i; Iradlns basis unchanged; quotations Hi cents lower. Oats, No. 3 while 48',iS5Hie. OMAHA G R A I N {Saturday Alarket) OMAHA. HI--Wheat, dark .hard, No. 1. $I.2,; No. 5. $1,20; hard. No. 1, $135 fol.37. Corn, ycllnw No. 2. SI.20; No. .1. tl 17 ffil.JD; No. 4, $1.13';; while No. .1, SI.18 Oals, while No. 2, 55c; No. 3, 54!b{j Mixed Brain. No. 1, 5!c. Ilyc and barley, no sales reported. KANSAS CITV CHAIN (Saturday Markel) KANSAS CITY, (ff)_Wlicat 7B cars- 2 to 4'-.j cents lower; No. 2 dark hard "o" 1 - *l.3owfii.30i NO. 3 nom. si.2ay?e 1.34; No. 2 hard nom. $1.30»i@1.30; No. 3 nom. $I.2B 1 /4®1.34; No, 2 red nom. $1.33'/43].3fi: No. 3 nom. Sl.Sl^ifJl.aG!^. Corn 17 cars; unchanged to i;'* cenls ower: No, 2 white nom. $1.20',:i®1.22yj; No. 3 nom. Sl.lOftl^O'/j; No. 2 yellow nom. «1.18',irH.20!i; No. S. S.1.1BQ1.10; No. 2 mixed nom. 31.1781.10; No. 3 nom' *l.lGiU1.18. Oats 5 cars; ','« tn =4 cent lower: No. 2 white nom. 52!4!3S5',ic; No. 3 nom. 51 compared Friday last week, hnlcheri 200 Ilia, up SfflOc higher, under 20(1 Ihs. ·steady tn lOc lower, spol5 off more tm medium kinri^; sows slcarlv lo lOc olf; "'"« and slacs Eleady lo 25c hichcr. Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS. (Salurday Final Quotations) Al Ch «= Dye 2:a Lib-O F Gl 1S11 Am Can I07!a ATaylag 14^ Am Sm c "Rci 98 McK A: Rob 13-H Am Sugar Rci 51!'« Jvlid-Cont Pet 3m A T Jc.T 177?'. MontE Ward 6211 Am Tob B Qj','a Nash Kelv 23»i Am Wat Wks 26 Nat Biscuit 3H1 Anaconda 64'A Nat Cash R 37 A T 4c S F 75!i Nat Dairy Pr W Auburn Auto 32'.i Nat Distill 29'A Aviation Corp r.-ia Nat Pow Lt 12}'* Bait Ohio 25% N Y Central 4B Barnsdall 32 Northern Pac 3::3s Bendix Aviat 27-i Oliver Farm 59 Belli Sli 94'a Packard Mot l\"\ Borden 2G^a Parnui Pict 25^a Borg-Warner K2 Penney 53 [ ,1 Can D G Ale 29 Penn K R 44 3 i Canad Pac 17!1 Phillips Pet 54'b Case lO'l JIadio 12' 4 Chi N W 5Tn Rey Tob B SS'.i Chi Gt West 3 3 A Sears Roeb SL^ii C M St P P un Shell Union :li',i C R I P .-;!B Sac-Vacuum ic?ij Chrysler laUli Sou Pac .^i Col C El 17^; Sid Brands 15=b Com Sou S^i Sid Oil Cal 49^ Con Edison 43 Sid Oil Ind 49 Con Oil l«',i Sld'Oil N J 74H Con Can 62 Slewarl-Warn 19'A Cont Oil Del J.4!'« SludebaKer 13 Corn Prod 67',^ Swift : Co 27!= Curtiss-Wright 7'.'+ T*exas Corp 54!' Deere Co 121 !i Tex Gulf Sirl 43!'- D're Co pf 29«i Tlmfc Hoi! B 7^!i EuPont de N 17.1 Un Carbide 110!i Gen Elec CO^k Un Pac 134^ Gen Foods 42Tn Unit Air Corp 301'^ Gen Mot fig^k United Corp 7!k Gilletlo I f - . ; Unit Drue Mi Good'r T : R 40 U S Ind Alco 39!' Hudson Mot 21"k U S Rubber 5S 3 * Illinois Cent 29}i U S Steel 114V« Int Harvest 104 Warner Pict 13!i Int Nick Can 72',* West Un Tel 74 I T T 14 = i West El i: JI IJ4 Johns-llanv 137 Woohvorlh 55»1 ICresgc 28 CHICAGO STOCKS. (Saturday Final Quotations) Cities Service 4^b[Natl Leather 2 Ffcllmann Bre 10!a[Northwest Bane'1454 Katz Drue II ISwift Co 27 3 ,i Libbey-McNcIl 14?. Utility Ind SVj Midwest Corp Wit Zenith 38V. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAHISON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Otficc in Bairlcy-Beck Bldff. Telephone No. 7. DOW JONES AVERAGES Ind!. Rails mils. Close 165.37 58.73 34.77 Total Sales 1,480,1100 C H I C A G O STOCKS Buller Bros :6Vi Marsh'l Fields 22'i Cord Corp 5Vn ^ NEW YORK CURB Am Cyan B 33!« Ford M of. Ca 27 Am Su Po Co 2!'a Ford M o£ Enfi 7 3 i Ark Nat Ga A ll^i Lockheed IS As G Sc El A 3*k Niag Hu Pow 16 Cati Tnd Alk C 3 .a S o Ky Co l!)?i Eisler Elcc rtli Un Gas Co i.-!!', El Bd Sh 26'A Un LI Po Co O'.a NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Jim 14='« Hudson Motor 21:i Allegheny 5 Hupp Motors 2=B Allied Sirs is a .o Indust Rayon 37 3 A Am Fo Pow 1.1 Nash Kelv 2.13a Am Cr Su Co 30% Lambert Co 2y'A Am C : P Co C7!4 Lorillard 2,l?k Am Pow i: Li 13Th Mack Truck rC=h Am Roll Mills 37Tli Mathiesoii Al 39 3 li Am R ft: S Co 27'/» MeLclInn Sirs 17!i Amer Tob Co 33','« Minn, Mol Im i:m A r m o u r A: Co 12 TVt K T R^i Arm Si Co pf 97 Mo Pac 4Vn As Dry Gds 2P.8 l\Tot Products 35 3 k All Ref 34 No Amer 3l=i Baldwin Loco fl^ No Amer AvI Ifi Brigfis Mf Co 55-^A Otis Steel Co 21!a Bcndix 27";k Owen III Gl 170 Budd Mfe Co 12'k Packard Mot \i'.\ Bycrs A M Co 20!i Park Ulah Cop K", Cat Tractor SS'/t Plymouth 2G% Cer de P.isco 7S Proc 62 Ches : Ol\io fi"i!4 p u b s of N J 4B 3 't Chi Gl W pfcl 17 P u l l m a n (!9' CMSPP pfd BT. Pure Oil Co 2n',i Com Solvents 19 Purity Bakery 21 \tt Cont Motor r,/i R K O S!k Cudahy Pack 42 Hem Hand 23 Curt-Wr Co A 2n!j- . Rco Motors 87k Dist Cp Seag 2(i 3 i St Joe Lead 5-l!i Douglas Air fi7»k Simmons Co 52^4 Eastman 170 Vi So Cal Edison 2.1 El A u t o Life 43!« Sperry Corp 22'A F.I Pow «: 14 23»k SI G Is. E 13", Erie R R Co ISTk Tide W A Oil 21 Fire T Ru 37=1 U S Ind Aleh X'A Foster-Wheel 49^k U S Smelter 9.1 3 . t Frceport Tex 29!i Ulil P LI A ?.'/» Gen Am Tran 82'.i Vanadium 3.1 Gliddcn Co 487k Un Gas Im liHk Gold Dust 14!^ Warren Bros 9'i Graham Palgo 4=i Western Un 74 Gt Nor pfd 4B7k Yellctv Truck .14', Houston Oil l. r ,^a Younffs S T SB Hides Quotation* Furnlsbcd by Avon nrca.. ljic_ 308 F i f t h Sired Southwell. nnrtsEiuoFS rsclildcj 54.00 · G R E E N BEEP HI1JE3 Up to 25 ]bs. ...^..,... lO'.ic 25 Ibs. Up i| c Bull hides '. Glue ·Cured nldcs half cent more n pound. lOn above prices a cent hlctier to polcsalo dealers In wholesale lofj.1 WOOL MARKET. ( S a t u r d a y Quotations) BOSTON", W--U. S. department of ac- rlcultiiro-- A limited volume of business was transacted In spot domestic wool on the Boston market during the past week. The few purchases made \vcrc at prices only. moderately below recent peaks, or at SI,05-1.10, scoured basis, 'or average French combing to staple combing length fine territory wool in oricinal bags. Persistent rumors, however, indicated slml/ar wools tvcre offered for delivery when avaliable from the new clip at prices substantially under Sl r scoured basis, delivered east. Quotations were nominal nn Ohio ceccs at -1G-47 cent. 1 : in Hie crease for *me Delaine, 48-43 ccnls for staple comb- R hAlf-bloods, and 51-52 cent* for con:b- z *' H lo /» blood grades. Mills showed J i t l l c Interest at those prices. OTHERS HIT BY PROFIT TAKING 'U.S. Steel, Bethlehem, Crucible Prominent on Upside. NEW YORK, (IP)--Stock market buyers raised their bids for selected steel and mines Saturday while cashing in on many other issues lately in the climbing class. Activity was pronounced in the first hour, with an assortment of favorites getting up fractions to 2 points to new peaks for the recovery. Selling later developed, however, and at the close the list was uneven: Transfers were around 1,500,000 shares. Of prime interest to market followers w e r e advices f r o m Washington that the president was considering outlawing excessively low wages and long hours through revision of the fair trade practice and anti-trust laws. Conspicuous f o r w a r d share leaners were U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Crucible Steel, Youngstown Sheet and Tube, Anaconda, Howe Sound, Bridgeport Brass, American Metal, American Smelting, International Nickel, American Zinc, Cerro de Pasco, Southern Pacific, and Barber company. Crown Cork dropped about 3 points at the worst as more competition in the container division was visualized. Others inclined to non-resistance w e r e Westinghouse, General Motors, Chrysler, Montgomery Ward, Sears Roebuck, Woolworth, G o o d y e a r , General Electric, American Telephone, Western Union, Pennsylvania, Baltimore and Ohio, and Illinois Central. 'Curb Market NEW YORK, (,F5--Buying activities again were brisk in mining, industrial and ullu'fy sec'tions o£ the curb market Saturday. Gainers of a point or more included Aluminum company of America, New Jersey Zinc. Rice-Stix Dry Goods, Babcock and Wilcox. Bunker Hill and Sullivan and Coifs Fire Anns. Fractional improvement appeared In American Gas and Elcclric, Internalional Petroleum. Nevvmont. St. Hegls Paper. Sherwin Williams, and Wayne Pump. Scattered losses in the general list touched Gulf Oil and Electric Bond and Share. Bond Market NEW YORK, C/P)--Further good support for Ihe general run of low vicld bonds Saturday was seen as a manifestalion of some rcaccumulalion in response to predictions of continued low rates for long term funds by Marriner S. Ecclcs, chairman of federal reserve board. U. S. governments recorded several gains running from l-32nd to 3-32nds of a point, and various corporate issues of investment rating were in demand at fractionally higher levels. A few medium priced rails edged a little higher, rounding out a week of almost steady advance. The volatile industrial convertibles were mixed, with Studcbaker 6s sharply lower. Trading; in foreign loans was at low ebb with, prices showing liltle change. C O VEUNM, ENT BONDS. (Saturday Quotallons) NEW YORK, (;p}--U. s. government bonds closed: Treasury 4V 4 s 47-52 119.22. Treasury 4s 44-54 114.10, * Treasury 3?ks 40-43 June 107. Treasury 3'/ B s 46-40 inn.3. Treasury 3s 51-55 100.23. Produce MASON CITY--For Saturday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts IGc Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over ..12c Under 5 Ibs. 8c Stags, 5 Ibs. and over . . l i e Stags, under 5 Ibs 7c Cocks 6c AJl No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 18-19c* Eggs, cash 17-18c* Butter, Iowa State Brand 40c Butter, Corn Country 39c Butter, Kenyon's 39c Butter, Very Best 40c Butter, Brooklield 39c Potatoes, russets, peck Y5c Potatoes, cobblers, peck 52c "EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative Quotations were obtained by calling severaJ grocery stores. ClifC.'AGO P R O D U C E (Salurday Markel) CHICAGO, (,Pi--Buller, 7.5CG, steady, prices unchanged. Eggs, 8,390. easy: cxlra firsls local 21'/^c, cars 22c; fresh graded firsts local 21',ic. cars 21 3 ,^c; current receipts 20^e. (No butter or egg market Monday, Feb. 22.1 Poultry, live, 5 trucks, steady; hens over 5 Ibs. 16'Ac, 5 Ibs. and less 17c; Leghorn hens 13c: colored springs 19c, Plymouth and White Rock. 21c; colored broilers 23c. White Rock' S3c. Plymouth Rock 2;)c, barebacks 18c; Leghorn chickens 13c; roosters 13c, Leghorn rosters 12c: turkeys, hens 20c. young tarns 18c, old Inc: No. 2 turkeys I H c : ducks 4i'a Ibs. up white nnrl colored 20c, small while and colored 17c: peese 14c: capons 7 Ibs. up 22c. less l h a n 7 Ihs. 21c. INo poultry mnrkcl Monday. Feb. 22.) XK\V Y O R K P U O n i l C E ' / S a t u r d a y Marlcrl) NEW YORK. (,1T--Eggs. 24,443. unsettled. Mixed colors: Special .packs 2-KJ7' 24 a 4C: standards 23 l /*T/23'/ac; firsts 22!^ 22^c. O t h e r mixed colors unchanged Buller. (T.201. slixhlly easier. Creamery, higher lhan cxlra 3-I'.ifft35'.4c; extra O2 score) 34'/4C;' firsls (BB-D1 scores) 32V^S 32 3 ,ic. Olhcr prices unchanged. Cheese. 281.140, steady to firm and unchanged. Live poultry, by freight steady. Chickens, Rocks Iflc, Leghorn 14c: fowls, colored Iil?i.21c, LcRhom l(1Til7c; ronslers 12c: turkeys 16S24c;, ducks 15c. ' MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR. (Saturday SfarJcel) MINNEAPOLIS, Wl--Flour, carload Inls a barrel in 08 Ib. cotton sacks: Family patents unchanged, $7.7(l f {?7 90- standard patents unchanged '" -- ' ' Shipments 18,947. Pure bran .«3r)fi30,5D. Standard middlings $32(3.32.50 N E W Y O R K S U G A R NEW YORK, MY-R.IW migar u n c h a n g e d Saturday with fain of 0,lln hacs of Philippines for March-April s h i p m e n t at Futures were Irrccillar. Fle/lned unchanged at S cent* inr l i n e g r a n u l a t e d . FORGET CHAPTER 26 Janet rummaged through her wardiobe and found a white chiffon skirt that was sufficiently full sn t h a t it could be shortened. She found a red Spanish shawl and a tall comb. She wrapped the shawl about her and stuck the comb in her hair. The effect was hardly devastatingly Carmen-like. I n . f a c t it reduced' her to complete nonentity and made her feel depressed. She was dressing for the costume party to be given by the Countess Di Gremini, a formet- New York society woman who now made her home in Hollywood and gave fabulous parties to bolster up her slipping popularity in the east. Definitely Janet disliked the whole idea. She thought: You have tr. have a certain kind of personality to carry a costume with aplomb. I haven't. And I don't like blowing horns and wearing paper c;i'ps. I don't like jumping through paper hoops either but I seem to be doing it every day o£ my life these days. "Darling," she said to her husband, "that plane trip was very exhausting and I really don't mind having you go without me." Then she realized it really wasn't that Joel wanted her to go with him because he wanted her to be with him; he had another reason. He had said,."Had you not better go with me the first night of your return! There has been enough said now without giving them anything else to say." Janet had wanted to ask why, who was saying what, but the maid-was in the dining room then and,, when she had served them their vegetables, Joel had changed .the subject. there were some telephone Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted hy A. BI. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City- Bid and Asked Salurday. Cent St Zl 6 pet pfd (S25 par) 10 Cent St El 7 pet pfd (S2S p a r ) U Cent Et P £c L 7 pet pfd ley, Champliu Ref la 7 pet pfd .. 101) Creamery Package com 24 Hearst Co:is A 23',i Ceo A Hormcl A pfd 104 C,co A Hormel com 22 Interstate Power G pet pfd 16 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd 18 Iowa Electric Co S'A pet pld 54 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd .. 55 la El Lt S= Pow 0 pet pfd -- 72 la El Lt Pow Sli pel pfd 73 la El Lt t Pow 7 pet pfd .. 78 la Power Light ft pet pfd 102 la Power Light 7 pet pld IDS la Public Serv 3k pet pfd . . 98 la Public Serv 6'^t pet pfd 99 la Public Serv 7 pet pfd .. 100 la South Util 6 pet pfd .... 77 la South Ulil (Hi pet pfd .. 78 la South Util 7 pet pfd 83 Minnesota P : L 6 pel pfd .. 93 Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd .. 100 Northern St Power 6 pet pfd 89 Northern St Power"? pet pfd 93 ·N W Bell Tel c',i pet pfd ... 105 N W St Portland-Com com .. 23 ··Rath Packing G pet pfd ... 100 "Rath Packing 7 pet pfd ... 100 Rath Packing com 32 SIOUJC City G El 7 pet pfd 100 United Lt Rys G pet pfd .. 07 United Lt ic Rys G.36 PCS pld 87(4 Uniled Lt Rys 7 pet pfd .. D3 Western Grocer pfd 97 Western Grocer com 15 ' Called 4-15. ' Called 3-1. 12 13 IB 25 24 107 ZZ',6 US 20 56 57 74 75 80 104 103 100 101 102 79 80 8,1 97 102 91 97 102 89 89 Inn 18 INVESTS!ENT TRUSTS (Ritt and Asketl Saturday. Corp Tr Sh ..,.. 3.13 Corp Tr Sh A A Mod 3.34 Corp Tr Sh Accum Ser .... 2.57 Corp Tr Accum Scr Mod .. 3.84 Dividend Sh 2.11 2 2R Maryland Fund 10.GS IL67 Nationwide See 4.96- sori Nationwide Sec Vic ., 2.31 2.47 Nor Amcr Tr Sh 2.31 Nor Amcr Tr Sh 1955 3.81 Quarterly Inc S l i / . -13.33 21.IR Selected Am Sh Inc .. 16,3i 17.78 Super Corp Am Trl A .. 4.49 U S E l L X c P A 20.25 20.75 U S El L «: P B 3.21 3.31 U S El L P Vic 1.23 1.31 Lamson Brothers Market Letter M A R K E T R E V I E W . CHICAGO--Saturday Wneal--Snow and rain was ralhcr general m the srjulhwcsl overnight and Ihe wheat opened considerable lower only lo he followed by further declines unices prices were more lhan 3c a bushel lower Friday night's close. Kansas City was p a r t i c u l a r l y weak, being more readily affected by Ihe precipitation in parts of Ihe winter wheat belt. As much as six to eight inches o£ snow was reported in certain sqclions while In others the fall was lighter but sufficient lo lay the dust and prevent blowing at least for t h e time being. The weekly we.ilhcr forecast for the upper Mississippi and lower Missouri valleys is for some precipitation for about jniddle of week. Winnipeg market naturally did not decline as much as Chicago, but prices Ihcrc were about 2c lower lhan Friday. Winnipeg said that seaboard interests and American mills were picking up some what on the break, ivot much export business was reported m Canadian wheat. The selling of whr-at In Saturday's market was general, much of it being liquidation. Attention Is'again called to the large acreage sown to winter wheat last fall and the fact that (here arc only about five million acres of wheat in the regions which have suffered recently from dust storms and soil blowing. Further declines may be necessary lo dipcst the wheat which was sold Sal- urclny but we c:.-pect that some firmness could readily develop in May wheat. Corn--Corn was lower Saturday in s y m p a t h y wilh wtieal and although trade was nol heavy t h e market showed but mile rallying Icndency. CHIC A OO I'OTATOKS. (Saturday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. H-i--U. S. department of agriculture-- ' Potalocs, 65. on track 231!. toial U. S. shipments 70S; old slock: Dull, slightly weaker undertone, supplies moderate, demand very slow: sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U, S, No, 1. S3.45S/3.70; U. S. No. 2. S2.B3; Colorado Red McCIures U. S. No. 1, $3.35; Maine Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, $2.75; Wisconsin Bound Whiles U. S. No. 1, no early sales reported; U. S. No. 2, 1 car S1.45; Russet Burhanks U, S. No. 1, car, $2.85; new stock, slightly weaker, supplies liberal, demand slow; carlot track sales, bushel crates. Florida Bliss Triumphs u. S, No, 1, S1.80S1.00 a crate. Goodcll Play Wins. GOODELL--The one act play, "Sparldn, 1 " was nwarded best in (he sub-county Hancock contest. This was presented by Goodell. K l e m m c and Kannwha also presented plays. calls for each of them and it was time to dress for the party. Joel had never looked handsomer oi- more debonair to Janet than he did that night. He had worn a Spanish costume to join in effect with hers. But it served merely to contrast her own colorlessness. Janet had been right; she wasn't the type for costume parties. She rather resented Joel's attractiveness. She was strangely silent as their big ear rolled over the roads to Brentwood. She knew that her silence made Joel uncomfortable. "Joel," she said at last, "what's it all about? You'd better tell me. I'd rather hear it from you. I know that there has been talk about something. It probably isn't very important; it seldom is out here. But it is important enough to upset you. I know you so well. I know when you erect wells between us. You're so obvious about it. Tell me?" "Well," he began and stopped. He made much ado about tapping his cigaret, lighting it Then he held it in his fingers and didn't even notice when the light went out. "Come on," she said lightly, "It can't be so bad." "Oh, it isn't bad," he said hastily. "It really isn't anything, except you see I ... a f t e r you went away . . . one night I ... that is, Chester Vernon and I . .." "I know," Janet said, "you wrote me about it. You went to Carol Griest's because you were making a picture wtih her and you wanted to talk it over. You wrote me about it, don't you remember?" She felt rather than heard Joel's sigh of relief. "Yes," he said, "that was it." There was a pause. "Well go on, Joel. People don't talk about that. What else was there?" "Nothing. Nothing," he said. "Oh, come, dearest!" Janet encouraged. "I know better. I know that you went to the bouts with Carol and you went . . . let me see . . . " "How did you know that?" he asked quickly. "You wrote me," she answered gently. "And I'll tell you the rest. After the bouts you and Carol went out somewhere for a bite of supper and you danced. You had a good time and your wife was far away, and on a lonely night, you thought you'd call Carol up and ask her if she'd take pity on you and she did. Right?" "Right." He said it before he thought of a better answer. "And so," she said slowly but lightly, "It got to be a habit First thing you knew people were saying that the reason Janet Paynter had gone east was because she was leaving her husband. Before you-could blink an eye, the scribes were linking your name to Carol's and your public didn't like the idea o£ an idol deserting his faithful wife and the studio heads called you in and said you'd have to do something about it." Janet didn't realize as she made up her tale how closely she had hit the truth. She had unerringly found the outline. And she had avoided the filling in as neatly as though she had arranged it. She avoided it even in her own think- ' ing. Joei reached lor her hand. She gave it to him but she didn't relax it in his big one. "Honey," he said, "you're a woman in a million! I've heard about understanding women but I never thought I'd be lucky enough to marry one. Where do you keep all those brains in your -pretty little head'.'" Janet felt the weight oi his anxiety lift as though she had carried the burden herself. "Why should I be understand-* ing, Joel? There isn't anything for? me to understand, is there?" "No of course not," he said hastily. Janet thought: If only he wouldn't answer so quickly as though he were telling me that I'm making up the story he wanted to tell me and not the truth. "You know how folks are out here," he was saying, "they make mountains out of molehills. Just because Carol and I . . ." Carol and I! Jealousy was a rapier-thin, red-hot knife cutting through Janet's heart. Just to heac him say it so intimately! " . . . happened t o meet occasionally in the commissary .for lunch, they got buzzing." Janet wanted to s'ay that Carol wore his orchids. She didn't say it. "Carol's a darn sweet kid and she had nothing to do with it. She said she didn't want to see me any more but I told her I'd tell you all about it." _ Two thoughts crowded in on Janet. She didn't think that any woman who had divorced three husbands was correctly classed as "a darn sweet kid." And she thought that the f u t u r e , tense wasn't very flattering. Joel had said, "I'd tell you all about it." She doubted very much if Carol Griest had said she wasn't going to see Joel any more for any other reason than that she knew her men and she knew t h a t was the one thing to say to Joel. She hated Carol Griest but she'd never let her know that; or Joel either. She was prepared for her own benefit and for the benefit of all who might see to greet Carol Griest--should she be at that party--like a long lost sister. She was going to be so close to Carol Griest, she'd perplex even that lady. But she wasn't prepared to see Carol greet her husband with a lingering, "Darling!" Or favor him with a glance of such pity after a ' quick glance at Janet that there was no one in the room who missed its implication. "You poor, dear Joel, with that dreadful little Wife come back again!" it seemed to say. "Hello," she said to Janet, "how nice that you're back!" "Isn't it?" Janet said. "Now we'll have a lot of fun together." (To Be Continued) Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. Wr I'aj- Phone Calls Phone 1006 LIVESTOCK SALE CHARLES CITY, IOWA Wednesday,, Feb. 24 STARTING PROMPTLY AT 11 O'CLOCK 80 - HEAD OF HORSES - 80 One truck load of Horses consigned by Joe Caffrey of Clear Lake Iowa, described as follows: 1 thick-made Koan Horse, wt. 1700; Lni " e B ack Hfll ' se ' wt, 1500; 1 black Marc, 7 years wt 1600; 1 span sorrel Geldings, 3 and 4 years, wt. 2900. Balance of truck load is good farm horses. One truck load consigned by Lime Springs Implement Co. of M.^T n ".? S Va ' One lruck Ioafl consigned by J. F. MacDonald of North Dakota. One truck load consi ff ned by Cecil Harris of Nashua, Iowa. 30 head of local horses of all ages and weights! REMEMBER THIS: In our Horse Sale each week you will always find a few of as good Horses and Mares as grow. All Horses are sold absolutely as they are. And every Horse hitched and worked before being settled for, unless sold at halter. There Is no more ogical, no safer, and no more satisfactory place for a farmer to buy a Horse or Team ilian at this sale. Selling of Horses will begin promptly at 11:00 A. M. We will have Buyers for killer norses. . George M.llard of Rudd, Iowa, Is consigning 25 head of High grade Holstcin Heifers. These are local heifers sired by hit,, producing Bulls and out of good dams. These heifers will wel£h from 500 to SOO pounds. One-half of these are heavy springers Balance of our consignment will consist of about 30 more Dairy Cow's, Holstems, Guernseys and Jerseys--a few fresh and most of them close-up springers. Will have at least 100 head of Good Fat Steers weighing from 700 to 1200 pounds. Cattle which have been on full feed of corn from 60 to 120 days. About 150 head of Good Fat Butcher Stock fat heifers, fat cows, veal calves, etc. A few good Breeding and Butcher Bulls. LAST WEEK WE SOLD 410 HEAD OF CATTLE. Our top steer a very fat, fancy Shorthorn weighing 1270 pounds, brought S9 GO per ion. Our top single Hereford brought sg.GO per 100 Our ton load of Shorthorn cattle, which \jcrc very fat and carrying nual ity, brought S8.15 per 100. Our top load of fceiler cattle, well bred short legged, good flesh Hereford Cattle brought S8 00 ncr 10ft' Our top load of Biack Angus, fairly fleshed, but well hrr-rl brought S7.45 per 100. Our top load of fat heifers, an cxcenlion ' ally good load of Hereford cattle, brought $7.80 per loo' Our ton Cow, a very fat, smooth cow, brought S6.50 per 100. Otir ton VP-.I h,,,.,.,TM u a i n ,,,, Iott _ A bunch of Butcher Cows - WE HAVE THE BEST MARKET ON ALL CLASSES OF CATTLF that there is in the Middle West. Each Wednesday we have naek Ing house buyers, order buyers, butcher buyers, feeder buyers' in fact, more competition for your cattle than can be found hi any other Middle West market. Bring your cattle here and get The market price is as high as you could ever hope for Don't wait until roads are blocltcd In March. GF.T THEM iw'vfttvi Selling- of Cattle immediately after Horses are sold. ""*· W.J. Murphy Sales Corporation PHONE 1324--CHARLES CITY. IOWA ^f;!!:!:^

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